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Cincinnati Captures Opening
Event at 10 to I Roscoe
Loose Lands Second Event
and Kayderosis the Third.
NfcW ORLRANS, Feb. 2.-Long shots
either iron or ran Inside the money In
the laces here thla aftorncon. In the
opening event Cincinnati, at 10 to 1,
romped home n winner, with School for
Scandal, at 7 to 1, In (or the place, and
Margaret A., at 12 to 1, third.
Roscoo Loose, the favorite, landed the
second race, with Linda Palnc, at 15 to 1,
In second, llllllo Joe was third.
Knilorosln captured tlio third. In which
Light Knight was In for the place money
and Hypatla the show.
New Orleans Results
Flrat race, nelllnsr. 2-year-olds, 3H furlonce
Cincinnati, .102. Lilly, 10 to 1, 4 to 1, 8 to
IS, won: School for Scandal, lftl. Ambrose. 7
to l.i 2 to 1, oven, second; Margaret U., 107,
"Warrington, 12 to 1, 4 to 1, H to 3, third.
Time, .42. Pay Master, Deliver, Illue Cap, In
Held 11 also ran.
Second race, riling'. .1-year-olds, S furlongs
Roscoe aoose. 103, Uooso. 0 to r, 1 to 2, out,
iron) Linda 1'ayne, 103, Pool. IS to 1, 0 to 1,
3 to 1, second; Hilly Joe, 10S; O'Brien. 6 to 2,
4 to 0, 1 to a, third, lime. 1.07 1-5.
Jack Marlow. Fair Helen, Brick and Mor
tar, Dr. Larrlck also ran.
Third rnce, selling, 4-year-olds and up, fl
furlongs Kayderoeols, 111, Goldstein, I) to 2.
8 to 8, 4 to 0, won; Light Knight, MM, l'lckcns,
3 to 1, 0 to B, :i to second: lnimtla, 10.1,
Pool, 0 to 3. 8 to R. 4 to S third Time,
1:111 3-C. Bulgarian, 'Argoncse.Tbm Chnpman,
Oold Oust, Flammarlon, Fltlng Yankee
Amerlcua, Billy Vandervecr, Tork I,ad, also
fourth race. Henry Goodman handicap, .1--rear-olds
and up, lt4 mile Mcltout ' Heart,
300, Wnrrlngton. n to A. 2 to 3, out, non;
Ycnghee, 108, Pool, :i to 1. 0 to 10, 1 In .1,
second; Imprraslnn, 102. Urquhart, IS to 1,
0 to 1, 7 to 8, third. Time, 1:44 4-5. Trans
portation, Boxer also ran.
New Orleans Entries
First mce, selling, .1-year-olds, 5tt furlongs
LoutM May, 101; Jefferson, lr4: Jack Hanor,
; 104: Jane. 104: Lucky Mack, 104: O. W. Klsker,
104; Irosperos nody, 100; Page Whlto. 10(1;
Mallard. 10(1; Harlequin, 100; Lone Beach,
HM: Voluspa. loo.
Second race, selling, .1-year-olds, 6U furlongs
Anna Krtiter, 10(1; Mlu Fannie, 100; Mee
lleka, 109: May Maid, 100; Sunno, 100; Therosa
Bethel. lOO: Lady Splrltuelle. 100: Black Thorn,
111! Blue' Wine. 114: Hapsburg II, 114.
Third race, selling, 4-yenr-otds and up, 0
furlongs Tho Busy Body. 10S; Huda's Brother.
108: Orbeet, 110: Altcmaha, 112: Sir Dike, 112;
Aels, 112: O'Hagan, 112, Cog". 113; Jim llascy,
11.1; Charller, 117.
Fourth rr.ee. handicap. S-year-olds and up. 0
furlongs Resign. 00: Jlanlce. 07; Transporta
tion. CS; Barsae. 102; Rlchwood, 10.1; Bay
Ilerry Candle, 101; Lady Moone. 104; Judga
Wright, 105; Old Ben. 105; V See It. 110
Filth race, selling. 3-vear-nlds. 1 mile Lndy
Splrltuelle. TO; lllvor King. 101; T.tda Earl,
102; Celebrity. 105: Mallard, 103, Fly Home.
107: Cotton Top, 107: Bob D 107; Black
Thome, 107.
