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Bush and Wyckoff Show Remarkable Form in Games
With Phillies King Kopf Due to Play Third
and Oldring His Old Place in Outfit.
Tho Phillies lost yesterday In their hattlo with llio Athtctlcn larsety because
of orto J. 'Weldon Wychoff. Ho wns nldcd nnd nbetted by divers nnd sundry errors
on the part of certain members of tho Moran coterie. Nelhoff, Luderus and Hums
contributed to tho mistakes of the day. nut to Wyckoff goes the credit of tho
Macklnn victory.
When a ball team makes seven hits without the approach of n score It
means either poor base running or' boo'1 pitching by tho opposing faction. Tho
Phillies are not poor base runners. It was tho superb work of Wyckoff that
held the sluggers at bav nnd kent down tho score. Wyckoff struck out tho
uest of them when tho bases were occupied, then eased up when It was not
necessary to work. Those are the tactics that made Christy Jtathewson some
what of a nguro In tho pitching line.
With Wyckoffs showing yesterday and the work of Hush In the opening
game It does not nppcar that tho oft-repeated assertion that "Connlo Mack
haB no pitchers" Is well founded. There 1b little room for Improvement on tho
Work of theso two slab artists Then It must bo recalled that Itubo Hrcssler
nnd Herb Pennock nro still on tho Mack roster, nnd they have shown great
ability so far this Benson. In addition thcro Is Shawkey, who probably In
Mack's moat consistent near-veteran. Flvo such pitchers will drlvo tho Ath
letics a long way pennantward
Oldring Will Go Back to Outfield.
The fans hao been In doubt as to whether or not fluba Otdrlng would bo
a fixture at tho third sack for tho Athletics, nnd much apprehension has been
manifested nbout the far corner.
Manager Mack said yesterday that King Kopf, utility Inflclder of last year,
would tako Oldrlng's placo as soon as ho has) sufficiently recovered from nn Illness.
Oldring will go back to his old placo In left field. Tho "Itubo" will bo moro
at home In his regular position. In tho spring season series Otdrlng has dem
onstrated that he Is no Inflclder. His throws to first aro cither too strong
or too short. Oldrlng's nrm Is nil O. K., but his range on Stuffy Mclnnls Is
all wrong.
That Mack has confidence In Pitcher W. Davis was proved yesterday by
his nssertionof Davis' ability. Tho Athletics' leader declared Davis would mako
n big league pitcher before majiy moons. Mnck found tho recruit playing ball
In Virginia nnd nt onco paw ,hls talent. Mack Insists ho will hold on to tho
pitcher for further development. Davis' Initial appeal ance ngalnst a big league
club was In tho second gume of the scries. Tho lonkv Virginian had nbundanco
of speed, but no control. But he may prove nnothcr Bender.
I'cnn Hitting a Glcnm of Hope
Pennsylvania's baseball team looked better In Its game against Cornell yes
terday than Its followers had dared to hope There wan the usual amount of
looso playing always In evidence In collcgo teams, but tho, ,vtYen' gave more promise
of developing Into heavy hitters. If their promise in, this respect materializes, It
will go a long way toward overcoming what Is now their greatest handicap, tho
lack of good pitchers. One good twlrlcr of tho' callbro of Sayro, of last year's
team, would tnko the Tied nnd Blue victorious through most of Its championship
games. .
Discussing the pitchers, SrJelman gave tho best exhibition of twirling that
has been seen this ear. lie An a head', rather than n brilliant pitcher. He kept
his hits well scattered, arrtV fielded his position In capital Btyle.
It is too early, An pass Judgment on the Cornell team. Tho lthacans have
ended a disastrous Raster vacation trip. Of the seven games plaed they have
won but one, Tiough acvetnl were lost by
team ivvna .-undoubtedly suffering from a
of jjateran players and has a pitching
Lines to J. Willard
Columbus paddled the briny deep
Until a new land was found;
Doc Newton pi oved that un apple dropped
Quite frequently hit the ground:
But they woe pikers fucartialc .rsj,
fliish leaguers out on a blight.
Compared to you, tvho havo gone and
That a White Hope knew how to fight.
Bhaleapeare proved that the drama's toays
Were bioader than most men Knew;
The Wrights well piovcd that a man can
And hammered the dope askew;
But they toere bustiers and pikers, Jess,
Far blown from the crowning height,
Compared to you, who have gone and
That a White Hope knew how to fight.
