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it. --J Minns In XfisJp.rn
Pennsylvania in Operation
fAftcr Long Period of Idle
firreaVnail, Jan. 8.-From nil parts
Pennsylvania como cncourneinfj ro
2m .. . industrial activity, of
V&.r. t fn work anil of now con-
Bn reiui...t. - rnllal. Thin In
VTnoVod Specially In the etoel and
Ki'lS, two vital branchea of the
1C Eclipse nd Alice nunc of the
Rr.hnrgh Coal Company, near Itoscoe,
S bo started on full time Monday
imu '"'.,,- n nn announcement
". by the company today. Trom BOO
? tnt men will be given employment In
ftToMhe itwo mines, both of which
It, been closed for many montlm.
Ki:.i-. t, also beon civon of the re-
!3on at Monesson of tho American
rSESd Ita Plate Mill. On Monday
fio men will return to work there after
'.IttoSnt of the Pitts-
Ftarsh Steel Company. a.t the samo place,
& operation aguln yestoxday. glv
?tar employment to 1800 men.
n- shut-down of soveral months
K?.i nnlldttted Coal and Coko Com-
fnv at Monongahela, resumed today,
lvr.".. .nit of tho comDany s en-
kS capacity soon betne In operation.
Industrial leaders, at Dinner, Speak
? of Better Times.
4 BUFFALO, Jan. 8. Ten presidents and
L,0 presidents of railroad systems and
number of high omdals of steel com
Seanles were tho guests of honor at a
"prosperity dinner" given by tho Cham
rber of Commerce here last night. 7
, i... the BDeakcrs wero James A.
Ifrarrell. president of the United States
f Steel corporation, .. ". a. ! jr
rdnl of the Lackawanna Steel Corpora
tion1 Representative TV. D. B. Alney, of
Pennsylvania: George A. Post, president
'of the American Railway Association, and
Kew Tork.
VThg iteneral tenor of the addresses was
I Optimistic.
ifpredlct Tip-ward Turn of Business
F'' Within Next Sixty Days.
NEW YORK, Jan. 8. Automobile men,
inhibitors at the 15th Annual Automobile
Bhotr, In Grand Control Palace, today
predicted a rapid upward turn In all com
perclal and Industrial lines within the
next CO days.
F"Automoblle mori at this year's show
l-.a 1IhIh .nl.H .. iinnlnw frt tr 5rt
I lOIQ JUV HIWJl CK.o ,TW.O .U,l,,,,b v w v
''per cent above last year's sales," de
fdftred S. A. Miles, manager of tills year's
!,fauto exposition. "They declare tills to
i be sound evidence that business condi
.ittons are on tho mend."
ItBtrfferai Companies Kemqve Branch
is, firflf.no 1-n 'jmannnAn
ffS.COPENHAGEN, Jan. 8. Several Amcr
Ikta companies have transferred their
branch offices rpm Germany and Austria
' to Copenhagen, which has been found to
offer excellent advantages for the dis
tribution of goods. The port Is filled with
'American goods and vessels flying the
American flag are discharging cargoes.
Sum Given by Councls But to Good
,. Use.
homTMl!irtt?.cy AM Committee an
SUttM ) hAl V,nt " ,m1 I" h" trasury
branch ," , bclo" no pattleulnr
sum wn?rt i'.,C?mmltfco- Yesterday this
wrSrn ii iVllc;1 ?.mons t,,rco committees
most Piai)ell5.VCl1 ll ul ''MI'O
cot l.fw Th?. l,omo ,,ellet vision
Thla i?n rKM,..Bllc8 bol-nflr "warded Vm.
m,.HnVr1oth t0 be mn '"to clothes
lt, ,,iho, S0W,1S- So rct have been
iSirvCmftnclS Vpo" tll,B 'vision that the
150 000 appropriated by Councils has been
5 the rotnnlnder of tho fund from lho
i.'. . lnLAmerlca Bazaar," JI000 wns
Riven to the Hod Cross Commlttco and a
like sum to tho Belgian Hellef Committee.
