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Jorway Sweden and Den
mark Add Protests to
U. S. Warning on Ship
ping Menace.
Fotlawlni; America! lead. It was leafned
today lhat Norway, Hwdn and Den
mark had protested to Germany against
Kb latest war zone decree.
Though leas vlsorous than the Wasli
inrton. note, the Scandinavian communl-
caujnd were aaid to stand nrmiy uenina
ihe principle enunciated by Ibis Govern
ment. It vraa understood Holland and, per
haps, Italy also would protest.
'What developed at a conference held
otwcn American Ambassador Gerard,
at Berlin and German Foreign Secretary
von Jasrow, following the presentation of
tho Washington protest, was the subject
ot a Ions cipher dispatch received at tha
State Department. Secretary Bryan de
clined to comment on It at prcsont.
BEUUN, Fob. 13.
The Government has not allowed the
American note on the proposed blockade
to be published.
The few odlclals who have knowledge
Of the text ot the note frankly declare
that they do not believe that its tone "H
warranted by the circumstances." Of
ficials generally Insist that, Inasmuch as
England Is "plainly trjlng Its best to
starve out Germany, Including Its civilian
and noncombatant population," nny act
of retaliation will be Justified.
it Is declared that recent assurances
slven to nil neutrals that Germany will
"protect all neutral shipping to tho ut
most of Its power" Is In Itself an answer
to the demands of the United States.
Although the suggestion has been made
that Germany In Its reply to the United
States will suggest that tho way out ot
the difficulty Is for the United States to
use- its Influence to have England agree
to permit Importations of foodstuffs to
Germany under guarantee that they will
Bo only tu civilians, thoro Is no official
confirmation that such action .will bo
As A matter of fact, Germany Is nt
present endeavoring to determine to
what extent other neutral Powers lndorso
tho Views of the United States. It Is
believed tho same position will bo taken
by other neutrals, and before a reply Is
framed It will be necessary to find out
Just how far this will go.
It is considered certain several day3
will elapse before an official answer Is
eent to 'Washington.
LONDON, Feb. 13. Tho London news
papers profess to believe that the German
submarine attack on tho British steam
ship Laertes, flying the Dutch flag, will
nrcclrjltate more stringent measures
against German trade, which were prom
ised by Premier Asqulth In a speech de
livered yesterday In the House of Com
mons. The Dally Mail says It believes
the Government will nnnounco a complete
blockade of tho German coast, as a result
-.of which all goods to Germany by Bea will
do liable to seizure.
Tho Daily News, discussing- editorially
the two notes addressed by President Wil
son to Germany nnd Great Britain, ad
mits that no fault can be found by any
reasonable man with their spirit or their
terms. Continuing, It says:
"Both notes are phrased In language
which Is hot merely conciliatory, but cor
dial, yet It cannot be said .In either that
there Is any lack of deflnlteness where
deflnltencss Is necessary.
"It may be regretted that President
Wilson should not have found It pos
sible to Include In the note some pro
test not merely against the formal
Illegality of Germany's threatened pro
cedure, but against Its monstrous In
humanity. It Ib to be assumed that he
felt this side of tho matter could fairly
be left to American public opinion, which
bv no means is tonguetied.
'To avoid a catastrophe he Is prepared
to make every possible concession not in
consistent -with national honor, and the
-world has reason, to bo grateful to him for
tho decision which preserves one-half of
it, at any rots, from the horrors and deg
radation of war."
Tho Chronicle oays:
"There Is uncompromising directness
about Its expressions, the significance of
which will not be lost In Berlin. This
strong remonstrance from the greatest of
neutral powers may have a chastening
effect on Germany. The New Tork World
quite truly says Its language la almost
that of an ultimatum.
"So far an wo can judge by the sum
maries that have reached this side, there
Is no cause for 'complaint in the char
acter of the American note to this coun
try." Tho Fall Mai Gazette says:
"The question, as it presents Itself
to Americans, will be: Doea the fact
that Americana travel In a British ship
Blv6 tha: Germans a right to kill them?"
Jt also points out that there will bo
"no danger of an American ship being
link If German craft behave as every
uHe of war dictates, and board every
ehlp they otoj for examination of her
I'l I I II .III lw.
Steamships Arriving Today
Kir flnelAtt. Rfijtfin. cannreni mnA tn.m.
Hgnf. Merchant b4 Minora1 Trknuporta-
Str. Cdliop air.), Ilanttllti, vis, Newport
?Iwa, baHut, Flint, Ootrlne & Co.
