Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, January 30, 1915, Night Extra, Page 9, Image 9

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S USUAL, Mondays are rather quiet days
J for the tlebutnntes, nnd this week will
prove no exception." Miss Cliai lotto Fnhno
stock, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Jamtn F
Fahncstock, of 2.17 East Rlttenhouse street.
Will lie guest of honor at n thoitre party and
upper nt the Bcllovuo-Htrntford by her parents.
Tuesday night thero will be a dance In the
Oermantown Cricket Club, which will bo pic
cpdtd by a number of dinners. Mies Rebecca
Alice Lycett, daughter of Mr. tuid Mr. Edward
Howes Lycett, of St. Louis, will be honor
guest at n dinner to bo given by her sister, Mrs.
Edward Hacker, of Gcrmautown. On the same
night Mr. nml Mrs. William W. Fitter, of 1600
Walnut street, will entertain a theatie par y
In honor of Mies Mary Stuart Wurts, dnugh
; ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stcwail Wur.B,
! and Miss Elinor Judd Uenn, (laughter of Ml.
and Mrs. Chnrles II. Mean, will bo entertained
at the theatre by J. N. Trainer and Hodnoy
Thayer. Supper will follow at tho Kltz-Carl- i
On Wednesday Miss lluth Coxc, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Henry liilntou Coxe, will be
guests of honor at a thoatio party followed
by supper and dancing to be given by Mi. and
Mrs. Stanley Uriswold Flags, of XTi-3 Spruce
street, and Miss Eugenia Kelso Cassatt will
be given a dinner-dance at the Rltz-Carlton
by Mr. and Mrs. Itobert Kelso Cassatt, of 1303
Locust street.
Thursday Miss Mary Wood Bally, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winter Bally, will
bo entertained at a theatre paity followed by
supper to bo given by Mr. and Mrs. Abram It.
Wlntcifltcen, of "220 Dclanccy sticet. Mis?
Isabel Milne Itodgers, daughter of Mrs. L.
Willard Rojjgcra, will bo guest of honor at a
dinnor-dance to bo Riven in the Anchorage by
George K. Rellly, of 1830 Hlttenhouso square,
and Miss Emily La Fargo Claxton, daughter
of Mrs. William It. Claxton, will be honor
guest nt a danco to bo given by Mr. and Mrs.
'Morgan Hcburd, of Chestnut Hill.
On Friday tho most Important event of tho
day will be a dinner-dance given In honor of
Miss Cornelia Caitcr Leldy, daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. Joseph Loldy, by her grandmother,
Mrs. William T Carter, of 211G Walnut street.
Many dinners have been arranged to precedo
tho dance, among which will bo those given by
Mr. and Mm. Henry Augustua Berwlnd, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Edward Ingersoll, of 1815
Walnut street, and Mr. and Mrs. Langdon E.
Mitchell, of 2320 Delancey place. ,
Satuiday nfternoon Miss Margaret Montgom
ery, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William W.
Montgomery, will ho guest of honor at a
luncheon at tho Bellcvue-Stratford and matlneo
party to be given by Miaa Mary Grub Smith,
daughter of Mrs. L. Heber Smith, of 2039 Wal
nut street. Another theatre paity will bo
given In tho evening for
Miss Mary Frances Fisher, daushtcr of Dr.
and Mrs. Henry Mlddleton Fisher, will be
guest of honor at a theatre party given by
Mr. and Mrs. G. Helde Norrls. of 2101 Locust
sticet. After the play tho guests will be enter
tained at supper by Mrs. Hoxle Harrison
Smith, of 2023 Locust street.
S. Davis Page, of 2S1 South 4th street, will en
tertain at dinner in honor of his granddaughter,
Miss Isabel Wurts Page, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. William Byrd Page, on Friday evening,
February 5, before the dance glvon by 'Mrs.
Carter In honor of her granddaughter, Miss
Cornelia Leldy, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph
' Air. and Mrs. Edwin I. Atlee, of 3012 West
Coulter street, announce tho engagement of
their daughter. Miss Margaret Elizabeth Atlee,
to A, Wayno ItobinBon, Jr., son of Mr. and
Mrs. Anthony Wayno Robinson, of Haverford.
Mrs. Henry Grove, of 258 West Tulpehocken
street, has gone to Palm Beach, Fla., for tho
remainder of tho winter.
