Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, September 28, 1914, Sports Extra, Page 3, Image 3

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Popular Government League
Says $l,O0O,OUU Has been
Raised to Send Him and
Sullivan to Senate.
, ... . BtttMrtTON. Sent. 28. Defeat o
r..s renrose, described as "Republican
machine boss or i'cnnsy.vniu, ..u wi
jlogcr smiivnn. t....-v- ... .-
fcoS Of Illinois. UOin 01 tviiuin r.v
... i n,n United States Senate, Is
nt-jred In a statement Issued last night
L tho National Popular Government
league, tlio president of which Is Sena-
tor Itobort U owen. 01 uiimiiuum, ...m..
. 11, nnnklnir and Currency Com-
Lttc, and an Administration lcador In
(he Senate.
... .... mnn nrn designated In tho stato-
Lent a " menaco to popular govern
ment, Stato and national.
... i.ii manifesto, based upon
wnrescntallons made to It by dependable
I ..,-.,. ,ilarcs:
1 Clll"l-,,"'
"That tho success of both Penroso and
EulUvan at the primaries was promoted
L defective machlno-mado primary laws
Inhlch deny tnc Becivuy -" .".".
...,. minintn against tho freedom of
thc voters and permit skillful frauds to
be perpetrated.
..i;. . if senator Norrls' resolution Is
passed by the Senate and an investiga
tion of theso two primaries takes place,
the results will shock tho nation.
"That an enormous sum 01 moiicj,
.(tlrantcd to bo $1,000,000, is ready to bo
ipent If necessary to elect them to the
'.nnin where, becauso 01 me peculiar
Ionization of tho Senate, tho rules
kOUlll g'VO CaWl OI mem euuimuu. m-
..Th,t hnfli had behind them the stip-
jrt. direct nnd Indirect, of tho special
iterests In these States.
"That they both navo Deen peraiaioni
nemles for years of tho popular gov-
rnracnt system.
. hnll onpose Penrose .ind Sullivan
causo we bellevo tho election of these
L" Mnrnntlnir ns thev do In tho nub-
l- min.i iim most tvnlcal and consplcti-
iua examples of the sinister partnership
ttween bipartisan polities and tho jpc
lal Intertsts, would prove a most seri
es national blow to the doctrines of a
;ovcrnment by the people.
"We, therefore, aro of the belief that
le issue transcends all party lines and
hat It is tho duty o nil good citizens to
Ilsregard party piojudlces and to unite
n opposition to nil thc alliances between
crooked business nnd crooked politics,
jhlch today threaten tho veiy founda
tions of government by thc people. Wo
ik the moral and financial support of
Memls of progress throughout the nation
the people in llitlr efforts to overthrow
Sjlllanl,m 111 milium, ' uinuim,.., ...
rtnnslanh nnd the lnlluencc of the
'irstem' ut Washington."
Conference This Morning Planned to
Hush the Pursuit Vigorously.
That Philadelphia's threat to exteiml-
uate tho latH licit! is not an Idle- one
was quite fMdi-nt '11 a meeting licm uuh
morning tin icr mo yupurviaiini m
Director lliirte and Thorna Mai tin-
dale 111 thc Chamber or commerce,
where the tat, his inteci,dtnts and camp-
foUoers (the llt-us) wi'le thoroughly dis
cussed fro'n I'Vi-ry angle. The rat must
jo! that Is till thi-ii' N to it, and a per
manent coinmlttco was formed this morn
In; to ttc tli.it his di-p-iiturc Is as bprcdy
as possible
Of cuun-f miiif will miss tho little
friends w'un thf arc no more nnd ninny
dii'btles will spend sleepless nights
vainly listening for the scamper of tiny
feet nlons tin' walls and the ecstatic
nue.ils of ilcdlKbt that accompany tln
n'chtlv nvi I. but the poweif, have de
creed that this too expensive pet Is ijn
F'riu, or lather, tho little (leas that
follow Mm m di'Votedly nrr. Phllndelphia
l! taking no rli.iiiees on tho bubonle
p!a?ue. it will Ijh niueh rlieaper and
more ratl-f-u toty to act now than to
alt until latir. whin then' might be
tUfast' as v.dl as rats and lions to c
termlnati N'o m Mens for the carrying on of
this ivai hne lit in advanced hut nil of
tae olil t.Kti(.s will bo pursued and with
ahithirtfi unricnn vigor. In the inrnn
tlm thou- who liaw any particularly
fine rat t1io would liato to loso aie
ailvivpa to snip tiieni to fotflgn pints,
w the 'ut iit.lur 'II get 'em, If they
uin't 'vatrh out "
frankford Avenue Morning Blaze
sends Occupants to Street,
Seven ni.rortt.u .. ...,. .,,.. ....
