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t fje -erttort follow:
"fha difference between tha 2Sth and
jfctU, fchat(.ra of BAcond Chronicles la
nauift llkti tha dlfterotlCw In om- churches
6dAy. On Urn you oco groat enthu
tUsiam and every one burdened for Iho
' Miction of .outs und tho advancement
of tho Kingdom of God. At another time
thfe 14 a depressions the church la aban
onid for tho haunta of pleasure; the
Shtiteh la dead and llfolosa or turned into
ft sjirt of thlrd-ratt amusement bureau.
You. aea It In families! you have known
f families whose very name was
synonymous with everything religious,
but who allowed something to creep Into
thclt lives and now you seldom, If over,
ee jthem at church.
"Tou have seen It In churches, you oo
an Individual always ready to help the
preacher and do anything for Josus: now
fee rtevor helps lrt' any way, and, If any
thing, Is a discouragement Instead, of a
)etflj! to the preacher,
"Xhas was nn Idolator of the greatest
orfc As you live In your homo, so will
your children bo. Tho judgment of God
Will 'fall on you and your home. One
trouble with a great many communities,
the wrong gang got thero first, and
tarfed the Godless. Irreligious, Bneerlng
c&sti-f. That's what's tho matter with
lots of towns, and they never amount
to anything until a lot of those old lob
sters dlo off. That's what's the matter
with; Pennsylvania.
"There Is no worso sin a Jew could havo
committed than gathering tho vessels of
the house of tho Lord together and cut
ting, them to pieces as Ahaz did. At last
ho aled. II? had lived such a Godless,
dlshpnornble, disreputable Irreligious llfo
When he was dend they would not dls
grade the sepulchre whero tho other
kings wore burled by placing his body
therein. Thoy did bury him In the cor
porate limits of that city. From a pa
rental standpoint, Hezeklah had much
against him. Ho had a Godless, repro
bate of a father, but his mother was
one of the most noblo womon who over
"fhave known boys to make a buccoss
1 llfo who had on old materialist. Irre
ligious reprobate for a father, but I novor
knew of one, to succeed who had a. God
less, card-playing mother. Tho mother
can usually hold her son to ovorythlng
good and noblo that sho follows herself.
The trouble with many Is that thoy oxo
outgrowing tho confines of tho homo and
i- areiturnlng It Into a boozo Joint and
gambling hell. Ho hod a Godly mother.
"Corinth might havo been called a city
Of gods. They had shrines and temples
to every known god but the true God.
Tea are going crazy over mo w-.ij"
clubs, libraries and moralB are going
down. You aro sotting back to tho heath
en days; wealth and culture didn't savo
Greece and It will nover save America.
"The women of Corinth wore not re
spected for their virtue, but the woman
Who could boast of the most paramours
md most debased character waa respect
ed. You can put a library on every
corner and let every church member bo
colloffo graduate and that will never
are you from hell. You need the old
timo religion. You don't need more
culture or money, but a floodtldo of re
demption. You can have your clubs,
literary societies, Keeley cures, you can
bo )nto the red-light districts and the
slums and have a girl add a few ruffles
to her dress to lengthen It, you con sorub
the hobo, but that will never savo any
"Do you suppose God wants to look
through eyes red with tho dissipation of
tho night spent In debauchery? Do you
upboso God wantB to work with hands
tha aro lifting a beer glass one moment,
a deck of cards or a novel tho next? Do
you; suppose God wants to use feet that
can walk into a boozo Joint or a houso of
lll-fama ono night and Into church on
Sunday? Never. You wouldn't walk Into
a. cfturch whero tho Janitor had dumped
last winter's ashes In the aisles, or where
tWrattln could stroll through, and graze.
Don't you know your body Is the temple
of tho Holy Spirit and you have a right
to Beep It clean?
