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of ecarltar and other proceedings necessary
to obtain possession und m the damages
Ir k lot of ground appropriated for park
purposes by an ordinance approved De
cember 0. 1B14, And directing the Clerks ot
doanrlla tn present this resolution to the
Mayor for hla approval or disapproval.
Resolved, Iiy the Select anil Common Coun
tlli of the1 City of Philadelphia, That the
Mayor Is hereby nutnorlted and directed to
enter, security on bohalf of the City of Phlla
delphia for the payment ot any damages
which may be assessed by reason of tho ap
propriation of a lot of ground In tho Twenty
second Ward for an addition to Falrmount
Park ty the ordinance approved December 9,
1014, and the City Solicitor Is authorised and
directed to take the necessary proceedings for
tho assessment ot aald damages and the Com
mliMtonera or Falrmount Park ara requested
upon tho entry ,of said security to take pos
aesslon of sain lot of ground
Resolved That the Clerks of Councils aro
directed to present this resolution to the
Mayor for his approval or disapproval
Approved this 1st day of Mnrrh, A. D. 1913.
iiudolph blankbnbuho,
tKo. STn .Mayor of Philadelphia.
laying of pipe In Addison, Alrdrle, Anns
bury, Atlantic, Broad, Carey, Carlisle, Chat
ham. Crdrlck, Fifteenth, Fifty-ninth, Gil
lespie Ilortter, Hurley, Laycock, Itodman,
rH.iinon, vi-iiaiisu inu vvinKonocKing streets.
Bustleton, Grant, Harley, Haael, Llndley,
.'gomz, oixiy-cignin ana v
IVarrlngton ave-
nute and lorn road.
faftlntl 1 TlSsk fllM a Mil fvm mm fVunalla
ef the City of Philadelphia do ordain: That
the Department of Public Works bo authorised
and directed to lay water pipe In Addison
atreet from Fifty-eighth to Fifty-ninth street;
Alrdrle street, from Nineteenth lo Twentieth
atreet; Annsbury street, from Fifth to Sixth
atreet, Atlantic street, from O street to about
seventy-five feet east of Shclbnurne street:
Bioad street, both sides, from Haines atreet
to Sixty-seventh avenue: Carey atreet, from
Nineteenth to Twentieth street; Carlisle street,
frnnr llnlnes street to Sixty-seventh avenuo;
Chatham atreet, from Tioga to Venango street,
Erdrlck street; from Vanklrk street to Dark
Hun lane: Fifteenth street, from Haines street
to Sixty-seventh avenue; FIfty-nlntli street,
from Cedar avenue to Lar-hwood avenue;
Gillespie atreet, from Ilenner to Devercaux
atreet. Hortter street, from Wlssahiekon ave
nue to. about three hundred feet west; Hurley
atreet, from .Wyoming to Courtland street:
Laycock street, from Eighty-second atreet to
about threo hundred and twenty feet east. Hod
man atreet, from Fifty-eighth to Fifty-ninth
street, Salmon street, from Ontario to Schiller
atreet and from Venango to Pickwick atreet,
"Venango atreet. from Howard to Lee Btreet,
wlngohocklng street, from Fifth to sixth street
ml from Ninth street to tho Boulevard, Bub
tleton avenue, from present plpo lino about
Horbeck street to Hell's Corner; Grant avenue,
from Hustlcton avenue to Ulue Grass road;
Harley avenue, from eighty-third to Hlghty
fourth atreet: Hazel aenuc, from Flfty-olghth
tn Plflv-nlnth atreet; Llndley nvonue, from
Fifteenth atreet to Ogonti avenue; Ogoiltz
nuei Sixty-eighth nvenue. from York road to
Sixteenth atreet; Warrington avenue, from
Fifty-seventh to Fifty-eighth Btreet: York
road, west side, fron Sixty-eighth avrnuo to
Haines street,
approved the 20lh day of rcbruary, A. D.
rudolph blankenburo,
No. 877 Mayor ot Philadelphia.
Plan and condemn a certain plot of ground
with buildings nnd Improvements thereon,
situate In tho Twenty-first Ward, bounded by
Sllverwood street, Hector atreet, Cresson
atrret and Cotton street, for park and piny
ground turpuscs for the health and enjoy
ment of the peoole. and to placo eamo under
the custody and management of the Hoard
of Recreation,
Section 1. Tho Select and Common Councils
f the City of Philadelphia do ordain: That
by virtue and pursuance of tho authority
Vested In them by the fourth section of an
Act of Assembly approved May 11. LS37, they
do B'l-ct ami approprlato for park and oloy-
J round purposes and for tho health and cn
oyment of the people forever, to wit, all
that certain lot or piece ot ground with tha
buildings and Improvements thereon erected,
situate In the Twenty-flrBt Ward. Dog Inning
at the Intersection of the eouthweat lino of
Sllverwood street with tho northwest line ot
Hector street, thenco extending southwest along
the MM northwest line of Hector street 04,3(13
feet to tho northeast line ot Cresson street,
thence northwest along name 243.037 feet to
the southeast line of Hoxborough street, thence
northeast along the same 1811.02 feet to the
southwest line of Sllverwood street, thenco
southeast along the tame 210.333 feet to tho
northwest line of Rector street, and the place
ot beginning; also beginning at the Inter
section of the southwest lino ot Sllverwood
atreet with tl-.e northwest line ot Roxborough
atreet. thenco extending southwest nlonsr tho
said northwest line of Hoxborough street 2J4,02u
fet to the northeast line of Cresson street,
thenca northwest along the same 18S,77fl feet
to the southeast line of Cotton street, thence
northeast along tho samo 331) SIS feet to the
southwest line of Sdlvcrwood street, thence
southeast along the same 1311.203 feet to tho
northwest line of Roxborough street and tho
clare of beginning.
Section S. That tho Department of Public
"Works (Hoard of burveyors) be authorized nnd
dliected to flare on tho City Plan as a publla
nark and playground so much ot the property
described In Section 1 as Is not now on the
Section 3. The City Solicitor la heroby di
rected to Me In the Court of Quarter Sessions,
on behalf ot the City, a petition for the
assessment of damagea. and setting forth
therein the ground herein selected and ap
propriated. Section 4. The tract of ground herein do
scribed Is herehv placed under tho custody and
control of the Hoard of Recreation, authorized
'by the Act of Assembly approved Juno 0. Hill,
subject to such rules and regulations as have
been or shall he from time to time established
by tha said Hoard ot Recreation for the care,
management and maintenance of public play
grounds, and the said board la bereby author
Ized and directed to Immediately enter upon
said premises und tako possession ot tho same.
All ordinance or parts of ordinances incon
sistent herewith be. and the same are hereby
Approved this -Ith day of March. A. D. 1013.
No 878. Mayor of Philadelphia.
rector of the Department of Public Works
(Bureau of City Property) to sell at publlo
aiv iua iriausuiur lot or pieco oi grouau
situate on the east side of 23th atreet, at
the distance of UU.1S3 feet north of Porter
Section 1, The Select and Common Councils
of the City of Philadelphia do ordain, ' That
the Director ot the Department ot Publlo
Works (Uureau ot City Property) be and he la
hereby authorized and directed to oner at pub
lic sale and to aell to the highest bidder all
that certain lot. or piece of ground situate In
the 48th, (formerly the SUth) Ward of the City
ot Philadelphia, on the East side of 28th itreet
t the distance of slxty-slx feet and ono hun
dred and twenty-live one thousandths of a
root northward from the North side of Porter
atreet (sixty feet wide), thence. extending North
fifteen degrees east along the easterly side of
2Sth street (fifty feet wide) two hundred and
forty-three feet and sixty-one one thousandths
ot a foot to the centre of Old Passyunk road,
thence extending South llfty-alx degrees elgnt
minutes East along the centre line ot Did
Passyunk road two hundred and seventy-nlns
feet snd one hundred and twenty-five one
thousandths of a foot to a point, thence ex
tending; South seventy-four degrees titty-seven
minutes. West three hundred and five feet
and one hundred and forty-two one thou
sandths of a foot to the East side ot liith
street and the place of beginning. Containing
seven thousand three hundred and sixty-nine
ten thousandths of an acre, provided that the
said sale when made shall be confirmed by
these Councils.