Sixth race, selling, 4o car-olds and up. 11-10
miles "Mollle Richards. 102; Port Arlington,
104; Lenavalla, 105: Ora McQee, 107: Jczall,
107: Billy Stuart. 107: Plain Ann. 107: Tim
Judge. 1O0; The Bump. 109; Uogart, 100; In
surance Man, HO; Strife, 112.
'Apprentice auotvnnco ciaimea.
Weather clear, track slow.
Juarez Results
First race, purse. 2-year-olds, 8W furlongs
Lola. 112, Molesworth, 2 to 1. 7 to 10, 1 to
4, won; Mena 112. Motcalf, B to 5, 1 to 2. 1
to 4.. second; Smiling Maggie, 112. Holllster,
. 6 to H. 3 to 1. 4 to 8, third. Time, :43 3-5.
Little Bigger, Toastmaater, Clrcuella also
' ran.
IBed and Blue Enters Big: Squad for
The University of Pennsylvania fresh
man track team will have Its first competi
tion of the year this evening against
tho Central T. M. C. A. In the latter's
gymnasium at Broad and Arch streets.
Coach Orton has announced the make
up of. the Pennsylvania team, which Is
unusually well rounded and contains a
number of .star performers. The best of
the Quaker first-year men -who will be
seen nre Crane, the star high Jumper,
with a mark of 6 feet 3 Inches, who will
compete In this event. In addition to the
high hurdles; Thlbault, the former Hav-
erford Grammar Softool high jumner:
! Lennon, In tho 220 and 410 yards; Howard
Berry In the middle distances, and Mc
Comb and Mitchell In the distance runs.
First, second and third places wilt count
in the scoring.
The leading entries for the Quaker
freshmen arc as follows:
40-yard dash Weed. Wlss and QUI.
-u-jnra aasn iennon.
Ednev. rtrowtllnr
Pope, Hamun.
dash Lennon, Laggren, Pope. Berry.
Mo-yara aasn Lennon.
8lO-ard run Nearlng, Ilargreaves, Norrls,
Mile run .Brooks, Hearing, McComb and
run Mitchell, McComb and J,
High .hurdles Crane, Thlbault. Hopkins
ilisn jump iTano,
Thlbault, Wentr, Hop-
kins. Buecholi.
standing broad
Jump Nestetter, Crane,
HoDklns. Thlbault.
Bhotput Dougherty, Phelan, lltraun.
Coach Orton announced that the 1st Real.
menl A. A. has put on tta program a special
win lump, open only to university or fen
ivanla. students, for Its
lndoor meet next
Saturday night.
Borce remarkably good scores were taade
yesterday In the Arst qualirjlng round 1 for
the amattur golf tournament on the aimbel
Indoor links. Th real feature of the day was
the two cards of 50 turned In by Mrs. I.
Baum, Phllmont. and Mrs. O. L. Wilson. rhl.
adtlphla Country Club. FKty-nlne Is far and
away the best acore made on the course by a
number of the fair sex, and will In all llkell.
hood be good u.ouih to win the Qualifying
round, as the second best score among the
women yesterday was the 72 of Mlsa Maud
Hoffman, Whltsmarsh.
PALM BEACH. Kla.. Feb. 2. Walter J.
Travis, of Garden City, former International
champion, led a field of 70 In the qualification
round of the Lake Worth golf tourney with a
One card of 75, capturing the gold medal by
a margin of five strokea. Only one other play,
i er succeeded In recording better than 80. this
fltlng Colonel J. IS. Smith, of Wilmington.
woo turned In a card of 70. Nest In line was
CM Bret, of Boston, with an 80. which com.
iprUta the list of best scores returned.
I, Aa a rule, the scoring was not low, owing
to a high wind, which greatly affected the
putting on the slippery greens. Travla' card
l7vi!uirKSDie, inasmucn ss ne scorsa a 3t
lis and a 2. '
: Coach Jim Rice, of Columbia, Is no
longer a three-mile advocate, accord.
lng to a New York Run nrrmmr. M
iitook occasion yesterday to harpoon
"ra s-ei, m former Columbia coach
and now writer on rowing;, who has
ru mat medical opinion is all
fagalnst the four-mile course. "Weak
.(hearts I" echoed Rice. "Whv. In
jfjncl&nd tbey have a race for oars-
over 80 years of aire, and be.
Igns they never get athletio hearts
By u on the last two to finish
IMfry year Where do these experts
wit xna only time Doo Peet
winning crew was back in '95.
