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Y?4 It
She Has One Great Experience, and With It Ends
the Telling of the 'Vale.
Upon the vital episodes of life one finds
It rather difficult to write. Yet happi
ness has come lo me at last, and a great
Joy that I have never known before.
The hour Is very Lite, but 1 must write
the happening of this day and tell tho
.tale that now has changed my life. The
future has become an El Dorado and a
happy land where heartaches die and
dreams come true
Things fell out In thl wise: After I
told the artist-man I did not love him
he went sadly off. 1 sat there In the
firelight all alone, and sadness fell upon
me, too. For love had come to mo too
laic. 1 had Just sensed tho brushing of
love's wings, and known that happiness
was not for me. The flitting shadow left
me lonelier than before.
A great temptation rame to me as I sat
In tho flickering firelight and gazed long
Into the glowing coals 1 wanted to re
call tho nrtlst-man and tell him whnt ho
wished so much Tj hear. Yet my Ideal'
and mv bettor self now hold me bnck. I
knew I did not lovo hlm-vct 1 felt so
lonely that temptation came to take life's
second best and marry Juit to ease tltH
new dull heartache.
Deep In the midst nf glowing coals I
framed my Idle fancies ond saw pictures
there. One face rose to my ees. a
dark, strong face t wanted to forget.
I tried to rouse mvsclf from thoughts
that never could mitic true. "You fool
ish girl," I said aloud, "to think all day
of some one who will never think ot
jou! Worse even, for he cares for some
one else, nome one much prettier, more
attractive, than yourself. If you must
think of love, and home, and happiness,
there is the nrtm-man, who cares so
much for ou. Why not marry him nnd
forget this other man?"
The time went drifting past as I sat
there, till daylight faded and long shad
ows fell. I must have sat In that low
chair before the tire for long, long hours.
At last 1 heard a mocment In tho
room. I thought my little hostess had
returned. She had gone out on some
lone shondng expedition, quite fortlllcd,
I think, by sentimental hopes anent the
English artist-man She would be dis
appointed when she hoard that I had
Just refused his offer of marriage to I
did not turn my head at first.
The crackling of tho coals and ticking
of the clock seemed strangely loud within
my ears. Then a voice spoke thut
made me start In sheer sin priseand
something moie It was no woman's
voice, but held a deep nnd Southern note.
My heart was beating in the oddest way
"Your friends seem not at home, be
cause I rang the hell for quite an age.
So I walked In and find you hero alone,
like little Cinderella sitting by the fire."
I did not speak Whv did the world
hold so much pain- Whv did I want
to hear that voice, yet all the while It
hurt me so"
"Jly friends are out, Mr. Denniston," I
said, "but If sou wish to leave a mes
sage" "Yes, I do," h said, and then he
An organ-grinder started In the street
The Vanity Case
The vanity case has successfully
1 evolved into a realltv. It began with the
small powder puff of a few years ago.
Then followed the coin and cigarette case,
and lastly came the little box itself. It
la a step toward comfort, as well as
The girl who meets a friend while
chopping In the afternoon and decides to
stay out to dinner can overlook her
mussed shirtwaist and ruffled hair If she
has a dab of ponder. Sho would be sur
prised to see how compact these cases
are. Coin purse, a mirror, a case for
hairpins, a nail file, a tiny comb and a
bottle tor your favorite extract can be
found in the least expensive boxes They
run up to all prices, and come In every
Miss Lois Weber is the highest salaried
scenario writer and actress In the world,
having Just signed a contract with a mov
ing picture concern at a salary of J50.000
a. year.
Only 12S mothers are receiving pensions
In Pennsylvania, while 1500 who have
made application will have to wait owing
to the inability of the appropriation to
prolvde for all.
Mrs. Baloll Scott, the famous woman
rifle shot of England, is teaching oung
men and boys how to shoot a rlfla with
tho purpose of having them efficient if
called upon to go to war.