,: , "' """ uiivt'ii 10 tup streoi
R.i ' !;,'t '"th'"K 'nrlv tit's mnni-
., "" w,s '"t-nviTfil ti tlin f gar
Store of M t;... m-u ,.'., ' 7. "
nu v. 1 ,, "" " -uillitilll livt
fr.i u. -""""" Jii-.vt-u lit lilt) ITMIlli-
ford I at'., K.iin. li3 wlfti ,,,. tllc1
mi5d Tr-,,'1 ",vn u"a " ,u'"l,uw "t,ru
iii. ' ""' tlnio.
Tho hi w, l, ...,., ,.. .. ,.... .......
t. ti, , "" i" ouik winnow una
cntu. '" l,,lVu 1"'e" -i'Pd by iiiico
it J... i lu-t I'licirifii PNtlngu'sht'il
Mor- ",l"" ''age had been dono.
Richie ,, .,.(..! .,...
(h " jii hip tiuur in arouso
ae oecup.uitu and no one was Injured
Eotel Propiletor Receives Box Con-
tainlng Austrldt- Mlsslje.
NeM!r, in .. i. ... .... ...
irri.., 1 1 . UI "Tniilis WHICH
Hu. .I "0t'K from y'"a- Aiictrla.
ren-7 ' """ ' "V'-pouud shell .,uitu
Arch J','X ;' is ,k'"ve'-d to Stern's Mott-1.
I'ui.ii. biuu. lto the uuo with un
bout ,'" "'"'Utes Liter l.e gavo a
wtt7;: ...."'t'""'-. "
farm,... '., lh" lif. and when in-
Uau.,i ..... ,,'"' O,,l,ot -s n shell lit,
io ,i t " '"'"'"air. Invpstlgutlun
T""! thr hi,, 11 1,. 1... 1 ,
it ,j . ' " ' 11.11 iiiit'a.
thLi1Vt'in,uV,,i .atu'",,on to "" ''l"r
kli ,,r.t".u"J lli" "'lv lately. Thf -hell
for th ,, lt'r" 3 utti-nlUm fiuni Wmurt
iki ! U'"e heing, which Is a kcuh!
rtjiPrtr a"iy. Janllor i;vtn the must
Wriii.asra.'"" ot lucl, over whUh
elf haVth. ,n,8,paro hours. will do-
" work u tlilals about
Knocked Unconscious ns He Answers
Call of a Morning Alarm.
That tho llfo of a nremnn Is besot with
hnidshlp and danger Is n fact to which
William Walton, of 1607 North 21st street,
can testify heartily. All of tho dangot
doesn't como fighting fires, cither. Tho
mere, sliding down on a brass polo In re
sponse to an nlarm may bo as hazardous
as climbing Into a burning building, a
fact proved by Injuries sustnlncd by Wal
ton when he foil down a slide-polo at
an early hour this morning as an alarm
Was sounded from a fire box at Second
street and Qlrnrd avenue.
Walton, who Is n veteran lioscmnn and
hero, ot Bnglno Company No. 32, at Sixth
nnd locust streets, was awakened ot
4:30 this morning when the , alarm was,
rung. Ho rushed for tho slldo-pold, hut
ho was only half awake, and missed tho
polo completely, falling to tho lloor be
low. In tho rush the mishap was not
noticed by the other firemen, and theV
dashed from the building, leaving their
companion lying unconscious upon tho
lloor, where he wnn found some time
Inter by otin of the company who re
mained on duty In tho engine houoo.
Tho Injured man was rushed to thc
Jefferson Iloipltnl, wlioro It was found
that ho had sustained numerous sovero
cuts nnd bruises nnd was niffcrlng from
tho slfbck and possible Intern"- Injuries.
St. Luke's Asks Court to Terminate
a Deed of Trust.
