Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 07, 1914, Night Extra, Page 11, Image 11

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f"- '--''-' -' --'' -" - J'----. .'in itnuiiTr il f" ii r-TT-ri i i 'in in lm jf-n rflr I - " Jl
Harold macIgmth s&MmL
. svNorgis.
fcHoVeJ ta ll on orphan at an early o,
, Her father i kitted In a gold mln n aas
cieebetnt rl art hour after Irarnlnp
of the death of her huehand Zudota't
tnithtr a tloM rone teolfcer trifh o tr-en-"-!
ttUttl ietlh a virtlpo, alls and
tt MUtd.
Kiiddra and (At fortune from th Mine,
wnUh proics 'to hi worth ttofitb.oit, art
left In the ffuantlansMp of Frank Keen,
, n elrcus man, Zudora'a mother orelier.
lt Zudora, oivint roml of ortat btauty,
' ' readies the afe 0 it. The uncle, teho
net set films 1 npiut fflndit mttflo and
( I tnwrn ns ttaitam All, dteide li Me"
breed that Zudora must dig Itore the eon
'havi a Chanel Id come Into possession
Aer money, so thai it may he left to htm,
the tiest ef kin, and he prevail upon the
' tfrt to leave her money In Mi hand thrtt
atari Urnotr and tav nolMnff to any one
neonf the fortune, llotiam Ail ties an
ohttaeit la Ms echtme In the verten of
John Storm, a oung lawyer, for tcAom
Zudora has taken a fanti, and he com
tnatirf the oirl to put the man cut of her
mind, Sform coml to atU Hattam ill
for the hand of hi nlect. At Artt the
erjtetal cater will hoI listen to III pro
f total,' but Zudora Itulsh thai If the can
not marry Storm shs will marry one,
"Well, teeM," soys If assent All, "if you
take tueh a aland, 'Il compromise. Soke
mv next twenty tose and yon van marry
Mm; all In a slnofe cote and you mini
remetntes Win.1'
Zudora, ntlno the. knouilcdoe pained
from year 0 association tvith htr uncle,
unravels o haffltng myiltry onrf iHn her
flrtt rate a oac In tohJl Join Siorm l
tnt'eii rom otlnij coiti-tcted of n. inMrder
Inttlgated hi) Haitdm A,U hlmitlf,
The Sleeping House Mystery.
THE clearing of John'Storm was a
nfiir. ilais' wonder. In court Has-
sam Ali testified that Burns had been
?cekiiiR some facts regarding the past,
and that he, Hassain Ali, had suc
ceeded in aiding him to a certain
extent. But the name of Bicnreith
had never been mentioned during
those seances. He could not imagine
why Burns had committed the crime.
Thfire was no evidence to be found
that the two men had ever exchanged
a word. He was rather confounded
at the lurn of events. The broken
phrase, "But author " was as
much a mystery to him as to the
court. It was inexplicable. Hassani
Ali received a good deal of con
temptuous grilling from the District
Attorney, but the witness answered
every question calmly and in detail,
.Ic admitted that he was a disciple
"of the Hindu cult; admitted that he
had the gift of second sight at times.
There were many who could testify
to this. Hasfsam Ali finally left the
witness chair with honors in his
"A subsequent mve'stiKaHo'Tr"by"tlie
police revealed nothing to his dis
credit so far-a's the law was concerned.
1 His past, from the circus days to the
present day, was an open book. In
deed, Hassam Ali was himself the in
stigator of this research. He wanted
It definitely understood that while his
cult was not looked upon favorably
by the police, he was not the object
of any Justifiable suspicion. His grave
air, his unfailing patience under the
, gibes of the interrogator, his frank
fnesst all won him at least the respect
fcl his detractors.
f me man Jiiirns was uuncu ni 111c
t expense ot mc city, aim wuat was
Lkuowh as the Bienreith case went into
I.the public archives as one more uu-
'solvable mystery.
It was remarked, however, among
- his associates that John Storm lost a
, detl of his impetuosity and that in
'his subsequent cases he was no longer
brilliant and erratic, but calm and
Mfady, always extremely well fortified
with Ills facts.
New Vork city has without doubt
the moat conglomerate population of
h any city in the world. The only alien
race which does not find habitat in
'New York Is the Aztec, and that is
erely because the Aztec is extinct.
Tpid each race has quietly formed a
ei.of Its own within the greater
j'eitjb' There- are IJttle Italy, the
Gfcetto, Chinatown, and heaven knows
how many othyj, 111 familiar to
, , sightseers But there is 1 lot going on
ft XTmii, Vt.b 'iMtnnr Iij.a .Had ,(
even the pc-lice rtever heflr about es
, cpt by purt .accident. Who can
? lay he knows the heart of Chinatown
2, unles"s he actively belong to it?
On a certain night, two weeks after
the Bienreith case, recorded1 in the
I rurecedwg chapter, Zijdora heard the
cjaek chime ;the hour'Ofv. bhe went
upstairs to her room "a.d threw up
the shade foV a final glance at the
heavensand paused in amazement.
Coming toward the house was the
strangest procession she had ever
seen. Turbans, flowing robes and
white pantalettes, here in this worka-,
day city of New York! She rubbed
her eyes as if striving to awake. She
looked again. They were trooping
sitentlv un the stens. She next hoard
y Ui thunder of the knock.tr, which, no
lHly used in thue days of electric
buttons. She then became alive to
t thai, fact tlut this was reality. She
reached the head of the stairs Jim
as her uncle's Hindu servant Aie4
opened the door tie bowed deeply
JMMt ceremoniously He was dresUl
i ., , food deal like hh strange mi i tors.