Eighteen-year-old Ruth Mercer Is the
nly woman motortruck delivery driver In
Cleveland, where she has been the maln
stay of her mother since her father's
The British Government has decided to
suspend the annuity of 115,000 received
by the Dowager Grand Duchess of Meek
lenburg-Strelitr, a member of the British
royal family, who by marriage became a
German subject.
Kitchen Wrinkles
Cleansing with mustard Is said to re
move the smell of fish from pots.
If a knife Is placed under & tumbler
or glass dish, boiling milk or water cart
be put In without breaking the glass.
Rusty-looking silk can be made clean
and new looking If sponged with the water
a which potatoes have been boiled
When boiling eggs, wet the shells thor
oughly In cold water before dropping in
the boiling water, and they will not crack.
After washing lamp chimneys, try pol
ishing thetn with dry salt This gives
the glass a brilliant shine and prevents
It from cracking
Combined Forces
Great Is the appeal of a pretty woman
in an unapproachable ha.t."-A Hoosler
Ctwonlele. by aiersoitu wwaoisoa.
to play. The air was called "Because It's
You." Why had ho chosen such an air
today? Its very sweetness filled the shad
owy room with pain.
1 must have sat there In the firelight,
tense nnd silent, until Mr. Dennlsion
spoke once again. What could he mean,
what was he saying to me? Why was
there this strange suffocating feeling in
my throat?
"I came tonight because I collld not
s.tay away, dear little English girl," he
said. He crossed the room nnd knelt
beside my chair. "I think t fell In love
with that sweet painting of ou quite
a oar ago Do you think yob could ever
grow lo care for me?"
To caro for him! 1 coutd not speak. Tho
firelight flickered on his fine, dark head,
ntid showtd reflections in his handsomo
eyes. Could such great happiness be
true' He leally cared for me!
"t thought I thought you were en
gaged," I stammered foollshlv, nt last.
"I icttnlnlv am not," s.tld he, "and
never was! Perhaps you nro thinking of
my ward, the girl who was my dinner
partner tho other evening. Sho Is Just a
child. The only person whom 1 long to
marry Is Just you It you will have me?"
If I would have him! Why, 1 was
nfmld that all the lovo 1 felt would show
there In my face, and so I turned my
head nuay.
"I want to know," said he, "because, 1
care so very much'"
"I think that 1 care Just a little hit."
1 murmured then. I was afraid to toll
him more. Woids seemed sn futllo to cv
prrss how very much I cared for him.
Mv heart was thiobbing on a. note of per
fect happiness.
He took my liand and Held it tlgm in
his. At moments such as these I think
that Kl Dorado comes to all of us. I
know 1 touched the topmost rung of hap
piness. All tho old longings were now
satisfied, nil the old heartaches taken
rleht away.
The organ grinder In the street kept
playing "Just Decause It's You" and
now 1 thought there never was n gajer,
happier air! For In two minutes life
hail changed from minor cadence to one
perfect melody and 1 had reached the
land where dreams come true!
The End.
Odd Bridal Customs
In Servla bride arc kidnapped jWhetl
the lover has made up his mind that the
girl Is ready to marry him, he nnd his
irlends arm themselves with riflis, go up
to the girl's house, seize nnd enrrj her
off to church, nnd get married on the
spot. Otherwi'o the courtship Is almoxt
entirely conducted bv the men of the
family. The father of the prospective
bridegroom and two or throe male friends
call on the girl's father and bring them
a large cake of wheat nnd poppy seeds
The men of both families have supper and
haggle over terms of marriage. When
these terms nro arranged tho ton's father
puts some llowors and money on the cake
and hands It to the girl's father. This
net constitutes the betrothal contract.
Milady's Toilet Table
A great m.inv persons do not understand
the value of face steaming. Thl Is most
essential to a clear complexion.
