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Ellen Adair Discusses the Odd Transformations for
Which the Genllc Passion Is Responsible
"All the world loves n lover," goes
the saying. Yes, thcorctlcnilj. and In
the abstract! Viewed In the concrete,
and at close range, a pair of lovers are
most trlng! One never knows just
how to take them, nor how, upon a
given occasion, they will actt They
Becm beyond the pale of ordinary stand
nrds, loo. One c.innot .count upon their
movements, for In a wvoild of unex
peeled happenings, they are the most
erratic. Irresponsible of beings!
Viewed with a calm, Impartial eye, the
ups and downs of being In love seem
very strange' I.ovc Is tesponslblc for
such strange hallucinations, too. Among
the roses seem to mingle pretty freely
thorns! To the lalm looker-on, the
enme swm m-nrrHv north the candle,
Under the Influence of love, the meek-
est, (iiiletcst mnn may suddenly become
like to n roaring, ramping lion! Yes, It
Is true, love has its tiansform.itlons
not for the better, alwas, either!
Personally, I think that a pair of
lovers In a house ate dreadfully trying.
It is so awkward, too, because one never
knows Just where and how one will
nllght on them. t'nulttlnsl one rouses
fury In their hearts. The hardest thin
on earth to get away from Is a pair of
loers' No matter how one yearns to
leave them to the solitude they want,
they seem to turn up In the oddest, most
unexpected places. Not only do they
possess mis irniauiiK. .ihck-hi-iuu-uu
characteristic, but when they do spring
up like that, they blame the unfortunate
intruder as if the meeting nail Been
planned Just for their annoyance. Upon
the contrary!
Y'cs, they are curious things, a race
apart, these lovers! But who among us
docs not know them and their little
ways? When they ate In a room, a
certain electricity scorns In the air.
Perchance the two have quarreled!
Upon the brow of Udwin Is a fearsome
frown. He sits thei- like a brooding
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark while his
little Angelina's sniffs are III-rcpressTed.
In vain one tiles to talk to them! Their
thoughts, albeit now a shade acidulated,
are meditating on n speedy reconcilia
tion. They have no time for conversa
tion at this crisis of affairs.
Or one of them Is lealous. Shades of
battle, see the thunder-cloud on Edwin's it was somewhat draughty, but they en
face! tertalned their friends out there! I have
But in their case, "the most unkind- spent many, many happy hours upon their
est cut of all" Is the ill-timed Intrusion staircase, while the live pairs of lovers
on their privacy. Have wo not all ex- held their several duets somewhere be
perlenced that most dieadful of sensa- ncath the family roof-tree, but each pair
tlons, namely, to And oneself the unwit- apait and out of sight! Yes, lovers are
ting Intcrruptor of a lovers' tetc-a-tete? most trying at the best of times!
The wisest man that over lived assures ( ELLEN ADAIR.
Around the Market
Food, viewed from a digestible point
of view, shows some cry interesting sur
prises. Fish, for Instance, is the most diges
tible of animal foods. Then come game
and poultry; then beef, mutton, pork and
veal, in the order named.
Koasting renders all meats more diges
tible than either boiling or frying. White
fowl is to be preferred to game, and fresh
fish to salted fish in this respect.
All milky products are more digestible
than any of the articles mentioned except
the fish, and boiled milk Is better than
Cream Is belter than milk or cheese.
Eggs are good, when lightly cooked.
Vegetables should be steamed. A boiled
potato Is lacking in nutritive qualities, a I
potato steamed In Its skin is dellcluus and
rich in nutrition. Do not forget, how
ever, that this requires twice tho usual
Fresh, green vegetables may bo ranked
with poultry for case of digestion, and
Xrult Is the most digestible of all.
Gifts for Men
Her birthday brought up the question
of gifts There were flowers, candy,
books, gloves, hairpins, a Jeuuled pen-
dant. writing paper, bracelets, a costly ;
Dome oi cxiraci aim a iiii-su u,i. i in-j
stood on the table, glaring at each other,
as did the respective donors,, when they
camo to seo her. All these were sent by
Why not?" says the little lady herself
"I can't afford them msolf, and what's
the use of cultivating men with money
If you can't get something out of it?"