US Columbia rj.ar . TTnnr nM
j I w ruurwf n wist i wimw
St7 Cornell was in England and.
rest of the crews swamped, poes
t record wake Wjo an autborUyl"
Sam nobtdeau, weighing 130VJ pounds, beat
W Mile Houck. in, in the wlml-up at the
Olympla Inst night. Itobldeau dropped Houck
In tho first round by a body blow and again
In the socond round by a short right on the
chin. Houck did not take tho count In either
Instnnce. and was not In distress at any time
during the bout.
In the semllnd-up Chnrley (Kid) Thomas,
nn;, earned a clean-cut doclalon over Tommy
O'Kcefe, 133.
Jimmy Barry, of Brooklyn, 142H, was too
strong for Jimmy Murphy, of Wilmington.
MMi, and -non tha terdlct after six rounds
of a mixture of wrestling and boxing.
Sammy Decker, of West Philadelphia, 121;.
and Johnny Camp!, of SouthwnrU, 122V4. fur
nlfhed the classic of the program. It nai six
rounds of frco bitting, stiff punching with
right and left and with no clinching. It was
a real treat to the libera of sclontltlc boxing.
In the curtain-raiser Thomas McOIII 11.,. a
Eupll of Tommy Lilly, substituted for Gus
ewls and met Hddlo McCloakey, 117. ltc
proved a good substitute, and v. on both the de
cision and tho crad. MrCloskey vas flying
signals of distress at tho finish.
LANCASTEB, Pa . Feb. 2. Tim Drnney. of
Lancaster, shaded Tommy niley. of I'hlladel-
Ehla, last night before tho Lancaster Athletic
lub In a six-round bout. Tour rounds were
an ecn break, hut Tlroney had tho belter of
tho remaining two,. Frankla Krne of Iletrolt,
beat Jimmy llradlev, of lhlladelphla. In a six
round bout Bradley took much punishment
but was game.
CINCINNATI, rob 2 flunboat Smith won a
newspaper decision here last night ner Jim
FInii lu a 10-rotnd boxing contest There
was neier a time during the bout that Bmlth
did not hae n shade the better of the argu
ment on points, but the stamina dlsnlaed by
Flynn won the admiration of the audience,
Buffalo. Feb. 2. Johnny Kllnnne, of Clove
land, featherweight champion, outboxrd
Young Knnaas. of Buffalo. In the last three
rounds of a 10-round bout hero last night
Kansas had held the champion cen for soen
rounds Neither fighter fxiffered much pun
ishment Kllbane weighed 123. Kansas 12314.
AKRON, O., Feb. 2. Johnnj Orlfflths local
lightweight, outpointed Freddie Welsh, tho
champion, In a 12-round bout here last night
according to the majority of newspapermen
who siw the fight No decision was glen.
The Big Fish
Here's a Up the Feds can get
Gratia, free Just for the taking;
If successful it will set
AH the baseball world to quaking.
Here's the stunt, then; here's the plan:
Let them make a gorgeous lump
Of their moncv, and to San
Offer it mayhap he'll jump.
Why bother with tho small fryT
Ban, it will be remembered, had con
siderable to do with making the Ameri
can League. Why not lure him into
tho outlawa again? It shouldn't cost
more than a million or two.
Make 'Em Fight
Haverford has (nov taken up boxing.
There is an idea In this for the colleges
that think football too brutal. Teach
all the players 'how to use their flsts,
equip them with six-ounce gloves and
prohibit kicking and biting.
At last they've come to realize
That fighters, too, have need of
knowledge; t
The world is getting wondrous wise
It's making new white hopes in col
lege, 'Say It Hapldly
We see Beasholtz hits shaken off the
dust of the Main Line, and State Col
lege now will see Beasholtz'steam.
The Goat
Some one in Chicago having esti
mated that five, leagues In the last year
lost a million you needn't cq it It
and a quarter dollars, the sporting ex
perts are now trying to figure out the
reason. Why not blame It on the
They've All Beaten Manhattan
pid you know that Vale. Trlnceton,
Columbia and Pennsylvania, are In the
first division Pf the Intercollegiate
swimming series? Well, they are. The
second division Is composed pf the Col.
lego of the City of New York. Some
thing will have to drop soon unless
they dwiare the season ended.
