Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, January 11, 1915, Night Extra, Page 11, Image 11

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I m IJ I hLAL ItLw Jm
y i
L Bernard at
L the Adelphi Tonight
iJRcV'-PUlfy lloggonhelmer, the Hog-
rru. iBiiuBitti t
Ml Is ft very (food opltorao of Sum
L ,i "Tho Dello of Bond Streot,"
u-n thev ore cheering up the
trut Atlnntlo City Boardwalk on a
tiry Saturday, up norc ui iuo jiui
1hl evening there Bhould bo Jst as
t .vrfdlenoy" about this rewritten
!M of "The Qlrl from Kays."
. ?n the das of Hattle Williams
rif.co wm vory far from being all
liiS And even now thore aro a few
Sills exploits of tho sufficiency ox-
i. To vw:
a i Six authors something no mod-
pltce can or uwct-iwi. v-
5 M
v iX
s J!
t. '1:
oming to the Lyric, Monday, tho
trat "Tlpperary," leased out for tho
t4 time thla wlntor as part of a nut-
fcal.ibow In Philadelphia, and proving
Lttsnori, snort way we ure iiuwauuys
i my Dopular song. Harold Crane
lit to the novelty of tho piece by lntor
lUon! "But my heart's (business
if handkerchief pocket) right there
R. E. 8.)" '
Item 3. Molllo King, who. as Piggy.
qarki of some amateur financier,
Yould have done well In tho Stockings
(Change." She reminds ons of a dlsltlu
med, blase, languorous baby (If you
a Imagine any such thing). But Bhe
igs In tho smallest, clearest and alto
Ihtr most attractive volce,slnce Mltzt
lajos. It.her Imitations aro a llttlo paln
11, it tar rate they remind us that
khehBarrymore does tails like Eddie
fotad that Gaby Dcslys -was tho girl
W"Tork saw In tho plcco Instead of
lit King-,
Hem - Some good minor people. Cyril
isMwIci, wearing, with equal asslnlnlty.
rtt white spats and small black pants,
tfpathlng suit mado up principally of
irtu watch and Boston garters, with
w!T2nf" .,or n hnt- tomy Lee,
i?h Ji5 Us,,oat,s t strength and daring
with the grim determination on his faco
that we simply must adrnlro theso cvotu
Vfin a,a,dan:ln(r. Ahd Minerva Cover
Mi8:.. J WM'-'ng charming that
Minerva Coverdalo and a lady's maid
ought to do.
. IVi"1 5". ,?omo ver' nlco urnlturo and a
roaiiy distinguished last act set, thrown
into a story about a honeymoon that bo
enmo a total eclipse on account of nn In
nocent kiss that the brldo overheard.
item C. Tho joyous spectacle of an
American chorus girl attempting to re-
?fti ' !? .Bas'' rvo onl-' a "I'Penny bit
with a hole In it."
But, of course, tho main thing Is
Bam Bernard and his Piggy Hoggcn
noimor tho Hoggenhelmcr. It comes
pretty closo to a real figure of com
edy, this rich Mr. Hoggenhelmcr, of
Park lane, who visits Hats ho doesn't
Intend to rent, Juit because he has learned
that rich men nro always bored and on
me looiiout xor odd amusements. Mr.
Bernard contributes a good deal moro
than pretzel-twisted English and four
oily little curls on his forehead, -which put
to shame anything now extant In fem
inine fashions. Ho gots tho man's In
nocont egotism over In fine shnpo.
Piggy brags with a natural pride of tho
fact that with the aid of his money lie
"knows a lot of people nrfd they'll soon
know him." His volco. Is oily with tho
money In which ho almost literally rolls.
Ho pursues tho fomtnlne with something
near tho avidity that ho bestows on
money. Mr. Bernard's characterization
Is bo unpleasantly perfect that whon ho
wins Miss King her remark that "after
all, Piggy has such a good heart," doesn't
at all convince. It seems a more reflec
tion on the rest of his anatomy.
