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12 '
Signs Two-year Contract to
Play for St. Louis Was
1914 World's Series Hero.
Mas Splendid Record.
Weightman Hall Will R
Scene of Good Basketball
ame 1 omght Dancing
loronow Contest.
NEW VOnK. Jnn 30 -James A. Oil
Wore, president of tho Federal t,eiiEii!,
declares that the imfc-pcm ruts vviint iioili
Ins more fiom rrwitilreil hnrcuitll tlmn to
bo let alone. l'"l',h!lng Jim lilt llronilivuy
In the enrly rnornlnu; hoirs Jpsterday,
Almost befoio Iip hitil tlma to tnkc oft
hi cent he had slKiied Clint lie Deal, hhIj
itltuto third sucker or the woilil's eliuiii
JJiOii Hrnves and ln-iu or the lute vvoiltl's
verles, to u two-) cur runtiui't fur Fielder
Junes' St. Louis club.
'Fighting" Jim Ollmoro Is tired of war
fare The picsldrnl of the l-'ederul
I.c.igue, Upon his nrilval here yesterday,
lost no time In declaring Hint lie icallzeil
as well us anybody elise Hint lllliiutliin linU
done much tu hurt the national mime.
"Our position In brliwlni,' the Clilcaitu
suit hns been misinterpreted by u portion
of the public." said Mr. Ollmnre. "W
are not trying to Inc utse lesul proceed
ings in rcsrnru to niiHPlmll, but, on thu
contrary, we nre trjlim to slmpliry nml
shorten the court eml of. the pastime by
having a single JtuUe pass upon nil the
points nt Issue Imitond ot litivInK each
fought out separately In the arious cities
of our cltcults."
MACrt.V, li. Jan. :io -The Ions or Charles
Deal the Hoston Hrinca' third tinecmati, re
ported to havo lKmd with the federal
l-ecgu" will not vve.iken the team, Ceorsc T.
Slalllnsrs. manager eoI.I hero lift nlKht.
"We offered l)eal a revv . oitr.ict i.n tha
same lcnns under rthhli hi paved last vonr,"
aid KtnlUnsB. "It was o, tlnnal with him
whether lie would oontlnuv with us cr Join
the Federals."
Ktalllngi anKcrted Hihi I rt tie Matin, the uiit
fleit.er. was the onl phiver now who hud not
signed a new conitri. t
NEW YoniC. Jin 10 I'resli'tnt WinCim V.
naXor, pf the t'hilth-s wu eluded tor rovcrnl
hours with Jnmes I" i n.lnry hut the twu
were unable lo ttnrh a I ral ccttlLiunt nr
the trade for Hhtiwoo.l X.n lee Mr. bakir re
trUid crialFn.on ir tieat . Initlv with a iiuiii
ber of the Eravct Il. is r unMmis to se
cure talent rather than .mi um solute lor the
lois of hla alUKBlng omncl !r.
Falkenuerir will nnl so tu thr Tip Top!", "If
Lr aiogeif says that Fnlkenlerg q to plav
with his -club ho is inlatal.cn," deilared 1111
more. According to the Keilvr.il 1-cague chief, Wal
ter Jolimmn In to Ret K'J.SIO a eur tloni
Washington under hl new contract.
The Federal !. ensue Intend i to har the it
gllCSS. tnlh ear f.nrl wl'I mil nrMnun I,.. ....I....1
ule until the Nitlornl .md American t.engu-n
rave made ptibllr tl'elr'l'st of parrra. In so
far as t-i in!,bje tho Fei'trals will endeavor
to avoid ronltlrts
eJJm, McOrory. the former central High
School bnseball team catcher la the talei-t
scholastic star in -ecure a chrtn e to make
good In the mafnr hanc Mcfliorv ha Hlgrrd
a contract to pla with the Cln-tnnatl team.
...""v National teasue. and wll go South
with the PiVk on February 2B,
Jffii,A.NT0.Nl r"" Jp" ''"-Pete rieary. the
smallest and l.eat umpire In the State 1-oikuo
Er ' wst forr vrar. anrounced vesterdav
that ha hj icssrnl hli berth In the Tarreli
fv.'IF'"!' -tr ''I!"' a J?b 'eilliia; out Ocljlnns In
tie Intcrmtlonal r eocue Hn win cet the
plate- i aoo ted by DPI. Nallln of this cltv. who
recently landed a berth In tho American
l,A?lQlXNrrn jBn -TO-Harrv Wels-r.
