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a !. Hll-llll.il 1
,HWSH! (,1
0fdn. of Odd Fellows
........ i Mill war InttUUrt In SUr
&? t i- tt. -tfi9 an .4 itti-4n fh
W - - 1.1- nnnfMMnn ItVi !..-. 3
iV- 771. in .UBJ. iiv. ... auain .nu
a-unrts- "." ""'":"::.:..: '
order hit taken an active
part In alt movement toward
Id extenilon. !ila member
ahlp was transferred by
merf ement to Columbian
Lorlga, No. 8V In Januar,
1SS9. Ho waa admitted into
palwlln Encampment, No.
St, In Auxuat, 1B8B, and be
came a member of Thereta
Br . .. No. 14T, In 187. lie v.a-
IK .. i. -a a che alter of Canton I'hlla,
mm. No I, ratrlarclw Militant, In Auru-i,
HW 'ti an captain In hla canton from
T$w't ,.....- .! In th vrand tvdlaa
fiR'T.-j.. h extended ovor the greater cor-
!;!,-',( (he above period, during which time
!Mti?.. Men appointed to and served on the
Mt&ltM on Appeala, tha Commute on
H - ...j..iii and tha Committee on Mlleaxe
Vise Or.nd Lodge, nnd aa dUtrlcl deputy
& muter of the eighth dlatrlcl of I'hlla.
If,-... ,i. .4a alan tha reDreiontatlve or tiU
pfrr. i.. nmnn .od tor many yenri. and
fiSua retreienlRtlve of hl eniampmont In
RnrAd biteampment, where he sae aomce
Sf-MW mmmltten. He was appointed grand
ft?",- 1,1') anrl In IRtt.1.
tK.u.v lltoi. Urother Hall waa Installed aa
!ii icribe of the Grand Encampment of
L..fanla. and In way, xuii, waa inatauea
Brsioti lecretary or the urana ixoge ot
RiKriTanla to fill tha vacancy causad by
C jSS i of Jo'Ph II. Machay. P. O. i In
!w latter poMtlona ha ha given 18 yeara of
PK!r.I.ili. unit ha dlitllnyed marlrt
WtSiniue ability and teal for tho advancement
MtM Feltonehlp and toward Increased liar
frchr and aeneral rtnowal of Interest and pros-
Milt Lty HlBliu uiuivr uimvi tvuuni tin
aierted has coiiirrended hla efllclont work.
ufjiUoted hto whole time and energy, and
iii mown an tarneatnets of purpose and
iMtti to duty combined with experience and
!vari tint mark him aa one eminently fitted
f'ttr the hl.li position which he holds,
aao-irwl Secretary Hall announce that tha fol-Tl'i-.
immineea have signified their Intention
to bt raadldates for tho respective offices ot
a, oraod lodge: Deputy Grand Master J. P.
Kile J-nXliu, for grand master; Qrand War
K Perry A. Bhanor, for deputy grand master;
hkonuxli Oeorga B. Gray, of No. 030; Frank
tfiuam. of Ho. 814; IL IJ. Hberly, of No.
IligttrMiiia, of No. 10S; Jacob B. Weaver, of
XJC Hj'Boy D. Beman, of No. 1120, for grand
T ? . dMn, CA.ranrW 1Tti(1i A trail ft
(mill lecretary: Grand Treasurer M. Illcharda
rjCaie ICr srlu uim,uiw uiaiiu ncyi u-
iittUilve- Jms II. Avey, for grand ropre
eallre to tha S. G I- The election takes
iHt la each lodgo on the last meeting night
"lmuloj'n Btar IO.lse sent a delegation with,
Adr IniUlllng staff on a fraternal visit to
irnmtt Lodge, of Glouceetor City, N. J.,
.h. tha Btnrr tmltirntut niv nfflonrM nf Jlr
nm'i Lodge In a manner that .was a revela
te to Die Jersey element of the 200 members
rent, ine nam cunsiviva ol raw uranoi
Mood. William M6orhad, William UlacV,
luvte Wsmock, John Gmliajn, Harry Graham,
iTtttm Patteraon and Jajnes Callaji. The
cot done In full dress uniform and was
.I.. Mil an, aYflrtAnt thmuchmit. Atter the
1 ttfenoiiy tbe Entertalnrrtbnt Committee served
Ktt imx! things to eat and then there was
f iH'laterctutng6 of compliments by several
fmetlimakers. A pretty feature of the occasion
?i ! nraaentatlon of cast Brand collars to
ItSftw toil grand and tha former secretary,
I Willi served the lodge faithfully for many
ran. retiring on account of removal from
tUWTllat jltits.
HHI3 Lodge last night conferred tho first
W.Tiraa In full form on four candidates. The
ftflll ftlfcr, characters In the degree add much to
fif ttt cindlJates. Mllle haa asaln Btarted
.liiVf, TtutmhMhin taama for the comlnc vcar.
tttnninf with 10 mombrs on each team. Ths
EnluQ ot membership clubs becomes, apparent.
A a- I. 1011 )hnta urn n ntva nf tinim nC
fftrtd to the Individual of cither team brlnar-
sru uiQ most canaiaaies, jonti u. urensman
ddftd to the rolls 20 new members, winning
ttf otic, ine teams comoinca lotaica ox
Rilcome Lodgo conferral the nrit detrrce on
itaiair -ut and on next Monday eventnff tvlll
ijttiieccnd degree In full form. Thia 16Jko
iQ wnJuct rsllgloua services at the Odd
it.Wi' Home on February 14. Welcome
lxljili gtttlnr ready to visit Palmyra. Lodge,
i. Cundn, and will take over a. good delo
titlos. IfUttUe Howe Rebekah Ixdge raid Clncln-
tltj bit, their main object being to create an
fecmitd Interest in the Kebekuh branch ot
W ptatr.
itfaqniiaiui ixK-ge win celebrate its 3:.d an-
wsur on Januarv "25. the nttendnncn he
Iitnited to the members and their faml
tki. Tha talent will be drawn malnlv from Ita
( jviBuiviaiuBt Billy rtiuuiiK uiuer iiuinucrs iiiera
fltJ'Jtiea mUifitrel entertainment nnd a comical
W4 cuilctl number, entitled "The Cleran nith."
;..:va. iDruarjr id me iltit uistrici wm visit
'Jstticiiiftatui Lodge. Tho main speaker will be
JpJH. Calvin O. AlthouBO, ot the Philadelphia
dw Dcnooi, -wno is an nonorea menDer ot
r.Ca:lmutus Lodre.
sKiMcrton lodge made the 1420th meeting
tfttTueiday evening a past grands' night. The
gfniietp&l ipeech was made by c; B. 1), Rich-
Cn closed retreshmenta were served, Qeorge
1 1. Surgtrt acting aa toastmaater. Brother
.4K tntertBlriB with nlnnn sntna nnil nivnm.
furiat the members whllo singing popular
igrlMirltl bs held at the Orphanage by Ken
ROmuuiock Lodge held open meeting on
r?47. evening, wiin gamea. "ears' ana
feu time for all. Joseph D. Promls, John
r.tlftltnian an.l ltrilltn. a t,ltlla Inn .Via
BSU reUaMes-1 at every meeting.
IT Ulje last Monday night had. In addl-
r to un uvin rnemoera, visuing Drotnera
ma Kuturra IIIhafvb (law,, V fhltHa
itfl". of Philadelphia, and Calumet Lodge.
