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ntoroetiug and Important News
In die Nntibnnl Capital During
Legislative Vacation.
When a delegation of Negroes repre
fcentlntf the tfntlonnt Independence Equal
Jtlghts League cnlled nt the White House
on Thursday to protest against the segre
gation of white and black civil servlco
employes In the executive departments,
President Wilson administered a rebuke
to W. Monroe Trotter, the spokesman,
Who addressed tho Chief Exccutlvo In
What was considered an Insulting man
tier. "Have you a 'new freedom' for
White Americans and, a now slavery for
your colored fellow citizens?" was ono
of the questions asked by Trotter which
Wis relented by tho President.
After Trotter had charged that the
President had permitted Secretary Mc
Adoo, Postmaster General Burleson nnd
Comptroller of tho Currency John Skcl
lon Williams to dletato tho Administra
tion policy of segregation, Mr. WIIboii
practically ordered the delegation to
leave his ofilce. He told Trotter that no
other man had addressed him In such
Insulting language slnco ho nBSumed tho
Presidency. Tho Negroes are planning to
lintil n mnss-mcottng tomorrow to pro
test against tho attitude of the Admin
istration. Plans for the evacuation of Vera Cruz,
It was understood In tho early part of
the week, had been abandoned, owing to
leports which had reached Washington
of the seriousness of tho new revolution
In Mexico, but last night Secretary Bryan
Issued a statement that our forces would
tie withdrawn Monday, November 23. He
jsald that General Carranza and the AKti.ta
callentes convention had given tho Stalo
Department the assurances requested.
Rumors were In circulation for sevorat
day that tho nrmored cruiser North
Carolina had been blown up in the har
bor of Beirut, Turkoy. Considerable alarm
was caused when Secretary Daniels ad
mitted that no word had been rocclvcd
froi.. tho North Carolina since November
2 Tho first nnws announcing the safely
of the cruiser reached the Nnvy Depart
ment early Thursday In a dtiipatch from
the cruiser Tennessee at Mltylcnc, Greece.
No mention was made of the landing of
Amoilcan mnrlnesln Tin key, as was re
ported In press dispatches last week.
Ambassador Sprlng-tlltc. of Great
Britain, notified the Stato Department
that German ships were using ports in
Ecuador and Colombia as bases for sup
plies anu communication. The Ambas
sador did not request the United States
to take Htcps to enforce the observance
of neutrality by the South American Re
publics, but his visit to the State De
partment Is Interpreted In diplomatic
circles as a gentle hint to this country
at to take somo action. It will be the
SB policy of tho State Department, however,
lis nici iiiiiiuo uu
Bids were received by tho Navy De
partment for the construction of six giant
torpedoboat destroyers. Cramps' Ship
building Company, of Philadelphia, was
the lowest bidder. Announcement was
made by Secretary Daniels, however, that
estimates had been received from the
Maro Island Navy Yard which were
J200.000 lower on each boat than the bids
submitted by the private companies. Silica
the Mare Island Yard submitted estimates
for the construction of only two of the
six- destioycrs, a contract probably will
bo awarded to Cramps for one destroyer
or possibly two.
The government continued Its search
V B lor secret wireless stations In Maine,
wasmngton Stale und Florida. These
stations aro suspected of sending mili
tary' Information to Germany.
Nick Longworth used to think that some
I of Joe Cannon's Ideas were a bit out of
J date, but now those two boys aro Just
i Nick and Joe to each other. Cleveland
' Plain Dealer.
Horrible as the war Is, It has certain
advantages. It has killed tho abslntho
Industry- in France. Kansas City Star.
Likewise Is it the open season for tho
mention of Republican presidential possi
bilitiesmost of whom aro likely to be
entirely forgotten by 1916. Indianapolis
The question that Mexico is now slowly
but surely moving up against Is, "What
are we going to do with our ox-pro-visional
presidents?" Indianapolis News.
