Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, April 15, 1915, Night Extra, Image 1

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ifvoL. i-tfo. 18tJ
rortninitr. tain, bt tup Ttn.tr l.trsirrt CmirANf
Rprmaiis Attempt to
ll'nosfcroy JNewcastie
Shipyards in Daring
ftNight Attack,
Sen British Aeroplanes Pursue
r Raider and Guns Hurl Shcllrt
f ai. Uo.v Durintr Flijrht
nvcr Eleven Villages
Tyne District.
ft&rulting Meeting at Rlyth Broken
'. ttn nml Mother, Wnshinc Child,
P Hit by Bits of Shell Baby Es-
V-capes Injury Fire uomus atari.
Several Blazes.
rnvno.V. Fine.. Am II 13.
5rhm women nml ono man sllghlly
iTlirff nd one bullillns dcstrojccl by lire
I nun, " . ,. ,,,., (i0i
find three 'k; . V, .:., r.i..
irf detruction wioiigm . ""i- " vuum.
ItooeUn's aerial dloadnoughts In n 33
silhute cruise over tlic Tyne district.
IIEIeven towns were iiuui " ;
tloilre and lnccndlaiy bombs, according
W Information gntheicd I'.v the Ncw-
... .mni.iu tnrhiv The Zennelin
Srled at least "0 desti active missiles
that tore great noics in mo gunum ui
Bttrted Into flame Then It (led eastward
A II..-. Vnrtli Sen ivllllp llliK'llI I1C EUI1S
fiiit rifle.' rattled harmlessly ut the sUy.
1-Ti British military ncroplnncs pursued
the zeppeun " n ti.-,n,-u ,,. ,,.., ....
Korth Sea early this morning. Though
... n-liUli nprnnlnncs Wei e Oil the Will?
rnLi.. ia ...ii.ntAd nftpr I ho first alnrm
1VIUUII tv .........v.. ..-- - ---
Vis sounded, none of thorn camo close
t. .- .t.n 'Ant.Allii ,, "tltiitb lip, nnrt
I..H. kaIIai.-.i Hint v flif: limn tnn Zen
Willi Is safe nt Its station In Belgium.
Millie Zeppelin rnri.v vouny hucihihcu ...
ilM. the tug Jupltoi. which put In at
(Blythe this noon TIip .lupltor was sev
Tnl miles off the coast when (die sighted
!"tb air monstei At the same time the
Crew of the dlilclhlc, sweeping the. sur
face of the N'nith Ken with n blc seaich
l!ht, saw the tuff.
i'The Zeppelin turned nci nose uown
wrd. dcsccndiiiK almoit to the mnst
Seadof the tuu. nrcoidlnc to the Jupltor's
ciptaln. The crew of the airship wns at-
iimptlnc to put over her side n lai'RC lint;,
huppiwedly containing an pxplosivp, when
tin tus mancuvrcd from under and
Titaped. The Zeppelin turned aliout and
tbased the tup; To several miles, accord
Bf to her captain, but finally abandoned
Jlipatclir fioni Hiindeiland states that
raldliiE Zeppelin wns the 5C-n, one of
'. the latest and most powerful machines
lumea out Dy i. uuut .i'piikiiu mi-iui ut
f .tn.l.l nt(ln fn.l
FVia'Antll. itiwlmllil ..llf IIiP nltlppliVA
t! the Zeppelin raid, escaped entirely.
Ushts were flashed out an Instant after
I telephone inessnRe from fllyth. to the
north, sent out the lonc-expectcd warn-
Ins; "A Zeppelin is comliiR1."
pprerhead, in pitch lilnck skips, the Ger
finin airship Fought In vain for Sew-
ll.c, ttlicie llll' KIL'Uv ..(inati uiih "uin
Xat'hl TVnt nf liaii.rv .nlMi.nl lmt Iliprilv
": j ""j .i(if) i i 1111.11, iikv !" j
fftF I tirtnell m 1. - .. ..! In.nnllnil in
lure Just what Iuih become of the prJI
puvicra mai uiiiik, as well as mu'n miuor
Ulinrs na C-nMu nml fv.li. ntn tlin t'n1l-
a7"- " VWtMO lMU hll! l.L. HIV "
D0nrn Slay llowcrs? Outside of Easter
; !? nd Its never just yet to-be-forKot-
i vjinaru ana last sunuay wo nave noi
W it spell of moisture that would so
1 toUCh RH Iav .ho flitdf tn Via att-aAta Tn
Jtt that wo are to have no May flowers?
llc, and It is a very dcllnlto piece of
'Mtnral legislation that wo have (lowers
wllajr. Iiy the same token natural lesls
JJUon decrees that flowers won't unless
(Covers An n,i.n mai....i... i .i..-
fw- "- " .nil ludtiuaiuii in iiiim.
