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Churches and their workers religious activities of all denominations
h - . .
Irexel Biddle Workers to
Be Jiusy juvuijr " -eek
Founder Will
Give Dinner w vj.erBy
men Next Monday.
U. tiretcl Blddlo Dlble Onuses are In
"i midst of one 01 l1D "iv""- -"'-
Uli In the )iltory of the orsnnlzatlon.
Ci 'next week every day will bo
rri.,.., iih at least one lino of activity
.ln several evenings three bronchos of
48n '..... ...in , l wnrh. Two
TH MttnlMlion urn -" -
fe fillies, a round tablo conference, a
nf.rence of pastors and two meotlnEs of
Chttt will be .rnonn tho activities.
RniiiKnlngat the Bible Classes' Home,
hi Mount Vernon street, 100 teachers ot
fi ' onus of the West Philadelphia DIs
tl will convene nt 7:50 o'clock to plan
tnictlve campaign In that section of tho
i.y At the eamo place at 7 o'clock the
Epefrliori of tho Women's Dranch of thu
foaitlrttlon witt mcet'
At 0'clo6k this evening; the classes of
Cipfcn will hold ft union mission service
Ta lh Kalshn Avenue Methodist Mission.
Edwrd Hi Mil's w"1 Preside nnd A. .r.
"Drexel Diddle will speak. Tho Ilev. Wll
llira Stone, the pastor, will glvo tho nd
'irtii -ot welcome.
r' Tomorrow will be a day of unusual ac
Wlly. A. J. Drexel Bltidlo will address
t meeting In the Y. M. C. A. of Camden,
which will be attended by all of the Cnm
ein dawes. Music will bo provided by tho
Mendelsohn Symphony Orchestra, ot
Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church,
V&lch 1 affiliated with tho Drexel Hid
41( Clutes.
ill Ambrose noblnson will speak at the
Holy Trinity class at 0:30 a. in., In tho
Fsrlih house, 217 South 20th street! J.
DtWltt Jobborn will address the class of
Tfyomlrig Avenue Baptist Church, and It.
Frtdenck Wilson will speak at DalllmliiBo
Baptist Church, Conshohocken.
; On Monday evening Mr. Blddlo will
ttnder a dinner to tho pastors of all
threat In Philadelphia and Cnmden In
hlch Drexel Biddle Bible Classes hnvo
ktta established. The dinner will bo held
Is Holy Trinity parish house at 7 o'clock,
ltd tB He'v. Floyd W. Tomklns will pre
ilJe. A.largo number of ministers of sev
en! 'denominations will attend, and the
Subject for discussion informally will be
."Th'Most Effective Manner of Doing
Eitle Class Work."
f-Tit evening, J. Allen Turner will speak
il the Drexel Biddle Bible Classes Night
If the Inasmuch Mission. The classes of
M Berean Baptist Church will havo
thsrje of tho service.
pn Tuesday evening, II. Frederick Wll
m and a number of the Drexel Biddle
utHtalhers will provide an entertainment
(or the sailors at the Seamen's Church
Institute: the True Love Dlhlo Class of
fourth Baptist Church will hold Its
aosthly social evening, and the classes
( North Philadelphia will meet In a dis
trict rally Ip St Ambrose Kplscopal
Church. Ben H. Browne, district superin
tendent, will preside, and Mr. Blddlo wilt
ittlk and present buttons to the leaders
(( classes recently nmilatcd with the
fWedneeday evening the fourth In the
series of civic and educational i allies
illl take placo In tho Kplscopal Church
5f the Redemption. Mth and Market
street. E. M. Orton, chief director of
Korthwest Philadelphia, will preside. Tho
Bv, Albert B. Clay, rector of the
tbure.li. will deliver the address ot wel
come, and the speakern of the evening
1U Include Mr. Biddle, R. J. Cattell.
tltjr statistician, and Director of Pub
Be Works Morris L. Cooko. The public
la ba made welcome nnd no collection
C1 ba taken. There will bo n special
wileal program,
Michael Dorlzas, the Intercollegiate
tiavywsliht wrestling champion, will be
tt speaker at a city rally of all the
raises, of Wilmington. Del., In the Har
fm Street Methodist Church of that
oty en Thursday night.
'On Friday evening a round table con
Jirtnca for Sunday school workers will
"held In Logan Memorial Presbytorlan
y11',, Audubon, N. J. Edward H.
irtT...w mrr',1,?e ani1 Mr- Bldtlle an'li'
m will speak, '
wJ!J"wHnf of tne n,en'8 class of
gwwdion Memorial Presbyterian
7.mm LCm.lrrow at'""on will bo nd-
&'av: J-J-' D- n-
tttrhm13','1 ?,ddJe wl" "Penk t the
AasuL": t.hA.cle.nJ- of tho Ftfrt
ftfiT. b ".i'"Dwr,an Church says;
U toft U" VnlM BtSeili
SarS? p.i0f .,he F,rat Presbyterian
Sft&tM 8S?.n,i T,1 Vce President of
UlV if h,,";. I,ndia'"Polls. The Secre
Into Llinn'8 ln clder of the First
N" York Stn?m.aha-. The Gv"-nor of
tinli. 1?J1 e '? J?acori In the Unl-
old reaulrVm. yter,an' New York- "
W of m?nSn?.p.aEM J narrate the
"Trelby? J.nS hvsh publl offlco who
PMrwh.n t" ".". You are n good com-
The "Billy" Sunday Bible Class
(April it, ton International Series I Samuel, 10.)
Deceptive Appearances
?0U cannot tpl n .,. i... n i. - ...-.l. l,l ... It I. trlr ur.t
ul i t0 6e tooUd 6" Wearaiice. This U on old ttory and an old
f, ' ' hut lf eel telling over and over to all generations.