APProvsd the 1st day of March. A. D. 1015.
(No. 831) Mayor ot Philadelphia.
vtafon ot the lines and grades ot State road,
from Linden avenue to Grant avenue.
Section 1. The Select and Common Councils
of the City of Philadelphia do ordain: That the
Department of Public Works (Board of Sur
veyors) be sutborlzed to revise the lines and
grades of State road and to make the same
eighty (SO) feet wide from Linden avenue to
Grant avenue, and to make the necessary re
vision of the lines and grades ot Intersecting
Approved the -ith day of March. A. D. loin.
(No. 884) Mayor ot Philadelphia.
struction ot main sewers tn Adams avenue,
Falrhlll street. Fifty-second street; Hock Run
sewer In Ashdalo atreet, Bobbins atreet I Rock
Bun sawsr lu Seventh street. Thirty-fourth
Fst.ct2ie'rSTewwP.DD mgamt1
rSrsf2.PAV b that u-TTce
street, Venango street, and the 'Wlngohocklng
ewer In Annsbury atreet
Section 1. The Select and Common Councils
ot the City of Philadelphia do ordain That tha
Director of the tepsrtment of Public. Works be
and Is hereby authorized to.enter Into contracts
for the construction of tho following main sew
era Adams avenue, from Hamona atreet to the
Boulevard, FalrMll street, fiom Tabor street to
Olney avenue. In Olney avenue from Falrhlll
street to Fifth (itreet and In Fifth from Olney
avenoe to Chew street; Fifty-second atreet,
from the present sewer about thirty (30) feel
northwest of Paschall avenue to tho present
sower northwest of the Philadelphia, Baltimore
and Washington Railroad: Rock Run sewer In
Ashdalo street, from present sewer east of
Mascher atreet to Front street: Robblna street,
from the present sower northwest of TorrcBdsle
avenue to the stream northwest of Jackson
slreet; Hock Itur sewer In Sevtnth street, from
Chew street to the stream north of Ncdro
atreet: Thirty-fourth street, from Spruce street
to about six hundred (000) feet south of Spruce
street, thenco southeast through tho grounds of
the University of Pennsylvania to tho present
seweri Venango street, from Cntbon street to
Carper street. Wlngohocklng sewer in Anns
bury street, from Fifth street to present sewer
east of Fifth street in Annsbury street; from
Bodlne street to Wlngohocklng street, and In
Wlngoboeklng street, from Annsbury street to
the Philadelphia, Nowtown and New York
Railroad . ...
Section 2. The Director of tho Department
of Publlo Works shall advertise for proposals
and award contracts In accordance with ex
isting laws nnd ordinances nnd plana and
specifications prepared by tho Department of
I'lihtle Works. Am' excess over assessment
of propert) for the construction of said sowers
shall be charged to Item WO, loan for con
strutllon of main sewers. In tho appropria
tion lo tho Department of Publlo Works (Uu
reau of 8urves). Provided, No such assess
ment shall be charged for tho sew era author
ised by this ordlnsnco whero tho simo nro
built upon undedlcated streets and where tho
Eropcrtles are not nnsossed at full City rates,
ut no rermtts shall be Issued for the dralnngo
o' properties on the lino of said sewera until
the regular frontage charges shall havo been
pMd, And the following sums nro hereby aet
aside for the construction ot the main sewers
herein authorized Adams avenue, from Ra
mnna street to tho Doulevnrd twenty-flvo thou
sjind 123 ono) dollars, Talrhlll atreet from
Tabor street to Olney avenue; In Olney nvo
nuo from Falrhlll afreet to Fifth street, nnd
In Fifth Htreet, from Olney avenue to Chow
atrrot fifteen thousand (lB.nOO) dollnrs. riltv,
second street, from tho present sewer about
thirty (10) feet northwest of Paschall nvenuo
to the present sewer northwest of the Phila
delphia, Haltlmore and Washington Railroad
nvo thousand (H 000) dollars Rock Hun sewer
In Aetu"nlo slreet. from present sower east of
Mascher street to Pront street, tvventy-flvn
thousand (15.000) dolHrs Hobhlns street, fmm
tho present sower northwest of Jackson street,
twentv-flvo thousand (21,000) dollars Hoek
Hun sewer In Seventh street from Chew street
to the stream north of Nedro street thirty
thousand CIO.OOO) dollars, Thirty-fourth street
from Spruco street to about six hundred (000)
feet south of Spruco street, then southeast
through tho grounds of the University of
pennsvlvanla to the present sewer, thirty thou
sand (.10.000) dollars. Venango street from
Carbon Btreet to CnaDer street, twenty-five
thousand (23 000) dollora. Wlngohocklng sower
In Annsbury street, from Fifth street to pres
ent sewer east of Fifth street: In Annsbury
street, from Hodlno street to Wlngohocklng
street, and In Wlngohocklng street, from Anns
bury street to tho Philadelphia Nowtown nnd
New York Railroad, twenty thousand (20 000)
dollars Provided. That In tho event of any
of the aforesaid sewera costing less thnn tho
sum set nsldo for Its construction tho Director
ot the Department of Public Works Is hereby
authorized at his discretion to use any bal
ance nf the foregoing amounts, or any part
thereof, for the completion of any of tho main
sewera herein named for which tho sums set
nsldo aro Insufficient. Provided also, That the
Director ot the Department of Public Works Is
authorized to appoint nrslstants and Infpoctors
a miv bo requisite, and nav nil expenses for
salaries. Inspection, borlnjs. transportation
and expenres incidental to tho work from the
aforesaid Item
Section 3 That tho Mnvor Is hereby author
Iriil ti enter security on behnlf of the City of
Philadelphia, for the payment of any dimaga
by reason ot th construction of nny of tho
herein authorized newer through private
propertv, vvlth the exception or the property
of tho University of Pennsylvania. The own
ers of this property shall first enter Into nn
agreement releasing tha City from all claims
for damages for the construction of the herein
authorized sower through their grounds
Approved tha 1st day of March, A D. 1015
No SK3, Mayor ot Philadelphia.
prlatlng a portion of a certain pleco of
ground, now on the City Plan na Tacony
Creek Park, In tha Forty-second Ward, as a
park nnd open public placo for the health
and enjoyment of tho pooplo.
Section 1. The Select and Common Councils
of tho City of Philadelphia do ordain: That
by vlrtuo and In pursuanco of the authority
vested In them by the fourth section of on Act
or Assembly approved May 11, 1837. they do
hereby select nnd appropriate for purk pur
poses and for thu health nnd enJoment or the
people forever, a portion of a certain tract of
ground now on tho (. Ity Plan an Taconv Creek
Park, bounded by the ccntro line of Tabor
street, the centre lino of the Tacony Creek,
the Northeast side of Rising Sun avenue and
the Northerly sldo ot Olne avenue, In the
Forty-second Ward
Section 2. The City Solicitor Is heroby di
rected to nie In tho Court ot Quarter Sessions
a petition on behalf ot the city setting forth
the grounds appropriated, to tho end that said
Court shall appoint a Jury to assess tho dam
ages as nrnvlded bv lnw.
Approved this 4th day ot March. A. D. 1013. j
fNo. 882). Max.r of Philadelphia
Hoard of Recreation to Imnrovo and develop
certain pluygrounds and recreation centres
under Its Jurisdiction.
Section 1. The Select and Common Councils
ot tho city of Philadelphia do ordain. That
the Hoard of Recreation be, and Is hereby au
thorized to Improve nnd develop playgrounds
and recreation centres under !t Jurisdiction,
the lot bounded by Twenty-slxth, Twenty
seventh, Moore and Morris streets, and White
ho 11 commons, Franltford
Action 2 That tho following sum be set
aside In Item 13o (loan) of the appropriation to
the Hoard of Recreation for tho Impriivement
of tho lot bounded by Twenty-sixth. Twenty
seventh, Moore and Morris sttcetn forty thou
sand (10 000) dollars, Whltcl-nll Commons,
Frankford, forty thousand (40.000) dollars
Provided, That In the event of any of the said
Improvements costing less than the sum herein
set aisde for construction and Improvement the
Hoard of Recreation Is hereby authorized at its
discretion to uso tho balance, or any part
thereof, for the completion of any ot the Im
provements named herein for which sum set
aside is Insufficient.
