Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, February 02, 1915, Sports Final, Page 12, Image 12

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tl. S. Steel Common Sells at
j . Highest Point Since Divi
dend Was Passed Call
Money 2 Per Cent.
- NRW YORK, Feb. 2,-On some support
'fciffopiers the rnttrket beenme strong In
ths afternoon session, after earlr IrreirU-
lfttfts', and some profit taking;. United
StMes Steel common, by eelllwr nt ii.
' reached tlio highest point since the tllvl-
-r Genii wnn panned on last Tuesday, Al
though sales 01 the stock were" not larRe,
ottering, which were also light, found a
market as soon as they were felenscd for
sale by holders, It now appears that tho
stock has found Ita level and thnt thero
will bo no further necessity of reducing
the minimum price below 88, where It now
stands. Predictions are" current In the
Btrett that the report of unfilled orders of
the corporation, to be published a week
from today, will show a further substan
tial Increase. Another favorable factor to
steel waa the announcement of an ad
vance In steel products for March de
livery. The market closed dull with prices oft
fractionally from the high oftho day,
scored In the afterndon session, but the
inajorltv of the list was above tho final
The early reaction was based on two
thing: Tho dynamiting of a main bridge
of tho Canadian Pacific Railroad over
tho SU Croix nivor, leading from Vnnce
bcro, Mo., to McAdam Junction, N. B.,
and to the further rise In the prlco of
May wheat at Chicago, which touched
tier,, tin highest price since May. 160S,
When tho price rose to 11.85. Following
the announcement of the destroying of
the "Canadian1 Pacific bridge tho stock
told down 2J points to 157, Tho selling
of (he utock was reported as coming from
London and. Montreal, and was Intended
as a bear movement to create. the Im
pression that the company's property wns
In danger of acrlous damage by German
sympathizers. Supporting 'orders later
carried the stock to within V of the close
yesterday at 1594.
Despite the fact that tho December
earnings of the New York Central mado
a very favorable showing ns compared
with recent months, tho net Increasing
$664,03) over the same month of last year,
the stock sold down to. DO. The gross
for the 12 months was $5,903,540 below the
same period of 1914.
Third Avenuo wns quoted nt 47 on
the announcement that a quarterly divi
dend1, of 1 per ccnt' had been recommended
to bo' declared shortly after tho beginning
of the next fiscal year, and to be paid not
later than October 1. 1915.
Scars-noebuck cold down 2 points to
205. Sales of tho company In January
wero $7,957,315, a gain of $212,767, or ap
proximately 2i per cent.
California Petroleum was a strong
specialty nnd appeared to be receiving at
tentlon from the pool which recently put
up the price on Mexican Petroleum.
Call money loaned at 1 jjcx cent, dur
ing the greater part of the day, but It
roeo to 2 pe. cent, nt the close. Tho
foreign exchange market was steady,
with demand sterling oft fractionally.
Jim Butler ,
Midway , .-.,.
Mlipah Ext
Northern star
Tonopah Belmont
Tonopah; Ext
Tonoph Mers-er , ..,
Tonopah Mining ,
Iteacuo Eula
West End. ... J ,
Ooldfield btocks.
Blue Dull . ,...,
Hw'th ....,
Dumpnuatld j? V..,;W. I..:.
miay ...h.. ,. .,...
Florence ,...'.,
Hol.25M Conodated
Ooldrleia -Mercer .,.,
Jumbo Ext
Nrwmma ,.
Oro l..)i....
FandJCen .
,F...r.K. ..
Silver pjplc ......,...',...'...,...
Nevada. .Wonder ....... ..'."I";:
grlilsh-Arnerlcan Tob old.... 18C
Goldneld Conaolldated
Orteno Cananea ,..,
iSJSSXS, :r:tr::;:;::
Otfs i:ievntor ....,
Oil Kirvitor pref...
Ttlker-IIeremin :,....;
Btnllna- Oum ,
Tobacco Products pref,
nj"5 V.'w Btorer ,,... m
JInlted Ofifar Stores pref. .,,,,111
Willys Overland ..
"'lllys overland pref ..,.,A.,,,tl
M'orld yilm ....
Tukon Cold . .
Bank clearings today compared with corrs.
spofidlng- day laat two yea.rs:
1015 ion iai
Phllada.,.. tno,lHU,74 t37.J44,n ni,.1a,H8!
Boatan ..... 34.5nan.1 S.04.M01 4.1MST18
rVairXoric... 448,157,608 B7B,l2,4a 433, 3 743
Call. Time.
Kr left .,
..V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V u!U shSj
sftei 4 its
' i..Va
phl. imV, p,r cent.
iTEvr youK coevpee mabket
MSYT TOHK. yb. .-Th market
TKrt T.r. K-- ,- r-.r1" P."reri eaiea.
baxa. CiDenlm rutunu: K.U 7.3
.1S&! April,. O-SOo. bid: Myt dJOo. bid:
kjoo, nia. Juiy,.7.SS07.81o.; Auru.t.
IA l.il. VAa.4fca
fJlSc. bid I September. J.45o. bid) October.
. J.40O, bid i October. 7.M
2.?'k?'ovIobr etttni 7-0O5.1 December,
naalBr futnraa Pcbruarv. S.eTfHC fl&. iraH-t.
ftojejoti April, 6.10o.llc.i May. 0.1rf
.aoc.i June. B.ltetI8c: Julr. T.ioM7in
Auuit. T.3ii7.Slc.i September, 7.30nT.41ni
ber, 7.450T.48C-.; November. T SlfiT.BJc!
cetnbr, 7-&S37.60Q- ToUl a)ea, 8250 baa!
CItlC&OQ, rcb. 5.-roIiffBrter ere ti llv
RtoeK runa at ti various entree:
llora. raltl
C V. & Tarda.
. .100(10 1200
. .MOM 11000
.. 1500 laia
la M. St. Tarks. .20000 5200
eph, oa 230O
! city , 3HM 1100
ortb. 3500 3200
jUk XepelTer io,t Michigan Central
OKTHQ1T, Feb. a.-Cextia atockbelden ef
llw Micbli.ll CentnU IUUroad bv cntw.d
, bwwmp mw vww pMea AJ(ssnci tjourt
V trm wMiti.tMf.b . (n:BJTfj-ajr lop jjx
n wu imea. ii u. compuiined tbat
W b&Bf mi worn u Michigan,
gr tb Tfork ttatral for the feen.
n roo coBi(oltd by the New Twk
fa rrpauot Prlcca Artvaaced
? iRftrJ?-!? H??f Wi
,",n irMP , can.
"i w&gvsr ,is
xirsb and for
uttrivf ufffi
to LSUa.
is Illinois
4c Iron and
Uum flctuea
U already
:,,. JjtesWitilMnk' Xeatnea laryei'
VUil Feb QglcHJ anaotwicemieiit wa
QHpg(klC Ba B waaJ V .4HHwti
ff fMll V 4KW OWWll XMa1
Aim, it
Ml' aOn" WS-i
85 111
02 OS
U. lilih, Lbw. Clew
llktirfe .7x1.1 in...
28lf 28). 28H 5MC
Mil MU
60M 60H
38) i RSH
85 85
2 H 28f
DIM 04!f
45)1 4Mi
103 103
45J. 45.
t,H H(
2IH 21'
23M 2W
10 10,
21 Ji 2l)
02 O'X
8'l 80
Amalgamated Copper . MH M
AmAt tfiem 40JC
American licet flueif .. 88J
Am fleet Sutar prat .... 83
American C.n 20
American Can pref 04H
American Cat A Round, AtM
A-H Coal Prod preY. , .108
American Cotton Oil... -15S
Am tilde and Leather. . A
ArnnideLealh pref. l)l
American Ice 24
American fJniced... 10
American Locomotive.. 221C
Amrrltan Smelting
jtm timelier See nref.
American Sugar 110,'t UO 108. 108U
American SUear pref . ll.'t 'iat li H li:J.
American Tel A Tel.... 12 J. 121)1 1205. 120U
Anerlcan'lobaccoprel llXU. lOflM KX1W 10'IM
Atchison 04!( 04U 01K D4U
AftacondaCopper...... 27. 27H 2Jf 27Jf
Baldwin Locomotlre..,. 35 SM 32Jf 32,'f
flaldwln Loco pref 100. 101H 101 101
Baltimore a Ohio 70H 71 70H 70).
ILlllrroreA: Ohio prof . 7(l 71 7nj 71
Bethlehem Steel
4l)lf 4U'-i 4cT. 41)
Bethlehem Steel href.
