Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 16, 1914, Night Extra, Page 9, Image 11

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Mtt. AND MnS, EDOAIt SCOTT hav Issued
Invitations for n dinner nl the mtg-Carlton
before tho Assornbly In honor of their niece,
Miss Henrietta' Howard Sturgls, daughter of
Mrs. Robert Sturgls, of New York.
itr. and Air. Edward AValter Clnrk have
Issued Invitations for a dinner done on Satur
day evening. December 6, at 7 o'clock, al Kee
waydln, thlr homo at St. Martin's.
hIIm Susan B. Iimoritott, daughter of Mr. and
Mr Kdward Ingersoll: Mlaa rtuth Coxe, daugh
ter of itr. nnd Mrs, Henry Brlnton, Coxe; Mist
Hilda Tunis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
tt. Tunis, nnd Miss Mary Wood Unity, daughter
of Mr. and Air. Charles Winter Bally, -will go
over to New York to receive at the tea Mrs.
nobcrt Sturgls will give at the Colony Club on
December 4 to Introduco her daughter, Mlsa
Henrietta Howard Sturgls,
A prlvato exhibition of the IHst episode of
a, serial motion picture play was given
Sunday night at tho Central Theatre, 4th
and Market streets. Among tho Invited guests
wero Mrs, Robert W. Downing, Mrs. William
Coleman Freeman, Miss Ines Dayton. Mlsa Elsa
Heath, Miss Phoobe W. Adams, Mlsa Enilllo
Duval WllllamB, Miss Elisabeth Thompson, Miss
1,11a Flshor, Miss Iloberta Brown Downing, Miss
Alya Sergeant, Ludwlg Clifford Lewis, Francis
B. Reed, Joseph Mouttom Oeorge J, Harding,
Harry Morris Adams, William Davis, Oeorge
Rowland Sergeant, Dr. Frank Dickson, L.
Brooko Edwards, John Meant and Cowan Bain,
Spencer Downing and F. B. Foster, who Is
Mr. Downlns's roommato nt Harvard, spent
Sunday with Mrs. Downing, nt 1624 Locust
street, returning to Cambridge last night.
Mr. and Mrs. David (3. Myers have Issued
invitations for the marriage of their daughter,
JUiss Edna Coulson Myers, to William Tyson
Vtoorhead, Thursday, November 19, at 7.30, at
their homo. A reception will follow Immediately
after tho ceremony.
Mrs. Charles E, Orme, who has been spend
ing tho summer and fall at Atlantic City, has
returned to tho city, and Is occupying her
apartments at the Stenton.
Mr, and Mrs. Richard D. Wood, of 63 South
Ed street, will entertain at dinner tonight in
honor of Miss Violet Rldgway, whose marriage
to Theodore Jackol will tako place next Satur
DVEnnnooK Miss Elliabcth Hardwick will
be hostess today at a luncheon and cards. Her
EUcsts, who aro members of her card club, wilt
bo Mrs. Alexandor M. Pntton, Mrs. Alfred
, Miller, Mrs. Charles J. Thompson, Mrs. How
ard Bougher. Airs. Adelo Garman and Airs. I.
'E. Adams.
Mr. nnd Airs. C. W. Hlnkle will leave next
week for Denver, Col., uhcro they will spend
the winter.
MEiuoN-Mrs. A. G. Sparks, of Highland ave
nue, chaperoned a motor party of young peo
ple up to Princeton, Saturday, for tho game.
They had luncheon at tho Charter Club. Thoso
in the party ivero Airs. G. A. Blilor, Jr., of
Bala; Alias Kathleen 'Fitzgerald, AIlss Jessio
Sparks, Archie Sparks and Walter Sparks.
nAVERFORD Mrs. Charles Z. Tryon, of Rose
lane, Is visiting- AIlss Katherlno Walker at her
country place, West Park, on tho Hudson. Air.
Tryon, who, with a party of friends, attended
tho Yale-Princeton game at Princeton, on Sat
urday, joined Airs. Tryon for the week-end.
IIOSEMONT Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McKcan
have as their houso guest Mrs. William Lee,
Jr., of Baltimore.
AIlss Harriet AIcAlpIn, of New York city, Is
tho uueat of Airs. George Fales Baker. Mrs.
Baker ha3 recently returned from Lakewood.
VHXANOVA-Mrs. Lawrence Dllworth Begga
Is visiting friends In Pittsburgh.
Air. nnd Airs. Francis Bonner and Mlsa Cole
man will open their town ,house, 103) Spruce
street, the latter part of this month.
nADNon-AIrs. William Innes Forbes is visit
Insr friends In Ashevllle, N, C.