Mrs. Itobert Coleman, of Wynnewood, will
r spend the .month of February at tho Illtz
Carlton. Mrs, Edward C. B. Fletcher received In
formally yesterday afternoon after the orches
tra concert nt her npartraont. 135 South 18th
street. Mrs. Fletcher will continue her days
at homo until Lent.
Tha Nurses' Alufnnao of tho Hahnemann
Hospital will glvo a musicals and danca at
the Adelphla Hotel on Wednesday, February 3.
The proceeds of tho affair will be used to
help endow a room and bed in the hospital.
Ths Misses Williamson will recelvo Informally
Mondays In February after 3 o'clock ot their
home, 1311 Spruce. No cards have been sent
out. ' " , ,f (
Mrs. J. Harrison Smith will recelvo Infor
mally at the Aldlna on February 6. No cards
have been sent out.
Miss Emma Walton, whose engagement was
announced this winter, will bo guest of
honor next month at two luncheons, followed by
cards, The first one will be given next Thurs
day by Miss Martha, Collins, of Wawa, Pa.,
and tho second one February 12, by Miss Alysa
Matthews, of Langhorne, Pa. Miss Walton
will leave early In March for a Southern trip.
Mrs. Ferdinand L. Fetherston and her daugh
ter, Mrs. Henry Cochran, left this week for
Lakewood, N, X, where Mrs. Fetherston will
send tho remainder of tho winter with her
son, Ferdinand B. Fetherston. Mrs. Cochran
Will stay at Lakewood over tho week-end,
Miss Ruth McGeveran. of 6325 North 21st
street, entertained at dinner last evening In
honor of Mr, and Mrs. John Hafner, whose
marriage took placa recently. Among those
present were Mr. and Mrs. James F, Boyle and
Mr, and Mrs. Q, S. SelUer,
J. M. Whlttall, 812 Church lane, sailed on the
Lusltanla for England, to remain some time.
Mrs. Mary Miller, or Tnorpes ian, , .
las come time In New fork visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Keyser, of 4949
Rublcam avenue, -will leave today for Miami,
ia., to remain uniit ?"
It Haywood. 100 West Coulter street, left yes
Mrtay or Indianapolis, where he will remaijj
ip k.. h m m jktv 2df.mmKminmiMWv'nmtTKmx5esp1fx&ivivt-iiA a-TAtfiTmrji' .as&r.t. vx - i
JC-rffia&TOiM8! Mrs. Thayer is one of tho most popular matrons of tlio younger set. Deforo her marriage lat lsT1 vtam
Se V S "S ycar llc wa Mi Mollio Sidcbottom. KW s. jr EXit
Minto If nilkcrl & llacun
Mi8 Lukes assumes the leading parts in
the two rkclchcs "Gringoire" and "A ligur in
Time" in "Kails and lancic" to be given next
Wednesday in the Ilcllcvuc-Stratford.
Sixth Meeting of Class Chaperoned liy Mrf.
Edward Troth, Was Held Last Night.
The Dancing Class chnpeioned by Mrs. Ed
ward Troth, which meets in tho Germautown
Cricket Club, held Its sixth meeting last night.
The members include a number of the fceason's
debutantes, as well ns those who are already
out, among whom are Miss Margaret Crulce,
Miss Elizabeth L. 11. llrowster. Miss Eleanor
Noble, Miss Iteba Duhrlng, Miss Dorothy Difcs
ton, Mlsu Mary Boyd, Miss Josephine Dodgo,
Miss Kathleen Dennlston, Miss Leanorn Dennis
ton, Miss Margaret C. Fox, Miss Lola I). Field,
Miss Dorothea ObertcutTcr, Miss Elizabeth
Ualo Obertcuftcr, Miss Fiances S. Mears, Miss
Louisa Itodgers.
Miss Isobel M. HodgerB, Mlsi Hubcrta I'ot
ter. Miss Katharine Potter, Miss Helena S.
Iloblnson, Miss Isabel It. Stoughton, Miss
Frances Stoughton, Miss Edith M. Sinythe, Miss
LUcIa A. Warden, Miss Isabella Wadsworth,
Miss E. B. Watt, Miss M. 13. Atlee, Miss May
Butler, Miss E. J. Bean, Miss Eleanor Bisphnm,
Miss Mary Ballard, Miss Llllle Cdsfleld, Miss
Florence M. Dreer.