William Rockefeller, Indicted on the
New Haven conspiracy charge, put up a
J5 cash bond to Insure his appearance
for trial. Mr. Rockefeller certainly will
be thene to protect that money, Ltfs
Angeles Express.
Tho Sick Man of Europe Is now entering
upon his lastsfllness. New York World.
Regardless of election, the principal
legislation of the Sixty-third Congress
will remain on tho statuto books for
many a day. The currency bill will not
bo repealed, nor the Income tax bill, nor
tho Federal Trade Commission bill, nor
the Clayton anti-trust bill, nor the labor
bill, nor the Alaska railroad bill, nor tho
seamen's bill. Nor will there bo an un.
Tward revision of the tariff. Nor will
(there be any repudiation of the "watch-
Iful waiting" policy or alteration of the
wminlstratlon's peace-with-all-the-world
Iptogram. Hartford Post.
In Its broad political significance the re-
; suit of the general elections can reason.
ably be accepted as a disastrous, If not
' fatal, blow to the propagandlsm of fads
Und frills in government that has been
urged with so much hea and effrontery
ior m aoi low years. fori worm mar-
, White Its first trial Is not necessarily
Conclusive, there seems no reason for
this State to regret the change from the
Bid party column ballot to the Massachu
setts form. Tha nlnrtlnn flfniiM nrnv.
Shat It was not only possible but easy
to vote a split ticket with the new bal
lot, and the way in which the splits were
"' jnuicaies mai we voters took full
navantage of this facilitation of Inde-
Ptntien youngNew York Tribune.
President Wilson Is an avowed believer
in the- theory that legislation is "a busl.
new of interpretation rather than of or
llnatlon," and, if he applies his own
theory, he must alow up In legislation of
v cuaraxicr unsettling to the business
orld. While bis program was already
Enactad, to a great degree, befors the
Hmions, ana remains nxed, the conserva
pre reaction cannot fall to convince hint
a an democratic ieaaer that the times
no longer favorable to radical mea.
urea Involving industrial and trade in.
erests. This la the chief lesson of tha
utcttons, from the business vlewnaint
jprlngfteld Republican.
H recent ejections Mem to declare
at toe old Dartv lines ir !nx t... f
. U still the ancient conflict between the
hwiuc party ana the Republican
rty. upon difference waiott were born
the republic and are embodied in
town nature itself. That dUCrnce re-
tea to the power of government and
m ixuioiM or party Tha Rtpub-
uww m a oruua us ol
...uifiiviu power, tfi Danucratta
Qeitstvea la . limit mi uu :
1 (il.tiweiiC nkkti un th tkinrfu .J
Fptrtm. Siii nastKm i ejaenvig
rather than of quality. "fehlo Stale
"Righteousness," which has become the
big word of the political fakers, If Its
keynote. "Righteousness''' Is very hard
to attain in a single community united
by grace of God. It Is a delusion and a
snare ivlicn seriously attempted ns a prac
tical ngoncy In public affairs, All of us
Republicans and Democrats alike are
"righteous," or At least we claim to be,
and, where there are voters to bo gulled
by the outcry, he fools best who bawls
loudest. Meanwhile, government Is moro
and more 'business the Interest of the
people to which what Is called tho "Ideal'
serves but os the tweaking of the fiddle to
the dance. Louisville Courier-Journal.
