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State Bank Examiners Open
Strong Box of Accused
Missing Building and Loan
Th secret behind the closed doors of
the big safe In tho office of Jacob Kels
ler, 413 South 5th street, tho secretary
of the eleven building and loan associa
tions who has disappeared, leaving with
tho Ravings accounts of hundreds of poor
people, according to tho police, will b
revealed this afternoon. Officers from
tho offlco of State Banking Commissioner
Smith will go to the offlco and tho safe
will be cracked by an expert.
II ndicds of people, who toll In fac
torkb and dingy sweatshops o oko out il
meagre living, anxious to know how much
of their small snvlncs was taken atwiy
by the secretary, stijod about Kelslor's
offlco today. The pln.ee was besieged by
these persons, seeking Information as to
their accounts, but they could learn noth
ing. The books of the association Into
which they put their money wcro locked
In the safe. These books nre their only
source of Information.
It was decided that the. sate must bo
opened utter Deputy State Banking Com
missioners had visited Kelsler's ofllco this
morning. The commissioners want tho
books to go over the accounts of the
eleven building associations of which
Kelsler Is secrotnry. Members of Kels
ler's oltlce force refused to open tho safe
this morning.
Claims against tho man will amount to
more than (CU.OOO, It Is said. A large
portion of this was money that poor icsl
dents of tho district saved from small
salaries. Somrj1 of them old men hnd
put a few dollars away n month to take
cure of them after they were unfitted for
Many also have valuable papers In the
safe and until It Is opened they will not
know whether they remain Intact. Among
Kelsler's victims art. a number of men
end women who years ago were his
pupils In a Hebrew religious school at
tached to a South Philadelphia syna
eogue. Search is being made by the pullco for
Kelsler, to arrest him on a wnrinnt
charging forgery and embezzlement Ills
whereabouts Is unknown, mid his win:
who still keeps open tho 5th street ofllco,
assuring the hundreds of poor creditors
that her absconding husband will surely
return, says sho decs not know where
ho Ib. A subpoena summoning Kelsler
to tho United States District Court In
Involuntary bankruptcy proceedings wim
served today upon Mrs. Kelsler In tho
nbrence of her husband.
The police are now searching for former
chnuffcurH of Kelsler, who. It ' bmicv.-it.
may throw considerable light upon his
whereabouts. Persons living In tho neigh
borhood say he had several servants und
lived luxuriously. Ono man. whose name
Is Schrecklor and who lives In the neigh
borhood, said .-clsler left with $20,000 of
his money. He added that his Jewelry
was "wonderful."
Kelsler Is alleged to have obtained
much of the money It is claimed ho has
stolen by forging tho name of oillcers
of the building associations of which ha
was secretary to mortgage and promi
ory notes. He had no trouble getting
money on these. On one, however, ho
made a mistako In forging a name. Ho j
Ja conveyancer of the Sixth Street
Building nnd Loan Association, and
Isaac L. Stern Is secretary. Instead of
signing the name of Stern as secretary
to the note he signed his own name. The
mistake was caught up at the People's
Trust Company, where the note was pre
sented, and nn investigation followed.
Dlctophone Speaks for Departed
Member of Last Man's Club.
A mecaage from the dead was hoard
at the second annual banquet of the Last
Man's Club of West Philadelphia hold
stt Kugler's last night with 11 of tho 12
original members present. Tho voice jf
the man who has died since the unique
association started two cars ago was
Itrard from a dlctophone record. Hla va
cant chair was decked with flowers by his
surviving associates.
A document signed by all the members
contains an agreement that all moneys
and records of 'the club shall go to the
last surviving' member. He will take
possession when he sits down alone to.
the last banquet after all his friends
nave been called by death. No officer of
the club can succeed himself or hold the
same office until all the other members
bave had a term.
The members of the organization are
Dr C. H. Chain. H. O. Torboes, J. C.
Ltebfrled. J. M. Sturgls, E. R. Jones, A.
W Meyers, Leroy Smith, J. H. Llebfried.
M, F. Walton, O. B. Johnson and Udwnrd
Bhuster The member who died was Ed
ward Shaster.
Official Forecast
For eastern Pennsylvania.; Snow to
night and Saturday; moderate to fresh
north to northeast winds.
For New Jersey: Snow late tonight or
on Saturday,
Increasing barometric pressure has
caused a moderate decrease In tempera
ture at most places In the northeastern
portion of (he country during the last
Zi hours A disturbance that Is central
over eastern Texas has spread northward
over the central valleja. causing gen
eral precipitation, with a rise In tern
perature on its advance, and colder In the
Plains States west of its centre. A sharp
drop Is reported from most of the west
ern Canadian provinces, and the tem
peratures are comparatively severe In
!?.?? P',?cu?' The Southwestern storm
will probably move Into the Ohio valley
JhUJnit tho next 24 hours and the precipi
tation area will spread to the coast
U, S. Weather Bureau Bulletin
Qbrvtloa made at 8 a, m. Eastern tin)..
last ftafn.
AbJtene, Tex.
o,n. n't,
Atlattllo City .,
rharoerck- f. J.
&UtGll, lliu . .
Huttalo. N. r...
Chicago, ill. ...
Cleveland. O. . .
fcenver, Celo ..
Ij Uolnte. la,.
Detroit, Mien.. .
lJuluth WJno. .
OtlMHlM ttx .
Una, kfolit...'.
uro. O P.. .
Jjsksenvllle, F M.