1.. .rL'i" faro'tna A-.-oc!otl n In hittinc
S.i; S, 1l ""SClf'1 n'1t're frni F'reHl.'ent
SSS ?f.tnf fh'IMcs. etcrday to re-ort to
that eltih In Phllar-elr hla on February 2.-,, pre
pared to accompany the team on the sriflnB
training trip to St. retersburB. Fla
ih'ilS0, JrHn "0 -Pmlfent John-on. of
Vorfc ?!lV"' LeaKUe '" Jesterday for New
i.L. whcr.l h0 eP-cta to makp flnal arrange,
menu for the transfer of the Farrell hmdlnsa
Sea?." lr?J c.I.?b ,0 il,e nuwert-Huston iyn
Se ?i, . He ,,m rpmln fr tho prlnS meeting
of the league next Wednesday. '
mmI.'i?!'1 J"n '10-Jorh Pcore. termed the
luckl-t man It, laeeb.ill" becaiifo of lis
connection with the New York Cljnta and
if.M,iein.l'Jh!' ,iOS""1 Vrve" ""'"I each team
2rvi'rCitr.d a world's champion-hip. waa
atfinai, ?S5SSIiy?" re,e"a6 "y ,he t'0!10
ralTHwKiifSio"i? '""; "-V- nuttB' '
eraij will go Into Hcrlnc tralnini; at the Fnl-
ttrtK;t!lL,",b"1 Kro,ln,'s """Mar",
o. according to announcement eeterday
TMlSWnrTh? JSni. -I? -f resident David I,.
fTlltz. or the naeeball Plaiers' Fraternity mi
nounred yesterday that I s not likely' tbi t
thl ISn"rn'i??,!i0n ?f."aJ" would "pnroveof
it.nPI n?I."5n of, "T American Aaioclatlon
fin" & JSAl-f ICagU! B'nJ'"S by .Irop.
volleyball learn, of this city, i,w the un
disputed champion of HelawarJ. New Jwwy
and Ppnnavlvanla. and will In trie near futfi?n
the acoreV MS' Sl-ff SlnnVsTA l' A'
-5?J?FJS w e1.'.1 be ,he .rs anniversary of tho
iSif H!2.ot ,he 5"w w" Branch ltullillrieT
?nriom 5nr-alc.k "J"? eronded Into th audi
torium an enthuslastlo group of men and
women to hear the addresses and other "eser
;s ,'nc dent to a dedicatory program. Wrtve
t?brate P"""1 "d nw niwnbra aro t
..The addreaa or the aflenuon will bn de.
1 vercd by Rev. Fdw. II Umett. formerly Hi.
lielous J-ork Secrelarv of Us Anielfs yc"l
Ph. a"?1"1"' to "nillv- Sunday. Tnnli it
will b"S,.fd"" tan',"t ot ie aato..atlo,i
renrVi v" w,m,mnB team will co to
i1,r!i X- M.c. A Thursdar nltrht.
r 7 ?Z .'". InKln1, forward to th- picas
Utr.fJ ""talnlna his father on Saturday
venlns- February 11. at West Prancli '
.J:rY"v ,2- ,h9 dormitory men will be tha
heats In a popular Lincoln birthday banquet.
WfHha'S, night- 'heir two victories' over
Wyndham breaking the lie with the TUer;
AB!uy?1c.r" nlt ,hf ."'" In record-breaklne
m5,.Bn',","r "n their performance with a
1014-oln actri. Plratea won three traUht
Iv"!' SSS.lhYt,Si El-?han,t..nth la", one
. n,El? pin .fl'l" Knox's mlia of the
Si--.1, l!?.."' Hl frame giving tho chant.
Pi 22 "'(W"16-. "Jonah" the flnal match, RK)
i? ?S'i. ThS 01anJ? iim .raade s- elean sweep
.'?t,l"ok2.m ,ne "'"' In old-time form,
f j'"" In his first, Sit In tha second rmi
?im !? tntrd. tor a arand total of B.V3 pins
In nut threa carnea. r
.iS,?Va.r!.lSri'Ea"'.d ,hu,,r Ic?d ln Casino Sec
tion i' last night, by three victor es over their
nenrest rlyals. tho Nearside squad. Ac lies
rolled well, but could only win the first Vivo
f?I"f" i'"1.?. Brnwn-Mnors. tha latter taking
.. ... n..ii a. w vvure rvfio aept un their
HuHns iirrak with three strahtht vlrtorles
;pm Bansirs. Walton made a record for
UW,,,vf. by '"sin" ' "tralaht aames from
JvintUUl. tlireo in a noitooned series and three
Moore, rolled the hlahest s'nsle same of tho
Blaht a W acore- in h i third ame.
In io ,Curtli I4k.i. raatcbea rolled on Ter
nOnal allj. last unlit. Journal Press, the
leaders took two samea out ot three from
tHnit t-rtaa tnginaeilna was In form, making
a eleaa sweep o- llielr sunea with Gallery,
Cotor Pre and Deck Eusravlna; won two ou
v 'usv w-M.u iv,ti kn ui.iitm ana uompoel
'"".. " mi. auu viiDr eaLlv
HAJtMONTON. N J Jan W.-In the third
vaiie of the rlu between the Atlantic city
iMjwline team and tha lUuituonton Aod and
Oun Club team, nlayad lure. Atlantis plt
won a, tfcoiut vi.tor afitr a weJl-vonited
nrna. Malta et Atlantic City, inada tho
P&ouinenai rut, at Htl uoLats Huh aaora, ooa
fame, u I II lama, 35. high si-ora, ftvo snx.
alni, 4177
ti?NJrtS?-A!1,tn.S0Unt,,Oo1 &?
sisndavlllt T?., won tba Svslty South hacifl
ci ycutfJay tUi3 tba Uisi toot In th
JJ rri ih irf tmudluio baa tn con
Wsdad. t tiuUiu, kiXLli,s from tha Jtl-yarU
wirST took S7 oul of loUuriM.
