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ifffC I NO. 9G
Germans Admit Loss of
fj m Un WoJrtM
But Claim Partial Suc
cess in Later Counter
Charges Joffre'sArmy
Also Wins Ground at
4 . '
ir- fornnV-
K ' ' --
''" The capture by the French of im
ifortant positions at Ccrnay (Senn
Ifctitn) nd Stcinbach, in Upper Al
ace, is claimed in today's official
jJltate'mcnt issued by the Paris War
fo.fice and admitted in the official re
Ijiort of the German General Staff.
sfAt Cernay a night assault carried the
SJielghts, and' counter, attacks by the
'Germans' were repulsed. In the vil
lage of Stcinbach, where fighting has
'bsen in progress for five days, the
vFrench succeeded - in gaining the
"heights, wherq the church and ceme
tery are situated, but Berlin reports
t that three important positions lost
'yesterday by the Germans were later
Though heavy rains have crippled
kfantry operations between the
rNorth Sea ond the" Oise River, artiN
kry duls continue with great vio
ejknee. At several points on the
Sfront French artillery." has silenccd
r$that of the. Germans, while long the
''Aispe ana in wnimpagnc wic irencn
.batteries- have established their su
'j)'erfofity .and shelled, the reserve
troopi of the enemy-
' uesperate assaults covering several
dsvs haje won Borjimow for the
Kafitr.. accordintr to the German of-
Indal report, which addV that the Rus
?iiflii'fai!ed Iff "three nftrlit' attackT-fB-
fregain this specially strengthened po-
Counter Assaults
in Upper Alsace.
PAItlS. .Tnn i.
IThe French continue to make ulnw hut
IJjrtiin gains In upper Alsace and the
Concluded on Face Four
fewri nirrv
;zstkj i i I D
KrfSOrt flf n(M .. 14 . ., -i,
iri. 'Ito the regular run of things
ICr-7 .rte! th demoralizing, more or
ISJif ?ww 0I "weeks of preparation for
KU !,aSJ?111 celebration of tho holiday
ISS?T Tere ,s n0 t,mo of year like
bprestnt on fm th intttifiMv.
!tvl,wi ot "work- Perhaps you
Ptof hvi . s.r '.:.. "rj""""
lC,15Jer U bo PotterlnB around
g; ?$! Wl"1 a. duster and a broom or
VsKl snv bakota In an office or
IV2f..ll..,an?i Ana tor tha times o
agjjWMtton there la a real brand of
tS'RUlerJn theBa Parts luat now-
llwtMM Tvt.1l.0" Der BKatmg, ror
sr- "i
iFor PkUniIJnh!n j -f.
l.. . ":'" "'" wwww
s? ewuay with not much
'S&QS'tn tAmrHwritif,
WV 4tfaila, see page i.
iiObservaUonn at Philadelphia
H .'. , .....,..., 80.41
If i.w..' . .,t.t. 8mle
eSbob. mr"jUhV,::.,"" 'c5?ud'r
Bi-nr " ii..m.........twm
Wfwa, tiSlV.!" 80 pr cent,
?wtu .i.""";j"iri!t" si
Alnianao of tho Day
1 t6mLiVXti,,,,". 4:48 p.m.
th 1..., 7:2a a. m.
(ji '--r-T-FWB.,,,, S'jT "
ampa to Be XAehteA
4 TiIoIm ....
1 M.M,,,.lumap, jg.
. -jiiaea
fMr ,.V.'"V" 4:01ii,m,
rwr tomorrow MSSP-'
'. oiuar TVHAitP.
lSp ..",'.. . f.f S:49t,m.
ei! Uttaorrow ...:::::;n:. juoSst
tr " ,"W5!sIw m'
' aoir::;;:::::::rj;i8r.s
fc$sr today on Con-
Y" w Mount Airy, UUng
, j" Z' " nwmvn vreeti
yXi. '? wan a
EZflj3T V &K
Government Officials Know Nothing
of Iteported Mission.
w"rTlnoSlrt 'in S. Eu.roPn" Pewc They
wero inclined to ridicule thn mm. o:i
pSSES " thlnK was further from
such n nin r Vi . "-?."
Lviinnn'a .,iu..i .. .
envoy to see the Pope. He added that no
SUc movo was under consgatlon.
