Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, October 22, 1914, Night Extra, Page 11, Image 11

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WORTH $673,211.15
Inventory of Prominent Phil
adelphia's Estate Filed
Today Many Invest
ments in Utilities Companies.
rersonnt property or Francis Sully
Drl'i prominent I'hllndelphlan, whoso
will distributed art treasures, library and
property among nrt museums, educational
Institutions and lirnpltals, has been ap
praised at $673,211.15.
An Inventory, filed with the Register of
Wills today by Albert 1 1. Ashby nnd Vf.
It Badger, Jr , places the personalty of
jlr Parley's estate at thnt amount.
Mr Parley, who was a son-in-law of
the lato Matthias V. Baldwin, founder
of the Baldwin Locomotive Works, dlod
at Atlantic City AURUBt 22 last. Ho re
sided at BIO South Drond street.
Valuable paintings by Thomas Sully
were left by Mr. Darley to the Metro
politan Art Museum of New York city.
Among the local Institutions receiving
bequests were tho Pennsylvania Academy
of the Fine Arts, Franklin Institute and
the Ponnsjlvnnla School of Industrial Art.
Among the Investments named In the
appraisal tiled today are;
450 Lehigh Volley It. II. Co ?27,300
173 Philadelphia Traction Co 14,000
575 Pennsylvania It. II. Co 1 1,300
20 Central National Dank ,,. 12,180
131,000 Went Pennsylvania Co 32,040
50,000 Hudson River Traction Co... 20,400
14 000 Lehigh Valley R, n. Co 10,181'
12,000 Phlla. & Readlns; II. n. Co... 11,100
10,000 Naehvlllo Gas Heating- Co.,,. 10,000
10.0UO Citizens' Traction Co. (Venango
County) 0,300
10,000 Tidewater Power Co 10,000
15.000 Pennsjlvanla State College... 15,000
12,000 Imllnnn Traction Co 11,400
10.000 Omaha nnd Council Blurts R.
It. Co 0,500
9,000 Rotkfnrd Gas Lteht anil Coke.
Co 8.010
10,000 Pennsjlvanla Company 0,300
10,000 Pennsylvania Central Light
ond Power Co 0,800
8,000 Erie HaJIrond equipment 7,700
Household furnishings, silverware,
china, glassware, bronzes, books,
etc 80,.2t..".0
Jewelry 2n,7.-.
Cash 3S.nin.nj
The balance of tho estate Includes
chiefly bonds and mortgages.
Inventories filed today of personal prop
erty of other estates am: Frederick J.
Buchmann, $MXI.73: Stephen F. Ketran,
$5303.21, Theodore Zane, iitOt.06.
The estate of Martha Tlel, late of 1001
North 12th street, vnlued at $145,200, Is
bequeathed to n. daughter, Lillian M.
There was a naughty little boy,
As naughty as could be;
The baddest in the world, I guess;
And that was little me.
He told me that I might be hurt,
And put me in my bed.
But when he scolded me again
I sat right up and saidi
JIMMY! Jimmy South-breeze!
Lome here this minute, I need
you" The voice of Mrs. South
breeze blew through the gardens,
around the houses and up and down
the streets. But there was no answer.
I wonder where that child can be,"
she exclaimed. "I want him quickly.
Jack Frost is coming and it's high
time I collected my family and started
south "
Mrs. South-breeze hunted anxious
ly through all Jimmy's favorite play
tpnts but no Jimmy did she find.
.Then she remembered the woods.
Why didn't I think of that before!
Of course Jimmy has left the city! I
remember now he told me be had
some new playmates out in the beech
grove "
She blew out from the city as fast
as she could Sn fast in fact, that she
blew off people's hats; tossed cur
tains in and out of windows and kick
ed up enough dust to spoil a dozen
House cleanings!
Rut did she care? No indeed! She
as hunting Jimmy, and that was all
she thought about.
When she reached the edge of the
beech woods, she stopped to listen,
sure enough. Off in a distant corner
o the woods she beard the murmur
o Jimmy's voice.
'Jimmy," she called. "Jimmy South
breeze! Do come to me! I have been
hunting all over for you!"
Now all this time, Jimmy had been
naving a beautiful time of his own.
e played with the leaves, talked to
ie squirrels and other creatures of
"e woods, all without a thought of
m mother needing him. For usually.
f?u see, she was glad to have him find
ms own duties and pleasures.
ib-ea m the midst of a lively con
ersation with Bushy Squirte!. he
usbt He heard his mother's voice,
S..U e'L.a lninute," be said to
sushy '! believe that's my mother
1 !
