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INVITATIONS have been received from Mr.
George Dlllwyn Parrlsh, 'of 313 South 10th
street, for a luncheon to be given on Friday,
Voumber IS, at 1:30 o'clock, to meet Miss
Mary Unllard, debutante daiiRltter of Mr, and
Mrs. Ellis AmC8 UaHnrd,1 of St. Martin's.
Mrs. nobeit Hencdict, of l)ovon, will enter
tain a number of debutantes at luncheon on
Thursday! November 6, nt 1:30 o'clock, to meet
Miss Susan B. lngersoll, daughter of Mr, nnd
Mrs. Chailes Edward lngersoll.
The board of women visitors of the hospital
of tho tnlverslty of 1'onnsylvnnla have Is
sued Invitations for tho donation day tea, which
will take place on Tuesday ntcrnoon, October
7, from 4 until 6 o'clock, when the hospital will
be open for Inspection.
The board of women visitors Includes Mrs.
William Woodward Arnct, president; Mrs.
Ocorge V- llacr, Miss Mary n. "Wharton and
Mrs. rMward Browning, vice presidents Mrs.
Thomas d. Ashton and Mrs. John If. Musser,
secretaries, and Mrs. Louis Hodman rage,
treasurer; Mrs. O. Clymer Brooke, Mrs Will
lam 0 Bullitt, Mrs. U. Howard Clark, Jr.. Mrs
Babln V. Cotton, Jr., Mrs. Chancellor C. Eng
llsh, Mrs. Frederick S. Ulcger, MrB. Casper W.
Hacker, Mrs. Samuel !'. Houston, Mrs. J. Louis
Kotterllnus, Mrs. J. Bach McMastcr. Mrs.
Charles II. Trazler, Mrs. Ilnndal Morgan, Mrs
George Wharton Pepper, Mrs. William W. Por
ter, Mrs. Edward T. Stoteshury, Mrs. John AV
Townsend and Miss Juliana Wood compose the
list of managers.
Edward B. Mcars, who has been spending
tevcral necks nt Burts Ilnnch, near Jackson
Hole, Wyo will return to his home, nt ISIS Dc
I,ancey placo, the early part of the week. Mr.
Mears went to see his daughter nnd son, Miss
Frances S. Mcars nnd Bryant V. Mcnrs, who
have been spending the summer on this ranch.
Mlsi Mears will not return until December 1,
nnd tier brother will probably spend tho winter
Mrs. H. H. Smith, Mrs. S. Carey Potter and
Miss Agnes Clarke Kennedy have icturned from
Baltimore, whero they played In the Roland
Tark Country Club tennis tournament, at which
Mrs. Potter was the winner of the singles
The Manufacturers' Club, at Broad and Wal
nut streets, held the opening danco of the sea-
ion for members nnd their friends on Monday
night. There wore about 100 present.
Mrs. James l'rnncls Sullivan Is upending sev
eral days In Now York with her sUter, Mrs.
Hcmy Clews. She will return to her home In
Radnor on Saturday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John fy. Angeny, Jr., will bo at
home after November 1. at their npartment, JS3S
Sanson: street. Mrs. Angeny will be remem
bered as Miss Clcmetlna Bates, daughter of
William K. Bates, first lieutenant of the First
City Troop.
mm:- ( aHI
liaLaHaHaLaLaLiHL ' '.hVHi
will entertain her daughters nt luncheon on
Thursday, November it. Their guest will be
12 of the debutante set.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cnstner, Jr., will- re
main at their country seat nt Devor until tho
middle of November, when they will return to
their home, Vio Chestnut.
Miss Mnry McArdle. of 43th nnd Walnut
streets, has been visiting Miss Mary W. 1-ough-lln,
of 1517 North UrAlz street, over the week
end. Mr. and Mrs. William Kelly, of 6120 Walton
avenue, .ire receiving congratulations on the
birth of a dnughter.
Miss MargnreH Hnnnlgnti entertained the
members of her "MW" club nt her home, 2433
Carpenter street, on Mondny evening. Her
guests Included Miss Klla McDonald, Miss
Clara Cooke, Miss Loretto Cooke, Miss Mar
garet Hunter, Miss Florence Blsch, Miss Mary
Mooncy, Miss Mnbcl McCoach, Miss Margaret
Mooney, Miss Viola Mlntcr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold "Weaver entertained Miss
Mlllan Somrs, Miss Ethel Somcrs and Miss
Margaret Homers nt dinner on Monday oven
Ing. Mrs. "Weaver will bo remembered ns Miss
Iteglna McCnrron before her marrlnge In June.