103K 1P4 104 101
rtrooklyn Hapld Transit 87K 88tf 88
flank ol Commerce-....17nt4. 170)4 170
California I'clroleum... 18U 2f)!( 10
Cal Petroleum pref,.... fi.'l 64 i MM
Canadian I'aclflc lfiUK ICQif 157
Central Leather 3IU 34) 34K
ChesAOhlo 44X 44lf 41
OhlnoConper 30) ( 30) 30
ChlcaioOt Western... im 11M IltJ
Chlcaeo Mil A ht I' . . 88' bO 8HU
Chic Mil A St l' pref... 1271 127Jf 127W 127U
ChicaifoA Northwest.. 127M I27K K'H W'ii
ConCan 4 4 (Hi 10 40
Krle 23 23!f ?l'K 22K
Krlelatpref 3(1)4 3(1M SOH 30H
Consol Oas U81 110)f 11! 1I0U
Corn I'loducti OH O'i OH 0!i
Detroit Edison 113 112 112 1U
Otneral Chemical 105 105 104 10
aeneral Klectrlc 143)f 143K Uiii 142J
OerrMotor 04 04 01 01
General Motor pref 05 01 00 00
OoodrichCo 31J 3.'l 31U 3 !
Goodrich Co pref 07'f 07 07 07
Great Northern prof... 1 15U 115t 115H 115)4
Great North Ore Cent.. 31U 31 30?( SOX
Gtirecnhelm C ( 51H 51W 5Hi
Harvester N J 05 08 08 D8
Interboro-ifetronolltan. I2U 12) 12) 12
interbor Met pref 53!f 54J 54 6l)
inspiration 18)4 18f 18W 18)4
Kiseen 100 100H 1 0 100H
Kansas.CI ty Southern.. 23 23 23 23
Lehigh Valley 137 137 135)f 135U
Loose-MMIes Ills 2fi'4 23)4 23 23
Ixiulsvillc A Nashville.. 117J4 1174 11754 117J4
Maxnell Motor 17 17 17)4 17J4
Maxwell Motor 1st pref 55U 6714 55)4 67
Maxwell Motor 2d pref
cf..21 2154 21)4 2IK
..2". 25W 2.5K 25)4
.. 74 74)4 73J4 74)4
.. 1154 1154 11)4 11)4
.. 10 10 1854 1M4
.. 12)4 12)4 1154 11)4
.. 40 45W 45)4 45W
... 12)4 1254 l,-')4 12)4
.. 6214 51)4 61)4 51)4
.. 00)4 00)4 8054 00
.. .. 112 112 112
.. ?3K 23)4 23)4 1'3)4
..102'( 105 105 105
Minn A St Louis pref
Mexican Petroleum .
Missouri Kan A Tex .
Miami Capper.......
Missouri Pacific
Montana Power Co .
Nevada Consolidated..
NYNHA1I ....
NcwjYork Central .
NYtackAWcst .
NY ll A West, i .
Nnrfnlk A Western.
Northern Pacific 104)4 1P6J4 104tf 104M
Pennsvlvanla 10' H lOfJJ 100 100
PcoplcsGas 110 110 1J8J4 110
rittsuurch Coal 18)4 1814 1)4 1SH
Tressed Steel Car 20V4 ''1 30t4 3lV4
Pullman Co 15:)4 152H 162)4 152'4
Ray Consolidated 1734 17t4 17)4 17J4
Ileadlni: 147' 14714 14054 14054
Headlne 2d pref 87 85)4 854 8534
ItepublldronASteet... 1UH iO 104 1034
Ilocklsland Ji 54 ., 54 H
Rumely Co W 1)4 lv4 1H
Seaboard Air Line pref. . 35 38(4 38J4 38)4
Sears Roebuck 207 2C8 2. 2h 205
Sears, Roebuck pref.... 12" 1?4H 1Z4M IZlvj
Southern Pacific...
a;i o u o.j oo)
Southern Railway .
Southern Ry orcf. .
17 10'4 1054
50 60 10
45 45 45'
Standard Mill 45
42H 4254 42 42M
Tennessee Copper..
Texas Company ...
Third Avenue
Twn City RT
Union Bag A Paper.
Union Pacific
l"n Pacific pref
.... 30)4 30)4 30)4 30)4
...135 135 135 135
.... 47J4 47J4 47 47
.... 99 09 08J4 09
... GW 6)4 0 0
...12034 12054 120 120)4
.... 81 81 81 81
US Rubber....
57)4 5854 574 8
USRubber'" 1st pref.... 101)4 103)4 103)4 103)4
USSteel 39)4 41)4 40)4 4 54
USSteclprcf 103)4 1034 103W 1034
Utah Copper 64)4 5434 63)4 53H
VaCarChem 21 21 ITOVi LOH
Va Car Chem pref 85 SG 80 80
Western Union 03)4 OH 0354 OIK
Westlnchouso Elec 72 72 71M 71H
Western Marj land 20)4 2'.H 2l 20)4
Wisconsin Central 35 32H 32)4 32)4
Vicclwurtb 04)4 t4)4 Vm!4 W54
Total sales. 108,500 shares.
Hid. Aaked. Did. Asked.
. .. 35 32K 33 .
do prut
Klec Storoa-e ....
Qen AJiuhalt ....
do pref
Kv Tel
do t c
Co pref
Lake Supe C ...
IlTlnh Nav ....
do t c
lhltth Valley
IehlKh Val Tr ..
do prf
Pennaylvania ....
Th(lB. tfC ......
.10114 102V4 101
. 47 4Bi 48
. .. 30
. .. (1(1
27 14
02 V4
IPhlla Co
do prer
do cum pref.-...
Phlta R T.
do t c.....
Readins ..........
Tonopah Belmont.
Tonopah MInlnc .
Union Traction...
United Ga Imp..
II 8 Bteel., .......
xnra imjr .
do pref. .....
Cain Bteel
Prices Showed Advancing Tendency;
Liverpool Steady.
NEW TORK. Feb., 2. Wire trouble In
the Southwest had a restricting- Influence
In cotton tradlne this morning. The tone
was steady at the opening, one point
lower to two points higher. Only four
trades were recorded on the call and the
market ruled quiet afterwards. There
was no pressure to sell, however, and
prices advanced from two to three points
higher. Liverpool cotton was steady.
Tea. cloa. Open. Hiin. mw. cioee.
March ....... .;
May , 8,80
101 M
, . on
ItW 13
13& lilt
a: en
i .. u
7.V4 7.VA 71114
75(4 754 704
V.V, 1.1 1.11,
1-8 27 W
VV SIVi J-ts,
33 . . 31
.... .. 34 .. 3
.IS .. 38
10 .. 10
::::::: a 4 37att
81 8t,i 8IW 82
....3054 40, 40(4 404
.. 71 .. 7
...... 3W 31 BOH 31 ,
S.Ol 8.70 8.61 8.70
8.8S 8.08 8.68 8.0S
0.08 8.18 0.08 0.13
0.33 0.80 0 33 0.3T
0.48 0.B3 0.48 O.W
October .....
December .
Spot, 8.60.
Actions Brought to Becover $8,000,
000 Prom the Company.
NEW YORK. Feb, t. Suit has been
filed n the State Supremo Court by First
National l)ank of Rldgefleld, N, J",, the
leople,'s National Bank, of, Hackepsack.
N. L- Amste.r, of Boston, and nine other
stockholders of the Chicago Bock Island
and Pacific Railway Company to recover
from the directors of Pecember,l$08?.7.
60,000 alleged to have been taken out of
treasury of the company with no benefit
to It.
The cauj of action arises from the ls
suan'co by Chicago. Bock Island and Pa
cific Hallway Company, the, Iowa holding
Company, of n.ww.ooo debenture bonds
which were sold to the operating railway
Suit was filed In the New York Supremo
Court today to recover $60a,ooo from Daniel
G. Held and W. H. Moore and their as-H
Boclates. this sum having been diverted
from the treaaury of the Chicago, Bock
Island and Pacific Bailway Company, It
la alleged, for purchase of. St Louis; and
Bin Franclico stock. The plaintiffs are
the First National Bank of Bldgefleld
park, N. J., the Psoplea National Bank
of Hackensack. N. J., and N. L. Amster,
of Boston, representing minority stock.
Jfo financial Xegtslatioa Now
m uifc vum
tt SffL.1?
2. PTMidaat WUaoa
iac5tf tax teuSS
Anthracite Shares Displayed
Firmness Brokers'
Charges LoWcrcd on Janu
ary Accounts.
