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Today's Sermon
Tt! IX Kings v, 1. "But he was n
"I-thave sometimes triad to Imagine mi
elf tn Damascus on review day nnd have
seen' a man tiding on a horse richly ca
parisoned with trapplngB of gold and sil
ver, and ho himself clothed In garments
of the finest fabrics and tho most costly,
but with a faco so sad and melancholy
that It would causo the beholder to turn
and look a, second and third time. And
s mkn unaccustomed to such scenes might
have been hoard to make a remark like
this; 'How unequally Ood seems to dl
Tlde his fovors! There Is a man who
Tides and others wnlk; he Is clothed in
costly garments; they are almost naked
while- ho Is well fed," and they contrast
tho dlfferenca between tho man on the
horse and tho others. If wo only knew
the, breaking hearts of tho people we
ertvjjf wo would pity them from the bot
tom' of our souls.
"Ii was being drlverv. tryouh a suburb
of Chicago by a real -estate mnrrwho
wanted to sell mo a lot. lie was telling
mo who lived here and who lived thero,
and what nn honor It would bo for mo
and my children to possess a' homo there.
Wo woro driving past a home that must
havo cost JIOO.OOO and he said: 'That
honsd la owned by Mr. So-and-So, lie Is
one of our multl-mllllonalrcs, and he and
his wife have been known to live' In that
house for months and never speak to c'uch
other. They each have separate apart
ments, eaqh Jias a separate rotlnno of
servants, each- a dining: room nnd Bleep
ing apartments, nnd months como and
go by and they never speak' to one nn
other.' My thoughts hurried back to tho
little flat In Chicago that we called our
home and. wjiero wo had lived for 17
years. I had paid, rent enough to pay for
It. There wasn't lnuch In It; I could load
It In two furniture vans, maybo three,
counting tho piano, but I would not
trade tho happiness and the Joy and tho
love of that little flat for that palatial
homo nnd the sorrow and the things that
went with 11.
"As you are driving along the street
and a man who was Intimately acquainted
with the skeletons that are In every fam
ily should tell you tho secrets of them
all, of that boy who has broken his
father's heart by being a drunkard, a
peg-Jeg gambler, and that girl who. has
gone astray, and that wife who Is a
common drunkard, made so by society,
and the father1 himself, who was also a
tinner, "-
" JBut ho -toyi in leper.' That disease,
peculiar to the Orient, Is exceedingly
lomnaome, ana ns x study Its pathology
I am not surprised that Ood used It qs
a type of sin. A. man who Is able to
understand this disease. Its beginning and
Its progress, might be approached by a
man who was thus afflicted and might
say to him, 'Hurryl Hurry! Show your
self to the priest for the cleansing of
the Moeatc law,' Vhy,' says the man
thus nddressed, ,'what Is the -trouble?"
The other ma'n would sa'y, 'Do you. see
the spot on your hand? Hurry and show
yourself to the priest' But the man says,
"That Is only a fester, only a water blis
ter; only a pimple, nothing more. There
Is no occasion to be alarmed. You are
unduly agitated and excited for my wel
fare,.' Those sores are only few now, but
It spreads and It Is first upon the hand.
then upon the arm and from the arm It
Bqes- on until It lays hold of every nervo,
nrtery, vein, with Its slimy coll, and con
tinues until the rotten disintegration of
tho parts takes place and they drop oft,
and then It Is too late. But the man who
was concerned saw the beginning of that
not only the end, but the beginning. Ho
iuukeu yonaer ana saw the end, too.
"That Is. tlie reason why you hurry
When you-ff-oefoViaence of the disease.
So I say to you, young rnan, don't you
Era yith that Godless, good-for-nothing
Hang, that-j blaspheme and sneer at.ro
llglota, tha$ bunch of character assassins;
they will make of your body a doormat
to wipe their feet upon. Don't go with
that; bunch; I heard you swear. I heard
yqu sneer at religion,; stop, or yoir'wIH
become a staggering., muttering, bleary
eyed, foul-mouthed down and outer, on
your WBy tolielh, leay. to you., atop! or
yon will go reeling down to hell, break
ing your -wife's .heart and wrecking your
children's lives. And what have you got
to show for It? What havo you got to
ahow for It? Ood pity you for all you got
to show for selling your sopl to the devil.
You are a fool. Tou are a, fool. Take It
front. BUI, you are a fool.
"Dpn't you go, my. bpyr don't you laugh
at that smutty story vrltH a double mean
ins, Don't. trp-.wit that gang,But you
say to me. lit Sunday, you are Unduly
excited for rayTvelfare. I -know Vou snell
liquor on my breath, but I never expect
to become a drunkard. I nqver expect to
become an outcast.' Well, .you are a fool!
You are a foot No men ever Intended to
become a druncard, Every drunkard
started out to be simply a moderate
drinker. The fellow that Wis me -that'
lie can leave it alone when ha wants to
lies. It is a lie. If you can, why don't
you leave it alonoT You will never let it
alone. If you cou'd, yoij wcmld. My boy,
licar me. I have walked along tho shores
at -llfco. and have seen them strewn with
front the seas of lust and passion, and
are f)t only for danger' signals to warn
the coming race. You can't leave it alone,
or if you can, the time w,l"l come when it
will get yoij. Takje'ltfrom-me.