Mr. Jeffries got around $200,000 for
being knocked out by Johnson, while Mr.
Wlllard got less than i 10,000 for knocking
Johnson out. But Mr. Jeffries' Income
suddenly censed at that moment, while
Mr. Willard's Is just beginning to bulge
out at the sides.
The Champ and the ChallcnRer
Dear Sir. Was Johnson compelled to
light Wlllard? Could he have refused to
fight any one and held his championship
title until his death? Or could ho havo
been forced to tight or defnult after a
reasonable length of time?
A champion is supposed to defend his
title after a reasonable wait or else de
fault We've never heard of any who
refused to do either not ns long as there
was tho possibility of stumbling within
range of the fragrant odor of a champion
ship ptjrse.
Grandold Sapulpa
Not forgetting Grandold Sapulpa, Okla.,
the birthplace of the anti-Johnson cam
cairn. It was Carl Morris, of Sapulpa,
who launched the Whlto Hopo furore,
and it was to Sapulpa that Wlllard came
for his first training and his opening
Sapulpa, therefore, to the retrieved and
reinstated white race should be to tho
Caucasian what Mecca once was to the
devout Turk.
Austria, yearning to sue for peace. Is at
last cognizant of the old maxim that
"Enough Is at all times sufficient and
sometimes too much."
The Homecoming of Wild Bill
I1II1 Donovan was Involved In three pen
nant winners with Detroit. He led the
Providence club to tho top. And now at
laBt he Is back home with a club that
shattered the fame of Griffith, Stalllngs,
Chase. Wolverton and Frank Chanco in
What show has Wild Dill of the redo
lent smile to lift the Yank embargo and
carry hla clan Into the rut? We haven't
any idea, to be frank about It, so far as
1313 is concerned, for tiill merely riook
charge of what was given him back In
February But It la our belief that he
baa the knack and the philosophy at hand
tn develop better days and that by June
- the Yanks, even tn the second division,
vvtll no longer be a byword and a delu
ion. The Start and Finish
Oulmet started out with a defeat this
jiprlng, but In 1913 and 1911 he began the
arcar milium nny jjuruic-iinieu uuunsn.
"t ,
1 igiji j
i . '"'', ' -- - "ji
the narrow margin of a single run. The
lack of outdoor practice. It Is mado up
staff which promises to bo tho best in tho
Yet by September on each occasion h
had managed to do fairly well by an
nexing tho open nt one startmnd the am
ateur title at the other.
"What chance," writes In V. L. J., "has
Jerry Travers of regaining his title this
season?" .lerrj'B chance of catapulting
back to the top dependVupon the time
he will have for practice and competitive
play. Given nn equal show In these two
icgards nnd no man stnntls a better
chance to arrive. Without them no golfer
ever lived good enough to override the
April 14th
It'e have a ufslon of this day
Dark clouds of black or eke of gray;
A rain that starts across the medders
To piling up the double-headers.
Plato Pete
"N'ew champion may never be beaten."
t'ltz. Still, as the saying is, It's a long
Wlllard that knows no turning. Uven
a trifle longer than 6 feet 6.
Knter Mr. Coffey, the Dublin Giant. It's
about time the "ould sod" was flounder
ing back into Its own.
By tho time the new champ is ready
to wage warfare again we havo 11 hunch
that Mr. Coffey will be ready to offer an
evening fairly replete with entertainment
and such. For he will be coming along,
and the fighter who gives his time to the
stage Is precious lucky to hold his own.
Golf Champion Returns to Boston
After Two Matches.
Francis Oulmet, national amateur golf
champion, returned to his home In Bos
ton Thursday, after two days of golf
at Whltemarsh and Seaview and an ex
tended trip to Plnehurst. Accompanying
Oulmet were J. If. Sullivan, Jr., and W.
Fred O'Connell, ex-Major of FItchburg,
5Iass and life-long friend of Pat Moran,
manager of tho Phillies.
Oulmet hopes to return for tho Invita
tion golf tournament that will be held
at Seaview on the ::d, !3d nnd 2h of
April. He is certain to play hero In
the annual Invitation tournament for
the Lynnewood Hall Cup at the Hunting
don Valley Country Club on June 21 a
and 23, and in the Lesley Cup ma ches
at the Merlon Cricket Club October 1
and 2.