Mr. nrwl Mr, flm.litn 1.' tint. la M . i I. ...1
I at dinner last week nt their home In the Cllrard
i Kstato, 2512 Garnet street. , The guests of honor
were Doctor nnd Mrs. Coultcss nnd Fulton Tlm
mlns, JI, P., of Toronton, and Mr. and Mrs.
Harrison Latta, of this city.
Mrs". James J. o'Connell, of 1513 Shunk street,
left Monday morning 'for Wlldwood, where she
will bo tho guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. Percy Tay
lor, of 312 East Maple avenue, for nbout ten
Helen W&Inut. Mrs. Frederick "W. Abbott,
president of the club, was the special guest.
The club had representation Inst Tuesday
evening at the Behrens Opera Club presenta
tion of "Martha," and will also bo represented
nt tho Philadelphia Operatic Society's perform
ance of "Cat men." Mrs. Jenny Kneedler John
son, a member of the Music Committee of the
Matinee Musical, nnd an active spirit In tho
iffalrs of tho organization, was heard In the
title rolo of "Martha."
Miss Laird is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Warren Powers Laird, of Grccngatc, Mcrion.
Sjic will bo introduced at a tea which will he
given by her parents the afternoon of Novem
ber 25 from 4 until 7 o'clock.
Quite tho most Important social gathering of
the week will be the 13th biennial fair which
will lake placo Friday afternoon nnd evening,
at tho Philadelphia Cricket Cub, for the bene
fit of tho BethcKda Home for Orphans nnd
Half Orphans at Stenton and Willow Grove
avenues. Heretofore tho fairs have taken placo
every two years, nnd have enlisted tho co-opera-
Mloti and active Interest of society women and
girls In Chestnut Hill. On Friday a special
feature will be tho dividing of the articles into
two rooms. One room will represent a midway
where pretty Halloween favors, candy, toys.
games and everything of Interest to children
will bo sold. Tho other room will be attrac
tively arranged as a Parisian salon. Here be
witching maidens will luro you Into buying
anything from the latest and most fetching of
baby clothes to nn Irresistible cretonne lamp
shade, to say nothing of dainty toilet articles
and feminine frills. No reason for you to go
home at 6 30, ns there will be served a tempting
and delectable supper nt a nominal sum by
debutantes no less tempting.
The crowning feature will be the general
dancing afterward In the ballroom, when silver
cups, given by the committee In chnrge, wilt
be awarded to the best (lancers. Altogether
the oi'cislon bids fair to be delightful nnd of
particular social interest. Among the many
women who will take nn active part In the fnlr
aro Mrs Frederick Hosongarten, Mrs. John H.
Whitaaker, Mrs. William 15. Goodman. Jr., Miss
Marlamne Blddte, Mrs. Howard E. Scaver, Mrs.
Joseph AV. Wear, Mrs. Wilson Potter, Mrs.
George Thomas, Jr., Mrs. Charles Bradford
Fralev, Mrs. Patrick Grant, Mrs. John Gilpin,
Mrs. Itoulton Earnshaw. Mrs. George Willing,
Jr.. Miss Elizabeth Cartwrlght, Miss Mary
Kelsev, Mrs. E. Marshall Scull. The officers
Include Mrs. Marshall B. Morgan, president;
Mrs. B. Franklin Pepper, vice president; Miss
Elisabeth M. Cheston. 2d vice president; Miss
E. Owen Martin, 3d vice president; Mrs. Fred
eric Ttosengarten. secretary; Mrs. Francis Mc
Illlieniiy, treasurer.
Mrs Thcmas Potter and Miss Mary Vanuxem
will preside at the tea table at the reception
Mr. William Potter will give today In honor of
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph "W. "Wear.
omiibook Miss Florence Paxon has Issued
Imitations for luncheon on Friday, of this
wek. About 0 guests are expected.
