Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, October 19, 1914, Night Extra, Page 5, Image 5

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Dock Laborers Renew Dis
turbances Today Failure
: of Police lo Detect Kaiser's
i Spies Given as Cause.
LONDON, Oct. 19.
Additional anti-German Hole, taking
place today In various suburbs of Lon
don, have kept tho troops and the police,
on edge. Tho centre of trouble con
tinues to be the Deptford district, whero
virtually every shop operated by Ger
mans or those of German descent has
been wrecked and one at least burned.
The. rlotlnu has been led by tho clock
laborers, many of whom nro out of
At Saffron many persons wcro Injured
In the llotlns. At Wnlden the mob
etormed the home of u lending cotin
icllor, who was charged with harboring
Germans, and his household goods wcro
destroyed, while ho was severely beaten
before icscued by police.
The chief complaint of tho rioters is
that the police have been Inactive In
stamping out espionage. Hundreds of
letters have been received by tho lead
ing newspapers, all complaining tjiat tho
Germans were able to keep the Knlscr
nd his officials posted on nil movements
of British troops; on the progress which
was being made by the recruits and of
everything that was being done In tho
dockyards and arsenals. Denials by high
Government oiliclals hnvo been dlsre
Earded, and the temper of the mobs Is
5com!nR l"C'-pasIngly bitter. It Is feared
""' '"c "ulH "'" spread to other cities.
The immediate cause of the outbreak
was th arrival of EGO Belgian refugees
In the district. Bands of dock laborers
smashed windows, Invaded the shops,
wrecking tho Interior and scattering the
Jtock in tlie streets.
One shop was set afire. In one case
the proprietor wn lmrn in i..nir.M.i .
ion of a naturalized Englishman, and his
wife Is a Belgian.
Scores of arrests were mado and pre
cautions have been taken to prevent fur
ther rlotln today.
There were more thnn 30 Englishmen in
the batch of prisoners when they wero
arraigned todny In Greenwich police
court. Tho prosecutor expressed regret
at being compelled to proceed against the
nlsoners saying theft he realised thai
they had been led away by a spirit of
public patriotism. However, n consider
able amount of T3ritlHh property hnd hcen
destroved bv thp rlntpr fiMl ,.inDlrlAKlnn.
the extent of the reign of terror, he de
cided to nsk that the prisoners be re
manded. This was done.
I MEqKiS.Pgy'PJ. ffrwTOjTOgJKMflKril rtc99 , v HHBBte. !!
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rSiWis.Ti'SrBBWaItiyS 1 r WTTi TniirlBnif1lrflrrr'' riiniiinM K .. .' rH
wii-i iawuBtfe jCK'vur?rm .Ai!jivaHFHiirx!inRflKjBiBHv ; i , n
Charges Threats Caused Holland to
Abandon Flan to Aid Nocdy.
The German Legation at The Hngue,
referring to the communique published
from tho Belgian Legation here on Octo
ber 10, stntlng that famine had ravaged
the population of Belgium in the regions
occupied by the Ucrmanr, has Issued the
text of , conespondence between the
Germnn Minister a. id the Dutch Foreign
Minister, Dr. J. Loudon.
, In a letter dated August 15, the German
Minister asked the Government of Hoi-
t land to take steps necessary for provision
ing the Belgian districts occupied by the
1 Germans. Doctor txiudon, under date of
August 17, acknowledged the receipt of
tne uerninn Ministers letter and prom
ised the sympathy of the Dutch Govern
ment with the Germans' desire to spare
the Belgians, as much as possible, the
miseries of war.
Doctor Loudon on October 3 wrote the
German Minister that the Belgian Gov
ernment accepted the task of renrnvl.stnn.
Ing the population between the River
Mouse and the French frontier, but re
marked that the duty of reprovlslonlng
Imposed by the Germans was objected to
by France and Great Britain, even stating
that Holland would risk her neutrality by
taking the attitude desired by Germany,
But Correspondent Omits Suggestions
to Effect Capture.
I PARIS. Oct. 19 -The Figaro suggests
.uw ncuurt an nosiages or JTau Krupp,
th; Grand Duke of Saxe-Welmar, the
Trine. (Hcnckel) von Donnersmark, the
I'rlnre of Pleas, tho Prince von Schaum-burg-Llppe.
the Duke von UJest nnd Duke
of Brunswick J the Kings of Saxony. Ba
varia nnd Wuerttemberg and the Grand
Dukes of Baden, Ijesse and Oldenburg, In
i addition to the Kaiser, against the pay
ment of l,M0,0OJO00 francs ($W0,O00.O) In
. indemnities already raised by the Ger
mans In captured towns, Irrespective of
plain thefts by the ofllccrs and soldiers.
