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Author of "The Hcd Mouse," "The Running Fight," "Cutspaw," Etc.
tCoMrllht. 1M4. Mrllrldc. Nt A. t'o.)
'I'lapo Is full of lawyers'" Monty whls
percj hoarsely
Rutherford latinhed. It was. Brent lo
.s . STNOPflltt
dn Wrd Ii'-m.... .. liner. f'''rnl,!
1ST with ii wommt, r. Mr. Talrott
tt tn b troubled by soronnw J
tut .-
fii bin help, nnrf upends mrHl of the th
WIUi her Invalid liiibilid Also nn b"'
U J. Baron llet.lerrnnn. nn tirifrujF"ilj-'
nnanrier, WHO iimk h DumnriMi ,,,,-..--
In Ittitnerford and tn a rnnvertlnn '
tlm.lw usntct tha Tleolt of "n""'"1"';;
He dlreet attention to a blue buckle wot"
y Mr. Txtcott IxUer Helilermnn bribed
thl wlrtlcsa operator tn let him take
Tbv'rnoimiKii ho take l Ihnt a valuable
Heart nrcKlaro In belnir mulu Into Inn
ennntrr. An elderly mnn and lotm
wnmn are (rtillty. Vaaln mitnlrtnn I dl
rwted aralim tlm Talrottn I-ater Mr;.
'falcett 1 attacked bv a nitTlnn. who at
tetnija to match the blue buckle from hr
Crlt Hutherford rrnciiM her. Fnllnwlue
he woman he loven he catohe. a Rllmprt
of tier In Iteldcrman'a milte with her anna
about hl nerlt,
Al the dot-k. New York. Mm. Talrntt
forrea her way Into Crnlff'e rail Rnd nk
him tu ilrlvo her home, Aa thev etatnlne
the tiouw frnl attempt to declar lili
lore, but Mr. Tnlcott'a voice la heard, warn
ing him of hl presenre
CHArTKtl Vlt-(Contlmicd).
"Stay whern jou ore!" tlio holder of
the weapon commnmlf-i
8he halted, unzltijr lcpnlrlngly nt lirr
ftoal but two short feet nway.
"I'll set 111 Don't ahoot!" panted the
fttoclty fellow, evidently not nintlnR- to
make a dlaturhance that inlHht lie heard
JJy n lucky twist ho renched rtutlier
ford'a pocket CralK writhed nliour until
he had forced the man' hand out: then
ha Munged lili own In, and crasped the
necklace. Acrupx tlm lloor he sent It spin -mil?,
in the hopo that IiIh assailant uonlil
daft after It. and Rim him a ilinuec to
attack nt better advanlaKo
Tlio necklace slid across to n spot niir
where Mrs Tahott stood She ntiidn .1
feint or seizins it The other man darlnd
toward her, and pushed het tnlfiit U
upon the desk, but na she fell -she man
need to push the Jewels with her foot
back Under the rear part of the dealt. The
man tried alnly lo reach them, and
wore aavngely under his breath.
The girl lay so Inertly across the desk
that Craig was afraid she una hurt. She
made no mocment to seize the tele
phone, hut turned her head nllclitly
toward the stairs, as If she were listen
ing intently
Suddenly a voice that fnlrl. roared Its
vigorous shout came lo thn man tinder
tlio desk, and the two gliugglliiK on the
"Coming' r-onilng'" the gieal voice
hoUtcd. "Hands up, you cowards! "We've
got you this time'"
"Trapped' Trapped llkp rats' Caucht
like rats In a trap'" another voice shout
ed In triumph.
It was Mr. Henry Talcott 'itnl some
companion. In the nick of tltn rtuther
ford, suddeul released, looked toward
tho door, expecting to see thut strange
man who had kept himself in the back
ground once before, now come rushing In
with this wclcomo aid
Ills stockv nssallant had sprunc up like
a creature at bay, and also gnzed at the
door. The other fellow had crawled so
hastily out from under the desk that the
revolver slipped out of his handt. This
Mrs. Talcott promptl seized, and tired
twice. Just above their heads. The two
men lied wllillj, fairly falling down the
stairs In their eagerness to escape A
moment later tho front door slammed
after them.