"And I say to you, young girl, don't go
with that Opdlcaa, Godforsaken, sneering
young man that walks the streets smok
ing cigarettes. He Would' not walk the
etreeta with you If you smoked cigarettes.
But you say you will marry him And
reform him; be woud not marry you to
reform you. Don't go to that dance.
Don't you know that it Is the most damn
able, low-down Institution on the face of
Qo4'b earth, that It causes more ruin
titan .anything this side of belt? Don't you
go with that young man; don't you go
to that dance.
"TJjat ts wby'we have so many whip
poorKiU widows around the country; they
Hjai-jted noma of these mutts to reform
tHsoL a iid Instead of doing that the un
dertake? f$ot them. X say, youpg- girl,
iott'i go to that danoe. it has proven to
is taw moral graveyard that caused more
jc-ttfot-ttMi than aiuihi&S that win ever
-naj out of th mouth of bell. Don't
o wtt SJMU Mrk fl tor , tor rUW
u.iJnh.r It a yotv Mttrta
rldlnar nt midnight, t would knock him
oft the fnco of the earth. I tell you, If
automobiles nnd carriages could talk
there would be something doing,
"Qlrls, when tomo young fellow cornea
up to you and neks you tho greatest tiues-
tlon that you will ever bo asked or cnllod
I upon to answer, next to tho salvation of
your own soul, what will you say? 'Oh.
this Is so sudden,' That Is alt n bturf;
' you have been waiting for It all tho
"But, iglrls, never mind now, get down
to facts. When he asks you that great
est question, the most Important one tfiat
any girl Is ever naked, next to the sal
vation of her soul, Just say: 'Sit down
and lot mo ask you three questions. I
want to nsk you theso thrco questions nnd
If I am satisfied with your answer It will
detcrmlno my answer to your question.
'Did you bellovo me to be virtuous when
you came hero to nsk mo to bo your
wife?' 'Oh, yos. I belloved you to bo
virtuous. That's the reason I enmo here.
Violets dipped In dow would bo ns cow
fodder compared to you.' The second
question: 'Have you as a young man
lived as you demand of mo ns a girl,
that t should havo lived?' Tho third
question: 'If I, as a girl, had lived and
done as you, ns n young mnn, and yob
know It, would you ask me to marryl
"They will line up nnd nlno times out
of ten they will tako tho count. You can
line them up nnd I know what I nm talk
ing about nnd I defy nny man on God's
earth to successfully contradict me. I
havo the goods. Tho average young man
Is moro particular about the company ho
keeps than tho nverage girl, I'll tell you.
If he meets somobody on tho street
whom he doesn't want to meet ho will
duck Into tho llrst open doorway and
avoid the publicity of meeting her, for
fear she might smile or glvo nn Indica
tion that oho had seen him somewhere
nnd sometime beforo that. Yet our so
called best girls keep company with
young men whoso character would mnko
a black mnrk on a piece of nnthrnclte.
Their characters are foul and rotten and
damnable. I like to sec n girl who hns
a good head chooso right because It Is
right, never minding tho criticism. Chooso
the good and be careful of her conduct,
enreful of good company nnd keep com
pany with n good young fellow. Don't go
with tho fellow whose reputntlon Is bnd.
Everybody knows It Is bad, and If you arc
seon with him you will lose your reputation
as well, although your virtue Is Intact, and
they might ns well tako you out to the
graveyard and bury you when your repu
tation Is gone. If a man like that asks you
to go with him, Bay to him that If ho will
llvo tho way you want him to you will Ko
with him. If you would take a Btand like
that thero wouldn't be so many wrecks.
If our women and girls would take higher
stnnds and say, 'No, no, we will not keep
company with you unless you live the way
I want you to,' there would be hotter men.
A lot of young women hold yourselves
too cheaply. You afe scared to death
for fear you will bo what the world ir
reverently calls "an old mnld."
"Henry Clay Trumbull told me years
ago when he was In Europe nnd In Lon
don he went to a theatro to see a man
who was going to give an exhibition of
wild animals nnd serpents. He had a
Royal Bengal tiger and a Numldlan Hon,
and Introduced a beast that seems to be
least capable of being tamed, either by
kindness or brutality, a black panther.
Ho made him go through the various
motions, nnd after a while a wire screen
was put down In front of the stage be
tween the. .audience and the performer,
and to the weird strains of an Oriental
band the man approached from the right
with a boa constrictor 35 feet long. Tho
eyes of the serpent and the eyes of tho
man met and the serpent qunlled beforo
the man. Man was master there. At his
command the serpent went through vari
ous contortions and tho man stepped to
tho front of tho stage and the serpent
wound himself round nnd round and
round the man until tho man and ser
pent seemed as one. Its tonguo shot out.
Its eyes dilated. The man gave a call,
but the audlenco thought that part of the
performance, and- that horritled audience
sat there and heard bone after bono In
that man's body crack and break as tho
reptile tightened Its grasp Upon his body,
and saw his body crushed before he
could bo saved.