"Zeppelin Scare," Canteen
Overcharges and Other
Searching Questions to Be
Asked When British Par
liament Meets.
Lu.VlJU.V. Oct. 19.
Votlce has been given that the follow -t
uestlons, nmong others, will be nd
i smii to t!io ministers on tilt reassent
lug of P.irlla'jieiit:
I. Whether tho large number of mili
ar) and naval ufllcots employtd In the
(iresa censor's department cannot be ro
placed by trained Journalists, thus en
abling the oilk-ers In place their ex
perience at the dlspLfiul of reorultH.
1. How many months lmc olnpaed since
the Committee un Imperial ilr-fcnsc held
a meeting, nnd whether In view of tho
minors of a poislble Invasion, a meeting
Is planned?
3. What authority had the seci clary
of the Board of Trade for stating that
Zeppelin dirigible balloons would attack
London at the end of October, itnd
whether ho Is nworc that his statement
caused an Increase In Insurance rale,
adding greatly to tho expennes of busl
ncss men?
4. Whether the Secretary for Scotland
Is aware that Methll harbor (Scotland,
on the Firth of Forth) Is brilliantly
lighted during the nlghl, nnd that the
local belief I that algnalhiff takes place
with tho etiuny.
5. Whether more than one member of
tho royal family having pecuniary Inter
ests In the British Treasury Is sorvln
In the ranks of the enemy and what
steps are proposed to be taken.
6. Whether the Foreign Secrclnry Is
aware that a legulur courier service tx
Ists between London and the headquar
tets of the German nimy. and whether
he will Instinct the pasport ilepaittnvnt
to exercise greatec rtrlngeticy.
7 Whether the Under Secretary for
War Is awaie that soldiers nre being
o rchaigcd In the ennteens. 111 soma
cnes fiOl per cent . and what steps aro
beln? taken to halt this iobber
R. Whethei tne tinder Secretary for
War l nw.ir that all offer of 20.000
horie.i was made to the War Ultlco and
that the person making the offer was
told to communicate with an address In
Canada, and whether these horses gub
Hcaucutl.v wcro sold to Germany.
J Whether the I'tuler Secretary for
Win Is tiwuie th.it in n lnrg- depot near
Lotidon llin canteen depailinent la In
chnrui- of two Germans.
10. Whether It Is true that many t tha
men 'iit lo Antwerp hnd been onlj a
few wi-eke In training.
11 Whothct the Under Secretary for
War is nwnie that the khaki for uni
forms is of mi Inferior quality, nnd also
that the catering for tho troops In many
cases is Inferior. Whether the I'nder
Secretary will order an Inquiry bj the
War OMIce.
1?. Whither tiny soldiers havo died at
Colchester as the result of vaccination.
Mountings of Platinum.
Chestnut Street
The upper picture shows the Krupps with which the Germans have done so much damage to the French and Beleian
cities. The lower is that of a Rheims building shattered by a shell from one of these "Berthas."
fficlal Report From Front Praises
Troops for Bravery.
An rifflnal rennrt hv Honor ,1 v..,iv.
.tommanding the British oxpeditlonarv
(fore gives, the total of British killed,
wounded and missing from September IS
to 0, tbPr s as ytX omcers and 12.9S0 men.
"llie r Olllce Issued another casualty
list ncelved from headquarters under
date of September 16. It gives 51 mm
lommissiuiied officers and men as hnvlng
cten Killed. HD men wounded and 555 men
Thuie of the killed belonged entirely
10 th linv.it Sinnia 1. a Tnir1 1.ll. 1
III A K;iK! llrrou ranlniaiila 11. T ...
- .-... .,.ttj iLhiiiii iui, inr rdii
Eurre8, the King's Own Scottish Bor
ilcrcrs and the- Somerset Light Infantrj
future i,irg-iv In tho missing list.
Of t til. nil s; Inn nil rintuni-ii Mia Hot nli,An
four kiiled and five wounded.
General French gives a long list of
oflkers non-commlfcsloncd ofllcers and
n.en who have been recommended for
pm.ii nieniiou ly auny lorps coin-
llln,lp,e in.l hnn.lu nt .Ia.!........, II..
... ....,, ,,. .i,a w, nciai ,IMCIID. fV
draws attention to the valuable service
rendeied by llennal Sir Horuce Smith
JXnrlni, sir Douglas Haig and William
uiii-iie-i'uueiify, Lommanders of the 1st,
Id and i Corps, respectively.
