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Knights of the Golden Eagle
rJfril Matter ot Records t I- flnllash
2arle i '.'" .'"'tlMory services. District Deputy tlrand flntca. after which the door w
Omndl Blr Herald John F hrounle.- and Ke.SVT" ?."?
a Matter ot Itecords t I. OallagheV vis- he haw "K?; ""i:L:ul:;SL,jJ:"hi ! "L"r"'..Vr. ?"l;"i '""."?
iAt n-uaa.. n.-iu:.. ....... ww """""T v.,w lnT "; i icimi 'Hiiucviiio numuen tcp-vu i
ere opened to
of the order
several musical
niidevlllo number closed the program.
during the convention; so nil feel that the o.
ree work, and specialties will ho n great suc
cess, and last but not least, fllsters Nlchol ton
unci isuriYari are training a gieO C1UD 10 tOKO
I ehsrgo of, the singing.
, - i-.m..- nit-iiiucrBnip is nornncii over ini
disappearance .of Miss Theresa Morris, of West
Philadelphia Hive, on the afternoon of March
31. Miss Morris left her home to do Mini
shopping, and from that tlmo on no trace liaa
been found of her, and her mother, who la
also a member of the order, la distracted.
iteii RnYriin r-a.ii. . .7 ihl.tcS ,?... n-.'.. ' i. " ,Srw menders. Addresies were made by
Ited Spartan Castle, at Frnrrd Ji Tue- Uro her. Waller. Palmer and .thin . Vocal
, . . rzr..i?.." ." r .: ..... "'-'"" rrp rennereti nv n. aiinrict nun .. . .. ... ......
;..T",."'... ."!?.,, .,? . "r. w- 1 Ktbt as pianist, itclrcsnmrnts AHIanns' UMcr iMutufll lTotCCtiOll
actlvlts. mehl mXX ,"."",? :ir.p" "v. 1KL. '"'?;'", "1 Pmsvul-.k Assembly over which the merfU
Livingstone tasue, mt , 11, Jones
Sf'!ir,t5e.l.,lJ.V"i?iIi?r ihl li"'? a"wherhlp campaign contest between
UM.2S y.iri. in ihi .,rm Vl,'M'.t0i"'c,l ,""! Coalesvllle Council closes
!!S,...l,,.ln. '?.... "r.Vl 1' . April :in. the pr 10 belnc- n valuable cold cost
"Ikv .7
vanning council bv Runrame tisuent linn
....'.'-. "icsersnam, or Harrlsbutg. k. vv.
siiBrrAvV'as'BiSviS. ' i'.' "'.?'! nt .
tterent n.l.lltlnna have In.
ereajed the memberthlp to la members nni
,i ri.uiunii
present ye
ft campaign
vnor si
ULOM K Cllli nr 10
UlUrlct Grand Thief ltarrr
Thela I'astle. who has this ta
fnadrt ft verv allprlnw i1Arm t.rnl
tie for Ita enlenrilil nnrti. He rerolted his ills
trlct to be In fine cond linn. Ily the lulniie-l.m i KnitrlilH nf PvlliUo
of these in candidates, tills castle has made a . "iiiRius 01 I IIlina
mln since the first or Jnnunry of r7 members. ' wuaker rity lidee held a "Ret-arqualnted"
ihus tunning: Its membership up to 3'iH. night .March i'O. and It uns a big uccrss the
, Clrand Chief John II. Orayblll. nciompunle.! ... , """ " naa " " ,In8
by several ot the Supreme and llrnnd Caxtls "", ,""1" Pcke.l to capncltj (Jonshohocken
ofneers, will lslt Clearvlew Castle on Api I
13. The tlrand Chief will be oicoinpntiled bv '
irnirtu nas been se ecie.1 n thp iinst resent '
uii are liiai neiore mt mi " ; ,.f theater i-n.m.u . ..,... .i... V... 1
aCae:,U.n(v.fe.,'Z?uui HTiSTfSUT'ASSf !
:n for new members lth .n. .peu". Jhf 'Mnn ,a;ff '2 .?"'' ' '"."' ' " ". I
there wr, ,a m?mbefs of the" t-aslle 'g Wnl?. will be lendere 1 lh great- ,
andheetnreeWdegrmesrero wnt?r"ed ?",$??, '?'" er gl.ten to a grend officer
" "r unitirv nr inn nrriif nnirMiniiii tr in iihii
I. O. O. P., Manchester Unity
t.nvM tJberty lodge enjoved a big smoknt
prepared bv the Enlertalnment Committee,
mother Ala Plttnn rtrrAtw nn Inn nlann.
r4l ..i-,1... I. A1.1.. I,. m tt. ..a. !... I While IJrOthra 'I. Kpnwnrlhi,. I.4 AnthnftV and
the honor nf br,inr .i,, tv mi 1 m, ' seieraMlsltlngbrothers gave tome of the latest
me honor 01 being deputy, added t more new , rnRUmtf ,onRI,. Th! no ,),,.,, 0rtcularlv
nemoeis Tht-rstiay eening ns sung nv urntner T. Kennorthv, entltien
last This makes a mini of .'U the 'Pint Pot Deputy J Jl Ptephenson gave
so far lor the je.ir and puts a lecture on how to get new members and
the ' Indians" In first posl- I Noble Orsnd Rhocsmlth some new and effective
lours, iieiresnments wero men passed around
and a ote of thanks extended to the commit
tee for the excellent program prepared.
9. Harton. of , Vi.If!u-,r" 0,b.,'""'-l 'Into January 1 Past
slle tn charge. ..,,, """cr II Jones will represent Chester
alslng Ihe wis- t-ou'ictl at the (Jrsnd Council session.
Rubrem I'hlrf .tnhn v ford, tliand Sir Her
nlcl John K. Urounley nnd tlrand .Master n'
Ilecords t. L. Rallagher. This castle Is mte
Of the ery an He and successful ones a
though comparalliely new, having been Insti
tuted t.lrough tho efforts of IUtrlct tlrand
Chief John K. Dormer ,
Reading Castle iclehralcd Its "Olh snnl
serssry at the New llerkshlre Hotel on Aplii
P. This was one of the largest events ever
given in HetKs count), ami. in inci "y "J
n big success
supi t r fmm
rasltA In It.A i.rftnr CIlp :USI members of th'j tlinice nf U lnBAnt. tt.v .11.
order wer- present I'enrsjlvnnla Coiir- uible was In charge 01 Mi's il sjtver and .Mrs.
manaery, lit I'nirorni added lustre 10 me dp- n. nnniKie the candy table. .Mrs. Ilentcti and
".5Mv.w i "e ttiiuir, ;'-". u'"i me rnncv lame, ir. narrv
IMlge came down In special
cars a hue musical entei
talinncnt was enJoed and
this was rollotveil b a iolo
fame, whbh una exciting from
start to finish keeping the
spectators In an expoctoni
mooc1 until the game was won
by Dusker Cltj, .1 to S
The County fair hold on
last Wednesday evening was
An old-fashioned balcoJ-bean
to 8 was served under the
The inks
M. B. M A Smith an) M.
E. tt. t ox made an official
visit to Pittsburg Assembly
and found the members pres
ent much intereted In their
assntblv. These officers were
aurprlicd to nnd visitors from
Columbia, continental ami Fouthwestern As-
Uartram Assembly enjojed the usual dlstlnc
tloi of having thtee post most excellent
master nrtlsnnn drop In for n vllt on Mon
c'av evening Inst, They were Hrothers Mc
Connell Kendrlck and (Ireathcad.
