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,Ottoman Forces Sweep Into
Second Largest Persian
City and Speed Invasion of
Turkish forces are ravaging north
western Persia and the Itueslans are
fleeing; before them. Tabriz, a (itrong Itua
slan poet and second largest Persian city,
lia been occupied by the Ottoman forces,
and the country roundabout has been do
Tftitated. The Turkish Invasion of Egypt Is Immi
nent In ptt of rcuorta that It had been,
abandoned. British military authorities
ta Egypt ar expecting the attack, but
eUolare tt U doomed to failure.
PETROORAD, Jan. 18. The Turkish ad
WJoe guard oaeupted Tabrls, Persia, on
Wednesday, aocordlng to an ofllclal dis
patch seoelved bar today.
Next to Teheran, the Persian oapltal,
fAbrta fa the largest city In the country.
It Ilea In the Province of Azerbaijan,
bout SO miles front Lake Urumlah. Its
population (a about 113,000. A strong
Hussion garrison haa been maintained
there atnoe Russia mado all the northern
part of Persia into the "Russian sphere
f Influence."
The Turkish array operating In eastern
Armenia, and northwestern Persia Is
devastating the country, and Is leaving
the country a desert In ita wake, 61xty
thousand persona are homeless. Thoun
euids era freoxlng to death In the moun
tain puses of Transoaucasla.
The Turks liave begun to slaughter
Christians, the refugees report, and ter
ror reigns. In the Azerbaijan province of
Persia there Is no food and thousands
ora famine-stricken.
The following analysis of conditions In
Baatern Egypt was allowed to pass by
the censor and may be considered otllclnJ:
CAIRO, Egypt., Jan. 13, The British
military authorities consider that a Turk
ish attack from Palestine cannot bn de
ferred much longer. The forces that
the German officers aro bringing against
Egypt are large, and If they get within
striking distance of the British lines they
will' make a determined effort to. break
The Germans are not deterred by the
misfortunes ft tho Tuiks in Transcau
casia. Their object Is not to win vic
tories for the Turks, but to distract the
attention of Great Britain from West
Flanders. It Is only with this object
that they embarked In the direction of
Egypt on what, from a military stand
point, la foredoomed to failure.
Bohemia Threatens to Join Russian
an.VEVA, Jnn 13 Information has
reached here fiom Prague, by way of
Innsbruck, to the effect that a petition,
signed by Influential Bohemians, has been
forwarded to Emperor Franci Joseph,
demanding that more energetic measuies
be taken to protect Bohomla. from possi
ble Kusslan Invasion
The petition says that this action must
be taken "for tho salvation of our coun
try," and makes tho threat that tho
signers -will Join with Austria's enemy
unless the request is granted. Leading
men of Prague, Including some Bohemian
members of the Austrian Chamber of
Deputies, have signed the petition.
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admitted In today's ofllclal report from
Paris, but at all other points on the
line, it is declared, the French havo
maintained their ground. Berlin, on
tho contrary! reports a German gain
near NIeuport despite the bad weather
that haa impeded operations In West
Hostile Bald on Channel Fort Frus
trated by Fire of Forts.
' LONDON, Jan. 13.
A daring raid upon Dover harbor by
two German submarines was frustrated
and both of the hostile craft were sunk
by the fire of the harbor forts, according
to unofficial dispatches received herj.
Up to 4:45 o'clock this afternoon the
Admiralty had made no announcement
regarding- the fate of the submarines
which were fired on by the Dover forts
this morning. All of the London news
papers, however, carry long accounts
irom their Dover correspondents, and all
assert that the two submarines actually
"were hit and Bunk.
The Evening News declares that the
ubmarlnea wero accompanied by aero
planes It says:
"Persistent rumors are In circulation
i,ef tho presence early this morning over
the Channel and channel "towns of hostile
air craft These reports come from vari
ous paints along the Channel and from
very reliable correspondents.
