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Mn. and Mrs. warren powers
LAIUD, of Merlon, have Issued Invita
tions for a dinner dance nt tlio Acorn Club,
lo bo given nfter tlio tea nt which thoy will
HUfiont" their daughter. Miss Mary Hall Lnlrd,
Wednesday, November 23.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas Mogear, of Haverford,
10 spending tho winter at tlio Windermere.
Invitations have been received from Mr. nnd
Mrs. Henry C. Dlmond, of Itydal, for a dance
nt the Bellcvuc-Stralford, on Friday evening,
December IS. at 8 o'clock, In honor of their
daughter. Miss Henrietta Dlmond, who Is at
present nt schuol at Farmlngton, Conn. There
Hill bo about CO guests present,
Mrs. Samuel W. Hnlncs, of 31S South 16th
street, was the guest of her niece, Miss Es telle
8. Hatnes, of Madison uvtnuc, New York,
ever the week-end.
With mid-November here and Thanksgiving
week closo upon us, tho whirl of gaiety for
the dcbutanlo Is oven Increasing. Monday
will open with a largo tea to Introauce Miss
Susan B. Ingersoll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Charles Edward Ingersoll, at their home, 1815
Walnut street, and In the evening Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Paul Bally, of Ardmorc, will give
a dance for their niece, MUs Molly Wood Ball,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winter
On Tuesday Miss Charlotto Fuhneatock,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James KJhncslock,
of 237 East Rlltcnhousu squnre, will make her
bow to society at a the dansaut at her par
ents' home. That evening Mr. nnd Mrs. Will
iam W. Filler will glvo n thcatro party and
supper at tho Bcllcviio-Stratford for Miss
Margaret Fltlcr, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward F.
Bealo will entertain at dinner at the Babbit,
in honor of their daughter, Mlso Hopo Trux
tun Beale.
Miss Elsa Iteath, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Thcodoro W. Iteath, will bo Introduced at a
tea on Wednesday, which will bo given by her
parents at 153S Tine street. A matinee party
followed by tea will bo given for Miss Elcanuro
Blspham by her aunts, tlio Misses BUpham,
and Miss Iimbel Wurts Page will be guest of
honor at a thcatro party and tea, which will
bo given by Mrs. Joseph J. Brown, Jr., and
Mrs. William Wurts Harmar. In the evening
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chauncoy Savugo will
give a dance for their daughter. Miss Marlon
Eyro Savage.
Thursday Mr. and Mrs. George Burton will
present Miss Margaret Handy Burton nt a
tea at tho Bcllevuc-Stratford. Mlsa Sarah
Bcechcr Flnck will also bo presented at n
tea at her home, 1120 Glrard street. Miss Flnck
will bo given a second reception on Friday;
Mlsa Margaret Chrystlo will give a luncheon
for Miss Margaret Montgomery Thursday, and"
In the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Elllston Perot BIs
sell will give a theatre party, followed !y sup
per at the Bcllevuc-Stratford, for their nieces.
Miss Mnry Stuart 'Wurts and Miss Hilda
Tunis. There will bo two dances In the evening,
Mr. and Mrs. George Dickie Ogdeu will glvo
n dinner-dance for Miss Hansel! French Karle,
and Miss Katharine Zimmerman Ogdon, and
Mr. and Mrs. John Scott. Jr., of tho Gladstone,
will glvo a dajice 'at the Sedgley Club In honor
of Miss Dorothy Foltz, daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. J. Clinton Foil:, of Chestnut Hill.
Friday afternoon Miss Hansell French Earle,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George II. Earle,
will bo Introduced at a tea at the Acorn Club,
nnd Mrs. Joseph B. Dillingham, of 2206 Wat
nut street, will present her granddaughter,
Miss Alice Atlee, daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
Louis W. Atlee, at her homo. In the evening
Mrs. Percy C. Madeira will glvo a dinner for
Miss Mario Louise Wananiulter and Miss Mary
Brown Warburton before tho dance which Mr.
and Mrs, "Warhurton will give at Llndenhurst
for Miss "Wnnamakcr.
Miss Anna Mary "Walthour's presentation will
take place on Saturday afternoon at a tea
which will bo given by her mother at 1S14 Do
Lancey place. In the evening Miss May Brln
ton will be honor guest at a theatre party
and supper, which will be given by her father.
Blnney Brlnton, and Dr. Frank D. Dickson will
give a dinner, to be followed by dancing, In
honor of his niece, Mlsa Roberta B. Down
ing. Miss Emma "Walton, of 133 South lSth street,
will entertain at luncheon Tuesday, November
25, in honor of Miss Marguerite Hollopeter. of
Merlon, whose engagement to A. Morris Herk
r.ess, of Wyncote, was recently announced.