Craft That Torpedoed Brit
ish Battleship in Channel
Herself Said to Have
Struck Mirie.
BEIUJN, Jan. 4.
It la reported hero, though not officially
confirmed, that a German submarlno sank
tho British battleship Formidable with
two torpodos and was herself sunk three
hours later by a mine. It Is said that all
on board tho subnrnrlno wero lost
Tho Identity of tho submarine is not
stated In the report.
LONDON, Monday, Jan. 4.
Captain Arthur N. Loxloy, of tho battle
ship Formidable, stood on the bridge
smoking a. cigarette as his vessel went
down In tho English Channel Friday
morning after tho ship was blown up,
according to survivors of tho disaster.
The Captain's last words, they say, were
a compliment to the officer who waa su
perintending the launching of tho boats,
on the scamanllko manner in- which the
work was being done.
"Captain tLoxioy gave his orders na
calmly fcs If his ship had been in harbor
with her anchors down," said one rescued
sailor. "The only sign ho gave that any
thing was amiss was a brief .speech with
which ho exhorted his crow to bo steady.
'Everything Is all right,' ho said. 'KeoD
cool, and bo British! There's tons of life
In the old ship yet' "
bers of J"orce Need Reform.
"Billy" and "Ma" Sunday visited the
City Hall today to call on Mayor Blnnk-
enbtirg and 'Director Porter. Tho Mayor
was not in. his office, but William Webb,
the executive's messenger, greeted the
guests, and, after guiding them about
tho reception halU escorted them to Di
rector Porter's office,
"Your men certainly fulfilled their duty
wonderfully well," said "Billy," aa he
took a chair In tho Director's office.
"Thank you very much," replied' Mr.
Portor. "But Just wait a mlnuto until
I get the superintendent"
yhen Superintendent of Police Robin
son arrived Mr. Sunday told the heads
of tho department that their men had
done, excellent, and that they had per
formed greater service at the tabernacle
yesterday than policemen had ever done
anywhero else during his years aa an
Director Porter told "Billy" that he
supposed the policemen 'would all be hit
ting the trail before the campaign ended.
Sunday smiled and then said:
"There may be pome of them. Director,
but from the way they performed their
cervices yesterday, 1 don't think many of
them need to Silt It"
Following the visit at City Hall. "Pa"
and "Ma" Sunday and some of their party
were whirled out Into tho country for an
automobile tour.
Sulzberger Says Five-eighths of All
Deaths Are Sue to Accidents.
The great number of homicides, caused
by automobile acendents' during the last
year, waa the bavls of Judge Sulzberger's
Instructions to the January Grand Jury,
which was sworn In today before him in
Quarter Sessions Cour.t Na L
"During the year 19H," said Judge Sulz
berger, "there were 83 cases in this city
In which men were killed by violence,
due to the passions of men, drunken
ness, lust, rage and a general disregard
of human rights. Of this number 60
-were the result or auiomouiio acciaenu.
"The Legislature, in its (wisaom, pas
fixed the speed law at U miles per hour
within the city limits. But It does not
follow that a man driving at that rate
of speed has the right to kill people.
'The publlo has the right of way at
street crossings. If ft case comes before
you of a man being killed at a street
Juncture, that case should come before
a petit Jury. Neither the Coroner, the
mtrict Attorney or you should have
the rlsht of exonerating such persons.
When automobiles cause five-eighths pf
the number of deaths, it w Jutr to
be conscious of the rights of citlsens and
Charles A. Kexamer. an Insurance
broker, of 821 North d street was chosen
foreman ot the Jury.
Reports Show Thousands Back nt
Work In Various Industries.
NEW TORK, Jan. i'-Aa indicating
returning prosperity lntereari? rejwts
were received from all Prt of the coun
try today, a Ise number of men hav
ing retuVned to work after varying
T&&.HE; San Francuco
the shops of the Southern Pacme Rall
ia at Sacramento. Dinumlre, Baa
ffSB& 2- SSS .hop, Mont-
tSi 5 -
Chief Justice J. Hay Brown, successor to Chief Justice D. Newlin
Supreme Court .or Pennsylvania after a service of 21 yearsi, presided
tribunal here today.
