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VOL. I-NO. 134
-. .AiMMte
Cornianr, 1016, t ins Fditta Limu Courier.
Berlin Sees Attempt to Di-
i'vert German forces
9 'From Russia Paris
Claims Advantage m Ar-
gonne ana oiiumpagne
Wro-German Dash Menaces
Russian Supremacy in Buko
t vana Teuton Allies Re-
Epo-tcd in Cernowitz Kovno
invested, l-oemgaDcrg aays.
flrvimmcncoment o a general battlo
from the Swiss frontier to tho North
Sa Is indicated by details of engage
ment reported In today's Branch com
munlquo, which reports German ac
tivity near Verdun, and repulse of hos
tile attacltB along tho Mcuso -and in
the Argonno and Champagne. Appar
ently a movement to divert tho Ger-
KiMiS from tho eastern tncairo is in
r?nss- ,..
Beginning 01 una vibuiu-d '
ffcV tho Allies an along tno ranco-
ptlglan lines In order to rollevo tho
fpressure that the Germans aro cxert
rinit upon tho nusslans In tho cast Is
Intimated In tho Berlin report. Tho
Pitaff, however, declares that tho nt
tfucks havo all been repulsed, except In
Jtlie Champagno region, ivhcro tho
French succeeded In penetrating tho
iKalser's lines. Tho capturo of many
Ibrltlsh at La Bassco and French near
fefihelms Is announced.
A great battlo Is raging for posses
sion of Cernowitz, Vienna reports, add
ling that Austro-German forces aro
closing In on tho Russians In Buko-
Iwlna on three sides. Tho Teuton allies
fare already In possession of tho out
ftklrts of tho Crownland capital, Buda
pest sajs.
i,Koenlgsberg reports to Berlin that
German troops havo completely In-
fyjted tho heavily fortified city of
Kbvno. CO miles Inside the Polish bor-
gffBerllri officially leports capture of
GjfcOOO Russians and vast quantities of
iwor munitions in tho rout of tho
Ebth army, Only a remnant of the 11 di
visions of which succeeded in crossing
pbe frontier Into Poland.
pPetrograd's ofllclal report speaks ot
Kbjtlriato reslotanco to tho enemy on
East Erusslan frontier, front. Gra-
Tevo to Ds-on-lt-, tacitly admitting the
ipermdh ndvance. Denial Is mado of a
meat Qcrmnn victory, In East Prussia,
though "orderly retirement" tinder
pressure of superior numbers is ac-
Woman Dead on Doorstep
Ipeaa on a doorstep, on unidentified
Ijegro woman was found at 13th and Lom
Mrd streets today by a policeman, who
fafflrst thought she was asleep. Phjsl
jtlaiis at the Pennsylvania Hospital said
iwe oija or uremic poisoning. The woman,
IJrho nas about 43 years old, wore men's
RToday la Ash Wednesday. In six weeks
pter wfll bo here. That means spring.
Yfhlch brines fitimmf.1- a v.,v at... im-
afterward, and with Jt weather such as
?e had Beveral daya last week. So tho
aons ore not bo very far apart on tho
taiendar or according to cllmatlo con
ations are they? It Is merely a ques
uon of getting the proper prospective. It
a are young, or stopping the wheel of
a Z w"ei iu vuiismer, u you are
m- Vr thp small boy, then, a Chrlst-
r- vvmury ur iwo oerore another,
wnis grandfather a new year's birth;
Jffl'to! an old year's death. For our
Pf. for fear of being older than wo
g. or seeming younger than we are,
Kk . thln8s ns they come. Except
St the weather can alwivi o-nrrv n
Wmowhat, '
IffloiWer what It'll Te tomorrow?
roi Philadelphia and vieinitu
latrUnight and Thursday; not much
ai'- mi temperature: moderata
$Tlh winds.
Er Mails, see papa s.
fO-aeryations at Philadelphia
a A. M.
-. ; '.,.::-::::::::::::':::!:"W5s
Iilt... ' "" Nrt'' J mll
y,1 -fx i::;;;:::::;:;?!$ti
Aim Atm i ef 4li nH
--. ,...MW Wfc wt yai
Lamps to Be Llehted
a-d otber Tehlclts...,,,., !50p.m.
