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Words of Fugitive
Homestead Burgess John
D. Rockefeller, Sr,, Also
on Stand in U. S. t'robe.
WiaH spots or CAHNdaie's
"It was white of AntlV" epitaph
nc leant on Ms tombstone.
Attributes success to retention of
etpct fenced men anil "dhcrtyt tirant
Inv demand of labor."
Pans Mkt,000 a vcar tn private'
Welcomes probe of Ms founda
tions. Guards Investment of widowed
J,atirt Itenrli Ford and calls hint
a prodlpv.
K13W YOIIK, Feb. B. "It was whlto of
B- That Is the cpllaph Andrew Carnegie
want jput On his tombstone. Ho told We
federal Commission on Industrial Iteta-
"tlons this nfternoon that tlio sentiment
Tvfts uttered by an ex-burgess of Home
- stead, Vs.., and was mnde when lie sent
a message through Professor Dyke, of
Itutgcrs. telling tlio man, then wot king
ah a laborer In a Sonoru. Mcx., mine,
that he wanted to aid him financially.
Tho former burgess, he said, fled from
Homestead after the 1882 riots, when the
Governor of Pennsylvania wanted him
arrested for complicity In the trouble.
"When Carnegie took the stand he told
the commission thnt, differing from other
witnesses, he preferred to stand and de
liver his testimony. Ho then stood up
ana delivered his address moro to the
audience than to the commission.
"When asked to state his name and busi
ness he said:
"Androw Carnegie, retired business man,
whose chief object In life Is to do good
to mankind."
Carnegie declared that, summing up all
his experiences, he believed the one big
tiling he hnd lenined was that experi
enced men nre tho best, and that much
of his success was duo entirely to him
self and his partnors retaining their old
men In their employ and to "always
granting the demands of labor, however
, Unreasonable."
Carnegie detailed the financial opera
tions of his six foundations.
"1 also am paying J241.O0O a jcar In
private pensions," he said.
He asserted that he also rccolvcrt money
from widowed friends and paid them 6
-,per cent. Interest on It to protect their
,j, Carnegie Invited the commission to at
tend the meetings of hlB foundations and
X welcomed investigation.
""We have nothing to conceal," he Bald.
Carnegie Jokingly lauded Henry Ford.
Referring to Ford, he said:
v "I am not disposed to question any-
" thing that this prodigy has Bald," he de-
,- clared. "Success to jilm. By all means,
'"let us give him a trial. HlB success In
malting good men out of criminals would
not be more of a seeming miracle than
his success has been with the Ford cars.''
Carnegie said that he dldn t believe di
rectors weie In u position to know much
about labor conditions in their plants
"I was delighted to hear of my work
men banding together for their Own ben
efit," he said. "They called me Andy,
so r knew I needn't worry. If they had
called me Mr, Carnegie, I would have
been troubled."
John D. Rockefeller, Sr.. this afternoon
took the stand and defended his charitable
acts. He declared emphatically that the
Rockefeller Foundation was In no way
""a menace to society and Insisted that all
that was Intended was to systematize his
charitable donations.
Rockefeller also declared that while
directors were responsible for labor con
ditions, all they could do was to get the
best administrative officials possible, who,
after all have charge of the conditions.
Rockefeller declared emphatically that
he had such confidence In democracy that
he believed It could be left to the people
and their representatives to remedy evil,
Tather than to limit the scope of the
Foundation by providing for 'Hypothetical
Action Postponed on Motion of Op-
ponent of Measure.
WASHINGTON. Feb 6.-Actlon on the
Administration ship bill wns postponed
until next week when the Senate, on mo
tion or senator Clarke, of Arkansas, ad
Journod at 4.25 this afternoon until Mon
day noon.
New tactics In the fight to save tho
mcnstira were disclosed when the Sen
ate met.
Senator Gore, of Oklahoma, who yes
terday Introduced In the caucus draft of
the bill amended to meet thn views of
Senators Norrls and La Follette, Pro
gressive Republicans, today gave notice
of a motion to discharge the Commerce
Committee from further consideration of
his bill,
If this motion be adopted when It
eoniei up on Monday, the rriotlon to re
commit the caucus bill need no longer
be conteited by the Administration Demo
crats, The entire Administration strength
and ponslbly the support of Senator Ken'
on, of Jokb, hnd Senator Clnpp, of Min
nesota, will be mustefed for Gore's mo
tion If Kenyan and Clapp remain loyal to
the ftemihllrnnn hn Tlonmcrnln will con
tinue their filibuster until tho return of
Senator Newlnnds, of Nevada, who will
be here Mondnv. and Senator Smith, of
South Carolina, when the vote In the '
Semite will bo tied and Vice President
Marshall will save the bill by his vote. '
Senator Ilurton's resolution asking tho
State Department If protests had been
received against the purchano of bellig
erents' ships uas adopted unanimously.
Senator Lewis Introduced nn amend
ment to the purchase bill prohibiting pur
chase of belligerents' ships until after In
vestigation tiy tne state and Justice De
partments, to guitrantco against Interna
tional complications.