Hntherfoid had followed them to the
head of the atalis, hut saw no need of
further action, now that they were gone.
lie looked nround the hall for the ieui
Ing party, but neither hlglit nor sound
or human being met his gaze, after the
front door slammed
"Why, where aio the "." ho asked, re
turning to the study.
"Gone, as lou saw," she answered.
"t mean Mt. Talcott and tho others?"
"Since they have frightened the thieves
away, what doe It matter?" she asked
Ho looked nt her pale, determined face,
and knew" that he had all the explana
tion she intended to give. It was
strange game she was plajlng, n nns
tery that was deeper and more eMen.slvo
In Its ramifications than he had
"No, it doesn't matter'" lie leplled, bit
terly. "I urn to lw used as u pawn, it
seems but nover trusted!"
Sho fell upon her knees suddenly, and
Craig wondered what thLs extraotdinary
Action might signify. Another moment
nnd ho was enlightened, us she drew the
glittering strand from Its nook under the
desk. Her slender lingers had easily
reached what the detective had failed to
"Here," she said, slmph, ilslng and
giving him the Jewels, "and this."
Sho had drawn forth the blue buckle
and laid U In his open hand beside the
Will vou take care of It for me?" she
said wistfully. "It may mean more to
me than my own life. You see how I
trust you!"
Ho hejd tlio watm metal close In hl.s
hand: nnd now It seemed to him far more
valuable than the cold gleaming stonc3
by Its side.
"No one In the world knows you have
Jt no one but you and me!" she almost
"I shall care for it nnd guard It with
my life. If necessary!" he said, pressing
the bit of blue steel to his lips.
"And. Mr. Hutherford I I think I
ought to tell you one more thing. My
name la not Talcott, teally."
She paused, as It silently pondering
whether or not she had said too much. A
light flamed up In Rutherford's face.
'You are not Mrs. Talcott?" he dried.
"No, mv name U Ballantyne."
"And Mr. Talcott?"
"His nime Is Jlallantync, too hut he
Is Just my father!"
"Miss Haliantjne!" he repeated the
name sotly. as though trying to get
used to it. "Miss Ballantyne! I like that
name. How much better It sounds than
Mrs. TftlcottS"
Three hours yater. Rutherford wai
Mated comfortably in one of the big
leather armchairs, at the Barristers'
riub, on -Uh street. He was chatting
with an old-time friend and schoolmate,
a man with round, clean-shaven, ruddy
.heeks. nnd shrewd, bright eyes, who
seemed Immensely Interested In his conversation-
Monty Brookfleld was an assistant dis
trict atorney, Just now In the exact
storm-centro of one of those police ln
' vestlgatlQns which seem to stli up New
Yorlt periodically. But. busy or not.
Vie always presented an appearance of
unruffled calm, and always had time to
jej-ye a friend especially when that
friend was Craig Rutherford
The latter came to the point of his
Interview In simple but astounding fash
Jon. Thrusting one hand into a side
pocket, he drew forth and exposed Its
contents on the; table In front of Brook
field. 'dreat Moses!" exclaimed the attor
ney, starting back as though he saw a
live snake. Instead of a strand of fias'ii
Ing diamonds. "Where did you steal
Then, hu surprise giving way to cau
tion, he dropped his plump hand over the
gem, and cast a qulek glance around
the room to If they were observed.
"Why, what'a the matter?" ask t'ralg
"TlSlne Ub-UM madrel
Atlantic Cltj.Jt. Jr
moderate rate hottl
AY. Bur bwo.
IL Staam twat. !
v&lor. syn Pfcrtora. rri odttt. eu fcxeel
teW. waaisg vUoiiMs, effXj. WUI llu
nff;wy It up dag. BotE ""
Hri1l Vnrk Btek. Uet aT cold ruaoloj
.!?i. """ Ww Twk An. i. tieh
he at home nan 111 ntnl get rent American
humor setvrd Up solemnlv b the Irre
pressible Monty Hmoklleld.
"It's no Juke, nit the same!" he nsurrd
Ida companion, who Wrt- now lingering
Ihe necklace with Inquisitive apprecia
tion "I should sav tint If It has come to
this'" ngtced Monty. "What did you say
h6r name wa7"
It took Crnlg u serond or two to com
piehohd Hint he una being suspected of
matiltnonlnl Intentions; then, In spite of
himself, he hluahed which mndo Monty
more delighted than rvrr.
