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, Kwtttlti0 gH tStfiger
Geo. W. Ochs, HTeUry; John O. Martin. Treasurer
Charles ir. Ludlngton. Fhlllp B CMllns, John B. Wil
liams,. Director.
MMVl II!, ,-
j, Crata K. K. Cobtis, Chairman.
'P.M. W1IALBT Becullva Editor
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'JQtlU C. MAhTlN.. General Builnens Manager
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''NTtxr.D at ths rnif.ACit.rniA rosTorncc A sbcond-
rtlUADELriltA, MONDAY, MOVEMnEIt lfi. 1914.
No Time to Let Go in Mexico
'TT Is tho purpose of tho Administration
X to withdraw the troops from Vera Cruz
on Monday, November 23." Nobody but tho
author of "Alice In Wonderland" could do
Justice to tho history of our misadventures
in the land of the Montczumns.
Possibly wo aro becoming ovcrclvlllzed.
Effeminacy In somo Instances Is being1 mis
taken for statesmanship. Somo mon, to their
own satisfaction, are talking war Into senil
ity. They are preaching that tho suro
protection of a. country against tho machina
tions of powerful enemies Is to havo no pro
tection at all. Phrases have como to take
the place of action. Optimism has been sub
stituted for Intelligence.
Mexico Is In the hands of a vast Camorra,
which Is Itself split Into factions. As each
faction succeeds, It separates Into now fac
tions' and cabals of Its own. It Is a process
that has no ending. In ono spot only In
Mexico Is civilization secure. From that spot
It Is proposed deliberately to withdraw our
armed forces. To do so is to Invito an elab
orate Invasion later. It destroys tho ono
remaining hope of a peaceful composition ot
Mexican affairs. It forebodes nn aggravated
form of tho Mexican problem. When wo at
last have our thumb on tho gadlly, what Is
the uso letting go?
Home Rule for Cities
THE final, and perhaps tho dominant, note
of tho Conferenco of Mayors was homo
rule for cities. It was not homo rule In charter-making:
no State Legislature Is likely to
grant that. It was tho right of the cities to
deal as they plcaso with public, utilities, to
try what methods of regulation) seem desir
able, and, If necessary, to go oven ns far as
municipal ownership to securo fnlr treat
ment for tho citizens. Tho conference evolved
what might be called States' Rights for
" titles.
There Is a valuable point here. It Is tho
eamo point that makes the strength of tho
American Federal system. A group of organ
izationswhether States, cities or societies of
men working independently on tho problems
of social existence, means the exercise of that
most valuable of human activities, experi
mentation. This State or city may blunder
5n trying somo particular la-v, while another
goes right -with a different one. But tho
whole body of States nnd cities will learn
from such experiences. Instead of being all
bound to one attempt, falling or winning to
gether, severally they utilize tho scientific
principle of "trial and error" and learn from
one another's experience what makes for truo
Pruning the Grapevine
A GOOD many men are supporting pro
hibition who aro mentally and tem
peramentally opposed to State interference
with the personal life of the citizen. They
don't like to sco such sumptuary policing;
but they nre driven to It by the criminal
misconduct of the big "booze" interests.
The better class of manufacturers of In
toxicants aro beginning to realize this. They
are beginning to see that the only salvation
of the liquor traffic lies In cleaning it up.
Stirred by the threat of prohibition in the
lost election, the wine growers of California
have taken drastic steps to save their In
terests from destruction.
The growers propose to divorce tho man
ufacturer from the saloon, to work for
county option, to limit the number of saloons,
to establish separate licenses for the solo
of fermented and distilled drinks, to secure
better enforcement of tho law, to prohibit
sale to minors, women and Intoxicated per
sons and generally to make the liquor trade
responsible and decent. Such pruning of the
vine Is the only thing that can save It from
Starving Out Bad Plays
IN OUNCE of affirmation is worth a ton
.of negation. The framera of tho Bulletin
of the Catholic Theatre Movement have
acted wisely in listing the plays that are
worth seeing. Bad drama cannot be killed
by denunciation, because there are enough
evil-minded or curiosity-controlled people to
pack any theatre In which a play is discrim
inated against on moral grounds. The surest
way to put unclean drama out of business
Is to patronize only that which la wholesome.
