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Miss Earle, who Is the daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. George II. Earle Jr., will make her debut
this year. Mtb. Earle will give a large debutante luncheqn tomorrow at her home in Bryn
Mawr in honor of her daughter.
REAL nutumn weather drove the feminine
members of the Gcrmantown Cricket Club,
Jlanhelm, Indoors yesterday afternoon and
made the last of the ladles' day teas a cozy
After a desperate fight to win a match In
the tennis tournament, a roaring fire, a steam
ing cup of tea nnd Jut a weo bit of harmless
gptslp went far towards comfort, cozlness and
general good time.
Among thoso noticed were Mrs. Philip Adam
son, Mrs. William Jordan, Mrs. Arthur Haines,
Mrs. James Mapcs Dodge, Mrs. Harold Sill,
lUr. Frances Hutler Reeves, Mrs. Mcrvyn Gra
ham, Mrs. John Seeds, Miss Helen Whitall, Mis'?
loin Seeds, Miss Alice Hawkins, Miss Isabel
Btoughton, Mrs. Harry Valentine, Miss Florlno
Pearson, Miss Josephine Dodge, Mrs. Charles
Rogers, Mrs. Edward .Reynolds, Miss Hannah
Mrs. Charles Bacho and her daughters, Miss
Margaret Hache and Ml?s Emlllo Bache. who
have bcn marooned In Europe, have returned
to this country and are spending a few weeks
In Bay Head.
Mies Ellabeth Curtis Yaidley will be pre
sented In society at a tea given early in De
cember at the Acorn Club by her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Howard Vardley.
Mr. nnd Mrw. Rodney King Merrick, who have
been living In Bala, have taken apartments nt
the Coronado for the winter.
Mrs. Samuel F. Irwin and her son, Edwin Ir
win, have returned from Mnlne, where they
have been spending the summer.
oVEnnltOOK Mrs. C. E. Pugh nnd Miss Esther
Push have returned from Bass Itocks, Me.,
where they spent the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Dexter, their daughter,
Mlhs Eleanor Dexter, and Joseph Dexter, of 0331
Drcxel road, havo returned from their farm
at Wllllnmstown, Vt., where they have been
spending the summer.
The Ovcrbrook Golf Club will give a tea Sat
urday, October 3, to bo followed by a dinner
merion Mrs. William J. Wilson, who went
abroad early In January, returned homo the lat
ter part of this summer. Her daughter, Mrs.
Lawrence W. Scudder, of Long Island, Is now
visiting Mrs. Wilson at her home on South
Highland avenue.
Miss Caroline Zollinger, of Haird road, re
cently returned from a visit to Hnrrisburg and
Altoona. At Altoona MIMss Zollinger was the
guest of .Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jones.
NAMlEitTII Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Churchill have
returned from a two weeks' stay nt Woodmount,
Conn., and nre now at their home, 309 Wooil
sldo avenue.
Mrs. Hobert W. Caldwell and her little daugh
ter and son, of Forrest avenue, have returned
from a six weeks' stay nt Genesee, N, Y,
wjnnewood-W. Hancock Payne, of Manor
road, who recently underwent nn operation at
the Medlcn-Chlrurgical Hospital, Is convalescing
and Is expected home this week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Samuel C. Wagner, Jr.', of
Aubrey road, have returned homo from a three
weeks' stay In the Blue Itldge Mountnlns. The
trip was mndo both ways by motor.
ahumohe Mr. and Mrs. William H. Long,
Miss Jean Nelson Long and William H. Long
closed their cottage at Fishers island last '
Reek, and nre the cue.sts of Mr. and Mrs. w. l !
Bonhrlght at Bernardsvllle, N. J., until Octo
ber s, when they will return to their home,
Udgowood nnd Wlster roads.
lr. J. Harold Austin nnd Miss Elizabeth
Austin, of Mm Creek road, hnve returned from
- trip to Canada.
HMI.liioitn Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cobb Ken
nedy and Miss Elizabeth Kennedy are at Hav
erford Court for the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kllery Mitchell will
pend the winter in Haverford.
Kosemont Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Wyeth, of
Lowwalls, are entertaining a. party of friends
aboard their yacht, Tannlwhle, which is
anchored off the Columbia. Yacht Club, New
York. 5ir nnd Mrs. Ewlng Miller are mem
bers uf the party.