About tho only active feature of the
trading In tho Plillndelphla Stock Ex
change this morning was TonopahBel
niont. One brokerage house had an order
to sell 4000 shnres, but was unable to dis
pose of the whole of this block before the
prico of the stock sank to the minimum
limit of 4. This is the lowest point Bel
mont tins touched educe 1910. It wns sold
tho selling wns for Western Interests.
About 2000 shnres chnnged hnnds. Tono
pah Mining wns also rather heavy, both
of these slockn being nflected by the
low price of sliver. The remainder of tho
Iccnl list was Inactive, but received good
At the close It was announced that nil
restrictions would be removed on both
Tonopnh stocks tomorrow.
The minimum limit on Baldwin Locomo
tive common stock was lowered today
from 38 to 32, In order to conform with a
slmllnr drop In New York, nnd the stock
sold at 32?J, n loss of 5, from tho last
previous quotation. Tho preferred also
declined slightly, ns did Qcnernl Asphalt
preferred. On tho other hnnd, the nnthra
cite conl group developed Btrength.ln the
early trading, as did Pennsylvania.
United Stales Steel was not bo active as
on Monday, but moved up across U In
the afternoon.
Odd lot buying of American Gas lifted
thnt stock 2 points to 103.
Brokers' customers havo been receiving
their accounts for last month and for the
most part carrying charges were reduced
about n of 1 per cent, to around 6A per
cent. It will be recalled that It was not
until the middle of the month that the
banks cut the official call money rate to
4!e per cent., so that this Influence will
not bo felt until the February accounts
are Issued. Tlicro is still talk of a pon
nlblo further icductlon In tho call rate
ti 4 per cent., nnd In view of Inst '"ok's
bank statement this voulu not b6 sur
. ,,,, . Yea. close. High. Low. Cloae.
siniaiicc ins ... 10
5 Am lleet Hugnr ..
SU Amal Copper .. ,.
10 Am Can
170 Am Can 101
,20 Ualdwln Loco.. .,
loii no pref loi4
.no Cam Steel .... 421
100 Cal I'etroleum. . .
4 Hen Aap pref. ., 0,1',
W3 lnt P & Chem.. 30
.1 Ins Co N Am. 214
4.12 lnt Pnd . C. . 30
13 1-chlKli Nav 1 c 7.1
! l.ehlgh Valley. 0714
10 I, Val Trans Df. 28
ISS l'enni Itallroad'S.11,.
,..? xciiiiA i(aiiroaao.i't. ii3,. OJH, oj'.i
SICI l'hlla Electric. EJft 23, 23$ 2I
li) ltea.llnir .. 73 73 li-10 73 11-10 7311-10
12 Mo PaclOe 12
208 pa a n on l.w ras-ia
424 Phlla Klec 2IH 23H
10(1 SO iJflil(l(. S.14. M.lii
1000 Tonopah Belmont 4 3-10 4 3-10 4
KSS Tonopah Mining 7 7-10 7H
125 Union Tree 30 30
7 united O 1 81
322S V S Steel 40
1"U Union Traction, 3(1
120 Westmorc Coal. 00
Total sales, S30S shares
Last prov.
aale. lltirh. Low. Cloaa.
100 Am G & El 5s. 83U S.W 8.1i 8.1V.
it j iam Hteci acrip.
wkju rjiec & i' Tr
2000 Inter Hwys 4i
2000 L Nav cons 4
.hsju u val uoai oa..l(H"K iihu IWA i'M(a
140 Plllla Elco Sa. .102(4 102(4 102U 102(4
xvw x oc u I K L7t ut?3 Ul
iwkj i'a en .i1 in mm. loo ioo loo
11100 I'a conv 4a 1048. 1.7'i U7 01
10000 Un Ry Inv Sa.. 03 03 , 03
Total sales. S2S.072.
10 to io.30 a. ar.
10 Ton Bel 4S-16
50 U S Steel....
zo u a Bteel.... 4M
10 do 40M
4 oeu Aip prd.
20 Pcnr.a
1U UO .. 4U'1
3 do 40(i
S do 40U
2() U S Steel....
10 Ton Del 4
.'u ualdwln
60 Am Cupper... ', 40 U H steel.
10 do 4UU 10 U S Steel....
u u o olcci.1.. ivii .i x-rniia .......
40i 10 do
4ii)I KiO neadini; ..73 J
40( 3 Tonopah llln.
40S 25 do
40H -V) Penna .......
USfl, 10 Am Can
2 Leh Valley..
300 Phlla Elec Ss ,
2000 Interatate toy 4a
0 Cam Steel scrip
1000 Penna conv 3'a 1013. ...,...,
400 Cam Steel scrip
10.30 to 11 A. M.
12.1 Tonopah Bel
20 U a Steel...
100 Ton Bol.
.4 1-1(1
M 3-10
'o I'enna
3 i'enna .
.) 1-enna d.i .xr u u bieet..., 4U'
.i u a ateei..,. wn :i I'nila dec.
IB Leh Nav t
73 1(10 do...
'49 Baldwin pfd
63 Cam Steel scrip .,
10O0 Leh Nav cona 4Ua
11 to 11.30 A. M,
10 Fenna r.TW 100 U S Steel..
S Ina Co N A.. S 27.1 Tonopah Bel. 4
2 do 21 20 U 8 fcteel.... 40M
o U S Steel.... 40(J 10 do 40 i
723 Tonopah Bel. 4
3nC0 I.eh Valley coal Bs..
10iU l'hlla Klec Sa
likio Leh Nav cons 4lSa..
100 Am 0a & Glee Si...
11.30 A. M. to 12 M.
W) Ton llel 4 1-10 00 Ton Mln 7 7.16
01 Baldwin pfd..101V4 03 IVeatmo Coat. 60
40 Am aas.r....lOOK B Am Bt Suxar, 38S
8 Penna B3( 4 Penna ,.,,,,, M(J
41 Am aaa. 100H
12 to 12.30 P. M.
100 .Tonopah Mln. 1 RO Tonopah llln.
200 Tonopah Bel, 4 200 Tonopah Bel.
100 do
200 Tonopai Mln. 7J1 T do...,...., 00
ICO U B Steel..., 40K 20 Tonopah llln. 7U
100 do...,.".. 40fJlOO U sTteel..,. 40
20 Weitmo Coal, 60 10 do....,,,,. tW
12.30 to 1 P. M.
10 U S Steel,,.. 40K 2 Penna. B.V1
200 do...,,,,.. 40 1 do......,,, lay
i,,t j!J7 j" -- " .... "T
10 do..
100 lnt row ft un o, a u i. ,,.. oit
iS. ASnocah Mln. 7U100 U 8 Sta.l.... 4041
0 II (1 I...
100 U 8 Steel.... "Ji 100 Tonopah Bel. 4
100 Tonopah Mln, TU
ixj.NDa. i
inon Penna. cona 4a 1D48... .............
100 Phlla Elec. U, ,...,,. 102
1 to 1,30 P. M.
45 lnt Pow as Ch 80 15 Tonopah Bel. 4
100 Boutb Pacific. 8M4 20 Cam'ateel.... 42
200 U 8 Steel.... 40i 44 Phlla fc'leo.;.. 23 S
T lnt Pow ft Ch 30
1.30 to 3 P. M.
SO Tonopah Bel. 4 2J Tonopah Bel.
to Phlla Elec.. H Phlla Elec..-. S3H
100 Uolon Trae... 38 100 Jnt Pow ft Ch SO
B Penna. MU
3 to 3.30 P. M.
100 lnt Pow & Ch SO 60 U S Bteel. ..,
10 U 8 Bteel. ... -(OK 50 Penna
. " do... 41 UOUS Steel. .
1 S Mil ineoranc If 100 U -a Steel. . . . 41V4
200 U 8 Bteel... . 41(4 2 All! Insurance 16
IS do......... 1H100U h Steel.... 41
10 LehV Tr pfd 28 23 Am Gas lpl
-00 U B Steel.... 41W 100 V g'Steal.... it
10 Aro Ou. ...... 1(1 . 3 Am Oas. 10;
100 Cal Petrpl...- a
2000 Am Ga ft Eleo U.
1000 Phlla, W ft U t c 4s
3.30 to 3 P. M.
100 IT 8 Steel i on Tonopah Mln. 7
r.i lnlTPov r.ChU T Am nt. '
a Am Oas.
10 U S Steel
tsei.... 40 M Phil Else."
is 101H 0 Cam Steel.... 42U-
h S 8 Steel.... 40?