Kaighn's Point Ferry House
to Be Replaced by Fine
Structure $1,000,000
Loss There.
A magnificent new terminal, large
enough to handle the increasing throngs
of pleasure-seekers who pass thtough
Camden on their way to Now Jersey coast
resorts, is to rise from the ruins of the
old Kaighn'a Point ferryhouse, destroyed
yesterday in one of the. most ruinous
fires In the history of the city across the
Ttit.1 new building will be one of the
moat complete terminals of Its kind In the
Bast The one destroyed -was altogether
Inadequate to provide for the thousands
of Phlladelphtans and others from all
parts of the country who used it on their
way to the seashore. (
Once before the place waa swept by
fire, on March zs, wsi. ana me duuuwk
that was destroyed yesterday was then
built. This soon became Inadequate be
cause of Front street cutting directly
across the company's yards and com
pelling the breaking of long passenger
trains and thereby causing an expensive
delay In trafflc. This nuisance will end
with the erection of the new station.
Two plans havq been suggested. One
plan la to elevate tne iracno m i
station over Kalghn avenue. This would
do away with the necessity of breaking
trains. The other Is to turn the tracks
avound from their present position to
face south over the coal property of the
John H. Dialogue estate.
The former of these plans Js considered
more S to be adopted, as the city of
Camden has a. plan under way to buy the
waur-front property of the Dialogue es
tate This would prevent an Immediate
Purchase by tho railroad. Eight hundred
..-, now busy helping clear away the
rt.bris. and It la not thought, any men,
vrlll be thrown out of woricj at least noi
for a Ions prio4. . .
A temporary waiting room has been
established and the passengers are being
handled as well as. could be expected
under the circumstance. The company
lost everything, even the uniforms of
omDloyes. Many employes had to go to
woriT this mowtlns In civilian, clothes.
The old Cwuden Rational Bank, Building,
at stw" n5 KjtUhiw a,vnu. h"
been turned Into temporary .general of-
6 Orders were dUpatofced to .ticket agents
alone the line today to noUry U holders
ol mautallon "ckets tp take ear y
trSMtWtt w!l
MMMEM"Ml Ml l"fJ--JJnMlTiml THrinET11TrnTM!ll iiTm 1 iTTTtTTT ?;.,--- a i-mWmmmbmWmVmVmVtJMESM-mSKkVm ft-rH iHVWn
Succeeds D. Newlin 3?oll Judge
Fraxer Takes Seat on Supreme Bench.
One new member was Worn Into the
Supreme , Court of Pennsylvania today
when that tribunal assomb'led for the
January term, and J. Hay Brown, ot
Lancaster, formally took the position of
Chief Justice, succeeding Justice D. New
lin Fell, who retired. Robert S. Frazer,
Allegheny County, is the new member of
tho court.
An .unusually large number of young
members of the bar from various parts
of the country applied for admission to
practice, before the court. The first case
In the list of appeals for argument was
that of the Commonwealth versus March,
and this was held over pending action 'of
thf Delaware County courts In another
case that will have bearing on It, by
request of counsel for March.
Members of the 'Allegheny County bar
sent a large basket of American beauty
roses to Justice Frazer. A delegation of
lawyers frpm the county was present to
witness the simple ceremonies attendant
on his Induction Into office, chler Jus
tice Brown's term expires In January, 1921,
while Justice Frazer has the full 21-year
term ahead of him.
Employes of Nixon Paper Company
Taken to Hospital.
Two employes were Injured today at the
TV. It. Nixon Taper Company, Nixon
street above Fountain. The accidents'
happened within foru hours of each other.
A copper wire got unaer me 1001 01
"William Corslto, a fireman, and threw him
from the staging. 25 feet, upon a. pile of
paper rolls, lie broke his right leg and
was taken to St. Timothy's Hospital.
Thaet was at 8 o'clock.
Just before noon Joseph Sllverthorn, Bfl
years old, of 4568 Sllverwood street,-was
working on the same staging. lie lost his
balance, fell upon the curved surface ot
the hot boiler and landed In a pile of
hot ashes. He was taken to the same
ward with his po-worker, suffering from
facturea of the right leg an dthlgh and
many burns and bruises.