Senatoi4 Norrls Introduced a rule mak
ing It possible, by an ttndebated vote
tnken on one lay's notice, to bring tip
and keep before the Senate any measure
lint I voted on. no Hcnntor being per
mltted to discuss It exceeding three hours
or amendments exceeding 15 minutes
Edmonds Offers New Bill In Houbo
WASHINGTON. Feb. C-Reproscnta-tlve
Edmonds (Hep., Pa.) today Intro
duced n substitute to the ship purchase
bill to loan JCO.OOO.OOO In Government bonds
on ships of companies In foreign trade
by exchanging their bonds on a Govern
ment shipping board's approval.
Purpose of tho Newly Organized
Quaker City Ad Club.
Make Philadelphia advertising clonn i
and "on the lovel," nnd advertise Phlln- '
delphla, Is tho two-fold purpose of the i
Quaker City Ad Club This organization,
which held its first meeting at 1414 Arch
street last night. Is composed of GO of the i
most prominent advertising nnd selling
men In this city and Camden, whe are
united to better tho ethical conditions of
the profession nnd to help Philadelphia.
Every detail of Ldvertlslng nnd selling
will be carefully studied nnd every evil
eliminated, according to tho members
Harry XI. Green, of the Victor Talking
Machine Company, Is the president. The
other officers are W. T Clifton, Donovan
V Armstrong Advertising Company,
first vice president; E. M. Hlbbcrd, Curtis
PubllHhlng Company, second vice presi
dent; L. H. Ynrnall, Brown-Bates Lumber
Company, secretary, and W. L. II
Hunker, Campbell Soup Company, treas
urer. Thomas R. Fort, of the Thomas TV.
Price Company, gave tho first of a series
of talks oh the paper Industry last night.
Those phases of the subject of particular
intci est to advertising men will be em
phasized In this series and all the suc
ceeding ones, which will deal with tho
arlous lines of goods manufactured In
and around Philadelphia.
uW7jiiir J3 ' -mnniiim... .i niiim in i
'fimm' MtammmWIm. sK;Wr , lM i
1 mmrmm i iiim1 "i
ItjtststWIWilitsWsylsMWBWWWTnmWisMlW PJTTTffEy a i flff , ffrt'i ' J tafM
IisisHEsisisH&2&134s52H,9XD ?rfitf."j? $. ijt?$tMKl
lj, stw IBBlMiyip y
I -L-i- S -J
r "SliF
is chairman of Councils'
530,000,000 rapid transit
has been in "pickle" in
January 7. The people
reported out. The corn
call of the chairman.
I'ound Hurdered in Their Bedrooms.
Police Looking for Boarder,
SALAMANCA. N. T- Feb. S.-The mutt
lated bodies of Mrs. Lizzie. Drake, 65;
Mrs. Irene Spencer, S3, and her daughter,
Gertrude Spencer, were found In their
bedrooms at 7$ Atlantto street early to
day. All three had been pounded to death
with a sledge hammer.
A general search has been started by
the police for an Italian who boarded
at the Spencer Jiouse and who has dis
appeared. The motive for the triple murder ts not
known. As far as has been learned by
the authorities nothing- was stolen, and
It la believed that tho deed was com
mltted In a spirit of revenge.
The crime waa discovered by four young
Hon uri mir way to work. They policed
the door ajar. The sledgehammer with
which the crime was committed was,
lyjnjr in the corner of the bedroom.
Bled to Death While Wife Slept in
Boom Above.
?nJ'i. s'eubr. yars old, ended bis
life at his home. 5 West Venango street,
thla piornlnr. by cutting; his throat with a
kitchen knife. His wtfe summoned Dr.
Walter L. Pilfer, 7J4 Wt Venango street,
Who said that tha sirsri man tta.i h..
(Uad for at least two hours. He had sev
ret the Jugular vein, and bled to death
trail his wife lay asleep on the floor
Aeegrdhiff tQ the pollca of tho German
town avenue, and Lycoming street police
nation, Steuber, who. waa employed by a
tosi company as a collector. Iiad been a
uffrer from rheumatism He worked
?twdy, aua hi employer stated he
mm4 to be In a oheerful mood. Tby
wr wAyrUed when they learned that
Stouter had ended Wa lf.
H r l n .
ttwway tn Norwegian Ship
J? rttowaway. Alchonso Vattlparuj. ?s
xmr aH, m ItaUsn aaUor, was turned
eyw t jJo tBlratkm autiorlOM thB
ttMte it Capin Ranuefl, of tha
rartW mmr 8?rflrd. after tlie
Mtsl ok4 M It Port Richmond
brMs ii la Mfcgy bH he wW b de-
-i fta ptfin asd WW me
-J. 4ial Uis4Ht 4 mf fci W,
.y-.. .. n t.'.l) 9 yet fg tj gmttOrr
- t- iMim4 Umr Wt ty at
'Marrlnge LIcenBe Twice Refused, But
Girl's Mother to BeBcue.
After being twice refused a license to
marry because tho prospective bride
looked too young. Jack McDcrmott, pride
of the Navy, and pretty Miss Hilda Don
nelly, of Brooklyn, N. V., arc anxiously
waiting at 821 Walnut street for the ar
rival of Mrs. Donnelly from New York to
sanction the marriage.