Mlsa Louisa Gibbons Davis, Miss Katharlno
Davis, Miss Llllle Dunn, Miss Eleanor Gardiner,
Miss Dorothy Foltz, Margaretta W.- Hobart.
Miss Ethel Hastings, Miss Marie Lorrlmcr, Miss
Mildred Longstreth, Miss Elizabeth P. Dallas,
Miss Edith L. Smith, MIbs Florence Shcppard,
Miss Anita Stetson, Miss Elizabeth MacCucn
Miss Elaine English. Miss Evallno Taylor.
Miss Marlon Taylor, Miss Eleanor Wood, Miss
Marlon Brooks Snow, Miss Anna Le Conto
Snow, Miss Elizabeth Grammer, Miss Caroline
I. Brlnton, Miss Anna B. Brlnton, Miss Eleanor
Porcher, Miss Blanche M. Patterson, Miss
Emily Wagner and Miss Christine Itehn.
Before the dance. Dr. and Mrs. Georgo A.
Cameron entertained at dinner In honor ot
Miss Dorothy E. FolUi debutante daughter of
Dr. and Mrs. J. Clinton Foltz. Tho guests In
cluded Miss Helena S. Rnblrson, Mlsa Frances
L. Stoughton, Miss Edith N. Smytho, Paul L.
Tiers, Edward Stoever, Herman Beyer, Jacob
nicgcl, Jr.
Miss Elizabeth MacCuen Smith, of 218 West
Chelten avenue, Gcrmantown, also entertained
at dinner.
Mrs. John Hastings, of Montgomery and Penn
avenue, Bryn Mawr, gavo a dinner In honor of
her debutante daughter. Miss Ethel Hastings.
Miss Anna Sharplesa Taylor, of Cedron,
Indian Queen lane, returned Thursday from
Flttsfleld, Mass., where ahe was the guest of
Mrs, Herbert Cassard for several days. MJsa
Taylor's engagement has recently been an
nounced to Mrs. Cassard's nephew, Frank
i.h Wallace.
Mrs, 'lllam Flndlay Brown, of 21 Summit
avenue, who '.. -oendlng several days In New
York, will return U today. Mrs, Brown will
entertain at dinner lufo." ha weekly dance at
the Philadelphia Crleket Cltr .
Mrs. A. Miller Boyd, of 4328 Larcnwobu ave
nue, gave a luncheon and linen ehower forahr
niece. Miss Frances Talt Mulr, daughter of
and Mrs. E. Stanton Mulr, 2113 North 2d street
whoae engagement to Howard W. Gross, of
Audubon, N. J was recently announced.
Among tho guests' wero Mrs. Charles McHara
her, Mrs. E. S. Mulr, Miss S. Talt, Mlsa Edith
M. Talt, Miss Nellie J. Straley, Miss Gertrude
B, Mulr, Miss Margaret Talt, Miss lluth M.
Boyd and MUs Helen T, Boyd
Miss Mario Green, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Delaplalne Green, of 241 South 15th street,
entertained ot brldgo yesterday afternoon In
honor of Mlis Katbertne Seeler, who celebrated
her 16th birthday. The affair was given as a
surprise to MUs J3eeler. The guests Included
Mlsa Marian Clark, Miss Ethel Hyde, Miss
Gladys McCowen, Miss Janet Young, Miss Eliz
abeth Bchoenley, Miss Dorothy Malllson, Miss
Virginia Pedrlpk, MUs Esther Beers, Miss Mar.
garet Bauers, Miss Katherlne Marsh, Miss Mary
Plhausen, MUs Marian Davis, Miss Emily Ful
mer, Miss ElUabeth Custer, MUs Edith Brooks,
Miss Constance Bchell, MUs Esther Johnstone,
Miss Beatrice Whiteside, MUs Margaret MoKee,
Miss Helen Weymann, Miss Sarah Butorlous
and MUs Gertrude Rowan. The table decora
tions were la Flak.