Aotliliig as far as we seo it but the Flood
-"virraEain uuriiiB the next two weens.
et trk are expensive, and It might do
J! a l""B wnlle nywoy. The weather
j.--- ie looiea us netore.
'joe again.
For Pi. ;;.-1 !.... ...i ,..
'fit ....,,,nti ii,k I'luimij
iFF tqn9,a nnd Friday, not vwch
pjjgvv temperature. Light frost
&posed places tonight. Light to
SMtrate north winds.
W details, see page 2.
Observation at Philadelphia
IBS.. " .
.... 30.30
North. 15 miles
, . . Nona
...45 per cent.
ssja'yi it s hour.'
laix'toTi ,raPWture
ZileOUm ttmn.r.tti
n. traper.uure '::;;;;;:,;;;";;;;: 5
On the Pacific Coast
titeUco ' Weather.
IiSfe"" Weather;
clear. Temp. .12
cloudy, Temp. 61
Almanac of the Day
"tomorro'w l"'. '."','.'.
fi:,1S p, m.
fl: a. ni4
Bits p. m.
Lamps to lie Lighted
d other Tehlcle. aujp.ra.
The Tides
tout mciiuotD,
9:49 p. m.
,ST m
b - tuiiiurrniw
lO.'SUa. m'.
Krtiftr tomorrow
Eaa''r tomorrow
as p. m.
Bfc" Concluded on l'nice I'niir, Column 'I'll roe
ritillP tcpsw
.-;:. m.
10.W a. nv
p. in.
IJi P. in.
. 81 a. i.
8.yi p. to
3.16 a. in.
8.11 a. id.
nRiiv id. A.n
Ijm rrow ' '.",
If. '." .. : ::::
w -- .uiu.rruw x
fI ' tW Wsa. J v.&.Jll. HHr?l .5ft .uiisi.vMrll,i. nt&tffc?
in .: ,r v?v, .ui,. i r As$txxiiammk?c.4KS,., i
Fifty strokes on the bell in the tower of Independence Hall were made at
anniversary of the President's death.
Foe Thrice Within Trench
Line in 17-Hour Fight
for Mastery at Koziowa.
Hungary Invasion Fails,
Berlin Says.
Tho Austrii-Gpnnnn offensive has
been smn.sliod at Koziowa. northeast
of the bitterly ('untested LW.nk I'ass.
nccordliiR In an nflU'inl retroKrad
statement. Teuton ndvani'o from the
Dunajee Uiver Is admitted, and appar
ently the lesumed drive of the Cier
manle allies in the Rtryj Valley of C!a
llcia maintains Hh foiee. At Volsate,
northwest of Uszok, the Slavs liao ob
tained another vantaRo point for forc
ing tlie prss. West of tlie pass the
Russians are leportcd to he driving
the foe from tlie soutliern friiiKe of
tho Cnrpathlans to the plateau.
SeemliiBly the Slav advance into
Hungary has met at least a temporary
check in other than the Uszok sector,
and serious consequences may bo ex
pected from the menacing CSermnn
movement between L'szok I'ass and
Berlin bulletins n complete stuiulstlll
of the Slav Carpathian campaign and
speaks of a defeat inflicted on the
Hungary invaders nt Koziowa. This
official leport is dated April 1": today's
stntes that the situation in the Car
pathians Is unchanged.
Gains of nearly a mllo in Alsace and
smaller advances In the Argonim are
officially announced by Paris today. In
the Woevre the French say they liave
held all their positions on tlio St.
Mlhiel-Pout-a-Mousson lino despite fu
rious attacks.
The Germans say that isolated
French attacks were made along tlie
entlro line, and nssert that all were
Slavs Win 17-hour Fight Near Uszok.
Germans Active at Stryj.
