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Market Steady, With Prices
Far Under the Closing on
July 31 Attendance Is
CMv0? Kov' 16 Tho Ncw york
fiM? Li c"a.M8e feoiKiicil thl mornlni?
SrJLit"513: ,nrR0 "limbed of traders
Urgent and TMth the galleries crowded.
w. Tarkct. 1,onc'1 '"end.v, but there
half h mi!Sh tra(U"B durlns the llrst
JI?iV. i ' Tho prlcc,s wero fftr um,c- "u
1 rices when ll,0 market closed In July, but
JL ,of what has happened since then
i,,.;,. . . Wcro Ratlncd that tho llgures
levels Ctrtl0n t0day wero ttt falr
December opened ot 7.45c, January nt
700,. March nt 7.85c. aifd May at 8.10c.
.'.!, .. mlnue these prices had
' m?etl .BlEhJ'- However, there was
?i!l..n ., ot C0fntlnce among the traders
,,-- . . nmrk' soon would begin nn
upward movement.
Everything was done that could be done
to help out tho cottrti market while tho
radiance was clcsed. Committees wcro
appointed to take care of the unliquidated
Holdings of cotton here, and these com
mittees Woro fnlrly successful.
Further than this, tho Cotton Trading
Corporation was formed to take over the
OUtfltUndlllir lnnrr mulnicl. Tl,l mnJ.
ration was backed by a syndicate of bank
ers and guaranteed to tako over 2C0.CO)
bales of cotton nt 9 cents.
When the oxchannc closed last July
there was a big drop In the price demand
ed for seats. Some scats weru offered nt
prices around JfiOOO and $7000. with no
takers. This morning 10,000 was bid for
a seat and $11,000 was asked.
The prices when tho market closed In
July wero ns follows: August, O.Wc.; Sep
tember. 10.40c.; October, 10.40c; November,
10.50c; December, 10.75c; January, 10.iCc.:
March, lo.79c; April, 10.00c; May, 11.10c
New York banks Rained from tho Sub
treasury Saturday $1,126,000 nnd slnco
Friday have lost $2,108,000.
Tho special committee of seven of tho
New York Stock Exchange gave notice
that dealings In unlisted municipal nnd
State bonds for domestic account may
now be conducted without restrictions.
AH transactions for delayed delivery or
seller contract should continue to bo sub
mitted to tho committee.
Tho Consumers Power Company of
Michigan sold $500,000 tlrst lien and re
funding 6 per cent, bonds to Harris.
Forbes & Co. nnd Perry, Coffin & Burr.
The bonds aro part of nn authorized Issue
Of $33,000,000, of which $12,936,000 have
been Issued.
The minual meeting of the Nevada
Wonder Mining Company will bo hold
on December 2 at 2 p. m. In tho offices
tit tho company In tho Bullitt Building.
It Is announced that Frank M. Dick
nnd Marshall Gecr, of the firm of Dick
Brothers & Co., havo retired.
Thero were 371 business failures In tho
United States last week, according to
Bradstreet's, compared with 317 In the
previous week and 305 for tho same week
of the previous year.
Allowances to be made by trunk Una
carriers to industrial railways and short
lines serving Industries was considered at
a meeting held today by Examiner Car
malt, of tho Interstate Commerce Com
mission. Most of the claims presented
wero from representatives of short lines
In the Mlddlo West.
Tho Interstate Commerce Commission
ordered a reopening of the caso which
concerned the division of through rates
on coal from Virginia mines to various
Southern and Western points. It Is the
purposo to fix a proper division of these
rates, amending a former decision by
the commission. The divisions are made
with short roads by trunk lines, either
serving industries or small places.
An order was issued by tho Interstate
Commerce Commission permitting tho
Chicago, Milwaukee nnd St. Paul Rail
road to establish class rates between St.
Paul, Minneapolis, Winona, Minn., and I.a
Crosse, AVis., nnd rates on wheat, corn,
rye, oats, barley, cattle, horses, brick,
salt nnd cement to stations on the Water
loo, Cedar Falls and Northern Railroad,
the same as are In effect by tho mora
direct line. It Is provided that the route
should not be more than 15 per cent,
longer than the most direct route.