, mivrfnicHMONP.
, ....'... .iJD.tn.
tomorrow: ".":'::::. .JilrSm
? ni
."". . . .::; -it'Tss
; r toorre , ,:,,.'ifl f J
L T t . -
tr tomoifow tllJm'
wf . 4 aa n m.
Wtm Eiaj2S: i
2 J.i XS yjSjS
tfJLr Jjj- Wfc5K3pB?'oftS' .7 JI " 'mkw t fL. E! 1 HS MWi lit
B .. , "c CUTC" USssS5T38
s m s:rfiri-tT- aj r
Three of the Northeast High School athletes who competed this afternoon in a meet with West Philadelphia High
McCutcheon won tho fifteen-yard event in the fast timo of two seconds.
Thousands of Persons in
Great Wooden Temple
Cheer Sturdy Evangelist,
Who Prays for Success of
Governor Brumbaugh.
Ahother Indorsement of Governor Brum
baugh's efforts to give the people a
chancd to vote on local option, a strong
boost for woman suffrage and a severe
attack on church members who vote for
the saloon were made by "Billy" Sun
day In the tabernacle this afternoon.
He was especially anxious for the.
women to give assurance that they would
stand by him in his light against tho sa
loon. It teemed as though he had the
sympathy of the ontiro audience when lit
,tho coaa. of hjscrmon. In response to
hlsrequest, 0Tb" enllro "audience rose.
There were more than 15,000 persons who
Jumped to their feet and enlisted in the
nntl-llquor nimy.
Following this demonstration 229 men
nnd women "hit the trail" and were led
up to scats in the glory rows. Many of
them came up the "sawdust trails" to
shake the hand of the evangelist with
tears streaming from their eyes. Both
men and women sobbed, and among them
were many aged persons. On gray-haired
Continued on I'nee Two
Paris Reports German Defoats
Champagne and Argonno.
PARIS, Feb. 17.
Details of the various engagements now
In progress along the battlo lino from
the Swiss frontier to the North Sea indi
cate commencement qf another genera)
battle. Along the heights of the Jtouse
nnd in the Vosges the artillery exchanges
continue, whll? the Germans are again
showing activity near Verdun.
The Belgian artillery Is declared to be
very actlvo In the north.
Near Fontalne-aux-Charmcs, In the Ar
gonne region, a Gorman line of trenches
has been destroyed, together with the
pivotal blockhouse. .he Germans at
tacked In force between Four de Paris
and west of Bouroullles, but were de
feated with heavy losses and a number
of prisoners were taken by the French.
In the Champagne region the Germans
attacked 10 times during last night, but
were repulsed each time. The lighting
here Is declared to be continuing and to
be increasing In violence,
A movement apparently is n progress
to force a diversion of German troops
from the eastern war zone.
Submarine Menace Cause of Cancel
lations for France,
FOLKSTONE, Eng., Feb, J7.-Steam.
ship oftlces here posted notice today that
beginning tomorrow they will suspend
trallle between Folkstone and Calais and
Boulogne In the English Channel, "for a
few days "
The suspension, however. Is believed to
be for an Indefinite period, until there Is
no further danger from German subma
X.ONDON. Feb. JT. A news agency dis
patch today states that a number of
ships engaged In sailing from Dutch to
British porta wll be kept In commission
despite he German declaration of a war
zone around the British Isles.
Complaint to State Department Prom
Luxemburg Agent.
IONDON. Feb. 17 -The United States
consular agent at Luxemburg has pro
tested to the American State Department
against the action of tho German military
authorities In Interfering with Ws oft
rlal correspqnde.nce, according to a dis
patch from The Hague.
The agent at Luxemburg 13 Desire Pe
rulle Alleged Counterfeiter Caught
N'BW OB&EANS, Feb, 17 -William H
Fannin, alleged by United States post
office inspector to be wanted In Balti
more, Philadelphia and Chicago, was ar
retted here today on the charge ot ouj
terfeltlBK hmh-Jw -Unit. FawOa
vt.p.9 ..,. ..jr-TT "?-"
UJiM W SaVB JlajBtJA J-tUSfm wan u-w?3 nmwi
Body of Anarchist Is Cremated
by His Comrades, Without
Oeorpc Itrown'a ashes
Have Veen scattered on the wind.