Who Holy Spirit will not live among a
lot tot llmburger cheeso, Anheuser-Busch
or 'Pabst. It will not swim In tobacco
Juldfe up to its eyes. You have a right
to keep your body clean.
ho most powerful organization ever
organized was the Society of Jesuits, or
Jesus. It was so powerful that It was
ordered supprerssed by the Pope at Rome
Midf by tho Parliament of Paris. No
member had a mind or will of his own,
hutjfound tha will and mind of tho supe
rlofi and followed that. No ono ever
want alone, but always two by two. If
tho' church would put these two princi
ple Into practice the power would be
Incalculable. When any ono sees you they
ohojild sea tho will of God manifest In
youi It Is not the will of God that any
church member should be a booze-fighter
or a gambler,
"For 18 years thero had been no song
in .Israel. Religion Is Inseparable from
song. From tho days of tho reforma
tlor) when Martin Luther walked through
the streets singing, through the days of
TVely and of WhlteHeld, of Moody and
Bankey, down to your day. religion has
been Inseparable from song. You'll never
draw nearer unless you sing, When you
aroi asked to sing, do so. Do something
for 0 od. Be a lifter, don't always be a
leaner. You may not be a prima donna,
but contribute your little mite and do
something for the Lord,
"Alore Psalms were written and sung
in the temple, The United Presbyterians
aro not so far off. They're Biblical. The
Slth Psalm, must have been sung In tha
temple, and the 3d Psalm David used
to sing before King Saul to cheer him
from the melancholy and sad moods.
"Many a. life knows no song. They seem
to say: 'Whero Is the Joy that once I
Jtaew when, first I loved tho Lord.' It's
back thero "whera you left It, When you
started to play cards, and dance, when
you stopped reading your Blblo and
started reading a novel, or tha Philis
tine, and that's a llttl sheet I wouldn't
lwv In my houso to kindle a. Are with.
It you have one in your home bum it.
JUght back there where you sidestepped
your virtue and winked at another
woman. You know where ypu left it,
and' you, know how many years you'll
have to go back to And it Some will go
t ysars, some as.
' Is the things you do that condemn
yptt. .With claims to deliver us from the
dvU and give us power to keen from
ft iatyr the things wt know we should not
j ie- I claim Jesus Christ can remove de-
'Ur i ttssa to pisy caras ana ue ana
ahct jast like many of you, and I've
M m zooa ngnt to pmy caras, out u
4 Ma, you wouldn't walk across the street
to $tir wm preach! I've got Just as much
tjg& to put my arm around a woman,
sa waits over a dancing floor as you
iia., but it I did you wouldn't think
U"jSa it m, tad I wouldn't Ktv three.
v-Lnopa la twdiUoo fj you Jf you did
JHyj 'Tsrlst wU remove dle. The
w u trust Hlai the. mere, happtntfr,
u i.bu xiy Ue was ttt, Vm o-
's o'u' s. tihiull lnv bter I ed4
t tisji tjM-dtjjb t it it &a &i
'U we) m tAt jwsa vJU (.j
I'll ghe you beer.' I think the doctor
was a liar, and the doctor who prescribes
bear is nothing but n Jackass. I used to
go to theatres, gome shown aro rotten,
somo only half bad and some good! some
actors aro as good oa you or I. But 1
haven't been Inside a theatre for 23 years,
except to preach tho gospel, I don't want
to go. And I can go Into any theatre In
tho country anil not pay ono cent. In
tho summer tlmo a ball player Is flush
and lends money to tho actor! In tho
winter tlmo tho actor has cash, whllo tho
ball player Is hitting the free-lunch
counters; and somo of them cat eo much
bologna sausago thoy come nenr having
hydrophobia, They lend money to each
other. I used to hit the booze, but don't
any more. I haven't touched a drop for
moro than a quarter of a contury. 1
haven't any desire. God has taken tho
desire away, and He'll do tho tamo for
you If you glvo Him a chance.
"I glvb my heart to Jesus Christ, and
curl up on tho paw of tho Lion of .Tudah,
and then Bay! 'Coma on.' Tho Lord will
take care of you, and He'll reinovo the
desire. It la tho motive God looks at and
not tho .act. What motlvo prompted you
to Join the church? Wns It because you
thought you could bo a better man or
woman? Or was It becauso you thought
It would get you votes, or trade: was it
to afford you an opportunity to walk
down the aisles late to show what line
duds you wear? God will Judge accord
ing to tho motive.
"Do you lean townrd tho world and sin
or toward tho ohurch7 What Is your
trcnd7 The ball playor grvoa tho trond
to tho ball and causes It to shoot straight
Into the hands of tho other player, or to
bend and curve this way or that, by tho
twitching of his flngors and his wrist.