Sir Italian (Br,). Piraeus. vl Norfolk,
Jaerasdl. Chsrl M. Taylor's Saas.
Sir stlkltd Jr). Nanrllc. iroa are, L.
Mir. Crennlll (Br.). JJanelll!. ballast. Earn
Off. ijiniajiiAii cur.j, parpuux, Miliar,
: &niltt M. 3ylora Sons.
ai. iMyiorm dosi.
MUtmaciiet, Stockton, paper, Kayatona
Mil I. Waran (Br.), San Andreas,
MaMnQU, W. i Iiar ft 6on,
Steamships to Arrive
. Warns. . From. SatlH.
aaiABJr .. ., Manila, Dm. IX
JenwMuy .Anlroaan . ...Jan, 8.
yrx . iJepiBtunn ...van. 11
....Cardiff Jan. 5ft
Mtcfewttr JILUtr MaattitaUr . ..Ja, 21
euueias ,,,., jan. 23
.una .Jan. 24
rf . uaji,
W.U ... Jan. M
Alxim Jan. 29
Rotterdam . ..,Kh. ft
itsKtroaxn . ...rs, s
Mtiuhgattr ...Fh, S
Balboa. .....,Fh. t
...Wllfcoa. .,Ftj, 9
...ta4itw lrh,
, . Poet Aateofct. . rtb. IX
tM)pa is ave
3 f.
Ml "
uuawsMf ....,
gjjJjfcjgW Port'..
Attacks on French Trendies
on Grand Dune Also Fail.
Kaiser's Airmen Bombard
PAWS, Feb, 13.
The flahtlnr In the north, from La
Bossco to the sea, is Increasing In ac
tivity. Tho Germans violently attacked
tho Belgian-French positions at NIeuport,
but wofo repulsed with heavy losses.
They also attempted to carry the French
trenches commanding tho Grand Dune,
but failed there. German artillery Is now
shelling- the French position at Ypres.
Tho French havo succoeded In exploding
two Gormnn mines In tho region of
Carency. From the Olso to tho Alsno
great activity Is In evidence, with tho
artillery of botli sides engaged. Elso
where the situation shows little change.
Taking a. leaf from tho book of tho
Allies, tho Germans yesterday mado an
nttempt to demolish tho military depots
at Verdun from tha air. A squadron of
10 aeroplanes flaw across the fortress and
dropped bombs, but, according to tho
latest word received here, did substantially
no damage.
Russian Poles Uninfluenced by
Promise of Monarchy.
PETnOGRAD, Fob. 13.-A King of Po
land has been selected and will bo
crowned In a few days at Cracow. This
Is an attempt at a political coup by
Austria and the selected aspirant to
the non-oxlstent thrrne is Archduko Karl
Stephan, of tha House of Hapsburg.
As a political movo on tho part ot
Austria this coup will prove double-edged.
In the first place, It is obviously aimed
against a piratical attempt crcdltod to
tho Hohenzollerns of capturing yet an
other future throne, but doubtless it Is
secondarily Intended to Influence the
Poles themselves In favor of the falling
cause of Austria.
Grand Duko Nicholas last August prom
ised the Polos unification nnd autonomy
under tho sceptre of the Czar.
What tho Russian Poles will welcome
Is tho fulfilment of Grand Duko Nicholas'
promises, nnd nlready It Is whispered
that tho form in which they will be
realized will be the cruatlon of a united
Poland constituting an Infinitely better of
for than Austria holds out In crowning
a Hapsburg prince nominal king of a
non-existent Poland.
Turkish Government Expected to
Make Pull Reparation.
ATHENS, Feb. U.-Grecce has lodged
a vigorous protest with Turkey against
the action of tho secret police in Con
stantinople in insulting M. Panas, the
Greek Minister.
Tho Grand- Vlsler has oxpressed his re
gret over tho Incident and replied to
the Greek protest that ho would bring tn
matter to the notice of his Government
The following reparation is demanded by
That the prefect of police pay a per
sonal visit to M. Panas and in the pres
ence of the entire staff of the Greek lega
tion ask pardon for tho Incident.
That the persons guilty of the Insult be
dlsmlssod Immediately and be brought he.
fore a court and punished.
That the Turkish Government publish
a statement making known what satisfac
tion has been given .
The Turkish Government. It is said, will
agree o u recce's demands.
Berlin Paper Reports Active Work
in Poland.