C P'Olinamton N, Y The first degree was
fwhtm ana Brought forth the usual pralss
a Uif visitors. Next Slonday evening tha
KJM SJiree will be conferred In full form.
j eommlttee appo.nted to organise an aseo
t to Iroprovo the degree work report
finals ,h0.rt tlm "W Worlcsrs" will
ttafull swing. An effort Is to be made to
livtai B oanner year in wo niaiory or
n TaftAvah AnfanaJ ah TaHttavV O k&
fPWtary decree on three candidates, whtch
Cfr. ! at"H of ten Initiated since December
Iiii:" "V. o'STee "1U be conferred upon the
K'J.uoiaaies mis evening, ana e, large
nsc to witness the worlc of tha degree
STVr. Kwloq' Jo?epu itogcrs, cnairman ot
X7Ji'iu.",0.al Reception Committee, haa
EH"",1" January xu as laatea' nignt. A
PHil lai musical entertainment will be alven
! tuefit of the ladles and friends.
JJsrvicesat the Odd Fellows' Homo last
iS?J, J" !" c''?a of the committee on
r" ? toi sermon waa prsacnea
t j2h ' ,l4rllns0n neslstant pastor ot
g The muslo waa by the large congrego
jg.yy.tr the direction of Miss Eva Lynch.
"WW Blppi, president of the home, made
BEjUU Perm Rebekah lodge. No. 178, had
llTf M.tns It.bekah Home. The sermon
'si jyvf." D' JUV' Bamuel B. Williams.
;Kr ,."l':,'own Baptist Church, German
Eitit """ and Brunner street. The muslo
Ur.i,'V? w wnaa Kraise, dusts
.R'r11 Mrs. John Berkelbaoh, and Miss
taiu k- -,BrDlca-on, A aaareas waa
Stt lottfl' "" En!"!", president
sra,s, vwo." .h5?..'p!',ft. ,nm
ffrtii? theThlrd Philadelphia District.
tfcir..r. ,ne WW iieliows- orphanage
Rurt.v?r,,.es. W6re mad8 by Xttstrlot
FuliLl- t. . u:U"'onn r 'isner. wno
WffikSlI A- W-. BrownnJllfer, Charles B.
at?t..tlr"'l"it, ' the home, and
fcMfflii rvi.irir. man or the orphanage Bdu
l?.IT?.m51!t,e' T)" mu" Incfuded a
g9i orchestra ana chorus.
Mer "Unity
tMUtlon 0( Bryn Mawr, Camdsn,
WIfton, Prld Of npmanrAwn Um.
l Wlsaahlcken nr-i wmiiM r.
AVyftSL'tt !-.s' n.ffi! of
1 -IsltatfnTS'fc'.lJItS-' Vi " "S
tatl0M w instttuleJ. Three
?t. aVll .,' f .SSf, "?". Ji J9!
'ti5.,L,.n!!4 ? dlaplay o( flowers and
refTiT.;.M,ml9war' ehalrman of
if Ph'ii?2,'ilr and Propagation Com.
W' visitation over to BroOier
Mrberto. Wfiffl
k 5aV ffi111 gi? Vartn rL5"a
WlrM? UUai WatrjotTWho d3-
a rVrfV- "It's" i " "vnt or ins
sftr. " Propagation Committee
$ ruth n5i" f .,J,C 8" .'h progress of
Dittta .a1?! Joseph Armstrong spoke
Wr fgmiH,";?.! eputy ararla Mas.
"SS r'si riS... 'n "Hi" behind tba gun."
F .' BScwr Mellor, " 'Vankfor'4
U. trSf'.kr """ w 11 ba held Jaiu
i SLfilril!knrl: '.t4 officers of
age m be lnataUed by Deputy B.
5J Slot oj"antloB( on January
WiEt. ktV aWorw 5'"r1fM J a
ifiKv.V.SJ"urtr.'K5t "? .
faata i. " III
?? BlOre DrartavallAr
in wortr ttuut any
Ctv5f ! " o'
vttnlmjj wania yoacora, i-vant-
'its 0,,i it&hitvlWtm JUJJ
i ail i-J"1 faliOA, Prl4 of 9r-
-Mit Nfes. in iu.it
Improved Order of lied Men
The gathering of the tribes compo-lng the
Al led Association ot West Philadelphia, was
IwM In tho council chamber of Tuckahoe Tribe
on the sleep of the 12th un
Notwithstanding the Inclem
ency of the weather, tha
meeting vaa the largest of
any the sesoclatlon has held,
nearly (too members, repro
tenting forty tribes, being
present. All ot the great
chiefs and four past great
SSchrma were rallait ttnnn tn
IwRk. The principal talk of tha evening was
dellcrcd by dr-at Sachem fharles R, pass,
this being the nrtt meeting that he has at
t'initeil In the hunting grounds of Philadelphia,
ahd he rocelted an ovation Much ctedlt Is
due ur, T c Ilcewlck for the success of tho
Ihe Dakota Association, of Boulh Phlladel.
phis, lns been hnldlna meetings every inn en I
suns Decree Msster tleorge II. Stevens placed ,
the warrlor'a degree on the floor In Logan I
lTiUf, tun work performed by tho team being
highly commended. They are how prepared to
work this degree In the council chambers ot
all the tribes connected with tha association.
On the sleep ot the 111th sun a district coun
etl Wll. halit ri tli rtitnrll rhtmha, nf Alvnn.
nuln Trlhe, the great chiefs and the deputy of I
the tribe being present. On the sleep of the
lath a similar meeting will be held In tho
council ilinml'or of Naae Tribe
Wjo.iilnn Tribe, the oldest tribe In the Stain
(hatlnR celebrated Its 03th annltersary). held
an Interesting meeting January 8 Although
uld in organization, over CO per cent, uf the
trlbo's members nre young men, who have
added now life and made It the most actla
tribe In South Philadelphia. They started the
new year with five propositions to the chief ot
records. Much ot the success Is due to tho
active work of Bochem C. Boyle, vho Is ably
supported by Benlor Bngamore Boheni and
Junior Sagamore Shilling and to Chief of
Records llobert Kern, who guides the officers
and financiers of the tribe In the right direc
tion Past Sachoms Strieker, Shields, Joyner,
Watson, Smsth fjsllngher Downe and Dep
uty Oreal Hachem Sterne are all taking their
share of the tobor and responsibility On to
night's sleep ilit.pe blg-hrarted brothers J
Frank rtedrern, Peter J. Kite VWUIam Davis
nnd the Uojb of Yonan Tribe w It trail to
Wyoming and confer the chief's degreo on a
class ofpale faces This work will be done
as only Tnnnh car da It.
lllro Tribes trailed to Camden and raised
the chiefs ot Wyoming Tribe, No. 55, and
Dakotr Tribe, No. 311, A large delegation ac
companied the raising team and wera met by
over 200 enthusiastic Jersey lied Men. The
rltuallstlo work, as well as the drill of tha
team, waa performed In the usually faultless
style ot lllro. Interesting remarks wero made
by Great Hep. Ilarper, or Now Jeraoyj P. O.
B. John B. Pooro, D. Q. S. Warner. P, B.
Dootor Betrwlok, Deputy a. S Malone, P. 8.
IDo yean and others of 809. P. Q. B, Currlo,
of New Jersey, gave 'an Interesting talk on
Charltj" and O, 8. 8. Samuel II. Walker
gave o talk vuch as he alone la noted tor
and which has oorned for him the title of
"the Billy Sunday 'of lledmanjrhlp."