But his soul is marchlno on.
To the tune of this old refrain, tho
words modernized, the friends ot Georgo
Brown, shoemaker nnd social rebel, ac
companied tho remains of the old Phila
delphia anarchist to the Cheltcn Hill
Crematory today, and there all that wns
mortal of him was surrendered to tho
Only his spirit remained, unconsumablc;
for long nftcr tho simple jet grotesque
ceremony was over tho few friends that
accompanied the wooden box used as a
coflln continued to speak of Brown and
his life. The last tribute to Brown's
rnvmory was paid by Hugh S. Monroe,
his life-long friend and president of'Ue
Friendship Liberal League.,
Brown died as ho llcd d rebel. Ho was
even burled as a rebel. No prayer was
Intoned over his bod), and no tcr shed.
Instead, a few friends, men and women.
assembled round the coffin at the under
taking establishment of Joseph W. Vlck
crs, 2728 Bldgo avenue. There Mr. Mon
roe made a short address, others read
several verses nnd quotations from
Brown's favorite writings and the small
procession of "comrades" who, like their
dead friend, hao thrown the gauntlet ot
reolt intp the faco of the world, moved
toward the crematory.
Tho burden of Mr. Monroe's address
was Immortality.
"We nre all Immortal," he said, ad
dressing tho congregation of anarchists,
single tnxcrs, spiritualists and social re
formers in general. "Wo are as immortal
ns the flowers that bloom In tho field. We
live and die only to remain Immortal In
the Influonco we wield on the hearts and
minds of those about us."
Among those In the procession nere
Brown's widow, her daughter, Mnrle, and
son, George Brown, Jr ; James Robinson,
A. B. Ellet, George Scheliing and James
Brown wns removed from the Pennsyl
vania Hospital, where he died, to the
undertaking establishment this morn
ing. Dressed In his best suit of blue
serge, an aged suit worn by him on
"festive" occasions only, he was laid In
n wooden box. Ills family and friends
were too jioor to nfford a coflln. Tor
jnany hours tho body lay, unattended, In
the sombre room of tho undertaking
A whimsical smile faintly plajed upon
the wnxen face, the smile which Brown
wore v.hen ho "shocked" the Arden com
munity about three years ago by appear
ing ob a Hindoo beggar In the midst of
tho beautiful and picturesque pageant
staged on that day by members ot the
single tax colony. At that time Brown
displeased the gaily attired crouds of
men and women, who, although many of
them professed to be radicals, resented
bitterly the Intrusion of "this beggar"
Into the company of courtly attired gentle
folk. The same smile which proclaimed
Broun a man of no mean histrionic
abilities played upon the face In the
box today, a smile of contempt for the
world as It Is.
It was a grotesque face, a grotesque
ceremony and a grotesque assemblage.
And those who were there realized It, for
some one, who would not give his name,
read from Oscar Wilde:
Tho damned Krotesquei make arabesques.
UVo the winds upon the sand,
Qn their way back from the crematory
the small company stopped In for lunch
at a cheap wayside Inn, For a wjille
there was a feeling of depression, but It
soon wore off, Some One ordered food
and drink and Immediately started a
conversation on Tom Paine and "Billy"
A man, 21 yearg old, who the Main
Lino police say has confessed to more
than a dozen burgjarfes and hohUups
was arrested today and held without
ball by Squire Boy Blackburn at Llan
erch He gave his name as Harry S
Snider, but refused to give an address
The police believe he Is responsible for
many of the robberies which have hap
pened along the Main Line during the
last two months.
One. Cent Damages for Loss of Eye
suit against George Kline, from whose
building mortar dropped pnd splashed in
the face of Walter Crowe, W years pldf
destroying one ot his ees, the Jury
awarded damages ot I cent.