Mrs. Frederick W. Schmidt will give a series
of luncheons this year at the Wtz-Carlton.
ST.DAVID'S-Rcar Admiral and Mrs. W. W.
Meade have returned to their home on Aber
deen avenue after visiting friends Jn Kentucky
and Washington, D. C.
Airs. Alcado'a friends will regret to learn
that alio has been quite III since her return.
Air. William Watson nnd her children, who
have been the guests of Air. and Mrs. John
W. Yeatts. of St. David's road, has returned to
. her home in San Juan, P. R. Doctor Watson
preceded Mrs. Watson, havliur returned to
Porto Rico a month ngo.
WAYKE-AIIsa Emma Godwin, of stratfnr
! Conn., is the guest of Air. and Mrs. Frect.riri,
SP. RadcllfCe, Jr., at their homo on Midland
rAIIss Elsie Leonard entertained nt n. hi-Mn..
Eiuncheon on Friday, at her homo on Rnmmi.
Favenue, in honor of Miss Florence Janeson.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Jr.. h.v
returned to their home on Poplar avenue, after
having been tho guests of Airs, Ring, of Oer
mantown. Air, and Mrs. W, Paul Sheaffer have as their
guest Mlaa Helen Stevenson, of PJttsfleld, Mass,
Friends of Mrs. Matthew Randall will be
Blad to learn that she has returned to her
; home on Woodland avenue, from the Bryn Mawr
Hospital, where she has been ill with typhoid
Miss Helen Van Duen. dauchter of Mr. .nH
LMrs. Samuel B. Van Dusen. of 5131 Morris
treet, baa been spending' several days In New
Mr and Airs. Samuel W. Steekel. fnrm.,i
of 7W Creshelm road, are occupying their new
noma on queen Jane,
Mr and Mrs. John Barl Marsden, of i7 East
oum rjeasant avenue, Sedgwick, gave a small
pinner, Saturday evening-, November 14. In
honor of their house guests, Mr. and Airs. W.
Biley and Mr. and Airs. "VHHam Rookstool,
Washington, D. C,
Mrs. Paul Pearson, of the Queen Lane apart
inent. is at present visiting- fHn,i i t.iti
hnore " """''
iLflatf If.. .....,.. - .
........ .i6i,n jutrtieer, or West TJDsal
itret. Is In Atlantic City for several days.
Join H. Mason, Jr. of 30 Chestnut aveaue.
htstnjt HH1, who Is at present a tudeat at
Sle, SOent Frtdo.v In Stiilladjd&u. j .... j.
he Yale-ErtwHtit east faJMMay.
i m mmmmm
l'hotn bjr Mrcati
Mrs. Schwartz will bo remembered as Miss
Mario Hcxamcr, whoso marriago took place last
tonight at Airs. E. Hnrrlson Taylor's homo. Tho
nKmbors aro Air. and Mrs. Georgo C. Thomas,
Jr., Mr. nnd Airs. John H. Whtttnkor, Dr. nnd
Airs. J. Alurrny Ellzey, Mr nnd Mrs, Charles
S. Hebard, Dr. and Airs. Blddle R. Alarsden,
Air. and Airs. James B. Coryell, Air. and Atrs
George B. Llnnard, Air. and Airs. Edgar P.
Knrle, Dr. nnd Airs. J. B. Browder, AIlss Pauline
Davis Bowie, AIlss Gcrtrudo Homer, AIIbs Ger
trudo Allen, Dr. Charles J. Hatfield, Robert
Pcarsall, Joseph Jennings.
Air. and Airs. John Worrell Pepper will spend
the winter at Fair Acres, their country place
at Jenklntown.
There will bo n card party at the Old York
Road Country Club, on Wednesday, November
IS, at 2:30 o'clock. Airs. Louts B. Fortner and
Airs. Alary Smith will act as hostesses of the
All Hallows Parish House, Wyncote, will
hold an attractive bazaar on Thursday, No
vember 19, from 1 until 9 o'clock, tho proceeds
of which will bo used for tho missionary work
of tho woman's auxiliary. Tho attraction of a
tearoom will be added, where lunch and sup
per will be served.
Air. and Airs. Edwin L. Cross have closed
their bungalow at Gwynedd Valley nnd aro oc
cupying an apartment at 1433 Pino street for
the winter.
The next meeting of tho Woman's Club of
Wyncoto will take placo at tho resldenco of
Airs. James J. Sill, In Wyncote, on Wednesday,
November 18, at 2 30 p. m. AIlss Janet Rlch
ards will give a lecturo on "Current Events,"
On Friday evening, November SO, at 8 o'clock,
the club will bo entertained by Mrs. John Grlb
bel nt St. Austell's Hall, her home In AVyncote.