PKTIIOOHAD. April. 15.
Tho Austro-aerman offensive nt Ko.i
ovva. northenst of t'zsok Pass, has been
rnmnletelv smashed, tho Russian War
Office announced today. In a 17-hour bat
tic on Tuesdny night and Wednesday, the
attacking Teutonic troops suffered terri
ble losses.
The night fighting was tlie fiercest that
has marked the Carpathian campaign.
Thrice tho vAustro-German forces pene
..BA tin. TinunlmiR' advance trenches.
only to perish from the Russian Imjonet
thrusts, while a heavy tire swept the
ground behind them and pi evented the
approach of reinforcements.
According to the War Office, the Austro
German advance east of Uszol; Tass has
been completely crushed and the main
nussian offensive operations ran be re
sumed again. Volosnte, northwest uC
Uszok, was captured by the Russians
Tuesday, and from this point and Kozl
owa they will be able to make attacks
against the Uszok positions.
The Austrian-German offensive from
the Dunajee River Is still In progress.
Contlnuqus battles are raging west of
Uszok, where the Russians, though ham
pered by the spring thaws, are beating
their foes from the southern fringe of the
Carpathians to the plateau.
The town of Ungvar, south of Uszok
rasa, Is reported to have been evacuated
by the Hungarian civil officials.
Frzemysl Army Futile as Aid to Hun
garian Invasion,
i BERLIN, April 15.
Exhausted by Its heavy losses In the
Carpathian campaign, the Russian army
attempting to Invade Hungary has come
to a complete standstill, It was officially
announced her today. The new '";hn
ortenses lias checked the foe at btryj.
In its operations at the Carpathian
nauea the Russian army was reinforced
by the fprces that besieged Pn.inl. but
ContltKUti on l'ae 1'oitr. Column Two I
f f uiAl "ts. t I'-3iVmaiiKNBniHa v-ww i"" i ' - - -- ---
flvm'9iK! F
Mrs. Francis Groce Ar
rested by Postal Inspec
tors, Who Say She Want
ed One of Them to Abduct
West Chester Man's Wife
Ails. Trinees Oioce. piopilptrpss of a
boarding house In West (.'hostel. Is in llio
Chester County lull accused of being tho
I Instigator of n plot lo abduct Mrs. Robert
J Hntlcr. the pretty wife of a IIpi stnblp
I man of that town. TIip woman, who is tlip
mother of three children, was arrested
. by poit.il Inspectors while she was mill.-
' Iiik arrangements with one of them to at-
' tend to the kidnapping, after ndmltting
I that thice former applicants, including a
1'liihidplpliin detective agency who had
answered an advertisement she Inserted
foi the perfoi malice of a "dangeious
mission." had lefused In go tlnoiigh with
1 tlie abduction. The local detective branch,
she said, had volunteered to "do the lob
fur J500." Slie will bp anaigued today
l before United States Commissioner Kd-
niuiids, here In the Federal Uulldlng.
Sbottly after her arrest last night, nfter
she had enteird a paint shop owned bv
Ilutlci In West Chester, using the lattcr's
kev, according to tlie postal Inspectors.
William 11. Cook. or:il(l South Wilton
street. Camden. Interviewed Chief Postal
Inspector Cortelnu. lie told thn head In
spector that up to n month bko lie had
been n private detective In Camden and
answeied an advertisement In a Philadel
phia newspaper last Februnrj. This
(nought til tit In (oinmunlcatlon with tlie
accused woman, he said, and exhibited
several letters wiltten by her to him. He
said his client apptiired to bo so desperate
In her desire to kidnap Mrs. Hntlcr. "by
force. If necessary." that ho lefused to
consider the matter. She then told hlm.
CnnHuileil m Page fire, t'nliimn Two
Doctor Stcinmctz Accepts Position
The Kov. Philip .lustlce Stelnmetz. .lr..
Iins accepted tlie post or headmaster of
tho consolidated Hplseopal Academy and
Do I.nnccy School, lie visited tlie He
Lancoy School, of which he Is n gradunte,
yehterday. and said ho would -ho abio to
assume Ills new duties In tho cnurso of a
fortnight, lie comes heie from the lec
torshlp of Calvary Kplscop.il Church,
Summit, N. J.
