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INVITATIONS have been litutd by MIm Jos
ephine (16 Telsselre. Morses, of 12$ Spuce
street, for n breakfast to bo given January 1. at
12:30 o'clock at (ho Acorn Club, In honor o(
Miss Mary Stuart Wurts and Miss Isabel Wurta
The first meeting of Mrs. Daniel Hutchinson's
(lancing class, which Is composed of those mem
bers of the younger set who have not as yet
jnada their debut, was held on Saturday night
at the Bellevue-Qtratford. The cotillon was led
b) Thomas Hart, and the members o( the qlaes
included Miss Elisabeth Gushing Karris, Miss
I.enore McCall. Miss Maria Oross, Miss Grace
Brewster, Miss I.ols Jaokson, Miss Emily Cooke,
Miss Mahnah Wright, Miss Margoretlft Bis
pham. Miss Barbara Uojd, Miss Nancy Oooke,
Thomas Hart, Itchard Btockton Bullitt, (Jar
rett Gllmore, Joseph Clement Poulterer, Alfred
Tlarton, Barton Lewis, Clayton SlcKlroy, Norrls
B. Barratt. Jr., William F. Fotterall, Clarence
Jlrewster, Harry Morris Adams, Tristram Coffln
Colket, Id, Nathaniel Davli and William Davis,
Major General Comraahdant George A, Harnett,
tJ. S, M. C i)nil Mrs. Harnett arrived In this
cily Friday to greet the marines returning from
Veia Crux, ami nre now the guests of Captain
William Sheppard, V. H. ti., and Mrs. Benson,
at their home In the navy yard
Mlis Mary C'o&t&s will give a. luncheon at her
residence, northeast corner of 32d and I)e I.an
eey place, today, In honor of Miss Helen H.
Hodge, whose engagement to William K. Lock
wood, Jr., was recently announced.
Mrs. J. Hutchinson Scott ond Miss It, W.
Hawkesvvurth will give the fltst of their series
of mualcales today In the Bellevue-Stratford.
Mrs. Austin S. Heckschor, of 2J13 Walnut
street, will entertain the members of the Phila
delphia Operatic Society this evening;. There
will be music.
The formal opening of the new clubhouse of
Le Coin d'Or. at 231-253 South Camac street,
111 take place tomorrow afternoon, Decembar
t, at E o'clock. The house has been extensively
remodoled and artistically furnished. Tho board
of governors will receive the numbers and din
ner will be served, as usual, from S to 8. The
Ulcers Include C. Yarnall Abbott, president; F.
Walter Taylor, vice president; Vincent H.
Brecht, secretary, Francis J. Zlegler. treas
urer. The board of governors Includes John H.
Minds. AVIlllam S. Ashbrook, Edward Cbllds
Carpenter, John B. Dq Couraey, Mason W. Zim
merman, Mr. Abbott and Dr. W. W. Zimmer
man. They have dono much to make the open
ing of the houss a huga success and to Insure
comfort and attractive surroundings for the
club members. The club has many distin
guished members, among them men and
women prominent In the world of art, drama
vnd the professions, Including Otis Skinner, tho
Bclpr; Horace Wells Sellers, the well-known
architect; v. AValtcr Taylor, the illustrator;
Cyiue H. K. Curtis, John Luther Long, who
wrjoto the famous "Madame Butterfly":' Miss
Emily Perkins, and many men and women
members of the Plays and Players 'Club.
Miss Helen Bell will give n bridge at W
home ISH Locust street, on Tuesday, Decem
ber 13.
Mrs. David Lewis gave the first of her musical
teas yesterday afternoon at her home. 58 South
till Street, with ttobert Arnibrustcr ns the so
loist, Mr. Armbruster will leave today for a
concert tour throughout the West.