"Two German submarines tried to enter
Dover harbor, but were sighted by the
lookouts of the forts and fired upon. The
submarines were reported to have been
hit and sunk."
The Evening Star sajs that the sub
marines were sighted well outside of the
eutiance) to the Channel and were not
fljtd vn unUl they ware well within
range. Both Immediately disappeared
from vie, and the gunner are con
fident that they sank them
It was tn the Straits of Dover that the
German submarine sunk the British
battleship Formidable on New Tear's
Ply. and at that time it was reported
that the submarines had tried to makt
their way into the harbor
Dover harbor. 64 miles from London.
l uiie of the most Important lo EnslaiHl
It ta pretested by Dover Castle and ev
ml mry strong detached forts.
"OPgNHA0gK, Jaa U The Swedish
exploder. Or Otto Nopdantkjold. wluj re
ctmiy e lived lo Christiana after a two
yafi ii xptmta una. gtts
ptttti part f Soutk Arwlti. anoettsnsad
t ! it a itinuttrlt tntiuderf an
V4-a trtsw W naaifcati tts- ej,ialftM
j i i h ssf a tkru untuioi
The bad Weather which continues
almost along the entlro line front
tenders operations very difficult, espe
cially In Belgium, whet-a great sand
storms In tho dunes near the sea aid
In the region of NIeuport and at
Ypres our artillery has been veiy sue-'
cessttil against the works of tho
On tho Alsne. to the northeast of
Soissons, the fighting around !p ir No.
132 has been very severe and hilled
during the whole of the day
The Germans employed In these en
gagements large bodies of troops. Wo
havo maintained our position on tho
heights of Pentes to the west of the
hill. Toward the east, our troops have
been compelled to (relinquish some
ground. The fighting continues.
Between Solshons and Berry-Au-Ilac
the flio of our nrtlllery has caused,
In many places, explosions In the midst
of the enemy's batteries
In the region of Champagne, from
Rhclms to the Argonne, or, violent
nrtlllery duels have taken place.
In the region of Soualn the salient of
the field forts to the north of the
farm of Ueausejour, referred to In
yesterday's communique, remains In
our hands, and we have established a
trench at a distance of 60 yards from
that of tho Germans.
In the Argonne rain and wind Imvn
Interfered with Infantry action.
Between tho Argonne and the Mo
selle Itlver there has beon Intermittent
In the Vosges fog and heavy snow
falls have hampered operations.
Western theatre of wn.r. Fierce
artillery duels have occurred in the
neighborhood of NIeuport. resulting In
the evacuation of tho enemy's trenches
at Pallnsburgh, n suburb of NIeuport
The enemy's nttaoka near the canal
of La Basses havo been finally re
pelled. French attack nt La Bolssells Hill
and Touvlon were repulsed.
Yesterday's unsuccessful attacks on
tho hlllB near Crouy wore followed by
German counter attacks, which le
iiulted In complete defeat, clearing
the hills to tho northeast of Bussle
and also north of Ciony.
We took two French positions. 1700
prisoners, four cannon and several ma
chine guns.
French sappers attacked In the
neighborhood of St Mlhlcl, but their
attacks were successfully repelled.
Our troops took the hills to the
north and northeast of Nomeny.
1 ho situation In the Vosges In un
changed. Eastern thaatie of war: The situa
tion Is unchanged.
The enemy's attempt to force tho
Nida Itlver (southern Poland) was re
newed jtsterday with violent artil
lery fire. On the entlro front In the
southern portion In the forenoon
strong hostile forces renewed their
attack, which soon collapsed under
our artillery fire. Hundreds of dead
and wounded were loft in front of our
Simultaneously an nrtlllery battln
took placo south of the Vistula. On
this occasion one of our batteries suc
ceeded In getting the rango of a farm
and the Russians who had had been
thero for some dajs weie compelled
to evacuate their positions.
