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ML A. V. Official Declares Red and Blue Athlete Is Ineligible
for Boston Meet Lobert Deal May Help
McGraw to Another Flag.
A Lobottlan Irfimrrt
JW U (hit lima for the fun wb complains,
"Kotf Vpr he tbs money, bitf we havo the
To wor u'l i new set of groueViM and
iror roncr p
been copped by ono Muggsy
And CoIHum 1 rone io tlA mica tienr West.
In trnii'tuil delight at the long gioen's behcat)
Oh. ' o will h next to depart rroiv our newt
Ami nislt us the butt of the nation's guffaw?
ftVbal tite are the brains that we brant' of In
.. prldo.
If tvo fii 'cm outright for some kale on tho
And give tho whole sport world a chance to
.The clt that puts Its good pUvers In hock?
And micro 1 the profit, slnco when wo sell
And spend It again where the tiftn players
JTr one star In ten, comes Nov York with
tho thout, . t ,
a Phllly, dear Phllly, what hua ou In
::: '.
A Pertinent Qury, At Thit
XellVc puns' Milter Meredith Is due fojja sum
If A. A. IT &uUs do not do somo swift
riertlng. ,
Tnm "hat W learned from here and there,
we clln l tho surmise
Bomo ono 111 say 'o Teddy soon, "who are
jou reproMlngr"
There's nothing wong with tho A. A. U.
rule prohibiting collcgo athletes from rep
resenting cluhr In tho collcgo year, it
does avay ftrd this Is no stain on tho
esoutohenn of Meredith with tho "piece
of chnngo" Uspiolon that will blast tho
best camp on earth If It Isn't tbrn up by
tho rnotp.
Barring tho Player-Authors
Not that wo wish to prolong tho dis
cussion, tbut havo you noticed tho sport
ing writers novcr asked for a dividend out
ef the world's series loot? And did you
ever seo a sporCng writer In an automo
bile except by permission of tho owner?
Tou didn't, which is another chunk of
proof that tho gamo Is on tho lovel.
Help "Wanted!
Wanted- Strong young man with a
punch to net as bouncer In a soccer game.
Only MJsoned veteran need apply. Must
havo snarp oyes to detect pop bottlo
heroes in the act.
The., world of sport has sought In aln
To And that fan of might and main.
That fan who left the baseball stand
wuon throning things at umps was banned,
And rav his mone and support
unto some much more gory sport.
gut now, at last, the daring wight
h hides up In thi stand to fight:
who bnrla his bottles with a Kcreech,
And keeps himself well out of reach
Was corns to light, dispatches claim.
Disgracing New York's soccer game.
Jounnlistic Sabotage
Christy Mathewson In a recent article
ys other clubs always try to give Mc
Oraw and tho Giants tho worst o a deal
In players. Of course, nobody ever UI03
to hang anything on another team. Tho
first principle of baseball, and a lot of
other games, Is to give more than you
receiie. Meaning, or course, more bunlc
But how tho man who writes that stuff
must hate deah old Matty!
Herzoff. of Cincinnati, modestly sug
gests ho'd like to land Lobert and Dooln
una javenaer and Fierce.
local owners will bo satisfied to start tho
season with a team which has little
opportunity to finish in the first division.
That the Phillies are determined to havo
n cheap lenm Is evident It is also Just as
evident Hint they aro doing whnt Jack
Dunn did with his Baltimore Interna-
i tlonal Lcaguo team last summer sell out
the cream of tho talent to the highest
bidder. Tho snlo of Mageo netted the
Phillies a neat lump of money plus Whit
led and Young Tom Hughes. The price
McOraw paid for Lobert Is not known,
but It is safe to say that, despite the fact
that Stock, Adams unci Dcmaree will como
hore In the exchange, tho New York club
did not get the world's fastest baso ru ti
er for n song.
Stock, who Is exclusively a third base-
i"an will unquestionably tako Lobort's
pinco at tho last turn. Whltted Is both
an lufleldcr and an outfielder, and was
used by Stalllngs as bucIi. Whether
Hughes and Dcmarco will strengthen the
locals or not Is problematical. Domareo
may havo a good car and bo n valuable
acquisition to tho team, but Hughes has
yet to show that ho can stand the pace
of a season In tho major leagues.
Meredith's Case Interesting
Will "Ted" Meredith bo ellglblo to rep
resent the Meadowbrook Club and tho
University of Pennsylvania on tho samo
night? That Is tho puzzling question to
day. President Alfred J. Llll, of tho
Amateur Athletic Union, is of tho opinion
that "Ted" will bo barred If ho attempts
to represent tho university of Pennsyl
vania at tho Boston A, A. games next
montli. "Ted" has represented tho var
sity In open competition as a member of
tho Meadow brooll Club, and it Is President
LIH's opinion that no athleto Is ellglblo to
represent two organizations In ono pe
riod of tho year. Doctor Orton, of Pcnn,
believes tho rules of tho A. A. U. wilt
pormlt Meredith to run In open competi
tion for his club and In closed races for
tho University, "flulcs Is rules," and
President LIH's word will likely bo law.