Cobbler Found Dead in Chair
Henry Ktlehle, year old. a cobbler
of l'Qi B?uvler street, was found dead
In a chair In his ehoo today by Street
Kar.eant WkttiQlc. Stlehla was stricken
!',. i, ui, I .-
Stranger Attacks Philadelphian
in a New York Hotel This
NEW YORK, Fcpb 17. A panic was
created In the lobby of the Hotel Mc
Alpln todny. when a well dressed man
about EQ jcars old drew a heavy calibre
revolver and, discharging a blank cnit
rldgo at Samquel L. Haines, of Philadel
phia, shouted:
"You aro a German spj ! '
The man wns grnbbcd by hotel de
tects es and later locked up on the
change of felonious nssauit Ho refused
to give any information about himself
Samuel U Haines is In the lug business,
with offices at 1Q11 Chestnut street. His
homo Is at the Stonclcigh Court Apart
ment House, In West Philadelphia. His
wife said this afternoon that Mr. Haines
went to New York this morning, that he
usually stopped at the Hotel McAlpin,
nnd that, site cxpected'hlm back""on Satur
Otto Hunger, Found Unconscious,
cumbs in Hospital.
Coroner's detectives nro Investigating
tho circumstances sui rounding tho dcutli
of Otto Hunger, 70 enrs old, who died
shortly after being admitted to tho Epls.
copil Hospital early today after being
found unconscious by his nephaw, Carl,
wltli whom ho lived at 3113 Tulip street.
Doctor Longacre, of the hospital staff,
said the old man had died ot pulmonary
codema, but Patrolman John Marks, who
was summoned, said he found a bottle
which had contained carbolic acid In tho
man's room and that he had prelously
threatened to commit suicide.
The poltoj found no evidence that tho
man hud swallowed poison. He was em
plojed at Scfloenhut's toy factory, Sep
Mva and Adams sticcts, and returned
from work last evening about C o'clock.
Enrly this morning his nephew heard him
gioanlng In bed. Marks was summoned,
and had Hunger hurried to the hospital,
but he did not regain consciousness. Tho
old man's wife died about a year ago,
and, according to Policeman Marks, h
had told his nephew that ho would like to
kill himself.
She Buys Shoes and Stockings for
Nine Little Boys.
Nine little bojs who left home early
this nfternoon wearing ragged, worn
shoes and stockings returned a few hours
later newly shod with good, stout Bhoes,
"Ma" Sunday wife of the evangelist,
bought tho new shoes and stockings.
"Billy" Sunday used 11 little boys to
day in his sermon on "Booze" to show to
hl audience the "raw material" for
drunkards.) After the sermon Mrs. Sun
day noticed that nine of the little fellows
were poorly shod.
Loading them Into an automobile, Mrs.
Sunday took them down to Wanamaker's,
where each boy got a new pair of shoes
and a new pair of stockings.
Amendment Reduces Fines for Viola
tions of Statute.
HAimiSBURG, reb. 17. An amend,
merit to the law which forbids the sale of
cigarettes or cigarette papers to minors
was Introduced In the House today by
Representative Stern, of Philadelphia, at
the request of Judge Brown, ot the Munic
ipal Court of Philadelphia.
The present Jaw Inflicts fines of not less
than 1100 and not more than !3CQ for vlo.
latlons This Is considered bo stringent
that It Is difficult to convict dealers. The
amendment reduces the fine to not (ess
than (10 nor more than 126.
A boom for Magistrate Davd S. Scott
for Sheriff on the Republican ticket has
been launched by the Business Men's
League of the 11th Ward. Plana have
been arranged foi a meeting to indorse
the Magistrate's candidacy by the manu
facturers and cltUeus of thq ward. It
will take place at Latzusche, Hall, Qer
mantown avenue and Thompson street, on
Tuesday night. February 13. The Busi
ness Men's League held Its first meeting
last night Thomas P MqTear presided.
11 ' ' H i ii
Bender's Sister Saved Front Death
BATTLE CREEK. Mich., Feb 17 -Miss
Knilline Bender, sister of t hlef Bender,
former pitcher of the Athletics was saved
from drowning here last niht She went
through thin tee and omneed Into so. feet
oj..wa.U j Wis -i-Uag,
boys nre shown in this picture.
Ambassador Count Von
Bernstorff Submits Note
of His Government as
Answer on Decree Relat
ing to Foodstuffs.