4 Am uu .
in TADflUh
12 Mo paclflc... 20 Aro Oas 103
is aq uaa ii
E000 Eleo ft Peep Tr 4s TT
100O0 Va Kwy lev U 64
ii M ii i "I
NEW XOHK, Keb, -Tl felP txcfcuc
in in hi
3S 38)4 38
flttf MU r.vt
2,1 5 2ll(i 2U'
103 lOOt? 103
32ti 32t .12'..
1U1 llllU lull:
42 42J Vil
204J 2U) 2S
.10 30 30
21 21tf 21
30 30 30
7.1 7.1 75
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28 28 28
. it. 'i ii. Yi iki viyi
is. .TH 7I4 77 77,
.. fiSla B8tJ SSti B814
4s in) ooV. noil w.n.
h, wp nami.na jkwih: un
&. iniasa iiUa,
Itlsh, Low. Clnee.
2000Ad.m, Eipresa 4e.... 11 71 U
W)0O Ainer Asr 6 P3 t3 g-J
1000 Amer Tel c t 4a,.. ,; 80 ft, ,,51
snvxi Amer Tel evt 4(U! . . "l0(t voi loOU
1WO Amer Tohae njw M.. tn't 12lfi 1
ooo Amer Tobac new 4s... H8J4 8i 09(4
2oo Armour Co 414..,.!,, m ml M
7iK Atrhlxm mAl ill '' St'" M gn
aivw Aicnieon 4a
.aA.. .."::"" .. -........ l...
Alchleon 4a . .;,,..,. HIS
Allan Co Line clt 41.. 8flk
fIOO Unit ft Ohio cv 4lta,., 80i
,8000 jleth Steel let Se .. ,,lO0
20WHJ ileth steel rid r. ..,! 87J4
oooo i ronkn no Tr Bt lpismifi
1000 llrookn Itap Tr (1.. .102J4
row Hrook tJ nl Jet Be eta.luoU
tOOrt lltiah Term i. ,,,,,., 8.1
NXM Cal Una A Klec Cs,... 02Ji
IsitiO Canada Routh 0.,,,,.loi(
two cent ixath lat ft 00(4 i"
,2W0 Cent I'ac lat 4 Md 8SH
liuoo Ches ft Oh cv 4(a.... 73 74
10.SJ Chi ft Alton 3a.. 00 t"
1W0 Chi Ut Weat 4s...... 71 , 71,
1000 Chi ft Nwn Ken 4a tft. 1)2 I 02(4
lOOisI Chi II A joint 4s,i, IKlU !0(i
.,2000 Chi IJ A U III 3H..., 82 82
113000 Chi M ft 8t P cp Sa.KMH m
2000 fhl M ft B P Dlv 4s, 80( .80
10MO0 Ch M ft S P cv Be w l.l(4 K)2(t
14000 Chi M A 8 1 cv 4)S. 074 074
BlHHI Chi M A St I fd 4Us. 80(l 8.)
rooox'hi n i a p col 4s.. 2.1(1 2-iJi
ioo chi ii n b n i"i!
4000 (! O O Bl Ii gen 4. 71 71
.ii) coi industrial Bi Ti
B2B00 Con Una cv Oa w I.... 114
lOOtt Corn Prod ,1s lu.1l,... 0I(!
l(KiO Del A Hud rfd 4s.... 4S
2000 Dla Recur Corn Ba... . MV
1I34 114,,
48 49
80t 80
(ii m
81"j ill?
101(1 101(4
28, ,20
(1000 Du Pont POttd 4(4a.. 80
fOOO Erie conv 4a er II,... 01 Ji
42000 Kto prior 4e.... sn'S
7000 General Motor Be 101(4
inoo Hud Man In B.,i... 2 .
lono Hud Co Ore Be K2'4
1000 Hock Val lat 4Wa.... D4H
loon III Bteel deb 4in 8.1(4
4000 Inwn rntpal 4m 42
17000 111 Chi W Ba
11000 Jnap Cop cv (ta
.VKi Insp Cop cv fla 1019..
3000 lnterh Met 4(i
20000 Interb II T ret Ba.,..
1(7 1 i
T27 i-1-1
07)( Oil,
ttxn) inter Mer Mar 4V4i.., m
1B000 Internl l'nper (! 11
noon jnd Alcohol 3e 100
B000 Intnl Stm Pump Ba. . 40
nioo Jap Oer new sta 4(ia. 70(4
7000 Jap new 4'4 80
r.OOO K C Ft S ft M 4s 72
BCOO Kan City Ter lat 4e.. 03
8000 Laelta Steel Ba 11HS...100,,
1000 Lk Bh deb 4a 1031... . 02(4
BOW Lie & M T r, 101
3(100 Lorlllard Ba
3IKX) Lorllliird 7a ........
33IXX) Lmi A Naah 4a.,..
1000 Milwaukee Has 4a..
mm Mo Kan A T 4
2000 Mo Kan ft T 2d 4s
200O Mont Power Os
KKK) Mo Pac 4a
Bonn Nat Tube Ba
2000 N Y C Bt L 4
37IK10 N Y C A II 3(4a...
500O N Y C ft Hud 4s..
1SIHIO m v r?ttv 4h 10.17 .
. .1Z1
.. 04U
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:: frf
. . 80(4
. 8(IW
1IH) N Y City 4S 1US!) Ii!4 i"T
21000 N Y City 4Ws 1000. .looft loo
2OU0 N Y City 4Ua 1IHII..103 JO.;
80IHI N Y City 4n 11)01.. 100(4 100
1H0O N Y Cy 4'Sa May 'B7.103 10.
LO()0 N Y Cv 4&S Nov B7.10l'4 101
20i N Y Ijscka A V Oe.lOJli 1"';
IKKIO N Y Ont A W let 4s. 81 80
iron N Y llwv ref 4 72(4 72'
SOOO Ont Power 6a 85
1000 Oto Hy A N con 4a. . ni
scoo roclflc Tel 5s 07H
53000 I'enna cv 3a "'
1000 do 4(4a 102,
1000 People's Oas 5s .8"!
2(m i' ii o st L l'js..loo
1O0O Public Serv N J Ba.. 87'
FJlMt II.,, r.,n Cnnnr n..l(KI
2000 Itepub Cuba 5s IOO... Mj'A
(fU.I ttn.lf f.la.n J... ... Kl.4
nUUUI .In rIA Am (TI
120CO do Gs BOO
400(1 Ity Steel Spgs Ba 1031 00
Sxp Seaboard A L adj Da
10500 do Sta 4a
2000 South llell 5a
KCOO South Pac cv 4s
000(10 do cv ret t p Bs...
4000 South Pac rfd 4a
3000 South Ilwy con Bs. . .
1000 Tenn C & Ir gen Bs.
un) n rn cv (la
7000 Third Ave new 4a.,
tnnn Third Ave lat Bs. . . ,
SOOO Third Ave ad Ba
1300 ti S (Ioern 2s reg.
2O00 U 8 Itubber Oa
24000 U S Steel Bs
1000 U S Steel rcg 5s....
13000 Union Tac 4a
KKK) I'nlon Pac cv 4
3000 I'nlon 'Pac rcg 4a...
10000 Un I'ac rfd 4
3000 Va Os Brown Bros...
7000 Va nwy Bs
180(10 Wabash lBt Bs. . . . . .
1000 Wab-P Ter lat ct 4s.
1000 .Wait C A Boa 4i.
171 (TO West Md lat 4a.....
30000 Weet n ft M cv 5a.
2000 West Shore reg4a...
Total sales. $2,018,000.
The auKgenhelm Exploration Company
for the year ended December 31, 1914, re
ports net Income J3.3S3.622, equal to 16.27
per cent, on the outstanding capital stock.
The Standard OH Company of Louisiana
has ncqulred Bl per cent, of the holdings
of the Atlas Oil Company. Tho other
49 per cent. Is to be transferred to Pitts
burgh Interests. The total consideration
Is 1760,000 cash.
William Mcllvnlno was elected a di
rector of tho United Power nnd Trans
portation Compony, succeeding 'William
It. Jlcllvalne, deceased.
Pennsylvania Railroad consolidated 1H
were bid up to 105 on the curb.
John C. Wood has been elected treasurer
of the II. B. Clafiln Corporation. A. Low.
who for many years was treasurer of the
H. B. Clafiln Company, reslened Feb
ruary 1.
Emergency currency to the amount of
SU9.2S0 has been tetlred at the local Sub
treasury. Lincoln National Bank, of
Pittsburgh, M2I,I50, and the Port Worth
National Bank, of Fort Worth, Texas,
New Zealand has arranged to purchase
1.000,000 bushels of Canadian wheat for
delivery in July.
