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Admiral Belincke, in Offi
cial Statement to Ameri
can Attache, Declares
England Must BeStarv
ed to Save Fatherland.
Orders Issued to Nnval Officers
to Safeguard Neutrals.
Blockade Will Bo Dropped
If Britain Consents to Free
Transit of Food Supplies.
BEnUM, Feb. 17. Admiral Bchnckc,
, tf the Marine Department, has mado n
- .lament to Llout. Commnnder Walter
'n. Ohernrdl, Nnvnl Attache of the Amor-
IM . ..
(Mtn Embassy nt Berlin, which la given
cut officially as tho best exposition of
the situation with respect to dermapy's
declaration regarding tho waters nround
ths British Isles ns a war zone. Admiral
Behncke's statement follows:
Up lo mo prcaeni umo uermany, in
the war at oea, has followed tho London
M.rtnratlon or tho stipulations of tho
Fsrls treaty, on which tho conduct of
FJW!ir on tho sea had been baBed before
War on tho sea had been bnscd before
1 tne Iflnuon Declaration,
' "In waclnir this commercial warfare.
I' England has In view tho subjugation of
l. n.rmanv bv starvation. Germain lirwl.
gln every way, sought to bring the at
tention of tno neutral powers and nil
' others to tho necessity It was under to
Obtain food for her civilian population,
which was her right under tho laws of
war. No results could be obtained from
her efforts.
i oiuto uiu Buuiiius gu qi looa sup
plies iiitu tujuo Li i. juiiil wucro ucrcnany
had no longer sufficient food to feed her
beorile. It became necessary for her to
bring England to terms by tho exercise
of force.
"Germany knows that by the use of
the submarine England can bo nlnced In
' position where food will bo lacking.
fiho has tho submarine force with which
to do It; her Ufa as a nation and the
I lives of tha people depend upon putting
this campaign Into action, and she must
m do so.
"Tho difficulties lying In tho way of this
campaign hao been largely connected
with the care which It Is desired to glvo
to neutral ships, and to the lives of those
on board all commorclal ships, whether
faeutral or bclondnrr in fh nnm.
f "First, In arming her merchant ships
Kith guns for self-defense, England
'idopted a policy against which Germans
strongly protest. Tho United States took
the British point of view. It Is nnt nm.
jiiSlo for submarlnesno approach British
mercnant Bhlps and make examinations
without exposing themselves to cunflm
' or bomb attack, ngnlnst which a subma
rine boat would be helpless.
"Second, England has advised her
merchant nect to fly neutral flags, to
eover up names and change stacks, to
eicape the consequences of their nation
ality. This plan was designed to bring
Germany Into conflict with other nations.
"Germany does not wish In the slight
est degree to haim American or other
neutral ships, or their cargoes, unless
jcarrjlng contraband of war. She Is. how.
Jtver, In a, position where her llto depends
open ncr putting into effect the only
wans she has of saving herself. Sho
must and will use this means.
"Commanding officers of submarine
boats have been given orders to make
every effort to safeguard neutrals. In
splta of tho precautions which submarines
could take without the danger of being
destroyed themselves the possibility was
Jilted that neutral Bhlps might, through
error or accident, be destroyed. Vnr- thi
FC2S0n It Rtrnni? wnmlnt- wnn Ib.ii.j
"In addition, tho English connt hnn Kn...
rained by the British themselves fnr nrn.
tectlve reasons, and would be mined by
the Germans as an act of offensive wnr
Xare. Bhlps therefore wero In danger
from mines.
"In spite of the great effect the Admir
alty Staff fta flu. (ioa nf !. ..k.n.t
m Wll have In bringing tho war to a rapid
J1' I"" -numiraiiy uoes not wish to
5 put It Into effect, to tho detriment of
"cuirai commerce and the rights of na
tions of the high seas.
"It has therefore stated that If Great
Britain will abide by the Declaration of
uOnOOn. Withmif r nHl (enllnn. .. V.. .I..
,Trafy of Taris, w ereby food supplies
..caui-jr ior tno civil population can be
freely brought Into. Germany, the whole
raafter of a submarine blockade will be
dropped by Germany.