II m MsssiMssssMiWsHBsWWsMBSiiM.aBrTOP m m
Annual Luncheon of Hathaway Slinkpspcarc
Club Given Yesterday
Tho nnnual luncheon of ' tho Hathaway
Shakespeare Club took placo yesterday at tho
Normandle, at 2 o'clock, being picceded by a
roctptliin at 1.30 o'clock. The guests, who
numbeied 200, wcro received by tho olllcers of
tho soclcts', of which. Mrs. Joseph H. G. Mc
Allister Is president. Tho other' oltlccis nre
Mrs. Charles L. Lllngston, lco president; Mrs.
Malcolm 11 Ollphant, 2d vice president; Mrs.
William Chambers, secret y; Mrs. Frederick
Itapp, corresponding secietary, and Miss Lilly
It. Myers, trcasutcr.
Prof. Paul M Pearson gave an interesting and
inspiring talk, tnklng n his theme, "Tho Joy
of Living." The room, which contnlned 40
small tables, each seating 4 guests, and a large
tabic, was beautifully decorated In lavender,
pink and white. Mrs. Joseph Justice was chair
man of the committee which arranged the
Seated nt thn laro tablo wero Professor Ponr
son, Mrs. T. J. Elllnger, Mrs. James L. Glase,
Mrs. J. II. Lo-ett, Miss Mary E. Honey, Mrs.
Cclln. Wnldlo Nelms, tho guest of honor, and
Mrs. I. II. O'ltann, president of tho State Fcd
ciatlon of Women's Clubs. '
Tho former pieslilents of tho club who wero
present Included Mlsa Mary S. Ingram, Mrs.
Joseph W. Kenworthy, Mrs. E. F. Itobcrts, Mrs.
Arthur H. McOwen, Mls-j A. It. Murphy, Miss
C. J. Nelms, Dr. Emily W. Wyoth, Mrs. Will
iam Klrby, Mrs. Joseph Yerkes and Mrs. P. C.
Mrs. Eugene du Tout will give a tea at Pelle
port Thursday afternoon, February 4, In honor
of Mrs. Orville Ollphant. Mrs. Ollphant la a
prominent antl-surnglet of New Jersey, and
on the evening of the same day she will ad
dress a moetlng in tho drawing room of the
New Century Club. Her BUbject will be "Why
Women Do Not Need tho Vote."
Colonel and Mrs. Edmund G. Buckncr have
Issued Invitations for a dance Friday evening.
Febiuary 5.
Mrs. Frank Garrett baa Issued card! for a
tea Wednesday. February 3, for Mrs. Morton
THAT tho train as a necessary adjunct to
the evening gown has had Its day has been
amply demonstrated during the last week, for
at no other time have so many short dancing
length frocks been worn! and even nt such
formal affairs as the Assembly and the opera
tha trained gown Is no lousier do rlgueur.
Mrs. Gardner Cassatt wears one of tha new
wide skirts most successfully. Her frock,
which Is worn barely to tho ankles, Is of very
pale peach-blow pussy willow taffeta. The
bodice Is qulta snug, trimmed only with bands
of fur over tha shoulders and folds of chif
fon outlining the decolletage. The skirt Is
bell shaped and without trimming.
A handsome gown of Nlle-green satin with
i overdress of crystals Is worn by Mrs. Ed
wiui' T. Stotesbury. Tho bodice Is softened
by 's of tulle. Mrs. Anthony J, Drexel
Blddle' 'urs a becoming and unusual dancing
frock of , Ist-blue chiffon oyer satin. A tunlo
of crystals f'th rich Oriental coloring forms
the overdress. Tho skirt Is quite short and
fu' ' ,.
A glrlUh dress of" 'white crepe da chine with
a full accordion-Pleated klrt Is worn by Mlsa
Mary Evelyn Chew. The., -skirt has a short
tunlo of 'the material, whlOir-SfljUo plaited,
and the bodice Is cut high In thi back and
shaped to a V In front. I(
Miss 'Marls Louise Wanamaker ft wearing
a becoming frock of white satin glrllily sim
ple and nntrlmmed with a scarf ot tultl draped
over the shoulders.
MUs Fforenca Eheppard, daughter oft Mr.
at-d Mw. A. Maxwell Sheppard, wears a sfun.
nh evening gown of deep blue velvet, 'the
ski t Is cut short for dancing, and U ratbt
a .. LH. ,.. ...Ill fa nta,!. M (.Vllffftn rt f
tha fame shade, with flowing sleeves of the J
Stone Harbor Yacht Club anil Pennsylvania
liarge Club Will Give Dances
Tho Stono Harbor Yneht Club will give Its
annual danco and card party nt the Hotel
Adelphla Friday evening, February 12. Theso
nffnlis nio always a great success, and It Is
expected that the ovent given this year will
ecllpso those given befoto.