Tlel, n, son of Howard W. Tlel and grand
chlldten. Other wills probated today arcs John
.1, Dallas, 1518 North 621 street, disposing
of an estate of $20,300; Mary A. Alberton,
Nantucket, Mass., $17,200; Amanda S. Hoi
loway, 3900 Bnrlng street, $13,600; Horatio
Si, Stokley, son of the late Mayor Wil
liam S. Stokley, 2917 Frankford avenue,
$ll,E00j Christian Acker, who died In the
Ftnnkford Hospital, $300, and Mary C.
Owens, 5129 Aspen street, $2300.
Workmen Discover Body of James
Hollo, Employe of Fashionable
Jamea Hollo, the aged assistant sex
ton df tho Second Presbyterian Church
21st nnd Wnlnut streets, was found ilea '
today on a window lodge In the edifice.
Hollo was nearly 70 years old. It
was said to have a home near Oth an
Vine streets. About a month ago It
shuffled Into the church searching fo
work. William S. Maghers, the sexton
took pity on tho nged man nnd hired
him to help about tho place.
He was put to work dusting pews anil
doing other minor talks. Occasionally hi
complnlncd of a pain In the region o
his heart,
Last night, as was his custom, the old
mnn made his rounds of the bultdliiK
When workman saw rtollo this mornln
they thought ho was asleep. "Get up
old man," thoy raid, and shook him.
Dr. Alfred Hand, Jr.. 1724 Pine street
who came to tho church, said the aged
sexton had been (lead for several hour'
Georgo Garford Was Descendant of
Archbishop of Canterbury.
George Gat forth, for ninny yenrs a ren1
estate dealer and resident of West Phll.i
delphln, .tnd a direct descendant of Arch
bishop Potter, of Canterbury, who was
ordnlned to thu archdiocese In the year
1700, died In his home, 5139 Itavertnul
avenu?, yesterday. He was 71 years old
Mr. Ottrforth wns horn In Yorkshire,
Hngland but lived tho greater part of
his life In this country. Ho was at on"
time a member of the Board of Kducntlon
and a director of tho old Hoffman Pub
lic School, at 53th and Vine streets. He
was a member of tho St. George Societj
nnd the Hnverford Avenue Uuslnuts
Men's Association. A son and daughter
survive him.
ELKTON. Md Oct. 22. Seven Pennsyl
vania couples were married here toda..
They wero:
Joseph A. Rynn nnd Kllzaheth G. Dul
loy, James V. Kelly nnd Chtlstlnna l.r
vlne, and William A. Zook nnd Helen
M. Metrltt, alt of Philadelphia; C'hnrlc
II. Harrison, Hnverford. and LIHIc K
Kelsh, Ilala; George W. McCain nnd
Sarah Elizabeth Carr, Chester; Edward
M, Reagan and Mary J. Norway, Lang
home, and David Helllg, Clenrllcld, nnd
Elizabeth Shaffer, Ardmoro.
I ran away so very far,
Across the street car track;
Till daddy found me playing there
And carried me right back.
"Vm only just a little boy;
I didn't know no better."
And daddy laughed until he cried,
But mother's cheeks were wetter.
Malcolm Sanders Johnston.
calling me." So they listened. And
sure enough! It was Mrs. South
breeze calling from the edge of the
"All right, mother," replied Jimmy,
"I'm coming."
"I expect she thinks it's time to go
south," said Bushy; "maybe I won't
see you again for a long time."
"Oh, dear me," exclaimed Jimmy,
''do you really think so? Just when
we're getting acquainted! I mean to
ask her if I can't stay a little longer."
Back through the woods Jimmy
blew till he met his mother. "Yes,
mother," he said, "did you call me?'
"Indeed I did," replied Mrs. South
breeze, "I've been hunting all over for
you! I've just had a message from
the north that Jack Frost is coming.
That He'll be here tonight. We must
pack up quickly and start for the
south at once!"
"But I'm not afraid of Jack Frost,"
said Jimmy. "Let's stay one day
longer. I'm having so much fun just
"But Jimmy," said his mother, "you
don't understand how fierce Jack
Frost can be! He'll come in the
night, while we are sleeping, and he'll
make us shiver and shake with cold."
"Ho, ho," laughed Jimmy, "then I'll
fool him, I'll stay up all night and
blow around so he can't get into the
"But do you think you arc strong
enough?" objected Mrs. South-breeze.
"Indeed I am," replied Jimmy, "just
look!" and he blew nearly all the
leaves off a tree to prove his strength.
Mrs South-breeze laughed. All
right, Jimmy," she said. "I see you're
growing up. We'll stay till tomorrow
and you may take care of us I don't
mum fooling that old Jack Frost my
self." Tomorrow Jack Froat Afecfj Jimmy
Copyright, ItH, Clara Ingram Judson.
4 )
mmmmmM:i'mS V """"T-
Sift iMfim&vili
Upper photograph Girls gathered before their special train in Broad Street
right) Florence Young, Charlotte Thompson, Mildred Livingston, Dorothy
High School Seniors Happy
at Prospect of Spending
Three Days Inspecting
Capital's Sights.
