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Exercises That Wi 11 Preserve Health.
II la in tkfc olrl .hft fMn mini' 4i
TVhom w takn off nnr lioln In fhl nir.
fartSt to her who simply "talks" things,
n wno signs ior me days ot wismng
iSarpets, Seven tongue Boots and Magic
When one stops to think, there Is Juat
bne thing absolutely necessary to happi
nessAnd thai Is good health. The per
eon tlUs endowed may snap her fingers In
the faeoof nderslt And to the pos
sesMdri of good Iionlth, such things as
tlhH. mil Amihl1 Anrl nnA mImam( a a
6s In no way essential. In fact, they ate
sjj TCfy frequently a drawback. Good, mod
erate-priced rood, and warm, substantial
clothing nre better rose growers than
St nigniy seasoned luxuries, silks and satins.
1 The pessimist constantly prates about
juwtdv ninuiieu luxuries, siiks nnu paiins.
hunting new microbes labelling germs
nod Anticipating more sources of Infec
tion that the contagion of health, by
which mne hundred and nlncty-nlne-one-thousnndths
of us cheat the undertaker
Is overlooked entirely.
The chances of being- Infected with
health Instead of disease nro 1000 to 1
In fnvor of the former. A good cir
culation And n good digestion are lusty
twins that defy the onslaught of nil
kinds of disease germs, and thero are
very, very few of us who have not our
salvation within our own grasp.
Deep breathing, a few simple cxer
claes night and morning and the appro
priation of your nickels to our own
bank accdunt Instead of that of the
street railway companies will abolish
most of tlio ovlts to which human flesh
U heir, and remove such words ns
anaemia and tuberculosis from the dic
tionary The following simple exercises (and the
beautiful, hopeful truth Is that nil essen
tial things nro simple and primitive) In
dulged In night nnd morning, nro anti
dotes for poor health nnd pobr spirits:
Wear a. loose, warm robe, light bed
room shoes, and open all the windows.
Stand on the balls of the feel, chest
tip, hands on hips, breathe slowly nnd
deeply, exhaling all the air from the lungs
before taking the next breath.
Ton times Itlsc slowly to tho toes nnd
slowly sink back to balls of feet. With
developing strength this movement will
become easy nnd controlled. This Is n
very exhilarating exercise.
Ten times Standing on halls of feet,
hands on hips, sink slowly to sitting pos
ture nnd slowly recover stnndlng position,
holding torso erect. Th value of this
exercise la very great and soon estab
Household Hints
When eggs nro scarce, mix n dctsort
poonful of vinegar with a gill of milk
nnd use for making cakes. The quantity
1b equal to two eggs.
To clean a white felt hat, rub tho hat
with a mixture of equal paitn of chalk
nnd magnesia. Leave the powder In the
felt for a few hours, then brush off nnd
rub with soft breadcrumbs.
To remove the smell of fish from forks,
wash the forks In hot water, then remove
from the water, nnd rub over with n tiny
pleco of butter. Wash ngaln and all smell
'With disappear.
When slicing bacon, place It with the
rind side down and do not cut through the
rind. When the slices are cut, slip the
knife under them as nenr tho rind ns
rotted plants which show signs of fading
can bo revived Sf nutered with a solution
of ammonia and water, a tenspoonful of
ammonia In three quarts of wntcr being
the correct proportion.
When cooking vegetables, remember
that all vegetables which grow above
ground should be put Into boiling water,
nnd all which grow underground in cold
water, with the exception of new potatoes.
England now lino 17 schools where
women are taught gardening, poultry
raising, bee-kecptng, farming, horticulture
and domestic science. Glynde, in the Mid
lands, is one of the most famous schools
of gardening for women.
Moro than 13)0 servants In France have
been awarded a medal of honor for hav
ing Berved continuously for 30 years In
one establishment. Germany, too, dec
orates her faithful domestics who can
show similar records of service In one
Miss Melville, one of New Zealand's few
women lawyers, shares the distinction of
being ono of the two women city coun
cilors In the dominion, the other being
Dr. Edith Huntley, of Mlramar, Welling
ton. Miss Melville was In Wellington last
week, as an Auckland delegate to the
Municipal Conference.
The -women of Japan have business acu
men bs well as charm. Although she is
70 years of age, Mrs. Kin Seno. who Is
head of the Seno Commercial Bank of
Tokio, Jap.n, Is considered b- financiers
of that country to be- one of the moBt
efficient bankers thej- have.