W i), trwiive sn coaiij
gPWook the world. Social rank and
-" caning men to kingship, Moses was the son of slave parents; vram-
1?J from the common ranL'.- TAncnln. from the loa cabin, and WO might
indefinitely v(th. th(t oXi l(on
. -v "v fcjjcuicu until trio cm I fll'i'W ..-. ,--. -
ftlHUU Irnr.t ., rtj i. i.... m.... ........ - u mmrtiirm nnd in do I II a
. ,u.i ri'.p n.. wb. - .. d.u.i i. ..
K ." not uP"n the outward appearance, but upon the heart. Young
f p mv heart with all diligence, for out of it are the usues or we.
cam known as "tha. wan aftet Clod's own heart."
Archbishop to Preside at St. Bona
ventura'a Church on April 18.
Elaborate ceremonies have been planned
lor tho observance of the silver anni
versary of St. Bonavcntura's parish, the
Itev. Hubert Hammcke, rector, which will
bo celebrated on Sunday, April .
Archbishop Prcndergast wilt prcsldo at
tho services at 10:45 o'clock In tho morn
Inu, when Bishop McCort will celebrate
Pontincal Maes. The sermon will bo de
livered by tho Ilcv Henry Btommel,
rector nr Rt. Aintinn.i,., M.t.i..i. ,
St. Bonnventurn,
in tho ovenlnn; tho Bev. Theodore Ham
moke, rector of tho parlBh of St. Ignatius
nnd a brother of St. Bonavcntura's rector,
will preach nt n Solemn Vesper service.
Tho State Council of thp KnlRhta of
Columbus will meet In this city during
the second week of May. Thcro will bo
sessions on Sunday, Mondny, Tuesday and
"Wednesday In tho K. of C. Hall, SSth nnd
Market street.
Tho Catholic Chornl Club will plve a.
concert In the Academy ot Muslo on
Thursday ovenlnj?, April 52.
Plans havo been completed by J. Stan
loy Smith nnd other membors ot the
Vlllanovn. College Alumni Society to hold
tho annual hanquot on tho oveninp of
May i.
Rev. Dr. F. E. Dager Hits Successful
Evangelistic Services at St. Paul's.
Tho vestry of St. Paul's Reformed
Episcopal Church, Broad and Venango
streets, tho Itev. Dr. Forrest K. Dagcr,
tcclor, has Issued a report showing that
"n. wonderful' work of grnco Is In proir
less In that church," through special
evangelistic services. A few months ago
Doctor Daser started to hold services on
Sunday evenings, after the cxamplo of
"Billy" Sunday, but with llttlo difference
In his style of preaching excepting "with
probably a lltt'e moro force nnd fervor."
Results werp so marvelous, tho report
statos, that the rector decided to con
tinue tho uvangellstlc meetings on week
day evenings as well, and since that
time hundred)) of men nnd women have
bpen converted. Tomorrow Bishop Ru
dolph will bo present and confirm a large
clnss and will receive 430 persons Into
tho membership of the church, On Palm
Sunday S3 adults nnd eight children were
Sunday's Musicians Will Aid Homo
and School League.
Much Interest has been manifest by
lovers of tho muslo In the "Billy" Sunday
tabernacle In the announcement that Pro
fessor Homer A. Rodeheaver and Bentley
D. Ackley. choir leader nnd pianist of
Mr. Sunday's party, nio to come here
from Paterson to give a concert mi tho
night of Monday, April 10, In the Baptist
Temple, Broad nnd Berks streets.
Trocceds of the concort will be given
tn the work of tho Home nnd School
league. Mtb. Mary V. Grlcc, the presi
dent, Is In charge of the plans.
Moro Than 400 Now Membors Added
to Methodist Congregation.
The Methodist Church at Marcus Hook
has had the most successful ear In Its
history. More than 400 persons wcro con
verted and received Into the church by
the pastor, tho Rev. II. S. McDade, and
extensive work has ben done among the
foreign population of the community.
Financially the work has nlso been a
success, all bills being paid and there be
ing nbout $300 In tho hands of the treas
urer. Tho Sunday1 School has grown from
72 members two years ago to 211 todn,y.
Special Services to Bo Held in Cele
bration of Improvement.
Trinity United Evangelical Church,
Duval and Baynton streets. Germantown,
the Rev. J. H. Shlrey, pastor, has under
gone extensive Improvements. Including
the Installation of, a new pipe organ, and
will bo reopened with appropriate exer
cises tomorrow. The Rov. William II.
Christ, pastor ot Olivet United Evangel
ical Church, Bethlehem, will preach
morning nnd evening and address the
Sunday school In the afternoon.
The reopening will bo followed by a,
r-isk of epeclal services, at which the
Revs. II. J. O. Rlnlter, II. S. Heckler and
A. Vf. Brownmlller, of this city, and the
Rev. n. AV. Musselman, of Plymouth
Meeting, will preach.
The monthly meeting of the Daughters
of Beth Israol will bo held tomorrow
afternoon at 3 o'clock nt Temple Beth
Israel. 32d street and Montgomery ave
nue. Miss Jeannetto Roscnbaum will play
tho piano and Paul Volkman will sing a
tenor solo. Judge James B. Gorman will
deliver an address. Invitations have been
sent out by Flora Finer, S, Bella Cohen
and Sophia Jeannette Illrsch, president,
secretary and assls'ant secretary, respect
ively, of the orgam. atlon.
