Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, January 22, 1915, Night Extra, Page 4, Image 4

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Long Threatened Break
With Germany Believed
to Be Imminent Mobs
Wreck Consulate.
triio long-threatened break between
Italy mid flermany appears Imminent.
Recognition of strained relatlnnn In con
mined In ilerlln's reported general order
to Germans resident In tlnly to return
home. Antl-Clermiin demonstrations nro
continual In Italian cities, nnd tlio popu
lar mind Is Inflamed nnnlnst Germany.
In Genoa a mob attacked tlio German
Consulate nnd destroyed the Imperlnl
eoal-of-arms. Diplomats look for Italy's
varly severance ot tlio Triple. Alliance
bonds and consequent entry Into the war
on tho side of the Allies.
aiJNBVA. Jan. 22
A rrlsln Is rapidly developing In Hie re
latione of Germany and Italy, according
to Information received from reliable
Sources, Swiss newspapers declared today.
They state that all German residents of
Italy have been notified by Berlin tn
leave at once and return to dermuny.
While the Swiss papers mako no pre
diction that Italy will Immediately enter
the war on the filde of tho Allies, they
Intimate that bucU a step will not ha
lone delayed.
An nttack by an Italian mob upon the
German Consulate nt Genoa Sunday is
reported In a dispatch from Berlin, it
Buys that tho Imperial arms on the con
uUlnte were, torn down before the police,
could Interfere. Tho Genoa chief of
police wim dismissed and Germany Is not
expected to take any action.
HOME, Jnn. 22. A dispatch to tho .Mes
aagero from Its correspondent nt Vienna
rays that the Italian Ambassador to the
Court ot AuBtrla, after a three hours'
Interview with Baron Ilurlan, the new
Austrian Foreign Minister, sent a long
report to Home.
Vessols Arriving Today
Str, Jemtlund (Swed.), Shields, merchandise,
Gwoden-Norway Line.
Str. Delaware, New York, merchandise,
Clyde Steamship Comrnny.
Bchr. Coral Lout (Mr.) Windsor, N. S.,
laths, A. D, Cummins & Co.
Vessels Sailing Today
Str. Crown Point (Hr.). Uunstnn, London,
Fnlladrlptiln Trnmutlnmlc Line.
Btr. Cunsdlu (Dan.), Jiti'crten. OothenburK
Tla llaltlmors and UaUeston, rin'cden-Xonwvy
Htr. Geonto W. Clyde, Forrest, Norfolk, etc.,
Clyde Steamship Company.
Schr. Elizabeth Gilbert, Chlpmnn, Norfolk.
A, V, Cummins & Co.
Steamships to Arrive
Name. From.
iloncollan nintgow
Dominion Liverpool ....
.Jan. '
.Jan. It
Waddon .
..Ifombay ...
.Nov. in
.Doc. is
.Dei. uri
.Dec. is
. ..Itotterdam
. .Tyno
Shield ...
Jan. 1
Jdaartensdyk Itotterdam Jan.
Auchencrajr Crujt flrnndn. . . .Jnn.
Oldfleid Orange Shields Jnn. II
Tunlslana Cnrdin Jan. tl
Jonisborg- Ardrossan Jan. II
South Point London Jan. 7
Ekneonl Sydney, C. JJ.. .Jan.
Manchester Mariner.... Manchester Jan. 0
Bkjoldborz Copenhagen ....J. in. 11
Florentine Jluelva Jan It!
Wlco Fanl Jan. IS
Tottenham S'arvlk
StlklssMa Santiago ...... .Jan. in
IVashlnstonlan ltalboa Jan 37
Lulclllne Cardlft Jim. 17
Mackinaw Ixindon .. Jan. 17
Fella Port Antonio . . . Jan. 20
PUturla Shields Jan. 20
Steamships to Leave
Name. For.
Itonzollan aiasgow ...
Dominion Liverpool..
Name. For.
Vaartensdtk Rotterdam
Tunisians, Leith ,
Caterlna ., London
Manchester Mariner Manchester
.Jan 2fl
.Jan CO
.Jon 23
.Jan 21)
.Jan "0
.Jan. I!U
(Steamships Arriving' Today
Name. From. Dale.
IJJsltanla Liverpool Jan ID
Baltic Liverpool Jan It;
Itcsenla d'ltalla fjenoa Jan. D
dub tomorrow.
Name. For. Date.
Vndorma Marseilles Jan. 3
JtlnnewssVa ,. ..London Jan.lt
Steamships to Leave
Name. For.