There Is a point some placo between
henven and earth which Is known as tho
point of equipoise. Anything in that
point will stay hanging unsupported in
midair. If It deviates up, it will go to
tho sun; If It deviates down. It will fall
to the earth.
"You aro balancing botween tho dovll
and tho church. Which point draws you?
Tho Spirit of God will como In and help
you over the acts you fear In tho world,
and h"lp you to do somothlng nobler for
tho good of humanity.
"God shows somo a duty, but thoy ro
fuso to obey; Ho shows somo a hill to
climb, but It Is too steep and they re
fuse; Ho shows somo a path, but they re
fuse to tread It because it is rough and
dark, and thoy will novor bo blessed In
tho world.
"God may not nBk your llfo, but Ho
wants you to bo roady In caso Ho wants
It If He thinks I can ndvanco his causo
better In tho coffin than out, I am ready.
I bellevo God. Do you? If you do, don't
lonn yourself to tho dovll. Your husband
wouldn't stand It for you to llvo with
him part of the time and tho rest of tho
time with another man. And God Bays
ye cannot serve God and mammon.
"He began with the priests. That was
the first act In the first month of Ahaz's
reign. If God would convert all the
preachers until they would stop fighting
their little theological sham-battles and
stop preaching hypnotism and shams'and
fol-de-rol and anarchy, and cloan up,
you'd seo tho greatest tidal -ivavo of re
ligion since tho Pentecost.
"Stop your worldliness; bum tho cards,
break the Jugs and bottles, and thon
you'll havo more Influence nnd take- tho
word of God to church ami teach your
children to love truth and hate a Ho, and
you'll see tho greatest tidal wavo of re
ligion that over swept tho land. You aro
going to the devil.
"Second Ahaz cleaned tho Inner part of
the houses of the Lord. You'll find that
represented in the Sunday sohools, the
teachers and officers. One-half of tho
teachers In the Sunday schools never had
a religious experience and they try to
teaoh your children of tho Lord on Sun
day and through tho week go to card
parties, theatres, drink beer or cham
pagne. And you never even read the
Blblo In your own home. No wonder tho
children are growing up llko wild asses.
If I took a superlntendency of a Sundoy
school I'd never allow a teacher to bring
a lesson help Into the building.
"Restore the vessels of the house of
the Lord. Wt must restore tho Bible;
bring tho Bible back to the home, the
church, tho Sunday school and the pulpit.
Many preachers aro unfortunate to havo
been followers of higher-critics who took
their sermons from literature or novels,
and not from the doctrines In the book
of God. Some havo stopped reading tho
uioie in preparation ot their sormons and
their efforts are nothing more than liter
ary compositions. Tho preachers havo
got a hard Job to bring the Blblo back,
establish It In tho prayer meetings and
In tho homes. There was never a tlmo
when more subtle Influences were at work
to get people to sneer at the Bible. You
ought to know by a sermon If you aro
lost. No mere platitudes go.
"Prayer Is not merely a performance.
It is when tho heart feels what the lips
say; It is not an attitude of tho body.
One of the biggest farces of the church
today is the prayer meetings. There are
scores of church members who do not go.
You say you can't go. You tie. You can
como here night after night, but can't
go to prayer meetings. I want tho
preachers to take a good look at you;
they'll not see some of you again until
the next revival, They are glad to know
you, to get acquainted with you. They
never see you except at a funeral or a
wedding or a reception.
"Kindle a fire In your heart; start fam
ily prayer; do something for Christ, nnd
begin to sing. The church needs Durlfv.
Ing, and when It 1b clean. It -will again
begin to sing and take the place In the
world It ought to have."
Presbyterians, Baptists, Con
gregationalists and Metho
dists Form Interesting
Group of Aides.
Tresbyterlans, Baptists, Congregational
lsta nnd Methodists have a representation
In that interesting group of peoplo now
stirring this old town to Its very dregs,
known as the "Billy" Sunday "Old
If the Rev. William A. hail set out pur
posely to havo his cnmpnlgn workern
affiliated with ns many different religions
as possible which ho didn't, according
to "Ma" Sunday he could not have suc
ceeded better.