Mrs, Walter Jackson Freeman, of 1S32 Soruce
street, will be at homo Informally on Sun-
Says, from 1 to $ o'clock, until April 1. No cards
have been sent out.
taiNWYD-Slr. and Mrs. William C. Scheets
entertained the Evening Bridge Club at their
home Saturday night. Tha members present were
Mr. ao4 Mrs. J. Ilea Patterson. Mr. and Mrs.
rewton wigfall, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Tuli,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Addison Fox, air. ond
lairs. F, Curtis Ijubley and Mr. and Mrs. Brad
ford Smith.
The Cynwyd Club will give the next of Its
series of subscription dances the night of De
cember 31.
WAYftE-Mr. and Mrs, J, Bertram, Mitchell,
Hq have been passing the summer nt Radnor.
Rhdvc opened their house on Pembroke avenue.
Jirs. warren H res Turner, entertained n
number of her friends at tea on Friday after
noon In honor df her mother. Mm rvinlrlln wi
S sifters, tho Misses Conlln, who are her guests.
Mist Helen Bates entertained a number nf
her friends at cords Saturday afternoon, in
honor of Mlts Dorothy W. Brooks, of Qyei
brooU, whose engagement has been recently
announced to Frederick Chandler.
DEVON -Mr. Henry Sulger Jeanes, Mss Mar
garetta Jeanes and -Mlis Elizabeth Jeanes have
closed Edgelleld, their summer home, and are
jjgoupying their city residence.
Mrs Cicorge dense Browning, of Old Lincm.
ter road. Is entertaining hor daughter, Mrs, oto
Itothe, of New York, for a few days,
Mr. and Mr p. L. grant, who have been
visiting Mr and Mrs. William T. Hunter, on
Waterloo road, have gone to Atlantic City.
Mrs W. N Wilbur and Miss Elisabeth Wilbur
have taken a house In Warrenton. Va., for the
Miss Huffman, at Dayton, O., who has been
the guest of Mrs. Wharton Blnkler. at Thorn
fcuiy. Elkina Park, has gona to New York,
Vheie she will visit (r(ends.
Mr. aftd Mrs Cfearlts J. Webb, of Menlp
Manor. Klkins Park, or? spending several weeks
i Hot Springs. Va.
Miss Oraharo h returned to bar heme la
; I'luburah. after spewing several vqki as the
putst of her brother Wl lHntew, Mr. and
Jin. William Graham, r Mflroae avenue, Ual-
. rose Park
Mrs F Leljbton lramar, of 8hftrples ave
Hue, Metros park, has a her sutit Miss Js.net
Hooker, of New York.
Ms. O P iluro, of Oak Laae. has bom U
-sjdlt. ber ee u ttt guatt of bar sLstei.
' Pbxl4 CiSMJUg
VVtaud ol ale. Jutin C Hut. of Wte414
r''ad. 4UnioB will le4 to Iftgra tb(
fc i icefuig rjrtdly from liar s4t Ut-
The t'hlladelphlajhockey leatri at St. Martin's
entertained tho young! women from Roicmary
College on Saturday at luncheon at the Phila
delphia Cricket Club. The tables were deco
rated with Rteens and yellow chrysanthemum,
and an Interesting game of hockey preceded the
luncheon. Covers wrro laid for HO.
Among those who gave dinners before the
danca at tho Philadelphia. Cricket Club on Sat
urday night were Miss Julia l,nlno, In honor
of her guest, Mrs. Wheeler Peckham, of Daven
port Neck, N Y. Mr. It. Miller and Howard
Shehle, who entertained 1 jotlng people.
Tho first ot the Fortnightly dances will take
place tonight nt the Philadelphia Cricket Club.
Mlsa Emily Talor entertained at dinner at
Whltemarsh on Saturday nlflnt before the reg
ular weekly dance. Covers were laid for eight
Tomorrow evening the Qcrmantown Choral
Society will give Its first concert ot the sixth
season In the hall of Oeimantown Y M C A
The proceeds are to be devoted to tho Belgian
Relief Fund. The able conductor. David E
Crosier, has arranged an attractive program
and many names ot society men and women
are on the list of pattous and patronesses.