Mrs. W. L. Ashurst, Miss LouIkq Athurst and
Samuel Ashurst. of Bosemont, have taken
partmenta slt the Haverford Court for the
givo the first of their winter's dances on
Thursday, October 22.
Mr. und Mrs. Cornelius W. Van Artsdalpti,
of Camao street and 65th avenue, Oak Lane,
nro receiving congratulations on the birth of
a daughter, Elma Pearson Vnn Artsdalen, on
Thursday, September 24.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Knauff, of Oak Lane,
who went abroad early in the season, ex
pecting to travel over Europe, are now In
London, where they expect to remain during
the fall and early winter. Mr. Knauff Is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Knauff, of 69th
avenue, Oak Lane.
Mrs. It. P. Seaton, of 6716 North Eleventh
ntreet, Oak Lane, Is spending soveral weeks
at ltiehmond, Va., where she Is being enter
tained by a number of old friends.
Miss Esther Marshall; daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. William B. Marshall, of 69th avenue. Oak
Lane, has gone to Wellesley College, where
she will bo a senior during the coming term.
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Hunter, of Pitts
burgh, aro guests for soveral weeks of Mr.
and Mrs. John Pler3on at their home in
Miss Minnie Lohse, of Wheeling, W. Va.,
who has been the guest of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Charles Lentz, Jr., for the summer at their
home in Melrose Park, returned to her home
on Saturday.
Miss Margaret B. Mullen, of Church lane,
returned on Saturday, after spending the
summer in the mountains of Kentucky.
Clifford Austin, of Oak Lane, who went
abroad In May for a year's trip around the
world, has decided to discontinue his travels,
owing to the present war, nnd will return to
his home on Verbena avenue at tho end of
the week.
lira Morton II. Fetterolf, of Itydal, has
had as her gueht for teveral days her sister,
lss Judith Smith, of Chllllcothe. O. Miss
omith left yesterday to attend kchool at
Brlurcliff, on the Hudson.
Miss Elsie Wilklns, of Cheltenham, enter
tained at a musicale last nigh at her home,
t 107 Centra) avenue.
im Septimus Club, of Cheltenham, will
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Tracy, of the Pelham
Apartments, are being congratulated upon the
birth of a son, William M. B. Tracy, Jr. Mrs.
Tracy wil be remembered as Miss Beatrice
Peck, of Overbrook.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo B. Warder nnd family
will close their Chelsea cottage Thursday and
return to their home, 3119 West Penn street.
Miss Phebe Ingersoll Wilmer, who has been
the guest of her brother, Dr. Harry B. Wil
mer, of 6019 Gcrmantown avenue, has re
turned to her home in Centrovllle, Md. Miss
Wilmer's engagement to Howard Wood was
announced Inst spring.
William S. Lloyd has gone to New York
on a business trip for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. J, Burton Mustln, of 425 West
Johnson street, have returned from Chelsea,
where they spent several weeks.
Dr. and Mrs. George Lewis Smith und their
son have returned to their home, 5538 Wayne
avenue, from Beach Haven, where they spent
the summer.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles H. Weiss, accom
panied by their daughter and son-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Spnrta Fritz, of 159 Moplewood ave
nue, have closed their Ocean City cottage
and have returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Ash Pierson and their
daughter, Miss Bessie Pierson, have I'osed
their cottnge on Columbia avenue, Cape May,
and havo returned to their home, 433 West
Price street, for the winter.
Mrs. Paul Tnggart and her daughter. Miss
Elizabeth Taggart, have returned from At
lantic City to their home at 41 East Walnut
Miss Anna Foulke, of 243 West Tulpehocken
street, has returned safely from n tour of
France and England. Miss Foulko had very
llttlo trouble, and was treated with courtesy
Miss Isabel C. Jenkins, of 150 West Wash
ington lnne. who has been fependlng the sum
mer at Buck Hill Falls, has returned to con
tinue her studies at Swarthmore College.
Miss Mildred Sterrett, of 720 West Upsal
street, has returned from Ventnor, where she
spent the summer.
Miss Beinetta Hersh, of 419 South 44th street,
Is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. B. 1'atton, in
Chelsea. She wll remain thero for a fortnight.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Scattergood, who have
been spending the Bummer In Chelsea, returned
to their home, 5S4S Chestnut street, last week.
Mr. and Mrs P. F. Peale, of 5004 Cedar ave
nue, have closed their home In Chelsea and
returned to town.
Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Murphy, of 211 North 35th
street, returned to town last week, having
spent the summer with Mrs. Murphys parent,
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Denny, at Ebensburg. Pa,
Mr. and Mrs. Warwick James Price, who have
entertained at their cottage at Avalon thla
summer, will shortly return to their town
residence, at C12 South 41t street.
Mr. and Mrs. John Spaeth and thilr family
havo opened their home at Paxson and Arch
streets, after a summer spent In their Ocean
City cottago.
Mr. and Mrs. John Brown, who havo been
spending the summer at the Hotel Chelsea, will
return to their homo, 119 West Springfield ave
nue, this week.
Miss Helen Blair Daniel, of 33 East Spring
field avenue, is nt present tho guest of her cou
sins, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Davenport, dt Vlr
glnln, who nre spending tho month of Septem
ber nt Atlantic City.
The Mt. Airy Dramatic Club will soon start
rehearsals for the play, "Our Boys," which
the!rwllt repeat for tho Kensington Dispensary.
The date of tho performance will be early In
Miss May Cramer will entertain at her home,
2306 Federal street, tomorrow evening. Tho
table decorations will be blue nnd white.
Among those expected are: Miss Julia Hav
crtyv Miss Frances Jofyco, Mies Mary Havcrty,
Miss Catherine Furey, Miss Nan Hnverty, Miss
Anna Cunningham, MIbs Margaret O'Neill, Miss
Catherine Dawson, and Messrs. John Small,
John O'Donnclt, Josoph Templcton, John Onrt
land, Daniel McCaulley, and John Mc.Vnmoe.
Mrs. Anna Concnnnon, her son, Thomns Con
cannon, and her niece, Miss May McCaulley,
havo Just returned from Europe. They loft
Philadelphia In June and toured tho British
Isles and tho Continent. They are now at their
home, 1933 South Eighteenth street, where they
will remain for tho winter.
Mr. nnd Mrs. James Mllnnmow have rciurncd
from Atlantic City, nnd will bo at homo after
October 1, nt 1919 South Croskcy street. Mrs.
Mllnamow will bo remembered ns Miss Joseph
ine Collins, of 1E05 Moore street, before her mar
riage In August.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Anthony Qulgley and their fam
ily, have closed their cottage nt tea Isle, and
returned to their home, 1813 South Eighteenth
Mr. and Mrs. Bene Frallc, and Miss May
Frnllc, who have been the guests of Miss Mary
Bowen, of 1122 Snyder avenue, for the past two
weeks, will leave tomorrow for their home In
Washington, D. C. Mr. nnd Mrs. Frnllc have
spent some time this summer with Mrs. Frank
Ryan, of Mantua, N. J. Mr. Frnllc Is chief
clerk In the War Department in AVashlngton.
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Cnllnghan and their fam
ily, of 1243 Snyder avenue, nre at their cottago
In Chelsea. They are expected to return on or
about October 10.
Announcement hns been made of the mar
riage of ,Mlss Bcba Bcrman, dnughter of Mrs.
Sarah Bcrman, to Louis Broodno, nephew of
Rabbi B. L. Levlnthal, on Thursday, Septem
ber 24. Mr. nnd Mrs. Broodno on their return
from a short wedding trip will live at 1736 North
21st street.
Miss Irene Greenburg, of 2822 North 27th
street, entertained the Mayer Sulzbergor Club
on Sunday night nt her home. Tho olllccrsof
the association nre: President, Irwin Surnnsky;
vice president, Sidney Hlrsch; secretary, Sam
uel Bott, and treasurer, Sidney Rosenthal. Tho
club Is a literary and social one, and has
arranged a number of entertainments to bo
given during the autumn and winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller, of 1851 North
Seventeenth street, have returned from Atlan
tic City.
The marriage of Miss Charlotte B. Moore,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moore, of
2217 North 21st street, nnd William 'Schoone
mann, son of Wlllinm C. Schoenemann, of 2357
North Park avenue, will take place at noon on
Saturday In the Memorial Church of the Advo
cate, Eighteenth and Diamond streets. The
bride, who will be unattended, will be given in
marriage by her father. On their return from
a honeymoon trip tho couple will live at 5404
Angora terrace.
The members of the Thursday 500 Club will
take a motor trip to Qwynedd on Thursday.
