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Today s Sermon
Tcxli Jeremiah 5:28.
"If church members will quit lilnylng:
card wtfll hnvo no more gambler. When
the church members quit patronizing tlio
ntrcs (hej-'ll ettlicr clcnii Up or go out of
btitlneas. When church members quit
voting tr "10 saloon tho saloon will go
id hell.
"Your Iniquities have turned nway
theso things, and your sins have wltli
holJcn good things from you,
"Clod said I want you to do this, but
you wanted to sin and not do right. In
this Versa Jeremiah Is giving nn e.xplnna.
tloo. of the things of his day, Ho came
ns a. prophet of Cod to tho people of Clod.
Qod had promised them many things, biu
they did not obey them and did not get
the benefits of tho promise. When Ood
enters Into a covenant Ho promises sus
tenance, peace, Joy, prosperity, victory,
honor. Such aro a few of tho number
less pcomlses given to tho Jews. Hut they
were rejected by tho people and they
did not gain tho benefits. Tho sanio Is
Iran today.
cod's rnoMiSKS nu.mheiu.kss.
"Qod's promises to tho man who accepts
aro numberless. Any man, unless lie Is
a fool, would rather havo God's love than
Cod's curse. Any man, unless ho Is n.
fool, would rather bo saved than lost.
Any man, unless ho Is a fool, would
rather go to heaven than go to hell. But
they wcro not possessed of theso things,
and therefore the blessings wero rt fail
ure; peace turned to wnr, Joy turned to
gloom, prosperity to need, victory to loss
and honor to dishonor. All wero failures.
Why? Did God make promises, knowing
Ho could not fulfill thcm7 No! Jeremiah
laid the blamo where It belonged, on tho
people. Your Iniquities havo turned away
thCBo things and your sins have wlth
holden good things from you,
"Go'd said: 'My promises were condi
tional. If you do Sty commandments you
will bo possessed of tho fulfillments of
these promises,' but thoy didn't do It, and
a cuiso came. It was not unfaithfulness
on God's, part. This Is true of tho people
here today. We are under a dispensation
of salvation, free, full, pcrfcct.and eternal
to nil who believe. It Is offered to you,
who .voir may or where you may bo.
"We nre sent out to speak to the gen
eration In which we live. We have num
berless things promised us today. For
example: 'Ho that believeth In Me shall
havo everlasting life.' Wo are promised
Joy and peace. If wo believe. We aro
promised emancipation from sin. We aro
promised victory. Wo are. promised pro
vision fpr every need, accoidlng to Ills
riches. Not all our wants, understand.
but all our needs. If I huppll"il your
necds with tny riches you wouldn't havo
near ns much as If tome of FhlladclphlA's
rich men would supply your noorls, and If
Carnegie and. Rockefeller supplied your
needs from tlielr riches you'd havo more
than If Philadelphia men supplied your
needs, but God can make Carnegie and
Rockefeller Jqdkllko a plugged counter
feit cent. All belongs to Jesus. Ho says
'the cattle othe? field aro Mine.'
"In, otbiJ-YWrd.s, there Is nothing for
you oiitsJdqjnfJcsua Christ. All comes
through 'Jeuij, Such nro a few of tho
numberless rjjroinlso which will fill tho
life of tho believer full of (iope. To us
as believer tliey should bo desired and
should bo things greatjy Jcinged for. But
are they possessed? Thero.nro thousands
of church' tr embers that uro utter
strangers to the highest religious experi
ences. They don't know tho A B C's of
religion. They havo no assurance of sal
vation, no assurance of peace, no experi
ence of God'a power to keep them safo
through temptation.
"Why are they without peaco and rest?
I'll tell you. It's on account of tho con
ditions of the people In the church. If
church members will quit playing cards
we'll have no more gamblers. When tho
church membersj quit patronizing theatres
they?irjel"ther'.cleah up. or go out of busi
ness:. When 'tho church members quit
voting for t)ie saloon the saloon will go
to hell, I, don't believe there Is an evil
In tne world today tho church of God
can't drive out. If you can't believe
yourself, I'll shoot tho truth Into your
ojd carcass. I'll never compromise. It
the day ever comes when I have to com
promise I'll leave the pulpit and never
return, Never will I lower God's
"You should be happy and glad Instead
of standing-, and yelling, 'Oh, wretched
man. that I am!' Why Is It that the
Christian Ufa Is plotured ns sad? Is tho
Christian life something that wo must
struggla for and nover reach? Did God
put tho standard too high for human at
tainment? W'as God's promises nover
meant to be fulfilled? Is God trifling
wth t)ia people? No. The trouble Is
with the- people, not with God. 'Your
Iniquities' havo tprned away thes things
and qrour sins have wlthholden good
things fronou? Jeremiah knew whera
the blame, belonged'.
"Ahthatywkfl'the matter In Jeremiah's
day 'Is true loday. 'Why don't you ac
cept? What Is It In your life that hin
ders you from being blessed? Is It some
NO. 20-
loeenii Mrfri TH&
cuciiiiii0 TMP2HURf5
SUR6 1 AH. WetX- XAMWli
tt Keep ms. from
. nooviki. i-MIA
nn.ivcuni' ,..,
Feuef?, CorS.TRAFFIC!
thing in your life, nn Impure thought, bad
books, lying, cheating, stealing, bad com
panions? Onr reason why peoplo have
such low moral standards Is this dnm
nablo hovel reading. Ouo of the curses
of thn country today Is novels. All ot
the authors have different Ideas of re
ligion and hot ouo of (hem has the right
Idpn. No matter what the book, a woman
will gulp It down and the lllble will lay
on the ccntcrtnblo, unopened, Is these
something In your life, selfishness, pride,
criticising Hod, knocking tho preacher?