Tha Red Mon'a Jubilee Association held a
meeting on Monday opening to plan for their
outing In July. Thia will bo tho twenty-third
anniversary. The , fallowing officers wore
elected: Alex, Clark, of No. 25. president;
I duls Segar. No. 184, vice president: James
Plnkerton, No. 70. socretar) and, treasurer:
Benjamin V. Ilcrta, No. 46, chairman of
tt'lnnnce Committee. There were 22 tribes rep
resented A letter of condolence was ordered
sent to the family of the lata John P. Dulse,
who waa prostdent ot tho association for Blx
On the sleep of Monday, the 23th sun ot this
moon. W innepurkett Tribe will colebrate Its
fifteenth anniversary by holding a vaudeville
how In their wigwam. In tie Parkway Build
ing. In addition to a good entortalnmont thero
will be remarks on tho history of lUdmanshlp.
Tho board of great chiefs, will bo In attend
ance and Great Senior Sagamore Samuel H.
Walkor has been selected to deliver the ad
dress ot tho evening. All who have heard
Brother Walker speak know thoy will hoar
something worth while. The trlbe'aj momoera
are nrgod to mako a, special effort tone
present on this sleep. On last Monday s sleep a
paleface was adopted, and the team under
tho captaincy of Past Sachem Krank I KIHott
performed the work In a very creditable
re0nntlie sleep of the 8th sun Great Sachem
?arveVS O. 'iSultnevK iSch'a Wonlc
C Gr'caMhet0; Richard B. Tongue who ha.
the tribes in that locality. On Monday's Bleep
he waa In tho councl chamber of I'ontlao
Tribe; on Tuesday's sleep. Ottawa Tribe, and
on Wednesday's sleep. Wonewok Tribe. All
the meetings were well attended.
Great Sachem Charles B. Pnsi paid a fra
terrnl visit to Katonka Tribe, of York on tho
s'efp of the Uth It being 'Ir anniversary
The council chamber was well tilled with the
members ant, their wl.es The Great Sochcm
talked upon the principles o the Order and
was followed by Past Great Sachem William
HTe0npAmanentbecI;rd of the Great Council
met at the Great Council office on January 10
bjicI passed resolutions of respect and, condo
fenco on the demise- of Past Sachem John P.
Guise of Yuba Tribe, a member of the
,',, Committee. Copies ot the resolutions
adorned9 Sere forwarded to the family of the
3e?eaa?o and the tribe of which be was a
Patriotic Order Sons of Ahierlca
Penn Treaty Commandery, No. CO. was In
stituted at Morrla and Bepvlva streets Janu
ary 7. About 800 members from 13 city
ter members, headed by the
commander-lm-chlef and staff
and the Keystone Commandery
Band, paraded through the
neighborhood. The Institution
waa In charge of II. S. Commander-in-Chief
diaries 1L
Davla.who pronounced the new
nn-mnnrfarv nnn nf thfl mOSt
nromlslng ever instituted. The commanderlss
represented wero Nos. , 0, 20, 25, ax, ui, 03,
4i; 42, 48, Bl, BS and 80. These officers were
Installed: George Orlscom, commander! Ilarnr
Stauts, senior vice commander; Homer King,
Junior vice commander; P.. Ray Mewger, re
cordsr; Joseph Odgers, receiver; Wl Ilam Re
volr, treasurer; George Baker, chaplain; Harry
Peterson, Inspector: Walter Smith guard ;
Wlnfleld Doebley, picket! William Albright.
David Williams, Homer Stlnson. financiers.
Brother D, H. Williams promoted this com
mandery, which will meet every second and
fourth Monday In Friendship Hall, Bepvlva and
Norrls streets. A glad welcome will bs given
to any visiting brother.
Camp B83 turned out strong In spite of bad
weather on Tuesday evening. The new presl
dent, Albert Hanafy, announced his appoint
ments to serve on the soversl committees of
the camp during hla administration. There
were two visitors from Camp 204, The visitors'
register showed entries at nearly every meet
ing. The Entertainment Committee waa au
thorized to proceed with arranging for an
honor night and banquet about the middle of
next month tn commemoration of the contest
held last term, ths Inauguration of a new con
tsst during this regime and the celebration ot
the birthdays ofAbraham Lincoln and Oaorga
Washington. This occasion promises to bo a
red letter event In the history of this camp.
Camp 803 Installed its officers at last meeting
through the fifth district president. Bowuel K.
Btlnger. There waa a. good attendance, with
two visitors. The retlrlns president. Robert
M, Davis, iwas preaenteA wtth a beautiful em
blem as a token of hla good work. Brother
Jacob Duerr. a very old member of tho camp,
making th presentation and commending the
young members for taking acUvo Interest in
(he affairs of the camp. The new president.
IWHIIam Y. Davis, received encouragement as
he took his chair, three new candidates being
proposed for momlbtTBhlp. Brother James
Shields, president of tho fifth district dart
team, announced that Camf SMJ defeat.
id camo SJ and also addeT a forfeited game
to their credit owing to the failure ot Camp
4 to make Its appearance.
There Is general activity In the Uth dis
trict " "naequenc. of the Installation i of
ofrtcers in tha varlouai camps. D. P. Welsh
iipMsses his thanks to th. many roraben who
lr Ending their help. Brothers William An
dreei and Jlogoey, ofBoS, and King and Abel,
of 03. are deep In the work, ,
Thar will be a dlstrlot meeting at Oanp),
ArobJr ana Norrta streets, on, January 2d, ana
all morrtbeni are Invited, to attend.
Camp T will tnstalthe following jfAcerai
aiarviy Q. Field, president! &,ArUeUV;
vtcV president! J. Ollllngham ,. ff'A
rfenry J. Btsger, treasurer) William ""'T
irpir, reoordln secretary; Samuel a Mc
Mullan conductor! Vt Leldy Rsd, "'Wt0J!
fvank W, Carver, outer guardt Dr, , P. N, K.
BThwenk,' Jainea H. Wolle. John J, lllsolsr,
3?presters of America
I.. a,a nnaka rtttf tlO gi. h.ld a.
largsly attended meeting on Januarj- 8, at
Empire Hall. HVanktord vnu; and WllUam
s..s a-14 h.. if tiAir nfrleerA
Installed by Orand Chief Ran.
Sir 2. i. Seymour, as fol.
lowat Chief ranger. Raymond
MoCarty; sub-ohf ranger,
Bamuel . BlairK rsasurer,
Oeoxg OMliams financial sjo
retary, Alsxaads IMMrdi
recoraiii ascrettry, Wilfred
Drmeroai atntor rwir. rrm
$, tSrtffloats Tta U retiring;001 rJsr.
BotiH WlUUua TEauia, TW la on of th
JaiwtaiKcetHfuJl Court U th Junior brtaeh
eftl cWe iua th ri.WWj M
tbltwawnr. Addres. eaterUlnrnsot Jtn4
JifibSsnU feUaw47 Aiaoarj thes taklnf
Chief Ranger Chart BmtU. Orsnl Secretary
Robert fSb.ftOrajad Trusts. Harry Young.
?iit Orand Trusts Jams "rocktit, iuprsm
n.DicaVot.Uv Robert E4trd. pu( chief
stick Frank: .unior e;r. vwvm ,,...,
ittor taadii. Joseph Donahue, Junior bsadle,
Uuitam fehitbl;, physlclsn. Oeorg. glmon,
Ing secretary; F Barha, financial secretary;
W. Lohr, treasurer; A Cahlll and Urother Ed
wards, woodwards; Brothers Wagner and Mil
ler, beadiest 11. McNamee, trustee! M. B.