Sudora came dovn the stairs uudc-
' tided M to whether she vas frlght-
cd or merely upbtr 1 lie unn who
ws evidently the loader of this
triia;f' carAn advaiuea toward
I wish," be said fet broken EugUafe. J
"to tee lutu w,ho ia called Hawam Alt,
lbs gHsr yi Ugfau"
"Oh, you wish to see tuy uncle?"
said Zudora, greatly relieved.
"And thou irt his daughter?"
"Ills niece. I will call hinr."
She left the haltway and sought the
mystic room, where she found Has
sam Alr crouched over his globe. H6
looked up impatiently.
"Some Hindus to see jou, uncle."
"Hindus, at this time of night? Why
didn't you send Ahmed to me? It
lowers you in hi opinion to take upon
yourself to do his Work. Hindus;
what can they want, I wonder?"
"I'm sure I don't know, nor care,"
a bit angry at being rebuffed by her
uncle. , ,
When Hassain AH stood before his
guests there was some time wasted in
"You arc Hassam Ali, the nun who
"I am." '
"Your servant here recommended
you to us. Sahib, we arc in the midst
of a, strange mystery. In our abode
the god of sleep comes suddenly and
unawares. Our own god seems to
have forgotten us. This dread thing
comes almost instantly, nnd we are
taken in sleep no matter what pose
we are in. That we are here tonight
and not under the evil god's influence
is due to the fact that we waited out
side the octagonal room."
"The octagonal room," repeated
Hassam Ali thoughtfully.
"You are known to us as a great
yogi, a seer into the future. Will you
aid us to find out what causei tills
dreaded sleep? Our religious cere
monies are being interfered with."
All this Was in an English that was
only fairly understandable. Here and
there Hassam Ali's man interpolated
the right word.
"You will, accompany us, Huzoor?"
Hassam Ali smiled and nodded.
Here was an advch.tUrc that rather
appealed to him. More than that, it
would banish from his Wind, at least
temporarily, certain psychological
agencies which were making their
power felt more and more strongly
as the days went by.
I must go, too, uncle," said Zudora.
"Hurry, then. I should like to see
these people before they come out of
their trance."
- (Continued Tomorrow.)
Boston Director Denies .Philadelphia
Would Be Left Out.
That an fopora. compln between the
Philadelphia, Chlcafeo -and Boston com
panies will be nrraneed for the season of
1913-191(1 Ih the expeetatloh oj the op'eratlo
world. Dispatches from JJew York Intl
muta that Henry ItUssell. dlreotor of, tho
Boston Opera. Cortipany, Is arranclne an
amalgamation of the Boston and Chlcag-o
companies with Philadelphia eliminated.
A telearnm was sent to Mr. Itussell, ask
ing him it the report was correct, and ho
No definite arrangement have besn
concluded between Boston and Chlcairo in
tho operatic Issue. I undorataha that
Philadelphia would be. included In any
opeptla ichemo,"
It has been an open ncret In the
opoiatle world for the last year that
powerful Influences In opera circles be
lieve Jlr. Itussell Is tho man td soHo
the operatic iltuation In the East by
means of an Interlocking scheme with
New York: Boston and Philadelphia to
have, general opera teasdna with Chicago,
dividing- . genieral seAson, with Mr.
nusBoll as director and, In turn, with
Mr. Hussell ploying a certain role in
connection with the opera in New York.
Result of Supplementing Academic
With Vocational Study.
Thlrtytelght thousand atudents are
crowding the city nlgllt aclioola, which
Will coqetudt their flrat tertn'a work this
year on December It,
The record-breaking enrolment la the
result of supplementing purely academlo
study with trade and vocational atudles.
according; to Dr Oliver P. Corntnan. As
ociata superintendent of the night
school. He said that hundreds of work
Ins" men and women had' attended classes
this year to learn trades, atterwarda tak
ing up other work in the achoola.
Bo great was the demand for Instruc
tion that some of the schools wtre com
piled to open five nights ' week Instead
ot threo and to establish two Sets of
Trade f?chpo Na 1, 12th and Loouet
streetswlth. an annex at JTth and Pine
streets, and Trade School 0. i, How
ard, street and Qjrard avenue, have isoo
stuiltftts. au Increase, of 10 per cent, over
last yetrri The total Increase: In alt the
Ohoola la (Q per cent. ' - ..
V ' I
Body pf VJctt roBuhmerged tn. Pool
Taken to Hospital
Mrs. B14tfleth Deal, W years old. of
Uucktus and Frankford avenuis. who ds-
annMred from her home last Frldav ii
f found dea lo a swsmti In the rW of
mi nwnnnsia avenpe tjjje mornlnr
The hady w found by s-year-flld Albert
pueklus, of ai5.Kenilnstanavsiue, as he
was ollwwiis ovfr a tenco ntar th
swamp en his way to SelipeJ.
Fite)ltee4 at the sjgKt of the bed,
whielKwaa partially submergea ip a pool,
the btay ra and notified the police of the
Belgrade And Clearfield streets station.
Why. tftSk te body to tha FranHford lua.