That wiry llttlo woman, Miss Frances
Miliar, whoso particular mission it Is to
provent tho business woman from head
ing straight to perdition, Is a practical
Congrcgatlonallst and Is n graduate from
a collt'go of theology and also from tho
Moody Blblo Institute of Chicago. Being
a real, dycd-In-tho-wool ordained min
ister, sho Is privileged to havo "the Rev
erend" placed on her visiting cards, but
sho has no liking for titles. Bho will tell
you, If you nsk her. In point of service
sho Is tho oldest member of tho guard,
having been with tho Sundays for moro
than ten years.
"Frances has a levol held on her
shoulders" Is tho tributo Mrs. Sunday
paid her, "and whenever I want good
sound ndvlco I always call on her. Sho
has on executive ability and a grip on
tilings that few women possess." Com
ing from a woman who Is herself a past
mistress In cxecutlvo ability this was an
encomium worth receiving.
"Freddy" Selbert, whoso particular duty
It Is to bring order out of tho chaos of
tho 20,000 persons, all of whom want to
got on tho front row or tno aaw-uusi
temple. Is tho major domo of tho taber
nacle, and the Sundays hold him respon
sible for tho happenings therein.
Do you attempt to smoko a cigarette
surreptitiously? "Freddy" or one of his
lieutenants spots you out on the Instant
and his training as a Western broncho
buster fits him for tho task of dealing
with you, If you resist his interference.
Havo you smuggled In somo lunch so that
you may remain over for tho night meet
ing. "Freddy" catches you at tho first
secret blto and tells you In auavo and
gracious tones that tho restaurant Is
across tho Btrcet. For tho last nlno years
ho has been traveling with the Sundays
nnd in his pacific moments is, llko Miss
Miller, a Congrcgatlonallst.
Bentley D. Ackloy, tho husky pianist,
vvho also acts as "Billy's" secretary. Is
a Phlladelphlan by birth and a Methodist
Protestant by religious conviction. His
wifo and llttlo daughter, Gertrude, ard
rejoicing that "at last tho revivals aro
being held in this city," ao that they
can seo papa every mlnuto of the day
nlmost. Mr. Ackley has boen allied with
tho evangelist's organization for moro
than seven years.
Homer A. Rodehoavcr, tho good
humored trombonist and muBlcal direc
tor, whose bnrltono voice penetrates tho
furthermost corners of tho tabernnclo
when ho is making an announcement,
comes next. He has been one of the
Sundays chief aides for the last five
years. In addition to being a MethodlBt.
he enjoys the distinction of being tho
only bachelor member of tho guard.
Miss Grace Haxe, "tho nnest iimie
toacher In the United States," to quote
"Ma" again, Is a Baptist, and together
with Mrs. William Ashcr, n Presbyte
rian, nnd director or tho Extension work
among tho factory and mill girls, they
oonstltute the baby members of the staff.
Miss Saxe'a connection dates back four
years and Mrs. Asher's three.
Some Happenings and Sayings Chronicled Within Portals of
the Tabernacle Before "Billy" Sunday Appears on Scene.
"Hats off" Is tho rule at the tabernacle.
This npplles to the women as well ns
men. Ono woman from Wilmington who
attended the meeting, ns she said, to
please her brother, did not know how
she could possibly remove her hat with
out a mirror. She startled tho press
room when sho burst In, saying, "Is there
any placo In hero for me to undress."
She was referred to tho hospital. Thero
is a mlrrot In there.
"Oh, look, there Is John Bunny," Bald
one of the younger visitors to the taber
nnclo evidently a moving-picture patron.
"I wonder where tho movlo camera is?"
The young woman had mistaken Sam
Thoinpwn, tho Jolly patrolman from the
10th nnd Huttonwood streets police sta
tion, for tho movlng-plcture star. Thomp
son Is used to being mistaken for cole
Ibrltlcs. Today a man askod Ram If ho
wasn't tho Ram Thompson that pljjd on
tho Phillies when "Billy" Sunday wns
on tho tenm In 1EM. Thompson has been
around th tabernacle ever since "Joe"
Spcooo started to build It.
Sam says tlrat what "Billy" says about
tho "drunks" Is eo. He has seen Iho
round-up In tho pollco station overy morn
Ing for tho last 86 years.
"For ft dime I'll tell you my name, let
you take my picture, glvo you the history
of my llfo and then get converted, was
the nicssngo a boozo-soaked loarcr
brought to the reporters, while they were
.IMlnir In tho ureas room. Needless, to
sny he went out faster than any other
man that has evet' left tho tabernnclo.