This is. unfortunatelj. th cult of too
many girls these days Their sole ob
ject in life Is a so-cnllra good time. '
Aim mtry uie iiuno icaui.vn iw bt ng.
at any cost. They flatter the vacuous Tnls is more a drlnk that an aclua, food
youth, whoae only asset Is the money his but as It contains a little nourishment lt
disgusted parents give him to keep him good for a feverish p.tirnt who crn
away from home. They are also untruth- I mntly needs a drink, nnd might ju-t as
ful. Ellen tells of the good times Jack ,VC11 get at the same time something that
gave her before he went away, and poor. I will keep up his strength a little.
trusting Harry swallows the fablo and
asks her out to dinner. The dates of '
birthday, holiday, and every other trilling J Mfn anrl IVTnirlc
occasion, are heralded for we-ks ahead- iricu awu lviaius
and the result is a row of gifts such as The ways of man and maid are most
the above. The girl profits temporarily indicative of the Individual character of
but what may she expect in the future?
You may sacrifice a great deal for the !
extract or the mesh bag. for the only ,
man you care to have now runs away
because he can't afford to give you
What the Housewives Know
To make pure vinegar at a cost of only
S or cents a gallon fill a one or two
gallon crock half full of apple parings
and full of water. Let this stand 10 or
II days until the contents are sour. Drain
off the liquid and put into a two or three
gallon Jug. Repeat the process until the
jug is full. To each gallon of strained
liquid add one cup of brown sugar and
a piece of vinegar "mother" Place a
long-necked bottle In mouth of the Jug
ind set it where It will keep warm.
Keeping the liquid warm is Important.
The process requires two and one-half to
three montns to complete. But after the
first jug is ready for use you can always
have one or two other Jugs In the making
so that you will not be out of your own
vinegar when you get startrd. This,
procees makes strong, pure vinegar at a
cost of 3 or 1 cents a gallon Try It and
you will always make your own vinegar.
So Reliable
lie is so reliable If h looks out a
train, or gets me any other Information,
I know It will be all right
When he taka me to a theatre or con
cert I know that we shall have Just the
right seats, and that he will know what
to do and where to go without any fuss.
It is such a comfort to have someone
who can be depended on In every way
like this.
lie Is dependable In the big things of
life, too, and as "straight" as they make
To Iron Handkerchiefs
When Ironing handkerchiefs begin by
ironing the middle. If you iron the edges
first the middle will swell and make
the handkerchief very difficult to iron
and fold properly.
Always test the heat of the iron on a
piece of rag or paper before ironing hand
kerchiefs, as being thin they scorch very
Correspondence of general Interest
to women readers will be printed on
this page. Such correspondence should
be addressed to the Woman' Editor,
Evening Ledger.
us that a certain unattractive place
offers no greater fury than a woman
scorned I I wonder If he ever faced the
furious glances of a pair of lovers re
sultant on an Ill-timed entry Into their
prlvacj !
Where Is the locrs privacy, by the
way? t have not et discovered It! They
seem to choose the oddest places for
their demonstrations the backyard on the
washing day tor Instance, or the old tool
house just when little Jimmy has de
cided to go there to play.
When one discovers them their conduct
Is most curious nnd disconcerting. One
walks Into the drawing room, hears a
great rustle, and there Is Edwin half
across the room with his bnck to Angelina
i -In the rudest fashion! lie stands there,
If petrltled by the delirious joys of
sazlng through the window and he does
not sec you, for he Is so wrapped in
You look at Angelina, and you see that
1 she, too, Is absorbed, but In a book, held
upside down, too! Tier, It does seem a
curious proceeding. You cough once,
twice, louder still, and neither turn their
head to look at you. It grows embar-
i rasslng. Then Udwin turns around, hnv
Ing apparently grown tired of standing
In the centre of the room, gazing Into
, space, nnd says, "Oh, Is It you? I didn't
hear ou come In! Can I do anything
0r ou?" And little Angelina looks un
from the book that she Is leading un-
slde down, and gazes at you most re
' pronchfulty. Vou feel a brute, and you
retire, discomfited only to have a sim
ilar encounter in the next half hour,
i because, fearing another intrusion, the
lovers hae removed to the very plnce
I you fondly calculated was safe from
them! Oh, fond and foolish hope!
I think a certain plan of friends of
mine was excellent There were seven
daughters in the family, five of whom
were all engaged at the same time. The
paients, the two sons and the two un
appropriated daughters decided that they
would not play a "dodging" game on
such occasions as the five fiances came to
call. So they gave up the five sitting
rooms In the house to the five pairs of
lovers once a week, and spent a blame-
' less bnbhath sitting on the staircase! Yes.