Miss Henrietta Ely, hend of tho Ucd
Cross Committee, yesterday organized a
working corps of nurses. From the Dnld-
i ' A'otnnder Henry and McMiclmcl
Bchools tho committee yesterday received
220 garments. Yesterday tho commlttco
received a copy of a cable message fiom
Padcrowskl, the pianist, asking help for
the many sufferers In Poland. The mes
sage said thnt an area 'of his country
three times as largo nn Belgium has been
laid waste by the war and that tho people
wero starving.
Tho total receipts of the bazaar nro esti
mated at W0.O00, one-fourth of this r.um
having been realized by tho German booth
alono. The sale of Belgian dolls brought
In 6o0. Tho doctqrs' booth earned $2100
and the garden booth $1100.
Paris Journal Predicts Early
Simultaneous Declaration
Against Austria and
l-UK I MIS fcX-r'HIbUNbK
Released Ilfo-termer Hastens to
Hear Opera Airs on Phonograph.
Seven years In nrlRnn linn nnt rlflmn.nnrl
the love of Rafael Perri, 45 years old.
I0r luO OOern.. TTa wnn rnlflnoprl frnm
Ithe Eaatcrn Penitentiary at noon today,
m ms nrst thought was to hear a phon-
HPerrl, whoso release followed tho grant-
"jsui b paraon Dy tne state Hoard or
rlraons vesterdav. vim nnrvlntr nrllfa
Utntince for the murder of James Con-
u.ra September. 1?07. His case is n
Mmrkable one, he having been saved
w days before the day set for the exe-
.vuiiqii. uovernor Stuart granted the re
prieve and commuted tho "acntennn to llfo
imprisonment when James Perri, a
.Brother Of tha nrlnnnsr la anl1 In hn.ra
'!?,. n R letter saying that he was the
rally parson. He later disappeared.
K, .?as met at tha prison door today
Wanother brother, Nicholas Perri, who
Meompanled him to a car nftcr ho had
Sgaen farewell to the convicts. Tho two
iMn, rejoicing, went to tho home of
JJsanel, where his wife and bIx children
! 7,?!!lnr for hlm- Tho family lives
I little house on East Wttenhouso
near Osceola street.
ay Nickels Gathered in by Ven
dors of Eak Song EJheet. ' '
.mi?.len .men B:attered along Market
'mih.i?"? 6th Btreet near'y t0 City Hall,
I&..U1 .,n n,ckela thls '"ornlng from
iah.l tonB tht PeoP!e Who bought
rtSrn.ihwa TlPPerary." Most of
mSL.T found that 't was not. but the
m Mler stayed lonff ' o"e Plac
!KJk w,.who "turned for their money
teh. to w&ol their loss.
Sew 1?. aoId ,l o down from
ll&r r , t mmlns. They spread
sllkli Aret street where tho crowd
mvS?&yv& aloft &reen-covered
Ss tuffa with eight pages of pink
Rrnir .- ie th8 cover ln a Bma
te!th..e.the words tor "Tlpperary."
M v.Ies( Pf tha pae8 t covered with
Kir. S,t 80nsa that were new ten
Kuhi ."H" nra tw Pages of muslo
fi&. VPtrt but U la not "Tlpperary."
Ti-- covr run the words "If a
r ,f-7V ,0 PPerary." with the
Jflnlicent of Ireland.
Ulan Vthn knllnl., ,.. ----&-
u tank .y' eoiiocHon
ri k t0. Protest. "The musio Isn't
f 9 said.
ver said H was." the saleaman on-
K'" f1' Ware' M Ea8t Wa,nut
jjy today at home and received a
S .i callere. Who congratulated the
t.V ? on ner longevity. Until a
, ,1 she waa in good health, but
?. Mrs. w .... v. . t
artta.. ,. t.w ua uutA v u-
vAnna, Phrter, H years jld, ml
sireet, is at the Stetson Hoa
"Hn a probable fracture of the
internal injuries as the result
Struck bv a. trnllav iur ttuiav
4 inamond strU. She started
u rr0ni of the ear Jujt as tU
i mjew on io po-er. Kr caa
PAKIS, Jan. 8.