Whito, lecturer. The deputy, Thomas Naulty,
complimented tho court on Its selection. There
wero IB propositions. The coming year prom
ises to bo ths best In the court's history. The
annual banquet will be held on April T.
Court Haverford's degree team and band la
making a high reputation In West Philadel
phia. Their fioor work for Court Glenmore
and Court West Philadelphia won high praise.
The ladles' night was a great success due to
ths oftorts of the hard-working committee as
sisting Brother McNnmoe's committee. A few
of tho ladles' committee wero Mrs John
Smith and (laughters, Mrs. Prank Barba, Mra.
Edwards. Mrs, Fergerson, Mrs Allcson. Mrs,
Mack and daughter, Mrs. Cahlll, Mrs. Kelley,
Mrs. Kooms, Mrs. Wood and Mrs. M, Mc
Grane 7ourt Cross Keys' meeting of last Monday
evening enloycd several Interesting features,
especially that ot the report of the Auditing
Cominltttfo, which showed a surprisingly largo
monetary gain for ths last quarter. A com
plimentary vots of thanks was ordered ox
tended to the fraternal editor of tho r.vri-i!o
LxnoEB for "conferring tho favor of publishing
the court'H weekly news In such an excellent
and conclio manner " Brothers William
Whltt, William Lorlng. Frank Collins, John
Donrelly nnd James Keller wore chosen to
compose tho Now Ritual Committee which will
competo for the 11500 prize offered by the 8u-
?remn Court tor tho compilation and conitruc
lon ot the most dignified and Impressive Ini
tiatory ritual, to bo awarded at the next Bu
fireme Court convention, which wilt be held
n Augut at Ban Francisco
Court Hamilton's report for the year read
at last meeting ahowed an Increase in finances
but a Iobs In membership. Tho members had
a turprlso In the visit of Brother Mageo and
Doctor Daly, of Court Schuylkill, during Good
and Wolfore. Walter J. Daly, M. D., an
nounced himself as a candidate for grand
treasurer. Ho was unanimously Indorsed by
the members presont, the delegate to the con
vention being Instructed to vote accordingly.
Dr. Felix M. Kater announced that hla first
lecture to the membera would be January 20
on the subject, "What a Man Should Do for
Himself." All membera ot ths order are In
ltcd to hear him.
Court General Georgo B. McClellon Is Jubl-
Constderntlons of order and space mako
It nece'ssary to ntlvanco hereafter the
tiny of publication of the Intemnl Soci
ety Department from Friday to Tluirs
tlay. Secretaries should send their com
munications tn the Vraternnl Kriltor
promptly nfter their meetings ami no
later thun to reach here Tuesday evening.
lant over the treasurer's report that their
mntured stock In a building and loan associa
tion hod made a balance of over $2000. Nowly
rlcctetl officers were Installed as follows: Sam
uel Lleberman, chief ranger: Robert De Korte,
suh-chtr ranger: Horry Wolfe, treasurer; C.
A. 0"llara, financial secretary; William A.
Kenny, recording secretary: Georgo Atrey,
serior woodward; Joseph Ryan, Junior wood
ward Joseph Mara, senior beadfe; Louis De
Ko-te. junior beadle: Francis De 8ales Kelly,
Georgo Warren Phillips, George DeWne, trus
tees. Past Grand Chief Ranger Thomas Dug
gan, "the fathtr of Court McClellan." In pre
senting to the retiring chief a past chief
rangera certificate, reviewed the history of
the court, exhorting all to keep up the good
work of upbuilding the membership and
finance. The Entertainment Commltteo pro
vided talent and refreshments, and an old
fashioned McClellan night of song and story
occupied the social session. Register of Willa
J, II. Sheohan, a past chief ranger of Court
McClellan, sent regrets at hla Inability to bs
""court Mcrherson held Its first meeting In It
new hell, Fronkford avenue and East Clear
field street, last .Tuesday. Ths; nowly-elccted
officers were Installed by Deputy Farrell, of
this court, who mode an Interesting speech re
garding the duty of officers and members, and
he waa heartily applauded. ,,.,.
Deputy G. C. R. John Powell Installed the
officers of Court Bethany last Friday evening.
as follows! W. D. Park, chief ranger; Charles
.Ferrary, sub-chief ranger; A. Meottel, treas
urer: 6. II. McConnell. financial secretary; T.
A. Donaghy. recording secretary; F. L. Sparr,
senior woodward: H, It. Bchmltt, Junior 'wood
ward: L. S. Sorber, senior beadle; A. Wilson.
Junior beadle: Dr. Edgar Savldge. lecturer;
Thomas W, Murphy, George , Berry, Stanley
Tees is, trustees. Ins Entertainment Commlt
teo furnished a. spread of "eats."
Court aienwood's trustees' report on the
strength of the court for 1014 shows 865 mem
bers; amount received, 13008.28 1 amount ex
oended. J2738.42: amount In eenoral fund, $10.
6n7.47! total value. I I0.O0B 24. making a gain
of 81.(13,8,1. The intertalnment fund received
8210.07. added to balance of I90.6H. and the
expense were 232 25. Th degree team asso
ciation will hold Its stmlmonthiy meeting on
Sunday next at 2 p, m for Important buTneis
and rofreshments. A meeting will be held on
Tuesday next at 0 o clock, followed by a drill
by the captain, Joseph TresseJL who Is a ser
geant In the ylrst Regiment. Company D.
ArtlBartB' Order of Mutual Protection
M. It. M. A. Htgglns haa arranged to hold
the "Producers' Dinners" to ths following as
semblies: aermantown. January 18; Oak Lane,
t-.... lit. lUllHam Pnrfnn
January 2fli Glrard. January 28;
Dorian, January 20. All the.
dinners will be held at th
Hotel Walton.
Brother Gerald P. Bagnall,
former recorder of Brooklyn
Assembly and recorder-elect of
l,ong Island Assembly, died on
i.n,u nttar a. few davs' ill
ness of pneumonia,
Th many friends of Urother , w. Tusssy.
ncoAsrot Camden Assembly, will be Pleased
tS know that h U recovering from an attack
0Vrogr?i.lvJVMr.nibeishlp Association will hold
Its annual banquet on January 2d.
ti Sssembllts i are elect ng this month repr.
isntitf'S to I theamusJ session In this city
n March. ,
Knights of the Golden Eagle
Thsr wlU b meeting on nut Tuesday at
th offlo of th 8uprm Castl. 814 North
Broad strset, of the Board of Director of th
newly ronntu tuuM-i juu
Association which waa author
ized by the Supreme Castle.
Ths officer ana directors of
this association are: Presi
dent. John W, Ford, su
from chief. Philadelphia I
tee president, R. if. Cut.
.. !. ,.hn n IT..II.U- a
V., isosionj aec
3. G. Biltlmorei trurr. U. L. Gallagher,
tT T' rTnhestiri dUsctor. Dr. J. Ilarvey
JJuciulrian. P. O. C. Malnnsld. N. J.i Will
tSnoSlMrtioo. P, fd-Pl-UadslphUi Oeo,
aTlIlwlMottrPt. S. C. Long Branoa, N. .I
Eil wffiwstir, V, 8, A., NswHavea. cini.
OMrett 8. Bmllh. P- SVC., WUmlngton, 53.