The "Collapsible Man"
There Is a certain type of man whose
number Is legion. He Is the kind
who can grow or contract to meet all re
quirements. He Is a humnn chameleon,
taking on the color of the nearest woman.
The ardent dancer may call on him at
any hour to be her partner. The liter
ary person will rind him ready at all
times. In short, he Is ready to -wait on
a woman, to laugh, to play with her,
to make love to her, of course, but never
to bo serious. Girls meet these men every
day the woods are full of them. They
are sometimes very charming, but re
member It is the charm that is used
deliberately to secure a coveted Invitation
or merely to attach a new victim. Don't
Wnste vonr time with thin vinrt nt mnn-
the iabi "trltter" is written as plainly
as witn red lnK upon nim. People see
him around you often, and real men stay
away, knowing they stand no chance if
your valuation of men depends upon such
a specimen.
For an Invalid
Three ounces of medium oatmeal, one
pint of water, salt or sugar and a little
It mon Julc.
Put the oatmeal Into a basin, pour the
cold water over It, stir it occasionally and
jou. lt t0 soak one hour stra,n tne
wcter off Into a pan, pressing the oat
meal with a spoon, so as to leave it as
drv as possible.
The pressing part of the business la
ery important; If you were just to pour
tho water off In an ordinary way the
sruel would be so poor that it would
not h worth having.
Put the pan on the fire, stirring It till
Ir boil... Allow It to boll for 10 minutes.
then add a little salt or sugar for flavor
int anrl sklm lt occasionally while boil
eacii. .Nothing so quickly stamps a girl
as the way she treats tho man to whom
she Is engaged. Nothing reflects upon
his manhood so much as to see him neg
lect ner.
Never be jealous of a man's work. It
Is his legitimate part In the home, and
without It you would be badly off. In
deed. It may seem hard to see him leave
at first, but an Idle man Is a dreadful
nuisance around the house.
Be as courteous to your husband as
you woum expect him to be toward you.
Don't save all your good manners until !
you are In public The public won't re- grain; on Wednesday, warfare is threat
member It as long as he will, and the ened, on Thursday, an abundance of both
public doesn't count. sheep and of corn; on Friday, a man of
iry to do a ott sympathetic toward '
other people's "grouches." IVe all get
thun. sooner or later, and they are a -very
human falling The only safe argument
against a groucn is gentle ridicule.
Save Your Ashes
1. Ashes should be sifted every morning
when they are taken out of the grate.
There are often quite good pieces of coal
which can be burnt again.
I If you have a heavy, chalky soil In
your garden, you can Improve lt very
much by digging ashes thoroughly into it
during the winter. They will break It
up and make It lighter, so that next
spring you will be able to grow flowers
you have not been able to before.
3. If you keep fowls, give them a good
pile of ashes in the corner of their run
so that they can have dust baths when
ever they please This helps to keep them
healthy and In nice condition.
t. It is an excellent plan to put a layer
of ashes at the bottom of your dust bin.
They help tq soak up any moisture that
may get thrown in. and make the bin
easy to empty in a cleanly way.
White Nut Bread
Two eggs, one cup sugar, one cup sweet
milk, one heaping tablespoon of butter,
two cups of flour, one-half cup chopped
nut. meats, two heaping teaspoons bak
ing powder, level teaspoon of cinnamon,
a little nutmeg Mix equal sugar and
butter until smooth, add spices and nuts,
then milk and flour alternately. Beat
well and bake in slow oven ii to 60 min
utes. How to Get Stains Out of Clothes
Pure glycerine Is a very good thing to
get tea, fruit, oil and almost any kind of
stains out of clothes. Before washing the
clothes put some glycerine on the stain
and let It soak for a. while, then wash
In the ordinary wey We always do this,
and It has never failed.
Sit' w Wmm,
"-'-sfy I vi J,S 'VXZM???mmMfUKlVSifl&i?mZ
, W r-ifll TBI',
(( 4w
Editor of Forecast Magazine.
Are people dyspeptic because they are
grouchy, or grouchy because they are dys
peptic? In the light of recent science It
would seem that most people are troubled
with Indigestion because they aro un
happy while eating. Unless we are In a
buoyant, optimistic mood at meal times,
our food Is likely 'to do us moro harm
than good.