A Ira. James Stephen Alartln will give a talk on
"Scotch Ballads," while John Grlbbel's sub
ject will be "An Evening With Burns." There
will also be a reading by AIlss Abby A. Suther
land, principal of Ogontz Seminary.
Friends of Air. nnd Mrs. Joseph Lewis gave
them a delightful variety shower in their home,
4613 Walnut street. Airs. Lewis will bo remem
bered as Miss Edith Keflor before her marriago
last June. Among those present at the shower
vrere Miss Florence Tldeman, AIlss Margaret
Kcan, AIlss Anna Kean, AIlss Alary Burke, Miss
AIny Wollbank, Miss Alargaret Taylor, AIlss
Hay Kelly, Miss Rose O'Connell, Air. and Airs.
T. J. Burns, Francis Carr, William Duffy, T.
O'Rourko and J, Barnes,
Air. and Airs. Milton A. Hudson, of 5119 Re
gent street, gave a delightful bal masque at
their home, Saturday night. About 30 guests
Air, and Airs. Emit Guenther and J. Jan! en
Guenther have recently returned from Paoll
and opened their Hamilton Court apartments
for the winter,
Mrs. Edwin Huston, of 1305 North Alden
street, has announced the engagement of her
daughter, AIlss Edwlna Huston, to Bruce Lauch
Miss Mary McEvoy and Miss Anna AIcEvoy
will entertain the members of their sewing
circle this evening. A small luncheon will be
served. Their guests will include AIlss Helen
Boyle, AIlss Mario Boyle, AIlss Edna Collins.
Miss Elizabeth White, Alias Irene Collins, AIlss
Sarah Allen, AIlss Lucy Love and Miss Anna
Mr, and Airs. H. Hayos will entertain this
evening at their home, 2193 Christian street.
Their guests will Include Miss Lillian Collins,
AIUs May Collins. Miss Margaret Burke, Mr,
and Airs. J, Mllnamow and Alessrs. William
Collins and Edward Faster,
Mrs. Daniel Ryan will entertain the members
of her Card Club on Wednesday next, at her
home, 2111 South 15th street. She will have
as guests of honor two members who be
longed to the club in former years, Mrs.
Clarke, of Chicago, who is at present visiting
friends in Philadelphia, and Airs. Korbe. The
members of the olub who will be present are
Airs. Coultess, Mrs. Hogue, Mrs. James J.
Cornell. Mrs. A. D. Rodgers, Mrs. Arthur Mor
row, Airs. J. Coburn, Mrs. Tarbox, Mrs. .Wil
liam R. Moffatt, Miss Elizabeth Walah, MJ9
Alay Walsh and Airs. Galely, A luneheon will
be served after the game.
Mlehael Franais Doyle1, of 1S33 South Broad
street, who was sent abroad by the United
States Government on August 14 to take cars
of the American refugees, has cabled his fam
ily that he Is oa his way to Brussels, and hopes
ta salt for horoe In about tea days.
Mr. m4 Urn Iuia Biw. of am WulM
TmA atam. Wfca wlU give a (teiMg $ "ps
nesday night at tho Alnnufaeturers' Club, will
be assisted In receiving by Miss Ethel Ruth
Burk, Airs. Walter B. Scott, Airs. William B.
Baker, Airs. Bayard C. Dickinson and Airs.
William D. Burk. The clubhouse will bo dec
orated with roses and chrysanthemums, -there
will be 250 guests.
Afr. and Airs. George W, Walton, of 13i7
Green street, will give n dinner dance on Fri
day, November 27, at the Adelphla,
Gordon Davis, of 1809 North 18th street, epcnl
the week-end visiting friends In Lnnsdale.
Mrs. F, AI. Fulton, of 1332 Hunting Tark ave
nue, has returned from a visit to York, Pa,
and has as her guest for tho next two weeks
AIlss Peg Alanlfold, of York, Pa.
The members of the German class will cele
brate the 20th anniversary of the organization
with n dinner followed by nn opera party nt
the Aletropolllan Oporn Houso, on Tuesday
evening, November 24.
Airs, Loui'i Schllt, of Now York city, Is tho
guest of hct children, Air. nnd Atrs. Simon
Katz, of 1W3 North 12th street, with whom Bhe
will visit for sevt'al weeks before Joining Air.
Schllt nt Mount Clemens.
Air. nnd Airs. N, C. Welnrelch, of 2227 North
Park avenue, announce the bctrothnl of their
daughter, Isabella V., to Laurence Gassen
helmor, of Washington, D. C. Reception day
will bo announced later.