Of Vai.ir Oinerals V.. 11 II. .llenby
and Hubert do la P. dough, lieneml
Freiitli rt ''file undoubted superioritj
hlch our calvary has attained over that
of the enemy has been duo to the skill
with which they have turned, tn beat ac
count the qualities inherent In the splen
did troops they command."
Mention Is also nude of Oeneral Sir
David Henderson, commander of a flying
corps. General Sir Archibald Murray,
chief of staff, and other olllcers.
I'ailtatM VpaiIa.Ii.1. t. ...... -.1 -..-! M ..
--,. ... , ivui;iit.n cuHru uuesi. or ine
tasi Dorset Itegiment. who 111411 led Amy
tnipps, duugliter of Henry Phlpps. of
"'" VorK, Lieutenant Colonel H. C.
l-owthcr. of tho Scots Guards, former
"cretary to the Duke of Connaught when
uove.nor Gtneral of Canada; Captain T.
" iralll. well knoun as a polo player;
Lieutenant Prime Majer of Battenbcrg
and Major Prince Arthur of Connaught
? CSme ln 'or "onoraWe mention.
r.i .,"nc Arthur of Cqnnaught. Gen.
ai french sas "Ills Intimate knowl
, ' f languages has enabled me to em-
din.1.1 . ." Brcat """age on confl
oenilal nilssionsi of impurtaucc "
War Supplies, Destined for Turkey,
Halted Despite Berlin Protest.
. BUCHAREST. Oct. 19.
r man traln- -omposd of W
S, wn'-'nlniT munltloiw and war
BuchfrMarl "far Glur8vo, south of
t'ruT'Z '.I ,a tQ have PWnted a
"1 h.l u Rumanian Uovernnieut,
-n ta been of no avail.
Le Temps publishes the following letter
trom a French officer:
"I was shot In the breast while leading
n charge, mid the fear seized me that I
might fall into Oermnn hands. Thereforo
I held a revolver at my head, ready to
pull the trigger, when my own men drag
ged me to the renr under a hall of lead."
The London Times says that a favor
ite sign b which German .spies convey
Hum iiiuwum is a iiiuck cow, crimeiy
Ako.trhprl ill lllm.lf 'uHl'ftti nn ti,r1to rn.i
and fences. The Allies parsed this "black
tow" by without purtlcului notice for a
time, paitlj because it was so badly
Then It was noted that It sometimes
was Muall. sometimes large, sometimes
stundlng t other times llng down, nnd
often tho horns wero ridiculously long In
comparlbon with tho body of the animal.
Finally n study was made of the
stiaugc sign nnd It wns found that a
siimII cow slgnillcd that the road was
only v. eakly defended; a moderate sized
cow meant that the Allies' troops were
"n the neighborhood: a large cow was a
warning that there were earthworks or
trenches near by. The direction of the
danger wus indicated by the direction In
which the cow's head was pointed. If. the
llend nolntorl Inl.i th. nt- It .... .1...
Ihe spy coneldeied th.it the German nvla-toi-3
had better reconnoitre tho ground
before the troops advanced.
"Nah, then, Solssidge. ain't yer glad
yon "aven't got tn Iko them?" This re.
mark was addressed to a florid. raced
joiiug man with rather a German-looking
nuiktiii'he, and "them" were King
Georgo'a Grenadiers, who were carrying I
out the picturesque ceremony of chang- I
Ing guard at Buckingham Palace. "Solff. I
slrifr,.." ivhn nnv (,i tirlldi IA.A .. . .
-...-, --- - o w.woa ,u l,ie
palace railings, watching tho scene, turned
angrily. "What the devil do jou mean,
Getting a full view of his victim, the
Cockney turned pale. "Lor" lumme. me
lord, 'ow could I 'ave mistook yer fer a
v,ci Muni, mo living seen yer 'ii so manj
boundaries at the oval."
"Soiasldge" was Lord Dalmeny, son and
heir of tho Earl of iloscbery and famous
cricketer. But he does look rather Ger
man. .
Hon, was watching for the latter's re
turn from a scouting expedition when
she espied a biplane coming from the
front. Through her glasses she saw It
suddenly sway and descend rapidly. Sus
pecting that the aviator was In trouble,
tho officer's wlfo obtained permission to
drive out In an automobile to the spot.
She found on arrival that tho pilot had
been wotinrlod In IU ir Qn. nHj u.,
. ... ,,,., .v n.i.i a, 1,4 (lau
fainted from loss of blood immediately
after landing. Knowing that German pa
trols were within a few miles, the plucky
woman instructed her chauffeur to take
tho UOllndori mon hni.tr n Inn.n ft..