Howovcr, tho solution of tho problem Is
clearly up to tho A. A. U. ofllcluls.
After B years In the field of wres
tling and still active at the ago of 49
years. Oeorgo Bothner, probably tho
greatest exponent of this ancient stle
of comeptttlon, denies ho Is about to
retire. In all these years Bothner, ns
oatch-as-catch-can champion, has been
cnlled upon to defend his title more
than 200 tlpies, and has been thrown
only tour times. One of these falls
was gained by Mlvnke, tho Jap ex
pert, In tho handicap match which
Hothncr won on lnsi Monday night.
Bothner 1ms been wrestling as a
professional for 18 jenis, and has beon
In actual competition nt least 2500
times. Ho met nllcomcrs nt any old
weight. When they didn't have nny
133-pourulcrs, nt which weight ho held
the tltlo for ears. the promoters trot
ted out middles eights, heavy n eights
ntid sometimes men that weighed over
250 pounds, but tht wlr Bothner took
enro of them all Ho was thrown onco
by Eugene Trembly In a champion
ship, and on two other occasions men
wHghlng mote than 200 pounds havo
managed to In his shoulder to the
mat because of their great strength
and weight.
Stallings Men Pilfered Sel
dom Because They Played
a Safe and a Sane Game,
Yet Team Was a Wniner.
I" ssBr7
i A ipRsHHHI
e m r
"Dad" Phillips, who Is employed as
binder by the Lelnnd Stanford Uni
versity Press, near San Francisco,
claims to have seen the first finger
milt evor Used In a baseball game.
More than 40 years ago, Phillips says,
he played onthe same tenm-Wlth A.
O, Spalding ift Bockford, Hl.i and tolls
of tho origin of the mltt as follows!
"Intone of tho games that our Itock
ford squad plsycd we wcro nttracled
by the sound of the ball ns It clapped
Into the hands of the man on first
base for our opponents. Of course,
none of us wore mitts In thoso days,
and wo never thought such a thing
would be practical, nut this man on
first base always caught tho ball with
a loud pop, and several of us noticed
It, though we could seo nothing un
usual nbout his hands.
"However, after ho caught the ball
ench time, ho pressed something Into
his left hand. After tho game Spald
ing ami t went over to seo what he
had In his hand. After somo protest
he showed us. It waB nothing but a
pteco of bent metal around which he
had sowed some leather. It seemed
lie had Injured his hand, and did not
want to be kept out of tho gnmc,
ittnhlch was for me cnampionsnip or
So ho had made this
' m
Hans Says He Hopes to Set Along Well With MJJ
Wishes Philadelphia bucccss Doom May bcl
Traded to Cincinnati Today.
He is one of the best soccer play
ers in England and will play in
side left on the Bethlehem eleven
this year. Pepper only recently
arrived here. v
Now here's a man who makes a hit,
. A modest, unassumlnic wit:
A. man who does not want It all. who could
not well be meeker:
The otlior teams ho will not rob
9f banner. Johnson, Collins Cobb.
wer does ho In unncemly brawl, attcmot to
draff in Speaker,
Tho completion of the Lobert-GIanta
deal (means several things which are
elghly Interesting to all baseball fans.
In tho first place, McOnaw has what ho has
been looking for for the last thrco years
a. good third baseman. Lobert's presence
in tho Ne-v York line-up may send tho
metropolitin club to tho top of tho ladder
again in J915. despite tho improvement of
tho Boston Braves. That is looking at
thojnattor, of course, from tho New Yorlc
viewpoint. As far as tho Philadelphia
end of tho deal Is concerned, tho selling
f Lobert and Mageo indicates that tho
Boxing Stood Well in New York
According to tho report of tho State
Athletic Commission, which controls box
ing in New York, tho sport enjoyed a
distinct boom in 13H. Thlrty-ono new
clubs havo been licensed and there aro
now 63 operating. Tho total receipts for
tho year wero $6GO,000, of which the Stato
received 5 per cent revenue, amounting
to about $32,000. Tho commission has
certainly performed a great work during
tho year. Tho fact that tho sport is
prospering under tho direction of the
commission is proof sufficient that prop
orly supervised sport will stand up well.
j. no Binie is clearly paid for its trouble
as $J2,000 Is a pretty nice little nest egg.
Ono on Clabby
"Jimmy Clabby," middleweight scrap
per, drew a seat In a cafe ono day along
side of a very talkative fellow. His talk
was about tho ring game and prize fight
ers. "This fellow, Jimmy Clabby." said the
stranger, "is a pretty good fighter, but
I don't llko him very much personally."
mat so?" queried Clabby. "Do jou
know Clabby very well?"