AIlss Henrietta G. Loob, of 1SE1 North 17th
streot, who had been In Atlantic City for two
weeks, hni returned home. Airs. Harry Loeb
Is spending a few weeks at tho Dlcko Cottage,
203 South Rhod6 Island avenue.
Air. and Airs. Eugcno Af. Stern nnd children,
of 2109 Spring Garden street, have gone to
Baltimore and will remain nt tho Hotel Espla
nado until Thursday.
Airs. S. Rubin, of 1807 North 33d street, nfter
a serious Illness of Ave weeks. Is now con
vnltsclng at Galen Hnll, Atlantic City, where
sho will stay for several weeks,
Airs. L. Harris and daughter Yetta, of 825
North 7th street, have left for Brownsville,
Pa., to visit Alro. Abe Miller. From there
thoy will go Couth for sovernl weeks.
Alra. AI Hnrklns, of Frnnkvllle, Pa., Is spend
ing somn weeks with her elstcr, Mrs. Lawrenco
O'Boylc, of 2237 North 13th streot.
Tho Sigma Delta Sorority of tho William
Penn High School will hold a largo luncheon
Saturdny afternoon, November 21, at the
Adelphla Hotel.
AIlss Alargaret Parker and Walter Parker, of
203.! North Lambert street, gave a masquerado
party nt their homo thle week. Their guests
Included AIlss Alnrgnrct Alayer, AIlss Katherlno
Stout. AIlss Alary AIcElroy, Allan CnTle Bcrt
nml, AIlss AInrlo Herring, AIlss Alargaret Gal
lagher, AIlss Day, Allsa Alice Bcrtrand, AIlss
Cutherlne O'Donnell, AIlss Nellie Alayer, AIlss
Ehler, Trnncls Dewan, Joseph Thompk'ns,
John Trevl, Wllllum Roach, John O'Donnell,
Joseph Onllagher, Mr. Tinier, Air. Burko and
Air. Parker.
Tho marriage of AIlss Helen Goodman, daugh
ter of Air. nnd Airs. Benno Goodman, of 2303
North 21st street, and Alorrls N. Cohen, of 1001
West Erlo avenue, will be solemnized tonight,
nt 6-30 o'clock, at the Rtttcnhouse, 22d and
Chestnut streets. Air. Goodman will give his
daughter In marriage, and the ceremony will
be performed by tho Rev. Dr. Joseph Kraus
kopf, of the Kenescth Israel Congregation.
AIlss Elslo Goodman, the 'bride's sister, will
be maid of honor. The brldogroom will have
for his best man Dr. William E. Raken. Tho
ceremony will be followed by a small reception.
On their return from their honeymoon trip, Air.
and Airs. Cohen will reside In Logan.
Airs. Charles Jones Thompson, one of the
most popular hostesses In Roxborough, gave a
delightful luncheon, followed by auction bridge
and COO, on Saturday at her home, 629 East
Leverlngton avenue. Yellow chrysanthemums
and autumn follago were used In the very at
tractive decorations. There were 67 guests.
Airs. Sadie Miller, of 3577 Queen lane, gave
a luncheon followed by cards on Saturday for
her 600 club. Her guests were AIlss Elizabeth
Eckard, AIlss Grace Edwards, AIlss Rose
Carney, Miss Emily Harris, Miss Helen
Mitchell, AIlss Gertrude Field and Airs. Joseph
Air. and Mrs. Frederick Carbaugh, of 4414
Pechln street, are receiving congratulations on
the birth of a son. Frederick Russell Carbaugh.
Mr. and Airs. Richard H. Patton, formerly
of Roxborough, have announced the marriage
of their daughter, Alias Elizabeth Johnston Pat
ton, to George VIckers White. Air. and Mrs.
White will be at home after December 15 In
Salisbury, Aid.
A wedding of much Interest In Roxborough
took place on Saturday night, when AIlss Edna
Lane, daughter of Air. and Airs. John Lane, of
1235 South 62d street, became the bride of Rob
ert A. Leforte, Jr., of Hermit lane. The cere
mony was performed by the Rev. T. Z. Stroh
dach, pastor or the Grace Lutheran Church, of
Roxborough, at the new home of the bride
groom and bride, 634 East Walnut lane.
MIsh Bertha Leforte, the bridegroom's sister,
was maid of honor,
Bernard Leforte was his brother's best man.
The service was followed by a largely attended
reception. Air. and Mrs. Leforte will be at
home after December 15,
"A Royal Runaway" and "Why Not, Jim?"
two comedies, followed by a "Scarf Drill." will
be given this evening at the East Baptist
Church, East Columbia avenue and Thompson
Harry Davis, of the Athletics, one of the
world's greatest coaches of baseball, addressed
a meeting for boys Sunday afternoon at 4
o'clock at the Kensington Branch of the Y, M.