Theatrical management will give the pub Ho
what pays; that Is Its business. To guide
lu jppje to the things that era worth while,
that amuse ana Interest without sullying the
mind or Inflaming the passions Is a boon
fpr which multitudes will be grateful. ,
Legalizing a Moral Principle
DISCUSSIONS in the convention of the
American Woman Suffrage Association
furnish an interesting Illustration of the re
current propensities of problems in consti
tutional polities. The nation-old question of
the rspctire provinces of State and Federal
oentrol occasioned a debate, supporting one
aids of wbleh were a group of suffragists
ttyted. nt very accurately, the "States
Jttffct" party. Possibly, so far as the ex
ypislon of suffrage 1 concerned, the Issue Is
pr importantly one of expediency and re
jpM than of Federal power and Stato Vfe
wwattv. Xt sprats, It te cwtSba that without what
TKjntr BttjMilirr calls the "admirable foroear
im Mh ftfcvf wr sral 1"
muMt displayed t lv4ttff m whole deil
c MuUttaa of iMPWter KJfr8 to w
vr! mtm." tb Vim would ave Mmw
timyxtH-r Is Wly iatttaaee b ther
was In (he troublous days of Reconstruction ;
but oven with the Fifteenth Amendment, the
Federal Constitution confers tho right of
suffrage directly on no one. There are no
United States voters as yet.
Tho Fifteenth Amendment, though some
thing of a dead letter, restricts the liberty
of the States. The right of cltlzcnsto vole, It
says, shall not bo denied or abridged on ac
count of rnce, color or previous condition of
servitude. Tho phrnse, "previous condition
of servitude," might bo Interpreted, If wo
forget Its Immediate occasion, nsapptylng to
women; fordid not John Stuart Mill show us
clearly Hint the Inequality of tho sexes In re
gard to suffrngo dates back to tho primitive
ages when women were In bondngo to men?
That would be a moral Interpretation. Eleven
American States', exercising tholr liberty,
havo mndo It legal. Their sovereignty has
certainly not been called Into question by the
iftuc of women suffrage.
Let Commuters Pay the Freight
1ET tho commuters pay the freight! Tho
i Interstate Commerce Commission, Its
vision of the facts having boon warped by
too much argument, refuses to let the freight
pay Its own wny. That would never do. It Is
better to transfer tho burden to tho shoulders
of Innocent nnd patient citizens who havo
managed In somo wny or other to securo
homes In tho quiet suburb, where norvoun
individuals can sleep o' nights nnd conserve
their health by breathing pure nlr nnd plenty
of It.
Possibly the rnllronds aro not above sus
picion. If they can't get from tho commis
sion tthnt they ought to got, they can follow
tho commission's advice, and, by putting tho
burden whore It docs not belong, arouse a
public sentiment before which all commis
sions will bo powerless. Ordinarily, tho en
couragement of comrqutatlon Is good policy
for railroads, for It Increases tho volume of
all traffic.
The Interstate Commerce Commission '
doubtless feels that a slight Increase In
freight rates would greatly enhance the high
cost of living. That Is why, possibly. It ad
vises adding dollars to the tax on commuters
Instead of a fow cents to tho burden of all
Ocean Caravans of Succor
MURMURS of protest against generous
chnrlty to tho stricken Belgians nro
being heard, on tho ground that tho poor
at homo aro in need of real assistance.
"People who ought to know better have
been doing everything In their power to bo
tray tho South Into a mendicancy of which
It has novor horetoforo been guilty," says a
great Southern newspaper commenting on
tho cotton situation. And Bishop Candler,
of Georgia, voiced the same sentiment In de
claring, "I havo no sympathy with peoplo
who look to tho Government to furnish thorn
with a squaro meal every tlmo they aro
forced to do without their breakfast."
The poor at t home are entitled to sym
pathetic help, but they themselvos, wo sur
mise, would bo tho first to protest against
tho pica that Philadelphia, In their behalf,
withhold its aid from the heroic nation which
war has utterly confounded. Wo dare sus
pect that the Thclma carried more than ono
gift precious beyond compare on account of
tho sacrifice Involved In Its giving. It Is
tho glory of our charity that It cost some
thing, thnt our own necessities were sub
ordinated to tho supreme tragedy of Bel
gium. Nor have tho wells of Philadelphia's gen
erosity been drained. Her ocean caravans
of succor will continue to move and her
charitable organizations at home will con
tlnuo to bo nourished. Humanity Itself is
staggering through a deep slough and its
eyes turn to us with an appeal that wo must
Lord Roberts
SOME of the sting Is taken from England's
grief by the fact that Lord Roberts, tho
beloved "Bobs," was 82 years old. But ho
did not belong to England; he was tho Em
pire's Idol. His servlco had carried him to
tho frontiers of tho imperial domain. It was
Doum Ainca wiui crownra mo K'my uiiu.
India that, began it. Tho ablest of living sol-
fliers', the Kaiser said ho was, and by all
standards of military measurement the ver
dict was Just. And inch for inch his char
acter held close to his ability, so' confirming
the greatness of his stature.