Side Line of Bu-siness Proves
Unprofitable and He Is
Caught Robbing a Cafe.
Four years of watching burglaries and
I hold-ups from his point of vantage be
I hind a motion-picture machine convinced
17-year-old Frank Smith, of Clementon,
! N. J., and formeily of West Philadelphia,
that he knew an tne incus m mo iruut:,
according to the story he told Judgo
Hoyle, In Camden County Court, today.
Tho lad believed he had learned the rea
son why highwaymen and burglars were
Ho went to his friend. Willie Haas,
of this city, also 17 years old, and told
hlm all about It. The explanation was
so simple that Willie readily fell In with
Frank's plans.
Frank, tho motion-picture operator, had
his kit of tools with him. He took out
a long chisel, used it as he had seen
burglars In, the movies using a jimmy
and pried open the front door. Silently
the two lads crept Into the cafe at
Clementon Park, 15 nilles from Camden.
Frank went to work on the cash drawer
with a chisel.
One thing the pantomime of the motion
pictures had not taught the boy, and that
was to muffle the steel with which he
worked. His chisel came In sharp con
tact several times with the metal cash
drawer, and the noise awoke the pro
prietor. The latter produced a revolver
and the burglary was suddenly halted by
shots whizzing over the heads of the
youthful Intruders.
Neither boy knew much about tb town
at that time. They fled precipitately and
without system. After running a few
blocks they ran into the arms of a wily
bfueeoat and were locked up. Today they
appeared before Judge Boyle, and Smith.
crying in mingled shame and sorrow, told
the judge the whole story. Haas verified
Judge Boyle sentenced them to an Inde
terminate terra, and they will be paroled
later at tus discretion.
noon today, which is the fiftieth
Startles the Senate by Re
calling the Seven Names
Submitted to That Body
by His Predecessor in
HARRISIIPRG, Pa.. Apiil l.V-Cov-ernor
lliumbnugh lecallrd fiom the
Senate the names of cven Public Ser
vice Commissioners appointed by liov
ernor Tener.
Tho status of thn Public Set vice Coin
inlssioiijns ihoicsuIt fitjiJju..'iDveinQr,
action, is appaieutly uucritnln. The Sen
ators tlieuij-elvei ale dlipullng whether
the tecnll will virtually abolish the body
until a new list of names Is submitted
to the SpnnlP. or whether tho Tennr ap
pointments will continue In olllce as ad
Interim appointees until Gov ei nor llrum
b.itigh seniH his own selections lo tho
The letter of recall was referiod to he
Senate Committee on l.eculive Xoiniim
tions. The members of that committee,
wlilfh consists of Senatois Vaie, Mr
Nichol. Spioul, Cmw and Kllnp. said
this iifteinonii that tho committee -would
recomineud that the unities be sent back
lo the Governor as he had requested.
Tlie proccduie of the Commissioners ap
pointed by Tener is thn principal icason,
It was learned this nfteruoon, for ilu
One nf the acts of the cnmmlsMnii th.it
wns largel.v icspoiislbii. for the tecall
was the contluuatluii of homings on tlie
Philadelphia passenger rate ease after
tho commissioners hud virtuall.v agreed
upon a decision. At that time tlie Gov
ernor let It be known that he did not
favor the procedure.
The time for Governor Brumbaugh to
act in tlie Public Service Commission ap
pointments would have expired In two
weeks. The Senate lenders have been ex
pecting that the Governor would make
changes in the commission, hut his tecall
nt tho names of tho enilie body came like
a boll out of a clear tkv.
Senator Ciow, chairman of the Kxecu
the Nominations Committee, said thnt tlie
Coni'linlrd on Pace Two, Column lno
If Abandoned Child Had
Known, Mr, Boyes Might
Have Eaten Oatmeal Dry.
Tho bundle on the dooistcp that Po
liceman Taylor picked up iha morning
was ho carefully seemed with safety pins
to keep the chill morning air oft the
baby's head and the rhlid had been pre
pared to face its destiny with such evi
dent loving care, even down to tho penny
It still clutched In its tight right fist,
that the policeman wondered why the
parents hadn't thought of some other
The baby was alongside tho milk hot
tie on the doorstep of David Boyes, at
10H North Front Btreet, and never knew
as it whimpered, as long ns a baby en if
whimper on an empty stomach, how near
it was to the real thing. Only. If it had
gone for It there would probably have
been a mess made of It, with the only tan.