The regular afternoon tea and dinner dance
Mil take place on Saturday at the Overbrook
Golf club.
lA.NWYU-Jnvltatlons have been received from
Mrs. Wllmer Mitchell Wood for a tea to be
tltn on October CO. In honor of her guest,
Miss Helen Norris.
, Miss Lucille Llpplucott has returned to her
home after u slt to her uncle and aunt, Mr.
end Mrs. Kerbaugh.
MRUEBTH -Dr. nnd Mrs. J. Iters Escnweln
recently returned to their home, on Woodslde
avenue, after a motor trip to Springfield, Mass.,
where they spent the past month.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Peebles and Miss Mary
ebles left yesterday for a week's trip to
"ochester. Buffalo and Niagara Falls.
sT.DiviD'S-MIs Elizabeth Irwin has return
d to her home in Scwlckly, Pa., after visiting
r. and Mrs. Daniel Miller Sheaffer, M, at their
come on Lancaster avenue.
Mrs. Chailes C. Lister lr h i .. t.
le. N. Y.. to visit friends.
daT EA" lnUrc8t' meeting of the Satur-
on u- WUS 'leW ye8terday at tho club house,
"ayne avenue. A lecture. "Playgrounds
"Home and Abroad" was given by Mrs. Hob-
' ,"r fclml, of Evanston, HI.
v" n Night Court'
r. and Mrs. Alfred G. Clay, Misa Gretchen
v-y and Miss Mary Alice clay, whu are spend
mLi kttutumn a their country plice on
thL """" T0i,i' Jenklntown. will
wwn hoii,
wnbr j
Li!?,?: Eusen Car,ln- ft Mather
and a talk
by Miss Mary Gillette.
e at 123U Spruce street on No-
avenue. Jen-
when covers were laid for eight. Among the
guests were Miss Jean Tlnney and Mr. Shields
of Oak Lane.
Miss Grace Walker, daughter of Mrs. Sarah
Walker, of Ambler, will leave next week for
Scrnnton, Tn., whore she wll bo the guest of
her nunt, Mrs. Lynch, for about a month.
Mr. and Mrs. Wnrrcn H. Prcntzcl, of Mather
avenue, Jenklntown. have organized n dancing
class which will meet ovcry Friday evening
throughout the winter nt Clnyton Hall.
Miss Kathleen Carlln nnd Sidney Owens will
net ns Instructors.
A card party was held at tho Old York Road
Country Club on Wednesday nftcrnoon nt 2:30
o'clock. Mrs. E. I. Bacon nnd Mrs. Charles
Kindt nrted as hostesses.
Mrs. Frank Schoblc has returned to her home
In Wyncotc nftcr a week's visit to Upper Mont
clair, X. J.
Mrs. Schoble's son. Ralph T. Schoblc, who
has been confined to his home with typhoid
fever. Is recovering rapidly, having sat up for
tho tlrst time yesterday.
Mlas Rose Smith, of law Allcngrove avenue,
Xorthwood, gave a luncheon on Saturday for
tho members of tho Alpha Xu Society, of tho
William Penn High School. Autumn leaves.
..,.u. uu ictus lormcii tne decorations. Two
new members were .nltlatcd, Miss Ruth Leas,
of Melrose, and Miss Laura Smith, of German
town. Mr. nnd .Mrs. Walter 11. Eastburn and Mr. and
Mrs. William Rowlings, Jr., of 2UI North ISth
street, motored to Gwyncdd Vnlley over the
week-end, whero they were tho guests of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Willlnm Rebcman.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. B. Cooper, Jr.. have been
spending the week-end with Mrs. Coopor'a
parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. If. Anderson. 12S West
Stafford street. Owing to ill health Mr. Cooper
has been compelled to give up active business,
nnd has taken a small farm In Dciawaro City.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Anderson motored last week to
Delaware City.
Mrs. F. Butler Reeves has returned to her
home on Abbottsford avenue from her farm
In Bucks County, whero she spent several
Mr. nnd Mrs. Kennon Clack aro occupying
their new home, 403 West Earlham terrace.
Mrs. George L. Garrett, of 431 West Stafford
street, will rent her house furnished for the
winter, and spend several months In Florida
Mrs. William Shields, of 41 West School
House lane, will entertain at bridge Thursday,
October 29, In honor of her mother, .Mrs. Reed,
and tho Mlbscs Reed,
Mrs. J. M. Whltham. of 403 West Stafford
street, will bpend the winter nt the Clinton.