Jkj&s &bu.m
RitaMfcalS ... t
r-ssssfe-.: n
rwt6d, .:. ia l
Iwhind Ore. 9? 3:
Oklfa Cjui. 3
T. M 91
t Paul. Mina ng'p
San Pun 1ik ij Jf
M -two
i H...lfrji
i J.ij.fejfc - " ',
S ,9 -SI BP 8 Cloudy
i I feT
g m r A p&
8 -.; 9 U
ii J .so n i fiSSS
i -Urn ft4r
ft" 4 R
K a SUdy'
, 8 i 9?"
l HE 1ft SOw'
j R SsWudy
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a Christian life over after there was
much furtlvo tear wiping among the men.
But this morning's sermons did not
rench the convicts nlone. There were vis
Itors there, grouped about "Mn," notably
Mrs. Horace Kassett, Mrs. Louis Crozlor,
Ir. nhd Mrs. Itoscnblatt, Judge .1. Willis
Martin and Miss Martin. Miss Kitty Brln
ton, Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles A. Carver, Jr.,
and the Misses Cohen and many of tho
members of the board of Inspectors of
the penitentiary.
They, too, npplnuded, especially when
"Billy" thundered-
"All God wants a man to do Is to tlvo
on the square, If ou don't you get In
trouble. You know that. If you defy tho
laws of nature you will hnvo to tako your
medicine, and If you defy God's law you
will have to do tho snmo thing.
"Tho fool Is wise In his own eyes
that's why he Is n fooll That's why
a fellow loses at three-card Monte, that's
why tho rubo buys the gold brlrk ho
thinks he knows It all. A man Is a fool
who thinks he can beat flod.
"If we can get men to think right they'll
act right. If wo all thought right tho
devil would bo In thp hospital In six
months. It's wrong thinking that makes
a man a drunkard and a scoundrel. If
you think wrong you'll net wrong, that's
a cinch I
"Don't get discouraged. If a fellow
wants to do rlcht ha enn find nlentv will
ing to help him. If he doesn't, he can
find plenty to help him the other way,
too. Think right, that's nil-do that otid
everything will come out nil right."
At this point ''Hilly" became conscious
that his nudlenco was straining every
tmisclo to catch every word he uttered
nnd to watch Ids face. Ho Instantly
leaped upon the table behind which ho
had stood.
"Sorry I didn't think of this before,
hoys," he shouted down tho long corri
dors. "I guess you can nil see me now,
"Billy" brought his nddress to a closo
with a prayer so ardent, so whimsical nnd
so earnest that his midlence ran tho entire
finnitit of human omotlons before ho con
cluded. "Oh, Clod," he shouted, "make these
men remember what they used to bo
when they wcro helpless children. Lot
them remember their mothers' piuerH.
"Clod, let them leave hero nnd sny,
'flood-bye henn soup, good-bye mutton
stew, good-bye keepers and (-tone wnlls;
I'm going to llvo right with God from
now on ' And, oh, God, help them to do
It help them."
!t w.io t.ien "Undoes" turn ii'mI '
'nl the men In Ringing some of the
tabernacle songs ho had tanght them bo
foie Mr. Sunday began his nddiess.
GIFT J-'IIOM NO. 5271.
At this point a "trusty" jumped on tho
platform and presented "Hilly" with n
framed copy of the Loid's prayer, carved
In wood by No. 5271, with a penknife, and
presented by the Penitentiary Association.
"Hilly" wns touched. Tears camo to
his eyes as ho aimed to his audience.
Then ho said:
"Come on, boyo, let's bow our heuds
and say it, every ono of us."
And then the walls of the great building
reverberated with such a volume of
prayer ns has never bcfoio been heaid
thoic. Many of tho men who had never
prayed before stumbled on repenting the
w ords.
Mis. Sunday nnd her three children,
Mrs. Helen Haines. "Hilly" Jr. nnd I'util,
rntiiiiiei1 from Atlantic City last night.
Tonight Mis. Haines will leave for her
home, in Chicago and William and Paul
will go with her as far as their home,
Winona Lake, Ind., where they will re
sume their studies.
Mi?. Ocorgo M. Sunday nnd her baby,
tnc cvanscllbt's grandson, will arrlvo
cither m Sunday night or Monday to
spend some time with the fnmlly nt 1014
Spring Garden street.
Sunday afternoon and night Mr. Sunday
will preach to men only In tho tabernacle
on "The Devils Boomerangs, or Hot
Cakes Oir tho Griddle." At 2 o'clock
Sunday afternoon there will be a meeting
for young women In the Metropolitan
Opera House, nnd one for older women
In tho First Regiment Armory, Broad
and Oallowhlll streets. Mis. Sunday Is
to speak at tho latter and Miss Frances
Mill will be tho speaker at tho former.
Sunday's Sermons
and 7.
on Panes 6
Continued from I'nca One
tho accident have yet reached here, the
naval authorities merely announcing that
tho "matter had been reported to Wash
ington." Tho San Dleffo had Just completed a
four-hour speed trial. She had been mak
ing 21.45 knots an hour and It Is believed
her machinery hnd been put to a severe
test. It is believed that In tho excite
ment of tho speed trials possible neg
ligence on the part of the crew resulted
In tho wnter becoming low In ono of the
tubes In the fore boiler.
The San Diego left La Taz on the
Lower California coast for Acapulco on
Jununry 19. It Is believed tho explosion
occurred somewhere between these two
points on tho west coast, although, the
exact location was not given In dispatches
received hero.
Tho San Diego Is the flagship of the Pa
cific fleet. Hoar Admiral Howard having
transferred his flag as commander of the
raclflc fleet from the West Virginia to
the San Diego on November 23. She car
ries a crew of S-2 men.
Father and Policemen go Through
Smoke and Flame.