Proposed Increases In rates on sand and
gravel in carloads over tho Chicago and
Northwestern and the Chicago, Milwaukee
and St. Paul Railroads from points In
Wisconsin to Chicago were suspended by
the Interstate Commerce Commission to
day until March 15 next. Tho Increases
amounted to half and three-quarter fents
per 10Q p6unds. The present rates from
Belolt and Janesville, Wis., to Chicago
are 1 cents per 10 pounds and the
proposed rate Is 2!J cents per 100 pounds.
Yes Tlieresef itf s
inns m . -
Si m
Civic Association Planning
Many Additional Improve
ments Community an
Ideal Place of Residence.
Merlon, which tho Bureau of Municipal
Research of New York, tho foremost bu
reau of Its character In the country, de
scribes as a model town, lu planning msny
up-to-date Improvements for tho benefit
of Its residents. Tho prime movers for
the betterments of Merlon ura tho mem
bers of tho Merlon Civic Association, an
organization composed of prominent men,
many of whom are woll known In the
business world, which recently Issued a
year book containing much Information
about their town,
Ever since tho Merlon Civic Associa
tion was formed it has been tho motto
of every member to devote a part of his
leisure time formulating plans for the
protection of life and property In Merlon
The president of the Merlon Civic As
sociation 13 Edward W. Bok. Tho vice
presidents aie Eldrldge R. Johnson, Wil
liam P. Gest, Sydney Thayer and William
Do Krafft, who Is secretary and treasurer.
One of the first steps after tho asso
ciation was formed was to obtain for
Merlon better police protection. Morion
Is proud over her robbery record. During
the Inst year only four robberies have
occurred there.
Merlon also has a comprehensive plan
of Are protection. Tho procuring of better
roads is one of the features of tho many
Improvements brought about by the Mer
lon Civic Association. Negotlons nro now
under way looking toward tho experiment
of a modern taxlcab service at tho rail
road station. ,
The population of Merlon la 1046. There
are 4D moro women in Merlon than thero
are men. There nro 100 children of 10
yours and under 52 boys and 48 girls.
Thero aro 71 young persons, from 10 to 21
years of age, of whom 33 aro young men;
3S are young women. There are 412 serv
ants residing In Morion.
Now tho members of tho Merlon Civic
Association are rearranging the police
service so that three pojlcemen will be
on duty at night and two during the day
time. It Is also arranging for an active
agitation to abolish tho tollgutes on Lan
caster and Montgomery pikes.
Tho association is erecting tho first of
Its 109 new lamps, which have been pro
ncunccd by experts and architects to bo
tho most beautiful and practical lamps
evei designed for any community.
Five boundary signs, showing the
boundaries of Merlon for the conveni
ence of motorists, aro being built. A
man has also been engaged by the asso
ciation who drives about In a cart nnd
whose duties aro to keep tho streets of
Merlon clean and spotless.
Breaks Out of Crate and Finds Mis
tress in Her New Home.
PITMAN, N. J.. Nov. lfl.-,AVhen Mrs.
Jnmes Gordon, whose family has Just
moved here from Indlanu, went to the
telephone to niuwer n call from a local
expressman, who reported the arrival of
the Gordons' dog from the Western State,
Pile tlDD linen uyivu uy a BllUlllll Ul
the back door. W
As the opened the door the dog came
bounding Into the room. He had broken
out of his crate In front of the express
office, more than a mile from the Gordon
home, while the expressman was tele
phoning. Thero were $3 express charges
due on tho dog, which the expressman
gave up hope of ever collecting until Mrs.
Gordon drove Into town an hour later
and tojd of the arrival of her pet.
for girls !"
Resumption of Business Caused No
NEW YORK, Nov. 16. Thero was no
demonstration nt the official opening of
the curb market today, owing to the
fact that the curb really opened last
Thursday. . Prices were generally firm.
Tho opening today was llko every other
day, the only difference being that It was
much similar to the trading dono on the
nrst day when It waB ofllcially rocog
nlzcd by the New York Stock Exchange.