'In tho Carpathians serious opera
tions are Impeded by the unfaorabla
weather. In the upper Ung Valley
tho enemy has retlied nearer the
Uzsok rasa.
The report that Przemysl sent repre
sentatives to parley with the enemy
January 10 la baseless.
Hard fighting with the Turkish rear
guard Is In progress In tho direction
of Oltl. There Is also fighting on the
Oljytsu River, which engagement is
going In our favor. In the region of
Kara Urgan, 20 miles southwest of
Sari Kamysh, lighting Is going on
uith the advantage on our side
On the 11th we captured the Wd
Turkish Regiment, consisting of 11
officers , 3 surgeons and about 1600 men.
Wo destroyed a battalion of the 62d
Regiment. The survlvprs, one officer
and 260 men, were all captured.
Turkish troops have taken all the
dominating frontier positions of the
enemy during the last fortnight's fight
ing. Snow and frost are delaying opera
tions in the region of Oltl and Arda
gan. Despite the bad weather the
Turks operating near Azerbaijan are
pursuing the enemy, having occupied
Havoc Wrought by Sunday's Attack,
Berlin Reports.
IXJNDON, Jan 13.
A wireless dispatch from Bfrlln nays
that the military establishments In nnd
near Dunkirk, one of the principal con
tinental bases of the Dritlsli army, wero
destroyed by the German airship flotilla
which, attacked that city on Sunday. The
Dunkirk lighting plant lso was wrecked.
A dispatch from Geneva says that word
has reached thero from Friedriehshufcn,
where the Zeppelin works aro situated,
that the Germans havo establlbhed a base
for tholr ierlal fighting traft near Ghent.
Four Zeppelins of the latest type and a
number of aeroplanes have been assem
bled at tho now grounds It la from that
place that the Zeppelins made their re
cent raids over Calais and Dunkirk.
Flag- to Re Saluted and Soldiers Fun
lulled for Hodeldah Outrage.
LONDON, Jan 13.
A dispatch to the Chronicle from Milan
says that Italy's demands for reparation
for the Hodeldah Incident have been
agreed to In their entirety by Turkey
These demands Included a military salute
to the Italian flag and the participation
of Italian consular authorities In the
Investigation of the violation by the
Turk.) of the consulate at Hodeldah.
The soldiers who broke Into the consul
a to are to be punished following the In
- eatigatlon. '
The release of British Vice Consul
Richardson at Hodeldah Is also conceded
by Turkey.
From, Rome coracs a dispatch to the
Morning Post which announces that
"Qsnnsns are dally leaving Italy In large
numlMtrs. Many applications which Ger
mans made for Italian nationality In the
tgst few dajs have been refused.
Censor Its It
Pass, So
LONDON Jan. 11 The nws tickers in
the. various newspaper offices today print
ed ib following buUctlu.
Jffcjwjwlffa JJJsMsW 9 i'etrogrsd ft
pfetuwuhmfl, iajfst ofMfu 9 '
TUo CksKchU Press Bureau has no ob
tkclloa ta lh pubUiMlon at tbt above,
Out aka no fspoabill!y lot Its ae
LEDGER PttlLADEkrniA, wmnyrffiHriAT. JANUARY 18. .1015..
P'-hwi ;,.,," S'Tf " ; "i r ' "i i' ' ii'V ' ? f t-P? t
VIiM: J? TA ft Xkrft
The heaviest fighting along the western battle front la now in prog
ress near the centre. Northeast of Soissons (A), near the junction'
of the Oise and the Aisne, and at Le Fortin (C), east of Rhclms.
the French are attacking in heavy force. At Perthes (B), northeast of
Chalons, where the line bends down toward the Argonne, the oppos
ing trenches have changed hands several times and the fighting continues.