"This proposal has been transmitted
through diplomatic channels. If accepted,
I Jlitchel, of New "York, Prescribes Terpsichorean Di
version for Preachers Who
Sunday Assails Evils -of
"Billy" Sunday'a View
The dance Is Immoral. Every man and
,omn carries a breast full of passions,
jwa those passions become a tinder box.
vr the ballroom floor you allow liberties
!Q men thnt VA. .,. ntlnn. tim 1a-
T . W WU ., M..WIT M.4. ..-
rrSJ?' ,ald "Billy" Sunday In a sermon
,W Philadelphia, "You grant them llber
.1 0n the aaUroom floor that If a man
ljaer than your husband would attempt
IJl your home and your husband would
sand you at It, ho would havo no trouble
tt securing a divorce, and If be shot the
J3&U no lurv in th. w.rM nmlM mn.
fytfl him for It.
J. 'When your daughters and sisters go
&J these dances they learn to smoke
aa drink; and you can bet that when a
K3 ." I0W that she will smoke and
bSrinlC BhA la tn .t.. aV.acto,. .Hit- anil
pijng- to hell fast.
t&i Where dn vnti tln vaii. mnat ae.
9mpiuhed dancers? In the brothels.
MM girls In these places come, in many
fi. ?CM- txom tn upper crust of society.
. ." "-.M....U Mio UilUUB BB (111 (1IU.I MCII
& Inatltlltlnn thai .. w-.l. .Am
Wo depths of perdition. Six saloons do
(.not do as much to rot the morals of elrla
S one danelns ehni
Oh, but you say, 'I go to the private
Wees' elum. and free.foe.,11,1
you beat a mile Why? Because
aey wear more clothes than you do.
' he Chief nt tuill.... In yji-ai Vnrif t1l
fee that three-fourths of the fallen
Ja"n In that city went wrons; first
n.h the dances. There are 600.000
women in the United States, and
K think that 370.000 of these lost their
- la "rousri tho dance haus.
CUt VAll BBW 'fan. Itm JIM
Vi$ M -own wirer Why. you would
KhSJ "apn husk corn all night Jar moon-
L fmul (J danca With -vrmr nun wife Tt
other follow' wife or oma other
vs HaUr You lee him hug your
. 432?. vr th Privilege of hugging his- I
Sgt tt c tfe oisr 0f tba hUckB halt
" to tmt fcia ana sreuM JtfiM,"
m?'!!?t.Ur c.lll n0 '" " Ptovocit
and a.K1""" lhe tJn,ted BMti
m?'?! BchHcl6 then said that Oer
Enlft,! mLPreparcd ,0 ""BBest to the
hmiirt i?k ,aMB"r American ships
Pn.L,hc.r ,hro"Bh the channel or to
IS5 wP.MnnLm,'ly' thal "vwAI Amer
on tt Il?$ "h.ula walt ,n Bomo P"-t
whnl1";" M'l ' Ireland, And,
7u.r"l,lc"l'd XvUh by wlrelM by
should" "e"lntman.one of them
nation it wefehantmsn thro.mli that
inning iSi l,e "n wll,ch Oermonj-. fo.
declared lo bo" dkhWMui"" W""n' ""
Under rS' f,d.u,,,e mlra!. ".hips
llo T V2i' byho rules ot Interna
t onai law, are not oubject to acarch, but
a hnnr'a l?,Wh'Ch thf' belong 8 upon
, ... r "" ll !orc to M that they do
not calry contraband of war."
Secretary of Society for Organizing
Charity Won't Confirm Report.
R. M. Little, secretary of the Society
for Oraanlzlnjr Charity. ,l nncrlflco his
present position, which pays JCOOO a yiar,
. "" . po" ns warden of the Tod-
?,,.' en,ntlnW where he believes he
Will On flhlA tn nn.AMKtl.1. .
.......... u .. """ more gooa,
accordlnff to dispatches from Atlanta
today; but Mr. Utile has not conflimed
tho report.
Warden William H. Moycr. who has
Sn " d'arso of the Qoi eminent prison!
1mMh reve(1- Charles W. Morse
Julian Hawthorne and others who have
been confined In tho Southern Institution
S?"c.hJ!fiLM ot crUelty the for.
mcr warden.
Sunday rnmpalgn activities began at 10
o'clock this mornlnc. wh.n ,n.i..
prajer meetings, conducted by mombcrs
and associates of the Sunday party, were
held In churches throughout the city. At
U o'clock Miss Miller and Miss Kinney
oponed their business women's lunch
rooms In tho Chambora-Wylla Memorial
Presbyterian Church and tho First Pres
byterian Church, respectively, and mado
addresses nt Intervals in the auditoriums
of the churches.