The ocenlnR prices iore aa follows:
AnKlii American Oil U'iff IBM
Urltlsh-Amerlcan Tobacco MtSV ll)W
rto now 1 ti 17
Maxwell Motor 14 it 14S
Jo ltt rrf V 44
do 2d pref 17 ft iu
Trent Hliarlnir II W lHi
Cigar Htores S-SV NJy
HcRcmnn .. . , 7?iSf, . TJS
Manhattan Tranult 7 1-iSfol) 1-10
llruden SUV Wj
Nlplaalni . S ft n',
StnnclanY Oil Now York 100 01IM
uo California 8ih) n2l)l
do New Jersey 374 (il.'tTil
do Indiana Wo dt4T
Pralrln it.n (WISH
, if. II flCIHfl
171 1017.-.
71 SM
.17 iii mi
Olilo Oil
I'nlon Tnn
N. A. Transit
Atlantic Krnnint j,,j.-, h.'i.'ip
lUickeyo 11.1 ftllR
Continental Oil 80 If m
Creicent Plpo 40 iff -IS
Cumberland M O 57
rairrkn 21 fl2:io
Indiana rir ft iff ns
New York TYnnsIt 21 2?.1
Ohio Oil 171 ?1T
I'lerco 12 q 14
Tralrle .170 rtilKO
Southern Plpo If'- 1H7
Southern Callfornlo ?.s J22
Indiana ... -ino HN70
Nebraska Sin iFr.no
KnntUPkv 241 fl2.w
New York 1SS ff?in2
Ohio 4ln khio
Anglo-American 14iffT 1.1U
Standard Oil New Jersey 371 JI374.
Commerce Board Allows Charge of 85
Cents a Ton Pending Final Action.
WASHINGTON, Nov. IB.-Pendlng final
action the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion' granted permission to the Pennsyl
vania and Iehlgh Valley Railroads today
to charge a rate of 85 cents per ton on
Iron and steel nrtlclcs shipped from
Philadelphia to Bethlehem nnd South
Bethlehem, Pa without observing the
provisions of tho long nnd short hnul
clnueo of the commerce act. Such tariffs
must bo filed with the commission before
February 17 next.
Commissioner Meyer, at the same time,
began n, hearing on tho rules nnd prac
tices of carriers In regard to iron oro
shipments. A comprehensive Investiga
tion Is under way by tho commission into
the subject, nnd the hearing today was
for tho purposo of allowing carriers to
present such facts as to enable tho com
mlslon to adopt rules governing tho
transportation of this character.
European war has brought prosperity to
toy and novelty manufacturers In Blng
hamton and vicinity. Tho Williamson
Manufacturing Company, which until this
year met sharp- competition from Ger
man toy factories. Is rushed with orders
and Is working three Bhifts of eight hours
each In an effort to supply tho New York
toy trade. At Walton the novelty works,
which manufacture Christmas toys, nro
running overtime, nnd 100 men are em
ployed. 1IKSOI1TS
The Delights of Getting Well L
You an combine the enjoyments of a
magnificent retort hold with ALL the
TREATMENTS given at AU, Vichy,
Karlsbad, Naubelm, or Ilarrogite at
Old Point Comfort
byCtumb!UaMetiuxli,eAtontqucst. Addicis
CEO, F. ADAMS, Mir., Fortriu Mesne, Ya.
k 4
Who Hear Roar of Cannon and Crackle
Shell Tell of Experiences in Conflict
That Shakes World.
IMnlls of a sanguinary conflict In
which the British troops in Northerg
France repulsed a Ocrmnn attack under
cover of darkness, and then In turn at
tacked with the bayonet and routed the
tlermans, who lost a number of prison
ers and guns, are told In a letter by a
French ofricor. He writes:
"It was one of tho most brilliant plecest
of fighting lhat has yet marked the war.