"Know him? Why, I've known him
slnco ho was a kid," responded tho
Clabby didn't recall tho stranger's face
Ho figured he was boasting about his
acquaintanceship with fighters, as Is tho
caso sometimes with fight fans.
"Tell jou what I'll do," said Clabby.
"I'll bet you a ten spot jou don't know
Clabby when jou Beo him "
"You're on," answered the stranger.
Tho ten spots were placed side by side
on the table.
"How'll wo prove that you know
Clabby?" asked Clabby.
"Easy enough," answered the stranger.
"I'll let you bo the Judge. I say that
you are 'Jimmy' Clabbj-. Am I right?"
Without waiting for an answer tho
stranger picked up tho two "teners" and
walked away, smiling at all-but-knocked-out
Once again It is nccessarj to revert to
tho Braves', base-stealing record for tho
season and Its significance. Because tho
Braves stolo only 139 bases for tho sea
son, and won tho pennant, tho fans aio
figuring that baso stealing ns an aid to
winning ball games has been greatly over
estimated. Managers aro about ready to
"can" tho base-running gamo aa a re
sult of this revelation. But both fans
and managers should go slowly in throw
ing baso running Into tho discard, pen
nant or no pennant
Tho Braves plajed a different sort of
gamo becauso they had different material
than tho other clubs. Tho Srnvm
wcro content to make a run at a time,
using tho sacrltlco when necessary, and
they could afford to do this becauso they
possessed pitchers who wero nhln tn imi,?
the opposition to low scores. The Braves
wero ablo to win games with ono, two or
mrco runs, anu didn't try to make them
In clusters.
McGraw, with his Giants, was up
against a different proposition. His
pitchers could not hold tho enemy to a
fow runs, nnd, In order to win, he had to
make runs in bunches. Ho had to havo
four or five or ho wasn't In tho gamo at
all. So tho base-running gamo was
adopted, tho hit and run and tho steal.
These, If successful, usually produco two
or threo runs at a time.
. ?'a'llnBs Is not a manager to bo
trifled with. His players do not care to
try for a stolen baso and fall. It means
somo hard words for them, and Stalllngs
had a different Kind of campaign mapped
-.. D Ua wuiing 10 try ror ono run
at a time, nnd, with his excellent pitch
ing and fine defensive team, ho was ablo
to get awav with it. Rn yin ,n,
.base running. It is ono of tho linn nri.
or the gnmc.
Bed and Blue Bowing Coach. Will
Get Needed Assistance.
Tho prolonged fight which Coach Vivian
Wloialis has wared to obtain proper equipment
for the Ihuterstty of Pennsylvania craws has
t,Jast produced results. Following tho speech
Biado oy th head of rowlntr affairs at tho Ited
nd Ulbo Institution before 600 alumni of the
VntTMStty In New York soma weeks ago tho
Atumal flociety of that city has pledged tho
uta uf JdOO to Coach Nlckalls for Improvement
or tLb uTlpment.
In aireUiUi; that tho rowing activity at
p.vV"7,Vk'" "!,tl not receive lu due from the
atUvtic hbxi.t;on. and that conditions which
i.J,..fte? "'A Vlb oarsmen had to face were
djplorulie, lv.el'a:i!, created a, sensation and at
tn .un Uu, struck a Vespontlve chord
mons !. kf.inm of tho University residing in
ana iwui ,tw Kent.
Btitmlo Sbc-day Bace On
BtWPAlX). Jan. 5.-EIght teams were tied
or nt puca In tho modified six-day rac-j
njUtfi Duisiied Its Cc 31 hours at tho Broad
"way AuOituilum midnight. They had cov
rod T! iii.im und S lupa. Two teams. Kop.
nr-HftiUir.t ai.d CoIuribaUo-Provoit, wore one
lVob,V,P' 71 rs 'will resume the race
t 3 o'llicli tnla afternoon and ride until U.
l. m.
Girls Create Furore at Auto Show
NEW YOllIC, Jan. B.-There waa great ex.
flrment at tho automobile show In Grand Cen
inl Palace lati night. One thoond pretty
oJiortio girls, all garbed in the vlT.it or
tlfihv sab-taJ Illustrated how to mer anl
leave limousines.
Miles xdaiu it Federal
CHICAGO. Jan. d. irlifci Main? Detroit
twlrler, has uljuM u twour te.niuct with
the IVnleru!, it fetcunio Juswn today 'Pin-j..
dent Ollinon m tt.0 outlaw organization, con
tflnnecr the rxrvi &Jt ei4 he doa not knuvv
(with lui:ti vaA afJiii wolud pf7.