Bible result that Mr. Boyes would have
had no milk for his oatmeal. Taylor
carried the bundle aiound to the Front
and MaBter streets station.
"Annle'll have safety pins enough for
a month," chuckled House Sergeant Feld
ler, referring to the absent police sta-
Cumiuiifd un I'acx Four, Column Tho
Family Rush Away From Wedding at
News of Fire.
Meyer Robins and his wife, children and
aged mother returned from a wedding
at Lyric Hall, 6th and Carpenter streets,
early today, to find their home and store
In ashes at 931 Porter stieet. Fire, which
started In the store, used as a delicatessen
shop, gained headway with such rapidity
that the place was destroyed. Mi. Jo
seph Hoffman, and Six children living in
the house adjoining, at I'tW Hutchinson
street, were forced, to flee to the side
walk because of the smoke.
Joint Session Hears Appeal
of Exposition Manager,
and Mr. Seger Moves Ap
pointment of Committee
to Arrange for Shipment.
Ex-President Tuft Sends Note
of Warning to President of
Common Council Against
Endangering Safety of Mc
memto of Priceless Value.
Council-, nie taking action today to In
sine tlie sending of the Liberty llell to
the P.innnin-Puclllc Mxprnltlon III spile
of the n Hiiiltms of eminent metallurgists
that the ecuilon may lesult In the dc
slrucllon of the i clip.
Helcct and Common Council gathered In
Joint session tills nftPiiioon upon n reso
lution offpied by Charles Seger, Select
Councilman of t ho 7th Wnrd. nnd rules
were suspended to permit Herbpit Ftclsh
lini'ker, a innu.iger of the expoltlnn and
icpie'enlatlve of Jlayor John llolph, of
San Kinnclsco, to urge fiotn the legisla
tive (loois thnt authorization be given the
plnn lo send the bell to the fair.
Immediately nfter Mr. FloMihackei's
mid i ess n lesolutlou was presented by
Select Councilman Seger thnt a Joint spe
cial committee of 12 members fiom each
blanch of Councils be appointed to make
the necessary in rangcnients for tlip ex
hibition of tho I.lbertv Hell at the fair.
Tho expense Incident to the project will
be taken out of nn appropriation to be.
made heieafter to the clerks of Council'.
The lesolutlou will be refened to the
Mb.mii' for Ills approval or dis.ippiovnl.
note of warning was contained In n
letter leceived today by the presidents of
Councils fiom fainter Piesldent William
II Tuft, lie would not urce thn sendlm.-
I of (he bell, as he was requested to do.
lr It meant ciidangerins tlie lellc.
In his letter to Piesldent .MeCuidy, of
Common Council, he said:
New Haven. Conn., Apill II, llti'i.
Mv pear Mi. McCmdv
I mil hi leielpt of n telegiiim. of which
I Inclose a copv, from President Mooie,
of tlip P.iiiana-Pni I tic International Im
position. Of course, -we ale all In favor
of making that Imposition ns much of a
success nn possible, and I have no doubt
It would gicntly contribute to public In
teiest in tho Imposition if the Libcity
Hell could be sent theie nml made tlie
centre of nppiopiliite ceremonies. Oouht
less, too, Its progress across the coun
tiv vvould nttiact (patriotic appreciation.
I realize, of eotiise, the pilceless char
acter of the bell ns the memento of nut
lililh ns a nation, and only press this
upon your veiv much better knowledge,
ns to the ilsk Involved In the proposnl
Siiuerely yours,
Mr. George McCuid.v. President Common
Council, Philadelphia, Pa.
Governor Johnson, of California, In a
dispatch to Councils asseited todny thnt
every effort would be made to picserve
the snfetv of the bell nt the fair.
Mayor niankcnhiirg said thnt if It Is
decided to send tlie Liberty FSell to th
Pnmimn-Pnclllc l.xposltion such nctln'i
will in no way Interfcie with tlie nntional
observance of Independence Pay planned
for Philadelphia.