Three children who were asleep In n
tenement house at 701 Buttonwood street
this morning were carried to safety by
their father nnd Policeman KranlcK, of
the 10th and Buttonwood streets station,
when a fire started In the house.
The policeman saw smoke coming from
the place and dashed In, He met Abe
Ilabinowltz, the proprietor, and the men
staggered to the second Btory front room,
where three children were sleeping, and
carried them to the Btrcet through the
smoke and flame 'filled hallway.
The Are was caused by a defective flue.
It was extinguished with small loss.
Jiobert Thorn pion. SOS Wood it., and Mary L
Jarksoo, tiuS Wood it.
eianlilaw Buchvlerkl, 2000 Nawcomb St., and
Helena UIMcka. ZOUONtwcomb st.
Josct Valendeurlci, 28,1 Poplar t., and Julia
liaiur. at3 Poplar st.
Alexander Krajtwikl, 703 8. Front St., and
Anltla Kapuita. Tt)3 H. Front at.
(Harry Hofnlck, 123a Day at., and Francta C.
Turualty. 173T Day at.
Louis H. Sullivan. 1423 Wharton St., and NO-
lla O'Nalll, XtU Wharton at.
John Polek, HU Bllttrwood at., and Anna
Dula. 131 Coruiaroe at.
O. Liyrnca Warwick. 5.VH Media, at., and
Mary E Oram. MOT l'arpnter at.
Walter S. Itutoy. SOM Tutntr at., and Jwlo
Jaokaon. 1V3& Nlcholaa at.
Benjamin Uallard, 1331 S. 10th at., and Lavlna
II Henry 11 N. loth at.
Bunoa Patteraon, 42U Kalrrnount ava., and
Kancy W Warwick, 13 N. 4 tat at.
John E Keena. KX Lombard t., and Mamia
L. Johnun. 1603 Lombard at.
lymiaiu T Fltigaraid. 101 S 31th at, and
Mamie Payata. 101 S Still at.
Pfuland liftr, B Orange, HtJ.. and Edith
llilnor. Tl ri. Jeaaup M
'William A Uoodman. Newport, It. I., and
Vilma R. Jotmaoo, H B. filth at.
Walter T 'arrljn 2010 S. lath at , and Ma
rie K Bibmidt. 1119 W. Paaayimlc aire.
Jlarry Butterworth, 128 Pejbam road, and
Sealrtse B. JfWyd, Wayne ave. and Homer it.
Jo&ai NewadoAkia, U12 Buttonwood at, and
Werontko AulotawalU, 1213 ltuttonwood at
BuW C Xrhardt Bcranton, pa , and Lur
S Harvey, gcraston P.
OUtMrt FeWMUr KM N Prankljn at, end
Ansa .toiUr 72J N 7lh at
KJward inSrairacy R77 N tkh L, n4 Itoma
(tswfiw. on uj e
T&2& liulatE AVaV a Rrf IT rV
tSSS e.
Law and Order Society Will
Not Tolerate Combination
of Intoxicants, Shows and
I). Clarence Olbboney, president of the
I.nw and Order Society, appearing bo
fore Judges Cnrr nnd Uavls In the
license court today, served notice on
fashionable hotels In the ccntro of tho
city and all other places whero liquor Is
sold, that tho society of which he Is tho
head nnd tho police of tho city will not
permit them to hnvo cabnrct shows and
dancing as long ns they sell Intoxicants.
Ho was backed up In this by William
J. Cooler, attorney for the Bureau of
Police, who declared at tho rlooo in'
court that unless licensed liquor deal
ers, Irrespective of whether they operated
fashionable downtown hotels or neighbor,
hood orncr saloons, abolished their night
entertainments and cabaret shows, that
action would be taken at the next term
of tho Llccnso Court to revoke their sell
ing privileges.
This notlco wns served after llvo saloon
keepers, ngalnst whom remoiiRtrnnccH had
been filed by tho Law nnd Order Society
nnd tho l'ollco Hurcau, promised tho court
to dlspenso with tho cabaret features of
their places. It was charged that tho sa
loons ttoie conducted In a manner con
trary to law, that tho proprietors permit
ted objectionable cabal ct shows, which at
tracted dlsoiderly pfrsons of both sexes,
nnd that liquor wan sold to mlnois.
When court opened this morning the
room was packed with saloonkeepers,
members of tho vice squad, of which De
tective Charles Lee Is the head, detectives
of the Law and Order Society, a half'
doren young women less than 1G years
old, subpoenaed ns witnesses against tho
accused bnloonkeeperB, and many Indig
nant neighbors.
Accusations had been brought against
(he following five enfes: Tho Palm Har
den. c:'J-33 West Olrard avenue, conducted
by George E. Miles; John C. Hermann's
Ilnthskellnr, 1217 Woet Columbia avenue;
Mrs. Helen H. Laubach's saloon, Marsh
nil street and Glrard avenue; Mrs. Han
nah Itogers' saloon, noi thwest corner 10th
and Cherry streets, and John McDonald's
saloon, at Oth and Cherry streets. Ab
their names were called out by tho court
clerk, tho saloonkeepers or nr, attorney
renresenting each place, took their places
before the bar and promised to ellminnto
tho objectionable featuies of their sa
loons. In a letter, Mrs. Helen Lnubach prom
ised to get out of tho liquor business hs
soon as possible. It said:
"I have labored hard and earnestly to
make my place a success nnd never
knowingly permitted any misconduct or
violations of the law of any kind. 1 hnvis
discontinued the cabaret show, closed fie
cafe on tho second lloor where It wns con
ducted, and will get out of tho business
ns soon as possible, as it Is not the busi
ness In which a woman should be engaged
I hnvo not a dollar In tho world outsldo
of the buslnebs, to which I pledgo myself
to give personal and special nttention,
and will conduct same in accordance with
my promise without cabarot or anything
of tho kind until such time ns I cm)
sell and transfer my license to somo per
son satisfactory to tho court."