Mrs. William Woods Smyth In at present In
Baltlmoru as the guest of Mrs. W. White for
several weeks.
A subscription dance will be given for equal
suffrage at Crusaders' Hall. C6S Oermantown
avenue. Mt. Airy, Wednesday evening nt S
o'clock. Among the chaperons of tho affair
will be Mis. Albort Wood, .Mis. Horace H. Uur
rell, Mrs. J. Archer Itulon. Mis. Charles 7..
Klaitder and Mrr. Frederick M. Shepaid.
Daniel A. Hogan, formerly of the Mask and
Wig Club, will gvo a scries of dances nt 3903
Sanson) stieet during tho winter. The first
dance took place last night.
Master Ddward McQoldrlck, In celebration of
his 6th birthday anniversary entertained 17 of
his companions at a bltthday party given at hi
home at 6013 Spruce street last week. His
guests Included Miss Dorothy Williams, Miss
Kern, Miss Amy Hall, Miss Isabel Joyce, Miss
Mary Wright, Miss Lillian Stolen. Miss Mae
Lee, Miss Dorothy Fisher, Hobby Simons, Wal
ter Kern, John Joyce, Samuel Fisher, Joseph
Dudley, Wllllo Qreen, Arthur Green and Dick
Mr. and Mr. D. Edward McAllister have re
turned from their ueddlng trip and will be oft
home to their friends after December 15 at C9Z3
Washington avenue. Mis. McAllister before
her marriage was Miss Helen Eleanorc Morris.
Miss Frances Bolan, who has boon visiting her
slstor, Mrs. T. V. Bolan, of 325 North Preston
street, for tho past month, returned to her home
In Boston last week.
Miss Helen Crescentla and Miss Mary Dolores
McOurl;, ot Carpenter street, spent the week
end with their uncle, George A. Ford, of 5941
Christian street.
Mrs. SI. Creamer, of 2931 Wlshart street, gave
a party In honor at her son, Elmer, last evening.
Those present were Marian Conmlre, Xnn Snow,
Helen Black, Dorothy Wills, Maltha. Simon,
Mjrtla Meitz. Flo Schoppe, Rebecca Korman,
Ella May Stevenson, Frances Hackell, ed
Horsetail, 0(tq Reiser. James Myers, Bruce An
derson, Frank Belstou, Edward Davis, James
Mcreat, Frank Willis, Ernest Craig and HJirvey
Tho sixth annual dance will be given by the
Slarquctte Club of Kensington, ot the Knights
of Columhus. Hall, at 35th and Market streets,
on Wednesday evening, December 3,
Tle Good Intent, a chapter of the Daughters
of Liberty, will hold their next meeting, which
Is to b followed by an entertainment this eve
ning, at Emeiald and Ambler streets.
Miss Leah Freemark entertained a number of
her friends on Saturday evening at her home,
:030 lllrch street. Those present were Miss Anna
ailckman. Miss Leuora Idpsky, Sllss Sarah
Abrams. Sllss Anna Rubenstelu, Sllss Matilda
Israel, Sllss Miriam Gllckman. Sllss Miriam
Savoy, Sllss Dora Volensky, Sllss Hannah Vol
lensky. Miss. Kstherlne Oebhart, Mprrts Field,
Fred Judelsohn, Edward Wflss, Samuel Judel
sohn, Harry Rosensteln, Allan Rubin, Ike Levy,
Abraham Freemark, Jack Smith, Slory Llttlc
man. Charles, Rothman and David Rollnlck.
Sllss Katherlne Qsbhart rendered a number of
selection on the piano.
"4 tf Uft4CM
UisiHust is the daughter of Mrs J1U4 HrH.