BE!ni.TN. Feb. 13. The National Zel
tung has published a dispatch from a cor
respondent on the Russian border, who
says tho Tlusslans are employing thou
sands of laborers to strengthen their sec
ond lino of defense. At the fortresses of
Ivangorod, Brest-Lltovsk and Kovno men
are working day and night, (Ivangorod
Is on the Vistula, GO miles southest of
Warsaw; Brest-Utovsk Is on the Bug, 100
miles east of Warsaw; Kovlno Is on the
NIemen, 45 miles east of tha East Prus
sian frontier.)
At Brest-Lltovsk arrangements have
been made to flood the entire district, and
for a distance of 73 miles the territory
around tha fortresses has been barred to
ordinary travel. Great stores of ammuni
tion and provisions aro being laid In.
These preparations, the correspondent ot
the National Zeltung goes on to say, maft
the Inhabitants fear that the Russians
soon will be seen falling back.
Believed That Germany la Seeking
Good Pretext.
LONDON. Feb.OJ.-The Idea is growing
In city circles that peace Is nearer than
is generally supposed. Many straws
seem to ba pointing that vfay. Respon
sible reports from Germany and Austria
Indicate a rather sudden gro"'th of eco
nomic difficulties. The financial and
economic stress in Hamburg especially
Is severe,
German resentment toward the Ameri
can nota of protest against tha terms of
tha war zona proclamation is construed
as significant of a desire of Germany to
find a way for terminating with dignity a
war in which it ts no longer possible to
gain a lasting advantage. It is consid
ered possible that tha efforts of tha
American Government may furnish a con
venient pretext for peace overtures and
be used as a cover for the conceded food
exhaustion. Many peace reports are in
circulation in Holland, as well as here.
Aggressive, Character of German
Move Causes Uneasiness,
PETROGnAD. Feb. 14,
Oloptn pervades tha Russian capital to
day. Despite tha announcement that the
Russian retirement from Bast Prussia
was for the surposq pf choosing their
pwn battle ground, the public U showing
uneasiness over tha situation.
The deterralmd nature ot the German
operation in. the Maryriart Iake dis
trict destroys any supposition that this
movement on the part of the Kaiser's
forces la merely one to distract attention
aad divert forces from the main Issue
la PoUsdl It Is fcnileved here that this
i1h movement Is tba tJtnolnr of a
ems ot less? sad active ora.tlc, whloti
ta.y AwgeUsIy lUtliin tit? atrufgle pa the
IffTif 3moA2- "-
rTf 3JfJSS"KP"wSO -sjsersoM
Solving a Doctor's Problem
Undoubtedly the Christian of each
country visualizes into his Ideal ot the
Good Shepherd the spirit and traits of
tho man of his own environment. Per
haps it pleases unconsciously the self-exalted
American moro than any other to
nationalise Christ. Dr. John Roland, au
thor) of ''Tho Good Shepherd" (F. A.
Stokes Company), makes his American
hero so seriously and interestingly like
the Man of Nazareth that tho vivid scens
of the young man's appearance as Christ
In a Tyrolean Passion Play is apparently
wholly consistent and Is saved tho sus
picion of being a devlco to "work In"
the weird village custom known to the
world through Oberammcrgau.
Charles Edwnrdcs, M. D., otherwise
known In tho Tyrol oa "tho Herr Mister,"
Is a student physician out of work and
Berlousty out of sorts, a good deal of tho
former and all of tho latter the result
of melancholy brooding over a very sor
did nffnlr with a woman. Tho Herf
Mister has that subtlo sensttlvo sympa
thy that causes his sick to lovo ilm,
draws children to his side, nnd makes
women revero him and desire to mother
The problem of his loneliness, his .un
settled position nnd his disagreeable
past Is one of thoso soul affairs that can
find settlement only In sorvlce! and the
young Mister, called somewhat Ironically
by follow students, "Tho Good Shepherd,"
finds himself and his salvation In a ter
rible llttlo Tyrolean village called
"Thlcrsee," whera disease and sin and
Ignorance "swim In tho brew together
with rlmple, honest things."