Jack Is a pugilist. His fighting name
la Keating and he la the champion heavy
weight of the Navy. MIrs Donnelly ts
pretty and 16 years old.
iraioraaji me couple applied for a
llcepse to wed, but a clerk Bald mother
Donnelly must first consent. A wire in
Now York brought Miss Viola Donnelly,
a Bister. But her entreaties were of no
avail. This afternoon all was ready for
the wedding but the license. Tho license
bureau still Insisted upon Mrs Donnelly
giving her written or verbal consent.
Dlshenrtened but hopeful. Jack McDcr
mott wired for Mrs. DonneJIy and while
the bridal party, chaperoned by Detective
John Mahoney, is stilt watting, Mrs. Don
nelly la coming to Philadelphia.
Order Delivered Today Increases
Total to 85,000.
An order of 20,000 "for tho transit plan"
buttons was delivered to Director Taylor
by the manufacturer today. By, tonight
more than 83,000 buttons will have been
distributed. Business men's, labor, clvlo
and fraternal associations are ordering
the buttons In lota from 1000 upward for
distribution among their members and
friends. Merchants and manufacturers
are also ordering many of the buttons
for distribution among their employes
and customers. The following statement
was issued today by Director Taylor:
"I am gratified by the support which la
being accorded the Department of City
Transit by the leading associations, mer
chants and manufacturers of Philadel
phia. The transit button will show the
nubile demand for prompt Councllmanla
action In establishing the high-speed
lines and free transfers. I hope every
citizen will secure a button and wear It
until we get what we are after."
Tliii tt Tnhn P Pr.nn.1l.. U.
:"" " ri '"?. i
nuance i-ornmuice. ine
loan election measure
that committee since
demand that it be
mittee meets at the
Connelly, who is a McNichol man, has not issued the call. Indignant
citizens are today writing and telephoning to Connelly, demanding that
he act at once. If you want to join in this protest against further transit
delay this information may be of service:
Connelly's home address is 238 Fairmount avenue.
His home telephone number is Market 2049, Bell phone.
His law office is Room 1526, Land Title Building.
His business phone number is Spruce 6543, Bell phone; Race 1376
Keystone phone. '
Connelly's excuse for inaction has been that he awaited information
from the City Controller as to whether the city's borrowing capacity
would permit the loan. The Controller's report, which came out yester
day, shows that the city's borrowing capacity for transit and other
permanent improvements is $40,000,000, or $10,000,000 in excess of the sum
asked for transit development.
Connelly did not attend the session of City Councils yesterday
Cnntluurd from I'ncr One
anger not only against Connelly, whoso
hand has been definitely shown In the
transaction, but against Charles Seger,
who holds the 7th Ward for McNlthol.
Kegor's action In Introducing n resolu
tion in Councils yesterday calling upon
Director Tailor to furnish Information
regarding the subnay and high-speed
lines was characterized by tho officials as
an Insult to the citizens, Not only have
two books been published embracing the
whole project, but every newspaper In tho
city, Including the Organization organs,
lime given the widest publicity to tho
proposed lines.
CompMo tiles of all icports ure likewise
on file In tho Department of City Transit.
All the desired Information could have
been given Councils within 10 minutes.
Tho work of Connelly and Seger In ob
structlng the transit plans acts as a di
rect Indication of the Identity of the real
opponent of the project McNichol.
Both men are mere lleutonnnts, who
have small voices In Organization coun
cils, but who appear before the public as
tho McNichol spokesmen. To them Is
delegated tho unpleasant work of tho
leaders, and It has again fallen to tho
share of Seger to do his master's bidding
against tho wishes of his 7th Ward con
stituents who have Indorsed the Taylor
Connelly, too. has gone against tho
wishes of his constituents, by bowlnc tn
tho MrNIchol will. ""wing in
Tho untenable position taken by the
chairman of the Finance Committee has
come completely to light. At first he pro
claimed that he did not wish to call a
meeting of the Finance Committee until
lie knew tho exact status of the city
finances That was the excuse given 1m-
...cumici)- imer ne introduced tho ordi
nance at Director Taylor's request.
On January 21 Controller "Walton gave
this Information, but no meeting cf the
I'Innnco Committee wns called. This
gavo him a two-weeks' delay, but the
Organization mind soon Minno-iit f
other obstruction In demanding that the
borrowing capacity of tho city bo known
before the coinmltteo meeting was held.
This was given yesterday by the Con
troller, but no meeting of Connelly's com
mittee was called.
Thus one month, less three days, has
elapsed without a single committee meet
ing. Tills la the first time In years that
such a length of time has elapsed with
out the city finance committed holdlnft ft
session. It regularly meets every two
As far as can be ascertained, no other
meeting has veen called. Mr. Connelly
refused to be Interviewed and the other
membera of tho committee know nothing.
It has 'been pointed out by tho friends
of tho transit plan that the Organlta-
lion Is simply adopting a "watchful, dc
I laying polloy."