ISO uume swr ucuui at a ien give by l&j auist,
Mrs. t'ritu l- FttMwsvs, toot uMMitk,
HHft tKiaiawiaiaH
I IB JVmWlnnKrim Ski
fctFtKKrl'i-, tire i'itWtfLt-liir "Hntot. ' ; m
msssmiz.'ssaxt xzmMmimmzaxxwmzx&'! x&itmmmsmsiMtimMiMmmzs
MISS MARY McNEELY Phoi0b7n,r.u
Mlis McNecly " the daughter of George II. McNeeh, of Ovcrhrook. Slic wa introduced at a
ilansant at the UellKvuo-Stratlord, ISovemlier 25.
Costumes for Two Croups Have Been Chosen
by Mrs. Aihtou and Mrs, Allcmus.
TIip featuro which has been arranged for the
opening of the Charity Ball combines an exposi
tion of the latest modern dances, the revived
old-fashioned dances, seveial specialties by nma
tour and professional experts and the voting
contest to decide the most popular dance.
Following the usual concert, from 8:30 to ,
will begin tho dapclng exposition, by groups,
containing about 30 couples each, representing
each of the four beneficiaries of the ball. The
dancers In each group wilt wear the colors ot
tho Institution they represent, which will result
In an cftectlvo and beautiful color scheme. The
dancers have been trained for several weeks
under tho direction of Charles 8. Morgan, of the
Slask and Wig, and will exhibit the very
latest steps In the various danceB. Sirs. Thorns
(1 Ashton's group, representing surglc.il wards
ot the Unlvernltj of Pennsylvania Hospital, will
dance the polka, to the music ot "Why Don't
The) Do the Polka Any Slore-'" The specialty
following this dance will be an exhibition of the
lulu fadP. This croupe wilt wear the Univer
sity colors, the gills In white skirts and red
coats, with largb bunches of violets, and the
men In blue coat, white trouseis and red ties.
The group In charge of Mrs. B. Dobson Alte
mus. which will icpreaent tho Jefferson Hos
pital, will contain many of the best dancers
In this city and will exhibit the newest varia
tions ot the fox trot. The girls In this group
will wear black evening gowns with bluo decora
tions, the Jefferson colors, and the men will
wear evening clothes with a blue ribbon across
their shirt fronts. Following the Jefferson gfoup
will be a specialty dance by Mr. and Mia..
Qulnn, said to be one ot the best professional
dancing couples In New York.
iMr. and Sirs. Charles Daxls, of 3513 Soiltn
Garnet street. In the Glrard estate, will en
tertain tomorrow evening nt a dance, fol
lowed by a buffet luncheon, at 1712 Chestnut
street. The oichestra will be heard fiom be
hind a bank of palms, and pink roses will be
artistically combined with fall foliage In the
decorations. Their guests will be Mr. and
Sirs. Charles Mercer Bailey, of Lansdowne;
Sir. and Sirs. K. 11. Gillespie, of Rlklns Park;
Sllss Helen Gartley. or Mount Airy; Sir. and
Sir. Chrlsman, of Mount Airy; Sir. and Mrs.
Harry Brown, of Chestnut Hill; Sir. and Sirs.
Herman Livingston, Sir. and Sirs, Lucius
Beebe, Sir and Mis. Francis Hopklnson Gil
pin, Sir. and Sirs. HairlJon Latla, 'Sir. and
Sirs. Wade Jolb. Admiral Alfred T. Wllletts,
U. 8. N"., and Sirs. Wllletts, Lieutenant Com
mander R. S. Kees, 17. S. -N , and Sirs.
Keyes, Lieutenant Commander G. A, Rlssett,
17. S. N and Sirs. Rlssett, Lieutenant Com
rnandar q, r, i.andenberger, 1'. S. J?., and Sirs
Landenberger, Lieutenant H. E. Welte, V. S.
Jf., and Mrs. Weltc. Lieutenant C. A. Lutz, V.