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew "Woods and their fam
ily, of 1307 South Broad street, have returned
from their stay in Atlantic City, and will con
tinue their Tuesday evening conversations as
usual. The subject of conversation for the
coming Tuesday will be Dr. Samuel Johnson.
The Misses "Williamson are now occupying
their apartments at The Burlington, after an
extensive trip In Europe.
Owing to the death of a relative, Mr. and
Mrs, John Scott, Jr.. will pot receive at the
dance. Doctor and Mrs. Foltz will receive
the, guests.
Edward D, Toland left on Thursday for Great
River, L. I., where lie will be the guest of
Julian T. Davles over the week-end.
Miss Hejeu Buehler, of 314 Hansberry street,
will return to her home today from a motoring
trip with friends to Atlantic City, N. J,
Daniel Davis left Thursday for Chicago, IIL,
(o be gone until Tuesday,
Mr. and Mrs. Gurney Williams have been
Ultlngr Mr. and airs, Atwater Kent, of Rose
jr.ont. MUs Marie Rose will spend the week-end In
New York.
Captain B. B, Berer, U. S. N.. and Mrs.
Bterer, 'acaompaajed by Naval Constructor
Bdward Klntnor. V. B. N.. and Mrn. Klntne'r,
motored to Princeton to attend the Tale-Princeton
game today.
Mrs. Letebtos Cramer ettaled tier bridge
club at cards tbta afternoon at her home' it)
MeUaw Park- Toe gatm was followed by a
buffet umeheou. Her guesta were Utcs Cfcar-
Srwuiecltt, UIm Gertrude Hlcben. Mrs.
AblbaW. UUa Caroline Bruuer, Mr.
U WattaaJ, mm JBUsabeth Uteris, MtM
HLSiaaimSfe.. & ' 'lilllff vJLSiSsSl "" J'lioto lijr Kugrnr O'Cimniir
iKBSilf v ill
uHHeH&BHRlKttMiM ? Mm
mwmvmwiw f Em o
l'hotyby Jonrt VurdutuUn
Miss Diddle, who is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Drexel Diddle, will be the guest of
honor at a dance which Mr. and Mrs. Edward T.
Stotcsbury will give on December 22.
May Campbell, Miss Marie Clndd, Miss Eva
Cladd, Mix. Harry Lewis, Mrs. John O'Connell,
Mrs. Robert Bcatty. Mrs. Clayton Dlngcc, Mrs.
C. Cromburger, Mrs. Clayton Stllz, Mts. Oscar
Schmidt, Mrs. Mnry Evans, Mrs. Hugh Lar
rlck. Mrs. F. Bcnczet and Mrs. William F.
Miss Jessie Bonsai, of Old York road, Oak
Line, will give a luncheon and "600" party
tcrnojrow for tho Alpha Nu Sorority of tho
William Penn High School. Autumn foliage
and chrysanthemums will form tho decorations,
and her guests will bo Miss Ruth Leas, Miss
Laura Smith, Mips Marlon Stout, Mrs. James
Hliidlc, Miss Rose Smith, Miss Anna Du Gau,
Miss Iva Du Gan, Miss Rebecca Cousart, Miss
Inez Cnrtledgc, Miss Ellen Oviugton and Miss
Grace Ovlngton.
Mrs. Robert Morcy, of 257 South 36th street.
entertained tho West Philadelphia Bridge Club
yestcrdny afternoon. Tho guests included Mrs.
James W. Davis, Mrs. F. H. Burkart, Mrs. M.
D. Duncan, Mrs. Frederick Rlghtor, Mrs. Albert
Turlo, Mrs. W. 55. Zimmerman, Mrs. Emerson
Sausscr, Mrs. M. E. tllelm, Mrs. R. E. Stone
bach, Mrs. M. W. Nichols nnd Mrs. Philip
Miss Mary Murphy and Miss Margaret Mur
phy entertained last evening at their home, 4300
Westminster avenue, at a euchro party. Among
the gucsttt were Mr. and Mrs. McEIwnlne,
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick McCarthy, Mr. and Mrs.
Edmond Graeff, Mr. and Mrs. William Chest
nut, Mr. end Mrs. Chester Ludwlg, Miss Cathe
rine O'RIordon, Miss Agnes O'RIordOn, Miss
Anna O'Donnell, MIsb Lillian Page, Miss Cathe
rine Page, MIsb Margaret Murphy, Miss
Catherine Dealy, Miss M. A. Buker, Miss Nan
Meehan, Miss Anna Smith, Miss Marie Lopez,
Miss Helen Kellcrhcr, Mrs. William Bosun, Mils
Sephnii Fenn, MIeh Helen Fenn, Dr. William II.