Saul, tall, handsome, klnglv in outicard appearance,
proved a failure as king of Israel, and David, the
shepherd loy, a "little runt" in comparison, was chosen
In his stead. Head the account of Saul's failure, how he
failed in the chief qualification of kingship, namely,
obedience to the Divine Will. Then follow old Samuel
in Ms search for another king and see how he teas
directed to choose Davldt the despised youngest of
Jesse's eight tons. The central truth .is evident in
verse 1: "Man looketh on the outward appearance, hut
the Lord loqketh on the heart."
Any one of David's seven brothers would have made
a finer-looking king than David, but when the Lord is
selecting real kings lie doesn't go much on looks. Heart
quality, character, is the determining factor in the Divine
law of selection. Cleopatra was beautiful in Caesar's
eyes, but she was infamous. Baul of Tarsus was unaU
pretence, nut ho w w.v.w.. i -
fortune have no influence upanProV'
wp ave so often heard before, but
. . . m iim. 9 n m r min.iw.rr mm nio,u
Elaborate Plans of Presbyte
rians to Bo Unfolded at Y. M.
C. A. Meeting.
TUns for the evanitelliatlon of China,
nccordlng to the method that Taut used
In hla missionary Journeys, will ho dis
cussed In tho West Branch Young Men's
Christian Association by Charles Ernest
Scott tomorrow afternoon nt o'clock,
when Mr. Scott will be the speaker nt the
meeting for men.
Home on a furlough from the mission
field, Mr. Scott Is working for tho Trcs
byterlan Board of Foreign Missions In
advancing the plans for the campaign In
China. Dccause It Is difficult for foreign
missionaries and uneducated native help
ers of the missionaries to reach the gen
try and so-called high-class Chinese be
hind tho walls of some 1700 walled cities.
It Is tho plan to plant Christianity among
them through n sort of a combination of
. M. C. A. nnd "Jesus Gospel Hall." to
bo in charge of the educated natives. 11
Is to explain tills plan that Mr. Scott
comes to Philadelphia.
Thomas L. I.awton. tho Bible teacher,
who has been conducting classes In
Washington, Baltimore and the Central
Rranch, this city, will begin n series of
six lessons on the evening of April 18
ln the West Branch. The class will con
veno nt 6:30 o'clock ,or Btipper, nnd the
study will begin nt 7. IB o'clock.
At the request of members of the phys
ical department ot the West Branch, the
Ilev. F. B. Davis, pastor of Hbenczer
Methodist Kplscopal Church, will con
duct a Blbln study class for Benlor men
In the department.
Next Friday evening, Doctor Garrett's
teacher-training class will discuss tho
subject, "Value of Sincerity In Teaching:
Preparation of Subject nnd Personality ns
a Successful Factor in Tenchlng."
William H. Crown, executive socrctnrv,
will open his Instruction clasB In special
lcndershlp next Friday evening nt 7:80
o'clock. This clnss Is open to high school
students only.
Mrs. Marlon Booth Knllcy. of Boston,
addresses n womnn's suffrage community
rnlly nt tho West Branch this afternoon.
An elaborate musical program has been
Ringing by the Roxborough Male Quar
tet will be a feature of tho men's meet
ing In tho Central Branch Y. M. A.
tomorrow aftornoon. The Rev. Isanr
Ward, who Is to be the speaker nt the
meeting, Is a member of the quartet ond
pastor of the Fourth Reformed Church.
There will also be special instrumental
music. Mr. Wnrd will talk on "A Di
vine Charge nnd Appeal." The meeting
will begin nt 4 o'clock, under the leader
ship of Richard H. Wilson. It will ho
preceded by Mr. Lawton's drop-In class.
Mr. Law ton will dhcuss "Indlffprcuco
Contagious." This class Is Intended es
pecially for out-of-town men nnd men
living away from home, although It Is
open to other men. Its session begins nt
3 o'clock.
The John B. Stetson drop-In class, led
by Director Braden, In charge of the
niblo study In tho Central Branch, has
nn enrolment of Wl men. The class will
meet from 15:15 to 12:t." on Wednesday,
tho usual time. A picture recently taken
at a meeting of tho class. Is to lie ued
to Illustrate shop nnd factory work In
publications of the International Associa
tion publication. "Association Men,"
Shop meetings announced for tho coin
ing week, with their leaders, follow:
Monday. Harrington shop, l,th nnd Cul
lowhlll streets, Richard K. Wilson,
leader; Tuesday, Bcment-Mllcs Com
pany, 21st nnd Cnllowhlll streets, Robert
Clark, leader; Wednesday, Packard
Motor Shop, Robert C. McQullkln, leader;
Thursday, Sellers Company, 16th and
Hamilton streets, the Rev, D. C. Welgle.
leader; Friday. Winston Publishing
House, 10th and Arch streets, tho Rev.
O. S. Duflleld, leader.
Evangelist I W. Munhall will address
the men's meeting tomorrow afternoon nt
4 o'clork. Doctor Munhall will speak on
"Our Three Worst Foes." There will be
vocal selections by Mrs. A. C. Bates.
Many local frlendB of Father Thomas A.
Reld. S. J., formerly stationed at Old SL
Joseph's Catholic Church, Ith Htreet and
Wllllng's alley, this city, are interested In
tho 50th anniversary of his ordination to
the priesthood, which Is to take place at
St. Ignatius' Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., on
June 6, Father Rold will celebrate tho
Solemn High Mass on that day nt 11
o'clock, and the sermon will be preached
by Father John h. Belford. of the Church
of the Nativity, Brooklyn.
The Sunday school of the Calvin Trcs
bytorlan Church, 60th nnd Master streets,
has moro than doubled Its membership
within tho last year. The average at
tendance last year was 442, now It Is
more than 000. and there ore 1200 pupils
The pastor, the Rev. Francis S. Hort,
has recently received 218 new members,
following a two weeks' revival.