Owen J. Hoborts nnd Mnlcolm Idoyd,
Jr.. lepresentlng the Church of St. Luke
and tho Rplphany, today appeared before
Judge Halston nnd asked the court to
terminate a deed ot truit, for an en
dowment fund, created with tho Penn
sylvania Company for Insurances on Lives
nnd Grunting Annuities, by St. Luke's
Church prior to Its consolidation with thc
In April, 18K, Bt. Luke's Church was
In need of an endowment fund, nnd under
the deed of trust then cicntcd tho Penn
sylvania Company agreed to Invest all
tho trust funds In securities, and to pay
tho Income In accordance with the di
rections of tho vestry. At tho tlmo of
tho execution of tho deed the church
paid over to Its trustee a United States
bond for J10O0, $933.35 in cash and later
$200 In cash. In iSDS St. Luke's was
merged with tho Church of the Epiphany,
March 1, of this year, here were In the
hands of tho trustee securities amounting
at par to $4,"00 and cash amounting to
$lt.l,i, duo to reinvestments.
I3y virtue of tho consolidation tho pe
titioner beenmo possessed of a "largo en
dowment, amounting to almost JiiOO.OOO
and vested with tho church building, real
estate and other physical proportv, the
Intter formerly belonging to tho corpora
tion known as St. Lttko's Church.
Tho court wnB Informed by Attorney
Uoberts that the endowment fund is
amply sufficient to insure the maintenance
of tho chruch nnd parish buildings on
"thirteenth street, below Spruce.
Jnmes Wilson Bayard, who appeared
for tho trustee, submitted an answer,
admitting tho averments of the petition
ing church, and Judge Ralston directed
vuuriBci 10 iormuiato a decree In
uuruunco mm tlio petitioners'
for tho court's approval.
.. . -, -
(OUT J DfMklT ,
Sent Here to Join the Minnesota,
Which Docked Yesterday.
Hear Admiral Walter McLean hns found
his ship. The Minnesota, which he was
sent hero from Washington to Join,
docked yesterday at tlio Philadelphia
Navy Yard, and oaily this morning
the roar admiral's Hag was raised
at her masthead. After minor re
pairs are made tho battleship will .sail
Saturday morning for Mexican waters,
where Hear Admiral McLan is to bo In
command of Division .Vo. 1 of tho Atlantic
Olilclals nt the navy yard today de
clared that tho sale of the battleship
Omaha at San Kianclsco was of no spe
cial significance. Tho warship has been
bold for Junk and nut to any other nation,
as had liion supposed.
Thu repot t that the battleship South
Carolina is IT, days overduo from Haiti
was dt'iilcd at the navy yuid today. It
was sold that the ship did not leave
Haiti until September ID and Is expected
to duck today at Hampton Iloads.
Ileal Admit al Caperton, who lias been
nair.fd to tho command of tho newly or
KMlilzcc! eiillsur flei't that will do pitted
duty in Smith American waters, will Ioav
Mumliiv. Up will bo succeeded nt tho
local navy yard by Itenr Admiral Jnmoa
Hthn, now coiiiiiiandnut of the Charles
town Nay Yaid. Hear Admiral J. A.
Kdwatds wh. succeed Hear Admiral Helm.
Tho battlfShlp Michigan will sail Satur
day for Mexico with the Minnesota.
Answers Promptly When Asked nt
Meeting of Creditors.
Hell St gal admitted today nt a
llifetuig of lUt'ditori) of his father,
Atlolph Segal, In the otllcc ut Joseph
Mellois, ufercp In bankruptcy, Duwel
lluililing, th.it Adolph Sogal had been
committed to the Stato Hospital for the
Itfnuu at Niirrlstowu.
Several questions put to young Segal,
and his answors relating to the eon
dltion of his father's mind, wore iu!pd
nut of thu recunl by the leferee. Segal
declared that hu lias In his possession
comploto it-cords of his llnnuclnl relation
ship with Ids father, lit, stated ho had
nut seen his father in the asylum,
"Whoiu s your father now?" ho was
asked, but tho question was ruled out,
"Was ho legally committed tu tho nsv.
Segal was prompt In his answer. "Yes,
he was committed upon tho testimony of
two physicians."