Ur Kngene rivarie, medical examiner of
I'nlim A..sembb, gave nn Illustrated lecture
of a ver thrilling motor Ikisi trip to the
Island of Hermuda. st the meeting of 1 nder
itonn Assemlili on Thursdas evening
The quartet nf Commonwealth Assembly
rendered some verv excellent muslo on Mon
day evening This Is one of the assemblies
veiv little heard of but mnialns features and
nhllllles mnklng with nssemblles of big repu-
A (ommlttee has proposed the following
amendment to the bv-laws of Oriental Aa
eemhlv The cashier shall be authorized,
when requested bv the tle'ilef committee be
tnren tho Intervening meetings or the as
sembli. to pnv sick benefits ot n brother who
trsv be In urgent peed." . ...
Hrothr Harford of Fidelity Asscmbls. Is ai
wnrk on a nui lens tor a new assembly In tho
northern purt or tne my.
New Statute Contains Many
Modifications and Commis
sioner's Power Increased.
I' Plenty nas orgtinirrn n niHnnmin nuu ..
visiting memPers trom nil over ine roumrv imm imi Mia. enderwnnd. ih mm, i .n,i !'.' ""'. ""'"..::'""! ', ".." .V.-YJl.-V-.V
were present, among whom were s.i,.ieit. larcel post table, tho Misses luorjks This IT.":"'"? "'..'-I. nn i. i,i,p.ni.,ininm.At
Chief iolin W. Ford Suiireme Master of K-c- mir was glwn h he la t" Huxblari Mr I""!1',!';" l'v v"'); "." ,nL 'tl.'Jl'Vhn n?rn
erds John tl. Trclbler land Chief or Prmi- Uelv I'sMnon. .hslrmnn Mrs llenrv Rtver. ronimlltee can get to o rk '" ,m.r.mj
eylvanu John H tlruyblll. tlnlld .Master c.t - leta. v, .Mrs .losei,! TlVroivn treasmer The '",' f.'1 fN-epy Other big assemblies should
.fet4 ieggV fiRh'S. 'bTrlc?' Frn'rT.ljrfn'CltT' ne ,;. ,,.., of the Artisan, Alh-
Seasholce fsnd Kir I iial'l lohn K. UrouiT- i.A,.mrv M iVli""". U llllam Held, ,,. Anr&uon. on Thursdss night, neorgv.
lev ""pan s!?m.b' Ch let." '. enkln 11,11. John ." .' 'itTuni. J '1,l',lT.b,r"f' .'.r'" "K! !' .'.'"iS" I'. Pswllng .wn, re-cLcted president. This Is
.. -j. ....aA,,, rtH-.fli,,,., oiiiiiki. ttin iiintii itmn lie nas oeen cnosen ior imi
IB... 1 , .-,l" ,, U ,llltlll
Klianm.ll. .lliilffi
A Flarrows Past supreme chiefs ilnrry I
llelnlcke, Thomas S. (iona. lyiuls i:. otlli.
John t". McKlnncy. Past tlrand Chiefs lieorgo
It. Oregory. Howard I., linns. I'.lmer V
Heeser, Walter C tlaus Dean J Uenkvtic.
John Hooper and many other piomlnent
rnembcrp of the order
This castle ,vas Instituted In I"." and st
that time thre were nnti 4MHI members In
the entire Htale, nnd the total amount or Minds
was 21,onv, During the no veais nf Ihe hi -tory
of Heading I'nstle tho order has grown
to 3S,0(i members nnd HO lastles. and the
have In their tieasurles 1 inn Oou. The order
Albrn Shalfer,
Houthnark Lodge, meeting nl llofner's Hall,
iiijud nnd Christian streets had three condl
onlea Initialed In rank of page and one i .1st
rhui-ellor reliintntrd nt lasf meeting These
;. lll be advanced In the rnnk nf esquire
onorrovv evening, and nil members are urged
in ho present In help exemplifj the work i he
pinochle i jiih is r0K Ron)t amnnihh. Who
wi.ii the t ckels to Uumnni s" The K o' It.
and d.d It Is thought it about time he
' ""niiiiuiK. ierrery is now a ipcii jr
It tinner nr Ihs iilm.nhlrt ..i,.v.
the Inst trick when he plnvs-
office Herman Mover was elected vice preb
'em. tiinrge I.ott. secrtnrv. nnu inanes vv
MeCnnnell. trensurei. lxitt sucreeds Allen P.
Cox who retired becnuse of the pressure of
duties ns i. i; recoroer.
The niniunl field dav will take place on C'cn
tlnl High School Held on fnllirdav, June .",
rnd (he stellar attrnotlnn will be nn attempt
on the American Mxt vaids record bv "Ted1
Meredith A number of radical changes weie
Inude In the program nf Ihe meeting. The
ntinrler-nillp run wns ellmlnnted from the open
cents nnd the three-mile run wns chnnged to
i nv pirtj -at
D....... ... ...v ...... ,.. ... --..- ..,,n mi- rurciv missing some enloymenv
""irfKrU.L.y there are a ,, j VJ'Q?t
...v ... ... .: . , , .. ... .'. . -' -,, fc.,ii, t-iiiiiin inp anon iiieuers
i.am p roniflinn ,i:t mpmnprn hiki i vxhiii innw t'rmpva nn i. ,,.... ,. ...
&!..mo. inmin.inder, Dr J Pane frann. nml ml,,,.
Since January l man castles in in riaip ( .re tiuly melted
have admitted large numb-re of members-. , Sumion lidge commemnrnte.l iia JTih n,,m.
most of these being gained hv nc'tve wnrk . ,sarv .March T0 . large crowd of filembe?.
of tho Individual inembrr. Past Chief .1. M 'families utiil frlinil, sj" Jteil lo irrv
Illltebeltel, of Orcen I.nne Castle, has pro- xieient irogrnm nnd refreshments above fh
rosed 20 members: Past Chief J. I.. Ubrlght ordinary kind. Tb7 "mmltteen were 1nd!
Ml Clan r .! Cfi.lU Vint. nrnnnsfn. "I. . r.lr.nur. .ii4". .. "'"'"lUeCH CTP lnUO-
, wioi hi uniisii ..... . .us-- ,r.w".... - .. ( auvin,uit in Kiel" TPrllCP
tax Arthur Tord,
an; Hoivani A
tie. DronOsed :
View Castle. DroDosed 2."