Tho committee of the Ladles' Auxiliary of
tho Stono Harbor Yacht Club having the cards
In chnrgo are Mrs. A. Colburn, chairman; Mrs.
B, J. Anchor, Mrs. J. M. llx, Mrs. C. A. krouse,
Mrs. W. C. McCaughan, Mrs. Matilda Murphy,
Mrs. J. J. Obcrholtzer, Mrs. B. P. Iltsley and
Mrs. William Itichlor. Among tho door man
agers will be William Morgan Montgomery.
John Nelson Dick, Henry W. Monde, Andrew
Botto, William Wunder and C. Norvlllo Baker.
Tho members of tho Pennsylvania Bargo
Club will hold their midwinter danco at tho
clubhouse, Falrmount Tark, on Saturday eve
ning, February 6 Tho committee In charge
include Hnny J. McCalty, chairman; Gustavo
S B. Jaeger, Jr., and Samuel W. Huey.
Mrs. George W. Fields, of 2S2S South Clove
land terrace. In tho Glrnrd Estato, will enter
tain next Wednesday afternoon. Tho guests
will play "COO" and a buffet luncheon will bo
served. They will bo Mrs. Wade, Mrs. Duffy,
Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Harvln
son, Mrn. McLaughlin, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. George
W. Fields, Mrs. Flnex and Mrs. Leffcrts.
Miss D. M. Bronnan, 1701 Porter streot, Glrard
Estate, entertained at a delightful luncheon,
followed by a "500," yesterday. Tho guests wero
Miss J. Murphy, Miss E. Murphy, Miss J.
Buehler, Miss L. Hand, Miss A. Hngerty, MUs
C. Uhle, Miss A. Utile, Miss I. Weeks, MIsm D.
Vance, Mlsa M. H. Foster, MUs A. Sullivan ana
MIsa L. M. Sullivan.
Miss D. M. Brennnn will ba nt homo Infor
mally op Wcdncadays In February. No cards.
Miss Marguerite Connolly and Mlsi Pcrcla
Connolly, of 3J3 Tnsker streot, have Just re
turned from n fortnight's visit to Pottsvilie,
where they were the guests of Mrs. Mary
Pholan. Several very delightful affairs were
given In their honor during their visit.
name soft material. The square-cut neck Is
filled u with white tulle, and tho entire gown
Is devoid of trimming, which makes It, one ot
unusual grace and simplicity.
Miss Elizabeth Smith also wears a charming
frock of white taffeta, made with a circular
eklrt, quite short for dancing, and with hero
nnd thero a red rose around tha bottom of
tho skirt. A cape effect at the waist, with
more red roses, gives It a very quaint look,
while the waist Is simply made of the taffeta
and white chiffon. With this charming cos
tume Miss Smith wears red slippers and stock
ings, which effect, with the white gown. Is
most becoming to her blonde beauty.
Miss Katharine Potter looks well In an eve
ning dress of black net and chiffon. The skirt
Is dancing length, over which Is quite a long
tunlo of chiffon edged with fringe. A deep
girdle of black sequins, having a basque effect,
adds to the grace of the gown, while the
very short sleeves are made of white shadow
lace, and the V-neck Is filled In with white
Mrs, Caroline Murdock, of IUverton, N, 3.,
wears a very attractive dance frock of pink
chiffon and shadow lace. The skirt Is mad
of three flounces of the lace over pink and
Is cut dancing length. Hanging from tha
shoulders to the knees Is wide shadow lace,
fprmlng very graceful sleeves, from under
which can be seen a wide pink satin girdle. The
waist Is made up of chiffon and lace, with a
square-cut neck. With this graceful gown
Miss Mqrdoak wears silver cloth slippers and
Mrs. Thomas Itldgway wears a charming
little frock of white mousieilne de sole with
u girdle of pale blue satin, which is made with
Ntn overskkt of white and black tulle.
l'holo hf I.V4UI Stutlio
Mi.3 Duck is the daughter of Mr. and Mm. J. C.
Buck. She nude her debut last season.
biimiysidc Day Nursery Will Do Dansunl's
Beneficiary February 6.