Approved the 25th day of February. A. D.
(No 883). Mayor of Philadelphia.
westwardly line of Germantown avenue, be
tvieen Maplewood avenue and RJttenhousa
Section 1 The Select and Common Councils
of the City of Philadelphia do ordain. That
tho Department of Publlo WorkB (Board of
Surveyor), be authorized to revise the south
westwardly line of Germantown avenue, be
tween Maplewood avenue and Rlttenhouse
Section 2. After the confirmation and estab
lishment of the said revised line. It shall not
be lawful for any owner or builder to' erect
any new building, or to rebuild or alter tha
front of any building now erected, without
making It recede so as to conform to the re
vised line as established by this ordinance.
Approved the fourth day ot March, A, D,
No. 880. Mayor ot Philadelphia,
struction ot sewers In Addison, Albanus. At
lantic, Camac, Catharine, Cedar, Chatham,
Commissioner, Coral, Courtland, I), Day, Dlt
man. Eighth. Eighteenth, 1 Falrhlll, Kill
more, fourth. Fifty-second. Fifty-third,
Flftyrfourth. Flfty-flfth, Fifty-sixth, Fifty
seventh, Gladstone, Harrison Hedley, Hope,
llorrocks, Hortter, Hurley. Irving, JackBon,
Lee, Lycoming, Morris, Media, Nineteenth,
Osmond, Pickwick. Redflsld, Ringgold. Rock
land, Roseberry, Buscomb, Salmon, Sheldon,
Simpson, Sparks, Sules, Second, Sixth, six
teenth. Sixty-second. Sixty-third, Taylor,
Tioga, Toronto, Third, Tenth, Thirty-fifth,
Venango Wakellng, Waterloo, Wenaley and
Weymouth streets, Dicks, Duncannon, Fisher,
Florence, Kensington, Klngsesslng, Lehigh,
Llnaley, Olney, Springfield, Torresdale, War
rington. Wayne. Wynneneld, Whitby and
"Wyoming avenues. Park Line drive. North
east Houlevard and Cobb's Creek Parkway.
American. Philip, Third. Howard, Pine and
Sixty-third atrsets and Larchwooa avenue.
Section 1. The Select and Common Councils
VJIliy . H -.. oa.ima.fi.w.i . t- Wfi 1 - wi-i , i - "I ww,, i i ir. . f-.iarvini
of the City of Philadelphia do ordain: Thai
the Department of Publlo Works be authorized
to enter Into contracts for the construction ot
sewers in Addison atreet from Twelfth to Camaa
street; Albsnus street from Second to Third
street, and from lork road to Thirteenth
street: Atlantic street, from (1 street to about
seventy-five (73) feet cast of sheibourne street;
Camac street, from Louden to Rockland street;
Catharine slreet, Irom summit west ot Blxty
second street to Cobb's Creek Parkway: Cedar
street, from Venango to Tioga streetl Chatham
atreet, from Tlogn, to Venango street: Com
missioner street, from Thirty-fourth to Thirty
fifth street: Coral atreet, from Wain street to
Wheatsheaf lana; Courtland street, from
Twelfth street to the Boulevard; D street,
from Wyoming to Courtland street; Day atreet,
from Wlldoy to Emery streetl Hitman street,
from Magee to Unruh street; Eighth street,
from Wiomlng avenue to the Houlevard:
Eighteenth atreet, from Rockland to Ruscomb
street; F street from tho Houlevard to Rus
comb street, and In Huscomb street, from P
street to Tacony Creek; Falrhlll street, from
Rockland to Ashdole atrect;Flllmore street, from
tno nouievarn to uosior roaot lourtn street,
from Porter street to about two hundred and
sixty-seven (2U7) feet south of llltner street,
and from Olney avonue to Chew street; Fifty
second atieet, from Overbrook nvenuo to City
line, Pirty-thlrd street, from Thomas avenue lo
Whitby avenue, Fifty-fourth street iwest side,
vvest side only to be assessod), from Woodbine
avenue to Overbrook avenue; Flfty-flfth street,
iromAMIlows avenuo tn Pinrence hvenuo; FPtv
slxth street, from Springfield avenue to Wll
lows avenue i Fifty-seventh street, from Spring
field avenue to Beaumont nvenue: Gladstone
street, from Third to Fourth street; Harrison
street, from Large street to Castor avenue, and
from Oakland Btreet tn Oxford nvenue Hcdlo
street, from Richmond to Bath street; Hopo
street, from Indiana to Clearfield street llor
rocks street, from Harrison to Wakellng street,
Ilortter atreet, from Wlssahtckon avenuo west
to Intercepting sewer: Hurley street, from Wy
oming nvenue to Courtland street; Irving street,
from Sixty-first to Sixty-second street, Jackson
street, from Ninth to Tenth street; Lee street,
from Jackson to llltner street; Lycoming street,
from Ninth to Tvveirth street, Morris
street, from Third to Orlnnna street,
Mi-dla street from Sixty-fourth tn Slxtv-flfth
street, Nineteenth street, from Rockland to
Ruscomb street, Osmond street, from Alnslca
tn Bowman street. Pickwick stroet, from
Thompson to Salmon street; Redfleld street,
from Vino to Callow hill street; Ringgold street,
from Indiana to Toronto street, Rockland
street, from Eighteenth to Nineteenth Btreet,
nnd from Hotlfleld avenuo to Sixteenth street:
H08eDcrrv Btreet, irom Third to Fourth street,
Ruscomb street, from Second to Fifth street,
and from Eighteenth to Nineteenth street;
Salmon street, from Ontario to Schiller street,
nnd from Pickwick to Venango street, Sheldon
street, from Second to Third street: Simpson
street, from Hnvcrford avenuo to Lansdowne
tvenur Sparks Btreet, from Ogontz avenue to
Twentieth street. Sulis street, from Second to
Third street, Second street from Ashdnle
street to tho llnulovord. Sixth street, from
Tabor road to Chew street. Sixteenth street,
from Lvcomlng street to Hunting Park ave
nuo nnd from Rockland to Huscomb street;
Sixty-second street, from Haverford avenuo to
Glrard avonue. Sixty-third street, from Bulst
avenue to Dicks nvonue, Tailor street, from
Berks to Twenty-fourth Btreet, nnd from Indi
ana to Toronto r'reet; Tlogn strcot, from How
nrd to Front Btreet: Toronto street, from
Twenty-fourth to Twcntv-flfth Btrcot; Third
street, from Sulls to Albanus street; Tenth
street, from Luzerne to L) coming street:
Thirty-fifth street, from Commissioners to
Clearfield street, Venango street, from Howard
to Lee street, Wnkellng Btreet, from llorrocks
street to Oxford pike, Waterloo street, from
Tusculum to Clearfield street: Wensley street,
from Emerald to Jasper street; Weymouth
street, from Ontario tn Tioga street; Dicks ave
nue, from Sixty-third to Sixty-fourth street,
Duncannon nvenue, from tf'lfth to Mnscher
street, Fisher nvenue, from Third to Mnscher
Mroet, Florenre avenue fiom Flftv-sov enth to
rirty-olghth street. Kensington avenue, from
Sedgley avenue to Fnnkford Creek Klngses
slng nvonue, from Fifty-sixth to Ithan street;
Lehigh nvenuo (south side, south sldo
only to be assessed), from Twenty
fourth to Twenty-eighth Btreet; Llndley
nvenue. from Second to Third street, nnd fron:
PPth to Ninth ntrcct. Olnoynvcrtue. from Wag
ner avenue to Seventh Btreet: Sprmgtleld ave
nue, from riftv-slxth to riftv-soventh street;
Torresdnle nvenuo (nortlienst sldo. nortlienBt sldo
only to bo assessed), from Trankforu nvenuo to
Silern filpot. Wnrrlngton nvenuo, from rifty
alxth to Flfty-Bcvcnth Btreet Wono nvenue,
from Arbutus street to Westvlew avenuo;
W vnrefleld avenue (north Bide, north aide only
io uc arcsaeui, irnm vvouuuina avenue to f niy
slxth street Whltbv nvenue, from Fifty-second
to Flflv-thlnl street Wvomlng- nvenuo. from
Seventh to Ninth street. Park Lino Urlvo, from
Hortter to Johnson Btreet Northeast Boulevard
(north side, north side only to bo assessed),
from Rlsirg Sur, nvenue tn H street; Northeast
Hnulevntd (north and south footwnys) from II
street to Tacony crtek. Cobbs Creek Parkway,
rrnm vvensirr io waviiarino street, Ainertcan,
Philip and Third streets, from Torter to Shunk
street Howard Btreet, from Clearfield to Llpnln
cott street, Pine street, from Slxty-socond to
Sixty-third street. Sixty-third street, from
Spruce strtct to Lnrchwood nvenuo, Larchvvood
nvenue from ilxty-secoml to SfHty-thlrd street.