Workmen's Compensation
prill be one of the big issues in the
coming legislature. The experi
ence of Massachusetts under its
act, now in force two and a half
years, is of great interest at this
time. What tt is and how it works
will be described on the editorial
page tomorrow by a writer who
has made a careful study of the
subject. It is a big human ques
tion, and is
On the Brumbaugh Program
Pennsylvania is a laggard in- this
kind of legislation, but will catch
up with the procession at-the com
ing session pf the Legislature,
The Evening Ledger
will present th inside of the work
MMt'i gjueMfett quMtioH in
tjtversf Smt of !
vAU npjmr imam m
utimwuiiiwaiMinii imi i .iiari muni Linmnl
Fell, wh6 has retired from' the
at the opening, session of that,
Declares He Would Quit on
Five Minutes' Notice.
Quarrel With Assistant
A crisis may be reached at any tlmo In
the Department of Health arid Charities
because ot the friction between Director
Harte and Assistant Director Wilson. In
view of the situation, a rumor was circu
lated that Doctor Harte would tender his
When questioned concerning this, the
Director said:
"I have not considered resigning the
directorship, but the Mayor can have my
resignation in Ave minutes if he asks for
"I am trylng to ,run the department on
non-polltlcal lines, and I propose doing
so as long as I am here. I do nbt feel
I, want to resign after becoming so deeply
Interested In the work. I have Btarted a
number ot projects that I don't feel like
dropping In a peremptory manner. It
would (tot be Just to a number ot persons
who are depending on me ( carry these
plans through. I have discussed tho mat
ter .with the Mayor and told him that
conditions in the department were not
satisfactory, lie asked me to postpone
further discussion because he was not
feeling well. This I did, but since the
matter now Is a subject for general gos
sip, I feel that It should be settled."
Doctor Harte also said hevwould get In
touch with several friends who are re
sponsible for his membership In the
Mayor's cabinet and would make a full
statement later.
Relations between the Director and
heads of pther departments also are
strained because of Doctor Harte's, ap
proval of Architect PhlUp H. Johnson.
Concluded ori Face Two
48 Property Owners gerved With
Summons Charging Neglect.
Jfortyrelght property owners, among
them former Congressman Keubln Q.
Q toon, were served with summoncs today,
on complaint of Fife Marshal Elliott, wliq
charged them with having failed to equip
their tenements with fire-escapes,
For several days Fire Marshal Elliott
has had inspectors in the dowutowu sear
ton. of the city making a record of house
"whl?h have no flitj-eacapes. Following- a
confrjjoe with Asibjtant JWtor 11c
Sorler, sueaiaona for 18 propty owners
was Issued.
Mot of the property owners w repre
santed bsfora atastttrste, Stantjvwn by
pwwL 8 sra te m -lQoiiiai
Hcaafeirown najtuiwid the
4jfsAV1SlMrl- )itoi(8WWStt
ftltorw m w -y
P- s 13$m
1111 iimb ! wmir mm wbww ui mui nmii "J 'trt w ' .r -' na uki
Corrstonr, 1015, m ins rnuo Lnxua Ceunnr.
Striking Aphorisms
hi'Sunday's Sermons
An angel couldn't come doum from
heaven and associate with some of
tho people von associate ivith and
get back to heaven if it wot disin
fected with all kinds of formoldo
htrde. I'll rtoht that hellish rum hustnass
from breakfast to hell and look
again and then some.
Borne peoplo say, "There Is no
hell." Thcv won't be there a minute
before thcv are rcadv to admit thev
were wrong.
Our churches are organized to
death now. You can hear them
squeak. There's not enough oil In
the world to make them run
smoothlv. What thev need Is the
JIolv Bplrlt.
I don't blame a man for staving
out late In a club Instead of Icing
home with his wife, If ho has to
plav second fiddle to a bow-legged
bull pup.
When it comes to the divorce
question I'm a Roman Catholic.
If jou don't fix it with Qod be
fore tho undertaker pumps the em
balming fluid Into you vou'll never
get to heaven.
If President Wilson should phone
me tomorrow and sav: "Bill, come
down and exchange jobs with me?
I'd yell right back: "Nothing doing,
I know some of jou people don't
like some of the things I'm saving.
Well, w'e Jiave id doors around here.