It Is real acting that Mr. Bernard does.
Ho proves It when ho gots away with
that Indecent If plauslblo question, "Who
paid the rent for Mrs. Blp van Winkle
when Rip van Wlnklo went away?" Tho
inquisitive onthuslosm of Piggy la so
entirely "In character" that tho song,
which tho late B. F. Keith barred from
all his theatres loses a great part of Its
nolsomeness. Which Is nn undcnlablo
And don't forget that Mr. Bernard Is
funny alt tho same. Ho makes his own
company laugh, and that's a very good
Puppets for Chicago
Chicago's Llttlo Theatre, where "Ana
tol" and "Sophocles" have alternated, Is
never happy unless It Is attempting the
Impossible. So now that It has made
Shaw's "Philanderer" Into a substantial
success, It Is trying somo morning per
formances of mnrionettCB.
Tho Chicago Llttlo Theatre Puppets
(probably Incorporated) made their tlrst
bow last week In a fairy play straight
from China, and called by the happy and
promUIng tltlo of "Tho Deluded Dragon."
Various notables of tho Windy City sup
plied music, scenery and plot, while a
real sculptress, Kathleen Wheeler, mod
eled the particular gentry of this piece.
Outside Italian marionette theatres In
the slums this Is probably tho first ven
ture In America at something that has
been vastly popular in Germany and Rus
sia. Munich's pupppct theatre enjoyed
a reputation that gave It a place In all
the announcements and advertisements
by which the city authorities sought to
attract American tourists.
Tho Playgoer's "Omar"
A "book" and "lyrlca" not at all high
A bunch of tunes, some chorus girls,
and thou,
Besides them, singing In this wilderness;
Ah, wilderness Is operetta now.
I1L mm
U you have not yet seen the Vltagraph
!! photoplay version of Hall Calne'a
owl, 'The Christian." being shown at
b,Chetnu fitrr.r-f Dnrn. TTnnnn. dfi so
tjcraco. Unquestionably this photoplay
ine Diegeat, most Interesting and virile
wjlhown In this city since tho lncep
5R'0f the movies. Tho original produc
es of the drama, In which Viola played
lory Quayle and Edward J. Morcran. now
JJM, John Storm, was not one wfilt bet
!!." a good. On tho Bpeaklng stags
sejplay was confined to half a dozen
R(hm and a comparatively limited num
Jfiln the wonderful mob scenes. In the
aotcpiay version there are several hun-
rotl. different ftfanfa. nnrl fiillv n thnit.
w&i in the crowds that surgo and ebb
mw in the various exciting episodes
( the film.
MMr McCarthy Is doing a service
ojatte photoplay art which cannot be
JJE&Unir thft nilhlln aa .. i. KA
In films, a crusade he began with
"Spoilers." The obvious result of
WiS?' wlu be that M fel!ow mana
fjim bj forced to produce higher class
I"?!?0- for longer runs. This will
r..c!e4ner P'8' htter casts, more
2XI n? artlstlo productions and the
il tUmlnatlon of tho slapstick
W&r' wd the AVIld West melodrama.
bjoh"!!' B,e "Th0 Chrttlan" Bna Be
. Cooper, of the Vltagraph Stock
gffpwy, nude hU first air flight Thurs
iil tiVJi.. 7 and la onthuslaatio
!5a,rt UlAulnS sensation he Is thinking
Si mr ' olns a professional avla
rai?J 5r,t fllnt waB In the nature of
ifiVlS? 'r VlolMte In which he Is to
SdtaiV!!? .f an annn. Under the
flrw?Da ot experienced aviator,
moper was Introduced to the mya
31Ar,w airship's manipulation, and
3S,W ' fth after being a thousand
Set il T' readY t0 make Mcond
SSJ? '".novelty and excitement.