Bltal poeter Fischer made an tyemiAa
tlon a ad sold that Mr Deal Upd evideiittt'
died (rem exhaustion tih bd been dead
about H hours, he said
Steps re Ukeo for the slabUssinMat
of tke "IMsJ Broifeur' ittevement bi tbu
lty at f, warning l iU fceadauarte of
Aft Xemm Kare,w Aaaociatlaa,
pi XMter street last night. Charlea .
fVjit. JMiatMt DUtrlejt Attoroe pre.
MtA and AlezainhH KanBtrwVy. of Kw
V it, made tvs la41ssa $4rma.
J imfLl.
Transit campaign .tnMtlnr, Central
Rreao Street Presbyterian Church)
Costtllo tmnilt
nrrtttif mllnr tnimviinlt
Avfnue jiusinens oien Asiociniicm,
1 -7 .. .";. --."-"'- w r. z .: r.- :: " i. .-";:
ocintlon. Patsyunk
nvenue una Moore Mrret a ree
CMtetlo tranett protest meetlnr. North rlill
udelphU nuslness Men's Aesoclatlbn, 4180
Ofrmsnloiin nvennt. l-'ree
Northweet Uualneis Men's Association, 233a
Columbia aienue, 8 o'cloek Frte,
Womsn surtrsge dfbAl, university Exten
sion Seclely, Wlthmpoon Hall, 8 o'clock.
. Fellowship, Academy of tre Fine Arts, mm
htrs, 8 o'clock.
Card party and dance, Avalon Tacht and
Motor Club, Lu I.11 Temple, 8 o'clock
.Address, "Scientific Management," Miss Ida
Tarbell, Central V. M C. A : 8 o'clock. . ,,
lecture, "Clvlllintlon, and, Soclallm(" .the
Ilev. Dr. Charles llruehi, Olfta' Cnthollo tllsn
School! 8 o'clock Fre.
.iimier Avonue improrfmem a"";i"u.
inrsessinc nscrention centre: ft ociock.
Adalh Jeehurun Assembly, nroad am
mietinir, Boclsty ot Frunaa, Free
Library, 8 o'cloc
t nmeritency Aid Commlllso salt of .pletv
fnf na1lAta f.lle At fl.iVi' ft nVlnk. l
;y A
1 rell
Pennayltanla Historical Society ISOU Locust
Flifty.seventh Btreet' Improvement Aisoot.
Hon. fllrnrrf vnl.a Jthll nnth ftlrvst. Ftp.
rf. MirthAr
Inslltutei of Archlttcts, 1204 Chancellor
tre4t. Members. , ,
OnR Lane lmpretmnt Alioclatlon, Chtlttn
and Park ftvinuei, Free,
Photoplay Guide for Thid Week
Subloct to Change
The foltoKlne rfotram will b
AhAtwn this
ttlc tn
"The 8Dollers.
oilers. ' by nsx
conjunciion wkh inv
Rax Beachi
Rdllnts ot .Father. Time."
leplomanlact: ."Cauthl
puftf. Keystone Comedy.
two oarta: 'l
r "The roun
In a Cabaret." two nnfts. Keys
T lrIIUV.nm. r.lnn (ha t.alr.1.
the Man,''
r'i Caucht
Itt-o hartR. 'VMn1. llrAfnstln rnroer'
In a Cnhnref." tun.imft icsvstnna Coined V.
tVKDNKHUAY ''The Master Key.'' NO. , )
Vtvlan rAAl.lB'. iaK.ht In . rShsr-r.''
iivo.pnri ivcysiono i;omeay, .
THUndtJAY ;'Tho District Attorn;
irnay's tlroih
I ths Vase"!
er, mo reels: ine uenn
Lausni in a cabaret," t
wo-part Keystons
FItlDAV "Ills K.v 3
Animated Wskly.
No. lit! "Tho Wldntf'a l.asi"! "Caui
tni in
a cabaret," tno-part ICcstono Comedy.
BATUIIDAY "TI10 Little Gray Itomfr5 lit two
reels; "their Upa and Downs": "tiausht In
a Cabaret," tno-pnrt Keystone Comedy.
Itaturn engagement ot Marxuetlte Clark 111
Mary aermaln a noel made Into a plloto
plav, "Wlldllowcr." ..
'The Conspiracy," with John Emerson In
the loadlnr nnrt.
Many other excellent photopliy
In conneo-
MONDAY "The Qloster Key," drat Instal
ment. two parts: Vivian Martin In "The
Wlihlns; Illns;," tivo parts
TUESDVY Daniel Frohman's- "Tho After
math," Hvo part: "Broncho Hilly a
Soheme"' "The uroom'a Doom;':, others.
WKIIJ(CTDAT-"Perils of Pauline;- No. 14;
Kins Ilagsot In "Human lleirte." three
parts: Tlie Propeity Man," eKeyatone.
TllUnaDAY "The Theft of the Crown Jew
els." tno parts; "Moro Than Queen," four
parts, hand colored, others.
FRIDAY Mary I'lckforil In "Hearts Adrift."
nvo parts: "Heiress and the Cook," to
SATUnDAY-"The Ohost.ot the Mine": "The
Loss of tho Tiurkenhead," three parlH Mary
Miller In "Lonely Balvfllon."
The third rplaode of "Zudora" will ha shown
ero the first three riavs or Ihla wesk. This
week it Is about "The Mystery of .the Dutch
Chreee Maker." Other excellent pictures ate
shown the rest or the ncek In connection
with hlgh-clojs vaudeville,
Mondav and tho remainder of the eek, "Pro
tect Us," tho photoplay that exhosu the
cause nt many xlriv downfall, will be the
attraction It lella a powerful moral lesson.