Doctor Richmond Writes to Bishop
The Rev. Dr. George Chalmers Rich
mond, rector of St. John's Kplscopal
Church, has written a letter to Bishop
Rhlnetander explaining the suspension of
two vestrymen, William T. Hamilton and
Charles A. Brown. It all hinges, accord.
Ing to the rector, upon the case of a
young man, member of the church, who
was once a convict In Slnz Sins. Tne
rector explains how he took the young
man Uf n New York and how he becamo
a valuable member of the church, lead
ing a blameless life. He declares that
the vestrymen whom he suspended sought
to discredit the regenerated young man,
and referied to him as an ex-convlct.
Women Going to Paterson
A delegation of 100 business women will
go from this city to Paterson, N. J., to
tell of the good "Billy" Sunday's cam
paign did here, They are to go at the
Invitation of the business women of
Paterson, and will leave on special cars
from the Reading Terminal on Saturday,
April !4. and remain over Sjtnday. tfeut
will be reserved for them In the taberna
cle for the meetings during their visit
to the silk city,
Students Hear Thaddeus Rich
Tuplls of the Girls' High School and
the Normal School attended a recital
which was given last night In the Normal
School auditorium by Thaddeus Rich,
concertmaster ot the Philadelphia Or
cheijtra. The affair was under tho
auspices of t'i) Alumnae Association.
Mrs. Rich accompanied her husband, and
several readings were given by MOu
Emily Krider Norrls. v
Material Intended for use a newt
In the Saturday Rillpjlou Page of the
EVENING LEDGER should be sent
to the Religious Editor, EVENINQ
LEDGER. The editorial department
NINO LEDGER are entirely separate,
and all new Inttnded for uie In both
publications ihPuld ba mailed P
aratdy In ordr to receive proper attention.
Assistant Executive Secretary
of Sunday Campaign Com
mittee Heads Team for For
eign Evangelism.
Tho Rev. II. A. Musser, assistant sec
retary of tho "Billy" Sunday Campnlgn
Committee, hns been chosen nn n team
leader to tour the country for tho Depart
ment of Toielgn Evangelism of tho Metho
dist Board of Foreign MIsslonB, New York.
Doctor Miihscr's team will conduct cam
paigns In 100 Ameilcan cities fiom the
Atlantic to tho Pacific to conserve tho
results ot meetings to be hold In these
cities ns n pnrt of the Laymen's Interde
nominational movement.
About 10 days will be Bpcnt In each city
by Doctor Musser nnd two teammates, nnd
It will require about three yeais for him
to complete his tour, Tho first of these
campaigns will bo started ln Buffalo, N.
Y., on April 22. PrevloUB to going to
Buffalo Doctor Musser will upend some
tlmo in Renovo nnd Washington, Pa , do
ing special work.
During the six months that ho hits been
one of tho active promoteis of the Sun
day campaign In this city. Doctor Mus
ser hns spoken In u great many chinches
and made many friends. He was fornieily
lu mission work In the cpnttal part of
India, and ent through several thrilling
ccpeilcntoB. A book, entitled "Jungle Ex
periences," giving many of the Interest
ing stories the pieiicher has written from
his trials In the Far Kast, will soon be
Since coming to Philaitclph'n the mis
sionary has become so attached to tho
city that he intends tn make It Ills home
His wife nnd two children will live nt HI
West Pomona street. Germnntnwn, while
he Is touting for the Department of For
eign Kvungellsm,
The Rv WIMtuni Mulr Aulil, pa&tnr of
Calvary Prrbyter.ui Church, will lueaih on
thp "Supriv AIYm'tlon" at liie mnrtllnii oi
Icft tomorrow, nnd In the cvcnlue nu "Panel"!
Tlu 4,'rkefi in the Krvnklln Ilnmp uilt ho
Lonrttifted tomorrow by the lte . M. Heed
Dr. Ilussfll II. Council will pieiu'li at 1 nth
the innrnlna; nnd nvcnlnf erke In the Hnp
ttst Temple, llrond nnd UrrkH street!, tomor
row. Seersl peraons will te bnplltcd In the
At Hie nnformed Rptacnpal Church of Our
Redeemer, the new Dr. Auguntu V.. Hnrnett
will preach tomonow inornlnp on "Thp Huly
Trinity." Ill anhje-t for tho et-nliiK lenure
will be "Could Ciod Stop tho War?" ipeclnl
ihlhIc -will be n feature nt both ncrvli-ea, A
lerei, chorus c-hnlr will nlmr.
The Rev Dr. Ucors Chilmen Ituhmond.
rector of 81. John's Kplscopal Church, llroun
treet. below ,1,1, will preach tomorrow morn
ing on "A Hellitlon of Uro" nd In th even
ing on "ChrUtUnlty A New World Stem "
Tho Hew Dr. Henry Herkowltz spoki' thl
mornlnj In tho rtodeph Shalom SjnagoRue, of
which hi li rabbi, nn "Old Plcturea In New
Ftame "
The new Dr John K'l'rv Tuttle, rtor , f
the i'lrit ProbyterUn Church, York, ra , will
be the speaker at the PreabMerlan Mlninters'
niretlne In WeHtmlnliter Hall on .Monday
morning. His subject ulll b 'Tho Minister's
Deotlonal Life "
A ntiw anthem tnlltlaq. "ITaater," hv V.'niMll
I.ep. written to wordi by MIjs n. SI. Dunn,
will bs repeated tomorrow mnrnlnr and evening
at the Church nf th fiovlnur HSth and chest
nut streets Professor l.ep la the musical
director of the choir and C. Clarence nialno la
the soprano tolnlat
The annual meeting for the nresantillon of
the Sunday Hehool l.enten offerings In the
dloceio of Ttnnsylvanla lt be held In at.