At noon factory meetings were con
ducted by "Billy" Sunday co-workers as
follows: Mr. Hamilton, Packard Motor
car Company. 317 North Broad street:
Mr. Rose. Spring Garden Street Y. M. C.
A.; Mr. Bchrcns, Western Electric Com
pany, 11th and York stroets; "Jack"
Cardiff. E. A. Wright Bank Note Com
pany, Broad and Huntington streets; Mr.
Rodeheavcr, Quaker Laco Commnv. S2rl
street and Lehigh nvenuc: Mr. Stover. J.
T. Pugh Company, 31st nnd Ludlow
streets; Mrs. Asher, Smnltr-Goodwin
Company, 12th and Carpenter streets;
Miss Fotterolf. Brownhlll and Krnmer
Company, Memphis street and Columbia
nvenue: Mr. Crown, Port Richmond Y.
M. C. A.: Mr. Wright, car barn, iUh nnd
Thompson streets. At 2 o'clock Mr. Getty
conducted a meeting at the car barn
nt BOth street nnd Woodland avenue.
Miss Fctterolf conducted a meeting
for girls of tho William Ponn High
School In tho Trinity Methodist Church.
15th and Mount Vernon streets, nt 2:30
o'clock. Mr. Rodeheavcr conducted a
similar meeting for boys of the Southern
Mnnunl Training School In St. Luke's
Church, Broad and Jackson streets, at 3
Miss Gamlln conducted a boys' and
girls' mass-meeting In tho Grace Re
formed Church, 11th and Huntingdon
streets, nt 3:45 o'clock. Miss Saxe held
a Bible class at 4:30 o'clock In the
Lutheran church, P2d and Race streets,
and nt the same hour a similar meeting
wai conducted by Miss Lamont In the
Holland Memorial Church, Broad nnd
Federal streets, where Mrs. Asher will
deliver an address nt 7 o'clock this eve
ning. Tho activities of the day will be brought
to a close by a parents' mass-meeting,
which will be conducted by Mls Gamlln
In the Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal
Church, 11th street below Oxford, at 8
o'clock this evening.
Only Five Couples Granted Marriage
Licenses at Elkton Today.
ELKTON, Md Feb. 17. Only five
couples were granted marriage licenses
here todny.
Those who applied were David A. Duf
fleld nnd Georgeanpa Hetrlck, Joseph L.
Kelly and Katherlne A. Kane and Charles
Relnhart and Louisa Lutz, nil of Phila
delphia; Orvlll D. Hend'lckson and Ethel
M. Faux, of Rising Sun, Md and Charles
A. Boone nnd Lena E. Beard, of Read
ing, Pa.
Chas. P. O'Conner Proud Father
Congratulations are being bestowed to
day on Charles P. O'Connor, assistant
clerk of,' Select Council, whose home at
Eth and Fine streets was visited by the
stork early this morrjlng. A baby boy
weighing 10 pounds was left. O'Connor
Is the first employe attached to the
clerical department of Select Council to
become a father.
Criticise Him Billy
Present-day Craze.
Mayor Mitchell's View
NEW YORK. Feb. 17.-Mayor Mltchel
laughed when he heard that the Rev,
James V. Chalmers had described him at
a preachers' meeting as a "backboneless
creature who stays up until 3 o'clock In
the morning dancing the tanro."
Yea," the Mayor confessed, "I dance
now and then, and If some of those who
criticise roe for doing so would dance
too their dispositions might be Improved."
As to the complaints of tha clergymen
that the excise law Is not enforced, the
Mayor said;
"These gentlemen are well Mentioned
and well meaning, all of them. Thsy
really believe that all evil flows from
drink and that If the consumption of
liquor could be stopped all human evil
would ceasethat we would have tha rail.
lenluro, I do not agree with them.
"They believe that the chief business
of the police Is to enforce the liquor law's.
The chief business of the police If, In
stead, to pat down crimes pf violence and
preserve the peace. After that comes the
enforcement of the sumptuary laws."
Germans Reported Evacuating South
Poland Railway Centre
FBTROCJRAD. Feb, 17.-German troosa
are reported In a dispatch from Warsaw
to e evacuating the town of FJotrokow,
an Important railway centre of south
western Poland, because of an outbreak
of disease there.