'Can't we get Into n quieter plnro where
we can talk ultliput possibility of Inter
ruption"" Craig nslted.
"Surely'" agreed Monty. "Come down
to the grill and confide, t Just dote on
"You are ntvnv off!" rhlded rrnlg.
"Kor ii budding district attorney, I never
saw one so uhtuso! Nevertheless, It will
he n relief to confide In somo one even
And willi this parting shot, thev sought
the grillroom On their wny. Craig pon
dered over the change that hnd taken
plflfo III his plans When he hud loft thn
ship, he had Intended a thi'ce-mllc dnnh
tn the Harvard Club nnd n scrlea of
handshakes with tho fellows whom he
knew would he glad to see him. Then
week or so of getting his nffalrs ndlusted,
and lastly n plunge tnlo banking life,
whole ho piuposed to lenrn tho liU'lne.-n
rrom the bottom up Anv thing to be
lili and tn foiget u i erliiln person And
nnw. one little mesnge fiom Hint prison
-"No onn in tho world knnws nu hnvo
II no one but v on and me'" had innde
li i tn foigel all his plaim and i evolutions
He was a kiilght-eriunt, devoted to ,t
ingli cause her service! Thnt was whv
Monlv's Jlho hnd struck home. But first
of all, lie must lid hhnelf of these
troublesome diamonds, which seemed to
weigh n ton in his pocket. Hverv person
he had met upon thn slieet. especially
the policemen, had seemed to know about
his booty, mid to look nt his accusingly.
Then ho had thought of Montv Hionk
Held. "Monty, t need on but not for beat
mat'," he said, as they lighted ('Ignis in
n "ocluded col tier. "This necktaco doesn't
bilong to mc "
Monty grinned nt him nmlnhlv.
"I believe I nsked von awhile ago whore
you stole It'" ho obnod
"It was wished on me'" Onlg retorted,
unable to lesslt the whimsical humor of
his fiicnd.
"You nlwajs weie lucky"- said Brook
field, envlouslj. "Well. vvhnt'a the
Rutherfnid told him brlellj, but with
careful avoidance of tho two chief sus
pects on hoard ship. Biookllold listened
without comment, whllo stroking mi
Imaginary beard of patrlnichal length,
and scanning his friend with his keen
"Umpii humph!" he commented, when
Craig hnd ended. "A veiy clever llttlo
game! The real smugglers have taken
advantage of your honest fnce nnd used
you to get their stuff Into poit. Those
men who came after vou nnd culled them
selves seeiet service ofllclaN were rc.illv
agents of the smugglers The genuine
kind don t go around beating up Ameri
can clticiis as If tlioy weie lugs or car
pets. You've been nwny so 0ng that
you've forgotten how we net over heio'"
"Or.inted but I still have tho ekliice
f don't want It. at the same tunc. I'm
not ciazv about turning It in and being
suspected as a smuggler who has lost
his nerve What do S'ou suggest?"
"I'll fix It." leplled Montj-. once mote
the prompt mnn of notion. He rose nnd
hurried over to a telephone booth.
In less tli.ni half an !,i ur nfter iic re
Joined his friend, a qui t business-like
man presented himself. elng Iirooklleld
engaged in .1 conieioir,.. lie vvns about
to draw hick dlsciee:'-j uliuii tlio nt
tomev motioned him forward.
"Hello, Crowdci!" he snid gonlally
"you ate Just the man I need to settle a
bet My friend heio thinks he knows
what .1 secret service man looks Ilia.
and I have nssuied him that lie doesn't'
Mr. Hutherford, I vwmt vou to shako
hands with Mi. Cronder, 0110 of the re.il
rtiitberford aioso and extended Ills bund
The oflieer was about to gi.isp It. when
at the moment his ey caught a sight of
the necklace left exposed upon the table.
His Jaw half dropped and ho entirely
forgot the greeting palm.
".Scares you Just, about like It did me!"
charted Brnnkllclili who hnd noticed Ills
start of sui prise,
"Who's property la thnl7" demanded
Crow del.
"Why? Mo .vou know anything nboul
If" pa tried Hutherford.
