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Ml Kl'l Illii. 'I
J ?gn,,. 1lVn
How He Conquers
MaH Is a. polj'gnnious nnlmat, bo boos
the aylnr. Ho la capable of loving mora
than ono woman nt n time. Ho Is oven
capnblo of loving lialf a down and of
persuading them nil Into tho belief that
i eaeh'nnd every ono Is the damsel partlcu-
larljr chosen out to bo tho queen of his
heart and tho ono and only lady of his
Now whether this bo truo or not, there
Is ono thing pretty suro and certain and
that Is that tho average man Is capable of
carrying on several pretty lively flirtations
at ono and tho samo time, and, what Is
more, thoroughly enjoying them, too.
Whether the gentlo passion that tho
pursuit of each damsel arouses In his ad
venturous breast can bo labeled with the
rather alUcmbraclng title of lovo Is not
easy to decide. Lovo Is n big word and
implies a very great deal and tho malo
dirt does not deslro to expend too much
undue energy on tho chase. Ho prcfors
that his efforts bo diffused, as It were,
and spread out over a wldo area. In
other words, ho decides not to have all
his apples In ono cart.
Most worth-whllo men havo had a few
little flirtations In their lives. They would
make hopeless, blundering, unapprcclatlvo
sort of husbands If they hadn't. Thcro
is nothing In this world qutto so reju
venating, qulto so stimulating as a mild
For It calls Into play certain mental
faculties and certain powers of rcpartco
which aro otherwise apt to stagnate. It
makes a man feel that after all ho Isn't
such a back number as he thought ho
was, and that tho girls still sco some
thing to admire In him. Ho feels qulto
a dog, prinks around in front of tho mir
ror, puts on a new tic, and sallies forth
4or conquest.
All of which Is very Interesting and do
.llghtful. It docs a man good, and It cer
tainly puts.hlm Into a fine humor with
life In general and himself In particular.
But what of tho man who really makes
of femalo scalp-collecting a hobby? Ho
Isn't such a rare specimen as ono might
Imagine, either. No Indeed. In certain
walks of life ho Is to bo met with only
too frequently. The pity of tho business
la that girls don't And him out sooner.
Girls can bo extraordinarily stupid
whoro an attractive man Is concerned.
Not that tho confirmed malo flirt is
really attractive. Superficially lie may
be, but he lacks depth. Girls don't see
that, however, for It Is ono of the regu
lar poses of tho confirmed malo flirt to
assume a depth of character and feeling
when he has neither.
Another of tho Interesting poses pecu
liar to tho person under discussion is
qulto alluring aB ho desires It so to
be. Not only has ho this wonderful depth
of feeling hidden away from the whole
world and only to bo revealed to The
Girl of GIrls-the Girl of the Moment
that Is but he suffers from a terrible
handicap in life; for ho is Misunder
Fashion's Fancies
One of fashion's favorite combinations
this spring will bo poplin and satin.
Skirts of poplin will be combined with a
bodice or soft satin, perhaps with a
touch of Itoman stripe In It- Plaids are
very good this season, too.
Most of the plaids, chedks, stripes, etc.,
shown In tho newest materials are In
black and white or very dark colorings.
The glaring tints of last season's cos
tumes for street wear aro a thing or the
From the other side comes word that
nets will bo very much worn. Tho filet
nets are very attractive, nnd It may be
safely assumed that a great many of the
gowns will have sleeves of this material.
Slk square-meshed nets are not particu
larly new. of course, but they are still
In vogue, blue and black predominating.
Vestees of hemstitched pique, batiste,
mull or organdie are seen on most of the
trotteurs. They relieve tho rather som
tier effects of the plain colors. Bands of
moire, a shade lighter than the suiting
itself, are also used, with gun-metal but
tons as the sole trimming. These help to
make a very modish costume for street
The top coats for spring show a decided
Inclination toward the flare around the
bottom. They are mostly three-quarters
length, and black nnd white check is
frequently seen. All the collars are high
In the back and V-shaped In front, like
the blouses. A broad belt with basque
affect is rumored.
Many women are buying narrow rib
UP IN the coluds pome snowflakes
lingered, drifting hither and yon
"Serosa Ihe sky,
Sf "Now I think I will go to the earth."'
t aald one. "I have seen all I can from the
P clouds."
"t will go with you." said another, "I
am tired of the sky nnd would like to
tt'u more of the earth that looks so beau
tiful below us."