One hundred and sixty happy girls,
seniors of the West Philadelphia High
School for Girls, left Broad Street Sta
tion at S:30 o'clock this morning for
Washington. They will remain at the
capital three days
Tho ttlp Is the result of a unanimous
vote of tho seniors to substitute an out-of-tonn
trip for the class-day exercises
usually held during commencement week,
and they expect the plan to be n success.
There wore tall girls and short girls,
blondes and brunettes among the en
thusiasts, who filled the four cars on
the special train.
An automobile trip around "Washington
will be made by the seniors upon their
arrhal In Washington. After the tour
they will take luncheon at the Hotel
Gordon and spend tho afternoon In the
Corcoran Art Gallery nnd Pan-American
Union. This evening will bo devoted to
the Congrcshional Library.
Tomorrow ' program Includes visits to
tho Treasury, State, War and Navy build
ings, and the trip to Arlington Cemetery,
where they will remain until 2:30, when
they will leave for Mount Vernon to take
a steamer for Washington
(m .Saturday the Washington Monument.
Bureau of Kngravlpg and Printing, Smith
sonian Institution, Old and New Natlonii
m i m Urns ami the white House will be
VWit., t'tlir to taUt' til' Nnlll LiMII I
which will bring them back to this cltjr. '
'i or hi win uiiix at litudd ritreet Sta
tion at 7:55 p. m. I
Tho tour is being conducted by nine ,
teachers and the principal of the school
They are Parke Schoch, principal, and
teachers Unite .Mien, Gertrude Ilrlefcer '
MntiLl Cheyney. Dorothy Colby. Florence '
Kvuns, Margaret XI. Kolock, .Marguerite
Mcttvier, Esther si. iseinhardt and Mrs,
J'ntke Schoch
John J Haubrlch, 2333 N. Sydenham ft., and
Ella J. Ma, 40i'. lteno at.
I,niil Klorelli Wilmington, Pel , and Johanna
I'nliiintin, lil7 Catharine t.
Ml, hud Mlliamkua. 31S4 liold St., and Mary
Olikunlute, 3 '.'in Solomon t.
Junes C Punlip, IM1 N. 03d it , and Hannah
It Kl.ller. llll N 113d t
Adam Hchinlilt. 128 Catharine it., and Mary
LfKlntka, 13.11 S. Trout at.
Chark'B It Ikhternarh. 131 tt X. Alllion at
and Mar I' Hoin. IJ04 N. Conntoga at
Max Clbnteln MT Moore at., and Ida Ilrook
LM.n K ltiiluh at
Reorge W. llelnert. LM2 Lamont at., and Jtan-
nette It Mixker. -li!.'S Annln at
John Parry, .1317 N 3"ih at , and Winifred
A. tirlffin. 1U0 Mrrkle at.
Harry Itubltinno BSil N tith at., and Molllo
WalberK. H5 N Bth at
Alexander T Mcaiiy. 1212 6. Bucfenell at
.mi Kutbl'vn li flinty, 4tS Mojer at
John Drozek, 325S Almond at . ami Kath
uriua ilttm. .U3S Almond at.
Dlmltio Zoplap. 1901 Alder at . and Anna
tlolian. 2027 Howard at.
Frank. K Jaqure, lotton. Maaa., and Jennie
Kerr Hinlth. Dedliam. Maaa.
Harrj W llianehard. 31.11 Hdenham at , and
Kdlth M Plerc.. r a (Kd at.
Frank J Well. It7 N. X7th at., and Hattlo
C. Hudson. 58 N' rth at
Charles A. Kitifatrlck. 709 W. Butler rt, and
Man A. McPitt. H7 W Maater at.
William H Tolc 1010 Naudain at., and Hat.
tlo K J one. 1020 N'audaln at.
Alfred E Gilford. 3b22 Fatrmount ate . and
Vera R I tent iao.1 Melon at.
Eterlzlo N Plcclrelll StU S 11th at., and
Rmnu foiaulunlo, 7U S 10th at
Fred J fkher. Jr.. SOU N. 5lh at., and
ltuth Holmea, 2220 N. Oth at.
John J Bands. 1802 K Atlantic St.. and
KlUatmh M Oole 2000 E PaclBs at.
Felix Ge)er 23S N Juniper at , and A.nna
naaman, 238 N Juniper at.
Elmer Krx-h, 18.'8 X Front at., and Carrie
fhalmera. 1833 N 3d at. vnma
Herlm M LonT, 1835 N. 11th at., and
Cla-abella Allen. B13S Market at.
John b iVl"io'!l -JIOJ Ulrard ava.. and
Axxa V. UJ in, lvOl Spring Uardta t.
Assistance Granted in Work Planned
Among; Jewish Citizens Here.