The nuthor's strange village, Thlcrsee,
Ib painted with the artistic1 appreciation
of lights and shadows, of vivid, congruous
contrasts, Tho landscapes are beautiful,
but tho young shepherd In tho picture,
who bends his head at the call ot tho
Angelus, has a Jealous venom In his heart
and an eager shining blndo hidden away
In some fold or pocket of his plcturesnuo
clothing. Tho bearded, poetic-faced
farmer, to bo cast for Judas, drinks too
much "schnapps" and overworks his sick
Thero Is an unusual old priest with n
iuecr story and a peculiarly effeminate
schoolmaster who becomo Edwardes'
friends, and a charming woman to help
his floundering soul to a 'high place In
service for his beloved humanity. Sev
eral detailed descriptions of surgical skill
displayed by the Herr Doktor prove, de
spite the use of severely technical phrase
ology, to bo breathlessly Interesting. And
tho author'B presentation of Thlersee's
Paosloh Play, with Its young Amorjcan
Chrlstus, pulsates with temperament,
sympathy and dramatic feeling.
"The Good Shepherd" Is destined to
survive the ovor-flctlonlzod present. It is
one ot the tlttest.
Tales of Law and Lawyers
S. I Nyburg has stated tho lawyer's
case cleverly, nnd at times with consider
able literary merit, In his six short stories
of the barrister's office grouped undor the
title, "Tho Final Verdict" (J. B. Uppln
cott, Philadelphia.) He has uncovered
the mental nnd spiritual processes which
must go on within the nvorago attorney
nnd his much-mlsunderetood clients.
There aro few readers, It may confidently
be forecasted, who will not think more
kindly ot tho members of the bar and of
the other characters dealt with after
reading "Tho Final Verdict."
"The Fruits of Victory," the first story,
Is gripping In a much more significant
sense than Is meant when the term la ap
plied to tho best sellers. Mr. Nyburg
placed on the title page this quotation
from aalsworthy, "If I had one prayer
to make It would be, 'Good God, give
me to understand.' " In "The Fruits of
Victory," tho lawyer, who has won a
slanderous divorce case for his fair
client, whom he quite naturally falls In
love with, learns thnt the allegations of
tho hard, uninspiring husband aro true.
It Is then that tho woman who has been
"cleared" of charges that were true gives
her nttorney-lover "to understand" the
moral and psychological Justification for
her appnrfntlv Immoral and unethical
conduct. Mr. Nyburg handles the subject
matter very skilfully nnd with fairly well
sustained merit. This Is the best story of
the six.
Mr. Nyburgs pre-eminent qualification
Is his splendid monologue. Each of the
six stories Is chiefly a confession' of a
man or woman and most of tho time Is
given over to the individual's account of
his or her problem. Even when tho nu
thor permits himself to becomo sbmewhat
shallow and conventional, he Invariably
gives a feeling of verisimilitude to thn
character who Is Hpeaklng. The delinea
tion Is as fine as has been found In pres
ent day "popular" literature for some
tlmo. Mr. Nyburg chooses his words with
a fine feeling for their subtle values,
with the consequent result that Interest
is maintained at a high pitch through
pages of monologue.
On the wliole, the book is decidedly
worth while. It Is almost certain to add
tolerance to conventional virtues and give
n more kindly Insight Into the Uvea ot
less fortunate beings who have had to
face problems which more virtuous souls
had never even dreamed of.
"Roses For Love"
The moral Is that If you marry for
money nnd a rose garden you can
achieve eatvatlon If you fall In love with
your husband. Margaret Wlddem'er has
written In "The Roaa Garden Husband"
(J. B. Upplncott & Co., Philadelphia),
a neat little story of a girl who was
weary unto death of being a "Llberry
Teacher," one of those faithful and en
thusiastic yoUng women who toll stories
to children In the back rooms of libraries.
She married a man who lyid lost con
trol of his limbs through an, accident.
She marries only to provide hfm with a
duty-bound nurse. She falls In love with
him, and by treating him more like "a
man than an Invalid, and by getting her
self into a conventional scrape, she cures
him. Does he then fall In love with her?
He does. What more can one ask of a
pleasant little story, pleasantly toldT
The Haunted Heart
In their latest novel, "The Haunted
Heart" (D. Appleton & Co,), Agnes and
Egerton Castle bring a breath of pure
Scottish air from the Highlands into the
stultlntsa of London society. It is tragic,
Our Book
Removal Sle
wc are caring for our
regular trade in our usual
splendid fashion. Our
book sale is a real object
lesson in book bargains.
Do not forget tbatwe are
headquarters for VAL
but the effect is good. There Is much
suffering, but the atmoirfhern Is cleared.
