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f VOL. I-NO. 110.
pbiojb okhj oBisra:
CorTitaiiT, 101B, bt ins rcstto Lkmb Courarit.
Almost Entire Command
I Wiped Out 500 Men
K Left Dead on Field and
743 Captured B o t h
! Sides Claim Gains Near
La Bassee.
Turks, Invading Egypt, Routed
by British Warships on Suez
Canal Assault on Bir Helefi
Repulsed Russians Sweep
Back Ottoman Forces From
Transcaucasia and Again
Menace Stronghold at Er-
1 zerum.
The destruction of nlmost nn entire
French regiment in battle in the west
ern nnrt rT flirt Arirnnnn vn.qlprrinv In
m reported officially in Berlin, the dls-
' patches declaring that COO men were
left dead on the field by the retreating
foe, and 7-13 ofllcers and men, besides
machine guns and small cannon, wcro
c captured.
m in tho region of Iunevillo the French
were driven out of tho vlllago of An-
gumont, but tho French report that
near Fliery, In tho Woovre, tho Ger
mans lost heavily through a blunder in
blowing up their own .trenches.
Both sides claim gains in the region
of La Bassee, where a see-saw battlo is
'in progress.
9 After a day's heavy shelling, the
Czar's forces drove both garrison and
residents out of Plllkallen, In East
Prussia, on tho Gumbinnen line. Heavy
resistance hero and north of tho Ma
xurian Lakes Is admitted by Pctrograd
"in announcing tho occupation. The
German lines are weak in tho vicinity
roMHSIt, whence tho far northern Rus
sian column Is driving on Koenigsberg,
and which now Is invested, according
to mo report. The Russians are clos
ing In on Instcrburg, according to an
other. An Austrian army under Archduke
Joseph Ferdinand Is pushing toward
Tarnow, tho movement threatening to
cut off tho Russian lino of communi
cation In Gallcla. Vienna reports that
the Czar's offensive against Cracow
has broken down and that the attempt
,to Invade Hungary has failed.
British warships on the Suez Canal
There must bo a mistake somewhere.
Hera It Is the SOth of January and we
re having regular winter weather.
Many years ago Nature schemed things'
differently and, although It hardly seems
ballevoble, It was Che natural thing to
associate snow and low temperature and
tho like with the months of December,
January and February. But, as we re
marked, that was many years ago, and It
la somewhat annoylnsr to have a freez
ing: spell Introduced without notice Into
the balmy winter season. It makes one
pause to wonder what Is coming aver
this old world. If this sort of thing
keeps up, the owning of a winter over
,eoat once more may become au fait and
skates and sleighs and the like some
thing more than attlo or cellar decora.
:ona. A Ji-degree temperature in
The very Ideal ,
For Philadelphia and vicinity
Increasing cloudiness tonight followed
by snow n the early morning or on
Sunday slowly rising temperature;
moderate, easterly vnnds,
For details, see page f.
Observations at Philadelphia
S A. II.
&,Ntaiui. .......30.74
WlSr.".,, "..., ......... ....'..North, mllea
$pi ,,.! . 9'ear
iTMlpluUoa list 2 hours None
Humidity ,,....,..67 per cent.
Minimum temperature 14
Mwtmum temperature ,,.,..... S3
Almanac of the Day
sun eeui B. 13 p.m.
hua risen tomorrow 7:12 am,
iloon rUea tomorrow... 0.00 a.m.
lamps to Be lighted
Antes sad other eehlclee.,........8!J0 p. ra.
The Tides
Murh -water ..". las p.m.
I-ow water , f. p.m.
HlfU ater tomorrow I .S3 .m.
Jttth water , 133 pra.
Mw water 8:18p.m.
Wirt water tomorrow l. a.ra.
w water 6-SS p.m.
HUH water lOSQpm.
IfiH water tomjO'row Ml "
fe wtf ... ' lHms.
lfc wtf MtB.