S. 31. C, and Sirs. LuU. Lieutenant C. T.
Blaokburn, I'., 8 X., and Sir. Blackburn
Naval Constructor A B. Court. I'. S. N., and
airs, Court. Lieutenant A. T. Barney. U. H,
N, and Sirs. .Barney. Lieutenant T. H. Wln
tars, 17 S, N., and Sirs. Winters, Lieutenant
Taylor. V S X., of the Alabama, and T. 8.
A great deal of Intei est Is being manifested
In th weekly game of the several South Phil
adelphia, basketball team, which are doing
urh excellent work with -visiting teams, On?
of the most popular I that of the Edgar Allan
Poe Public Sahool, pf whloh the principal,
Cralgh Johnson, Is In, charge, I is beln?
ably assisted by J Thompson, and T. Lynch,
and Sllss Campbell u taking an active Interest
In the girls' team
A dancing class under tb direction of Miss
Anna Harris and assisted by Joseph R. Gushlux
will meet Tuesday evening at tba bom of Miss
Harris. 313 South 3th street. SIstuuar will In
cl id Sir a&4 Sir. C. Burtou Ford. Mr. snd
Sir. Frank Kln. Mi. and Sir. Theodore Bar.
den, Qaorg R. Ph. Id. Sir. and Sirs. J.
F Ftnuer, John 0lL(MjUiir, Sir. and Mrs. If.
Herman. Sllss VWft Hynt, Sr. and Mrs. How
ard Katn, MIs Xt4a Ualant, A- OalhouR, Sir.
and Mrs Huhw Jlorrtsatt. Mr. utul Sir. Henry
Schwil. Mr.. U T- YdM, Sltao Crinsie Kalnj
MUs Marion Harris.
Mrs. u UlUgbr, sir add Urs. Wllltiw
Carcell, Ur. Atwa OQMMMr, Sir, jofeti Brsttt
o4 Mis inisorf MMUvsM' wr ttltd
tr gao4y by Mr. WttUsAW ttevts, f &Hlh
Utk rtl
Sits iirgurit AuMin. el ikuilt tb st.ssj..
tll ukt ih l4iii iisri In the ply.
KotBaiMj, wt4k tU b Slvt !r iturlty
ta nwsf uumc wftt-kmtwis jmtac tw
of Camden In the cast aie: Miss Sadie Hud
son. Miss Mlldied Janke, Sllss Jennie Schoener,
Charlef Uiaves, Paul Nawklrlc, Frederick
Harucd and M. B. Webster.
Sir. and Mrs. Iia Simpler, of 2iS Xnith 3d
street, hao moved tu Schwenkville, Pa.
SIis. F. H Huston, of Mooiestown, gave a
tra lecently to introduce her daughter, Sllss
Ruth Huston. A dinner-dance followed.
Sir. and Sirs James E. Bryan, ot (12 Linden
stiect, have been entertaining their i datives,
Mr. and Sirs. Bran, of Brooklyn, X. T., and
Mrs. A, V, Bryan, of Enston, Pn,
Billu Ledger
HAI'PEXING Into the Adelphla the other day
and hearing strains of music emanating
from the ballroom, I wandered thither. A welnl
scene was being enacted. Some 30 couples of
assorted shapes and stses uero being taught a
sort of modernised maxurka by Charles Slor-
Cn, of Slask and Wig fame.
Tho forthcoming Charity Ball was the cause
of the trouble. Just then the music ceased and
a perfect babble of voices siosr
"Sllepco!" shouted Sir. Morgan.
You could scarcely have heard an Iron girder
drop from the roof of the Rltz-Carlton. Every
one was telling every one else Just where the
other nas wronir and Just how to do Jt right.
"Silence!" he roared again, stamping his feet
and clapping his hands. There was a slight
diminution In the chatter.
"Now, then, everybody start with the left
foot." The mifslc tecommenced, and one-third
of the couples kicked out with the left, one-third
with the right and the remainder did not kick
at all.