Long, Frank McDonnel, Luke Foley, John
Noleu, Joseph Lelthgow, William Kerns, John
Conboy, John Dealcy, Harold Smith, James
Fullou, and Mr. and Mrs. George Ruhlback.
Mr. und Mrs. Edward T. Wllljams, of 5013
Wulnut street, have issued Invitations for tho
marriage of their daughter. Miss Elsie Miller
Williams, and ' Frank Freeman Davenport, of
Pomfret, Conn., on Tuesday, November 54, at
their home.
Mrs. Henrj Van Antwerpt, of New. York, is
the guest of the Misses Trillcr at their home,
1)107 Hazel avenue.
Miss Hattle Oaborn, who recently returned
to this country after n number of years spent
In China, ppent n short time this wceic with
the Mlssos Triller, and Is now at her home In
Poughkeepele, N. Y.
Miss Agnes Ryan, of La Crosse avenue, Is
vlbltlnu Mrs, J, McCrudden, of Harvey avenue.
German town.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mingy have returned
from Chelsea, end have taken up their resi
dence on East Falrvlew avenue,
Mr, John G. Roberts, Mrs. J, P. Whltehoru
and Mrs. Paul Lachenmyer were among those
who helped serve luncheon at the suffrage
headquarters In Media this week.
Mr 3, Ctauche A. Simpler has returned to her
residence, SIS North Lamdowne, from a visit
to New York.
The dance of the Pi Sigma Fraternity will
be held in the Twentieth Century Qlub tonight,
The memburs are Louis MpLeart, Qook Mc
Lean, Bugeiw Baker, Paul Wright, Lewis
Courier. Charles Powell, ArcliU Dunlap, Her
bert Matilnjser, B. Rush Fachler, Jr., and
qralg OreJner.
i im ' miin - 3 i t
Miss Bthtl Tallmsn has gone to New fork
ejty to spend the winder studying- rousls.
Mis Bdith Tener, of Sewlekley, Ph., has bep
pwJiis; a, week as the guwt of Mr, aH Mm.
Tboeaas W. Miller.
Mrs. George A. EUloU'g iUftc4g clau, WhleJi
uveeU Friday ulgbU, U one of tbe delightful
soctel KltaertasM or tbi &. The class is
Uuitictnl by Waiter JarvU, of PMladelpW.
Miss Thompson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Ucatoti Thomjixon. She will make her
debut at a tea which will be
Many Will Attend tho Annual Yale-Princeton
Game at Princeton.
All roads lend to Princeton today, n3 the
lalc-Prlnceton gamo Is drawing many devotees
of the gridiron to that llttlo seat of learning
In New Jersey, nnd Innumerable) motor parties
have been organized for the afternoon. Happy
are the little debutantes who Imvo been fur
ti'.nnte enough to bo Included In the parties.
Mr. und Mrs. Fcrrce Brlnton aro tnklng n
number of young people to thu game, In addition
to their debutante daughters, Miss Caroline
Ives Brlnton nnd Miss Anna Blnney Brlnton.
Their guests will motor up for the afternoon
nnd Inter return to Wlndybrow, the Brlnton
hnmo at St. David's, where an Informal dlu-ner-danco
will be given. Among thoso who
will go will be Miss Frances Tyson, Miss Kate
Furness Jayne, Miss Marjorlo Paul Morris,
MUs Helena Robinson, Joseph II. Dulles, Syd
ney E. Morris, Robert Cornish, Hoywnrd Peck,
Edward Kueass and Samuel Wagnor, Jr.
Another group of debutantes will be enter
tained by Mrs. Robert W. Downing, who will
motor up with her daughter. Miss Robert B.
Downing; Miss Hubcrta Potter, Miss Mae Pat
torson, G. Rowland Sergeant, Waltor Fottcrall,
Norman Dunning and Joseph M, Pntterson, 2d.
In the evening they will attend a theatre
Dr. and Mrs. "Walter Jackson Freeman, who
nre giving n week-end house party, will tnlto
their gup.its to the game, returning to tho city
for tho evening.
Miss Catharine Cassard, who has as her guest
Miss Adeline Hotchklss, of Rye, N. Y., will
nlso attend tho gamo with a party of friends.
Among others who will go up will ho Mr.
and Mrs. William H. Tcvia Huhn, Mr. nnd
Mrs. William L. Hirst, Mrs. William Roberts
Howell, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Corkrnn, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Walker Wear, Mr. and .Mrs.