"fr too, will go," eald a third, and as
tim word spread around through the
attd, hundreds of snowflakes found they
Whhe4 fa vJH the earth.
.Uently they bade the cloud good-by,
flftly they drifted downward down
ward, through the twiUght-through the
I;i the morning the towns and fields
Ww white and beautiful tho earth
-jMirKtfcil and people were happy In the
y pwlight.
Alt tl&t toy the earth wa bright and
WtAiUful, but by the second day the sun
lngy wtaene so warmly that tho enow.
f:sini hewne very uncomfortable.
Vfferatwnff "a H rfght yesterdajr,"
mm m, t UkwJ the earth and the -tutue.'btit
toiiuy t am so warm that my
Witts iwt slipfi' "
-I tttris I was hack m the dottde." aaid
sttnfkar, -yentrla 1 frit fine 0 crisp
-tw si mm$ umjmmtmmVi!,"
jBbPbBs v
Foolish Femininity
stood. YSs Indeed. No ono understands
him and oh, how ho yearns for sym
pathy, poor, sensitive misunderstood
soul that he 1st
"Somehow I don't seem nblo to ex
press my Inmost thoughts, my real soul
and ego to tho outsldo world," ho will
murmur confidently, with a tender, wist
ful look upon his face. "I havo never
met a woman who seemed to really un
derstand me until I mot you. Words
seem unnecessary between us, for wo aro
so uttorly in Sympathy."
Tho word "sympathy" with all Its
numerous and delightful variations Is
over on tho lips of tho confirmed malo
flirt. It Is his long suit, his trump card,
so to speak. Girls, bo warned In time!
Whenever you hear a man complaining
pathetically that no ono knows I1I3 real
character and that ho Is dreadfully shy
of revealing tho depths of tho samo to
tho casual outsider (wlso man) and that
tho minuto ho saw you something told
lit til tlinf Vnll t ia Th,Ih Cnlltn n n .1 4 t
one woman In tho wholo world ho could
,. 1 1 j,
open his soul to bo picpared! for this
poor, lonely misunderstood soul is liter
ally dying to embark In ftlrtatlonal
waters with you.
Yes, theso llttlo tokens nro tho unfail
ing signs of tho confirmed flirt. That
plaintive, far-away look has been prac
ticed so often that perfection has been
attained. That solitary bleat of tho soul
on tho mountain-tops seeking Its mato
has been heard before by your best girl
friend, In all probability. Try exchanging
a fow reminiscences with her and sco
what happens. You will emerge a wiser
If a madder woman.
Thcro Is ono soothing point In tho
wholo affair and that is that sooner or
later the confirmed flirt will meet his
Waterloo. Ho will not cmcrgo victor
ious, cither. In some woman ono day ho
will meot his match. Tiio string of
feminine scalps ho proudly wears will
bo then avenged. And to their owners
tho avenging will bo sweet.
When She Comes Home.
When she comes home agalnl A thousand
I fashion, to myself, the tenderness
Of my glad welcome; I shall tremble
yes; And touch her, as when flrst In tho old
I touched her girlish hand, nor dared
Mlno eyes, such was my faint heart's
sweet distress.
Then silence; and tho perfume of her
Tlie room will sway a llttlo, and a haze
Cloy eyesight soulslght, even for a
And tears yes; and the ache hero In
the throat, 1
To know that I so 111 deserve tho place
Her arms make for me; and the sobbing
I stay with kisses, ere tho tearful face
Again Is hidden In the old embrace.
James Whltcomb Ullcy.
bons, now that tho streamer dangles
cheerfully from every spring hat. Theso
can be seen In a variety of styles, such
as moire, bcngaline, voile, etc., as well as
tho regular taffeta and satin.
Picot edging is still being used as a
finish on tho Georgette crepe and chif
fon blouse. Another notable manner of
trimming them Is by a touch of embroid
ery, done In narrow black velvet or deep
cream soutache braid. This, when com
bined with hand embroidery, Is exquisite.
Fruits and vegetables havo almost suc
ceeded In replacing flowers as a trim
ming for hats this season. Cherries,
peaches, berries of all kinds, apricots,
grapes, brlghtly-tlnted apples, etc., are
Borne of the trimmings seen recently at a
largo opening.
A Georgette crepo waist in palest flesh
color, with a tiny touch of hand em
broidery In tho front nnd hemstitched
seams, is selling In one exclusive Chestnut
street shop for $7.50.