The enthusiast must guard against
steaming all the skin ofT her face, fer It
she bolls a pan of water and holds her
face"ln the escaping steam sho will really
injure the skin. But real face st"amlng
should begin by heating n towel in hot
water and iippljiiig to tho face This
should be hot enough to make the l,ln
tingle. Tho idea Is to heal the skin i
well, but not to burn It. Face steaming I
by means of warm towels Is a good thing,
but when tho pores are thoroughly opened
th fnce can he washed.
The larbullzed face bath is iery good
for the skin. It tonslsts of a few drops
of carrollr acid to a large basin of water.
The benzotnated faeo bath is also excel
lent. A little benzoin Is dashed into a
basin of water and brlsklv stirred The
whole is ued as a face bath It con
tracts the pores and gradually closes
Don't Get Discouraged
Don't get discouraged becnuse you have
made a mistake. There has never been
A human bdng who did not make some
mistakes. The best wo can do Is to try
not to make the same mistake again.
In this vvav our work will become more
nnd more uci urate nnd we will become
morr and more reliable, i
Don't get dlscouiaged because people
laugh at ou and ridicule ou when you i
are trvlng to do right. Every successful ,
man has had tlio bame xpenenco; in
fact, it seems to be one of the prices we
have to pay for success.
Don't Bet discouraged about anything
when you are striving to do your best.
Evervthlng will come out all right and
you will laugh tomorrow over the cares
and worries of today
Gems of Thought
The only way to have a friend Is to keep
A good conscience Is to the soul what
health is to the body
Never mind, friend, what the worry
Of the long work-day has been;
Just you dust It from your being.
Just you let the sunshine In.
Sins even though you never "took a
music lesson." Songs aie like sunbeams
they breed cheerfulness. A cobbler who
smooths his wax end with a song wtl do
as much work in a day as one given to
ill nature nnd fretting will accomplish In
a week. Sing'
There a only one method of meettn life's
Just keep on s,Etrlvln' an' hope for the
Keep right on a-goin: don't stay standln'
Some people won't like you, but other
folks will.
Worldly Wisdom
"The woman who hates a. man very
much has generally loved him first."
"A walklnB cheque-book a thing not
to be despised, even If he has got too
much nose."
"They sy that chinchilla, red hair and
virtue don't go together. But a stuff
gown doesn't always cover the ten com
mandment?." 'The powder-puff Is as primeval as the
first woman. Rve probably used a dande
lion ball."
There la nothing so sensitive to a.
quick change as the barometer of flirta
tion." The Naked Soul, by Louise Hell
gers. The Doubtful Art Craze
We ail edvruice v u ti ,ni th l.,jtfir -
house keeper who nils her house wnh in
credible ornaments to tbe millionaire who j
buy old master that he doea not like I
Rost Fry-
is the Day of the Amateur Dressmaker, for
Individuality is the Keynote of the Season.
Theie is so much variety shown by
the frocks tit signed for autumn nnd
winter wear that it takes trained eye
to seize upon the definite features that
may be cataloged as characteristic of
tho presnt stsles.
Motives such as the basque and tho
tunic are taken by the modiste and
played upon In all the keys of color
and combination and with so mtnv
variations that the underlying Idea that
nevertheless dominates is noted. If at
all. unconsclouslv.
The amateur dressmaker ought to be
nble to manufacture her own clotnes
this season very successfully. Starting
out with a good model, she can mako
whatever changes In It that will best
adapt it to her own nppearanc and
thereby give it an Individuality that Is
more to be desired than the ownership
of one of th original models that will
be duplicated a hundred times and worn
nil over the country.