Anaonla Glasgow .
Potsdam .....Rotterdam,
Transylvania Liverpool
St. Louis Liverpool
Tourslne Havre ...
JLncona , Genoa ....
..Jan. 23
..Jan, 23
..Jan. 23
. .Jan. 23
..Jan 2:1
..Jan. 23
Hovements of Vessels
tr Gargoyle (Atr.fr.), for. New York,
teamed from Alexander January 31,
Sir Lutetian llr.), from Philadelphia, ar
rled at Havre January 13.
Str Arabic tBr.). for New York, steamed
from Liverpool January 20,
Str, Missouri (Jlr.), from Philadelphia, ar
rived at London January 20.
Str Kansan (Amer.), for New York, steamed
from London January 21,
Btr. Mongolian. Liverpool for Philadelphia,
arrived at Halifax, January IS,
Btr Lexington, from J'hlladelphia, arrived
t Uoston January 22.
Str Grecian, for Philadelphia, steamed from
Ronton January 2L
Btr Lasaell, for Philadelphia, ateamed from
Charleston January 21.
Str Winifred, for Philadelphia, steamed
flora Port Arthur, Tex,. January 21.
Str Washlngtonlan, Honolulu for Phllsdat.
fids, wa eito miles northeast ot Cristobal at
p n ro. January 21.
Str Evelyn, San Francisco for New York.
aa 100 miles north of Availing Island at 8 p.
m. January 21.
Str. Persian, Philadelphia for Jacksonville,
passed Diamond Shoal lightship at T 0, m. Jan.
pary 21.
Str Lyra, Philadelphia for Ban Francisco,
lira (XVI miles north ot Balboa at 8 p. ro. Jan
uary 2J
Str. Toledo, towing schr, Delaware Bun.
Philadelphia for Sabine, was BO miles west of
Tortus" at a p. m January 21.
Sir Gulfoll, towing tig. Shenango. Phlladei.
Ehia. for Port Arthur. , was 48 miles north of
Demand Shoal lightship at noon January 21.
Str. Paraguay. Biblne for Philadelphia, was
4 mile east ot Bablne Bar at a p, in. Jan
uary ji.
Srhr Pendleton Bisters. Philadelphia for
Calais sullsd from Nsw London January 31.
Schr Henry S. Utile, from Philadelphia,
arrtved at Providence, J I., January 21,
drain carrier continue In demand In the
ataem market, with all other trade fighting
bard for ship, tjcarelty of them limit fcusi
Seas, Hate ar well supported.
Kalbrir 1 Br , PblUdelphla to Malta,
grain. so.ftOO quarters, lis., prompt.
N IVr.) Pwtland to Avonmouth; grain,
M.m auartera. 7s. (U.. Psbruarv.
ageid (Her.). Boston to Norway, train,
Ulka, t"t iwnu. pruiepi'
inr, iiiiiniw rang 10 nraus, gram,
ttuarttra. 10,, February.
O)'), a W Ushorn and Spesls,
TlfcBW auartus. 10. d . Februarr
ayalga staaaie. from New York to, Cain
WJ Btumghal. tAtroteuin.ifXi.0O0 cases.
Core, or rang
Naawpt (Or). Io3t toss.
Ilaiifs a tVtat
ainuun or jhuk irtiasa.
deals, private- terms.
t land (Nor) 61 loas, NerfoU f Wn-
nw ivmt mv9 twaw, vwtV
y uresiaa aiea-mer.
VUxlnia, to Bermuda.
oi H. JHJ
r rtiM Kon New tojfc te "imjn.
ua jirvuw
w, uui we,, uaaiu.
5b G.M-. IMH. ST t(lf, VUgKUa to
..'' vibitw trK.
In Belgium, the enemy has Very
Violently bombarded Nletiport. Our
Infantry has made orrte slight prog
rei to the east of the highway of
I.ombhertzdyc. 'tctween Ypres and
the OIe our artillery has conducted
successful operations against earth
works, batteries of nrtlllcry nnd In
fantry eoticentrntlng there.
From tho OlBe to the Argonno, Hip
nlltintlon on the outskirts of Solisons
Is Unchanged. Near Berry-Ail-Bac a
trench, which wo had been obliged to
evneuate following n violent bombard
ment, Ims been tetnken by us, In the
region of Perthes the rncmy mndo nn
attack without success during tho night
or .Inntinry 20-21 to the northwest ot
Between the Mouse and tho Moselle
to tho southwest of St. Mlhlet, In th
forest nf Aprctnotil, 11 bombardment of
extreme vlolonce prevented us from
holdlnu possession of the Oerinah
t rendu r captured jtostitlay on a
front 150 yards Innn. To the north
west uf Pont-n-Mousson, In the for
est nf La Pretie, the rnomy recap
tured a portion of the trenches taken
by us on .Inntinry 30. We are now
maintaining our positions on nil the
lest nr the lotitlcr tliere.