""".;. Ta Oct 22. The Homo Mission
Board of tho Presbyterian Synod of
i ...iyianla Mill give assistance to the
Philadelphia Presbytery in the work to
bo done among the Jewish people of
Philadelphia at Mizpah Church. 8th and
Wolf streets. The request wns present
ed to the Synod this morning by the
Philadelphia Presbytery nnd It was
granted under certnin conditions.
At tho session this morning the Bev.
Dr. George P. Wilson discussed nt length
the report of the permnnent committee of
Synodlonl Missions submitted yesterday
by the nev. Dr. C. C. Hayes, of Johns
town. Among tho topics taken up In the
discussion was work among foreign and
receiving churches, better salaries for
rastors, and kindred topics. Numerous
reports covering tho work of the Synod
were submitted to the members at the
meeting this morning.
Funeral of Mrs. A. L. Scott
Funeral services of Mrs. Anne Louise
Scott, one of the oldest residents In South
Philadelphia and to whom many chari
table Institutions are Indebted for her
lH'fial contributions, will be held tomor
row afternoon at her home, 1522 Hast
Mcyamenslng avenue. Mrs. Scott, who
died on Tuesday, was tho widow of
George W. Scott, for many years a di
rector of tho Southwnrk National Bank,
anci founder of Asbury Park, N, J. Mrs.
Scott was In her 81st year, and tho oldest
member of the Old Swedes' Church, Front
and Christian streets.
Funeral of Walter H. Bonsnll
The burial of Walter H. Bonsall,
founder and editor of the Oermantown
Guide, and a well-known resident of Oer
mantown, who died last Monday at his
home, 100 Harvey street, will take place
this afternoon at 2 30 o'clock, at Ivy Hill
Mmmimm ii ii iiiiw iiiii iinif
An ensign in the Salvation Army
and daughter of Col. R. E. Holz, who
is to be married tonight.
Ensign Ethel Holz to Be Bride of
Captain Abrams.
Several hundred guests will attend thi
weddlns of KneU-n Ethel C Holz, daugh
ter of Colonel R. K HoU, tho commander
of th Atlantic Coast Province of the Sal
vation Army, who lives at 127 South 60th
street, and Captain G. Abrams. the com
mander of the work at Merldeu, Conn.
The ceremony U to take place tonight
In th. citadel, at 8th and Vine streets,
following a special program.
Amons- many lino sifts that hv been
sent to the bride Is a set cf allverwirt
from John Wnn&maker, a friend of
Colonel Holi.
Station. Lower photograph (left to
Barnes and Dorothy Stewart.
Wife of Late Veteran of Two Wars
Tho funerul of Mrs. Eleanore K. Wil
liams, widow of Lieutenant Colonel
Albert L. Williams, a veteran of the
Civil nnd Spanish-American Wars, was
held from her home, ISIS North 27th
street, today.
Lieutenant Coionel Williams was wide
ly known In Nntlonal Guard circles, and
for many years was superintendent of
the Union League. Ho was a memher
of thu famous Washington Grays, and
saw active service durinff the Spanish
American War.
The funeral of Michael J. O'lirleti, one
of the orsanisers of the Irish-American
Club of this city nnd well known In
Irish circles, who died last Saturday at
his residence, 2300 Madison avenue, was
held today at Holy Cross Cemetery. Mem
bers of the Irish-American Club acted
as honorary pallbearers.
Mr. O'Rrlen, who was In his 70th year,
was a director of the Fifth and Sixth
Streets Passeneer Railway Company be
fore Us absorption by the Philadelphia
Rapid Transit Company.
Superior General of Religious of
Sacred Heart Succumbs to Illness.
Madame Janet Er&klrjo Stuart, sixth
superior general of the Religious of the
Sacred Heart, died yesterday at Roe
hsmpton, London, England, after an ni
ne's of five weeks.
The Reverend Mother rituart visited the
convent on Arch street In May before
returning to the mother house In Brus
sels. Lnst October she began an ex
tended tour almost around the world
in order to visit the diiforem houses of
the soticty. Shortly nfter her return to
the mother houfae In July the war broke
out, and as an English subject she was
obliged to leave. With considerable dif
ficulty she arrived at Itoehampton, where
she had spent her entire religious life as
mistress of nolces, superior and vicar of
tho order In England, until her election
as superior general at the death of the
Rev Mother Dishy, three years ago.
During the past ear she visited her
contents In Spain. Italv. Effynt. Australia.
New Zealand and Japan, returning by
wa of San Francisco.
In this tr-intry she visited the convents
In freattle. V.tiinuicr. Montreal, Albany,
I Now York. Boston. Providence, Torres
dale and PhlludHphia She sailed from
atannattanviiie, x y , 0n June 20.