An interesting sidelight on the cotton
question comes with thooxpress npproVal
ri anted by the Administration to tho
bankers who havo stnrtcd (and ntmost
completed) n fund of $13.vOOJ,000, to bo
loaned on cotton. The purposo of this
loan Is to help the South by making It
unnecessary for the planters to unlond
their cotton nt ruinous prices. Tho New
York Times refuses to make nny distinc
tion between such n loan nnd mi ordinary
pool In restraint of trndc, nnd sarcasti
cally refers 'to the "good Democratic
Trust." On tho other hand tho New
York Press, which Is certainly not nn
Administration orgnn, ridicules this Idea
and puts tho cntlro question on a basis
of common sense. Says the Press:
"Tho common senso of tho cotton pool
Is that it Is a bank fund to lend money
to planters, with their cotton put up
ns collateral, not bocauso the planters
want to use tho money to corner cot
ton, but becauso the planters wnnt to use
tho money for bread and butter, bIiico
they ennnot, When there Is no market
for cotton, get their bread and butter
money by selling their cotton,"
It so happens that the present Attor
ney General comes from the cotton
growing section, nnd It Is to bo hoped
l his attitude docs not represent the slight
est bins, but It Is just ax well to make
allowance for nil such contingencies In
the frnmlng of legislation. The Justice
of such measures lies In their Impartial
enforcement In respect to all section-)
and classes, no less thnn In the equit
able character of the provisions. Spring
field Union.
"What Is needed," says the American
Wool and Cotton Reporter, "is to got tho
cotton to the manufacturers at a. reason
able price and get It used up as speedily
ns possible," nnd it argues that holding
over a large quantity Insures the same
conditions as a big crop next year. That
is the spinners' view and It Is taken also
by ninny disinterested and thoughtful
citizens who fear that tho Government's
support of this project Is a mischievous
precedent. Now York Herald.
Tho underlying justification for the
fund is the exigency of tho hour; and
undoubtedly tho exigency is pressing and
formidable!. It is to bo hoped, on that
account, that the New England banks,
viewing tho question in Its national and
patriotic bearings, will accept tho assur
ances of the Department of Justice and
subscribe. Springfield Republican.
Are wo to profit by this lesson of scion
tide preparedness, by this guidance of a
trained General Staff or are we to take
our beating, "our licking," first, simply
becauso tho Inexperienced, the Ignorant
or tho over optimlsTIo are deluding them
selves with the fetich that everything Is
ready enough, or If not, that Providence
is bound to Interfere in our behalf? New
York Herald.
Send over a shipload of provisions, or
money, ns Boon, and as often, as possible,
but why not bring back a shipload of Bel
gian furmcrs ns often as possible? Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
The Wnr Department should wake up.
It should insist upon getting the funds
it needs to modernize our army of the air.
The people of this country should wake
up and see to It that the War Depart
ment does get theso funds and that our
army of tho air 1b modernized Immedi
ately. Albany Knickerbocker-Press.
If It is true, as rumored, that tho some
what discomfited Progressive Party in
tends to make a new bid for popular
support by advocating the upbuilding of
tho United States Navy and the strength
ening of Its army, bo that tha nation may
not be caught unawares In a time of
peril. Its leaders will surely find that
they cannot monopolize that Issue In the
political field. Not only the Republican,
but the Democratic party as well, may
safely be counted upon to demand the
Improvement of our means of defense.
New York Times.
Ever;' day that passes emphasizes tho
ncd of the United States for a merchant
marine of Its own and for a navy In
every way adequate to afford protection
to such commercial fleets, This national
necessity should not be made a subject
for any partisan play, nor an affair for
obtaining nny political advantage, Cin
cinnati Enquirer.
The railroad question, In the opinion
of editorial writers, Is one which will
not down until It has been settled tight
Two sides of tha question come In for
edltprial comment this week, the first
being carried over from laat week's dis
cussion of the appeal for higher freight
rates made by the railroads to the inter
state Commerce Commission. The other
part of the general subject Is connected
with the repeal of tho full-crew Jaw In
Missouri. The railroads In that State left
It frankly to the voters to decide whether
the burden of the full crew should be
placed upon them at a time when, ac
cording to them, they were already under
'grave difficulties. An interesting feature
or the repeal la that It came by a refer
endum. ,
The Interstate Commerce Commission
now has under consideration an appeal of
Eastern railroads for permission to in
crease freight rate. Virtually the same
question. It will be remembered, was de
cided by the commission at the end Ot
July, when the roads were given some
measure of relief in a notable deeislon.