The whole force of the enemy was hurled
forward during the early morning. The
darkness was intensified by a storm, and
the rain which wns falling was accom
panied by an Impenetrable curtain of
mist. Advancing In the murky darknesB,
over n slippery field of mud, tho Ger
many canio upon the barbed wire en
tanglements stretched before tho Allies'
t.re,1?h.cs' TI, alarm was given and the
British opened nro with small arms,
nulck-nrliig guns nnd artillery. The
b ackuess of night and storm soon was
pierced for tho distance of n mile with
sheets of llame from rifle nnd cannon,
nursling shells gave off a crimson glare,
which was followed Instantly by clouds
of white nnd block smoke, which hung
low over tho field, being unablo to rise
becnuso of the heavy fog-fliled atmos
pnorc. Tho shrnunel and th vnliKf
from the quick-firing guns ate long InncB
n the German rnnkn. Tho mlvnnrinq-
lino wavered.
nllri thfn tlm nvit. .......
nl i 5 . , ,lBl1 lo charge. "With I was a civilian nnd not in uniform proh- Woods, nre following up clues, which, It
h.i, -' i B ,?. f?nctlsli sprang from ! nbly accounted for his nuccess. Wnt- ' is hoped, will shed light on the Identity
nl.mnni Vi. 'rV m , !l s"outs of encour- kins climbed the wnlls of the fortress t of tho bomb planter who attempted Mag
moved f i J!"8 of b"la'"ns "tec! wiicro ho was confined, and after n week I Jstrato Campbell's life.
I..-.- . .. . . ----.. .i.v x,, v.ui nun
IMltttlltl. inn llMVtt.nMK ....
seized with dismay, and turned and fled,
eaviiK a number of prisoners. Four
ow zers fell Into the hands of the Eng-
The diary of a private In tho Colds-
tream Gum ds, killed lu bnttlo. wns picked
UP On the flnlil T ,r,..i..i.i
up on mo Held. It contained
other things, this iinrncrnnlw
It Is awful shooting big. tine men
who have dono us no harm, but we do it
or they will do It to us."
Of another engagement he wroto: "t
got a good range nt 3)1 ynrds and dropped
three poor men with four shots. Captain
Burton congratulated mo on my good
shooting, rnptnln Burton got shot In tho
thigh, nnd I went back for him undor
Are nnd hnd to hnlf carry him two nr
threo hundred ynrds, nnd landed him ir.
the doctor's hands."
Tho sympathy extended to wounded
British soldiers by the French pcopl".
nlthough slncoro nnd well-meant. Is not
always appreciated by tho "Tommies."
One Englishman on a train carrying the
wounded to tho renr snys:
"We had stopped nt some wnyslde sta
tion between Uo Mnn-s nnd Nantes.
"I heard tho dreaded words 'Anglais
blcsse ' but pretended to go on sleeping.
It wns no use. I felt a hand fumbling
about me In tho darkness, nnd found n
somcwhnt overripe peach thrust Into my
grasp. I aald thank ou, but I was not
blesse, nnd I wished to go to sleep.
$3.25 Table Cloths, $2.49
An odd lot from Belfast. Pure linen,
with beautiful satin finish. All now and
up-to-date floral and striped patterns.
2x2 ynrds long.
DOZEN 3i . 1 7
Extra heavy, pure lluon damask. Size.
22x22 Inches. All new floral nnd sntln
atrlpo patterns. First Floor, North.
As retailers
$1.15 Inlaid
2 yds.
One hundred rolls of Jnpnnese nnd Chinese matting all
new, pliable goods M-yiird rolls.
812 Jaimnese
.Matting . . ,
. '7.98
I5 Clilnn
I Matting;
Sheets, Blankets & Comfortables
Savings that are well worth considering.
85c Seamless Sheets
at 69c
Of standard makes of bleached,
heavy quality sheeting, no dress
ing. Size mx'ju incites.
Snme quality (size 00x90
or 81x99 inches)
Plllntr Cnses
(15jJ6 Inches)
llolnter Cmim
(12x76 M Inches)
$1 Fancy Pillow Cases:
pair 75c
Of flue bleached and unbleached
muslin; hemstitched, with initials or
embroidered design above hem. Size
45x86 inches. One pair In box.
$7 Lambs' Wool
Blankets: pair $5
Fine quality white lambs' wool,
soft, fleecy nap, made on spool
cotton warp. In white and gray,
with pink nnd blue borders and
silk binding, Double-bed size.
$2 Chocolate Sets
Pieces of Im
Ported China
With floral deco
rations on white.