Thoro will bo u tho dansant nnd moving pic
tures at Ilortlcultuial Hall on Saturday after
noon, February C, from 3 until 0:30 o'clock, for
tho benellt of tho Sunnysldo Day Nuisory, 1211
Thompion street. Mary Plckford will bo shown
In "Lena nnd tho Ueoso;" also "Alice In Won
tleiland" and other fascinating reels for tho
"Tho Valley of tho Mcuse," hand colored, and
other reels of Interest will bo shown for tho
grownups. Thero will ba oxhlbltlon dancing
and also competltlvo dancing, when silver cups
will bo contested for by members of the danc
ing classes, under tho pationago of Mrs. Charles"
Stewart Wurts, Mrs. S. Naudaln Duer, Mrs.
Daniel S. Hutchinson, Mrs Horatio G. Lloyd.
Mrs. William West Frnzler. Mrs. Sydnoy
Thayer, Mrs. Stacy B. Llojd and Mrs. Charles
Winter Bally, Tho ofllrer." and managers of
tho day nursery Include Mrs. Esther Lloyd,
presldont; Mrs. Theodora Culor Patterson, 1st
vice president; Mrs. Wnlter C Janney, 2d vlco
president; Miss .Marlon Butler, 3d vlco pies
Ident; Miss Kdlth C. Collins, treasurer; Miss
Josephine F. Howell, Kcerctan ; Mrs. Samuel
T. Bodlne, Mrs. J. Emott Caldwell, Mrs. John
Gilbert. Mrs. Harold W. How. Mrs. William
A. Liebcr, Mrs Hownrd Loiigstrfth, Mrs. Wal
tor C. Mcllvnlne, Mrs, W. Logan MneCov, Mrs.
Otto T. Mallory. Mrs. John II. Maxwell, Jr.,
Mrs. Frederick W. Morris, Jr., Mr-.Cnrroll B.
Nichols, Mrs. Wllllnm Paul O'Neill, Miss Syd
ney H. Bogers, Mrs. Dorothy M. B. Smith and
Mrs. William Twclls Tiers.
To aid the Children's Homeopathic Hospital,
Franklin, Thompson and 8th streotB, Madame
Yager, Miss Eugenia B. Scott and J. Val
Bryan will give a epneert, followed by dancing,
on Thursdny, February 11, In arlfllth Hall, 1)20
Chestnut street. The progrnm will Includo so
lections by Madame Yager, prima donna
soprano; Oswuld F. Blake, tenor; Mrs. E. C.
Chew, Mazle nenouf, Mae F. Jackson, sopranos;
William Uncles, S. B. Aahbrook, bassos; IJpsal
Musical Club and tho Falrmount mandolin
orchestra. Miss Ethel Firman will be. the no
companUt. Tho patronosses Include Mrs. Ellis
Glrard Ingram, Mrs. Charles S. Hlllman. Mrs.
James Newman Carter, Mrs. Edward T. Law
rence. Mrs. Charles Farnum, 2d, Miss M. Gar
rison Barnard, Mrs. Robert Scott, Mrs. AVIll
lam P. Falrmnn, Mrs. William II. Blester, Mrs.
Charles Emory Frlcke, Mrs. Robert C. Geddes,
Jr., Mrs. David Blsley, Mrs. Samuel Jtltiier
and Miss Grace Lowber Tcrnpl.
MUs Adelaide Connelly entertained the
members of her bridge club yesterday afternoon
at her home In Oak Lane.
Mrs. George Potsfleld will leave this after
noon for Los Angeles, accompanied by her
son and daughter. Jack Potsfleld and Miss
Virginia rolsfleld.
Mrs. Miller, Sr., of 6318 North Park avenue,
will entertain the members of the Nelghbqr
hood Club at her home Monday. Slio will ba
assisted In receiving by Mrs. Edwin Waller,
Mrs. Howard Miller and Mrs. Meyer, The
members present will Includo Mrs. C. W. Van
Arlsdalen, Mrs, B, G. Hltcbner, Mrs. A. XV.
Dudley, Mrs. II. N. Thlssl, Mrs. Bateman
Saddlngton, Mrs. E, B. McCall, Mrs. A. E.