Say ixr StffWrow .13.Bi.w,
routed a Turkish forco attacking Bir
Heletl, southeast of Et Kantara, InMoU
Ing heavy losses. Tho British admit
tho Turks have occupied tho fortified
town of Katlych, to tho south of Port
Tabriz, 1'ersla, has been evacuated
by the Turks, says tho Paris Matin.
Iteports from Caucasia say tho Otto
man forces again have been over
whelmed by the Russians and whole
Turkish columns destroyed near Oltl.
This is directly contradicted by n Turk
ish olllclnl statement. It is said Erzo
rum. In Armenia, Is being strongly
fortified by tho Ottoman forces.
Germans Kill 500 and Capture 743
of the Enp.mv.
B13RMN,,Jnn. SO.
Almost coin pi no annihilation of a
French regiment in tho western Argonno
region was claimed In the otltcial state
ment from tho War omco today.
"The ISStli French Infantry Regiment
apparently has been annihilated," said
the ofllclal bulletin In reporting success
ful German attacks In tho Argonnc.
"l'lve hundred French dead were found
after tho enemy retreated. We captured I
12 ofllcers, 731 men, 12 machine guns and '
10 small cannon."
Southeast of I.uficvllle, French night
attacks were repulsed and tho French
wcro forced to evacuate tho village of
Angomont, northeast of Badcnvlllcr.
Gains Also Reported Along the Ar
gonne Front.
BUntJS, Jan. 30.
Gains south of tho La Dassee canal,
w'noro the Germans recaptured two
trenches, and In tho western part of
the Argonno district are claimed for the
Germans In an official statement Issued
by tho General Staff this afternoon.
Heavy losses wero Inflicted upon the
French and their allies In the lighting
among the sand dunes of the north coast
In tho region of Nleuport on Thursday.
Bloody Trench Fighting Follows
Knisor's Desperate Charge.
TARIS, Jan. 30.
Furious fighting Is in piogrcas near La
Dassee. Renewing their desperate in
fantry assaults upon tho Ungllsh posi
tions, tho Germans thus far havo been
repulsed with heavy losses.
Culnchy, held by tho British nnd tho
scene of bloody fighting earlier In tho
week, is again the centra of German at
tack. Tho Germans advanced from La Bassee
westward over tho Bethune road, lending
along tho north bank of the canal.
British light artillery shattered tho foro
moBt ranks, but tho Germans pressed on
over tho fields. Scattered groups suc
ceeded In penetrating tho wire entangle
ments and reaching tho first lino of Kng
llsh trenches. These wero either annihi
lated by bayonets or taken prisoners.
Hino Destroys Kniser's Trenches In
stead of the Enemy's.
PARIS. Jan. 30.
A German blunder has caused heavy
casualties In tho Kaiser's ranks In
tho Woevro region. Tho Germans acci
dentally exploded a mine Intended for the
destruction of French trenches. Instead,
their own trenches were blown up, killing
or wounded an entire company. They
were forced to retlre to their second line
of earthworks.
French artillery got the rango of an
artillery camp near Arras. Shells from
the French guns wrecked several am
munition carts, tho explosion killing a
number of German gunners. The results
of the shelling were observed by French
'Other War News on Page 0
Men and Mohten In Panic When Dor
mitory Is Afire.
LOWELL, Mass., Jan. SO. Three hun
dred men. Inmates of the State Infirmary
at Tewksbury, six miles from here, were
driven out Into tho zero air early today
by fire in a combination clothes storage
building and domltory.
Five hundred others, men and women.
In adjoining dormitories, panic-stricken,
....! .(lanlniila nrtt flf.fl Inrn the
big quadrangle around which the guards
are stntionea.
Ten PersonB Seriously Hurt and Hun
dreds Escape,
NEW YORK, Jan. SO. A 7-year-old boy
was killed and ten persons wero in
jured In a fire of mysterious origin which
ruined tho three four-story frame build
ings at 47IMT3Q 3d avenue, Brooklyn,
early today. Three hundred persons,
scantily clad, were driven to the street,
most of them by way of fire escapes.