. . - . i
or l lorpnep v-BUIIP. pronnwii ... in H-inuinn i ne iu 0 tie niunHiorB of Ihn Hull Anrin-
. n.,...-.. ., . .,,.,,,. ,.ri,i, .., w,.,,,-., ...o r,.,,Urni iiiptiinK' iiroiners err. of No. ..q
r. of Nevvberrv ca'tle. proposed j Fourth of Julv Lodge held a nrocresslie
rd. of Crescent Castle, proposed pinochle party on March 1! some ?0 oartlci
Wilson, of West Chester Cas- ! innts Indulging In the imstlnie Some n ' ihi.
iiiui"ibvu -' ..sj-- i-.. ..v.. j I'll"! uuiii MiiiuiiiR Ktinpn
lastle. prnnnseil 2fl in addition The following members of the llnll As.nrln
Ineslone Cnalle. of Vll-ntown. tlon linl.l ,,.n.,.i .L " ',"..LaJ!.'!m
It-d -; Cnlon castle, of Llnlleid. Ms subsequent meeting- lirnthers Orr of No K
V: Montour Castle, nf Danville. ha Peters, nf No. 1DH Hurgess of No L"i Kcvi
37. "f,."n Iw.who constitute the Executive Com
proposed 3'
Knightn Templar
The Installation ceremonies of St. Alhan
Commlndfrv. 'a 47. upr. hpM last Frldav
night In the ballroom of the Hellevue-Strnt- AWlYaJiTi.? ITU?",
iqra, ine new onicers are- sir narrv n. i.er
ter. generalissimo Sir Charles II. Meredith.
csptatn general, sir vvavne J. i-enneu, com
mittee of the association,
me j'ast Cllancel.s Assoi latlnn's nieet
ing a- lieadquarierr, southenst corner Pth and
String f.anlrn streets. April 7. hid a largo
attendance s mie So 01 more lodr-ea helm-
Tho srals on the floor and lh Rallerira were
crowded with knights and lad.e. prcM-n-iiiff i
colorful acrne. as th member of the mm-
manderj. tn danhln rank and headed hv fh
color Dcarere. awt
drann anorri Th
PartlOlDfl tPll In hv inntlt nratnnl nnrl Ihnnn-ri
animated a times, was rondurted In tru.
ratrnai spirit. After thin the atentirda pnt
limr on th supply nf thine other than talk
TTie Active Association of Df-lnuare fountv
hem on of Itn populalh Knthertnca at Parn
oav uoRe, located at Morton. April 7 A larc
uiiM'rr ii MFimrs rrom seierai loiipp in th
iln rank and heailed hv tn - 'onntv were made wMeomn and f-njoved them
Pt up ihe centra Rlle with ee'ven raraflai r.onRP ha dl-pUved "mrh
l- .1-1. . !.. J. ..!.... V. a. ..!-.. -t ' -. . -. ' ''I- I"ni"' 1T-i UHlTlilll'V
hip upir. i-niuir, tiuiiuK nn- in rj'inui i' Air i nam pnor wllllam li Zeieln" li th
Grand Commander Sir Thomas n J'atton an 1 K n F , and a very aetlve and pnlntnMns
fttaff. The openlnK praver wn made M Past ftor Brother John II. Qulnn i the repre
Commander Sir Kdwtn U Coane. and wa entatlv.
followed by the presentation of a flan to th
comniandery by Sir Norrl R Flarratt on be
half of the Uides' Auxlliarv.
The Insfallatlon nas a beautiful and ttn
rrcBslve ceremony, aa the oiflrlatinp officer.
fTOmnaiU' M"o y of fhn ufilfnfni faiilr iIi
th n-onthh nwemhly April .' at headquarters
Hroad and Federat street. Captain lalvorr
prepMinif B"eral important matters were
"enndered. Brother P. t Over, of Mcll'ii
inciuuinK urana nmmnnaer Mr a nowani I-odce of M"ehntchurjr. Pa. renewed hi
I ILUIIIAD, -111,,,, I dtniilMtll u-u-i nil U'lllll , i ITlfO
nhPFlhln Ir. Ih, nt l.l, ! ll .. -1
Perry, acting cantaln general: Orand Captain and svornI rrnposltlons were received
of tho Giisrd SI; Charles T Cllden, a, ting , Hrothcs lohn nml Jnmes McKennv. lon-r
Beneratlsslmo and other" drew- up In full re- nnrt n,nmnpn, In.mh.r, or fsam,n i,rtge
K-lia ' ,'im.i , uiaisiuii inr ci . ini nniwili
into onice. i nen came me installation air
proclamations read by the mirshnl hernld an I
a. charge to the entire comniandery by PIvM-n
Commander air Thomas n. Pnton, nnunllv
aa Impressive was th- presentation of a Jew-el
to the retiring commander. Th commnndery
marched from the Masonic Templo to tho
hotel, where 10JK) guests wer waiting to re
ceive, them.
Royal Arcanum
The representatives and alternates of Penn
sylvania Council are boosting the candidacy of
their fellow member, Brother Alexander F.
Nicholas, for RUnrpmn ranrA.
sentatlve, tn be voted for Rt
tho approaching Grand Coun
cil session ot Wllllamsport,
Pa.. In May.
Philadelphia Council Is hold
ing weekly meetings until tho
close of the "Eaton Class"
nnd membership contest with
Pennsylvania Council. L'p to
March til lhllnittnhlaa ....ipa
stood 00 applications and M Initiations. Penn
sylvania's siore -was 7B applications nnd 4
Inltlatlons. The work In Philadelphia Council
resulted from the efforts nf 33 members, of
whom Brothers J. H culhert produced ten.
J. J. Van Sholer nine; J If. iiobb, Jr . seven,
fotlowred by many nthrrs who nre striving
for the. noyal Arcanum sold watches. Several
dark horses are expected to loom up at the
finish. They will give a stag euchre tomorrow
evening, and April SI will he the night for big
tunti In both entertainment and Initiations.
A delegation of the Carnation Club exchanged
national greetings with the members of Brides-burs-
Council on April I. A good heart-to.
heart talk resulted, with a good prospect for
n Increased membership,
Haverford Council was declared winner In
Its contest with Lafavette Council, nf the Isw
Jersuy Jurisdiction. The victory will be cele
brated next Friday at the Parkway Building
and prizes will be awarded by the distinguished
ofneers of the New Jersey Jurisdiction. Haver
ford added three more candidates to Its list
making 81 In all
The monthly meeting of the Carnation Club
held April fl at the Bingham House, was a
grand outburst of enthusiasm over the glorious
result! so far obtained In the big membership
clasa now on In full swing. All promises are
maturing and Indications point to exceeding
all expectations. Twelve of the Hoyal Ar
canum lounclla were represented. Fifty mem
bers were prcsenr Including Orand Ilegent
Arthur B Eaton. Supreme Representative Al
exander F. Nicholas and Past negent Town
send, of Integrity Council. Five new membeia
were admitted Into the club. The Itoyal Ar
canum and Carnation songs were Introduced
The next meeting of the club will be ladles'
night on May .1. at the Bingham House.
he'lfr Juni'!i. meeting In Odd Fellows'
Hall. Broad and Crosby streets. April (1. under
Regent 'William H, Bowen. had a large num.
per of applications for membership rrferreo tu
the Investigating Committee, After routine
business nlno candidates were Instructed Into
the mysteries of the order hv th ch.,... .,.
gree team, which won honorable mention In
hnvp enfferpd n lamentnhlr. In In tlia Hnn
nf their mother, who thniirh tiling m the ripe
old age of Wl rears, retalnM all her facultl"
in Hip rnd Sevral member o' No fl7 nnd
of fh order nttended the home services on
Tuesday oienlng
The Grand Fraternity
The policy Inaugurated bv- the entertainment
committees of the Philadelphia branch's In the
beginning of the fall nnd vvln'er senson of pro.
vldlng an Impromptu entertainment at the
close of each meeting has met with such a
degree of success that they will co.itlnue them
as a permanent feature. Unquestionably, these
entertnlnments have developed a wealth of
local talent of tine quality.