The effect of Billy Sunday's cam
paign continues to bear fruit In Dm
Moines, Iown, from which city ho came to
Philadelphia, To show the results of the
loading of thousands of men ami womon
In tho western city to "hit the whit
trail," tho Des Moines Capital publishes
'VfowXyTago Mrs p
tho ring In a packnge anil a letter, both
of which hnd been mailed on a railroad
train In Nevada. Tho letter read:
"Mrs. Gregg: Am sending you ring.
I look It the day at Mrs. Batman b
whon wo had our picnic. I wob down nt
D. M. to Mr. Sunday's meetings . I got
convortcd, so want to do better. Just Ho
my friend and help mo."
Old Sol's Only Entrance In Past In
scription on Window.
The sunlight strove with might and msln
Its rajn to niter through the rnne.
Deep laid with dut, but all In vain;
Till somo one, In sarcastic e!n.
Wrote In the dust upon the glass
And thus allowed the sun to pass
Into the Mayor's outer room,
Where previously had been but gloom.
TerrtMo Battle Now on In Kara
"Organ Iteglon.
PETROanAD, Jan. 12.-Relnforcement
received by the Turks have (rreatly in
creased their strength in the Caucasus,
land they are now engaging the Russians
In a new battle. A dispatch from the
Caucasus headquarters of the Russian
army eays
"Fighting In the region or Kara Urgan
Is developing. We captured on Sunday
two mountain gun and two Turkish com
va.nl w with their officers. The Turkish
troops are attacking fiercely, but we are
successfully repelling their assaults,
though they have been strengthened by
the arrival of nerw troops, There la
nothing to report on the rest of the
ISO Oases of Disease at Liege 1311.
tary Hospital,
ROTTERDAM, jBn. . Typhus, the
dread scourge of armies, has gained a
strong foothold among the Herman troops
In Belgium. It waa learned today that
In the military hospital at Lleg-o alone
there axe 12 soldiers suffering; from the
Several trains carrying wounded Ger
mans have arrived at Llegu, Other trains,
carrying Senoh and British prisoners to
Germany, are passing through Uege.
Their appearance show the hardship of
llw ciuupalsn tit Flandsm and northern
HvraJ fc,uiart4 wprfcmn have been
MM Ihjvuglt JUe u repair he fort at
FJfeuftcuge aiuuaced whan the Germans
A modern rival for tho hand that In
terrupted Belshazzar'a feast to do some
literary work upon the wall has been
brought to light in the Mayor's recep
tion room at City Hall. Some person,
with a mlsguldod sense of humor. Is re
sponsible for tho modern writing upon
the glass of one of the windows In the
reception room. The words written Into
the dust follow:
"The most spectacular part of City Hall
Is the cleaning of the same "
The casual reader smiles and accepts
these words as sarcasm, but there Is a
significance to them, deepor even than
the dust In which they are written. For
Instance, no cleaning had been done on
the windows for many a day. Therefore
the writing may bo accepted as cleaning.
Polishing windows by writing on them
undoubtedly Is spectacular, so that the
words through which the Bun would be
shining today If the sun were shining at
all carry their own proof
Chief Ball Is the original author of the
words. He Included them In a recent re
port, and bb the man who wrote them
on .the window failed to use quotation
marks or to give credit properly, he Is a
Winner of Barbers Speed Contest
Awarded $1000 as Prize.
The hairiest and most bewhlskered man
In Philadelphia was shorn of all hli
locks today, and as a result Joseph
Papaleo, proprietor of the Sanitary Shar
ing Parlor on South 7th street, Is JKOO
richer than, he was 11 hours ago. The
man's hair was trimmed at the annual
halr-cuttlng and shaving contest of the
Italian barbers held last night In the
Casino Theatre.
Seven men, who might have beea mis
taken for the proverbial hairy mn of
Borneo, were gathered at the Inasmuch
Mission as subjects for as many barbers
in the contest For four and one-half
minutes fur Hew on the stage and the
participants were almost hidden by fly
ing locks and whiskers. Then Papaleo
emerged the winner by several minutes.
He bad shaved his subject and cut his
hair, without leaving a scratch from the
razor or shears In the record time ot
four and a half minutes, tta nn Ala.
Wod his right to the fUOO prtie.
