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Athletics Themselves Ai
Slower About Making
Predictions, Remembering
What Happened in 1910.
Juniors, Composed of Play
ers Under 14, Have Al
ready Opened Season.
Splendid Pacing Thorough
breds to Be Matched in
Final Test October 21,
According to Present Plan3
Soccer Teams Starting.
i) e;
' t
There wan little hesitation on the pnit
of the Athktlcs themselves, their follow
ers mul tlio preB. lait jc.ir, In makltn'
Irrevocable predictions for a Mackitinn
victory In tlio world's series. ThN venr
tills Is not true. Tor some reason, tho
thoughts of every otto cccnts to hnv,
turned back to loin.
When Connie Mnel sent In Ills tram
agnlnM the Cubs, In their fnnious series
of tlmt jenr, thero wcia few outside Un
ranks of the local players themselves
who had any confidence in the Atluntlii'
Ability to win. Yet they did win. On
pnper todny. tlio White Ulcpliants have
nn advantage over their cultured rival
which surpasses even that of the Cubs In
JP10. Yet lron-cl.nl predictions ntc not
being niude In f.ivor of Hack's men.
Tli! can bo accounted for this year be
cause of the fact that the llravcs have
never been In a world's series, nnd nrc
therefore unknown quantities. Individual
ly, and as a team. In this event. Whether
SlnllliiR'x method of giving hi moll con
fidence by i opcated piedlctlons of victory
will give them the right nnwunt of con
fidence 1 cumins to he sien.
It I" haidl.v probable that there Is nnj
cvcrcouPdcnce among the Boston players
but there Is confidence. This will sttrilv
work to theli advantage. The New Yoik
Giant? were benten last seaon bofoic
they took the field against the Atlilotus.
Down In their heaits the Giants rcatlzid.
or Iliollgllt tlie uui, inni tncir L-uuui-ia j
for "inning the ccrles were almost tilt.
Ther"foie they were nil This year there
Is no such fooling among the Braves. T.ioy
feel that their great fight In the .National
League Justifies the confidence which
they have been nurturing since the
cinched the flat; In Tener'? circuit.
The Athletics feel the same about the
series as the baseball writers. They be
lieve that, man for man, they are su
perior to the Braves; that as a welt
prlmcd machine they have the advantage;
that tlmy have a better woiklng knowl
edge of the gome, ami finally tint Connie
Mack will direct his club more effectively
than George Stalling. Yet they are slow
In making predictions on the outcome,
even in private conversation.
That old scries of 1910 has been re
viewed this car more than any one in
past history. First because it lias caused
this vague frellng In baseball circles, that
BtalUngs may do just what the Athletics
cTTd that vear. and secondly because thut
contest showed that theie Is no way
rcallv to Judge pitchers in different
leagues until thej actuallj come together
In conllict.
All doubt has been cast away regarding
Gtuffv Mclnnls' ability to go into the
scries. Both Connie M.ick and the plnjer
himself stated MStorday that when th
umpire calls "play bull" tomoirow after-
noon (provided It doesn't rain) the
little wonder will be ut his station, pre-j
pared to play the game of his young
For some reason the fact that Stuffy
was hurt did not become generallv known
until a few das ago. Mclnnl3 was hurt
In St. Louis on the last trip of the Ath
letics In tho West. A pitched ball hit
his right hand, and for a time It seems
that It was feared he had broken his
band But an X-ray photograph showed
that this was not the case. A bruise
was the worst thing that could be found
on close examination.
As far as his fielding is concerned.
Mclnnls will not be affected in tho least
by his sore hand, even though it may
pain him. But at the bat it is different.
He Is very apt to find that he cannot
grip the stick, and that will naturally
lhave a tendency to weaken his slugging.
Now that Bed Smith Is out of the
Kame It Is well to consider the man
who will take his place. Stallings lias
not stated positively that Deal will go
to the third sack, but he has given
every other evidence that such Is his
Deal Is one of the cleverest, cleanest
fielders In the game. He is a much mora
finished performer than Smith, who nas
had comparatively little experience. Deal,
of the other hand, has been playing base
tall for years, and has been an in
fielder almost as long as he has been
playing. But on the offensive there Is
no comparison, judging by past per
formances, between Smith and his suc
cessor. Deal may be the very man who
will get the timely rap that will beat
the Athletics, and It Is strictly within
the range of possibility that he will get
enough timely htts to win the series
just as George Kobe did for the White
Sox In 1506, but the chances ore against
Seal's doing nearly as well as Smith
-would have done.