If vou don't llko it, beat it. I don't
Borne people talk through their
noses to keep from wearing out their
false teeth.
If I see a icomon smoking a clg-.
arctte, I know alt about her;. Tou
don't need to tell me. I can read
her heart.
If. the socletv gambling crowd
don't get mv bov, that crowd over
in tho dtrtv, stinking booze joint
won't get htm. Ifs that first crowd
I'm after.
I'm for socletv, but I'm ' out
against the sins of socletv.
I'm a politician, not a partisan.
I'lhvotc for ani) good man, no mat
ter what (Ickct he's on.
The sons of the majorttv of our
brldge-whlst socletv women are the
missing link bcttveeh the monkey
and the man.
A lot of flne-dressed socletv worn-
en and- inch' only count, lojicn 'the
census-taker comes around. '
.. "Wte ,nyjfi eAp. news,.at4itt,.Gnf i
pel of JesUs "Christ Ji' a disgrace io
this country, lie ought to pack.'u
his trunk, and beat U to a country
Where they, Wave-'the, red- flag:-
I'm against the union, of churcp
and Btate. It can -never come-here
If anybody tried it the country
would be filled With rivers Of rid
TJiere is no decent man in the
country who does not believe in Qod.
105 Packages of Drug, an
Opium Layout and Jew
elry Confiscated in "the
Police history was made in the early
hours of this morning when bluecoats of
the 11th and Winter streets station raided
a. house at S4t North 10th street and con
flscated the largest quantity of "colte"
and "hop" ever taken In a single raid In
this city.
They made prisoners of four young men
and along with the "dope" found a. lot of
Jewelry that corresponds to the descrip
tion of a lot stolen recently from the
Crown Trading Stamp Company, 1007-1000
Arch street
'Buch a sensation was caused In the
neighborhood by the raid and the arrests
that political protection, which bar made
possible the maintenance of the "Joint"
for U years, was hastily withdrawn, and
the proprietress announced this mornlnff
that her nerves were giving away under
constant "strain and that she would close
It and move away in two weeks.
The haul made by tho police Included
105 packages of cocaine, in quantities from
one-half drachm to a full drachm; one
complete opium layout that had been
used much, and bottles of "coke and a
large cake Of opium ready for the pipe.
All these were found carelessly placed
on the bureau of one of the bedrooms
and on a table. The Jewelry was In a
ciEar box on the bureau. There was no
attempt to conceal the stuff, and the
PoUce say that It Is Impossible that the
proprietors ot the bouse did-not know
erfrJA'rro'Jv.lle Harrison, a
years olds James Meebani B years oldj
Fred Marto. S8 years old. and Louis Ca
plno, 28 years old. They were arraigned
before Magistrate Eraely and held In fSKJ
ball each for ,p. further hearing.
The police said today that for the past
eight years the house has been a sus
pected place and that whenever oqe ot
the "underground" gentry was want4
this house was Invariable searched. It Is
known tq the police as "The ltoost."
It has been on record at tha station'
house tdr some time that the plaee was
run. by Fraylc Shields,, a, iranieriber l.
the Qfflce of the Register of Deeds. b-'
cause som rnqnth ago whe a 'y-a-nlsht"
wa arrested tot tbsft of an over
coat, to the pocket wr rwd Ui lw
u this ha, and tb potto ud tfeein
to srcA jg J !!L2!SLif
rtm? - - I . ,.i. i. ,ifc JL.m,-- n-rirls-Tir-am . J Jl P '
. M.M M .SB.3. HBB IH. I..I I ..II Ul I II UU IHI.BBiSi11 1. - ' fa . b.
4 -'-'" .&B&&t
pftiOE oot ossms
'Tm Here to Fight You
Sin Ridden Guzzkrs
From Breakfast ta
Hell" is His Message.
Multitude Besieges Big
Tabernacle on First-Bay
and Is Swayed by : Evkh
gelist's Verbal Broadside
at Sin. ,
Greater thanthe'throngsat a'.Wrthr,
ringed circus were the three s'tidfeiieet
,m "hMrwJ' v &ia4ed
"Billy" Sunday through tho omi W
mons of his Philadelphia campaign -terday
and last night. More thin. MafV
men nnd women heard him. SCore tha.