Her death come as a great loss to
tho ordei. She wns a woman of great
ability ar d unubunl governing qualities
and a writer of somo note. Her book,
The Education of Catholic Girls," Is
well known In this country.
A requiem mass for the repose of her'
soul will be celebrated by Archbishop
Edmund V Prendergast tomorrow morn
it. S at 8 31 o clock In the chapel of the
couvnt at 1S19 Arch street.
Philanthropist and a Pioneer Manu
facturer of Colored Leather,
NEW YORK. Oct 22-JuIiug Robertson,
philanthropist and one of the pioneer
manufacturers of colored leather in this
country, died esterday of heart disease.
He was 65 years old.
Mr. Robertson was a native of Ger
many. Reside being a patron or member
of almost every hospital and charitable
organization In the city. Mr. Robertson
was a director of the Monteflore Home,
chairman of the Bedford Sanitarium for
Consumptive, and a member of the
American Geographical Society. the
Metropolitan Museum of An. the Ameri
can Museum of Natural History, the
German Club, the Fulton rtub mm thu
New York Chamber of Commerce He
leavej a daughter Claire, and two sons.
I HAKKENS VCK, tf. J , Oct- 22AIbert
22 1914.
D. Muller, who for man years was su
perintendent of the local silk mills under
Glvcrnaud Brothers, died at his homo
In Myer street yesterday, from a can
cerous growth In the throiit. Ho was ED
years old, nnd leaves a widow, two sons
nnd two daughters.
MOnniSTOWN, X. J, Oct. 22. -Within
an hour after ho had registered for elec
tion day, Lewis T. Hutton, 72 years old,
was stricken with heart disease and died
an hour later. He was a son of Andrew
Hutton and was born In Xew York. Kor
many years he was nn ofllclnl of the New
York Calcium Light Company.
UELVIDERE. X. J., Oct. 22. -John Tay
lor, 74 years old, n. vetoran of the Civil
War, died nt his home, yesterday, follow-
i Ing a stroke of paralysis. He served four
1 jcars as a member of Company H, 9th
Now Jersey Volunteers, and took part In
tumerou' engagements. lie leaves a
widow and a son.
NEW YORK, Oct. 22 Frank Camp
bell, brother of Miss May Irwin, the
comedienne, died from heart disease at
ldyleaso Inn, Newfoundland, N. J.,
Tuesday. He was C9 years old. His fu
neral took place today from the home of
his mother. 102 West Slth street.
OSSINING. N. Y., Oct. "-General
Brayton Ives, former president of the
New York Stock Exchange, died at his
home here today after a long illness. He
Mnn 74 year3 old.
Robert Arthur, an artist, known for his
Impressive paintings of the Maine const,
died In his apartments nt the Hotel Well
ington, New York, late Tuesday evening.
Mr. Aithur was widely known In Phila
delphia. Although born and educated in
this city, he lived the greater part of hia
life In Washington nnd Baltimore. Ho is
survived by a brother. Dr. W. H. Arthur,
who is surgeon-in-chlcf In the Philippines.
John H. Renc7et, n well-known resident
of Capo May, N. J , nnd for many years
!n the plumbers' supply business in this
city, died yesterday at his home, J31C
Regent street, of paralysis. Ho was 71
years old.
Mr. Benezet was a member of the Cape
May Lodge. No. 21. A. O. U. W., and the
Cape May Conclave, No. 1S3. I. O. H. A
widow and two daughters survive.
Major K. J. Duncan. 7G years old, who
for the lost 2") years had been paymaster
of the New Jersey National Guard, died
yesterday Major Duncan was, nt otio
time, a member of the drygoods firm of
Stoddard, Duncan & Van Pelt, but re
tired from business a few years ago. He
leaves one daughter.
PATERSON. N. J., Oct 22 -Alfred
Bond. 53 years old, died at his home
yesterday following an illness of six
months. For manv years he was asso
ciated with the Crews Silk Finishing
Company, and was active In church cir
cles. His son. J. H n Bond. Is assist
ant general becretary of the local Young
Men's Christian Association.
NEW OBK. Oct. 22.-Mn.. Clara B
Boardman, wife of r. A. Boardmun. died
from pneumonia at her heme on Long
Island. She wss born In Vermont w
years ago. Her husband Is the manager
of the Bayslde Automobile Company. She
leaves two daughters, Mrs. Susan B
Decker, of Detroit, and Misa Helen P
Boardman, of Baytlde.
Roy W Taylor, a well-known cartoon
1st. died esterday at his mother's home
Mrs A. L. Marshall, 70B 3d street " W '
Washington. D. c , follow ing a brief ill
ness of Brlght's disease. Mr Taylor was
connected with the Chicago Triburui-Mtd
the New York Herald. At the tnPfifof
death lie was cartoonist for the North
American. '
IIKNDERSON In lovlnar raemorv of inn
21, 1602. FATHKlt AND 410TIIEKT
MILVNO.ln lnlnT mmembranca of a
dearly bload hualmnd. Kolvo Slllar.o who
departed his Ufa October 22 19US Q
' eatljs
ALLISON Oa Oototier 21 iait ,,....,,
OERTHIDB. dustu l'l thV'iVe '.