The American Can Company's annual
report showed a decrease of 1737,377 In
net earnings. Balance after charges was
13,876,173, a decrease of Jl, 156,711. Henry
Hoy waa elected a director.
The American Radiator Company de
clared a quarterly dividend of 4 per cent,
on the common stock, an Increase of
1(4 per cent, over the previous rate.
At the annual meeting of the Hunting
don and Broad Top Mountain Railroad
and Coal Company, Miles White, Jr., and
Webster King Wetherlll were elected to
succeed Harrison K, Caner and A, J,
Drexel Paul on the board of directors.
In its annual report the United Power
and Transportation Company showed a
balance to profit and loss of fl.3S0.61O.
against J1.3S2.633 In 1913.
Corporate financing during January
amounted to 1115,000,000, or more than In
any month since May, 1911, This Is 118,
000,000 more financing than was done by
United States corporations In the first
fogr months after the war started. It ex
ceeds the financing In December by 333,.
The Pennsylvania Water and Power
Company rtporta for the year a gross
gain of - J1S2.W3 and a net Increase of
tltirss. The .final surplus was (710, a de
crease of 117,822 from 1813.
Brown Brothers & Co. announce that
Benjamin P. Moseer, -who has been repre
senting their bond department In Central
Pennsylvania, has been transferred to
Philadelphia, Victor P. Lecoq. 3d, of
Harrisburg, has been appointed their rep
resentatlve to succeed Mr. Mosser.
General Asphalt Company, euarttrly of lu
per . cent, oa Dreferred. payable March 1 to
stock of record February 13,
icr i4jrvwmiiea resuwr quarterly 1
oo preerred stock, payable Marcb 1
( record February 20.
per cent, oo
ta stock ot i
'jne; ituoil unuva iiwa.ya uwiapaiar, quarv
terlr 1U per cent., payable Marco 1 to stock
of record February 13.
Certlilol Publlo AccouotanU
Hon N Y Ilwjr aoj ss.... o uj uj
4000 N Y State 4fta, 1"8 114 loH
4000 N Y Tel sen itts.,.. 0W OoV pt
12000 Nnrf ft West cv IHe.lojf', lfri 4 i"! i
1000 do Dlv 4a.., 88W 8(5 f14
lsono Nor Pac prior 4a.... 02 n2(J 02J,
U4-). UI7
ti UM'. II.,V.
ni 01
07 Mft
1(H) 100
u. in2(i vny,
K M 80
K lOOIj 1(H.
(4 87H 87
100 100
on no
8374 Fvlti
00(i o-iu
I 511(4 BOVi
IM1 00
(WVi un "n
83(4 82 82
1)8 07 08
82(4 82' 82'A
myt no on,,
87H 87Vi .87 4
100(1 100'. IOO.
101 101 101
oo 00(4 oori
, . 82(1 82 KU
..1004 100(4 10(4
. 8014 M) BU',a
. on on oo
.1024 102(4 102J4
.1014 101(4 101(4
.101 101 101S
. 00H 00 DOH
.no oo oo
. 04(i 04(1 04V,
. VOX 00(J 00(4
, 57 Bfl BO
. 00 08(4 OfiW
.100(4 Aoo ioo45
' n') 'no c
. an oo oo
. nt 03(4 o.i(4
. 01(4 01W 1H
$1.05 A BUSHEL
Rise in Chicago Pit Begins
at Opening July Closes
at $1.43 Other Grains
CHICAGO, Feb. 2.-After n day of sen
sational advances which started at the
very opening", Mny wheat closed todny nt
I1.R5 per bushel, July wheat ended at
1.43 por bushel. These were the highest
prices reached during Hie day, nnd the
rocord In the local pit for 17 years, slnco
tho Jnmea A. I'nttcn corner In 1903.
Coupled with today's wheat rise, fl'otlr
took tho expected Jump of 20 cents per
parrel, and bakers almost generally
throughout Chicago raised broad prices
from S and 10 cents to 6 and 11 cents
a loaf.
While prices were moving up, United
States District Attorney Cllno took his
first aatlvo step toward a Government In
quiry. He subpoenaed a number of ele
vator men to brine their books Into his
office. Mr. Cllnc wnntcd to learn Just how
many bushels of wheat there wero In
Corn set new high records on the crop
today. The close wns Siy,1iS3'A for Slay
nnd 85(4 for July.
Leading; futures ranged aa follows
Wheat Open, Illith. Iiw. Close,
May 1.00 1.05 1.87(4 1.05
July 1.30(4 1,43(4 1.30 M.43
corn (now dciueryj
83(4 l
10.4B tlO.ttl flO.45
10.07 M0.77 10.03
ID. 0.1
10 40
10 32
Bid. tAsked.
Feb. 2. 1IOOS. Itecelpts, 10,-
atrnnff. Ifr. hlffhar. M(v.rl and
pOOi markets atronir. 10c. higher.
butchers. (I.7.'7 (rood heavy, ill 0307: rouajh
heavy. n Buem n.v iiiiii. ii7."fnni!V nim. .', Bn
00 tA; bulk, f (1.80AU 11.1.
. CATTLi;. Receipts. 10001 markets steady to
10c higher. Hooves. JB 0.101)33: cows and
heifers. W.1038.10: Texnns, J3S0.45; calves.
7.50ff8 03.
SHEEP. Receipts. BOOO: markets atronir, 10c.
hlcher. Native and Western, (0 10U0.83;
lambs, I7.50iiH.li.-..
Philadelphia Markets
1V1IEAT. riecelpta, 131.230 bush. The
market ruled firm and 8 and 10c. higher, due
to an active export demand and strongly bull
lah speculation Id all homo grain ccntrea.
quotations: Car lota, In export elevator No.
2 red, spot and February, $1.0001.0.1; No. 2
red. Western, S1.04S1.00; No. 1 Northern Du
luth $l.(M&1.7:i.
CORN. Recelpta were light and with a
good demand and ntronger outside advlcea
price of export deliveries further advancod
2c. I-ooal car lota wero '5c. higher. Quota
tions: Car lots. In export elovator No. 2, spot
and February, R1WO4c.; steamer, K.'082lsc.;
No. 3, SKiSlfec. Car lots for local trade, as to
location No. 2 yellow, now, 85'S415Hc. ; steumer
vellow, new, S4084'.4c; No, :i yellow, new,
SOHgSUic: simple yellow, new, 74l4877i4c.;
new cob. per 70 lbs., SH4W8.H4c.
OATS. Receipts. 32,843 bushels. Supplies
vere small and prices were Uc. higher. Quota
tions: No. a white. 0I14MO5: standard white,
U3H04c; No, .1 white, ftlSjrcHlc
KYIS wns acarce and higher. We quote
at 31, 2031.23 per bush., as to quality. In ex
port elevator, and at 31.12i31.lS for small Iota
of nenrbv grain In bags.
FLOUH. Receipts, 70.1 bbls. and B02.010
lba. In sacks. Mill limits were held much
higher In riinnnthy with the sharp upward
movement of wheat, but there naa little trad
imp. QtintntlntiN. npr 11H1 lbs. In wood: Winter.
clear. $8.75t7: do., atralght, JTO7..V); do.,
imtent, 37.5o;.7.1; Kansas, atralght, ute
sacka 30.DOR7.20' do., patent, lute sacks, 57.23
477.BU, spring, first clear. fll.7f7; do., straight,
7ift7.2.1; do., patent, ? do., favorite
brands, fSwfl.2.1; city mllla, choice and fnncy
patent. $1Q8.25: rlty mllla, regular grades
Winter, cleur. SO.7507, do., straight, $787.50;
do., latent, 7 50(37.75
HVK 1'l.OUIt, In amall supply and firm,
but quiet. We nuoto nearby and Western, In
wood, at f0.75n7.23, ns to quality.
The market quiet, but values stead
ily maintained. Quotations, city beef. In
eela, amcked and nlr-drled, 2.1fi2c.;
Weatem I bcof, In rets, smoked, 25020c.;
do., city beef, knuckles and tenders, amoked
and alr-drled, 27128c.: do., Wcaten beef,
knuckles and tenders, amoked. 27ff2e.: beet
hams, fllO.12: poik, family, 22.5023: hama.