Tho run will be followed by a dinner at the
hotel. Those who will attend will be Mrs. A. L.
Adams, Mrs. Mary Mott, Mrs. Harry H.
Thompson, Mrs. Elmer Pflsterer, Mrs. George
Holland, Mrs. John Struse. Mrs. William Wil
son. Mrs. Benjamin Hendren, Mrs. William
Ames, Miss Edith Iltghter, Mrs. William Hag
gart and Mrs. Paxson James.
Mrs. Charles Straub, of 6142 Illdge avenue,
has returned from nn extended tour through
Germany and Switzerland.
The Roxborough Melody Club held the first'
meeting for the season last night In Odd Fel
lows' Hall, Rlilge nvenue.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Wnlter S. Wright, Jr., have
returned from their wedding Journey and will
live at 472 Minerva avenue. Mrs. Wright, who
is a September bride, was Miss Katharine Oliver,
daughter of Harry D. Oliver, of 655 East Her
mitage street.
Peter P. Lelbert nnd family, of Manayunk
avenue, have returned home after spending the
summer In Ocean City.
Dr. David J. Boon and William Stehl have
returned from a week's outing at Octorara, Md.
Miss Grace Fulmer, of 1211 West Allegheny
avenue, gave a luncheon on Saturday for the
members of the Alpha Chapter of the Phi Sigma
Delta Bororlty. Fall flowers and ferns formed
nttractfve decorations. The guests were Miss
Emma Buttersby, Miss Marian do Burlo, Miss
Anna Evans, Miss Sarah Evans, Miss Laura
Firth, Miss Maiguerlte Graham, Miss tJIadys
Heacock, Miss Mabel Heacock, Miss Dorothy
Moore, Miss Marian Pnlste, Miss Margaret
Sossna and Miss Grace Vnnderveer. This was
the first entertainment of a series to be given
monthly at the homes of the members.
Miss Margaret It. Gorman, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Gorman, of Thirteenth and But
ler streets, and William J. English, Jr., of Old
York road, will be married today in St. Ste
phen's Catholic Church.
Mrs and Mrs. Harry II. Goldberg, of 3746
North Bouvler street, will receive at their new
homo after Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Scott and family, of
2126 West Ontario street, have returned from
Oluey, where they pasted the summer and early
Mrs. William Aldrlch and her daughter, Miss
Nellie Aldrlch, closed their cottage In Ocean
City, where they spent the seaEon, and returned
to their winter home on North 22d street yes
terday. Dr. nnd Mrs. H. K. Hoossler, of York road
and Tioga street, have returned from an auto
mobile trip to Lake Hopatcong.
Mrs. William F. Hermes and family have
returned from Ocean Grove to their home, 1541
North Broad street.
Announcement has been made of the marriage
of Miss May Kenney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Kenney. of 1J Alrdrie ttreet, and Mar-r
tin J. Walsh, of Oermantown. on Friday, Sep
tember 34. Mr. and Mrs. Walsh left on a w4.
ding Journey Immediately after the ceremony.
ftimiiot Blumenthal, of 1(30 West Erie ave
nue, will leavo on Thursday for Now York to
visit his daughter, Mrs. C. A Bternbcrger.
Mrs. A, J, Bornman, of 2022 'West Ontario
street, has returned homo after spending tho
summer and early autumn In Atlantic City,
Best Day of All Has Philadelphia Brides and
Bridegrooms in Its Train.
An early autumn wedding of Interest was
solemnized at high noon today, In St. Mary's
Episcopal Church, Ardmore, when Miss Edith
Hlntnly Klcmn, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. J.
Georgo Klemn, Jr., of Hnverford, became the
bride of Morton Harvey, son of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Holsteln Harvey, of Wilmington. Itcv. George
Pomeroy Allen, rector of the church, tmclatea
The chancel was banked with palms, nnd tho
altar attractively decorated with large whlto
dahlias and nutumn leaves. Large bunches of
white dahlias, tied with white ribbons, fes
tooned the family pews.