"Red" has been a slugger ever since
lie began playing baseball. He began by
setting a reputation among the colleges
of the South by his habit of breaking
the hearts of the opposing pitchers
while he was a member of the Auburn I
baseball team. Later, when he joined
one of the clubs of the Southern Asso
ciation, he kept up his hard hitting.
"When he came Into the big show he con
tinued his slugging habits. Smith has
never had a great batting record, as to
figures, but he is a timely hitter and one
of the most dangerous men In the Na
tional League, because of the length of
bis hits.
This, in short, means that In the com
ing series, Stallings has lest nothing on
the defensive, but a great deal on the
Stallings seems to think that he was
treated unfairly when the Athletics re
fused to let him practice at Shlbe Park
at I o'clock today However that may,
th stories printed In the New York
papers today, which state that Mack re
fused them the privileges of the grounds
this rooinlwf are untrue Maok gave the
Braves to understand that they might
work-out this morning whenever they
t pleased, but he did reserve the 2 o'clock
r date for Ills own men.
. The reason given by Stallings why he
'1' wanted to work at t o'clock was that he
Ml wished bis men to work when the sun
wm shining on the park, just as it
vould at the hour when the world's
onieries U to begin. Today there la no
hotun, hence Stalling could have gained
awothlng by going out at !. any more
seiaa he could have by having his Braves
U ilk at 9 this morning And what la
nuntire to th point, the weather appear
tb -es and predictions Indicate that there
the U be no need for any one to get
'USUI up over interference front the
; TJTfi 7) TH 7 T 1 F JJ T ATI
Qj ftl Villi Uf
More Than 150 Candidates
Sign Up for Work This
Fall Columbia in Line
Reports from Yale. Cornell. Harvard
and Ponnsvivanln show that there is n
wonderful revival of Interest In row Ins
at alt these institutions. At Yale, duo to
the Kits' victory over Harvard Inst
j spring and the work of Guy Ntckalls In
j changing the conditions from chaos to
j efficiency, there has been a turn-out of
ncaily 1,0 men for fall nrnctlce. vlrtn.
ally three times as many as last year.
At Cornell, whore rowing has always
been popular and efficient, the attendance
this fall has been 160, or doublo what it
was last fall.
At Pennsylvania the success of Vivian
Nickalls in bringing the Quakers up from
i last place to second In a slimle year has
so stimulated row Ins: that more than 130
candidates have signed up foi work this
( fall,
Ttoulnc at Columbia is now on its feet.
j a good many college men are not aware
or the ract thut the Columbia lowing
authorities last spring had practically
decided that rowing should be discon
tinued after tlio 1514 regatta. But the
New Yorkers' success gave rowing sveh
a boom that It aroused the enthi siasm of
the undergrnduates and graduates nnd It
will bo nulntalnod. Coach James Rice
now has twice as manj candidates for
tlio crew as before.
Men to Run Against Roman
Catholic High Next Thurs
day Good Schedule Is
The Northeast High ct .s-country gqua4
has been selected by Coach Sigman, who
has announced that the following men
will constitute the first squad, which Is
to run against Roman Catholto High in
a. dual race next Thursday. Heek, cap.
tain' Lynch, Reteneler, Titts, Reed,
Crompton. Alexander. Rowland, McCor
mack Freshmen Read, captain. Dear
don, Dean, Stroh. Klaugh, tfbartonby,
Martin, Balmer. Steel. Barntt and Koch
also made the varsity, but will be In
eligible to run till later In the season.
The sihedue lias been announced as fol
lows: October li-Roraan Catholic in Ffclrmount
October 17 Novics raca in Falrmount
October SI Handicap race In Palrmount
October 38 Fresnmen vs. Germontown
High School, at Northeast Field.
October tt-Princeton race, at Princeton.