George C. Thomas, Jr., Mrs. J. Nelson Pur
vlancc, Mr. and Mrs. William Wuits Hnrmar,
Harry C. Yarrow, Miss Elizabeth Wistcr, Al
fied Scull Reeves, Miss Kathryn P. Jones and
B. Warren Corkran.
The Class of 1311, Notre Dame Ccntio of the
CothoIIo Girls' High School, held a reunion nt
the homo of Miss Marcelln Morrow, 1231 North
lSih street. Those present, who Included all
tho mcinbeio of the class except two, were
Miss Helen Brown, Miss Margaret Carroll, Mrs.
Georgo Hughes, Miss Ross Farley, MIsm Helen
R. Gormnn, Miss Anna Hlnch, Mlsa Grace Mc
Luin, Mlsa Florence O'Hara, Miss Marie
Ounan, Miss Margaret Sanders. Miss Alice
Wuldon and Miss Emma Farley.
Mr. William Alexander, of 1123 Rockland
street, enttrtnlned the members of the "Fort
nightly Club" yesterday afternoon at a delight
ful luncheon. Covers were Inld for twelve. Her
guests were Mrs. Thomas Poole, Mrs. Thomas
Jackson, Mrs. James Costello, Mrs. Morris
Petenr.an, Mrs. Molnotte Schrufer, Mrs. Frank
Glmbel, Mrs. Robert Klnkalde, Mrs. Fred
Krtds, Mrs. Frank Kilgore, Mrs. George Lord
und Mrs. Paul Huyette. The "Fortnightly
Card Club" meets every other Friday afternoon
at the home of a different member.
Miss Marie Tiedeken, of IS3S ingersoll stieet,
spent the week-end visiting friends In River
side. TIOGA
The marriage of Mlsa Bernadlno Uphoff,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Uphoff. of
SI9 York road, and Frank J. McCarron will
take place on Tuesday, November Si, In St.
Stephen' Catholic Church, Broad and Butler
streets. Miss Uphoff has selected Miss Anna
C. Kelly for mold of honor, and Mr. McCarron
will have his brother, John McCarron, for best
Miss Mae Hoffman, of 3S13 North Broad
street, will entertain her bridge club pexl Wed
nesday night, Her guests will be Miss Anna
Wade, Miss Helen Murray, Mlsa Ida Elchman,
Miss Lucy Elchman, Miss Ethel Stelgerwalt.
MUs Grace Wade and Miss Helen Magen.
An attractive entertainment was given last
evening at Bell's Hall under tho auspices of
the members of (he East Baptist Ghuroh. A
minstrel show, entitled "A Night On the Plan-'
tatlon," was very well given and afforded great
pleasure to those who attended. Following
this was a sketch entitled "A Bowery Night
School," which also was well acted. The affair
proved a. great success. nd many more of its
kind will be given during the winter.
Mrs. Carrie Smith, of 41T Bast Glrard aveau,
will give a, card party on Tuesday evealug. No
vember 17. Among those who will attend will
be Mr. and Mrs. U Jeusten, of Oak Lane; Mr.
and Mrs. William Jones, Mr. ParceU, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Cotton and J. B. Gegwibetymr.
The Bible Institute meettsvg: of tbe But Bap
tist Church will be held sa Tuesday evening,
November IT.
given by her parents December 12.
Mis- Itobcl Milne Koelpcrs "Will Dc Introduced
Today at Dansaut.
Mrs. L. Wlllnrd Rodgers, of 2103 Spruce street,
will present her daughter, .diss Isobel Milne
Rodgero, at n large dnnsant this nfternoon ut
the Thcatro Heleue In the home of Mr. nnd
Mrs. Frederick Shclloii, 230 South 21st street,
from 4 until 7 o'clock. Tho beautiful llttlo
theutie Is handsomely decorated with palms
nnd great ferns nnd tho very many baskets
und bouquets received by Miss Rodgers. Those
who will receive with Mrs. Rodgers will be
Mrs. Frederick Hurt Shclton, Mrs. William
W. Porter, Mrs. Davidson Kennedy, Mrs. I,.
Webster Fox, Mrs. Joseph Lcldy, Mrs. Henry
Hnrtol Brazier and MrB. Ellis Jackson. The
former buds will be Miss Mary W. Colket,
Miss Isabel A. Urnff, Miss Katharine Holdcn,
.Miss Mnrguict Milne, Miss Winifred O. Clarke
and Miss Louise Rodgers. Among tho deb
utantes who will receive with Mls.i Rodgers
will bo MIks Dorothea Obcrtcuffer, Miss Mary
E. Clayton, Miss Hope B. McMlchael, Miss
Elizabeth C. Vnrdley, Miss Kutharlne Tcnney,
Miss Jean Morris Llllle. Miss Eleanor B. AVatt.