Miss Agnes R. Levis entertained nt luncheon
today In honor of Miss Mary Humphreys,
whose marriage tu Harold Paine will take place
October 2S.
Tho guests were Miss Madelene Paine, Miss
Gladys Paine, Miss Emily Moffly, Miss Anne
Stltes, Miss Elizabeth Steele, Miss Dorothy
Kelly nnd Miss Jean Rowland Levis.
Mils Marguerite Roberts, of 6312 Wayne ave
nue, will entertain Informally at dinner on
Wednesday night. The guests will be Mr. and
Mrs. E. Ross Carver, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Dunning Drlppe.
A bridge club, composed of Mr. nnd .Mrs.
Frederick Simonln. Miss Dorothy Hamlll, Miss
Miriam Partridge. Stanley Cooper, Charles A.
McManus and Jnmes A. Walker, wilt meet on
Monday nights In November. The first meet
ing will take place at Manhelm, November 2.
Miss P-jrtrldge will be hostess.
Mr. nnd Mrs. William Warden and Mrs. J.
Nelson Purvlance returned Monday from a
motor trip through the Berkshires.
The Misses Beck, of 68 West Chelten avenue,
entertained nt cards Saturday afternoon. Tho
guests were Mrs. e. C. Johnson, Mrs. Edward
Wykoff, Mrs. Frederick Spalma. Mrs. Lyle If
Richards, Miss Myrtle King, Miss Elizabeth
Soiber, Miss Ethel Betting, Miss Edna Mc
Dugan. Mlbs Lillian McKlnley and Miss Cathe
rine anyaer.
PhJIophltalns, known for their suc
at affairs given during the course of
the winter, hnvo reorganized nnd will mnko
their presenco known this season by a series
of entertainments, such ns dances, dinner par
tics and other social functions. Preparations
arc now under way for tho annual Halloween
party to bo given ut tho homo of Herman
Cossoy, 3133 West Clifford street. Thoso In
charge of tho nffnlr aro Samuel H. Lelbowltz,
chairman; David E. Wclsmnn, Mnurlco Price.
David Bernstein, Emanuel O. Munzer nnd Her
man Cossoy. A committee, with Joseph 1,
Wilder ns chad man. Is also making prepara
tions for a dance which will be nnnounccd
Dr. nnd Mrs. Charles O'Brien and Miss Mar
guerite Carroll nnd Miss Catherine Cnrroll havo
Issued Invitations for n supper nnd dance to bo
given on Halloween nt their home, 3S31 North
Broad street.
Miss Beth Humphrey gave an attractive chil
dren's entertainment Saturdny night In tho lec
ture hall of the Fnlrhlll Baptist Church, Lehigh
nvcnuo nbove Fifth street. The little folks
from 5 to 12 years of age Impersonated min
strels, the boys wearing white blouses nnd
black bloomers and the girls whlto blouses nnd
mncic skirts. Ibell Eslcr. Vlolctt Smith. Ralph
Thomns und Bennett Mitten were the end men.
Helen Moody, 6 yonrs old, who has a sweet
voice nnd Is a clever Imitator, sang "Oil! My
Love." Others who took part were Ruth
Esler, Ethel Walls, Rutli Gogtel, Emma Frost,
Herbert Schum, Rufus Wilson nnd Samuel McLaughlin.
Miss Rnclcliflc Will Become Bride of
Robert Ronald Mackny Other Wed
dings, Tho marriage of Miss Sarah Cunningham
Rndcllffe, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. McCluncy
nndclllfe, nnd Robert Ronald Mnckay will take
place tonight In the Central North Broad Street
Presbyterian Church, at Broad and Green
Miss Rndcllffe wilt bo given In marrlftgo by
her father; sho will wenr a gown of heavy
white faille silk, which Is made with a court
train, nnd Is trimmed with lace. Her veil wilt
bo arranged with ornngo blossoms. Miss Allco
Ingram will attend the brldo ns mnld of honor,
nnd tho bridesmaids will be SIlss Eleanor Lee,
Miss Ella Mnckay, Miss Elizabeth McCandlcss
and Miss Mary Slm'ex. The best man and
ushors will be Edward Delk, Dr. William
Mackay, Thomns McCandlcss, George McClel
tnn, Duncan Worrell, Howard Shoemaker and
Jay Clarence Fox, of Harrlsburg.