There are several audevllle acta alto on the
MONDAY "Zudora," eplsodo number tfto;
"After Many Years." threo parts, "Tho
VIrII." two reels, Keystone, others
TUESDAY "Mother of the Shadows," two
pnrtsi "Trey O'llcarts." "The Uandlt of
Port Axon," In four parts.
WEDNESDAY "Mother." featuring Emma
Dunn, In four actai "Who Shot Hud Wal-
tAnt" Keistone comdj'i others.
ailunSDAY "Keystoha Special," In two
parts; "Ilia Prehlstorlo Past." fsaturlnpt
Charles chapln; "Out of the Darkness." two
parts: "Our Mutual Oirl," others.
FWDAY "Lena Rhers," a nva-nhrt pholo-
"Th Reader of
.vitnas, iveysione
MMirivl (ithnrb
SATURDAY "Mystery ot Edwin Drood." In
flvo, parts; "City Darkness,'
.. iMrun4 ." i
two parts
Qltl in question."
THllftsriAY-Ths third . episode o,f
d.111 .m hotvn hltr. "Ttls nhout '"
The Mrs-
ttry qf the Dutcn cneese siaKer.
features will be shown this week.
MONDAY "Winning Ills First Cass '
rUEBDAY-V'MUIIon Dollar Mi stery."
Wi:iiNi:SDY "Potd In Full'
TW'nsDAY "Oelovod Advanture "1
FRIDAY "Dduah and Dynamltei '
SATURDAY "One of Our Olrls."
MONDAY "Out of the Air," two reels,
a as n
The Lone- Way." Edison sdo-
clal release,
In three ports; "Bllly'a Illial";
Mary rickford In "Caprice":
SATURDAY "Ilcfoved Adventure." No. . 0
fLOrd Cecil plays a part): "Hroncho Wily
and the arease': nthfra.
MONDAY Charles Klein presents, 'The Lion
and the Mouse,!' In sli acta. Many other
, eoort picture. . . ,
Program for rpt n week announced la,Ur
MONDAY Reslnnlnr tonltfht. and eNery Man,
lay thereafter. "ZUDORA" will be shown
here. "The Mystery ot III Spotted Collar"
I tonight's subject.
MONDAY "Passions of the Renalisance,"
trt &h lu Tr..vtAns rortieov: ntners
UJVni'AX- ins Leiinr nt uram. ,
WElNE8DAY "Llfo'a Bhop Window."
TfllFRBUAY "The Dancer and the King."
FRIDAY "Tha . Nymphs."
SATURDAY ''Million-Dollar Mystery.' Usl
Plan of Campaign Looks to Active
Aaslstance Pfom Church Workers.
That the campaign of "Hilly" Sunday
lh the Tabernacle, facing Logan Square,
Will depend Ufgely upon the efforts of
the good people of Philadelphia to co
operate with the management, was In
dicated by addresses made yesterday by
the Uev. Edward H. Etnett, Mr. Bun
day'a assistant,
Mr. Eniatt spoke In Bethan) Presby
terian Church In the nlornlng; in the
Mount Vernon Baptist Church nnd the)
fourth Reformed church in the utter
noon, and In the Roiborough Baptist
Church In the evening.
"Tho plan." he said. "Is to collect a
large number of men from the different
cjhurches of the city and organise then
Into one band. The duties of this body
of men will be to bring to the Sunday
meetings as many dther persons s pos
sible who are not nrofeased Christiana.
'The success of the campaign will. In a
large measure, oe sssureo o) the work
Of the band."
Without the Dlvte power. Mr. Emett
declared, the worker could not hope for
qphgregation. Begins Week's Celebra
tion o Anniversary.
West Hope Presbyterian Church. West
Philadelphia, tgap a, week's celebration
of Its sold im anniversary yesterday. tu
Rev. Pit. W. H MeCJaughey, veteran
clergyman aad former paste of West
Hopf, areaehed at the openlsg servtces,
whlon wn In charge of the paifor, tha
Rev. Pr. Charles Br flroson. Women
of ta t-ougregatlon will be alven a re-
ceptlon this altMnooB by the woman'
'il.l RiVlv. Vxt 9iul,. b. tl... t.
r. il Boferts. statfe elerk a tbe is-
rwnau t oenerai tuiy. &m predcbl
bwwutknii trriHva.
oKaAirzexs meet TONieHi
The aosjual service of tb Ajatteii
OuiW of OrKalw wiu be kaW in tk
Qfcuich f Ht. Adveata, UUt au4 UU.
ItiiHtd sUajets. teoleht Utider tkus di
rection of aerj Aleisar West and
8 Wesley 8r. a obotua of 164 voltes
Uioaen (com One Icadluc aao' tbvir uf
the city, wtti sing th intia. ffaare
iiu u p midrea on v-Uuwfc saewee tj
TttnaDAY First episode of "Zudora";
Sr,ti,i ,11.1 ' w aA others.
ivt'nvii'HTlAV Anriraw Mnck In "The
tJ-f ih.l. IThb nti1 nrltvrlK" n
' i . 1 1
ssssBPk' V"tt
ssMsslsk'nffW lfmt,
L Wsil
Leading woman of the Edison
Jit Ih a remarkable coincidence that al
most simultaneously with the release of
"Moro Than Queen," the Pathe picture
In which ttene Alexandre starred, conies
the news from Krnnce that the talented
actor has been killed In n battle In Bel
glumi Alojotidro was to tho Tatiia French
drama what Max tinder (who wna re
cently wounded) Is to the Pathe French
comedy, tio man of mediocre talent
cputd be tne leading man nt the Comedle
Francnlse or tho winner of the first prise
for tragedy nt tho Conservatoire of PaHs,
and theso are two of tho honors gained
by Alexandre during his wonderfully suc
cessful artistic career. Tall, broad
shouldered nnd notably dignified In bear
ing, ho lnvarahly played opposite his
beautiful wife, better known to the
American publlo as Uahrtello noblnne.