The Medley Trio, ot East Park Branch, con
sisting of Praters Tlerno Matern and Allessjn
donl. Is In such demand at the meetings nf
other branches that thy Hre having trouble
In keeping up with their engagements East
Park Is fortunate In having added these clever
entertainers to their membership. The recent
"ladles' night" meeting In this branch taxed
the caDnrltv of the blir assemhtv rnnm nn.l
all of Ihe numbers on the program were re
peatedly encored. In their endeavor to provide
a novelty for the female contingent, tho com
mittee persuaded Fratere Henrv nnd Thomas
Maloney, known to the devotees of boxing as
' Teddln" and "Tommte." to show their skill.
Bay Thomas, Jack Heflln Ttohby McDongle
and John Maloney, amateur 12,-i-pound cham
pion, also gave clever exhibitions of fast, sci
entific boxing.
Branch M's "Heel Kmnker" was such a suc
cess that the committee, co-operating with
District Organizer Miller. Is planning further
efforts along this line. This branch numbers
many of the automobile contingent In Its inrm
hershlp, nnd o meeting resembles a gathering
of the clans of "gasoline row"
Bianch -4 held n "riddle contest" at lis
last meeting mid this old-time diversion caught
the Immediate fancy of th members. As
Superintendent Melxel rattled off the riddles,
the "boys" shouted their enewere like a lot
of school children at a spelling bee. Prlres
were awarded to the successful guesscm at
the close of the meeting. This branch has
Ineugurnted the custom of serving lunch at
the clote of the meeting, and the "hot dogs"
and other delicatessen dainties nre making a
The members and their friends will hold n
theatre partv at Dumont's on April 27. The
depend for tickets hss grown to such propor
tions that the additional dates nf April 20.
2, 20 nnd '10 have been secured In order to
nc'eomniodate those unable to attend on the
nrl! 2TI will mark th last nf the card par
ties In the Fraternltv Building On this date
the grand prlies will bo awarded to those
holding the highest scores for the season. An
entertainment -with refreshments will be pro
vided bv the committee In charge.
Branch 300 ten-lered a reception to the mem
hFi nf the other Philadelphia branehea In
Oriental Hall KM street and Haverford ave
nue, on April S. The degree team of Fast
Von can t get 1 11 two-mile run The llcn-yards event in the
t loseci itmris was uinngeii to an -Mi-varaa
late, and limited handicaps wcro placed on
the lOn-vards dash and shot-put. A l."i-fnot
limit was placed nn the inu-vards dash, "-foot
limit on th tirond Jump and ti-foot limit on
the shot-p it.
It wns d'cl-led also to refuse the entrj of
any nthlrle In the clo'ed events who docs not
make out his entrx b ,k properl.v. and In the
open events th nthlst who talis to make out
his blank ns It shou , le mnile out, will he
placed on scratch 's is done In order to
trv and aid the handlcapper and to make run
ners suffer who will not comply with tne
The Protected Home Circle
There wns a great gntherlng of members of
the Protected Home Circle from various parts
of the State at a reception and banquet given
the grnnd officers of Pennsylvania, at the
.Monongchei.i i0ue. Pittsburgh, on March 27.
In addition to the grand officers present, thcro
were as guests of honor Hi" following hu-l-renio
President A. r. McLcnii .Supreme See
reinrv v . s. Palmer. Supremo 'Ire.isurer
"'Iter ) hltehcad and Supreme uulde Frank
llliert. and many other members of more or
1 .Prominence in the older Past grand
Jewels were presented to Walter hltehend.
Past grand treasurer, nnd tn A. I). Hue, past
grand sccretaiv,
I7vnn ,M. Hobeits was loastnmster. nnd In
nis enthusiastic and lartful manner ha I
even thing moving to perfection. Grand Presi
dent Jnnirs w. Turner responded ably to tho
teas;. "Loyaliv tn Our Pennsvlvanln Mem
nershlp. ' laying special emph.isls mi the
nece3ltj of continued co-operation on the parr
"f the membership Ai-prnprlnte addresses
were nlso made by Junior Past ilrnncl Presi
dent J, A. Unfflngton. flrnnd Treasurer V. It
-Marke. Orand Oimrdlan Fred J. Knesllng nnd
-..uii.i viintiv 11 . tciiitn.
All roads lend to Cleveland on Mav 17, when
the biennial convention nf the Protected Horn"
t'lrcle convenes Tnless all signs fall, 11 will
be the most Impounm nnd successful event In
the hl'tnrv of th" order.
The Indu-emenls offered are libetnl tend the
iiip promises to be 11 moat enjovable one.
vl. Srerlal train from Pittsburgh Inner
t'lrcle Degree conferred on more than ,"un mem
bers banquet nnd reception, moonlight excur
sion on Lake Trie on n large lake stenmer.
ntiio ride through the clt :ud parKs nnd rooms
lit the tlnest hotels In levelnnd
t'nlvereltv circle will hold nnother Initiation
at the next tegular meeting, with six new
candidate". Increasing Interest on the part of
ihe Wemhershln Is evervuliere manifest 1,1- Ihi
number of candidates being nronosed Tor mem
bership and the iurgcr attendance at the
There will be a euchre nnd dance at Toravth
Hall. 4018 Baltimore avenue, next Wednesday
evening for tho benefit of the Belief Fund of
l'nlverslty Circle. All P. H. c members aro
Invited tn be present nnd to bring their friends.
District DcDiitv Dr. (1 Burton Pearson re
ports encouraging progress in tho work of or
ganizing a new circle In South Philadelphia.
Ladies of the .Maccabees
The Philadelphia delegation at the district
convention held nt llnrrlsburg tarried oft
iit-urly nil the honois, four out of tho live dele
gates carried bv the district coming tn Phila
delphia. a follows- Mis. Alfrlda Olson, of
Philadelphia Hive. Mrs. Frances II Holms,
nr ke.vslone Hive. Mrs Fnnn.v 11 Hamhleton.
ot Quaker City Hive, and .Mrs. Mlnnlo Unns,
nr liar ram Hive. The fifth delegate went to
Mrs Bensnr. of Harrlsburg Hive Tho alter
nates nre Mrs. Jennie Steelnuii. of Iletav noss
nive, mis cuv jirs uvan wanner, or Head
lug. Mrs. Mari Harper nf West Philadelphia
Hive, Miss Mnssey. of Lancaster Hive, and
Mis Challenger, of Harrlsburg It was a
happy crowd that returned to this cllv. and
t'-ey are all determined tn help Miss Tlurgin,
the great record keeper, to make the conven
tion the bes over held in this State, as all
over the State the delegates are anticipating
h good convention and nn lnteietlng time.