Tarkor, Mrs. Frederick Fretach, Br., MUs
Matilda Wlrth, Miss F, Fretsch, Jr., Mrs, Will
iam Robert, Sr Mrs. William Robertson, Jr.,
Mrs. Reeves, MUs Cora Reeves, SIis. J, A.
Parker, MUs Kathryn Parker, Mrs. Bates,
Mrs. Owen I Tat ten, Mrs. Peters, MUs Laura
Peters, MUs Cella Peters, Mrs. C. FUn, MUs
Sara Topham, Mrs. Eugene Klehl, Mrs. J. V.
C. Klehl. Mrs. A, K. Moerk, Mrs. H, B. Neu
hauser, Mrs. S. Hupsberser. Mrs. Trautmgn,
Mrs. George Ochse, Mrs. Herbert Maxnor, Miss
a race Parker, Mrs, Buz, Mrs. Albert Geo and
Mrs. Pancoast.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W, Smith, of S
Dudley avenue, are receiving congratulations
on the birth of a daughter, Priscllla Smith.
Mrs. Alfred Badh, of West Baltimore ave
nue, Is spending several weeks In Atlantic
Mr. and Mrs. Frederiok X Supples, of Lans
downs court, ara receiving congratulations on
the birth of a, son.
TltnitM will bo sovcrni luncheons, thealro
rattles nnd dlnnofB today for the debutahlea,
Mrs. William J. Hcrrlll, of JlaVerford, -writt
glvo n luncheon at the Bellevue-8trB,tfordi fol
lowed by a theatre party In honor of Miss Jean
Morris Llllle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. twls
I.nilo, Tho guests will Include Miss Lucia A.
Wnrdon, Miss lluth Mann, Mlsu Anna Mary
Wallhour, Miss Charlotte Fahncstoelc, M(s
Katharine Tcmicy, Miss Elinor Juan Bean, MUs
Roberta 11, Downing, MUs M, Arlean Milter.
Miss Sophy Heberton Blipham, daughter of
Rov Clarence Wyatt Blspham and Mrs. Bisp
hnm, will be guest of honor at n breakfast and
matinee to be given by Miss Clara Amy WlllltS
nt her home, 4103 Spruco street. The guests
will be fiom the debutante set, and will In
clude Mis- Dorothy Do Haven Deacon, MUs
I-nbcl Itodgers, MUs Harriet Uowmrtn Leaf
Mlfis Mildred Marstou Jack, Miss Edith liar
rold ailllnBham, Miss Mary Hall Laird, Miss
Lindsay Sattcrflold, Miss Ellen Adair Orion,
Miss Margaretta Wyixtt Blspham nnd Mrs. Bisp
hnm. Mrs. Alexander J. Caenatt and Miss Lolrt Cia
salt, of 202 West Rlteenhouso Squire, trill ert
tcitain for tho third tlmo tonight nt Informal
dancing. These Hffalra have bean most enjoy
able, well nttended nnd looked forward to by
nil. Many dinners will precede.
Miss Jean Newbold Thompson, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson, will ba guest
of honor at a dinner to bo given by Mr. and
Mrs. Lewis Nollson. There will bo 14 pres
ent, mainly fiom the debutante set.
Miss Eleanor Doyle, of 3538 North Broad
street, entertained her card club yesterday
afternoon. Tho guests Included Miss Margaret
Carroll, MUs Mlldrpd Hudson, MUs OenovlAJ
Carroll, Miss Phllnmcna Klauder, MUs Mar.on
Garwood, Miss Eleanore O'Brien, Miss Hen
rietta Rellly, Miss Elma Wlndith, Miss Mar
guerite Carroll, Mrs. Charles O'Brien, Mrs. Vin
cent Mngeo.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo R. Stephens gave an In
formal dance last night at their home, 1911
North Park avenue. Their guests wero Mr.
i and Mis. Halyard Smith, Mr, and Mrs. Charles
Collier, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ferrahd and
Dr. nnd Mrs. Charles Wlttc, of Palmyra, N. J.
Mrs. Rex Stackhouse, of 1813 North 22d street,
was hostess at a card party on Friday nfter
noon, when her guests wero Mrs. J. Durbln
Acker, Mrs. Lee Eastburn, Mrs. Scott, Mrs.
Charles Branch, Mrs. Russell Wilson, Mrs.
Georgo Thompson. MUs Isabel Hall, Mrs. U. 3.