In tho Vosges, tho enemy has thrown
upon St. Wo six projectiles of hr-nvy
calibre without causing serloun dnm
ngo. Between tlio hills nt Hon
hommo mid ot Schlucht there wns un
aitlllory duel, In which the Ocrman
bnttcrlrq were reduced to silence.
In Alsace, 1111 Infantry buttle taking
plnce In thn region of Hiirlrlimiiswller
Kopf continues with great violence,
tho lighting being veritably body to
bod). Before Hiinnctnnrlp our ar
tillery dispersed troops of tlio enemy
rcnsselnblliig there.
In the western thentro cf uor a con
tinuous rnln rendered Inipt sslb e all
Important lighting between tho ionst
and Iiii Bnsso Canal, Artillery duels
are occurring nt Arras.
Yesterday wc nbniidoiicd nnd blow up
0110 of tho trenches we took Wednes
day sotitltnest of llcrry-au-llac. It
hail been partly destroyed by the col
lapsing of a factory wall.
A French attack north of Verdun
was easily repulsed.
After battles 011 Wednesday south ot
St. Mihlcl small French detachments
still held out In the neighborhood of
our positions. By means of nn nd
vunco Into the legion before our front
wo cleared It of Frenchmen as far as
their old positions.
Tho battle for Crolx-dcs-Lnrmee,
northwest o Pnnt-a-Mousson, contin
ue!". A strong Fiench attack recap
tured part of the positlmia there, but
the enemy was Inter repulsed with
heavy louses.
In tho Vosgcs, north of Scnnhcim,
wo drove tho enemy out of tho heights
of Hnrtmaimswiler'-Kopf and took two
ofllcors and 123 men.
In the eastern theatre of war tho
situation Is unchanged.
Uur attacks .ilong a branch of tho
Szuchln rilzura) hnvo progressed slow
ly. There Ib nothing now on tho east
bank of tho Pllicn.
There has been tin change In Ori
ental Prussia. In the vicinity of
Mlawa we are In close contact with
tin- enemv, and every effort on tho
Tinit nf tltc (termnns to penetrate our
lines dm lug the lust 21 hours hns been
repulsed. We took by Hssnult tho
place called Skempe, which was rap
idly cvneiM'ecl by the enemy.
On tho Itlver Bzura nnd on the
Itlvcr Itnwku there has been cannon
udlng and heavy rifle llrlng along al
most nil the front. Our artillery was
engaged successfull) with that of the
enomv, nnd leductd In silence (.everul
German halteile1). Our tumps wero
successful In repulsing ovctnl partial
attacks of the mrrav nn this front.
South of the Itlver Plllea, nnd In
Ottllcln thcro hns been no fighting
Only hero and there ban tho sound of
cannon tiring been heard
In Buliowlnn wc captured the town
of Vornkhta and ilrovn bock dot.irh
ments of the enemy that wero en
deavoilng un offeunive movement In
the region of Klillhnbn. Hero wo
enptured a major, several other offi
cers nnd more than K.0 soldleis.
Nino Persons Escape Over Hoofs of
Four children were carried elown a
smoke-flllcrt stairway to tlio street by Po
liceman Collins, of tho 4th antl Snyder
avenue station, and nine persons were
forced to fleo from their beds to Bafuy
oer rooftops durlnn an early mornln?
fire which started In the shoe Btore ot
Max Finl'.elstcln, 3017 South 7th street.
The damage to the building; and stock Is
estimated at J2000.
Mrs. Mnx Flnkesteln. who fainted dur
ing the excltemsnt, and Fred llclman, a
watchman, who was asleep on the third
floor of the building, aro In Mt. Sln.u
Hospital. Helmun was cut by flying glass
from the plate sines windows.
The blare was discovered by Collins as
ho was passlnc; the house nt 2:30 this
mornlnff. lift sent In an alarm nnd then
broke Into the bulldlnif, arousing tho
members of two families who wero nsleeo
on the second and third floors. Flnkel
steln, his wife nnd four children were on
the second floor. Joseph Birch, his wife
and two children, and Mary and John
Hughes, a niece and nephew, occupied tho
third floor.