The Rev. Dr. Robert Norris will perform the
marriage ceremony, which will he followed by
.1 reception at the Aldlno Hotel. The bridal
couple will leave after the ceremony on a wed
ding trip.
LITTLE Lenora Hamftcca, who dances In
I "The Whirl of the World," coming to tho
Lyric next, week, Is nn expert nnlmat trainer.
Miss Hnmacca was born In Florence, Italy, 18
years ago. At the nge of 8 sho danced at tho
opera. Jler father, I.ulgl Itamnccn, was tho
owner of a small traveling circus, In which
nnlmat nets were the predominating feature.
At the age of 12 Lenorn entered upon her career
ns an animal trainer with a trained goat and
fox terrier net. She was so successful In tho
handling of animals that her father decided to
allow her to work with trained hears, In n
new ntt, featuring n huge Russian bear, ob
talned from the Hngenbeek wild animal farm
at Stelllngcn, near Hamburg, Germany. Miss
itatnacea camo to America three years ago
For two years she wus with the Wallace
Hngcnbcck Circus. At the end of the circus
season she decided' to try vaudeville. Previous
to her opening nt one of Mew York's leading
vaudeville theatres the animals were killed in
a fire, which swept several blocks of the lower
east side of the metropolis, and as It was Im
possible to obtain new animals, she sought
other employment. Her training ns a dancer
at tho opera In Florence enabled her to Join
the Winter r'nrdtn show.
The members of tho Executive Committee of
the 100 Club will be entertained nt dinner to
morrow night, by Robert D. Lodge, nt tils home.
1143 West Venango street, when plans will be
completed for the Black and White dance, to
bo given by the club next month. Mr. Lodge's
guests will be Frederick A. Shlmp, president;
Hnrry B. Nightengale, secretary; Miss Mae
Elizabeth Dawson. Mies Marie A. Cross, Miss
Emma Donaldson. Miss Graco A. Wade. Miss
Martha Lupton, Willlnm C. Pnrvln, Herbcit S.
Slnzhelmer, Frank A. Epps nnd Samuel Brown.
Miss Mary Webor, of 3I3S North Broad street,
will entertain the members of her "500" next
Monday afternoon. Her guests will be Miss
Lillian Miller, M.ss Dorothy Allen, Miss Alice
Asnlt, Miss Wnnda Grocneveld, Miss Caroline
Burgess, Mrs. Everett Zimmerman, Mrs. Adolph
Mr. and Mis. Hnrry Humphreys, of 413 Cooper
street, have sent out invitations for the wed
ding rectptlon of their daughter, Evallne Sarah,
mm iiviiry JU3UM uawes, OI 1'llllaUelphla, on
Wednesday evening, November 11, nt S o'clock,
ut Asher's, 22d and Walnut streets, Philadel
phia. At home cards announco that Mr. and Mrs.
Bowes will reside nt Well wood n venue nnd Vo
land street, Merchantvllle, whero they will re
ceive their friends after January 1.
Mr. and Mrs. Jncoh Splelmnn Buist. of Moores
town, have Issued Invitations for tho marriage
of their daughter, Christine, to Dr. Horace F.
Pierce, on AVednesdny evening, November 11,
at 6 o'clock. In the First Presbyterian Church,
of Moorestown. A reception will follow, from
7 to 0 o'clock, nt "Woodview," the Rulsts homo
at 12fi East Mupte Avenue, Moorestown.
and it will be
'i entertained at dtontr Im$ venlnff.
Mrs. Henry R. Jackson has returned to the
Bartram from Bats Rocks. Mass., where she
spent the greater part of the summer with her
daughter. Mrs. Howard Turner, of Boston.
Mrs. Jackson will spend the winter at the Bar
tram. Tho first of a number of card paitles to be
held at the Philomuslan Club, 30 It Walnut
street, will take place on Monday evening.
November 1. Miss M. Elizabeth Clark, chair
man of the committee, will b assisted In re
ceiving by Mrs. Benjamin L. Richardson. Mrs.
J, Clark Moore, Mrs. Charles Tte and Miss
Enjlll Troth.
Mrs. Thomaa U Latt3, of S31J S9ruce street,
Miss Cornelia Leidy and Her Parents Entertain
at a Large Ilousewarming.