WASHINGTON'. Feb. 17. The State De
partment today gae out the text of the
Gciman note presented to the State De
partment bj Count von Bernstorff, Ger
man Ambassador, dated February 13, rel
ative to tho German Federal Council de
cree relating to foodstuffs. The note fol
lows: "The Federal Council's decision concern
ing the seizure ot food products, which
.lynBland-alJeKMcto be t)ie cause j( Joot
pioducts snipped to Germany being
treated ns contraband, bears exclusively
on wheat, rjc, both unmixed and mixed
with other products, and also wheat, rje.
oats and barlt flour.
"The Federal Council makes an express
exception In section 15 of the order, which
provides as follows:
"The stipulations of this regulation do
not apply to grnln or flour Imported from
abroad after January 31.
"Conjunctively with that saving clause
the Federal Council's order contains a
provision under which Imported cereals
and flours could be sold exclusively to the
municipalities or certain specially desig
nated organizations by the Importers. Al
though that provision had for Its object
simply to throw imported grains and flour
I Into such channels as supply the private
consumption or civilians ana, in conse
quence of that provision, the intent and
purpose of the Federal Council's order,
which was to protect the civilian popula
tion from speculators and engrossers,
were fully met It wns, nevertheless,
rescinded so as to leave no room for
"My Government Is nmenable to any
proposition looking to control by a spe
cial American organization under the
supervision of the American consular of
ficers, and, It necessary, will Itself make
a proposition in that direction.
"Tho German Government further calls
attention to the fact that municipalities
do not form part of or belong to the
Government self-admlnlstrative bodies
which are elected by the Inhabitants of
the commune, In accordance with fixed
rules, and, therefore, exclusively repre
sent the private part of the population
and act ns It directs. Although these
principles nre generally known nnd ob
tain in the United States as well as in
England Itsolf. the German 'Government
desires to point out the fact so as to
avoid any further unnecessary delay,
"Hence It Is absolutely assured that Im
ported food products will be consMmed by
the civilian population In Germany exclu
sively, and there remains no ground upon
which England can prevent the exporta
tion of food products from America to
Germany for theuse of civilians.
"The Imperial Government expresses
the firm hope that the American Govern
ment will stand on Its right in this mat
Passengers Try to Leap From Win
dows nnd Rush to Doors.
HOBOKENr N. J., Febt 17,-Seven cars
of on eastbdupd Lackawanna local train
were deraikd,early today just outside the
Bergen tunnet, on the way to Hoboken,
and COO commuters were badly shaken up.
The train of 10 cars was approaching
the tunnel when an axle ..on-tlie front
trucks of the second car snapped. In
stantly the car left the track, tearing
loose the airbrake connection between the
cars and automatically appljlng the
brakes. The train bumped, alqng for a
hundred feet, six more cars leaping the
tracks and rumbling over the ties. Pas
sengers tried to climb out windows and
rushed to the doors In a panlj, but were
soon calmed
,i ' i . .
Company Sues Former Drivers
The Pilgrim Laundry brought suit
against John T Day and Richard 3. Fur
long. In Court No. today, for an Injunc
tlon to stop the defendants, who were
formerly drivers for the company, from
soliciting business on behalf of them
selves or others on the routes which they
covered before their employment -with the
petitioner was terminated.
Spaghetti Lover Kicks Store Over
A cow that kicked over a lamp started
the creat Chicago tire A kialc todav In
! Philadelphia started a small blaze which
might have burned down the city If Ore
men hadn't extinguished it Joseph
Rpwo. 1W3. Sc-Mth lUq street, fcj eked Vr
his .lave. He, v,a, cookie. -ttU,
"Win Opening Event From West Phila
delphia High Team.
Northeast High School and West Phila
delphia High School were represented by
Indoor track teams In a dual meet this
afternoon1 In the latter's gmnnstum. Me
Olutcheon, of Northeast, won by the first
event, the li-yuni dash', In the fast time
of 2 seconds, flat.
The Bummnrle follow:
13-j-rd dnh Won by McCutcheon. N'ortlieaiit
ItlRli KhoolJ neconil. Smueker, Wnt I'hllaittl.
pl.ia High School! third, WcWtl, vVcit l'hlla
Uelihln IHkIi Hcliool. Time, - seconds Jim.