I will treat with respect any Jew or
Gentile, negro or white man, anyone, but
I will not nW.oclato with a iion-Chrlstlnlt.
In other words, I will havo nothing to do
with a man who sneeis at my Ood nnd
sneers at my Christ. The Blblo tells mo
to do this.
"I'll tell you why you don't let Him In.
It's because of somo of your associations,
lodge, faintly, or financial reasons, some
one you're nfrnld you will displease.
There's many n man married Into a fntn
lly nnd when you run up against ono
sinner In that bunch and hit him tho
whole gang will Jingle llko n bunch of
slclghbells. Is It cnvy7 Envy H one of
tho biggest robbers In the world toilny
It's hard to see somo ono with a big
flashing stud, or nn auto, and not want
them. Envy. When you spo Persian rugs
on vour neighbor's floor and yours cov
ered with rng carpets. Envy! When hers
q a sealskin coat nnd yours Is nniir-scal.
Unvv. Envy. So I nay envy Is one of
tho biggest lobbers In tho world today.
"Tho trouble Is, you conform to tho
world. Como out from among them.
That doesn't means come out from the
church nnd leavo tho church. Somo
church members think It does, so they
como out and say that tho church Is
not good enough for them. They've got
to show me. I'm from Missouri. It
means como out from the world nnd not
from tho church. Tho Unlvnrsnllsts base
nil their faith In theso two verses, 'And
you shall call His Name Jesus, for He
shall save tho people from their sins."
Notice thnt says 'from their Bins,' not
In their sins, and 'As In Adam, nil men
shall file, so In Christ all men Blmll bo
mado ullve.' Thnt doesn't say they shall
all be saved. They shall all be mado
alive. And they wiest the scripture to
their own destruction.
"I wish every one could bo saved, but
every ono will not. If you lopent you
will be saved. If you don't repent you'll
go to hell. Sin In the church cancels the
blessing. Sin pursued makes proml'es
null and olil. Tho same was true of the
Jews ot old nnd the same Is true of us
today. Tho blessings will become curses.
It may not be Hint you do what God tells
you not to do, but jou may not do what
God tells you to do. Your sin may not
be tho sin of commission, but the sin of
omission. 'Thou shalt not steal, thou
shalt not kill, thou shalt not comlt ndul
tt'v 'I'lmun nin phrv Iti understand.
These aro the ones you shall not do. But
tho law of God tells you to do this also: ,
'Love' tho Loid thy God with nil thy
soul, with all thy mind, nnd thy neigh
bor as thyself.' Ah, that's tho trouble.
Ynu'ie not doing what God tells you to
do. There Is no difference In doing what
God tells you not to do and In not doing
what God tells ou to do. That knocks
tho underpinning out from under a hunch
of you.
"I'll lay this beforo you. You say.'l
don't steal, I don't lie, I never murdered.'
All right. Do you love the Lord thy God
above all things? And your neighbor as
yourself? Do you hate nnybody? Now
you're up ngalnst It. You refuse to apol
ogize. You'vo had a fuss and you won't
mnko It up.
"My friend, Campbell Morgan, told mi
that he was In a town preaching, and a
woman came to him and said, 'I lost tho
Joy of God from my heart four years
ago,' and ho replied, 'Bless God.' Sho
said, 'Why do you say that?" Ho said,
I didn't say "Bless God" because you
had lost tho Joy, but becauso you knew
when you had lost It. If you know when
jou lost It, you know why you lost It."
'Yes,' sho said. 'I quarreled with my best
friend four yenrs ago, and we've never
spoken since.' He said, "If you had died
In tho Interim you'd have gone to hell.'
'What shall I do?' she said. 'Go make it
up.' 'But I can't. She lives -MO miles
away.' 'Then wrlto a letter.' Ono year
later ho came back to this town, and tho
first person ho met wns this woman. Her
face was lighted up with Joy. lie said,
You'vo written that letter?' She said,
'Yes, I wrote it last night.' but there wero
flvo years of her life that didn't amount
to a snap of your finger.
"Maybe you don't pay your debts.
Maybe you neglect your Bible. Majbe you
are stingy to the church of God. Maybo
you're n coward when It comes to giving
testimony, and a preacher doesn't hear
your voice In prayer meeting from year
to year.
"There are Just seven biblical definitions
ot sin. If you enn find any more, trot 'em
out. There's lots of descriptions of sin,
but only seven definitions. What Is sin?
First, 'Sin Is a transgression of the law;'
that's the common definition whenever
you ask the questlqn; second, 'Whatso
ever is not of faith Is sin;' third, 'To him
that knoweth to do good and doeth It not,
to him It Is sin'; fourth, 'It you have re
spect of person, ye commit sin,'
"That getn a bunch of you, that gets
you preachers, you men ond women. In
other words. It means to show favorit
ism; fifth, Thought of foolishness Is sin';
sixth, 'A high look, a proud heart sins';
seventh, 'All unrighteousness Is sin,'
Trot out someone who doesn't stand con
victed before one of these. Now what
io it nvijito- i vivcu uwoio una ut uicue, now wnai
T.TnuTHIMI'IonLV ; r .
rrHAVa vmeree
He's got to
cartas lis ! 'VouTse to
avmful'. Y3o vjany To
him .. j:
nro you going to do? First, confess your
sin. Lay hold on this that tho spirit re-
k vfuis iu jou wrong in your me, no moro
punuie to nanus 01 tne spirit, I no trou'
bio with tho .church of God today Is n lot
of yoil stand convicted of your sins, but
you won't throw them out. Name It,
Say, 'God, l'vo been worldly, l'vo been
proud. l'vo neglected your gifts. I've
sat In Judgment on your servants.' Ad
mit Hint you've got a mlsernbtc, grouchy
disposition. We don't havo to answer to
Clod for others' sins. I don't say I'm
perfect, but when I'm through nnd we're
In heaven, Ood won't nsk you whether
you llko mo or not, or whether I llko you
or not. Evciy man shnll give answer
for himself. Confess. Be humble nnd
receive a blessing, Second, renounce
your sin, get rid of It, throw It out. Con
fession without renunciation doesn't
nmount to thnt (snaps his fingers).