Collins carried Annie Flnkelsteln, s
years old, nnd John Hughes, 4 years,
down the back stairway to the street. IIu
made a second trip to the upper floor
and rescued Bessie Birch, E years, and
Mary Hughes, also 5, to the street.
Meanwhile the smoke had completely
filled the rooms occupied by the sleepers,
who were compelled to run to the roof and
make their escape by climbing through a
trap door and across several roots.
Firemen who were summoned had a stiff
fight to prevent the flames from destroy
lng the building.
Mrs. Pennell's Story Ilustrated by
Husband in Sunday's Public Ledger.
London under the spell of war Is vividly
described by Elizabeth Iloblns Pennell, the
noted Philadelphia writer, In two artlclen
written for the Punuo Lbdobr,
Mm. Pennell. who Is now In London
with her husband, Joseph Pennell, the artr
1st, has graphically described the effect
of the war on the world's biggest city
how London, In peace, stretching it mas
sive bulk along the Thames, hag suddenly
become an armed camp, with searchlights
tirelessly seeking the raiding foe in the
clouda by night.
The stories are Illustrated by Mr. Pen
nell. The first of the two articles, "A
City or Dreadful Night," will appear In
the Magazine Section of thd Public
LrjtmEu on Sunday, January U.
Congressman Speaks on Canal
WBST CHB8TKR. Jan. 23. Congress,
man Martin B. Madden, of Chicago, a
close friend of Congressman Thomas H.
Butler, of this place, lectured on the Pan
am Canal here last night under the aus
ptcea of the) local Are department Two
thousand person attended. The proceeds
will be added to s. fund for the relief of
the needy In Weet Cheater Several hun
dred dollar war realized by the Iwur.
wbitstt wag !Uutrii;4.
Five Hundred Will Meet
February 9 to Start Move
ment to Advertise Phila
delphia's Goods.
The greatest trade development cam
paign ever undertaken In this city will
shortly bo started. For two montliB lend
lng representatives of Philadelphia n
banking, transportation, manufacturing.
Incrchandlso nnd maritime Interests hav.
been mnrshnllng forces, nnd with plan.,
virtually completed now more than COO
of these representative Phlladclphlaus
will meet nt a dinner ot tho Manufac
turcis' Club, on February 9, to formally ,
tnnugurato the movement for trado ro i
vlval. I
Tho aim of the movement will bo to I
ndverttso Philadelphia throughout the
world as tho pre-eminent producer ot
"world-sellers." No longer satisfied with
merely a homo market for this clt'
wares, a world market will be tho goal.
Tho slogan of tho campaign will he
"Philadelphia, tho World's aroatost
Woikshop," and the keynote will bo to
advertise this city by advertising the prin
cipal articles mndo hero.
Twelve men, whose executive gonlus to
a great extent dominates tho lending In
dustries ot this city, will address tho meet
ing, llnch will toll why Philadelphia's
branch of the Industry ho represents leads
tho world and each will explain the cotiroo
of development by which this pro-eml-licnco
was attained.
When these Inspiring word pictures
have been painted plana will be an
nounced for making Philadelphia's wares
a household phraso for standard quality
In every lending city In this country nnd
abroad. Phllndctphltins themselves will
be taught first what position this city
really occupies In the Industry of tho
world, Later this Maine iicwb will bo
spread broadcast.
Tho trade bodies directly back of tho
new movement are the Manufacturers'
Club, the Chamber of Commerce, tho
Merchants and Manufacturers' Associa
tion nnd tho Board of Trade.
The committee, which for weeks hns
been devlBlng ways and means for
launching the movement, conulfltd of tho
following mon:
Chulrmtiu Ernest I,. Trigg, vlco presi
dent and general manugrr of John Lucas
At Co., pnlnt muntifuctureis; Frmtcis II.
Reeves, Jr., piculdent or the (Ilrnrd N'n
tlonnl llnnlc and tho Phlltutolnhla Clear
ing House Association, Charles 7.. Tryon,
president of the Edward I" Tryon Com
pany, sporting goods; William II. Welmur,
president nf thi Welmtr, Wright At Wnt
kln Company; Oeorge T. I.ilng, of the
l.nlng, Ilarrar tb. Chamlieilln Company;
Frank W. Huff, of tho Supplee-lilddle
Unnlwnie Company; Edward J. Cnttoll,
city statistician; .V. B. KclIo, sec
letary of the Chamber of Commerce;
Charles W. Summerfleld, secretary of tho
Merchants nnd MniitifnvtuieiH' Associa
tion, Walter P. Miller, dialer In papoi
boxce; Joseph II. IlaltKH, secretary of
the Unities, Junes & Oiulbury Campuiiv;
Ocnrge L Mitchell, nf (loorgo L. Jlltchell
Ik Stnff, advertising tLieiits; Walter Whet
stone, of Whetstone A; Co., lion pipe;
Irving Kchn, of Kolm, Adler At Co.; F.' .1.