The Oreat Kecutlvo I'ommlttee nnd the
kurllton will arrive about the luth and tlm
cieleg-ltes on the 20th. On Tuesday exenlng,
te 20th, a reception -will be held nt the Hotel
Walton and the great commander's birthday
class of new members will bo presented. This
reception Is open to alt members of the order
In good standing. On Wednesday morning tho
convention proper will begin, and in the ec-
nlng there will be an exemplification of the
first degiee by tho degree staff of Philadelphia
lllve. assisted bv the uniform rank This will
be followed by tho display drill of the uniform
Thursday will be given over to sightseeing,
under Ihe supervision of a committee, and on
Thursday evening is expected a "specialty
by the Junior department of the order, under
direction of Mrs. Cooke, followed by the In
stallation of the Great Hive officers and tho
beautiful and Impressive memorial ceremonies
of -be order for those who have passed to
the Great Beyond, by a staff composed of the
following ladles Commander Miss A U. Berll
Lieutenant Commander Mrs. Hubby Taylor,
Record Keeper Miss Minnie Pasco, Finance
Auditor Miss Eva Hauger, 1-ady at Arms Mrs.
Jennie Steelmap. Sergeant Mrs. .Martha Han
ley, Picket Mrs. Arndt. Chaplain Miss Amelia
K. Clanton Past Commander Mrs. Elizabeth
Glasgow, Soloist Mrs. Gertrude Scheldeman
Miller. Musician Mis. K. II. Dorwart, assisted
bv the Uniform Itank Miss Minnie Hrhel,le.
man has also consented to donate one of her
TltBNTO.V, April 12.-riillailel)lilnns
will llntl raanv clintiRoa In tho laws ap
plying; to tho use of motor vehicles In thin
Stnto when the new law, Just sinned by
Governor Fielder, roos Into effect on Mny
. The power of the Commissioner of
Motor Vehicles hns been cxtentled, tho
Increased nutliority covering both pas
senger cars nnd motor trucks, nnd pro
vision has been made for keeping closer
wntch on nil persons convicted of auto
mobile low violations throughout the
State. The Commissioner lias nlso te
celved authority to Rovrni all classes of
trafllc, except trolley cars.
other clintiRoa Include:
Dnzzlo from headlights must be ollml.
naletl If dlrert rnys ate projected at a
greater bright than a pnrallel ot 4V4
feet fmm the ground by a tlevlco ap
proved by the commissioner.
tars when standing must show nl least
one white light on the Mile nearest the
centte of the tontl, nnd nt least one red
light In the rear.
Muffler cut-outs cannot bo used, In
either cltv or country, except on a i" per
cent, or grcutei- grade.
The provision regarding Illumination of
rear markers at night Is made mote posi
tive. Devices for tlii und for eliminat
ing tho dazzle ninv be approved hy tho
Commlsslonei .
Tho Commissioner reserves the right to
pass upon the construction of motor
trucks exceeding two Ions In weight
I ''Stl'lalsaalaafc
! 4f Aflf
fMjiSp liW?" MstaaasaaWaksJ
villi - $?$mFmiM
riaffftiii nitiiFi P ffWii,' -irrflsWrTl
of tho first members of the Union
League, died yesterday nt his homo on
Wynnewooct nventie, Overbrook, after a
severe attack of pneumonia. He had
been 111 several weeks.
Mr. Scaver was born in Philadelphia
SO years ago In the famous "Portico
now" on Spruce street, which was
built bv bis grandfather. Educated In
Philadelphia, Mr. Scaver became a
member of the Philadelphia Stock Ex
change lit 1S63, He was at one time
floor representative for It. M. .Inimey
& Co., and when that firm dissolved
several years ago he virtually retired
' from aetlve business.
1 Mr. Seaver Is survived by a. widow
and thtee children, Mrs. W. Percy Slmp-
, son, of Overbrook: Mrs. George K. Dad
man, of New York, nnd Howard B.
Scavty, of Philadelphia. Mr. Seaver wns
a devout member of tho Presbyterian
Church. Funeral services will be held
1 at the family residence In Overbrook at
a IS tomorrow afternoon. Tho Inter
ment will be in West laurel Hill Cemetery.
John S. Shrlvcr
HAL.TIMOHE, Md April 12.-Tohn S.
Shrlvcr, a Washington newspaper corre-
I spondent nnd n well-known Journalist,
' died yesterday at Ills borne hero of a
I complication of diseases. Mr. rfhrlvcr was
born In IS.", and was graduated from
Princeton University. His father, the
late Alexander Shrlver, was head of the
Ericsson Lino of stenmbonts. He received
bis enrl.v newspaper trnlnlng on tho Balti
more American, and after several years
became associated with tho New York
Mall and Express. He later returned 'o
Hnltlmore, when be wns made a repre
sentative of the Baltimore Slar, tho aft-
monlh on business of tho firm. Heart crnoon edition of tho American. For
disease Is belloved to bav-ij been Ihe uiuso many enis Mr. Shrlver was secretary
and leaning memoer of tno wcii-Known
Gridiron Club. He never married.
Well-Known Public Accountant Fn
tally Stricken in Chicago.
Edward Preston Moxry, well-known
public accountant of this city nnd senior
member of the Arm of Edvvaul P. Moxey
it. Co., died suddenly this morning In
Chicago, where he had spent the Inst
nf his dentil, ns a letter received nt his
home, 3fi Carpenter street. Mount Airy,
written by him Saturday night, upcnks of
his good be.tllb Edward P. Moxey, Jr.,
and Dr. Albert r. Moxey, sons of the tic
ceased, have left for Chicago. Funeral
arrangements will nut iih completed until
the nrilval of the body In this city.
Mr. Moxey wns one nf the best known
accountant In this country. He look a
prominent part In the case nf the Gov
ernment against Charles W. Moiho ami
In oilier cases of national import. He
was the founder of the Arm which beats
his nnnie nnd was n lectin er on account
ing In the l'nlverslty of Pennsylvania.
Bom In Philadelphia, of Scotch ances
try, on August 20, 1811, ho was educated
In the public hcIiooIs. When 15 years
old he entered Ihe bnnklng house 'f
Glpndlnnlng, Davis & Company, remain
ing with them 10 yeais aul passing
Lent Len
or nej
Walter S. Hlne
Walter S. Hlne, u retired manufacturer
of confectionery nnd a piomlnent horse
man, died suddenly at his home, 110 West
Wyoming avenue, Germantown. He suc
cumbed yesterday to nn attack of henrt
disease. Mr Hlne was GO years old, and
Is survived by his widow, two sons nnd SIITCIIKM,, on April lo, 1015 Mr. i, '
two daughters. Several years ago he po- I MASON MITCHBLU aged ra .fi'.
sessed some of the fastest race horses In
this country, including tho pacer George
W. Hill, who did the .turf in the record-
"iaWfinS.- &t"&.!MvsHK!iBf
inends ot the family are ,....'"" Hi
to Attend thl .funeral1 K&'2Km
r.C'&.ISS'.. ss,2 Seminole ave..'H,ftl, his iiu
in, iTKHunr llliernoon, at 2 O'etnb - ""rASj
interment private at convenlene.M,c,sl
family. Automobile funeral. "'"" ifl
IIASSINGKE. On Aorll mi. .- I
KPTA, daughter of the ("ai. tA'NEml
and .Mary .Has.tnger iSe.'&.iEJ""!.-. Ti
services private, on Tuesday imiii. FweriTB
....'!'-' Int"mt Private taurel lnn"""
M0; nanci A. M. "St.' AlbZ,0"
No, 47. K. T.i I.ii Lit femple a AmiS,n
P., and todre N. 9.1tipJ?' A.O, 1
Mted to attend the funeral service. " 0M Km
lav morning, at o o'clock. ai!"
tnenla or Oliver If. llalr i"n .-J" MrtW
interment At Detroit, Mien, Cnl it3
HOUOII. At Newtown, Ducks i',.i H
aaugnter or the late Abner in? i1
Brlggs Hough, Funeral froft h?r vt.A'fthi
dence, on Third-day, Fourth Mnn.w".,5..''l4
11 o c OCK. lnterm-nt c . ...-. :" irtis.