There are younger soldiers fighting Eng
land's battles now. "Busy Berthas" and
Uhlans are battering genius Into the open.
It cannot remain covered. In the long line of
battalions that He along the trenches of
France must be a new "Bobs" In the mak
ing. England has realized that, and has
been waiting for him. But coutd 20 years
have dropped from Lord Roberts' tireless
form, could the magnificent vigor of hlB men
tality have persisted In his physique, the
stubborn courage of the British legions along
the furious Flanders battle line might well
have culled before thls richer triumph for
its sacrifice.
Germany has one great advantage over the
Allies it has no Shaw.
There may be plenty of comedy In the war,
but dead soldiers cannot see it.
A J20.000.000 order ftr blanket manufactur
ers is a sure enough blanket contract.
What's the use of being a dreadnought if
a submarine won't tell that It's coming?
- t
The Christmas Ship has sailed. It Is the
privilege of Neptune to take good care of
Santa Claus.
Pennsylvania has had poorer teams and
Cornell better ones without an Ithacan vic
tory on Thanksgiving.
A needle In 'a haystack is a conspicuous
object compared to the Phlladelphlan who
rejoices that at last the 8E-day drought is
The opinion prevailed In the Palmer Sta
dium Saturday that t was a good thing for
Yale that the timekeeper's watch did not
The steamship companies are evidently
trying to aid the movement after foreign
trade by discovering that the greater de
nuuid for ear go spaaa tends to raise steam
ship iright rates.
The National Utilities Bureau, If properly
supported, should be the most efllolent Instru
ment in America fr the betterment of nu
nlalpal conditions, and it was "Made In Phil
adelphia." The IS Federal Reserve Banks that opea
Ulfe? i MK causing half tfce stir, so far
as tfe vra oan goes, tfe&t the apening
of tfe bnnstwU seaeeii awiuay creates, yet
tjm ujttatft ct on tfe luuiclaJ and com-
ihwi( um ot the United Ue Is iliurf
to Jw Inrttitrifsrably zreataA
Lincolncsquc Prouty, Cyclonic in House, Becomes Gentle ns n Lamb on the Green,
While the Usually Austcfe Fitzgerald Romps About Like a Hilarious
Youth President an Ardent Golfer, Too, But His Scores m
Arc Guarded Like a State Secret.
Mfmltrr of Conpe from New Jeriry, Author of "CMmrnle FidJen" and Other Fammil Stortel.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 18. Twenty years
ago Washington socially was the least out-of-doors
community In this country. All this
summer and fall Washington socially would
havo stngnated had It not been for Its lately
developed opportunities for out-of-doors rec
reations and tho Indoors affairs, which one
may call by-ptoducts of golf and tennis. The
reason, of course, for this Is not wholly tho
present-day luro of golf links and tennis
courts, tho added reasons being the suspen
sion of nil social affairs In the Whlto House,
owing to the death of Mrs. Wilson this
affecting tho homes of Cabinet ofllclals as
well and tho war In Europe, which has sus
pended social affairs In many embasslcs.i
In a sort of way Senator Nowlands, of
Nevada, may bo said to havo mado outdoor
life poinlbla for Washington; certainly ho
made It inoro conveniently obtained. In thnt
long tlmo ago I'vo spoken of Nowlands wat
a member of tho House, and had tho lncomo
of a rich estnto to Invest ns trustee. Ono day
he nsked Soimtor Jones, of his State, for ad
vice as to Investment In tho District, nnd the
wlso old Senator drew a penoll line on a Dis
trict map Indicating an extension of Connec
ticut nvenuo northwest out through the farms
and woodlands beyond Rock Creek toward
tho Maryland lino.
"Buy ncreago property out there, grade it,
build streets, sewers, light It, build car lines
you'll found a suburban district Washing
ton must have," said tho Senator.
It took courage nnd millions of dollars to
act on that ndvlco, but Nowlands did so.
Result of His Courage
Today Connecticut avenue spans Rock
Creek by a handsome bridge, arches springing
from arches supporting a solid roadway, and
continues not only to tho District line, but a
couple of miles into Maryland. It Is tho mnln
avc'nuo through Washington's fashionable
suburb, cabbage fields turned Into lawns sur
rounding hundreds of villas and thousands of
modest little 10 or 15 room cottages. Now
lands Invited Washington out Into tho coun
try, and It went with a rush.