Sultan Suffers Another Dis
aster in Surrender of 92d
and Annihilation of Other
PETnOOrtAD, Jan 13 Tho capture nf
the entire 92d Turkish Regiment by the
Russians In Transcaucasia Is ofllclally
reported In a statement Issued here to
day. On January II the Russians captured
1500 men with 11 offlceis nnd thrco sur
geons. An entire battalion of the o2d
Regiment was wiped out, the 200 sm
vlvora all being mado captives The
fighting has been In the Oltl and Kaiu
lirgan regions
The Turks who are fighting around
Kara Urgan, on tho Erzerum road, are
the remnants of the forces that was de
feated at fiarl Komysch Enver Pasha Is
in command of the Turkish forces around
Ardagan, but they have been too badly
scattered to give any help to tho re
mainder of the Turkish army of Invasion
Reinforcements of probably 100.0O) Turks
had arrived In the Kara Urgan legion'.
During tho early stages pf the fighting
near Kara Urgan the Russians captured
Moury Bey, chief of staff of the third
Ottoman army corps.
The following details of Russia's navol
activities on the Black Sea have been
received from Sebastapol.
"On January 6th our cruisers sighted
the Jlldlrll (formerly tho German cruiser
Breslau) and Hamjidich in tho middle of
the night. The second broadside from our
ships destroyed tho Mldlrlll's searchlight.
The tno leseels ceased firing and dlsap
peaied In tho darkness.
"At the Turkish marine hasps of Sour
mene and Riza we destrojed SI esscls.
The TurklBh cruisers bombarded the port
of Koos, setting many buildings on tire
The Turkish cruiser Mldlrll, by mis
take, bombarded tho positions of the
Turks near Liman, north of Kopa. caus
ing the Turkish forts to evacuate the
points they held.
Column Driving nt Cracow Through
South Poland Meets Repulse.
VIENNA, Jan. 13
The Russian column advancing on Cra
cow through southern Poland and which
at one time reached Mlechow, near the
Poland-Gallcla border, has been beaten
back in a vIeoioub attempt to force ho
Nida River. Violent artillery flrlng char
acterized tho Russian attack. Austrian
ordnance made vigorous reply nnd the
engagement may be set down as a defi
nite victory In the movement to protect
The Russians made an all day attack,
but their pontoons were destroyed time
and again by a raking fire from the Aus
trian cannon across the Nlda.
On the entire southern front yester
day forenoon hostile forces renewed
their assaults, which wero effectually
checked by Austrian artillery fire. At
various points Russian attacKs collapsed
under Bturdy defensive tactics of the
Austrian corps on the field.
simultaneously an nrtlllery battle took
pla.ee south of the Vistula. On this oc
casion Austrian batteries succeeded In
getting tho range of a farm, and the
Russians, who had been thero for some
days, were compelled to evacuate their
In the Carpathians serious operations
are Impeded bv the unfavorable weather.
In the upper Ung Valley the enemy has
retired nearer the Uzsok Pass
The report that Przemysl sent repre
sentatlves to parley with the enemy Jan
uary 10 fs baseless
Artillery Tire Drives French From
Xines at Falinsburgh,
RERUN, Jan 13.
Gains for the Germans at the northern
end and near the centre of the long battle
front are announced In an official state
ment Issued by Oerman headquarters this
afternoon at I o'clock. Despite the bad
weather the German artillery In West
Flanders has succeeded In causing the
French to evacuate some of their trenches
at Palinsburg. a suburb of NIeuport,
about a mile west of Lombaertzyde.
French attacks near Crony (east of
Soissons) have been repulsed and German
counter attacks there have been success
Germany Sleets Situation by Calling1
1 Out Heeerves.
LONDON. Jan. 13.
Get Britain Is sending thousands of
men to Franoe every week, according to
Berlin reports Germany, aware of this,
U making great military preparations for
a counter movement German reserves
are being palled to the colors.