Section 2 That thp Director or the Depart
ment of Public Works shall ndvcrllBO, according
to law announcing that bids will bo received
for the powers above authorized, and he shall
allot them to the lowest risiwnslble bidders, nnd
It Bhnll bo n condition of tho said contrncts
that tho contractors shall accept tho sums as
scsel upon tho lines of aald sowers in manner
nnd form authorized bv existing ordinances, and
any exress over and above tho said nsseesment,
in nddlt'on to thnt nrovlded for bv ordinance,
shall bo charged to Item No. 102 (loan) or any
other Item for the construction of branch sew
ers In the npproprlntlon to the Department of
Public Works (Hurenu of Surves) Provided,
Tint In nil enes whero the property on tho
lines of tho sewers herein nuthorlzed Is nraessed
nt suburbnn rates tho owners nf propertv shall
first file an agreement to pay tho regular front
avro charges Provided, however. That the De
partment of Public Works la authorized to con
struct the sowers In n street, from Wyoming to
Courtlnnd Btreet: Plllmoro street, from the
Houlevurd to Castor road, Harrison street, from
I-arge street to CaBtor road, Horrocka areet,
from Harrison to Wnkellng Btreet: Wakellng
Btreet, from llorrocks street to Oxford plks ..d
the Northeast Boulevard (north and south foot
vvavs) from B street to Tacony creek, with
out the agreement being required, but no per
mits Khali bo Issued for thn drnlnago of nnv
propeitles on the lines ot raid streets until the
re-ular rrontuce chvrges shall be paid
Settlor 1. Thnt tho Director of the Depart
ment of Public Works Is authorized to pay for
Inspections, barings nnd expenses Incidental to
the work of construying said branch sewera
from tho Item for tho construction ot branch
Approved th" 1st day of March, A. D 11)15.
(No. 887) Mayor ot Philadelphia.
tt nslon of the Gunners Run relief Bewer In
Indiana Btreet from Third to Twelfth street.
Section 1 The Select and Common Councils
of the City ot Philadelphia do ordain.
That tha Director of the Department ot Pub
lic Works be authorired to enter Into a con
tract for the extension ot the Gunners Bun
relief sewer In Indiana street, from Third
street to Twelfth street.
Section 2 The Director ot tho Department of
Public Works shall advertise for proposals and
award contracts In accordance with existing
laws and ordlnancea and plana and specifica
tions prepared by the Department ot Publla
Works (Bureau of Surveys) Tho cost of said
work to be paid out of Item 161 (loan) In the
appropriation to the Department of Publlo
Works, Bureau of Surveys: Provided, That the
Director of the Department of Public Works Is
hereby authorized to appoint assistants and In
spectors, as may be requisite, and to pay all
expenses for salaries. Inspection, borings,
transportation and expenses Incidental to the
work from the aforesaid sum
Approved tho 1st day ot March, A. D. 1015.
No. E88. Mayor of Philadelphia.
?lan Angora, Camac, Caslmlr, Dakota. Cover,
.tting, Franklin, rrazler. Garnet. Marston,
iiewAHH, ispui, uiuiuurp, i eucil, ' crcy.
Rubv nnd "Wlota streets and Tennis
American, i-ninp ana uamDrey
Section 1. The Select nnd Common Councils
of the City ot Philadelphia do ordain: That the
Department of Publlo works (Board of Survey
ors) be authorized to place on the City plan
Angora street nf the width of fifty feet, from
Cobbs Creek Parkway to Fifty-ninth street;
Camaa street, of the width ot fifty feet, from
81xty-flfth avenue to Sixty-sixth avenue; Casl
mlr street, of tha width of forty feet, from
Richmond to Salmon street: Dakota street, ot
the width of twenty feet, from Fifty-ninth to
Sixtieth street: Dover street, of the width of
forty feet, from Tasker to Morris street; fit
ting street, of the width of forty feet, from
Reed to Dickinson atreet; Franklin street, of
the width of forty feet, from Cayuga to wln
gohocklng street: Frazler street, of the width
of forty feet, from Christian to Webster
f He Sa,d "MK S.MPSoM.Tetifi ru (uo. I CAN-rllT UZZZIZTs
"V l lfsl I IX( P4ULJrMt-IIU 1 UWJI. ''. r "V .. i I I
, -w-- - , - ,. - - iv-irvc r i jti svti. ncrr-tsivii rsjea. r:', i-
street; Clarnat street, of the width of forty feet,
from Chelten avenuo to Mcdary nvenue; Mar
ston street, of tho width of forty feet, from
need to Dickinson sttcct; Newklrk street, of
tho width of forty feet, rrom Dickinson to Tas
ker street; Opal street, of the width of forty
feet, from Chelten avenuo to Medary avenue,
Palethorp street, of the width ot forty feet,
from Westmoreland to Ontario strcot; Peach
street, of the width of forty feet, from Florence
avenuo to Warrington nvonue: Percy street, ot
the width of forty-five feet, from Strunk to Por
ter street; Beimel street, of the width of forty
feet, from American to rlfth street! Ruby
street, of tho width of forty feet from Florence
avenuo to Wnrrlngton avenue; Wlota street, ot
the width of sixteen, and twenty feet. Irom
Wallace street to Falrmount nvenue; Tennis
vni m ft. wriath nf fftTtV feet. from
Tabor to Front street: American and Philip
streets, each of tha width ot forty feet, from
Porter to Shunk street) Bnmbrey nnd Marston
streets, each ot the width of forty feet, from
Westmoreland to Fox street, IrovIded. That bo
fore said streets, except Dakota, Palethorp,
Percy and Wlota streets shall be placed on the
plan, the owners of property srltnin the lines
thereof shall wltbln one ear from tho approval
of this ordinance, dedlcnte the beds of the
eame to tho City on the lines and grades as
confirmed by the Board of Surveyors, or Bhall
Indemnity the City ngnlnat nil damages or
claims for damages whloh may arise from
placing said streets upon the Plan, and their
aubsoquent opening to the confirmed linos and
grades. And Provided, That before said Tercy
street shall be placed on tha plan, tha owners
of nt least scventy-flvo percent, of the prop
erty within the lines thereof shall dedicate the
beefs ot the same to tho City on tho lines nnd
grades as confirmed by tho Hoard of Survejors,
nnd before snld Dakota nnd Wlota streets
shall bo placed on tho plan, satisfactory evl
denco shall bo furnished, within one year from
the approval of this ordlnnnco, that tho said
streets havo been open nnd In continuous
publlo use for n period of at least twenty-one
veara. And before snld Palethorp street shall
be placed on the plan, the owners ot property
within the lines thereof shall, within ono year
from tho approval ot this ordinance, dcdlcato
the bed of tho samo from Westmoreland street
to a point nbout one hundred and twenty feet
southward from Ontatlo street nnd furnish sat
isfactory evidence that said Palethorp strcot,
from Ontario street to a point about ono
hundred and twenty feet routhnnrd has been
physically open of the width of thirty feet for
n period of at loast twenty-one jears.
All ordinances or parts of ordinances Incon
sistent herewith be, and tho same are hereby
Approved tho 4th day of March, A. D. li)15.
