Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, February 02, 1915, Sports Final, Page 5, Image 5

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What city comes next? '
If we talk of population yes.
If we talk of old-established manufacturing
prestige yes.
But if we mean alertness to modern opportunity, a
forward look toward industrial development, the em
ployment of the most advanced weapons of commercial
warfare, each of the following cities must be named
before Philadelphia:
Akron, Ohio
Battle Creek, Mich.
") Camden, N. J.
Minneapolis :
Rochester, N. Y.
And then comes Philadelphia, close pressed by Pitts
burgh, Milwaukee, Meriden, Conn., Buffalo and some
This is not mere5 assertion. It is supported by
' The day is near at hand when bankers,, investors,
new manufacturers seeking locations for their plants,
are beginning to ask a question that live business men
have long known to be the true test of the vitality of an
industry or a community. They ask: "Are the men
in that industry, or the industries of that community,
employing modern selling methods are they insuring
against the future by getting a firm hold on the good
will of the consumer?"
And as a basic feature of modern selling methods
they are looking for the intelligent use of national
We have carefully examined into the use of ad
vertising made 4y the 400 leading advertisers of this
country. For this purpose our statistical bureau has
checked over each and every advertisment inserted by
each of these advertisers in more than 30 leading pub
lications. One of the questions has been, "In what cities do
we find manufacturers using advertising most largely?"
And this is what we have found:
That in addition to New York and Chicago each
of the nine cities listed above considerably exceeds Phila
delphia in the origination of broadly conceived advertising.
By the census of 1909 there were in Philadelphia
8379 manufacturing establishments, giving employ
ment to more than 300,000 workers and turning out
products valued at more than $746,000,000. By this
volume Philadelphia held the position of third indus
trial city.
But five years have elapsed since those figures
were compiled. During that period the nine other
cities whose manufacturers outdo Philadelphia in the
use of advertising have been making long forward
strides. ' In some of them, it is true, the great volume
of advertising is due to the energy of only one or two
manufacturers with big visions. But even in these it is
working out, as it always does, that other manufac
turers are catching the spark of renewed vitality and
setting out side by side with their fellow-townsmen.
Which one of these cities is drawing up to pass
Philadelphia as a manufacturing centre?
Which Philadelphia manufacturers will catch the
We have no delusion that by an appeal to civic
pride we can create advertisers where the advertising
spirit does not exist.
But aggregate totals are only the sum of many in
dividual figures. And figures are only worth while as
betraying a widespread condition. These figures
mean that out of the more than 8000 manufacturers in
Philadelphia there are scores who have been blind to
opportunity, letting their competitors in other cities
steal up behind them.
Which one of your competitors is among these?
When you, and you, and you a dozen or a score
of great Philadelphia manufacturers have each made
your own product known nationally, then and only
then will Philadelphia's products generally be
nationally lnown.
The industrial reputation of a city is only the
sum of the reputations of its individual manufacturers.
Independence Square, Philadelphia