In commenting on Mrs. Laubach's let
ter. Judge Cnrr suld: "It Is n very
sensible letter and tho writer manifests
the proper spirit In relation to the futuro
conduct of tho place."
Mr. Olbboney, who was ready to pro
ceed with tho cases, then denounced nil
amusement and night entertainments as
provided by cabarctfl Ho particularly
assailed tho higher priced and mom lav
ishly appointed places In the central part
of tho city, but did not mention tho
names of any of them
ohn Robert LeWyk
Wager-Smilh, of Darby,
Meets Death From
Father's Weapon.
John Robert LeWyk Waeer-Smlth, a
17-year-old student at the 'William I'enn
Charter School and eldest son of 11.
AVager-Smlth, a structural engineer and
contractor, hot himself through the brnlu
with a revolver at hla home. Marshall
Iload and Yycome avenue. Upper Darby.
The bullet went entirely through hl head
and lodged In a well behind, resulting In
the Soy'B death Ave hours later.
The accident occurred about o'clock
yesterday afternoon, . short time after
young Wager-Smith, who was accustomed
to lire-arms, returned from school and
was preparing to Join his brothers nt
target practice on the ground surround
ing hta father's place. Mrs. "Wager-Smith,
who was In the house at the time with
Mrs. Catherine Robinson, the housekeeper,
heard the report but was afraid to make
an Investigation.
The housekeeper found the lad lying on
the lloor with the revolver beside him. It
was tho property of hU father, who kept
It hanging on a nail In hla bedroom. The
family physician coUld do nothing to save
the boy, who died without regaining con
sciousness. The bullet, he found, hud
taken an upward course through the right
temple to the left side of the head and
Imbedded Itself In the wall.
"It la very sad," said Mr. Wager-Bmlth.
"He was my oldwt boy. We had all
driven to town In my car earlier In the
day, aa we used to do dally. When he
got to Mth atreet after school he called
up for hla machine, which waa brought
over to blm.
"The boys had been accustomed to
shooting at targets and John was fa
miliar with rny revolver. I kept it hang
ing on a nail In my room for Mrs.
Wager-Smlth'a protection when I was
out of town.
"After examining the room I have come
to the conclusion that my son must have
been cleaning the revolver and one of the
shells dropped out. He probably had his
finger on the trigger unconciouly
When he atoeytexl over to pick up the
dropped cartridge the revolver wat off
and the bullet atruck hi baud as a
bent over close to Uia floor,"
Continued from Vntti One
buslnets men said they would not submit
to n hold-up In the plans for rapid transit
and that this fact would be brought
clearly nnd forcefully to the attention of
every member of 'Select nnd Common
Those who fought for the first appro
priation of $.-00.000, pnssed yesterday by
Councils, are Hushed today with victory.
The action of Councils wob called a per
sonal triumph for every man of the thou
sands who helped register tho will of the
nnnntn liv nl tftlrifncr tlm irrpflt niftSSmePt-
lng at tho Academy of Music January 14,
It also wns called a triumph for thi
EvMNlNrt Lkdobu, which has fought for
the consummation of the transit planB
Insistently, Through the columns of the
Rveninh LewiKn tho whole question of
rent ropld transit nnd the full plans of
Director Taylor In nil their ramifications
have been set fairly nnd squnrcly boforo
the people. At tho mass-meeting the cttl
ssens responded.
The first pnrt of the battle was tho
hardest. With one victory to their credit
the supporters of transit sny they cannot
bo hnlted, but they may be delayed If
there Is any "let-up" In the light. It w.is
pointed out that those who wish to mako
of transit a political question had not yet
surrendered nbsolutely. It was declared
necessary to drive home ngaln the fact
that Philadelphia had determined to have
inpid transit.
Actual work on tho subway loop con
necting with tho new Hroad street tubo
will bo started by July 1, If Councils obey
the second mnndntc of the people and pro
vldo for the speclnl election In March.
furtive attemntB to create tho Impres
sion thnt this work cannot he stnrtcd for
n full year, until the relocation of sowers
Is completed, nre being made.
Director Taylor started his fight for a
March speclnl election Inst night before
the Miirkot Street Merchants' Associa
tion and representntlves of the Walnut
and Chestnut Streets Business Men's As
sociations nt a dinner nt tho Ulngham
"Philadelphia has taken an enormous
leap forward In the great constructive
Jiiogrntu she Is about to embark upon,"
ho snld. "She Is about to tako up this
work by grace of your City Councils, who
hnvo given my department $300,000 to be
gin work, and passed Ihe ordinance giving
me authority to start the work.
"As soon ns Mayor Hlankenburg signs
the ordinances passed today, 1 shall ad
vertise for bids and let contracts, and the
work will start March "0.
"Vhpn the people of a great city de
mand the right to express their will at
n special election, that light should be
given them or they should learn tho rea
son why It Is not.
"The most difficult part of tho transit
work has hen iiccomplishca. Wo have
given tho clly n great money-making
scheme, and we will operate It In con
junction with tho existing systems, If
thev so desire, but If they do not Phila
delphia should not and will not be bound
to the will of any corporation. Let w
be men and assert our rights and we wl'l
Director Taylor announced thnt ho had
contracted for 2."iO,000 buttons bearing the
Insignia, "I am for the transit plan." Ho
asked that every citizen wear one. The
association ngreel to distribute 6000.