"Wlicio did vou get It?" persisted the
"I don't know," teplled Craig. "But t
happen to have brought It off tho dothlc
vvlllt me rather by mlstnkc."
Crowdor teach for the nccklncc. but
Cutlg coolly placed his iiand upon it, ns
though In deflanco of tho officer.
"t must seize those Jowets," said tho
olllcer, with quiet authority.
"Why?" nsked Crnlg, In apparent In
nocence. Ho was trjlng to draw the man
"Why" Accotdlng to your own story,
the diamonds hnvo been smuggled In and
I hnppen to hnvo been given this particu
lar t.aso this morning!"
"Then ou know vvhoro they emtio from
whoso they nto?" asked Hutherford
The officer glanced quickly nt Brook
field, who half nodded.
"t simply know that they worn pttr
ehnsed nt Klrsehwasser's, In Ilerlllii nnd
1 have a description of tho persons who
bought them."
"How did you lenrn that?" nsked Craig,
"How do ynu know It?" tho secret serv
ice man Instantly retorted, (King his
searching eyes upon Hutherford
"Win everynodv on the tlothlc knew It
There was a inessTge sent lo some secret
snrvlee men on lionid to watch for It."
".lust sav that again!" Cronder ov
elnlmed, Ills face stiffening like 11 dog's
pointing nt some suddenly discovered
Craig repeated his statement. Ciowder
turned to Brorklleld with a look of per
plexity. "Mr. Brookfleld, vou know this gentle
mnn personally?"
"The friend of a long nnd Ill-spent life.
Crowdor." replied Monty, with a mock
grimace, as If lie were making u serious
"His having this necklace Is strange!
nnd his knowing about tho secret service
mi-aiase Is stinnger," Crowder ohseivrd,
half to himself and evidently divided he
twien his naturil caution nnd 11 11 inclina
tion to take Ituthei-ford for what Broolc
lleld thought Mill, lather than what ho
might ensllv be suspected of being
"I have nliendv heard his stor.v," leplled
BinoMleld, "and I sent foi vou because I
think there is n big rnso behind It. Mr.
Rutheiford lias been mndo tho moans of
getting this necklace thiougli the cus
toms, that much Is evident Now, ir .vou
can find the ie.il culprit, I believe .vou
will uneiiith .1 plot hi big Hint the picent
hit of clever work will p.tlo into InslKnlll
I'UllC" "
Montv Hinoklleld's opinions weie enti
tled to icspecl. and the secict service man
was evidently following the sumo lino of
thought, lie now turned to ISutheifoid In
a imimicr almost friendly, ns It inviting
fuitlKT confidences.
"That repoit circulating on tlio Oothlo
must h.ive been puio imagination on
somebody's part!"
"Not a bit of It! Jt wns too clicuni
stantinl to bo n product of tho Imagina
tion," ptotcbted ltutheiford. "Why, I
heard the niessngo myself."
"You? fun vou lead wireless?" asked
Ciowder qulcklv.
"No. .nit I happened to be In tho wire
less iv, .. when It came in The opeiator
told 1 le nothing, but the man who was
with 1110 read it and the next day It was
ull over the ship "
"Who was thn man with jou?" the of
ficer fairly suuppi'd.
"Htldermun. of Wall sticol."
Ciowdtr's lips shut tight, but he made
no filisctvutlun.
"Theie weie two secret set vice men on
tiuaicl at least I thought lliey vvurc."
continued I'ra'g. "nnd they niacin llfo
mihciablo foi nil the lest of tho pan
sengers bv ovoi hauling things "
"Mr. ltutheiford, the whole thing Is
ithsuid. Thero wcio no sccrot-scrvice men
on boiud thut ship nnd If there had been,
those are not their methods. No mes
sage htiuh ns .vou describo was over io
tclved on boatd the (iiithtc. I know, be
cause the vci flint Intelligence; of It came
direct to headquarters onlj last night!"
Hutherford whistled.
"Are jou sure?" he asked slowly, it.i
the amazing situation began to dawn
upon him
"Positive. That what makes your
own story so surprising."