Further, the authors take pains to pun-
isn aaequaieiy tne designing mother,
newly rich, for buying a title. The titled
head also Is properly dealt with bocause,
ne mnrrieu lor spile.
One llttta folly caused tho estrange
ment of tho Master ot Stronaven from
his bride, the playmate of his youth.
She foolishly Attempted to make his path
way easier, because of her overpowering
love for him: It but ltd to greater
misery for both. The moral Is that the
greatest of human lovea may go awry, If
not anchored by a faith In God. Inci
dentally, the authors unfold to advan
tageous effect '.ho nobility ot the Catholic
religion. It Is a strong story, pleasing,
and touching deeply upon the greatest
emotions, and not lacking In fundamental
principles In life's philosophy.
Chemistry of
Familiar Things
Tha tltlo "Chemistry of Familiar
Things" suggests fascinating subjects,
and the render once Interested la unwill
ing to put the book aside. Samuel S,
Sadtler, 8. n tho author, Is a, member of
many engineering and chemical societies,
and Is tho editor of "Allen's Commercial
Organlo Chemistry." "Chemistry of
Familiar Thtnge" is published by J. H.
Upplncott Company, Philadelphia,
To the casual observer tho tttlo may
sound a bit technical. However, upon
perusal, tho reader will bo astonished at
tho great list of everyday phenomenas ex
plained In a simple mannor. For the
seeker after knowledge It Is a com
pendium of useful Information. Tho book
has been written for thoso whose train
ing ar reading has been directed Into
other channels, It Is absorbing and In
teresting, and a book which should bo
found on ovcry library shelf.
Tho book will" bo very valuable to thoso
Interested In sclentlfla matters and to
pcoplo who desire exposition of dally
practical chemistry. Tho banker, tho
butcher, the candelntlck maker will all
And It a handy reference Thousands of
subjects are treated In an attractive,
light, readable manner.
A Philadelphia Novel
"The Dusty Road" (J. B. Llpplncott
Company), by Therese Tyler, Is a novel
of Philadelphia, touching Intimately upon
tho society of Walnut strcot nnd Rlttcn
housa square. And, while thero appears
in tho book little to distinguish this from
society In other cities, the story, never
theless, Is intensely human, dealing with
the problems of a young girl who Is be
set with a poverty-stricken family which
itnilMVnra tn Mlflin lln nnn&irflnpps." The
I mother, of course, expects her beautiful
I daughter to sell herself to riches: but.
again, of course, a youthful love affair
contravenes. The "dusty road" for the
young woman begins when sho hears of
this lover's reported Infidelity.
It Is posslblo that severo critics will
find It difficult to analyze tho character
of Elizabeth Anderson and to Justify the
recurring changes of heart that mark her
pathwuy. True, this may be girl nature,
but tho professions of religion that creep
In nt times are somewhat nt odds with
tho course the girl pursues. The charac
ter of Sylvia Lewis, cousin of the heroine,
probably is the best portrayed and the
most consistent. Sho Is Inherently bad,
and her flirtations and subsequent mar
riage well bear out tho early delineation
of her traits. One good character, the
French clergyman, adds foce to the
story. . - iv , '
Technically, there nre some flaws of
moro or less Importance, and numerous
situations that the author finds It diffi
cult to wot-k out. There are climaxes
that probably would not stand the test of
cold annlysls, and In gonernl construc
tion it Is evident that the hand of the
amateur faltered somewhat.
The moral of the tfook, however, and its
purposes aro distinctly good.
Book Gossip
Vitality of Modern Fiction
A diligent literary editor of Boston has
collected a list of books published and
to come with the purpose of showing the
vitality of fiction In tho year 1015:
Gilbert Cannan Tounar Earnest
3r Earnest.
The Wisdom of Father
O. K. Chesterton
Wlmton Churchill A Far Country.
Joaepli Conrad Victory.
Itlchard Ochan Tha Man of Iron.
A Conan DoyleThe Valley of Kear.
fit John . Ervlne lira. Martin's Man.
John Oalaworthy The. Kreelanda.
W, Ia. George The Second Blooming.
Henry Hydnor Harrison 'Angela's UustncM.
Hasll King (Title not announced),
Hudyard Klpllnr Swept and GarnliheJ.
(Short stories.) T ,
jacK ijnaon snort atones.
Compton ilacUenile Sinister Straet.
uaall King (Title not announce
Oliver Onions Mushroom Town.
King (Title not announced.)
