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vol. i no. a iot
CorttotiT, IDln. m tiik PoUo Laoots Compast.
v jEyrrt 'rHFTJ'j T Mirj&fiir& z4y&5Utt5 9H
Iwestvvard Cavalry Dash
Menaces Great Ger
man Stronghold Base
at Thorn and Advances
Russian Line to New
Frontier Position.
Slav Drive Develops in
South Poland.
I" Kaiser's Forces Are Re
pulsed in Furious Battle for
Possession of Bridge Over
Yser British Beaten
I Back by Turks in Arabian
' "A Cossack drive has advanced tho
'.'Russian lines to a point 10 miles from
rtinm. tho great stronghold of East
KPnusla and chief German base of sup-
tplles on tho border of East Prussia,
Ittileh now Is menaced In a now direc-
Ktlon. This movement brings tho Rus
lllan army to Its nearest approach to
German territory on the west.
The Fetrograd official report an-
ft.'Munces a grain of ground near tho
S, Junction of tho Vistula and tho Bzura,
R tti the left bank of which lost posl-
f ildns have been regained by a furious
f Massing at Hadom, In South Poland,
ftti Russians aro developing a fresh
Ilriva on the German forco which re-
etntly occupied Klelco and . Opocznow,
tln",erder' to protect their base of up-
?$&& lVjgp,4jnA;tpSSiaiVCWVv
ITCI Ol uio luwer viaiuiu.
L amcIHa rnnnrtn VinlrHnfr its main nO-
ftitforiicin southern Bukowlna, but Pot-
SroBrad Advices assert that the Czar Is
MO miles within Transylvania.
! Fighting has been resumed near tho
& Belgian coast, after an Interruption of
Is more than a week because of bad
f& Mull..... n f ....,.. 41... waniiTan nf
1? the Germans In a desperate battlo for
jLths possession of a bridge across tno
STser, near Nleuport.
In tho Argonno region tho Germans
The weather these days teaches a little
ttoral all its own. Wa might consider
It is a. Justification of "tho doctrine of
the fitness of things." You remember
perhaps the, one or two or more times last
umrner .when, with your collar wilted
Ma your whole body melting away as the
thermometer was competing with the
y for a limit, you dreamed of freezing
temperature and maybe even a blizzard
iU a Mate of affairs bordering on climatic
oeavtn. Or. perhaps, when that same
laermometer dived out of sight a few
W4k SCO. ilv thft KAtriA thltpn. A. hlfflter-
'1I tun ,and an 60-degree temperature
iemea-superlatve bliss. Remember these
mmta na then consider the aiscomrort
f April weather in January, as has been
Uj case the Jast few days. There is a
He or everything, is there not? And
lyhir seems to have done a very fair
u wnen ma Whole plan was nrst doped
Wt forget It when the next blizzard
For Philadelvhia and vicinitu
pwttled tonight with probably snow
urries; Thursdau vartlu eloudu and
filghtly colder; moderate westerly
For details, sea page S.
Observations at Philadelphia
fejits ..-.' ."
ffll ... n1l,hD..t a mil..
tlfrttttH. . . V " ............,...
-...u.u njprawra ,,.., oa
Almanac of the Day
' B;03p.bi.
" .I a0:3p.m.
Lamns to Be LI elite d
iU uai etli Tthicles Si!0p.n.
The Tides.
sratec R:S9p,m.
L'W ateif tumorrow 6:50. ui.
JfUi .- B:lTp. m.
Bi'"' loiuorrew I2i. iu.
tomurrgw :! . iu.
f : -:. ::.:: jssst
wtr (otaotow -M i. nl.
m ' B.iyp. ro.
CS J't' 'wrr , , ii-tt. B.
captured several trenches tn the La
Grurlo woods, but these were retaken
by a counter-attack. Tho Ocrmatis
have resumed the offensive In tho I,n
Pretro forest, northwest of Font. a
Mousson, and the French drlvo toward
Met In that region lins been halted.