Tho Petit Parislen states that a secret
agreement exists between Italy nnd Ru
mania whereby both nations will simul
taneously declare war against Turkey and
"This action," it adds, "will come speed
ily, because Austria Is clearly preparing
grounds for a separato peace, which would
deprive Italy and Rumania of tho benefits
they hopo to derive from tho Dual Mon
archy's defeat."
LONDON, Jan. 8. The conference be
tween tho King of Rumania andvKlng
Ferdinand of Bulgaria will tako place
today or tomorrow at either Gradlstea or
Bancasa, on tho railway south of Bucha
rest, declares a dispatch to the Evening
Standard from Rome.
From tho Paris correspondent of tho
Paris Post last night came a dispatch
stating that Rumania had asked tho
United States to care for her interests in
Berlin and Vienna which, he adds, "can
obviously mean but ono thing."
So many are ttfe evidences that Ru
mania Is preparing to enter, the war that
tho news that It has aligned Itself with
tho Allies Is expected almost hourly.
Tho conference between the rulers and
their Prime Ministers of Rumania and
Bulgaria, it la believed, is to remove any
possible cause of friction between the
two countries and ultimately to bring
about a new Balkan federation.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. A commission
composed of delegates of the Rumanian
Government is now in tne united states.
This commission Is charged with tho pur
chase of arms and ammunition, cotton
and sanitary supplies, amounting to at
least $10,000,000, required by the Ruma
nian Government. The commission is ln
New York. t
Woman Declares New York! Man
Forced Her Into Life of Shame.
Gugllelmo Conte, alias Williams, former
ly a New York baker, was accused of
wtfilte slavery ln the 7th and Carpenter
streets station this morning, Mrs. Catlna
Colombo, formerly of Elizabeth, N. J.,
asserted he forced her to a life of shame
by threatening to kill her husband.
TJie couple came liere from Baltimore.
According to the woman, she met Conte
at the home of a friend In Now York
city. He compelled her to go to Boston
with hlm and from there to Baltimore.
Driven from the Southern city, they came
to Philadelphia.
Fearing the man would kill her, .the
woman went to the station ihouse and
told her story. Magistrate Carr held
Conte under $2006 ball for a further hear
ing, when he will be turned over to the
United States Department of Justice. Mrs.
Colombo was placed under the care of
the Court Aid Society,
Tha New Ycrlc Alumni Society lias Fledged
$5(10 to Coach Vivian NlckalU to be expended
on new rowing equipment. Mr. NlckalU ex
necta to purchase new rowing machines to re
place the obsolete m&chlnea now ln use.
Wednesday, January 20. Is the date set for
the annual bowl light between the Freshmen
and sophomore classes. The sophs wilt be
"out for blood" in this scrap as tha freshles
have already humbled them In two out of
three scrap this year.
Th first dance of the Wharton School wtU
be held In WeUhtman Hall op Friday evening;,
January 15. Jf successful the dance will bei
come an annual affair.
The Combined Musical Clubs will take a
four-day trip next Thursday, giving concerts
In PprinitneW. Mass.: Waterbury. Conn., and
at the West Tolnt Military Academy.
Fraternities under the. new rushlnr agree-
ment will start to rusn iresnmen on eeoruary
k This dat was postponed a week on ac
count at the faculty allowing tha students the
Brit week in February, as well as. the last
week In January for mid-year examinations.
Ths faculty threw a gloom bomb Into tb
joy Jarap of the students this week when it
announced that all examinations would be re
uulred and that no exemption would be
fraoted. For this reason two weeks have
faen set aside for the mid-rear examinations
instead of the usual one week.
Dr Leo e Howe, professor of International
law. recently delivered, an address to the
United State Universities Club of Argentine
HrPUblio In Bueanos Aire Doctor Row
sinks on "The Helatlon of the American Re
buWI to the European Conflict." and In it
E advocated woncerted action In order to avoid
unaui Interference with neutral commerce la
nerat and with purely iuterAnierlcan cqm
JnewVto ptleuUr.
t the recent Beaux Arts Society competition
Pennsylvania architects tooK rour secnd
".Wi'IIrtlrtl mention out of the 12 draur.