U states that the outbreak has become
an enldemlo and that the Onmin treon?
btlnff decimals
.i"S ,-?.. till
u&muim vvjs
Rush So Heavy That Even Eating Is Accomplished
Under Difficulties Hungry Journeymen Wield
Spoons and Scissors at Same Time.
The barbers down town are up In arms.
They have so many grievances, they
say, that nothing less than n general mu
tiny will remedy matters. Their working
day is 17 hours long nnd they cannot stop
to eat if there are any customers In the
shops. ThK In a nutshell, Is tho basis of
their complaint. But tho employers nlso
have their troubles. In view of tho cut
rates 10 cents for a shavo and IB cents
for a hair-cut It takes a good many
heads and faces to make a dollar.
The bosses are tired of having their em
ployes sitting around playing mandolins
and discussing proper ways to run the
country, so the barbers havo to work
oven whiio they cat.
In several of the shops tho barbers
have a rush on at dinner nnd supper time,
so they have to eat their soup and cut
hair at tho same time. This operation of
working tho spooa nnd tho scissors simul
taneously without removing an ear or nn
Fearless Fireman of Bryn
Mawr Company Says He
Is in the Way at Con
flagrations Has Never
Climbed Ladder.
It Is regarded as fitting by residents
along the Main Line that Alba B. John
son, president of the Baldwin Locomo
tive Works, has again been chosen presi
dent of the Brn Mawr Fro Company,
Mr. Johnson has spent all his life In an
Industry where smoke nnd lire wero
very conspicuous elements.
In view of thlB thoro Is a prevnlllng
opinion that Mr. Johnson Is one of tho
ablest firefighters In this part of the
country. When one considers the many
years that he has been connected with
tho locomotive works nnd also bears in
mind that he has been president of the
Bryn Mawr Fire Company for more than
a dozen years, ho concedes, In view of
the record, that It would bo hard to find
his superior in conquering conflagrations.
Persons living near Bryn Mawr say
that, despite his ample size, he can climb
a ladder with a hose as quickly as a
regular, and that he never orders the
men to go whero he won't go himself.
They also assert that he knows how to
fight the (lames from the front and under
stands the technique of fire fighting
In all the time that he has been con
nected with the fire department, they
say, Mr. Johnson has never been injured.
Hearing of these achievements, an
EVENIN3 Ledger representative called on
Mr. Johnson at his office at tho Baldwin
riant, with the idea of getting a story
which might read "Ten Years Before
fl ssrlsB& ri
A eHT A BsV V1X. I
I kSisK5j Tj Cv Sm j kn
But now,
things are different
A Pittsburgh concern Which has to cany a
large stock of screws, bolts and like sup
plies, has made a great improvement In Its
method of keeping a record of stock.
Most of its orders corns by 'phone things
wanted in a rash. Until recently, an order
meant a wild hustle to lookup the stock record
in one of the twelve large loose-leaf books.
These books had a thousand pages each
they were spread on a 10 ft. x 4 ft. table.
It took time to handle them.
Things are different easu now. Com
plete stock records, on Library Bureau cards,
are wjthin arm's reach in a unit record desk.
T Iu comes an order a customer wants
. 1500 488 half-inch bolts. "1500 48' alf-Jnch
bolts," repeats the salesman at the -phone to
the stock clerk at the desk nearby. Two
seconds the stock clerk finds the right card.
It shows 8000 bolts on hand.
'Yes, we have 'em," says the salesman to
the customer. That gets the order quick
iJJhrary Bnre.au
Mtauiacturtajr distributors ot v
Card and f Ulag system. Unit cabinets In wood and steel.
910 Chestnut St., Philadelphia
b ? Vi
eyebrow requires skill. Incidentally, many
n hnlr-cut ends In a fight because tho
barber becomes too much Interested In hlt
lunch nnd allows tho scissors to wander
to plnccs where they are not Intended to
One bnrber said today that he often
falls asleep while shaving on nccount ot
hlq long hums. He declared that ho
wouldn't be surprised to nwake some
night and find himself arrested for
There Is no rest on Sunday, for, regard
less of tho law, many of tho employers
run "speak-easy" barber shops and the
employes havo to work or loso their Jobs.