Tho dead boy was "William Schleen
becker. His father and sister were car
ried to the street In a semiconscious con--dltlon,
Wild Ducks Seed In Waters of the
Manayunk has signs o spring. Many
residents living along the 'WUsahlckon
have reported seeing- large flocks of wild
ducks feeding In the 'waters of the creek.
Old prophets say that next to the pro
verbial robin the surest sign that spring
Is near la the arrival of wild ducks.
Lieutenant Taylor, of the flldgo and
Midvale avenues station, said he was
walking near the creels today when a
dozen ducks alighted In the water. H;
believes the recent warm weather ana
bhjh water have done much. W attract
the dusks.
HEM jSi3l,&&2&" -'sjhHK
wtimmmMmmmmtm isni -"" ' tmmmmMmmmmtmmitmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmm
This is a view of the canal at Port Said, within 30 miles of which Turkish troops have penetrated.
The Suez Canal was completed in 1863 and took ?5,000 men to build. It cost almost $100,000000. A
British cruiser was reported today as having bombar .cd the enemy s patrols not far from the canal banks.
Battleships on Suez Canal
Repulse Invaders' Assault
on Bir Helefi Ottomans
Seize Katiyeh.
ATHENS. .Inn. 30. Tho Turkish troopi
opeiatlng along the Suez Canal near FA
Kantara wero shelled by a Biltlsh cruiser
and suffered heavy losses, according to
dispatches received hero today. Tho Turks
wero attempting an attack on Bir Helefi.
southeast of LI Kantara, but were forced
to retire.
A cavalry skirmish cast of tho Bitter
Lakes resulted in slight losses to tho
Biltlsh Indian tioops.
According to an ofllclal report frum the
British wnr headnuaffersTtr-Cnlrcy the
n...ni.M lt,i,.a nqnhifAd A t.'.rl I fl l-rl town nnt
at tlio canal. The reuort says: I
"Tho Turks occupy Katiyeh (a fortified
town 30 miles southeast of Port Said, tho
Mediterranean ontrnnco to tho Sue
Canal, and SO miles duo east of the canal),
with outposts at Bir el Duerldar. They
ulso occupy Moydharrad and Bir Madcluk,
outposts near Tor.
"A Turkish rcconnolteiing party attack
ed the outposts to the east of 151 Knntnru
fon tho Suez Canal, 30 miles south of Port
h'nld) on Thursday, but were beaten on"
We lost an Indlun officer and ono soldier
killed and five Gurkhas wounded. Tho
enemy left four dead and they carried off
several wounded.
Britain Has Sent No Note on Ship
WASHINGTON, .Inn. S0.-A published
leport that Great Britain hns told the
United States any Government purchase
of German ships would be considered
unneutral was officially denied today.
Con Stakes Asks Schwab to Send 300
to Washington.
If Charles SI. Schwab complies with a
request made via telegram to him, 300
members of Congress In Washington will
each receive n little guillotine with which
to kill himself.
A man apparently serious nnd sober
walked Into tho Baltimore and Ohio sta
tion at Ilth and Chestnut Btreets yester
day afternoon, nnd after a lengthy dis
sertation on lying and the propensity
which representatives at the national
capital have for Indulging tho habit, up
set the even tenor of the place by sending
tho following telegram:
"Charles M. senwan.
New York city,
"Please send 300 automatic guillotines
to Washington Immediately.
"Con" Intrusted a dollar to Lawrence
Hutchinson, the'news man, to pay for tho
wire. Lawrence paid and kept the
rhanee. Stakes, according to Hutchin
son, dropped the remark that he would
Ilka to see inq enuiu buiwiicu wuu ma
guillotines first of all. After that he
didn't caro who got the remainder.