Chat by a Calm Girl
During my college days we ran In one
afternoon to see a brilliant girl In her
little room under tho eaves. She was
working her way through and did not
have time to come and see us.
She Jumped up from her books to greet
us. "Just wait a minute till I get some
thing to work on while wo talk," she
During our visit her nimble fingers new
on a shirtwaist she was making, and she
was drawing her needle In and out as
she walked with us to the door.
"Sha Is never Idle." they said of her
tn college. When other girls took a nap
or gathered In kimonos to loaf tin half
holidays, that girl sat at her table In a
high collar, grinding. If we took a walk
on beautiful days, she would not Join us.
T(M,tad, she sat under a tree on the
iiapuB and sewed, or darned, or studied.
Bfeo said In that way she "got the air"
bjkJ didn't "waste any time."
Twenty years afterward, I met that
girt, t thought one so brilliant and In
dustrious would have become rich and
famous. Instead, she was a nervous
wreck, dragging herself about a shabby
Itttla house, that her underpaid professor-
JUusbsnd kept for ner. n naggen anq
efliplalned incessantly, his associates
aljj, and she still despised reoreatlon so
muSh that she fluttered about all day
yk, a him with Its. head off and accom
jmahd nothing-
tt de not pay. The day Is only Just
q long, and woman's strength has Its
limitations. If she will not give- time
Milady 8 Bath
1m aartM teUfe. Is a utt)et ( Wish
cantrovwrsy- Qa y " should hot.
SitTkir ya It buW b aald. The fast
MM htl ar vnr sLanulaUng. TUay
ipa krM94Mi cjKwIaiteB. and th Ml
'kafaM la aU oarta of tin body. TaU to
Vii uh Hk th after eJtaeU of a paw-
sWtf tlnIaHiB; drug WfcMhar w sot
wor euMtltuttoa can taa4 tbi bad bt-
tcrfaa derlie4 Mr yur physician. It
t aw io rely on supposition tn this
Of uwm. tt JM" v h Uii M
iwtfe wr yr
w m m . IMIMll BUOA 4JM4t
th. hwto. h t tailJWM tto prs-
lished to the exerciser's satisfaction. It
gives absolute body control nnd poise.
The more slowly and controlled the mo
tlon tho better the results attained.
Ten times Stand on ball of left foot,
swing the right leg free from the hip for.
ward nnd back, pendulum-like.
Ten times Stand on bll of right foot,
Ten times Itotnle the body on the hips
from the nnlst, making circle ns targe ns
Ten tlme Itotale the head on the neck
In tho same way. Let tho head fall
henvlly of Its own weight nnd thus carry
Itself around. This will round out 'the
nect and tnsuro a graceful nnd easy car
riage of tho head.
Ten times With left hand on hip, by
movement of bod atone produce full
rotary movement of right arm from the
shoulder. Make It describe. Cull retolu
lion, the nrm remaining "limber"
throughout the c.crclsc. Tho moat slug
gish circulation must jlcld to this treat
ment. Ten times With right hand on hip. etc.
Ten times Stand easily balanced on
balls of feet, nmn hanging unturally,
bend slowly from wnlst until tips Ut lin
gers touch the floor. Do not stretch tho
arms to make the touch. Let the arms
swing out nnturnlly, round out the back
slowly, bow-llkc, keep the knees stt night
nnd rigid. To get the full benefit of this
valuable excrcle, remember that jour
spine Is jointed. Tho mind suggestion
should bo that of relaxing ench Joint
eeparntely, beginning with tho lowest.
In recovering, the samo suggestions
should bo npplled. unbowlng the back,
unjoining It. ns It were, knuckle by
knuckle, until jou hgnln stnnd erect. At
first you ma) not como within thrco or
four Inches of touching the floor, but
gradually oti will bo able to touch It I
nunc easily. This demonstrates fully the
elasticity of tho muscles
These simple exercHes. If patiently nnd
conscientiously persisted In, are war
ranted to cure Insomnia nnd obstinate
cases of constipation, nnd to Insure n
free, graceful and easy carriage.
Make nil movement) slowly nnd de
liberately. A run around the block Justlbcfore retir
ing, with n free, swift stride, or nt a dog
trot, sans muff nnd cumherpome wrans
will help.
And don't forget to walk to business
tomorrow morning, and nil tomorrows, If
you live nnywhere within a three to flvo
mile limit: It will pay jou In health and
general rejuvenation, oven If jou have
to rise nn hour or an houennd n quarter
cnrller to do It.