K and AnnU M AlUaon. s seara.
Funeral on Saturday at 2 .it d 7 J?f
U rasldence of AuA,tA a?,1. fiH ftS?
AKrHllt. Id New urk . lt on Tu.,l-v
lt JO. 1U HOBEHT ARTIUH ?tle2i
lame ea lrtday Octot, z , , J"'"
DftJvr?T ln ,0cib" SI 1914. JOHN H
j- neral aervuea ,n Krtdav at ft ,, ,,;
eiHly. t hla wte mtJea... iW J?t .
West Philadelphia. Final aorvlceand Wtr
ment at Xtethodist Cemetery, Cape May
fourt House.
Hindir. On October IP, 10H, CATIIARINIS.
widow of John niren and dmurhter of the
late nlehard and Mary 8. O. Boucher .Jit hr
Md year. Funeral ervleea at her 1st rel
dence, 4210 Stilts st on Friday, at 2 p. ml
Interment prlvata.
Jefferon at.
RODDY At National Turk, N. J., on Octo
ber 21, 1014, HENRY C nuahand of Brnma
I. Roddy, a;ed i enrs Funeral services en
Saturday, October 21, at 11 a. m., at tin
residence of his brother, William J, Roddy,
(119 Penn St., Camden, N. J. Interment pri
vate, at Harlclgh Cemetery.
Oermantown live. .
DALY. On Octobnr 21, 1014, ELIZA T.,
wife of Matthew .1. Daly, aged 71 years. Fu
neral ncnlccs on Saturday, nt 2 p. m., at her
late rcfldenee, 013 N. C2d at. Interment pti
ate DALY. On October 21, 1014, BLI3ABETH
R., wife of Matthew J. Daly, aged 71 years.
Relatives and friends aro Invited to attend
the fumrnl serviced, rn Saturday, at 2 p. n
at her late residence. DM North f,2d at. In
terment prhnte.
DB HOIN. On Ortnber 21, 1014, LUCID,"be
loved wlro of Aula De Doln. axed M yearn,
ru notlee of tho funeral will be Riven, from
her late rwldence, Iti.-.l Fltxaerald at.
IIISSTON. -On October 21, 101L JENNIB
C . daughter of the late Charles and
Franres Dlsston Funeral from the resi
dence of her brother-in-law, Atlee M Rile,
ti.MB Morris at , Oermantown. Due. notice
of funeral later.
KIini.MAN. -HtllNnY EDBLMAN, 8 year,
25.111 North Natrona st
IITi:, ANNE FITK. 117 years, 3018 Heller
man at.
OARIORTII. On October 21, 1014,
OB' ROK husband of Mary Jane Oarfortn
and son of the lato Paul nnd 'Ann Oarforth,
In his 70th vrar. Iite residence. .1130 Hnver
ford nvo. IMie notice of thn funeral will b
OKHHNnit.- On October 21. 1014. MATILDA,
widow of Charles Oessner, aged CO
jcars. Due notice of the funeral will be
given, from her late reeldence, 3110 Wal
nut St.
(iROHS. -On Ortnber 20, 1014, HARRIET.
wire of Oenme C Orosa nnd ilaiinhter of tha
lato William nnd Matilda Cusltmorc FM
nerr.i services on Paturday, at 2 p m., nt
l.VK) West Tioga et. Interment private, at
Laurel Hilt Cemetery
HARRIS. At Nnrrlstnwn. Pa., on October
21 1014. ANN IIAILKY HARRIS widow of
John Harris, nued 7 jears Funeral from
bur late reldrne 714 l.afajtte at., Norrls
town. IM -ii Frlrtav at 2 in p in. Inter
ment private, at St Paul's Lutheran Ceme
trv, Ardmorr. Pa
HEANY. Suddenly, on Oetober 21, 1014,
FRANCIH lielovcd huabnnd of Oraco
Hfany Funeral on Saturday, at S an a. m
from 2370 Seybert st Rritulem Jtan at St,
Kllrnbeth a Churth, nt 10 a. m. Interment
nt Hob Cross Cemeterj.
HKHR On October 21, 1014. FANNIE tW
HERR, -widow of Austin Hrr, nt Washing
ton, D. C.
HEWITT, At Rurllngtnn, N. J on October
20, lill4, Dorter EDWARD LL'KENB
HEWITT Relatives and friends ara Invited
to attend the funeral aervices, at St. Mary's
Churrh, at RurllnRtnn N. J., on Friday
afternnnn nt 3.4 o'clock.