Set i n cl u d e s
chocolate pot and,
cover, six cups
ana s i x saucers
to mat;n. Mail
or 'plume orders
$1 Sugar & Cream Sets, 49c
Dainty floral decoration, gold lined.
$1 Salad Bowls, 49c
German china, pretty floral dcor
iut MHtmmiis
rfaj wiytiiL
II mPf 8?shZJ,
Neverthelcss, a wet rag soaked In In
ferior eau-de-Cologne rs deposited on
my face before the hand was withdrawn
and tho door shut.
British marines and sailors, Interned In
Holland nfter tho German occupation of
Antwerp, nro chafing under the restraint.
"Our life here Is very monotonous, but
wo aro hoping to get away before the
end of Ihe year," writes H. K. Bray, "If.
1) ," a member of the Colllngwood bat
talion of tho 1st Naval Brigade, now In
terned nt Grontngen,
After tho British War Office had re
ported In the usual form that Private
Chnrlei Heath had been killed In action
nt Mons, a memorial service was held
nt the local church In Tipton, Stafford
shire, the family went Inte mourning and
tho Insurance company paid the policy on
his life. Some weeks later came a post
card from Heath saying that he was a
prisoner of war, hut was Well and only
required n supply of cigarettes to make
him rensonnbly contented.
The Germans guard their prisoners of
war so closely that slnco tho beginning
of the war only one man, It is bellovd,
has succeeded In escanlntr. His name is
nrt,nrr1 tt'nfl.l.m n,.1 II.a fn.,1 ll.nl l.n
t "ttim.u ,, ..t.it.ici, .,..i, n,.- ,u.i ititi. ;
vm. (ji-iiiuuB uuvmiiiK, iiuiuuHvu iu rcucn
the Danish frontier.
Mrs. Mary Gaunt, noted explorer, who
recently ventured to London artcr long
and adventurous travels In China, nnd
who herself had dlthculty In getting from
Pctrograd to Hnglnnd. her ship being
l.l.l . 1... M i.KMH.. .....I .-iiH 1
hold up by a German cruiser, tells how
ono English youth got away from Ger
many after tho declaration of war by
sheer "cheek." lie wrote to an American
C011311I asking for help or a passport,
and a reply came regretting tho Im
possibility of ncccdlng to his request.
This very letter tho young man flaunted
In the eyes of German officials every
where. They could not read English,
but they recognized the American Con
sular notcpaper nnd allowed him to leave
tho country without tho least hesitation.
If disposition of the Victoria Cross
wore In the control of Signaler George
Lee, of the Boyal Berks Regiment, who
Is at homo recovering from wounds re
ceived at the battle of tho Alsno, the
tlrst recipient would bo n driver of the
Royal Field Artillery. Concerning tho
driver's bravery the Berks man says:
"During a flerco encounter a gun's
crew woro put out of action, the men
being either killed or wounded. Tho
driver obtnlncd a team of horses and
calmly wnlked them down to the gun,
with sholls bursting nil nround. Having
leached tho Bpot, ho limbered up and
brought the guns safely back. Neither ho
nor the horses were hit."
r -
STORE OPENS 8.30 A. M. CLOSES AT 15.30 P. jr.
Double Yellow Trading Stamps With Every 10c Purchase Until
Noon : After That, Until Closing Time, Single Stamps
Market Eighth Filbert Seventh
Linoleums : Caroets
ire were the InrRrnt purchasers In the
York Wc secured
Inlaid and Cork LINOLEUM
Priced to At most Half Regular Value
From two prominent manufacturers,
patterns from which to choose.
$1.35 Inlaid
wide, aq,
2 yds. wide, sq.
. yd,,
Limited lots. Please bring sizes.
31.35 Milton Velvet QQ
Stnlr Cnriiet, yard. "OC
$3.50 Comfortables, 52.2U
Covered with figured stlkollne and
satlne flKured all-over; somo plnin
centres and fanoy borders of con
trasting colors. White cotton Milne.
Double-bed size.
$6.00 Down-and-Wool
Comfortables, $ 1.98
Covered with best American mercer
ized satlne, figured on both sides;
pure, odorless down filling: size 72x
72 Inches. Others have plain satlne
borders, pure Australian lambs' wool
Hlllng; sizes 72x80 inches.