, receiving a larger number
proportion to tie ueatans euo
medala and eight mention out
muted and ! ro?rB Bedal than any other
Sltool The second medaU were rofved by
fvkk Alst! W B- Rabeaold. J. A It. Thomp
J V5L! ' h Tm.welL Tho mentions nn
as?. t
rAnm(. ana w wwr-v "'
The PbJloiMtntan
Director Cooke Plans to
Bring Civil Action and
- Appeals Will Be Taken to
Highest Courts.
The "perpetual contract" Hiving Philip
H, Johnson tho pcrmnnent position of
architect of the Department of Health
and Charities may bo subjected to a
legal test going to tho Tightest, courts
tor an ultimate decision.
Director Cooke, of the Department of
Public Works, Is oxpoctcd to tnke action
as a result of Councils' refusal yesterday
to appropriate tho 1,OCO,000 for recon.
structlon of tho Philadelphia tlcnoral H03.
pltal In the general appropriation bill
thnt Ihcluded overy other vital Item of
the tl.SOO.OOO municipal loan and made
tho bulk of the funds available as soon
na "bonds are floated.
The legal step contemplated hy Dl
rector Cooke would bring Johnson into
tho courts td defend In a civil action his
contract In penpctulty and would settle
for all llmo tho present moot question,
which has twlco disrupted lho Depart
ment of Health and Charities during the
Ulanknbut-R Administration.
Director Cooke contends that, under the
Bullitt bill, all construction work dono
by tha city must bo under the super
vision of the Department nt Puhllo
Works. Johnson's contract is for con
struction work Under the Health Depart
D S. Ij. Zlcgler, tho now Director of.
the Health Department, Is now holding
In abeyance tho letting of contracts for
Improvements to tho Homo for tho In
digent which would bo ertectpd under
Johnson's supervision, with his Inspectors
on tho Job rtiul with Johnson tho arbiter
In all disputes with, tho contractors.
Tho advertising for the contracts wns
Instituted by ex-Dlrcctor Harte.
Tho' Organization leaders plainly Indi
cated yesterday that Johnson had their
approval for tho supervision of tho work
of reconstructing Blorkley at a cost of
tH.OOO.POO. liy the terms of Johnson's po
litically Inspired contract, oxocuted with
tho city In 1903, his share at 6 per cent.
vould be fcWO.OOO at least.
Tho Finance Committee reported favor
ably to Councils tho bill opproprlatlng
In bulk and making nvallable nil but
1,450,000 of tho $11,300,000 municipal loan.
The "blanket" appropriation' bill did not
Includo the $1,000,000 that would start tho
work of relieving the congestion nnd tho
unheal tliful condition In Blocktey's ram
shackle wards.
The other Item not Included Is the
$100,000 for erection of a structure for the
Municipal Court for the location of which
sumdent land has not yet been obtained.
A commlttco from tho Philadelphia
Chapter of tho American Institute of
Architecture Is Investigating tho con
templated work In the Health Department
for which Johnson would be tho archi
tect under his "eternal" agreement..
Schuylkill Near Normal Again
The Schuylkill Illver wns only three feet
above uormiil height this morning, ac
cording to Wlnllcld S. Oullcs, lock tendor
for the Schuylkill Navigation Company
nt Mnnayunk. Tho river fell three feet
slnco yesterday.
Congressional Union Will Try to Ob
tain Legislative Action.
A whirlwind campaign for woman suf
frage In this Stato was planned at the
meeting of the Congressional Union for
Woman Suffrage, held at llio homo of
Miss Mary A. Burnham, 3101 Powelton
nvenue, yesterday. A concerted effort will
be made to hnvo tho equal suffrage bill,
which will como Up before tho Legisla
ture at HarrisburK nt Its present ses
sion, pass that body.
At tho Meeting Mloa Alice Paul, organ
izer of the Congressional Union, urged
tho united notion of all women who now
voto nnd who desire to voto In tho con
templated cttinpalgn, pointing out that
tho woman voto would bo ono of tho
slionget forces In obtaining better
Miss Mabel Vernon, of Wilmington,
who tins Just returned from nn eight
months' toar of Novada, told of her ex
periences thero. She hns taken up her
'hendnunrtei-H In Delaware, mid will lead
n campaign In thnt State. Dr. Frances
A. Van Gnskcu also spoke. She was a
member of lho delegation of Democratic
women who was received by President
Wilson n few days ago on behalf of
wrninn suffrage.