To return to our mutton: Beyond tho
District line over in Maryland, but still In
tho Chovy Chaso "additions," Washington
peoplo havo Built two 18-holo golf
links, each with Its dozen tennis courts nnd
each with a big clubhouse designed, rather
more so than In tho metropolitan district,
for teas, dinners and dances. This fall they
aro tho centres of all that goc3 on socially In
The first formed of theso golf clubs, Chevy
Chase got for members tho pick of official
society. Cabinet officers, diplomats, generals
and admirals and Prosidcnt Tnft sot tho
seal of final ofllclal approval upon Chovy
Chase by joining the club and playing thcro
Setter Links for Less Exulted
A little beyond the Chovy Chaso links is
the Columbia Country Club course, with
bettor links to play over, but with a mem
bership of less exalted officials. Besides
spending a lot of money for ground Improve
ment, Columbia had a big and expensive club
house to run and was not doing very well,
thank you, until tho Congress elected In 1010
began its session.
Some country club member discovered that
In that Congress were twoscore or so of
ardent golfers, and ho Induced the club of
ficials to offer these congressional golfers
attractlvo terms for special membership.
Thlrty-flve or 40 Representatives and Sen
ators Joined, and then tho President, turn
ing down Chevy Chase's offer of honorary
membership, allowed as how he'd like to
play over the Columbia links, was elected In
- -
U8ual manner. Bent his little check-and
there you are! Columbia prospers,
This summer, during tho hereafter to be
known as Loitg Session, during the months
when tho lingering sun permitted daylight
approach to tho 18th hole as late as 8 o'clock
In the evenings, there was a hike of golfers
from both ends of tho Capitol after adjourn
ment. And much truly wonderful golf was played.
Not nil of the duffer quality cither, for Sena
tor Hollls, of New Hampshire, and Senator
Saulsbury, of Delaware, have been prize win
ners on their own home links, and similar
honors havo been won in smart golf company
by Representatives Oglesby, of New York;
Whaley, of South Carolina, and Connolly, of
But, gentle reader, from general Impres
sions you may have received of them, would
you guess that Senators Brlstow, Cummins
and O'Gorman, Representatives Prouty, Un
derwood and Fitzgerald are the most devoted
golfers In Congress? It's bo. If one were
writing of less distinguished statesmen it
would be permissible to say of them that
they are "golf nuts." What I want to write
no'w is not a study in golf, but a study In
some amazing reversals of accredited tem
perament I have observed in somo of these
Cyclonic in House; Placid on Green
Take two Instances: Representatives
Prouty (Just elected to the Supreme Court of
Iowa, by the way) and Fitzgerald, of New
York. Judge Prouty In action on the floor
of the House Is a cyclone backed by an omi
nous black cloud,
He is a tall, spare, upstanding middle-aged
man, of the Lincoln type, one often hears It
said, whose special mental equipment makes
him the sturdy vfoe of proposed fool taxation
measures, When he is on the floor pointing
curiosity snop
The popular fallacy that thero are certain
hours! of tho day more fatal to human life
than others was investigated some years
ago by an English editor. He ascertained the
hour of death In 2880 cases, of all ages, and
arrived at very interesting conclusions. The
data were derived from a mixed population
In every respect, and the deaths occurred
during a period of sevsral years. Tha maxi
mum hour of death is from 5 to 6 o'clock
a, tn.. when it Is 40 per cent, above the aver
age; and the minimum during the hours from
9 to 11 o'clock In the evening, wlxjn it is 6M
par wat below the average. Thus th least
mortality Is during midday hours, namely,
from 10 till 3 o'clock; the greatMt, during
early morning hours, from 3 till 6 o'clock
Fisherman say that times of the ebb and
flow of tbe tides are always critical hours
with invalids. v
CeptaloiiU was known ai the "Lst Island"
tMcaus it wm so hsmU tjwu ancisnt navlga
ton faftd trouble i locating U.
Plato's year was a cycle of M.MO years tn
whisk tbe atiurs iuul coafiUlUUoaS rUIH t
their former yhw in rpot ta tbe squl-
out tho errors of their economic notions to
proponents of taxation fads his heavy brows
clinch over his eyes In a mnnner peculiarly
stern. He speaks rapidly with an admirable
vocabulary, wherein phrnRcs 'of Intolerance
for stupidity, of denunciation, draw you the
picture of a man of nothing less than un
changeable acerbity of temper.
On tho golf links he displays a sweetness
of tompor unaltered by a hole In nlno which
ho should havo mado In four. I can say no
more to a golfer. Bunkers, traps, lost balls,
unnttentlyo caddies, none of tho trials of golf
so much m rlpplo tho smiling placidity of
his temper,
Fltzgorald, of Brooklyn, chairman of tho
Appropriations Committee and "the best par
liamentarian In Congress," says Champ Clark,
Ir oustcro when ho Is at work on tho floor.