"He had bought that snake when It
was only four feet long, and he had
watched and nursed It until It was 35
feet. At first he could have killed it; at
last it Killed mm.
"Are you nursing a habit today? Is It
drink? Are you nursing and feeding that
which will wreck your life and wreck
you upon the shoreti of passion, notwith
standing all the wrecks you have seen of
those who havo gone down the line?
"I never got such a good Idea of leprosy
as I did by reading that wonderful book
of the I9th century by General Lew Wnl
lace, 'Ben Hur." Lew Wallace and Bob
Ingersoll were Infidels. One day tho lat
ter suggested that the former show up
Christianity, but, os he road and studied
upon material for his book, he saw the
light and became r Christian.
"You remember the banishment of Ben
Hur and the disintegration of the family
life and estate, and the return of Ben
Hur from his exllo. He goes past his
old homo. The blinds are closed and
drawn and all Is deserted, He lays down
upon the doorstep and falls asleep, His
mother and sister have been In the leper
colony and are dying of leprosy and only
waiting the time when they will bo cov
ered with the rotten remains of others
who have come there. So they have come
to the city to get bread and frecure water,
nnd they see their son and brother lying
on the doorstep of their old home. They
uma uui onantu mm jor rear that an
guish nt learning of their fate would be
more than he could bear. They dare not
touch him because It Is against th law
so they creep close to him and put their
leprous lps against his sandal-covered
feet They then went back again with
the bread and water for which they had
"Presently Ben-Hur awakens arid rubs
his eyes and sees great excitement. (This
part of the story is mine.) Along comes
a blear-eyed old whisky-soaked degenerate
and Ben-Hur asks him what is the trou
ble. What Is the excitement about, and
he says, 'A couple of lepers havo been
cleansed, but there is nothing to that, Just
some occult power; it's all a fake.' Ben
Hur goes further on and hears about this
wonder, and they say it is nothing, some
long-haired evangelist who, says his name
i Jesus Christ; it's all a fake. Then
Ben-Hur goes farther and discovers that
it Is Jesus of Nazareth and that he has
cleansed hi own mother and sister. He
hears the sjpry and acknowledges the
Naxarene as Til own.
"The lepers had to cry 'Unclean I Un
clean f in those days to warn the people,
The were compelled to do that; also, they
were compelled by law to go on the side
of the street toward which the wind was
blowing-, lest the breeze send the germs
of their body to the clean, and Infect them
with the duMase. And the victim of this
dUeasa was compelled to live In a lonely
part of the city, waiting until his teeth
began to drop out, his eye to drop from
IJwir scektta, aa4 bis Sagsrn to drop f rat
M !wii4 , than was oosopelled by law
to out late the twite, dying amass; Uw
dead, thero to llvo until at last ho was
gathered to the rotten remains of the
dead, That was the law that governed
lepers In those "days, All othcrB shrunk
from him: ho went forth alone. Alone I
No man of all ho loved or know was
with him i he went forth his way alone,
sick at heart, (o die alono.
"I'll bet my llfo against a slug cent that
thero Is many a man here bound In the
chains of vco.
"Leprosy Is an In'ectlous disease llko
typhoid fever, smallpox or diphtheria, nnd
goes through a community llko nn cpl
domlo; when one leper comes In contact
with tho clean, ho becomes Infected. And
so It Is with sin. Bin begins In so-cnlled
Innocent flirtation. The old, God-forsaken
scoundrel of a libertine, who looks upon
every woman ns legltlmnto prey for his
lust, will contnmlnnto n community ; ono
drunkard staggering and maundering nnd
muttering his way down to perdition will
dcbniich n town.
"You don't llvo your life alone. Your
llfo affects others. Some girls will walk
tho streetH nnd pick up ovcry Tom, Dick
nnd Harry that will come across with tho
price of nn Ico cream Boda or a Joy ride.
"So with tho boy. Ho will sit at your
tablo and drink beer, nnd I want to tell
you If you nro low down enough to sorvo
beer nnd wlno In your home, when you
servo It you are as low down as tho
saloonkeeper, nnd 1 don't care whether
you do It for society or for nnythlng else.
If you servo liquor or drink you nro ns
low down ns the saloonkeeper In nn
opinion. So tho boy who had not grit
enough to turn down his glass nt the
banquet .and refuse to '"rink Is now a
blcnr-oyed, staggering, ormln-covcred
drunkard, roollng to hell. Ho couldn't
stnntl the sneers of the crowd; many a
fellow Btnrted out to play cards for beans
and tonight ho would stnko his soul for
a show-down. The hole in tho gambling
tnblo la not very big; It Is nbout. big
enough to shove a dollar through, but It
Is big enough to nhovc your wife
through; big enough to shovo your hap
piness through; your homo through; your
salary, your character; Just big- enough
to shove everything that is dear to you
In this world through tho llttlo solid top
of the tnblo.