British forces attempting an attack
on Turjsish forts on tho Shat-cl-Arab
River Iq Arabia were repulsed, accord- I
Ing to Constantinople. An assault .
near Coma also wns-defcatcd by tho I
Turks, '
New Drivo Brings Itusslahs 10 Miles
From Prussian Stronghold,
Another daring cavalry drlvo by tho
Cossacks has carried the ntlvnnco lines
of Grand Duke Nicholas' troops to the
very border of East Prussia, only 1D
miles from Thorn, the great military base
upon which the Germans rely for their
supplies In tne t'oland cnmpnlgn.
The official statement Issued here im
ports Bharp fighting at Dobrzyn. This
town Is oh the Itlvcr Drewenz, which Is
one of the defenses of Thorn, and forms
part of the boundary line between Knst
Prussia and Poland.
The official statement also showed that
the German south of tho Vistula nro
desperntoiy trying to relievo tho pNssuro
on tho Kaiser's troops In northern Poland
by attempting to cross tho Vistula nnd
attack the Russians In the rear.
righting Resumed in Alsace, Where
Berlin Claims Progress.
By n brllllan Infantry charge near
Notre Damo do Laurette, In tho Argonno
region, the Germans advanced their lines
COO yards, the ofTlclnl War Office state
ment nnnouncod this afternoon. A few
French trenches were taken and a. des
perate counter-attack by tho French dur
ing the night was successfully repulsed.
Tho statement shows that operations
have been resumed In Alsace, the Ger
mans making progress in tho Sennhclm
forest, and at one pojnt capturing two
French officers and a detachment of 40
The capture of 200 yards of French
trenches northwest of Arras is reported,
but only artillery dueling between tho
River Lys and the seacoast Is announced.
Hprmon rlnlnin nf ftiiccesfie.s in the Ar
gonno are admitted In the French com-
munloue today, but the claim Is mado i
that the French afterward regained the
captured trenches.
Ottoman Cavalry -BalkaUold Move'
Near Tabriz.
slan offense, moving southward In tho
Caucasus, continues, It was officially ad- i
mitted today, but the War Office declares
the Turks "are obstinately defending
themselves against superior forces."
An attempt by the Russians to flank
tho Turkish right has failed, according
to official advices. West of Kheol. about
63 miles northwest of Tabriz. Turkish
cavalry performed brilliant work In scat
tering an advancing Russian Infantry col-
Austrian Explosive Sends "Whole
Crew to Bottom.
ROME, Jan. 20. The Italian freighter
Varez was blown up and sunk off Pola,
the Austrian naval base In the Adriatic,
according to dispatches received hero to
day. The freighter struck an Austrian mine
and went down with all on hoard.
Paris Confident Germans Have Shot
Their Bolt.
PARIS, Jan. 20.
It became known today for the first
time since the situation upon tho Alsne
was regarded as so critical, as a result
of the German assaults last week, that
General Jorfre, cominander-In-chlef of
Cnnrludrd on Pare Four
Police Hold Girl Responsible for
Spilling Piery Fluid.
Police are investigating a peculiar acci
dent that befell Mrs. Virginia Chandler,
who was severely burned by carbolic acid
as she lay in bed with her 4-monhs'-old
child at 2130 Alder street early this morn
ing. Miss Bessie Robinson, whoso mother
conducts a boarding house at tho address,
la being held at the Park and LeHIgh ave
nue police station, awaiting outcome of
the investigation. Mrs. Chandler Is under
treatment at the Samaritan Hospital,
When the police were called to tho
house they found Mrs. Chandler in bed.
The family told the police art argument
has arisen between Mrs. Chandler and
Miss Robinson as to the contents of a
bottle', the girl declaring it to be car-'
bolla acid, held it to tho elder woman'a
nose and in some manner, tho acid was
spilled over her face and neck,
Mrs. Chandler Is separated from her
husband. A suicide theory was denied.
British Airman Burned; Frenchman
Dies From Wounds.
PARIS, Jan. 20. An aeroplane carrying
Lieutenant I-aporte, of the French army,
and Lleutenapt Chennery, of the British
army, fell from a great height on the
bank of tha Seine near the CJrennella
fridge today, and took lire Immediately
Tbe BritUU ofheer was burned to death.