Ho Is a prodigious worker, and thorough, and
it Is excusable In him that ho knows thnt ho
knows more about his appropriation pro
visions than any other man In or out ot Con
gress. When he Is "presenting" a bill, as tho Intro
ductory explanation Is called, ho proceeds
gravely and systematically, showing no trnco
of his renowned high temper until somo mem
ber questions tho Justlco or correctness of an
item of appropriation whoso exlstcnco ho has
Just becomo awaro of. Then Fitzgerald, who
has been Investigating and studying that very
matter for months, years, perhaps, uncorks
tho very lightly stoppered vials of his wrath
nnd contempt.
"Don't question tho accuracy ot Fltz's fig
ures or tho Justlco of his conclusion unless
you aro dead suro you'vo got him, or he'll
bito your head ,off," said an old member to
a young ono.
That reflects the general Impression tho
House- has of Fitzgerald. On tho golf links
ho's a kid; a Joyous, ebullient, generous
youngster, showing no more traco of worry
as to how Uncle Sam Is to bo provided with
$3,000,000 a day to meet his expenses than he
did when he played ball on the Manhattan
Collcgo nine.
Where a Pupil Wins Out
Prouty's game was better than Fitzgerald's
early last spring, but the Brooklyn man was
taking lessons, nnd one day In Juno offered
the Iowan a couplo of strokes on a round.
"I'll never take strokes from a man who
take3 lessons," responded the Judge, who
has his own way of playing, uninfluenced by
any professional advice.
Fitzgerald stuck to his lessons, going out to
tho links at daylight for practice, and Prouty
stuck to his determination not to tako strokes
and since July the Iowan has been paying
for the Now Yorker's golf balls.
Senator O'Gormnn's Judlcinl dignity of
manner, poso and carrlngo does not desert
him evon on the links. Fitzgerald, observing
tho Senator's manner of taking his stand on
a tee nnd addressing his ball for the drive,
"Senator, you'd drive better If you didn't
address your balls as If you were addressing
tho Senate."
Tho first too nt Columbians on a bank
pitching steeply to a creek. My Demo
cratic colleague, Tuttle, of New Jersey, cne
day foozled his first drive and the ball
dribbled miserably ovor tho bank.
"Is It In tho water?" Tuttle called to his
caddie, on watch.
"No, sir. It stopped Just Rhort," the boy
"I havo observed, William," remarked
Judge Prouty, "that you can lead a Demo
crat to water, but you can't make him
go In."
President Wilson plays frequently at Co
lumbia, always with his physician. Doctor
Grayson; plays briskly and attentively If
not with enthusiasm. The President's score
Is never announced, but observing his
game ono Judges he finishes his 18 holes
in low 00s, a game which would not delay
a low handicap opponent.
The rules of golf require a foursome to
permit an overtaking twosome to "pass
through," and while this Is done grudgingly
under ordinary circumstances a foursome
will always wait on a tee when tho Presi
dent Is overtaking It and ask him to "go
The President's Little Joke
I was one of a foursome of Representatives
one day when this happened, and when tho
President was asked to "go through, please,"
he hesitated, smiling, and said, "I feel some
diffidence In driving through so many mem
bers of the House."
"Mr. President," one of the foursome re
marked, "are you not accustomed to driving
through the House?"
The President looked sharply for n second
at tho questioner, then addressed his ball. But,
nis snouiuers were snaking so with laughter
he foozled his drive. Then he turned to the
foursome, and bowing, said gravely: "I'm
sorry, gentlemen, to have driven through you
so awkwardly. Perhaps with more practice
I'll be able to do so more neatly."
Somewhere above I was gossiping about the
resoue of the society folk bythe con
veniences of these golf clubs. Besides their
golf, tennis, teas and dinner parties, Chevy
Chase has two dinner-dances each week and
Columbia at least one.
"The war has killed Washington socially,"
it is said. Yes; but Just over the District line,
at the country clubs, Washington engages Jn
outdoor sports, dines and dances, plays
bridge, gossips and flirts as never before.
Earl Roberts was already the wearer
of the Victoria Cross and the hero of all
England when he made his most striking
military move. He was then 4T years old, but
it oannot be doubted that the relief of Kanda-.
har was tho critical moment of his career,
because it changed him from a brave general
Into a commander who was both brave in aa
tion. wise in counsel and endlessly active in
In the autumn of 1879, Roberts had effected
the fall of Kabul. In Afghanistan, and in the
next year had so far reduced the forces of the
uative opposition that the dismemberment of
the local governments was successfully ac
eompllslwd. Lord Roberts was relieved of
supreme command, and In July, 1880, was
preparing to withdraw from India when the
newn came that a British force had been
routed .and that Lieutenant General Primrose
was besieged at Kandahar. With a transport
corps, which had been recently formed at his
own Instigation, and with 10,000 troop.