: . : r " fc" ...,,. Alien
pho took chaige of the aeroplane, (lying
It to the aviation camp, some ten miles
This patriotic poem has been popularly
received In London: ,
Hlltluli eoldlfn. rmce again
Vf are m4rhaled on the plain
Hi our fatlierV blood renowned;
ve are in ailing racrfd gmundl
llarken, barken ai e pa
To the voices n Ihe graai!
On the IltlRlan soil it itti
C'fr Iho lone, unnumbered iravei
here Immortal warriora lie,
lnoifci nf Mhcrty,
Jfolil fallen tn the fra.
Itaniflll nnH Mnli.l,n....
yuaire Draa and XVaterloo
1 lei J their leclona up to you!
frltlih aoldlers, je lll nght
.Neath the banner of the right;
le are holding In jour handa
Liberty ot little landa.
Seeking nothing, giving all.
Answering to Honor's call.
?a, Aggression's srtm attack!
Hurl thu Impious menace baekl
Devotees of Liberty,
It We je now to Victory!
Ue In tuglard natch and pray
rtumlllleM and Malptaquet.
9.u,.'".nl ni1 Waterloo
leM their foul to strengthen you!
made. During the first week after the
appeal was issued 33,0uO shirts and t2
hospital sheets were contributed In Pc
trograd alone. A vast quantity of med
icines and luxuries was also received.
DepptB have been established throughout
the city, and noblewomen of the Empire
are aiding In tho relief movement.
PARIS. Oct. 10. The municipal council
has voted to Issue a city loan of 120.n0O.O00
francs (J2I.000.000). The loan is to run
for one year and will bear between 5
and 6 per cent. Interest.
18c Crash
Pure linen, h e a v y
B a r n s 1 e y weave:
fnst-colored borders.
Will not lint.
First Floor, North
il.V Ollt 1HG
STORE OPENS 8-10 A. SI. AMI Cl.ObO AT .1.30 P.
Market Eighth Filbert Seventh
nnsTAvn.T ni:sT or eveihtiiixc at i.owilst ph icesfifth n.oon
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merchandise with
than with any other
similar stamps.
Rugs : Carpets : Linoleums : Martin
i Fortunate narchim hrlmr ma... ,. .. Kr
. . . " ' ""! ". mirRniin mr our pairoim (nun). Here nre n feiri
ImmonJniip P!n C-..;-
., ...... w.j a nuc LJUUlllXbj
on the Dependable Kinds
Gunner B. Wiseman, of the Bol Field
Artillery, wrote homo describing the final
stand of an English battery. His letter
"Our battery had f red their last round.
The Germans were cnlj 300 yards away.
Tho order was given: 'Retire. Ever) man
for himself " It was a splendid but awful
sight to see horses and mon racing for
tholr lives with sholU bursting all around
"The Geimans rushed up and I lay
helpless. A German pointed his rifle at
me to surrender. I refused and was Just
on the point of being put out when an
officer aavod me. He said- 'Knglishman
brave, but fool.' Then he drsed m
wound, gave me a drink of brandy and
left me."
How a French aeroplane was saved
from the Cormana by a woman
is described by wounded soldiers return
ing from the Arras district
The wife of a French officer, who with
her husabnd Is keenly IntercgteU in avla,.
j "The coolest thing I ever saw In ac-
tlon was that of a big Highlander who
I milked a cow under rifle and shell Are
i to get something for his wounded mates
i to drink when the water ran out," aayg.
""" i-jarae, or me King's Royal
Rifles, In a letter home.
The enormous number of Russian sol-
intra crnwuing military hospitals In Pe
i trograd and at concentration bases nearer
l the front ha necessitated a public ap
peal for supplies The Czar has found
It imoosslble to furnlnh n.-......
-- .- ....-. ..vv,iijf aup-
plies for Immediate relief of the sick and
wounded, and public collections are being;
Mr von. ithmp nivpiwr' 1 I
. Victrola X
1 Finished to match your
J Furniture.
J 12 D. F. 10-ln Records and
4 Albums
Terms $5.00 Monthly
I Talking
I Machine Co. I
I Ilroad Above "Walnut 1
I Opp. union Liaaue. 1
f Ilroad and Celonsbla Ave. 1 I
I 4U4 Laacutti Ae.' fT
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nig reduction' They nre the product
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CATALOGUES N??, ?" Exhibition
gr& fey.
i EryrTZSa
81 igOT'iimrJf.--."
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