Milady's Toilet Table
The gill whoso fuco Is very thin, but
whose tissues nro bo flabby that the ordi
nary skin food seems to have no effect,
will profit bj tho advice of a Trench au
thority. Like most Kiem.li preparations,
tho treatment Is rather expensive, hut
tho girl who can nfTord to have nn ema
ciated appearance Is cry rnre. Then,
too, nftcr you have used enough of tho
tissue builder, nnd gotten good results,
jou can contluuo with som? good facial
Mix thoroughly with two and one-hnlf
ounces of boiled wnter (while still hot)
Olive oil 4 ounces
Spermaceti s ounces
Cocoa butter , l ounce
White vaseline 2 ounces
Benzoic acid 4 drnhms
Take n bit of this on the tips of the
fingers, nnd massnge the face with It.
nemembor nlwnjs to use a circular move
ment, nnd to see that tho cream goes Into
tho pores of the skin. Then grease tho
finger tips with more. Onoe n day Is
often enough for this treatment, or twice
for hollow checks.
The Busy Bee's Notebook
Needles and pins will not rust In
cushions filled with coffee grounds. Pour
the coffee from the grounds, rinse them
In cold wnter nnd dry thoroughly In the
oven before losing to Btuff tho cushions,
When doing necdlowotk keep a small
muslin bag of talcum powder In a covered
box: In the woikbaskct. and dust the
powder over the fingers when thej per
spire. Cut flowers will retain their freshness
much longer If a pinch of salt nnd a little
charcoal bo added to the water In which
they nre kept. Drcnk the stick char
coal In smnll lengths. When cut flowers
arrive at their destination withered and
drooping, cut n quarter of nn Inch off
each stem nnd plunge the ends In boil
ing wnter for about Irte minutes and
they will quickly revive.
Pampas grass only requires washing
gentlj- In a warm lather of soap nnd
water, well rlnalnc. hanging up to drain,
then shaking out from time to time and
drying In tho nlr.
in It to moments of tranquillity nnd di
version, she must pny for her folly In
shattered health.
"Eight hours of sleep, eight hours of
work, nnd eight or plnj-" Is a glorious old
rule. But, of course, most women cannot
so divide the 2i hours. Every woman,
however, can give herself time for a dally
walk, even though It cannot last longer
than 15 or CO minutes; If she Is a house
keeper, a quarter of nn hour spent
stretched across the bed In mid-afternoon
is always possible and necessary.
She'll rise fit to do moro than If she'd
not lain down. Business girls will find
a rest room to which to go In the noon
hour. There la usually a couch or two
to He down on; the wise girl, If she can
not get on the couch, rests In a chair or,
better still, flops down on the floor and
relaxes there with her head against a
chair. When the floor Is of wood and
the business skirt warm, as It should be
when floors are cold, there Is no danger
of taking cold.
,We Americana are too fond of activity,
of vivacity. We do not appreciate the
blessings of tranquillity and Idleness. To
a woman these are more necessary than
to a man Minutes, hours even, spent
quietly In an armchair with folded hands
and meditative mind, while we ennvm
will be productive of a fine crop of steady?
nerves tor use in aays to come. Dis
cussion Is necessary to life, but It must
be enjoyed without the nervous accom
paniment of tasks like sewing, darning
or embroidering.
pores of the skin Just enough to be health
promoting. StiMu the feeling of faint
nesa whlah often fellows an extremely
feat bath. Is a rather unpleasant thing.
With the warsa bath there la n fear of
A gd many ntepto follow the Japanese
method f "siMkhig" at their ease, thus
avoiding the lowenut vitality that tbe
exertion of rubMaga. etc.. In a very hot
bath is likely to proline.
f.erreJcntfnce of gsatral lntrt
U wtmM rsdo wW t printed en
tfel pain- fMtftMftdtftce, hjld
U MreM4f T5 WmanJa,SHe.
it Minn LuiM
Tho Industrial nnd legislative section of
the Phllomuslnn Club, of which Mrs.
Samuel B. Jarden la chnlrman, will hold
nn open meeting on Tuesdaj", November
17, nt 3 p. m. The speakers will Include
Mrs. Knte Wnllcr Barrett, of Washington,
D. C, who will speak on "The Woman's
Part," and Charles E. Tox and Jasper
V. Brinton, who will present "The Chil
dren's Side."