Rutherford's mind was leaping wildly
fiom ono thing to another. Tho men who
had hounded MIch Bnllanlyhe so persist
ently were not secrct-scrvlco mon. She
hud been right Whon ono of them had
ttlccl to wrest tlio blue buckle from her,
on shipboard, ntnl the other 'nnd Joined
him In tho West 10th street house, they
were clearly cmplojed In some private
nffalr of tho smuggling gnng. Tho buckle
had nothing lo do with it, and had been
used In tho first Inslnnco merely hs 11
"Mr Crowdor. It will be easy enough
for ou to substantiate tho wireless ntory,
nnd its for this thlng"-here Crnlg pushed
tho strand of Jo- els across tho table lo
tho detective "I wish jou'd take charge
of Mt It atlrs up loo much trouble'"
Jf Crowder had continued to entertain
n suspicion that this frank-spoken man
was concerned In tho smuggling It died
nnw In the fnce of his honest desire to get
rid of the diamonds
"Certainly, I'll take the necklaeo and
Rive you it receipt I may need you In
this mutter later. In fact, I'm sure you
call ho of service to us "
"You'll find me-thcre," tejolned Crnlg.
blinding his card to the officer nnd reced
ing in turn a receipt for thn necklace
which he turned over to Monty,
Crowdor wns eager to get nwny Both
Hutherford nnd Brookfleld knew that he
wns nlrendv Intently pursuing In thought
h cnuise of notion he wns anxious to put
lo the lent
"Mr Hntherfoid." ho paused to Ay ns
ho wns leaving with tho gems III his
Inner pocket; "If anybody comes to jou
nboul this will vou let mo know7"
Crnlg gavo instant consent nnfl enre
fully pocketed the card which the secret
service man handed him.
"Well, we're In the thick of It!" Montv
observed, dellghtedlv. "Put mo next to
whatever linns up "
Crowder drew Hutherford for 1111 In
stant to one able r'ralg felt that he was
uiiilei scrutlnv
"Mr. Rutherford," said Crowder, "I wish
vou would tell me one thing more It mav
throw some light upon n series of events
Ynu sav It was Helderman thai took this
message "
"Yes," said Crnlg. "I wns theie when
he received It "
"You saj" went on Crowder." thnt It
was Helderman who was n fellow pas
senger upon tho Clotlilc."
"Of course," said Ctalg.
Crowder smiled with assurance "Mr.
Rutherford." ho went on, "tell mc one
thing. How do jou know this mnn was
"Know II," nnsweied Crnlg "How docs
nnvbody know nnvthlng? I recognized
him In a Mash tho Instant that he named
his name."
"You've seen iilni before?" nsked
"No," snld Craig, "but ho nnswcis the
description Ho has the characteilstlcs
the character of Heldcrninn, Hit- up
start "
"You'd stako votir life that It was llel
dei num. Hien7" queried Ciowder.
"I would," said Craig. "I in ns sum
of It as that "
Crowder smiled In u superior soil of
wav. "Would It change vour views If
I told vou something lather Mauling,
Mr. Rutherford What would jou say
If I told vou Hint llcldeiman was not
n passenger on hoard the Gothic?"
"But ho was," snld Craig.
"I In wns not," relumed Crowder. pos
itively. "Ho wns not on boa id tlio
Gothic-. 1 lo wns here piesent In Now
"Wlint." ciied ltutheiford. "Hero in
Now York-for the past week. Are you
"Positive," rnpented Crowder
"How can jou bo sure?" askcil Craig
"flccniise," said Crowdci, "I have seen
hlni everv night every night, mind you
for the past ten days, and so have half
it dozen other men."
"Who are they'"' queried Crnlg
"Night watchmen." said Cinwcler, "pa
trolling the Drive. Hvery night we have
seen Ilcldei mnn the real llclderman
tluough the windows of his house, I know
the leal llcldeiiiiAii when I see him Ynu
can't fool me about that. And for ten
dnjs nt least for I vo been leckoning
him up for at least that time he has
been homo everv night."
"Beckoning him up," repeated Craig
"Shadowing him," said Ciowder, "If it
will suit ou better."
"What for?" asked Ctalg.
Crowder shrugglcd his slioiildeis "To
tell jou tho whole truth, Air. Ituthcrfoi'd,"
ho said, "I don't know why. I'm acting
under orders. There's n big mvsterv con
nected with this mnn Helderman, and I'm
told to keep hlni moro 01 les In sight.