"Listen to mo. Bad ns It Is to he nf
fllcted with physical leprosy, moral lop
rosy Is 10,000 times worse. I don't care
if you are the richest man In tho town,
tho biggest taxpaor In Philadelphia
Ccitnty, the biggest politician in the con
gressional district or In tho State. I
don't care a rap if you carry tho political
vote, and If you can chnnge tho vote from
Democratic to Republican In tho conven
tionIf after your worldly career Is
closed my text would mako you a fitting
epitaph for your tombstone and obituary
notice in tho papors, then what differ
ence would It make what you had done
'Ho was a leper.' Ho was a great
politician hut 'lie wns a leper.' What
dlffcronco would It mako?
"I'll tell you I wns never more Inter
ested in my llfo than In rending the story
of nn old Confederate colonel who wns
a stickler for martini discipline. Ono day
he had a trifling case of insubordination.
Ho ordered his men to halt, and ho had
the offender shot. They dug the grave nnd
ho gave the command to march, and they
had stopped Just thrco minutes by tho
clock. At the close of tho war they made
him chief of police of a Southern city,
nnd he wus bo vilo and corruptible that
tho people arose and ordered his dismis
sal. Then a great earthqunko swept over
the city and the people rushed from their
homes nnd thousands of people crowded
tho streots nnd thero was great excite
"Some nskod, 'Whore Is the colonel?'
nnd they said, 'You will find him In orie
nf two or three places.' So they searched
and found him in a den of Infamy. He
was bo drunk that he didn't realize the
danger he was In. They led him out, then
put him on a snow white horso, put his
spurs on his boots and his reglmontals
on; tho mayor pinned n star on his
bienst and put n cockndo on his hat
nnd said to him: 'Colonel, I command you
as Mayor of tho city to quell the riot.
You have supremo authority.'
"Ho rode out among the people to quell
them, spurring the white sldo of tho
horse until the crimson flowed out, nnd
ho rode In nnd out among the surging
muss of humanity.
"He rode out among tho people with n
command hero, torrents of obscenity
there nnd In 25 minutes stillness of death
reigned in City Square, so greatly did
they fear him, so wonderful his power
over men. He then rode out. dismounted,
took oft his cockade, tore the star from
his breast and throw It down, throw off
his reglmentnls, took off his sword, then
ho staggered back to tne home or in
famy, where three months later he died,
away from his wife, away from virtue,
away from morality, his name synonym
ous with nil that Is vile. What difference
did It mnke that he had power over men
when you might sum up his life In my
text 'But he was a leper.' What differ
ence did It make?
"I pity the boy or girl from the depth
of my soul, who. If you ask, aro you
willing to be n Christian, will answer:
'Mr. Sunday, I would llko to be, but if
I tell that at home my father will abuse
me. my mother will sneor at mo: my
father would curse me, my mother would
sneer at me. If I were I would have no
encouragement to stand and fight the
battle.' I pity from the depths of my
soul that boy or that girl, tho boy who
has a father like that; the girl that has
a mother like that. With a woman like
that In a home a stepmother would be a
Godsend If she had religion.
"Uncleanl Suppose every young man In
Philadelphia who Is a moral leper was Im
pelled and compelled by some uncontroll
able Impulse over which he had no power
to make publlo revelations of his slnaj
Down the street he comes in his auto
And you speak to him from the curbstono
and he will say; 'Unclean I unclean.'
Yonder he comes walking down the street.
Suppose that to every men and woman
he meets he is Impelled and compelled to
make publlo revelations of the fact that
he is a leper. Suppose every young
woman is Impelled and compelled to make
publlo revelations of the fact that she Is
jiving a life of sin. Somebody else pays
for her clothes and her board.
"Suppose that some young man who
Uvea a good life calls upon her and rings
the doorbell and she pomes down and
rays: 'Unclean! Uncleanl Keep away;
do not come near lest you be contami
nated.' There are lots of moral lepers
that are apparently clean. Oh, yes! They
ltve in the best homes and lots of so
called best girls receive them and keep
company with them. They open the dour
to the moral leper and he comes and sits
With your daughter, and many of you
know that they are moral lepers. And
many a fool girl will marry a biped like
"These are the things we are up against
nowadays that so-called "Modesty.
"Leprosy is an infectious disease; it is
tho germ of Bin. If there is evil In you
the evil will dwell In others. When we
do wrong wt Inspire others and your
Uvea scatter disease when you oome In
contact with others. If there is sin In
the fpther, there will be sin in the boy;
If there ia sin In the mother, there will
b eta In the daughter; If there Id ln In
me eteter, tnt will pe ln in the U-
W, by yew laHueace yu win & it. '
lf you llvo tho wrong way you will drng
Homebody elso to perdition with you as
you go, and kindred ties will facilitate It.
"Supposing all your hearts were open.
Supposing wo had glass doors ta our
hearts, and wo could walk down tho
street nnd look In nnd soo whero you
havo been nnd with whom you havo
been nnd what you hnve been doing. A
great many of you would want stained
glass nnd heavy tapestry to cover thorn,
"Supposo I could put a. screen behind
me, pull n string or push a button and
produce on thnt screen a view of tho
hearts of the people. I would Bay, 'Here
Is Mr. and Mrs. A.'s llfo as It Is, and hero
as tho people think It Is. Hero Is what
ho really Is, Hero Is where ho has been.
Hero Is how much boozo he drinks. Hero
Is how much ho lost last year, nt horso
laces.' But these aro tho things that so
cloty does not tako note of. Socloty
tnkes no nolo of flirtation on the street.