'Hut duos this show that he Is legally
Segal stated lie was not in a position to
nus.ver this question.
Tha nbsenco of several Important wit
nesses caused the postponement of further
Investigation until Friday, October 0.
Five-year-old Scalded at Turkish
Bath House,
lionj'iinln Nosliny, 5 jt-ars old 1110
I anenster iivrnuv. Is at Mt. Sinai Hos
pital today In -i critical condition as tho
result of being 'ldetl with hot w.itor
at a Turkish h.ith house un Mourue
strut m-ar Third. Ahiaham Hoiylntuler.
Ml Wharton sluiet. who also was nculil
ed, was well fjiough this morning to
leave the hospital.
Samuel Schuted, Sixth street and Pass
yunk Hiumie. w.is arialgned today be
fore MjKUtratu MacFarland on the
charge of throwing tin. boiling water on
the man and the boy. Schuicd and uthei
attaches of thc hath house say It was
uctldnital, but Hollander declares tin.
man thiew the watui deliberately.
"The Senior." a culligB play, will be
produced tonight fur the benuilt of Sh.in
dakln Council. No. 231. Duughteis of
I'orahontas. The play, followed by a
dance, will ba given In C'rusudcrs' Hall,
iii German town avuue.
Money Is His If He Proves Identity,
Otherwise It Goes to the State.
If tho nearest Uln of IJonJnmln J.
Hatker makes himself known he can col
lect $50.
Thc money Is In the custody of John
J. Itoblnson, who was appointed executor
of the estate by thc Common Tltas Court.
Tho money will revert to the Stato of
Pennsylvania If no lolatlvo of the dead
man Is found. , The executor Is now ad
vertising for relatives.
Ilnrkcr for years was a waiter In tho
restaurant, at the Hourse.. Ho served
brokers and ho served them so well that
finally he posessed enough money re
ceived through tips to start a restaurant
of his own. Ho opened his business
place on Fifth sticet below Arch.
ISiokcrs patronized him, but the place
was damped and only n fow persons
could bo served at a time. Harker was
a fine fellow, agreed tho brokers, but
his placo was a llttlo unhandy to reach,
nnd then It was a little stuffy, and being
perched on a stool at a lunch bar was
not the most comfortable position In
which to enjoy one's meals.
llarkor sold out and went to a hos
pital to die. Ho died September 7, 11)13.
Ho told his friends that hu had no rein- and electricity
Enlarged Curriculum Includes Book
selling1 and Dancing1.
Evening schools with added courses will
open tonight In Philadelphia, and hun
dreds of pupils have cm oiled to avail
themselves of an oppoitunity whereby
their efficiency along lines or n chosen
occupation may be Increased.
Featuring somo of tho new courses are
book selling and dancing. For the for
mer it Is hi gued that book selling as well
as book writing Is now rapidly becoming
a learned profession and for this reason
those engaged in It need to bo equipped
with a technical knowledge of the sub
ject at hand In older to increase their
usefulness. In otht-r words, a salesman
should bo perfectly Intimate with the
goods offered to the customer.
The new courses aro Included in tho
curriculum for evening students at the
William Penn HIkIi School, so that in
nddltlon to diesHmnking and domesti
science young women students will have
nn oppoitunity to acquire considerable
knowledge of hooks, gymnastics and the
latest danco steps, providing their asts
for oa-nlng a living lay In tho latter
At tho tforthonit Manual there will be
special courses for men and women In
Ciorman, French, Spanish and English.
Debating will featuto the evening class
study at tho Centtnl High School. Mathe
matics and English griunmnr will bo two
Important cnuries for women nt tho
Southern High, while tho men will spe
cialize In mechnnlcs, stenni engineering
lives and did not remember of oer hav
ing any, except a father and mother,
who wero dead. Ho did not tare what
boenmo of his money if he had any left.
After all the bills wero paid thero was
left about $V) to tho credit nt the name
of Harker. It Is tho sum Mr. Robinson
will distribute to the Huikor heirs If
there ato any.
Wild Scene Last Night With Bricks
nnd Knives as Weapons.
Fighting at Nineteenth mid Wood
stteots, during which levolvois woio dis
charged, bricks tin own nnd knives
wielded, resulted In Injury to threo pei
sous, ono of whom was held In $1009 ball
by Maglstiato llciitnn in the Twentieth
and nuttouwond sticots police station to
day. Tho ninn held is William IlagtiPll. 103.'