.i in (u.r CH (UBa Club raw J-firm?
.a (.in 111 pragtirm. ave tba rang at ItlC
utth Pv& sui sis &4rioti Brmiaa y
Jt.Jif mse
tfai mtjwrablm score 'lb
sfrtHll'aW&S Wfr
1 Uut sa
Gcruiau rfnic
ilia ixrfitWc Atortj lains UM,
g f it, sIiattta 4 Qe If lit iai 2T
hum MpH&t& fuk3 3W wMtuu ii
-.v. :;,:,!,. t.-- Wt COJliiVl Uii.W JfO'Jf 3j, tlv i
M& & '-
"". ; ! ") r. . ? f vAfHttG rue rcst op the
A Three and t- -,svl Ai? ,; f&
that TrtETRoru vw-?r ?&rl ' yy &j&SpQ3h'
Ijbe- i .swear rrj JW1 j ' g? y ert&r&('sW 0t-
ax w ri ty
IXK W 3 J 4 f 'IHE iAD ANiD WAM UTTLlf f
MATTER WHAT IHf WEATHER 1'2 ,T .5 So0p BRA.M EeRCtSE TRcTr? fiueSfcM ONt- Tha AEl't ER
Yes, Go Awny
Ach, what a day no cloud against tho
A vast blue dome to tjrect the cutjrr eye;
And here I sit within the tender sun
To toot again and eheer the winning inn:
Hack at my perch once more oil Hooters'
To thrill again at Wanner'a mighty blow;
Forgotten now dull lriiifcr' ndnosfiirre
Of Lawyer Squabbles and 0 legal smear,
Where in the gloiy 0 the swiitnicr day
Old Matty breaks the magic fatliaieuy,
Ami loud above the tumult and the rout
Hill Klein, thr dauntless, clamom "But
ter out"
ilnil ;ioib, from where he labors on the
The cunning Rudolph speeds the hunting
Where Doyle, free swinging with a mighty
Leans up against it with the ancient ash -On,
on It sails, as If flied from a Krupp
Don't wake mc up.
Any number of ball players are now
wintering in Florida. This Is another
Hlgn of arrant slavery. Only think of
the iioor p"oplo at Palm Jicach on a
Uuy like this!
Somo tiny wo hope to reach such lim
its of serfdom that wo will be driven by
somo heartlet-s slave muster into Flor
ida to spend January, February and
.March. But up to ditto theio Is prac
tically nothing doing in tills direction.
Missing a Million
Tho queer turns and shifts that
abound in sport liava been mentioned
before. But 0110 of the queerest to our
zigzag lino of thought is tho lack of
development among tho white heavy
weights of tlie flstlc enterprise.
A littlo more than 4 years havo
now passed since Jack Johnson do
throned Jim Jeffries at Itcno. It re
quired no expett prophecy of that
period to tell that tho first white heavy
weight able to step out and beat John
son had $1,000,000 In sight. Yet with
seven years to work on not a contender
has been developed worth ranking in
the championship class.
Sour Field
With iMi years to work in, look at
tho result Carl Morris, Jess Willard,
Gunboat Smith, Jim Flynn, Frank Mo
ran and Jim Coffey! Not a touch of
science or skill in the lot merely a vast
collection of human flesh and bone,
Coach Orton Put Jumper in Track
Because (Arthur Jack, one of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania's high Jumpers,
failed to improve properly In his special
event, Coach Orton Is now trying to
make a Iialf-mller out of him and with
fair prospects of success. Jack has never
done better than S feet 9 Inches consistent
ly. But he was a good half-mljer be
fore he entered college, and has been per
suaded to try middle distance running.
He Is working out dally with Meredith
and the other half-rollers, and has shown
such good form that he Is likely to rep
resent the University In some of the two
mile relays this winter.
ThB University's four-mils relay team.
consisting of Humphreys, Huston, Doraey
and Sweeney, left town this afternoon for
New York, where they will take part In a
four-mile handicap relay race tonight. As
a team tlieae men do not come up to the
Pennsylvania, standard, and they are ga
ins to New York largely for experience.
American Basketball Changes
AccordtajT to Secretary William Allan thsra
vv two cbauaea In the American ItaaUe t,.
katbait Mdu!a. tot neat vtealr tK North
PtuHiilpJaa. Y M A Holy Kama aii dua
fur Monday nUlu. baa bean transferred tu
Ft-biuar S. w bite tho St Anna-Warlck
same, suited for Wednesday will b ylavtj
e Monday Ig ccnactkn .,tb tba latter
saw th St. KlliiiUtii aod aaviirf- tumaj win
MS Uab. Q IS'sdnaadaif (Jlrard aod Ut
JWias M Mint N3atM jforttt 0idi-vbU-Koiy
waa rltna,
minus any of the ability or instinct
that once belonged to the old crop
Sullivan, Cot belt, Fltz and Jeffries.