SJJliiJ?11"", t0 a "wnsatlonal plo
Sflih r 59(5el b'Pane will be used,
jgm Mr, Cooper will be required to
ImCnLt. li . ttnd ra,cue a maiden
ggwew, flying away with her In the
I"3fl8.i!..?,n .of buUet. One of thej
h. "
jkrufiin?,r(,lu"a' Calne's
irilUWS ?V.'S 'BimSb5K "
" m7i.. . Jmra P"4t ot the
L 'A 1
ThuAJ.i"'vr.f"f " "
htt"-1;. iTuua or t&a Hen
m, ...; TK.sss?
X-,J!I"MIJ'aJy. "J941tw
ti, "" jm Moyai Bos:-:
vU , l.;fi vfUr" TbBr.4s
First of
a Series of Eighteen Illustrated Articles Will
Appear in This Newspaper Tomorrow.
The first of a remarkable scries of nrtl
cleB by no less an authority than 2111c.
Anna Pavlowa on tho modern social
dance, with a photographic Illustration,
will appear In tho Evening I.BDann to
morrow. There nro 18 articles In tho
series, which will be run Tuesdays and
Thursdays until completed.
A thorough education In throe of tho
most charming of all tho many modern
dances may bo obtained by a perusal of
these articles. The first six describe Mile.
Pavlown'a famous standnrdlxed one-step,
the second six show how to dance the
Pavlowana, Invented last summer by the
great dancer, and tho third group de
scribes how to master tho Czarina Wnltz,
another ot Mile. Pavlowa's famous
Somo particular step and bodily posi
tion of tho danco being described accom
panies each article. Ivan Clustlne, ad
mitted to be tho best masculine social
dancer In Europe, Is Mile. Pavlowa's part
ner nnd posed with her for tho photo
graphs. Tho articles are so carefully and pains
takingly prepared that any one may
learn from them how to dance the three
dances mado famous by MUo. Pavlowa
without outsldo assistance. Readers of
tho Evening Ledoeii are distinctly to be
congratulated on this opportunity to save
tho expense ot going to a dancing school.
As Lord Robert Urc In "The
Christian," Chestnut Street Opera
JKWEXiSOX "TnippoUtre," hrt fltys beginning-
Monday) Thursday-, "iir. Wlgn ot
th Cabbage I'atch" : Friday, "Noll of tha
Clrcua"; Saturday, "zudora' and feature.
FROLIC. 62d and Wyaluilng- avenue "Th
Miatvr Key" every Monday! "Explolte or
Elaine" every Wednesday, and "The Uon
and Ibe Mouse'' Friday.
ROXIIOHO Wodneaday, "Daughters of Men";
Saturday, "Cinderella."
aEitllANTOWN-Monday and Tueaday. The
lloaa of the Itancho." ''ftfHir, People'
The Iluah Hsogje Lover," '"Tho Plot at the
Railroad." "Haveil by Their ChM-114.'
'CupMBacka the Winner," Waraewei Wed
needay. "Bhore Acre.' JTba Egyptian
Mummy." "lur OoldJ "ran Moonjhlne
Maid and tho Man." "The Curing or Myra
May"t Thureday and Friday, ',rhe Bar
5aln., "JFroncho Blily'a Dad.1' "Love Acid
Tet" "Sunehlne and Shadow." "Which
Ham Is Bchmldtr" extra for Friday. "T
of the Storm Country" and war newi: Sat
urday. "Ttilta'a Punctured nornanc "A
Matter of High Baoloelve.'' "Ho Wanted m.
Panta.'' Snakevlllo'a Reform Wave."
'urown m uooa. -
Llono . Eo-
unday, 'J.lly
of the Valley"! Triday. "Sotm of the Geul'M
Saturday. "Zudora'' and "Kit, tha Arkanaaa
''hravIi', ...
RIDClE Monday. ,'TerlIi of Pauline." "Zu
dori"i Tuea.iay. "Tha Criminal .Code'': Wed
neaday, 'Threada of Doatlny": fhur.aday.