WAS TAX 400,000 Xtf MONTH
The emergency war tax has Increased
the internal revenue collection in this
city for the month of December approx
imately K,CX) over Peeember, mj, ac
cording to Interna) Revenue Collector
Iederer. The total receipts of the internal
revenue ly tlta ettciior' om far De
cember UM, were ld,KSl The average-
truant tot e.h day varyittg le
twa &. uaa ,w.
Racy Expressions Invigorate
the English Language, Say
Those Who Appreciate
Picturesque Invective.
Said a lawyer across tho breakfast
table of n houso In a. street where milk
bottles do not clink on tho front door
stops o' mornings, whero the llmouslno
Is scon moro frequently than tho huck
ster's enrt, not a block from ono of the
comers of Rlttenhouso Square, If you
"Put across another cup of coffee, you
pin-headed, lowbrow, anemic, rum-soaked
mutt, or I'll Jump over nt you and
land with my heels on tho back of your
"All right," replied his wife calmly,
"but don't forget those tickots for tho
opera tonight, you paddle-brained yap."
And, similarly, when an "art for art's
soke' young woman, whose pin money
seta her fond parent's bank account back
100 a montili, crashed Into an open
Bwltch on Beethoven's sonata In C-flat
minor In tho course of her ?7 an hour
music lesson, Bho was not particularly
flurried by Herr von Votshlsname'B
smashing comment In'part as follows:
"Why, you stiff-necked, dog-kissing tea
drunkard, you haven't got tho intellect to
keep a self-winding clock going, you poor,
frowsy-headed, devil-dancing simp."
To which tho young lady replied:
"If you'd cut out your beer-guzzling,
llmburger-snatchlng pals and got somo
Judgment Into that billiard ball that rat
tles around Inside your green velvet, organ-grinder's
monkey hat, you'd bo nble
to discriminate between a woman with a
temperament and an Ivory breaker.
Sho gave another example of tho new
tongue that Is fascinating tho leisure
classes of the city these days later, and
was accordingly asked for an explanation
by a mun who docB not read tho nows
papcrs. "Why, the English language has been
given a new leaBe on life," sho explained,
"It's all Mr. Sunday's doing. Since he
reached town everybody's been talking
It. It's the most picturesquo style of
language that ever came nlong. Thomas
Carlylo would havo fallen for It and
thanked his stars to have gotten such
invigorating suggestions for his style.
"If Kipling had had a whiff of It
thcro'd havo been a stronger 'Kim' in
the world today, and as for John Maso
tteld well. It's not too late for him to
mako a whola new hair-raising poem out
of this material.
"Do you get me, you hollow-headed
Tlnlaw Building Burned and Tene
nnts Suffer $30,000 loss.
SALEM, N. J., Jan. 12.-The Flnlaw
Building, one of the largest business
places In the city, was badly damaged
by Are today, entailing a loss of about
J30.000. The origin has not been deter
mined. The building Is a three-story
brick structure and was occupied by
Frank A. Grier, clothing; Butcher &
Harris, Drygoods merchants; Sol. Wetn
Bteln. shirtwaist manufacturing; the W,
C, T. U., and the Washington and Fen
Wlck Lodges of Odd Fellows. Not one
of these escaped a loss.
The drier store was destroyed and the
stock, valued at about J11.000, la a total -
loss, fully Insured. Welnsteln'B factory
wiped out and everything lost, valued at
J30OO, insurance (1500; Butcher & Harris,
loss by water and smoke, 15000, insured:
loss on lodge rooms and W. C. T, U.
headquarters, 1500, Insured, Carpenter
& Mitchell Co., clothiers, adjoining Fln
law Building, loss by water, 1 1000, in
surance. William Pt Flnlaw, owner of
the building, figures his loss at about
15000, which Is fully covered.
Hope for Politician's Con
version Expressed on Post
Card Sample of Many
Peculiar Requests.
"May wo ask you to pray for Boles Pen
rose to bo converted during this cam
paign," was tho request to "Billy" Sun
day on a postcard ho received today
among a big bundle of letters. Tho card
was unsigned, but tho writing seemed that
of a woman.
This Is only one of scores of peculiar
requests received by "Billy" eacn any.
Tho moll brought to the evangelist's
house, nt 1914 Spring Garden Btreet,
usually Is heavy, and strange requests
and letters from "cranks" mako up a
large part of It.