C. A., on which occasion he gave a message
from the baseball diamond.
A delegation of boys from the WJdener Me-.
mortal Home were guests of the Y, At C, A.
Saturday morning.
A bazaar will be held at Mrs. Parker's home,
SM North 2d street, Thanksgiving afternoon
and evening, and Friday and Saturday, from 3
to It o'elook. Tho affair wH be given for
the benefit of the Norrls Square U. P. Churoh.
' Morris Hoekman. of 2089 East Allegheny ave
nue, gavo a "stag" party for the members of
the "Ye 15" Club Saturday evening.
Urs. James Geyer, of 3J3 North X5th street,
entertained at cards this afUruoon. The guests
were members of her card club, and included
lira. Jeh Warner. Mrs, W. yl, Mrs. Qfar-
mm. . wean. rs. . u, && Ml M.
was, mi, awry aurwy $g. Wm
Mllnes, Atrs. K. B Johnson, Airs. Charles Alax
well, Airs. Louis Huston, Airs. Harry Beerhnlterj
Airs. H. C. Trumbower. Airs. Walter Scott, Airs
C. C. Freas and Jtlss Frens.
Airs. George H. Wobensmlth, of 1813 West On
tario street, left today for a week's visit in
Scranton, Pa,
Elmer T. Benr, of Norfolk. Va Is spending
ten days with his parenti, Air. and Airs. AI.
Bear, of Mtt Lenox nvmuc.
AIlss Anna Cree, ot 1231 West Allegheny nve
nue. entertained her newly formed BOO club nt
hr home Saturday. AIlss Illnncho Dlbert won
the first prize. A buffet supper was served
rhoso present were Mfes Dorothy White, Atlas
Blancho Dlbert, Atle Elslo DnK AIlss Grcc,
Charles Brown, Rex White, Robert Jennings
nnd Herman A Knnpp.
Air. nnd Airs. Archibald Kamp and small
daughter have given up their home on 3d street
nnd will In the future reside at 19S3 Bedford
nvenue, Brooklyn.
AIlss Gernldlne Stockham, of Baltimore, after
spending n fortnight with Airs. Hnrold Bot
tomley, of Alerchnntvllle, Is now visiting rela
tlmcs at 6th nnd Linden streets.
Next Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock AIlss
Hilda AI, Atorse, of Alerehantvllle, will be mar
ried to Lieutenant Chester R. Hnlg. Tho cere
mony will take placo In Grace Eplscopnl
Airs. W. H. C. Salmon, of Ivycroft, Devon
shire, Eng, Is spending several months visiting
her mother, Airs Croft, and AIlss Clara Croft,
on Cooper street, and her sister, Airs. Allranda
Bottomlcy, of Alerchnntvllle. Alalor Salmon Is
detained In England on nccount of tho war.
Air. and Airs. Solomon Glenn, of 322 Cooper
street, motored to Princeton Saturday to wit
ness tho Prlnccton-Yalo game. Air. Glenn Is
a Prlncoton man, as Is David Balrd, of Sth and
Cooper streets, who also attended tho game.
Airs. J. Ernest Smith hns gone to Sierra
Aladre, Cal where sho will spend the winter
with Air. and Airs. Fredorlck Bart Bergcr.
Airs. Victor B Woolloy will entertain the
Tuesday Alornlng Bridge Club this week.
Airs Leonard A. Ycrkos entertained at cards
for Airs. Isaac W. Reed, of Savannah, Ga.
Drowning Society Will Open Its Season Thurs
day. Tho Browning Socloty of Philadelphia will
hold Its first meeting for tho 27th soason, on
Thursday night, In tho Now Contury Draw
ing Room, 12th street nbovo Walnut. Tho
subject for tho opening night will bo "Tho
Troubadours," tho first of a series of literary
studies of "Tho Influcnco of Provence," which
Is tho gcnernl subject for tho winter. Tho
president. Airs John B. Roberts, will mnko tho
opening nddress. Pnpcrs will bo road by A.
Guy H. Spiers and C. Wharton Stork. Allan
Lucy Dean Wilson, Airs. Edwn,rd H. Coates
and Charles F. Zlcglcr will give readings. Tho
program will Include also musical selections by
Airs. Franklin Townscnd, Jr., nnd AIlss Lc
titla Rndcllffe, nnd a discussion on "Tho Func
tion of a Literary Society," by Airs. H. S.
rrentlsa Nichols, president of tho Now Cen
tury Club, and Dr J. Berg Esenwcln, presi
dent of tho Society of Arts and Letters There
will bo nine gcnernl study meetings, nnd thoso
who will tnko part nro Alias Grace D. Stew
nrt. Alias Nathalie E. Browno, Airs. Robert G.