Smith, Miss Grace do Zone, MUs Selma Strauss
arid Miss Helen da Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Foster entertained,
at cards, followed by supper, Inst night, at
their homo, 2340 West Tioga street. Their
guests wero Mr. and Mis. William P. Squibb,
Mr. and Mrs. John Allen, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.
Ell wood Wick, Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Barros,
Mr. and Mrs. Vol Iter, Mr. and Mrs. Edward 13.
Davis, Jr., Mr. and Mis. Harry Hague, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Rlttmhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Hnrry
Itosenheln, Sir. 'and Mrs. Balr, Mr. and Mrs.
Burt LuKens, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dlttnian,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Iloiace Klelnfelder and Mr, and
Mrs. Maurice Burkhardt.
MUs Esther Eckel, of 1233 West Allegheny
avenue, entertained at "600" last night The
game was followed by a supper. Her guists
wero Miss Laura Firth. Miss Beatrice Car
man, Miss Marian de Bi(rlo, MUs Eleanor
Alsop, MUs Margaret Williams, Edward
Graham, Joseph Clausen, Jack Osman, George
Gravcnstlnc, Jack Harrlgan and William
Dr. and Mrs. Ollvor T. Hendren, of 6S15 nidge
avenue, are giving an old-fashioned game party
this afternoon for the little friends of their sop,
Oliver T. Hendren, Jr., In celebration of his
birthday anniversary. The, decorations and
favors nre p(uk, carnations being the lowers
used. In addition to tha pink shaded candle,
a small pink candlestick, holding a pink candle,
has been placed at each plate. The guests In
clude Mnry Robinson, Mary Renz, Emma Rob-
lnson, Edith Robinson, Josephine Busslnger,
aeorge Steele, Georgo Guyer, Edwin Green,
Spencer Smith, Andrew Robinson, Robert Rob
inson, James Fleming, Albert Fleming and Jota
Mr. and Mrs, William Kuhn. Jr., of North
Mh street, will be guests tills evening at the
home of Doctor nnd Mrs. Manning; 1327 Mor
ris street. Mr. and Mrs. John D, Clark, Everett
C, Clark, Abram Hackman and Amelia Man
ning will also be Included among- those pres
ent. The Franklin Pinochle Club met this week
at the home of Arthur Gallagher, 2404 Rhawn
street. The members Include P, McKearney,
Benjamin Johnson, Charles Letters, John
Law lor, James Lawlor, Joseph Hughes and
William Hlrl. There were two quests ot
honor, Michael C. Madonne and Antonio I,.
XV, Carunchlo. A spaghetti supper followed the
lUlJi At tlie card party which Mrs John G.
neck and MUs Dorothy Fleck will give TUfS
day afternoon at the Cynwyd Clubhouse, they
will be assisted in receiving by Mrs, Philip
Boeder and Miss Virginia Boeder- The othr
guests will be Mrs. Charles Reese, Mrs, Tam
tam Johnson, Mrs. Alexander Schrleber, Mr.
Elmer Troth, Mrs. Thomas Walker, Mrs. Will
iam Butler, Mrs. Archibald Qardner,,Mrs Kenrj
Bamdt, Mrs. Leonard a o ebb els.. Mrs. L- Plck
on, Mrs. William P. Potts, Mrs. Samuel Frenob,
Mrs. Thomas Armstrong, Mrs. U Weihetft'
mayor, Miss Adelaide Frollck. Miss Beatrice
Carman, MUs Elizabeth Grlscom, Miss Offtrudu
Bchler. MUs Margaret Williams, MUs Mtljred
Livingston, MUs Gracp Fulmar, Mlsi Laura,
Furth. MUs Ellso Roberts, Miss Mabel lleacoclt.
Mea Agnes Hugerty, MUs Gladys HeaqocU.
Mrs. Stanton McMullln, Mrs. Henry Hickman.
Mrs. Arthur King, Mrs. David McCoa-ch. Mrs,
Frederiok Kotte, Mrs. George Keeblar. Mis A,
Dickson, Miss Hthel Coombs nd J. King YiiiK
Miss Bthei Porter, of New York, Wha Iie lVW
vUitlng Miss Katharine Hunslckor. of if tats
read, will be the guest next wtek o Ml
Manlttee Staudt, of SOl-h and Spring 4tt
Ma time.