Matthew's Church on Saturday afternoon,
April SI.
Charles Zeeb will spealt at the (ieennrt Pup
tltt Helping Hand class tomorrow afternoon.
The Rev. Dr. Philip II. Monro will speak on
"CIvli nighteousness" at tho Philadelphia
New Jersey Preachera' meeting In Wsuley 1111
at It o'clock Monday forenoon.
"Can Tltlly" fiunday Win Paterson to Jeaua?"
will be the subject of a sermon to bi delivered
bv the Ilev. John W. Blnrkwall In tha Windsor
Theatre. Frankrord. tomorrow evening. In tha
Kvnnsellcal Church of the New Jeruialrm.
I'rankford, Mr Rtnckwell. the paator, will
fireach on "How Phall We Know Our Prlcnds
n Heaven?" tomorrow morning.
At tho Cllrard Avenue Unitarian Church tha
pastor, tho new Mr. Evans, will tomorrow
evening Blve tha first of a series of addresses
on "The Deadly 81ns "
Horace J. Ilrldsea will lecture on "Woman's
Place In the World' Work at the Proad Street
Theatre at II o'clock tomorrow morntns. In
tha rvenln? lie will talk at tha Ethical S.xiety
headquarters. 11J4 t-rruca street, at S o'clock
Warden llobert J McKenty, of tho Eatiern
('liltentlan'i will ba the sneaker at tha
lud'nta' meeting in Houston Hall, Ur.Uerxliy
nf I'ennajlvanla, tomorrow afternoon at 430
Tha Itev Ilnhert C Well will preach In tha
Tabernacle Methodlit I'plaropal Church tn.
morrow mornlnir on "nemmberel by Ood"
and ln tha evenlnjc on "A Oreat Salvation."
The Rvv Dr Clrencs Kdward Macartney,
ipaetnr nf the Arch Street Preabytcrlan
Church, "".III pr'ach tomorrow mornlnir on
"Paul's Thorn In tha KIeh" and In tha
evening on "A Friend In Need."
Observed 35th Anniversary
Members of the James Morrow Auxil
iary of the Woman's Foreign Missionary
Society of Grace Church observed the 34th
anniversary of tho organization this week.
Among the prominent guests were Mrs.
Cyrua D. Kom, Mrs. Joseph P. Berry.
Miss Busnn Lodge and Miss Laura White,
of Nanking, China.
Missionary Mags-meeting
An Kplscopal missionary mass meeting
will be held In the Academy of Muslo
next Friday. There will be a big chorus
present to lead the singing and addresses
will be made .by Bishop Brewer and
George Sherwood Edy.
How are we Saved
Come and Hear the T e a c h i n g of the j
New Christian Church on this Vital Topic
In the Church of the New Jerusalem, 22d and Chestnut Sts.
To follow; Sunday, April 18: "Hells What! Why? Where?"
Sunday, April 25: "The Lord's Second Coating: When nd. How?"
Pastors Continue to Admit
Tabernacle "Trail-hitters"
to Churches "Follow-up"
E v a n g e 1 i stic
Campaigns Started.
Hunches throughout (he city continue
to rceclvo large, numbers of now members
slnro "Blllv" Sunday left the city. Some
of the pnstnrs loport the Increases due
j directly to tho tabernacle meetings, while
i others report putt of them as "trall-hll-
ters" nnd persons led to comerslon
"largelv through the religious atmosphere
Hint enme tn Philadelphia with the lilif
revival campnlgn."
Whlln some ilergjnicn tcport that they
have not hern able tn get nil the persons
who hud turned in cards nt the taber
nacle to unite with their chinches, they
nre hopeful of futtite benellts, nnd In a
gieot many churches "follow-up" evan
gelistic solvit os nre being conducted
Tho Rov. R. It. Crawfotd. pastor of tho
Fletcher Methodist t'hurch, repot ts Hint
he ban received Into preparatory mem
bership !'0 persons who took their stand
nt tho Inbrrmicle, nnd that It has been
much easier to get new members this
j oar becnuso nf the revival movement.
Of 40 cards received bv the Rev. Will
lain Oswald, pastor of Immanuel Baptist
Church. 3 have linen iccelvcd Into mem
bership, S were already members of the
church, 12 offer possibilities, 10 have pro
duced no dednite results, 8 contained tho
wrong names nnd nddri'sses. Tho Rov.
J. T. Orav, pnstor of the Kilo Avenue
Methodist Church, reports that of 113
new members received since the cam
paign Htnrted. K) wimp tabernacle con
verts. The Itrv. Albert Metzarr Wlt
wer, pnstor of the Slloam Methodist
Chtnrh. reports that of 130 poisons re
cclvcd Into inrmbrrHhlp since .Tnnunry
I, 32 were "triill-hltlcrs." lie nlsn re
ports mnnv enrds to follow up nnd says:
"The effect on nil depaitmnnlH "f the
church's work Ik mnrvolous."
The aelgcr Memoiinl Church. 56 th
Httcet and West Lehigh nvrnue. hns re
celved VI Inbei nnclp cards, and R Sunday
"triill-hitters" have united with the
church up to this time Mnnv more are
expected by the pnstor, the Rev. A. L.
B. Martin. ho hns received Hfi persons
Into membership since January 1. The
Rev Jnmes Ramsay Swuln reports that
ho hod his gteatest Increase tn mem
bership on ttastpr .Sunday. Of 55 te
rclvcd on the first Sunday In Februnry,
2 were tnhcrnnclp converts. Tho Rev.