(No. 883.) Mayor of Philadelphia.
grading ot Albanus, Algaid, Almond, Angora,
AnnRhiip. Anh4nle. Atlnntli. lltnner. 'ny
tigft, Cherokee, Commissioner, Courtland,
Cresson, I, Darlcn, Erdrlck, Eleventh, Elaht
ecnth, niglitv-sccond, r, Factory, Falrhlll,
Tront, Pirty-flltli, Fifty-sixth, Fifty-seventh,
Granite, Hedley, llownrth, Hurley, Johnson,
Knorr, I-nwrcnco, I.lpplnentt, Louden, Ly
comlnir, Magnolia, Marshall, Marston, Mav
fleld, JInyland. Media, Mitchell, Morris. Mul
berry, Ninth, Nln.'eenlh, Orlnnna, Orthodox,
Pine, nedlleld, Ringgold, Rorkland, Rortr,
Ross. Rublcam, HulTner, Huscomb, Salmon,
Sheldon. Sparks, Stiles, Sulls, Second, Sixth,
Sixteenth, Slxty-secoi d, Sixty-sixth. Taylor,
Thompson. Tioga, Toronto, Third. Tenth,
Twenty-eighth, Twenty-ninth, Umbrla, Upsal.
Venango, Wakellng, Wtymouth, Wlshnrt nnd
Woodlawn streets, F.tlllleld, Chester, Fisher,
Florence, Glrard, Olenvlcw, Goncn, Laroh
wood, t.indlcy, Moieland, OgonU Passyunk,
Stxty-flfth, Hprlngtleld, Stenton, Summerdale,
Totrcsdalo nnd Wnrrlngton nvenucB, Worth
Ington and York roads, Kitchen's lano.
Cobb's Creek Parkway and the Intersection
of Hrond strcot and Green lane, Pechtn and
Yocum streets
Section 1. The Select nnd Common Councils of
the Cltv of Philadelphia do ordain i That tho
Department of Public Works bo authorized to
enter Into contracts for grading the following
Btrccta to the established grade of tho City, with
tho ncceasnr) drain, etc., viz.- Albanus street,
from Second to Third Btreet and from York road
to Thirteenth street, Algard street, from Unruh
to Longshore street, Almond street, fiom West
moreland to Ontario street, Angora street, from
Cobb's Creek Parkway to Fifty-ninth street:
Anusliiiry rtreet from Tilth to Sixth ctrcet:
Ashdalo street, from Front to Mnscher street:
nnd from Second street to Philadelphia & New
town Rnllrnnd; Atlantic street from O street
to about soventy-flvo feet cast of Shelhourno
street: Benucr Btreet, from Walker to Erdrlrk
street: Cnvugn street, from Lavvrenco In Third
street: Cherokee street, from Mermaid lano
to Tilncr street. Commissioner Btreet from
Thirty-fourth to Thlrtv -fifth atreet Courtland
street, from Eleventh to Twelfth street. Cres
son rtreet. from Hoxborough avenuo to Rector
street. D street, from Wyoming nvenue to
(,'curtinna street uarien Btreet, rrom i.ycom
lng street to Hunting Park nvenue: Erdrlck
street, from Comly to Benner street and front
Unruh to Longshore street. Eleventh street,
from Chelten nvenuo to Medary avenue;
Eighteenth street, from Chelten avenuo to
about one hundred feet north of Godfrey nve
nuo: and from Rockland to Ruscomb street:
Eighty-second street, from Tlnlcum nvenuo lo
Brewster street, V atreet, from Boulevard to
Ruscomb Btri'et: Factory street from Arlsms
nvenue to ncad end. l"alrhlll street, from Rook
land to Ru-omb street. Front street, from
Nlcclown lino to Wlngohocklng street t'lftj
flfth nnd Fifty-sixth streets from Willows
avenuo to Springfield avenue, Flfty-soventh
street, from Willows avenuo to Wnrrlngton
avenue; Granlto Btreet, from Cottngo to Jack
son street, Hedley street, from Richmond to
Bath street: Hovvarth street, from Dralnago
to Jackson street. Hurley street from Wy
oming to Courtland street: Johnson street,
from Chew street to Belfteld avenuo: Knorr
street, from Cottage street to Frankford avo
nue; Lnvvronco strcot. from Annsbury to
Wlncohocklng street: Llpplncott from Six
teenth to Seventeenth street; Loudon atreet.
from Clinton to Palethorp street; Lycoming
street, from Hrond to Sixteenth street; and
from Seventh to Tenth street; Mngnotla street,
from Washington lano to Tulpehockcn street;
Marshall street, from Olney avenuo to Tabor
atreet; Marston street, from Dickinson to Tas
ker street. Ma) field street, from Sixth to
Marshall street: Maylnnd street, from Mus
gravo street to Hellflcld avenuo and Chew
Htreet: Media street, from Sixty-fourth to
Simpson stroet Mitchell street, from Penns
dale street to Walnut lane: Morris street, from
Twinty-elghth to Twenty-ninth Btreet: Mul
berry street from summit nbout two hun
dred and eighty-three feet northeast of Harri
son street to Wnkellng street Ninth street,
from Llndlev avenue to Fisher avenuo and
from Sixty-fifth avenuo tn Slxty-slxth avenuo:
Nineteenth street, from Rockland to Ruscomb
street. Orlinnn street, from Bristol to Cayuga
street: Orthodox street, from Delaware nve
n io to Delaware River; Pino Btreet from
Mlxtv-aecond btivet to Cobb's Creek Parkway;
Redfleld strcot, from Vine to Cnllovvhlll street;
Ringgold street, from Indiana to Toronto
street. Rockland streot, from Boulevard to
riftli Blrect. and from Eighteenth to Nine
teenth strcot: Rorer street, from Ontario tn
Tioga street. Boss street, from Upsal to Sharp
nack street; Hublcan street, from Second to
Third street: Huffner street, from Fifteenth to
Sixteenth street; Ruscomb street, from F street
to Taconv Creek, from Second to Third street,
from Eighteenth to Nineteenth street and from
J-ogan street lo the Chestnut Hill branch or tha
Pennsylvania Railroad; Salmon street, from
Pickwick to Venango Btreet, Sheldon street,
from Second to Third street: Sparks street,
from Ogontz avenue to Twentieth street; Stiles
street, from Sixty-second tn Felton Btreet: Sulls
street; from Second to Third street; Second
street, from Fisher avenue to Wyoming ave
nue. Sixth strett, from Llndley avenue to Dun
cannon avenue: sixteenth street, from Lycom
ing avenue to Hunting Park avenuo. and from
Fisher's lane to Philadelphia and Reading
Railroad; sixty-second street, from Haverford
avenue to Glrard avenue; Slxty-slxth street,
from Haverford avenue to Glrad avenue: Tay
lor street, from Indiana to Toronto street,
Thompson street, from Wheatsheaf lano to
Croyden street; Tioga atreet. from E to a
street; Toronto street, from Twenty-fourth to
Twenty-llftfi -treet; Third street, from Wy.
omlng avenuo to Boulevard, nnd from Ashdale
to Rockland atreet; Tenth street, from Chelten
avenue to Medary avenue; Twenty-eighth
street, from Clearfield to Cambria street; Twen.
ty-nlntb. street, from Taaker to Morris atreet:
Umbrla street, from Domino lane tn Parker
avenue; Upsal street, from Chew street to Bell
Held avenue; Venango street, from Howard to
Lee street: Wakellng1 street, from Walker to
Jnckson street; Weymouth street, from On.
tnrlo to Tioga street; Wlshart street, rrom
Front to A street; Woodlawn street, from Ard
lelgh to Anderson street; Belifleld avenue, from
Johnson to Upsal street; Chester avenue, from
Blxty-ntth atreet north of Chester avenue to
Sixty-fifth street south of Chester avenue:
Fisher avenue, from Tenth street to North
Penn Ballroad and from York road to Broad
rtreet; Florence avenue, from Flfty-flfth to
Fifty-seventh street: Glrard avenue, from
Blxty-ntth to Sixty-sixth rtreet: alenvlew ave
nue, from Algard street to Frankford avenue:
Gowen avenue, from McCallum atreet to Wis'
aahtckon Bvenue: Larchvvood avenue, from
Blxty-aecond to Sixty-third street; Llndley ave-
hue, from Second to Fourth streetl M?g
avenue, from Germantown nvonue i to ' raieign
street; Ogontx avenue, from Huscomb street
to Llndley avenue; , rwnn v 'SSW-flfth
Eighteenth to Twenty-firs Mreeti ""i'Vn,"
avenue, from Eighth to Ninth street, erring
field avenue, from Hfty-nlnth to SlxUctn
stroet; stenton nvenue. from W"'klly'Ufox.