Lnlfcity. treusunr of the K. A. Wilght
Banknote Company, John Flsler, treus
urer of tho Yewriall & Jones Company;
Wilson II. Brown, president of Jonathan
King & Son. and Elmer 1. Welsol, accro
tury of tho Manufacturers' Club.
Mr. Trigg declared today that Phila
delphia's industrial light must no longer
bo hid under n bushel. Not even Phlla
delphians themselves, he said, knew what
this city stood for Industrially. Tho cam
paign, therefore, will be educational as
well as n trade boom. It wl 1 show that '
tho sun never sets on Phllndulphla-mado
goods. And, what is more s gnltlcant. It
will bo shown from statistics umt l per
cent, of all the manufactured articles ex-
ported fiom the United States to Buropo
are maue in inn city.
Tho chaotic conditions of tho world's
trado on iiccount of the European war
make the prcreut time thn mi.st utispli-imiii
for the inauguration of such a move
ment, Its leaders soy. Further, It Is
pointed out thut the new commorclal era
In thl3 country now beginning will
awaken all cities to their new opportuni
ties. If Philadelphia, then, Is to main,
tnln Its commercial prc-omlnonco nnd to
have that pre-cmlnenco recognized at
homo and abroad, Industrial leudors say
tho present movement must be made an
unparalleled success.
Czar's Troops Have to Be Driven Into
Battle Like Cattle.
BBBLIN, Jan. 22.
That Russian soldiers have to be driven
Into battle "like cattle" is the declaration
inado by an "eyewitness" attached to
the staff of tho German commander In
i'oiana. in a narrative written by him
and given out by the C.clal German
News Bureau today there appears tho
"All of the Russian prisoners of war
tell of tha Czar's soldiers being driven
Into battle by officers with revolvers. Tho
Russian army Is plainly disheartened be
cause successes havo not been attained.
"nussla, with Its great resources of
men, Is able to reinforce Its armies fre
quently, but the fresh troops often ar
rive without arms and have to be held
in reserve until death In the tiring lino
puts weapons at their disposal.
"Many of the Russians have Inflicted
wounds upon themselves In order to get
out of fighting. Others have lied front the
battlefield under cover of darknevs, An
order Issued by the commander of the
lMth Russian Regiment forbids both theso
practices under penalty of death, This
shows a complete disintegration of mili
tary spirit and discipline."
French, Infantry Rushes forward
East; of Lomhaertzyde.
PARIS. Jan. 22.
The battle of Flanders has been re
sumed after a lull caused by recent heavy
etorms. -me uermans are -violently bom
bardlng Nleuport, while ths Allies have
brought infantry Into action and have
made some progress to the east of Lorn
baertzyde highway This U officially an
nounced In a communique issued by the
French War Office this afternoon.
French artillery still maintains Its ad
vantage over that of the German be
tween Yprea and the 01 e.
Near Berry-au-Be, on the Alsne, the
French have reeapturep a trench that
they were compelled to evacuate because
of it vtqlant bombardment by tho Ger
man. Tin) situation at the outskirts of
SolMon U uaofeanged. a&eording to the
IM 1 M 1.
MasHsT '&9s"aBaSeH!
5 9i ' lJeaBaeBBBy
Mi 1 Uv9Mi
German naval chief, whose threat
to starve Britain is recalled by the
sinking of a British merchant ship
by a German cubmarinc. It is
believed this new mode of war
fare ha3 been launched.
Personnel and Size of Public
Service Board May Be
Changed at Administra
tion's Behest.
llAnniBIIUItO. Jnn. 22. - Several
changes in tho personnel of tho Pennsyl
vania Public Service Commission and tho
reduction of thut body from seven to live
members Is tlio Intention of tho Brum
baugh Ailmlnlstiutloii, according to the
general belief on Capitol Hill today. It
Is rumored, also, that the resignation of
Finnic M. Wnlnce, of Bile, ulicudy Is in
tlio hund.'i of Oovcrnor Brumbaugh, as Is
tlio oppolnlnient of Walter Guiltier, secie
lary to e-;iicrnnr Tenor.
