Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, February 12, 1915, Sports Final, Image 14

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This is the skyline of the most wonderful city in America; the city with
the proudest history, the dearest traditions, the greatest future; the city of homes,
of parks, of schools, of churches, of shrines of glory. '
And yet if one single little child shall starve all these splendors are in vain.
This Is Philadelphia's Self-Sacrifice Day to
Raise $100,000 for the Unemployed
... To raise $100,000 so that the children who were suffering from the pangs of
hunger this morning, shall go to bed full fed tonight.
To raise $100,000 so that the man out of work for weeks, carrying home each
.'.'evening the same dismai story, may meet his family tonight with new hope in his face.
To raise $100,000 so that a Lincoln Birthday may be celebrated as that great soul
would have liked.
Let us do this and it will be to the everlasting credit of the city of Philadelphia.
Let us put new heart in the city's unemployed.
This, is Not an Appeal for Ordinary Charity,
v. v, " It is an Urgent Call to Save
"- .;..- a City From Calamity ':"
It does not matter what cause has brought about the misery in Philadelphia
today. It is enough that it is here.
Sober, upright, industrious, God-fearing men are out of. work thousands of
them. Too proud to ask for aid, they trudge the streets day and night looking for
something to do. Few had been able to put anything by for a rainy day. If they had,
it is going fast or gone!
In cold homes the women and children are" waiting, with pathetic patience. They :
are hungry often ill and day by day the desolation and desperation increase.- ' r;
Thousands Cannot Pay the Rent,
Shall They Be Evicted?
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What is to become of this great army of unemployed? - -V";
It is not possible to provide work for all of them at once but it is .entirely,
possible to lend them .a strong and ready helping hand. it'
"-H;they know that all the rest of us are standing by to share a little wittethem.J
untfl.they get on their feet again, what a heart it will put into them I -. ;
' . Remember This City's Noble Response
to the Call of Belgium
And then give to help your neighbors. -1
When Philadelphia can sell her bonds at home as quickly as she did, she should
be able to finance her citizens who are the victims of circumstances.
No matter how little you can Bpare, it will be welcome.
If we can do this thing, and we can if we will, itwlll be one of "the finest. tributes
ever paid to the memory of any man. It will be an especially fitting tribute to the
memory of Abraham Lincoln.
Who would not be proud to Have a part in it.
Please remember tlrat this call would never have been made had not the necessity
been urgent and terrible.
But It Is Urgent. It Is Terrible. And There
Is No Other Way That Relief May Be Had
For two days now already the people have been preparing to make their
contributions today. Self-sacrifices have been resolved upon and the resolutions
have been carried out.
Bring the Money, if Possible, to the Lincoln
Building,, Headquarters of the Emer
gency Aid, Broad Street and South
Penn Square
Or take it to any Daily Newspaper Office, or put It in one of the many bowls
that the Committee has placed about the city. v.
Just as fast as it comes in, the money will be deposited with Drexel & Company,
which firm has agreed to accept these deposits, early and late, in spite of the fact that
this is a holiday.
The Committee and the newspaper s are anxious to have the names of all
contributors who are willing to give them. All the names given up to 8 o'clock will be
published in the evening papers, and all the names given after that hour in the
morning papers. t
Jr. jilexdnfd;er1J. Casshtt "','
Mrs 'J. Willis Martin . .'. .
l$PTri Cornelius Stevenson
Mrs. h Norman Jackson
Mrs, Edward T, Stoteshury
Mrs.Francis D. Patterson .
'ikfx' Barclay H. Warburton
rs. George Q. Horwitz "
tylifs. John G. Groome
'Mrs.EttKirk Price
Mrs, Edward Kt Rowland
f 9
Mrsj'Reed A. Morgan Mrs, F, Meyer . . "
. Mrs. Edward Browning Miss Eleanor Baher
Mrs'sfF. Howards ancoasty) ' Mrs,. Henry Brinton Gone .
sJr, Meade Large Miss Rebecca G. Elliot
inn. rr wwm iyi. vicuawtey
; MrWRiodhian E.G'rjscom
Mrs, James P. McNtcMV
Mrs, IF. IF. Porter 1
Mrs. J. Howard Rhp(iMs:
Mrs., Thomas Robips
Mrs. Charles Williams
For the Emergency Aid Conjmiftee
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