Son Called From China to Bedside of
innnTRRimn. .Tun, 30. Bluhnn Till-
dolph, Dubs, of the United Evangelical
UhUrcn, is crmcauy iu ut 1MB icaiucutu 111
this city. Bishop Dubs, who Is one of
.,... v.bB, tinnnin nhiirflhmpn In Amerlpa.
and tho oldest bishop In the country, was
a circuit naer 111 nw .- , caviu,u,5
hostile Indian days.
He Is a learned theologian and an
author. His son. Dr. C. Newton Dubs,
superintendent of the United Evangelical
Missions In China, was called home and
is at his father's bedside.
Suit for $15,000 damages was brought In
the Supreme Court of New Jersey today
by Edward W. Hunt, a wealthy Strat
ford N. J-, farmer, against the Atlantic
nil,, TJo.lrr.arl The Butt SrOWS OUt Of an
alleged aocldent last October. Mr. Hunt
said ho was driving across th rallroa,d
tracks at Rulon Crossing, below Magnolia,
when his team was struck by a train.
The horse was Wiled. th buggy damaged
and Mr Hunt charges ha was Injured la
New York Player Receives
Big Gash Over Right Eye
in National Doubles
Championship Match.
An unfortunnto nnd what may provo a
serious nccldcnt to C. C. Pell, a well
known Now York County man, cut short
tho match hi tho final round for the
doubles racquets championship of the
United States at the Racquet Club today.
In partnership with Stanley G. Moi ti
mer. Pell had earned the right to meet
tho title-holders. Dwlght P. Davis and
J. V.. 'Wcaosf for tho championship, and
so well had' tho challengers been playing
that they h'ad won two games easily and
had .obtained a lead of seven aces to
nono In tho third gamo.
AVhen tho accident occurred Pell was
Fcrvlng, and with such good effect that
his opponents could do nothing with It.
llinlns scored seven ntrnlght aces, he
mtri one loiind the coinor to Wear,
who, In taking tho ball, fliuck Pell with
It over tho right eje Poll fell to tho
Medical aid wns summoned, ami, al
though the accident wns pronounced se
ilous, it wns said that It was not dan
gerous. Had the ball struck Pell an Inch
lower he would probnbly have lost his
eye The match ninv bo defaulted by
Peli and Mortimer, although a decision
will not bo arrived nt on the question
until a meeting of the Athletic Commit
tee of the Itncquet flub.
Accuses Commission of Waste and
Playing Politics.
Waste In expenditures and petty pol
itics, according to Charleo 8. Boyer,
caused his resignation as president of tho
Harbor Commission of Camden.
The commission Is composed of four
members who prepare statistics relating
to river-front property In Camden. For
this work $3000 Is appropriated yearly.
Mr. Boyer said today that the commis
sion lacked business methods and was
too liberal with expenditures. Ho said
that favoritism was shown to persona
who rent city property.
Dreadnought of 28,000 Tons to Carry
Eight 12-Inch Guns,
PARIS, Jan. 30.
M. Augunur, French Minister of Marine,
who has Just returned from London, an
nounced today that a new British warship
of 28,000 tons was launched this week at
Sho carries eight 12-Inch guns nnd can
steam 25 knots un hour. t
Revolver Lying Near Lends Color to
Suicide Theory,
The body of John Kuns was fquruT
today In his hut on the estate of James
Gregory. Levering Mill road, near Cyn
wyd. Kuns. who was employed by Louis
Smith, a Maine Line contractor, Is be
lieved to have shot himself Wednesday
when discharged from hs position. Rata
had attacked the body.
A revolver with one chamber empty
was found beside the body. Residents
nearby recalled hearing a report on Wed
nesday, '
Seven Horses Saved Prom Pre
Seven horses were rescued from a fire
early this morning which destroyed the
stable of Morris Middleburg, In the rear
of 6123 Vine street. Policemen Gallagher
and Mlddleburn, of the 61st and Thomp
son streets station, entered the blailng
structure at the peril of their lives and
led the horses out. one at a time. The
stable was damaged to the extent of
about JiOOO.