Laportt. was rescued from the flames with
both less broken and died shortly after,
ward iu a hospital-
Delaware Schoner Wrecked
NORFOLK. Va.. Jan. -The thr
masted achooner George N- Used, of Sea
ford. Delaware, l4n with, eweat wulU
nt ashore on P island last night, is
total teas. Upr w of svft rjft were
reseuvd by I guar-
Sketched from
Receivers Appointed for I.
W. Sernans, Associate of
Financier Creditors
in Hopeful Mood.
UNIONTOWJJ. Pa., Jan. 20.-Followlng,
closely upon tiio gigantic failure ot the
First National Dank ot this place the
"honor bunk" of Joslah V. Thompson
and a sequence to that financial dis
turbance through a close business rela
tionship, came a peUtlon. filed In the
Fayette County Court today, by Hlgbea
& Sterling, attorneys, for the appoint-,
ment of a receiver for I. W. Sernans, an
associate of Thompson. The Court ap
pointed Charles Lcnhurt. Edgar Hustead
and Joseph Guffey. the latter of Pitts
(burgh. In tho petition it is stated He
man's assets aro S,00O,OOO and his liabili
ties 2,600,COO. ,
Mr. Seman. next to .1.. V. Thompson, to
rated as tho wealthiest man tn Jayette
County. For many years his Interests,
especially those In coal lands, ,havq been
closely Intertwined with thoso of the
Unlontown banker,
Mr, Seman said this morning the,- re
ceivership had been asked to protect
botli himself and his creditors, until sucli
time as the financial conditions growing
out of the failure of the First National
Bank and Mr, Thompson could be cleared
up. He also said tho estates of Mr.
Thompson and himself were very much
greater than their liabilities.
Reopening of the First National Bank
at an early date Is expected here and
this morning la buoyhig up the financial
hopes' of Fayette County and. In fact- all
'Western Pennsylvania. News that Na,
tlonal Bank Examiner Sherrlll Hrolth,
now In charge of the bank for the Comp
troller ot the Currency, has Just been ap
pointed receiver for the Government,
lends to the optimism which prevails to-
d Examiner Smith said thto morning he
had not yet received official notification
of his appointment as receiver, but ex
pecta it tn today's malt. He has been
busy conserving the assets ot the bank
Concluded na Paso Two
Selection of Will H, Parry, Progres-slve-Kepublican,
WASHINGTON, Jan. 20.-W1U II. Parry,
of Seattle. Wash., has been chosen by
President Wilson as one of the member
of tbe Federal Trade Commlss on. ac
cording to authoritative information, thM
afternoon. He 1 said to be a Progressive
Republican. He was formerly engaged in
the publishing business, hut if now re
tired. CUBA. VUmWA. SAVANNUf. AuarwxA
mU!1 cSttsirwoas: rnwsswff :
news reports by an Evening Ledger
Company Directly Accused
by Commuters of Raising
Rates to Hide Errors of
A hearing before the New Jersey Public
Utilities .Commission on the passenger
rate increases, held at ' Camden today,
developed into a searching Inquiry of the
financed ot tho Pennsylvania Rullroad.
The railroad company was directly ac
cused Not using bad judgment and In
directly of dealing with the Cambria Bteel
Company and the United States Steel Cor
poration through interlocking director
ates. K. G. S. Bleakley, City Solicitor ot
Camden and attorney for the South Jcr
sev Commuters' Association and tho Mer-
chantvllle Commuters' Association, made
the charge o'T bad Judgment, basing it on
a proposed cut-off abandoned by the
Mr, Bleakley then put a series of ques
tions to V, IU Fell, chief statistician of
the Pennsylvania Railroad. The first of
thlsserles was;
"Is It true that tho capital stock of (he
Pennsylvania Railroad Company has been
Increased from 150,000,COO to $500,000,000
within the 1st dozen years?"
"Yes," replied Mr, Fell, "as to the In
crease, but I do not know tho exacl
number of years."
"Are Percival Roberts and II. C,.Frck
directors of the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company!" was the next question.
"Yes," replied Mr. Fell.
"Are they directors In the .United States
Steel Corporationf'
"I do not know. My Information on
such matters is based pnly on what I
read In newspapers."