Unhapplnsss, worry, anger or grouch
Iness are the most powerful destroyers of
a good digestion. While under their In
fluence our digestive organs should not bo
asked to work. Professor Paulow, tho
great Russian scientist, through a num
ber of experiments upon tho lower ani
mals, has conclusively proved that good
digestion waits upon appetite; that pleas
ant sounds and an agreeable environment
have a great Influence upon the flow of
the digestive Juices.
If animals are so affected, how much
more sensitive are human beings to out
side Influences of a like nature. Surely,
It behooves us to stock up with cheer
fulness and pleasant words when meal
time comes around.
In addition, our food should be nppe
ttzlngly prepared and served, for unless
our mouths water at tho sight of It, It will
not do us much good as lt should. Tho
man who comes In from business nnd
finds a meal that makes him rub his
hands In satisfaction, and who happily
exclaims: "Gee. mother, this looks good;
let's to It !" will not swell the ranks of
the dyspeptics.
It may seem like an exaggeration to say
that bouillon brought to the table In
heavy soup plates and the same bouillon
A Sunny Smile
One of life's little marvels Is the won
derful effect that a smile of the right
sort can have upon those whom ho meet.
If we only knew Just how much good
lt may do. we should always try to carry
such smiles with us on our dally path.
Some of the best work In this world
Is done by people who would be amazed
to know that they were doing anything
out of their ordinary routine, and this
Invigorating and gladdening office of
smiling kindly is an example.
Therefore, as the task Is ono within
the power of all, let us carry lt out well
and cheerfully.
The girl who goes through the day with
a kind word nnd a cheery smile for till
whom she knows has much the same
good effect on others as has sunshine.
Hearts open to her as flowers do to the
A warm, real smile, a friendly glance
of sympathy, are the things that cost no
money, yet how powerful they are In
bringing courage and trust Into life.
At best, life has hard moments and
difficult days, so each of us should do
what we can to brighten them or others;
by so doing we also brighten them for
Old Sayings About the
If it thunder on a Sunday, the death of
a great man will follow; on Monday, the
rieiUh of a woman Is cortended: on Tues-
dav In earlv summer, an abundance of
note will be murdered, and on Saturday,
there will be a pestilence or some other
great disaster.
Truly, thunder is an ill-omened visitor
at the best!
If the full moon should rise red, ex
pect wind.
The sharper the blast, the Booner 'tis
A light, yellow sky at sunset foretells
a windstorm.
Three foggy mornings In succession
mean rain.
A sky full of stars predicts rain.
Cats with their tails up and hair elec
trified indicate approaching wind and
Delicious Grape Pie
Stew grape pulps five or ten minutes,
then put through colander to remove
seeds. Now boll skins and pulp together
for five minutes. For one pie put one
cup of the grape mixture on to boll.
While It is boiling stir In one-half cup
of sugar that has been well mixed with
one tablespoonful of flour. Separate yolks
from whites of two eggs, beat yolks and
add them to the mixture. When stirred
set aside to cool. Add a little salt If
desired. Line pie plate with crust and
bake as for a lemon pie. When the crust
is cooled, and the pulp Is cool, flu the
pie crust. Beat the whites stiff, add one
tablespoon powdered sugar, put over the
grape pie and set In oven long enough to
biown lightly. Canned grape filling may
be used, adding eggs.
Angel Cake
Whites of It eggs, one and one-fourth
cups of sugar, one cup flour, three-fourths
teaspoon cream of tartar. Beat eggs
very stiff. Add sugar gradually. Add
cream of tartar to flour and fold in slow
ly. When cake is ready to mix light the
oven and turn out one burner, and the
other one very low when cake Is put in.
Bake 5 minutes and invert pan until
cake Is cold.
served in dainty cups will act differently
i?i the stomach. Nevertheless, such Is tho
The sprig of parsley, the dash of nut
meg or paprika, the daintily served des
sert, nil play their parts In the digestibil
ity of food. While they ndd nothing to
the food value, they create a pleasant
sensation that Btarts the digestive ma
chinery running so that It will grind up
tho nourishing elements nnd make them
over into human energy nnd bodily
Have you over noticed after eating nt
a lunch counter at noon, where you may
consume a sandwich, a pleco of pie and a
glass of milk, that you have a heavy,
drowsy feeling that lasts nearly all tho
afternoon? Yet upon another occasion
you will go out to luncheon and eat live
or six times as much food, richer and
heavier foods, at that, and feel no dis
tressing after-effects.