Dr. John Allen Rlnir. pastor o" the Taber
nacle Presbyterian Church, reports that
his chinch has received '.' pel sons. "We
necrlbe," Doctor IJInlr vvtltes, "to tho In
fluence of the I'pHglout awakening 18,
counting both those received "n profes
sion nnd by cerlitlcnle. Since Mnrch .11,
19U, the beginning of our church cnr.
wo have received 11 members on profes
sion and by certificates."
The Rpv. W. M. Handles, pastor ot
the Kensington Congregational Churc.i,
reports SO new members since tho cam
paign began. 10 of whom weio tecelved
thtough convert cuds. The quickened
Interest nnd the fnvornhle t elisions at
mosphere, lie snld, mndo It much mult
easy to obtain tho others. The Rev. C.
Lee Claul, of tho Cooper Mnmnitnl Metho
dist Chinch, icpnrtH that of S.I now mem
bers received stncp January I. Hi were
tabernacle converts. The Rev. II O. Cnr
mich.iel, pastor of the llnncock Slteet
Methodist Church, repnits 10 new mem
bers since the campaign begun, nine ot
whom were "trall-hlttcrs."
Tho Rev. A. A. Arthur, pastor of tho
Host Allegheny Aenue Methodist Church,
reports HO now members sin.' the Sunday
tevlvnl meetings started. Of these he
Two Fairs at Half Fare;
Exposition Rates Cut In Two
The railroads havo greatly reduced
their fares and made it possible for you
to see both the San Frnnclsco and San
Diego Expositions on one ticket. Ily
wny of the BuillriKton Route iC, !? &
Q R R ) the cost of n railroad ticket
to California and back will be only
about one-hnlf tho usual price, and you
can take In the Incompnrnble Colorado
scenery, Including tho Rojal arge.
nee Denver. Colorado Springs, Pueblo
and Salt Lake City on the way. stop
ping oft at any point desired.
Returning, you may enjoy n sea t Ip
up the const to I'ortlund, see Tacomn,
Seattle and Spokane, nnd either Glacier
National I'arlt or Yellowstone Park
the wonders of the world.
You don't take a trip llko this very
often You should see tho best scenery
en route and not spend any moro than
is necessary to do it. Tell me when you
olnn to go. how long you enn stay, and
let me make up an Itinerary to (it your
particular needs. Let mo explain how
and why the Hurllngton can serve you
host I'll be glad to do It. Write, tele
phone or call
Wm. Austin, Clenernl Agent Passen
ger Dept., C, R. & Q- R. R. Co.. S36
Chestnut Htreet. Philadelphia. Phone
Walnut 706.
I1APT18T T15MPLK, tlroad ond llerli.
ItustKll II, Conn ell will pleach
"tornlnjf, 10 3U. llltle School, S ::0 K
will aiallt In tha ewnlnj. Organ Itecltal.
7 15. Wm I'owell Twadoall. M. IL
Chealnut at. u'rt of tOih
(JKOUUR U. AHAM8. Ii I.. l'ajior.
u 43 Drothirhood of A. and I.
10 .10 a. m. Worship ami sermon by IM'tor.
8 JO p. m.-liltJle f-chool ami Men' Illbl
7.11 u m. -Worahlp and Sermon by I'aitor.
ineeta 2 30. 7lh below (llrarrt aw. Cha
'erli. apcaker. Tonlsht, Ualllea Minion,
Ilev. Cha Shaw, Mr. Arna anil Mr
Ulnkler wl ,n Frldi) nlsht. Uier
body' Meeting. Wm J Plchet.. laUr.
Sunda, Tuesday and Thuraclay iilshtu,
lieihany Anthorot. 30tf North uth st
iDunker). Cor. Carlisle sntt DiUphla ata.
rrtachlne 10:80 a. m and 7:43 p. m,
Sunday School 3 -'10 p. in.
Prayer Meeting each Wcdneajay evenlnr.
l)lelplea of CluUt
.i,.nT nilnbTI A W' V'tllll,,-,!"
Ineatter ae.. Iioll) -nj Aapan it.
T. E. WINTER. Paator. 10:13, 3.30, T, .
and from What?
says 51 were "irnll'hltters." The Rev.
V. A. Williams, pastor of the Richmond
Presbyterian Church, advises that five
of U now members were Sunday con
Verls. The Rev. Dr. Kdward Vntcs Hill,
pastor or the First Presbyterian Church,
reports 10 now members since January
1, three of them belnff trlbernacle "trail
hitler" The Rev I)r. J. IlovcrldRe Iee, pastor
of 8t. Paul Presbyterian Church, reports
112 new members since January 1, seven
of whom nre ncct edited ns tabernacle
Additional reports from pnBtorn
will be published next Saturday.
County Sunday School Association
Pinna Lenders' Moctlnjcs Here.
Extensive plans for continuing the Illble
work started In this city by Mlsi Clrace
Saxe, of the "Hilly" Sunday party, nre
beliiR completed by tho Philadelphia
County Sunday School Association under
the direction of Mrs. 12. K. Kearney, who
ban clmrRP of the teacher training work
for the orKnnlzntlon. Many mcetlniis will
be held during this week and nn Increased
number next week.
Mrs. Kearney will continue her class
In the Temple Lutheran Church, Kd and
Race streets, which she stnrtcd last week,
on Tuesday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. She
will nlso hold a conference at the Craco
Methodist Church, llrond and Mooter
streets, at 3 o'clock Thursday ofternoon.
Mrs. Caroline S. Merger will teach the
Other mectlnfis of leaders nnd their
teachers for the week follow:
Tursdny. nt I p. m., Knst Raptlnt
Church. Mm. C. II. Woolston, lender;
Wednesday, ot 4 p. m , Allegheny Avenue
liaptlsl Chinch, Miss Sarn S. Simpson and
Miss Plioeblo N. Phelptv teachers; Trlnltv
Presbyterian Church, V" Inrsilny evening,
lit 7:S0. Miss Margaret (.alms, leader.