Q rex, of Monte
B. Phllllss ODMnhelm Mr.
uario. j
Mien Fhlllpotts Brunei's Tower.
Uooth Tarklngton The Turmoil.
John Trevena Sleeping Waters.
Hugh WalDole The Wooden Hone.
H. a. Wella Bealby.
Edith Wharton uunner Slaters.
J, M, Barrio Der Tag (one-act play).
Some of the New Books
Among tho TIoughton-Mlfflln Company
publications for February will be "VHllam
JJ. Parker's "Life of Edward Rowland
Sill," iHarold Begble'a, "Kltchener-Or-ganlcer
of Victory," Edward Scrlbner
Ames' "The Higher Individualism," Dr.
George Hodge's "Tha Early Church,"
Horace J. Bridges' "Criticisms of Life,"
O, P. Watklns' "WelfaTo as an Economic
Quality" and Arthur B. Suffern'a "Con
dilation and Arbitration In the Coal In
dustry of America." In addition, two
novels will also be issued: "Katy Gau
nter," by Elsie. Slngmaster, and "A Re
luctant Adam," by Sidney C. 'Williams.
I . .ft '
' the following Is a list of the definite
'publication dates ot George II, Do ran
Company for this spring so far do-
A New
by the
"Old Mole"
Young Earnest
The Storr of a Bad Start in Life
"A fine imaginative iniight
and an honest facing pf reality
and its problems combine to give
unusual distinction to 'Young
Earnest,' Mr. Cannan is im
mensely clever."
Chicago Evening Post
At All Booksellers
91Jfk pet Postage extra
'ubllhr r New Yprl
elded Upon. February IS: "Red Fleece,
by Will Levlngtofl Comfort! "Tho Theatre
ot Ideas," by Henry Arthur Jonesr"Palhs
of Glory," by Irvln S. Cobb! "Making
the Most of One's Mind," by John Adams.
February, various dates: "The Veils of
IsIs," by Frank Harris! "Mushroom
Town," by Oliver Onions! "Hero's to tho
Day," by Charles Agnew Madlean and
Frank BllghlOn. March It "The Valley
df Fear," by A Conan Doyloi "the Eagle
of the Empire," by Cyrus Townsend
Brady! "Arundel," by B. F. Benson.
April: "The Gentlemen Adventurer," by
IX. C. Bailey; "The Happy Recruit," by
W. Pett Ridge. June: "Iove In youth,"
by Frank Harris.
To his edition of tho works of Algernon
Blackwood, Donald C. Vaughan will next
month add "The Empty House." It will
appear In uniform stylo and binding with
"John Bllence," "Tho Lost Valley," and
"The Listener."
Fighting Alsace
Lorraine Over Again
A summary ot the stormy history of
the "lost provinces," now again figuring
In war's bloodshed, Is to be found In
"Alsaco and Lorraine" (Putnam's), by
nuth Putnam, illustrated with eight
maps. From tho first clash of Caesar'n
legions with tho Germans under Arlovls
tus near tho foothills of tho Vosges In
Alsaco until 1871 the Vicissitudes of tho
provinces are chronicled. Tho creation of
tho Lotharll-rognum by tho Treaty Of
Verdun (B A. D.) nnd tho summary
blotting out of the "Mlddlo Kingdom" by
tho brothers, Louis of Germany and
Charles tho IJald ot Prance, culminating
In tho Treaty of Mcersen (870), gives Al
sace to Germany; tho ownership of Lor
ratno Is not definitely stated. After tho
rise of tho frco city and tho complicated
politico-religious strife of the 15th cen
tury, the llouso of Hapsburg mortgages
Upper Alsace to Charles of Ilurgundy,
who also becomes "protector" of Lor
raine. The soil Is a battlefield of tho
Thirty Years' War 0618-48), terminating
In the vague Treaty of Muenster (West
phalia), "which certainly did not bestow
Alsaco upon tho French King," but gives
him a foothold for further operations.
Louis XIV. through diplomacy and con
quest "annexes" tho territory. France Is
finally confirmed In tho absolute posses
sion of both Alsaco and Lorrnlno by the
Treaty of Vienna In 1815. Tho French
racial and linguistic characteristics of
tho early population aro shown, ns woll
as the fact that In 1903 the territory ceded
to Germany at the close of tho 'Franco
OPrusslan War contained 2o0,000 French
speaking persons out of a population of
1,874,0. That tho thought of a "Mlcldla
Kingdom" has not perished In Alsaco
Lorralno le shown by the cry:
"Krancals ne poux,
rrusSlon 110 vcux.