Eostburn atreet; eunimerdalo atroeL rrom ux
ford avenue to Harrison street! Torresdale i nve
hue, from Frankford avenue to Balem street
and from Orthodox to Margaret ."!',, v.sevi
rlngton avenue, from Finy-nf'n.'fb.Jry
enth atreet; IVorthlngton road, from ayo erry
road, to Southampton avonuej York .road . u
width as open), from Oak Lana to City Line.
Kitchen's nne. from Wlaeahlckon nvenue i to
Falrmount park; Cobb's Creek ratkway, from
Pine street to Lnrchwood nvenue; 'tit street
ot Hrond street and Green lane; Pech n street,
from Hermitage to Fountain street: Yocum
street, from Sixty-first street to Cemetery
lane. The cost of said work to bo taken from
Item lot, eleven million three hundred thou
sand ($11,000,000) dollar loan, or any ' outer
grading Item In tho appropriation to tho De
portment of Public Works, Hurenu of I".";
was a. In nit caeca where the n.teJJJ.nrA
quired to excavate or fill any leaialljr otjetwa
rtreet within alx blocks of the streets herein
authorized to be graded can bo In'"Jlft"rg?f1!ht
used, thfl Director of the Department ot Pub
lie Works shall advertise for and award the
contract so that tha samo shall he embodied in
one and the same contractl Provided. That the
grading shall be advertised for and tho con
tracts awarded to tho loweat responsible
All ordinances or parts of ordinances Incon
slitcnt herewith be, and the isdis aro hereby
"Approved the third day of March, A. D. 1015.
No ROO. Mayor nf Philadelphia.
Pennsylvania Railroad Company to construct
and maintain a conduit to entry clectrio
wires between nnd under tracks of trie
Schuylkill HIv or Branch, crosalng Thirtieth
street, north of Market street, ..
Section 1. Tho Select and Common Counriu
of tho City of Philadelphia do ordain. That
authority bo, nnd Is hereby grouted the Pcnn
svlvnnla Railroad Company to construct and
maintain n conduit to carry electric wires ; be
tween nnd under tracks of Its .Schuylkill River
Pranch, crossing Thirtieth slreet. north of
Market street, as nhown on plan on Me In the
Department of lmbllc Works (Bureau of Stir
vejB). The said ccndult shnll bo laid under
tho supervision of tho Department of Publlo
Works (Ilontd of Highway Supervisors). Bo
lero exercising nny privileges under tho au
thority of this ordinance, the said Pennsylva
nia Railroad Company shall enter Into an
agreement In form satisfactory to tho City So
licitor, protecting tho city from all damages
by reason of tho construction and maintenance
of said conduit, and to remove samo nt any
time uron tho passage of an ordlnnnco or reso
lution of Councils to thnt effect Provided.
That tho sum of fifty (130) dollars shall first
be lull into tho City Treasury by tho Penn
sylvania Railroad Company to cover tho cost
of publication hereof.
Approved tho flint day ot March, A D. 1915.
No. 801 Ma) or of Philadelphia.
ncter of tho raving nuthorlzed to bo laid on
Tenth street, from Huscomb lo Rockland
strcot; nit Marvlne street, from Loudon to
Hockl.tnd street, and on Thirteenth Btreet,
from Llndley avenuo to Windrlm nvenuo.
Section 1. The Select and Common Councils
or tho Cltv o: Philadelphia do ordain, That
tho Department ot Public Works bo authorized
and directed to chango tho tharnctcr of paving
nuthorlzed tn be laid on Tenth street, from
Huscomb to Rockland ctreet, on Marvlne street,
from Loudon to Hotkland street, and on Thir
teenth street, fiom Llndley avenuo to Windrlm
avenue, nuthorlzed by ordlnanco npproved July
u, 1014, rrom asphalt to vltillled brick.
Approved the third day ot March, A. D. 1915.
No. B'a. Mayor of Philadelphia,
luclng nnd repairing paved streets, by con
tlau, In tho Utirtau ol Hlgr.was.
beulon 1. Tha Select nnd Common Councils
of tho City or Philadelphia do ordain. That the
Department or Public Works (Bureau of High
vvajs) bo authorized lu contracts for resurfac
ing streets, to replace so much of the founda
tion or base as may bo necessary, and, fur
ther, that on contracts for resurfacing streets
now paved upoi a gravel, btoltcn stone or
bituminous base, which forms of baso aro not
adequate to sustain tho demands of trafllc,
tho Department Is authorized to substitute n
concrete base for theso other forms, und pay
for the same out ot the Items appropriated lor
resurfacing and repairing strolls. Provided.
That tho character of tno pavement Is not
Approved tho ilrsl day of March, A. D. 11)13.
No. 893. Major of Philadelphia,
ir.g the City Controller lo menu tho accuunt
ol thu uustcts ot lbs Fnu Library of Plillit
aelphlu, tor tho 3 cur iJll. and ditcctlng the
L'Urks or Councils to present this resolution
tu tho Major ior his approval or disap
proval vt ht.rf.us, Tlio Board of Trustees of the Freo
Llbtury during tho last quaiit-r ot tl,o iar
lull In soinu cases exut-cded tno amount
allotted In certain Items, although not exceed
ing tho gross umouut appropriated; thvrelore,
KcsolViil, By tho beloct und Common Coun
cils of tho City ot Philadelphia, That tl.o City
Controlloi be, and Is hereby authorized and
mreLteu to ucccpt tho llnal account of tho
Trusties ot tho Free Library of Philadelphia
lor tho year lull.
Resolved, That tho Clerks of Councils be
directed tu present thl.s resolution to the Mayor
tor his approval or disapproval.
Approved the ttrst day of March, A. D. 1015.
No. S!)3 Mavor ot Philadelphia.
City plan A Btreet and Pike street, and to
Plato upon tho City plan In lieu thereof Nice
town lane.
bectlon 1. Tho Select and Common Councils
of tho City of Philadelphia do oidalu: That
tho Department ot Public Works (Board of
burveyors) bo authorized to strlko from tho
City plan A street, between Ntcetowii lane
and Erlo avenuo, und Pike street, between
Nlcetown lano and 11 street, and to placo upon
the City plan In lieu thereof Nlcetown lane,
titty (SO) fiet wide between Front street and
Luzerne street, und to mako such other re
visions ot tho lines and grades ot adjacent
strtcta as may be necessary to perfect tho
City plan.
Approved the fourth day ot March, A. D.
No SOP. Mavor of Philadelphia.
of the Lorpotnte nuthorltiea of the City of
Philadelphia tu lncreaao tho Indebtedness ot
tho said City lu the sum ot six million tU.uOu,
Ouu) dollars. to be used toward tho construction
of a subvvav ritllwuy In Broad street, from
League Island to Olinjy avenue, with the
necessary branch Hues nortbeaBt and north
west from Broad street, and the construction
of an elovatcd railway, frevm Front and Arch
streets to Hhawn street, and to authorize and
provide for submitting to tho vote ot the
electors tho question of Jncrcaslncthe uald In
debtedness In the sum of six million (U.OOO,
UCHJ) dollars, llxlng a day for holding an elec
tion tor the purposo of obtaining the nssent
ot the electors to said Increase, und au
thorizing the Major to glvo notice ot such
election, and to mako an appropriation to
pay the expenses for holding; said election.