Today there will be sumo slackening of the
pace for the debutantes as tho affairs planned
for them will be on smaller scale. The
largest nffalr will be the house warming which
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Leldy and Miss Cornelia
Leldy will give at their home In Penllyn. which
has lately had several large Improvements
added to It. This w really not be a de
butante party, as Doctor and Mrs. Leldy have
Invited a number of their own friends as well
as members of the younger set for their daugh
ter. Miss Leldy's presentation will bo made
formally at a tea which will be given at their
town house. 1319 Locust street, the 30th of No
vember, Tonight's affair will bo devoted largely to
uunw.is. uno or me new nddltions to
mil House is a dancing room,
used tonight for the first time.
The second small function tonight will be a
theater party In honor of Miss Christine Rehn
which will be given by her brother-in-law and
sister, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Jones.
Matinee Musical Club Plans Series of Enwr.
Uinments for Season.
An Important feature In the social activities
of the Matlneo Musical Club this season will
be a series of five dances to be given at tho
Roosevelt beginning on the last Friday evening
In November and to continue on the last Fri
day evening of each succeeding month with the
txceptlon of December, when the evening of the
ttth is to be the festive occasion. Miss Marie
G. Loughney. chairman of the Dance Commit
tee, entertained her associates yesterday
afternoon (October 21) at a luncheon In her
studio, ,t 1520 Chestnut street The guests were
Miss Helen Bcnntrs. Mrs. Harold Buiby, Miss
rt1"!6 ;ke M Prnk McManus. Mrs.
Charles Miller, Mj. aorB Weller and Miss
Miss Hattle M. Kop, daughter of Mrs. Anna
K'op, of 1C03 Butler street, and Elmer C. Stock
bcrgcr, of 2HD North 12th street, will be married
tonight in Mosbach's Drawing Room, Glrard
nvcnuo nnd 13th street. Tho Rev. Chnrlcs Fry,
formerly pastor of St. Luke's Lutheran Church,
7lh street nnd Montgomery avenue, will per
form the ceremony. Miss Hilda Kop, the bride's
sister, will be her bridesmaid, nnd Franklin
Brady will be best matt. Tho bride will went
n gown of whlto lace over white cropo meteor.
Her tulle veil Is attached to a cap, which will
be held In place with n garland of orange blos
soms. She will carry bride roses and lilies of
the valley. The bridesmaid will wear pale blue
crepe meteor, with an nllovcr lace tunic. She
wilt carry pate pink roses. The crcmony will
be followed by a reception. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Stockberger, on their return from their wedding
Journey, will live nt lfiOO Butler street.
Mls3 Marguerite L. Wilson, daughter of Mrs.
J. u. w iison. or 1512 Westmoreland street, nnd
C. Horsey Lent, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. G. A.
Lent, of Brooklyn, will be married tonight in
tho Gethesmenu Methodist Church, Broad nnd
Westmoreland street, which is beautifully dec
orated with autumn leaves, palms, ferns nnd
pink crysanthemums. Tho ceremony will be
rerformnd by tho brido's uncle, th Rev. Her
bert Welch, of Delaware, O.. assisted by tho
pastor of the church, the Rev. Dr. George "W.
Tho bride will bo attended by her sister, Miss
Lorine J. AVIlson, mnld of honor, nnd Mrs. Al
fred Conawny, of PlrlladolDhln. nnd Mrs
Anthony F. Blanks, of 'Hamilton, N. Y., ma
Irons of honor. Ovrnidus Harrison, of Brook
lyn, wilt be best man, nnd the ushers vlll ho
Harold Harrison. Elmer Slevwrlght, Bertram
L. R. Wood iind Charles Voir, all of Brook
lyn. The bride will wear a gown of white
churmeuse satin trimmed, with French Ince,
and made with a court train. Her veil of Brus
sels point nppllnup teal lace will be held In place
with a spray of ornngo blossoms, and sho will
carry hrldo mses and lilies of the valley. The
gown of tho mnld of honor Is of Ivory satin and
luce, ornnmemen with silver lace. A pink vel
vet bodice gives the touch of color so much lit
vogue. White laco dresses made in the tunic
style, with wide pink girdles, wilt bo worn by
tho matrons of honor. Alt three will carry bou
quets of pink crysanthemums. Tho ceremony
will be followed by n large reception nt the
home of the bride's mother. Mr. nnd Mrs. L.-nt
will take nn extended wedding trip, and oti their
return will br at home Thursdays, December
3 and 17, at 4C5 Eastern Parkway. Brooklyn.