Mote tlmn So suffrnglsts were present
nt the meeting. Among them wcrot Miss
Florence Danville, Mrs. Sonvltlo, Ml
Fanny T. Cochran, Mrs. Theodora JLwIs,
Mrs. K. O. Halllgan, Mrt S. tt Oren
ough, Miss Cornelia drecnogh, Mr.
James Monaghan, Mr. arid Mrs, John
Lindsay, Miss Alice Carpenter, Miss M
A. Uuiin. Mrs. M. C. Dowell, Mr. M. C.
Morgan, Mrs. F. M. Shepard, Mrs. h. M.
D. Mitchell, Mrs. J. A. Iluloh, Alt's, J.
It. Copperrield, Mlns Julkt Lewis, Mrs. A.
M. Sweet, Mrs. Thomas Williams, Mrs.
Henry .fustics, Doctor Kahn kind Mrs.
Harry Lowerruurg.
Dramatic Organization of TJ. of 3?.
Chooses Production,
"Paradise Prison," a musical comedy
by Darrell If. Smith, author of "lloyal
Arms," last year's . production, has been
selected by tho Mask and Wig Club Of
the University for this year's play,
Charles L. Oltpln, composer of ths
lyrics for "Itoynl Arms," will also com
pose the music for "Paradise Prison,"
A prize of $200 was awarded to Mr. Smith
for his composition of the two-act
libretto. Spoclnl mention was given lo
Edwin M. Lavlno for his manuscript,
"Tho Landing of Mr. Columbus."
Try-outs for the chorus will be held to
night nt tho Mask and Wig clubhouse,
310 Quince street. Twenty-four students
of tho University of Pennsylvania are
to bo selected.
sToitis ornxs smo a. si. closes at biso p. m.
; ilviij on ijio.n oimnns filled
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Men's & Women's Shoes
By taking all they had we cleaned up the entire surplus stock of a
noted Philadelphia manufacturer, enabling us to offer you some very high-grade
Men's $3 nr
, LiAjO
Women's $1 1ft
js at uiiy
$3 Shoes
You have a wide choice of
patent coltskin, gunraetal calf
and glazed kidskin, some with
dull leathers, othera with cloth
tops in button, lace and Bluchcr
styles, with flexible sewed sole3.
All styles of heels are in the lot,
including low heels fpr growing
rls. All sizes are iiere, fn to
all widths, C to E
to $6 Shoes,
Prominent Boston Maker's
Surplus Stock
Up-to-date models, including pat
ent coltskin, gun-metal calf and
tan calf, some with gray cloth and
tan ooze tops, in button, lace and
Blucher. Sizes 6 to 10 in lot.
Women's and Misses' Apparel
Some of the Best Values That Have
Yet Marked the January Clearance
Many prices have been clipped in half, that means reduced
to less than the cost to make the garments, all of which are m new
and desirable late winter styles.
For Misses' $
$16.50 to $20Coats,
Smart three-quarter and full-length styles sketch shows one.
Includo stylish mixtures, cheviots, corduroys and zibelines,
in gray, black, blue and rich two-tone effects. Many with
pretty fur collars.
Misses' $18.50 $ 1 O Cfl
Coats ...... LdijJ
Illustration shows one of the several styles.
Fine pebble cheviots, mixtures and plaids, in qlack, blue and
brown; quite a few trimmed with fur cloth or velvet.
Misses' & Women's $18.50 Suits, $10
Latest styles with long or short coats.
Plain tailored and dressv effects, in fine diagonals, mixtures,
cheviots and' serge, in navy blue, black, brown, plum and green,
richly silk lined.
Womeis $22.50 Top Coats . . .$13.75
Of fine black zibeline with belt, full ripple, guaranteed satin
lining and handsome skunk dyed raccoon collar.
Misses' and Women's
$22.50 to $29.75 $1 9 7ft
Dresses M.fl J
Many different ualnty styles for attr&nt
and evening fashion.
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