"Des the Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany buy from tbe United States Steel
Corporation and from the Cambria Steel
Company I"
"Yes, some things."
"Poea the Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany own the Cambria Steel Company?"
M. Fell explained, in reply to this
query, that the Pennsylvania Railroad
owned some of the stock and that the
Pennsylvania Company owned a ma
jority of the balance.
if. ull than wan RblfKft it the Pnn.
4. '5l 1...V.- - . . -- . - -
pylvapla Railroad Company, In buying
rails and suppUea, bought them by open
bidding pr by an annual a$remut with
teaclttded m Vie ?wa
staff artist.
Dr. William Horter, Wooed
and Won by Three, Made
Them Sign Love Con
tracts. A former Philadelphia dentist, whose
manner was sificharmlng that three of his
women patients became Infatuated with
him In the loot six years, causing lilm to
desert his wife and seven children on two
dlfteient occasions, il Is charged, was re
leased on bull today pending a hear
ing tomorrow befoie Judge Brown In
the Domestic Relations division of the
Municipal Court.
Contracts with affinities binding both
participants to be trueand not to com
municate with relatlvfH or friends wero
found among the papers of tho dmtlst.
He is Dr. William Horter. -Ill years old.
His wlfo. Is Mrs. Salome Horter, of 1113
North Wanamaker street. Horter Is n
disciple ot Howie and a former u-sldent
of .Ion City.
Miss Adeline Baker, said to havo been
tbe ward of a wealthy Philadelphia fum
ily and who formerly lived near Cth
street and Columbia uvenue, this city;
Miss Annie Smith, formerly of McKees
Rocks, Pa., and n wenlthy married
woman of Kansas City, Mo., all havo
Cecn soul mates of Horter, uccoidlng to
Detectives La Strange and O'Neill.
The dentist left his wife and children
in this oity, the last tlmo four years ago.
jitnee that time Mrs. Horter hud heard
nothing from him. Sho did not even
know ho had been arrested,
"The first time I heard of my bus.
band since he left me and the children
pearly four years ago," said Mrs. Horter
today at her home, "was last Saturday
night, when the Detective Bureau tele
phoned and said they thought they had
located him with two women In Pitts
burgh. They said they were not sore of
his Identity, When my husband first dis
appeared I reported file" matter to tho
detectives. Since then t have taken no
action, and the fact that he had been
located came as a complete surprise to
When Dr. Horter was taken before Cap
tain of Detectives Cameron today he said
he was "glad, the whole thing's over" and
'expressed a wisih to become recoiiclltui
again with hjs family and to settle
down for the balance of his life'.
The detectives first became aware that
Couciuded fn Page Seven
NEWARK. N. J., Jan. 50. The New
York Telephone Company has announced
a reduction from iU to J39 In the yearly
char?e for Individual line measured eeri
tce limited to 0U calls a yea in its New
Jersey division.
The new rate r effective Februai i.
and will atfect ulnoi every Mi-h4njja :ji
the nojtnera New Jersey district.
Grandfather Wishes That Child's In
dividuality Be Preserved.
WASHINGTON, Jnn. 20.-Prcstdent Wil
son's grandson will be Homed Just plain
Francis Sayre. Ills father nnd mother de
cided today not to give him any middle
name, nnd to follow the President's do
sire to preserve tho child's Individuality
by not giving him cither tho title of
Woodrow or Wilson.
Papa Sayre mado bis announcement ot
n choice of names through Secretary Tu
multy. Incidentally, the secretary himself,
tho father of six children, told S.iyro ho
could glvo hint valuable lessons In walk
ing the floor o' nights.
White House officials today suggested
that the slnglo name for the White House
urrlvnl Is auspicious, Inasmuch as many
of the world's great characters havo been
named with no middle name.
"He Can Make a Carnegie
Look Like a Plugged
Counterfeit Cent," Cries
Busy Housewives Knit, Crochet
and Darn Socks in Tabernacle
for Several Hours Before After
noon Meeting.
"God can make a Carneglo or a Rocke
feller look lllco a plugged counterfeit
cent," asserted "Billy" Sunday this nftcr
noon, when preaching on "The Secret of
Failure" before a capacity audience In the
tabernacle. He was showing how mei,
muy accumulate great riches, how they
may gain everything that scorns worth
while In this world, nnd yet be failures
unless thej' acknowledge Jesus Christ o
their personal Saviour.