Couple Married in Night Court
Magistrate Carson played "second fid
dle" when he married a couplo In the
Night Court in City Hall, after the young
people had missed the last train to Elk
ton, Old. Miss Louise Klubman, of 112
Wood street, and Harry Mandels, of 103
North Bodlne street, with the best man
and bridesmaid, arrived at Broad Street
Station a few seconds too late last night.
They did the next best thing, and were
married by Magistrate Carson.
grumbled a third, "I'm so hot I can
hardly breathe!"
The sun heard the snowflakes murmur
ing and the third day hid himself behind
a cloud bank so the enowflakeo could bo
more comfortable.
But that didn't help matters much, for
Jack Frost went away on a visit and the
snowflakes were warmer than ever.
And the smoke from the chimneys on
houses and factories settled down on
yards and roofs till each snowllake felt
as black and mussy as a coal fairy.
"I'm so ashamed pf myself I" groaned a
snowfl&ke, 'i Wih I could run and hide.
The idea of a snowrtake having such a
dirty face as mine!"
"Not only my face Is dirty." said an
other, "I'm black and grimy all overt"
"I wish the good old rain would come
and wash ua clean before another day
Just at that very minute, some raln
drope looked down from the sky and saw
the dirty snowflakes.
"Let's go down and wash off that
smoke and dirt." they said.
So down through the twilight they
dropped: drip-drip, through the night
others followed, all anxious to wash the
pretty enawflakes.
In the morning the sun peeped out to
sea how the earth wp$ faringand what
do yon suppose he saw?
The raindrop In their eagerness to
make the wiswfiakea clean had worked
too hard!
No stagte snowflake was left on the
earth they were all washed wiv
Films of Fate
It was In. tho hypo balh that he first
saw her that Iawson Trotter flrst be
hold tho features of hln future wife, Mar-"
garct Pudsey. That Is to say, It was
when ho was developing films late one
night films of what ho Ruppesed wcto a
group of pictures of himself Iti various
poses of athletic contortions. Thou when
ho was watching with eager Interest to
behold his own silhouette, faintly nnd re
versed camo forth tho features of a girl.
"Great Heckl" said Lawson, although
Ihcro wasn't any ono In his bachelor
nunrtots to hear him. "Those wcro pic
tures of myself and hero Is a girl." Ho
looked nt tho six exposures of tho roll
nnu round on each a glil.
Then ho went back over tho events of
the day and recalled that when ho had
left tho train In tho morning from tho
lako shore whero ho had been spending
tho week-end ho hnd left his roll of films
In tho car. Ho had gono back to tho
"lost and found" desk In tho stntlnn. nnrl
when ho described a toll or films ho had
theso handed out to him. As tlioy wcro
tho Eatno slzo 11s tho ones lie had lost ho
had accented them.
The next evening I.nwson printed tho
negatives and saw, as he had hoped ho
would find, that tho unknown girl was
charming. Sho looked out of tho pictures
wltli a girlish animation that made him
smuo back at licr. Thcro wns a dog in
tho piotures, loo. Though ho was of .a
variety of animal that Lawson did not
m'f-',nniln3qMn ,,at',f ,InrB0 hl.10
I rroncn poodle still ho was hers, and ho
was at least unusual
After about a month Lawsou decided
that it was necessary to his happiness
to discover her Identity. It was curi
osity, ho granted, but it wns insatiable
Ho lived in n city about a hundred nnd
fifty thousand strong. Thcro wcro In that
number, Lawson reasoned, possibly fifteen
hundred young women not that any of
them wero comparablo with tho original
of tho picture but still ho would havo
only a slim chanco of meeting her cas
ually. And ho hadn't tho ghost of a clow
as to her identity. Ho pondered it
thoughtfully. Thero wasn't a ghost of a
chanco except happy thought! tho
After this Inspiration Law son ronrrn.
tratcd his lclsuio thoughts on whlto
French poodles. Ho went to tho dog
show nnd examined every entry and In
quired nbout whlto French poodles. Ho
read books on tho subject and talked to
his friends about It. Whcnover he mado
a new acquaintance ho led tho conversa
tion up to whlto French poodles so that
In caso they know tho original of the an
imal In tho picture they might mention It.
Ho had nimost given up hopo after a
month. Ho reproached the zlrl nvnr lila
desk for her heartlessneas.
Ono holiday as ho was dressing leisurely
Him wonaenng wnat in tlio absenco from
town of ills bachelor ccompanlon ho
was going to do to pas the time, ho
thought tho girl was smiling at him.