Miss Edith Hnrrold Gllllngham, Miss Kate Fur
ness Jaync, Miss Frances Tyson, Miss Ethel
Hastings, Mlts Mildred AVIIIard, Miss Dorothy
lie H, Do-icon, Miss Eleanor Blspham, Mlsa
Lucia A. Wnrdon. Miss Mnry Hall Laird nnd
MIhs Rosalind Ewlng, of Chattanooga, Tenn.
.Mr. and Mra. Frank B. Stockley entertained
last evening nt a bridge party nt their home,
1S12 South Broad street. Supper for twelve was
served nfter the gnmc. Their guests were Mr.
und Mrs. George McLaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward Rowand. Dr. nnd Mrs. William R. Welt,
Dr. and Mrs. Jules Class and Mr. nnd Mrs.
Joseph McMorris.
Miss Margaret Mooney will entertain the
mcmbeis of 'ier "500" club on Monday evfnlng
at her home, 2337 St. Albans Place. Her guests
-vill be SIlss Ella McDonald, Miss Clara Cooke.
Miss Loretto Cooke, Miss Margaret Hunter,
Miss Margaret Hannlgan, Miss Florence Blsch.
Mlos Mabel McCoaoh, Miss Mary Mooney and
Miss Viola Mlnter.
Many prominent women nre Interested In the
bazi.ir to bo held on Wednesday next for the
benefit of the Home for Poor Children at
Doylcstown. Many beautiful hand-made articles
will bo on sale, nnd prudent Christmas shop
pcrs, who are eager for unusual and dainty
Kim., huuiu no wen to visii me uazanr. The
caui.e Is n most worthy one. Among the women
Interested aro Mrs. Edwin If. Vare. Mrs. Albert
Slcgol, Sirs. Lewis Slegel, Mlsa Sarnh Kolb,
Miss Kolb and Mrs. Rust. The sale will be
held at 1414 Arch street.
Miss Anna E. Fusscil, of 421 Lyceum avenue,
nnd Miss Alma Bromley, of Wlssahlckon, have
oiganlzed a children's dancing class, which will
meet on Frlduy afternoons at Woodvule, the
clubhouse of the American Bridge Company.
The class, which Is composed of children from
tho prominent families of Roxborough and WIs
sshlckon, includes Mary Alburger, Betty and
George Bowker, Thomas Boone, Adallne Bins,
.Marian Birkmlre, Catharine Cox, Bertha,
Adolph and Marie Chrlstensen, Fiancls Castle
man, Richard and John Entwlslc, Isabel and
John Foulkrod, Isabel Fussell, Lavalettn Gane,
Helen and Robert Halg, Elizabeth Hardman,
Francis Halsey, Paul Kenworthy, John Ken.
worthy, Dorothy Keely, Constance Keely, Sarah
Lindsay, Mary Long, Katharine and Eleanor
Llttlewood, Elizabeth Llttleword. Dorothy Lay
ton, Ruth and Charlotte Morris, Clifford Mllner.
Elizabeth Redman, Lydla Scott, Elizabeth
Simpson. Alice Springer. Margaret Stafford,
Vera Weber and Robert and Anna Yahn.
A wedding of much Interest to Frankford
and vicinity will be that of Miss Catherine
Cecilia Denl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Denl, to Mr. Conrad E. Bosk, Jr., November
The ceremony will be performed at the home
of Mlsa Denl's parents, 130S Unity street, at 4
o'clock, and wilt be followed by a reception at
Petner's Hall, Orthodox and Cambridge streets,
at 6 o'clock.
After their return from an extended wedding
trip. Mr. and Mrs. Bock will reside at BttS
Vandyke street, Wlsslnomlng.
The engagement of Miss Serab, Hudson, of
h and State streets, and Mr. W. C. FMk.
of Philadelphia, has bee awttOHuoed, (he max.
rtage to take place la February.