"Billy" had struck some of his hardest
blows nt the short-comings of church
goers, declaring that "while they whlrjo
arorfud and complain that tho world Is
going to hell, thoy are -helping to send
It there by their ludlfterenctv to personal
work nnd their Indifference to living ab
solutely sinless lives themselves."
All tho school children of Philadelphia
almost 200.000 of them will get a freo ride
to nnd from the tabernacle to hear
"Billy" preach during his Philadelphia
campaign, If Mr. Sunday's hopes are
At tho opening of the sorvlces this
afternoon tho evangelist announced that
ho planned to preach to the youngsters
several times on Saturday afternoons, ann
that ho was hoping arrangements could
be made to havo the P. R. T. Issuo freo
tickets to tho children for their trans
portation. He praised the hospitality of the citizens
of Philadelphia.
"I think we're going to get along flnoi
after wo get a llttlo better acquainted, '
ho said. ".Maybe 'Ma' nnd I'll like you
Bom uch we'll come hero to llvo the rest
of our lives after the campaign Is ended."
"Billy" smiled as he said It. Arid the
applnuso ho received Indicated that "Ma"
and he would iccclvo a great welcome If
he had made such a statement In earnest.
Tho great audience opened the meeting
by singing "Onward Christian Soldiers,"
and the Invocation prayer was offered by
tho Rev. W. A. Ferguson, pastor of St.
Andrew's Methodist Episcopal Church.
Card playing, support of the saloon and
Concluded on race Tito
City Fathers Ask City So
licitor Ryan to Appeal
Against Decision of Judge
An appeal to the Supreme Court will bo
mado by Councils to Introduce a delay
and nullify for a time tho order of Judge
Ralston, of Common PleaH Court, that
Councils establish the Division of Housing
and Sanitation in the Health Department
within 30 .days,
City Solicitor Ryan, acting for Councils,
will file the appeal from Judge Ralston's
peremptory mandamus giving Councils SO
days to comply with the Act of Legis
lature, passed at the last session for the
purpose of improving housing conditions
In tenements and congested Bectionu of
This appeal will cause delay until the
strong Intluences that have been, brought
to bear on Councils to prevent the en
forcement of the act can by shifted to
the legislature at the coming session
with a view of amending me measure.
The owners of tenements and others who
oppose the bill that would make living
condition mora sanitary lit congested sec
tions of the cU.wlll endeavor to amend
the act iu sMfilt a manner oh to remove
the necessity' PC expenditures on the part
of property., wnera iru meeting the re
quirement qr h new law.
The City Bollgjtpr's appeal will be vir
tually the nraf "jre&gnlUou that Councils
)ia,ve paid to tW1 torn plaint tiled in Judge
Ralston's court oy the Houelug Commis
sion In the nama ot the Common wcatlth
to compel t'uuuoils to comply with tte act
by appropriating the necessary funds lor
tbe organization ot the housing division
t'ountUs did not even request the City
Solicitor to. oppose the acttvn in Judge j
lnu'ludcd on 1'iii Two j
Twenty-two Injured in
Night Attack, Wh?n
Bombs Were Dropped
on Nine English Towns.
London's Alarm Less
ened by Belief That
Aeroplanes, Not Zep
pelins, Made Raid.
King and Quedn Left Sand
ringham Palace Six Hours
Before Hostile Airmen
Appeared Invaders Es
caped Without Being Hit,
Although British Aero
plane Squadron Pursued.
V, LONDON, Jan, bO.
Reports received hero up to a late hour
this afternoon list six persons aa killed
nnd 22 injured in tho German aerial ra'l
over Norfolk last night.
The effect of the German attack waa
felt chiefly by civilians, only two of thoso
killed being eoldlers. Tnree of them wero
women nnd another a boy.