Will Play Newport News Again This
Following their gama with the Newport
News Club this afternoon, at Newport
News, the second string of Athletics, led
by Harry Davis, w)ll leave for Philadel
phia In preparation for the opening of the
American League race on Wednesday at
Shlbe Park, when the Mackmen will en
tertain the Boston Tied Sox as their op
ponents. In yesterday's fray at Newport. Lajole
In six trips to the plate batted for four
safeties, one of which was a two-bagger.
The Mackmen won the game, II to 2.
School Nino Meets Winchester
Prep at Longport Philadel
phia Games on Schedule.
ATLANTIC CITV, Is". J.. April 10,-The
Atlantic City Hlgli School meets Winches
ter Prep., of Longport, nt tho lattcr's
down Island diamond hero today. 'Mils
gamo has an important bearing on tho
chnmplonshlp honors of the State, mill
both teams havo been working hard for
tho contest. Wenonnli nnd Pcddlo Insti
tute aro et to bo met by the Blur and
White, who last week gained the first leg
of tho Journey by eliminating High
School. Winchester, on the other hnml,
has to meet Cope May and Ocean City In
tho rnce for that goal.
Mundell and Cross work this afternoon
for the Atlantic City High School, and
Cnrmnck and Itccves havo been the bat
tery selection for Winchester.
The schedules of both schools havo Just
been announced Tho list follows:
Attnntle flty llluh School:
Arrll in Winchester 1'ren. nt IOtiRIiort.
April 17 Wenonnh Military 'Academy,
April 24 Cedarcrnfl Acadetnv, at home.
May J Winchester Iep. nt home.
May H Vlllanoia, nt home
Mnv l.T Northennt, at hone.
Mnv 22 West rhllailclphla, nt home.
Mav 2:1 Peddle InMltute. nt home.
Mnv .11 lirminn Catholic lllnll School.
.lime S-St .loseph'B CoIIcko. nt home.
.lune 12 M'lrono A C, of tills ell .
Inchestcr nohodulr
April to Atlinlle City 1 1 1 r h School, nt home.
April IR Ooenn City Hlch School, nt home.
April 21 niddlo A C, or this cits', at homo.
Mn 1-Atlantlc City HlKh School, nt At
lantic City.
May 7 Occin City lllsh School, nt Ocean
May Melrose A. , at home
Mav 1 Cope May lllnh School, at Capo May.
Mny 22-Cnpe May High hchool. nt Cipc Mil).
May 20 DeLinces, of Philadelphia, 11 1 home.
Bobby Reynolds May Box Fred Welsh
April 26.
Hobby Reynolds, local fcathem eight,
who has been In New Orleans for the last
few months, w rites that he may meet
Freddy Welsh or .loo Azevcdo at Mem
phis April 26. He states also ho has won
his last three tights In New Orleans and
that he Is fighting in better form than
at any time in his career.
The bout between Low Tendler and
Barney Schneider should result In a good
appetizer for the final fray between Willlu
Muore and Young Jack O'Brien at the
Olympla A. A. Monday night. Moore has
been practicing Judgment of distanco
with his left-hand punch and he will try
to connect with a haymaker on O'Brien's
jaw, a feat never accomplished.
Kddln Chnmbcis, middleweight boxer. Is
back in Philadelphia after appearing In
several bouts In tho Middle West. He Is
In shape to make his return appearance
heie nnd desires to start off with an on
counter ngalnst I.co Houck.
Mrs. Zllien FltzslmmonB, fourth bride
of Ruby Hob. Is out with a defl 011 behalf
of her one-time champion husband for
Jess Wlllard. The new .Mrs. Fltz has an
nounced she villi bet J10.000 her hubby can
litini'lr tlin nV.rl.ifitlMt. .In 1 1 telil u ,m, nF ,Iia
' t(tlrhn1Hpr. A nil KVctbla.l T?ntiort la ','
years old.
One-Ttound Hogan and Johnny L010 box
at Montreal, Cnn., tonight In a 10-round
Little and Big Quakers Clash
on Franklin Field Diamond
This Afternoon.
FRANKLIN FIBLD, April 10. - The
University of Pennsylvania baseball team,
fresh from Its victory over Cornell jca
terday, tackled Swarthmora this aftei
noon before a big crowd. It was the first
game of the season for the little Quakers.
The visitors came to Franklin Field with
lots of confidence on account of the good
showing they made against Pennsylva
nia last year, when they won two out of
three games from the big Quakers.