Not 11 single first-class white heavy
weight has displayed his frontispiece
against tho llstic horizon in 12 years.
Any number of stars at lesser weights
havo come and gone, but In- tho one
field that would havo paid a cool mil
lion In letutn there lias been no entry
worth the name.
The Reason Thereof
The reason has been twofold. 1. Lack
of heavyweight material possessing the
fighting instinct. 2. Lack of proper
training and aggressive competition for
championship heights.
If Joss Willard had fought his way to
the front as Jeffries did there would
be no question today of Johnson's fate.
Hut AVlllnrd has been content to stall
along, lighting once a year or less,
whete lie might havo gathered in skill
and experience enough to bo one of
tho best uf tho game.
If some big, strong and shifty young
fellow of about 20 had started out in
thfc right way IVs years ago, thero
would Mion bo another millionaire
added to tho list. As it Is, Johnson may
havo to die of old ago befoto any of
tho present cheeho and prune, chal
lengers tiro lead' to push him aside.
For If Willard wins at Juarez it will
not be because Willard is any good, but
rather that Johnson has only been tot
tering on tho brink of tho dump, wait
ing for tho first shove.
Near Limerick
There tea? it young league called the
That advertised beer, fish and breads;
They aworo O. U.'s rlt'A
On the game was a cinch;
Did they ever tiy running tho Iledst
Thero was a time when ov.ery mag
nate in the land wns looking forward
with a mighty yearning" to April 11.
Tho season opens then but so does the
Old Bozo Bulger bumped into a friend
recently he hadn't seen for some time,
Tho friend's condition was pink, but
hardly mldseason form. "Drinking
anything?" inquired Bozo politely.
"Yes, anything." was the reply.
Tommy Coleman outpolnte.i Younc Urno In
the windun nt tho Quaker City Athlotlo Club
last nlKht before a crowd that packed the cozy
clubhousa to the doors
In tho semlvvlnd-un Jack 7Uc,l. the, Toleiio
heavyweight, stopped Yank ailbert ln four
rounds It vvoa a bard contest while It lasted.
Heed looked to be much heavier than Gilbert
Its had Yank pretty weak in tha first round,
and nearly all in durlns the second. But all
bert made a rally In tho third and had need
uobbllne on hla feet Both were bleodim; from
the noae and mouth In Ihn fourth. Heed
landed several swlnii to Yank"" law .and
Iteferea Welsh stopped the bout. Tommy Hud
son beat Tvrone Costello In a hard six-round
Haht. Costello havlne a Mb advantage In
welaht I'hll Wallace aave Eddie Dunn a
cood laclna. and Abe Sherman beat Youmt
Donovan In six fast rounds.
Oeorae Blackburn defeated Edttla Kolly and
won the diamond rlna In th 122-pound am
ateur boxlnr: tournament at tba Gaiety The
atre last nlKbt It took four round; to aaln
tha decision. The other bouts were; 110-nound
clsss-Vouna Stanley Ketibel knocked out
Yoiiiie Conway, one round: Eddie Ilerron beat
Javk IJster. three rounds: Io Kane beat
Tarry Clark, four rounds Eddie McUrldo de
feated Puagy Malone. four round".
BpSclal pout-llenry Shaklna, of the United
States battlealdb Hancock, knoeked out John
ny Murphy, ot ilia baltleablo Kentucky, three
WlKKKfi-HAlinB. Jan SO -Beunit
Kautman . f I'MUdelDhla? , beaten by
Toiy O'TooIt, ot thla elty, In Un rounds
Of hard rlKhllr.it here last nlnlit. Kaufman
ur .1'? iXk:y?i DT!'' t Una Inva
riably beat him. to the puncU.
NKW YOKKt Jan. SO. Teddy Jacob, sec
onded by his "beat Ktrl " knocked out Freddie
Itilss In tbe first round o( their bout at tha
t ii jacro A A last nlxbt. Tommy Lowe and
Harry Laoov drew u ten rounds.
NEW YOftK. ian SO At the Vanderbilt A
V In Brooklyn last olaht Youme Umbo and
Ilusby Roddeo bat tied 1m rounda to a draw
llanrv 'Ituwiiaj shaded Johnny Wuiilii la un
HtfW TORK. Jan w.
Ell itanlt atocmd
cUitn roaua at to
itumty ihwi tarter u
A game ot checkers by ninll, which
started last February, has Just been
completed. The contestants wcro
William .Htndler, of Five Points, and
i:. J. Davis, of Dublin. Five Points
and Dublin arc .small townships in
Pennsylvania. Tho playing was ac
complished by postal curds. Each
player had his own clii-ckei board,
which was numbered, and each in
formed the other of his moves by
Pride of League Island Will Appear
at National A. C.