It wnltB until tho girl has lost her virtue,
nnd thon slnms tho door In her fnco. It
takes no note of that young man drinking
at a banquet tnble; It waits until no De
comes n blenry-oyed drunkard, and then
It will slam the door In his face. It takes
no noto of card-playing for some dinky
little cream pitcher or a pair of silk hose;
It waits until you become a gambler, nnd
then It slams the door In your face. God
says, 'Look out In tho beginning for that
tiling.' Society takes no note of tho be
ginning. It waits until It becomes vice,
nnd then it organizes civic righteousness
clubs. Get back to tho beginning nnd do
your work there. God plnnned to save
thlB world through tho prenchlng of men
and women, and God reaches down to
savo men; Ho pulls them out of tho grog
shops nnd puts them on tho water wagon.
"The servant of Nnnman entered the
hut of tho Prophot Ellsha and found him
sitting on n high stool writing with a
quill on papyrus. Tho servant bowed low
and said, 'Tho great and mighty Nnaman,
cnptaln of the hosts of the King of Syria,
awaits thee. Unfortunately he 1b a leper
nnd cannot enter your august presence.
Ho has heard of the miraculous cureB
that you havo wrought and ho hopes to
become tho recipient of your power." The
old prophet of God toils him:
" 'Tell him to dip Beven times In the
Jordan beat It. beat It.' The servant
enmo out to Nanman, who was sitting
on his horso.
" 'Well, Is he nt home?'
" 'He's nt homo, but he's a queer duck.'
"Naoman thought that Ellsha would
como out nnd pat the sores and say in
cantations, llko nn Imllan medicine man,
nnd say, 'Mnttor Is nonexistent; It Is nn
Illusion of your mind, my dear fellow.
Why didn't you phono me from Damas
cus and I would havo glvenVyou absent
treatment.' Poor old cubs sitting away
'matter nonexistent you JUBt Imagine you
have lonrosv."
"Naaman was wroth, llko many feel
today. God reveals to tho sinner tho
plan of Balvatlon and Instead of thank
ing God for salvation nnd doing what
God wants thorn to do, thoy damn God
and everybody elso for bothering them.
"Some men ought to bo hurled out of
society; they ought to bo kicked out of
churches and out of politics, and every
other place where decent men live or as
sociate. And I want to lift tho burden
tonight from the heads of the unoffending
womanhood and hurl It on the heads of
offending manhood. Society needs a now
division of anathemas. You hurl tho
burden on the head of tho girl, and the
double-dyed, licentious scroundrel that
caused her ruin is received In society with
open arms, while the girl Is left to hang
her head and spend her life In shame
Some men nro so rotten and vile that
thoy ought to be Infected nnd tako n
bath In carbolic acid and formaldehyde.
Shut the lodge door In the face of every
man you know to bo a moral leper; don't
let him hldo behind his uniform and his
badge when you know him to bo bo rotten
that the devil Would duok up an alloy
rather than, moet him faco to faco. Kick
him out of church. Kick him out of so
ciety. "Here Is a man who wants to be a
Christian. What will ho do? Will ho go
ask some old saloonkeeper? Will ho go
nsk some of theso old brewers? Will he
ask some of the fellows of the town?
Whore will he go? To tho preacher, of
course. Ho Is the man to go to when you
want to bo a Christian. Go to a doctor
when you nre sick, to a blacksmith when
your horse Is to bo shod, but go to- a
preacher when you want your heart fixed,
"So Naaman goes Into the muddy water
and tho water begtnB to lubricate those
old sores and It begins to Itch, and he
says, 'Gee whiz,' llko many a young
fellow today goes to church and Just
gets religion enough to make him miser
able. Like nn old fellow In Iowa came to
me and sold: ' "Bill," I have been to hear
you every night and you have done me
a lot of good. I used to cuss my old
woman every day, and I ain't cussed her
for a week. I am getting a llttlo better.'
"The trouble with many men Is that
they have Just got enough religion to
make them miserable. If there Is no Joy
In religion, you have got a leak In your
religion. Some haven't religion enough
to pay their debts. Would that I might
hnve a hook and for every debt that you
left unpaid I might Jerk off a piece of
clothing. If I did, some of you fellows
would not have anything on but a cellu
told collar and a pair of bocHs. '
"Some of ydu have not got religion
enough to hnve a family prayer. Some
of you people haven't got religion enough
to take the beer bottles out of your cellar
and throw them In the. nlley, The trouble
wth you Is that you are so taken up with
business, with politics, with making
money, with your lodges, and each and
every one Is so dependent bn the other
inai. you are scareu to death to come out
rfnd live clean forXGod Almighty, You
have not fully surrendered yourself to
"The matter wit a lot of you people
Is that your religion Is not complete.
You have not yielded yourself to God
and gone out for God and God's truth.
Why, I am almost afraid to make some
folks laugh for fear that I will be ar
rested for breaking a costly piece of
antique bric-a-brac Ypu would think
that f some people laufhed It would
break their faces. To see some you would
think that the essential of orthodox
Christianity Is to have a face so long
you could at oatmeal out of the end of
a gas pipe. Bister, that Is not religion;
I want to tell you that the happy, smil
ing, sunny-faced religion will win more
people to Jesus Christ than the miser
able, pld, grim-faced kind will in 10 years.