According to dtsp lobes from LnVe i
Ploia. both teama placing- lu tlt ,
sea of tfraLosr5 -as5- '
5. No KiooiMG Joe 1 That-' s-
1 I 15 That XoojJ Mg ?Jf
Does Not Favor Radical ZO-player
Limit Rule of American League.
Connlo Mnck will attend tho annual
mooting of tho American League In New
York tomorrow and will Are a baseball
broadside at tho 20-pIayer limit propa
ganda. Alack does not bellcvo It Is neces
sary to follow this radical suggestion to
cut down expenses.
Ho will endeavor to have the league
over which linn B. Johnson rules go on
record with a regulation allowing each
club to carry not less than 22 players.
This Is one more than the rule practically
adopted by tho National League laBt De
cember to confine their clubs to 2L
NEW TORK, Feb. 2. According to a
rumor that went the rounds of tho winter
baseball leniuo yesterday, "Joe" Jackson,
the hoavy-hlttlng outfielder of the Cleve
land team, will bo a member of the Yan
kees next season.
Two Meets for Perm Freshmen
Two track meets were announced this
afternoon for the Pcnn freshmen. A
week from Friday they will meet tho
combined preparatory school teama of the
city at Episcopal Academy. One week
later they will be matched against the
combined high school teams of the city
at the Central High School.
T. O'Keefe to Battle Dundee
NKW YOIIK. Feb 2. Johnny Dundee was
rr ''-; '?'J nlert to fight Tommy O'Keefe,
Philadelphia's star lightweight. The bout Is
to irihe plate at the 1 ederal A. C. on Thursday
baseball fracas
garao on Ice.
on the lake had the
Fighters Paradise
Wilmington, Del., will be much in the
limelight If a bill Introduced In that
Stato Is passed. It provides for 15
round boxing contests. While It Is
generally believed here that six-round
fights aro tho right distance to get the
best out of fighters, it Is agreed that
once In a while a 15-round battle would
be pleasing where men continuously
fought draws or were dissatisfied with
the decisions made over the shorter
routes. Wilmington is so well situated
that a big match would draw hundreds
from this and other cities. If tho
sport Is properly handled the 15-round
affairs could be made very attractive.
The measure hasn't become a law yet,
so don't worry,
Williams at It Again
Kid Williams, the popular little ban
tamweight of the world, will sturt his
campaign against bigger boys tonight
when he meets Eddie Wallace, of
Brooklyn, before the Brooklyn Sport
ing Club. Just hpw well tha Kid will
perform against Wallace will be the In
teresting puzzle for fans to solve. We
believe' the Kid can whip more than his
weight in bearcatSj. And we do not
Intimate that Wallace is such an ani
mal. Anyoldthing'ljdo
Pittsburgh Dispatch "Waddell went
for one lttle stogie. Dreyfus sold Rube
to Chicago Cubs for a single cigar."
This was the startling message read.
When we returned to, consciousness our
first thought was, what will come next?
You don't happen to have an old up
right piano you want to sell cheap,
have you?
Jphnny Ertle, St. Paul's much-heralded
bantamweight king. Is receiving
lots of attention by Middle West sport
ing wrlttrs. He Is being boosted as the
next world's bantam champion. W
under If .Brtle has ever beard of Kid
u' i Lt' tnuaauve eai mire.
tYnturl.ig his game with Morris Lev nt
the Lehigh parlors last night, with a run of
l balls. Morris Kink nulled a hard match
out of the flro and non. 100 to "S
llv a nery uphill rallv W I'lummor Inst
night defeated Doctor Harris. In tho pocket
billiard tournament at tho Columbia parlors,
the llnal score bring 100 to no
In a nncket billiard match at the Urunswlck
room lt oientng. James allien defeated
Heel- DaMs. 21 to 10
HOSrON. Fob 2-Calln Dcmnrest defeated
Marcus Cnttoll 'WO to 141. In a National
llllllard Players' league championship match
hero last n.ght The a erases ami high runs
were Demarest. IT 11-17. tv). Cation. 8 15-1(1.
NEWARK. N, J. Feb 2. Albert Cutler de
feated Welker t'ochran. .'100 to 1HH. In a Chsm
nlon Illlltanl Players' Lenguo match hern last
night Aeragcs and high runs: Cutler.
10 10-2U. 45: Cochran 0 24-29. 42.