Coach Roy Thomas was much elated
over the splendid work of the Red and
Blue yesterday and decided to stand pat
on that line-up.
Philadelphia Trades Association to
Conduct Trip Sunday,
Tbe first annual motorcycle sociability run.
from Philadelphia to Atlantic city, which i
cheduted to tako place on Baiter Sunday, but
was postponed on account of the weather 1011.
dltlona. will bo held tomorrow. The eienl. the
first of Its kind, la under the auspice of the
Philadelphia Trade, Association.'
The atart will be made from tlroad and Cal.
lowhlll streets at 8 a. m.. and the finish will
be at Atlantic avenue and the Ilouletard, At
lantic City, Many handsome prltea will oe
distributed among the winner.
HZ ASf v .
V 9 1
at ti j&mmr
at t J:k$r HH
4 f Vj A
The young golf champion played
this week with friends at tho
Whitomarsh Golf Club, the meet
ending in a tie between Ouimct
and Sullivan, In the top picture
are, from left to right F. X. Die
bold, Francis Ouimet, J. F.
Frazier, G. M. Stull, W. J. Ryan,
W. F. O'Connell nnd J. H. Sulli
van, Jr.
Last Indoor Contests Will Be
Held at Third Regiment Ar
mory at 8 o'Clock.
Indoor track nnd field contests for
soldiers nnd A. A. IT. athletes will be
held In this city tonight nt the 3d
Beglment Armorv when the annual mili
tary championships ulll be held In the
Broad nnd WhartCn castle. The soldlei
athletes Iinve been training like Trojans
the past month in an effort to bo In con
dition. From all nccounts the strugglo
for tho team championship is going to bo
a oltter one. The pick of tho athletes
of this section nro entered, nnd some of
the records for tho games are likely to
Two events open to Amateur Athletlo
Union athletes will glvo these open men
n chanco to get in some good work.
George F. Pawling heads tho Artisans
Athletic Association, which is to promote
Its annual games Juno G at the Central
High School field. Ted Meredith will be
out to break tho COO-yard record that day.
"Bill" Coe, the Boston A. A. Bhot putter
who held the world's record with the
10-pound shot for a year, has letumed
from England after melng on the other
side for more than nine months. Coe
was a patsenj-er on tho Cedrlc, and made
an early selection of the lifeboat he would
use In the event of an attack by a Germ in
bubmarlne. The Cedrlc had Just left Liv
erpool when word was received aboard
the ship of a German raid on Hngllsh
merchantmen near Liverpool. It will bo
jears, Coe said, before European track
athletics recover from the loss of ath
letes In the war.
Itegardlebs of the police order last week
forbidding the Mornlngslde Athletic Club,
of New York city, to promoto Us Kaster
Sunday handicup, the Pastime Athletlo
Club Is continuing preparations for an
open novice run tomorrow nnd expects
no Interference from the police. Unless
some word Is received by the club In tho
meantime, the race will be contested over
n l-mlle course and will start and finish
at the Pastime clubhouse, IBM street and
Jerome avenue. A large entry has been
received, nnd It Is expected there will be
men from New Jersey and Connecticut
competing. Kntrles will close tomorrow
with Oleges and Clust or A. C. Arnold
of the Pastime Athletlo Club.
Gardner to Play I'oggenburg
XKW VOItK. April 10. IVlward IV. Gardner,
last tear's nmiteur national billiard iham.
)ien. and Ferdinand roggenburg. nho won the
amateur International billiard -championship in
ltil.i. will ill ly an exhibition matth game, :M)
points. 12 balk-line billiards at Thuin's UIU
Hard Academy, aut street and Broadway, Mon
day evening.
Games in Opening of Baseball
Season Yesterday Indicate
Great Sport This Year.
Good nll-ntnund ball ploying opened tha
Inteinrndemlo Le.iguo oenson yesterday.
All tho teams showed caieful tralnlngnnd
tho youngsters, nccordlng to present out
look nie In for a gicat season. True,
some of the teams were n Ilttlo ofT, but
when they stiiko their stride, tho gamo
promises much sport for tho year.
Tho Central High walloped tho Tradei-.
School by tho largest scoio of tho day,
15 to 0. Tho contest rovcalcd tho fart
that tho Central boys nro going to glvo
some team a mighty rush for premier
Coach Kennedy, of St. Joseph's Collcgo,
has lounded together ono of tho best
baseball teams that ever represented tho
Crimson nnd Gray on tho diamond In tho
past, llo is fully confident the collegians
will tako tho measure of a maiorlty of tho
teams appearing on their schedulo this
3 car.