The bride, who wns give), in marriage by her
father, wore a gown dt soft white satin, fash
ioned with nn effective cape of point nppllquo
lace, nnd the same lace formed Urn panel down
tho front. Her tulle veil was caught with or
ange blossoms, nnd she cnrrUd a shower bou
cUct of llllcs-of-thc-vallcy and orchids
Miss Anno Shaplelgh Garrett, uf Wilmington,
cousin of the bride, wns maid of honor. She
woro n blue chiffon frock effectively trimmed
with Bllvcr applique. Her lint was of black
velvet, adorned with a single blue (lower, and
she carried an arm bouquet of pink dahlias, tied
with long blue satin streamers. Tho llttlo
flower girl was MIsb Eleanor Honors. She was
dressed In a dainty llttlo lingerie frock, with
black velvet hnt, nnd carried a pink floral
basket prettily Piled with tiny pink rose buds
nnd bluo larkspur.
Miss Eleanor Brock, Miss Jean Morris Little,
Miss Louise Twaddell, and Miss Florence Shoe
maker were the bride's maids. They wcro
gowned nllkc, In frocks of pink chiffon, trimmed
with silver applique. They woro black velvet
hats with a pink rose placed at oft" side, and
their arm bouquets wero of pink dahlias tied
with long pink satin ribbons.
Mr. Harvey had Donald Sattcrthwalte, of
Wilmington, as his best man, and the ushers
were: Holsteln Hnrvcy . r., brother of the
"bridegroom; George Cnpelle, Jr. Louis Bennett,
Jr., nnd John Twnddoll.
Following the ceremony there wns a small
breakfast nt the home of tin bride's parents,
at Haverford, for the Immediate families and n
few Intimate friends. Quite a number of tho
guests were trdm Wilmington, Del., the home of
tho bridegroom.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey will be at home after
November 1, at 1101 Gilpin avenue, Wilming
ton, Del.
The marriage of Miss Gertrude A. Holt,
dnughter of Mrs. J. Holt, of 3110 North
Broad street, and John Erhard, took place this
morning at a Nuptial Mass in the Church of
St. Stephen, BroUd and Butler streets, at 9
o'clock. The Rev. John F. McQuaid, rector of
St. Stephen's, wns the celebrant of tho Mass,
and performed the marriage ceremony. He
was assisted by the Rev. R. F. Hannlgnn and
the Rev. J. J. Scanlon.
Miss Holl was given In marriage by her
brother, Leo E. Holl. She wore a gown of
white satin, trimmed with rare laco. Her tulle
veil was arranged on her h.ilr with Crnngo blos
soms, and she carried roses and lltlcs-of-thc-valey.
MIS3 Mary J. Holl, a sister of tho
bride, was maid of honor. She wore a pale
blue crepe de chine frock, which was trimmed
with silk shadow lace, and a large plctrJre hat,
which was trimmed with white plumes. She
carried an arm bouquet of pink roses.
Mr. Erhard was attended by his brother,
Frnncls K. Erhard, as best man. A small re
ception followed the ceremony at the home of
Mrs. Holl. Mr. and Mr.. Erhard left on a
wedding trip after the reception, nnd on their
return will live nt CC14 Hunter's avenue, where
they will bo at homo after November 15.
A quiet wedding. Impressive with tho glitter
of regimentals, was solemnized at St. Mark's
phurch, Sixteenth nnd Locust streets, at noon
today, when Miss Pauline Bourke, tho daughter
of the late Cuptaln Bourke, U. S. A., and Mrs.
Bourke, became the bride of Captain Alexander
Malsh, II. S. A. The bride, who was attended
by her sister, Miss Anna Bourke, as maid of
honor, was attired In the conventional bridal
gown of white Duchess satin, draped with roso
point lace: her veil of rce point wns caught
with a spray of orange blossoms, and she car
ried a shower bouquet of whlto bride roses and
lilies of the valley. She was given In marriage
by her mother, who walked up the nlsle of the
churcli on tho arm of Captain Hetherlngton,
commandant of U. S. N. II., wearing full naval
uniform. The bridegroom, who woro his cap
tain's uniform, was attended by Nathan Shlv
erlck as best man. There were no other attend
ants, nnd no reception followed the ceremony,
as Mrs. Bourke and her daughters have Junt
returned from n lengthy stay in Europe, and
nre not as yet settled in Philadelphia. Captain
nnd Mrs. Malsh left this afternoon for a wed
ding trip.