Thoughtful people everywhere are follow
ing the case with deep interest They
realize that unless the railroads can
finance their needs upon reasonable
terms the country generally cannot hope
for marked prosperity. They look tp the
commission to consider the merits of the
case, with no other purpose than to be
fair to the applicants without being in
any sense unfair to the public The Isiuo j
ui nwo targe. yievuma x-uun-ucaier-
Cast out of the supposed house of its
friends, rejected by a referendum vote
a full urew law In Missouri has jut
scant into the waste heap with the due,
ortlfloat(on of Its passage through the
Legislature and the signature of the
Governor indorsed upon it Th result
la as much of a SDrprisa to friends of
direct laaisUtlou, who would naturall
have espeeted the voter to back an
sharp auti-ciipjUAUlii: mwuure. as to
opponent of law-maktuy by unnorul
ballot, wso had past reason to fnau u
thar exhibition of gsMrottt witn oiW
sett's mpyN Tar. Bveaias;
AH Parts of Country Agreed That
the Present and Growing Opti
mism is Justified.
It If were not so pleasant a subject tho
editorials on prosperity would become
monotonous nnd boresome. But they aro
all cheerful, and, In nlmbst every case,
facts and figures are borrowed from tho
news columns to give them foundation.
Tho charge, hotly mado nnd sarcastically
denied, that interests had held up pros
perity in order to accomplish certain po
litical ends does not alter the fact which
Republican and Democratic editorial
writers are stating: that piosperity Is
cpmlng'-llke un avalanche, nnd nil that
remains Is for the people of the country
to prepare to receive It.
For the first time in the hintory of the
United StateB since the Civil War the
machinery for furnishing the currency of
the country Is under Federal Government
direction and control, and when it fails
to net as the people desire they have It
In their pover to remove the obstructions,
to eliminate the clogs and arrange it to
produce the required results. Tho era of
prosperity, delayed three or four months
by the outbreak of war in Europe, Is now
being ushered In for tho benefit of the
people of the United States. Cincinnati
In view of the wonderful magnitude of
the harvests and the high prices being
paid for grain, most sections of the coun
try will soon be roinff In wealth, as
the saying goes, and the entire country
Will prosper. Two weeks from tomorrow
comes the day of Thanksgiving. As a
nation we have manifold blessings to be
thankful for, and there Is not a state of
the Union that is not better off than it
wns a few years ago, Birmingham Age
The outbreak of tha foot and mouth
disease is, no doubt, serious, but there
Is no need for a panic, and much wild
talk Is abroad. Unless science is a
coward and a liar, the disease will In a
short time be eradicated. Frpmpt and
severe measures have ben taken, wisely,
we do not doubt, and in a few weeks,
unless science Is a fraud, business will
resume Its ordinary courses, We do not
doubt many valuable animals will be
needlessly slaughtered, but that la thq
price we muet pay for safety. Pay it,
but do not get, unduly excited, and do
not convict every oow or bull or badgered
animal, from a cur up. Louisville Post.
It should be understood that very few
i . - ii MMM&m
nsi. w,-,-' i' ' nmmmm i
mi IBi f iialMf - T i 'T"lffrTitiTrfc-,-r. MPiaMjllrtPWWsPsP4 4isf5iSeW IsiwD KJRcrTiiJMilflPWi i
From the New York Tribune.
cattle illo of the disease. In many cases,
however, it would bo better If they did.
They waste away and become worthless
for either milk or meat, requiring to bo
cared for through long periods of tho
tllllcllon, nt huge loss to owners. Tho
disease Is communicable to humans; but
n this case, again, it very Beldom causes
death. Indeed, In most cases Its symp
toms aro so slight that it is unlikely to
be regarded as a serious matter. The
danger to humans Is not so grent as
has been widely Imagined. On the other
hand, the losses to the stock Industry
of tho country can hardly be over
estimated, if the disease becomes wide
spread. Washington Times.