I By postponing tho Finance Committee
moctlngs for several weeks Iho Organlza-
I tlon hopes to tloek the tentative plan to
, hold the special election In April. The
delny thus far precludes the possibility of
a March election. This may entail a
delay of ft year In tho commencement of
the actual work halting tho progress of
tho city and dealing blows to tho comfort
nnd purso of tho people.
Mr. Connelly could not bo found until
lato today at his office, It wns stated
last night at his home that ho had gone
I to Washington, but today notice was
given by a servant that ho was In Har-rlsburg.
Connelly returned to ma office nt 4
o'clock. He declined to comment on tho
transit question.
Tho following questions were asked him
by n rcprcscntatlvo of tho Evenino
"Are you In favor of a special election
In April for n $30,000,000 loan for transit
"When will vou call a special mooting
of Councils' Flnnnce Commlttea to tnke
up fun transit question nnd ngrea on n
date for the s,poclnl election?"
"You aro quoted ns tsaylng that you
cannot call u meeting of tha Flnanco
Committee to consider tho trnnslt ques
tion until you bco tho City Controller's
icport regarding tho city's borrowing
cnparlty. As this report was nvulo to
Council yesterday, showing that tho city
hns a borrowing capacity of morn than
SlOOOO.ItfO. what will you do now?"
Mr. Connelly made the ame answer to
each question.
It was: "I hn ' nothing to say today."
Tho following are lews expressed by
bfllccrs of business associations today:
CASPER WBHNUH, President Pnssyunk
Avenue Business Men's Amoclatlon: No
matter what sort of a trick or conspir
acy somo of our City Fnthora may havo
formed In attempting to delay the con
struction of a subway they will not suc
ceed. I nm In favor of having a Bpcclal
mooting of all tho South Philadelphia
business men's organizations nnd adopt
ing resolutions urging that the loan bill
be taken out of Councils' Flnanco Com
mittee. There has been too much delay al
ready, Phlladolphlans are not asking too
much of our Councllmen, nnd I Include
Chairman John P. Connelly In asking
them for a special election ns soon na
possible In order to give tho people a
chance to vote In behalf of the J30,
000,000 loan.
At our next meeting wo shall Intro
duce resolutions calling upon Mr. Con
nelly to get busy and demanding from
him nn explanation Tho data for tho
special election uliould bo fixed as soon
ns possible. The Kve.vi.vo LcoaEn has
tho pralsa ?f every person who has oc
casion to ride It; trolley cars. Qlvo
Philadelphia a subway tho Kimo as Now
York has. Just Imagine! Hero wo
aro 00 miles from tho greatest city In
the country and we must be con-
icnion to ride In trolley cars.
Should our Councllmen strnnglo the
present bill they will be held dlreetlv
responsible for delaMng tho develop
ment of Philadelphia, which Is the
greatest Industrial city In America.
Every person should become Inter
ested In this matter. Nothing can be
accomplished by remaining quiet nnd
allowing other persons to fight. Let
us all Join In tho campaign for the
Immediate construction of a subway. I
would suggest that we get up petltlonu
and send them to Mr. Connelly and get
him down on record as to his attltudo
on tho subway question.
Phlladelphlans want a subway. What
nre you going to do, Mr. Connolly, in
helping to hring about the speclnl elec
tion without delay?
T. , W. GltOOKrr, JP.., president Tox
Uiuse want a subway system, nnd so
are In favor of having tho transit bill
taken out of Councils' Finance Com
ni ttee. Wo shall hold a 'meeting and
tako this matter up. Residents of Fox
Chase want a subway systom and so
clo all persons who live In this city.
In all probability at our next business
meeting wa shall introduco resolutions
i.....iiiH upon .r. uonneny to clo somo-
inero nnB Deen too much delny
uuiiKveasary aemy. Tno
snouicl bo held as
Inquiries Prom Russia and Spain Re
garding American GoodB.
Two cabled Inquiries for 1UU of Ameri
can manufacturers with prices of their
products hayo been received by the Com
mercial Museums and are being worked
on by Geore C. Gibson. Assistant Secre
tary of the Foreign Trade Bureau of tha
Institution. Both are front firms who
formerly dealt with Germany and have
found their source of supply cut oft by
the war.
The Inquiries are from the P.! n gold
Kalming Company, of Pttrograd, and foe
Alberto Fontana Company, of Barcelona,
8pa)n. The Rlngold Company's cable
gram readas
"Please wife reliable makers zlno
sheets." The Barcelona company wants
copper sulphate, potassium, bichloride,
potash and carbonate,
Sent Wine by Parcel Post
'Drowned Your sorrows on me." ThU
cote, aeooRipanytrur a bottle of wins
through the parcel poet delivery, brought
Anton 1-arnpel, tm North ttth street, a.
bartender, before United States, wn
TOlwioner Edmunds, tn the Federat
BuJWlo4f, today. Lampel, jtfio caters to
tnlfu iiom behind a bar at Uth. street
M XsjttBry veaut, id he did set
-purer iui am ouf tae law.
wa a aw uw
When John Casslday awoko his morn-
.lng he found hlmsel In Jail. When he
went to sleep he wn a free man. But
during his nap there was a lot of excite
mnt of which he was not aware. John
lives at 4t5t Qermantown avenue. Hear
ing that his cousin, Pat Casslday would
leave Moyumenslng Prison after a nvo
days' visit. John went downtown to give
him the "glad hand." Both the Cassldays
then celebrated Pat's freedom.