Mrs. James P Llchlenbcrger is the
chairman of the conservation section of
tho Phllomuslnn Club. Thursday, No
vember 19, nt 3 p , tn will be economics
dny Miss Helen Louise Johnson, of New
York, will give a talk on "Home Ef
ficiency." Miss Eleanor Larrabea Lnttl
more will discuss tho "Servant Question,"
To Learn and Practice
The Business Girl Says
I will control my temper nnd endeavor
never to net hastily or speak angrily.
I will respect tho weak and aged, nnd
nlwaj-s defer to them, help them nnd com
fort them.
I will tcfrnln from gossip, and always
endeavor never to speak 111 of others or
call attention to their fallings or defects,
nor will I permit another to do so In my
I will be sympathetic with those In sor
row, and will help and cheer unfortunate
ones on the road of life.
I will engage only In such nmusements
nnd cultivate only such companionships
as tend to develop the best that Is in
me. perfect my ability to do my best
work, nnd lead me to the noblest life.
I will consider the Inward state mote
Important than the outward circumstance,
and bo content with what I have, rather
than sigh for what I hava not.
New Cure for Neuralgia
A strange new remedy has been dis
covered for facial neuralgia. This Is
such a painful complaint, and so lasting,
that It Is worth while trying the pre
scription. No reports as to Its success
havp been received as yet However, If
you get neuralgia about this time, and It
lasts the best part of the winter months,
you will probably be ready to try any
thing. The treatment Is so simple that It
sounds absurd. If the pain runs down
the right side ot the face, fill a basin
with boiling water or aB hot as you can
bear and Immerse the left hand In It,
If It Is In the left side of the face Im
merse the right hand.
It Is based on the principle that, as
all nervous impulses terminate in the
brain, the crossing of the tractile nerves
in the hands, and the stimulus of the
hot water, will effect an almost immediate
cure. Hot water Is common enough, and
neuralgia painful enough, to try It, as
Al Jolion cays "I'll take that once."
Care of the Feet
Women who do a great dial of walk
ing, or who have to stand In department
torea or any other plaee for any length
of time, know the torture of cramped
feet A properly fitting shoe is, perhaps,
more important to enjoyment than any
other part of one's costume. Many an
afternoon or evening has ben spoiled by
a tiny corn or a sbon which "outs." across
the toes.
Tbe only remedy for the slide trouble la
to study the shape of your foot and try
to select a ahoa whloh confirms to It
ol tfoT3M
tlb$ Gads
oiw ar
tk. 3 SitLiXt
the Clubs
nnd the subject of "Household Waste"
will be treated by the well-known speaker,
Mrs. Scott Nearlng.
Tho other club divisions will meet ns
usual. The piano practice class, of which
Mrs llenrj T. Musten Is chairman. Is
held Tuesdays at 10 n. m. The phil
anthropic section meets Fridays nt 10
a. m. Mrs. Oeorgo E Scranton Is chair
man Thursdujs at 10 n m. the esthetic
dancing class meets, nnd Professor Wes
selhoeft holds his German classes that
afternoon nt 3.15. Mademoiselle C. deP.
Blgeur holds her tegular French classes
Saturdays at 10:13 a. m. for Juniors, Mon
dajs nt 9:13 n m. for joung ladles, at
10:43 a. m. for Intermediate classes, rtnd
nt 11:45 a. m for advanced classes. Tho
conversation class meets Tuesdays nt
2 p. m.
This Is not nn easy thing to do, for no
two people's feet nre nllke, nnd shoes
ore manufactured for the majorltj'.
Bather than have any of the pain nnd
discomfort from tight (.botes have them
mado Jo order. It undoubtedly pays in
the long run.
You can avoid ordinary foot trouble by
a little careful attention. The most elll
clent remedies nro the simplest, so that
any ono will have them right nt hand.
If yCur feet are very tender and have a
burning sensation after a long walk,
bathe them In warm nlum water. This
affords nn excellent relief. The warm
wnter nnd ammonia bath Is good for per
spiring feet. Use about a teaapoonful
of ammonia to a pint of water. When
the feet have been dried, dust lightly
with boraclc acid powder.
If you nre given to long tramps, a Aery
strengthening thing for the feet Is to
bathe them In salt and water. A slice of
lemon bound on a corn will soften it
considerably. It Is much less painful than
the corn plaster, which simply ruins the
feet. A soft corn may be gently rubbed
with pumice stone.