"itIUlwi Dollar Myit;ry"i Vlday .,En
i.'S'm JJterTace"! BAturday.'Trey .OJHeartV'
.i.fs.uMondar. "Tne uarKaa voman.-
aVuOA Monday. "TO Heart of the Night
wind" 'TMokay Flunkie" Tueeday. "Tha
'".V ttrtmmv i'TAahtM and ShiJowi'
Minnie He-Haw" j Tuesday, "The Seats ot
tho MlKhty"; Wednesday, 'Terlla of Paul
ine"! Thureday, "Love Everlaetlng"; Fri
day, "Aviator Traitor"; Saturday, "Fan
tosma" and "Terrance OTlourke." ,
BOMBRSET Monday, "Zudora." "Scrub,"
"Tho Stranger" and Keystone comedy.
Where tho Episodes of Zudora Will
Be Shown,
Jenklntown Auditorium.
Tiffin, IDIh anif TlMs. ...nil.
Belvltiere, 8320 dermanlown avenue.
Royal, 2716 Glrard avenue.
Keystone. KIT South street.
Ideal. IDth and Columbia avenue.
Fulton Hall. Kth and Catharine etreeti.
Somereet, 277B Kensington avenue.
Lehleh 'rheatre, 2S10 Wot Lehigh avenue.
Benn. 64th and Woodland avenue.
Paechall, Tlet and Woodland avenue.
68th St. Theatre, SSth and Woodland avenue,
Marconi, 1218 South 8th street.
Electric, 8th nnd Washington avenue.
Logan. 4R10 North Broad etreet.
Aramlngo. Araralngo and Huntingdon streets.
Verdi .tall. 713 Christian etreet.
Becker Theatre, 18th and Snyder avenue.
Becker Theatre. Tth and Dickinson streets.
Southern, Broad and Reed etrects.
Imperial, 2d nnd Laurel streets.
Olympla. Broad and Kenllworth streets.
Cedar, 00th and Codar Btreeta.
Coliseum. Market etreet below 60th.
Haverford, 00th and Haverford avenue.
Arcade, 2928 Richmond etreet.
West Allegheny, 25th and Allegheny avenuo.
Avoca, 20th and arcKean streets.
Broadway, R2d and Oreenway avenue.
Menhelm, B123 Oermantown avenue.
Hoffman House, 6th and Tioga streets.
Bartram. 1516 South 63th street.
Lehigh Palace, 037 West Lehigh avenue.
Walton, Chtltea avenue and Chew street.
Hippodrome. Fall-mount and Lehigh avenues.
New Daizteland. 2040 Frankford avenue. -Messina
Halt. 70S Christian etreet.
Amber. Amber and Frankford avenue.
Mldrale, East Folia. ,
Liberty, Longshora street, Taeony,
A. B. C, 3323 Chestnut street.
Jefferson, 20th and York streets.
Windsor. Frankford and Kensington avenues.
National. 6th and Reed streets.
Rlttenhouse. 63d street and Haverford ave.
Cayigo, Cayuga and Germantown avonuo.
BtrandV12th and.Olrard avenue.
Oreat Southern, 2020 South 3d street
Pastime, J450 Point Breeie avenue.
Wayne, 4163 Germantown avenue.
PAHIS, Jan. U. The facade of the
Cathedral at -Solssons was hit by Ger
man shells Saturday night.
ADELPHI "Tho Belle of Bond Street." with
Sam Bornard. "Tho Girl from Kay"," re
vamped. See review above 8:00
BROAD "Jerry," with Miss Blllle Burke. A
comedy by Catherine Chlaholm Cushing-.
lllsa Burks captures a husband In 8 cos
tunica. Amusing- 8:13
FORKEST "Tho Girl ot Girls," with Natalie
Alt. A now musical comedy, with score by
Orctte Ventolin, the Atlantic city band
master 8:16
OARHICK "Tha Mlraclo Man," with George
Nash, W. H. Thompson and Gall Kane.