Color combinations are worth a study
quit of themselves. With some people
color is an instinct, nnd while It can
hardly be thrust upon any one, It can
certninly be acquired, to an extent at
any rate, by the assiduous and earnest
minded This is a generation as much addicted
to color as to dancing. Perhaps the two
go hand In hand, and perhaps, likewise,
it is a deliberate flinging of the gauntlet
in the face of a Puritan and Quaker
What Other
Housewives Know
For the numbers who voluntarily or of
necessity forego meat the following will
be of use:
This requires 5 hard-boiled eggs cut In
quaiters, small bottle of macedalne vege
tables, I pint aspic jelly, Hi gills whipped
cream. 1'j tablespoonfuls grated Parme
slan cheese, seasoning
Pour a shallow layer of the Jelly Into
a plain-bordered mold, and when this is
set arrange some of the quarters of eggs
upon It with a few of the macedoine
vegetables between. Pour a little of the
remaining aspic ovr this and stand the
mold In a basin of cold water until It
becomes firm, and continue to use eggs,
vegetables and the Jelly In same manner
until the mold Is full When Jelly Is
sufnctently set. turn the border out of
the mold and fill the middle with whipped
cream, adding as seasoning a little salt
and curry powder, mixed with grated
cheese. Serve on salad leaves.
As many hard-boiled eggs as desired,
butter, seasoning, lnegnr, two table
spoonfuls of asparagus, one raw egg,
bread crumbs, some blanched almonds
and mashed potatoes are needed.
Bake the potatoes, remove the Inside
snd pass It through a potato-presser Into
a basin, season well with celery salt,
pepper and nutmeg, add a small quantity
of milk and a large quantity of butter,
and beat potatoes with a wooden spoon
until light. Press them firmly Into a
round cake-tin, well buttered, and bake
In a quick oven for a half hour; cut the
eggs through the mlddlo and remove
yolks, pass them through a sieve and
beat Into a fairly soft paste with soma
warm butter, season with salt, pepper,
nutmeg and a few drops of vinegar, then
mix In one or two tablespoonfuls of
cooked asparagus tips and nil the whites
with the mixture. Pip the eggs into
beaten egg and cover thickly with fine
bread crumbs mixed with an equal pro
portion of blanched almonds and fry In
deep, boiling fat. Arrange eggs oa the
potato cake and garnish with watercress
or parsley.
Heat blood-warm one quart of milk,
add to it one dessert spoonful of sugar
and two of liquid rennet Pour out
into a deep dish with two table
spoonfu's of brand vover and put in a
toot place to set Then spread over the
top a. thick cream, grating of nutmeg
uci UtU powdered sugar and V.
oH!! i
mSi9iy l
ancestry that subdued nature for a time,
, but never crushed or really altered It.
i The business of living Is such a serious
r thing nowadays that anything that brings
J a lilt to the spirit Is a gain, and color,
, the brighter the better, certainly docs it
I only let It not bo crude.
j There are greens and blues this year
that are a Joy to behold. Orange and
yellow, the tango reds, violet In many
shades, pink and rose appear In ma
terials that give them a wonderful quality
and tone. And the basque and the tunic
make a combination of nt least two
' colors a natural sequence.
In the frock sketched todav, designated
as the "apron frock," two colors are
combined very harmonlousl Bodice and
underskirt are made of greenish brown
velvet nnd the overdress Is of cloth
vividly orange In tone.
The result Is striking but not bizarre,
nor is It outre. The two colors contrast
and yet are complementary The fan
like collar is of finely plaited mull of a
creamy note Here the use of orlsp white
, would Jar The t utiles at the wrist are
also of mull plaited In the same way and
of about the same depth as the collar.
I Stockings and shots must be brown or
bronze. Black would decidedly Jar and the
"Bcheme entire" of the whole costume
, would be utterly undone.
Some day a much tried modiste will
1 write an open letter on the subject of
wearing the wrong- shoes and stockings
with her wondrous creations, completely
i spoiling her carefully planned efforts.
A Way to Happiness
Cultivate a philosophical vein of
thought If you have not what you like,
like what you have until you can change
your environment.
Do not waste your vitality in hating
your life; find something In It which Is
worth liking and enjoying, while you keep
sieniiuy at worn to maKe It what you
desire. Be happy over something every
Make yourself worthy of a true friend-
, ship and worthy love, and, if any of
l these emotions seem to prove enhemeral.
remember they were not the realities
the real ones will come to you, since
you are worthy.