KHAE.Vir.lt On Oetober 17, 1014, FRANK
J , husband of Dorathea C. Kraemer (nea
Miller), formerly of Atlantic Clt, N. J.
Funeral on Friday, at 7"S0 a. m., from tha
chapel of John H Wetzel. 232S Ocrmnntown
avp. High Mnr nt Lady of Mercy Church,
at n a. m. Interment private.
LACK.MAN. On October 21. 1014, SUSAN
NAH, widow of John D. Lackman, aged SO
years. Funeral on Saturday, at '.' p. m., at
her dauchfr'n residence. Mrs. Caroline Ar
ment, US (Jucen et., Oermantown. Inter
ment nt Ivy Hill ' emetcry,
LILLY. -On October 20, 1011. ELIZABETH
A., widow of Thomas Lilly. Funeral
services on Saturday, at 9 .10 a. m., from
lato residence. 2210 Lombard st. Solemn
High Mass of Requiem nt At. Patrick'
Church, at 10 a m. Interment at Cathedral
Cemetery. '
MAXF.IN. On October 10. 1014, FRANK
MANKIN. himband of Anna Mairln, aged 37
years. Fun-ial on rrlday, nt 8 30 a. tru,
from 101 Ja t.. Mnmvunk Requiem Mass
at St. Mir.- church, at 10 a m Interment
strictly rrivate, at ft Marj'a Cemetery, Rox
botouch. MacDO.NOVGIL- On October 21, 1014. DOH
ATHY .MARIE, beloved daughter of Thomas
c. and Mary E. MncDnnough. aged 11 yeara.
Funeral on Saturdnv, at S a. m.. from 1S37
McKean st. High Requiem Mosi at Church
of St Thomas Aquln nt 0 30 a. m. prn
clsely. Interment at Holy Cross Cemeterv.
McOl'IRE. At Trenton. N. J., on Octqber
21), 11H4. MARY J., wife of Timothy F. and
daughter of the late Lawrence and Anna
Kehoo, o! South Pcthlehem, Pn Funeral on
rrld-ij, at R a. m . from 260 Clay St.. Tren
ton. N. J. Solemn Requiem Mass at tha
I in' re h of the .-acred Heart, at 1) a. m.
Interment at St. John's Cemetery.
MICKEI On October 20, 1014. HOLLIS P.
MR'KEL. aged 7n cars. Relatives and
friends, also G. 'A. R. veterans, are Invited
to attend tho funeral serviced.
M1LLKIL In Switzerland. Mr. BENJAMIN
MILLER, of 137 West School lane. Oerman
town. (By cable.)
MORRIS. At Langhorne, Pa , on October
21. FANNIE A. wldiw of Jamcv H. ilor
rl. aed 03 ears. lineral eervlcos on Fri
day, at S p m.. at her lato residence. HKM
S Norwood st. Interment at Camden, Del.,
on Saturday
MORTON. At Parry. N. J. on October 10,
11114, ELIZABETH f.. widow of Timothy
Morton, ased 7S jears funeral on Friday,
at 1 P m from the residence of Collins H.
Haines, Pnrr, N. J. Interment private, at
Colcntowii Cemetcn-.
Ml I.I.IV.- BRIDGET MULL1N, 08 years.
2J3.1 Klmtall at.
Ml'Itl'Ili. On October 21, 1014. at her lata
residence, ,vj w ll.ilnce at., Germnntown.
Mrs. THERESA MFJtPHY. aged s. jeara.
Due notice of the funeral will be given.
riCHKTTL Suddenly, on October 20. 1014.
MARY, widow of Simon Bartholomew
Flchettl Funeral services on Frldaj, at 2
p. m . at 111 Collnm st , Oermantown. Inter
ment rrivate.
PRATT. On October 20. 1014. FRANK M.
PRATT, son of the latn James Dundas and
Sarah Pratt, uged Tfi years Relatives and
friends are Invited tn attend the funeral
services, on Frldav, Oitober 23. at 2 o'clock,
at his lite residence. 2121 Hrldge st . Frank
ford Interment private
OI'IDOHT. On October 21 1014. at Capo
May, PETER S. QCIDORT. in his SSth
ear Services at his lato residence. 37 Jack
son st , Cape May, at 2 P m.. Saturday,
October 24 Interment private, at Cold
Springs Cemeter), N J.
ITfill. On Octoher 20. 1014. HENRY C,
Sr.. husband nf the late Tacj A. Push.
I"uneral ecrvlecs on f-nturda. at 2 p. m.. at
his late residence. 2.110 N. Sartiln st. Inter
ment atrlctly private, at Mt. 1'cace Ceme
tery. RINOELSTEIN Octoher 10. MARY, wife nt
Jacob 1 Ringelstcln, aged 53 jeirs. Fuaeral.
on Frldaj attctnoon. at 2 o'clock, from 223
North Ofith st Interment at Mt. Peaca
m'STr.MIAC'H. - On October 10. 1014.