Their partnership did not end with pic
tures, but extended to tho Comedle
Prnncalae also, whero Mine. Alexandre
Is lending woman. "
The French Pathe actors and employes
are acquitting themselves with credit In
the war. So far the honor list Is as fol
lows: Tlene Alexandre killed, Max Under
wounded nnd M. Escoffler decorated. In
addition to these men, two employed of
the Jersey City studio who went back to
fight liavo (Written to friends In this
country that they are suffering from
wounds, Itcne Mpnca nnd M. Tricot.
liene Hough, a 19-ycar-old girl of
Omaha, la tho winner In the nation-wide
search for the most beautiful telephone
girl In America. She will take the part
of Dorothy In "The Way of a Woman,"
a play to be produced by Kanay. She
was awarded the $100 prize by Essanay.
besides having her dxpenses nnd those of
her father pn(d to Chicago nnd back.
Every telephone girl in the United States
lind a chance to Snter the contest. Thou
sands of photographs we're sent In to the
various papers. The appointed judges
picked Miss Hough ftom all the vaBt
number ns the most beautiful girl. Miss
Hough reached Chicago a few days ngo
nnd is busy studying her pnrt for the
Although there Is no definite announce-"
ment as to the ending of the run of the
photoplay, 'JThe Spoilers," nt'. the' Chest
nut Street Opera House, the Vltngraph
Ltebler Featule Films Company Is pre
paring to sena to tnis city, ror exhibi
tion nt that theatre, the eight-reel pro
duction or "The Christian," made under
tho direction of the author, Hall Calne,
nt the actual scenes described In the
novel. It Is expected that this produc
tion will be Installed here during the
holiday season.
Thn production was shown last spring
in the Manhattan Opera House, New
York, but has never been presented hero,
principally becauso the rental of the Alms
was thought to be too high. The Chest
nut Street Opera House management,
encouraged by the success of the motion
picture policy at thnt theatre, did not
hesitate to make arrangements for dis
play of the picture there.
, It 4 Interesting to know that Edith
Storey Is the Glory Qunyle, the part
originated by Viola Allen, and that Enrle
Williams Is the interpreter of the role of
John Storm, cieated by tlie late Edwnrd
Morgan, Tho Llobler Company was esjie
daily careful In selection of the 'cast,
and the same type of plajerq engaged In
I.tcbler productions on the mimic stage,
aro lu this photoplay. "Tho Christian"'
pictures were made on the Isle of Man.
Collectors of customs have been warned
against allowing free entry to moving pic
ture dim copied abroad fromorlglnal nega
tives made In this country following an
linfeB titration conducted here and abroad
by special agents of the Treasury Depart
ment. The Investigation has disclosed
that large quantities of these films have
been entered duty free as American goody
returned, Moving picture films are taxed
under the present tariff law one cent per
linear foot, and as the goods have been
coming Into this country In vast quanti
ties the Government's loss In revenue
Is betleved to have reached a large sum.
None of those, however, concerned In the
inquiry was willing to give an estimate.
From statements made by leading film
manufacturers of the United States to tha
Treasury agents It was learned that In
most cases ho posltlvo prints are shipped
abroad, the negatives only being shipped
and the positives made In Hurope. In
cases where positive prints are shipped
to Europe they are leased or xold with
the understanding that Jhe Hints nre not
tq be resold ob reshlpped fo the United
States. N
In the period from October 3, 1013, to
June 30 last, sensitized hut not exposed
moving picture films imported 'into this
opuniry amounted to 44,717,323 linear feet,
valued at JS80.50Q. while positive films
reached 20,057 linear feet, appraised at
The Sellg Company Is preparing to mo
vie "The Servant in the house," with
Tyrone Power In the principal role.
"This Is one or the few times I have
aver bad an oppeAuklty to appear in mo
tion pictures under conditions which are
wholly satisfactory to me." said Mr
Poner recently "I have Iseen under con
tract witb Mr. SelUf for some time to play
the part of Robert Smith, the Dralnman.
In 'The Servant Ik the House.' I was
asked to look over Uie part of Brandon
ih the Iioyt comedy, 'A Texas Steer.' aitd
X liked the part so well, and It appealed
to ma so. that Mr. Setut arranged to
have me appear te 'A Texas Stew- before
working; In "Tlie Servant In the flouts.
"Viewed as a prtrajra.l of actual ute.
Tbe Servant In tha House' U Incredible,
but, viewed a a aUegory. 01edlng in
cidents ot doniesAe Drams, with reUtous
precept and admowUta, It u bahereit asvd
comprasisaaible. ana likevisji la morally
atanalstea at "
"Nff. The Servant la U House fcas
laesivM more favorsjLjjU urlticiaea Htm
itse iiMaa Hum uaar stay ot lu Una
Xlttnw Mtfu.anil aa MMnlBlKA .ja.S. .
tkaa HyattrtcaJ fvrk flit ItlMi Bart, 1
oi triaco4eat vsiue. h iej a play wLlcfc
oiiteai ouuie a "urai leawoo wlta ireiam-
deua effect, and tne rejigloue Mctioo of
every cuauutukit) In filch th play his
ajveatad aw rcOtfaa to it wttk grt
aide and loufr j
Commission on Industrial Re
lations Makes Preliminary
Statement of the Result of
Its Investigation.