8. P, cured, looso. mjetlVjc. i do . skinned,
loose. 12ifl2'Kc.: do., do., smoked, i:itif?MUe.:
other hams, amoked. city cured, aa to brund
and veraa'. 1414vc; hnma. amoked, Western
cured, HOllUc: do., boiled, boneless. 100
20c; plcnlo ahouldera, S. P. cured. loose. lO-T
4TUc,; do, amoked, lHifU-c: bellies. In
pickle, according to average, loose. init7Hc. ;
breakfast tacon, as to brand and average, city
cured, l'BlRe.; dn Weatem cured. 17ai8c.;
lard. Western, refined, tierces, llifll'ic. : do.,
do.,, tuba, luni'ic: no., pure city, kettle
rendjrjd. In litrcea, llllii, : do., pure city,
kettle rmdr.M. In tuba. lUTHUe.
The market Arm at tho late adianrA. TmAm
however, quiet. Refiners' list prices: Standi
ard granulated, 5.20c: flne granulated, 0.1.1c.;
powdered, 5.2.1c: confectioners' a, 5.03c,; soft
grades. 4 3084.fi0c.
nUTTEIl. Demand waa fair and prleea
ruled Arm. Quotations'. Western, fresh, eolld
packed, creamery, fancy specials, 35c.; extra,
.lie; extra firsts, '.tie.; firsts. ;loHlc. : seconds.
27S28c,; ladle-packed, 21023c., aa to quality;
nearby prlnta, fancy, 30c; do,, average extra,
.15c.; do.. Urals, 31ir33c.; do., seconds. 2Sit2vc.
Special brands ct prints Jobbing at 41ft4.7c.
EG1S- Fresh stock advanced 80c. per
caae under a better demand and moderate of
ferlnga. Quotations: In free caaea, nearby,
extra, 32c. per dor.: flrata, 10.1S rr standard
coae; nearby, current recelpta, 13.83 per case:
Weatem and Bouthweatem. extra, firsts, SD.1.1
per caae; firsts, $8.8.1 per caae; Southern, $8.2,1
68.8J per caae; fancy aelected candled freah
egga jobbing at 34930c. per doa.
C1IKKSE. The market ruled a shade
firmer undr light offerings and a good ex
port demand. Quotations: New York, full
cream, earlier recelpta, choice, lGftc; do., do.,
current make, chol'e, lBHc : do., do., fair to
good, UHBlBc,; do, part skims, 8(fl3c.
UVB. Demand fair for desirable stock
and the market firm under light ofrerlnga.
Quotatlona: Fowls. 14 el Be,: old roosters, llo
lJWc; young chlckeua. HeJlSc.: turkeys, li)
17c. 1 ducks. 156 10c. i. geese, 140lSc.i gulneaa,
as to quality, per pair. 45053c; plgeona. old,
per pair. 22S25c.t da, young, per pair, 17018c,
, DItESSKD. Offerlnra of fine desirable!
elied atock light and tbe market firm
on this description, with roasting chick
ns 1c higher, Quotatlona; Fresh-kilted
turkeys, dry-picked and dry-packed
Fancy, nearby, 2tc: do., Western, Slc.r fair to
good, 181120c.: old torn.. 18S10C.; fowls. 12 to
box. drv-plcked and dry-packed-Selected
heavy. 10c: weighing 465 lbs. apiece, 18c.:
weighing 8HB Its- apiece. ljeUVic; walgb!
lba. apiece, 13614CJ fowls, bbls., dry.
picked, and drv-packed Western, weigh.
lng.435 lbs, apiece. 17Hc j do,, do.. 8W lba.
l&317c: do., do.. 3 W and under. l3?43loo.
old roosters, dry-picked, 14c; broiling chlikena
Nearby. 1H63 lba apiece, 22BHc. j do . f ilr to
good, 1R620O.J Weatem, 1H2 lba. apiece, 20a
22a, do., fair to good, 14018c chickens, dry
picked and dry-packed, in.boxes-Mllk-fed. 81
to 34 lb. to doi.. 17c mlik-fed 87 to 42 lba.
to dox., lie: mllk.fed. 43 to 47 lba. to dos
17c; rolld-fed 48 lbs, todoi.. 10c; mllk.fed OO
lbs. and over. 20c.; corn-fed, 31 to 43 lba. to
dox., ISffllBHo.- corn-fed. 43 to 47 lbs. to doa
ISc, corn. fed, 48 lbs. to doa., ISc.; com-fed. 60
lba and over, 10c; chickens, dry.plcked and
dry.packed, Ir. hbla-Selectad heavy, lga..
Western, corn-fed, 0 11. and ever, lies Welti
m, corn-Jed, 4 lbs., I0l8i(c.t Western, corn.
May , 83!
July 85
Msy 01
July BU
May 11.30
July 11.60
May 10.47
July 10.70
May 10.45
July 1D.80
We offer, subject to prior tale,
Pennsylvania Railroad Consolidated (Now First)
Mortgage 4&s, Due 1960
Delivery when, a.s and If issued,
Wemb.er Philadelphia, and New York Stpck Echaugei,
2, 1915.
It. '.'b.t. H?..JfSK5r. eWS,. '"'SS.:
HJBC. vi." - ---.- ,.-!,-
cos. nne. wsiRdii'i. ".'-.',-.,: :... An.
; white, welrning v ," Jf" J
30: white, .weighing lb... per dox..
o: wnite, wnsni" ; ".0 ko? en
An., do.. 7 lhs. per dox., 2 5032.80.
do , do. fl8( lbs. per 00., .ovi.."i
and No. 2. 00c.6$l.23.
Offerings were fairly liberal and the rnatket
waa barely steady under a Vht aemaM
Qvptatlons' Apples., New ..York, per bbl -
Greening. J2O2.S0: King. W-.Vl11YS'k o'IU
rerla , 2.50: Ren .pavls. M.oOetti spy,
l.7B2.BO. Ualdwln. $J.7,wlS0: other sock!
eating varieties, 11.7502.50; medium. 1101,50.
: 50: Kln. 2tiz.7i 1
li ben .pavls. M.BOfl
Idwln. IJ.752.S0: oil
li M.30i,rndlum
apples, ueetern, per.eox, iocni.-"i "rea
Delaware and renneylvanla, per na
Kr7-' mons, ner box "nM
Flnr da, per box, M,23tf2.50i
Delaware and Pennsylvania, per namper. .,
; oralis0,
Florida, per strap,
Jrult, Florida,
UJ," 'per 'ttf. ;3.
$12: VranbeTMel. Cane cii. early bfack, per
crate. 75e.ia,$l; eranberrlef, , J'JP'ii.. K;!.
rnte, B0i?75c: pears. New jprs. iw-""
bh. $lf2
strawDerriec, r.unu-, . ".
Demand was only moderate. ''0;1vJ"iyifu,
allr were steadily held. Quotations! White
3tntoe. per bn.b-Penna . 01005c.: .,""
to at
0 ounlltr. 45JM2C! white potatoes. J ereer.
basket, ,10n3.1e,
sweet potatoes. l..v
ui. .-.o. 1, .i.-rfnoT.t mi: no, a, ..---- i.,;ih
ersey. ner haiku. RStrurc! onlona. per.busn.
ai70e ; do , choice, ner lod-lb bag. l,no: 00 .
menium. ner 100-lb. Dag 11, "i ""';','''
per Kio-lb. bag, I;
112715! .cnullflnwf
f 1.2.1; eplnach, No:
Norfolk, per bbl..
per Kio-lb. baa-, fit cnbbnge. Dnnlah. per ton.
hhi . 7RCTnnn.( lettuce. Fla., ner
76STD0fl.i lettuce, Fin., mv
ie. Fla.. per basket. l.lo
banket. S204
.... ... .- -a.- k-.IMr K..IM,1
n,w pees,
rilant. Fla..
1. Kia.i per basket. 2.B0iM.B0; egir
., Ptrhox. l.B0fl2: cuciimbers. Fla.,
per bai,ket. Sl.TMM BO; equash, 1 ia.. per "
kt. 1.60fi2: peppers. Fla.. per carrljr. KJJ
.V. t,ir,ln Mm . nmr rnrr er FanCV. 2il
S.W; choice, lUjl.Bdt celery. Fls.. per crate,
31.23011. (10. do., N, Y.. ner bunh. 3M1B0C.:
mushrooma. per 4-lb. basket. Ilgi.u.
Beckman Funeral Tomorrow
Joseph Beckman, n veteran noncom
missioned nnvnl ofneor o( tho Spnnlsh
Amcrlcnn war, who died Thursday, the
dny before the funeral of his father, J -seph
Deckman, Sr., will be burled tomor
row morning; at Holy Cross Cemetery.