"Fqnn a circle," come a clarion note above
the din, Tho dancers assumed the general form
of an isosceles triangle.
"Break in the middle and form two circles!"
The bieak In the middle occurred promptly; also
several others, and thero was only ths faintest
resemblance to two rlnas.
"Now we will try It all over again," an
nounced the indefatigable Sir Morgan, cheer
fully, as the mueh-dlsheveled dancer ceased
their off pits.
Again the babbls of voice arose, this time
mostly In protest. Some had engagements to
keep. Others thought that they knew It well
enough. Still others were Just plain tired; but
Slorgun was firm, and the struggle proceeded. -
"Do jou really enjoy ItT" I Inquired of a
somewhat overheated young woman who was
fanning hersolf vigorously.
"Well. I would pot go so far as to say that."
she replied, "but, of course, this la for charity,
you know, and If splendid exercise, and then,
besides, ne Warn all the latest steps."
Somehow or other my sympathies wer with
Sir. Morgan.
New York, Philadelphia and Rpston clubmen
are looking forward to a great time at the
formal opening of Payne Whltn)' wonderful
new racquet and tennis courts at Ids grsat
country estate on Long Island, They are said
to outrival even George Gould's palatial courts
at LaKewood, both In point of luxury and the
most modern equipment- Thl kind of tennis
court, by the way, must not be confused with
tha ordinary Indoor lawn tennis. It 1 the much
older and more difficult game of court tenuis.
The official ''home warming," shall we call it?
I to take plac on January 10, and Sir. Whitney
ha Invited all the leading racquet wlelder of
the Ksst to take part In a series of match
8F the week-end. A number of Phlladelpfclaivs
apeot to nuke the trip. Including Georga H ,
Brooke, William Tevls Huhn, Bobert K Casaatt,"
Wilson Potter, Edgar Ssott and others.
A a special feature, there will be a maUU
hetvveso the world' open champion. Jay Qould,
nn4 Klnsella, the New York professional. Mr.
qould will ajlftw him s ace, an jijBiost unpr.
eedented handicap for anvateur to give a
leading professional plyr. Tltf other nmtsh's
writ be In tha nature of in IntTreity contest, I
u,B4ttand, and Philadelphia Is expected to
make, a Mrpor Wd for victory. Altogether
"Uiit' gates to U . W? tlfflt' a Lueullu r
fttaik4 of m of hi tittle week-end supgsr
r WUrlj U tHMtatdsofl. wj? )4s Um
J fiat erf Mm. Jk JJ, HaaWp. 8r.. f
laai uu tri. for 4val naMa, tu -UH4
to r t in Pttttovira
Ur. iMnm Tojrliw r4vw4 w ftfr
torn ta ma, V.. iw bing At4-utsv4 tut
several day by her daughter, Mrs. Alfred
Lllley, of East (th street
Sfr. William H. Ulrlch, of East th street,
U visiting relatives In New York city,
Mr. and Sirs Robert S Stalnton have re
turned to their home on West ThlW street from
a week's, visit to friends In Philadelphia.
Captain William Roony( f. H. N and SIis.
Roonsy, of Buthklll, Pa , who nre spending
some time In this city pi lor to their departuto
for their winter home In the South, weie en
tertained Inst week by Mls Matilda de Rivers,
of North 13th street.
Mis? Mlldied Lew, of 3016 Diamond slieet,
will entertain her sewing club on Wednesday
nfteinoon At their social mrettngs the joung
women sew for charity and have nlded many
of the needv of this city. The guests will be
Miss lieno Bltimcnthal. Stlss Claire Rachmau,
MIes Miriam Meiers, Miss Ada It. Walters, Sllss
Rebecca Tellor Mayor, Sllsa Klsa Klotser, Stlss
Ettn Hlrschbcrg, Stlss Mario Leopold, Stlss Ray
Xetter, Miss Kmma Rose Adler.