85c Quilted Padding, 65c
Come St Inches wide. Covered
with fine bleached muslin, filled
with white cotton; nicely quilted
and bound. Slightly oil stained.
$4 Blankets: pair $2.98
Fine woo), with cotton mixture made
on spool cotton warp. White and
gray with pink and blue borders and
silk binding. Double-bed size,
$2.50 Oil Stove, $1.98 ou Mop Quint Qfi
SJJ.-., Genuine National stove; ' c. 7e Vnlno ' -'
Miller burner: smokeless
and odorless.
Senate Stove
$S.S0 sends one home,
ft a week pays for it.
Six-hole top, full-size
oven and fire box, large
ash box, plain trimmed.
Same ttyle, with high
Shelf. U43 extra.
$2.50 Cylinder Stove. S1.59 Mops are triangular shape
Of cast iron, damper in pipe, sliding door, bet for reaching inte eor
r sh pit. ner8. Complete outfit 98tu
16, 1914.
Door Leading Under Office
of Commissioner Closed
After Discovery of Explo
sive in Magistrate's Court.
N13W YortK, Nov. lfl.-The closing of
tho north door of pollco headquarters,
following the nclloti of Pollcoman George
L. O'Connor, who dlscoveicd a bomb and
snuffed out Its fuse In Magistrate Camp
bell's court, on Saturday, has aroused
much speculation nnd led to tho belief
that a fear of a bomb outrage nt head
qiinrtcrs prompted this action. The door
Is directly beneath tho ofllco of the Po
lice Commissioner. However, the sugges
tion wns laughed nt by headquarter of
ficials. Before tho Tombs Court, where Magis
trate Cnmpbell Is sitting, wns opened to
day, n thorough search of the chnmbers
unci adjoining hnltwnys wns made. In
fact, every courtroom of tho city Is now
under the closest scrutiny, detectives
having been assigned especially for this
Inspector Joseph Tnurot nnd Captain
Gray, of tho detective bureau, under the
personal direction of Police Commissioner
ouspicun 13 uueuicu cnieny nl 11 man
who left tho court room a few moments
i before tho explosion. Meyer Schloss, a
Inwver. anvs ho anw thin mnn.
"As I left tho court room," snld Schloss.
Lace Boot
I.ndlr' Shoe
Second Floor
X 11
1 1
I 1
I 1
November 16. Store Closes 5.30 P. M.
; mail or phone orders filled
recent four-million dollar auction nnle
really marvelous tallica In lilprh-clusa
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80c Cork
4 yds. wide, sq. yd.,
OOe Veliet Stnlr Cnr- CQ
pet, ynid OCC
;lanj Housetvives Are Noiu Busy Making the Home More Attractive
lor inc II u ami y oanoii mere t.ra
Curtains : Draperies : Portieres
At Prices Remarkably Low for Their Qualities
$2.00 and $2.50 Lace Panels and Bonne $ OQ
Femme Curtains: Each '
Cable net in white nnd Arabian, with heavy braided centre designs;
some with combination of Marie Antoinette nnd Renaissance lace de
signs in centre.
Including tine Scotch lace of strong thread and durable; elaborately de
i aicneil liorriers: also lmnorteil IrUh iinlnt unit SnlHK tuiuliour curtains. 3
and 3Va yards long, with plain and figured centres and wide sppllqued
! borders; some have heavy raised cushion work designs.
Scotch Thread Curtains
, 8I..10 Piilrn, PSi-
Pnlrs, t.OS
Pulrn, SS.U8
S3 Pnlrn, SI.S5
; 92.S0 Palm, If I.-1U
Irish Point Lace Curtains
; S3 Palm. S3.0S
JKI.SO 1'ulm, JU.US
! 7.50 1'ulm, 93.0S
0 Pairs. a.t8
SID Pairs, ST.OS
HVi Palm, 0.08
Swiss Tambour Curtains
$7,50 to $12 pairs,
$5.98 to $9.98
$1.75 Value
Two separate
Ant mops an oil
wO mop & chem-
CvmT ieallv treated
dust mop, in
terchangeable, on long ad
justable han
dle. Also -pint
ea of
cedar oil
SaHf PViJrBi
"Just before the magistrate, came out of
his chambers, 1 happened to glance at A
man In ft gray overcoat sealed on th'
bench beneath which the bomb nftrrward
was found. He came out after me. My
attention was nttracted to him because
he wns very nervous. I got Into oohver(
AAllnn with him Ha KAld: .m
"This Judge has sent nwAy the I. W
W. people. It's his turn now. una '
irolnir tn tret what Is comlna- to him.'