"You aro a deceitful wretch If you
aren't smiling at mo now," ho exclaimed.
"By Heck, I will find you," nnd then ho
stnrted out for a walk In wooded park In
a lonesome end of tho city.
He was walking by an artificial lako
looking nbsently at tho swans that wcro
kept thero by tho city for the diversion
of its citizens, when ho spied across the
lako a poodle. He looked closely and
saw, as It splashed Into tho water, that It
was a rather largo whlto French poodle.
Lawson was on tho verge of Jumping Into
tho lake and wading across to save time,
but on second thought he went to the
shore, nnd ran with all speed to tho Bpot
whoro tho poodle had ''"en seen. After
a few minutes' search Through tho brush
that bordered that side of tho lako ho
found the poodlo up to its body In muddy
water. Lawson camo up stealthily to It
and, catching It by the collar, hauled It
ashore. Tho animal, far from resenting
this treatment, licked tho hand that held
him and waited for something to happen.
Lawson waited too, for some ono to come
for tho dog. Ho oven lot tho animal
loose, thinking that he would start homo
and ho could follow him, but tho poodlo
seemed placidly content to stay where ho
It occurred to Lawson that In tlmo tho
owner of tho dog would advertise for It.
Thereupon ho lifted the dog still muddy
from Its exclusions Into tho lake and
carried It back to his lodgings. There,
for tho sake of tho fair owner, he treated
the poodlo with tho utmost consideration.
The next day, ns Lawson had hoped,
tho morning papers displayed advertise
ments for a lost French poodlo answering
to the name of Doodle. In his eagerness
he had risen nt sunbrcak and, locking the
nnlmnl In tho room, went out to buy
tho papers Having discovered the adver
tisement, ho went to a. neighboring res
taurant for a bite of breakfast, and was
oft with tho poodlo by 7. This was the
fatal mistake. Instead of seeing tho fair
owner or Doodle and having a chance to
tell her a little of the Interest he felt In
her, ho had the pleasure of meeting Mr.
Pudsey, her rather, who was nt break
fast when Lawson called. The father was
Irate. Ho said that Doodlo was In the
habit of bathing In the lake and would
have come home safely if Lawson hadn't
urged him away. When Lawson refused
the reward his conduct was still further
"Aro you quite sure it Is the same dog!"
said Lawson, in an unreasoning effort to
see the fair owner of Doodle. "I don't
like to leave so valuable a dog without
having It Identified by the real owner."
rne irate father was still more Irate.
Could there have been more than one
white French poodlo taking a bath In
the same place and at the same time?
Lawson withdrew and went to his offlci?
resolved to call the next day at Pudsey's
In tho early afternoon, when Mr. Pudsey
would not bo nt home. When he called,
Miss Pudsey, the original of the picture,
appeared In the reception room. She
Htarted with a little gasp when she saw
him and eyed him with curiosity. Law
son did not understand. He was over
come by the near presence of the Idol of
ills dreams, ten times more adorable In
reality than In tjie pictures. At flrst he
talked about Doodle and then he ex
plained that he had found the pictures
and that was the reason for his abduction
of the dog.
"And I have your pictures," exclaimed
Miss Pudsey, "That Js why I was so
startled when I saw you. I think I mutt
have taken them by mistake on the train.
I came in with you on the same train
that morning, though I don't suppose you
remember me."
"Are you sure they were pictures of
roe?" he said. "May I see them?"
Miss Pudsey hedged. She didn't want to
show them to him. Yes, she had had
them printed, but really she didn't want
to show them to him. She blushed and
laughed a little, and finally went upstairs
to get them. When she returned she
blushed more deeply and laughed delight
fully to hide her confusion. "Ypu see,
I had them framed," she said, "Just be
cause Jt was bo mysterious. You think I
am very foolish, I suppose."
"Not at all foolish," said Lawson,
clumsily. "I don't blame you at all: that
is, I am deeply honored " He ftook the
pictures In his hand and saw that they
had been expensively framed. They were
apparently enlargements of the originals.
He looked at them and was glad that he
appeared to advantage. Then he fumbled
with his watch and unscrewed the back.
"I have been Just as foolish," he said,
showing her her own face In the back of
hie watch. "We need no Introduction."
And that wa why it happened that rour
months after Margaret Pudsey lost her
white French poodle, named Doodle, tier
father and mother had tlw town nt an
nouncing her wedding t the lasn w
brpufbt Doodle home.