"Solomon said, 'Whosoever Is convicted
of his sin shall not prosper, but who con
fesses and forsnkes his sin shall find
mercy.' You shnll say: 'God, I won't
rend that literary trash.' You may call
mo nnrrow, but l'vo mado up my mind
never to rend any boolf, that Bncers at
Jesus Christ. Bay, 'God, I won't go with
that crowd.' Thn man or woman Itf"
earnest will begin by taking tho spirit
Into his life or her life. You'll tell Ood
your troubles. Not the public. It's none
or the public's buslncjs. You don't hnvo
to tell tho public your Bins, for It's none
of the public's business.
"You say you can rccclvo Him In pri
vate, live better liven, hut God Buys you
must confess Him openly. Third, do whnt
Goil tells you to do. Not only not rb
what Ho tells you not to do, but do whnt
Ho tells you to do. These nro tho two
pillars that support the gospel. Say
'Lord, I will write that letter of apology,
I will ask pardon; I will give to the
church; I will have family prayer; I will
dn whnt you say." Fourth and last, glw
yourself up wholly, freely, mind, soul, per
sonnlly, Influence, Irrevocably to God. I.uj
yourself on thn altar and take your lianilu
off. You have been bought with a price.
You belong to Him.
"This Is my coat. I can take a pair of
scissors and cut 11 up, If I want to. It
belongs to inc. I can take tills watch
nnd throw It away and smash It up, If
I want to. It belongs to me. I belong to
God, and Ho has a right to do what lib
pleases with me, and also with you. Lay
all of your sins ut the foot of the crosh
nnd sny, 'Nothing In my hnnd I bring,
simply to Thy cross I cling." And hem
Him yny. 'Thy sins, wnlch nic many,
nro all forgiven tiicc; go in peaco nun
sin no more.'
"Tell Goil you'io beat. Say the devil le
too much for you; tell Him that you
have been negligent, criticising the
church, blnspheming, cursing, committing
adultery, nnd tell Him you don't want to
do these tilings. Then He'll tako away nil
the alloy. What Is alloy? See this watch;
it Isn't pure gold. It's IS-karat gold. On.'
per cent. Is copper. Pure gold would wear
away bv filctlou with your linmW. a
frleml of mine out In Iowa hnd $10,000 In
gold, ami ho tool: It to tho bank, but
they wouldn't take it at face value, and
they weighed it, and It had lost $1300 liy
wear. So alloy Is to pieveut tho gold
wearing away. '
"God will tnko nway from you all hi
your llfo that makes you do what He
says not to do nnd won't let you do
what Ho tells you to do, nnd He'll put
Into your llfo that which will make you
do what lie tells you to do and keep
you from doing that which He tells jou
not to do.
"See what the gospel docs.
"Why do I want to pray? Because of
tho Spirit of God. Why does that man
cuss? Ho's filled with tho devil. Hero Is
a man who Is a boozo fighter; he hits tho
ibooze. Stue. He Is of the devil. But re
ceive God and Ho will glvo you tho power
to resist all of theso things. '
"Receive the spirit of God. Let the
church do this and then will bo fulfilled
what Is said In Malachi, ill, 10, 'Bring yo
all the tithes Into the storehouse.' Tho
church Is stingy. Under tho old Mosaic
law tho Jeu'b wcro ordered to give one
tenth to tho Lord, and that's what you
ought to do today. 'Bring yo all tho
tithes Into the storehouse, that there may
"bo meat In mine house, nnd prove to mo
now herewith, salth tho Lord of Host-,
If I will not open you tho windows ot
heaven, nnd pour you out a blessing, that
there shall not be room enough to re
ceive It.'
"My Ood! how can any sano man or
woman refuse to receive such a blessing
Bs this? How can ho push It nway? And
yoil will receive this blessing If you be
lieve, nnd If you don't God snys it wcro
better for you If you had never been born
or that vou tnko a millstone and tie it
around your neck and cast yourself Jnto
tho Ohio. Now you know what was
meant when Jeremiah said they kept on
In tho things they knew they should not,
nnd Jeremiah said, "Your iniquities have
turned nway theso things, nnd, your sins
have wlthholden good things fiom you.' "
Last Night's Sermon
Text: "God commandeth all
men o cry where to repent." Acts xvll, '0.
"Ood commandeth all men everywhere
to repent. Not I-God. Not the laws ot
the Innd God. He commands all men,
rich and poor, millionaire or laborer, na
tive or foreign-born, to repent,
"Repentance Is not tho product of emo
tion, merely, but of a sincere desire to
obey God's command.
uuu vuiiiiiiaiiua incn every wncrc-in ino I wasn c airaiu, aiy conscience torn mo tuiion, ,uri iuwia ouiu csciuujr mm i given, I wood Ce met ery
.... rTVSMin Ircur. .ihrv as Soom ASHE PUMCHesfer" T.ieif I ...uaBflAUEE.T MSUirrfil?l TTTinrDUSl fe
"God commands men everywhere In th
avv ipet3iia
AU - FiReD
stores, In tho offices, In tho shops, to re
pent. The first thing thnt John tho
Baptist preached wns "Rercnt ye, for tho
kingdom of God Is nt hand.' Tho first
thing thnt Jesus Christ preached was th
message 'Repentl' Tho first llilni that
tho apostles preached was 'Repent!'