McetlngH for leaders In South Phila
delphia, Uermautawn nnd Tlosa will be
held the week following.
The Rev. Dr. C. W. Burns Heads
Methodist Board of Exnminors.
The Rev. Pf. Charles Wesley Hums,
paslor of the I'lr.it Methodist Church,
tlcrmnntown, has been chosen chairman
of tho Hoard of lCatnlners to llll the va
cancy c mined b the appointment of the
Rev, Vr. lltoige W. Ir.er iih superintend
ent of the Northwest District of the Phll
adelphln Conference.
Thomas II. Rvans, pastor of the Haws
Avenue Church, Norrlstown. wan ap
pointed to llll the vacancy on the bontil
The mltl-yenr examinations will be held
In October In thr First Church, neriuau
Plans nre being mndo for the dedica
tion of the new Methodist nullding, 17th
nnd Arch stioets, by nishop Kerry nnd
other olllclnls of the denomination. The
tiruclurn Is nbout completed, but the
dcdlintory exercises will not occur until
about tho middle of May.
tlrrfl Hldillelllble Ctunar
Ditr.XHi, nmni.u omu: ci.ashus
A unriu nflcoine audita 0J at nur clvlo
atifl filuratlniml ralh Wednf .ny nlaht, in
riiureh oi tlip rtedinptlon, r.ilth anil Market
atrintB Srfiik'rH Hon. Ii .1 Cattrll, City
Ktallatklan, Plrtelor L'ooKe unil otliera. .Vo
Klhlcnl Culture
HonACnJ. MilDOnS on "Wonmn'H Place
In tho Wnrlfl'H WnrK " Urnart Street Tliii
tre, Hiiii,l.i II u. m., niul on St. Aueuitlne's
"f'lty et iie.1." boi'lelv llounf. l'CI Spru-o,
S p. m. I'liblle VfIcoma. .
rranklln Hume
TIO.V OI" I.VKHIMATUH, llll-l.l liciut at.
Sundav, S j m. Services conducteil by Ilev.
M. Itc'cd Mlnnlrh.
"he Krlri.tliy Church,"
Ifilli nml j.ffernon at.
Dinlfl i: Welsjle l'aitor, will rrfach 10..10
nnd 7 n n. m mhl School, 2:.10 p. m At
the eenlni; nrrvlcco tat are nrcheatra, ololta,
quartet and orsan. Cross lllballlumlnnted4
TAnKltNAf'f.n, .vjfh and Sprute Wni. J. Mil-
1V Jr 10 -V 7M.1 B S . S 3ii r. m.
10 wi Holy Communion and raceptlon o(
7 IV-'Iha He. W. ) ntnnott, 1). I),
TAnErtNAft.K. Uth hlnw Oxford at."
HOIIKIIT l Vl:l.r.H, Pastor.
10."0 "nemeinhered by God"
L'.r.it-Siindav School and Men' Illble CUa.
7.1.V-"A Oreat Sanation,"
Ileurty Welcome. Tn minute from centre
of city.
New Jerusalem IHwedaoliorglan)
WHAT?" Tha teaching of tha New Chris
Han Church on thl v Hat tonh'. Lectnro by
Itev. chirle W. lliiivcy In the Chur. Ii of
he New ,hnualm. Hit and Cliaatnut aireala.
hiinUky oMiiihiE at S o'clock. Hpcilal inualc.
No iillecilon.
Slir.UI'" la th subject of the mornlns r
mon by tha pastor. ScrWcea at 11 o'rlocH
Hunday achool at 0.10. All aeat nr free.
i:riboijy I wcUonie,
XnCirsT. "CIHIRCH, tth and Arch "
Id l.'V "1'aul'B Thorn In the riesh "
R.IMI "A Krlend In Need "
7,:i(l-rtactal on Turner Memorial Orian.
i in. Men's lltblo Claas, taught by ln.
feasor J. W Patton
litinOnd and Vhdrton ata. MlnTater." Itv
J. IHIAV HOI.TON. 1). D. Rev. M. 1,1AM
TAYIH l'.tll)WEI.I,, Asditant 10 4 a.
in., Jln. Mr. Caldwell will irearh Ti43 n
m.. Dr. Iiolion In ilmrse of Teinperince
llaltlmora ave.. cor. 50th t.
Itev J. HBVIiniliQK I.KB. D D.. Mlnliler.
10:1 a. m. Public Worhli
2.30 p m lradd Illble School.
7.41 p. in --i:inln- Worship,
nr Lee will preach morning; and atenlnr
Mutlc by (olo iuartet choir. All teats free
You Can Be One of the 50
Exposition Trip Winners
The Public Ledger-Evening Ledger oilers you
the opportunity of seeing the Panama-Pacific
and San Diego Expositions entirely without
charge, Fifty persons securing the most credits
for Ledger subscriptions will win the trips: all
others are paid for subscriptions at newsdealers'
rates. ;
Send for full information
Fill Out
and Mail
.E' n,t.7r mJ ""H" contun lo- Uie Pmam.
Paclflo exposition Tour.
Bjnd ma all th Btceajury eJormaUt-. a.4 ubtfripio bUBS,
ijwamm i, ii i uiiu
Hcarl-brokcn Wife and Mother
Makes Request of Clergy.
One Scents Option "Plot.'
If the plnn of nn anonymous writer does
not mlscnrry.htintlreds of ministers In this
city will pray with their congregations to
morrow that an unknown man who Is
erted to bo a husband nnd n father be
converted from the evils ot strong liquor.