The first reproduction of the buttons
appears today In the Evkniko Lcdoer.
The buttons themselves will be neat and
dignified In appearance, only flve-cIghthH
of an Inch In diameter and finished In
tho city's colors. Tho upper and lower
sections will be set off on a background
of gold, with tho words "For tho plnn"
In blue. Tho centre band will bo on a
hlun background, with the word "Tran
sit" In gold.
Plans for tho distribution of the but
tons hnvo not been agreed upon as yet.
While only 2T.0.OO0 hnvo been purchased.
contracts will be given for thousands
English Journalist Guest of Catholic
Historical Society.
Cecil Kdward Chesterton, whose reputa
tion abroad Is equal to that of his elder
brother, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, as pub
licist. Journalist and lecturer, believes that
n rapid termination of hostilities in Eu
rope would bo of vast benefit to the
United States. Mr. Chesterton Is In rhll
ndelphla ns tho Buest of tho Amerlcun
Catholic Historical Society, havlnc re
cently becomo a convert to Roman Cath
Mr. Chesterton declared that the recent
air raid by the Germans on his country
was barbarous, but thnt it was Insignifi
cant and had no value an a. strategic
measure. Ho Bald ho believed there was a
Croat deal of truth In the reports of atroc
ltlt on tho part of the Germans.
Mr. Chesterton lectured Inst night on
"New Forces In Kngllsh I.lteruture," In
tho auditorium of tho Catholic Girls' Hlrrh
School, nnd declared that Klpllnir had
fallen far below his old standard and wns
rapidly declining In power. Ho was enter
tained nt dinner at tho Bellevuc-Strat-fcrd
by the nev. William I.allou, presi
dent of the Catholic Hlstotlcal Society.
Checked in the Nursery Adjoining
Big Auditorium.
All records for Infantile attendance at
the "Billy" Sunday tabernacle were brok
en today when ut I o'clock, an hour und a
half before the services started, CO Infants
of varying ugea had been checked In the
nursery udJolnltiB tho big -auditorium.
Policeman William Gooding, who had
charge of the entrance to the nursery,
wk3 tho busiest of all the bHie'coata han
dling tho "Mothers' Day" crowds, and the
thousands who left their little ones at
home were nnturally curious to see the
children checked In the nursery.
Those In charge of the children had no
difficulty. The nursery Is provided with
piles of sand In which the little onei
Played happily. Miss Margaret Clark Is
chairman of tho Nursery Committee to
day, Mrs, A. R. Isehler, superintendent
of the nursery, und Mrs. Sarah J. Bell,
the chief matron, all took an nctlve part
In seeing that the youngsters had an en
joyable time and came to no harm.
SEES XT. S. "DRY" IN 1016
Congressman Hobson Alsq Asserts
Belief ln Wisdom of Big Navy.
"The only rational plea as to the na
tlonal defenses of the United States Is to
have an Atlantic fleet of such size that
It can at oil tlmea control the Atlantic
Ocean against any European Power and
the Pacific Ocean against any Asiatic
Power- We alao want an army equal to
the task of backing up the navy."
This was the solution offered last night
by Congressman Richmond p. Hobson,
of Alabama, after an address on "Tem
perance," delivered In the town hall at
Jenklntown. Congressman Hobson as
serted liquor entails a waste of J12.6O0.000
annually and that national prohibition
would be In effect In 1919.
Dies In Coughing Spell
LANCASTER. Pa., Jgn KDuMng u
violent coughing- pet Mrs. Christian
lierr, P0 ymn old, burst, a Uoedvaeael,
dying in a few minutes from Internal
Victims, Near Death From
Thirst and Hunger, Owe
Lives to Excavation Under
ItOMR, Jan. 22. The members of nn en
tire family, who hnd been Imprisoned un
der tho ruins of their homo for nlno days,
were taken out alive at Pesclna today.
They owe their lives to the fact they had
been penned In an excavation under their
home, where thoy had been able to move
about to some extent, but they were suf
fering from thirst nnd hunger when found
and four were unconscious.
Soldiers had heard muffled cries coming
from the wreckage several days ago, but
during the last 43 hours thoso members
of tho family who remained conscious
were too weak to call out.
Many soldiers were wounded nt Sora,
Avcno, Celeno nnd Pesclna, It was learn
ed, by tho earthquake shock that
caused further ruination In the stricken
towns yesterday afternoon. Those hurt
were digging In the ruins In the hope of
finding other victims of the quakes who
nre still alive.
Queen Helena has ordered all the refu
see children photographed to assist In
Identifying them nnd finding their parents.
Seismograph Shows That tho Shocks
Wore Severe.
BUDAPEST, Jan. 22. Scvero earth
quake shocks, apparently occurring about
350 miles from here, were recorded on the
Budapest seismograph early today.
The seismograph showed that the shocks
were very violent nnd heavy damage Is
believed to have been done.
Continued from l'aur One
to tho cradle, and the nearer you set to
the cradle, the nearer to creatness.
"I want to tell you women, fooling
nway your time, hugging nnd kissing- a
poodlo dog, caressing a 'Spitz,' drinking
roclety brandy and mash and a cocktail,
and playing cards, Is mighty small busi
ness compared to molding tho life of a
"Tell me, whero did Moses get his
faith? From his mother. Where did
Moses got his backbone to say: 'I won't
bo called tho son of Pharaoh's daughter?"
He got it from his mother. Where did
Moses set the nerve to say, 'Kxcuse me.
please,' to the pleosure of Kgypt? He
got It from his mother.
"You can bank on It he didn't Inhale
it irom ms dad. Many n bov would '
have turned out better If his old 'dad had I
uieci oeioro 1110 kid was born. You tell I
your boy to keep out of bad company.