Geddcs, Jr., AIlss Anno Holllngsworth Whar
ton, H. Perclvnl Allen, Dr. Kenneth Sylvan
Guthrie, Alias Gertrude F. Bunnell, Alias Helena
I. Balbtrnle, AIlss Alary Lloyd, AIlss Emlllo
Krldcr Norrls, Airs. Edith Hatcher Harcum,
Alias Elizabeth Carpenter, AIlss Llda Stokes
Adams, Airs. Wilfred Lewis, Dr. AIntthew
Woods, Edward C Parker, Dr. Daniel Alans
fleld Hoyt, Francis Howard Williams, Alias
Alaude Burt AlcCnll, Airs Lewis R. Dick, Airs.
Georgo Donohowcr, Dr. nnd Airs. John Clar
ence Lee, AIlss Anno Hlnchman, Airs. John P.
Llcgo, Airs. Edith AInhon, AIlss Rosamond
Hoyt, Dr. Isaac Landman, AIlss AInrgaret
Boyle, Haroy AI. Watts, A. H. Gumacr, Airs.
Samuel B. Jardon, Mile I .yd la V. Alurlnger,
Airs. G. Oram Ring, AIlss Cornelia E. Bed
ford, Airs. H J. Howlnnd, Alias Dorothea
Thullln, Alias Jollne, AIlss Helen Baldwin,
Cuthbert Lee, AIlss Alary B. Roberts, AIlss
Emily Sartaln, H. La Barre Jayno, Alias
Rachel Lowrle, Airs. Charles AI. Whltcomb,
Airs. Otis Skinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward Ingersoll Will
Introduce Daughter.
AIlss Susan B. Ingersoll will be presented nt
a large tea today, which will be given by her
parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Edward Inger
soll, at their home. 1815 Walnut street.
AIlss Ingersoll la a younger sister of Alias
Anna Ingersoll. who made her debut several
years ago, and who has been a great social
favorite. Both sisters are tall and stately,
liko their mother nnd aunt, who will always
hold a foremost place In this city for style,
charm and beauty.
Airs. Ingersoll was AIlss Rita Sturgls, and
her sisters are Mrs, James Potter, who was
AIlss Lily Sturgls; Mrs. Antonio Y. Stewart,
who was Miss Susan Sturgls, a'nd Mrs. Edgar
Scott, who will be remembered as AIlss Alazle
Sturgls. Airs. Ingersoll will be assisted in re
ceiving by her sisters and Airs. R, Sturgls
Ingersoll, her daughter-in-law, who, before her
rrarriage on October 31, was Alias Alarlon B,
The large rooms on the lower and second
floors of the house will be thrown open to the
guests. AIlss Ingersoll will wear a dainty
gown ot satin, with tiny tulle ruflllngs and
lace, which will be made with a wide girdle ot
satin. Sho will carry orchids and lilies of tho
A number of the debutantes will receive with
Allrs Ingersoll, among whom will be Miss
Ruth Coxe, Miss Cornelia C. Leldy, Miss Mary
Frances Fisher, AIlss Marlon Henrietta Sturgls.
Miss Cordelia Blddle, Miss Charlotte Rush,
Miss Katharine Ashhurst Bowie and lAIissj
Elizabeth Thompson,
The flowers received by Alts Ingersoll are
superb. Rare blooms of ttvry variety are to
be seen scattered about the spaelous rooms,
which are lavishly decorated with palms and
great ohryjanthemums.
In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Henry Paul
Bally, of Ardmore, will give a taaee at the
Alerlon Golf Club in honor of their niece, Mlsa
Molly Wood Bally, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Winter Bally, of Strafford. The hand
seme rooms and hall of the self olub will be
dMtated with autumn leaves aad abrysaa
themums. Mr. nad Mrs. Bally wUl be aseietad ta re
ceiving their fueita by their daughter, Mtea
West JUUy, aad by Mr. a& Ufa. Charles.
Water a. Abwt m Stffe N! aa.
nrrtiii tmnai
-nT1mlhn?-',iiillii-Tf,--'- rTlnrraTlrvfli Ma
Anna Pavlowa, who will appear at the Met
ropolitan Opera House November 23, Is one of
tho greatest expononts of Russian dancing, l'av
lowa's influence on the Russian ballet has been
great, During her recent commnnd appearance
In Petrogind, Pavlowa Introduced to the Rus
sians her "Alomcnt Aluslcale," by Schubert,
with distinct success. It was halted ns one ot
tho most graceful and artistic efforts ever Been
In Russia.