"Vou sc dom hear a sermon on tcpcnl
aticc. There nre plenty of prencheTs who
nover In the courso of a long ministry
preach n sermon on repentance. Every
thing else, but glvo rcpentnnce n wide
berth. Maybo their reason Is something
like thnt of the old colored preacher who
never prenched a sermon BRnlnit chicken
stealing, becauso It threw a coolness ovet
the meeting. Thcro nre lots of times
when If a minister preaches rcpenlnnco
he stirs up a lot of snakes Tneio wouni
be moro preaching of rcpentnnce If min
isters weren't so anxious to keep their
Jobs nnd to havo their salaries raised.
Wo hate anything Hint shows in our
faults nnd blemishes, so he liroached whnt
they liked to hear.
"No man could make n living as n pho
tographer If his pictures showed people
exactly ns they are. Ho's got to retouch
them If he's going to get nlong In busi
ness. Ho's got to take out the wrinkles
on a mnn'n forehead nnd take out that
pink wart on tho woman's nose, nnd ho
must tnnke tho woman who squints look
Just hi good ns if sho didn't. It Is said
that nn elepmant will never drink fiom
a strenm of clear water, for ns soon ns
he looks Into It and cnlrlirs ono sight
of his ugly fnie he Hies Into a rngo nnd
lashes the wnter with his trunk nnd gets
It nil muddf There must be a big streak
of human nituro In the elephant. There
are lots of people llko tho elephant They
I don't llko the. Bible. Thoy don't llko to
have a preacher show them to them
selves ns they aio In nil their ugliness.
The renson somo people don't llko my
prenchlng is becauso I preacli tho truth.
They want to picach sermons thnt plonso
them. Tliev want n 'tlckle-me-and-1'll-tlckle-you'
brand of preaching and a
preacher that wlllsay things that will
make you feel like a boy with a mouth
ful of butterscotch. You make n man
feel ns though God Is stuck on him. They
like you nil right, but you ore not saving
thetn from hell.
"John tho Baptist wasn't that kind of
a prencher. Jesus Christ wasn't thnt
kind of a preacher. The apostles weren't
that kind of preachers except old Judns.
John the Baptist opened tho Bible right
In the middle nnd preached the wold of
God just as he found it, and he didn't
cnie whether tho people liked It or not.
Thnt wasn't Ills business. I'll tell you
John the llaptlst stlired up the devil. Hu
took dead aim nt the old sinners on tho
front seats. If any minister doesn't be
lieve In n peisonnl devil It's becauso ho
has never preached a seimon on rcpent
nnce, or he'd have henrd him lonr. Yes,
sir. If there's anything thnt will mako
the devil roar It Is a sermon on repent
"Some people say that I am too severe.
A man said to me, '.Mr. Sunday, you rub
the fur the wrong way." I said, 'No, sir.
Let the cats turn mound.' Iistioke It
tho right way. The trouble Is with the
people who aio tinned In the wrong di
rection. -
"I can imagine John the Baptist, see
ing Herod approaching In his chariot,
nnd saying: 'Here comes that old adul
terer! Lord, help me to hit him right
between the eyes.' Ho used words that
cut llko a Damascus blade, and they
pierced right into that man who sat with
that woman lolling beside him. Ho used
plain words he didn't mlnco matters.
He told Herod Just what ho was in tho
sight of God. I bellovo that half of all
tho vice in thn woild would bo removed
If we called It by Its light name. Mosi
peoplo who dlo by poison do so becauso
the bottles are not lnbolcd right. Label
sins by their right names and thcro aro
very few who will have anything to do
with them. Adultery, seduction, rape,
thievery aro tho right names for tho sins.
Tho devil wouldn't hnvo much Influence
nround hero If lie were to appear ns ho
Is. You'd turn In horror nnd disgust and
loathing. The devil appears as an nngcl
of light, or ho wouldn't last long. It
Isn't a good thing to have synonyms for
sins. Ho who steals Is a thief. Ho who
tells a falsehood about a neighbor Is a
liar. He who breaks his marriage vows
Is an adulterer. Tho Blblo doesn't say
anything about affinities. There Isn't any
such commandment as 'Thou shalt not
commit affinity.'
"God will give light .to the man who
wants to be saved In God's way.
"Conversion through fear usually lasts
Just about as long as the scare lasts.
Many a man will muke God a promlso
when he is sick ond ban a vision of tho
grave. You can't scare n man Into re
pentance any moro than you can drive
poison out of a rattlesnake by putting a
clothespin on his tail; v-
"l haven't thnt much faith in these so
called deathbed repentances. 1 don't say
that none of them nre genuine, hut I do
say that If you have served the devil nil
tho yeans of your health and strength,
nnd then when you nro dying send for
the preacher to pray over your old far
cass you're .mighty mean and low down.
Thero is only ono case of deathbed re
pentance In tho Bible, and that was ot
tho thief on the cross. It wns his flint
Invitation tho very first chance he had
over had to accept rlio gospel of Jesus
Christ, and he accepted It. Somo of you
old cronies havo been hearing Invitations
for years. Understand me, now I don't
say that a man cannot be saved on bin
deathbed, but that's a mighty poor time
for repentance.
"No. Jesus didn't try to scare men Into
repentance, He said nothing to the
woman ot Samaria about being damned,
nor to Matthew, nor to the woman taken
In adultery. He never mentioned It. If
fear were necessary to repentance, I'm
afraid I would nover have been saved, I
wasn t afraid. My conscience told me
duaf AS.SOOK as He pucHes
... vlib eicr unn UIAMNA1
jn in in- i- -vw -- ---
ttuSH OMSK. To 5JlRe RoueFOf5TS
Hia ARR-CST. CHAr3C3t Mi
amd ouce wek iM JAIL.
ucVj. uJP.Ate.aN AND VAe'CL
I was doing wrong nnd I wonted to,Vv,
right, I knew I wns damned If I dldn t
repent, but It wns not fear that mado me
n Christian.