The difference lies not In tho quanflty
or the quality of the food, but In the way
that the two luncheons are eaten. At the
first there 'was no service, no attractive
silver, perhaps no tablecloth, no conver
sationnothing save the Interminable
crash of dishes and ths Hustle nnd bustle
of waitresses.
Tho second was all that a good luncheon
should he. There was glitter and sparkle,
laughter and good fellowship, and tho slx
courso luncheon melted away nnd was
forgotten. Ono was chewed and swal
lowed with an effort, the other was eaten
with a smile and a laugh. Eating with a
smile Is the sworn enemy of dyspepsia
and an almost sure guarantee of a good
(Copyright. 11)14, by C. Houston Ooudlss.)
Beauty Talks
The odor of perspiration is an unpleas
nnt thing to talk about, but decidedly
more unpleasant to encounter. It Is the
dividing line between the genteel anil tho
opposite In women.
You may be perfectly clean about your
person, nnd jet suffer from this. Tho
use of nrtlllci.il deodorisers is not to bo
relied upon. Their effect Is transient, and
If perspiration Is profuse, they only In
cieaso tho odor.
Cleanse tho armpits thoroughly twice a
day with warm water and soap. Then
apply a llttlo bit nf plain zlne ointment
with the finger tips. This Is much cheaper
than the deodorizers and tho base of all
of them. Due well-known preparation
ells for 2.i cent.s and consists of less than
S cents' worth of zinc ointment and
Some women use shields to prevent an
odor coming on their clothes. This is a
very good arrangement, but don't forget
that tho shields themselves requiro tho
most careful attention.
Oo not wear them more than onco
without washing. Buy several pairs to
keep "on tho go." When you take a pair
off, wash thun carefully In warm water
and ammonia, allowing them to soak well
for about an hour. Then hnng in the air
to dry. 1 they are dried by artificial
hrat the odor will return.
When they get a dark yellow lt Is time
to buy new shields, as after a while they
cannot be kept sweet.
Tho odor of perspiration Is almost im
possible to remove from a dress. Hang
ing it In the open nlr for several days
will lessen but not entirely remove it. In
that case, it pays to take precautions.
The Shy Lover
'Twas just for a moment she stopped at
the door
In the dim twilight.
And I halted and stammered, and said
no more
Than Juat "Good night."
Yet now I think of a host of things
That I meant to fay,
And the words come as fast as if they
had wings
When she Is away.
For I think her charming. But how can
she know
What I think aright?
And the best I can do is to stammer so,
And say "Good night."
Pomeranian Soup
Boil until tender a quart of white
beans. Mash one-half of them and, thin
ning them with a little broth, work
through a sieve into the soup. Add a
stalk of celery washed and cut nne, a
small onion grated, a teaspoon of chopped
parsley, pepper, salt, dash of tugar. half i
a teaspoon of powdered sweet herbs, and
boll 15 minutes. Then add the other half
of the beans, boiling until they are quite
tender, but not broken; add a wine
glass of Madeira, and serve with plain
toasted croutons.
Asparagus Souffle
Asparagus souffle takes the place of
salad. Boil one can of asparagus, strain
and rnash through a sieve and beat with
one gill of Bechamel or white sauce.
Season, cool, add half $ pint of whipped
cream, freeze and pack In small molds.
Turn out on lettuce leaves, sprinkle with
finely chopped pistachio nuts and add a
spoonful of mayonnaise made with a lit
tle cream, but no mustard. Place one
asparagus tip In the centre.
Neckwear Conspicuous Feature in
Dress This Fall and Needs to Be
Chosen With Great Care Collar
With High, Close Back Offers
Opportunity for Variety.
Neckwear Is Included among tho acces
sories of dress ordinarily, nnd quite
rightly so, but this season lt is such n
conspicuous feature that unless It Is
chosen with due regard to tho styVc of
dress with which It is to be worn, It mny
have the appearance of a very bad misfit.
Tho collar with tho high, close hack Is
n novelty this year that offers opportu
nity for very great variety. It Is com
pleted by sharp-pointed revers or tied
by a narrow black ribbon, or, ngaln, lt
may bo purely decorated nnd exist Just
of Itself. And sometimes lt Is of white
silk or satin and sometimes of tho sheer
est orgnndlc or muslin.
Two very pretty collars arc sketched
today. For, one plaits nro used In such
a way that tho collar spreads like n fan
and ends In flaring points that come
pretty close to being revers. The plaited
collar Is very popular, and both tho close
fitting nnd the flaring collar hnvo adopt
ed this means of Boftcnlng the outline.