J pity any one that can't laugh. There
must be something wrong with their re
ligion or their liver. The devil can't
laugh. God makts a little humor, as
vldemwd by the fact that he made the
monkey, the parrot, the donky-ind
some of you people. The devil has dq
tune except the spittoon, and I want to
t)l you right now. If I were m
women i wouia not clean their old sptt-
toea -out for them if thsy nuuie a, hog
trough out of It. If they wnnt It cleaned,
lot them clean 11 themselves.
"'Oh, laugh and the world laughs with
Weep nnd you weep alone;
TIs easy enough to bo plcasnnt
, When life goes along with a song,
But the man worth while Is the man
who enn smile
When everything goes dead wrong."
"I wish to God tho Church wcro ns
afraid of Imperfection as It is or per
"Naaman dipped hlmsolf soven times In
the Jordan, 'and his flesh camo again like
unto the flesh of a llttlo child, and ho was
clean.' He offered Ellsha of tho storo
of gold and other precious metals, but
tho prophet would not tako nny of It.
But Ochazl, servant to Ellsha, coveted
tho goods, nnd ran nftcr Nnaman, say
ing thnt Ellsha had changed his mind.
Nnaman dumped a pile of It on tho
ground, nnd mnrk this, the leprosy of
Nnaman Infected Gehnzl. Ho was tho first
grafter mentioned In tho Blblo.
"I saw n woman thnt for 27 years had
beon a madam, nnd I saw her como down
tho aisle, close her doors, turn them out
of her houso and llvo for God. I saw
enough converted In ono town whoro
there were four houses to close their
doors; thoy woro empty; they had nil lied
homo to their motljers.
"Listen to me and I nm through. Out
In Iowa a fellow came to mo and spread
n napkin on tho platform n napkin as
big ns n tablecloth. Ho said: 'I want
a lot of shavings nnd sawdust.' 'What
for?' 'I'll tell you. I want enough to
rnnko a sofa pillow. Right here Is whoro
I knelt down nnd wns converted, and my
wlfo and four children, nnd my neigh
bors. I would like to havo enough to
make n sofa pillow to havo something
In my homo to help mo think of God. "I
don't wnnt to forget God, or that I was
saved. Can you glvo mo onough?" I said:
Yes, Indeed, nnd If you want enough to
mnko a mattress, all right, toko It; and
If you want enough of tho tent (I wns
preaching In a tent then) to mako a pnlr
of breeches for each of tho boys, why
take your scissors and cut It right out
If it will 'help you to keop your minti on
God.' Thnt Is why I like to havo pooplo
como down to tho front nnd publicly ac
knowledge God. I llko to havo a man
havo a definite experience In religion.
Something to remember.
"I onco read of a wreachor who used to
quarrel with his wife. Thnt was before
ho became a preacher; no ono can qunrrol
with his wife nfter he becomes a preacher.
Abo and his wlfo used to flght becnuso
Abo was an Eplscopallnn nnd his wlfo
was a Methodist. Abo Bald to his wife:
'See here, all they do down nt your
church la rend tho prayers.' Abe's wife
snld: 'It Isn't tho church. It's tho llfo
we lead.' And tho dovll said to Abe:
'Vou run this ranch; glvo her a blowing
up; let her understand who runs this
thing.' But tho Lord said: 'Abe, you nre
a preacher nnd your wlfo has more re
ligion In her llttlo finger than you havo
In your old carcass. You are a preacher.
Be a man.' So ho went out to tho nsh
hopper. Did you ever bco one of those
ash-hoppers? It Is a thing you build with
four sides, small at tho bottom and with
an angle of 45 dogrees, and you will fill
It with hickory ashes and pour water on
tho ashes, and tho water percolates
through the ashes and makes lye, and
they mako sonp out of It, A lot of folks
can make 'He' without ashes or soap.
They used to make that kind of soap
when I was a boy. So Abo wont behind
the old nsh-hopper nnd said: 'Eliza, for
give me, You havo moro religion In your
llttlo finger than I have In my whole
body.' Ho .went back to tho house and
threw his arms around tho old woman
and kUsed her. And when the dovll
comes around to Abe ho says: 'Ash-hopper;
ash-hopper! ash-hopper! On my
knees behind the ash-hopper I fought the
battle and bent the devil.' "
Last Night's Sermon
THERE follows the text of tho formal,
prepared sermon delivered last night
by Mr, Sunday. The evangelist did not
adhere to his sermon. Deviations and
they are many, plcturesquo and charac
teristically forceful aro to be found In
the general account of what took place
yesterday at tho tabernacle.
Text: 2d Timothy, 2-15.
"We seem to be living In a new ora. A
great political, moral, social, economical
ora. Whether wo have been separated or
combined In our advancement I am not
going to discuss In detail, but I think It
behooves tho church of God not to forget
that we are facing the powers of dark
ness and opposition as never In the his
tory of Christianity.