Writers' Dinner to Be Big Affair
Nearly all the Independent baeball leogucs
In Philadelphia and nearby wltl bo represented
at the Philadelphia Bportlng Writers' ban
quet, which -Mil bo held at the Majestic I'eb
ruari in. Tho list includes the Main I.lne,
North Pcnn. Delaware County, Philadelphia
Suburban and other well-known circuits whose
officers will combine with the two major
league clubs to help make the nffalr a success.
Killed Umpire; TJp for life
rnANKFOItT, Ky, Feb 2. Derman Dea
con, who killed tho umpire with n. baseball
hot during a gnmo between the I,enore toam.
of Nelson County, nnd the Kanc team, of
liullltt Countj, on the grounds of the latter
near the county line June 14, 11)1.1. must go
to prison for lift-. The Court of Appeals uf
Itrmed the verdict.
Ferguson Tackles Kelly In Palace
Final This Evening.
Knockout Harry Baker aond Jimmy
Tlghe, .1 brace of veritable stagers, will
endeavor to knock each other's block ort
In the Unol fray at tho Fnlrmount A. C.
tonlcht. The star bout at the Palace
A. C, Norrlstonn, will bring together
Danny Fcreuson and Johnny Kelly.
The Folrmount program follows:
First bout Andy Mitchell, Smoky Hol
low, vs. Johnny Howell, Southwark.
Becond 'bout Harry ltellly. dray's
Ferry, vs. Harry Chudwlck, Wilmington.
Third bout llltz Walter, Atlantic City,
vs. Johnny McAvoy, Southwark.
Semlwlndup Willie Lucas, Falrmount,
vs. K, O, Snmson. Southwark.
Windup K. O. Daker. Wilmington, s.
Jimmy Tlghe, Scranton.
The Palace card follows:
First bout Tommy Curran. Itosemont,
vs. Tommy McCarty, Philadelphia (six
Second bout-Kid Held, Bridgeport, vs.
Kid Wolf. Conshohocken (six rounds).
Semlwlndup Al Hnlnes, Manayunk, vs.
Fred Mitchell, Chicago (eight rounds).
Windup Danny Ferguson, Manayunk,
vs. Johnny Kelly, Conshohockeh (ten
SHENANDOAH. Pa., Feb 2. Before the
largest crowd that over witnessed a boxing
bout In Shenandoah. Jlmmle Tlghe, of Scran
ton. outclassed. Young OrltTo. of Shenandoah,
In a 12-round bout.
I1UFFAW). N. Y., Feb. 2. Johnny Kllbane
last nleht demonstrated to the Buffalo fight
rans and Rosy Kansas, an aspiring local
featherweight, why he la champion of thu
world. Kllbane beat, his opionent all the
way In a 10-round lout.
Ffesh from a victory over young
Griffo, at Shenandoah, last night,
the Scranton welterweight will
meet Knockout liarry Baker at
the Faixmount A. C. tonight.
I'fflH I'i:
ft ''BSJLbk
Walker Seriously Hurt at Chicngo
Track Five Teams Tied.
CHICAGO, Fob. 2. A terrific pace wni
maintained by tho riders In the six-day
blocle race early today, and at noon five
leading tenmn had covered 2093 miles and
5 laps, 23 mllca behind the record.
A bad spill following n long scries of
"Jams" caused a. painful Injury to Gor
don Walker.
The accident hnppened JUBt at the end
of the 100th hour. Tho 10 men on the
track at tho time were going about 30
miles nn hour when Bobby Wnlthour,
riding In thu upper sldo of tho track, at
tempted to pass the bunch. Tho front
wheel of his machine scraped that of
Reggie McNamnra's and down the steep
Incline he crashed, carrying Walker and
Pete Droboch with him. Walker was un
conscious when the physicians arrived
and was carried from the track. It was
found that he was nufferlng from a
broken upper vertebrae and minor hurts.
His partner, Hoot, withdrew from the
Tho other two riders In the spill resumed
the track almost Immediately with new
Tho live leading teams still In the race
nre Moran-MOJamara, Egg-Verri, Corry
Cirman, Walthour-Bedell nnd Drobach
Plercey. One lap behind wero the Mltten
WHey, Hansen-Andcrson nnd Kapsky
Colomba teams. Huddl-Husso and Llnart
were one lap behind the three.
Soccer Meeting Tonight
A rreetlng of the I'nllcd league and also
tho Philadelphia I.eague will be held tonight
at the Iruulrcr Building.
Indorsing Another Wild Bill
"Wo aro such stuff as dreams are made
of." -Avon Bill.