Roberts started for tu relief. Regardless of
the dlfncultus of marching through hostile
country. Indefatigable l driving his army for.
HWi liUsg sfrtoatoh, nong his line aid
smasbifig bm way throiuch every ohaiaj-u
aa or nature, Ruowu wwnpleted t ter- j
rifle Journey in i2 days, covering ft dlsW?r
of 813 miles. Tho average speed of nearly-1
miles a day, Under the conditions, is extra
ordinary!, but it Is even more ntew?JlhLl.,
on the day following his arrival at Kn"danar.'
without resting himself or his soldiers, he
flung his troops Into battle, routed the encmy(
nnd relieved Kandahar.
The honors which came to Roberts as a re
sult of this exploit, rich ns they were, do not
measure Its importance. It was a critical
tlmo for England In Asia, and in the grcnt
crisis England found a man wnoso "-'""
zeill, unlimited command or ueian,
i.k.1 AMn hmiM .. I.nf. thrnlicll. J' O
of detail, nnd per-
her through. I;or
. nvn rrlnln! his
that reason it was Roberts' own crisis; his
llfo thereafter was brilliant, but It showed
nothing whleii tho march of Knndahar did
not foretell,
Contributions That Reflect Public Opin
ion on Subjects Important lo City,
State and Nation.
77) Ihm EAltnr At 1h Kutnlnn l.tAatr.
Sir Tho magnanimity with which the peoplo
of Philadelphia responded on behalf of the Uei
glnn sufferers was. Indeed, admirable.
provn that Phllndelphlans linve n feeling ot
compassion for nil who aro steeped In sorrow
regardless of their creed, nationality or be
liefs. Hut It would be both cruel nnd Ironical to
hln cargoes of supplies to foreign shores ami
absolutely Ignoro the misery and suffering that
Is rampant In our very very midst.
This country Is at present In the throes or
hard times. And all tho optimistic predictions
of politicians Hint nn era of prosperity Is im
pending will not postpone the coming of winter
nor relieve tho pangs of privation that nro soon
lo be felt In the poorer sections of the city. It
will take direct nnd earnest effort on the part
of the good peoplo of Philadelphia to avoid a,
winter of dire suffering among the poor.
It would be deplorable. Indeed, If. while we
wcro mothering war-torn Belgium, thousands of
our own peoplo should succumb to the ravages
of want and exposure.
That Is ivhat Is likely to happen unless the
people opon their eyes to tho true stato of nf
fnlrs. So while wo arc compelled to patronize "made
In America" commodities, let us not overlook
"mado In America poverty."
Philadelphia, November 14.
To the Editor of the Evening Ledger:
Sir It gles nio great plcanuro to extend tho
tlinnks of tho Child Federation for your hoarty
co-opcrntlon In reporting the nows connected
with tho collection of articles for the war or
phnns of Europe Tho Child Federation nppro
jclatcs how great ft bearing the help of the
newspapers had on tho more than successful
rc3Ult of this campaign.
Mannplng Director of tho Child Federation.
Philadelphia, November 13.
The .Springfield Survey says that the correc
tional system of that city is not very success
ful in protecting tho community from law
breakers. Nearly half tho total arrests In
Springfield ln 1913 wore of persons who came
Into custody more than once during tho year.
Ono hundred and sevonty-soven porsons were
arrested threo or moro times during the year,
and some spent most of their time In Jail. Chi
cago Journal.
Tlio greatest menace of the Brumbaugh nro
gram lies ln Its progressive character. Leading
Itoms arc: A child labor law; a worKmcn's
compensation act; submission of tho woman
suffrage amendment; conservation of natural
resources; advancement of scientific agricul
ture; reorganization of chnrlty appropriations.
What la this but so flno an Imitation of "social
Justice" that nobody but a trained Progressive
logician could tell the difference? Now York
Evening Post.
The new development ln the Mexican situa
tion to again postpono the departure of the
United States troops from Vora Cruz cama
sooner than was expected. That something
of the sort would develop was, however, an
almost foregone conclusion. In fact, official
announcements of impending withdrawals of
the troops have invariably been the signal for
new outbreaks In tho revolutlon-rldden land.
Springfield Union.
From a labor standpoint, a heavy Influx of
foreign people would be at this tlmo undesir
able. The labor market Is overstocked. Many
men are already out of work. The Ideals of
American progress and the unwise zeal of
foreign labor leaders frequently clash. Eleva
tion of living and working standards In this
country must come by growth, not by storm.
Indianapolis News.