"There never has been a time when the
people were moro self-satisfied, self-complacent,
self centered, than they are to
day. Some Imagine God Almighty will
condone what evil thoy do. So many
people In their own minds are climbing to
heaven because of their deeds of phllan
throphy, but when the end comes and Al
mighty God strikes a balance on the
books of record. He will cut square.
Some people think that a man who lives
a fairly good life, goes to church, Is true
to his marriage vows, will stand Just as
good a show of going to heaven as the
man who has been on the firing line for
virtue and home and native lojid and has
been bullet meat and has worked and
fought against the stoical Indifference of
the people of today. They convey the
Impression today that no man will ulti
mately reach hell. I don't believe you
can remember when you heard a sermon
on hell. Well, ybu'll hear about hell
while I am here. God Almighty put hell
In the Bible and any preacher that side
steps It because there are people sitting
in mo yjn iriiu uun i use it, ought to
get out of the pulpit. He Is simply trim
ming his sails to catch a passing breeze
of popularity. If you do that you .are a
cipher. We stamp on our coins 'In God
We Trust.' Hot air.
"Let's get back to Christ, back to Pen
tecost, back to the Apostolic beliefs, baok
to the beliefs of our own forefathers,
back to God's kingdom. God's got to como
first and all other thing can trail. The
trouble 1 that you've got a lot of fool
preachers who are breaking their necks
to please ypu society dames. The most
up-Jo-date thing on earth is the gospel
of Jesus Christ
"There's a lot of preaphor on earth
who con prtaoh the gospel belter than I,
but there's not one living who can preach
a better gospel than 'Bin.' Not long ago
jay mother became very IIL I had her
hurried to a hopitai in Chicago, got the
best Burgeon money oould get to attend
hex, hired a retlrulo of nureea ta see that
he would want for aothlag. X saw to it
that ma had every attention that woman
could get on this earth nnd I told Uun
to do everything In their power for hoi
no matter what tho cost, for alio Is hi
mother. Tho church of God, the churt
Is my spiritual mother and I tould 1.1.
down my llfo for hor this minute.
"I bcllevo In bnsebnll. Why? Bocn'.r
I know the gnme Is clean. I played it r
eight years and I bellovo It Is tho square
sport there Is today. It Is square been"
It hasn't got Into tho hands of tho bine'
leg gnmblers, Horo racing Is crool
because the gamblers have got hold of '
"I think ono of tho blggCBt curses thnt
over camo to America wns thq congress
of religions held In Chicago during tho
World's Fair. Thero woro thero Chris
tian men sitting In with mutts llko Hin
dus, followers of Korastors, Shtntlsm,
Parsecs, Confucius they had their pa
godas and Joss houses nnd temples nnd
there woro sun worshipers In Chicago,
who built a high wall around n llttlo
Joint they built a houso with glass and
went in thero to worship that the sun
would ollmlnato sin. They were sun wor
"A fellow camo to Chicago a few years
ago nnd ho didn't havo clothes enough on
him to make a pad for n crutch. And ho
camo to spout out some heresy, fol-de-rol,
tommyrot 'ho had an Instrument filled
with a lot of needles, and he would Inject
n concoction that would eliminate nil sin.
Today ho Is rated at millions.
"You know a man has printed a hook,
,nnd they buy It up so fast they can't turn
It off tho press fast enough, In which ho
ndvocntes thnt marrlago should not bo a
llfo contract, but on tho Instalment plan,
llko you buy furniture,
"They see a girl that Is protty good look
ing and they go up nnd say: 'Clssio, let's
make up and try It for six months, and If
wo llko onoanother at tho end of that
tlmo tho snmo as wo do now, we will con
tinue. If wo don't, we will split up dnd
call It oft.' Thank God, that such an In
famous, God-forsaken, hell-born doctrlno
will nover exist as long as man preaches
God s word and woman will hear It.
"Now I have not onp word to say
ngainst any man or woman who was born
or has como across the seas. Wo all
originally camo from ncross tho sen, and
I will bo among the first to stand at Ellis
iBland nnd extend tho hand of welcome
to any man or woman .who wants to como
hero and assimilate our ways nnd condi
tions, and live beneath tho Stars and
Stripes, but so help mo God, If I will yield
to any class or clique and thero aro
multitudes of them, a half million to a
million every year Just .multitudes of
them coming with Just enough monoy
and materials enough to escape being
paupers and criminals, and they settle
here and become a carbundo on tho neck
of the body politic. They turn our lden
of the Sabbath Into tho Continental Idea,
with their beer gardens and beer drink
ing. They aro driving tho Blblo out of
tho publlo schools and letting In their
dirty licentious dances. Let them keep
their hands off our schools. If they don't
llko our way, let them stay out.
"I am on American from tho top of my
head to tho bottom of my feet, and I
will not yield to nny man. Sixty-eight
per cent, of tho criminals of tho United
States como from foreign shores, or aro
born of foreign parents. So you see that
that has something to do with It. That
Is not tho only thing; 50 years of negative
preaching on tho part of a good 'many
preachers has something to do with It,
too. Tho liberalizing tendency has
stunted Its growth and dried up Its foun
tain head. This old world needs Jesus
Christ as much today, hero, in the 20th
century, as she ever needed Him. Sho
always wlllnecd Him, nnd don't go away
with tho Idea that a tlmo will over come
when you will be Immune from tho need
of this atoning blood of JcsU3 Christ to
keep you out of hell.