That's how I know that he's been hero
In New York That's how I know he
wns not on the Oothlc."
"You think then," queried Cialg, "that
"there nro two Heldrmah-tw!n hroihef
CWrotrJhrugle-a W
If there ate. you're the tin mftn that
ever saw the other Ii eldermati, Mr.
Rutherford. I never saw but n.e, ,f onc!
know of nobody that ever saw b it ;one.
But of ono thing 1 am mlRhly si ire-thc
mannboatd tho Oothlo was not Hewer
"cialg smiled lncrcdnlously. "We'll put
that to the test," he said
"Clood," returned Crowder. I w n
vou would, nnd If It Isn't " MJ
tiouhle, Mr. RUlherfqrd, I'd be glad l
know nnvthlng xotl see or lir .
Itutherroid fcli himself free at last to
go homo. His rtptrtmonU were Just
around the comer, at the fi,""'ln"h"m;
and thither be turned, making mental
reservations as he nodded to Montj.
What actually did turn up was so ut
terly unexpected thnt he completely for
got Brookllcld'H craving for n sharo in
tho mj'sterj-. , .
At the Hnndrlngham ho wns we corned
as a welUpajing nnd uncomplaining
guest should be. Porters had already car
ried up his luggage; ills rooms had been
carefully put to rights, and the cleric
now gnvc him his kevs He entered the
place he called homo nfter nn absence ot
over two yeais. nnd found It gratlfylngly
like It wns when ho hnd left II. With n
sigh of content, he sank Into his fnvorlto
lounging chair, nnd began to glnnce
through the pile of accumulated mail
readv for hlni on tho table
Henri had not materialized, and a letter
told the reason why. Henri had married
n widow and her tcstaurnut. nnd his new
duties precluded hlni from being nny
longer a man's man. It wns rather 11
blow, Henri hnd been cfllclcnt nnd had
come tn understand his master's moods
when to ho In evidence nnd when to bo
out of sight This thing of brcnklng in
11 new man was n nuisance.
Well, nfter nil ho was at home again,
nnd theao things would adjust themselves
In time Just at present It wns luxurious
to leclluo at ease, with his own things.
Ills books, his papers, his letters, his pipe,
within easy lencb. Now that he had thai
pestlfeious string of diamonds safely off
his hands, he could breathe easier; he
wns safe from bother anil Inlcnuptton
The telephone bell rnng
"A lady to seo jou, sir," tho operator
downstairs called.
Ruthci ford's face flushed. Only one
woman In Now York could know Hint he
was at home again. Sho had come to
seek blin; she must need his help.
"It must bo 11 matter of Importance,"
ho nnsweied, with a quick instinct to
make this somewhat unconventional visit
as ensv nnd unembnrrasslng ns possible.
"Ask her If she will be so kind as to
come to my apartments "
As he hung up the loceiver ho was un
comfortably unconscious that his words
hnd not been pnrtlculaiiv effective; and
much as ho desired to seo Miss Ballan
tyne, bo icgrctted that she hnd found It
necessary to seek hlni Ho wanted to
shield her In evety posslblo way and had
icf rained fiom asking for her name from
tho opeiator.
Mrs. Mary Hrcnnan, llth street near
Norris, met an attractive .voting woman
nt the movies recentlj-, and nfter tlio
performance Invited tier to tho Brennan
homo. When the young woman departed,
Mrs. Brennan found Hint her new coat,
with a $10 bill sewed in Hie lining, also
had depaitcd. .
I.nsl night Mrs. Brennan again saw the
attractlvo young woman at 10th street
and Columbia avenue. She was wearing
the coat. Calling a policeman, Mrs.
Brennan had her arrested. At tho 19th
nnd Oxfoid streets police station tho lin
ing wns ripped open, but no trace was
found ot tho monej
Tho joung woman, who Is Miss Mlnnlo
Cramer, of 1113 Hollywood street, xvna
held under $500 ball by SInglstrate Morris.
Red Cross Division of Emergency Aid
Will Devote $1000.