The further statement Is made that the
German generals are gathering up the
ruins ta assume direction of all the oani
Tlobesi: ?. the, Manavimk man whn
shot Marine "VVIIUjs In a houa In North r
Aiarvina street and tnen II red ttirt bul
lets through ill breast, died tbls morn
lngfl at the Hahnemann Hospital. Ths
woman was shot throueh ih Imr am,?
kir condition la not serious I., who
was jnrricd, i uiftut4 Ub tn
Germans, Heavily Rein
forced, Advance Lines
East of Spur 132 Else
where Allies Stand Firm.
PARIS, Jan. 13
Severe fighting for positions In the
vicinity of Spur 132 to northeast of Sols
sons and also on the west of that town
"UI1 continues, ,ospllo tho fact thnt tho
weather conditions shou little iiniuove
meiit. The French have been compelled
to codo some territory to tho eastward of
Spur 132. but nt no point have they re
llnqulshcd iin.v positions of Importance
In the territory between NIeuport and
Ypres the artillery duel continues with
the advantngo accruing to the Kicnrh
Heavy storms and gales of wind which
have swept the tand neiosi the duties Into
the faces of the tioops arc reported from
the north
The fighting In the li.lnll of Spur 13.'
continued all of esteida and part of
lat night, the Germans having been veiy
heavllv reinforced The same situation Is
reported from Soissons to Ilerrv-au-Bae
The Flinch nrtlllery has covered Itself
with glorv hero, having pioduced numer
ous pYpolons amidst the German bat
teries Fiom Rhelms to tho Aigonne region
there hrus been a violent nrtlllery duel
which continues, and in tho Cliampagno
district, near Beauccjoiir, the French In
fantry Iihs pushed forward until Us
tienches are hut Co sards from tho Gci
min llliep.
Between the Argonne nnd the Moselle
onlj Intermittent cannonades aro report
ed, nnd tile onlv news ofllclnllj announced
from upper Alnace is that fog and heavy
falls of snow have Impeded operations.
Petrograd Sees Attempt to Divert
Russians From Polnnd,
TETROGRAn, Jnn. 11.
News reaching here of a pioposed ex
pedition of several nrmy coips by the
Germans and Austrlnns against Servla Is
ooked upon In Russian military circles
a ruse on tho part of Ihe Germans to
distinct Russia's attention from tho
Polish campaign and to divert reinforce
ments from the Russian aimles In roland.
Competent opinion Inclines to the belief
that Germany's next great effort In the
east will be far from central Poland,
where the enemy will continue a stub
born defensive, varied by s-cetlonal coun
ter attacks The statement that Germany
Is sending three corps to Join the Austrl
nns In a fresh effoit to subjugate Servlu
Is so much advertised abroad that It Is
probably untrue and Is Intended to Induce
the Russians to divert their dispositions
or gieatly Increase their forces in Buko
vviua, where they are advancing nt tho
rate of about a dozen miles a day towaid
a Junction with the Servian army.
It Is more likely that tho large German
forces which arc unquestionably assem
bling Inside the Austrian zone ale Intend
ed for new formations In the Carpathians,
preparatory to fourth nttempt, with all
the men Austria and Germnny can spare,
to luvndo western Gallcla.
The Popolo Romano, usually well In
formed about Austrian plans, states that
the forthcoming Austro-German attack
on Servla will not be In the nature of a
punitive expedition, but will aim nt Join
ing hands with Turkey across Servla, with
co-operation In BulgarlR
Carranza Forces Advancing;, Accord
ing to Embassy at Washington.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 13 -Zapata Is
evacuating Mexico t'it In the face of
two Carranza columns advancing under
Generals Obregon nnd Sanchez from the
east and southeast, according to dis
patches received at the Mexican Em
bassy from Vera Cruz today Ohregou
has taken San Martin. 30 miles from
Mexico City; General Ilerrera has re
lieved Monteroy, which was under at
tack by the Villa forces; General Gon
xalea has taken Valles, near Tamplco,
and a Carranza force has taken Vic
toria from the Vlllalstas.