"A moment later O'Connor ran out ofWj
the court room with the bomb in his
hands and tho man rushed out aftef
him. I saw him disappearing around the
corner of White street"
Unemployed Laborer May Hnva
Sought Bevenge, He Thinks.
MTTSBUIIGH, Pa Nov. 16.-Alex'
andcr Bcrkman, anarchist and ex-con-vicl,
who Is here delivering a series' of
lectures, today denied emphatically that
the discovery of a bomb In the Tombs
Pollco Court, New York, last Friday,
had anything to do with recent anar
chistic meetings In that city at Which
Bcrkman presided. He Is now on ball rii
chntged with resisting nn officer In New Ijf
York last Monday nlglit.
"To my knowledge," said Bcrkman, "at 1
no time during our meetings was a cam-
pnlgn planned against Mayor Mltchel, I
Commissioner Dnvla or Magistrate V
Slmms and Campbell, ns Deputy Com
missioner of Corrections Lewis charges.
"1 cannot account for any violence on
the part of anarchists as a body, buf
some Individual laborer, unemployed,
mn have acted on his own Initiative and
si tight revenge. Magistrate Slmms and
Campbell were Instrumental In sending:
several unemployed persons to prison
'ZURICH. Nov. 16. A dispatch from -Vienna
says the exchango value of tlje
Austrian florin, which was 106 before the
wnr, hns fallen to S3, while French bank
notes still command a premium of 1 per
a la Militaire
Fashion's latest dictate is this
lace boot with vamp and heel
foxing of dull calf and new
shade gray topping.
The nnrrow, dull leather stays,
from vamp to top, and Hussar lncing,
give the military appearance in vogue
All-leather Louis-Cuban heel main
tains tho shape and adds to the serv
ice. The Big Shoe Store
1204-0608 Market St.
You can always be sure of getting
extra good values in the premiums
you secure with
If is merchandise of high quality and
of wide variety.
Double afawtps here in tho morning.
of Alexnnder Smith A Son from New
Some lots limited.
$33.00 AxmlriHtcr Rugs, S0 1 QC!
10.0x13.6 feet 6I1OO
$27.:0 Senmtesii Vellct, f 1 Q QQ
10.6x12 feet 10.i70
Hl.in.OO ScnmlfMH Roynl Wilton, 50j
8.3x10.0 feet O
?l'.r,ll .Srnmlcss Velvet, ?f T firt
8.3x10.6 feet HiOU
5tlH.no Tapestry IlruHsels, 9-1 O QQ
0x12 feet 1J.I70
?I.".(I(I Tniiestry RrunselN. Sf - QQ
8.3xlO.G feet IX. IO
r.nil Itont -Wilton,
36x63 Inches
. 5.9S
15c Rubber Stair Qr
Treads, Each ... 0i
Size GxlS inches. Just 700 dozen.
Mail nnd 'phone orders filled while
lot lasts.
50c Window Shades
at 33c
Oil opaque shading, mounted on
guaranteed' spring rollers. Com
plete with attachments.
Irish Point Panels
2i- Yards Long
30 Indira Wldei each. ........ .2.08
in lui'lim AVldei each 83.48
00 Inch Wldei cach... SJ.4S
Desk Lamps
Heavy brass base, with
flovlble goose neek and
reflector; S feet of cord
$7.98 Gas Lamps, $4.98
Heavy brass base; h4 with
briuf scroll around bonjer la dif
fernt color wht and grteu.
utunjiUU for MM.
$1.75 Inverted Gas Light, S8e
Complete with mantle, fey-paw Mtf
Imitation cut 1 ld.