Solemn Ilequlem Mass will bo celebrated
at St. Thomas Aquinas Church, 18th nnd
Morris streets, where Mr. Deckman had
been a communicant.
Miss Louisa C. Rodney, daughter of the
lato Rev. John Rodney, for many years
rector of St Luke's Episcopal Church,
Qermantown, died yesterday at her home,
6317 Main street, In lior 70th year. For
many years she had been a resident of
Qermantown, whero she took an actlvo
Interest In tho Consumers' League and
phtlanthropto movements. She was a
member of tho Colonial Dames and tho
Acorn Club. Miss Rodney wns the sole
survivor of her branch of the family. She
will bo burled tomorrow morning.
Michael A. Forrestel, who was connect
ed with the Record as superintendent of
the delivery department for 35 years, died
last night nt his home, 1919 South 17th
street, following an attack of acute
pleurisy. He was CS years old. In his
younger days he took an active part In
politics of the Eth Ward and was a volun
teer fireman. He leaves a widow. A sis
ter and an older brother also survive.
Dr. George H. Hungerford, a medical
examiner for the Pennsylvania Railroad,
nnd a recent graduate of the Medical
School of tho University of Pennsylvania,
died at the German Hospital, after an
Illness of three weeks. He was 20 years
old, and wns a member of several medical
fraternities. Doctor Hungerford had a
wide practice, with offices at K21 Spruce
street. A widow survives. The funeral
services will take place from his late resi
dence, In PIttman, N, J Thursday after
noon at 2 o'clock.
Samuel Truman Auge, one of tho oldest
wholesale woolen manufacturers In this
city, died yesterday at tho home of his
son, Dr. Truman Auge, 2S02 North Broad
street Ho was 73 years old, and a mem
ber of tho Society of Friends. He wns
one of the original llfo charter members
of the Mercantile Library, and took an
active Interest In the affairs of St. David's
Protestant Episcopal Church, Manayunk.
Mortgage Bonds
Yielding 6.80
which were originally sold by
the issuing company 12 points
above the present price, al
though net earnings are actu
ally larger today than at that
time. These bonds are well se
cured by public utility properties
which are increasing in value.
Descriptive Circular 156
will be sent on request.
William P. Bonbright & Co., Inc.
New York Boston Detroit
London l William P. Ilonbrlght Co.
The Ideal Investment
That Conts Par Is
Always Worth Par
The Guaranteed
This Company has on hand at
all times, ready for Immediate
investment, mortgages and
mortgage bonds (first Hens) in
amounts of $500, $1000 and up- -wards,
secured upon improved
real estate in Philadelphia and
its immediate vicinity.
We own the securities we offer
for sale.
Send for Booklet
Philadelphia Company for
Guaranteeing Mortgages
224 Iand Title Building
Y!IUam It. Nlchc-lson, President
amllCI i,arfr. eiiuiii meuium. . .
syeet potatoes. Ilastem snore, ner urn- " -;
2n2.7.l No. 2. si.nofrl.T3i aweeta. Jersoy, per
lu. . .. . .. m-.m a. .. n ...crv r... ..mi
AD11AU-On January Si, IBlB rtr3
T5 n m.' pfecirefTJMtefJ
at Interment erlrnte. ""titer
AUOK, On January 81, iMs, ..,5I
TnUMAN, eon of.tSe late B.m'L ?.l9
Auge, of Weat Cheater, Pa. n,i,ii;?',"l
friends are Invited to" altew iha J i
tcrvicea, on jnuniaay arterhoon t 1 :"WJ
ft hla lite reeldenee, 3803 North i,c9i
jniermeni private -'i
nm 4 Ye - t . "V)
"T;,.on"of SS"ln ffrVir, ?!&.
li year. Helatlveand. frlenoi w tf
lly are Invited to attend the faiiiv.i.. ''
d the funer, ,!'f2fl
on, at 2 Seie3rr2,l
on. vvennejcmy ntternoon.
ciariy, at nia parenta
mac at, Interment crliate
DEATT1V-At nrrn Athvn, Pa. e t..-1
child of John Ecfcateln and Maw sK'tJ"'''!
neatly, ared 10 yeara. ttfil
IIEICCIIMAN. On January 80. 1oIim8B
WAni), on of Elliaboth Md In. iSKJ?!
nra iieecnmon. Aue notice of h. V.HC0"1
will Im rlvmn ' ,n tOMtul
DEIXSlDNEr UELU nsa tndI6 'M
nENTlA. Suddenly, on Jamurr ul V?1
on-wfaneenay" at ?T'&, ffmVnffS
&. Interment rrl.-ol. ' Rl 15u , pi
HI.OOl) On January 81, 181s. MBJ5?iB
wife of O'orge IJIood. Br. VSlSVjf.tm
on Tnuraday, at j p, m at aw i i!S
?J inL"r.'nt Pr'Tt at Oreenw (W
Oreenwoo4 (JU
x . .euiricrr
nONHAM On January 81, mia it,?!
110NSALL, In hla 80th year Th. ..M5"
ana irienaa are inv ted to attend Th. ,:i'"!
eervlces, on Wedneeday afternoer ?"1
o'clock, at hla late re.ldence. Wwalneii'i
Interment prlvato. Pleaae omit " itMiSSia
novi.E On February 1, 1013 rtuw'f'
UIXO.V. liTl.hon.l of r-mth..iZll. LAnt.1
eon of the late Iluith II, and Amta vJntii
I'oylu Kuneral on Friday, at 8 .So 1 "!S'L
from SU4t South mm at," H,h nSSfi?
preclaely. Interment lioly Croi'e fjemttllla
nRODVHARIA BnODV. 8032 noanofifl
eon er. "" Aaj
nUNTINO-pn January 81, 1015, ounstT
A. (neo Dahtna). wife of John H SSStS.
Puneral on We(nead.y efternMn ' r!t?i-
late realdence,, ZM5 N. Front at. iBtVmiS
vrlvate. al lllllaMn l-,m.t.n, " ""nnint
RAMP. On Jnnliarv 11 101 ,...-' 'H
HUSTON, widow of Calvin sf. ciwn T.V?
tlvea and frlenda are Invited to attenii if.J
funeral aervlcea, on Wedneeday afternoon 5?
L0,.c,Ioc.Erl"ly. at htr. la. "Wencef'tS
cut,, .1 .ui bi, .iucriueiii private,
OAVANAUOH. On January 80, IBIS. ti?i
8EPII, . huaband. of the late Jar,, !-c.i?-I
iiauzn tneo arn). Funeral on We!nidiVi
February fl, nt 8:30 a. m from TJ1 it
lenheny nve. Solemn Mnaa of nennl.mf.1
tho Church of Bt. Wmnlf. ., TW
precisely. Interment private at New CatS'
OI.AKK. At the realdence. No. 100 85aTJiH
Norfolk. Va.. Humlav. .Tni,ul a.M.I.ll
bUSAN, widow of,F. TV. Clark. Fun"iY
aaeiilnaa Al 4 ha a.BMa,nA. TIf . J "j r ""tni
7. i " toieni.rj ivcuncsaay, itl
0 ClOCk m mmi
COATKS. At Phllftdelphlii. Pa., on SeentalBI
utty. dcvviiu iuuiiui a a i iwlU. ur, TilllliAV E
COATES, of Oxford, Ta.. aged 63 vjirif
numi.To iwiu iiiiiuo,oidu K9VU1CIJT D f IPndtl
aro Invited to Attend the funeral, on YlttkA
hi lato residence, No. 20 North 3d, it "o
fonl, Cheater Co., Ta. Interment at Oxtiri
tjcmeiery. j-
fte.. on Februnry 1, 101B, MAIIT J.. r1(ij
Fenton Crosland. need 73 vmm. n.un.!:'
nnd frlenda nre Invited to Attend the funimll
at Epiphany Church, 67th and lHIilmeS1
nve. Interment private. ' M
CnoWDRR. On January 81,1016. ClIAHLBal
CBOWDEH, aged 84 yeara. Relatlvei uS
frlenda, alio Oriental Lodge, 385, F and'JL"
M are Invited to attend the funeral teniae
on Wednesday afternoon At il'.na nvi.i, ...
111. late realdence. 153 Weat Wyoming v
Qermantown. Interment private, rtemtlu
may be viewed Tuesday evening at 8 o'leck.'
THOMAS WAONEn, huaband of tluieTer.
non. nt hla late residence. .11.14 Fr.nl.fAM
nve. Due notice of the funeral will be IVfi.
FHEEMAN. On January HI. lnis rtj!