Now that the Government haB vigor
ously attacked the problem of stopping
the progress of the foot and mouth dis
ease which Is sprendlng so rapidly among
sheep, hogs and cattle, It becomes evi
dent that Initial neglect on tho part of
the State and national officials 1b proving
a costly lesson to the people. Indian
apolis News.
Four conventions under way In this city
at the samo time marked the week Just
ending. Thero were sessions of the
American Federation of Labor, tho in
vestment Bankers' Association and the
Phi Alpha Gamma Fraternity of homeo
pathic physicians. Mayors of 100 Amer
ican cities gathered at tho Invitation of
Mayor Blankenburg to discuss municipal
Men and women In every walk of life
were Interested by the combined appeal
of the newspapers for funds to fill the
steamship Thelma with food, the rapid
response to this appeal and the sailing
of the ship Thursday for Belgium.
Settlement of the transit problems of
the city Is nearer as the result of Director
Taylor's declaration that the city will
build Its own system and operate It If
the Union Traction Company stockholders
stand in the way. Another move for
municipal Improvement Is that of Chief
Clayton W. Pike, of tho Electrical Bu
reau, who has (failed a conference of
everybody interested to discuss the plac
ing of all wires underground.
The iveek was marked by two events of
Importance In educational affairs. One
wpB tho report of City Controller Walton,
that the budget for 1915 shows J9.657.532
available for school purposes, exclusive
of the new loan of (2,000,000 ratified by the
Board of Education this week. The in
crease over the 1914 budget, excluding the
loan, is J307.S18.12. Dr. Walter S. Cornell,
head of the medical inspection department
for the public schools, reported finding
646 examples of insanitary conditions in
SOI schools.
Apropos of war, It was learned this week
that the Frankford Arsenal Is the only
Government plant making shrapnel, and
that the facilities are Inadequate there to
manufacture a sufficient supply should an
emergency arise.
Significant Events and Tendencies
of the Week in the World of
Stocks and Bonds.
The greatest advance toward a return
to normal conditions which has taken
place In any week since the closing of
the Stock Exchanges of the world on
July 30, marked the week Just ending.
Tho Important developments can bo
summarized as follows: The decision to
open tho Cotton Exchanges In Now York
and New Orleans on Monday for unre
stricted trading; the dissolving of tho
Committees on Unlisted Securities In this
city and New York, which passed on all
transactions In securities not on tho regu
lar Stock Exchange list; tho announce
ment of the New York Stock Exchange
Special Committee of Fivo that it had
no objection to tho publication of prices
of unlisted stocks; the permission granted
by the Special Committee of Fivo of tho
Philadelphia Stock Exchange to members
to make transactions In all municipal
bonds without restriction, nnd without re
porting any transaction to the commit
tee; the beginning of limited trading on
the New York Curb last Wednesday, and
the decision to open the Curb for unre
stricted trading on Monday.
In addition to these very favorable
omens the Cleveland Stock Exchange will
reopen for business on Monday, Novem
ber 23. The market for local securities
thero will be unrestricted, but secutltles
wmen are listed on other boards, which
by that time have not resumed trading,
will be subject to minimum prices, to bo
established by a special committee. Ad
vices were also received from various
other Interior Stock Exchanges that prep
arations are being mnde to resume busi
neBs, and In some cities dates for reopen
ing have already been decided upon. It
Is expected that Louisville will be the
next to announce the date for reopening.
Dealings In both stocks and bonds In
this city and New York were said by
brokers to be much larger this week
than for some time past In many cases
where minimum prices have been estab
lished nt which a stock or bond may
bo sold, It has sold above this price, and
In a few cases slightly above the closing
Ull UU1) U.