WASHINGTON. Dec. T.-Tho causes ot
Industrial nnd social unrest In the United
States, nnd the remedies, as outlined by
the hundreds of witnesses from various
walks of life who appeared before It,'
ttere embodied In the preliminary re
port by the Commission on Industrial
flelntlona submitted to Congress today
for the year begltinlng October 22, 1813.
An Important feature of the repoit Is
ine announcement of the commission
that, In the cOhipleto report, which It
will present next August, It will' recom
mend a constructive program of social
legislation, which, the commission sns,
It considers necrasarv and vllnl tn tint
Interests of the people of the United
The report will cover labor exchanges,
Industrial education, vocational guidance
and apprenticeship, safety, sanitation,
health of employes and administration
of laws relating thereto, smuggling of
Asiatics, mediation, conciliation and
arbitration, women nnd child labor,
minimum wncrp. hotlra nf Inlinr nH
culture and farm labor, social Insurance,
workmen's sickness ,nnd Invalidity In
surance and labor nnd the lnw.
The report presents an outline of tlie
research and lnvnfttlrmtlnn wnrle iiu
under way nnd a summary of the testi
mony ot more than COO witnesses, includ
ing cmplojers, workmen, trade unionists,
economists, public olllclnls and others,
who havo appenrcd before the commls
mission nt public hearings In various
Tlie most Interesting part of the re
port is the summary of the testimony at
public hearings These have been held
In Washington, New Vork. Philadelphia,
Boston, Chicago, Lend City, S. D.; Pet
erson, N, J.; Butte, Mont.; Seattle. Port-
lana, ure.; snn Francisco and Los An
geles. Analyzing the testimony of witnesses
at the hearings, the commission llnds Bub.
stantlal agreement by all witnesses ns to
some Of thb causes of Industrial unrest.
"These causes," the report says, "gen
erally agreed upon nre found to be as
follows 1
"Largely n, wolld-vWdc movement aris
ing from a laudable dcslic for better liv
ing conditions. 'Advanced bv renrcsentn.
tlVos of labor, Socialists and employers,
nnd generally indorsed.
"A protest ngnlnat low wages, long
hours and Improper working conditions in
many Industries. Advnnccd by practically
all labor representatives ftnd assented to
by many employers.
"A deslie on the part or the woikera for
a volco In the determination of conditions
under which they labor, nnd n revolt
against arbitrary treatment of individual
workers nnd a suppression of organiza
tion This was almost uniformly ap
proved by labor witnesses. '
"Unemployment and tho Insecurity of
employment. Generally advnpced by wit
nesses from every standpoint.
"Unjust distribution of the products or
Industry. Advanced by-most labor rep
resentatives and agreed to by most em
ployers "Misunderstanding ind piejudlcf. Agreed
to liy employer!) rtnd employes.
"Agitation and agitators. Generally ad
vanced by employers, but defended by
muur rcpreseuiauvei ana others as a
necessary means of education.
"The rnpld rise In prices as compared
with wages.
"The rapidly growing feeling thnt re
dress for injuries and oppression cannot
be secured through existing Institutions.
"Ih addition," anya the report, "It has
been stated by many witnesses that tho
tremendous Immigration of the last quar
ter century, while not Itself a direct cadso
of unrest, hns served to accentuate the
conditions arising from other causes, by
creating an overeupply of labor unfa
miliar with American customs, language
and conditions."
Causes of unrest advanced by employ
ers, at the hearings nre stated as follows:
Normal and healthy desire for better
living conditions.
Misunderstanding and prejudice. Laok
of conception that Interests of both labor
and capital are Identical.
Agitation by politicians and Irresponsi
ble agitators.
Unreasonable demands arising from
strength of organization.
Labor leaders who stir up trouble to
keep themselves In office and to graft on
Inefficiency of workers, resulting In
ever-Increasing cost tff living.
napioiy increasing complexity of In
dustry. Sudden transition of a large number of
foreigners from repression to freedom,
which makes them an eisy prey to labor
agitators. ,
Universal craze to get rich quick.
Docay of old Ideas of honesty and thrift.
Misinformation In newspapers. ,
Too much organization for combative
purposes Instead of for co-operation.
Violence in labor troubles.
Sympathetic strikes and Jurisdictional
Boycotting and picketing;
Meddlesome and burdensome legislation.
The closed shop, which makes for labor
monopoly. Financial Irresponsibility of
labor unions.
"Practically every witness." says the
report, "has expressed the attongest dls,
approval of any form ot compulsory ar
bitration. Arbitration was suggested only
as a last resort and then to be purely
"There was practically unanimous
agreement among the witnesses that the
formation ot a Federal Commission of
Mediation and Conciliation, composed of
representative employers and employes,
wnuld be a desirable step toward tne es
tablishment of Industrial peace and the
protection ot the nation from the dam
age resulting from protracted strikes and
lockouts, with whieh the Individual States
seem Incapable ot dealing.