Friends' Meeting House. ' ot "'"taws,1
lANNKV-Biidden y, on Anfll in m..
SEI'II AT.USO.V jAnndv. n the 7V.J' J0
?' hi' nge. Ftineral servloes w 11 b.'sl,?"'
the home of his daughter. Mr. S.."'!1' M
uumrney, m B.oreenast.. om.;i.ll" K,
SrYva.r i3th ,n8t" at 3S' " Kwsa.
KBNniO. On April 10, IntB tt.t.
McilUItTItin, vlldovv if Waller l?nH.LJ;B-1)
dig, aged 77 jeirs. Interment it 'fi,?'"'"
InTnln1;0" n a"U" "' "'alVfc
M)VB. At Moorestow-n, N. ,t n. 1 JB
lHln, IlEBECCA FoiibNe,vAnrAswlJ?l.
of C, Henry Love. Helatlves and r.uJ. ''"M;
invited to attend the funeral" orfrtfJa.Mai
April 13. at ;t:.10 p. in . from h2? iTJ'TtM
dence. 142 East Oik r"o,. SloorMiol. SVM
Interment, private. Trnlns eava ?iIJt. ?''jS
ferry, Philadelphia, at a ."" I, m '"'" W
HOOD, aged nlnety.four Icars nsistiH MA,j
friends are Invited to attend thaU,t!,' "'
services Wednesday afternoon at ?o if"1"!
at her late residence, twos 4nl.h2'2'jrJ.l
torment at West laurel Hill Cemewi1' H
aiPliAUailMN, At her resldn a...
funeral later "" - M0"uKn"n Notk,
. a n. . . (
t?JtffJ.,,'BU',dn,i "n April n tsul
IL.BU11 r son ot ltebecca 8 and it,, il
W lM?YauS.".. Itelatlves and r?L$S !?!
... i-riiape -x ripe, . no. a, imnrnt.Hi Til!
;i.;.,.".'H'.nl..'rf-'? to attend th.r-'uJ?3
BniiiveB, aiiiiHiHiG residence. mo- m;, "i'
street, on Tuesday aftcrnooh it 5 S,ri.ll..".
ESSSe'rV. In'"mem " Norlh cStarffiil
A penalty Is provided for niutllntlng thioiigh all nosltlnns from oillco hoy to
tho mnker's number on motor vehlclex i cnshlcr. In tS75 ho resigned to establish
nnd requiring ownets to notify the Com
missioner of mutilations to escape re-
The use of motor tinck trailers Is reg
ulated and an annual fee of $ fixed.
Ministers Dcmnntl That Present Law
Remain. 1
Hesoltitlous against the repeal of tho
inovlng-plcture censorship Inw and the
passage of the bill proposing the re
sumption of horse taclng In Pennsylvania
worn adopted this morning hy the Piosh.v
terian Ministers' Association, which met
In Westminster Hnli in the Wilheisiniou
Ilolli resolutions were pi oposed hy Dr.
IMvvnrd S. Mowman, chairman of the
Utilities Men's Committee, upon the
lecnmniendiitlon of Wilbur I-'. Crafts,
secretary of the International Reform
the slock brokerage business In which ho
remained until he founded the present
lira ot Edward P. Moxlcy & Co. His"
association with the Federal Government
began In 1!1, when be was appointed
bank examiner.
Ho married Miss Mary A. K. Frnnklsh
In tro. Ho Is survived hy his wife and
four (.nils: Edward P. Moxey, Jr., who
Is a member of the nr.countlng Htm: l".
Albert Ftanklsh Moxey, John Gray
Moxey, and Itobert Sands Moxey.
When the police of the 3d and Dickin
son stieets station house started to
search a prisoner todav who was ar
rested on 11 charge of beating his 7u-yeai-old
father and stealing JM belong
ing tu him, they received the hiirprl!.e of
their lives. Tby failed to discover tho
stolen money, although they stripped tho
fcuspect of the following: Three coats
nine vests, three shirts, live suits of
underclothing, live paits of pants, the
same number ot socks and an assort
ment of matches and buttons In every
pocket. The man is Daniel Faberant. Ho
ua iciTi-sicu on ,1 warrant sworn out by
his father, .Morris Faberant. who llve-i
at M McClcllan street. The prisoner
was sent to the Philadelphia Hospital for
Funeral of Mrs. E. T. Dcnnitliornc
The iiiueiiil vorvli.es fur Mrs. Emma
Tustln Dennlthorne, widow of Itlchoid
Ih-iinlthui tie, :i rullioitd contractor of
Pluienlxvllle, will be held tonight at the
Graco liaptist Temple, Uroatl nnd llerka
slieets. The Hev Dr .fttissell II. Con
well will conduct the services. The burial
will tnke place Tuesday morning in
Plioenlxvllle. .Mrs Dcntillhoine. who died
1'ildny ut her home. 1WU Norrls stteet,
was deaconess of the Baptist Temple for
many j,cnrs. She wns born nt l bester
Springs. Chester County, In the historic
Tustln home, and Is survived by one
bteaklng time nf 2:18. In 19M he offered
to purchase Lou Dillon, tho famous trot
ter, from C. K. G. Hillings for 60,000.
He was a member of tho Hoad Drivers'
Association, tho Belmont Driving Club, tho
Gentlemen's Driving Club and the Turf
Louis Smith
Louis Smith, 78 years old nnd an Odd
Fellow for many years, died yesterday
In the Odd Fellows' Home, 17th and Tioga
streets, of paralysis. Ho was stricken
several months ago. Horn In this city,
he learned the ttade of Iron molding.
He became a member of Hnnd In Hand
Lodge, No. 03, I. O. O. F., In I860. .Mr.
Smith had been an Inmnto of the homo
alnco 1901, and Is survived by two daugh
ters. Tho funeral will be held Thursdav
afternoon, with Interment In Cedar Hlil
Anrll 12
services on Tday.' yDrtl V?ft l"
at. mi Kiiteniioueo st. Interment V.C:..
M?M??V'-rAt Chicago. III., .udd.nl '.JB
Due notice ot funeral
MtlNN. On April 11, loifi. CATirjt.t.,J
0 a, m., from
iseminiier iw
the Annunciation, nt' 10 n. m precisely!.'
terment Now Cathedral tcmetcrv v" Inj
the' late Martin a'nd Ellen WUte &!!