One of the prettiest of the autumn weddings
took place last evening nt St. Patrick's Church,
20th nnd Locust streets, when Miss Adole Jr.
Stoll. daughter of Willlnm J. Stoll, of 2005 Arch
street, was married to Chi -lea Vincent
SIlss Stoll was nttended by her sister. Mrs.
D. J. Von Kessler, ns matron of honor, nnd
the bridesmaids were Miss Anna Vnughan. Miss
Nnthiillo L. Stoll, Miss Ellzaheth Stewart and
Miss Caroline Hornn. Mr. Hemsley had for
liPftt man Ikr Plni-,... t..i. .
" vmc" o; whi -sners uore
H. M. Stoll, H. L. Stoll, w. J. Stoll and Henry
Clarke. The bride w3 given away by her
father. William J. Stoll. Jr. She wore a gown
of white satin nnd lace with n court train and
a veil of tulle caught up with orange bios
soms. The matron of honor nlso wore white
satin. The bridesmaids' dresses were fashioned
of gold-colored charmeuse and chiffon.
t' ialllllllllllllllllllllllllVv'" f
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sift BBsn&MHalillilBfc" !HK',miMfiB&;illlllHBra
Petite trainer of animals in "The Whirl of the World" coming to the Lyric.
ADELPHI--A Pair of Sixes," farco by Ed
ward Peplf. Two business partners shoot a
cold hand, tile winner to retain tho business,
tho lofcfr to become his body servant for a
year. Delightfully laughable.
BROAD "Lady Betty Martingale," now comedy
by John Luther Long nnd Frank Stayton.
A noble lady of 1730 marries a man condemned
to bo hanged so as to escape her debts. But
tho man is paidoned!
FORREST "P.ipn's Darling." musical comedy
by Ivan Caryll. On tho excuse of having a
mythical nin, a professor of moral psychology
visits Paris nnd well, musically accompanied
complication;, follow.
UAKRICK 'The Yellow Ticket." by Michael
Morton. Florence Reed, revealed as an
actress of bttppi-cminciit ability in a thr-r-lll.
Ing melodrama of Russia.
KEITH'S Mum Adelittf Gence, petite danseuse.
In absolutely enchanting dances.
LITTLE THEATRE "Arms nnd tho Man." Re
vival of Bernard Shaw's play. Shaw said war
war purgatory but 'twas beforo ho met ths
LYRIC "Passing Show of 1311," revue from
tne .New tork Winter Garden. Filvolous nnd
funny. George Monroo gives original vew
on "whlto slavery."
v.vi,.m. i -way Down East." Nineteen
olil-and appealing as ever. Presented
capable company.
Schaffer had them almost ready for the stage
when' both died. Undaunted, Schaffcr went to
the Now Yotk Zoo, obtained two young deer,
nnd in less than one week, by putting them
through nn hour's work every morning on the
stage nt the Palace Theatre. New York, had
them so thoroughly trained that he was ablo
to use them In his act. Schuffcr is said to bi
the highest salaried vnudcvilllan on the stage,
receiving, it Is also said, 3000 for each week "of
his American tour.
Sam Bernard, the comedian, was standing In
a ctowded street-car not long ago, hanging ta
a strap. For some unknown reason the car
suddenly stopped, nnd .Mr. Bernard was pre
cipitated Into the lap of a young and very pretty
woman. The actor arose and bowed profound
ly. "Madam." he said, "this Is the tlrst tim
the stroet-car company ever conferred a favor
on tne."
A Ilea
by a
A. Powell.
Marshall H.
The first wedding that ever occurred in the
old historic Friends' Meeting House, erected In
1772 at Salem. N. J. was that solemnized
last night when Miss Alice Rrintnn Reeves a
daughter of Mrs. C. Hlldreth Reeves, of this
city, became the bride of Harold David Collin
of South Seavllle.
The Friends' ceremony was used ami thero
were no decorations or music.
ma mam or honor was Miss Emma
of baiem, nnd the best man,
Dlverty, of Woodbury.