The marriage of Miss Margaret R. Gorman,
daugther of Mr. and Mrs. John Gorman, of 130)
Butler street, and William J. English, Jr., son
of William J. English, of Old York road, was
solemnized this mornlnlg In St. Stephen's Cath
olic Church, Broad and Butler strcts. The
Rev. Rchard Hanulgan, assistant rector of the
clinch, performed the ceremony, and was aided
by the Rev. Joseph Scanlan. Mlhs Currle Gor
man, the maid of honor, was her sister's only
attendant. John Oilman was the best man, Tho
bride, who was given in marriage by her father,
was gowned In white crepe de chine, with a taco
overdress ornamented with pearl trimming.
Her white hat was trimmed with tulle and had
streamers to match. She can led a bouquet
of bride roses and lilies of the valley. The
maid of honor's gown was of pink crepe meteot
with an ovcrdres of lace which was ttimmed
with pink rosebuds. A pink hat with trimming
of tulle to match and a bouquet of pink roses
completed her costume. After the breakfast
which followed the ceremony, Sir. and Mrs.
English left for a short wedding tour. They
will b at home after October 20 at Thirteenth
and Butler streets.
LENOX. Mass. Sept. 30.-Mis Edith Reed,
Udughter of the late Charles Jtecd, of Yonker3,
N. Y., was married this afternoon to Jlkhsra
S. Townsend, of Brookllne, Muss., at Falrnelcf
Farm, In Orcat Barrlngton, the country home
of the bride's mother. The Rev. Joseph R.
Lyncs, rector of St. Jame's Episcopal Church.
Great Barrlngton. performed the ceren-ony.
Mr. and Mrs Jjhn E. Parsons entertulned at
dinner at Stoneover tonight. The will go to
Harrisons, N Y., on Thursday, for October.
Entertalnlnf at dinner tonigh,, were Mrs Car
roll Jackson anl Mrs. John J Staples.
E' CPP &44yzil ""HH
"Infant Danscusc" of "Passing Show or 191 P
At the Lyric Next Week.
ACADEMY OF MUSIC "Cablrln," movlng
plcturo drama, by Gabrlella D'AnnunzIo, of
the third century B. C.
ADELPHI "The Revolt," by Edward Locke,
starring Helen Wine. Neglected wife, des
perate, rushes to ruin. Ruin proves shock
ing. She recollp In time. Stepmothrr tip
ples. Child nearly dies from eating bananas.
BROAD "Lady Windermere's Fan." Revival
of Oscar Wilde's satire by Mnrgaret Anglln.
One of the cleverest plays of the century,
never more brilliantly presented.
late's Daughter," miracle play, by Frnncls
L. Kenzel. The daughter of Pontius Pilate
perforins miracles by a rose which touched
Christ's garment, and finally meets maityr
dom. FORREST "Chln-Chin," musical comedy by
Anne' Caldwell and It. H. Burnside, muslo by
Ivan Cnryll, with Montgomery and Htouo.
Review tomorrow.
GARRtCK "Nearly Married." farce comedy, by
Edgar Selwn, starling Bruce McRue. At
tenuated, but amusing.
WALNUT "Bringing Up Father," musical
comedy, based on George McMunus' cai toons,
by Gus Hill.
Premiere Danscusc at 16
For a number cVf years petite Marllynn Miller,
who will appear In "The Passing Show of 1914"
nt the Lyric Theatre next week, was unable to
dance In New Yoik because of the vigilance of
the Gerry Society.
Tho Gerry Society, as you may know, docs
not encourage "child prodigies" on the stngo.
Now Marllynn, suld to be one of the most mar
velous of dnnceis, was n child picAllgy, a real
"Infant phenomenon," after the standard set by
Charles Dickens.
Marllynn was 16 the first day of September.
She danced when she was I.
Miss Miller never appeared in Now York In
fore 1 1st Juno, when she made an extnordlnary
hit at the Winter Garden.
Marllynn made her debut with her father,
mother nnd sister at the Lakeside Park, Day
ton, Ohio, on August 20, 1103. One afternoon,
while the Millers were playing in Dayton, little
Maillynn Miller, then 4 years old, wns tnken
to a moving picture show. One of tho pictures
was of a famous premiere dnnseuso. Marllynn,
on arriving home, told her mother that she
thought she could dance on her toes as well as
the lady she had seen in the pictures. To the
surpilse of Caro Miller and his wife their little
daughter was very soon dancing around the
room on her toes.