"I remember an old Methodist preacher
In Illinois. That old minister told mo
what God wanted mo to do, nnd that I
ought to fell gratlludo and love. Thn
prodigal son, out among the squealing
Hungry hogs, thought oc tits minor s iovo,
and ho said: 'I will arise nmUo to my
father,' anil ho went home, Ho wasn't
afinld of his father. He went Just be
causo ho loved his frilhcr nnd ho knew
It wns right to go homo. So ho left tho
hog pen. A man will go to hell whether
ho Is afraid of It or not If ho doesn't
"Repentance Is not conviction. Many
men nre deeply convicted of sin but go
on living the banio old lives. No man who
truly repents will do that. A man cannot
wilfully and maliciously go on living a
sinful llfo nnd be repentant, I don't sny
that n man who sincerely nccepts Jesus
nnd Is truly repentnnt will not slip nnd
fall; but no man who Is repentnnt will
fnll to make tho effort to llvo ns a Chris
tian should. Felix wns under such con
viction of sin that ho trembled, but ho
Kept right on In sin. Agtlppa wns con
vinced, so thnt he snld, 'Almost thou
perstiadest mo to be a Christian,' but that
was as far ns he got. Joseph's brothers
wcro convicted of sin after they had sold
him Into Blavciy and had divided his cott
nmong them, but they didn't repent. They
didn't go to their father and confess whnt
they had done. When you know you're
wrong you know enough to repent.
"I know men In this town who nre bo
convicted of sin thnt they can hardly cat
or sleep, ond they won't come to this
tnbernncle for fenr that they might dn
one decent thing before thoy die; they Bin
convicted but thoy keep right on.
"Rcpeiitnnco Is not being sorry thnt
you've done wrong. Every man Is sorrj
when ho has dono wroiig-ospccl.illy when
he Is found out. Oh. It's wonderful how
soiry peoplo nro when they get found
living In sin.
"Repentance Is not Just feeling sorry,
llt'pentnnco Is to sny to God, 'l'vo dono
wrong I'm going to try to do light help
me!' That's rcpentnnce. To Peter ip
pentnnce wns leaving his nets to follow
Jesus. To the prodlgnl son It wns leav
ing his hogpens nnd going homo. To
Herod it would havo been leaving that
sinful womnn nt once. Tor you It means
n chance to forsake your sins. Repent
ance Is doing It now. It's the only tlmo
you nre suro of."
Thesermoii closed with Hie pathetic
story of a Chicago man who nursed his
lnsnno wlfo back to sanity after many
years, and tho evangelist compared the
husband's patience to that of the Crea
tor awaiting the repentance ot mankind.
(Other Sunday News on Pace IS )
Must Guard Against Liternl Accept
ance, Says Speaker.
Faith without rccouise to Intelligence
Is the gi cutest drawback to Christianity
today, is the opinion of the Rev. William
L. Sullivan, of New York, who was the
speaker last night at the First Unltailan
Church, list and Chestnut streets. Ho
spoke on "Liberality and tho Bible."
The clergyman defended the Bible, but
criticised those who accept it too literally.
Ho vdcclarrd It Is truo vand lasting, that
Its fundamental theology will stand for
ever, but that all that Is shameful, brutal
or Insulting to the highest conception
of a loving and nicrclfill God must be
"We enn no longer tnko tho Bible en
tirely on fnlth," he said. "Wo must
Judgo books, churches or creeds In the
light of our highest reason nnd highest
ethics, accepting what these approve, re
jecting what theso condemn.
"Wo feel, therefore, entirely free to
question tho nobility or dignity of certain
blblcal nnrrntives, of certain Ideas of
conduct and certain conceptions of Gofi
which the Jewish peoplo In their Intel
lcctunband ethical Infnncy fancied wcio
true. It they thought that God was n
being who would engage In a physical
wrestling bout with Moses, we cannot be
llovo It. If they thought that God com
manded tho slaughter of women nnd chil
dren taken In captured cities, wo cannot
bellevo It. If they thought that God
oidcred tho killing of witches ('Thou shalt
not suffer n witch to live'), wo cannot
believe It.
"These and countless other Ideas Indl
cato n capricious and vlndictlvo deity,
nnd It Is absolutely Impossible for us at
this stage of civilization to entertain them
"The greatest drawback to Christianity
today Is that theology persists In taking
everything on faith, without giving re
course to Intelligence, Peoplo uro leav
ing the churches becauso their Intelli
gence revolts ngalnst tho acceptance of
so much superstition which Is at com
plete vnrlanco with sound reasoning."
Falls Dead Watching Barn Burn
Whilo watching firo destroy Ills barn
last night, Louis Buries, a farmer of
Sharon Hill, dropped dead from heait
disease. Two cows were burned to death
In tho barn. Firemen fiom Sharon Hill
nnd Colllngdnlo arrived In tlmo to lead
two cows and n horso out, but the ani
mals wcro badly slngnl.
President Lewis Criticises Phlladel
phlnns for Lack of Support.
The neglect of the citizens ot Philadel
phia to show an Interest in tho Murcantiln
Library, 10th and Chestnut strcotB, was
the basis for severe criticism by Presi
dent John Frederick Lewis, of the Insti
tution. Mr. Lewis said yesterday that It
xjueLC.1 xA,Hea.e?s
BLACic eve-f
1 IrjinM'T YOU
IftKiftilLT HIM ?
Is n "civic crime" thnt this nearly century-old
priceless treasure, with Its hun
dreds of thousands f books and Its many
comfortnbls conveniences for patrons,
should not bo moro fully utilized.
"Go out nnd lilt Philadelphia!: with h
hammer," was Mr. Lewis' advice to ono
of the shareholders who asked him how
thn llbrnrv might get moro publicity. "I
went around for years giving frcostereop
llcon lectures to wnko Up tho p6ople, but
t ilmi educated nnd respectable Phllndel-
plllans of considerable means who havo
never been In Independence Hall of Fair
mount Park."