"It was Impressed upon the commis
sion, however, that the very gteatest
consideration and oare should b" given
to tho organization of suh"a commis
sion and that, before ail, MM method of
selecting Us mewbara should be suoh as
to secure the representation of the in
terests involved 'and the exclusion of
Tha preliminary report was aubmJUed
by Frank P Vfalsh, of Kansas CKy.
chairman of the commission.
Jilss Onnrod, pf faa Maraiall'
Sohool, Bride of Muhleafcere Junior.
Uta Bulb at. Onauud, a atutteaH at
Utaa UajrebsH's Sek)el for Olrta. 0b
fM. IHtW4pla, aal Qujey r. At
AerkwuBll, zaemhar of Mm Mttfclts
ollege footbiH hsU aal a Jusdpr Uk th
J - wUege. were marrted In into ei..
'D n annouuetunent isvad y
'" .'
Ti bride is tfe Uuauti ot Julia U
". uoroO, ueiintendeiit of tif IsanaJbton
lr"n OonepHi Konwa. Stxh a asist the
t,i idatajnwm ixmM at Abaavtows
7, lQlsf,
.. .a... ,..,t , --. , . ... mi - nL ---..,! , I, 1
US k VMl!
twft. At loJfvv 5JSjr5(sssU 1
iff till '"rassWJfZSRSMR
VJ II lit K wC JSokriS&SlittJ'nmtir
(4 III A I v vZifW
HK9HOHBHPF,r . QaCWadttUUMattMaaUBBSBKsasaatjBa
Br - MasHsHsssssHHsWrsBBSsflssssssBar'iaa tSbbbBbiBBISHsh!
LssssisssssssBiMssssslsssBOas9iBB9ns vvESSbbbH
WissssssssasaassWassssssHWBIsaraBlsaWmfWy ? A!A tSSsBssfl
HBBBBBBBBMnOaBBBs1MaBBBBSBBBBBBsTlllWrMWnlarairnffiTi) TflTlfirnBnlTflilWi RV iSamBss5sSi
sssssssssssssBsssssssssassssssssssssUasssBna s9saM'' j-' JassHsHsflsssssI
WrBBBBHBBBBjgLJisWK.gj sbbbbbesshbbbBsbbI
assHsssssssssssssssnsasnKiimsssssK " F W ' HBsbssbsIsssbi
isssssHasW09eassssHsssaW fe 'SjJ j. .! "SssssIBb&ssWessB
EL i ' -v-' Mi
JULIA BRUNS "Potitah and Pcrlmutter" Garrick.
I'OIlftlOSl'-Nfw York Hippodrome production
of "t'lnafore "
Rnmi'lHoudlnl and -varied bill.
Ln-TliU TIlK.vrilU "rue Siher llox," by
John (laianerthy ,
WALNUT "The Winning; of Tlnrbara Worth,'
dramatization ot Harold Hell WrlSlil'a
ponular n-nel
ADULPHI "Tod.-iy," by GeorKe nroadhurst
und Auraham Hchomcr A wife, eicrllently
plAjcd hi i;thel Valentino, ccks luxury by
"Ihe easiest way" and Is killed by Her hus
band nnOAD -V'Tlie Secret," by Henri llerntleln,
adapted by Dai Id llelasco A study of fem
inine jealousy, in which Oabrlellp Jnnnrlot.
tho heroine, seeks to destroy people's lite pi
ness Frances fitarr proves herself uu
Hctres of exceptional talents In an unplcos
unt roll,.
GAlUtlCIC "I'otasli and rHnrtltter." drama
tisation of the famous stories of Montacue
Ulafce, Oilo of the most capitally iimusing
PitVH of vears. human. tiDncnllnr to all. i
UYHjC "High Jinks," musical comcdjV with
bv otto llaurrbach and music hy Itu-
dolph Krlml, starrinir Htella Mayhnw. A
ralilcKlna ecr)lng'a entertn.nmeiu. full or fun
and s-ng.
Flashes From "Stars"
Geoige M. Cohan Is to return to the
stage. He Ih writing a musical revue,
book, lyrics und music, In which he wilt
appear ns n co-star with his bosom
friehd. William Collier.
Evidently the farce which he was writ
ing for Mr. Collier has been abandoned
for tho time being. Us production was
originally scheduled for Thanksgiving,
and Louise Dresser nnd Jamca Bradbury
were among those engaged for prominent
parts, It la said that Mlsa Dresser will
have an Important role in the coming
Among the forthcoming musical produc
tions of the Shuberts is "Tonight's the
Night," In which George arpsamlth,
Emmy Wehlcn. and Mnurlco Fatkon Will
take the leading pnrtS.
"The Traffic," coming to the Walnut
for" two weeks commencing December II,
has been Indorsed by such well-knbwn
people ns Lieutenant Governor Barrett
O'llara, of Illinois; Mrs. Gertrude Howe
Britten, at Hull House; Major Funk-
houser. of the Police Department of
Chicago, and a number of earnest re
formers, The play1 Is a white-slave ex
posure. Chauncey Olcott will have a new play
this season by Rachel Crothers, Who
wrote "A Man's World" and "Young Wis
Com." Its quaint title Is "The Heart ot
Paddy Whack." and in it Mr. Olcott Is
said to have the best role he has had In
many years. Its scenes are laid In Ire
land in 1820, and Its story Is one of senti
ment strongly relieved by rollicking com
edy nnd Irish wit. Mr. Olcott will have a
number ot new songs and ballads also
and will probably revive one or two old
time Celtic songs as well. He will be
seen at the Walnut for two weeks begin
ning December 21.