"Eddlo" McAndrews, tho clever Mana
yunk welterweight, will oppose "Charley"
Turner, of tho Falls of Schuylkill, In the
star bout of ten rounds at "Low" Bailey's
Palaco A. C, Norrlstown, tonight.
-ho card follows:
First bout, "Eddlo" Bando, of Phila
delphia, va. "Ed" Roland, of Consho
hocken (six rounds).
Second bout, "Kid" Biff, of Norrlstown,
vs. "Kid" Booth, of Manayunk (eight
Wind-up, "Eddie" McAndrews, of
Manayunk, vs. "Charley" Turner, of tho
Falls (ten rounds).
Jack TVynn. matchmaker of the Falrmount
A. C. announces that, owing to tho temporary
failure of the heating apparatus, the bouts
scheduled for tonight nave been postponed.
Beading Again in Lead
TRENTON-, Jan. 0 Trenton came to her
self In tho Raatern League basketball match
here laat night and by completely outplaying
the Do Nerl league leaders won the contest
vy t acure ot dl 10 1,
This defeat put Do Nerl Into second place
and Heading at tlio top.
W. I P.C. w. L. P.C.
Reading ... 13 t ,Wi Jasper O 0 .SOO
Do Neri .. 13 8 .dlfl Trenton ... 8 12 AM
Camden ... 11 7 ,011 Greyetock , i 11 ,222
eigna Braves' Contract
BOSTON Jsn. 5, The signed contract of
Eugene Cocreham. one of the ipltchera of the
Bnvve last season, has been received at tho
team'a headquarters.
Protest Women Swimmers
mSF JroShlcS? in,,,? Ataibffi fflSK
mi?f.CtV0UId "'"P whwlne ruieUpcr
mlttliu; women swimmers to reclster with th
governing body was adopted at tho last an?
n ,.con.rcntl?.n ' naterlaJUI?g now for the
Registration Commlttoa of the JIctroDoIltan
Association. Deaplto a ciroful lnvestKatlSu
?;,h? ?on""l tee beforo any womah waf per"
mltted to register with tho A. A. V? It de.
Jitrmlttcd to Join tho A A. U. ranks.
Boxing Going nt Benn
Manager Balfour, rtt thn tTmIi,.-..!.. .. .
sylyanli Boxing Club, ii hard at work prS:
""f sji Intf rcolloglato bSxing cTmlvaT
While boxing has never been an Intercollegiate
sport, several dual meets with other colfegea
2i? nJld,Jn P"t years, and it la Man'
aser Balfour's Idea to Increaie the number Sf
i Jut" ". At pcf,'nt negotiations are pend
'"rslty College and Columbia Unl-
Cross and Shngrue Matched
NEW YORK. Jan. 8 -Leach Cross and Joe
Shurrue have been matched to boxat Madlwa
SS"?"" , Garden In a ten-round bout on
VVednesday. January 3. Watchmaker Jlmm?
Johnston completed arrangements for the bout
last nl?ht. the managers of tho boxers agreeing
to sign articles tomorrow, tho men will we gR
iSnat 3 pounds at s clecu on ,h dy of tfiS
rootbnll Committee to Be Heard,
and Bonn News May Develop.
When tho University of Pennsylvania
Football Committee unites its report this
afternoon to the board of directors of
tho Athletic Association tho Bed and Blue
football schedule for 1915 will havo been
decided upon. Chairman Wharton Slnk-
icr called a meeting of his committee
shortly beforo tho board meeting to tako
llnal action on tho host of applications
which had been mado for the October
games. Mr. Slnkler declined to say
whether or not any new teams would
appear on tho schedule, but ho did say
that there would bo no changes mado
In tho November list of opponents. This
mcan3 that the Indians, Michigan, Lafay-
"lo """ woi-iiBii win do met on tho cor
responding dates of last joar.
It Is understood that tho eommittoo ha r.
Jcctcd tho applications of Rutgers Washing
l1.1"1.J.P"e"0 nd tho University ol ? Pitts"
.wbii. jiu uirco or ineso tcama wero anxlouj
f set on the Quaker list But games w?h
them would bo difficult enough Tor November
datis, and Pennsjlvnnla has no November
d Si!cn' That means that to play tlio
teams thoy would have to be met in October,
and tho commlttco Is unwilling to schedule
such hird opponents for preliminary Balnea
lliitgers wanted Pcnnsjlvanla to play In New
jork on tho Polo Orounds, a proposition that
Pennsylvania would not entertain
It Is undcrs'ood that the committee ha
worked out somo sort ot a coaching agreement
for next season, but neither Mr. Slnkler no
n1y.ot.,.'cr momif"; would glvo an inkling of
what it was. Neither would Coach Gcorco
Erooko moko any statement.