Conditions In the money markets con
tinue to Improve, and the rates for call
nnd time money In New York this week
broke through 6 ner cent., with n t.,.
liberal supply, while In this city greater
ease was noted In commercial paper,
some of it having changed hands as low
as 54 per cent. In such cases, however,
the paper was of exceptionally good name
apd of short maturity. Foreign exchange
rates took a sharp drop, both demand
sterling nnd cable transfers going to the
lowest point since the European con
flict began, while relchsmarks made a new
low record. The drop in exchange rates
was caused primarily by the fact that
all arrangements have been made for the
Ife ' - -j
payment of New York city's maturing
obligations In Europe this month, and
tho fact that there Is a large supply of
credits on tho other side, which wcro
created by exports for the account of
the belligerent nations; and by still fur
ther export buying.
There were 13,114 more Idle freight cars
on the siding and In the rnllroad yards
of the United States nnd Canada on No
vember 1 than on October 15, according
to the fortnightly bulletin of tho Ameri
can Railway Association, the totnl num
ber Idle on November 1 being 170,038.
The Unfilled tonnage statement of the
United Stntes Btecl Corporation on Octo
ber 31, according to tho report Issued on
Tuesday, was 3,161,097 tons, a decrease of
32(!,670 tons as compared with Scptcmbet
30. This was the smallest amount of un
filled orders which the Steel Corporation
hni reported at tho end of any month
slnco June, 1911.
There aro millions of ncrcs In tho arid
West which nro good for pailure, and for
nothing else. In this region the most
Industrious "dry farmer" cannot make
a. living on ICO ncres, nor even on tho
enlarged homestead of 320 ncres which
has helped in settling some semlnrld sec
tions. Physical conditions limit the set
tler to grazing as his sole means of
livelihood. Why not glvo him a home
stead large enough to enable him to sup
port his family at this honorable nnd
necessary culling? Chicago Journal.
City registration bureaus nnd disjointed
city activities will nover fully meet tho
unemployment problem. Its permanent
solution will bo along national lines: it
will involve, first, n thorouch onranlzj
tldli. Federal, State nnd city, of tho labor
market; second, an organization of busi
ness that will minimize tho unemployment
resulting from llnnnclnl nervousness,
mako Industry so sensitive that It will not
close Its doors without giving Its reasons,
and put upon the public tho burden of tho
transfer of labor from Bhop to shop. While
It Is evident that this Is a task so huge
that It must bo approached patlontly, It
must nlso be approached promptly. As;
ct wc senrcoly know what aro tho means
of obtaining labor statistics and diffusing
them; of sepdrntlng tho employable and
unemplovable; of dovetailing Industries;
of pi eventing casual labor by scientific
planning; even of reaching the immediate
results of unemployment, as evictions nnd
demoralization. Information must be
sought on ull these heads, and careful
and durable legislation planned, while
at the same time we nre under the neces
sity of contemplating emergency meas
ures. New York Evening Post.
What American courts of Justice need
Is stronger determination that Justice only
shall provall, that what may appear to
day ns an Innocent, Inconsequential rul
ing shall not grow tomorrow Into a
dominating precedent overturning Justice.
That is the big reason for unnecessary
litigation. Lawyers, Instead of telling
clients where tho right lies and Inw Is
supposed to bo crystallzcd right go Into
court and tnko a chance on winning what
should not bo won. Portland (Ore.)
There Is no question that public opinion
tends to swing back and forth between
progress and standpatlBin Thero are one
or two features about this chango that
nro not to bo overlooked Tho reaction
is nover as strong as the forward move
ment was. Things never Blnk back into
quite their old condition. At least part
of tho gains are retained. And tho re
action is never, permanent. Human na
ture is never satisfied with standpntlsm.
It is made for progress. So after a period
of stagnation Interest In progressive
measures revives, and the progressive
group regains power. That Is tho his
tory of politics everywhere. The figure
of tho pendulum Isn't adequate. For the
pendulum merely swings back and forth.
Social forces advance and retreat but
thoy continue to push forward In tho long
run. Kansas City Star.
With five Sundays and two holidays
election day and Thanksgiving thero will
be 23 business days for the month, and,
at an average of J3.O0O.O00 a day, there
might be a trade balance of some J70,
000,000 In our favor for the month. New
York Press.""
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Mkd Moisr Ct.