1.EY WINiTIEMXi aon of the late Harry OJ
hiiu xiiic.m ,, x' rccuiuii. xun?rai aemcc.
on Thursday, at 2 p. m.. at213T Tulip et.1
Interment private, at North Cedar Hill CcmeJ
0 1 1,1,. At Haltlmore, Md on FebrunrrVKl
lnis, ROSS M. OILL. eon of the lit. Jtbci
II. nnd Sirah A. QUI. The relative, ul
rricnns or tne ramny are invited to .Una
mo tunerai, on inureaay, ino em, .tr:
o'clock, from his son's realdence, Jura!
II mil. 4830 Duffleld atreet. Frankfort. :m
IIAIII,. On February 1, 1018. FANNT'M.1
years. Funeral aervlcea on Thureday.'.iij
p in., hi ner ielio remuence. oou lircoireoc
oi-e Interment Trinity Lutheran Cemetfnr.i
IIANIFEN. On January 81, 1010, SAMUEL!
A. IIANIFEN. Funeral on Wednesday, at 3
1'. in. precisely. irDm inti M, uouvier it.,
IIUNOEItFOKD On February 1, 1918. 'Dr;
uLunuu nuwAitu, nusoana or rutin
Scnrack Hungerford and son of George
nnA rmm. X. Irn...fnnl TI.I.IIim. .hJ
frlenda are Invited to attend tha fnneriH
servlcea, or. Thursday aftcrnon at 2 o'clock.''
nt hla late residence, B521 Spruce at. Iitterrfl,
ment at Mt, Morlah Cemetery. ea
ItKI.I.Y. On February 1. 1018, ANK1B 1(9,
wHor of I'atrlck F. Kelly. Funfr.reall
Tnursaay. nt 8:30 a. m.. from 102J North !
at. Solemn Itoqutem Mais at St. lllchnti
fThllrrlt n, 1H n m inl.nn.n, at V.tf
ralhedral Cemetery. ' '
Chelten nve. 'JSS
KOCH. I.YDIA KOCH. 3748 North IStlTit.
I.IEHFKIKn On February 1. 101.1. WIIJ
1AM IAEHFJUKD. Due notice of the funnel
will be given; residence, 1232 K. Mormtee
sing ave. v , r?m
MOONEY On January 23. 1016, JOIINra
Sr., hueband of Mary Mooney (nee WatVIni;,'
Funeral on Wednesday, at b a. m., from r.
dence, 1.117 Routh Hancock at. Jllfh'iHu
at Church of Sacred Heart, 0.30 a. m..,l;
triment at Cathedral Cemetery. . W
SIUMON On Tebruary 1. 1015. EMJIA
widow of Samuel Munlon. Funeral 'at
Frloay. at p. m.. from 1010 South pi
at. Interment at Mt. Morlah Cemetery. TS
NEWMAN. On February. 1. 1015, F11I5W
UIIICK NEWMAN, huaband or Elltatel
Newman. aKeil 7.1 years. Funeral ervll
nn Tht'nday, at 1:30 p. m . nt hla late rtil-I
deuce, 11123 South 3d st. Interment nrlvatej.
Nnrthnood Cemetery. , 'JJ&
NOTE. On January 80, 1015, OEORDE ttf
ilcC, huaband of Elliabetli and son of uil
lato Joehua rote. Kuneral pn wcfineriiaria
at 1U a. m from 1414 North IIollywooafUB
UOth and Master). Interment at Slonilmtcti
Cemetery. v .J?f"B
1'EnilY On January 30. 1015, HANNAH!
HU'lfDV wlf. M n.tnvlil. II Pf. PU.M
ntral on Wedneaday. at 1 P. m. preclffil
front 2113(1 North at'th at. Interment at llw
L.l.f. r,.m.t..u M
tlVlf.I.V dn Trl,r,lnrv 1. 1015. MAItYJf
daughter of Johanna and the late riwiw I
V. llol.ly. Funeral on Friday, at 8:30 a. in,
frtm &309 Clcstnut at. Solemn Mara ; of w
quium at thc.Churrh of Our iJidy of Vitorr.
at 10 u. m. Interment at Holy Croa. Cera;
terv. . ts m
ItirrEIt. Suddenly, nt Ilalne.nort, N.'J "
January .10. 1U15, ANNA It. ItITTKJl.'J(Wl!
of Jacob Hitter. Funeral from her late rert
dence. Halnesport. N, J,, on WednedJ
February 3, at 1 p m. Services at LuJ!"'"!
Cliun'h. at 2 p. m. Interment at Lulhtrae.
T.f.SSS,e.ri; i.-.....,- -t K,i!t nrcoriats
UIVKU hu.hand of the lato Mary Hrfel.
lato of Stone Houae Lano and Old ?':
Due notice of funeral, .n.!.
ItOUNKV. On January 31. 1015. at her It
residence. ffH7 Main at., aertnantftwn.
LOUISA C, daughter of tho late Her, JoJ
and Sarah Hodney. Sen Ice lilt, Wj"
Church. Coulter and Main ats".. 0rrul
town. WedneaJay, February 3, at 2
Interment private. ,vkM
fiClIHEIHElL On February , 1015, IlBNjH
C. SOIlKEIUEll. Funeral on Th""dart
2 p. in . from hla son's residence. 1815 Nyrg
Bailey t. Interment at Mt. Morlah Cen
BHOESrAKEIt. On February 1. 10''
IIACHEL 1HNKLE. widow of Jacob V.
8hoemaker. nged Til years. KeUtlvea c
frlenda ara Invited to attend the funer
aervlcea, on Tnuraday. February W
o'clock precisely, at Cynwood JVeabyterlinj
Church, Montgomery avenue. Cynwood. JJjl
termen private. Tratna leave. Broad Stryy
Diaiion ai iiu p. in. . ...-LrTpi
8NYDKK On January 30, 1015. THOHASj
j iv r.f .?"?.'. "?"" ,' ; ,i" .ri i-.
oer tnee weiasi. runcrm un nswww.t
-. -- u a t-F fiiAni nun van TYMLfl.
ESniUrn" .7. "Vox- Cha..T'1-fill.d.lpJ
interment at Jawnview wrantp nrr
STACK On JanuaryJO. J01B, EIAEN. rewi
of Michael Stark. uneral on Ke bwaiff
ot f Qil n m frnm 9rtI5 Kailth lltn it.
or RMUtem at th Church of th Eplpi
it ) a. in. precweit imrf""- "
Pinvrf Pemnterv.
BTANTON. On January 1... ":,gS
WAHI). hu.band of th. lat. Catberjn.
from 10S Bprlnr t (Front nd f.fJStr
Solemn Ilequlem Maa. at St. AWJ
Church, at 10 a. m. Jnterm.nt f'iii5.
Cathedral Cemetery.
STICKNKY. On January 81. lOl".
UlSTH, wiaow oi jme tutumi .
?.l.., nn WmAnn&MV. at 2 v. m., H
North RIth at . West I'tolladelpbla. late
5. "'"" 5"'V"'.' .A ICIK .1
cago. 111., JOHN 8.. ot " ,' F'.'i5
?..!' ..Xl.. V,,n...1 mmrviemm .t'
realdjuco of hU .later. MIm Biuwrma J
ZVJs Norm euin mi . u , w"Z7z, t
p. m. precisely. Interment at North
. H'H C'neery . ,.k ,.L
ndertofler and on of Oeora. W 4SS
t. . til.i.nN.rT in htm 2flth year. peye
7t4 North. 4U t. Pue notice it.'nlU
WAI-KEB-On January 29, lPtfSftli?Si
WVLKEIl. daubhter of Harriet "."Kafi
the Tati Caleb W Walker. .FgSaof
wjdntiday. at'i.BO a. m., from 1W,
ave. Sol.mn Heaulem M.M at Our WW
of Borrow Chircb, at 10 a. m- W"f
at Cathedral Cero.tery. ,. ij
WTON8ud4.iiiy. on JMwry ?
?jnz?Ai 'i? Ss-aK&
d. in . irom uwn. ev. .w.t
N. J Interment at Union Cene"t
VoiciiEN5bs January . MhjQmWi
WOHDBN nee WMbuttan). wife f;
m., from 4141 N Broad t Interew
IVOKKALIc On F1rl Moarb JWfc
MARY JANE. wlf Of Juoaon ,
FuBri service, at. ner iai ""5S
HL at t p- lumiu tirtvaV
i jtfci.c J
'rt (
O-llfc, 4 stalks, m?
JUSMm, taMteUs,