Soiemn'"Ma,, of 'hequi n? a th'e'cte
the Annunciation, at' 10 a. m precisely"!.'
ferment Now Cathedral Cemetery V" In"
ItlHSON. On April 10, 111 IB, at (h, fl
denco of her sister, Mrs. Sylvester WibS?r
in Princeton, N. J .M16S AO.VES OriBfRn
Funeral of Captain Crawford
The funeral services of Cnptnlu Uobert
Crawford, a retlied United States naval
officer and prominent educator, wns held
this afternoon at his late residence, I7S
North Union avenue, Eansdnwne. Mem
bers of the Hoboit Crawford Fraternity,
the Loyal Legion. Naval Order of the
Dnlted Stales, and several military or
ganizations attended the services. Cap
tain Crawford died Thursday.
Supreme Court Decisions
foiov'v,nSg",rie'cis,o,nsUrt l"ny """""' " "
imotvN, c .1
lla-sani I'avlng rnmikinv vs. Stlnp. c I
t-jekawanna Appeal dismissed. " ' ' "
Huber hstate. b. f , Incoming. Decree r
TlKSTl"i!zAT J" '',""lnn """"I'tte
ComnionwcaliJi, "e rel. Whllehouee vs
Jbnidenbush C. V.. Schujlklll. Judgment re-
i.ommonwealth, ex rel. Whllehoue va
nTTrllt. V.s,chulk'11- Jud'"M '8ed:
T.iai"n ,i;ale! -Siull et at. appeal. O. C
Philadelphia Decree modified. '
b-u I Kslate. Voorhees appeal. O. c. Phlla
STf!wArtT.rCJ. n'tlrme', nt co8t ot npWllan
liunne ct hi vs I'cnnsihanla llallroad i.'om
i'i.i.i. ' " .'J:. Judgment affirmed
It,.pUsl'0A,' " rhllarielphla and Heading
?tflrn,?i Con,Ptn' vl. I'.. Chester. Judgment
the contest recently held In Philadelphia, After I rar'k Branch took charge of the new candl- I "specialties," and Miss Nelthhammer will sing
White Lstate .lackman appeal. O c. Clin
ton Appeal dismissed with anrocedendo
1 ogg Estate, Johnston appeal. O. c . Mont
gcmierv Judgment atflrmed. " "onl
v, S.n . . ,Mat"ari' trading, etc:, c. P
?vo. 8. Philadelphia. Judgment reversed and
Judgment row enteied for defendant.
llrooks Ijiute Ilrooka" appeal. O. c.. Phil,
ndelphla. Appeal dismlssecf. ' ' "
Hutzell s lluane et al. C. P. No. S, Phlla-
ifoscHziaicnn, Tc "llh a 'rocedcn"
faomlnlpn Trust' Comrany vs Itldnll et al.
C. 1. Alleghenj Judgment arrlrmed '
Kunkel vs. Allentown Portland fement Com
pany. t P , licrks. Judgment affirmed.
Mrwln vs. Delaware. Lackawanna nnd
Western Railroad Company, c. P. Lacka
wanna Order nrflrmed. ud
mAZRlt, J.:
T,uri"',r1n.'c " "1- trading, etc, vs. City of
Philadelphia. v. P. No. 5. Philadelphia.
Judgment reversed and a venire facias de novo
Commonwealth, ox rel Wenver, va Park et
a' ' I" vv'rH.moreland I'oitlmi of decree
affirming right of relator to hold office af
nriued and remainder leversed and Judgment
of ouster ordered against defendant.
Widow of Veteran Who Gained Lin
coln's Commendation.
Mis. Amanda Kuhn, widow of a Civil
War veteran nnd a veteran army nutse,
whose humane services won her the warm
friendship of President Lincoln, Is dead at
the home of her daughter, Jlrs.-Harry E.
Nevll, Lew-Is and Ashland streets, Frank
ford. She was In her Slth year, and her
death jesterday came after an Illness of
several weeks.
When William Kuhn, her husband, was
severely wounded early lit the war, Mrs.
Kuhn mused hjm at the army hospital
In Washington, and upon his recovery
volunteered her services for the cate of
wounded soldiers. President Lincoln, on
his visit to the hospital, 'was struck by
her cheerful devotion to her duties. He
took a deep interest In Mrs. K u tin's baby
daughter nnd had the child cared for at
the White Hottbe.
Mrs. Kuhn attended tho Frankford Ave
nuo Methodist Episcopal Church for main
years. The funeral services will be held
Wednesday afternoon at the residence -pf
Mrs. Nevll. Interment will be at East
Cedar Hill Cemetery.
Ebcn Plympton
NEW YOItK, April 12.-Eben Plymp.
ton, an old-time actor, died here today of
pneumonia. He was born In Boston. Ills
real name was Ehen Mradlee. He made
his debut In Sacramento. Cal with a
slock company. He plajed leading parts
with most of tho stars, Including the
nonius, uarictt. I'lara Morris, Modjeska,
Mrs. Iangtry and Mrs. Flske. Ho wad
0110 of the Hist of the legitimate actors
to go on the vaudeville stage.
Jonathan W. Aydon
WILMINGTON, Del., April 12.-.Iona-than
W. Aydon, publicity agent for the
Pennsylvania Railroad In this cltv. died
today ot paralysis. He was horn In Wil
mington in 1S.51 and entered the employ
of the railroad company when 17 years
old. Ho became a dispatcher In 1873 and
later chief dispatcher. In 1910 ho wns
made publicity agent. Ho leaves 2 chil
dren, Mrs. J. Harvey Spruance, wife of
the former Mayor, and Mrs. George B.
Moore. His wife died somo time ago.
Second Oldest, Member of Stock Ex
change and Veteran of Union
Joseph II. Seaver, the becond oldest
member of the Philadelphia Stock Ex
change In point of membership and one
AIILI'K. On April 11, 1015, LOUIS, hus
band of Henrietta Adler, aged SO years
Relatives and friends, also Tromont Lodge
Royal Arcanum, Lady Washington Lodge,
nio invited to attend the funeral services on
Tuesday afternoon at 2::i0 o'clock precisely,
at his late residence. H17 North Fianklln
street Interment private, nt Chelten Hills
cemetery. Kindly omit flowers.
IIIIKIVSTKIt On April 10. 1015. at his lata
residence. 1511 llnrvey st., Germantown.
notice nf the funeral will be given.
CA.Ml'lll;!.!,. On April 8, 1018. VIOLETTA
,c.A.nysLE- wlre of. Oeorge Campbell, ot
1311 Spruce et. Services and Interment pri
vate. DAILY. On April 11, 1015. JAMES, hus
band of the late Anna c. Dally. Funeral on
Thursday, at 8.30 a. m. Solemn Renulem
Mass at tho Church of the Visitation at 10
.?.,rrU,..,rMer'n6nt 'I01 Sepulchre Cemetery.
I1KNITIIOIINK At her late residence, 1003
West NotHls st., on April u. 1015. EMMA M
widow of Richard Denlthorne, Relatives
and friends of the famllv nm rnft.
fully Invited lo attend funeral services,
on Monday, at 8 p. m. precisely, at
the Grace Baptist Temple, Hroad and Berks
Interment at Phoenlxvllle. Pa on Tuesday
nn the arrival of the 8:30 n. m. train from
. Philadelphia. Phoenlxvllla papers please copy,
DURHAM, husband ot fcarah II. Derham.