"It has been agieed," tlie Mayor added,
"by virtually all le.ideis of the movement
to send the bell lo San Francisco, that It
will not leave Philadelphia until nftr
July Ith "
Leaves Note for Parents Snyinp: He
Is a "Failure."
linyiuniid Cmlg Palmer, n lli-j eni -old
high school student, left this letter In the
mull box on his father's door:
Dear Father and Mother:
I am a falluio. Am going away, it
will be no use looking for imp.
Your (on,
I!a.viiiond's mother, prostrated with
grief at her home. I.W0 South 21th street,
lias not ealen for a week slnco the boy
dlscnppenred last Thursday. Mr. Palmer
notified the police nt City Hall last Fri
day, hut It did not occur to him to auk
the newspapers lo assist In the seaich
until neighbors urged hlm to do so to
da v.
liavmoud was n student nt the South
ern High School, on tho day he dlsap
peated he had been in high spirits. In
the evening lie attended an nunlveisnrv
celeliiatlon at the Bethany Piesbyteilau
Church, iiil and llalnbildge streets, lie
did not come home, except to leave the
biief note In tho mall box, where Mr.
Piilmer found It next morning.
"Raymond was n bright boy and he cer
tainly showed that he was honest, for tit
left home with 25 cents, whereas he could
have taken a large sum. which he knew
wns in the house." said his father today.
"I think lie must have been woriying
about a bad repent he got at school.
Won't mi tell about his dlsappeaiance
It might help lo llnd hlm? lie wears plaid
coal and long trousers the put ilieiu on
for the first lime on Faster) and a light
golf cap of mixed goods: a daige blue,
four-ln-hand tie, with red stripes; black
laced shoes. He has dark brown hair
and Is 5 feet 6 Inches In height tall for
Ills age. He weighs IS pounds."
Reservoir Bursts; Eight Drowned
HOI.BROOK. Ariz.. April 15.-Klglit per
sons were drowned today when Lyman
reservoir, which Impounds the waters of
tho Little Colorado River 12 miles south
of St. John's, Apacne county, broke, A
reservoir at Hunt, northwest of St.
John's, Is In the path of the flood, and
the dam threatens to give way. The town
of Woodruff, 12 miles southeast of here.
will be In danger if the Hunt dam does
not hold.
The Kensingtonlan Says;
Jforrls Titus, the cornsiljf of Clan Six
Hand, blew O tharp on hit comet ami was
surprised fo find that he had cut A is
IjOST Canarj, lyal from case. near. 13th and
Locust. tatUrd if rturni Th Hamilton,
111 Walnut n
IaOUT-SbwII toli bof. Initials F. E. L., 1."
tn Broad ami ltlh on Chestnut. Re
turn to tow Spruce. SutiabU reward.
LOST. SifaYi or Stolen -Sundav. April IL
brtndla Fremh buUdos. about 3 years !4;
rturJ Kalurin 1U4 Locust l
OtAcr claitttet advtTtUmtult on gag 13
NEW YORK. Apiil 15. It wns repoitcil in Wall stieet today
that n scat on the New York Stock Exchange had sold for jpGO'OOO.
The last inevloua tinitsactlon wns nt $50,000.
NEW YORK, April 15. Harry K. Thaw appeared before Su
promo Court Justice Newberger this afternoon, in custody of Sheriff
Griffeiihagen, when arguments on a motion for a jury trial to deter
mine his tnnity was made. Thaw's mother also was in the court
loom. Arguments wcie expected to continue Until late this aftor
uuoii. The court's decision will bo announced inter.
HARRISBTJRG, April 15. Ry a vote of 30 to 5 the House bill
authorialns 5 per cent, of liquor lieeii&c fees in first and second
class cities be turned over to the police pension fund was cuactod
by th Sennlo todny.
NEWPORT NEWS, Vn.. April 15. The German converted
cruiser Kronprinr. Wilhelm has "movies," showing the destruction
of a number of the ships it captured, the captain admitted today.
Ho would not exhibit them, saying they were part of his official
NI.W YORK. Apiil I." Five JewMi societies, lepresentlng .100.000 working
men. today issued u statement condemning the ullcgcd outrages petpetralcd by
tho Russian soldiery in Poland. The statement specifically lefruiuy from accusing
tho Russian people, but chniges tho Russian Government with n "desire to' ex
terminate tlie Jewish race.
llRITISH XOSSES 130,34 7
LONDON, April I... Total British ens unities among the Hoops up to April
11 wcie I::,'..".I7. tinder Secietary of War Tennant announced In Parliament this
afternoon. Tills Includes killed, wounded nnd missing.