Governor Brumbnuuh loduv would not
I admit that Wnllure'n resignation has
hnn received nor that he Is opposed to
tho conllrmntlon of Gnlther as a member
of tliu body, but thn report generally cur
rent In the Capitol is that an amendment
to tho picaerit Public Utilities Act will
bo Intioduced enily in tho session, i educ
ing tho number of commissioners to five.
In tliajJliui for reducing the numbir of
commiBBioneiB is seen a move to dls laco
tho present body with another moio sult
abla to tlio Governor. Tho mere Intro
duction of a resolution i educing the num
ber of commissioners would abolish tho
resent commission and cnablo tho Gov
ernor to name his own commission. So
far the only objection to the present
members of tho boiud that tho exectitlvo
has been heard to iniike Is tlint Mr. Wal
lace is not suitable and that Mr. Galthcr
Is not ciiulpped for tbo position.
Governor Brumbaugh today was non
committal legardlug the plnn to reduce
the number nf commissioners from seven
to nvo. no wuh asked whether he fnvoreil
''li a plan.
"' 'lo "ot care t0 no Quoted on that,'
.,, ,,,,"' , LT '",rouu" ntomatlcnllj
ttZJlh!'Jlt'mH0V, .C.n
''",""?". "..j ""?S'"le" t.?f ""V1"61
i'lie bill when Introduced ntitomatlcolly
and automatically will accent his reslcna.
tlon. Governor Brumbaugh must detlno
his nttltude regarding tho present com
mission when tho bill Ib Intioduced, since
it will give him tho power to oust every
memher of tho present board and appoint
mon of his own choice
Public ciltlclsm gcnorally was directed
against tho board early In tho present
controversy between the commuters .and
tho ralliond companies over tho increase
In pnisenger tariffs and tho proposed
abolition of certain forms of commuta
tion tickets. At this tlmo, It wns
charged, tho Commission, whllo conduct
ing the formal hearings on tho rate case,
advised tho railroads In advance whnt
the decision would be, thus making the
linn! hearing a furce.
Dissipated . Forces Now Appear Bent on Terrific Sweep
Against Thorn, With Modern Defenses of
Vistula Blocking the Way.
By J. W. T. MASON .
NHW YORK. Jan. 22.-Tho Russians
nro pushing their new advance vigor
ously toward Thorn, tho Intrenched
camp which guards the German frontier
at the point where tho Vistula flows Into
German territory. This has suddenly be
come the most Important movement in
the various war zones. The Slavs ap
pear once more to have changed their
plans of campaign and to have returned
to their original resolve to overthrow the
German Vistula defenses, second In
strength only to the defenses of the
The absence of news concerning the
Russian advance toward Budapest, and
the apparent inability of the Slav to
follow up the recent defeat of the Turks
In the Caucasus, suggest that Instead of
sending sufnolont reinforcements to sup
port these movements the new offensive
against the German Vistula Is for the
moment the dominant factor of Russia's
There are, In fact, six different cam
palons now being conducted by ths Rua.
slant) the first, In Eait Prussia; the sec
ond, toward Thorn) the third, before
Warsaw the fourth, In Oallclai the fifth,
In Bukowlna and toward Budapest! the
sixth, In the Caucasus.
Six campaigns require a serloua division
of the Slav offensive, and what is mor
satisfactory to the German General Staff.
Petrograd I tempted into a continuous
policy of Indecision There appear to be
various cliques of strategists at Petro
grad, each of whom In turn seems to lm
press It desires on the Ooatral Staff
Instead, therefore, of holdltwr fast to an
otytetlv dplve all ofes-tartes, every
Naval Casualties of Other
Belligerents Far Less Than
Those of Two Leading
Maritime Powers.
England has lost In the war, from Au
gust I. 1911. to January 1, 1915, n total of
31 vessels of war and Germany hns lost
47. according tn statistics published In
tho navy year book Issued today by tho
Senate Committee on Naval Affairs. Tho
total losses of othor belligerents nre:
Bussln, I; Franco, 8; Jnpan, 5; Turkey,
2, and Austria, C.
Tho British losses wero three battle
ships, thrco armored cruisers, tlnco
cruisers, four light cruisers, two auxiliary
cruisers, two torpedo gunboats, two do-
. stroyers, three submarines, eight mlno
I HWflntiitrn nnd (rnwlera nnil nnn trfllntn?