Tho opening game for St. Joo against
Northeast High School, which concluded
In a 14-4 victory for Kennedy's team,
proves that tho collcgo pnstlmers have
their ojes on tho ball. Northrop, football
star, who appealed on the mound In four
Innings of tho game, displayed lino form,
nnd Coach Kennedy announced thnt
Northrop will do most of tho pitching.
Tho players who nppcarcd In St. Joe's
Ilno-up probably will continue nt their
positions for tho remainder of tho sea
son, ns every man untuned nimseit 10
perfection both In tho field and at tho
bat. Anderson, first baseman, wns tho
leading batsmen, with thrco hits and two
Keller, Northeast High's pitcher,
twirled 11 roiking game ngalnst the St.
Joseph's nine He struck out 14 of tho
opposition, but poor support and loose
fielding on tho part of his teammates en
abled tho Crimson nnd Gr.iv plnyers to
add more runs than they really earned.
Federal League ftfakes New Ruling
on Interferences.
CHICAGO, April 10 An outfielder In the
I'ederal League, who stops n ball by throw
Iiik his cap. clove or nny oth-T part of his
equipment at It, will present the batter with
a home run by his nctlon, nccordinr; to a new
nillng announced toda. by James A. ODmore,
prfHldcnt of tbe leaRue.
Tho urdlnar) rule -ircnldos for n thrre-brmo
hit In such a cane Th thrce-baso rule will
stand, Ollmoro said, for a similar action by
an Inlleldcr.
To Have Boxinjr at Brighton
Tho Brighton Beach Sporting Club. N. v..
ha been formed, with headquarters at the old
Brighton Beach race track, and will have Ita
first show Decoration Day Tho Brighton track
was leased some weeks ago bj the Brighton
Beach Sporting Club, of which Harry Pollock
Is president and Dnn MrKetrlck matchmaker
'A license for boxing has been obtained from
the New York State Commission, but tho club
will not confine Itself to this aport. ns eery
kort of attraction will bo offered during the
summer and fall months.
To Form New Athletic Club
Track and field and other athletes of the
Iiith and Lombard streets section will get
lubc.iin .iuiiija- uiKiii, rtpru in, ana rorm
nn organization The meeting Is to be held at
Junior Hall. The name of the proposed or
ganization haB not been determined.
Harston Cup Race' Will Be
Held Over Erdenheim Track
This Afternoon.
Steeplechase enthusiasts will bo treated
to an exciting Hpectacle this afternoon
over the course of the Whltemarsh Valloy
Hunt Club. The event will bo for tho
Harston Cup, nnd several New York and
Baltimore horses will compete with the
best of the local hunters.
The original plan was, to run the race
on tho private course of Frazcr Harris,
but owing to tho recent atorm and soft
going It has been shifted to the Erden
heim track
J. S. Wilson, of Baltimore, will, scud
Itumbo, a winner of the Mar) land Grand
National, and Game Chick into the con
test. Also from Baltimore will come A. G.
Ober's Mullinahone. Indicator, winner of
last year's Meadowbrook and Shelburne
Cups, has been entered by F. Ambrose
Clark, of New York.
Conqueror, winner pf the Retribution
Challenge' Cup at Meadowbrook last fall,
owned by A, J. A. Devereux, will be rid
den by his brother, Alfred Devereux,
William J, Clothier has entered Meltonere,
winner of the Dckerlng and Itadnor Chal
lenge Cup, and also Tinker Bell, which
horse ho eeculed from Louis C. Clarke,
of New York,
The judges of the meeting are Clement
M. Williams and I. W, Morris; starter.
Jesse Williamson, 3d, and the clerk of
scales, J, W. Stokes.
10. tOlg;
Continued from Tago One
Philadelphia; that ho had many friends
hero whom ho was desirous of seeing
again. Of course, tho primary reason
for his visit Is to fill hla engagement at
tho Nnllonnl Club tonight when he will
spar with some of hla partners and ex
hibit tho punch that ended tho ring career
of ono J. Arthur Johnson.
Wlllard will appear at ;io, w uj
may catch a B o'clock train for New
-.-i. ,,,1,,,. im tmn n. late engagement.