Unfortunately they g.t on a German
town avenue car nnd neither awoke until
they reached City Line, several miles past
their destination, "at wanted to ride
bs,ck, but John went to sleep on a fence
rail. Finally Pat struck John In the face.
Again John went to sleep sounder than
before. During John- siesta. Pat tried
to get on several cars, but tne conductors
objected. Determined that the line would
not run without him, Pat then leaned
against a car and defied the crew. He
was taken ho the Germantown police sta
tion In a patrol, John was lifted into the
waaon also without belnir awakened. Be
lieving that they had suffered enough,
Magistral Pennotk discharged the cous
ins when they were arraigned before him
and cautioned them to keep sober.
Evidence that justice (s both Bympa
tbetlo and etastlo was given In the Mana
yunk. police station. Gilbert Levering
was arrested for hitting his wife with
a coal scuttle. A, policeman heard the
cry of "Murder!" In the Levering home,
at E27 Monastery avenue. He brought the
man before Magistrate Greil.
"Three months In the House of Correc
tion" said the "Judge" 6ome one re
mtnuftd the Magistrate that the prisoner
Md four children dependant upon his
stppori ana me sentence wss reaueea
to V" days. The ma's ss then made a
ta Ave 4a in Jail.
Daniel Magulre, HI Carson street, was
arrested on the charge of being drunk
and disorderly. When he was sentenced
to 10 days he complained; the Magistrate
added ten more on account of his gen
eral attitude, and finally gave him 30
days In the House of Correction.
ino plaintive cry of a dog attracted
Sergeant Vnnderbllt and Policeman Alei
0?rual lli?y were Pa"'ng the corner
of 25th and Pine streets. Looking around
they saw a collie In pile of snow, and
beside him was a man sound asleep The
dog. believing the policemen were about
to attack his master, growled and sought
to drive them on. Finally It was "oh
vlnced that the bjuecoats were friends
and consented to let thenj approach. The
man and his protector were taken to the
irth and Pine streets station. The roan
gave his name as Walter Elliott and
said he was looking for employment when
he collapsed. He was given n meal and
some clothing and slept with ffi. 5M
cuaalea near him. The dog showed its
gratitude by licking the hand, that fed
hlro and barked around the stat on
house to show ho was as happy a, the
SeTa'lir amU " Pa,S?,n" "
off nls hat,
"What's the matter?" asked the eer-
.. "My .nn!e ,a Joh, Gallagher,'' he said,
'and I'm afraid to go home,' The ser
SJ2Lnf,',ced a somewhat -wobbly.
3nat.ar?Jyou ll'rftl1 'r' ho asked.
'Tin afra,ld of my -wife," repUed Gal.
lagher. "I told her I was going to look
for work. When ahe ttn me she may
doubt ray word,"
"I'm afraid iho will"
"Can I take a nap for the night?"
The turnkey registered him and assign
ed hlra to a call bed,
Whenbraughjtbefpjr, Magistrate ilrlgg.
QaUacher said lm would nur cj a
J wa Utowt4 to a Juwao jMt hi wife.
as well as
special election
qiilcklv as nosslhln
WILLIAM GIBBONS, president, tho 40th
lLftMrkl!tn.?"'ei!tB Business Men's
Association Tho transit bill should bo
taken out of Councils' Finance Com
mittee. Why don't tho Councllmen get
together and get busy on tho subwny
issue? The dato for thslspeclal election.
S" voto wl'lhe taken on the $30.
000.000 loan, should be fixed Immediate
ly. According to statistics tho city's
Snnr'Inff capacity is more than $47,
000,000 ami this Is proof that tho elec
tlon should bo held In a few woeks
THOMAS G. PAIUUS. ex-pIdent kast
Germantown Improvement Assoclatlon.
Nothlng should bo permitted to Interfere
In tho slightest degree with a speedy
Shf'J?" .'?. decllle ,h0 trana,t question.
The- Enst Germantown Improvement As
Bocintlon will meet Immediately to take
definite action to show Connelly Just
t n?nO'm,P0J,taJLW0 feeI th,s malt0'- be.
LOUIS J. SUESS. president Central Ger
mantown Avenuo Business Men's Asso-cfatlon.-Somethlng
should bo done to
nip Connelly's schema In tlm hud in..
mediately, Our association is not duo
to meet for another month, but I deem
this threatened hitch In the transit plan
u niui unpunance mat a special
meeting will bo called and It Is certain
that we shall let It be known In no un
certain terms that wo wish the matter
of tho $30,000,000 loan to be put before
the people as quickly as possible.
J FRED BUItKAUT, president Olnoy
Improvement Assoclatlon.-A meeting of
tha officers of the Olney Association will
bo called Immediately, and without a
doubt we shall send a petition to Con
nelly calling upon hlra to tnke tho mat
ter up with the Finance Committee at
once so that a special election will be
no longer delayed.