Thirty houses wero destroyed In the
various towns and villages that suffered
from tho attack. In commenting upon
tho German raid tho evening papers call
attention to tho fact that tho towns vis
ited by tho aerial raiders wer 'unforti
fied and deplaro the attack another "In
stance of Germany's war upon defense
Jess women -nnd children Ai.- s
Growing conviction that-aeroplanes, not
the Zeppelin terrors, mado the daring
attack did much today to .calm tho minds
of Londoners.
Despite tho definite statements of sev
eral persons that thoy saw Zeppelins, of
ficials of the cities visited by the raiders
frankly oxpressed their doubts. The be
lief that the bombs wero dropped from
aeroplanes and pot from dirigibles, is sup
ported by the statements, of the police at
Yarmouth, who say the outlines of the
Invaders were plnlnly visible in the early
evening sky. Thoy aro positive the raid
ers piloted aeroplanes.
The Government remained silent today
about the air attack. This was taken to
mean that an Investigation was under
way and that the War Ofllce hoped later
to relieve the public mind with the as
su ranee that aeroplanes and not the
dreaded Zeppcllns had crossed the sea
to attack 'England.
All tho raiding nlrshlps are believed to
have escaped. Dispatches from Hun
Stanton, near" the raided area, today deny
the report that a Zeppelin was brought
down there by the Are of warBhlps off
the coast. On the contrary, It Is stated
nn airship was sighted drifting leisurely
seaward early today, apparently return
ing to the German aircraft base at Cux
haven. Unotllclal reports from Amster
dam brought word that three airships,
flying eastward, wero sighted off the
coast of Holland early today. They are
Concluded on Page fonr
New Theory Advanced In Strange
Case of Mrs. Hunter.
PITTSBURGH Jan. 20. Coroner Jaml
son said today that Mrs. Minnie Hunter
who was found dead by her husband in a
cedar chest yesterday, had probabljf
crawled into the chest while under the
Influence of liquor to hide her condition
from Mr. Hunter, and died of auffoca
tlon superinduced by a weak heart.
A foul play theory has been abandoried
as far as the authorities are concerned,
but two brothers of the dead woman de
Clare they will have the woman's stomach
examined for traces of poison,
Mrs. Hunter's body, wedged tightly ?
the chest, waa found by her husband,
Frank A. Hunter, of the Hunter Saw
and Machine Company, at noon, iU hours
after his wife had disappeared Monday
afternoon. A bottle ot whisky waa
found in tho bathroom and It had evi'
dently been put there by Mre. Hunter,
The Coroner said the woman probably
came home intoxicated and, fearful (egt
her husband should find her In that con
dition, crawled Into the chest to hide
from him until she became sober. She
could not have; fallen Into the chest,
Mr. Hunter refuses to advance any
theory as to cause ot his wlte'a death.
X'LirV"' "l6st and pound" ARTictsa
tdrertUed in tho Kvenlnj LeJj.r or repent 4
to tne "Loat and Fountl Bureau" at ls4ftt
Csntrat will bi Uat4 for 30 dayi. Tnu tuts
on aUo b p t th Mala otUe, Bth ti4
Che.tnut its. "Lost and Found" aavertlie
meols can ba left t any of tha drug tar
ric'lvli) J.eJg.r ail a. or can ia ttepjuuu.ti
directly to LJgr Cuntral. Call Walnut sr
UtajfOOu ,
Atradala pup o momha old, teiwla, m,iv,tia
to name o ''Micky;" wore red leather bra
Ktudded collar, liltappeared last Thur.is
tuoriilnu liberal reward. Iteturo to .ij
lrxel road.
LJOST-Vri- J. 15- oa loth nd JUtSt at
tar, laraa cartlcaae centatnios ailvgr n . n
duiw. small, sum ot niooay, stc . 5 rewani i,
VXfiyrBU trvIUig ea"oo latl mfn"
af -ioUi a.. Saturday ilng, e 9 ..9 a, tis
tral raoatd. 4TO) Cuaatauj.
UUST -Bleek tosndfcag coiiti
m&1ilOF i
r apow" w " '""' bud
iwi m ft
TIlST- FUe-tott etasnyni
ttar me Sprmjaald
I i.Or Mil) terri i't.,
I jtuBd to ISM 8. itt. at
I L'thtt iKWii" an 1 , ,.
Hess., J 1