Worth Remembering
We may not accomplish much, but the
quality of our work may give it great
ness. Cheerful tempers manufacture solace
and Joy out of very unpromising ma
terlals. Your anxiety does not empty tomorrow
of Its sorrow; but ahl It empties today of
Its strength.
The shortest and surest way to live
with honor In the world Is to be in
reality what wo would appear to be.
A religion without thanksgiving, praise
and Joy, is like a flower without tint,
perfume or honey, There may be such a
flower, but surely no one would care to
pluck it.
Surprise for Mrs. W. K. Vanderbilt
Mr. W. K. Vanderbilt befriended a
Senegalese infantryman In tho course of
her Red Cross work in Paris and when
the soldier was leaving the hospital ha
invited Mrs. Vanderbilt to return with
him to Senegal, where she would be made
a chteftalnees of an African tribe.
For a young girl to dream of flirting Is
said to mean that the one she has at pres
ent selected as a. suitable partner for life
does not poaaeos tho solid and respec
table qualifications which lon are de
sirable, and that common rense suggests
looking elsewhere.
The Luxuries of Life
The spread of the love of luxury seems
to bs affectlag every one snd everything
Tfcl year many of our birds have left
t it tho South much earlier than usual.
The season of plenty Is bringing many
new arrivals In the vegetable world. The
market show:
Large Casaba melons at 60d a break
fast luxury,
Srnftll bunches of fresh whllo Waldorf
celery at I5c.
Mushrooms, varying According to size,
from 30c. to 60c.
Large Avocado pears for salad at 20c,
Romalne salad Is three for 25c.
Oyster plant has Just arrived, and sells
for 'the reasonable price of Be. for a
Peautlful Jersey strawberries are an
expensive luxury, selling at 40c. a quart.
Pimento peppers are a sort of sweet
red pepper, very delicious when stuffed,
and selling three for 6c.
Those who can use tho pomegranate
will find It on the market now, at three,
four and five for 25c, according to size.
New peas are here, the first crop sell
ing at TOc. a half-peck.
Large, Juicy grapefruit are three for
The last crop of raspberrtea Is selling
fast at 13c. a box, or two for I3c.
The Modern Rejected
Nrelus, gnzlng In the fount, grew hot
With passisn for the seeming wftter-IA) ;
Then, sick nnd desolate from vain desire,
He pined away.
Tho gallant questing knight of Arthur's days,
Who pleaded for tho lovo n maid denied,
In illence bore the bluer pnng then crossed
Tho Stiff Ian tide.
The Georgian buck, when chivalry yet lived,
And his hot lovo was scorned by some fnlr
For lovo ftive lite and in his aching heart
Plunged his own blade.
But when the life of modern man seems
By rraliltn fickleness, or love's miscarriage;
Seornlnr swift death, ho rclcs in other arms
Slow death by marrlJBe
I,ondon Opinion.
The Girl Who Works Outside the Home
THE spirit of unrest has taken hold
of nations, of politics, of the homo
Itself. The increasing numbers of girls
who work for a Irving without actual
necessity proves this.
A girl was overheard talking on this
subject the other day. "I'm Just bored
to death," she said. "I got up at 10
o'clock In the morning, nnd I have ft
headache. I fool around tho house for a
couple of hours nnd then I go down town
and shop for a, lot of things I don't want,
and eat lunch at 2 or 3.
Next I hunt up some one, or meet
some one, and we play bridge, danco or
go to a matinee, and fool around again
until dinner. Everybody tells mo I'm
lucky nnd have nothing to worry over,
nnd all that sort of nonsense, but doing
nothing Is mlghtly tiresome work.
"When I wanted to find something to
do, mother cried, nnd fnthre was hint! He
thought I wanted some extra clothes
nnd things, nnd said It was too bad If
he couldn't give his own daughter
White Chamois Gloves
To clean white chamois gloves make a
lather of soap and warm water. In which
has been put one tablcspoonful of am
monia to each quart, and when the water
is tepid put the gloves In It. Iet them
sonk for a quarter of an hour, then pi ess
them in your hands; do not wring them.