An edging of laco Is now a feature,
and a line Valenciennes in white or cream
Is quite its dainty ns ono of tho more
expensive laces. A hemstitched collar
with the laco whipped on makes nil at
tractive showing of handwork. In the
shops this makes a moro expensive col
lar than when the lnce Ih nttnehed by
means of the machine-made plcot.
The second collar pictured Is set In the
blnuso like n vest, and It Is not detach
able like the majority of the novelty de
signs. Tho llttlo bit of embroidery that
runs around tho outer edge .of tho collar
Is eyelet work, nnd It adds very much
to Its effectiveness.
Almost all the shops show plain collars
In sheer materials that nro Inexpensive.
It la not a bad plan to buy them nnd to
"touch them up" nt home. Something
In the way of handwork wilt transform
them completely. French embroidery or
oflet. It doesn't matter which, If the
pattern Is a good one. The addition of n
scrap of laco may make nil the differ
ence In the world nnd the result may be
not a collar that ono sees reproduced ti
thousand times hut one thnt looks like
the special creation of a French snop.
Tho separate collar Idea Is not limited
to blouses nnd f locks, nor even to suits,
where It often takes the form of collar
nnd cuffs. The heavy outercoat some
times boasts a dainty white collar and
many of tho capes follow suit.
A fine black brondcloth cape that made
Its escape fiom Paris recently, plus Its
owner, has a detachable white silk col
lar shaped uxactly llko the broadcloth
collar of the cape. It Is one of those
riffling nffalrs, long In tho back and short
In tho front, and lt can bo worn In the
afternoon or tho evening.
When tho white silk collnr is attacnea,
a heavy UiBtrous corded silk. It Is un
questionably dressy enough for any oc
ccBlon short of a. court ball or grand
A Note of Life
Tnko It ns you find It,
Black or beaming sky;
Smile, and never mind It,
Llttlo time to sigh.
Fast the clouds are creeping
Over heavens of blue;
Llttlo time for weeping,
Sklcs'll weep for you.
Keep tho pathway steady,
Heaven Is not so high;
When God calls, say "Ready!"
Smile, and kiss good-by!
Advice to Girls
Remember that n good man Is worth
his weight In gold. If you have one don't
underestimate him by flirting with others.
Don't hurt his pride, nnd, abovo all, be
especially careful of his vanity. He may
overlook the first, but the second never.
Some girls deliberately belittle a man
In public. They say It Is to see how much
ho thinks of them. It Is an unfnlr way
to treat him In the first place. And you
find out sooner or later that ho thinks he
can get nlong hotter with Salllo Jones.
The Foot Beautiful
Few people pay tho proper amount of
attention to their feet. They require
fully ns much If not more attention than
the hands.
First nnd most emphatically bathe
them every day. This rule goes without
exception. Tho foot bath should consist
of hot water and a few drops of toilet
(or even household) ammonia.
Take good caro to file down the nails,
and push back tho cuticle on the toes
Just as the manicurist does. Otherwise
a serious and painful "Ingrown toenail"
may follow.
If tho feet are given to excessive per
spiration powder lightly every morning
nnd night with pulverized nlum.
Corns-hard and soft bunions and all
other feet nffcctlons should be treated
only by experts. Avoid the use of a razor
on them yourself, unless you choose to
rlBk an Infection.
Callous spots from walking, dancing,
etc.. may be removed by soaking in hot
water and rubbing with pumice-stone.
To Keep Knives From Rust
If knives are to bo put away for some
time rub the blade of each thoroughly
and carefully with olive oil. Then wrap
in paper and store In as dry a place aa
Occasionally everythree months or so
lake them out and Inspect them, looking
for any signs of rust that may have ap
peared. Rc-oll before putting them away
again. When needed, wash the oil off
and rub with bathbrlck or knife-polish.
Sponge Cake
Eight eggs, one and one-half cups flour,
one and one-half cups sugar, one table
spoon lemon Juice. Sift sugar and flour
each five times before measuring. Add
one-half the sugar to the beaten yolks
and the other half to the beaten whites.
Add lemon Juice to the yolks, fold gently
Into the beaten whites, then fold In flour,
stirring as little as possible to mix well.
Bake In unbuttered pan with centre tube
for 30 to 35 minutes In a very slow oven.
Gennantuwn 4' btenton Avfi.,ujne Junction
T11..r, l'"''!!!!.'