Germany lost threo armored cruisers,
eight protocted cruisers, ono small crulsor,
11 auxiliary cruisers, eight gunboats, nlno
destroyers, two submarines and tlnco
mine layers, besides tho battlo crulsor
Ooeben nnd the light cruiser Breslau, sold
to Turkey.
Tho Bussliin losses woro: Ono armored
cruiser, ono cruiser, ono auxiliary cruiser
and ono gunboat.
France lost one gunboat, threo destroy,
ers and ono submarine.
Japan lost a cruiser, a destroyer, a tor
pedoboat and two spoclal service boats,
Turkey lost a battleship and n gunboat.
Austria lost two rmlsois, a monitor, a
turpedobont nnd a tialnlng ship.
Fierce Battle In Progress Northwest
of Pont-n-Mousson.
BERLIN, Jon. 22.
French rorces operating near St. Mlhlel
havo been driven back Into their old po
sitions, according to nn ofllclal report
fiom gcnernl heudriuarters Issued here
this afternoon. It udmlts that tho Ger
mans abandoned a trench near Berry-nu-Bac.
but says that a French attack north
of Verdun was repulsed.
A florco battlo for the possession of
Croix de.i Lnrtnca, northwest of Pont-ri-Mousson,
continues. Tho French gained
a tempornry ndvantage there, but woro
later driven back.
For onco tho ofllclal reports from Palis
and Berlin substantially ngreo, the Ger
mans admitting what the French claim
and clnlmlng what tho French ndmlt.
Commander of Fortress Prepares
Against French Advnnce in Alsace.
IJEBNE, Switzerland, Jan. 22.
Martini law hns been proclnlmed at
riti.issbtirg by the commander of the Ger
mon fortress on tho upper Ithlne.
Swiss obsorVorB take this ns an Indica
tion thut the Germans expect tho French
forces to mako a further advance Into Al
Body Examined for "Symptoms" nnd
His Clothing for Monoy.
"I am a doctor uiid have to exercise
great caro la choosing n rooming hotiso.
If you will be kind enough to disrobe
nnd let me examine you, I would be sntls
llcd better that thcro Is no danger of
contracting consumption from you, re
your cough makes mo susplclouH."
This preamble by way of engaging n
room was made by a auavo Btrnnger '(
day to Herman KurUman, who conductH
an apartment houxo nt 1S22 South 7th
street. Even tho fact that tho stronger
had a companion, whom ho Introduced as
a "private detective, failed to arouau
Kurtzman's susplclouu. He said ho would
bo glad to "obllgo too doctor" and tho
police aro now looking for tho pair and
J51 belonging to Kurtzman.
Kuitzmnn admits It was some time be
fore a light dawned on him. He told
tho police tho "doctor" was a dis
tinguished looking gentleman who ox
amlned him from head to foot. The
"dotectlvo'.' hold his clothes dm lng tho
"My surmises wero wrong," Kurtzman
suys the doctor declared after ho had
thumped every Inch of him and listened
Intently to his heart beats.
The visitors then snld they would wait
until Kurtzman dressed before looking
through the rest of tha hotiso and Kurtz
man lelBUrly donned Ills clothing, tlrst
modestly retiring to the buthroom.
About the samo time that he discovered
a suspicious emptiness about Ills trousers'
pocket, whoro his "roll" had been stowed,
the front door closed downstalra on tho
slick doctor and his "pal."
stumble sends the Slavs off seeking an
easier track.
Presumably the situation In. the south
east Is more puzzling that at first was
thought, so the Petrograd military au
thorltlea have decided to try their troops
again In the Russo-German northwestern
war zone. While trying to reach Thorn
early In the war the Slavs suffered their
first great defeat amid the marshes of
East Prussia. The experience thuu
gained doubtless accounts for the fact
that the now advance Is not through the
East Prussian glacial bogs, but is along
the Russian roads soma mile to the
The seriousness of tho Thorn offensive
depends on the strength of the Slav
armies. It will require an enormous forcu
'i?.-1 . "" rovement successful. The
difficulties of crossing the undefended
portion of the Vistula River In Russia
are so great that Von Hlndenburg has
been .unable to move his army from the
foro, as If the problem of forcing the Vli.
tulu In Germany, defended as It Is by a
Una of modern fortifications, may be a
perplexing one for the Blavs to solve,
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Freneb. Town In Vosges Bombarded
With Heavy duns.
PARIS, Jan. 22.
German bombardment of St, Dlo, ono
of the most picturesque of tho old cities
of the Vosges region, was reported In of
ficial dispatches today.