CHARLES A. husband nf Elizabeth Rusten
rach. aged W yenra Funeral xm Friday, at
1 p. m . from his late nsldcnce. Oermantown
avn and Duller at Interment at Ncrlhwood
Ccmeten .
M'HEIHt. -On October 20. 1P14. JOSEPH,
husband of the late Margaret Scheer. Fu
neral on Krlda). at Ha. m . from 3imi Clif
ford st latove Columbia ave i Requiem
Mass at St. Ludwlg'a Church, at 10 30 a. m.
Interment private
SCOTT. On October 20, 1014. ANN LOUISA
Si'nxT. widow of Oeorge V Scott Rela
tives and friends are Invited to attend th
funeral serv I, es. on Frldav at 2 p m. at
her late residence 1122 East Moyamensln
ave Interment private
SMITH. On October 20. 1014. WILLIAM.
husband of Elizabeth Gmlth. aged 62 ear.
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend
the funeral services, on rrlday, at 2 p. m
at his late residence. N W corner of Emer
ald and Tioga els Interment at Esat Cedar
HHl Cemetery.
months. 2P42 North Ortjnna st
years 30.1S Arch st.
TAIll'E On October 21. 1914. ANNIE J.
wife of James Taaue Funeral on Saturdas'
at 10 a in , frorq W21 Winxlland ave . Wast
Philadelphia Solemn Requiem Mass at tha
Church of the Moat Rleaed Sacrament, at
10 a in Interment at Holy Cross 1,'eme-
T,,IO!h,;,T,iS0'?.0c,t,,"!r 19- 1H. CELIA
JOSEPH IS p wife i of John H Thornton ant
daughter gj Imephlne and tho late Samuel
Stgrest Funeral on Saturday, at 2 p. m?.
fiom 4111 -Vrih 'ith si Interment private,
st Greenwood iK of P Cemetery """"
TOWN. -Suddenly, at Cape May. on October
51. 11.11. WILLIAM r. 'Tt.W.sV ?r? hi. 7 Is?
yenr froineral sei-vlres on S'sm.v t tt
P m at his Iflt reM lenc. a.11 fonkrM ntm
rspo May, N. J, Interment at Cold SprlncI
"l'jVirntarAVC'4 "Ai"'At'' "'
"u2SMCr.tonAJnK,llN'E WAW"- 7S ".
WEAVER- On O. tnber JO, 1014. COR
NELIA A widow uf Wro V Weaver and
daughter of Chas and Ellaabeth D. Jones
Fi neral from 32:11 Catharine st , on Friday
inr.rntnK at 10 o'clo, k Services at First
rrebterlar ctiureh. 17th and Fltzwater
ata at 11 o'clock Interment at Bden Coin,
It).: Pemiaerove at
WEI. DON. -On October IP. IBM, EDWIN.
husband of Annie U'eidon Funeral Fri
day mornlns at Sill .nlotk froiH 2113
Summer ft High Requiem Maaa at lb
Cathedral at 10 clcK Interment private.
WILSON. -On October 20, 1814, ROBERT.
husband of 'harl.tt.. Ulls. n in hie 04th
veai luneral on Frldav at 2 p m, from
bis late residence 11 l'rift.lal , dw.
luiiough Interment at Laverington ( emetery
WIN'KI.EK. On Oitober 2u. 1M14. ADAM J,
husland "f Calherlin- M Winkler FlafL'jl
on rrmitr mwiiiiii 11 i , o 'o k ironfaM
N .'-in at Koieran KMiulem Maaa at
uudwixa ii'.iiun athoik itiurch at
o'clock InleinKnt at Holy cross Cimet.rv.
WOOD. On p. lober 21 19H. OBOHOE H.
ftuebami or jjary wnurj, ite of in N ijiri
at Fuaeral ou dalurda.) at 1 p m fro n
ih undertaktug prUi of lwia H stwift.
.jutbt ornr 13th anl Jeffr..n an iPi
terineni private, at M tnilnlt C'etueter.
WII.IT. Ob October 31. 1S14. BL1ZA.
HETH. Ww ol Theotor. VfuUf' KetVifvl.
and friends are Invited to atuna fuausel
ervicee oo Stur'la at 2 p m t aiiart
?"'; ' lTU U pollock A. Son. IMVn,
,..'! v. iii'Kiu'riv private i
NEIT i'Ti o, iobr 21 1914 HANsair
SMini TAf.HOT w W nt t),"'g- ", K1
erat from U 0r,.n.-4 ave Jenkintoa.,,
Interment at St I'nr J ,-ai-t (.",, l .
Za"onnHIR1C Z1BAN CO y,fc US, 1
8. Oriiooa
t r