Qeorgo Cohan's comedy-drama of tho crooks
who try to exploit a. patriarchal healer and
end as converts. Review tomorrow 8:15
KEITH'S Mr. and Mrs. Carter do Haven,
"On the School Playground"; Moody and
Bent and a -arlegated bill. Review tomor
row 2.00, 8,00
LITTLH "Courage." The first production of
an Englishman's play against war.... 8 30
WALNUT "A Fool. Ills Money nnd a Girl."
witn Hap warn and Luoy Daly. A musical
comedy exploltlne Mr. Ward's perennial
tramp. Review tomorrow 8,00
Pennsylvania Historical Society, 1300 Locust
otreot. Free.
.Fifty-seventh Street Improvement Associa
tion, Glrard avenue and 00th street.
U. of p. trustees, U, of P. Library. Free.
Philadelphia Chapter American Institute of
Architects, 120t Chancellor street. Frea.
Oak Lane Improvement Association, Chtlten
and Park avenues, Free,
Missionary Conference, Adelphla Hotel. Free,
jjcuiurv, iwum laii, riaverxorq t,onego.
Contemporary Club, Bellevue-Stratford, ad
dressed by Hon James M. Beck.
Autumoblle Show, IMetronolltan Bid., Dread
and Wallace. Open until 10.30 o'clock.
New York Symphony Orchestra, Academy of
Jluslo; 8 o'clock.
Lecture. 'Mesico," the Rav. Dr. J, II. Mo
Mahon, Girls' Catholla High School; 8 o'clock.
Buhltct fa Chang:
Home of World's Greatest Photoplays.
A1TTEBNOONB, 1 TO 0, lOo and ISo,
BVKNING8, 7 TO 11. IPC "" "" c.
41tt and
Xoncuster Aye.
Twice Dally Afternoons, t;S0, Ergs., 8:30
iTeccdcd by Keystone Comedy Pictures.
63d and
Haverford Aye.
COUNTRY MOUSE a.rrln.to.,
Cayuga St. and
Oermantown Aye.
Exploit of Elaine, with Daly and White.
She WJ His Mother, feat, Violet Mersereau.
and Gasolene." ' MWL. BiirB",S. . ..
f,nAi.yc:iLtnni!. and Tuesday. "Tha Snoll-
oScay.. of nalne."
SoTed," "" Political A Me." , Wedneaday
'nil Butler's Baby?'j Thursday, faster
Key"' "n Dummy Hujbaad;' Friday,
Pint" ou Shalt riot Flirt". Uturday,
Kffi-naoi Fitt," Heart of the .BMdy."''
"The Submarls
TTesdwr''M" tfy-'.Wfdneidmy i
to srftt'j Thuraday. "When It's On o
J?nurOwn',i Friday ' "The Beautiful. Dn.
known". Baturday, m woeine,- 'vaw.
63d and
JjuisUowne Are.
1IVA11T. nw THK vmifT w
Kensington and
Allegheny Ares.
Shubert XVuture in B acts
Featuring Barbara Tennjuit
Oermantawn Ay.
beL fl raver' Ijme
18tb St. and
, Rldre Ave.
8ld aud
Locust St.
nnd OTHERS .
PLTJJI TREE Exploit of Elaine, with
Arnold Pair and l'earl White. Others.
Germantown Ave,
and School Laa
Wra-Fsj-num ft KatbJya
tsth St.
below Dauphin
WUIlams are feat, ta
1931-81 Market
lasco, featuring BESSIE- HAHRISCALB
Tne Greatest of All Photo Plays
a rreentul al ma cnestnut Ht. Op. Home
Gfrmiuitown Av.
& TuljahocVein St
SPOILERS Featuring William Faxoum and
Kathtyo WUUaine No advance la price.
Storm of Life
Jan. 31t i, ta.