J. A, EDGAR, secretary Grocers' Build
ing and Loan Association of Frankford
-Something should be done at once to
force Connelly's hand Immediately and
stop this nonsense. Action will bo taken
on the matter at a meeting of our as
soclatlon on Monday night and I expect
the members to 'act to a man,
PHILIP CONWAY, president West End'
Business Men's Association, Although
the transit plan Is not of Immediate
concern to us of the west end, yet I
feel that this hitch is of enough Im
portance to the community at large to
put It beforo tho next meeting- of the
association, when I feel euro some
definite action will be taken.
MORRIS FINER, president North 8th
mm ?m phci pusinesa Men's Asso
ciation. I shall begin today to arrange
for a special meetlpg of the association
so that we can protest to Mr. Connelly
and get the transit bill out of the
Finance Committee, we want some
action as soon as possible. If Mr. Con
nelly and the other members, of the
Finance Commlttea realise that the
united body of the citizenry of Phila
delphia wants that bill to go before
Councils, I think wo can have some
thine done before long-.
ERSKINB BAINS, president Chestnut
Street Business Men's Association. I
am busy this morning getting together
our Board of Directors In order that -we
can lake some definite. Immediate ac
tion to set this bill out of the Finance.
Committee We have gone too far to
back down now. We have beta In favor
of the plan since the beginning, and
anything that atUawta to bloak u saw
will have to M Brty slW ce4-
tton. We ahall call a special meeting
to protest to Mr. Connelly "against a
further burying of tho bill. We put UP
our protest In h very decided form. too.
HAYES BOYNE, recording secretary,
Lancaster Avenue Business Men a Ao-clallon.-Taxpayers
and everybody else
who lives In Philadelphia, should display
nn Interest In Iho subway Issue. We
are In favor of taking tho bill out of
the hands of Councils' Flnanco Comm t
tec. Citizens of this city should wnko
up. Thcro Is no reason nt alt why the
special election shouldn't bo held
within the next few weeks. I think It
would be a good Idea If the voters got
busy on thin matter. They should get
Into touch with their Councllmen, call
them Up on the telephone, write them
letters nnd urgo them Id show their loy
alty toward the city,
Cnnnella la nrprinrlntr to float a loan Of
$2,000,000 or $3,000,000 for municipal Im
provements, nnd It was rumored today
that of this amount thero would be an
Item of $800,000 for construction of tho
transit loop.
It wan said that this move was decided
upon because of tho general demand for
action an tho transit plans,
Action on tho proposed loan will prob
nbly bo tnken at tho next meeting of
Councils, February 18. A grenter portion
of the loan Is raid to bo for main and
branch sowers In outlying sections of the
city. Probably $1,000,000 will bo designated
for that work.
Another largo Item will bo for tho grad
ing and paving of ntreots. It Is probable
that provisions will also bo made for
several now police and flro stations and
also for playgrounds.
A mooting of tho subcommittee of
Councils' Flnanco Committee Is expected
to bo called beforo the next meeting of
Councils when It Is probable that tho
amount of tho Itemfl In It will bo fixed.
The subcommittee will also recommend
additional appropriations for tho various
departments from the $1,407,272.22, which
the City Controller has designated In his
report as nvallablo for appropriation In
Director Cooke, of tho Department of
Publlo Works, hns asked Councils for ad
ditional appropriations for his Depart
ment, aggregating $1,693,C3L
Director Zleglcr, of tho Department of
Health and Charities, has asked for $283,
000 additional appropriations, with $50,000
additional neoded for repairs to Blockley.
jjirector Cooko notified Councils thnt
$150,000, In nddltlon to n $100,000 appropria
tion, was needed to supply coal for the
Water Bureau. Last year coal for tho
Water Bureau cost $510,000.
Other appropriations asked by Director
Cooke, mainly for work of a nature that
would give employment to many Idle men,
Removal of snow, $75,000; wages for
J,2 ropalr. corps' 205'wx'i hire of teams.
JlSi rPPalrs to streets by contracts,
$-.!,000; wages for repairs to sewers, $19.
ti2U.vages for repairs to meadow banks,
J16.O00; wages for repairs to bridges, $16,
500; painting nnd repairs to bridges, 1135,
000; materials for repairs to streets, JZ1D,
00; material for bridge repairs, $10,000;
material for sewer repairs, $15,000,
Read by Three Persons,
lltrlittrr RJeK Tit
B ..,UF rina
lander, Before It Reachl
Person Addressed.,
.I.....1 ... - I... ... . 1?
amid. uri iv iuner wnuen by a cumIS
to John Henry Howard, of 2507 N
18th street, an acolyte In the Churthfl
tho Annunciation, nt 12th and Dlum!
streets. Howard alleges that the tJnl
nddrcssed to him was tampered with "fl
read by throo persons before it 41
turned over to him. He roquetej t$
master Thornton to Investigate tha M
IIAltUISnuilG. Feb. 5. Governor
Brumbaugh indicated today that Senator
Sproul's suggestion that the present law
by which cities and counties tax per
sonal property bo repealed and a new
one passed by the Legislature giving tho
Stato a sharo in tills form of rovenuo Is
being considered seriously.