No prayers of such n nature will be of.
feretl In the Oermnn Luthcrnn churches,
because the ministers of that cull ha
determined thnt the wrller or the letter la
not slncore .nd hns tired the method of
writing to the vnrlous ministers solely In
nn elTort to concentrate ngltatlon on the
local option ijiii'sllnn nt every tellglous
service In t.ie city.
Ont of the flerntan Luthernn ministers
who tcvlvrri a copy of the letter had his
suspicions nrnused by tho salutation In
the missive, lie showed ;hP letter to an
other mln'.-ter of the same faith When he
had read It he reached into his pocket
nnd prtilticed an identical letter In the,
same handwriting. Using the telephone o
make IihiuIiIfs Ihcso two men learned that
pthcist of their faith h.id received similar
lettris. Tho conference followed, and after
a rompnuson 0f tlio Icttci It was da
cltucd that the nunc permm had written
all or thriit nnd thnt no nllentlon would
bo given to the request.
A copy of the letter follows:
Uenr Itrother In Christ:
"Uellevlnif Implicitly In the divine prom
flu i VYJ,R?',ver Vo ! I" my name. In
faith bellevlnn. that nhall ye receive.' I
am going to nfk your prayers and the
prnriH nf our congregation (at RCh
service ,, .Sunday next) for the convcr
son nf inv l.n.hi,..! i. .
.iii. ."-....". .iiu una nccome a
,M.m, Llll",1- Vknn't -vou nray that
n.!i ,?', f .curff' bft lnken from nm
am that he bo brought to Christ?
I,.,..,,!"" not e"nK '" "R" "V name. Ood
knows wno pleatlH for your prayers.
Uero my htishanil to know that I had
fvn.fn ?1' ,u "riiy for h"- our m.
would ho more unhnnpv thnn It is now.-
Oh. pray, pray ror hlml
MOT1I1CH." A-,u
I'rolrMnnl 1!ileiinl
cMit'it.Mi or tiii: iioirY-Ai'osfr.i:s
i,.. ., ' nW 'lulatlan Ft.-.
JSrv. Ocnriip llrrlirt Tnnn. n. D nctnr
M-'i1.' ,ntr"ol oniiiiuninii. kk-V, ". til i
Moriilnif rr.,fP , Heininn. ; m S n Z
?ln i,i J" 1lr',,l'"nl, Sermon
i l.e Jt':'.Urwj preach at biith aenjera.
in --Holy iVmmuii ton,
in ."-Volnng t'rajtr hii.I Hermon.
i, "'-llei.t.tMnn ..s!cr (-nr..I Mu.ic.
s?nSJ".,,,.-15E. "nrl C'Cl,, Pri',U'"' IntiSud
I lie lienor mil prcuih .it both aorvleea.
l.i'IPIIA.N C'llAl-UI.
I.tr. nnd .Siiiiiuier ata.
it ,. U; .. " . -"miiiuiUoii.
ii '"t1 '"F ''rar and H,
- 4." p 111. -Sunday School.
i I' -""'y.l-oniiiiuiiloii.
the Itc. K'-'-ip.VvlHTB. neclor.
TiS-?.l, .1.,0, L-ommunion
in ..,ii Matin
J 7-'i 'nl '-"vliarl.it.
n. a, i,r...n on aunuay at 11
.... UKUKDAV Sllliviciis
rhi ',',.""'' " '" and a p in
&.!.d..-rolln',U' 1a" al""-l !
stT Hri:i'iiKN's"fiirncn
ICIn at. nhme rheatiiiii ,
rajer ami Sermon l,v the He'C'or Mornl,l
fflrfma BBS
'WshtVior1:' .W'i73J
ltcfrmrd Kpincnpa "
Ol'U IlUIUlKMICn. lilth and 0r0rd-vuustu.
J'CoujiMiodj;tophe tVar?" y '
. h.rdrnliurBlao -.
Si:i; new jntlURlLEM "
I'lrtST UNlTAftlAN rilUHCII. 2t;5"ch7TnTJt
at., Ilev. c B. Ht. John, in a. Tn.. siinilav
Schoul:ll Hin.,preac,lnitby the MlnlUr.
1IH3, "leartlv Bllia-IT" V "AtonamaSl"
SS. J 43. "WII1CRAU13M ANfJ uiuon .
uniirraiiy r IVmiMjlvanla
VKSPi:itSKItVICH 4 W o'clockriiousfornfaTi
AddrtM hv nobert 3. SfcKentv
Soloht Mr. Lewi Jamea Hoivelt,
Yniins- Men's ChrUtlun Ataorlatlnn "
RKV. ISAC VAnD, of Jlonboroujh," ub"jtcTT
"A DUIiib Chaise n,l Appeal." Vila quari
let and other invilc 4 p. in. In Aulltarlum
nf Central Hrunch Prop In Cia. rl Lobby
I p, m Mr I-auton, leader. Hood mu!o
anil lenon.
H2d and Rinsom it.
MIIN'S MKWntia. 4 oVlock
. -Marie I! Scoil recently relumed from
Chlnn. "AuaUenlng nnd Need rf China."
Yiiuntr Yinntrn'a ChrUllan Association
.vc7 a -lsno'Ancit'ef
ni'.V C 11 MACAIITNKY-, I). D.
till- tjAt-VATION ARMY. Inc.
Philadelphia. Headquarter. Colonial Truil
riulldlns. Uth. and Mrkt. "
Colonel II. K. llnU In command.
Tlrhona Hell Walnut .W.Vfl.
vstone. Rara 6)51 i.
and instrUcth
iiuaiJiaitejiB u w t
g" ig" i -yk