VkcUrr Hrtac
237-39 N. Bcaa4
-Uteri 4-a
Battles on Land and Sea, and the
Week's Effect on the General
Gains and losses In tho war of the na
tions, during the last week, appeared
about evenly distributed, victories by the
allied armies at one point being offset by
successes of tho Germans nt another.
However, the Russian advance, which
Bwept like an avalanche Into Poland and
across tho German frontier, together With
the fall of Tslng-Tao, were decided ad
vantages registered against the forces of
Austria and Germany.
Germany's rejoicing nt the sinking of
British battleships oft Chill was turned
Into gloom by the loss of tha Emden,
prize raider of tho East. Then British
cheer became despair when n German
submarlno ventured Into British waters
near Dover nnd sank tho gunboat Niger.
Tho Knlser routed the Allies from Dlx
mudo In Belgium, but his own forces were
repulsed nt Lombnertzyde.
Tslng-Tao capitulated to the Anglo
Japanese forces. Surrender of tho Gor
mnn leasehold city was followed by do
mnndn of politicians nnd populace In
Toklo tlutt Japan retain It as a permanent
possession. During tho siege seven Ger
man and ono AitBtrlnn wnr craft were
sunk In Klno-Chau harbor.
In Belgium the fighting throughout the
week was waged furiously along tho line
from Dlxmude to Ypros, culminating In
the capture of the former town by tho
Germans, after they had vainly nt
tempted to break through at other points.
Lille, Armcntlercs and Yprcs were vir
tually laid In ruins by the shells from
tho big guns of tho Germans, and the
nrtlllery duel continued Incessantly along
the whole line. The Germans gained
ground to the west nf Langemarck and
drove the Allies from tho villa go of St
Elol, tnklng In all 250O prisoners, but this
ndvantago wns partly offset by tho loss
of the town of Lombnertzyde, on the
extreme north, where tho Allies began a
movement to envelop tho Kaiser's right
flank. Farther south the fighting con
tinued without declslvo result, although
tho Allies claimed slight gains at several
points. The French right wing has held
firm against all attacks,
ges there has been little change In the
iclallvo positions of the contending arm
ies. The Czar's forces have made a general
advance against the Germans along the
entlro battle lino, stretching Beveral hun
dred miles in crescent form from Lyck In
East Prussia, through Thorn, Cracow and
Pizomysl. It is the first time tho Rus
sians penetrated German territory out
sldo ot East Prussia. This was at
Pleschen, In tho province ot Posen. Ger
man retreat from the Vistula continued
nnd tho Russians pressed the foe beyond
tho River Warthe, and there broke
through the line, theuco crossing tho
border. This movement threatens tho
great German fortresses of Posen and
Turkey's nrmlcs ovidently have been
surprised by the BWlftness of the Riisslnn
campaign and tho sweeping Invasion of
Armenia. Tho Turks, massed along tho
Caucasian frontier, havo been forced to
retreat farther Into their borders and fall
back toward tho fortified city of Erzerum.
But Constantinople maintains that tho
Sultan's forces havo met with continued
A reported invasion of Egypt and occu
pation of El-Arish by tho Turks wns of
ficially denied by England. Bombardment
of the forts of the Dardanelles by British
and French warships was carried on
without appreciable results. One Turkish
mihmariut! was captured by the Allies oft
Tcncdos Island. Russian warships sank u
number of Turkish transports In ths
Black Sea, drowning 1C0O troops.
The Germnn cruiser Emden, which had
destroyed mora than a score of British
merchantmen In the Far East slnco tho
beginning of tho war, was overtaken In
the Indian Ocean by the Australian crui
ser Sydney and destroyed. The German
cruiser Koenlgsburg, another commerce
destroyer with a notable career, wns
"bottled up" at the mouth of the Rufljt
River, In Germnn East Africa, by tho
British cruiser Chatham, transports be
ing Bunk In the channel to prevent the
Koenlgsburg from getting out.
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