Mr. and Mm. John Ake. of 3d sad Pr
streets, will leave tbe latter Prt at this. awUi
for PtectdJu ' where they sv taken a JW
otshed house for tbe seou. Mtae Helen Ake
will remais with her sister la North Philadel
phia for the whiter. M
JACtC FROST'S coming was heralded tills
week nnd his little forerunner, tho sharp
wind, nipped the tip of even milady's nose ns
she braved the tlrst cold days, knowing full
wHl that a wnlk In the cold nlr would bring
the color mure deeply Into her cheeks nnd tho
sparkle lo her eyes. For where nre the frnll
buds of yester-year? In their plnco one sees
healthy, henrty, bieezy young women, who
would scorn fainting, let nlono be heartily
ashamed of shrinking from snld Jack Frost. If
tho popularity of furs were an Imllcntlon of a
sevcro winter, we could expect zero weather,
for suldom has to much fur been seen In use
for till occasions ns stoles on suits nnd trim
ming afternoon and oven some evening gowns,
although for the latter It Is not ns popular ad
It was se vet nl ytftrs ngo.
Mr. Charlej U. Wright, who hns returned lo
her native city ni stunning fls over, was noticed
dancing nt the Drexcl-Biddle tea, wearing a
superb gown of tctc de ncgrc silk, which was
topped with one of the new wide flaring tunica
of embroidered net edged with wldo bandings
of skunk fur. The gown was made with a
M-ry wide girdle or satin. Mrs. Wright's lint
was a tiltc large model of black faille, nnd It
was trinmieJ with Inrgo black nnd whlto
ostrich foiilhers.
Mrs. William Coleman Freemnn hns selected
a stunning gown of fawn-colored broadcloth
nnd embroidered net. Tho long tunic reaches
almost to tho edge of the narrow skirt, and Is
edged with fur. The open neck of the gown Is
finished with a Medlcl collar of shadow lncc.
With this costume Mrs. Freeman wears .a small
black velvet chnpeau, which Is devoid of trim
ming nnd Is cocked slightly nt one side of tho
One of List year's debutantes Is Miss Frances
Watts, whose return to this country for the
'i Inter was the cause of much rejoicing by
li.'r many friends, even though her reason for
doing so was most icgrcttnble. Miss Watts wai
(hopping one day l.ifl week wearing a amnrt
taltlcur of sagc-grccn cheviot, with u short
belted Jacket devoid of trimming but for the
hlgh-tntidlng collar and tho :ufft, which were
of hlcimlc fur. With this was worn a black
lint flaring nt tho Bide. Another bud of last
icu.srn, Mlsa Phoebe Adams, Im wearing a walk
ing suil of navy-blue serge, topped bv a smalt
close-lltlhig hat of black velvet, worn tilted
lo one side. A brilliant color note Is added by
the, curino Angora muffler. Mrs. B. i'obson
Alieinus Is wearing n stunning street costume
of black. The skirt has a narrow underskirt of
velvet, which shows a few Inches below a
lUjt,lun tunic of black broadcloth. Black vel
vet forms lite unusual nnd striking cout, which
has. epaulettes and n girdle of jet bugles about
two Inches wide. There Is a standing collar of
velvet edrcd with fur, a style which Mrs.
Altemus invariably affects. Her hnt is a close
fitting ono of velvet, the crown being pointed
from back to trout und ttlmmcd with a Jet
A charming afternoon frock of Alice blue Is
lulng worn by Mrs. Henry Paul Brown, who
before her recent marriage was Miss Edith
Houston. The skirt, which Is made on plain
lines, It) topped by a bodlco of chiffon of the
same fchudu of blue, and with the gown Mrs.
Brown wears n large black velvet picture hat,
the sole trimming being n single huge pink
Mlts Cnnrlotte Harding Brown, who Is one
of the most popular of this yenr'H debutantes,
wao receiving at the Harding tea Tuesday in
tho quaintest gown, which gave her the appear
ance of having stepped from a picture frame.
The trock was of white silk, and the ovn skirt
was fufchloncd of a succession of rather narrow
nifties of net. which were edged with narrow
dark red velvet ribbon. The bodice was tho
conveuticn.il square-necked effect with the wide
girdle. The red on the gown was particularly
becoming lo Mlsn brown, who Is of a brunetto
Gray corduroy velvet has been selected by
Mrs. James Potter for n street suit. The i-kirt
Is mado quite plain with square pieces stitched
over the hips In simulate pockets. A narrow
belt being stltcheu fnst. Collar and cuffs of seal
line. The coat is in Norfolk Jacket effect, tho
belt being stitched fast. Collar and cuffs of seal
fur add nn ntrractlve touch. With this .Mrs.
Potter wears a chic bailor h.it of watermelon
pink satin with a soft crown.
Mrs. Ibaau Starr looks well in a top coat of
blue and black figured cloth, mado long nnd
rounding In the hack and cut away In the
front. There Is a. collar of astrakhan fur. A
small close-Jlttlng black velvet hat, entirely
covered wllh green breast feathers which ter
minate in a long feather fancy In the back,
completes the cctume.