The funeral' services ot Alexander Dick
ton Orange, It prominent clubman, who
died yesterday nt tho llryn Mnwr Hospl
tnl from Injuries received during n chase
of tho Radnor Hunt Club, when his horse
fnlled to clear n fence, will tnko place to
morrow nftornoon, nt 2 o'clock, from tho
resilience of his brother, William D.
Ornngc, 1001 Spruco street. Interment
will bo In West Laurel Hill Cemotcrtf.
William Ellison Bullus, a veteran of the
Civil Wnr, died nt his home, 162 WPst
Penii Hlreot, Gcrmnntown, Monday, after
a brief lllnoss. Ho ns 7.i years old nnd
for many years wns engnged In tho In
surance business. He rotlrcd a few years
ngo. At tho outbreak of tho Civil Wnr,
ho enlisted In thn 71st Regiment, Now
York Volunteers, nnd sercd until tho
closo ot tho conflict. Ho wns a lineal
descendant of Colonel Rumsey, who
fought In tho Rovoluiitlonary Wnr, and a
grandson of Dr. John Bullus, nn army
surgeon In tho Wnr ot 1812. Ho wns n
member of tho Sons of tho American
Revolution, tho Loyal Legion, tho Sons of
Veterans of tho War of 1S12. the United
States Navul Order and' tho General
Gcorgo Meado Post, G. A. R. Ho leaves
a widow and one daughter, Mrs. Francis
II. Kent.
The funeral services will bo held In St.
Luke's Church, Mnln nnd Coulter streets,
Gormantown, tomorrow morning nt 11
ROCKFORD. HI., Jan. 20. Abraham IS.
Smith, for ninny years ono of tho publlsh
crs of a nowsjiaper hereand for tho last
I." yenrs Lulled Stntes Consul nt Victoria,
H. C died nt thnt place yesterdny from
pneumonia. Ho was 77 years old.
Bartholomew J. Sullivan
Uartholoniow J. Sullivan, nfflllatcd with
tho Flnnnco Company of Pennsylvania
for many yenrs, nnd long a member of
tho St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Church,
died yesterday utthe homo ot his son-in-law,
George J Turner, 1231 Rising
Sun avenue. Ho was 7S years old. He
sides his daughter, Mrs. Turner, ho is
survived by three sons, Bartholomew J.,
Jr., James F. and Mark C. Sullivan.
Solemn High Mass of Requiem will be
celebrated nt St. Stephen's .Church,
Broad and Hutler streets, Friday morn
ing, with Interment In Holy Sepulchru
Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston, a pawnbroker In this
city for neaily half a century, died yes
teiday at his home. 173.1 Oxford stieet,
following a brief Illness, lie wns SO jears
old. As a horseman, Mr. Johnston wns
associated with several ildlng clubs, lie
was ono of the organizers of the Phila
delphia "Road Drivcra' Association. A
brother nnd three sisters survive. The
funeral will he held Snturday afternoon,
nt 2 o'clock, from his late residence.
JN mi:moui,m
BlHtN. In rememhrnncp nr tint mnet ex
cellent nentlcman, WILLIAM II. HUIINS,
nf I'mnkfnrd, I'hlladclnhla. ulio entered a
well-earned repose on .lanuarv 20. inns.
Ni:ir. n.i.AKi'i:uvv.
ll.'inOn .T.uiunry in, lair,, ONR1DA
MAK. wlfo or Alva H. Hates and ilaimhler
nf Ullza A. and the lnte lleorce W. Jonen.
In her twill year. Tho rel.itUcs nnd frl-nclH
of tho family aro respectfully inwtcd to at
tend the funeral servhes on Wodneadny vfter
noon, at S o'clock precisely, at hep hito resi
dence, 3187 Columbia nvc. Interment pri
vate, at West l.uuiel Hill Cemetery. Auto.
mobile funeral.
llllNTHN. On .lanuHry 10. 191,',, CI.AItA M
widow of Louli C. Henton. Kunerat on
1'rldai'. at 1 p. in., from her Into residence,
1!C2 Harrison st. Interment Mrictly prhntc,
Xorthwood Cemetery.
1IOWHS. On .lanuarv IS. 101.-,, nt Hampton
Hoods, Va.. DCNNIS IJOWKS, lato or New
I'lilladclphia, I'a. Ouo notice of tho funeral
will bo Riven, rrom the residence or hla
Irothcr, Thomas Hones. 222T North Camac at.
HOYI. On January 17. 101B, ANNA SI.
HOYO. widow nf willUin II. Itoyd. Kuntrol
nn Thursday, January 21. at I p. m,. from
her lato residence, 2HS Carman st., Camden,
N. J. Interment prlvato. at Fernwood Ceme
tery. CAMPION At her residence. 430H Chestnut
St.. suddenly, on January IS. mis, 1:1.1. .
wife nf V. II. Campion ami daughter nf the
lato Joseph Cox. Kuneral services at her
sister's residence, 3510 'onclton aio. Inter
ment private.
CAKIA'. On .lanuarv 1R. lOtri, JULIA,
wlfo of the lata Patrick Carey. J.meral on
'liiurmlay. at S:30 11. in. from llu Norlh
Camac st. Solemn Illeh Mais of Ilequlem at
HI, John's Church at ID a. 111. Interment ut
Holy Cross Cemetery.
CHANH. CATlllJIUXi: CRANII, 3010 North
Camac St.