The members of the Hammers Club held a
reception last evening In honor of their presi
dent, James McDonald, who has Just returned
from n visit to Knoxville, Tenn. Arthur Byrne
save sonic nf Beethoven's mastorpleccs on his
Mrs. Frank W. Ashbrook, of 2221 Xoilh 17th
street, entertained the members of her card
party this afternoon.
Mr. and Mis. Edwaid E. Hippie. Jt.. of 3115
Xorth Itth street, have issued Invitations for
a large card party to be given at their home.
Thursday oveulng, December 31.
Stlss Evelyn P. Jnrden, of 1S22 North 16th
streot, wa hostess of her 300 card club Saturday
evening. Her guest were Sllss Gwendolyn E
Taylor, Stlss Lauru SI. Hutton, Slls Lorralnr
Bemet. Sir. and Sirs. William R, Went!!. Sir.
and Sirs. A. Lynn Walker, Alt. and Mrs. P.
Jules Larore, Lewis E. Hnle, Ellnnod K. Acker,
Jt.. Hany a. C. AVIlllam and Clarence A. Hut
ton. Sllss .larden had as her guests at the rard
party Sllss Marian P. Frederick and Howard
The Tioga Women's Christian Temperance
L'nion will give a reception and muslcale to
nlRht nt tho home of Mrs. AVIlllam Stargerum,
22d and Atlantic streets. The hostess will be
assisted in receiving" by Sirs. Clara S. Ogden,
president of the association; Mrs. Hannah R.
Fox, Sirs. Henry E. Robcitson, Sirs. Sarah
Dungnn, Mrs. Fv Kllnk, Sirs. E. Clawson, Sirs.
SI. Bailey, Sllss Elizabeth Gorgas, Sirs. Edme
H. D. Fraley. Sirs. SI. A. Dleffenderfer and Mrs.
12. U Herschel. There will bo n very attractive)
program of vocal and instrumental solos and
addresses by Sllss Alice Jcnnlngp and Mrs.
Samuel Kemp.
The Chatham Literary Society will give n
musical and literary entertainment tonight In
St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal Church, Broad
and Venango streets. Haines D. Albright.
Assistant City Solicitor, will make an address
on "Single Tax." The discussion which will
follow will be opened by C. Oscar Beasley.
Other spcakeis will be the Rev. Dr. Forrest E.
Dager, AVIlllam C. O'SJpltl. Theodore B AV1U
lams, John Lancaster, Harold Loeb and AVIll
lam Jordan. This will be the largest meeting
of the season.
Chniles O. Bouiet, of 3113 Xorth 2M street,
has announced tha marriage of his daughter.
Sllss Ada R. Rpuzot, to Harry AA'att, of 331
East Tenn street, Germantotvn, on Saturday
night, November 33. Sir. and Sirs. AA'att. on
their teturn from their wedding Journey, will
live at 3119 North :2d street, and will receive
after January 1.
Stlss Grace Edwards, of 3t08 Judson street,
was hostess Sat unlay night at a "500" party for
Sllss Elisabeth Eokard, Sllss Rose Carney, Sirs.
Sadie G. Sillier, Mlsa Gertrude Field. Stlss
Emily Harris, .Miss Helen Mitchell nnd Sirs.
Joseph Lee.
A buffet luncheon for the benefit of St. John's
Guild was held at the home of Sirs. AVIlllam T.
Slagulre, 35 North Lansdowne avenue, Saturday
afternoon. The ladles assisting Sirs. Slagulre
were Sirs. CroaweJI SIcBee, Slu. Richard C.
Newbold, SIis. George AV. Stowell and Mrs.
AV H. King
Sirs. Slarlon Jackson and her daughter, of 30S
Galey street, Media, nre the guests of Sirs.
AVIlllam F. Sbaffner, of 22 East Falrvlew
Sirs. Lucy Baker, of AVInchester, A'a Is vis
iting her slstr. Sirs. Frank J. Eddy, of (2
AVc.it Greenwood avenus.