20 Injured When Train Leaves Balls
MILWAUKEE. Wjs.. Jan. 80.-Twenty
persona were Injured, three of them prob
ably fatally, when seven cars of a pas
senger train on the Chicago. Milwaukee
and St Paul Railroad left the rails near
Okwoo4, Wl II miles north of here
i today.
.V. fmlerwnmt.
$20,000 IN GEMS
Three Armed Men Overawe
Clerks and .Steal Three
Suit Cases Filled With
Precious Stones.
NEW YORK, Jan. 30. With drawn re
volvers threo men held up tho clerks In
tho pawnshop of Adolph Stein, at 150S 3d
averiiic, today, ransacked tho safe and
took from tho vault threo suitcases of
Jewelry, mostly diamonds, and escaped In
nn automobile.
When the men entered tho storo 'they
demanded that tho thico clerks hold up
tnetr nanus. ino cientB coinpucu uhu,
were then gagged and bound by-'two of(
tho men wnilo mo inirn Kepi incin cov
ered with two revolvers.
According to tho clerks, one of them
had Just finished opening tho safo when
tho men entered. Thinking that they
wished cither to boriow money or re
deem a plodge. one stepped forward to
question them. As ho did so he looked
Into tho miizlo of u icolvci, uhllo the
other two men ran to tho rear of the
store to look after tho other two clciks.
Tho threo wcro then bound nnd gagged
and carried to a rear room, whore they
wero left on tho lloor while tho safe was
looted of tho most valuable pledges.
Aftei Illllng thieo suit cases the men
walked leisurely to tho front door, then
Jumped Into a wultlng automobile and
sped away.
The clerks could not give nn accurate
statement as to tho value of tho goods
the robbers took, but after a hasty In
spection of the safe told tho police that
between $15,000 and J2O.0OO worth of dia
monds and other precious stones and
watches had been taken.
Tho clerks on duty nt the tlmo wcro J.
Stern, Edward Schwartz and Morris
Docket , , , ,.
Tho police lennjed of the robbery hnlf
nn hour nfter the bandits left the pawn
shop when one of tho clciks wriggled to
the door, stilt partly bound, and sum
moned aid by blowing a police whistle.
National Chairman McCombs An
nounces 1016 Campaign Now On.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 30. Following a
conference with President Wilson at the
White Hout,o this afternoon Chairman
McCombs, of the Democratic National
Committee, announced that the 131S cam
paign Is now on.
It was Implied that Includes President
Wilson's candidacy for renominalloii.
May and July Corn Close at 82c. and
833c, Both New Records.
CHlCAaO. Jan. 30. May wheat so)d on
the local Board of Trade today for il.il
per bushel. The market closed with May
wheat at JI-51T4. while July wheat closed
at JLJtti.
May corn closed at 82 cents and July
com at S5H per bushel, both new records
for the crpp.
Efforts to Save Captain Blankard
Provo Unavailing,
A crowd standing at the foot of ShacUa
maxon street today saw a man drown in
the Delaware fllver while two men vainly
sought to rescue him.
The man drowned was Captain Joseph
Blankard, it years old. of the lighter
Beverly. Blankard while walking down
the steps of the bridge fell overboard.
Two firemen left the engine room and
dived Into the river. They tried to save
Blankard, but he wont down Just as they
reached htm. His body was recovered
later- Blankard lived at 3J ilartha
l'lioto ljy UmleUMiml
Woman Deserted by Husband Seeks
A wife, who says she was deserted by
tier husband Immediately nfter their mar
riage, filed a petition for divorce In tho
Chancery Court, In Cnmden, today. Tho
woman la Stra. Mattlo Leo Hunt. She
says as sho and her husband, Harry
Hunt, wcro leaving tho minister's house.
In tho spring of 1012, ho left her and nover
returned. She has been waiting for hint
ever slnco at her parents' home, 4th
and Bcrkely streets, Camden.
"I nm a wife In name only," sold Mrs.