DM.IIY. On Jnniiary 1R. Win, Jl.wty
lAl.i:Y, wife or John I Daley ami daughter
of the lato I'enlon ami Ann Uolanoy. Ku
neral on I'Hilay. at h:.:(i a. in., rnun Ih.'U
l'ear n.. rrunkfnnl l-ulemn Itcriulcin Mass
at St. Jnni hint's Church, ut tO-u. m. inter
ment St. Dominie's Cemetery.
IlKlfiNAN.r-On January 10, 10 IS. MAIN
ttAIH'T, widow of Juiuea DclBnan. funeral
nn Hulurdav. at s-jin a. m , from her lain
residence, Sill, Orlanna st. .Solemn Hlch
Mass at St. Vcronlen'H Church nt lu a. in
Interment Holy hepulchre Cemetery.
IIOVI.K. MAHV HOY MI. 1721 Plorn st.
IIHHKIN. -On January 17, 101,1. IISTIIISII
MAV. nlfe of Andrew Iiurkln ond daughter
of Cieorso and the laic Christina .Mojm-. Ku
neral on Thursday, at 2 ,p. in . rrom SJO Uast
Martin t.. Ilnxboroueh. Sen Ices at I ho
house. Interment at l-everlngton Cemetery.
GKHllllt. -in N'nrristiwn, If , nn January
ju, im". lt?s j.?ii ui.iukii, widow nf
yt -
aiiiuh ,.. v,i, c. luiivini nun, i,iu nweuo
st.. Norrlstown, I'a., on Friday, at 2 p. in
INUKK At Pittsburgh, pB on January
Chafe. Philadelphia. Due notice win t.
OHANOR. Suddenly, on t.. -aJ
years, nemtlveg . anrt B?,V.ii"AN6": I ll
und the funeral ervfemiiiTl! UitiK.
IIILMI.. Httrtdenlr, ,( ... . a
tf Itlchard 1 O'Donr,.! .yM ii.!'Al
terment st 1'orcat I Awn r..l1,,'iiri TH
N. V.. ThunllAv.ri.,2LcSntt,r.. !
IlAA.CK.0n Janusrv T. .P.0'' . IS
.. ..,. ,,, Jiijiniin llttsk . "f A LOT! AT?
miaivimi rr u.ti i -ui juin
t'emeleiy, "' """nunt tt Hl
Iflll'TPt n
"' 1 I'-.'"!! from 67SO iHttJIlnr?u.Ja,
iiuiiNHN. nn t. 4. ... "aa
fW'T: hM. "fflV SaS
af:A-r." "luniv In. lflll . JIB
me.. Mcrchartvllle. N.
iai. ' - HieriDM, rj
JOIINSTPN-On .Tan,,.., 3
'' JOHNSTON. Fiirieral ...i'!15' 6s3
" -iii .inntiarv 10. iniR . ,.
cmctcry. Ilurllnaion. ' "" rairi
"'i.'IH On JAnunrr IS. 1nf i... -$H
JiHItn. .III., sun nt B.,T-i"'.'"."SMlnil.1
Thursday nflrrnoon. it S o"oclrf,rT,i,: nl
residence. 1P0T Sprites t. Int,rmA,.1,''l
iff nl ?i a,? fFI SSSi "??' "' "
rrv w' US Fi-i-
J;"::;.';-n:,iK0.Ila' I'ONa. smo ,,. tv.
l.u.tiD!,. ri-ViiJ ! ".,'V. h 1815. J ...'
Kiiv. t TSlri 'am' " ffiK ff'S-ffl
.rao WIMcr st. Mass nt lh c5ihM2?MV
a. m Interment at Jfoly era,, r!S?5 ll.
I.nVi:.TOii January 10. loii? lOR? ?V
hand nf (Jrncn M I.owe at Sim "KS1f-vH
st. Solemn Iteaulem m.. .,.'.?orJ ?WI
'0"0 MM,,,. -I m....-:,i:." ' ttlMn,.!
Church, on Haturday, at 10 a ni i7"
fixate, nt Holy 8cpulclire ciil2;.i?,nMl
MrlltmNi:y.-On January 10 lT7i W
pool, nnRlint, OnortclH llMimW.
hand of the IMe ' M i i-v V. WlkeTO;
Sr..M'rrWli.35'ph,..e M An"
n inursnay. jnniiary SI, at S-So t, i, .w.
e nelv. from her late resldet.eer'SMf'cS.'i.f.T'-
t. Intirment nt Kern wood cim2i.,. fcK"
J tr '"' 1-ISH5H3 Mcconsil!& ..2
niiniincr st, "" bi
sl5i!ni5iV'.,iTr-MAnir "-Miuton. '1?
5lAl?''y.--On January 10. ibis, r ijHI
nu.-N m auxin, Delaware ave LiaMiit i?
Kuneial on Wednesday January "ft if'O
,r";.?S,,,.,:l, lnt, residence. y A " l&
M.'r?,l.,!:,,. "" January W ,jff
it rotten: w matciinbii FuLu
Sitiirdnv, nt 2 p. ni from W wlSS
llnlniesliiirg. Interment private. "'
MI I.MRAN -Suddenly, at ItarW, rJ
nn rnnunry is mi,-,, WII.MAM J, StLLt
SUNK. On January 18. 1915. FRANK US,
hand of Uiura Mink and son nf chtrlei
THIwnetU Mink. Funeral m Tnur",y?iu
p. in. from 1113 S Carllile t. (DKinsit1
rcJServ"''' ,n'"m0nl " &
MllltUIS On .Inuuarv !!). IMS trri,
OUItNIIV MOItltlS. funeral aervlcn f hir
lnte resident e. SIS South 10th st"w TtaXi
n?r.'n,li, "'" '"st" at " 0'cl3cl- ItnSl'.