The real beginning of the ballet In Russia
dates back nearly a century, when the Empress
Anna Ivanova Invited tho Italian composer,
Francesco Araja, to Pctrograd. Ho estab
lished tho ballet, which, during tho reign of
Empress Anna, was given regulnrly once a
week. Slnco that tlmo the baltct has been a part
of tho Ufo of Pctrograd.
In tho beginning the Russian ballet was
largely Italian Up to 1SC0 the foreign stars
wcto paramount. This wns tho period of tho
Immortal Tagllonl and Fanny Ellslcr, both of
whom wero rapturously received by tho Rus
sians. But since Tngllonl the Russian bnllorlnnB
havo gradually nnd very successfully supplant
ed all other foreigners In pop'ular favor.
Training a dancer In Russia Is a long, severo
process. Children enter tho Imperial Ballet
School when they are from 8 to 10 years of age,
and remain there for from seven to ten years.
Onco each year 120 boys and girls present them
selves at the ballet department ot the Imperial
Thcatro school, in Petrograd. By a process ot
elimination 20 aro selected from tho applicants
nnd put on trial In tho Bchool for a year. At
the end of tho year another examination Is held,
and eight of tho children who show the least
promise aro eliminated. Thero aro usually 16.
never moro than 18, vacancies in tho ballet to
be filled.
Salaries paid dancers are arranged according
to a regular scale Members of the corps du
ballet receive 325 a week, a premier danseuso
from $50 to 375 c week and a. "star" anywhere
from JlOO to $1000 a week. Pavlowa, for In
stance, has rcrelved as much as 76000 for a sin
gle performance.
Tho production of an entirely new ballet costs
from 60,000 to 75,000 rubles, or approximately
25,000 to $10,000. Usually two new ballets aro
produced each year.
The list of Russian ballets la extremely small.
Pavlowa herself has contributed six, one ot
them being "Amarllla," a gipsy story of intense
dramatic and musical worth.
Bllllo Burke 13 on tour In "Jerry," nnd Is
meeting with enthusiastic receptions. At Co
lumbus, O., tho management decided to place
the orchestra on the stage to accommodate the
overflow. One night in Dayton and at two
night performances and a matinee In Indian
apolis also the orchestra was transplanted for
the same reason.
Cathrlno Countiss and Charles Richmond
have been engaged for leading parts in the
lllm production of "The Idler," which Lloyd
B. Carleton Is directing for the William Fox
film corporation. Another play which Carleton
haB In hand Is "Captain Jinks." He directed
both ot these plays when they were originally
presented on the stage.
AIlss Rae Selwyn, who plays Sarah Peabody,
the supposed "deaf nnd dumb chicken" In
"Under Cover," was born In Toronto, Canada,
and educated in Louisville, Ky, In spite of the
fact that she comes of the well-known family
ot producers and playwrights, she found it
hard to get a start on the stage. It was through
Grace George, her intimate friend, that she
got her first role. Miss George asked her If
' i i i i i i
Symphonyl Friday Aitern'n, Nov. 20, at 3:00
Concerts (Saturday Evg., Nov. 21, at 8:15
Soloiat: OLOA SAMAROFF, Flsnlitt
VorpIel, "Lohengrin" W(nr
Symphony No. -i (ItalUn) , Mendtlaaohn
Conoerto for Piano. U Flat , .Tachalkowiky
Overture, "Die Verkaufte Draut"..,. . . . . . .Smetena,
Beata Now on Bale at Htppa'a. 1119 Cheetnut.
Marvelous Motion Pictures ot Animal Ufa
Prlcea 16c to 78c Dr. Dltmara' Ltoturea
theatre In "ARISTOCRACY"
Thursday. Friday. Saturday. "TH& C1HOUS MAN"
BVEN1NOS SBc. BOe. lie, t 00
FORREST Last 6 Evgs. w' S
The Operetta Triumph Q A T T
or the Time O A 11 I
Popular Price Wedataday Matlaee. Beat Seeta 11.50
Net Week Queen ot the Movlea Muekal Comedy
Today 3:18. TA9
LVPTP Popular Wedseaday Mats,
i JX X V- gut Seats 1 00
ADiilLFlil Ppl Mat ThiXtdwr
4 "TrOliy Mi 'uiT'1."Ll Sff ifssT'legMr "1 elf I 1
wfci iff vsRrj slllk J$iaP,-. rWwjtK 1
HHHHBsBHksHbsbsbH BBBObBP JBsaaBsii! H
, rf.nn raiHiinn
., -.. ., i nn, n
- Motropolltan Opera Hou.e, November 23
nnOAD-"The Beautiful Adventure," comedy
adopted from the French by George Egerton,
starring Ann Murdock.