Jack ("Hed") Keating, holder of tho
United States Navy heavyweight cham
pionship belt, which is on exhibition at
1-10 Chestnut street, will havo nn oppor
tunity to display his mettle bcroio Phila
delphia's llstic fraternity tonight. Ho
meets a good trial horse In Lengthy Kosen
in one of tho preliminaries at the National
A. O. tonight.
Tho husky sailor lad is under tho man
agerial advice of Hobby Calhoun, who also
held 11 navy title several years ago. He
Is 0110 of the most popular men connected
with tho Philadelphia Navy Yard. Cal
houn just now Is conceded to bo the best
announcer In this vicinity. Ho was tho
official announcer at tho National Club.
Motordrome nnd Pollc! Cm nival, rtob
also assisted In btlngliig out Sam Hobl
deau, nddlo Itevolrp and Ben Koch, each
ot whom served enlistments in tho "serv
ice." Owing to his Ilery thatch, Keating Is
called the "Red" Hope by his ninny ad
mirers. Keating, vvliosp iiniuo is C It.
McDennutt, Is a musician, and It ennnot
bo denied ho bus caused many n boxer to
danco to his music. Ho Is aboard the
United States flagship Alabama.
Keating Is forging sturdily ahead. Ho
Is an aggressive boxer and usually keeps
his man running and covering throughout
tho rounds. Ho seems to bo tireless,
bounding easily out of tho ring at tho
close, apparently as fresh as at the start.
Patsy Uriinnlgaii, the Pittsburgh vet
eran, will make his first appearance in
tho siiuarcd clrclo since defeating Johnny
Kilbaue. Tonight Pat will meet a clever
exponent of tbe llstic art In Kddio
O'Keefe, tho local clever boxer. '
The program follows:
Klrst bout Joe Itlchlc, Tieiilon, V8.
Frank Carllst. Trenton,
Second bout Leo Vincent, Southwark,
vs. Johnny Mealy, Southwark.
Third bout Jack Keating, United States
Navy, vs. Lengthy Itoscn, 'West Phila
delphia. Semlwlnd-up Hddlo McAndrews, Man
ayunk, vs. Harry Thomas, England.
Wind-up Patsy Brannlgati, Pittsburgh,
vs. Kddie O'Kcefo, Southwaik.
Popular Manager ilobby Galhqun
has been a very successful ban
dler of men. Keatinft fights to
night at the NattonarA C. He
has a gplendtd report and will
likely cause trouftc for his op.
ponent Calhoun besides being a
manager, is a' first.class In
As You Probably Kneaux
A certain youth named Hobtdeaux
Became a "pug," and straightway thrcuax
The "x" from off his name end;
So now he Is Sam llobidcau,
HVifcA doesn't spoil the sound, and scau
You say it with the same end.
Tho general inclination is for a
change in name when Fame comes
around, and Philadelphia's most per
sistent seeker for lightweight cham
pionship honors is no exception, save
that ho took something off instead of
adding- to It. Tho reason? Sam was
afraid if ho didn't lose tho "x" tho
! light fans would he sounding his name
J as though it rhymed with "dukes."
The DuelP
What is 11 gentleman's agreement?
President Tener, our late Governor,
says tho resorvo clause is to bo main
tained by tho Nationals under that
title, no matter what happens to it In
tho courts. Ah wo understand It n gen
tleman's agreement may ho to fight a
duel at sunrise, to split up tho profits
In a municipal contract, not to uso
more than four aces in a poker game,
or any ono of a dozen, nnd then some
other things. What, may wo ask, is a
baseball gentlemen's agreement?
This babbling fills us wlh fatigue
TVifs iletaiZ of the magnates' plans,
M'ho think their clumsy, bald intriguo
la what makes up a major league.
When others know if fs the fans.
All tho mandates of all tho magnates
on earth as to what constitutes a major
leaguo won't amount to n mound of
the vegetable that made Boston famous
without tho consent of tho man with
tho price of a bleacher seat, Tho fans
will support a team or they won't, "and
thoro's,"as Shakespcaro remurked, "an
end on't."
Inside Stuff
Perusal of tho Kveninci Id:nui:it's dis
patches under tho heading "Bits of
Horso Racing" yesterday gavo us a
brilliant ideu. Why not change tho
"Bits" to "Wits"? A New York sport
ing writer, it appears, announced a
meeting of tho Jockey Club, Ho prob
ably needed the money.
Has Won Three Straight Gnmea in
Grammar School League,
The McCall Grammar School la leadlngr tha
Grammar School Uasketball Leagua vvitli a
percentage of l.OOp. havlnsr won the three
H. I-rfiYlne
refereea the aamea.
The standing; of the league follotva:
HcCall School ,,,,
Hancock tichool ,f,
Campbell School,,
Durltam Gcltoot ,,
Practice School ,,,
Wilson School , ,,,
1'uo School .,,,,,.
nJJ,orJ'? ,VlMs- .fioee WlUtanJ cliamDlon of
Philadelphia, wl 1 mwt VlwlUa Levy in i
100-BOlnt match at iK lA6 JrOm MendJ J
nlRht I'ollowlnKttbj ,JbS fUvywiir iiavS
frdo De Ore fonrwr world's chaniDlon
I?t,hS, !00K,'t blocl5 f lD. Pocket billiard
match W deiide lb rl uUee In h- Phladel
phla htesue. last nluht at tha Knickerbocker
lorj. ir. Kalrer was tu winner, defeatluk:
p.aitar of Jackson'a "Q" rooma. 12t to T3
inakli.l the total acore ?00 lo 173, '
1? Nurthen defoaled W. KevlUe, IS to 63.