The Value of Paper
It deserves to be better known that
paper has wonderful powers of shutting
In heat, and, although a complete ward
robe of paper Is out. of the question. It
can be used In many ways to eke out
more costly garments. Paper has the
advantage ot being cheap, and, as It Is
so plentiful. It can be replaced as soon
as It becomes soiled and worn,
A sheet ot newspaper with a few ven
tilating holes pierced In It answers the
purpose of a blanket, and when placed
between a blanket and the quilt, Is light
and warm and not unsightly. Excellent
lullts can be made by sewing together as
many newspapers as are required, and
piercing them with ventilating holes be
fore covering them with sateen, chlntx or
art muslin
Paper torn In tiny shreds makes a good
filling for" the mattress of a child's cot,
and when It la soiled It can be easily
replaced The same kind of paper shreds
make a good filling for pillows. There la
a big demand for extra pillows
We rteiv bipnunu o! atrUtly frth
Hi fvtry dar In order to bait tacit h
demand! of discriminating- eoaiumcra. Our
Eg am f uaranUtd they aul bs what wa
cUlra 10 b or wa will make ie4 on your
purchase Try us for your axt order W
deliver aoywber. Mai) and phone order
carefully ailed.
riibert, SMtvtttt Ue im
Suit of Quiet Elegance Shottin, Though Fashion Has
Shifted to the Motley.
One might well presuppose legerdemain
to account for the things that arc seen
nnd then not seen or supplanted before
the Inclination has become adjusted' to
the change.
Once upon a time black was the wear,
par excellence, for the street. Now, It
Is motley.
AH the colors of the rainbow were
right, fitting and proper for the eve
ning. Now, black has nn unassailable
position and black velvet n royal place.
Other times, other manners, or the
world would stand still.
A suit of quiet elegance Is sketched
today. That Is, It would be quiet It
black, If a beautiful simplicity wore not
dlstrnctlngly notlcenbte in a crowd nr
rajed with n Solomon-like glorj'.
The coat Is unusually long, even for
a cont of the rcdlngotc class, and It ob
tains (tin requisite fulness by racnni o-f
the unstitched plaits. They start at the
shoulder In back nnd In front nnd con
tinue In nn unbroken line to the very
bottom of the coat.
The collar, unobtrusively small. Is of
seal nnd the belt Is made of sealskin
fur banding about three Inches wide.
MntcrlnW such ns zlbclllne, duvetyne
nnd velours nro highly satisfactory for
suits where the wearing quality Is con
cerned. They are expensUe to stnrt with,
but they will stand hard service without
showing Its signs, If they nre well tailor
ed In the first place.
The fur coat Is too heavy for every
Wit, Women and Wisdom
A match-maker oftens burns her fingers.
Love needs no vocabulnry.
Man was made but little lower than the
angels, but what woman wwi made of
was left for man to find out.
When a woman leaves n man, his
money has generally gone before.
There's little In a name except when
It's In the wife's name.
When a woman begins to know what
she wnnts, she usually wants what she
doesn't know.
Vnnlty covers aitnultltude of skins with
A good husband tells a wife her faults.
An Ideal one doesn't think she has any.
A glad eye and a Joy da- pftcn go
together. N-
A man Is an asset to n woman, but she
is his liability. London Mall.
To Treat a Faint
The cause of a fainting fit may be
fright, shock (even of pleasure), pnln,
or nnj thing else, but the result Is In
terference with the circulation. The
blood leaves tho brain, nnd unconscious
ness Immediately follows. Obviously the
right course Is to get the blood back
to the brain. The patient should be laid
flat, without even a pillow under the
head. All clothing should bo loosened,
especially about the neck and waist. If
the unconsciousness perslBts for more
than a few minutes, heat should be ap
plied to the feet, but care must be taken
that tbe hot-water bottle Is not ngalnst
the bare flesh, nor hot enough to cause
a burn.
Beauty Hints
Avoid all sweets, sugar, pastry and hot
cakes, for two or three months, and in
dulge freely In fruit and vegetable diet,
nnd you will be amply repaid by your
(ff -r Wfcifllr 9 fnf ft I fr a Wf " BiBBSBjV'aiJB
"Why, that's just the kind of a
home I want!"
"And here are complete floor plans, and costs, and and everything!"
. On this convenient display rack arc shown photographs and plans of
twenty-five suburban homes, costing from $2800 to $7500.