Hunt. "Wo never lived together. Harry
and I wcro married In Wilmington. As
soon as tho ceremony was over ho left
mt, saying that ho would be back In a
minute. I have never seen him since. I
don't know what happened or why he
should want to have me so soon after the
ceremony. Wo wero so happy."
Thousands Crowd Taber
nacle and See "Billy"
Shatter Statuettes With
Sledge as Object Lesson.
2 ;. 11. 31 r. Sunday delivered an
extemporaneous address to children
from Districts Xos. 1, S, 3, j, 13 and
1:30 p. in. Mr. Sunday tcIJi
cither deliver his sermon, "Seek Yc
the Lord," or "And lie Aiosc and
Followed Him."
10:30 a. m.Mr. Sunday will
deliver Ms sermon, "A Mlyhty Man."
a p. vi. Scrt'Icc for men only.
Subject: "Booze" or "Get on the
Water H'ooon."
7 j), m. Service for men only. Mr.
Sunday will repeat the afternoon
Yesterday afternoon 11,000
Last nlyht 10,000
Approximate total to date.. OiO.000
Yesterday afternoon N3
Lust nlyht S3 1
Total to ilatc 10,1 iS
, Sermons.
Preached to date fiO
Kcmainlnu to he preached. 61
Yesterday afternoon' t lO.t.'SJ
Last nlyht tOSO.iO
Urand total $33,118.03
"Billy" Sunday won tho hearts of the
thousands of school children who lilted
the tabernacla this afternoon. He pleaded
with them to live right In a strong sor
mun. At one point "Hilly" shattered ten
statuettes with a sledge hammer, draw
ing a parallel between this act and the
In caking of the Ton Commandments.
He then went on to show his young
hearers how easily they might destroy
the beailtlfu Influences In their lives If
they did not heed ttio teachings of thoso
oId"r nnil wiser than themselves.
Tho children had come expecting to
hear something unusual, and they wcro
not disappointed. Befoie "Billy" hud
been talking live minutes he had earned
Iho eihoing cheers that greeted him as
ho stopped on the platform, Tho thou
sands of bright, eager, little faces wero
turned toward him in astonishment,
countless little mouths ucro open and
sparkling eyes watched his every mo
tion. He has not addressed a more ap
preciative audience In this city.
Many times during tho afternoon the
evangelist caused the children to laugh,
especially when he said:
"You can't teach an old dog new tricks.
Tho older people are the harder they are
to teach. You don't see any old men nnd
women playing leap frog they're too
old they'd break their necks."
And here "Billy" gave a demonstration
of "grandpa" trying to play leap frog.
"1 tell you." lie shouted, "youth Is tho
time to learn. That's what you go to
school for."
Another variation of the afternoon from
Blll)'s" regular program occurred when
ho Invited 4- children to step on the plat
form and receive a flag. Then "Billy"
showed them that these Hags repiesented
earthly kingdoms which could not endure,
there being but ono eternal kingdom
that of God, whose flag Is the cross upon
which Christ was sacrificed.
It was a fine appeal to tho boys and
girls and they responded as only children
can respond, for whey "Billy" Invited
any of them who wished to, to come down
to the platform and shake his hand to
signify their Intention to fight under
Christ's banner, the aisles of the taber
nacle fairly swarmed with eager children.
Bearing the American flag and display
ing enthusiasm, many Boy Scouts in full
regalia Joined In cheering Sunday as he
game to the platform,.
Troop 19, under the command of Scout
master John QeU, and Troop 17, com
manded by It. Q. Lamb, gave the follow
ing Boy Scout yell:
Boy Scouts, Boy Scouts, U. B. A,
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday."
Many schools joined In with their va
rious yells before Homer A, Ttodeheaver
ascended the platform to direct the sing
ing. Then thousands of young throats
Joined ' In singing the various hyrnns,
while on one occasion the boys whistled
in a manner that's known only to boys
"Yankee Doodle." "My Country. 'Tis of
Thee," and "The Star-Spangled Banner."
Tonight he will preach on "Seek Ye the
Lord," or "Be sure your sins will find
you out."