"Thero Is nnother crowd tjiat gives us
a fascinating mixture of ethical culture,
higher criticism and now thought. Tho
Bible says there is nothing new under
tho sun; It Is tho samo old devil that In
spires what you call now; It Is tho same
old stuff, only it has a new name.
"A Godless cowboy onco went to a
brownstono church with a high-toned
preacher I am a half-way house between
the brownstone church and tho Salvation
Army. They are both needed and so Is
the half-way house. Well, this fellow
went to one of these brownstono churches,
AWdve years
Cadillacs were made about
2000 of them.
They are still in service.
How many other cars of half
their age do you see in use to
day? ,
The same principles which
make for long life and depend
ability are dominant charac
teristics in the ElCrhr.rS1'r.rU,.
yiSK.x jm. . . .
WlJaaJac ot today.
sPe Automobile
.?;!&,. saiea corporation
u..v "(: Tea.
gufttj? to our llmlttd tpac at tht iutomotlii Show utith la aQc H
and nftcr the preacher had flnl.t,. !m
cowboy thought ho had to go bd J
compliment tho preacher, as ha Jf '
others doing, and so ho bhum.mj . ri
tho aisle with his sombrero under his tm
his breeches stuck In his boots, a bshJ,.3
handkerchief around his neck hl T
and bowlo knlfo In his belt, and hauvi?I
over and said: 'Hanged If I didn't flitil
on ui juu luuutvB uul I'll leu yon T,;
hero and listened to you for an hour i
you monkoyed less with rollgion thn SH
fellow I evor heard In mv lif "
have taken twiv thn T.nri .-.. . "'i
know where to find hrm. '.
"A woman who was to lend a but,,'
mcctlntr wns on hnr vn ''',
perform tho task when her attention !
attracted by a display of headgear in .1
milliner's window. Sho stopped and ton?.'
at this hat, that hat and the otherk,,
carefully noting tho prices tagged on hW
nnd admiring their beauty. BuddcnW SSI
romemborcd tho prayer meeting SJ.J
rushed to the plnco where It was 1I,M
neia and, nil out of breath, took tk.
platform. Hurriedlv nnmf,, . ..."',
book, sho said: 'Now, let's sing No. ifnl?
Hor mind wns not on that meeting Vniw
nn vnnr Hf. ' ""
"Down In New York city sometlmau,
nt a big labor meeting, there were Jm
men present, and thoy were dlscumi?
conditions, when ono bis. hmM.,tJ:
dorcd, deep-chested man got up, ut
snld: I proposo thrco cheers for Jem, a
Christ,' nnd tho very building Bhook wlti'S
tho cheering of that body. The worUii'
looking for some Moses to lead It out of
bondage. I wnnt to tell you that Hi'
biggest mistakes I have ever made wiri1
when I temporized with tho dovll. wwl
i navo Deen nrm nnd truo to God mj,
refused to bow nnd scrape and trtici
with the world, when I havo hurl,
uuuuieiuu..-) oi uon HKninsL rnnKs of lis;
when I. refused to subsidize my fear ej
criticism, when I stood four-squar
tho wind, I havo been blessed.
"When I hnvo bowed and ducked uj'j
truckled, when I havo played to th(j
grandstand, whon I have subsidized ;
fear of criticism. I havo miserablv tiluK
There nro a lot of fools that think thit
success can only be gained by nwila
pincinuy; Dy compromise on all mortLJ
religious, noiltlcat nnd ethlenl nueitfani 7
Instead nf hurllnir CiniVa nnnlliAmii Ml
the ranks of their opponents. &
"Thaw out your miserable formality, t
bellevo the pews In'overy church ought It
bo free. Oh, I know you ctbn't agree win'
me, some of you; If you had religion yea
would. Many a poor man Is made to fed"
llko a beggar In tho house of God bectwi
he's got to stand and watt until so and u
comes before he knows whether he can ill
down or not
"If I rend tho signs of tho times arljit
It behooves tho church of God to wak o;.
and flght as it has never fought befora,
for you'll see the lines between the mm
and tho 'dovll. The church and the saloon,'
the homo and brothel drawn so tljb'lj:
that your'gamo will bo lost and the pej-
pie keep rushing to hell.
'I sound tho charge! I sound til
charge! How many of you will help mi
to savo old Philadelphia for Christ? Stud
up, those who are In this flght to win."
Benefit for the Red Cross ,
A gala performance of "Lteb Vaterlahd'
will be given In the Metropolitan ODtrrf
Houso tomorrow evening for the beneflJI
of tho Gorman Red Cross, the Austria,
Red Cross and tho German Home lUIlei
The performance has been arranged if
a committee of German-Americana la
Philadelphia, and It will bo given by 01'
company of the Irving Place Theatrt,
Now York. Music will be supplied by 8
members of the Philadelphia Orchestra,
who have volunteered their services.
aeo, tne nrat
"" v -"
1 I
,ft B