Surrounded by a lot of singing- and
dancing girls Hap Ward and Lucy Daly
will be seen at the Wnlnut week Of Janu
ary 11 tn their musical comedy, "A Fool,
His Money, and the Girl."
The New York I'lay Actors. Inc.. has
taken over the Adolf Philip Theatre in
Kast 57th street and renamed It the
Bandbox Theatre It will be opened on
December 22 with Jerome K- Jerome's
comedy. "Poor Little Thing," an adapta
tion of Jules Lemaltre's story, which
Gultry jmente4 In Paris for a run of
several months laat winter.
According to Douglas J Wood, the
managing director ot tb,e theatre, a new
play will be presented jeach month. Most
of the scats will be sold by subscription.
The. theatre will be co-operative to the
extent that W per cent, of the revenue
is to be devoted to a sinking fund to
assure the permanency ot the organiza
tion and to provide pensions for those
of the company who mike It a permanent
Institution. Ten per Cent, of the profits
will be given monthly to the Actors'
Bdward JSlaner has been engaged as
stage director Associated with Mr.
Wood tn the roaAsgement of the enter
prise are Harry Doe! Parker, Marts
Kelekhoefer and Tfceodore Mitchell.
Encouraged by tha suooaaa of Ths
Only Oirl." Joe Weber has engaged la
a new vesUure, The Fatten Iaal.' de
scribed as "a raal play with a reason."
Guy Helton, who wrote "Th Rule of
three," is Its author
The cast inejude Bruce McRae. John
MtlUrn now ot the cast of "l(utoct"
Studjo of Medtra Di
schools aw etftcggm
mmw - '1 .
Hat Sssea
Private Ussoas 2U1St "ESjgt
sr tut a $ujv-Jmg bjSJ aJWBidl
was taw ew ui'
Virginia 1'inisort, Allco LynUhal, C. B.
Wells. Marie Chambers and Robert
Schnblc. '
Ben Greet announces that he will re
main in England until the latter part ot
February, when ho will return to this
country and opeh a Lenten season with
the revival of "Everyman," with an alt
star CflBt.
His annual open-air tour will begin In
Jacksonville, Fin., in April, nnd will In
clude tho universities and colleges of the
East, South,. nnd Middle West- In nddl
tlon to the company headed by Ben drect
hlmeclf, there will be three other Ben
Greet companies giving performandea'of
Shakespeare during the summer. '
Granville Barker Is coining to New York
tb consult with tho Stage Society about
several productions which they contem
plate making.
Doris Keaue. who has been 111 In Lon
don, has recently cabled thnt alio Is re
covering! her health ,nnd Is looking for
ward to appearing In a new play In New
York tn the spring. Owing to his musical
comedy activities. Charles Dillingham has
transferred the managerial roln.i ot IllSa
Keane's next season to Lou'b fJethersole
Th6;'aetrcss will appear In future under
the, direction or that manager
Negotiations are under way to brlps
leading plnyern ot the Comedle Krancafse.
of Pntls, lo New York tills winter for a
series ot performances, from Which fvuart
or the proceeds wilt be given over to e.
fund for families of destitute French
Rudolf. Frlml, In tho full Hush ot his
achievement In writing "The Firefly" and
"High Jinks," oet to work to excel his
own record In the operetta, "The Peas
ant Girl," which he hns Just composed
for Emma Trehtlnl. and which cornea to
tho Adolphl Theatre shortly. After the
ovation which greeted the first perform
ance of "The Firefly" In New Tori,.
Frlml Impulsively kissed Trentlnl and
vowed that he would write for her so
long as she continued to ulng. "Ahd VII
write jou an operetta next time -which
Will outshine 'The Firefly,' promised
Frlml. After Trentlnl had heard the score
of the new work for tho first time she
cried: "Come here!" ftnd ktsslhg Frlml
on both cheeks she slil: "You have
made good. You have made ybur promise
good. I pay you back that kiss you gave
me two years ago'
Samuel O, Friedman Itegnlna Car
Taken in Eront of Art Club.
A damaged license number led to the
recovery yesterday of the automobile of
Samuel Q. Friedman, ot 330, Walnut
street, which waa Stolen In front of th
Art Club on November 17 The automo
bile was recovered when an Inspector
was asked to license it in Newarkv It
waa discovered that it had been sold
some time ago and the new oantr
wanted a new lieense number, as theofd
one waa badly mutilated, and made the
application which led to the recovery of
the car.
Inspectors of the State Motor Veluaje
Department of New Jersey yesterday re
covered a alx-cyllnder automobile of ex
Sheriff J. Masan Ege, of Hopewell, wWli
was stolen some time ago The machine
was found In the woods near Laraliwood,
and In the tonneau were cans of meats
and groceries. The inspector are trail
ing the thieves.
Plijtarntir Sr Opera I Home of World's
Atts , I to a, 10 ft lSc mtt.. 7 to 11, liis,e
Twice Pally Aftnntto, iS0 Bv,. ttM.
Preceded br dauy ships' Prit run i4tttr.
antii ana .nark! bb ' '
Tiintii un
linn urieujJt,
K Of
Wad lllaohanv T.MKAI
yattr or tub AJR'' t
is ujissrmu
Ll Vt.'ljn Uulla la '"
tiu. abct riaawVJii
W iis p tut, m.'
The IM TtMiw U ,
IU0A SfiilftJSS'te