November 5 Freshmen vs. Frankford
High, at Northeast ritld
November HJumor championship in
Falrmount Park.
November Jl Freshmen championship
in Falrmount Park.
Novmber 26 Senior American cham
pionship in Falrmount Park.
Races with Penn Freshmen and West
Philadelphia High School for November
X and November 21, respectively, are un
der negotiation.
The football game plajed against Villas
nova Prep last Saturday, which Northeast
High won by a score of 26-a), howU
weaUr.ews in the Archives' defense,
which Coa.ch Johnson Is trying to eradi
cate. The tackling was uncertain and
the men are being put through long
practices tackling the dummy ever day.
Yesterday a stlHf scrimmage was held!
In which the scrubs gained little ground
against the first team.
Breitbaupt has been called away from
the game indellniUly because of death in
bis family, and Sickle and Brown bave
quh for good Dud" Thomas la tui
elating the coaches by his splendid work
on the line Tboma-a is a heavy man of
the college type, and j&ckles much harder
man any otner member of bla teaa,
Gridiron Gleanings From Leading Colleges
Norvvald Is to Be Played at
Centre on the Penn Eleven
Saturday in Place of Car
ter, Who Is Injured.
Norwnld will be first choice for centre
on the 1'ennsvlvanla eleven on SaUitdnj
against Lafayette College. The liu.n to
Carter led Coach Brooke to look .umind
for another centre and he chose Nnrwald
because he hnd plajed that punti'm at
preparatory school, and It would not b
like breaking In n new man foi tin. po
sition. It was felt that Borle was too
light for the place, ns ho docs not neigh
n.ulto 170 pounds. Norvvald made n bU
Impression on tho coaches in yes'.erda
practice. He played very strongly and
passed very smoothly and accutatelj
Norvvald weighs 1M founds, so, with
Journeay on one sido and Wlthorow on
tho other, 1'cnn's centre trio should be
able to hurl back oven the mlghtj Kel.ey
of Lafayette
Tho placing of Witherow at left guard
has also cjusod some surprise this week, i
but the young giant has fairly earned I
his place through Ills work on the sec
ond team. He and Helming, who pl.i.ved
so well last Saturday, will bo tho new- .
I comers on tho line, though Hopkins will I
be put in ilrst at right end. This is I
quite a shako-up for tho line, but it
I worked very well Tuesday and jesterdav,
I as tlio men were muUi mor.e lively, both
I on the offense and tho defense.
I Lafayette Is counting on the weakness
of Petin's line, but If the above men can
i play ns well ns they did estcidav. tho
Easton men win nave a ratner unpleas
ant surprise in ttoro for them.
NEW HAVEN. Oct 8 Following Wedne!
rt.n's dlMHtrnun defoat by the ncrulw Coach
Frank ItlcKey tent the regulars ngnlnst the
third learn yesterday, with the result th.it
the varsity made three touchdowns and the
third team none In 14 minutes of play.
Guernsey scored first on a doubl pass,
hlih netted a long gnln around end. then
Reovlllp, who Is shoving up woll In the
line kfleld went over the line on a plunge.
Alnsworth scored the tlmil tally on a well
executed forward piss from Ouernsey.
I.ntVISnunO, Pa . Oct roaches foi-lll
nnd Jordin started preparations for the
iramo with Swarthmore at Swarthmore on
Saturday bv drilling thel!ucknell t, am on
their offensive duties, fp to yesterday the
defense has been given most of the atten
tion by the roaches The plavers nppear tn
he In good phslc.l lomlltlon after their
hard game with Prim eton with the exnep
tlon of Kelser, who will likely le able to
pta Saturday, as his bad shoulder is re.
spondtng to treatment, and Curran, the
freshman end. and who was compelled to
leave the Princeton game In the tlrst half,
will likely be out of the Swarthmore same
ANNAPOLIS. Oct R - Th efforts of the
Naval Academy roarhes yesterday were di
rected toward the perfection of the team
tn the details of football ates, the old
Yale player, who aeted as field coach or the
Navy team for several years, was Present,
and with Lleutemnt Lelgbton worked with
the candidates for the line.