In vh nlteauth aame of the; first annual claai
amateur cockvt billiard tournament of the
Park roam.
AITOON'A. Pa.. Jan. SO.-Albert Cutler ana
.i w Cochran ploved a senai.onl blHUrd
natch hero last night, the former -wlnnluK. 00
to XSd. Forty-one innlims wars played. Coch
ran tylnsr the ijjoro in the 40th. JiU-h run
Cutler. 49. TSochran, 31
Horseman E. F. Clay Dies
I vtud K. Ian 80 Kiekial V (nay. a
meiulxr of 'he lluirouthUred boras ractrur flrul
v i- Uy brothers and reacted to be one of
the weulthtMl una in thU State, died at hla
country bom near lwre. jeaterday, ot htirt
filluta. lie u ti years oil-
What's tho Answer?
A six-day blko raco in Chicago gets
four lines In agate. Ban Johnson lets
out a blast, ln tho vernacular, and gets
40. Whaddo yuh mean reward of effort?
Just Like n Hub (Woodliko)
Hero's a Chineso idea of a golf
course. An lS-holo golf course ln a 40
acre tract is tho scream. Tho plan Is
to lay out 11 perfect putting green In
tho centro of tho land and place tho
18 tecs at varying distances, and at
different angles. Just llko the spokes
of a wheel. Can you Imagine tho gpec
taclo of IS foursomes approaching tho
same green from 18 different directions?
Wo can. Appalling! A real Chineso
puzzle, as it were. Not a bad idea, If
you havo lots ot friends.
Forthuhluvofmiko, didn't you know
that Metzger meant "butcher" in the
German tonguo? That's why Sol has
been making good as a football coach
nt West Virginia University? Got It?
This Is Worse-
If a Federal Leaguo of Billiard Play
ers wns organized would Willie Hoppc?
Braco Tip, Joe, Old Boy!
Tho report is being spread broadcast
that Joo ltivcrs, once considered u, con
tender for tho world's lightweight
championship, has lost his ucrvo and Is
a beaten man beforo ho enters tho ring,
When Joa first appeared on tho pugilis
tic horizon ho cut many wonderful ca
pers.. Ono good bit of punishment,
howover, took all tho confidence out of
h)m. Since then ho has been unablo to
do himself Justice. Ho has tho ability,
wo know, but the courage is sadly lack
ing. Tho idea of being knocked out by
Frankio Callahan must bo galling, yet
thero Is glory oven in defeat. If tho
licking works tho proper spirit, Joo
should again bo among the battlers for
tho crown. He has the quality. Let's
all encourage him,
Talk about Sphinx-like Bllcnce, how
about Judge K, M. Landls as tho cako
r-llW.IVn!M?r,t:,..I'a" Ja1; ?P--Tht Athletlo
Council of Swarthn-ore College yesterday,
f'jer officially announclnT the appointment of
Hllllam W. Jtoper aa the head football coach
for the season of IMS, also announced that
Clarence A. Weymouth, a Yalo graduate, had
been secured aa tha baseball coach this soring.
Along with Weymouth cornea Frank B.
Iletcher, a noted young baaeball player, vvhosa
business will allow him to accept a position
as assistant ltakAhnll fn.-i,.h th oJT.i. V'":i
KAHTON, Pa., Jan. 30.- In one of "he most
extiting ffnlahes seen for eomo time, the
BiiSKii' ic;'t; ,t- ; v""""a juii.
L.aiayeiie 'DasaetDail team was defeated by
Albright at Boston last night. ST to mT
Uvlaetto led at the end of the first half, JO
LONDON. Jan. 30..Ttfw.nMw nnt-ii.i.tn. i,.,u
of Oxford University men show that R2 of last
year's I'bluea" are now serving with the
if these soldier athlete. A N. S. Jackson
Ab"?Ki "" ' Pt kHovvnln
afmV- 'VflRVT IVav RA TJ. - .,.-
"7." ---r--- .-"" -m ,,uwiu, ilia
yordbam football star and captain it l t
years aUven. Is ruuldlv iral
for all-around athletics. Besides leading tha
pigskin i chasers and pitching ln leveral of the
lasoliall gamea held at Fordham last year,
AVymard la expected, because of his large bulUl
and physical condition, tr prove a strong con
tender for a position in the crew which tha
Maroon collegians are organizing.
NEW IIAVKN, Conn.. Jan. 30 Yala has
V.!1.?0 0a, "le Intercollegiate Association of
Athletics and the exchange of formalities nec
essary to the admission of the university Is
expected to tie perfected In a few days. Aa
Yale has been repeatedly urged to become a.
member it. Is net believed that the appllsa
tlon for admission will bet declined, although
Yale has held aloof from the association since
Its organisation nine years ago.