ISUril V-flUl.u.i.iba
irt' aPm
It's clean coal as clean as
automatic screens and husky
men can make it, and it's
splendid, hard, hot coal for
any draught.
Big Pea, $5.50, Nut, $7.50
Stove, $7.25, Egg, $7.00 Chuted in
Phone our nearest yard
P. A. riimmiiKyc
4 Yards: Main Office, 413 N. 13U,
Beauty May Sometimes
The ancient ndage claims that beauty
Is deceitful, and good looks but skin
deep. Yet almost every normal girt has,
at ono time or another, yearned to be
beautiful, and If she be what Is gen
erally termed "plain" has probably shed
a few tears over the fact.
It Is cold comfort to tell her that
beauty fades, for she would say, nnd
rightly, that this Is true of alt pleasant
things! Far wiser Is It to show her nil
the possibilities that certainly do lurk
behind the plainest of nppearances, nnd
nt tho same time point out a few of the
undeniable compensations that can be
Youth In Itself must always be a
beautyl Its dewy freshness, and Its
keen, unspoiled vivacity must over havo
tho strongest of appeals. Then, too, at
this age so much Is possible in the way
of softening effects and enhancing good
Tho French, who understand the art
of being beautiful better than any other
peoplo In tho world, deny that any young
girl can be ugly and they are right!
The plain girl will take tho utmost
pains to make the best of herself, nnd
that Ir what many a beauty does not
do. It Is such a temptation to rely upon
a lovely face and then be woefully dis
appointed when lt falls one!
In the unromantlc world of business,
a plain fnco Is by no means a disadvan
tage. Upoh the contrary! Business Is
serious, nnd a pretty girl In nn office
mny prove n distraction instead of a
Pretty Camisole
There is no doubt that the most satis
factory way of making a camisole Is first
to get a reliable pattern, then chooso
nainsook or cambric of first-rate quality
and work embroidery on It, outlining lt
with button-holo stitch work in scallop
nnd working slots for the ribbon. After
that ns much embroidery mny be added
as fancy dictates, but the result Is sure
to be a very pretty camisole that will
stand any amount of wear, and always
havo a distinction about it never to be
found on an ordinary laco trimmed gar
ment. What He Sees in Her
She has a phasing presence, and yet It
Is not one that Is arrogantly so, or that
makes him feel anything but welcome.
Sho never talks scandal, and has a low,
sweet voice.
Sho Is always ready to help people who
are embarrassed or who do not know
what to do In certain circumstances.
She Is always nlcelv dicssed, yet never
wears anything overdarlng or peculiar.
She made him feel that It would bo a
hard task to gain her love, but that
when he did do so, it would bo worth
Sho is nover foolishly effusive, but she
Is always polite.
Sho has a sense of fun nnd humor, but
she has the invaluable gift of knowing
when to show lt and when to restrain It.
There Is nothing more annoying that
misplaced merriment.
She Is devoted to her family, but is
large hearted enough to adopt his peo
ple nnd make them her own.
Finally, he sees in her unselfishness,
dignity, consideration nnd a loving heart,
and that Is why ho wants her for his own.
The Ways of a Man
Nothing pleases a man better than to
bo misunderstood by some ono so that
ho can tell you about It. He may talk
about his future, his prospects, his in
terests, his family, or his business, but
when he speaks of himself he Is in
Home Decorations
Need Not Be Costly
We Have the Goods and
the Talent to Handle Them
Whether you have a room or a house to furnish, it will be
to your advantage to consult this splendidly equipped Up
holstery Department.
Lace Draperies, Heavy Draperies, Furniture,
Wall Coverings (fabrics or paper), Interior
Painting In Satisfying Harmony.
Command This Department Freely. It is Capable and Willing.
On its advice, either simple inexpensive muslin curtains, or
rare hand-made lace draperies can be used with really charm
ing effect. "
The Famous Art Periods
We offer authoritative service in the reproduction of these
wonderful styles in your home. Here accuracy and intelli
gence arc quite essential.
Prove a Snare and a Delusion
heln to her f1!nn. tvA.!...-
time even to her employers. ""
Indeed, for many kinds of work h.....