Xatwtegtoa and
jTli JSoMiIoitA
Eudom It left an orphan at an early
aot. Her athtr h killed In a oott mine
ht hat discovered, naif on hovr after
learnlnp of the death of her hinoand J!u
clora' mother, a flpfii rope ioalker u-(!h a
c(rcu, it tetted telth verllffo. fallt, and Is
Zudora and the fortune from iht mine,
tehtch later prows to t worth $10,000,601),
are left to the ouardtanthln of Frdnfc
Keene. a clrcu. man nnd the brdfher of
Zudoru's mother. Eudora, civina promteo
of oreat beautu, rcachtt the age of It,
The uncle, iho hat tet himself up at a
Hindu tntttlc, and tt fcnoum at llattam
All, decide In hf. nreed that Zudora must
die before the comtt into pottettlon of her
oreat fortune to that U mau be left to
him, the next of Mn, and he prevail upon
the p-frl fo leave her money In hlf hands
Ihroe jeart longer and to toy nothing to
anu one about the fortune. llattam All
teet an obttacte to hit teheme in the per
son of John Storm, a iouno latoyer for
tohom Zudora hat taken a fancy, and he
commandt the girl to put Ihe man out of
her mind. Storm comet to atk llattam
All for tht hand of hit nlrce, At tret Ihe
crystal pacir tcltl Hot listen to ihe pro
jioial, but Zudora intlttt that if the can
not marry .Storm tht tclll marry no one.
"Well, ivell," sold Waasam All, "If 1014
take such a ttand I'll compromise. Solve
my next 10 catct and you can marry
him, fall In a tingle case and you must
renounce htm."
Zudora, uitng the knowledge pained
from yean of association tellh her unele,
unravelt a terlet of baffling mysfertct,
A OREAT crowd was nssemblod boforo
tho bulletin boards In Times Square.
It was a remarkably Borloua looking
crowd, too. There was much dubious
shaking- ot heads and shrugging of shoul
ders. It was not a baseball crowd, not
an aggregation of sports awaiting the re
sults at tho far-off raco tracks.
"What do you know about that?"
"Give mo a boat that floats on top of
tho waterl"
"Take It from mo, some one got fresh
with tho torpodo tube. Wo'ro not at -war
with any ono."
"But what's this ray business? I never
heard of anything- llko that before."
Sandwiched In between a bulletin an
nouncing a German check in Poland nnd
another telling- of tho French being re
pulsed at Dlxmudo were a fow lines which
stirred all America for a fortnight. Tho
news was thrco days' old, bocause the
Oovernment had not Been fit to disclose
tha catastrophe to tho public until they
had located the cause. A submarine had
been blown up In tho bay. There had
been no sign of either mlno or torpedo,
as one of the surviving olllccrs took oath.
Thoy had been skimming along with only
half speed, when suddenly ono of the en
gineers complained of suffocation, com
plained that ho had touched the port slda
with his hand fand burned It badly. The
commanding oMlcer signaled to Die engine
room to stop.
Tho order had hardly reached tho engine
room when tho explosion occurred. All
but five of the crow wro killed. It was a
mighty sorlous business to the United
fitatos Government. It might have been
puroly accidental; It might liavo been
dono with sinister purpose Tho Navat
Department was, In the parlanco of the
day, up In the air.
Subsequent Investigation showed that
the port sldo, near tho torpedo tubo un
fortunately loaded for target practice
had been melted, absolutely melted, after
tho manner of motal oxposed to some
terrlfla heat. And all this with tho plates
protected by tho water. An agency that
had been capablo of sending a heat ray
through waterl Tills hit of news not only
aroused tho United States, but set war
rind Europe by the oars. Beoret agents
from Germany nnd Russia camo to wow
York, with millions to their credit. Dut
neither they nor tho horn socrot oonrloe
could find out anything. Tou cannot
track the going or coming of tho wind;
you cannot follow an ocean ripple.
In an lntorvlow tho Secretary of War
declared that the Government had not
been approached by any Inventor of a
heat ray. All they could do woa to wait
and sco If tho maglcion had struck; acci
dentally nnd experimentally or with
deadly Intent.