Ono of Sunday's correspondents writes
from Huntingdon that "alcohol removes
tho Btaln from summer clothing. It will
remove tho clothes and tho summer; also
tho spring, autumn and winter clothes,
not only from ono who drinks It, but from
tho wlfo and family as well. It also will
remove tho household furniture, tho eat
ables from tho tablo and tho smiles from
the face of the wife and tho happiness
out of tho homo. As n remover of things
alcohol has no equal."
R. Allison Miller, a plumber, of Hunt
ingdon, Pa., writes: "I hnd tho privilege
of hearing your sermon Thursday even
ing and wish to state this Is the llrBt
tlmo I have ever heard tho real thing.
If wo had moro preachers llko you wo
would havo a different kind of country."
R. L. McCarty, who was chairman of
the Sunday Executive Committee during
"Billy's" campaign in McKeesport,
"so you aro back in Pennsylvania again
and from accounts In the newspapers arc
giving Old Nick an awful drubbing. Tho
old fellow has had his own way for n
long tlmo there and deserves all ho la
getting. May tho victory be complete and
tho Lord glvo you great things In the
lnrgest city you have tackled.
"Tho results of your revival In McKees
port are lasting; tho churches are still
crowded and we havo a clean city as a
result of your great work hero. The
redeemed of the Lord aro praying for
you dally."
B. D. Ackley, Sunday's secretary, who
has charge of the opening of tho mall,
says he never knew thero were so many
"dippy" peoplo in Philadelphia until the
campaign opened and the local "cranks"
started to send messages to the evangelist
Society of Municipal Engineers
The Society ot Municipal Engineers of
Philadelphia will meet at the Engineers'
Club, 1317 Spruce street, tonight. Joseph
F. Mallory, former chief Are marshal of
this city, will read a paper on "Fire Prevention."
Win a Free Trip
to the Great Panama-Pacific
and San
Diego Expositions.
No capital or experience
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Circulation Department
Public Ledger
Evening Led
About 600 Men Will Be Employed In
Main Factory,
HARTFORD, Conn., Jan. K.-A deed
has been filed with the town clerk
whereby the receiver ot the Pope Manu
facturing Company transfers the main
plant of that corporation to the Pratt &
Whitney Company. About (00 men will
be employed. Approximately 1300,000 was ,
paid for the property.
fY 1
13 fl JIM
l&r&m&!tfir u
1 )!
Ex-Attorney dohoral Declares Nation
Must "Abandon Cowardly Attitude."
Tho United States aovornment should
Immediately take steps to bring about an
end of the war In Europe, according to
James M. Beck, of New York, ox-As-sletant
United States Attorney Oenoral.
Ho ndvocated this action In an address
last night before 300 members of the Con
temporary Club In tho Hotel Bellevue
Stralford, "Of alt complacent, vain and self-satisfied
altitudes this of 'watchful waiting'
on our part Is tho worst," he said. "If
the United States wishes to bo a polltlcnl
entity In world' affairs It must abandon
Its cowardly. chlldUh attitude and take
stops at once In tho Interest of humanity
to end the war."
The subject discussed was "What Can
Amorlca Do to Bring About Peace?" Mr.
Bock asserted that Amorlca must call a
conference of all neutral States for tho.
purposo of crystallzlng publto sentiment
nnd making a genornl protest "against
the outrages of tho Gorman troops,"
"It Is n shame for us not to protect
Belgium," ho declared, "a greater shame
than for Germany to commit the out
rages ngnlnnt tho llttlo country. It Is
argued that It would be Idle for us to
protest whon wo havo not a powerful
army and navy to back up tho protest.
It Is, nevertheless, a significant fact that,
In snlto of tho grcnteet display of armed
force In tho history of tho world, every
nation now nt war shown by Its attitude
to tho United Statos that public opinion
without armed forco Is still potent.
"If this country fnlls to protest nt onco
It will bo for either of two causes for
our own self-interest, our dcslro to mako
monoy out of tho war, or becauso of a
species of'cowatdlco which shows wo nre
afraid to play our duo part In the affairs
of tho world."
Dr. Stanton Colt, president of tho
Ethical Church of London; Dr. J. Wil
liam "White, of tho University of Pennsyl
vania; Thomas Raeburn White, Joseph
C. Fraloy and others participated In tho
Bymposlum beforo tho Contemporary
State Association to HavcW
Headquarters at Harris
burs to Stand UiinrrT.