Xpollo CastU lnltlat4 iJti, vo1d . class
e'iuMctiVVd ! ! " &
the uSa of 6Brta Commandery under bj
lisrshlp of Colonel Ouyant, who rsprsssntsd
DlTulc't.Sr.ndCbl.f Ch 0. Huhn Thsr.
rc.?atTorUIVa,r.JdVVbU .7lV-li IK
rlehist cisir In th antlr order, and U woe th
?Lm1 :ct &.&. &i k:
mtalbanaust on th w? LK"Mf , "r
?ySVats! for MW IBSJObSr. TBI cU x-
StiX- TaSuiSv Fsbruary and Uareli and U
r S3V,VUV. ... a. -J-..-M Yn-...
OlOrl OaU W1U U. TWH a-a .aw---
ejSh? tWTthu ou iu
castle Is In ths district Presided over by Dis
trict Grand Chief Charles G, Huhn.
Pride of Cambria and Star, of Cambria Cas
tles hs.ro hsd their orTIctr Installed, and ara
enjoying n season of hrosperlly. They are
making preparations to attend the next Grand
Castle session to be held In Lebanon
Past Chief Charles Huff, of Keystone Castle,
who died on the 8th of January, was one nt
tha oldest workers In continuous membership
In the order, having Jolnod that castle In
October, 1R7B, He was over 80 years of age.
Chester Castle had a deltghtful entertain
ment on the 7th, nnd there was a large at
tendance of members. Tho Butiards' degree
was conferred on a Urge number of candi
dates. Frnternrtl Patriotic American!! '
Delegates from various councils of Philadel
phia County met last week for the purpose of
arranging foe a general class Initiation to bo
nelil ni l,u l,tl temple reo
ruary J?, when the beautiful
ritual will be siempllfled by a
selected corps of officers from
the different councils Brother
Itlchard II. Crockford will not
only serve upon the large pipe
organ, but will have charge of
too aoeclally trained singers for
the occasion. From the reports received from
many of the councils there will be a large at
tendance or members and nn extremely large
class of Initiates. Many of the councils have
sent special notices to all members.
1 ho Good of the Order As-oclstlon of Phila
delphia, representing 10.000 members, met Inst
.MotidAv evonlng at the Hall of Gratitude Coun
cil, No. 0S2, Brldesburg, and ther was a
large representation from the many councils
present. Resolutions urging President .Wilson
to sign tho Immigration bill were unanimously
adopted, Btato Vice Councilor William II,
Bheneman, Stat Council Secretary Oeorg S.
Ford, Past State Councilor John R. McKelvey.
Deputy State Councilors Freeman, MacDonald
and Trlpmaker and othera addressed the
Tho board of officers of the State Council
has Issued a letter to the subordinate councils
requesting them to adopt resolutions to be fnr
wardeil to President Wilson urging hint to sign
the Immigration Mil recently pns-cu ny eon
gress, anil the many councils and thotistnds or
members throughout this State are compiling
therewith This order has not only been ery
much Interested In this measure, but In every
laudable way ha assisted and encouraged
members of Congress to pass that law.
John R. Murphy Council, No. 16 haa In
stalled ths following officers! William Lang,
councilor; Fred. A, Thomas, vice councilor!
William Rldlsr, conductor! victor C. Peters,
warden; Joseph Kyle, outside sentinel I War
ren Flohersglll. Inside sentinel: Albert Leln
Ingsr, representative to the Funeral Beneficial
Assoolatlont Eugene Porter, alternat. Within
the laat 80 days, the council lost two good
working members by ths deatha of Brothers
Joseph Oppenhelmer and Raymond Clark.
Brothers Walton and Wlldey, of Frankford
Council, were kind enough to offer their serv
ices In behalf of Murphy Guards. Brother
Leinlnger made one New Year'a resolution,
and thai was to bring in a new member each
month, and has handsd In his first proposition
Loyal Council, No, 781, will make a good
showing at the public class Initiation at Lu Lit
Temple, February 22. Brother John Dobmon,
a young member, set a record by proposing
three candidates. The report of the Auditing
Commltteo shows that the council Is progress
ing, and brighter prospects are entertained for
n general advancement, due to the Interest In
the campaign for members.
Knights of Malta
The regular weekly convocation of Constan
tino Commandery, No. 1, waa held at 2.128
Germantown avenue on Monday evening. Sir
Knlffht Commander John For-
sythe occupying the occidental
choir, nssistod by Generalis
simo William Swift in tho
second Chair. Th "Malta"
Committee reported having se
cured tho services of a large
number of talented friends to
help celebrate tho thirtieth
anniversary on Janunry 18.
Tho Drosnun will consist of a
vaudeville entertainment on tho first floor and
"Vlctrola selections, dancing and refreshments
on the second noor. a cuireimiBB waa a,-yvn .
ed to mako arrangements toword reviving tho
aide degree of our commandery, known as tho
"14," or "Boxer, ' degroe. Past Commander
Wheeler reported that arrangements are be
ing mado for an allotment of epoce In tho
Billy Sunday tabernacle within a few weeks
for tho members of tho entire district of this
order Full data will bo furnished to the com
panions through the courtesy of thia column.
Quaker City Commandery. No. 42,on February
4 will initiate tho candidates left over from
the class installed on Eecember IT, nnd It Is
anticipated that a large number of appli
cations will be received for ontry at that
time. The commai.Jcry planned the desreo
work and selected three teama who will have
charge of the different degrees. Recorder Sir
William A. Gretilnger will oon glvo a lantern
ir-ture on the entire 12 decrees exoriiplllying
the work in detull. This commandery hns
decided in view of prior successes tn reopen
the charter for another six months. When the
increase has readied tho number at whloh tho
goal has been set the chater will be closed
Knights of Friendship
District Deputy R. Backtlger and staff In
sulted the following officers of Protection
Chamber No. 8: P. 8. K. M., L. Lamlelni S.
K M., P. Stallman: Sr. Chap., II. Lelsner;
Jr. Chap., II. Gerllach; M. R., R Cubler; S.S.,
N. Pasco; J, B., E. Rebltz; Chap., C. Stein;
K. C , F. Gursky; K. W F. LaFetra. Comp.
H. C. Thompson was presented with a P. .
K. M. badge by H. Gill, and a watch charm
for active service for the post tsrm by II. A.
District Deputy William Mertx and staff in
stalled the omcers of Northern Liberty Cham
ber No 05 on Tuesday evening. An enjoyable
evening waa passed by the members. Comp.
Carl Debler was presented with a Past 8lr
Knight Marshal's badge by II. A. Gerhart.
District Deputy II. C. Thompson, of Phila
delphia, paid a tislt to Mlllvllle Chamber No.
8, of New Jersey, on Wednesday evening,
Koyal Arcanum
There la soma splendid young material com
Jng to the top In the list of officers for Phil
adelphia Council In the persons of Clyde 1
Ollttld, .JUI1II I.UIUDII ,, uut.
II. wlckersbam Philadelphia
should have a CO class ot 18-year-olds
without the slightest
trouble this year.
Haerford Council Installs
Its officers tonight. There is
a snap of activity In Haver
ford alnco they captured the
dearea team Drlza. German-
town Councils wants them to join a contest
for membership since both these teams won
degrco prizes. Itegent Wolf Is looking up addi
tional mme In foreign territory by making a
match with a New Jersey council for prizes
to be offered by ths grand councils of Penn
sylvania, and New Jersey,
Tomorrow evening Oakdsle Council will hold
a special meeting to Initiate a class of candi
dates. The Carnation Club will throw Its best
efforts in tho work to make tho meeting a suo
cess. It Is expected to have th prlre degree
team of Germantown Council confer the de
gree. Oakdale Council will show the greatest
net gain on an average basis In Philadelphia.