So it was that little Maillynn becumo ono of
the Columbians, which after that week were
billed ns "The Columbian Trio, with Mndomol
selle riugarlump." The name "Mndomolsollo
Sugarlump" was after a time dropped from the
"billing," and the MHU?r family bucimo known
as tho "Columbian Four" father, mother and
two daughters. Owing to the child labor act.
"The Columbian Four" was unable to appear In
many of tho larger cities, sinco Marllynn Miller
was so young. As there aro no restrictions as
to ago In other countries, the Millers played
much of the timo during tho last ton or more
years In Canada, England, the West Indies,
South t-'en Islands, Hawaii and Australia. Be
fore last Juno the nearest that Marllynn Miller
came to appearing In New York was Christmas
week. 1905. when "The Columbian Four" played
a week In Brooklyn. The Gerry Society thon
Interfered, and so little Murlljmi, unable to
dance, wns compelled to walk through her part.
Last May the Millers were appearing at thi
Lotus Club in Loudon. Lee Shubort was abnwd
teeking novelties, nnd was greatly astonished
at tho wonderful clevorness of Mnrllnn Miller.
Ho at once sent to Care Miller, tho young ladys
fnther, nnd arranged for her appearance at the
Winter Garden.
"Worth liuiflno i Srnl j See! ' Kcnntz 1 e,lrer
VAJ.KSKA HrKATT I'O . A l'lciureqU Muil'il
KantdH : fum A. Klu Murton, Pcreliu Kinnc Sirx
IH. IMwIn fiwrse Jane l'oniirll & Cm . 4 iKhrm.
BROAD a'Mat. Today & -JSO
Tht & Next Wck Kga,S.Jft JteS Mat Sj,t
Margaret Anglin wln i. Kan
Garrick ft!'. Mat, Today .V, $1.00
tin . .-.cai tt-vn r.,, (i i nrg jum j$al
TUP W 1 I MT Matt net Tumnrfstiu . .
.NTlwfcBK-- fife' ,, Ntft pT?8 M
NiXO.VS I MUl licit i;ot)iK LAJIU'S
,-,-r. wr MANIKIN.. Mil 13 ' i Moi-r.
Today S.lo. T 1 B WIl.I ISCH 4 ANITA $iuSV
S'S:" ORPHEUM M"L"iu,r Ttfr
V " " '-' uAV NEW VukkHis
EMPIRE roseya r?seTgirls
The nrrlvnl of Henry Arthur Jones In this
country to direct ichearsals of the now play
which ho hiiH written for Margaret Illlneton,
will complete the trio of distinguished British
playwrights now In America. The other two
urn Sir .1. M. Uarrie and A. IJ. V. Mason. The
plots of both the new Jones plays aio tdiroudcd
In a good ileal of mystery. The greatest of all
Mr. Jones' successes, "The Silver King," has
been successfully plaed In London by H. B.
Irving at the Strand.
Bruco McKac, who 1h stuitcd in "Nearly
.Mauled," has hud a vailed, vigorous career.
Mr. .Mcltao was born in India. His father
was a civil i;iigliieci in the Biltlbh military
sorvici. At the agu of 10 ho wanted to adopt
a stage eaicer, but the probability of quick
wealth In Now Zealand caused him to start In
business there uj a sheep herder. He suc
ceeded only moderately, however, mid thon
proceeded to Austialln, whcio he secured work
in a moat packing plant.
Tiring of this, in 11 fortnight ho shipped be
fore tho mast for two years as an able sea
man, went Into the Australian bush as a cow
puncher nnd then became a Government sur
veyor. Going back Into tho cattle business, he won
sent to Laramie, AVyo., to a big ranch, where
he horded steers for two years.
Then ho went on tho stage. Charles Froh
man was producing Sardou's "Thormldor" In
Now York, and the straightforward, manly
approach of tho suu-tanncd youth from tl)e
IVest Just suited a pait. Although Sardou's
urama fallid, McRao came out of the experi
ence famous.
Noia Dnyes returned to New York recently
nnd dined in a restaurant not far from Broad
way. Score3 of women and managers were
icon to go up to her table and request her own
ns'uranco that she was still alive. "I knew
I was awfully popular with all my husbands."
said Miss Buyes, "but I never knew It was so
alluring with the general public at large to
have been thought a dad one."
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PALACE ""Jfff. K Sll V,ApKi;T 'th'
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RU i3TlT'l
.. A..U i FLA.1 HA
..-g 4-kit
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