Big Fights lor Cuba
wmi?wiTorkv Jcn ,5 Au"' the rcturn ot
Billy Gibson from Havana rnmnnHiiin ha.
twten Cuba and Mexico to stago tho world's
heavyweight championship light between Jack
Johneon and Jess Willard will assume lively
rroportlona Gibson reached New iork last
night from Cuba, where ho obtained the per
mission ot tho Cutan Government to conduct
boxing bouts Only championship contestB will
ba staged, and these will be for not less than
23 rounds, probably to a finish.
Penn Runner Not Eligible
to Compete in Big Boston
Meet, Maintains A. J.
Lill Orton Is Surprised.
Blynn-Beich Fight OM
NEW YORK, Jan. 0 Tho "Jim" Flynn
"Al" Ro'cli right, schoduled for tho Broad
way Sporting Club tonight, has been called
off. riynn asked a postponement because of
an Injured hand.
Beach Beat Barber at Golf
PINEirUTtST, ft. C, Jan. 8. The qualifica
tion tie of last weeks holiday golf tourney
was decided yesterday, Chlsholm Beach, of
Fox Hills, winning SO to ST. for W. 'A. Bar
ber, Jr., of Princeton. The tie score was 80.
Mann for Chicago Feds
CHICAGO. Jan. B Publicity attending th
""ng here ot Leslie i Mann, outsider Jf tho
Boston Uravos put the local Federal Lcaguo
officials on their guard and meeting with joo
Tinker was held under cover. It -waL ra.
Mrted that Mann would pribably .Lm with
the North Side organliatlon in a fowday "
Athletics Exhibition Games
CHICAGO, Jan. B. Rober Bresnahan. man.
r of the Cube, said today that the Cuba
W(1..A,hJeU? wouId P'ay Mhlbluon games In
inofhu In Ihe spring. Tho Cubs wllfgo over
Fo to Thpi for th7e;"gamw. "" w,u lnen
May legalize Bosing
OPRINanEDD, 111., Jan. 8.-The first
Siov.H.t, ibr""E,.abut 1rK?1 bin 1" the Bute
of Illinois will be made today when a bill
patterned after the measure which permits thu
Vori la,i? St''. ot, WIsconsln'iBd New
York will be introduced by Udiwrd eantrv
who little, more than a dfcadeaio mSi ono
of the best featherweight boxer, in thilJortd
llm waa elected to thn TiriBiar irr.!
veirtber. " w ""'
World's chanrpiori 800-metre run
ner whose competition as a mem
ber of the Meadovybrook Club in
open A. A. U. games is likely to
be the cause ot a little rumpus
between the University of Penn
sylvania and the amateur body.
Tho tiatk and field authorities at the
University of Pennsylvania aro duo for a
rudo awakening when they attempt to
InclUdo "Ted" Meredith upon ono of the
Penn relay teams at the Boston Athletic
Association games In February, accord
ing to no less authority than Alfred J.
Llll, tho president of tho Amateur Ath
letic Union. Meredith will not bo per
mitted to wear the big "P" either In the
B. A. A. or any open Amateur Athlotlc
Union affair, although It will bo per
fectly posslMo for Meredith to wear tho
Pennsylvania Insignia In tho Intercolle
giate championships or any of tho Pcnn
rlnnl lnp.tn
Meredith's offense,. If such It may bo
termed, consists of having represented
tho Mcadowibrook Club, of Philadelphia,
rather than tho University of Pennsyl
vania In his Indoor starts this winter In
Boston, New York and Buffalo.
"It is ono of the rules of tho Amateur
Athletic Union that college athletes can
not represent club organizations during
the college season and still remain eligible
to run under the varsity colors In open
meets. This rule hits Meredith squarely
on tho head, nnd It Is altogether surpris
ing that cither Meredith himself or tho
University of Pennsylvania authorities
should have overlooked tho facts. Penn-
ajlvanla and Meredith both may bo ex- 1
pected to put up a light, but to no avail.
That Meredith has been entered and ad
vertised as competing for tho Meadow
brook Athletic Club leaves absolutely no
room for argument, in tho days when,
tho late lamonted "Mike" Murphy lookod
out for track athletics at Pennsylvania
the Quakers never found themselves In
the position they now are. Meredith's
absence Is going to prove a big blow to
Ponnsy's chances lu the Indoor competi
tions Penn has In sight for tho winter
Dr. George Orton, athletic coach of the
University of Pennsylvania, was very
much surprised when called upon to give
his opinion of the Meredith case, Doctor
Orton stated. "I am under tho Impression
that Meredith may represent the Meadow
brook Club In open meets of tho Amateur
Athletic Union, but Is unquestionably
eligible to represent tho varsity In tho
contests that are termed closed to col
lego teams. Tho Boston relay raco In
which Ted will run for Penn is ono that
nas Deon caned a college relay. I be
lieve this race to be ono closed to col
lege teams, and am of the opinion that
tho rules will pormlt him If he cares to
oo so to run a race ror tho varsity and
trten later compete for tho Meadowbrooks,
both on the same night Mr. Llll may
construe the meaning of tho rule differ
ently from me, but It remains to be seen
which Is right"
Meredith takes the same view of the
situation as Doctor Orton, Ho under
stands that by electing' to represent
Meadowbrook In open competition he Is
barred from representing Pennsylvania In
such meets. But, he maintains, that the
event of the Boston meet in which he
wishes to represent Pennsylvania, is
closed to Pennsylvania, Cornell and Dart
mouth, and that, therefore, the A. A. U.