For the purpose of Improving conditions,
tho Journeymen Barbers' Union has called
a meeting to be held at 603 Reed street
next Monday. All overworked barbers are
urged to Join. Steps will bo taken to get
less work and more pay, the present sti
pend down town being 3 nnd 13 per.
Jncob L. Cohen is president of the
union, and he seems to bo very much In
earnest about It.
the Flames, or the Real Secret of Fire
Mr. Johnson received him cordially and
the visitor settled himself for a review
of heroic achievements which would
thrill tho renders.
Ills hopes were somewhat Jolted when
the locomotlvo builder tnld very em
phatically: "Why I would bo In tho road
at a flro."
Attributing this to Mr. Johnson's
tendonev to mnko light of his deeds, tho
interviewer did not lose all hope.
"Your experience of so many years in
tho flro company has brought many nar
row escapes," It was suggested.
"Why I have nover fought a fire In "ay
life," declared Mr. Johnson, amazed.
"It Is true." ho continued, looking sym
pathetically at his astonished questioner,
"fires nro serious affairs, and wo havo
trained men who understand tho work.
Tho Bryn Mawr Flro Company has an
experienced engineer and an assistant.
They were formerly connected with tho
Philadelphia Flro Department and havo
given tho benefit of their experience to
tho firefighters at Bryn Mawr."
Although Mr. Johnson may not havo
Been action nt the fires of Bryn Mawr, It
was learned subsequently that ho has
performed valuablo servlco in keeping
tho compnny up to the top notch of effi
ciency In other very practical ways.
Tho company will hold Its annual an
niversary on February 21 In tho audito
rium at the fire house, celebrating with
a banquet, Among tho speakers will be
Director Porter and Dr. Joseph Odell.
Secretary Garrison Annoyed by Offi
cer's Speech on "Unpreparednoss."
WASHINGTON, Feb. 17. Secretary of
War Garrison today called upon Captain
William Mitchell, of the General Staff of
the army, tn explain certain startling
statements made by him In a public
speech here last night concerning tho mil
itary unpreparedness of the army.
Captain Mitchell's assertion before a
distinguished gathering of engineers that
"one year would be required to put an
army of 1,000,000 trained men in the Held,
and In that time an enemy could take
and hold our Atlantic seaboard," was
characterized by Secretary Garrison as a
serious breach of discipline.
fa I
Married Three Weeks, Blows
Out Brains "Had to Do
This," Ho Says.
L'scorled by friends, Mrs. Helen Wat
won, 21 years old, n brldo of llirco weeks,
living at 62 North 66th street, went to
Green's Creek, N. J todny to Identify
tho body of her husbnnd, Clarence, 32
years old, who ended his life yesterday
by hootlng himself. Less than a week
ago the pair returned front their honey
moon. They hnd been childhood sweet
hearts. When tho young woman entered a barn
In Green's Creek, whero her husband
klilcd himself after leaving behind a
strango note, she collapsed. The funeral
will tako placo from a llttlo country
church which Watson attended as a boy
beforo coming to Philadelphia.
Watson was employed by tho Philadel
phia Rapid Transit Company as a guard.
Ho was detailed In tho subway division
of tho Market street line. He went to
Grcoris' Creek yestcrdn to vlst his
father. Aftor calling on his father he
locked himself In a. barn located near his
parents homo nnd blow out his brains.
In his pockot n noto was found bearing
tho following words which )ere scribbled
In lead pencil:
"I nm sorry I had to do this. I am
very unhappy. I was forced to do this.
I.ovo to all. Clarence."
An Investigation by tho authorities In
Green's Creek Into tho case, today dis
closed that Watson for several days had
been worrjlng nbout debts which he had
Incurcd boforo his marriage. Friends In
this city as well ns In South Jersey tried
to cheer him up. Ho refused to listen to
"Wo loved each other for ver." M
Mrs. Watson, ns sho stood near tho
body of her husband.
Man Succumbs After Abstaining
From Food for 62 Days.
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 17Louls Roth,
the Palo Alto tailor whose fast of 62 days
to cure stomach troublo has been watched
with keen Interest by scientists, has suc
cumbed to starvation.
On Monday, the 61st duy of his fast.
Roth took a little orange Juice nnd water
nnd appeared to be as normal as a man
who had not eaten for two months could
Tuesday afternoon tho scientists at his
bedsldo noticed a growing pallor nnd
Blower pulse. But Jtoth rallied, and up
to within a few minutes of his death late
at night ho was conscious and nblo to
iuik wan tnoso around mm.