The various athletic teams in Integrity Coun
cil or looking forward with a great deal of
Interest for some good sport In the coming sea
son. Chairmen Cvans. of the bowling league.
Rnd Wlckersham. ot the baseball league, are
looking un teeme and dates.
On January 25 Past Supreme Regent Me
Fadden will glvo an address at Integrity
The big smoker of ths local councils at Lu
11 Temple was a huge success. The surprls
Ing and enthuslsstio feature of th meeting
goes to tho credit of Pennsylvania Council,
which early In the m-nlng held; their regular
business session and then marched to Lu Lu
Temple and burst Into the festivities In tho
midst of Regent Katon's speech, headed by a.
band ot stalwart Highlanders, attired In full
Bcottlsh uniform with bag pipes, and followed
by Pennsylvania Council' uniformed degree
team and several hundred members carrying
silk flsgs and transparencies. A llv goat was
led Into th hall and put upon the stag under
th inscription.. "W bav Excelsior' goat."
referring to th council which had lost the de
gree prl. The ifall was filled, a, the su.
preme and grand officers were escorted to th
Platform. Ths presldsnt of ths Carnal on Club,
W. J Sloklngsr, Introduced th chairman ot
the ms.tlSg aa a "Cheerman" and th. "Billy"
Sunday ot the Royal Arcanum, presenting lion.
Arthur U. Eaton, grand regent ot th Penn
sylvania Jurisdiction.
Ifoyul Order of Moons
Although th titular semimonthly meeting
r Philadelphia Lodge hav been of very
cleaalng natur, th meeting held on January
S"-" " -n waa) UnMtaatfftnAYlla. th.
banner one of tho series. Th
ordinary stating accommoda
tion for about TOO wer pro
vided, and not only were these
flLUd hut hundreds of lat
oouiera stood throughout tha
entire meeting. It 1 esti
mated that fully 200 member
attended a port ot th meeting
durtriaf th mltmmoaai
Incidental to th regular routine of business
th nnanctal officer submitted thslr reports
for th quarter ending Deiembsr 31, and the
wero of euoh a gratifying natur that th -scmblsg
8v hearty applause. Ths total
financial worth of phlladtlphla Lodg. No, 64,
lias dow pd th 1160,000 mark, and aa this
valu I lacrsaslnjr on an average of about
110.000 each quarter. It can b e ath&rsd, that
ths flotiKt.1 conditio, ot th lodf l upon a
YT? wosotU iroJid . tM lr
fortnd th full rttuaUMl Initiatory ore
tnonld Uvi torn catadUaU ware KVls4 to th
roll, two of the. bijir entauatw from th
Junior Moum Lodr.
Th musts program u of A Bmwinly
hlrt erdtr Among It selection th famous
local Moo Baud rendered th xtt (rum
ImLU." Broths Doctor Gwinhutt waa tfc
vocal aololit. Th main address was delivered
by Brother William Wallace-Smith, fori pi ex
llayor BatfUt, who waa recently eieated ta th
tS. isS? from th Wghttf ,Wm-t Th
EroUwf orUa -d dcttd bit.
To msaJberstla tf tkta nejmi tod-t
fgHl tl ( WMiiaHMni frgHraiajI W IMJjM
what pleasurable gatherings them regular
meetings are, and as a consequence th at
tendance la steadily. Increasing, , When, the
new adltlon to the Moose Home Is completed
there la every likelihood that th 3000 seating
rapacity of the auditorium will be taxed nt
every meeting.
Th. proposed visitation lo Camden Lodge,
No. Ill, which was nrst scheduled for Jan
uary 7 and then changed to January 14, waa
declared off, tor the reason that no official In
vitation hod been recel'ed from the slsler
lodge acres the river. It I qulto likely that
betwoon 600 and 10WO members of Philadelphia
Lodge would have taken ,Mirt In tho visitation,
which would havo taxed tho ability of Candon
I,odge to properly accommodate thorn upon
such short notice. It Is probable that an of
ficial Invitation will be extended later on, when
ample Provision may bo mode for their ac
commodation. Knights of Columbus
At the laat meeting ot Thomaa E Cahlll
Council a memorial meeting was held tor
James A, Gaynon, who ws the organiser of
this council, and waa for several years district
deputy ot the first Pennsylvania district. At
the time of his death ho wo one of the
Registration Commissioners for this county. The
members of tho council decided to erect a
suitable monument over hi grave In Holy
Cross Cemetery, The memorial addresses were
delivered by John J, Ralillly, Esq.. chairman
of ths Philadelphia chapter; Philip A, Hart,
past master ot the fourth degree; Philip 8,
McUevltl, Jr., district deputy of the first
PenneyHania district, and Hon Charles J.
Kfln-y, Rsq , grand knight ot Thomas 11 Ca
hlll Council.
The commltteo appointed to arranga for ths
annual reception of tho Knight of Columbus
on May 11, at the Academy of Muslo, will
meet at headquarters tonight to perfeot
The 18th lecture. In tho chanter lector oouras
will bo delivered by Joseph M. Corrtgan,
D. D.. at SU Monica's parish hall, ITth and
Rltner streets, this Sunday evening, Th
aultject will bs "Problems of Church and
Btato In This Country " The musical pro
gram naa been nrrangea oy wiuiam j ijougn-
As winter headquarters of Troop
57 will look when completed.
Hoy Scouta from Llnnorch, Ablnston,
Bnln, Bryn Mawr, Ashbourno and other
placea In Delaware, and Montgomery
Counties will mlnglo and shake hands at
tho Central Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation, 1421 Arch street, tomorrow eve
ning In their annual rally and Camp Dcl
mont reunion.
Many will be the tales nnd experiences
they will swap, of swims and hikes and
contests, ot wireless messages nnd smoke
slsnallnc;, which thoy nil enjoyed on tha
llttlo Islo on tho Delaware, five miles
north of Trenton, N. J., last summer.
More than 300 scouts, representing M
troops from the two counties, and their
euests some 200 first-class scouts nnd
scoutmasters from tho Philadelphia
troops will crowd the auditorium for tha
proffiam. Tho brass band of tho Ash
bourne troop- Is expected. Leaders of the
Boy Scout movement in the counties who
will bo present are Wlntlirop Sargent,
chairman of tho Executive Scout Council:
Isaac C. Sutton, scout commissioner of
Montgomery County; Walter Whotstone,
scout commissioner of Delaware County,
and Georgo H. Weldner, secretary of the
council. . . ,
Tha program in the nuditorlum will be
gin at 7 o'clock. Dr. 'William Moore, the
African game hunter, will give a talk.
Illustrated by lantern slides, on big game
hunting. An address by William Cross
man, former headmaster of tho Haver
ford School, will be Illustrated by moving
pictures. His subject will be "Egypt"
At the conclusion of the lectures. Com
missioner Sutton will award the troop
and Individual prizes won at Camp Bel
mont. William It. Saunders, 2d, scoutmas
ter of Bala Troop 1, the "Bucktalls," will,
on behalf of his troop, receive tho troop
efficiency prize, a large wooden shield
garnished with silver and bronze. This
prize represents efficiency In all forms of
camp craft, woodcrnft, athletics and scout
contests. The Ashbourne Troop, last
year's winner, was a close second. The
sanitation efficiency prize, a pair of
mounted moose horns, will be awarded to
the Jenklntown Troop, of whtch the Rev.