Sometimes when he walks down the street
with his father he's In the worst com
pany In town. His dad smokes, drinks
and chews. I would not clean his old
spittoon, I,ot tho hog clean his own
trough. Moses got It from his mo. He
was learned In all the wisdom of Kgypt,
but that didn't give him the swelled
Tho services for the day began at 10
o'clock this morning, when hundreds of
persons attended the neighborhood prayer
meetings In prlvnto houses In all parts
of tho city. At 11 o'clock Miss Frances
Miller and Miss Florenco Kinney con
ducted the hair-hour meetings and busi
ness women's luncheons at the Chambers
Wyllo Memoilal Tresbyterlan Church,
Broad nnd Spruco streets, and In the First
Presbyterian Church, 7th street und South
Washington Square.
Noon meetings were held In eight fac
tories. Choirmaster Rodeheaver spoko at
the Ford Motor Company's new station at
Broad ntrcet and Lehigh avenue. Mr.
Crown conducted the services at the H.
T. Palste Company, 32d and Arch streets,
nnd Mr. Sunday's assistant. Doctor
Emett, addressed an enthusiastic gather
ing ut the H. D. Justin & Son's plant, at
32d and Spring Garden streets. Many em
ployes of the Lion Yarn Company, at 60th
street and Baltimore avenue, attended the
meeting under the direction of Mrs. Stov
er. 'Mr. Stover addressed the employes of
William Sellers & Co., at ICth und Hamil
ton streets; the Rev. Mr. Welsh spoke at
5th street and Glenwood avenue to the
employes of S. I Allen & Co., and Mrs.
Asher conducted nt William H. Horst
mann's, 5th and Cherry streets. Jack
Cardiff was given a warm reception at
the P. It. R. R. Y. M. C. A. annex, at
15th and Filbert streets.
At 1:15 this afternoon Miss Gamlln will
conduct a meeting for boys and girls In
the 11th Baptist Church. At 4:30 Miss
Grace Saxo will conduct u meeting of the
Bible class of the Trinity Lutheran
Church at Queen Lane, Oermantown. nnd
Jean II. Lamont will have charge of the
Bible class In the Broad Street Presby
terian Church, Broad and Oreen streets
Mrs. Asher will conduct the services ri
the Pennsylvania Hospital, 8th and Spruce
streets, nt 8 o'clock this evening,
Legal Looking Documents Berved on
Guests by Postmen.
If you found a letter among your morn
ing's mall with the official letterhead of
the Magistrates' Association stamped In
the lefthand corner, and on tearing It
open found "subpoena" In big black let
ters staring you in the face, would your
heart skip a couple of beats?
Many Phlladelphlans found a communl.
cation of this description after ths posl.
man's first visit today, and upon recall.
Ins their misdeeds of the past 10 years
or more summoned up sufficient courage
to peruse the slnlater document.
The rest of the summons was found to
be a command to attend an entertainment
and banquet extraordinary of the Phila
delphia, Delaware, Chester and Montgom.
ery County bualneas and professional men
at the Windsor Hotel, on Thursday eve
nlng, January 28.
The subnoenas are faidmii.. nr .v.. -.
flclal document and would strike terror-
w p at'v'.v. .c.i (?m iy- me, vulcla!
seat This has the leas fearful motto
"R. B. V. P," the only feature of the
summonses not found on the others. The
invitations are Usacd by C. Bcott Rick-art
Sixty-five Students Will Be Gradu
ated Next Thursday.
Commencement exercise of the South
ern High S6hool 111 be held In tho audi
torium of the school, at Broad and Jack
son streets, next Tnurstiay. uixty-nve
studonls will be graduated, establlihlnar a
record at that school.
The program for tho commencement
exercises has been left entirely to the
members of the graduating class. All
the addresses wilt be made by graduating
students, with the exception of the fare
well address, which will be delivered by
Doctor Whltnker, the principal of the
Southern High School.
Graduates from the Manual Training course
Nathan Anloneon
Allen King
Charles Llnnky
Frederick Meyers
William Poiner
Harry 8aU .
Martin Shapiro
Herman tyeonnnl Silver
lMvlu Yulsmnn
Itnrrv Itarnb
Frank llnwden
Harry .llraunsteln
lMwarH Drill
William Cohen..
Fulton llallowell
William Irwin
Samuel Joseph
Commercial rourko.
Nntlinn Anothaker
Stephen rtaiiicrian
Walter lletaon
Maurice Cohen .
Anthony irAnnelo
Myer Kclnetcln
finmutl (Iroia
Richard Hill
I.ouls KMnEBbtre
Itaymonil Knob
Solomon I.ocka
Acmtfrnlo course:
He Mel llerneteln
Ijuls lierkloy
Max Chnrner
Hymsn Coane
Hrrmen Cohen
Joiepli Flcchpr
Louis Domenhoft
Harry Kulman
Jnhn Olullano
Michael Gold,
Woolf Golrtbenr
famucl Clililmsn
Thomm Ilarrle
Clarence Johnson
Isadore Looser
Onto .Mnsalda
IMwnnl Mllner
Nelson Npnmark
Albert Owens
tleorso ruts
nenrati Itolh
Enmuel Rchwatte
Fred Thlos
Mnx Wahrhaftlg
Jacob Kaplan
Jacob Levin
Jo.iciih Mnarnth
Davl'l l'atrhell
Morris Hoot
Samuel Itoeen
llnrrv lliibln
Jnarph Hlonlmnky
Martin Bokotorf
Maurlie fiurman
Paul Wllnon
Maurice- win Hon
William Zearfuss.