For three days tho newspapers ran
scrim heads, but nothing further de
veloped. Tho foreign agents wastod their
gold and tho homo ogonts their time.
Thon camo the blowing up of ono of tho
J. B. Starr colliers, or rathor tho sinking.
Tho plates showed tho same terrible
agoncy which had destroyed tho sub
marine. But this time thoro seemod to
be a. slight clue. Tho Btarr pcoplo woro
on a strike, and It -was deduced that somo
personal enemy had destroyed tho collier.
A collier had been anchored In the
vicinity of tho submarine, and it seomed
qulto posslblo that tho Inventor hod
thrown his ray toward tho collier and the
submarlno had had tho misfortune to
pass In betweon.
Immediately the Government announced
that It had received a communication
from the inventor, Btattng that ho de
plored the fatal accident to the sub
marine. It was postmarked Jorsey City.
Tho secret agents went over that city
as with a fine comb. Nothing was found.
Tho leaders of the Starr striko were, per
sistently shadowed, but nothing enmo of
this endeavor. It was oven ascertained
that tho strikers were as deeply mysti
fied as any ono.
John Storm was tho attorney for tho
Starr company. On the day after tho
sinking of tho collier he received a note
typewritten and postmarked Boston that
tho collier had been sunk accidentally.
Immediately ho went down to the 3arr
offices and laid the hot before the di
rectors. "Gentlemen, there la a madman somt
whero In New fork city. This postmark
merely proves to mo that the man ferent
to Boston or tha express purpose b(
sending the note from there. I honestly
believe that it has nothing; te do with the
"I Wish tho Lord wo knew, Storm,"
said th.o Vice president. "If thlg man can
burn steel under water ho haa In his hands
the terrible power of being able to de
molish tho whole cJtj If tho whim strikes
him. They tell mo that Wellington has
gone orasy over the affair. They'd give
a million for tho secret, If only to tak
it out of tho hands of an Irresponslblo
"Shall I send this note to the secret
service people, to compare It with the
other?" asked Storm.
"Not a bad Idea."
Twnntyfour hours later Storm received
ft call from the secret service people).
The two notes had been written upon the
sama maohlne. It was a cul-du-sac.
Every ono seemed to blunder Info a blind
alloy. Sovornl times Storm thought of
Zudora, but ho resisted tho Impulse. Ho
did not oaro to liavo her tangled up
in an affair llko this. Ah, if aho would
but tako his advice marry him openly
and defy that sly devil who oallod him
self her undo! Four different times tho
man had tried to kill him; but the baslo
cause for this dsalro of his death was
tho most putzltng mystery of all, Why
should Hossam All wish his doath so
earnestly na to risk hit own security In
tho effort to accomplish his ends? Bo
far It had never occurred to Storm that
Hassara All might bo -wishing tho death
of Zudora also.
Btojm and Zudom wero having tea nt
tho Claridgo one aftornoon, and -wheri
they wore through sho suggested that
thy take a look at tho bulletin board.
Every ono was war news mad.
"Lookl" sbn nrlnd. nhaw Vi-n m..,i,
tho Emdan nt Inat nnA AnnttCTt.A ).,..."
"If s a pity," said Storm. "That com
mander was a bravo sailor. Well, he'll
have a nlohe m history all hla own. Dy
Goorgel" ho oxolalma suddenly.
"What is it?"
"Another Starr collier gono downl GlrJ.
can you got baok homo alona? I must go
down to the Starr office at onco. This Is
no accident"
But there was no evldoncs this time of
any mysterious hoat ray. An infernal
maahlno had been hidden In the engine
room, In tho starboard bunkers, and had
blown a great holo through tho plates.
It was qulto evident that the strikers had
taken ndvantago of tho confusion. After
this notUIng moro was heard of tho heat
ray. And by nnd by the public forgot,
aa It always does, and turned once more
to the ever-Increasing war bulletins.
Copyright, 1011, by Harold MacOrnth.
(Continued Wednesday.)
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