Alfviclen suK"
The New Books
X list 0 looks received or review.
More extensile comment ivtlt be made on
those whose importance warrants further
ACCOUNTS, Tholr Construction and In
terpretation. Hy I'rot. W. M. Cole, ot Har
ard University. A rpeclnllst's booK dealing
thoroughly with principles underlying ac
counting. 413 pages. 2.S3. Houghton,
Mirnin, Boston.
Tftn SECItnT OP THE riBEF. By Harold
BlndlosH.. A story ot treasure trove on an
Alaskan reef. XiO pages. $1.80. Stokes, New
Ho'icrt and Elizabeth Shackloton. England,
by auto Instead ot the antarctla by sledge.
A rambling tour. 84S pages. A map and
many beautiful Illustration. (2.50. Hearst's
International Library Company, Now York,
Kdwln jtlarkan. The poet's Interpretation
of the land "Whera tides of grass break Into
foam ot (lowers, and where tho wind's test
Rhine along the sea." 400 pages and many
Illustrations. S2.S0. Hearst's International
Library Company, New York.
Russian Plrst lino Smashed After
Luring Into Confidence.
BERLIN, Feb. 13.
Again all Germany rejoices and once
moro It Is tho "old man of the lakes"
who has aroused the national Bplrlt. The
Russians havo been expelled from Ger
man territory and their retreat Ib de
scribed na "dangerously near a rout."
German forces are pursuing their late
antagonists. Meagre details of the vic
tory mado public by the General Staff
place tho number of prisoners as not
less than 30,000, with many guns nnd
machine guns nnd enormous quantities
of war materials.
1st Edition . Dec, 9
2nd Edition . Dec. 16
3rd Edition . Dec. 21
4th Edition , Jan. 26
S1.00 net; postage extra
13, 1918:
Successful Descent Upon
Belgian Coast Believed lo
Herald General Attacks
Upon German Bases
, ,
LONDON, Feb. 13.
Although the Admiralty la withholding
further details of the great British aerlat
raid on the German air and naval bases
In Belgium, Jubilation woa expressed to
day because of the feeling that Us success
will greatly Interfere with the proposed
German submarine blockade scheduled
London papers ore filled with pralso for
the daring aviators, and eay that the
success attending tho raid will bring dis
may to the hearts of tho Germans.
"The Germans may boast, but they are
not to havo their own way In tho opera
tions Intended for next week," says the
It is considered certain that some, nt
least, of the submarine bases Insldo of the
harbor and at the canal modth at Zee
brugge and In the vicinity of Ostend have
been destroyed.
Tcstorday's raid was admittedly the first
of a number now planned, wnero ino
next "strike" will be made only tho Ad
miralty knows, but thero Is llttlo doubt
that If the flyers have their way tho next
attempt will be against the German bases
near Cuxhaven.
The official report or tne raiu was us
follows: , , .
nurlnir thn Inst 21 hours combined
aeroplane and seaplane operations havo
been carriod out by the naval wing In
tho Bruges, Zoebruggc, Blankenbergho
nnii ontend districts, with a view to pro-
venting tho development of submarine
bases nnd establishments. Thirty-four
naval aeroplanes nnd seaplanes took part.
"Great damage Is reported to have been
done to tho Ostend railway station, which,
according to present Information, hns
probably been burned to tho ground. Tho
railway station at Blonkenbergho was
damaged, and the railway lines were torn
up In many places. Bombs were dropped
on gun positions at MIddlekorlte and also
on tho power station and tho German
mine-sweeping vessels nt Zeebrugge, but
tho damago dona Is unknown.
"During tho attack tho machines en
countered heavy banks of snow. No sub
marines wero seen.
"Flight Commander Grahame-"vVhlte
fell Into tho sea off Ncluport and was
rescued by a French vessel. Although ex.
posed to a heavy gunfire from rifles, anti
aircraft guns, machine guns, etc., all ot
tho pilots nro safe. Two machines wero
"The seaplanes and neroplanes wero
under tho command of TVIng Commander
Samson, assisted by TVIng Commander
Longmoro nnd Squadron Commanders
Porte, Courtney and Rathorne."
Sir Douglas Mawson's
Lecture on his Australian Antarctic Expedition
has called forth the greatest surprise and praise.
It is only an appetizer to his complete account
contained in
The Home of the Blizzard
Two volumes with 300 remarkable photographs,
16 color plates, drawings, plans, maps, etc.