Ttlnse In fresh, cold water with a little
ammonia added. Press the gloves in a
towel, and dry them in the open nlr, after
blowing to puff them out.
It isn't as easy to sympathize as It
sounds First of all, It means being able
to look at things from another person's
point of view. Then It means actually
identifying oneself with their troubles
. , .. mtMlnv self nnd the
ana jojb. iv nicauo im,6 ... - --
things which Interest and concern self
Into the background and keeping them
there. Tou can't realize what sympathy
does for people. It nerves them to bear
a brave front, to conquer despondency,
perhaps to throw off despair. You can't
sympathize too often or too much.
A man wants It when he's well, to
keep him fit and cheerful, he wants It
when he's worn out, to help to banish
the black fears which torment him; he
wanta It when he's trying to be good, to
keep him on the right track; and if he
ever wants It more than any other time.
It's when he's Inclined to go off the lino.
What True Love Is
Ixive Is the master power of the world.
Love Is a magnet. No purpose or object
can resist the Influence of a great and
persistent love any more than the needle
can resist the pole.
liove creates happiness, health, success
and Inspiration.
Jxive Is the Impulse of nature, which
gives us foliage, flowers and fruit. Every
blade of grass is a love word of the earth
for the sun.
Ixive Is strong as death. Many waters
cannot quench love, neither can the floods
drown It.
Iive Is never satisfied with doing or
giving anything but the beet.
The Creation of Eve
"When Adam's rib was taken from him
In sleep, he lost more than was left him,
and woke to find all hts finer self gone
from him. He was left a blundering bumble-bee;
to the rib that was taken from
him clung the courage of the lioness, the
wisdom of the serpent, the gentleness of
the dove, the cunning ot the spider, and
the mysterious charm of the firefly that
dances In the dusk. But to that rib also
clung the desire to be loved. Otherwise,
In the human race, the male would be
slain yearly like the drone of the hive.
But the strange thing that grew from
the rib, like flowers from burled carrion,
desired love. There was Its strength and
Its weakness." Mrs. Ames, by E. F. Ben
son, Disconcerting
"What are you laughing at, dear?"
"I was just thinking how you used to
sit and hold my hand for an hour at a
time before we were married. How silly
you wer!"
"I wasn't silly at all. I held your hand
to keep you away from tho piano."
Excellence of Service and
Efficiency of Treatments
are the ev (actors that should be
considered in clentWc twmty ruliure
have m reputation for both.
Which Is the More Successful On Going Out lniA
the Business World?
Where Ihc mere man Is concerned, nnd
moro particularly the hufllness man, a
thing of beauty may not always be a joy
forever! . ,
"Upon my word," cried the harassed
young sales-manager In n large ofllcc, tho
other day, "theso pretty girl stenograph
ers will be the death of me yet. we
have two up here, nnd between them I
shall soon bo ciazy! There Is Miss Brown,
for Instance a Very good-looking girl,
but Phe knows the fact only too well!
Sho has a wretched little pocket-mirror,
and a wrelchtd little powder-puff, and
out they both come on nil and every
occasion. ,, ,
"Now yesterday nn unusually large
number of orders had to be filled, and
If only Miss Urnvvn would havo tackled
them In a sporting splilt, they would
have ben got through nil right, nut,
dear bless me, no! First thing she had
to attend to one finger-nail that seemed
to be caufllng her grcnter anxiety than
the affnlis of nations' She spent nt least
ten minutes over that. Then I thought
she was falily well stnrtcd but on com
ing bnck I found her with the usual
pocket-mirror out again examining one
eyebrow. Gee! But I was wild, let
Bho Is a clever girl, and I'd hate to llro
"What about the other pretty stenog-
rnpher?" , . , ,
"Miss Smith, von mean? Oh, she Is
worse than the other, if unyllilng-but In
a different way. The number of her
male, ndmlrcr.s Is what annoys me so. I
put my foot down ptcttv heavily about
having them come up to see her in tho
ofllco. Then thev kept telephoning her nt
the most awkward moments, una now
Mark Twain's Molhcr
" 'Tou gave mo moro uneasiness than
nny child I had,' Twain's mother said
onco to him In her old nge. 'I suppose
you wero afraid I wouldn't live,' ho sug
gested In his tranquil fashion. She looked
nt him with that keen humor that had
not dulled In SO years. 'No, afraid you
would,' she snld."-Mnik Twain; A Bi
ography, by Albert Blgolow Pnlne.