(-. .. .. .il. .'J" 'iy
H -B$Lk0 - " 1 '
frJferi IwtF 1 I tomorrows menu I
(lAyvl IV.IZ-JU "What say you to a plcco of beef nnd
nWJ!l. ttl"il " TrVT"Ill ir mustard? A dish that I do love."
csffl KGKT HNS ""'"" -
For tho followliiK miggcatloni sent In bv
readers of tho Euvnti Ledobb prizes of fl
ancf fK) cents aro awarded.
All suEKcstloni should bo addressed to Ullcn
Adulr, Kdltor of Women's Parp, Ktem.no
1.EDOKH, Independence Square. Philadelphia.
A prize of $1 has been awarded to A. G. 11.,
fi002 Walnut utrcet, West 1'hlladelplila, for
tho following: sugRCHtlon:
A very satisfactory way to prevent
moths from getting Into tho trunk whero
you pack clothing is to place in tho trunk
n two-ounco bottle of chloroform. Havo
tho cork of tho bottle fastened In firmly,
but punctured In two or three plnccs so
as to allow tho fumes to escape. This Is
not only a protection from the matured
moths, but kills the eggs without injur
ing tho fabric In tho trunk.
A prize of BO cents has been swarded to
Mrs. I.lillan T. Gilbert, I'aulaboro, N. J., for
tho following: succcstlon:
When your kid gloves split, do not
throw them nway, or attempt to sow
them, with the likelihood of the stitches
tearing tho kid. Get some adhesive
platter, the regular surgeon's plaster, and
cut a strip somewhat larger than tho tear
you wish to mend. Draw tho edges of
tho tear as close together as possible and
press tho adhesive plaster firmly on the
wrong side of the glove, so as to hold the
edges of tho tear together. Any part of
tho adhcslvo plaster that shows on tho
light sldo or tho glove can liao the
"stickiness" scraped off, and can bo
colored with water colors to match tho
glove. Dlack glove3 can bo colored with
ink, and tnn gloves will look well col
ored with russet shoe polish.
A prim of 50 cents has been awnrrtnl to
Sirs. O. II. Vretz, Sellcrsvllle, I'a., for the
following suggestion:
A good way to teach a growing family
about distinguished persons, Is to hang
their pictures on the wall on their re
spective birthdays nnd havo readings
from their biographies, and recitations
from their writings.
A prlre of BO rents has been awarded to
Agnes M. nilyeu, 763 Routh filst street. West
Fhtlndelphla, for the following- suggestion:
To make tho foot of a stocking prac
tically hole-proof, If a piece of light
weight flannel is sewed on tho inside or
heel and toe, the stocking can be worn
Indefinitely without darning, and also
without any discomfort being felt by the
added weight.
Bargain Counter Hints
This Is the time of the year when the
children's shoes take on a rather shabby
look, and tho wise mother goes to look
for bargains in footwear. A large Market
street store Is selling some good black
kid shoes for 93 cents. These cost Jl.50
Crepe promises to be as popular as voile
for summer wear, nnd the kind with a
little embroidered motif Is very attractive.
Indeed, to the woman who likes dainty
things. Tou can get S8-Inch material,
with dots, rings and other styles embroid
ered In iiale pink, blue or lavender for 63
centr, a. yard.
It has been successfully demonstrated
that crepe oe chine lingerie will outwear
several sets of fine batiste, however care
ful the laundress. This is the opportu
nity .or the woman who goes to her Len-
ten sewing clast. to make a few dainty
things for herself. Silk and cotton crepe
do chine Is on sale for 63 cents a yard. It
Is Just the thing for lingerie, for It Is so
A real time saver in the kitchen Is the
combined apple corer and cutter. This la
a wheel-like arrangement with a hole In
the centre. The apple is simply pressed
down upon this and the hole takes out
the core, while the wheel "spokes" divide
it into sections. It Is the best thing for
baking day you can Imagine. The price,
is 25 cents.
Little darts for holding corn on the
ear bo that you do not soil the fingers
sell for 25 cents.
Most people eat eggs In the morning,
and the Invalid who Is Inclined to tie testy
about his three minutes will have no
cause to complain It you use the egg
timer. There Is a -little hour glass,
placed on a graded scale, On the scale
Is marked all the "egg Btagee,' soft, hard,
medium, etc, Tou simply Invert this when
you put the egg on to boll. The price is
25 cents.