Tho regular prices of Si cents to U will
bo charged. ,
Jess Wlllard, ns seen today, Is & Y"ycr
ful glnnt of a figure physically. Ills face
usually Is overspread with a smile, ilia
features nto not haid-oxcept against tho
blows of a nghtcr-and ho Is n wholly
pleasing personality. Ho 1b not tho great
blc. brainless brtlto thnt ho has hcen
sometimes pictured. Ho appears to havo
far abovo the Intelligence of tho hard
ened man of U10 ring.
Todny thrro was Just a slight scralcn
on tho fighter's car, the lono outwnm ovi
denco that ho had been In ono of the
greatest ring bnttles of history Just flvo
daja ago nnd had won n world's cham
pionship. Wlllard wns busy In tho early afternoon
answering tho greetings nnd congratula
tions of his friends here.
Four preliminary numbers will follow
Willard's debut here. Tn tho flnnl bout
Benny Kaufman wilt battle Eddlo Wo
gond, whlto tho other bouts will bring
together Franklo McMnntis and Harry
Diamond, Stanley Hlncklo nnd Buck
Fleming, nnd Tommy Welsh and Johnny
Colcmnn Fails to Fight Ritchie Out
boxes Griffith.
Did Tonunj Coleman, the local colored wel
terweight, fear what tho result might bo
should ho exchange punches with Jacklo Clark,
of Pall niver, or was he nsscrtlng his rights?
This Is tho thought that Is troubling tho box
lng enthusiasts who attended tho Quaker City
Athlollc Club show last night. Coleman was
to havo met Uddlo Ilovolre. but the latter
rlalmed that hla physician had refused to let
him tako rrt In tho bout, owing to the fnct
thnt ho received nn internal Injury In a recent
noting ingagement.
When ft wns nnuounced that Itevolro wns
tmablo to appear nnd that the Fall Itlver
boxer hnd been substituted In Ills stead Cole
man reruscd point hlank to go on with tho
linut. Iln claimed thnt the management wan
not dealing fair with him, ns they must have
known thnt Itovolro would not bo nblo to
appear n couplo of days ago.
Arthur Short defeated Eddlo Dorsey In six
hard rounds In the setnlwlnd-up. In the other
bonis Tommy Hudson won from Marty Gilbert,
Johnnv Kellv defeated Bull Collins, whllo
Sparrow Bright stopped Howard .McGovcrn In
the first round.
KANSAS CITV, Mo.TAprll 10. Joo nivers, of
F.oa MKcles, and Pranklo Burns, of Oakland,
Cal , fought 10 rounds to a draw hero last
SUPnitlon, Wis. April ID. .Too Sianodt. ot
New Orlenn. earned tho decision over Pal
Brown In a 10-round bout hero last night.
PITTSIItfltaif. AnrlTTo Wllllo Itltchle. for
mer lightweight champion, outboxed Johnnv
Griffith, of Akron, In a six-round hout hero
Inst night. Hltchlu wns tho aggressor through
out. TOt.nno. O , April 10 Billy Wagner failed
tn captuto the lightweight crown from Fred
VVnlsh In their 10-round match hero last night.
Welsh dll all tho leading and was awarded a.
newspaper decision by n fair margin. Tho
bout was very tame until the loth, when
tho champion cut looso and mussed up his
Manager Bridges has announced tho Colum
bia tennis schedulo for tho season, which opens
today with the 7th Hcglment at South Field.
Tho Illuo nnd AV'hllo team Is unsettled, and
will be until nfter tho unlvcrsttv tournament,
which opens Mnndnj. Hpence Miller, winner
or last jenr's title. Is still In college, nnd looks
llko n euro member of tho tenm.
Nino meets havo been arranged, seven of
them for the South Pleld courts. The schedulo:
April 10, 7th Iteglmcnt. Hi, City Collcgo: 17,
New York University; SI, Fordham: .10, Brook
ln College: May 1, A llllnms; S, Princeton:
8. Lehigh, nt South Bethlehem: 12, Yale, at
New Haven.
Wins Every Event, Making Two
Records Third High Cap
tures Honors With 47 Points.
KIser, of tho third school of La Salle
College, won every event ho paitlclpalcd
In in tho school's first track nnd Held
enrnival on tho new grounds at Stenton
this afternoon. The linn I points scored
follow: Third high school, 47; commercial
class, 13; freshmen, 10; second high, s;
first high, 2.