ANNVILVUft Pa.. Jan. SO.-Lbanon Vslley
College won its second game last evening when
Its live defeated the New York. University
team by the score of 38 to 19
Gillette Becomes CUfed
CHtCAOp. Jao SO, JSdmund B OUIetta,
former Wtssoasta tnlyerslty BlJ-arounil s,tt
Kte, Is to jola Ute ChUeds,
lnop-Swartlunoto . . it S! , "D B0nE4
ini2-sartlirnor0 ! 32 ?,,? Tn '
IS rennsJlvanS ; i
Tho most Interesting camo . I
tho intercollegiate championship ZM
ball series will b0 hela nt ' ?'kl
tonight, when Swarthmoro cornu f
WelCntman Hall. I hLu S
of the so-called minor coHegeV hi veH
derful teams each year. Swarthmor. fl
ninny Reasons has maintain,? 1 , M
high standard of bn.k,tbkn . a Z2
tuai ror llvo years ntralght It i,,.
featetl Pennsylvania In this , 0 &.
gamo tonight promises
"Port. Thf
close nnd exeltinl ..... "a. .3" m
Played last year. Mla w4l
.. u.,,.1 icHiu mia year than it iT.y "t
for a lonjt time, while tho Bwaahmora a..'
not fcom In i,0 n.jltn na BtrAve Si u,5.vf 6of!
?.?"'",. Swarthmoro han three let.K.0.' StJi'
rar piavinn on tho team, namelv tmX'JI
tho cattnln. nt forw.nl. at .1 thM.Y:. ?'"!.
Hnrry and Alderler lonn w hnd th...T.V
RMf' clover and nicotic i." any S? wit
mtet this seaton. and It will iak JKT SI
nisi tasinK on tho part of the forward. .!4
Eet throimn them tor nn niA 2ii. tw 11
Loach Joirdit will put thu lamo teamcnllif
tloor that has 1 represented I'enn fo? the fit
two vocl.!. Thoy showed rlcna ot ' nKJSs
last Salurday. due undoubte.llv to Slsyffl'Jom
championship matches In two vvcelci 1 TM.
weeks, thu'
vnrv IHMp nrttptlrrt rt,,l l,nu BAr.i..JL'tl0 '
YllrK,i, UED .' cxnminatlona. llity havs
form iValn " "vu,u "' ""
'ltv.t VJltPnitlvtlVm.A lkBAba.A . lit h .. ..
llm nav" enn "'vTll I " ,V,'.VJi'-R.'?Jt !
ll.inplMf will l.o .tlna.n.l nfl. U. . .. "m0.
.... ..D ...jjv. lumi 11113 tumcais,
iv.up.e, w.i, pa1
Camden ...17 I .0.11 Jnspcr ... .11 13 38
Hooding ...ir. 11) .000 Treninn .12 m 'j
Do Norl ...14 IS .310 Clrevstock. 7 18 !a
Hcneuuio ror tonight Camden, at Da Ktrl
Oicj stock, nt ItcaUlns ' m'
Tho Greyatock team on Its homo floor shoatd
sreat speed nnd the best shooting ability ot
tho season, nnd easily defeated Jasper. SI is
-I, In tho Cooper Uatmllon Hall cage liit
night In ItH Kaatcrn Lcajruo game. All ti
Oroya hod a hand In running up the u tii
goals. Cashman leading with four, Hires et
which ho shot ln tho opening half, niltlt
piiuvu wiiii uiu iiuiuo team oncau 10 to uje
Opttlng nway to a. 3 to 0 lead, tho homo tma
had little difficulty in outBcorlns Its oppo-1
tivuio. J au ui UJ dluicu 11 tu iieiu goaii J1
tho 11 rat period, nnd Mllco Wilson landed if
on iroo anoiH, wnne jasper scored tno DJJ
ffoaU through Uckhardt and Donahue, uS
liraay cageu coven ioui goais.
WILMINGTON. Del.. Jnn. :.0.-The Do Kerf
Eastern League team defeated the Drown son
iivc, ui mis cuv, msi nieni .su 10 o.
Ono of tho heaviest ueorlnjf guards of th
cw York State Hasketball League. Frwlt
R. nruggy. was atRticd by the De Xerl Eait-M
--in ia'ukuu tiuii msi iiiKiiii unu no win joisi
,1117 oijuiii nmn ll u luiiiiii.
St. icatha won the scries from AaulnaO
Inst night, at Hal la linn's If .ill, by 2j to ISA
thereby removing one of the contenders for UitW
Catholic basketball championship of the cltrJf
1110 Aggies won me nr?t gamo ;
Lew Martin's ubllltv to caea foul tosses bet
ter than Walters could, enabled 'he (Jrcjtoc.v
Reserves to tako n Armor hold on first p!ac
ln Section A. of tho Hratherhood LeaRUa last
nlsht, when they defeated Ljnd n hurst r 2i,
lo 22. Had Lyndenhurnt won hi outtl
hao tied tho itesenea for nrst p;a e
TI11!cMa dnfpfitpH Ihn Mtn.nnt Club. -5) Coil'
shocken. 3S to 20 Moorehcad, of lUslKi
naa eigne itciu goais.