Aye, "IVWInm, in your simple English
Once in a while you rise and swat the
So that a sporting bard might Justly say
"This Shakespeare's not so bush
league, after all,"
"Such stuff as dreams are made of"
rounds it up;
The simple sum and substance of the
The brimming phrase that fills the final
And tells the full-bloicn story of each
For I remember well ffte soggy play
Of Browns and Yanks in double
headed spill;
Ach, Qottand how I dreamed that
summer day
Of winter's snow-bound rest from
such a bill.
But here In winter's rest, with sluggish
Where lawyers rant and magnates
rave and swear,
I even dream of Browns and Jteds again;
And, tearing at my collar, cry for air.
The Wonderful Trojan
The passing of Iteulbach leaves only
three of the old Cub regime still wear
ing the harness. These three are Bvers,
Tinker and Schulte, Which recalls
again the wonder of the Trojan's
career. He probably will be the last
of the Cubs under the Big Tent, and
yet of them all he had less physical
strength to build on and to carry him
along; and of them all he used up
more nervous energy and gave more of
his soul to each game.
Hell hath no fury like a short missed
Once n his cherjke'red career the
ecstatlo duffer shoots an 85 and Is then
"off his game" till hla mortal clay turns
back to dust.
Qolf and life are a good bit alike. The
average entry spends threo-fpurths of
lila time playing from one (rap Into
The etytnu m golf may b aboHshe4,
NBW YOIIK, Feb. 2.-Do not be sur
prised, friend golfer, If si no very dis
tant date ou should hear some nrdent
devotee declare his Intention of going
Into training for such and such a
championship or tournament. Hereto
foto the mero thought bf a golfer
training would have caused a smile,
but In this advanced stage of the game
there Is no telling what to expect.
For complete details on golf training
a conversation with those well-known
professionals. Hen nnd alt Nlcholls,
should Biifllce. Theso two Hngllshmen
are keen on what they term "ad
vanced golf," which Is Intended to
keep one In form nnd Improve his
game, just as tho rawing machine
helps the oarsman and the punching
bag tho pugilist.
Charles Ellis, Cleveland, Will Meet
the Fhlladephinn.
Pierre Maupome, the local representa
tive In the Interstate Three Cushion Bil
liard League, wilt have nn able opponent
In Charles Ellis, of Cleveland, tonight,
when both cueists meet In a BChcdulo at
Alllnger's Academy.
Ellis comes to thla city with a string
of recent victories to his credit and he Is
now tied with .Icromo Kcogh, of Roches
ter, for first plnco In the league, both
having won S games nnd lost 4. Since
the stnrt of the season the Clevotnnd rep
reRcntotlve has displayed more dexterity
with the cue than any of his opponents,
He Is holder of both the high single game
average and tho grand average.
Maupome has been exhibiting excep
tional form lately and In a recent game
he made nn unfinished run of 12.
Meredith Case Used as Example of
Source of Trouble.
Tho Board of DlrcctotH or tho Athletic
Association of tho University of Penn
sylvania met late this nflernoon for their
monthly meeting. One of the principal
topics for tllsciiBilon was tho report of
tho track committee on whether or not
athletes should be allowed to compete
for athletic clul-u duitng the academic
year. The matter wns brought up at the
last monthly meeting of tho directors by
the Varsity Club, which asked tho opinion
of the bo.ird en the matter. It wns then
turned over to the track committee for
It wns tho hope of the board that the
football committee would be able to ie
port llnally on the new board of coaches
and the Hchedtile. Both of these matters
have been practically disposed of, but
Wharton Slnkler, chairman of the com
mittee, snld ho would not bo able to
malto a llnal report unt 1 the latter part
of the week.
Will Clnsh With Eddie Wallace nt
NRW YOItK reb S.-When Kid Wllllims.
the bantamweight. II H pounds, meet. K, din
Wallace, the li-'-iiniitid tltlrhnlder nf Hrnokljn.
nt tie Hrmrtnav Knortlns club tonight, thtro
will bo nlenly nf action Iloth hnvs nre ng-grr-sMio
lighters, nevrr cle ground and carry
a battle along nt nil stages of a m.iUh.