.MOItltlS On .lanuarv 1H. lfllS. il wia
residence. White onk Mount Airy. KATE'
i:TI.Y. wife of -William II. Morris. Sofia'
it-iimvin .nun in v nurcu cr noiy iron, eg
Thursday, at 10 a. m. Intirment prhilti
iviuiuv mint nowers
Noun wrlean st
MMIItS. On January 10. 1912. RT.M
wife of William F. Myers. Funeral nrrtti
' Crlday. at . p. in., at her late talttatt
SfilO Almond st. Interment private, Cmfr;
ni' iiiil i uiiivkny, ,
IlOI'X'ir At Atlantic r?llv. V J.. if I..1
nary 1(1, 101.1, CIIAItLCS ItOKSCH, )t knJ
hand of Krcdcrlckt (nee Tnjfa), Met'W!
jears. IMMIvp nnd friends also sU K!
ties nnd organizations of which hi wsi
meintier, nre invjiea jo attend tne rawrre
services, nn Tueeday ermine, at oMonV
nt his Into res'dence. 1(13 Poultl NliKitk
np.. Atlantic City, N. J, Al iirvlcn a!
Wednesday arternoon, at - o-eiocK. it t:
rhaptl or Andrew J. Hair : bon, Arcn
1!)tli sis Interment rirlvelo.
IMIIUIKH Do .lanuarv 10. 1fll3. nil!
wife or William It rthodes, Funeral urns
nn Tliursdny. nt S p. m. at her lata
deuce, 1".'S ITn't Hnrt lane, inttrmtnr
llre-nwnnii ti nr ! j uemeiery
KAMI'KOV On .Tnniinrv 10. 191.1. IDt
wire nf Percy R. Sampron. Funeril smWi1
nn Thursday, nt s p. in at ran aua
ltrtiinnlnun Interment nrliate. i
M'ATTKIHHIOIl On January 17 DH1
TIK'JlAri f., nuswnn nt Arna fc Kiinr-i
pood, runcrnl services oil Tbnrsfay it
p. m at hts lnte residence. IVfl FJrt R'
tenhous" st , Oermantown. Interment fre
iite KeTnnnd Cemetery ;
TFTTKIt. 40S Fast I.lvlnKfton ft.
SKiMAN. F.MJIA SIOMAN. 1923 South S3
NMITir On .Innnirv 17. 101.1. MARIA,
widow of Samuel Smith. Vunerat rrli
rhureduv. L-:to p ni. precisely, u .'i
rinhr'a at., Mnnnyiint interment "utvuau
HI lUia. WinblAMri-flS
vnn of
lato William
J. and InH
Ktell. Funeral on Friday, nt S p. nt. '"Jfl
, ,i aiooic at. jniernieui ieninw "sat
KTI'AIIT On Jnnunrv 10 10S. (inSflOjl:
14 iv?B
II. HTIXAnT huhand of Loutaa A,,
niunrt inrc .inriniii .i'i "i-' vrjfl
Alexnrdrr (I. nnd Jine Htnnrt FJ"H1
Sitnrrlir Jamierv SH. nt 5 p. m., tnwi ua
lata residence, r.110 North Water t fid
Interment private, at Knst Cedar HW fa
81'' I IVAN On Jani"rv P)., 101V fiiS
I1IOI.FMKW J.. luiKuanu o- vu,'"fSt
erlno r. fiilHvxn Funeral from lilt II jSJ
Hun ae. en Friday nt ;in s., bvMj m
Mn. nf litniileni nt Rt Stephen's Churn)"!
10 a. in. Interment prliatr. at Iloir trwa
V'!,m '.!' .. m,M.n,. First Month. llWJ
' itll.'. KKAXKUN TAVLOn, i.ef
llclalHea and.'rlends are Invited t" atfWf
tho runcrnl. without V,r"'Hri"Ttl
residence nf hie a n. J.iscph T TartJ tam
,uo a,c. I-nnshorne Pa. ffl "fiiffli
lcni ri netidlnB. ternih.il M,
RI I . ,
TIIOMAH.-Ull .inil"ar in. " t'-t,iurpi
18. 1013. KDWJJ
nra's'limern. rr,.ce. ,on TgrgW
hldl-v Park. Pn. '"''""'".'-K'RiJjfl
1 HACV.--On. Januarv IS. 1918. i..jfil
m HE inn mil! n .. - -.'
liusKino or me nn .'irti. "w .,,: ,w
r ho funeral will lw shen. from M.
"I.i.ii.... mtn North Wnodslerk !. . tM
W :i"ciM1H.-JOHN WIH.COMB, T5 a
nth st .. .. ,. nioa
MT.I.K Klt.-On .If nuarv .". -. 5 -t .
.V,!i ' T.vidnv at S p. m.. 'rem S
residence. Sltn W. Iluntlnidon it. '
at (llenwood Cemetery ., w
tvii.sov On January . 19.. ''., "ti
'ii! widow or Charles "i3K-iM
Funeral on Friday, at S p. '- ""iiilB!
deneV of her son-ln. aw. Harry Crwia
Marple, Dclawara county, t. ,
Mirple' rre.byterlan Cemetery, ,m
lata ueorso jnu ''"""'V t.- Tits ruw'
Hunday, at 1 p. !., at her .la" '"t"Te9
1-Jlt lllorrls st. rnterment print. i jm
Call he pip s
u&Kin ME
rylr.. on Vl.uricJsj' jjnu'.' "' JV.LM
Church roV 'A-raVSl Vffi2M
- in.
in hi. S2d jrnr. rW 'rsl from ik'N l
nf Ills nenfipw. Il.rrv iV.ffnii Mfl
sts., Florence, J. , ' iZri M
SI. at 10 n. m t.aif , Ji
scrylrra Th'irsdnv, at fl'flo n PT' . "m
residence, 2.140 llooro i Bt 1'....' '"Hr!
wood Cemelerv "' """"Ml t WVl
IN THs eve
WAT Heicc,
- -- i
hwrr,wt '