WEST POINT. Oet 8 Two fine runs by
Ollphant ot 30 yards each were the fea
,. Ill th, Armt's work-out veslerday. Th,
scrubs, however, put up a great defense and
prevented anv ecoring. Straight old-fashioned
football was the order of tbs day
CARLISLE. Pa.. Oct S.--The Carlisle In
dlans end the DieMnion follege elevens held
their second Joint football practice on Indian
K1M etterdy tn a drtixling rain, following i
on hour's work I.) eaih team on Its own grid
Iron Dl klnson preliminary drill consisted
of elementary nrk with a grat deal of
stress laid on tai-kllng and endeavors to form i
line buc-Ulr.3 an 1 pen plus for use against
the strong lurleht learn on baturda The
Indians tn Ihelr preliminary practice also Je- ,
roted attention to tackling and the smooth
running of signals.
SOUTH HErHI,F.irEM. Pa. Oct S -L-hlKh's
practice jesterday was not of the
smoothest order First four of the men were
hurt and then a downpour of rain left the
field soggj Tho men slipped and fumbles
the ball making It hard to get off the plais
for the Tale game In the shape desired. The
rain, however gave the men their first oppor
tunity of the season to handle a wet ball.
STATE COM.Er.E. Pa.. Oct. 8 Oppressive
e4ther had a bad effect on Penn State'
football squad vesterday The practice was
dull and listless, little spirit being shown by
either the varsity or scrub teams. James anl
I.amb practiced drop and placement kicking
with satisfactory results. Both men dropped
several goals from hard angles. lllggens
punted for the varsity eterday. sending lonj
spirals for 10 to 03 lards lie Is being d
lopd for use in case Clarke U Injured.
Itbaca, Oct. 8 Cornell's football woes
multiplied yesterday, when at the end of a
scrimmage that lasted Into the darkness
Charles I.ahr, substitute fullback on ttw
varsity, was hurt o seriously that It was
stated after practice he would not be
abU lo pUy for the rest of the ytar. iJihr
Dhued regular fullback In the Penn game last
year arid was rated as one of the best backs
on the squad.
ANN AKBOR Mich . Oct. 8. Michigan de
feated Mount Union. 2T to T, yesterday in a
came which was satisfactory despite the fact
that the Ohtoans scored on the Wolverines
The fourth period as played lo darkness
and the vUltors worked forward passes which,
oombined wtlb penalties aseeased againe!
Michigan, dually save Mount Uolon a score
Just before the whistle blew, there being no
time for a klekcff
CAMBRIDGE. Mass.. Oct 8. -The Harvard
football coa,"bes are not In a very nappy frame
cj ciiad i'JJl, ww, aUdseuon nugfortuac bav
He is fullback on that football eleven
and so far has made good.
inn fallen in an aRlnnrhc. On top of the
announcement that Eddie Mahan will be out
of the game for eome time, it havlnz devel
oped that ho has pulled a tendon in his leK.
It was decided today that It s would be unwlte
to ute either Fouey, the centre rush, or I
Bn. the ipiatterhiek. In Saturday's same wTli
the strong- Washington and Jefferson team.
miNCETON, Oct. 8 -Thero was a lot of
Athletics, 10; New orl!, 0.
Mnshlnzton, II, Ilonton. 1.
Other ilubs not scheduled
w r. it w r. p c
Athletics 00.-3.ini St Louis. 71 S2 .444
Boston 01 tl'j '.ftl New Tork 70 84 ills
Washlng'n SI 73 .127 Chicago 70 84 .4M
Detruit . kO 73 32,'J Cleveland 51 102 331
Ttaltlmorr, ."; l'llUlnirKh. 3 (first
Itultimorc, 4; I'llKliurgli, 3 (second
kam, 7 Inning,).
ilmuklyn, 10: liuffjlo. 4.
IiidiunjpoIU, 1 1 t. I nuli, 0.
t'hlrugu-Kansas (itr (not sthrilulnl),
nuffalo at rltUhurcb.
Jlrooklyn ut Haltlmore.
St. IjiuIh at Indianapolis,
liuuta City ut Chicago.