Deny Club Mandamus
NtivV YORK. I"eb. J. Supreme Court Jus.
tlcu Cohalan jestenlaj denied the iiiiUcstlon
of the Manhattan HirtlnR Club foi n manda
mus to compel the Stite Dnxlng Commission
to lesuo n boxing lleenso fot the conducting
of exhibition contests In the Manhattan Ca
sino. Yankees Pick Savannah
NBW Yonif. Feb. i -"WHil Illll" Donovan,
mnnnger of the New York Yankees, telegraphed
to Saannah. Gu.. today that ho had selected
thit city ns a training ranui. Tlio team
probably will start South about February 21
or 13.
To Kevlve Hare and Hound Buns
NKW YORK, Feb 2. The plcturesnuo haro
and hojml method nf cross-country running
ullt bo revhed here this spring If plans now
blng formed by tleorgc Mathews of tho Met
ropolitan Keglstrntlon rommittto and Long
Island C go through
Hut If they over abolish the Qrandold
alibi there will be 500,000 desertions In a
Brains and Courage
"Sportsman," In the Boston tllobe,
brings out an Important point. "The
Hoston Americans of 1903," he observes,
"deservo to bo rated more on their
courage than their bralne."
Brains In baseball or any other game
Is too often confused with courage. A
good game ball club keeps on fighting
nnd thereby keeps Us head up and Its
oyes open. In this viy, through its
nerve. It Is able to keep track of pro
ceedings at large and to be ready to
seize any handy opening In a pinch.
If tho bralnest ball club on earth be
gan to quit, there would soon be a suc
cession of bonehead plays.
"The only time," says Johnny Evers,
"that I ever lost heart and let my head
sag was In that tenth Inning of the
third world series game." And by so
doing Johnny came near making a
bone of historic mold.
When It comes to any direct defini
tion of courage In sport, we pass the
buck. Having seen a man who never
quit in a football game or in a baseball
game, quit cold in more than one golf
match, the answer is too badly tangled
to be unraveled here.
The Oood King Arthur Series
'When good King Arthur ruled Ms land,
And made a lucky strike,
Wo wonder that he never thought
Of murder or the Jlfc?.
ffo wonder thflt he Justified
The love that was his court's;
lie over nad to spend fsls ftjua "
At penning winter sports,
"Feds are after a minor league." We
know of about eight tny ca purchase
for a bat bag.
Winner of American Scho
lastic Championship Cross
country Race Is Charged
With Professionalism.
NEW YOrtK, Feb, 2. Chairman J. W.
Stumpf, of the Registration Committee
of tho Metropolitan Association, Kew
York city, has Informed locals Interested
that a decision In tho case of Charles
Roughton, the Central High schoolboy
charged with profesilonallsm, probably
would bo Announced today or tomorrow"
Roughton was charged with accepting
pay as a playground Instructor.
Roughton won the American scholastic
cross-country lace held In this city, and
his dlsiiuallllcntlon will make a decided
change In the team scoring.
When that ense Is disposed of the Reg
istration Committee will have only one
Important matter to decide and will look
forward to a well-earned rest
Ted Meredith nnd Tom Halpln, whose
rivalry Is depended on to add jest to thu
present Indoor season, will bo put to ft
sovero test In the COO-yard special at the
gnmes of the Cth Company, I3th negl
ment, Brooklyn, on Lincoln's Rlrthday.
The dlstnnce Iff one that should suit both
men, and by February 12 there Is every
reason to believe that both filers will he
nt the top of their form. Halpln, who
was scarcely wound up when beaten by
Meredith nt tho Mlllroso games, has lm
proved greatly, as shown by his rrtce
last Saturday, when he rompod nway In
the final quarter Of tho relay and ran the
dlstnnce In CO 1-5 seconds. He wrta
strong enough nt tho finish to have gone
the extra 60 yards at the same spoed.
A rnce that Is likely to attract more
attention than any sprint run In this
district for many years has been added
to the program of the New York A. C.
gnmes to be held In Madison Bquara Gar
den, Now York, on Wednesday of next
week. A special 70-yard scratch event
has been Included, for the purpose of Jglv
Ing .Toe I-oomls a chance to get oven for
the beating Alvnh Meyer gave him by s.
narrow margin at tho Fordham games
on Saturday night.
Evening Ledger Composing Boom
Five in Bloody Battle.
A -toung nrmy of prodigious glonta from tha
composing room defeated, nrqulshed, over
came mid suent nslde the bnsketboll aspirants
of tho UvK-mo U.isiKn Sporting Department
Inst nltrll. In n l.n Klsntl.nlt nnm.. .. , 1 1..1I ,....