Five Women Have Arranged a Series of Clares
for the Winter.
A committee composed of Mrs. Rowland Cad
walader Evans, Mrs. J. Colton Deal, Mrs.
Thomas Shallcross. Mrs. Walter C. Hancock
and Mrs. Ralph Chambers Stewart have ar
ranged a series of subscription dances to be
given throughout the winter at the Rltten
house. The tlrst dance took place last plght,
and the rtve remaining dances will occur on
December It, January 8, February 15, March
12 and April ?.
The members of the class Include Mr. and
Mrs. William H. Arrott, Mr. and Mrs. Ud
ward M. Story, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Abbott,
Dr. and Mrs. Archibald C. Eglin, Mr. and Mrs.
Edwin A. Bookmyer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Schmidt. Dr. mid Mrs. James Kelly, Mr. and
Mrs. Kunkel, Mr. and Mrs. Schaum, Mr. awl
Mrs. Steen, Mr. and Mrs. John Coates, Mr. and
Mrs. George W. Edmunds, Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Benezet. Dr and Mrs. Frauds J. Kelly,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Waltz, Mr. and Mrs.
Granville H. Le Maitre, Mr. and Mrs. William
J. Coaiie, Mr. and Mr. James H. Lalleu, Mr.
and Mrs, George W. AVhlternan, Dr. and Mre.
8. Merrill Weeks. Dr. and Mrs. Colg&n, Mr.
aud Mrs. Ralph C. Stewart, Mr- awl Mra. Mc
CUe. Mr. and Mrs. Addleon A. Christian, Mr.
und Mrs. Harry Couover, Mr. and Mra. Charlea
.Hair, Mr. and Mm Andrew Coottsely, Mr. ajm!
Mra. F. 1L MlWen, Mr. aud Mrs. Iwm LmmM
Dotwiler. Mr. and Mrs. Crvea, Ut. MM Mre,
J. P. Delahunty. Mr. and lire. Richard a 01-
le, Jr., Mr. and Mr. WaJtor O. Hfuweck J
Mr. and Mrs. Rleh. Dr. amd Mrs. J. U4UU)
Deal. Mr nd Mr. Rowland C. Svan. Xr
nd lint. Thomas iihAUeiww. Mm. KboU sNtia
Sdbuii aud Captain Deobtaa.
TT HAPPENED In a certain local court. A.J
J-tnn.ii was on trial for theft. His lawyer
ui.irshaled every fact (nnd some not facts) til
his client's behnlf. Then ho addreMed thel
jury. With a quaver In his voice and moist
eyes he pleaded with tho 12 good men atttih
true to send the prisoner home to his trusting .
wife nnd five mnnll children. He recounted the
llttlo homo In West Philadelphia, with Its pro- "1
verblal front porch; Its vine-clad back yafdH
Us happiness, nbout to bo wrecked If the gen
tlemen of the Jury did not find for the. de-J
The Jury retired nnd then brought In a ver
dict of not guilty.
"Nobody else on earth could have done that,"
exclaimed the acquitted man with deep feeling j
ns he wrung the lawyer's hand well nigh off.
"And I'm not married nt that!"
rntlU Hohenzollerns are represented on this 1
a. sine or the Atlantic ny n gigantic, rcu-
haired mnn, brilliantly educated a gentleman ,
U his fingertips nnd n reporter on n German 31
dally In New York city. He Is the son of-
Kmhftrnr Vter0Ttt. u-lin rli?Mld for It toW'J
mouths, tho mother being a gardener's daugh-
ter. According to the story, and tho man
never speaks of his antecedents, the future
Emperor met the girl, felt In love, but did not
inurry her. And their son came to this coun
try to fight tho bottle of life for himself. For
years ho has worked on, disdaining the nld
offered by his half-bi other, the Kaiser.
He Is not the only nenr-sclon of royalty, for
somewhere In this world, probably In their old
home in London, live tho two daughters of ij
Napoleon HI the love Issue of the Emperor
nnd an English governess.
NAPOLEON was a queer mixture of the
noble mid tho common. Ordinary clay In
inoit of his conceptions, he yet roso to true
majesty In others. Orslnl had attempted his
life many had died In the attack on the French
ruler, nnd Orslnl hnd been sentenced to death.
Tho day nfter his death Napoleon sent Orsl
nl'i two young daughters to school In Ehgland
and paid for their maintenance nnd education
out of his private purse.