Standing- hroail Jump Won t Clnudtr,
Northeast High School, tecond, Teaman, North
cut High School' third. .McCutcheon, Norlh.
eait High School Distance, i fret .1 Inches
KM-)ni.l run -Wen y Itctrellcr, ,Northeat
High Hchool, iiectml, Lilly. West Philadelphia
High School; thlid, tie bfiwccn Klrby ami Mc.
Uonnld, both or Urn Philadelphia High School
lime, .'m. ) 2-Tn.
Posse Sent Out to Force Rene
gades Back on Reservation
Sends for Help.
COUTH:, Co'., reb. 17.-Defcated In a
skirmish with BO renegade Pluto Indians,
who have fortified themselves In the
mountains of southwestern Utah, a posse
of 60 men, sent out to force the Indians
back on their reservation, "telegraphed
hero for help todny. Reinforcements will
be sent at once.
The Indians nro led by Old Tolk, who
has been arrested four times for murder,
and his son, Tsc-Nn-Gat, who Is waited
for murderlnsr a Mexican sheepman
Livermore, "Who Cnpturcd Fortune
Few Years Ago, Files a Petition.
NEW YOnK, reb. 17 Jesse 1. Liver
more, who enulneered a cotton pool that
netted him a fortune n few jears 6o,
today filed a voluntary petition in bank
ruptcy. He listed liabilities totaling $102,471.
Value of his assets, tho petition stated, Is
Has Facts Which Will Reassure the
Country, Ho Intimates.
WASHINGTON. Fcb.t 17,-Presldent
Wilson, In n letter to Mayor Mttchel, of
New York city, Intimated that the coun
try would feel less fearful of a food
shortage when facts now In possession of
t'ne Department of Agriculture were made
public within n few days.
The President's letter. In reply to the
Mayor's suggestion of a food embargo,
Tho matter Is one to which tho Ad
ministration has, of course, from the
first given the most careful and
thoughtful attention.
Tho Agriculture Department Is In
possession of all the facts. About
these facts some very erroneous im
pressions obtain, and It Is our pur
pose In the Immediate future to re
move these misundertandlngs by' a
full and clear statement. This will,
1 believe, renssure the country.'
Water Bureau Clfief Says Facilities
Are Inadequate.
Need ot a sard for coal storage at the
Queen Lane pumping station was brought
to the attention of Mayor Hlankepburg
today by Chief Carlcton IS; Davis, of the
Water llureau. ,
Chief Davis pointed out that the present
Btorate capacity at the Queen Lane plant
Is only 200 tons, or less than three da)s
supply, as SO tons of coal are consumed
at the plant dally In pumping 50,000,000
gallons of water, A two-acre tract ot
ground owned by the city on Shawmont
avenue tienr the pumping station and
near the (leading Hallway Is Indicated
by Chief Pnvls as, the proper location for
a coil storage yard.
A bill will probably be Introduced In
Councils tomorrow providing an appro
priation for the storage yard.
One Known Dead, Nine injured and
Mnny in Peril.
WlLKES-DAJUlE. To., Feb. 17 -A gas
explosion In the Oakwood shaft. Prospect
colliery of tho Lehigh Valley Coal Com
pany, Jhls afternoon may result In the
loss of a score of lives
FJfty men are entombed. Nine Injured
have been rescued and one dead.
Order for War Material Refused
WILMINGTON, Del., Feb 17.-Decauso
the stockholders ot the company do not
believe In war, J B. Ithoads & Sons, belt
ing manufacturers, of this city, have re
fused a number of orders for belts to be
used for manufacturing; war materials In
foreign countries.
Seeks to Stop Payment on Check
Samuel 3, Rleben, a retail shoe dealer
at 2-S North th street, today riled a
bill In equity praying for an Injunction
to enjoin the Coin Saving Club, Incorpo
rated, from negotiating; a check for 1300
drawn by him, and also from represent
ing; him t- be a director of the; convflm
Pocahontas Inn Burned
iBLUUFIBUrt W V-., Feb. IT. -. The
Pocahontas, Inn at Pocahontas, Vo,, was,
destroyed by firo today. A score pf
guofitK Jumped from the windows. The
loss wl)l exceed, tS.COO.