enough without her looking clsewhcie
So I gave It up! Here 1 am pcifcctb
dis.sjtlsllcd, grumpv all day long, and
rich in the knowledge that I'm perrcctlj
Perhaps this Is putting the case n
flttlo strongly, yet when one nnllzes that
this gnl has nothing to look forward to
but this luMiilous diudgery until wiino
man comes nlong and decides to tako .i
chnnco on his happiness, j on cannot
blame her. And with the training or
lack of training of these car behind
her, her chances for happiness hang n
tho thin tin end of her power of helf
control. Tho business glil on the con
tiary goes through n discipline which
Is practically Invaluable She keeps
early hours heenuso she cannot nffoiil to
get run-down nnd lose lur position. Sho
bus to lenin punctttnlltv, neatness, nnd
nssumo a cettnln amount of losponsilill
Ity. Her valuation ot men is usually
protlv correct because she deals with
those who accomplish and do not Idle. Shu
ltnrns to save, as well as to earn, inonoy.
and In this way has the "oronomii. Inde
pendence" so talked of nt present. Ilor
ilallv Intercourse with all kinds of people
makes her adaptable, tolei.tut and moro
Which Are You?
Now: the two Kinds of people on earth I
Aie the people who lift and tho people
who lean.
Wherever you go, you will find the
world's masses
Are always divided In Just these two
And, oddly enough, you will find, too, I
w een,
There Is only lifter to twenty who lean.
In which class are you? Are you easing
the load
Of overtaxed lifters who toll down the
Or are you a leaner, who lets other bear
Your portion of labor and worry and
Girls Who Shouldn't Marry
The girl who Is so utterly sellllsh that
she could not consider or love another
moro than herself.
Who speaks against other girls and un
mercifully criticises thetn.
Who snubs the man or vvomnn who
dares dispute her authority, or whom
sho considers her social Inferior.
Who prides herself on her domestic In
competence, and boasts of her Inability
to cook a dinner or scrub a floor.
Who displays no lovo for children, who
votes them a nuisance, and who would
rather fondle a dog than a baby.
Who lives but for pleasure, and neglects
her domestic duties while her mother and
sisters slave at home.
Washing Hair-brushes
Hair brushes should be washed In hot
or tepid water, to which soda or ammonia
has been added. The brushes should be
dipped in and out of the water till clean,
taking care that the backs and handles
do not get wet. After rlnElng In tlear
cold water, put them In the nlr to dr .
they should never be died close to the
Are, or the bristles will become discol
ored, and the use of soap will make the
brlstlee soft.
Tulip Bread
Holland, the land of tulips, is going to
eat tulip bread owing to the scarcity of
wheat nnd the difficulty of Importing
any from America. A baiter In Bred
had the Ingenious idea of baking bread
made from flour composed of two-thirds
wheat and one-third ground tulip bulbs.
The bread tastes well, is ver nouiishlng
and very cheap owing to the vast stock
of tulip bulbs available ever where in
Holland The association of Hutch bakers
have ofllclully sanctioned tulip bread, and
a loaf has been presented to tho Minister
of AVer, who has recommended it tor
army use
ipO Solid Mahogany
$7 I WLfl
? ha4 oa haul a cood
collection of niiqu picw at MlUo price
Wm. C. Patton, Jr.