Complain They Were Given. No
Chnnco to Testify.
Germantown's police rorco nnd victims
of thieves In that section nnd Logan ex
pressed disgust today at the action of
Judgo Sulzberger in calling for trial five
young men against whom tho Grand Jury
had found 12 Indictments without n single
witness being present.
Tho men nre Michael Gallagher, Theo
dote Jay, Frnncls Hnlpln, Lewis Linn nnd
Max Goettnor, tho latter accused of re
ceiving and disposing of stolen goods.
Jay, Halpln nnd Linn wcro sentenced to
six months, In spite of a request by Spe
cial Policeman Corry for a continuation
of tho case until witnesses could be sum
moned, according to Director Porter.
The cases ngalnst Gallagher and Goett
ner were held over. Charles Peberdy, pro
prietor of a Germantown knitting mill,
and James Lowhmayer, superintendent of
the Sherman Manufacturing Company,
Germantown, both of which plants were
visited by tho prisoners, It is charged,
declared today that no notice of tho trial
was sent them.
At the time Mr. Peabody appeared be
fore the Grand Jury, ho says, he waa
told that he would bo notified when to ap
pear to testify ngaln. Ills mill nnd his
garage were robbed, he declares. No
witnesses were subpoenaed by the dis
trict attorney for the trials, nccordlng
to the police and Director Porter.
Governor Expects to Make It Great
Agricultural Teaching Centre.
HARRISBURG, Pa , Jan. 22,-Under the
administration of Governor Brumhnush
Mnto College ultimately Is to becomo the
great agricultural tenohlns force of Penn
sylvania nnd tho State Department of
Asrlculturo is to bo a purely administra
tive office.
This was Indicated by the Governor this
moining In an Intel view with newspaper
men. Governor Brumbaugh said that ns
yet he had Riven no thought ns to tho
future direction of tho farmers' insti
tutes, now under the contiol of the De
partment of Agriculture, but gnvo It ns
IiIb opinion that the newly granted Fed
eral aid to be used by tho Stalo for the
teaching of agriculture In Pennsylvania
should he expended through tho agency
nnd under the direction of Stnte College.
Under the present order of things the
Department of Agriculture Is doing a
great cducutlonnl work, mnlutalniii :,
through tho direction of the State Eco
nomist Zoologist, 1700 demonstration orch
ards and Riving dolly aid by correspon
dence nnd weekly newspaper articles to
thousands of farmers. Tho Governor did
not say whether or not ho would disturb
this arrangement, but declared that thcie
waB a vast amount of Important police
work for tho department to do, nnd that
under the agreement he proposes the
Administrative and educational functions
of tho department and the college would
dovetail perfectly without any of the
present ovetlapplng.
This Is tnken In official circles ns pre
liminary to Important changes In the
manner of conducting the agricultural
affairs of the State.
Govornor Brumbaugh said today that he
hopes to have ready for submission tn tlm
Hennte next week a number of nomina
tions, but that few, If any, of the ad
ministration bllU will be ready to be In
troduced In finished f Jrm during the com
ing week.
Peacemaker Escapes Unscathed In
Assault and Battery Case,
A peacemaker escaped unscathed today
In Quarter Sessions Court before Judge
Walling In a double-barreled assault nnd
battery case In which two men accusing
each other were both convicted. The
men held guilty are Dr. Charles Cloud,
of U North COth street, and John F, Beam,
of 6223 Olrard avenue. Sentence 'n each
conviction was deferred.
Doctor Cloud's wife wbh the cause of
the argument. He formerly was family
physician to Beam and Mrs. Cloud fre
quently called at the Beam home, On
October .11 the physician went there, and
Andlng his wife ordered her home. She
refused to go, so he pulled her ear, It was
Beam remonstrated and things bean to
happen. In rapid succession a rifle and
the peacemaker were brought Into the
struggle. The rifle was broken over the
head of one of the contestants. Each
aeouaes the other of having wielded the
weapon, and It as Impossible to deter-,
mine which was right. Walter Beam, a
brother of John, was the peacemaker. He
succeeded In separating the two men, and"
was rewarded by a charge of assault and
battery peferred by Doctor Cloud.
Walter Beam was acquitted of this
charge by the jury which found the other
men guilty. Another battle, the sole am
munition In which waa talk, was staged
In court while the trial was on. Counsel
for Beam commented on the fact that Dr
Cloud had not brought his wife to testify
Counsel for Pr Cloud made acrimonious
answer and the debate was flourishing
when Judge Walling terminated ltD?
informing the jury that Mrs. Cloud ooUid
not be jxpeeted to feel friendly toward
husband, whether he wm rllo?"
j '"uienbyi
vauvcrnmeru Bureau op
11.000 Bales of Cotton &
amp s tlold.
Great Britain' nttltmt ..i . .
tlon, rcoardlno S "ttcllt
ship Vacta arc tinted tn th 1 ?rlte
Strife Department. '
,'7.n COntlCCHoil With the rfln.(
of tho Dacta from the nriLJultt
the American jta th flrtej
ernment, while anxlau, to SSi
causing iom to the ahLer. rift
cargo, have found it mtfoill'l,
nrrco that the transfc) "InthnJ1
cumstaiiccn in which it km tSL,
feettd Is valid In acLr7aTX
the accepted principles of 'ii
tlonal law. If, therefore, the SSI
ihould proceed to sea and .ffl
telH find thcmtcvci obliged tW
the ship (apart from ihTearlolt0
fore the prize court ' M
"It Is stated that the cargo 0 ,
Dacta Is to consist solely of col a.
owned by American eltlien, ;5
Is so and If thc vessel should tM
lured the nrtllsh Govcnmcntn
guarantee cither to purchaia ti.
cargo at the price which ti'OuMJW
been realized by thc shippers II th,
cargo had reached Its foreign dc,
filiation, or, If preferred, thai trt-l
undertake to forward thc cotton i
Rotterdam without further aeoni
to tho shippers." pemt
GALVESTON, Tex., Jan. 22-Thi
unoia is reaay to sail and hsr com.
mnndor Is waiting only for final orderi
from the vessel's owner, Edward N, '
rouung. 11 is oeueved ahe will get
away before night.