Vice President Marshall, with his usual efful
gence, has outstripped all war worshipers ln
his advocacy of a great navy. He wants, as
he says, "a navy that can face not merely any
nation In the world, but it will be an organiza
tion that will be able to withstand the com
bined navies of the rest of the world." Such a
boast is wild and senseless. Ohio State Journal.
Secret treaties have rightly come In for con
demnation sines the war broke out, and ln
England particularly there has been unexpected
praise for what has been sneered at as "shirt
sleeves" diplomacy. But for Gorman critics to
convert these expressions of a wholly demo
cratic feeling Into an argument that England
was the provoker of the war Is not quite legiti
mate. Springfield Republican.
Concerning the Servant Market
From the Hoiton Tranirrlrt.
"Servants are plentiful," says a headline
from Philadelphia. Is this a clever bit of ad
vertising circulated by some "Push Philadel
phia" committee of tho city's Chamber of Com
merce? Surely no better inducement could be
offered to attract the modern householder than
the promise of cooks enough to Bpoll 20 broths
and of maids In sufficient force to dust all the
cobwebs from the moon. Philadelphia's glut
In the servant market is quite plausibly as
cribed to the reduction of domestic staffs which
has been made by hundreds of families slnco
the European war began to counsel economy
In Boston, however, this situation docs not
appear to have been duplicated. The lares
employment agencies report that It Is about
ns hard aa ever to draw good servants from
the grab bag. The hunt for -rv9ni. .
merrily on In the good American way and 1
Wellesley wisely keeps Its motto, "Non mln-
Ulrnrl crl mlnl.1tr.-1r.. ' ' " """
Another "Scrsp of Taper'?
From tha Chicago Journal.
The Unltrd States Is not going to war over
the disappearance of a passport, But tha
American people would like to know how the
document Issued by the American Embassy at
Berlin to an American cltUen got into tha
hands of the Kaiser's spy who was executed
at London on Tuesday, ,,
Judging by the Pa.t
From the LouUvlU Fot,
The Important feature of the election is that
the Democrats come out with the control of
both houses of Congress. Not ln 60 years has
a President been defeated for re-election whose
party held the House at the mid-term election.
Three men, together riding.
Can win new worlds at their will;
Resolve, ne'er dividing,
Lead, and be vletors, stilt.
Three can laugh and doom a king,
Three can make the planetilpg.
Three, when the whim shall take them.
Can gleefully nght, and win:
Touch Heaven's doors, and shake them.
Loose them, and look within,
TUree can laugh Hell from the code,
As they Jest along the road.
Three, with a Joyful daring.
Can steal new Are from the Uo.
Bre, in their happy faring.
They've loitered, and galloped on
Three can level gods to men.
Three en build new god Igato
y yotya Daviee to the America
L iis ' '
Commercial New .
Tho -Sin-tlr Review, dovowa , . f
vnnccment nnd tho mnJ0Ve38'Slt of the war
bands, reports ' sSon becomo extinot
the rubber band may soj u d forms ot
T.iwn all tho more hlgmy civui tJlft
Llko all tho more hiRiiy """ t0 gfty. "th
life." tho Elastic wv --,,llon9 0f iving
rubber band flnilstho "uMnt crisis.
i...ii,in in tho face oi w i"r. .i. mill
iii,1b In tho face ot mffi" ..-.ii
J',7one.Un1o snap Is gone. J;"".' ,tif to
"mgtancos It has n2.?.."BB
l v."r. ., nml nnw lies Iiai. . .
tlio insi uwira, ... - hio-h cost OI ruu
It is MPtencd.,Ih5UrHv from "he use of
bcrlmndlng results directly from J i.
pea-shooters by ''""pea Is shot It
tending nrmles. When the pea ,t
rolls in .BOKtoftLroth"n"hwal
renclies a river bnnk. ,T,," lnut industry
low it. nnd ns a 8iilt t he pe t ln a
Kml lo' wolf " 1. therefore reduced to star -
prairie wolf
lion nnd In
crciuiu ""-r" ,-. - , !,
Sw j JS 1 aws
lion and In his perplMW n "' ;
bber band tree,
I. .....I ratitnfli t
wed Instead of eulpepper to fatten
humming birds.
Sample Spring Poem
r.Vot nn Advertisement )
Tho Muse should bo quite ready very dar
To wont on incinea m . ....-.. .-
Rcgardfess of tho subject of the lay.
Regardless of tho weather or w wowm.
Somo bards may looks on this remark as
And somfmny call It Mcrllege, hut they
Aro thoso who will forever put tncir
plena In .
To editors In vain, so let them brny.
You lazy bnrds who, like the ancients, uso
The olden plan and rhyme by lnpIlon.