Hall, 40th street nnd Ijinrnster n-.enue The
score at the end or the first half nn 11 to' .1
In faAor of the Fport ronom. In tho second
half, with the Mrnnglo nnd toe holds barred,
the sport writers nero i-nnbls to msko their
nnsl score better thnn la to the composing
room's 21.
Tho onslaught of the sports In tho first half
wns so terrlllc that In a fen seconds the hall
had the bloody angle looking like an after
noon tea. Hetneen the halves sexcral oara
nnd arms that had been violently torn from
their owners nere kicked in one side, Couto
I.cth rendering nttcct music the will's on
n piano of the Mntape or 1412 A. t). Hilly
Knott accompanied on the flute. Ilarricaded
by a breastwork of chairs Walter Partes mads
ii speech it w.ie a good speech.
A Montague, the referee In the first half.
Inclined the Ire or Spick Hall, the brains of
the sport department team by kicking him In
the nose. Spick nas In a bad humor and r
arnteil It: Kmlnk refcreed the second half.
When Spick came to he mid be had a sick
nmnUH headache Frank Palmer "nns master
,of ceremonies. Wnlsh nnd Dejhle singed a
boxing match The tiollie couldn't interfere,
because some one had the presence of mind
to Inr the denrs. I'hrsklsns say both will
recover, but Walsh will never be the sama
.'igtln. Throughout the eienlng the slaughter
wns terrible. A pleasant time was had by
Th! basketbul! wimmarj"
O. Fb 0. A. Pt.
Farrel. forward fl .1 1 It
Mnrkward forward 0 0 2 0
Walt (MeCauley). centre. 10 0 2
Ifnffney (ncyhlc), guard.. 2 0 1 4
I!) me, guard 0 0 2 0
Totals o n
O. Fl. O.
Kane, forward 1 O
Hall, forward 4 1
MrDonngh, centre 0 0
Infre. guard 0 O
Steinberg, guard 2 1
Total "t 2
Thomas Expects Baseball Candidates
to Be Out In Force.
Coach Rcy Thomas, of the University of
I'cnnstlvanla baseball team, announced
this afternoon that his squad would get
down to real work on Monday, when
inline, i examinations will have bean
computed and the rnn receive repott
on their examinations. Ho is hopeful
that none of his good men will be lost,
for he wants to cut out the dead wood
on that 1uv and start his candidates al
work with Indoor baseball games.
The dark weather of (he last week has
been a severe handicap to the coaching
Today the players had to be warned to
uso the utmost care against being struck
by wild balls, On Saturday one of the
freshmen was struck In the face by a
batted ball, and an examination has since
disclosed the fact that his nose was
broken. Reglnnlng Monday' the baseball
men will have to limit their practice t
an hour and three-quarters dally, for the
gymnasium will have to he used by the
gymnastlo classes the remainder of the
MemUrs of the Philadelphia Ronton Terrier
Club, at a meeting last night Indorsed for
election at the annual meeting on March I
randldates wpn are recanted aa strong sdvo.
rates of tho proposed regeneration nlao. Bim
uel R. Foster was nominated as president i
Frank S. Young vie president William f
i:sns. treasurer; A a, Rahr. financial secre
tary, and John Nobis, secretary while tha
following, five, of whom an to he elected, were
named for the Executlte Commute: John A
Walter. Wllilam C, Rowan Harry W Cst-.lv
A. A. Newton Robert Rushes. William 11
Henttson and Herman Rennun Sr
it a meeting of the I'nodla Club, luld lut
night at the residence of Mrs. Mae Fletcher
the members unanimously decided to bold their
show in oonlunctlon with (ha Devon Dos Show
Association at the Dot on Polo Grounds Sat
urday May 22 when full classifications fot
black and white poodles will be listed.
Today is the birthday anniversary
of th National League. Thirty-nine
years ago the league was formally or- , ..
ganlzed at a meeting In the old Uroaf
way Central Hotel. Ney York city
Represented at the meeting were PhB
adelphia, Boston. Cincinnati, Chicago;,
SI Louis, Louisville, Hartford (Cona.)
and the old New York Mutual.
There will be no unusual activity
ibout league headquarters here. Sec
retary Heydler was not vn aww.
today was tha league's birthday utli
rewiBdad ot '
Fairmount A. p.Ta-
K. fl HAKilli iiv .uuffr fjpt