Roth's weight dropped from 145 to Si
Bids on Huge Oil Tanker
Local shipyards are estimating on the
cost of construction of a tank steamship
to bo the largest of Its kind, for the
Standard Oil Company. The contract will
be awarded In tho next 10 days. Tho new
tanker will have a capacity of 3,000,000
gallons and will cost nbout JOOO.OOO.
t Prize
Find the 3
OtltliriA thfi thrpa TiUrlnn
faces with pencil, pen or II L J
cravon. After vim lmvo '.im.
done this cut out picture
and coupon and send them
to us. We reserve the right
to use any expression from
prize winners for advertis
ing. Everybody should try
this contest, as all have an
equal opportunity to win.
Start today and send
your answer in early.
EXAMPLE nail's give the beat value Hall's are not in the high rent district Hall's pay no commissions.
Fill out coupon or exact copy, writing; Tour ex
pression and carefully ntIlno the faces. Avrarda vl!t
not be made for the most artistic or fanciest vrrtttns;,
but for the one who ranresta the moat appropriate
expression and outlines tha faces correctly.
The most appropriate expression Trill be chosen
from those submitted by the contestants.
Free to any one except employees of this Company.
Only one answer from one family. In the event of a
tie, a prise Identically the same as listed will he siren
to each One trio-. Disinterested Judges will be chosen
and the contestants will ha Informed as to who won
the prises. Send your answer In today.
Fill Oat Coupon Or Exact Copy
I hereby submit my answer, subject to
conditions of the competition, and hereby
asree to abide by the decision ot the
Expression .... .,.,.. , , .,,.,,, ,..,,,,..,,
Name ,,...,,.,,....,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,";.,,,
Street ...,.,.. ,.Yt,
Otjr .,......,,.... State' .,,.,,..',,,.'
ilavo yea an TJprtght or Square Piano f
State which.
I I 1
Erring Servant Led to Tabernacle to Benefit From
Evangelist's Teachings Miss Levick Has
Faith in "Billy" Sunday's Campaign.
' The butler really needed It, you know,
nnd so I Just took him myself. I tried
to get lilni to go w IfM several of the
maids, but he went off on n three-day
drunk Instead. I felt that Sir. Sunday
could do him some good; therefore I
took him."
This Is the way Miss Suzanne Levick,
ono of Philadelphia's most winsome so
tlety girls, explained away her startling
appearance before a tabernacle audience
of 20,000, Including the btnso reporters,
who wero shaken out of this customary
boredom, when Bho entered nccompanled
by a big negro.
It was tho butler In the Levick house
hold, And the fact thnt the man "hit
the trail" at tho conclusion of tho ser
mon did not allay the curiosity of the In
quisitive ones in tho least. They won
dered who the piquant, attractive girl
was with such nn unusual escort.
Miss Lovlck Is tremendously Interested
In "Hilly" nnd tho work he Is doing In
Pnllndelphln. Time and tlmo again she
Is Been at the tnbernacie, nnd she never
mioses nn opportunity to tako some ono
along with her whom sho thinks might
be Impressed by his teachings. Once It
wns a llttlo newsboy she picked up off
tho street and took to the tnbernnele In
her automobile. On many other occasions
It Is her men ftlendi.
"Only tho other night," sho said this
morning, curling up In n chair out at her
home In Bala, "I took n. coldly, critical
Admits Foo's Advance, But Calls Re
treat Orderly.
Russian troops havo effected orderly
withdrawals from all points on their front
where. their positions wero menaced by
tho terrific offensive of tho Germans and
their Austrian allies. It was announced
here toda. Tho withdrawal fiom East
Prussia and southern Bukowlua was
caused by tho appearance of great oppos
ing armies and not by any decisive battles
resulting In Russian defeats, tho war
office contends.
Mllitnry experts assert that Russia's su
perior resources permit adoption of a
policy of attrition which will wear down
the German offensive.
The German assertions that General von
Hlndcnburg has won a great victory In
East Prussia are denied here. It Is ad
mitted that tho Germans nre again ad
vancing upon Ossowltz, but the falling
back of tho Russian army Is declared to
havo been duo to tho appearance of Ger
man forces numerically superior to tho
Russians and not to any defeat suffered.