J. G. Bartlett Is scoutmaster. This will
bo followed by the awarding of the honor
scout prizes, gold watchfobs, to sis
scouts who carried off the highest honors
In camp. They nra James rrescott, of the
Jenklntown Troop; Ward Powell, Pros
pect Park Troop; Jack Dearden, Ash
bourne Troop; Wendell Caley, Bala Troop
1; William Edwards, Lansdowne Troop,
and William Wood, Swarthmore Troop.
The Eagle scout badges, the highest
honor a Boy Scout can attain, will next be
presented to 16 scouts. Henry E. Knowl
ton, of the ,Bryn Mawr Troop; Edmund S.
Vood, Swarthmore Troop; Jack Dearden,
William Mclntyre. C. Kenneth Scull.
Hammond Armstrong, Edwin Armstrong
and Paul Kallenbach, of the Ashbourne
Troop, and Alexander II. Holcombe, Jr.,
Isaac Kershaw, William I.. Saunders,
Joseph Keefe. Harry Ferrelra, John Blnk
enbncli, Henry Ingram and John Winters,
of Bala Troop 1, are the scouts who have
fulfilled the requirements, for the decora
tion. Moving pictures and a demonstration of
a new talking: machine will conclude the
Judge Ben B. Lindsay, of Denver, the
"hoys' friend," has a warm word for the
Boy Scouts, whom he regards as the sal
vation of the boy problem and the girl
problem. A letter from "d" Jedge." as he
Is called by Denver's kids who are
brought before him, follows. It was writ
ten to Dr. Charles D. Hart, chairman or
the Executive Scout Council;
llv dear Mr, Hart:
"Courts and Jails will never do
away with the gangs of lawless
youth that Infest cities. It t abso
lutely futile for any community to
stand th terrlflo expense of police de
partments, prisons, criminal courts,
If It does not at the same time
wholeheartedly support every Hort
to conserve and prevent,
The Boy Scout movement l our
greatest hope, th greatest single ac
tivity In this country promising
solution, not, only of the boy probUm,
but the girl problem, tor the best pro
tector of girl l the youth who lives
up to tbe laws and Ideal ot the Boy
"Devoted, farsecJng men have given
tj this remedy, and It U the duty ot
vary parent, Uacher and citl.&u to
upport Jt The youth of the. land U
anxious to join the Boy Scout move
ment, for there is fun In It, besides
every kind of instruction and oppor
tunity to serv.
"After J8 yrs of Juvenile work, I
ay without uuestlon that It you give
the Boy Scout movement the) mora)
and flijW -WPWt It rightfully d
KiMiia, 1 Jiw0 Court wW jsoea,
rty, lecturer for L Rabid Council. Hum.
mel's Concert Orchestra, under the direction
of William J, Dougherty, and P. A, Flood
nnd W, Sylvano Thunder, accompanists, and
Our Lady of Mercy quartet, assisted by Miss
Grace Wade, will furnlah ths musical program.
Ily special Arrangement with William J. Mo
Glnley, supreme secretary of the Knights ot
Columbus, David Goldstein, ths noted lectursr
on Socialism, .will deliver three lectures In
Philadelphia, the first at Knlghta of Columbus
Hall, IMS West oirartl avenue, on January
191 the second at West Philadelphia hall, Mh
and Market streets, January 2ft. and th th rd
at St. Bdmond' Auditorium, S3d and Mifflin
streets, January 2L A special Invitation has
been sent to socialist hsadquarter to send
tepresentatltes to question Mr. Goldstein In
hi attack on socialism.
Order United American Mechanics
Deputy S. C, A. W. Selden and hla newly
organl7Kl Installation team from Penn Town
ship Council No, ,1, visited Relief Council No.
47 on January (1, and David E. Thompson
Council No 54 January 8. nnd installed their
officers, Alt three councils are doing good
work, and expect by this. Innovation In the
order lo enthuse the several Councils In Phila
delphia and thereby aid In securing a much
needed Increase In membership In th Eastern
District of Pennsylvania.
Shield of Honor
The committee on the "smoker" to be held
In 8hleld of Honor Hall, 1722 North Broad
alreet, on January 20, lias secured some ex
cellent talent for the entertainment, and has
engaged Junior Supreme Master Dr. George
M, Orlm to deliver a short address. All mem
ber of the order or urged to b preent and
to bring non-member with them.
Grand Master Miller and his deputlu or
busy Installing ths offleer of the subordinate
lodges. The grand master and ofttoer will
visit Corinthian 1Jdgo, No. It, on January
28, and hope for a good number of the mem
bers of other lodges Ths lodge meet at
J.11S Columbia avenue . ,, .
Deputy Grand Master Cneselbury installed
no longor be needed. Tours, sin
cerely. BEN B. XalNDSBT."
II. It. Itoney, special field aeout com
missioner, has sent hla resignation to
James E. West, chief scout executive, at
New York. Ho took this action ao that
he could give his entiro attention to the
Hnddonfield, N. J., troop, of which he is
Mr. Roney was, with tho exception of
Gnrrlck Mallory, Jr., of Wilmington,
Del., tho only special field scout commis
sioner in tho United States. The position
was created to meet the absence of a
local council, the commissioner being re
sponsible only to National Scout Coun
cil. Mr. Honey is a momber of tho South
Jersey Scoutmasters' Association, and of
the Philadelphia Scout Council.
Camp Heinz will soon resound with the
yell of Troop 67:
"Who are wet Who are wt
The fifty-seventh variety!
Pickles! Chow-chow!
E-jtl" Boom (bass drum) "Ah I
Boy Scouts!"
The camp, which receives Its name
because the troop's number Is 67, will
soon be the winter hike headquarters of
the 67 members of the troop, whose city
headquarters are on 57th street strangely
enough, 67th street and Baltimore avenue.
to bo exact. It is a log cabin, which the
troop is busily engaged In building out
on Darby Creek, below the West Chester
Railway, about four miles from the 69th
street terminal. Every Saturday after
noon for a month tho hustling members
of the troop, under their scoutmaster.
Captain G, C. von der Llndt, will hike
out to the spot which has been offered
for the use of the troop by the owner of
the property, a friend of the Boy Scoute
Assistant Scoutmasters Edwin Duhrlng,
H. J. Blanton and William Stewart have
already directed tho gathering of the
timber and nil thnt remains now is to
slap tho cabin together. Plans7 The
troop needs no plan, having already bullt
two euch cabins out in West Overbrook.
Tho cabin will be 24 feet square, with a
door and two windows. It will have a
large stone fireplace, cemented with mud,
which will also bo used to chink the
crevices between the logs. The roof will
be thatched with branches and .grass, un
less tho veteran carpenters nnd cabin
builders decide to shingle it. When the
troop's home In the woods Is finished
it will be duly dedicated with ceremo
nies, nnd the 67 members of 67, with head
quarters on 67th street, will have a goal
In view when they set out on their winter
An Important program, for the Scout
masters' Round Table was decided upon
at the Inst meeting of the Scoutmasters'
Committee at the City Club Tuesday
evening. For the next four months tho
meetings of ths Round Table, will be
devoted to the first-class tests, which
will be In the hands of experts in the
various branches. The examinations
wero heretofore conducted on the so
called first-class hikes, when tho appli
cants, sometimes as many as 76, were
taken to points out of the city and given
the tests. The Round Table meetings,
which are attended by scoutmasters ex
clusively, are expected to furnish the
scoutmasters with tho "dope," and they
In turn will bo qualified to pass 4t on to
their troops. The next first-class tests
will be given at the South Branch T. M.