Tho bridesmaids were Miss ni.1,1... r
- , ,-..,, w. r,m
mua, of .-,Uum mooy; Mls Helen . Aynrs
of Rome, N. Y.; Mis Reba R. Jrelan. of C.,tn
ton. Miss Helen R. Smith, of Salem, while the
ushers were Charles Lambert, of Qulntot,
Hlldreth S. Reeves, of Saem: Wlson Christ
tlan, of Ocean CRy; Harry Grits, of Philadel
phia. The bride was becomingly attlrcu in cream
satin with blouse and tunic of cream lace
with pearl trimming. Her veil was "held' In
place with a wreath of white llllea of the val
ley. Her bouquet was of white chrysanthe
mums. The maid of honor wore a gown of pale pink
messallne with blouse and overtunlc pf white
chiffon with pearl trimmings.
The bridesmaids' dresses were of a rtepr
shade of pink mesallne. with bloug and oyer
tunlc of white chiffon. Their bouquets were
of pink chrysanthemums.
Following the ceremony a luge rMntUw was
held at the homo of the bride's mother. Sunni
slde, near Salem.
Upon their
Margaret Nybloc. of the "Kitty MacKny" com
pany, was accosted iccenlly as she was ascend
ing the stairs of tho Comedy Theatre, New
York, to her dressing-room.
"Miss Nybloc, may I put you down for u
couple of chances for a. raffle we are getting up
for a poor old man?" ho asked, presenting a
Miss Nybloc looked at him quizzically.
"Certainly not. I wouldn't know what to
do with him If I won him."
Ian Mnclaren, lending man at tho Little The.
atre, has long been an ardent student and pro
ducer of the plays of Shakespeare, hut more re.
cently he has acted In modern plays. It was
becauso of this that an old friend, with whom
Mr. Mnclaren had been associated In England,
"You -eeni to be losing Interest In Shake
speare. Mac; why is It?"
Mr. Maclaren smiled wanly.
"It Isn't Intereit I have lost." he confessed;
"it Is principal."
Sylvester Staffer, known as "The Man Who
Does Everything." who will shortly come to
Keith's, recently gave a demonstration of his I
ability to overcome obstacles. When Rchaffer '
srnvea in tnts country two deer which he had
trained to perform were prevented from landing
by the health authorities at New York, so two
more animals were purchased from a dealer and
Dovey, who wlnsomely caiitivaten in
Klavv & Erl.inger'8 production of the new Ivan
Caryll musical comedy. "Papa's Darling," at
tho Forrest Theatre, received her first vocsi
training in Italy. As a mcro child sho deter
mined that sho would &!ng- in musical comedy.
Miss Dovoy will bo remembered by her charm
ing rendition of Angele in -The Pink Lady."
and Ivan Caryll. the composer, had Miss Dovey
In mind when writing the music for her la
"Papa's Darting."
J. Harry Benrlmo. who stngeo "Consequences"
at New York Comedy Theatre, has canceled
his return passage for England nnd will remain
In America to supeivise rehearsals of plays
under the direction of the Shtiherts. Mr. Ben-t
rimo Is known on tho other sldo for his staging
of "The Yellow Ja ket" in London. Berlin.
Moscow nnd Budapest.
Milllon-Dollar Theatre MAHKET
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FORREST if. "'",-.". nnl mw. a.Ts
T-v KI-W un;l KKLANdlZlt ITent
A N Slum al vme1 by IV N fARVI r
Pn,,l.. n.i.. . .' ..?".'.'" "W
- --,.. ...v .nrsiiu. jiaiinee
Nt Attraction. -TUB LITTLEST REBEL."
Coming X"": "The Spoilers"
Photo Melo-Drami --'' i-"-'ltCI is
q PI&TINiT 1 Tlllltl. IH WB?K
Ftit St u. jo
uFpuifr,. A.i.f.vrr JSST.U2
! "The Whirl of the World"
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BROAD Last 3 Evgs. ,AsAy,AJi?EB
NMt Week ONE WEEK OSJ.y " f. Tortav
ADELPHI l iI'li ,
The .-ho Th..i K,el V'u iVuKhin-
"Ought to Cure tho Worst Case of Grouch
on Dry Land" Evening Hulletin
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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm '
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