Score at End of Forty-third Houfl
Was 080 Miles.
CHICAGO, Jnn. SO. Eight teams lead
Intr In tlio slx-dny bicycle race were elm,
bunched, with four teams trailing enj
lap behind early todny. The score at thj
entl of tho 43tt hour for tho leadera was.
6S0 miles. Tho record Is 70S miles and!
laps. J
Tho clclit leatlinir teams -were: Mofaiij
JfcNamara. Vcrrl-rccr. Walker-nootJ
Drobach-PIercey. Corey-Carman. WaltS-j
our-Bedell, l.lnquet-Dupuy anil Kopsirj
Colombato. 1
Tho four ti alters wore "Wohlrab-Itlyai
Anderson - Hansen, ItuUl - Russe-ProvMtj
and Mltten-WUey.
A nrettv vounc woman crabbed Jlmrals,
Monni. the Chelsea Irishman, by the neck
Land kissed him as ho left his tralnjoj.
quarters. Tho bis fellow blushed nice (
Bchoolboy but did not appear to odjc
to tho young woman repeating1.
Two Big Meets iu New York
NI!W YOnK, Jan. r.O.-Two Important."!
of ganea will be held In dreater New Tor,
tonight, tha Fordham University meet In U
Twenty-second Hegltnent Armorv, nsnn.-
nnd tho Diocesan Union annual .Jape" h
ari'f tn draw blir crowds, as In addition w
the local armv of athletes' there are detaejj
ments from other cities to add Interest to m
competitions -
Buck Wharton in Senate
. -.-..... v- . DA .ha mRl
VVtl.MIISUHJ.-M, uei.. JUll. ,".!.( Tin
hrrshlp ot the Benato branfh of IMl"
rrshlp ot the Benato branch of the i lJ
isalon of the Delaware Legislature inJf'
r. Charles' Jf. Wharton, of Dover: but MJ
Ignified lawmaker is better known V..1"",
uigninea lawinaarr is unm r'""-!?
constituents as Uuck, for he Is now ?Jm
than Uuck Wharton, of University at ,V'f,
sylvanla fame, university or """Vrijiiiiim
men have not forgotten the famous frl"I
warrior, who made tne team in nis ''"JSii
. ,1 ...l. alan nantfllnml fbO left" Jisfc
JWir U!U W nior - ff ... -
Cnnw- Ttpsprvea Boxlnc Decision
KBW YORK, Jan. S0.-Justlce .CrtAj M
the Supreme Court, reserrea "t'',ViHIi
day nflemoon in the mandamus jrofeeg,
brought against the State Athletlo feJK
which controls boxing under the lWHSiua'
in tn s Htate, on nnu -v- -, uirfM
Athletlo Club. The athletlo club $ frp0
sented by Frank C. Hayden. wblls ; gSj,j
Heyer, Deputy
' Attorney Central,
the commission.
Dr. Williams May Coach Backup
mil itll.,,,M, rnntrarv to lenfisj JM
pcitatlon. Is not likely to "be hackfljl j
at Pennsylvania next fall It iy uth
yesterday that the .Foo 'tall Comnmw -
aooui . aeciaeu iuaj.iv ","'j" tV, srheaot ja
the former Penn State leader the smo".. a
which he values his services, ""-j
leave the training of the backfleld to "
Medicos Play Huhlenburg TonlgMJ
Th. PhlUdelDhla College pt..Fharma,)a8l
meet Muhlenberg at basketball ai - uj
.!. i. . Ij n r-iiirn khswv -v,
iiv.i. t rs-tiirn triiine
lUlliS'li. (
Decern br
nlaveil In Phliaaeipnwts.'-.-.e'tHtt
Lfiia m . y.".r. ri
Mill PIJB "., 1 i7 "fiiintail
LMuhlcnb won -0 to 19. CapUU
..'-ti-- ... ai tn in. caii M r -
who out a Hi
'cur.nngVfInL:gV;n.v.ra w.
"b t'o pliV It &&8P&&
nd luitered to that a? '"5 wiiflaA
twill be able to pity m "" "
yS"r lonWit for Muhlenberg.
oti1Qx. ior muuiww'
Hotoroat Show Today
mn l.-vpvthlng
NW TOKB, Jan. "",. fits aa
resdTnes. for the open ng of th. HW Qf
inotornoav k v - - -
TTaverford Swimmers Win
- et Ifatrsvll
pa Jan. ..V3
Eohool's aquatio
.ool's aqua t.i o . r,--;,,,. st.
".-..,-. (US
auptclousiy veaieruay i -
6Ch?oJ, 3U to SSI.
. - ,-t-,JfteT
, 2K. nal lies. Sde Aren ""
mNKiniwTOItlbllT fOSlCII
vATfK iijiAjaoAH s.Jr'ixSisr
ipsr itec ""
mn-warthmoto ...