General Angeles, the Villa commander,
Is being driven back toward Torreon and
Ilerrera and Vlllareal are planning to
Join the Carianza forces and retake Sal-tlllo
Society Day (Thursday) $1
1 c
At the Mtropolltan Building. Broad and Wallace Btreata
fitreetioa ot the phfhtdelphla, -WttomobUe Trade AitocUtloa.
f "" n i ii .,,, .. ., m I M " ' 5
MM0 W$v fy&A"4$y
Aerial Warfare Now Real
ity, But Civilians at Dun
kirk Are Chief Sufferers.
Zeppelin Movement.
l.ON'UO.V, Jan. 13 Aerial activity con
tinues (o he tho chief fentuto nt the ic
portH from the fighting fiont In France
nnd Uelglum. Gorman aviators aic par
ticularly active In the north. Thej pay
dallv visits to Dunkirk and the towns
In that vicinity nnd drop bombs piomls
cuously. As n result a number of civi
lians are known to hove been killed, but
the rigid consulship makes It Impossible
to obtain details
Tho Germans arc known to have estab
lished n. Zeppelin anil aeroplane base at a
point on tho outskirts of Ghent. They
have taken eMr.iordlnarv piecautlons to
pi ntect tholr hangars which aro reported
of a new construction with nets su plated
that explosive bombs dropped bv hostile
nvlatois will be diverted nnd the sheds
nnd their contents caved
It Is believed ceitnln that the first big
attempted Xeppctln movement will bo
from this base As a result oMraoidi
miry precautions hove been taken both
here and In 1'nrls to meet It when it
comes. Tho lights of both cities have
bien greatly dlmrmd, while details of
nlimen with iirmoied planes mounting
rapld-flrers nre stationed nt strategic
Yeslerdit when the Ficnch Assembly
met half n dozen nrmoied Fieneh mono
planes maintained a constant flight over
Paris to guard against iitleiman visita
Flood3 in Flanders Put Stop to All
Infantry Movements.
PARIS, Jan 13.
Near Aimenlleres nnd In West Flanders
the aitllleiy of each side la engaging
that of thu other across tlin Inland seas
of flooded lowlands and the gigantic quag
mires Infantry movements have censed
almost altogethei
The Get mans havo sent another batch
ot new aeroplanes nnd dirigibles Into
Belgium, stationing them at Ghent It
Is now learned that the German nlr raids
on Dunkirk were made simultaneously
with a visit by President Polncare to
that cltv. The French President visited
the French base hospitals there and dis
tributed gifts among the wounded.
Field Maishal Sir John French is mov
ing fresh British tioops to tho fiont
to meet tho Gel man attacks east of
Prisoners coming from the noith sa
that an epidemic of typhoid piovalls In
the German ranks. 'The numbei of cases
Is lncreuslng, especially among the late
nirlvalt, from the volunteer arms
Return to Attack After Repulse at
PARIS, Jnn 11.
The Government still withholds de
tails of the fighting In Alsace, wheie
snow bus interfeied with the planned
movement on a large ccale. It Is stated
at headquarters, however, that the
French aio malntalng nil of tho positions
recently captured
The advance of the French tioops west
of Mulhausen lias evidently been checked,
although reports from Hasle say that
the Importance of recent French victo
ries near Cernay and Altklrch was under
estimated. Late leporls fiom Gentian sources de
clare that the battle at Cernay Ib still
lugliig, the Fitmch having returned to
the attack nftor having been driven
back with heavy losses.
Properties ilanaged Rents Collected,
Iniuranre and Mortgagee Placed.
Mete on application.
202 South 15th Street .
Agreement Reported
Reached and Two Nations
Will Side With Allies in
LONDON, Jan, 13. There Is at present
every likelihood that Italy nnd Rumania
will enter the war on the side of the
Allies before the end of February. For
political reasons which cannot bo fully
explained at present Rumania will strike
first but Italy's Intervention will follow
so rloely upon Its Balkan ally's action
that the entry ot the two powers Into the
conflict will be practically simultaneous.