W LPC W up a
Ind'n'p'Ils 87 01 571 Brooklyn. 7S 78 .WO
Chbago. 8107 Mi Kan's City 6S 82 4'53
Baltimore 82 r.S 147 Pittsburgh 61 $ 418
Buffalo ..78 09 331 St Louis 62 88.413
Clilragu Nationals, 4) Chicago Araer
lrun, 2.
Cubs ... . 10 1000 White Sox 0 1 .X)0
dt. louts Americana, 7; St. I-ouU Na
tionals, 4.
V L. r C W. L.PC,
Browns .. 2 0 1000 Cardinals. 0 2 .000
Th Stenton Country Club will stage the
second round of match play for the Pres
ident a Cup this eUturdaj The Spring
haven (oumry Club bus listed Handicap
Four-Bali Foursomes, and the members of
the Huntingdon Valley Country Club will
engage in bandlcap jfcattb play against
Big College Football Ma
chines Are Being Driven
Along at a Good Clip for
Next Saturday's Games.
uiiBii ill uie xtHirr BtriiiliiuijtB jcsit'iuuj. .,u,
tho rcRUlts were not satisfactory when viewed
from the standpoint of score The second strliiK
n.ii made tw'o touchdimns In a flftccn-mlnulD
rrelee while the freshnun eleven held the reg
ulars to ono touchdown In 15 mlmitca. The field
and ball wcro slippery, but thero was not ,vs
much fumbling as might have been expected.
Captain Bill Stephens is entering on his
fourth season ns n member of tho Cential
Hlsh football team with better prospects
of landing nn all-scholastic berth than
ver before. Bill has lost none of tho
amazing speed that featured his open
Held running last year, and has ndded to
this nn ability to dodge nnd squirm awny
from opposing tacklers that Increased tho
Ream's offenslvo strength by many yards
In the Wilmington High game. Stephens'
10-yard run In the opening period placed
tho ball almost In tlio shadow ot tho goal
posts, and It was then a simple matter to
carry it the remainder of the distance.
Another big day Is scheduled for tomor
row In scholastic football, no lets than
nine games being caided for local grid
irons, Xoitheast High being the sole one
of the big schools that will take nn off
dav. Central High has drawn n difficult
assignment In Its game with Vlllanovn
Prtp, which gave Northeast such a tussle
last week, but Howell cxpcclfi his team
to improve on the Red nnd Black's score
considerably. Following Is the schedule
of tomorrow's games: Penn Charter vs.
Chestnut Hill, at St. Martin's; Frnnkfoiil
High vs. Southern High, at Southvvark
Field: Vlllanovn I'rep vs. Central High
School, at Itouston l'leld; Wilmington
High vs. Atlantic City High, at Atlantic
City; Haverford School vs. Episcopal, at
6M and Walnut ntreets; Bryn Athyn vs.
Gcrmnntovvn Academy, at Mnnhelm;
Chcstert!iKh vs. West Philadelphia High,
at West Phllidelphla; Lansdowne High
vs. Toltntlno Academy, at Lansdowne.
Scholastic soccer will tee Its official
opening tomorrow, when Haverford
School plavs Hplfccopal Academy on tho
Intter's field. Little or nothing Is known
of the respective merits of the two teams,
but na both have invariably been leaders
In this branch of sport in former years,
a stirring contest Is looked for. "
Llttla or nothing has been heard ns
yt from the Episcopal eleven aside from
its scoreless tlo with Bryn Athyn last
week. This result cama In the nature of
j.-t. . .... ..,.... -.-i. .. .-.-j.. ,..,
a surprise to Episcopal, who has formerly
experienced but little trouble in disposing
of the out-of-town team, nnd does not
spenk well for their chances of landing
the Interacademlo tltlo again wis rail,
especially In view of Penn Charter's fine
showing In Its opening games. The cham
pionship ha.s generally been won by either
ono or the other of these schools, but
the Quakers appear to have an edge on
their rlvalB this year.
As long as Central High retains Gilbert
Tomllnson, the national SSO-yard cham
pion, as a member of Its swimming team,
the Crimson and Gold will bo reasonably
sure of having a successful season Tom
llnson Is in a class by himself among the
schoolboys -nd is capable of beating all
comers from 100 yards up. His one draw
back is a desire to compete In all the
races possible In one afternoon, and In
this way invariably becomes stale before
the curtain drops on tho aquatic season.