Funeral on Thursday, at 8:30 a. m., from
ITJOft West Lehigh ave. Solemn High Mass
at tit. Columba's Church, at 10 a. m. Inter,
ment Holy Cross Cemetery
lMlltlllN. On Sunday. April 11, at New
York. ALnXANDLll COOK DURBIN, fathei
nf Mrs. Paul Spencer. In tho 83d year of
his age. Funeral service on Tuesday, April
13, at tha Church of the Transfiguration, 2uth
street, near Madison avenue. New York city
at 31 o'clock. Interment private, at Laurel
Hill Cemetery. Philadelphia. usri
GI.K1M. On April 10, 1015, at her residence
l.unedowne. Delaware Co., Pa., MARTHA
ADEL LOCSER OLKIM, beloved wife of the
late Dr. George Glelm. Funeral services at
the convenience of the family Interment at
I,ebanon, Pa. Pottsvllle and Lebanon DSDers
please copy,
Anrtl to. lnts nt ti . i--
restdence, Iflltiv Chester ave.. JOSEPHtNF
RUTTEU PYLE. wife ot Dr. R. Max aoepp
and daughter of the lata Edward Harlan
and S. Josephine flutter Pre, Services and
Intennent private.
rmLi.ifs.-bn Apr I il Voir, join S
.bn.d '.."T 1'l.Jllll.s. native' of KlinA
Ky."Tt SVrman?; F5&,''L fi8
fcoiemn Requiem Mass at Our Mothse -
''"'PNOTON. At her residence. 13;s K'
IWd street, on April 10. lain. maiVv ."'!
widow of George Pllklngton and meth.. .
::.,",fm.w'. PllK"!Kton. Relatives' i i
irieiiun are inviteti to attend the fussi
services Tuesday afternoon at 1.30 iffirl
at tha apartments or Oliver H ltalr IBM
Chestnut street. Interment private i?1
York lnpcrs u ease eon v. A,i'
POHTEIt On April it, loir,. sinAiiJ
HODMAN, daughter of Catharine 'tt. Indfhif
late William o. Porter. Duo notice of till
funeral will be given. ' 'J
rtlTTS. On Ih-nth Inst.. ROBERT, hm.
band of Lllza l'otts nnd son of tho late GeorrY
and Man Polls. Untitle .. .i ...-J1u.0r?
family are respectfully invited to attend Us
funeial services, on fuesday afternoon, .11
o cloik, at his Into residence. 1110 Jforlh :ut
St. interment private Remains may u
viewed .Monday even ng, from 8 to 10 '
IIEI)irElt.-On April 10, 1U1B, IDA L., sHli"
or 1-rank lledlfer The relatives nnd friends
daj afternoon at l::io o'clock, from her liti
leJldeiite, i-JU8 N'oith Grntz street Setvlni
nt the Protestant Episcopal Church of So
lllils, nmV llin sV II. Il . M.i. .. m-- -T u4
uc u,, cim i.uii.in inn ami ill, Vernon
streets, at -':..0 o clock Interment private.'
nt Mount Pence Cemetery
.lr7"rT" J,,..,I!.IS' "ATHARINI,
,Vi. - . .oiii uciifj r unerai on
Ihursday. at S:;;o a in . trom l?i Orape it!
Mnnajunk rioleinii Renulem Mass ot Sl
John tho Baptist Church, nt 10 a W In.'
torment Westminster c.m.i.r, .
KKITII.MAYEIt.--On April 11, 1015. MAHttJ
wire of Henry nelthmajcr hMneral enlait
on Werincniav, at -.' p. m , ait her laie'reij.
i"",,'! rr.ir' c.Nor"1 "'"eroft st IntcrnuntV
laurel Hill Cciietcrj-. 2
nilOAIlS. fourth Month 10th. 1013, nuT'll
L ANS. wife uf William E. Rhoads, In htrj
,18th sear. Relatives and friends are bulbs',
to attend the funeral, at her late rcaldenct-s
Itlverton roi.d, Mooreslovvn, N. J., ThW.J
day, the 13th Inst,, at ll:r.O 0. m. Con.j
veyances will meet train leaving MartrtJ
street ferry. Philadelphia, at 10:45 . ml
Interment private, at Wcstneld Frleinli'4'
Grounds. Kindly omit flowers. .
HODDEN. On April 10, 191B, EDWARD!
HODDEN, husband of tho late Mary Hodden-Ii
Relatives and friends are lnilteH in an.n.4,.1
tha funeral, on Tuesday, nt K:,"10 a. m.. froraf
the residence or his son, 1'313 North 19th .
High Mass of Requiem at St Columbt'i
"Church at 10 o'clock. Interment Catbedrtl"
1II1SIL On April 11, 1015, HENRY HUSH.5
Funeral services nt the Chanel of Monument
Cemetery, hroad nnd Berks sts., on Wedmi-j
dav. at - D m. rreclselv. t
SCinVUNK. On April 10. 1013, In New TortV
U. S. A., retired. Kuneral services oa U01K
day evening, April IV, at 8 o'clock at tWj;
, i-n. iouiii ni, iuiv iuia in;, uiiu uic aucT
day. April 13. on arrivnl or New York traia,
at 1.30 p. m. at Forest Hills, Montiomirt
County, Pa. (Rending Hallivav). miallTilj
and friends are Invited, also MHh Pnai;l;S
vania veteran volunteers inrantry euititot
SEAVEIL At his residence. WynnewiKilj
avenue. Overbrook, ra.. on April 11.1
JOSEPH II. SEAVER. In his 81st )(,
r-ervices hv resilience lueaaay ,tm v, ,
iniermenT private. .-
MAY', daughter of Frederick and Kat A.-I
Townsena i-Tjnerai on vveunesaay, ai s-jj
in., from 3.17S Joco st. Interment prlviUJi
VILA. Oil April It, 1015, HAK T7 vu
Joseph S. Vila and daughter of Grorae "-fl
ana uiara iucv-uiiey. jkeiaciveo emu iiiv i
are Invited to attend funeral services, ei 1
TiiaiHnv nr 1 ;:tft n m.. nl lipr late resident. 3
IBS2 Chew St., Germantown. Interment
private. West Laurel Hill cemeterv. ..
M'ALL. On April 11. 101B, MARY SCOTT,
ir. nr Tenia TVrall nf VTo nlr tnrtt Phi idil :
phla. Funeral services on Wednesday, April j
her brother-in-law, Frederick Hilton, And' i
IU81B. laucas cuuiiiy, rn, aniiriiiic.. ;'--;t
WAKE. On April 11, 1015. AMELIA
MARIA SCHMITZ, widow of W II. W srs.
Funeral services will bo held at her Ut
residence. 715 Locust St., on Tuesday, Apro,
1.1. UC -. C-. III. AJlc.sci . C. ,
WILIAIIEIL On April 11, 1915, at hef UU
residence. 5107 Laurens st.. aermsntsM.
MARY WILSON, wire of Frank 0. 'Viltala
ond aaugncer ui milium nnu i m'imz,jz.
Held. Interment at Greenwich. WasntsJios
County, N. Y.. on Wednesday. AprU is. .
VOUNO On April 11. 1015, NOIUfiM
THATCHER, son of William P. and JM,l
Young, aged -4 years 7 months. P"""
the residence of his grandparents, SKra nfj?
Uton st Tuesday, April jo, at v- sr-,
clseiy. interment private.
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