authorities have nothing to say on this
What Gustavus T. Kirby Thinks
Sporting Editor Evening Ledger:
My Impression Is that the lntercol
leglate events at the B. A, A. games
are "closed" to members of tho com
peting colleges and are run under In
tercollegiate rules. If this Is so, I
personally see no reason why Mere
dith should not compete on the Bamo
evening for his university In Its re
lay race with Dartmouth and Cor
nell and for the Meadowbrook Club
In the open event. Personally, 1 am
strongly opposed to such representa
tion, ueiiovine mai a college student
"I nm In no wise dlnsaltsnedwllli Phlta
delphla or tho Philadelphia baseball club,"
said Hans Lobert whon asked whnt ho
thought of tho deal whereby ho waa
traded to tho New York Giants. "I havo
been treated well hero by tho club, by
tho public and by tho newspapers, hut
jou know how It Is, It Is simply a caso
of getting tho best offer you can and ac
cepting It.
"I signed a three-year contract with
tho Giants and while, as I say, 1 didn't
care to tcavo tho Philadelphia club, I
think that I will get along all right with
When Lobert was asked for a complcto
statement as to how the deal camo nbout
that ho waa sent to Now York ho said:
"Well, In tho first place, tho Federal
Lcaguo mado mo a good offer nnd it
seemed that tho Phillies wcro not willing
to mcot It. Then McGraw camo along
and mado mo a proposition which looked
very good, but I told him that I would do
nothing until I had talked tho matter
over With President Baker. McGraw
seemed to bo willing to meet my demand,
which tho Phillies would not do, and that
Is about all thero was to It I understand
that the trado went through yesterday
afternoon. They say that thero will bo
a cash consideration and n couple of
players In tho deal. I only got homo last
night and I didn't know what had been
given out. I suppose that I am to play
third baso for tho Giants, at least that
seems to bo tho plan at present. I had a
number of talks with McGraw beforo tho
deal was closed and ono after It was
closed and that seemed to bo his idea. I
only lmno tho deal may bo tho best that
could havo been mndo for both clubs and
again I want to thank tho club, tho fans
of Philadelphia and tho nowspapcrs for
tneir interest in me."
It Is understood that the deal whereby
Charlie Dooln will bo disposed of will
tako place somo tlmo today, Tho latest
dopo on this ovent Is that tho Cincinnati
club will tako Dooln, at tho latter's own
price, nnd will glvo a couplo of players
In exchango besides a. monetary consider
ation. The deal for Hans Lobert was said to
have been consummated lato jesterday
afternoon by telephone. President Baker
of tho Phillies waB In his olllco at tho
Stock Exchange Building late, but gnvo
no intimation of tho fact that a deal
was on, except by the secret side-door
comings and goings which went on dur
ing a greater part of tho time from noon
uhtil after 4 o'clock. Late in tho after
noon Mr. Baker gavo notlco to tho news
paper contingent present that ho had
nothing to glvo out, hence tho Lobert
deal was not mado public until this
Lobert, according to the reports. Is to
go to the Giants In exchango for Stock,
Adams and Dcmaree. Stock Is a fair
third baseman, and Dcmaree has been
rated as a high grade pitcher, although
his performance against tho Athletics In
tho 1913 World's Series docs not stamp
hlmi as such. Dcmaree, who Is a car
toonist as well as a baseball plajer. mado
his reputation on Mlko Finn's Mobilo
club, of the Southern Association, In 112,
and while he did good work In tho Na
tional League In 1913, ho did not do well
enough for McGraw to accept him as one
of Ills most accomplished performers.
Tho Mageo deal was also completed
yesterday. Whltted and Tom Hughes
will come to Philadelphia In exchange
for Magee, plus tho well-known nnd
much-sought-after money consideration.
parents to I'lttsbunrli. it.
enviable reputation playing rJSs!
amateur teams ot Pittsburgh la?
thereforo nojuiprlso whcn.MaS6
Olatkc of tho Pittsburgh Sf I
tho closo of the season of im JP:
a trial, placing him In three BinS
championship season. Tho nfi.
lntcs In those positions wcreS?