Further Ledger Central will supply the names of builders who will
construct the house at the price specified. Also, of real estate dealers
' who-have building lots for sale in any desired location.
Ledger Central stands for serviceservice to Philadeinhl ,
Philadelphians. This "Home-Builders' Service" U .imply 5ithe?
example of its usefulness. l 7 d"oiner
Chestnut Street
at Broad
10, 1014.
day, day In nnd day out, and t0 ,;
pensive to be considered by the rnnK
nnd file. ,.
The reverse of the medal howtM
coat of cheviot or serge as m,hfn,.y
light for Ihe coldest days of winter
Ergo, these new wdolens are deslrao e
for their warmth In addition to their
beauty of tcxtilre.
While simplicity that verges on "VT'V
has Its points, It Is not "revery one.
And only a man would mn"ln,VPnurf
suit to be more easily made than nure
and frills. It takes a tailor of a IB"
grnde to put the right Ump on suits
that lack detail nnd depend on their lines
for their effectiveness.
Things have a way of "'"
however. If the girl to whom the i tailor
made suit Is becoming must pay lugn
for It. she has the sntlsfac Ion of know
log that she can wear It twice as long as
the coat cut In some unusual or extreme
way, without growing tired or it.
While It may not be ultra to start out
with It Is tho less likely to,bec0"?e.p","
nt short notice. No matter how charm ng
the novelties may be. and very often
they nro really beautiful, they are not
"fast colors" from the point of view of
dnlly envisaging them. .
They are for the girl who can mane
her own clothes, or for the woman ot
means Cither woy they can be discarded
In the fulness of time without extrava
gance on the one hand or Inconvenience
on the other.
When It comes to the selection or furs,
If sealskin Is expensive, yet It will out
wear cheaper furs twice over and It la
never out of fnshlon.
complexion being clear, eyes bright,
checks rosy nnd lips red, besides being
the possessor of youthful energy Bnd
good health.
Commonsemo In eating and drinking,
together with plenty of fresh air, sleep
ing In a room well ventilated, a warm
bath taken two or three times weekly,
nnd n good brisk walk dnllj-, will enable
nature to do her work properlj', and you
will be glad you bear this In mind; for
good health means happiness, nnd a
happy, healthy woman Is a pleasing sight
for all to behold.
Gold Label
Buff Label
Per Pound
aw, lir Counter
There U no itT
can derive greater comfort ""
good heavy cost Fashion .Anc U
and turns It out In every
Tw "" U.nC -a, three
quttlrYUth. is made of oxford
Uced, double-faced with pUW ""
for 15. A close fitting collar button" at
the throat, the sleeves are '"
pocket shows nt each side. This coat la
so conservative In stjle that It will Jo
service for the winter and make a good
sports coat In tho spring.
A redlnsote of plaid, with a rlpptln
skirt, a belt nt the back, close ve vet
cellar and large buttons, as trlmmlns,
now coats $11.75. ' ,
A coat that has a distinct military air
Is made of pebble cheviot In dark colors.
A collar of caracul cloth Is a pleasing
feature. The price l 16 60.
Trench boucle In gray makes a coat
that looks as If It had come from the
war xone. It has a high military collar,
and a belled back that shows a swirl.
The price Is 111.
,- .t .(.... .una rtment rood values
Jit IIIC 1IH30VO vvk".."w- "
-i i.... a .- tnat In nn excellent
arc snuwiiis- " oiuum ., ... ---quality
of zlbellne, belted and buttoned,
costs 110.00.
At the same figure coata Blmllar In
style are made of chinchilla nnd boucle
nnd fine vicunas and mixtures.
At 18 75 coats specially designed for
school or college wear nre sold. They
nre In the length called seven-eighths,
with belts, patch pockets and cuffa, and
with collars that can be buttoned to th
throat or left open.
Coats of silk plush with fur collari
can be bought for 115. Thla la an ex
cellent vnlue nnd one that women or
small slic might take advantage of. The
coats nre dressy enough for afternoon
wear over the one-piece frock.
Tho fnshlonablo fur fabric makes at
tractive coots that sell for $18 50. The
nre silk lined, with collar and cuffs of
silk plush. A broad belt ot the hips con
fines tho fulness that escapes In ripples
further down
A rich looking Persian cloth makes on
attractive looking cont that sella for JC.
The model Is a good one nnd not too
aportsmnnllke for nfternoon wear.
Green Label
Red Label
60c .
Per Pound
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