A new arrival is the picnic stove. This
comes in a compact box about 10 Inches
square, and can be set up at a moment's
notice. It la lighted by means of an alco
hol tube, which Ignltea the coal oil in
the fcody of the etove. The cost Is very
email it averages a quart of coal ell a
day The stove la a great favorite with
amateur fishermen or for yachting trips.
The price is .
A wn Uter takes the pulp out of
each kernel and leaves the useless nart
o th cefe. It cows 14 cent.
Baked Apnlo nnd Cream
Fried Scallops
liaised Biscuits Coffee
Vegetable Soup
Host Beef Hi owned Sweet Potatoes
Celery Salad
Vanilla Ico Cream Orange TVater Ico
JIam Toast
Applo Fritters
TVafcrs Chceso Tea
Fried scallops Wash and dry tho scal
lops, and then dip them In beaten egg
nnd then in cracker dust scasonod with
salt and pepper. Fry in deep fat.
Celery salad Cut .celery Into two-Inch
lengths. Slash 0110 end of each piece
lengthwise several times and put Into
Iced water. Tho ends will curl back.
Serve on lettuco leaves with mayonnaise
and stuffed olives.
Ham toast Ono cupful of finely minced
cooked ham, two well-beaten eggs, ono
cupful of milk, salt, pepper and melted
butter to taste. Cook until it thickens
and spread on dry buttered toast.
In the Garden
This Is tho time of tho year when the
garden iover must turn her attention to
the preparation of tho soil. With the ap
proach of spring nnd tho gradual depar
ture of Jack Frost this work becomes a
genuine pleasure. Ilusty rakes and hoes
and garden Implements must bo unearthed
from tho collar.
Before 0110 enters upon tho actual prep
aration of tho soli thero is a very real
pleasure In poring over catalogues, ee'
lcctlng various seeds, writing numerous
epistles to seed houses and many other
attendant Joys or anticipation.
Tho great mistake of tho average ama
teur gardener Is that his eagerness car
ries him away, ho staits to preparo tho
soil far too early in tho Bcason, and Jack
Frost creeps In over night and undoes all
his work and toll.
With spring surely at hand, seeds plant
ed at the proper time and tho proper
time Is now approaching tho gardener
enjoys tho flrst real pleasure attendant
upon cultivation of plants.
As day after day passes the gardener
watches with the keenest Interest for the
flrst tiny shoots to push up from tho soil,
for there Is no greater pleasure than
watching the gradual creation of one's
own handiwork. These tiny shoots are
nurtured and wntered daily, and tho
greatest attention must be given them If
me uesi results are to be obtained.
Building at Germantown Hospital
Ready for Occupancy.
The new maternity building of the
Germantown Hospital, tho only maternity
division In that section of the city, will
be completed on Monday and ready for.
occupancy a few days later. It Is the
gift of Edward J. Moore, of tho banking
Arm of E. J. Moore & Co., who donated
it ns a memorial to his mother, the late
Mrs. Marlon Hardy Moore.
The structure Is a one-story brick
building, with limestone trimming, fol
lowing the general architecture plan of
tho hospital. It will cost, with equip
ment, $50,000,
Itosslnl'a "Stabat Mater," with the
chorus in English, will be given by four
soloists and a chorus, under Wasslli Lens
musical director, at the Church of the
Saviour, SSth street above Chestnut street,
tomorrow night, at 7:45 o'clock. The splo
ists will be Emily Stokes Hagar, eoprano,
Paul Volkmann, tenor; Marie Stone Lang,
stone, ulto. and Frederick W. Ayres, has
so. The Itev, Robert Johnston Is rector
or the church,
Divorced Couple Will Remarry
Joseph Elmer Roberts, a former Phlla
delphlan, who was divorced from his
wife n this city In 1313, applied for a
marriage license n Oiean, N. V., yester
day, and will try the matrimonial state
again. The man and woman, who are a
years old, have two children, and decided
after being separated for two years that
it woe all a mistake. This Information
was received in dispatches from Oiean
SpecIalUtsWh'oh means that we
Tr eell nothing: else; also
In Corsets that we know every
curve of the corset
business. W place utmost lm
pprtanee In rutins elvlnV you
the newest In style fitted to your
figure perfectly.
Walnut St.
yew Kn i
The New
I think that tho matter of halrdrceslng
la really very difficult. So many women
adhere rigorously to ovcry tiew fashion
as It cnmcst In, quite regardless of tho
fact that It' itiny not suit their partlo
ular type of face nnd feature.
A very pretty girl camo Into tho hotel
hero last night nnd her hair was really
done bpautlfully. Sho was the daughter
of n Chicago multimillionaire and her
get-up was qulto stunning.