War Risk Bureau Won't Raise, Bate
WASHINGTON, Feb. IT -The fJovera
meat's War Risk Bureau will not litcreast
rat( because of the German ivar -one
decree, AtwlnU-i't Secretary of the Trews,
wry Peters, ea.14 today.
War of , Starvation Is
Launched as Under
sea Raiders Claim
Two Victims in Channel.
Norwegian Craft Escapes U-16
as French Torp'edoboats Try
to Save tho Vllle de Lille,
Which Was Allowed' Terf
Dulmick Torpedoed by Gcrmano With
out Warning, Says CnpUin-'Br'it-iah
Admiralty Learns of Four Sup
ply Bases 'for Submarines on
LONDOW Orcat Britain ha
completed natal plani t& meet Ger
man submarine campaign in block
ade which becomes effective tomor
row. Britain confident of her abll
llu to uard off German attacks and
also to effect a blockade pf German
HAVRn British collier Dulwlch
torpedoed bv German submarine in
ISnollsh Channel
BVltljlX Germany's reply io
American note transmitted to Wash
ington bu Ambassador Gerard.
Stated that rcplj was couched in
fricndlg terms. Berlin nemspapcrs
refer sarcastically to Suspension of
water traffic bu English' firms.
rABIIIXGTCW Pr!3tdent Wil
son certain United Slates tolH not "be
involved in tear. United States will
deal flnnlg with situation, but bc
llevcd that German submarines will
not bloio Up any American, ships.
PARIS German submarine U-16
sank French steamer yille de Lille
in English Channel. ,
TAItlS, Feb 17. Ofllclal announcement
wns made at the Ministry of Marine this
afternoon that a German submarine sank
the French steamship Vllle do Lille yes
terday oft1 Harfleur. The ship was tor
pedoed while on her way from, Cherbourg
to Dunkirk. The commander ot the sub
marine cave the crew of the steamship
10 minutes In which to leave thevvcssel.
Tho German submdrfrte ivus, JtiS TJ.Jl
The Vllle do Lille attempted ''to escape
when she was hailed by the submarine,
but was overtaken and compelled to stop.
The announcement states that after
sinking the French steamship the sub
marine attacked a Norwegian vessel,, but
that French torpedo boats came up from
Chorboure while the submarine was pur
suing the neutral vessel and compelled
her to dlvo beneath the surface.
This Is the first time that an attack by
a German submarine upon a neutral ves
sel has been reported.
HAVRE, Tiance Feb. "V. The DuJ
nlok, a Hrltli-h collier, bound from Hull to
Rouen, was torpedoed by a German sub
marine In the English Channel - mite
northwest of Cape de la Heve ot 6 o'clock
last night. The torpedo struck the middle
starboard side.
Tno members of the crew of the DUl
wick are missing. Terity-tvyo werp picked
up by a French destroyer and brpught to
Havre, while seven others, who succeeded
in lowering a small boat before the Xul
wick sank, rowed to Fecamp.
The German submarine' which sank the
Duhvlck was plainly seen by tbii collier's
crew ns It sped away after launching ft
torpedo that struck tho Dulwlck on her
starboard side.
Cuptatn Hunter, of the Dulwlqk, de
clared upon his arrival here, on the de
strojer Arnuebus that the German craft
had tired Its torpedo without warning-.
i . ...
Concluded on re Jfodr
Pork Packers Charge Railway Com
pany With Discrimination.
Hearing ot a charge at discrimination
against the Philadelphia and Readlnr
Railway Company, preferred by John J
relln & Co., Nlcetown pork pack
ers, was started late this afternoon In the
Federal Rulldlng by Examiner Uly-?
Itutler, for the Interstate Commerce Corn
mission. The complainants allege the road dis
criminates In charging yardage for hogs
shlpped from points west to the Nlcetown
yards and also asks un allowance ot debt
cents a hundred pounds on hogs covering
tho same route from the present freight
rate maintained by the Reading. This
rate. It is alleged, is discriminatory. The.
hearing w(lt be resumed tomorrow.
The Kenslngtpnian Says;
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