Section 1. The Select and Common Councils of
tha City of Philadelphia do ordain, That it Is
the desire of tho corporate authorities ot tho
City o: Philadelphia, which desire la hereby sig
nified, that the Indebtedness of tho said City
shall be increased In tho sum of six million
(U.000,000) dollars, to be used toward the con
struction ot a subway railway In Broad street,
from League Island to Olney avenue, with tha
necessary branch lines northeast and north
west from Broad street, and the construction of
un elevated railway, from Front; and Arch
Btreeth to Rhawn street, via Front street. Ken
stngtcn avenue and Frankford avenuo lo
Rhawn street.
Section 2. That for the purpose of obtaining
the assent of the electors to the said increase of
Indebtedness In tho sum of six million (U.UO0,
000) dollars for tho purposes designed In Sec
tion 1, an election shall be held on Thursday,
the 2Uth day ot April, 1015, between the hours
ot T a, m. and 7 p. m., at tho usual places for
holding elections; that notice ot said election
shall bo given by the Mayor of the municipality
by weekly advertisements In not exceeding
three newspapers of the said City during at
least thirty days prior to tha said election,
which notice ahall contain a statement of the
amount ot the last assessed valuation of tho
taxable property of the said City, the amount
of tho existing debt, the amount and per
centage of the proposed Increase, and the pur
poses for which the Indebtedness Is to be In
creased, and the City Commissioners are hereby
authorized and directed to prepare and dls-
'ferff. .R'mI ;nbofth0eVt,a0ct?onRa.
of elections therefor. ( hudred
Kg the Section authorized In Section 2.
IjproTtd the eighth day of March, A. V.
No. nnl. Mayor ot Phlladelphln.
tor of tho Department of ruble. Health and
Charities fine I tho City Controller to charge
oft against unexpended balnncea In Item ISO.
oan m tho npproprlat on to the Department
cf Vbllc Heafth and Charities, Bureau of
Health a contract for the erection of n
power Plant for the Homo for the Indigent
St llolmepburg, nnd directing the Clerks of
Councils to present this resolution to the
Mnvor for his approval or disapproval.
Whcrcasl A balance of twenty-flvo thousand
six hundred (23.000) dollars of the seven million
i-cmanm i dollars loan for the acquisition of
lanTahd'the construction ot buildings for tho
Hospital for Contagious Dlseasea and the Home
re? the Indigent, set aside In Item 130, loan, In
the nnnual appropriation ,to the Bureau of
lleVlth. " Department of Public Health and Char
ities, "or tho Hospital for contagloua Diseases,
Is not immediately applicable for said pur-
P Whereas, The Director of the. Department of
Public Health and Charities desires to enter
Into a contract at once for the erection and
innMnictlon of a power plant, conduits and
apuVtenanc'es nt the Home for the Indigent.
1 tefv'ed'by th'o'sclcct and Common Council.
erection and construction of said power plant,
nr.i charge the additional sum of twenty-flvo
thousandTlx hundred (26,000) dollars against
any balance In Item 130, loan. In the appro
5?ftlloti to the Department of. Public Health
Sn? chnrltlEB, nurcnu of Health, and tho City
(Snniroller lo authorized to countersign tha
necessary contrncts and warrants,
Viesolved. Thnt the Clerks of Council be di
rected to present this, resolution to tho Mayor
r his approval or d sapproval,
1 Approved the sixth nay of March A. D.. 1015.
Xo. 003. Mat or ot Philadelphia.
This STYLE TYPE (or like this)
One Insertion , per 1 ne
Three Insertions In n week.... 1240 per line
Seven consecutive Insertions... 100 per lino
Situations wanted, threo lnser
tlons In a week . , 10o per lino
THIS SIZE TYPE (or like this)
Permitted In nil classifications except Help
and Situations Waited, Lost and Found, Per
sonals, Boarding and Rooms.
Ono Insertion ...T 20o per 1 no
Threo Insertions In a week.... 17Mopcrllno
Seven consecutive Insertions... 15c per line
All rates are based on agate measurement,
14 agato lines to tho Inch.
DEATH NOTICES cither paper
10 lines, ono tlmo 50a
Threo Insertions $1,00
In Effect December 1, 101.
for Insertion In both tho morning nnd evening
papers of samo day:
Add four cents per Una net to rates' given
There is a drup; store near your
home that will accept Ledger want
ads at office rates.
Bookkeepers, stenographers, clerks
nvnll vourself of this service at onco.
Sco Miss Dean, nt Ledger Central,
as sho Is constantly helping jounc
ladles f,ecuro satisfactory positions, and
can undoubtedly help you.
CHAMBERMAID German-American for cham
bers ork. assist vvlth washing and ironing;
experienced; references. 1I035 N. Broad fit.
CHILDNURSE Girl, 14, to assist with child 'J
years and light housework. 20-O S. Frazler st.
COOIC wanted, white: must bo first class nnd
conio well recommended. Apply 4322 Sfpruce.
stout demand. Gcod cooks, chambermaids nnd
waitresses enn also secure situations In tho
best Philadelphia families. You can reach
theso employers through Ledger Want Ads
and tho service ot the Household Registry
Uureau. '
Call at or wrlto the Bureau today. Miss
Reed can hcln sou to a good position. Sulto
230-23(1 Ledger Bldg.. Oth and Chestnut sts.
rree scrvlco to Ledger Advertisers.
HOUSEKEEPER Work, housekeeper. Protes
tant, stato wages and ret. II 340. Led. Cent.
HOUSEWORK Capable Protestant girl: refer
ence required. Call before 11 o'clock Trlday,
41 Honeret st.. Chestnut Hill.
HOUSEWORK Girl In small adult family,
suburbs, P (111. Ledger Office.
NURSE MAID, white Protestant, must have
experience and ret. Phone Ardmore 573 D.
Philadelphia, March 1. 101B.
Ledger Central.
Broad and Chestnut sts..
Philadelphia. Pa.
Gentlemen Accept our thanks for assist
ance of your Helo. Wanted Department In
filling position wo had open. Miss Dean's
personal attention saved us much time and
trouble In making tho selection.
Yours very truly.
Tho Eagle White Lead Co .
(Signed) W. fi. MASTON.
Local Manager.
PARCEL POST PAGE. S. Wilbur Bow en
way Bldg. Phone Walnut 1640.
STENOGBAPIIHR, experienced: ono living In
northeast section of city preferred; give ago
and references. Miller Lock Co., 4323 Taconjs
st Ptankford.
TAILORESSES Dressmaker wants exp. sleeve
hands for ladlea' Jackets. App. 1520 bpruce st.
WANTED A young woman, of neat and tidy
appearance, between 10 and 26 years old, as
private waitress In superintendent's apart
ment; wages Sift per month, clothing faun
dered nnd medical attention tree. Apply, be.
tween 0 and 10 a. m., bringing reference, to
Superintendent's Office, Bureau of Charities,
?-ttn St., souvn or iire si.
"WOMAN, white, to help with babies and hwfc
ti. ui. i-essna, ouju unrisitan. rnone.
WORKINO housekeeper, suburbs; good ref.;
good wages to comp. person. Q 646. Led. Cent.
cialty: experienced man only, Cull 3 to 3.
Franklin 8 yndlcate. Baa North Amer. Bldg.
CHAUFFEURS coachmen, cooks, gardeners,
butlers, valets and housemen who are seeking
positions can reach the well-to-do employers
through Ledger want ads. Your name, ad
dress and experience will be Hated free by
tbe Household Registry Bureau, Ledger
4IUMUM1S, "111 U1IU WllVaillUl BIB.
Good positions are being filled every day.
This service la limited to Ledger advert Is
on Southern yarns; commission basis; confi
dential, M 630, Ledger Office.
u u-i-i uiw ustom shlrf Milter t;
statewliere last employed AJ.f1
FOREMAN culler an.) g,er fo, !rK
$ saw nonuni"$.eae"sil!