The suggestion. If carried out, would
sot back Philadelphia's rapid transit
program at least two years, for If the
State is granted the power to assess per
sonal property along with the city, the
city's benefits from such an assessment,
nnd consequently Us proposed right to
borrow upon that assessment, would be
Tno Governor would not commit him
self for or against the suggestion. He
als-o declined to discuss the present sit
uation In Philadelphia regarding the
transit nlans.
Tho Governor's attention was called to
the fact that Sproul's suggestion would
oorloualy delay, it not kill, the construc
tion of n comprehensive system of high
speed lines for Philadelphia, and ha was
nsked whether Sproul, who Is chairman
of the Finance Committee of the Senate,
had discussed his plan with him.
"f have heard tho suggestion frpm
many," said tho Governor, "a considerable
number of theso being members of the
In his effort to find suitable means for
Increasing the State's revenue the Gov
ernor has discussed the situation w-lth
many of the members of both branches
of the Legislature as one of many ldens
for obtaining more money for tho State
al and j-our
1 the eictrttf.i
the dean.fl
of fltmii
Continued trom Pare One
reach the door and turned. As the burg
lar sprang nt her she dashed ona of tho
plates Into his face.
Then she dodged around a table. The
Plato had broken on tho burglar's face.
Inflicting a deep gash. With the blood
streaming from this he chased her around
the table until it upset. When he caught
her she beat him over tho face with the
other plate, The man was forced to let
go, but he rushed after her again.
The struggle waged back and forth, Into
the dining room, back Into the reception
hall again, halt way up the stairs and
Into the parlor. Mrs. Tyson says she
screamed Incessantly. When she got Into
the dining. room she snatched up more
plates and threw them at the windows,
hoping f she broke the gluts some one
would hear her calls for help, All the
plates struck against tho wall.
After the battle had kept up until Mrsj
Tyson was hardly able to lift her arms
the burglar caught up the heavy handle
... i -1,-1 ....
w, wui Biua iwuncr one nao, uroken
against ft wall tryfn.fi to break a, window
and struck her over tha head with It.
"I'm going to make you pay for this,"
said the burglar," pointing to the wound
In his face.
of tils wife's clothing torn to Bhreds, Her
waist was covered with blood from the
cut in the burglar's face. The police hope
this wound will betray the man. A watch
Is being Jcept at every hospital, private
or publlo, within the city. The dtscrlp.
tlon of the' burglar has been sent to all
surrounding towns. Every bluecoat In the
city nas Been given hi description, with
Instructions to get the man.
Two diamond rings and a turauolse
ring, valued In a" at $U0O, -were torn from
the fingers of Mrt, Tyson by the roan
Hfter alio lost consciousness, Ho got no
Other loot, apparently making; no further
attempt to rifle the safe. "ner
WnnAmftker Athletic Carnival
Members of the John Wanaroaker Com
merclal Institute will hpld on athletlq
carnival on the ninth floor of the Wana
makcr store at 1.30 o'clock tonight The
organisation, which Is composed oi the
younger employes of the store, organised
for educational purposes, will mett In the
usual school session from the time the
Store closes until T JO. There will he
muslo by the Institute' hand- Basketball
wresUtiyr. boxjn and fyauiasuca wiU b
fwtuits ft th promaa.
Mall examiners who, since Janua.ty 5
havo been Investigating have eubrnliff
tho result of their Investigation to tm
Postal Inepoctor Cortelyou to asc.urf
whether the postal laws have fc
broken, as
Among tho persons Interview , v...,S
nmtAI nllthnrltles wet'n TloV,r, r,..,.? W'J
Rhinelander, of tho Enlsconal ni,J?.Tl
Pennsylvania, and Rowland F. Fhllbnvtl
a. young student, who attends the Phnfa
delDhla Divinity School, nt wL'.?n,J
avenuo nnd -1st street. 'rJ,
No official action will bo taken by vk
postal Inspectors on tho report submit
ted by tho mall oj.amlners until cSS
Postal inspector cortclyou returns
this city. Ho Is nt present In the p
uii ti uu ci imiviifc u.uiiirupicy caie. i
Howard, who In the assistant marTid
of the freight station of tho Phlladebhtf
and Reading Ilallway at 10th and Deri?
streets, charges that the letter, whtchl
was a reprimand for "cosslnin .11.
muslcale, besides being tampered wiW
VY13 It-ttU ; tllSVW ylOUIIO. Jig IJlV
chnrgoa that "certain persons" holding
a grievance ngalnat him were lniM
mental in having the Utter placed la tor
jjwvuiu nvo v "ioiiv -twiiucmnuer 1
The Incldont which resulted In a letter
being -written to him In which he. W
censured for "gossiping" occurred en i.
evening of December 9, 1914, durlne ii
musloolo given by several church ow.
lets at tho Church of tho Advocate, "ttl
18th and Diamond streets. Zj
Tho letter, which has become a miiM
discussed topic In church circles.
written by the Rev. Irving A. McOhwS
iviiu is uiu uurmo 01 mo epipnany ui&rdl
of the Church of St. Luke nnd the EpIM
... -,.- "", II VI)
wnuen on uecemocr IV, mi, and retci
uh luiiows;
"My dear Mr Howard:
ijaat night Mrs. McGrcw and I hi!
tho doubtful plensuro of slttlhe In ni
of you at tho service of tlm rhn..i.!,,"wf
tho Advocate. Your constnnt talklne'tV
gossip were very annoying. Tno retaatkt'
aooui tne iiisnop were dlsloj
wnoio oenavior irreverent li
I had Intended wrltlmr to
feel there must bo some sense
and reverence In a man who Is studylai
ior oroers.