The Aigcntlne siipunlie.idnouglit Moreno left the Philadelphia Navy Yard to
day, bound for Bihla llhtuca. Farewell salutes of 17 guns wcie exchanged by
the Navy Yaid and the warship. The gieal xtssel set .11 feet In tho water. George
Lupkcr, ono of the best pilots on tlie ilver, has the dltlicult task of taking the
vessel to the capes.
LONDON, April I.",. The vteainshlp Ptarmigan lias been tnipcdoed in tlie North
Sen, with a los of II lives, nccoidlng to n dispatch leceived here this nfteruoon.
r.Icven other membeiH of the crew ol the Ptarmigan wcie lescued, accoidlng
to a dispatch fiom Amsturdam. The steamer was toipedoed n few miles oft the
coast of Holland, between Hinder Light and the Hook of Holland.
Tho Ptarmigan wns a "M-Uiu steamer, owned by the Gencial Steam Naviga
tion Company. Her port nf registry was London.
CHICAGO. Apiil 15. Inner workings of the gieat Chicago stock nids, wages
and woiklng and living conditions ot emplojcs will be piolied by tho nlteil States
Commission on Industrial Relations today. J. Ogdcn Armour piniiilsed Chairman
Walsh he would tnl.e the stand Inte this afternoon.
"I wniil my mamma," filed a icd-cheeked giil about M ears old, who today
was found wnndeiliis about in tlie vlciuit) of SStli stieet and Wyaluslng avenue.
She was taken to the lilst and ThoinpMnn stieets police station. The police are
trying In find the child's mother.
Following Is nn extract fiom a private letter icceive-J by a Phlladnlphtan from
n correspondent In Japan who has had opportunity to glean reliable Information on
the Chino-Japanese situation:
"Tlicso'nie xerj uuccitaln times, and most people arc picdlctlug war between
Japan and China. At any late, the situation between Japan nnd China la very
ticklish Just at piesent and troops are being sent on tlie i. t. to China as fnst ns
they can be. Perhaps that Is Just a move to intimidate the Chinese, but It may be
something more serious. I.ven In the event of war between the two countries It
vvould not necessarily affect the foreigners out hero unless, as Is likewise predicted,
Ametica should iiIko be drawn in. In that case It would be well for all Americana
to get out as quickly ns possible and not have the experience of the Geimans, who
are being deported giadually but surely fiom this country."
NF.W YORK, April 10. Tens of thousands of lives were endangered by the
deadly "third rail" early today, when a tlo-up occurred at Chatham Square, on
the 3d Hvenue "1." line. Scores of tiains, heavily loaded with persons going to
work, were stalled fiom Lower Mnnhaaltan clear up to the Rionx. The pas
sengeis poured fiom tho tiains, and taking n, chance of stumbling on the deadly
"third tall," walked nlong the tracks to tho various platfutms. As far as known
there were no casualties. A car jumped tho track at Chatham Squaie. The pas
sengers wcie qtilckl) unloaded without a panic.
.V 'J-yeai-ohl bos, with a stab wound In his neck and two In the head, was biought
to the .MedUo-Chltiugical Huspltal early todaj, accompanied by 50 boys who were
so excited thut they could not tell how the wounds weie Indicted. The Injured boy Is
Tony Leaken, 1836 Callowhlll street. His condition is pot serious. Police of the SQth
and Uuttonwood streets station aio investigating the affair.
NKW YORK, April 13. Mib. Theodoie Roosevelt, wfe of ox-President Roose
velt, underwent an opeiatlon at the Roosevelt Hospital today. The opeiation was
uild to have been successful,
Qeorgu Fritz, 56 years old, who was emptujad for the past1 two weeks lo a -loft
building at J9 North 13tli street, died at th Hahnemann Hospital today frpnj a.
fractured skull. He wus found ui.eonseJ.QUs at the foot of a stairway whe.e he
workeM, having evidently fallen from an upper floor. He died without regatnlnf
LONDON, April 15. Leaders ef 10.000 IytouMuthltr, HiHa haA ettopie
resolutions favoring a national chhuod of culltar weak, on April , ualees th
-workers are grafted an Increase of 30 per cast.