NEW YORK, Oct 8. "Gunboat" Smith,
rated by many as the best white heavy
weight In this country, and "Battling"
Iyovlnsky await the gong to start their
ten-round bout at the Manhattan Sport
ing Club, at the Manhattan Casino,
Eighth avenue and 155th street, tomorrow
night. The men are trained to the min
ute, and a slashing bout Is expected. A
victory means much to Levinsky, for
should he defeat Smith he will be In line
for many Important matches.
The McMahon brothers expect a rec-ord-breaklnx
crowd, for the advance sale
exceeds that of any other match they
ever promoted.
Smith will enter the ring at about 1S7
pounds, while Levinsky will weigh about
ten pounds less. Physical disparity, how
ever. Is the least of Ivlnsky's troubles.
He is used to giving away weight to his
opponents and has said, like Fltzslm
mons, "the bigger they are, the harder
they fall"
James McCoy, champion pocket billiard
player of Ohio, will play Otto Rerselt, at
the Columbia billiard room, HIT Colum
bia place, tonlghL The match U one at
Hi points.
The basketball season at the German
town Boys' Club will soon bo under full
wlng. Six lengucs havo been organized
or are In the process of organization.
The Junior League, made up of hoys
under 14 years of age, nnd weighing less
than 100 pounds each, opened the season
nat Monday night. Games are played at
:13 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday nnd
Thursday evenings In the Germatitown
Hoys' Club cage. The following teams
make up the league circuit: Navajo, Mo-
i.awk, Seneca, Seminole, Cherokee, Chey-
iiiie, Dakota and Irlquols,
The Gcrmnntown Church Athletic
League will play their games at the Boys'
'Ulb on Monday and Tuesday evenings,
( 'Honing the season October 19. Tho only
linngo In tho Icnguo circuit Is that Advj-
ato will take the place of Trinity Luth-
'.iin, tho latter having withdrawn from
i" league,
Wakefield, the champions of last year,
. ng with Third Baptist, SL Stephens,
cstsldc. Market Squnre, St. Michael's
lid First Presbyterian, will make up this
Tho Junior Church League is being
formed nnd the following have already
entered teams: Second Presbyterian,
Wcatsldo. St. Stephen's, Wakefield and
Market Square. Thero nro three vacan
cies In this league, nnd Junior church
teams In the 22d Ward .desiring a place
snoum aaurcss the Germantown Hoys'
Under the auspices of the Germantown
Church Athletic League, a new church
league Is being oiganized, nnd the fol
lowing havo entered teams: Scconu
Presbyterlnn, Germantown Brethren,
Falls Methodist Episcopal, ML Airy
Presbyterian, Summit. First Congiegn
tlonal and All Saints Lutheran.
The Junior Soccer League of the Ger
mantown Boys' Club opened tho season
last Monday afternoon on the playground
adjoining the club and a very Intel estlng
gamo was played between "Pennsylva
nia" and "Princeton."
Coach Sutton Is busy nowadays organ
izing his "electric light soccer league,"
as it has been nlck-namcd. The follow
ing hnvo entered Teams: Wakefield, Gar
field, Worklngmen's Association, Penn
sylvania Reserves and Senior Depart
New York Giants nnd Yankees Meet
on Diamond Today.
NEW YOBK, Oct. 8.-Aftcr a day of
rest from the intricacies of the box score,
the baseball public will wend its way
Polo groundvvard again tills afternoon.
Tho first game of tho Intra-clty scries
between the Highlander; and the Gi'Vts
will be played today, starting promptly
at 2:13, nnd those ardent supporters of
the American League Club who havo
scoffed openly in the past nt the alleged
weakened condition of the local National
Leaguers will have an opportunity to
back up their talk with facts or foi ever
after hold their peace.
Christy Mathevvsou will be on the
mound for the Giants, while Jack War
hop will serve them up fur the Hilltops.
This arrangement was decided upon yes
terday by tho rival managers, and since
each hns hud several tlajs of rest, there
Is every reason to believe the battle be
tween the two slabmen will be woll
worth witnessing.