The real object of thp visit lo Rome of
a special envoy of Rumania, which was
announced briefly In tho newspapots hcie,
Is to draw up the final plans for the move
by tho two countries.
The Government nt Bucharest Is em
barrassed considerably by tho warlike
utterances of certain members of the
Rumanian Parliament now In Paris.
These men belong to an ultia-JIngo
party, and their efforts to drag their
countiy Into the battle befoio It Is ready
havo been a sourco of much atinoy
nnce to the moro consetvntlve states
men In Rumania, who, under the sur
face, are quite as determined to declare
war as their less discreet compatriots In
Tho situation In both Italy nnd Ru
mania as legards mobilization Is very
similar to tho "state of danger of war"
that was declared In Germany before the
soldiers began actually to go to tho
front. The Governments of both nations
refuse to bo hurried In their deliberate
preparation to enter the nienn In the very
pink of condition. When they start
they expect to have all tho odds In their
POriA, Jan 13. Rumania apparently
has come to a final decision to take action
In Tiansvlvanla, Hungary, nnd tho cam
paign Is generally expected to begin about
the "middle of February.
It is expected that the Rumanian Min
ister to Bulgaria, now at Bucharest, will
return soon bringing definite proposals
which will facilitate an understanding be
tween the two countries. The restitution
to Bulgnrla of the towns of Dobiltch nnd
Baltlchlk and surrounding districts prob
nbly will be offered.
Another cause for hesitation b Ru
mania was uncertainty regarding Italy.
Tho Italian occupation of Avlona was
universally approved b.v Rumania, as It
will minimise the rlks ' of Rumania's
action and gientlj shorten the wni. It is
Recent Rumanian manifestations of
friendship for Italy are due to the con
viction that Italj Is preparing to act with
the Entente Powers. Should Italy, how
ever, ultimately decide to pieservo her
neutrality, the resolution of Rumania will
remain unchanged s
Thnt nil nt ftiiUnwInn. In,litrll, lm..
tnnt loutes leading to Transylvania Is now
In Russian hands, will tend to quicken
action by Rumania. Tho great Russian
success In Caucasia also has had a
stimulating effect.
LONDON. Jan. 13.-N. Mlsu, the new
Rumanian Minister to England, called ai
Buckingham Palace today where he was
lecclved In audience by King Geoige. At
the same time the Rumanian envos pie
scntcd his credentials, confliniing his rc
cont appointment to the post
The visit of Minister Mlsu was taken
hero to show the growing friendship be
tween Rumania and the Allies It gave
weight to recent reports that Rumania
soon would enter the war on the side of
Britain, Russia and France
Dr. Harte, Director of the
Department of Health and
Charities of Philadelphia, says
"The human foot," the Director says in his -weekly
bulletin, "is qne of the most abused parts of the
tody. Shoes should fit the foot. Shoes that are
too large are nearly as had as those that are too
small. The heel of the foot should fit snugly in the
shoe, while the toes should be given just room enough
to spread out flatly and allow free movement,
"The sole ihould be flexible and should follow the
natural outline of the foot, which is aoraewhat fanltke in
ihape, the narrowest part being the heel and widest at the
toes, The heels should be low and broad. High heels'
'give the foot n unnatural position, which cramps the tc-si
and otherwise distorts the shape of the foot, tilts the whole
body forward and gives rise to an awkward and unnaturo'
gait, which causes the person to tire easily and suffer other
Bacl temper, nervous irritation, fatigue and even lame
?iw". ". """k'd' by Dr, Harte, Director of Health, to
ill-fitting shoes.