WHAT has become of tho splendid New
foundland dog of other days? Intelll- '
gent, brave, handsome, it seems to have dls- i
appeared from the haunts of men. Only tho ,
other day, Alan Cunningham, well-known In
the Journalistic world, returned from New
foundland, bringing with him a really beauti
ful puppy of that breed. ltB silky hair, almost
human eyes und evidence of intelligence make
it an exceptionally lovable pet, and Mr. Cun
ningham is perchance Justly proud of his pos
session, MISS GRACE GRAY, who takes tho public
Into her confidence where tho fortunes
of the Little Theatre are concerned, being Its
publicity representative which sounds better
than press agent has made the Interesting
announcement that Mrs. Jay's enterprise hns
reached the self-supporting stage.
It Is Mra. Jay's present intention to continue
the production of standard plays until after tho
new year, when slio will launch upon the haz
ardous enterprise of producing new plays by
American authors. Just now, she and Miss
tiruy are using their waking moments in read
ing manuscripts hundreds of them literally.
The pile Is being reduced gradually, nnd al
ready they believe that they havo found tvvo
or three worthy of production.
TUB news that John D. Rockefeller, grown
tired of the beauties of his Pocantlco Hllla
eatate. Is yearning to return to Cleveland pro
vided that ho can come to an agreement with
the assessors about that 12,000,000 tux, call. K
attention to a couplo of other rich men who
seldom, if ever, get Into the news. One of these
Is ZenJIro Tasuda, of Toklo, Japan, worth $50,
000.000. Born tho son of a gardener, Zenjldo
worked nt copying book3 at 1 cent a day for
seven years that ho might get a primary edu
r.illon. For another seven years" ho was an
'apprentice In 11 toy shop. Then he went Into r
tho grocery business, lending money between I
meals. Now he Is a banker and considered I
Japan's greatest financier.
Tho other unknown is J. B. Robinson, of J
South Africa. In days gone by wondrous talcs L
were woven about tho gold and diamond kings U
of South Africa, and some were even true, ft
Alfred Bcic must have made between three j
und four hundred million dollars In promoting' I
mining companies. Cecil Rhodes accumulated
millions; Barney Barnato lost them; and J. B.
Robinson made his hundreds of millions In cat- J
tie and sheep raising, building operations and
only Incidentally In mining ventures. As a j
matter of fact, he Is probably the richest man
in the Cape of Good Hope, for cows and steers
nnd sheep do not deteriorate because a. railroad
passes a dividend.
Y ALL tho South African millionaires,
W Barnato was tho most picturesque. Born 1
In the Whltechapel district of London, his real 1
name was Barney Isaacs. With a brother hai
garnered stray coins on the sidewalks of hlsl
native heath by amusing the Idlers with ncru
batic feats and by contorting his body Into
bowknots. Then, when diamonds had beenv
discovered near the Vaal River, he went to
South Africa, luking up his residence In Ktm
berley. He bought and sold diamonds his ene
mies declared that he bought stolen gems, but
this was never proved against him but no j
matter what he may have done, KImberley re
members him best us Hamlet, which role he
enco played In the Queen's Theatre once, ralndjt
you, for not even a patient, peace-loving audi
ence of doppers, Afrikanders and ultUudeisSI
ami, 1.1 B,,.nrl tlin, llnml,, mnr. flint, nnnm w
nnlllS item is exclusively for wouieu. iy
L concerns the ancestry and aboriginal traits
of the slit skirt, now gone out of fashion, but IK,?
said to have come from Pari originally As IJrH'
n matter or fact, parts was merely some -en- j
IUIIC u.(r,4 , ,..-. - ., ,- mm n .
been In vogue In Papua since time imnteaioiial.
When Judge Murray visited the Fly River it
cently. h discovered a tribe who had uct .
seen a white roau. And lo and behokt. the 1
women, young aud old. wore si(t shirts, lu-
quIriM from the eldest inhabitant revealed that
as far hack m wW wb. tbe aht lu the
skirt had been en regie, chlo and strtetly uy t
PIT. PMTSRSaUHC may have been rename !
Llr-eirtwrikd bsiMH". of Mwwovlie dwUhe t&
anything tlrlns; of the Teutonic, tmt
rHtisehmg hi at Pnacfc, not German de-
ettv tbe Great learned the art of f u
In HoUand and when he erected ki
to 3S Peter ttnd Puttl on the sw
i'ltroitt.i cuw uua. he named UteMswat
foil rieierliurgn iiuth" Is atjff
v that kkUtfdaa has evidently
ndnoly a apotted to oxid ,
BHItT iBeBtBeal
Mlk' ! sflWB3
iff at
S-i, -