Know that, like my galley s lave. e muao
Does better work if forced to perspiration.
And do you doubt, mayhap a demonstra
tion . .. .
Will help a littlo bit to dlsabuso
Your minds; read then, our springy Iucu-
And try tho plan, you who have naught to
TIs winter now, but not far off is Prinff.
Let Jack Frost rngo without nt will and
Tho birds their Joyous melodies will sing
Erelong ln that bluo vault which Is their
castle. ,. , -
And hearts to balmy weather will be
vassal, . . . ,
When e'en tho winds of March have taen
'Twill not bo long, and in tho meantime.
Keep out tho roaring north wind's bitter
There is Hope
"The newspapers nro overlooking ono of
tho best points ln this general contribution
for the war sufferers."
"Sure, It's going to cut down tho list of
useless Christmas presents wonderfully this
year." .
... I. ha ..a- (ham Im nft UNA At ftll lfl SR1611.
In taste, ln teeth, In toast, ln anything, there Is
no use at nil nnd tho respect 1 mutual.
Gertrude, stein, in -lenaer uuxionj,
page 33.
Alas, how truo, there Is no use
In mlco and mon and apple cake!
In ships nnd shoes nnd in Bull Moose
In Bnlpo and snoezo and rattlesnake.
There Is no uso "for you to sing,
There Is no uso in nuts and wine,
Thero is no uso In nnythlng,
Thero Is no uso ln Gertrude Stein.
Extra: Mexico Joins Allies
The Latest in Cookins .
Colored Walter What will you hnb dis
morning, gents?" .
Jones I'll tako an order of ham' and
Smith Glvo mo the same, but eliminate
tho eggs.
Colored Walter Sorry, boss, the chef don
tol' mo do 'llmlnator was broke; would you
mind takln' de eggs boiled or fried.
War-time Gilbert and Sullivan
Since now, ns often happens, a victim must
be found.
We've made a little list, It's Just a little list
Of inoffensive peoplo who'd bo hotter under
They'd none of them be missed, no nono of
them bo missed.
A hundred thousand soldiers wo will send
into the war,
And when thoy'ro gone, why, wo will send
a hundred thousand more.
They're poor, unhappy fellows and all anxious
for the fray;
They haven't a thing to do at home, they're
only In the way.
And so, since wo are running this, wo cheer
fully Insist,
That though they may bo humans, they'd
nono of them be missed.
lie Knew Too Much ,
"Did you make any money out of that
lnnd development stock you bought?1'
"Not yet, but it looks good. I found out
so much about the company that they took
me into tho firm."
Advice to the Shopworn
By Beatrice Barefaeta
Dear Beatrice Barefacts:
I am a young girl of 29 and considered
beautiful. I havo brown hair. What do
you think of my looks? The trouble ia
that when I cat my Jaws have a peculiar
habit of moving up and down, and the man
I'm engaged to says that refined people's
Jaws move sldewlse. Ought I to give him
up? What do Charles, Anna, Mellsande and
Carpathla mean? FURIOUS vatcwv
Try chewing persimmons, Fanny, and hopa
for the best. Refined people don't hava
Jaws. Charles able; Anna capable; Mell
sande see Maeterlinck; Carpathla car
buncles. Fooilight Photos
lllxt( Kooj.
I pronounce you. Mlwsl Hajos,
(In my best Hungarian way).
Far too lovely to get by us
With an only three weeks' stay,
But my Bister, MIizl Hajos,
Looking at the "Sari" clothes
Says you stay but to enrage us
Girls, with onyy. Well, who knows?
From the Cub's Notebook
With 200 Investment bankers meeting in
one room and nearly as mav TmilL
Mayors meeting In another, whUe dSegates
from the Labor Federation gossip m tha
hall3. some amusing things are haK
at the Bellevue-Stratford investmeS?Pr,Mi?,ff
ers- arriving late sit placidly HSitentasr
public utilities talk In the Mayor- b-n,.?
believing it a perfectly good disci.i;
investment securities. whUe bel&Mayors
speaks well of munW bMKt?
wahbundif tsaAs
asff9 yU 0t 8e BPehes there?" h,
gSlBE. "" the roan' "' 'm all ,f
for the Mayors? hi &fi "2!&
may be some good obm wn hM
plete" B 0,w youU want cora-
apegiAes into tyr agoon L 8' th
sura; ef Hlw Z
"Investment banker. ' t "
"MB 1 twv dJS; ? WiorUd L'koI
T k
aVSHSf -ss-T '
s asKW,- -;
-ZP-Slb!, ,
"ImHUSMWttHm Mlklffiillslifill ill mil mn '