I W'ANT n young man ot Chrl.lt.. tH
leadership nnd ambition, perm?;. ri
opportunity, ran var tf; ""'boil: ,
Vi'i'uiauiliU . l-HIl Tii
T hours 10 nnd 4. Mr GowJr
AtAN wnneenl an assistant gsrd.nTT--
n good m llker nnd underai.nTO'i" 5t
ooara out) near HavertoTd, i,.M evil
Answer A 2W. LfdgM- otri.e' '"to 131
Tear Mr. Hn,.rl",a" " iVrg
Leaser Central, -
Allow me to thank
thank jou for han. fiS
bclngJout JtiflgfJsSA
k puniuun nuer
two. weeks ago I filed an .imt.,..., .ah
Will nf
ii i ni wtbS:
imager central ami r.".'"'t!s
waa rewnrdptl bv rprc
iaa i. " roam :
tho runnu IjpixiEit. which1
-2ln..y,?JcJll5.rou " Leaner r-.L
mil. juuib BlllUVieiy. "-"UaiH
jsuned) nonnnTu vM
oxp.j rnlary nnd com. M 433 l." gi
WOV Hid. Phono lVal7t iVfi"' 0 fi.
renulned. if run r. r,-ln"'.ont rtfe.
crs to handle an accessory if iKiS."
If 5'J. tj,l, nrn OI t"yn AM
HAT.nsUnM HMn ii... ... . . "-35
nnd hardware trade. Box .i"in'ff-rt''Pi
ice require the entire tffijo?,
Applicants are requested to call r. ii"!
with Mr. Gottfried t T Adelph aJ?',"
S o'clock untl 6.30 Saturday iiff2iJ
afternoon. Tboso who cannot caFfi'1'
quested to wrlto Tho Osborn Comc!,''
D cants under 23 will ni h. .?f?'-4A.
quested to wrtto xno Osborn ConlS,r1,
pllcants under 25 will not baffiSKftffi
THREE real salesmen to IntclfgentlTft:
n magnzlno proposition that beats &
heretofore offered, none but S JfSS
nctcr and nppearanco need apply. naniS
Abbott Building. pp '' ""rate
TWO YOUNO M1J.S wanted for poaittWlr
sldo of Phlla.; opportunity to learn iSM'.
VS.VL00 )0r mon,n t0 "t. P dftLK
w A MTrrTTi n i i
,To,,,uwn inpiuga man in rranltn
marblo for lettering, especially forTM
monumental work, steady work all tS,?.
nround: onlv n. nnt.rin.; ,. ..'.Tl
crenco required. Inquire for P. Korjiit;,'
preen's Hotel. Sth nnd Chestnut ats?ffi
hours of 12 nnd R r. m.. rAn- ?,75vS-
linnr nt 1 ,! O f " V"'VTW '
Ornnlto and marblo yard. East WiTthM
nnd Chambers sts . Treninn v - ?
'VATCT'ln Tfnnt.nnnAn-ln,- ......
5 ears, or over, to sell automobile m3
Mr. Le Roy L. Prldham, Continental HeS
YOUNO MAN, bright, active worker, toml
on selected parties; must to agtrtsslVaudJ
convincing talker, Balary J15 wtellr ii
commission. II .1.-.1, Ledger Central ja
WANTED, coal ngercles and canvaiitrj l
retail coal business; excellent opportraul
lioerni commisBioi. -vi 43t, Ledger Ctitnla
. Aro you interested in helping tho uoemcfeiSl
uookkcerer, stenographer snd clerk! iS
If so, wo nsk jour co-opcratlon lthiuri
free Commercial Service Departranr-, i;
LEDann Central, where aro listed ccmcctssil
experienced business women Becking poilL'utit
Phone ' Mho Dean," Walnut 3000, Innjl
nave an upemng io uu. ints service aim
vu i,t,uuKU jiuverusers.
The Ledier's Household Registry- Bami
put you In Immediate touch with n
housework irlrls. cooks. chnmbermnlHi viijiv
ressesj laundresses, doy'a work, scaraitrtatt
lauicD uiniua, buvtriMuaaua, ClUIUJIurscs, coon-l
keepers, both working nnd managing, cooplun
vum, write or leiepnone ,viiss iieea. vv&icaf
or Mnln 3000. Sulto 2.10-230' Ledger SIJ(,(ul
unu wnesinut ws.
BOOKKEEPER, stenographer, dictaphone ul'
private brunch operator, experienced, cipttli
taking chargo: mod snl G 141. Led. Cenmll
'BOOKKEEPER Assist, nnl typist, Qulc,i'
eurnte, exrierienceu, rets, u 4, lxaacr uavf
CHAMBERWORK or waiting-Young girl, at
perlenced Call ,107 S Smedley it. ja
CLERIC 3 years' experience, operate comply .
meter, adding machine, t) pewrlter, id II
figures II 48, Ledger Central,. , 1
COOK, experienced. In nil branches, bmtj
cakes and rmstrv: mountains or sesihll
Phone Public Ledger. Itoom 230. m
COOVT enevt. ntnln: nr hmisework in snail
family; exp. and rets, 307 S. Smedliy it
COOK wnntn nlnce: cltv or coontrr: referttCV
Call nt 2034 Pino Bt. tpai
COOKING rnd chnmberwork nnd waltiar r,
hmiaAwnrlf! n ptn rnlnrnd women: COnlMtSi
and best references. P 003, Ledger Qgkt,
COOKING and chambcrwork 2 competent. ni
tied Englishwomen, refs. P C08, LeajerOtl
rnniftvini-'Tn s-ntM, Trntrtnnt: coodfclkerd
highest references P ni!4. Ledger Qglcjal
ENGLISH lady, refined, as houMXMperJtsJ
elderly people: personal ref A 212, Lett, CM
GOOD, reliable girl wants day's work wtiffiS
cooking nnd laundress. 830, N. UDer ita
HOUSEWORK German housework girl, eta
bermald, wanta situation; best reterrag
iiu a. utn.
HOUSEWORK In adult family, "!, ""jC!
woman, Prot, Phone Baring "921 Vv.--i
Osage nvo,
vinTurvrr,TT.- v.n.- m,i,h TrnteiltnLKI
year's experience In Phlla. P nil. Lea. Ot
INPANTS nurse, capable and experiewtilj
reference. Call lin H nun si.
v . . ... . . .. . .... Jl.ntnll
uaui will go io nomes lu twn ""-:-'2, 4T
luncheon's; first class on ralads "IMf
around cook; well recommended. I'none jjagj
r,.t.ia n n nriiSrpfl R?n South 23d St. warn
MIDDLE-AGED woman wants position ta
lrenr ffti- itvtdnwpr. 2502 K. Howard. ?
MOTHER'S helper or companion. "' "J?,?!
of ability and experience. P 000. Itt"if
OlOTIIHH nnd daughter. 10 (Eng.), tlior. ga
good baker; r-f" rv. rdger OtyaiM
NPRSE (undergraduate) win take "f "
moQeraxe salary; roip. r w
PIANIST Will play to Invalids orj aor
confined to tbe house; moderate rates. uw
Oultiasias tlairas-frvrvl Tfl . J53
PRIVATE secretary, exceptionally. f4j5S
books, payroll work and details w"g.
of stenography. Q 037. LedgerCenttiLg
u. M. . w rrr?T"7i-h-j toritss
excel, refs. Apply 330 AubreyjaveArt5
SEAMSTRESS, experienced, reference"
by the day,remod. specJaUjlWlJWaS
SEAMSTRESS would llko few enrapwS
l'hone Dickinson uit w. "'Lr r
cmiMnni,mTmt r-nmritent. conssiW.W
worker desires position; moderato BaUrr.rej
&M.n.A it oqi t, nrrtce. j5
STENOORAPHER Bright, accurate. T
lady, experienced: best references, iwgj
salary. II 332. Ledger Central. 3t
STENOGRAPHER. Indus , , JnTeliTf "tJKjT
witling peginner; reia. ji ,;' - - mm
STENOGRAPHER. Intel.. Indus., wlU.
rifr linnmisiiv 'di-ikiie. i
BTDNOGRAPHKR. competent. jWgf.'H
u.tl AnftA r1UhtA- O KM. LedgCT tBS
STENOGRAPHER, competent, experjn
com, and pub. work. U S43, Ledger Ctg,m
R.eAAAR.K. e
Vi jacs unu rPf-Aiw.xAji((i'! f ( simp? I smfcz U