Every Requisite
mentioned by Dr. Harle
as being necessary in
footwear is found in the
16 and 18 North Fifth St., Philadelphia
Wholesale Distributors for
Arrhhishnn nf ("Vilnr,-' t3
- " "&": sing
tervention Frees CartJinU
Hmm IV.rtU. 1 A
x .vai x CV.IUI11.U1 -trejjl
Pope Asks Explanation?!
jiu.nu, ,ian, jd. v.aruinai von ti
mnriM. Arnltl,lhnn rt r.nu. ,
' ""' " "-"'"sue, n, tz
tttnrtjtrt "1MAjat . Srtl I. Z
u..u v,tc.,i. ,u unsung, m!11(
.. , Belgium, to hi
rn-,1ltflt l,.t.i. ,1.. ,-.-.,
-.... ...o., nt ma jvrcnDlsnop Ol'lfJ
mica, u icavo mo paiaco and comtnn3
" ireeiy Willi Ills episcopate, 8J j
pHiciics irom v.oipgnc
Cnrrtlnnl vnn trnrtinn,,,, v.. -. "
. ,, alS() e
inmeu uio release oi iieigian prltati y
were iiucrneu in ucrtnany. 8om
""" uinirj W
on ineir way 10 iieiRium
It Is reported that the Pops h
celved convincing evidence that CanSin,
Merclcr, Archbishop of Mnllnes, was i?l
ually nrtcstcd, German soldiers hiltfi
surrounded tho Archleplscopal t)tS
and prevented tho Cardinal from l8
lug it. I' or this reason, without jujfif
any notice to tho Geiman dental ttf
Pope has demanded an cxplanstloniSl
tho Cai dlnal's arrest and the confli&f
tion or ins pasiorni letter, which ttfif
tho causo of the German anger. JK
"The German denial thnt Pn:?rl
Merclcr was arrested In Brussols ti thV
ntitvr (n n fenlmtnnl fl.tian " ant, iki ,-,,
...rf ... .- . .vi uuj ,,, jj
buna. "Tho Cardinal was not physically
nrrested and brought away fiom his tesl
dence, hut ho nevertheless was BlW
In a state of arrest within his palace mj1
was watched by tho military $.
"Tho German Government,, reilltinr
that violence ugalust a nrlnie ef tv
chutch would have painful consewnctj
mrougnoui me worm, nnu nieo amotg
tho Catholic population of Germany, am
fearing tho effect of measures uhlfh'
might be taken by tho Vatican, decide!
hurriedly to lestore conditions to Unfc,
former stntus. Nevertheless, an atfef
violence has been committed ngaltut th
rrlmato of Belgium.
"The Holy See has asked that rem
tlou be made by tho German GovmhJ
AMSTERDAM. Jnn 13 - The Tid nn
that most of tho priests In the dlOMiij,
of Mechlin have refused to ouey m Gtrja
man order not to circulate Cardinal MrM
.-i i ,,.... . .1.. .... ...1 .L2iV
ricrs pnsiorui luiiur. uu me kiuuhu uu.j
they take orders from tho Cardinal uij
not from the military
Envoys Held for Conversing ii
Trnnrh nllfl F.nErllsh. A, I
VIENNA. Jan. It ,
Tho Austrian Government today dliT.'
ercd nn apology for tho arrest of DoctoK
Choffat, the Swiss Minister, and M. Da
Kerche, the Danish Charge d'Affaira, ho"
were arrested on Sunday because therlM
stated on conversing In French and Enj
llsh on a train The Austrian authori,.!ji
Insisted that they talk In German, lul
tliev reiuseu. as huqii us me lucim.ij
of the diplomats became known they vi
released g
Count Bcrchtold, the Austrian Forwa
Minister, delivered the apologies in petwi
at tho Danish and Swiss Legations J
It Is reported that Russia Is sendinjl
heavy force ot troops into aervm
Best Coal :
I Ecc $7, Stove $7.25, Chestnut $7.51
L,arce iiuunu rta v-,uui, ?jv
Largest Coal Yard in PAIIadelpMa
Trenton Ave. & Westmoreland St
mil ill mnlllMM Ml ? j
mMmKamKmKKKmmMaK- .jMaMsallMBlal , .Jag