Legless Servian soldiers will be sup
plied with wooden legs purchased from
funds of tho Red Cross division of the
Emergency Aid Committee. Olio thou
snhd dollars have been Voted for the
purpose. An equal sum will bo given
for tho purchase of chloroform nnd Iodine
for the Servian wounded. It was decided
at n meeting of the Red Cross division
jesterday to expend these sums
Ilcports from Servln say that nn np
palllng number ot soldiers have lost their
legs owing to wounds received by the
low shots of Hie Austrlans. The demand
for artificial legs Is urgent. A groat
many of the old-fashioned wooden legs
also will be sent nbroad, as the expense
of buying expensive artificial legs would
bo great.
Transit Champion Guest of J,
rencu uiub Tonight.
tllreotrtr Tnvlor. tt 41, .
.r.;;" "."; , : r "?wittf.
Ul """" "' "o Honored loat.ij
n testimonial dinner by tha rn(fru!!
1110 JL-cii mm xencu VIUO, of wMVk el
n llfo member. Mayor BlanktnvT ffl
other members of his official ComJ' M
a. number or men promlnont In TiJV.iN
ncss world have been Invited tn ..,t
The testimonial dinner ni .?. "."Htl
the clubhouse, 1028 Walnut sirLrl
dinner Is entlrelv of e-."'?!, Ik
and Is given by tho newspaper Mf1
tho city ns n sign of their 1,1,1. "
for Director Taylor. Scores ol ELS1
figures In tho newspaper rotld S?
numbered among tho diners. " B
The nffnlr in In chnrgo of a ton,,J
of which Fred, I'. Whitney, tl S1
of tho club. Is chairman! WlB'
Rowan, secretary, nnd William iriA
treasurer Tlio other members of thF'
Rico C Garland, Joseph Mclgtn, wS
1 Uomie, T. M. Giles and Ben Tit jfflS!
mIIIhii ... t.-.n T,......., "'
niiviuu u u.,,1,11 jjniiuru, 1 red r ii
ii-- r rioln...i t- ,. '. .,c.u BlS
Equally well,
whether with
the finest lace,
the heaviest blanket,
the choicest linen, or the
most soiled overalls,
rnost soiled overalls, .
washes better and easier
without any boiling water.
Try the new-born sister of
Fels-Naptha Soap.
The Seven Darlings
Latest Photos of the
at the Front
English, French, German and
Belgian Armies in REAL Battles
A thousand details of the great war captured by
camera soldiers who risked their lives as bravely as
any of the troopers in the fights !
Two performances daily 2:30 and 8:30 P. M.--taa
limited engagement beginning Monday, March 8, at the
Admission 25c and 50c Scats for next week now selling
These pictures were secured for Philadelphia by the
SEuening Sletiger
TfvjIHSJFHSURMKBMUiiiuiw ' ""Bfc j!l v iitni I vTfcOMLStt' h3I xiDEMlLr w
The Weber Pianola j
The Steinway Pianola
When self-playing pianos first became a probability, the sole ambition
of inventors was to produce an instrument to render automatically every
power of human fingers and every interpretation of master musicians.
The PIANOLA became the first successful player to accomplish these
ideals. Patent after patent was produced by the Aeolian Company. Today
312 patents protect the PIANOLA.
On the PIANOLA you can render in the most1 amazingly simple
fashion exact reproductions of the best human playing. Through the
Metrostyle and Themodist you can simply produce every accent, every
shading and every bit' of melody.
More amazing still you can purchase a genuine PIANOLA at prices
much less than that asked for imitations.
The Aeolian Family
of the player-piano world is on sale at Heppe's and includes ;
Steinway Pianola (grand) $2100
Weber Pianola (grand) , 1800
Steinway Pianola. ,...,,. 1250
Weber Pianola 1000
Wheelock Pianola $750
Stroud Pianola 550
Francesca-Heppe Player-Pianos. ...... 450
Aeolian Player-Pianos , f . , 395
The Wheelock Pianola
Settlement may be in (ttfh or' charge account or our rental-payment plan all rent applies to purchase:
Write for large illustrated catalogue.
C T HFPPF Rt miN 1H7-1119 Chestnut Street
V. J. inHiJrrii Ot avlN 6th and Thompson Streets
The Stroud Pianola
Cnpe May, N. J.
1444 tecttieo. on th Macs steam Ual,
I VW u .rtvfa ib. .Wl- j