KEITH'S Irene Franklin, tho popular come
dienne, nnd a varied bill. ,
EITTEH THEATIIB - "Hlndlo Wakes." by
Stnnley Houghton, produced for tho first time
In this city.
WALNUT "Damaged Goods," by Brleux.
ADEt.PHI-"A Pair of Sixes," farce by Edward
Peplo. Two business partners shoot a cold
hand, the winner to retain tho business, the
loser to become his body-servant for a, year.
Maude Eburno Inimitably tunny as a slavey.
FORnEST "Sari," Hungarian operetta, with
Mlzzl Hajos and Irene Powlowska. Mlzzt
Hajos, as Sari, an Hungarian girl, transported
to Paris, is Inimitably, coyly funny and Just
captivating. Miss Powlowska sings operatic
ally and charmingly.
OAnitICK "The Debutante," new musical
comedy, with book by H. B. nnd n. B. Smith
and music by Victor Herbert. A trite plot,
enlivened by bits of Insinuating music, with
Hazel Dawn as roscato as ever.
L,TniC-"The Story of tho Bosary.'" Elabo
rately staged melodrama, which will weary
noma In the first act and thrill others to the
last, appreciation being a matter of taste.
sho would llko to play In her company whe
she gave her revival ot "Dlvorcons" about fwl
years ago, nnd accordingly Miss Selwyn was
given tho part of tho maid.
Taylor Holmes, who plays Hillary Chester,
alias Garibaldi Gazzaza, in "The Third Party,"
was born in Newark, N. J., and began his
career as a dramatic parlor elocutionist. Later
ho joined a stock company, whero he received
all his early training, and then Joined Olga
Nethersole's repertoire company, playing In1
the first appearances In this country of
"Sapho," "Camllle," etc. Ho was with Both
cm for a while In Shakespearean repertoire,
nnd then plnyed stock in Newark, his home
town. Then he wns seen with Frank Keenan,
and filled in between seasons with vaudeville
and stock In Philadelphia. Together with Rob
ert Edcson he produced "Strongheart," acting
as general stage manager, and later was seen
In "Tho Soldier of Fortune." It wns during
his year and a half run in vaudeville that
David Bel as co saw him nnd engaged him to
play with Warfield, appearing In "The Grand
Army Man" and "The Music Master." In which
piece he will always be remembered as tho
Impulsive, love-sick German boy.
Violet Hemlg will play tho part of Mercedes
In the revival of "Yosemlte," In Daly's Theatre,
New York, November 23. Until lately sho has
had one ot tho leading roles In "A Modern
Flrat Time In Three Yea re
The American Comedienne. With BURTON GREEN
at the Piano. Soma character Typea In Sons.
America's Repreaentatlre Dancers
In Dances of Today, Yeaterday and Tomorrow
In "Great Momenta from Grand Opera"
f'Fun In a Bakehouae"
Foster Ball & Ford Weat: Hawthorne & Intllej
Andrew Kelley; Irene & Bobby Smith; Chaa. Thom
son; Hearat'Sells Motion Plcturea.
Thankaglvlnr Week FUNNY EDDSfwpY
GARRICK Last 6 Evgs. w"S
VICTOR HERBERT Will Conduct Wedneaday Matlnet
TTA7ET, DAWN m the debutantb
n.JA.CtdXJ Vft. VV AN Mualc by Victor Herbert
Popular Price Wedneaday Matinee. Beat Seata 11,50
Next I Seata Now (or ThankagivlnaT Matinee & Evening
Week 1 Beata Thure. for Other Perform' Next We-k
ftVioofrinf Qf OPERA I Home of World'
WlebUlUb OU HOUhE 1 Oieattat Photoplay
Afternoona 1 to 0. 10 4 35o. Eveninsa T to 11. 10. 15, 25
Thousands Turned Away at Every
Twice Dally Afternoon 3:30; Erenlnja 8:30
Preceded by Dally Chanre Flrat Run Plcturea.
11:80 TO 11 :S0
11,000,000 Theatre 2Z0O Seatlns CapaeJty
Preaentlng "HOOAN IN LONDON-"
Interesting Photo-Play and Surprlae Feature
Complete Ballet and Symphony Orcbaatra.
Beat Now. Prlcea Mc to ft BO Bex Seat 13
i&'1109 Chestnut St
BROAD Tonightat8:15 w.tTfi.
Popular Prtae W4iy imubm. t
Nt Weak Jeba Ore I ft Pro4I
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wUr flfit M
" i JHa :&Sa&lEaWaiBaF "
i IjSaaReaKaV
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Taaal Kafl
kiM, - jiiKiiir- Willi ii
MT" Bi-'BiSF'"" E. 'I" P i ' 11 allium mill MM I
BT5- ,. J il I laaaWlaaaal