Her hair wns dressed high, In pompa
dour style, which, by tho way, la exceed
ingly popular. Partings havo quite gono
out. The hair waa waved very beau
tifully and tho uppor part of tho car was
covered In tho new style, leaving only
tho lobe showing,
A filet of oxqulslto pearls wns worn
across tho forehead, nnd from a largo
cabuchon In tho centro two beautiful
algrottCH roso. I don't know when 1 havo
aeon anything smarter than this stylo of
Puffs nnd curio havo como back again,
and I am so glad, ns they glvo such n
soft, attractive look to tho coiffure. If
one's hair Is straight nnd refuses to keep
All Entries In Eace for Exposi
tion Trip Assured of Sub
stantial Eewards.
So many subscriptions aro being sent
In by tho participants In tho contest of
tho Evening LcDann and Public LEDacn
every day that It Is evident oven thoso
who do not win ono of tho CO froo trips
to tho Panama-Pacific and ranaina-Call-fornla
expositions will havo good times
clsowhcro this coming vnctlon season.
All subscriptions obtained for either pa
per will bo paid for by tho contest edi
tor nt tho regular newsdealers' commis
sion rates, and many of tlo contestants
already aro assured or a goodly sum
early In July ir tho totaling or tho points
at that tlmo shows they havo been beat
en out ot tho free trip.
This feature of tho contest, providing
that no ono who docs any work In It can
lose, Is ono that has attracted many of
the contestants. In most subscription con
tests thoso who do not get Into the prize
winning class get nothing for their tlmo
nnd labor. In tho Evening Lnoonn and
Public Ledge?, contest they will bo paid
handsomely, and tho money will come to
them at a time when It will bo exception
ally useful.
Thero is still plenty of chanco for thoso
who want r trip to tho Coast to get Into
tho contest and win their way Into the
flrst DO. To enter, send your namo to
the contest editor, second floor ot the
Public LEDonn Building, on tho coupon
provided for that purpose In tho adver
tisement He will seo that you nro sup
plied with nil necessary Information and
somo valuable hints on tho best way
to got subscriptions to tho two nows-papers.
EGGS and
Our thousands of select B. C. White Leg
horns wtnners, bred for size, visor, early
maturity and miperlor cee production aro
supplying an enormous hatching ege trade.
They aro also fllllnR our 48,000 ess Incuba
tors for brfnslng oft hatches twice a week.
Hatching eggB, guaranteed 85 fertile,
58 per 100, $70 per 1000. Vigorous chicks,
guaranteed to arrive safo and in full count,
X10 per B0, $18 per 100 and I1C0 cor 1000.
Big demand. Now Is the time to order.
Bend postal for complete prfco list now.
ii ox r,
LAKE WO Oil, N. J.
1 Doz. Aaaorted Rose Bushes, $
They aro all good plants, none under
two years, of good varieties, and
will flower this season. We can
combine them whichever way you
may desire, and they should be or
dered now for delivery in the spring.
Wo also furnish HEDGING. FRUIT
every description.
Better write to us today. Do It NOW,
SO 13 H. T.etterly St,, I'hlla, Phones.
Ball Fhone, Kensington 2204.
districts of South, growing greatest
variety of crops, elvinp best home lo
cations. Shall we give you Informa
tion? M. V. RICHARDS, Ind. & Agri.
Commissioner, Room 234, Southern
Railway, Washington, T. C.
will prooocsi urn inUa vuor. fttunin
tndegs piudartlonUi j oar Bock tut nuku
tocwfiU tell'wu ?. Wtfrt ftaHfToa Uwt
m ilr fMfkAi U1 aubeJiU.
rnpw wT4yB to. ptsti kJzdctMa,
--- Mfril for fru ubm.I bTh1.LL wflm-
UMBMftf ETsMiBtUtn7l'iMadCbtckFMd. IlWUmh:
TAYZXU 10103103 llrkrtfiUtct,Crada,rf.
DELAWARE FARMS for fruit, gardening-,
poultry, llva stock, alfalfa, denial cllmat.:
S!S2!IrHVJ!;..?SS,,J5 '" state board
OP AOKICUIrURE, Dover, Delaware,
HARDWOOD ASHES No. 1 Canadian Un
leached. Incinerator ashes. Beat fertilizer to
use. Ueo. Stevens, Peterborousb, Ont Canada.