Violation of Neutrality Charged in
Air Fights.
BERNE, Switzerland, Feb. 17. Formal
protest was made today against the vio
lation of Swiss neutrality by German air
men The terms of the note wero tho same as
those contained in the protest against the
violation of Swiss neutrality by British
$325.00 Piano Free
Km a. m nxa
WH 5frS4feln. PIANOS WwM
The first prise Is a C325.00 Piano to the most appro
priate and correct answer In accordance with condi
tions. Second Prise, Locket and Chain and credit -ccrtlu-cate
for 812S.0O. Third rrlse, Parlor Sllrror and credit
certificate for 8100.00. The next ten answera will re
ceive Credit Certificates for S00.OO. Following- these
In groups of ten, the next best answers will receiver
Credit Certificates for St 1 than the previous group,
until ten have been awarded ?25.00. These Certificate
are good for amount stated towards the purchase of a
New Piano or l'Uycr-1'Uno at the rrsrular price, Jj'lmo
of Certificate la limited and Is not (rood on any purchase
mads previous to February S3, 1015.
Only one Certificate can be applied on one Piano.
Address All Answers To
Hall's Piano Store inc.
2626 Germantown Avenue
Contest Closes Tuesday, Fei, 23rd, 11 '
ii mthifnmt
and logical business man to the tabernacle
with me, nnd ho was enormously lm
pressed. Ho snld that no service In ny
church had nffected him as much
"I don't think It's alt difficult to thmU
thnt Mr. Sunday Is Inspired. No man
could deliver such telling sermons as he
docs otherwise, nnd I feel sure that those
people who are his severest critics, are
the very ones who need him most. The?
don't llko (o be shaken out of their ruts.
It makes them disagreeable.
"Tfiko our butler, for Instance. The
very night that I wanted htm to lake
two of the maids nnd go down to the tab
ernacle ho went off on what they call a
bat' nnd found himself In Jail. He's
nn old darky, but he Isn't nn unintelligent
man, nnd ho thoroughly appreciated every
word Mr. Sunday snld. I was so glad to
see him 'hit tho trnll.' Ho needed Just
such an nwnkenlng."
Her piquant, attractive face lighted Up
by a pair of singularly snnnnv bniwn
eyes took on nn earnest, serious expres
sion ns sho went on to explain her ln
terest In the evangelist's methods.
"I ItonVstly believe that he will have
Bomo lasting good effect on the Commu
nity. I don't think that the effect of
his having been here will wear off In time.
Some pcoplo havo had their consciousness
and their Bense of righteousness touched
for good nnd all, I nm sure. And In my
opinion, ono of his best results Is the
fact that ho makes you feel that you not
only want to right yourself, but you want
every one elso to."
Which statement probably explains the
Will Bo Used as Evidence Against Al
leged Purse Snatchcrs.
Several links of n, silver purso chain
furnished tho missing link in tho evi
dence which todny resulted In three
Negroes being held In J600 ball each for
further hearing February 23 by Magis
trate Haggcrty of the 12th and Pino
streets station.
The Negroes are charged with snatch
ing tho purse of MIbs Ray Cohen, 932
South street, on South street between
11th nnd 12th streets, yesterday. She
testified that they Jostled hor nnd one bf
them took tho purse. Special Policeman
Lyford later t.aw a Negro with a few
silver links and on investigating found
tho missing purse on one of the men.
Thoy gnve their names as Andrew Hud
son, 1623 Fontaln etrect; Isadore Tfilbert,
1731 Webster street, and Edward Ellis,
3S2U Haverford street.
Represented Himself as Clothing
Merchant Wanted to Cash Check.
Nnthan Cohen, of Baltimore, camo her
today to placo an order for 1,600,000 suits.
At least, that is what he told Morrls"
Appel, of 430 Montrose street. While
Appcl was expressing his delight, Cohen
said ho would give him nn order- for
600,000 of tho suits mentioned if Appcl
would ensh a check for $10.
By n strange coincidence there was. a
telephono call for Cohen while he was at
Appel's store. Telling the rfian from Bal
timore to wait a few minutes', Appel sum
moned n pollcoman, who took Cohen be
fore Magistrate McFarland. He ad
mitted that he had no big clothing1 orders
and was held In SSO0 ball.
2nd Prize
Credit Certificate
3rd Prize
Parlor Mirror
Credit Certificate