Six shells of heavy cnllbro were hurlnl
Into the heart ot St. Die. Ono fell near
the historic old cathedrAt, a rello of tho
11th century, and unofficial reports assert
that a school building, erected In the 8lh
century whr slightly damaged, Residents
of tho town fled In panic.
The capture of 1B0 yards of German
trenches In the forest of Apremonl Is ro
ported today, with the admission, how
ever, that this gain was later lost because
of a heavy bombardment by tho Ger
Ottoman Forces at Tabriz
Attempt to Halt Foe From
Caucasus Suffered
Heavy Losses.
PETROORAD, Jnn. 22. Another Turk
ish defent was reported In an ofllclal dis
patch received today from Tlllls. It
stated that Ottoman troops and Kurd
ttlbesmcn ndvnnclng from tho captured
Persian city of Tabriz had been defeated
when they attempted to Invado tho Cau
casus nnd wero driven back with heavy
Tho Bourse Gazotto's Tlflls correspond
ent reports that tho Turkish forces at
tempted to cross the Russo-Perslan fron
tier nt DJulfn on tha Araxcs Itlver. but
suffered so severely from tho Russians'
nrtlllcry fire that they retired to Marand,
several miles south of tho river.
The defeat of tho Kurds at Kara Urgan
has permitted the Russlnns to strcngthrn
their forces on tho Persian frontier.
Another dispatch from Tlflls reports
that the advanco of the Russian troops
ngalnst Brzerum hns been temporarily
halted bocauso of terrific snowstorms.
Offensive Against Warsaw Halted,
However, Petrograd Says.
PISTROaitAD, Jan. 22.
The German forward movement ngalnst
Warsaw from the west again hns 'been
ha'tcd, nccordlng to unofilclnl reports.
The Germnns, however, continue bom
barding Wlszogrod on tho east bank of
the Vistula, preparatory to an attompt
to force a passage.
The Russian advanco In Bukowlna nnd
In tho Caucasus continues, It la ofilclally
LONDON, Jan. 22. A dispatch fiom
Petrograd says tho Canadian Ico breaker
with which It wbb expected to keep open
the port ot Archangel through tho winter
has broken down and 16 steamships aro
already frozen In with little prospect of
releasing them for sovernl months.
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Kaiser's Soldiers Killed
combs Dropped on 0i J
andZeebrugge OneAl
man Captured.
ABr- i
n... ... - .".1""D.)tt.a
., . " r "" "c:,ni " uvoKriSv
'-Mhy the Germans, waXS'i
today. It was made hv ii.i...I' M lfl
nccordlng to th siuls corr.-. "!M
the Tyd, who fnyfl th, Z. ?w fil
tors wns forced to descend at z.H
Un Is believed to have CnZ'M
prisoner. " 'v
According to tho advices ,.. l
tho Tyd, tho aviators Km.., . .h?. frl
German soldiers at n...., ".numb"WJ
tho railroad stations .,i "SMI
depots In both towns win, .. .?. TaM
; "'r DombHl
ARNHEM, Netherlands, Jttn a . '
senger arriving here from GcrmsT.
hitii mat nllied nlrincn ii.i.j ' 53
bombs upon tho town , o f E.n1.?,M
a number of houses. ' d,,tiii(fl
ritsen is uio homo of the fnm ft
steel works. 'amou Kity?
Irreprosslblo German Cruiser 3
ported Off Snn .t... S
SAN JUAN, P. R., Jan. 22.The
ship Conmo, Captain Barb.r, S
sailed from Now York January lltotTi
Juan, report having ighUa "
crulsur Knrlftriilin on t '
" "" 'wiro vague Rinl
Juan, yesterday morning bofors dayMI?
Tho ri-nlon.. ,,,....1 ... .. 'HIHU,
tho bridge of the Coamo, the ship', $
....o .,.,,, ,.,u,K i0 entrance of mi'
vessol Into the harbor difficult. Thewt
ship icfuscd to onswer wireless sinnjj
nnd disappeared In tho darkness, -;
Tho Karlsruhe hno been variously m?
ported sunk, riddled, wrecked, ruh.i1?
inmmed, routed nnd Interned. But
muniigen to return to activity Mih J
varying regularity. " J
Black Sea Fighters Reported in Bj.1
liolllnn S7 Ct . .
i.ui-Kisn umciai iows Bureau todav is 9
nounccd that tho Government had learnel
of a mutiny In the Ruwlan Black gnl
C7 sailors having been sentenced t I
yenrs Imprisonment as a result f
Even beforo tho European wsr rumorij
" stcKt. sit. ouumiupoi,
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