Is n distinct disadvantage! ' blaut'
The beauty, like the heiress, la ,,.
of suitors nnd ndmlrcrs-yet it , iPi
to distinguish genulnn ".'.'"M
irom wnat may prove merely the Ti
traction of her pretty looks. M
Thft nlnln crfft nn it.- .-
to merely th .fll
have no anx ety on this score, fir M
Is suro of being loved for herself alesV
She realizes that to win and keen iV
sho must rely on something etwnrZ.
more iruiy oinaing man mere good lnC. I
Wlthn herself she therefore cultlvat.V
Clens nsr and k ndlv lim ,.n.T ..' I
will attract friends nbout her. I ,T
whole-henrled cultivation of unseM.k
ness and cheerfulness she proves
genulno worth. ftr.
Her eyes may not lm umhu. . . jI
they are frank and true nnd very'klnVil
Her mouth linn mirl, n . -i '".?31
Ing nlr that no ono stops to wonder ir J
It Is a Cupld'n bow or not! w lff
Tho plain girl's lack of beauty U.l
spurred her to acquire tho qualities th.Ii.
go much deeper than mere facial beui
nnd ono day she will Inovltably TtiU
her reward. When tho right man conlt
nlong. ho will see her at her true worhi
nnd offer her a very real affection. ir
kindly spirit nnd her pleasing dlenosi.
tlon will transform nil homollncis of!
looks Into a deeper nnd moro cndurlnr
beauty than tho mere outward nritiu
ness that Is but skin deep.
Therefore, take heart, all you who r. '
not lavishly endowed with beauty ef '
feature or coloring, for If you culti' I
mu mu ninuiy iiiwo qualities, one da
tho happiest of fntes will surelv -.-
to youl For to tho lovable, tho goner-l
uuo turn uiiBvnmii, irue love will alw&yt. '
JU...V...W .. , uw.nt. ,, ,,w Vf ..uiue
Colors That Make One
Seem Slim
A girl who fears that she In inn ni,,.
for tho fashionable Ideal of beauty shoulj ,
iiuuui:! wen uuiuio cnoosmg tno color of
her clothes.
Many colors add to their wearer's a
parent size, while others havo a. klndlr
way of diminishing lt.
Thus, hlnck-alns that It should be 89i
any orfo look her slimmest, nnd tho stout
find lt a friend. '
Yet its effect is so depressing that one
forgives those who Ignore this quality.
Subdued shndes of blue, heliotrope, anj
olive green havo nlso this happy and
much coveted effect of lessenlnir lh
nppearanco of bulk, but Wedgwood blue,1
pale gray and nlmost all tones of real
navo tno opposite power.
White can be worn by nil, though only '
the blonde should chooso clear or dead
whlto: tho wlso brunctto should select'
crenmy tones.
Mauve nnd certain shades of green, II?,
worn near tho neck and shoulders, are
helpful In lessening any appearance of
Oddly enough, theso colors usually suit
a certain type of blondo that Is apt to
becomo stout after very early girlhood t
is past. t
The Long Engagement
I.onr engagements are an inlustice ta
tho girl, and tho man, too. It cuts her'
oft from her men friends entirely, ana
unless "the" man happens to havo ei,
traordlnary powers of entertainment un-'
happiness Is almost certain to follow,
Not that a girl should be amused all
tho time, or tho man cither, but memories.
will recur, and nftcr a long time spent
In useless waiting with no prospects of
change, thoughts of tho others are bound
to creep In. A man is bound, hand and
foot, by a long engagement. Ho cannot
force success or make nn opportunity out
of tho empty air, yet the thought of thi
girl drives him on sometimes to dei
pcrato measures. Of the two, lt would be
better to keep tho engagement a secret,
and not to see each other too frequently,
Words of Wisdom
As llttlo Is thought of tho girl who
"bosses" a man around as the man who
allows her to do lt.
Make a companion of your husband. Do
the "movies," the theatres, the concerts
together, play cards even tango, If you
will and ho won't bo running to chit
all the tlmo.
AJlow for Individuality in tastes. A
love for loud neckwear Is not a crime.
Tears may be effective In gaining your
end, but thoy are an unworthy mean
There Is no truer expression than the
"tyranny of tears."
Why I Love Him
I love him becauso he realizes that J
havo an unhappy temperament, and get
very moody at times, ao moody that aome
times I don't want to be nice or speaks
much for days at a time.
He always seems to understand, ana
nover asks me what Is the matter, or
anything of that kind. I think he kr.owi
I should be be furious if he did.
He Is such a dear about It. He Just
sits in the evenings and pulls at his
pipe, and every now and then I see him
look at me, but without the hint of &
smile on his face, which he seems to know
Instinctively would only Irritate me more
I Just love him for his tact and patlene
- J--3