15,000 tried to, but failed. '
In the morning the tabernacle at 19th
and Vine etreets was filled, and a :?ew,
thousands atood in tho vestibules, intks,
afternoon all tho seating space In the!
building and all the standing room In
side and In the vestibules were takes.
Many were unable to find standing room,
and went away to return and bo disap
pointed again In the, evening. At loat
15,000 persons clamored, In Valrt, to get
inside 'at the last service.
As soon as the afternoon, meeting ad-,
Joumed at 3:30 o'clock, persons -desirous
of -attending tho evening services formed' .
a line outside the tabernacle. Policemen
tried to hold them back, but. were llterally
llfted off their feet Two hours bsfor
the evening services began the tabernacU
was again- packed. Even the private ea-'
trnnces for ministers, members of the
committee, and newspaper mi .were be
sieged bo much; that nianyj-b'f, tboso hold
In official cards .wee unable 40 get In
side! Among ,on & the- hut' Jio';ee.t ls-i
side waij-Edward ;h; onpall, treasure
-; s-JffiUw C,ommtttWlven,lie
was locked vout .for a quarter ofrati hour,
JTo the.yast; 'thMn'gs'ltjsemed,-as,''thoubI
the wiry, athletic Utile baseball bW"j2
'preacher wbulj wear Unueftj'Wf'ftM' '
first day; rThe Rev., Dr. (JcorgetH. jB(cs
ley, chairman of the. prayer' meeting, com
mittee asked him why he dfd It at the
close of' the evening service after the
Iter. Mr. Sunday had shaken the. hands
of more thon-SOaO'persons. "Billy" .simply
"Never mind," he said, "I'm usi warming-
up.'' j
An hour later, while in bed In his home
at 1S11 Spring Garden street, the evan
gelist told an Evening Lrcocn reporter
It was one of the greatest days he had
ever iiau. xio jinjjiea ana rojiea ojsou
on his bed. lie Joked with all the mem
bers of his party who dropped In to
see him. lie roldr
"Why Just you say for me that that
was the greatest bunch, of cheereni for
an opening reception that I have ever
had. I never saw such an. enthusiastic
audience. And that slnglngl . Gee, boy,
lust wait till Ilodey has a few more
hitches with it There will be' nothinS
In the way ot music that can equal that
singing. Philadelphia ,1s a week ahead of
any campaign 1 have ever had."
"Ma" Sunday wos Just aa enthusiastic.
She talked with- her husband, and s&Id.
that she had ' never seen -so -much en r
'thuslasm. And then she picked up a
bunch ot telegrams and letters and said,!
"There are more messages pf Eood
wishes from our 'trall-hlttlng- friends. In
all parts of the country than we have
ever received at an opening meeting-," .
.Among them were greetings from Ply. ;,
mouth. Pa.; Columbus, Ohio; Huntingdon, -.
W. Vs., and dozens of other places.
The Bev- Mr. Bmdsy was alstf free
with his praise tor the policemen. He,
said there had never been better cars
given in this direction. Director Porter
sat on the platform during the evening
service, But when he saw crowds flUlmJ
the aisles he made a tour of entrant
and several thousand standing ymtt
driven out.
In his opening address "Billy" hit at
all sinful things and persons with terrift
force. He stood before the vt throne
and defied the devil ,and U his lropti and
followers to come forward and tight
Come ahead. All tha buach-orBu-w
down, sin-ridden, whiskey-soaked. Wfc-
guwllng lobsters, and fight. I'm BT ; "
afraid of you. Maybe you think you on a
lick your -Uncle Puller. Well, tafce ;t $,
chance, It you like. I'll stand up hw and
i"" ' ". '",'
Concluded sn psge W
Death Comes to Woman Who !t'JI
to Her Boy and Hersolf.
"With the death at the Bpfeewat jBNso
pltal yesterday of Mrs. kyata, RftfJ..
holder, the trasredy planned W t wow
on New year's Day wa cohij41.
Mrs. Bhelpholder. who reajUgg- $ ttsf
North Iwrence street, warfthf ( w? . ;
tlnued family quarrels and heswt Immm:
with fear for tha future of Twr-,frr!
son naymona, poured elt uwa W
herself and set H aftre, T& jWT mm
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