It's only 30 years ngo since Bob made
population grow In Belleville, Illinois. An'
yet Just why I can't unfold folks al
ways talk of Bob as old. "Ol" Bob." "Ol
Groom." "Ol' Boy." Of course, he's play
ed since 1901, when Fort Scott, Kansas,
box scores bote his weddln'-soundin'
name. An' he spent five years in the
bush before he got his big league push to
mako his bid for fame.
Bob towers some inches past 6 feet, but
hasn't got a pick o' meat between his
bones an' skin. When he'd trot out his
spindlo shanks jou'd want to bust some
bab's batiks to bet ho wouldn't win. Ho
did look old, but still ho atajed with
Washington until he'd made a visit Ilvo
vears long. l.att vear he left the clan of
Griff to see, by chnugln' gall'rles, If ho
couldn't ring the gong.
St Louce'a Feds Is Bob's address. His
right arm still has pep, I guess. They're
workin' him enough. He gets In there an'
works away, but luck don't seem to come
his way fate treats him pretty rough.
Bob says he's good for some years yet.
He will be, too, I'd make a bet of one
big, black cigar. Ol' Bob is one o' those
queer ginks who's good, but, 'cause he's
got a jinx, can never be a star. Copy,
righted by A. M. Corrlgan.
Twenty-one thourand seven hundred and
forty-four paid admissions were recorded
at Comlakey's Park, Chicago, yesterday,
when the Sox and Cubs plaed their in-tra-city
contest. This would indicate that
the supporters of the Chicago clubs are
legion. There was great spirit manifest
by the crowd, according to reports, and
wild cheering marked fine plays by each
of the teams.
The Indianapolis Federal League team
proved Its calibre again in that pennant
race, as it has won the top honors.
Jim Bice, of Columbia, should feel very
much enthused at the number ot candi
dates who have reported for the rowing
crews. It is very plain that he can af
ford to he a bit Independent in his rul
ings this ear if he cares. As a starter
he has issued an ultimatum that crew
candidates must weigh over 155 pounds.
This sort ot dictation Is almost an un
heard of thing at Columbia.
A dispatch from Catasaun.ua. Pa., con
tains the Information that "Jack" Black
burn turned up his nose at the size of
the house and would not carry out his
part of the contract with Kid Broad
last night.
Miss Clark Is going to marry Catcher
Gowdy If the Braves win the world's
series. According to our Information,
Shawkey and Maranville get their brides
win, lose or draw.
This weather recalls the International
tennis matches with the Australasians
mi different, dontcherknow. A regular
British bit of humor.
Penn's team Is denied the privilege of
seeing the world's series by Coach Brooke
Mr, Brooke takes the very sane view of
the matter that the Red and Blue play
ra need just a little More football at
LEXINGTON, Ky., OcL 8. Directum I,
and William will again meet for a final
contest at Grand Rapids on October 21.
Contracts wcro signed yesterday between
the owners of tho horses and Dr. S. B.
Dodson, of Grand Bnplds, as a third
party to the agreement.
Tho feature of yesterday's Grand Cir
cuit meeting at the Breeders' track was
the mile performance of Directum I,
champion pacer, In l:69t4. In tho third
heat of the free-for-all pace for a purso
of $M0O. This Bots a new world's rec
ord for the fastest third heat ever paced,
the former record having been held Joint
ly by him nnd William In two minutes
The New Tork bred and owned cham
pion was a starter In tho race, an early,
closing ovent, and drew a big crotvd, who
had their first chance since tlio Now
York State Fair meeting to eco him and
Frank Bognsh, Jr., the horso that beat
Directum I a heat In a sensational con
test, measure strides.
To tho surpriso of Directum admirers
thero wua plenty of betting, tho cham
pion selling nt $100, Bognsh $35, Earl,
Jr.. $12, and tlio field $C. After spirited
scllltu; Directum I $100, field $10, was
the general rule. There was great dis
appointment In store, however, as while
warming up for his contest at a fast
clip, Bognsh suddenly stopped nt the
backstretch, so lnmo thnt Murphy could
hardly get him to the stall. Ho was
promptly withdrawn.