Tho story of tho great expedition, devoted not to tho attempt
to reach tho South Polo, but to tho exploration of a great Unknown
Continent, is a tale of pluck, heroism, and infinite endurance for
tho sake of scientific truth that comes as a relief in the face of the
accounts of tho samo qualities that are being sacrificed today for a
cause so much less worthy.
This permanent record of the greatest battle that has ever been
waged against the wind, the snow,, the crevice ice, and prolonged
darkness of over two years in the Antarctic is an invaluable addi
tion to any library, largeor small, literary or scientific.
The multitudinous wild life in Southern seas and Antarctic
scenes of indescribable grandeur are preserved in the 315 superb
Everybody in Town
I will soon be ialkinjj about this new realistic novel of
I Philadelphia by a Philadelphian.
The Dusty Road
Philadelphia Record:
"It is the author's first novel, and it
is a better one than the last novels written by many mas
ter craftsmen of recent years. . , . This novel is true
to type, more Bubtly local than any book written about
Philadelphia society and around it for the last twenty-five
years. Its success is twice foreordained because it is as
fascinatingly real as though thrown upon the film of
At All Bookstores $1.25 Net
'Tie Origin of Bernhardt
Gospel of Inhumanity"
Frederick the Great
TreitachWo "Life of Frederick"
Edited with a Topical and Historical
ISmo. 91,33,
n caUDllnir at iht
from 1
a an
vlawa ;
duouisaa Dook. and Fredarlclc'ii rnhiifps
Tha COUDllnir of thaia twn tunrttm In . .i . ..-, .. ..,. nrt
the fact that thay" ttv barlnl-thri't'.',v'." Jff JtKaSSTthi olhtr
fti J?JriS55S2!A.Skt?truPon. IP of tba sreat figure or Pruia
- . " - r -rar """ vvihulii ubliuii eiuuuuiau utiiiiiuuut -
u son irom wwft tba school of TrelUcnko and Bnaardi drvy utenns.
, , T . T , "'iru.iyi.iiin. Ilia UU1I11UI1 UJA. JU1 M -
G P Putnin, Sons
Contestants Should Nbt Dc'
lay Sending in Names
Ample Opportunity for
New Entrants in Race.
Announcement again la made today by
ins contest Editor Of the EvsmNol
iiHDonn anu i'unuo LBDdsrt that sub
acrlptlons must bo B6nl In ns norm ..
received. Contestants who hold up their
Buosoripuons may iota the credit (6r
mem, as tne subscriber, It he does net
get his newspaper, may cancel the ord.r
No employes bf either newspaptr are fl
nermlltert In thn fAntA.t i.. m ,.. v
- , w winners
of which are to be sent free of charjjt
to them to tho Panama-Pacific and
Panama-California expositions at San
Francisco and San Diego, respectively.
Contestants are required to get nun,
subscriptions in each Instance; that , "i
renewals will not ontltto them to credits! J
au suDscnptiona received by those who '
do not win one of the free trips to the
West will be paid for nt the reguUr
newsdealers' commission rates.
When subscribers llvo outsldo of Cam.
don and Philadelphia their subscriptions
must bo paid for In advance. They alio
must bo paid in ndvaricn tulir i.,. ...
ior a longer term than six months in ' i
Philadelphia or Camden. ," i
The contestant irets mnrn ii. v,
credit for a pald-ln-advarico subscription. rA
d una ia itaujr 10 ms aavantage. To
Join tho contest, send In your name on
the coupon In tho advertisement to Ih.
Contest Editor, second floor of the Pui.
wc Ledger Building.
Offensive Itcsumed on Bight Bank
of ViBtula.
BERLIN, Feb. ij.
The Germans havo resumed tho offen
sive In Northorn Poland, on the right
bank of tho Lower Vistula, and have oc
cupled tho town of Sorpoz, which lies a
short distance to tho northwest of Plock.
TIiub the chief battleground in the east
has been transferred from tho lines west
nnd southwest of Warsaw to tho north.
Tho occupation of Sorpoz Indicates a
German advanco In that region of about
20 miles within tho last week, the Rus
sians having been recently reported as
far west as Ilypln, 12 miles from Wejt
TRI ISSFS i5i,astio
addominai. HorroitTiins. rrro.
Lady attendant. Purchase HI A VPT T 'Q
alreot trom th factory. liiV V Jilili H
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Unheard of!
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