Two now school records were estab
lished by Klser. He covered tho quarter-
mllo dash in 57 1-6 seconds and the DO
yard dash in 9 1-5 seconds.
Tho quarter-mllo event served as a try
out for tho University of Pennsylvania
relay races, nnd as a result Elsor, O'Neill,
Larkln nnd Barrett will probably repre
sent La Salic. They finished In the order
Brother Lewis was starter and tho
Judges at tho finish wete Gillespie and
The summaries follow:
Uunnlng broad Jump Hon by Klser, Tlhrd
lltlgh: second tie between OWelll, Third High,
nnd Moran. Mcond High, fourth, tlo between
Hems, freshman, and McSttuln, Kecond High.
Ulstnnie, ll feet 10 inches "
.,1!un"1.nfT.no,' Blct! ona Jump Won by Klser,
Third High, second, Ileum, freshman: third
O'Neill .Third HlBli: fourth. M?Shaln?'se2ind
Dllgb: fifth. Larkln. Third High. Distance.
.1 ) feet.
12-pound shot-put Won by Klser, Third
High: second, o'ls'elll. Third High; third,
Itonner. Commercial: fourth. McCarthy, eonh.
STfe'el "thncSnS1U, SeCni1 ,,,gh- ,,",a""e'
,L',?'ia,,.,.1,dasl, ''Pee'! event)-Von by Elser.
Third HlghjsMond. O'Neill. Third lllgn; third
.High; fifth, Carr, Commercial Time. 0 1.5
seconds (new school record).
440-yarrt dash Won by KJser, Third lllah
second. O Nelll Third High, third. Larkln
RS?n1. 1"h: '""ftA. Barrett, Third nigh:
fifth. Moran Second High. Time, B7 1-S sec
onds (new school record).
TS.yard dash. IdSalle Juniors-Won by Con.
P,?!1 7,,rrt ,,.!h".Je'i0.n'l; Carr' Comnierilal;
third, Hocy, Fourth High. Time, 8 1-3 sec
onds, Cyclists After Brighton Site
Negotiations are pending between tha owner
or the Brighton Heach. N, y, ,1"b t?a?k and
W.' II, U'ellman, general manster of IlidllSn
Square Garden, for the lease of that tart of
lha race track formerly occupied by tlie Wli
stands, which. If successfully1 carried throuh!
will result In tbe erection of a bicycle track
on tbe site. It seems probabl? now r that lha
negotiation, wll bo completed, and that Xhl
best professional cyclists In tho country will
acaln ba seen In act on hv k. v..;.' -.."'
entrants to tho track will be on Ocean V.. I
nue a. It waste dayswhen the tiSim'gh'
bred contested at tho famous race course
Outlook Better Than Laat yP
Plank Pitches for St. LoSf
oeaum ior Jurooktedg,
Buffalo In Brooklyn.
Newark In Baltlmere.
CHICAGO. April lO.-War. boIiiiW
spring fashions were relegated tiffi?
bnckfrround today whllo some 71 .th,n'
In four cities started n ISi-days bsttlS'
their own. Tho umpires took th
cntors away from the Judges anj J
monscs gavo way to batting list ltVii
Fedoral Iagno formally opened lulta!
baseball season.
In Chicago, Fielder Jones ani hM'
Louis Federals, much strengthenJf '
Jim ailmoro'n winter raiders, ctay
ngalnst tho Whales likewise.
strengthened. At Kansas City ij
Oakcs crew combatted George StoJi
Packers. Buffalo battled against
Drookfcda "across the bridge" ana Km?
ark went to Baltimore. 9g
Tho Federals look different than ijf
did this time last year. Then they $
rather nn unknown quantity, the x'tl
baseball. Thin year their clubs itrcgj
cned by winter raiding nil surfacs ilSJ
of Internal strlfo smoothed away and njl
tno novaiuago ol a nara-fought cetM?i
behind them they present a "raiiff
league front. l
Tho usual nionlftniin nn.nl... l
enVinrllllfwt fni" nlr.1, ,-lf.. 1
Ui...vv.u..... .w, .u., wj. t n
Eddlo Plank, veteran of man. -i
scrlee battles, was selected bv Jon, u
start tho season for his team, km
Chicago Tinker picked Claude Hendriif 1
Joo Tinker himself wan not In thellai'S
Tom Scaton stnrtcd In the fcr,T J?