Leach, at third, and Claude lusP
second. Loueit's work eo imtri;ci!
nger Clnrko that ho forthWHk!
him, nnd In l'JOi ttansferrtd B
Des .Moines team, of tho Western?
for fuiUier development. S
Half a dozen players, who latto?
famous to a moro or less degiS
their big lcnguo careers wlto ih.V
In 19W along with Hans to
wcro Atthur Ilofman. i.-w?
Jack Pfelstcr.Fred Falkenbcrir nT
Mvu.iiuu mm .uuw jiiurcn, m
ilofman, a bank clerk from i?
Jclned that team, waa i tir?m'.,Almi
parts of two games, rellovtrig aiSiM
wnw aiu8vi in ien4 ivruRcr wa v
for Clarke Ilofman, in Soi.lP
Lobert. to Dcs Moines. In SeWettk!?'
car his services wcro boulS?5?".i
cago National Lcaguo Club, with, iv.2
ho Cuba that lasted nine ySinf. SK
iwij. in iiuj no went buck to PittiblT
wade, by wnlch ho and Pitcher jiffi
wcro exchanged for "Tommy'fi5S
"Lefty" Lollleld. In Junn , iS ?
leased to tho Kansas City Club but Mi
olnt that team, was sent to NaVhrmT
tho condition that ho ohould net S
PfoLiter camo to Plttslmrnii f ..?.!
Cisco of tho Pacine Coast 1-cagueTa f9
nhcad of Lobert Iro was released iSTitl
In 1001. where ho also played In lMj-M
Pitcher Moron, llko LobcrtTwas al tSM
amateui. Ho was given a trial by SSM
on beptembcr 21, 1003. tho same SfM
beaten, 7 to d, by Brooklyn in Tilt SJ
In 1W)I, relieving Deacon Phllllppo IniiTl
uio ui mo luurin inning or a gam
Cincinnati. IS to 4. tin m ThS-.!,.!'!
Baltimore. In lOOtl ho wsb slgned.br wM
Till In HMrl llirni rl aiiai. T.. .... m ' .H
J007 ho was recalled, and began to coi
work for the Phillies, being one of ii
pitchers for four years. In 1011 he ,
a trado that took him to Cincinnati.
never played ball for tho Hods, rcttW
tho game. n
Ihcro wcro a couple of players, baaTJ
era, on mo i-iiisourgn lenm of lWn tVl
-W-. ,..-rf." ...w. .uu huitiy ,ii V,iB j
x.vukuc. i ucy -wero uncKyara
Thev Avoro
nedy and i:d Doheny.
Kennedy had tail
In point of service John Lobert Is tho
oldest third baseman In the National
League, all tho third Backers being de
cidedly 20th century products, somo of
only a few years' growth. Nono of them
has any advantage over Lobert, a grand
all-around plajer. He combines all tho
qualifications requisite for success on tho
diamond. Ho can bat and field timely and
skilfully, and thero is no baso runner
more speedy. His minor league experience
was very limited, on year with Des
Moines nnd a hnlf year with Johnstown
embracing tho whole of his preliminary
Lobert was born In Wilmington, Del ,
and when quite young moved with his
jiora ot service on tho Biooklyn teial
IMS to tool. Inclusive. Ho was tnhr J
tho bright stars of tho 10th centurr. in J
the uth century rolled along ho wM
grow slow nnd weak. Ho played vfjB
Ulants In lliu.' and with the Pirates ti
mm men uruiipcu inio me minors Tors
years. Dohenv also a stron? nitw
tho gamo suddenly while with the Plni
ii'iM. ins ininu uccamo acrangeu aadti
piacea l. an asylum.
Plttsbu-gh sent Lobert to Dee Mcfe
tOOl with tho understanding that ba t
be returned In 1005. However, ilotla
senEon tho management of the minor it
L-iuii i-jiangeu militia, ana mo new oincu
pudlatcd tho agreement. They held
Lobert, celling his services to the a
Notional League club Lobert, dlsjtnW
tho turn of affairs. Jumped to the Jot
team of the outlaw Trlstnto League.!
ho played until beptember, when hi
tho Cubi under Frank Seolee. J
In 100(1 tho Chicago American Lcajaji
,ru ujr , jciui-r ountrn. wmueu nun, w
winciunaii ciuu reiusca to waive claim u
fcp a deal was arranged by which Lebnti
to Cincinnati' from Chfencn In fnfc
Pitcher Charles W. (Jack) Harper, Toe
cago White Sox, failing to get Lobert.'
ui-uibu jiuuu uu miru uase, wno eecin,
hero of tho world's series of IMS, nbbl
White Sox won from tho Cubs Etki
secured from tho Now Orleans team ti
Uhlto Sox In thn fall of 1IM1.1. &E
nd Hanlon was malinger of the Cluti
team In 11)00. and found no regular plia
Lobert, all tho holes being well Pluftt
mo in anu oui neias. aooerc, inertnn,
camo tlio general utility man and atf
iiiiiidii Willi eieuii, in linji luimny
roran, the shortstop, was released to til
jurit umniH mis icii n note in me si
nnil .Mike Mowrcv was nlacud at nhortin
Lobert took iharge of third base. Latefl
sniicnea positions, Lobert nnshlngtui
at sho't J
In inns. .Tnlm liar ypl hflnc IIia Tnlmpasi
the Iteds, Jiudolph Hulswltt was iljitlfl
nlaped at short.
to tho sub list.