A delegation of Roanoke, Va., clergy
men and laymen arrived here today to lu
vlte Sunday to conduct a campaign In
that city. The visitors will remain here
until Monday.
"Severe criticism of Dr. Charles B
Eliot, president emeritus of Harvard
University, and approval of the work of
Mr Sunday, was given In a letter and
ertlclt the evangelist received this morn-
Continued en fag Tw
General Mackensen's Army
Reported Disastrously De
feated at Borjimow in
Campaign Southwest of
Warsaw Germans Lose
Trenches When Counter
attacks Are Repulsed.
Russians Shell Foe Out of Pill
kallen in Koenigsberg Drive.
Invest Tilsit and Cut Commu
nication Line to Memol SlaV3
Reported Closing in on Inster
burg Cormans Claim Victory
at Bolimow.
A disastrous dofcat hau been Inflicted
by tho Russians upon tho German army
of General Mackcnscn on tho Borjimow
line near Rawa, In Poland, it Is stated
here today.
Tho Germans lost a number of trenches
after their counter-attacks had been re
pulsed and fled, leaving machine puns
and war supplies behind,
The War OHlce Is silent on Immediate
developments In the Held, but previous
ofllclal reports havo substantial current
belief that fighting was vigorous south
west of Warsaw, where less than a week
ago the Austro-Gcrman forces were
thwarted In their drive toward the Vis
tula along its" lower course, and forced
upward to the mica, where they occu
piod previously entrenched strong posi
tions as a temporary haven and base for
further assaults toward tho Russian cen
tre, '
Earlier dispatches today stated that In
the region of Borjimow, In 'Poland, ths
attacks of Field Marshal Von Jllndcn
burg's troops against tho Russian centre
liavn nil been reoulBed. The liardiDrc&sed
Germans in Poland are reperteA to be
I -. u ... , I. . .1. Jl A
ammunition which accounts Tor the
weakening of their assaults.
Tho latest reports indicate a victory
of magnitude over Marshal von Hlndcn
burg'a associate In command of the Ger
man forces southwest of Warsaw,
Capture Main Trenches "Near Boll
mow and Lowicz.
BERLIN, Jap. so.
An ofllclal statement announces4 that to
tho east of Bolimow (Contral Poland)
and to the east of Lowicz Germah troops
drove back tho enemy out of outpost
positions ana penetrated Into main posi
tions. Captured trenches, wjlh tho exception
of one small portion of them, were re
tained and adapted by tho Germans not
withstanding a fierce night counter-attack.
Russian uttacks in tho region of Kua
sen (12 miles northeast of Gunblnneu),
East Prussia, failed, the enemy Buffering
heavy Iobscs, the report, adds.
Hugo Force Turns Upon Austrian
Xeft Flank.
LONDON. Jsn li
The Petrograd correspondent of the
Dally News sends the following;
"The entire elaborate scheme for th
protection of Hungary and the disturb
ance of the Russian campaign against
Trains lvania seems fatally overthrown
by the disclosure that a new Russian
army from Gallcla has penetrated several
days' march Into Hungary westward of
the Dukla Pass.
"This force has now. In full fighting
Btrength, turned upon the left flank of
the parallel columns of the huge Austrian
foico disposed northward rowsrd it
eastern Carpathians with astonishingly
bhort delay
"The Russians have forced the Austrn
German tactklans to the d??ad alterna
tive of fighting out the destiny of ih
Austrian Empire on tho plains of Hun
gary. All the efforts ot the Austrian
since the appearance of three German
corps among them In the last fortnight,
have been turned to avoiding this- and.
establishing some hind of initiative ytMeh
would permit of a series ot Jong, drag
ging fights on the Gallclau side ot the
Child's Mistake Proves Batal
Roeelyn Eachus. 2 jears, old, of 12
North 57th street, died In tho West Phila
delphia Homeopathic Hospital today after
eating a bo of Btomach pills which she
mistook for candy. The pills contained
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