Over Legislature.
Occupants Saved Prom ITire by Pe
destrians Who Threw Missiles.
Stones, thrown through their windows
by pedestrians, probably saved two fam
ilies from being trapped in their apart
ments above tho storo of Poland, Fried
man & Co., 2232 South 7th street, which
was wrecked by flro today. Tho ondan
gered ones were Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Lubenstcin nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Jacob
Grocnburg nnd their Infant son.
Tho blnzo was dlscovored by a milkman.
Calling several pedestrians, ho vnlnlv nt-
Uempted to awaken tho sleeping families
Dy rapping on tno door. Falling, nil be
gan to throw stones through the windows.
Grecnburg occupies tho second floor and
Lubenstcin tho third. They awakened to
find their npnrtments filled with smoko.
All mndo their way down a smoke-filled
back stairway to tho street.
Tho fire gutted tho storo and Green
burg's apartment. A number of pieces
of Jewelry In a window of a Jewelry
store next door, belonging to Jacob Cohen,
2230 South 7th street, woro molted. The
loss to tho Friedman 'storo Is estimated
at moro than $5000.
"Wnr to tho death" on tho workm.C
compensation bill, minimum wag km
mm on uumr Bimuar isoor meaiurti
which may bo Introduced Into tho t(i.
Islnturo, will bo waged by the Pennt(y
vanla Manufacturers' Association, W
loss tho measures aro drawn In a 'mn;
ner to safeguard tho business Intefetts
of tho Industries they affect. The ai.
ciaiion nas opnnoa temporary headonjr
ters nt Harrlsburg. It represents aii
manufacturers. '
The annual meeting of the associates "
was held at tho Manufacturers' cinfcj
yesterday. Tho report of Joseph R.I
enlil frmiAmlne. tlifv tnltni. .mam........ 1
mu.u -W..WW. .....n ...v .ww, .uvuaures.
Such of our members as have Wm
ii.au .,. rt !, ...H.i "cyi
vi.uji vuia .w tno hiwuiiu nro aw&fft
that these proposals will Includa
workmen's compensation, Interfer
ence wnn unviorm nours and an c(.
iuj i iu iiuwiiau uiu oiiuo police, nr
that falling, an effort to prevent them
doing service In BtrtkoB. There may
mull uu u. iiuiiiiiiuiii wage Dili, y(A
havo opened temporary headouarl.r.
at the Capital to Btand guard over
tno XvCgiBiaiura ana xo snow tho Lt.
lslators that unless theso bills be o
shaped as to Bafoguard tho welfdre
of tho Industry Itself they cannot
possibly result in the benefit of an?
individual or class engaged In the In
The association re-elected the followlnjl
ouiUwru iui uiu wuiiwiiL year;
President Joseph n. Orundy.
Vlco I'residcnts Jonn I, wood and J, H.JJ
Trasuroi-Joseph fl. Ilambo.
Secretary Henry J. Bhoemakor.
Associate Secretary Walter Linn,
His Paviso to Be Pollto Gives Captori
T crn.vn vnu chnnfl tno murli nt f:
handicap, that's nil," said Paul Lamor-,
eaux, alias Paul Harris, "that b why you
now have tho wristlets on Southern Nir
Jersey's famous 'gentleman' daylight,
Paul fell Into tho law's clutches In Mr.
chnntvllle, N. J., this morning. He was'
trying to open tho front door of th
home of John Longworth when lira.'
Longworth heard him. Sho screamed.
"Bo calm, madam," Lnmoreaux is rt-
Dorted to havo said by the police. "I
seo Chief Llnderman coming up the stroet;'!
1. will rrnttrt vnu." r
"" r. .. r. . .... . . . . '.
Then tno gentleman ourgiar too
flight, but tho Chief commandeered an
automobile, overtook nnd arrested htm.
He was taken to Cnmden, where, the
pollco say. ho confessed to robbing scores
of rosldencos In, Morchantvllle, Delalr.j
Camden and other towns, lie will be
arraigned Friday.
STOItn OPENS AT 8.30 A. 211. 1 CLOSES AT B.30 P. HI. .mm mil
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.. J
ef xi
C ov
MiiiiwfrBiH'iiniMiiiii mmi w mM wu-mw ', i ijfim if silwinw
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