In iniVI Olnrlr firifjlh I
chargo of the Cincinnati club and esvi Ufa
u uieutiy jou ai mira uasc. -nans pivl
position right through until 1911. ce
whs irauca 10 in) I'nuaaeipnia cius,.a
I'reil Iteebe. Jack Itnwnn. nitchertfl
pturgo Paskert, outfielder, for Georxe Mw
ion x.cw Jioren, pitchers, Kd urant, Uu
anin jonnny liaies outneiaer. loemi
been with tho Phillies ever since.
Of the eight players InvolveiKIn lUW
ouiy iour wero aciiveiy engagea muii
tlnnal League last season. They are ul
anu Paskert, with the Phillies, UcQ4
with tho Plrutes, and Grant, with the wl
During a Held meet at Cincinnati b 1
i.(it,nri thu mo Dases in 4K eacoaii
rflf n. nlzeil rprnrd fni- titn fat. SB
T.nnort nlflvprl fnur nn,nni lvlth th Ra
ilolphU team under tho management otfja
during the academic year should not
be permitted to represent other than
his university.
aUSTAVTTft T wrnrrv
Chairman Legislative Committee A,a'.U.
100-yard dash ..
mo-yard dash .,
HO-yard dash ..
SSO-yard run ...
Mile run
Two-mile run...
Cross-country . .
High hurdles ...
Low hurdles ...
Ilroad Jump ....
High Jump
Pole vault
Hammer throw
Shotput .,
...It. P. Trow ..
...II. P. Drew.
...J. H. Meredith
...I. 8. Caldwell
. ..C. L. fpelden.
...J. b Holtmtro
...D. Potter ....
...t'Tcd Kelley .
...I'red Kelley .
...P. a I Nordoli..
,..vy. Oler
...Borgstrom ....
,,.H, P. Jlalley..
...It. L. Ucatty
. Southern California..,
Southern California...
. Pennsylvania
. Cornell
..Cornell ,
..Southern California...
. Southern California...
..Yalo ...,
. Southern California. . .
. Columbia
.. WW
. .21 W
., 0 23H
'.'. El'tul!
.. tttvm
lest tt.'m
IS Mfi
One of the popular pastimes nt the close
of the Intercollegiate football season is
the selection of an "All-American"
eleven, But the picking of tho best eleven
players' In a given section Is pretty much
a matter of personal opinion and, there
fore, never entirely satisfactory. But
there Is one sport In which It Is possible
to pick an All-Amerlcan teum against
which nothing can be said. That Is track
and field athletics. In this sport tho best
men can be selected for tho various
events, and. since they can be picked aa
the result of actual performances and vic
tories over their rivals, the cry of favorlt
lem, or lack of knowledge of tho situa
tion, cannot be raised against them.
The everU for which men are picked
are the thirteen standard events of the In
tercplleglate Athletlo Association program
and the cross country run, Tho discus Is
not included because It Is not a standard
event and does not bring out the competi
tion of the best men In the East. This
team Is made up of the very best men
from all sections of the country, the Pa
clflo coast having the beat men In five
events xne university of Southern Cali
fornia has the best wen In five .events. only 23 seconds.
Cornell tho best In four, and Penn?'B
nla. Yale. Dartmouth, Malno anoi'
lumbia tho best In one each. Q
Thero waa no comnetltlon forp
In uny ot tho events up to tho mllejC
in tlio loo and ZZO yards dasnes yrj j
Southern California, was unquejtlffi
the best In tho country. Ho was cft?l
with running the century In 9 3-5
and, with tho exception of Arthur TtoM
Is the only man who .tho experts irijlrS
cedo over actually mado such tlroe,W
Kelley, of Portland, Ore., was gireo,
same time several eara ago. butTtrW
persons wno ever saw Kelley penorw
Ileve he actuallv madn such fast" U-l
Drew never did this time en an e
track against sttong competitors, but,
has beaten the best men In the eouu
so many times that there la little Plsj
Hon to question his record. In tbj
yard dash Bond, ot Michigan, was &
.u -a seconds in a local meet at Ai"&
por, tiut the record waa not allowed!
thO MIclllKan flvnr nmn nVM B.W
duplicate the performance or wtgv
proach It elsewhere. At the Intel
glate ehamnlonHhina in Mnv he 6rJ
Mm m mis event, the winner's tuns i