"I'lcaso think this over, nomepkjr;
U...U. vvufie wiicu liio cuurcii o dg n
spoctcd, nt least to tho extent of aolil
loverent behavior on the nart of ihS?
who como to worship. This Is not tool
much to ask of a future priest. ;1
"Faithfully yours,
According to Howard, tho letter-re:
mantling him wns addressed to the PJ
delphla Divinity' School, because the W,
McGrow believed him to be a dtrlnltj.
student. Howard says ho knew nothttfi
about tho letter Until It was Bhoanti
him by Bishop Rhinelander in the latter
part o'f December. "3
"I called on Bishop KblnelanderjJ
his homo after receiving a request fren
his secretary to call," said Howard tj-
day. M
When I called on Blshoo RhlnelanW
he showed me the letter and question!
Ilia VU(tVI Htllii III Ullt'pCU nimvoimy
at tho musicalo which was mentlonedria,
tho letter written by the Rev, Mr,
Grew. I was Indeed surorised to seej-
icucr uauresaeu 10 ino in tno puav
Af Ua TlUVinn T tinlfl riilm tn tftll Pi
where ho obtained the letter, but TO
refused to do so." "H
After an exchange of letters &eiwe
himself and Bishop Rhinelander, Howm,
Bn IUa Tot tan eirna ttW it r-A Ofl tf1 RlIS
by Bishop Tthlnclnnder,
Plillhrnnlr tnlit ttin InvPHllrjltOrS tMl
ho found the Intter lying on the flooU
ti. j .j ... .i. ......inn ivher
Bishop Rhinelander wns Interviewed -MJ
the mall examiners he reiusca. 10 1;
them how the letter came ipto his p!
a. .....1 1... 1....1 HAnbtiH.H WK
Bessiun uiuii. o jmu uuiihm.v -
counsel. ':
Bishop lthlnelander described HW.
as a sensationalist who was eager w
get publicity. He admitted having tH
letter which was written to Howard w
his possession, but wouldn't tell who iw
it to him. 9
Phllbrook said he turned tha letter o
to t'no Rev, Mr. Emhardt because
looked upon him ns his superior. !S
"I know Mr. Howard." said rnllBrQJH
"After finding the letter I gave it to Doj,
for Emhardt, wno inter seni it iw '".:
Bhlnelander. I realize now that I woow,
have sent the letter to Howard or piwro
It to Doctor MpGrew."
Official Forccait
EmmMr TAnnH vl vtmla and New Jcf
-nan, tnniirht and Saturday: wariaeti
f,..1 .m.41. u.lni
nvt. ...Aapi ulnrm him moved Sl6'
northeastward from Kansas to ai
lowu. It oyerspreaos jiu 01 w a
central valleys and the fcake resi
morning, and has caused rain or snow
practically an 01 mo umuiw ---
Influence. The Atlantic coast is uh
MnjMiAi.. xtrU ImrnmAtrln nressure, I
'T""0" ."'" .-"-""i ". r,.ii .inn
.-intifliness nos intrcttacu iwm. .,,
the entire slope and the rain area xem
probably spreaq eastwnrn acru
nnnnttina riiirlnc the afternoon.
. ...,.,.. imv ri.ifn E dearrees to!
degrees throughout the eastern '".
the country, and are generally somewn.
above the normal, me exce i
est In the Ohio basin.
U. S. WealUer Wan Bulletin
Obiervatloos tnada at 6 a ra. Etru tus
lut Rain- Vloo;
station. Sam. III.
ABIlent, Tex.
Mlanilo City
UUBIUU. JU... -r - .. " -7 p
r-X&Z'Z. "in .f.:: 4l 34 ii 3 50 'Clow
Denver. Col 28 3
,::;:l2 ft .. w gda
t llfoh
Calveafon, Tei'.,
st n
si si
Hallraa ' r.. 42
Hlpa, MBhtT.. IS J
UclOoavllli, Fl. M ii
tiutu4T suva "m It
ftauas city. Mo. so 30
.uluvtlla. Mf?.. 46 44 .
Uemrhli. Tenn.. 48 48 .T-
S3 04 l.i
ill I J ,,
IS IS i6
UemphU, Tenn
Nov York...:-.
W lllta Mh
ni.lnh.im.' rvltl. SO HO
Philadelphia .... SO 29
ortlaaiir Mo W 8
i f
utb. Ln .
iutbw:. CVn
gtoa,'?,.., t
8B si G'UJ
M 8W Snot
111 H 4 mw.
to w 13 "SS
.. Sw o ClW?
SB Clar
uw 4 Cltsf.,
n w S cia
Wl? t
wanwiaww J