Promote good health and happiness
greatly reduce coat of livinrr
Joy the best and most prolific
uesti xtaspDerry. van Fleet Hybrids wonderful StraWDeni
vaco Dest ana most beautiful Hardy Grape, Everybody's
Currant for everybody. Carrie Gooseberry Succeeds everywh
tuJlZMl!k??"? '"Heated book of 64 pages, teHs .U ;
...kw uu xlUK3, wii prices, ail the
as we. Jt gives also fulf instructions for planting with cultural &
tells about the giant Jumb tatmbenv that I am irivina awa. It is f
fet H
lM o sitcinhit
&trry vunuip
a ;
. Jt AkMt Jl? K"S
In curl. If In An. I..,,.
' ; - "" " ueuer to buy liinfS
clusters of curls and puffs. tw Ji
ho her Is naved In that way. Bhrt. 3
hair enn li Ktn.. ...... ur" ?J
and the Mn"LL nowI
tiio "addition" cannot bo detectedfevl
by tho most lnqulsltlvo frlendl "
I do like theso llttln ni,rcn,..i. .. .
bmo fn.(,,.i ... ,.. m.. ',ai"tcni
fully over tho forehead or over the .
nnd soften tho faco bo much. 4
Tim Cnstlo stylo of hnlrdreselng is J
Popular Just now. Yet many wom.n C?
In Palm Beach are nvcrso to having .tS
hair "bobbed" and so they con.prSn$
by Vmj In n wig! it 1S lmpo8aibl9.g
...,... w.v i(ia, B11U( or courg. .JJ
wearing of them saves tho hair from bS
nit uv ouwi 1, aj
The Cnstlo stylo of halt-dressing Is JS
,. ,.,. ,.,,, WI10 nas eufj.'-p
at least wavy hair. ta
French ml In nn.l Inl.l. 1 .. HM
out, nnd tho Psycho knot, with liitiH
U..H ..,.3ia jiiiva nil f a ,t
,,-.o w.n Uiia uuniiingiy inserted at lf?J
sides, has taken t he r place. Tho w ,' 1
nt tho back of tho head, but much hirt'4
than tho nape of tho neck. U is cot&1
very berom nir to Mm ,.. ?...lfnlJrJ
"..... "unian.
Ten Committees to Doviso Economic!
nna social Uenefits.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 27. -An tipWt1
un.viuo lur mo ooneiic or rural comati
nuica nas neon worked cut by the Di
partment of Agriculture. -I
It provides for a community orsanliil
tlon with 10 committoes-flvo business anil
:ivo social, xno business committees!
would look after farm production, taaM
,vuuiib. securing larm supplies, fannl
flnanco nnd accounting and commualcaf
tion ana transportation. Tho social com.1
mlttecs would handle education, santti.i
Hon, recreation, beautlflcatlon and house-l
hold economies. r Jl
In addition thero would bo the usual!
ofllocra nnd a central commlttoo composed!
of t'no general ofllcors of the comnuinltrf
organization and tho chairmen of the 142
committees. This body would direct thtj
general policy, raise all funds and direct!
Valuable economic benefits, as well ul
stronger patriotism, would bo devclopedj
under such organization, tho department!
I Did you see Al?
I Did he tell you? No?
fl Well, he told me to tell'!
P you when I saw you to
i look for it on March 6
I in the
Vnv OKn we will mail one regular
1 ur JC jn-cent packet (40 to BO
seeds) each ot BURPEE'S uaintt.
a beautiful picotee pink-edged
deep Carmine Scarlet; Buiipee'S
Irish Belle or Dream, rich lilac
flushed withpink; Mrs.Cuthbert
son, an exquisite pink; Mns.Hucil
Dickson, rich apricot on cream
ground; also one large packet (?0
to 100 seeds) of tho Burpee Blend
op Superb Spencers for 1916, the
Flowered Sweet Peas everoffered.
The Burpee leaflet on Sweet P
Culture with each collection.
Ib-wb ,!. ! Ji Imrifi, Slid eitlltl lH
muc4iri. miuiMumiM""""""'""
Burp.. Dulldlnn.PhildIphi
Wrlto us for prices on ,..
Charlea II. lteeve Co-, ae-
178 West St.. Now lork.
SEIOS from er"i- aMi
today for our wtoll frSti
O.N. ROBINSON A BRO. D.ul.91 M""" .J
Heed Grower and Importers. Eita.J'
Blackberry, Jumbo biggest W-
saoA old varieties ot ?."
J. T, LOVETT. Be 139. little Slwft