Arrangements were at once made with
Doctor McCoy to allow Driver Sncdccker
to step the champion a fast mile, which
wna done In the third, a performance
which, under tho unavoldablo circum
stances, fully pleased the crowd, In tho
first heat Directum I wns practically
Jogged a mile, whllo In tho second ho
was taken to the half at a slow clip, but
driven tho Inst half In l:0OU, the last
quarter being timed In 29 seconds. In
tho third and fastest mile, the first half
was comparatively slow, while the sec
ond was In 5$."i seconds, the last quarter
being again In 23, tho horso finishing as
easy nnd full of speed as In each of the
previous heats.
The summary:
Free-for-all pacing, Tennessee purse, $3000,
S in &.
Directum I, ch. h., by Directum
Kelly-lietta, by Pactolus, Sne-
decker l i i
Earl, Jr., gr. h., by The Earl, Cox.. 2 2 3
uon jjensmore, D. n., ty rnctolus,
Walter Cochato, bile. h.. by Cochato,
3 3 S
Time, :80?
e, :80k, 1.01W, l:82t4, 2:02.
e. :82li. 1:08. l:35$i. 2:01H.
e, :S0, l:00i. ltSQtj, 1:S0H.
By Winning From St. Louis Won
Fennant for Second Time.
INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 8. By winning
irom at. iouis yesterday, 4 to 0, the
Indianapolis Federal League team, for the
second tlmo in two years, captured the
Federal League pennant.
To Manager "Whoa Bill" Phillips, the
"Pllcnt Leader" of tho team, who nlso
was at the helm of the club last yjar
when It won the first flog of the league,
is given credit. In a largo measure, for
the winning of the second championship.
He, however, ascribes tho victory to his
plavern. Tho feature of the local team's
work this season was Its strong attack.
Tho race between th,o Chicago and In
dianapolis teams has been close almost
from the start of the season, with first
ono club and then the other In the lead
Tuesday's victory for Indlanapolle, while
Chicago wts losing two games, gave the
local team, which was a half a game be
hind, a one stme lead.
this timo thnn they do baseball. In fact,
their showing in the Franklin and Mar
shall game Indicates that they might also
do well to have n llttlo secret work on
Sunday In ordrr to get a good start for
tho following week. Lafavotto will bo
here Satuidny, nnd If tho dopo on that
team Is conect, Penn will have to show
a vast amount of Impiovement over their
work Inst Saturday to bo ablo to stop
the boys from Easton.
Mascots Louis Vnn Zclt, Athletics, and
Willie Conor, Braves, meet tomorrow for
the ilrst time for the horseshoe supremacy
While it is to be regretted that the
Army-Navy football game Is called off,
thero are some consoling features Thu
game has almost, without exception, been
tho poorest contest of the ear from a
real gridiron standpoint. The redeeming
point of this affnlr consists largely of
the social feature which precedes and
follows the game Itself.
A reporter with a quick eye turned In
the story that the boy who was first in
line at Glmbel Brothers to get world's
series tickets wept because he was only
fourth In the bleacher line. He failed
to explnln how It happened that a pur
chaser of reserved gents should be In
Una for the $1 teats at all.
UnleM the weather Interferes tomor
row will be another great day in the
history of baseball. The Athletics showed
by their wonderful strength In yester
day's contest with the Tnnkces that they
are fit as the proverbial fiddle The Bos
ton Braves' supporters are also of the
opinion that their Idols are ready for the
starting gun.
The talk In all oFThe hotel lobbies in
this city Is concerning the world's series
and Its probable outcome. The fans are
spending sleepless nights In a number i
of Instances, as they are too excited to '
"Eddie" Collins, "who Is writing th
inside facts" for the ttwiw &
U sure Connie Mack will start Big Chief
Bender In the first game of the world s
series and the other Information con
tained In Collins' articles is as valuable?
We have to congratulate Coach VII.
Hams, of Minnesota, for his Idea of mega
phoning the Important plays In a football
game, for it seems to be a very practical
hlng Numbers are being worn by lead-in-
colleges ot the East now and this
system. In the opinion of the writer can
hardly be Improved. Tho only way thslu
might be would be to Incorporate he
Pliers mes,phonln and he
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