Rodney Kins, of 15 Runnymede avenue, has
been elected manager of the Lansdowne High
School football team for the year WIS. He will
bo assisted by Walter Dunlap, of 85 East
Greenwood avenue.
P.llPRlTinf St OPKRA I Home of World's
Twles Dsllv Afternoons 2i30 Evenlni. 8:30
Precedsa tr Dally Chants flnt-rtun rieturta
liTlOAU 8T TJIEATBE TuesUjy. Dee 8. y;sq p. w.
,.. . , '."'"i"! " MeCtur' Uuiilm
Hole A for future Lttturti Throughout CUj.
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xtim!$&Mt """HIGH JINKS"
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Thr itnicli-frted debutmitas, havlnp Itsd a lit
tie resting space over Sumlny, will start sln
In tho mttty vvliltl of society- tonight nt the
rtlnnefflnnce to lx fflven by ilr, And Mrs Cal
vin t'nrdre, of 2X1 Wast t'psal street. In the
Itop Onrdens of tho Bellevue, In honor of theli
debutante granddaughters, Miss l.ucIA A
Warden, riauRhtrr ot Mrs, Herbert W Warden,
of 1M0 I'lne street, and Sllss Mary Urdman.
ilaiiRhter of tho nv. nnd Mrs. Charles n. Erd
man. of 1'rlncolon. The Riicsts will b eti
t small tables, which will be tastefully ar
langed with rare llotvers artd ferns. Tho guests
have been selected from ths debutante and
younger dancing men ret.
Another affair that le being looked forward
to by the young "debs" Is the theatre party,
followed by supper, this evening-, filven by lr.
and Sirs. T. Ilewson Bradford, of JJ0J Da
I.iiicey street. In honor of Mis Hilda Tunis,
debutante daughter of Sir. and Mrs. JThomas
It. Tunis, of Atedlu The guests, 18 In number,
will be of the debutante set.
Sir and Mrs. George Hampton, who have been
the guests of Sir. nnd Sirs. E. Curtis Blln
Singer, of llldge avenue, have returned to their
home In Asbtiry Park, N. J.
Sir. and Sirs. Frank H. Itlghter. of Rldg
avenue, have as their guests Mr. nnd Sirs. How
ard anrdencr, of Jersey Olty.
Dr. James SI. SIcGee, formerly of Roxborough,
has been entertnlnlng Edward Layinand George
Baldwin, of this suburb, at his new hpme lns
Fall fax County, A'a.
Mi. nnd SIis. Robert A, Leforte, of 531 East
AValnut lane, will give an at home on Tuesday,
December 15. Sirs. Leforte will be remembered
ns Sllss Edna Marie Lane, daughter of Sir. and
Mis John Lane.
A Theatrical Performance that includes
practically every Headliner in this avooK's
Exhibitions by the foremost Artists and
Exponents of Modern Dancing, from NftW
York and Philadelphia.
Dancing by the Audience, n they dp
sire, in the Clover Room, Avhich by the
courtesy of the Managers of the Bellevue
Stratford, is reserved as a Cafe, Avhore
Supper will be served at a moderate cost.
A goodly part of the proceeds Avill be
donatedi through tho Emergency Aid Com
mittee, TO THE
Tickets are on sale at Pen and Pencil
Club, 1026 Walnut street; Emergency Aid
Committee, 1-128 Walnut street; and any
Hotel Ticket Agencies, 'at NO advance in
$2. 00
SEA, 50c to $1.60 SSSJl
LBOPOl.t) 8T0K0WSKI, Coodueter
Symphony Fri. Afternoon, Dec. 11, at 3s00
Concerts I Saturday Evg., Dec. 12, at 8U5
Ovwiure. Ilii Uulc yiim ' ...
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Caocvrtu tut Pbtaa. No 3
Overture. 'Wroa"
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riiiUr Price Wed Slat Be 8ii It &u
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Gillette Bates Doro
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