C. A. Monday evening at 7:45 o'clock.
Walter 8. Cowing, scout executive of
the Philadelphia Council, is expected to
take charge of headquarters Monday,
after an absence of nearly three weeks
on account of Illness, due to overwork.
He is at present in Springfield, Mass.,
visiting relatives, and Is reported as
much Improved In health.
A troop song to the air, "My Country
'TIs of Thee," has beenfwrltten for Troop
131, 16th and Oxford streets, by Miss Re
becca Mayer, one of the first honorary
members. She played It and the troop
sang It for the first time Tuesday even
ing. It reads:
W ars Boy Scouts so true.
We're loyal through and through
lo our Ideal;
We'r Troop On-Thlrty-On.
We're out for work or fun;
From dawn till set of sun
Our deads or real.
We signal and w drill.
Our task all fulfill
From day te day.
"B prepared." we r taught,
To all good glv our thought.
All evil must b fought.
Scoutmasters say.
"Believe me," write the troop scribe,
"it sounded swell. We officially thank
Miss Mayer for her kindness. Too bad
girls can't be scouts. She surely did her
good turn that night."
The entire troop haa pledged Itself td
learn by heart "The Star-Spangled Ban
ner," "My Country. T1 of Thee," "The
Red, White and Blue," and "Maryland"
within two weeks,
A blu and gray silver-enamel badge
the emblent of the Gettysburg Boy
Scout Service Corps was today kent to
Lieutenant F. John Romanes, of King
Edward's Horse, at his home In Nig Ros
shlxe, Scotland. Lieutenant Romanes,
who waa formerly scoutmaster of Troop
S7, ! now on hi way to tha front, If he
has not already arrived at the scene of
The Fourth Boy Scout Band In the city
a assured Troop 111, ot which H. W,
Rolston is scoutmaster, has made ar
rangements to get instrument for a 14
piece brass band. Tbe Rev. Dr. Halntr,
chaplain of the troop, throusn whom, the
instruments 'war s&eured, will a.ot aa
twlB.Mty itatU mtmOnf f tha Uecp
the officers of Ottsvltle Lodge. No. S2, on
January 4. and ho found a crowdsd hou
awaiting him. Every offleer was preepit.at
rojlcall, and every officer-elect preeanted him
self for Instsllatlon. . ., , .,
. After about 20 years' occupation otihflt
lodge room at 1.W1 Rlde avenus, Fidelity
Lodge, No. 17. has rcmoftl tn Mil Brawn
street. . It has fine hail, well furtilst4
and adapted to the work of th order, Fidelity
will bo pleased to welcome visitor t their
Fraternal Mystlo Ctrelo
On Monday evening last s ruMlo merlin
wits held for the Installation of th following
Rullnga' Philadelphia Central No, 2, West
Philadelphia No. 2117, Quaker City No. 3,31.
Orient No. 21110 The ceremony was conducted
by A. Stover Fitx, of Waynesboro, Grand
Killer of the State, n-sleted by B 8, Mlllsr
Grand Recorder, Allentownl C F Koons,
Grand Treasurer, Waynesboro f J J Horragef.
District Deputy Grand Ruler. Waynesboro,
Many members locally prominent In the affair
of the order wero present, as well as several
suprsme erncers. Among ths latter was J, D
Grimes, of Dayton, O., who has been with th
organisation since Its Inception 80 years ago.
New Century Ruling No. 1, of Philadelphia,
presented nsllk banner, to bo contested for by
the various rulings of Philadelphia, th mem
bership campaign lasting throughout tho year.
This bsnner will bs awarded every thre
months to the Ruling having secured the great
est number of new members during this period,
nnd should any Ruling hold the banner for
three successive periods It will retsln perma
nent possession of It.
Following tho announcement of this propo
sition tho grand officers present announced
that the Grand Ruling would also present a
similar banner to be contested for .by all Rul
ings In the Stat In a like membership cam
Ealgn, details of th. contest to b announced
A dance and ether entertainment features
followed th Installation ceremonies and pre
sentatlon ot banners. Th meeting was largely
attended and proved to be one of the most en
thusiastic held In recent years.
Big Qame Hunting (Illustrated),
Dr. William mor
Moving Pictures of Egypt,
Oharlea Oroitman
Awarding of Camp Delmont Prize,
Isaac C. Button
Awarding of Eagle Scout Badges.
Isaac O. Button
Moving Pictures.
is appointed. Troops In the city which
already possess full brass bands are 21,
1, and 101, which were founded In the
order given.
A fine dinner at tho Valley Green Canoe
Club, on tho Wlssahlcken, was the treat
for 16 members of Troop 67 after a five
mile hike and a. game ot haro-nnd-liounds
Saturday afternoon. Scoutmaster Robert
McDonald was the host.
The revival spirit has Invaded Boy
Scout ranks. Troop 80, for some time
past lacking In troop spirit, "hit the
trail" last night and determined to regain
)ts former high position among Phila
delphia troops. The rally was addressed
by Ex-assistant Scoutmasters TIalstSy and
Merryweather, whose inspiring- talks' re
vived the troop spirit.
First List, to Be Published
Sunday, Will Include Sub
scriptions Entered Up to
Participants In the Evening Lnpaisn
Pupua IiEDann subscription contest, th
fifty winners in which will be taken free
of charge to the Panama-Paclfla and San
Diego Expositions, will be glad to know
that the first publication of their stand
ing is to bo made next Sunday,
This presages the real start of the
race. Heretofore cotitCstdnts had no Idea
how they stood, because the Contest Edi
tor nnd ills assistants have" been busy
Indexing the names ot new contestants
flocking In every day, before publishing
a tabulation of the staptllng.
The Contest Editor In this table will
Include, all subscriptions for either paper
turned In by tonight. Contestants are
warned not to be discouraged If others
are ahead of them. There is plenty of
time to catch up, NeW contestants com
ing In every day still have oppoitunlty
to get into the winning 60,
The work required Is not hard and the
60 winners will be given the greatest trip
ever offered by a newspaper; a Journey
that would cost hundreds of dollars If
taken Individually. Representatives of
the two newspapers will make nil ar
rangements for tlie'comfott of the to per
sons who will be the ijuesta of the news
papers. June, when the trip Still be taken. Is
the Ideal month for such a tour. Then
the great Intermountaln country ami
tho golden West are at their best By
that time all the exhibits will have btvn
put In place and perfected, at both the
Panama-Paclflo Expoeitlon'and the twin
event at San Diego, A tour of these
expositions will be an education 11 wtl
bo as good as a trip abroad, for neaiU !
foreign countries will have representatne,
exhibits there. Send n our name now
If you wish to get Into this greatest of al
contests, to the Contest Editor b, filling
out the coupon In the advertisement
Order Changes In 'Hoy18p
WILMINGTON. DaL, Jan 1$ -A, num.
ber of moving picture theatres In Wil
mington, which were recently Inspected
by Building Inspector Anderson, frill be
given a, short time to make construction
changes tn order to comply with the law
A supplementary report will then bet
made by the building Inspector, and if
the changes have not been made legal
action against the proprietors will he in
Dumont's Minstrels
8th end Arch Streets
We want you to join the great
throng of Social Club, Lodges.
Outing and Baseball Clubs who
have Held their Annual Benefits
Bet terra; in the city.
A!Jre Hqward M. Evoru,
UuiUM Mawtf r XuBijiij MlsMMb,