Ward's bunch, ngalnst Bedlent for'EBf.'
falo. M
The Brookfcds have a far better entfi?
man ittai jcur. in i.co magee tneyiuft
. iimuubvi- wui is uuinea in leaaersaia ft
la true, but nevertheless a young, ob.
tlous nnd energetic nlavor at thr. ienmi.i"
hla vigor and ability. The team, rant"!
"toil u fct VI V CIJ1UI11U UUUK,
Americans in Cuba "Couldn't Bear to
. . ... . . .
See Slaughter." $
mem nciu oiuica ui vrnencaluUln
Hnvana last Monday who Juat 'couliit
bear to sco" Jack Johnson knock out Ita
Wlllard. So they would not go to tbf
fight. Many of them had bought rlnistdf
tickets, but as tho day for tho fight cW
nearer mo "aopo ' was given out Hit
It would bo a slaughter and WlHuJ
would bo tho victim.
Walter Stanton, a Now York ana H?
vnna broker, was In Philadelphia todir
.. l.l ....... r .1.- i..i ,.., .7'
un jiio ii Aiuui uiu v uuuii capiuu. at
had bought a ringside ticket, but he con'
eluded that he did not want to eta tlf
bnttle. so turned over the lltlln nlem tt
cardboard to his chauffeur. 5f
"Irk in tl.n f nU . It... C....1... I?
v.u .u lliub ,iei", i... oiamuu
structed his hireling, "and If Jack Jolt
oon wins you need not come dick to Et
ever. But It Wlllard wins you come to"
my club nnd there will bo a present til
you." And the chauffeur camo back.1 2
It was that way In many Instancetl
Tho Americans sat in tho club on a
uneasy bench, watching tho fight frca
Valuable Prizes Offered for Contest!
Beginning Thursday. $
President Thomas Q. Jones, of ths ImI
branch of tho Atlantic Coast Bonllax Alt
eration, announced last night that 149 tntrM
lad been received for the scratch city chi;
plonshln- which lh rccentl formed auocltlkn
wilt conduct on the Terminal alleys bdtnnfcl
next Thursday night The tournaments in
to bo In single and two-man classes la compy
tltlon at duck and tenpins. -i
It costs $1 a. tram In ench class to comet!'
In the championships Kach contestant '
Doni nvo games. Many valuable rruu wwi
ba anarded tho con'estants. The wianin a
each nf thA rlnraeR Till he Awarded S. fold
medal emblematic of the championship, li
addition a gold natch will bo awarded ut
bi'st average man In a secret serin betsm
150 and luO pins. The contestant Imociftl
down tha greatest number of spills will .1
given a pair of gold cuff buttons: the o
spare Lowler will bo given a silver IoyIus CW
iteiayists uegin xraining ior ait
Events April 23 and 24. $
I)r, George, W, Orton, of tho Unlverijlrwt
Pennsylvania track team, has bexun Ui va
his men throug liard training In PreMr!;,
for tho Itelay Carnival, which will
on Franklin Field on April S3 and M. Bj
has assigned members of tho varsity tno
team to the training- table and as am u
tho final trials are held other men vlll Ml
added to the list. Those men who will M"
places at tho training table at the irfJ.
tlitiA nra Onntflln I.lnnlnrnlt. Meredith. LQCV'
wood, Kaufman, Pceso. Dorsey, Stoat, Iin-.l
phrevs, Cotton, Sweeney, Ferguson, Fttoy
nerry, DorUas, Murphy. Sewell, LafUmne MM
Individual Play
Team Play in Detail
By W. J. Clarke, Head Coacni
of tho Princeton 'varsity
Ttnsehnll Tram, nnd Fredric
T. Dawson, Captain of th
Princeton Baseball Team 191U
Profusely Illustrated
$1,00 net
Charles Scribners Sons J
citv rirvMrinN'siiu bekies
Phillies vs. Athletic
DAME AT S 1'. Sf.
??' i "' -. ""-vs. rat
Ulaa .tiv, UI. ItfB ilUVt 4 Jl
as a batter, i
'jLiiutuuput. tn-aiyui tum- -
J f
-, r- , . r1 4 a
. (THEY CALL ME ( I SAID, THEY CALL ME J HEY MARY f v I He Sav: tucv L 1 , -
i ' ''- """ ' "" ' '"JUssZTj.4, "'J' ""' ' " M , ...... i -Hi