The steamship Dacln, with hercarjoot
11 W1 linlna ..' Hav.... m.1.
.,vw t,.i,i.a ... av.uo uuiiuii ana wttn tut n
Rt.nm nml Vtrlnna flvlnr. rmm l. i...i,
.-.. . ...,.. ..,.., ,,u, ,lu, uuuaii,
Is due to sail In a few hours on the first
lap of her voyage to Rotterdam. Tn'i
statement wns made ut the TreaiuryD.
partment Inst night, after Iho War nlrt''
Insurance Bureau had written a policy cl ,'
Innnrniif.o ntrnlnat thi rlqlra nt tu nn A
the cargo. -.
Outsldo tho thrcc-mllo limit, somewhere
In the Gulf of Mexico, a British cruiKr l'
Is waiting to seize tho Dacla and conroy
her without delay to the nearest Brltlih '
prize court. Tho Dacla will hardly tje -.
compelled to cross tho Atlantis before ih ,
Is placed in court on charges that Ihe II :'
fundamentally a German ship and that ,
the transfer to American registry wis not
bonntldc. There is a prize court at Hall.
fax, N. S., but tho ship could be convoytd
to any prlzo court In any quarter of the
The Treasury Department cave out fit
following statement last night: "5
"The Bureau of War Risk Ireurann
win rrrnnt tnRtirnnre on the carro d s
1.H nlnntitDliln Tlnnln frntn ftnlVMtnn IflUfl
Itottcrdnm. After careful consldrallM'.
or tno matter me conciumon mura
... ,. .1.. .. ... i.
tnai upon tnc mcrua ui uos uo mo -
Biirancc should be granted. It muit be f
understood, lowcver that this Act nil7-j
establish a precedent nnd that each out
of a similar character that may ulu
mjst be Judged upon Its merits."
Tho Insuranco premium on the Dacli'i
cargo was said to bo 4 per cent.
Thn formal accentnnce of the DcU
ns an American ship by the United Btttti j
Government Is expected to give ner ;,
prefoncd status In tho British prill
The risks nenlnst which the Unltd
States Government has Insured the earn
nic condemnation ny a ueiuseteni fw j
court, loss or dnmnge from thc atwrw 4
of bclllKorcnt warships and Ueitrucuoai
by a mine or llro.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 22. - Domocrstls
Sonntom promotln? the ndmlnletrstloti
shipping bill suspect thnt the pmr.rt,
forward of the Dacla caso la a ruie tfj
tho enemies of the bill to discounts
purchase of German ships by the UO"
finnianf nii.l rl,.f.nt tin. lllll.
Senator Stone, chairman of the Fof'Ry
Relations Committee, today saw; vi
"This case might enslly pe prcenu w.
tho pilze courts in such n munrer 'Jj!
oualy to embarrass our Hovernuran 1.,
wo should come to the more direct WJ
" ter on. I do not know all of tho ftcui
Mirroundlne the casu of the Pacl. -,
do know that thlnss are not nlJJ'Jj
whnt thnv Benin on the Surface. fil'I,
n,. unmallmi. rtr.Wi.ntPtl hthlnd & nUB.
"Tho enso of the Dacla will ftnl)rrai
.... r. ........ 1., ,.. ,rav nr the other.
Henntor Townsend. of Michigan,
opposing the ship purchise dm. . yy
this theory: .JjS
"That suggestion Bounds llko a twwjj
up from thn White House. I can W
understand why thoy shuiuu 1 :
create ti Btntlment that the DofU ";
Is not a fair case on which p 1
the rlcht of thc purchase ot oem-"
Officials Besent Return of Accuwij
"Denutles" to Roosevelt,
Tinnai.'VTj'r.T w .T.. Jan. &W""
criticism of the action of Sheriff HoJ&,
ton In continuing on their jobs tne "
private detectives already arre"1
.... u urni eioriMW
HinimRUtiiiicr viiw.bv '- -
h"e .... . hall ciirsrl
with responsibility for the klUIff J .Lj
attmcio """ ' v ' train
Chemical Works here, have been r w
In aBaln as "deputy sheriffs,'' T' fM
paid by the corporation, and """chitl
protean of Jlayor Jiermaii" "'".t tt(
of J'ollce Harrington, 01 "";",:" '-uiu
Sheriff put them back Inside of tnJ p.
t.U UU9 fat? BWSS ' -"-
when the bodies of the two dead.in
are brought from Ell !' TJ. ,ni
era Plan a aemontn"' :y- -
jrunmen back nere," saw -' ", u
mann today. "Is like waving
In the face of a mm i -- trtkMf
eeem like a design aU'e ' &r"1 1
to riot In order to justify ' V.? mesa! ' ll
the horror and outrage of last Tuw
At th. annual meeting of the Op J
moiogicai """ v'"nTawU ZJw'
slolans last night. Dr. f. Jww
Director of Health ana """", ft
elected chairman. a" ? MW
Crampton was re-elected ur if QK
Inurestlu ease were howl naJ4 B;
br of UraM iMpt "
fore the ueeHee.