24 South 18th Street
Ihnt I havo elopped that, they sn(j iif
special delivery letters that throw hirl
Into such a flutter thnt she can scareeM
work nt all I No, the next atenogranhnr.f
I. 11. 1 l!l.. 111 l. ..1l.. 1 ,.," 0""5
in i, no u,,,v.c .in, ,..- iMuui-iuuKing g ,, i
I have quite decided on that!" "
There did seem somo ground for n
noynnce In this particular case, Yet the :
reverse side of tho picture Is frenurmii.
seen. Tho nVerngo man, being mcreli
human and not of tho nngels, docs in.
cllno to bo attracted by n awect atiti
pretty fneo. It is Infinitely plcasanter
to linvo pictty things nround the orrice
piovided and hero Is tho crux of th
whole matter-that tho pretty things are!
useful ns well ns ornamental.
Somo good-looking girls suffer from a
mistaken Idea that their nppcarance will
carry them triumphantly through biisl. '
ness life, and they rest upon that picas,
ing thought. To such foolish maidens '
disaster Inevitably comes.
Tho prettv girl Is handicapped from
the start, In that her homo circle and
admiring friends have flattered her and '
given her the Idea that sho Is rather '
uniiMi.il. On facing tho ups and downs '
ot business life she docs not, therefore
tnke well to criticism, nnd the censure
of her business miporlors will hurt her
moro than it might her plainer and
less spoiled sister.
Apait from those disadvantages there
Is no reason whv tho pretty girl should
not possess nil the wits nnd the busl.
ness acumen of her less favored sister
"I like to have pictty girls worklnr
In my ofllce," said nnother mnti. "Thty
brighten up tho placo and mako things
look so much moro attractive. The only
ilKulvontnge Is that they nru so dread
fully apt to go oft and get married,"
Pavlowa, the Peerless
She is on her way to tho land of tin
Stars and Stripes, the Incomparable
Miiil.imo Anna Pavlowa. most bewitch
ing of dancers. A few dns ago she
boarded the White Star liner Adriatic,
and (.ailed with hci world-famed troupe
ot Itussl.tn dancers for New York. There
she begins next month her thiul great
A met lean tour.
Tho wondeiful dancer has well been
named Pavlow.i the Peerless. To such as
have watched the inliaculous giaco of
her movements, tho bewildering intricacy
of her ally steps, will tho memory of her
be untorgottublc. Sho flits nnd flutters
and twill on the stage as llshtl as t
lovely ball of thistledown, nnd with a
little appai cut effort.
When in tho United States. Madame
Pavlowa intends to continue her efforts
in nldlng the Allies, as she has been do.
Ing iluiiriK her stay in England.
I'nfortunately for hei, sho reached
Berlin to fulfil an engagement on the
very day that Germain- declared war
upon Russia, the ilnnier'a native land!
With the gieutest difti-.ilty she got away
to Paris, going on to iindon later, but
she lost nil tho lovely clothes that she
had taken to tho German theatre.
effoits to lecover them availed.
The peisonallty of Anna Pavlowa Is a
most complex and attractive one. Theis
is a sadness in the line lines of her beau
tiful faco, nuil one has but to glance la
her lovely dark oves to rend magnetism
and power written theie.
Lovers and Brothers
The girl who Introduces her fiance ts
her brothers experiences a secret feeling
of diend lust they should not "rub along"
Such irmnrks as "Oh, he's a fairly
decent sort of chap," or "Never mind,
dear, hoil lmpiuve on acquaintance" an
not very likely to please tho sisters they
prettmi to think &o much of.
livery c.uelesH temaik concerning him
liuitH her moro than they believe, and
if tho brothers do not make a friend of
him she takes it greatly to heart This
tends to ill if t the girl more and more
from her brothers,
One run readilv understand the remark
of n tecently engaged girl when, the de
dared that tho introducing of her lover
to her brothers was one of the greatest
oi deals of her life.
At the Msn
ut Hit
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your old feathers
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