ItUHfcll street. It Is alleged Ilagin 11
stnrted tho light by attacking Andrew
Laikou, 3-01. Etlgeinnnt street, when tho
laltor refusal to accetlo to his demand
for money and a tUarette.
According to Lnrkon he was walking
east on Wood street last night, accom
panied by his wilo, K.ttherino, and two
friends, Andrew Lasl;er and Jtuepii
Andrjlonl. 3273 Hdgcmont stieot, '1'hoy
wero unable to get a street car for Port
Itiehiuond and stopped at Nineteenth
street to ask assistance. Ihijnull was
tho first poison spoken to.
Tho pollen say Instead of answering the
question ho demanded money nnd cigar
ettes from Lnrkon uutl lii.i companions.
This was icfused and Uiiull, with, sev
eral companions, uttiu Ut d thu party.
Tho llghthm became general S-n-ornl
In tho ciowd at Nineteenth and Voo4
streets, who al Hist had not participated,
joined in tin1 fray, llrlcka be;, an iliii
utid tlio light fiom an aie lamp glistened
on long Knives that wero quicl;l diuwn.
Attracted lis sii earns of Sirs. ..iil,,n,
Who stood un tho turner calling fui the
police, Patiulmun t'arlan, of the Tiveii
tletli and lluttonnimd strtets police sta
tion, rushed to tlio scene rouble to s i.i
rale tho belligerents, and not knowing
friend from toe, ho whlstlwl u Unal to
Putlulman Fox, who eaiue mnniiitj.
D'iriiig the melee lirUli Hi.. I his iivul
vor in the ail. Some on, hit hi arm und
tho bullet Ktritck lingncll a -Unting ulnu
In the html leml.'i'ln , htm in i unvt ma-
St'Oln.- the fall uf tbeji lead, e, his com
rudt Htd Sti etc hd on the '.round b, -side
Huuell and suffering from stab
wounds in d blows from ftn. - wen. l..t.
k-r aid Andrvlnnl The lniii.. men w,re
token to the (larreuon II vpit.il Tluy re
covered suHlcUntlj to ttpitiir at tho po
lite station today when Iaik.m told the
story of the light. Ungutll made m de
fence. Tbe police know tho other participants
and ejtject to make arrests today,
Tho work of theso evening enses will
bo clone In various school bulldlti-ts all
over the city. Including tho places men
tioned, 21 elementary schools and .nvt,ral
ti.tdo schools will bet ustd for this pur
pose. Tlio courses will extend over a
pei lud of 21 weeks.
Tho School of Design for Women
optnied today with everv member of tho
faculty on hard, although tlvo of
tlioni experienced cotnddcrablP dllbcully
In teaching tho I'nlted States trom
Tho class In water colors nt thl insti
tution will bo In thai go or Henry M.
Sneli, who will also teuch tho painting of
still lllo and How era Klliut JJnlngeriloltJ
will lectin o on composition.
Will of John Holz Contested hy the
Heonu-e John IIolss Ignored his two
minor children In a will, madi mi his
beathbed, and betiit 'itlie.l bis fl" estate
to Ills widow, Hcrtha H'da. (t civ. a n i
been Moil with the Itee'nter of Wills
alleging fraud nnd undue Induciue ami
protesting against the admits. un of ttu
document to prouatf.
The contest Is instituted by I.nuN P irn
bach, guardian of Holz's children K ttio,
7 vtt.in. old. and ilmrge. 3 ours old
Holz's death occurred in the medico
Clilrnrgical Mospltal May il Twu das
piior tho will was wiitten.
Tlio guardian of the children alleges
In tho caveat tliut. "John Hols was not
at the time of the execution of -aid paw is
ot sound and disposing mind, ap.l ih.it
the said decode nt had been In isl ill
and was so ill ut the tini, tit tie Mhl
exo, utlon ami in such physical pan uni
under the iiilluenic of some diu adiu n
Utuvtl by the attending phjsleitn to
relit vo the pain, and was uni do h i..i
Btm thereof to make any tt ta:n. t.n .
riilitltiou of Ilia tstute. .i d futilni
that the said paper was prieuitU t,N
fuiud and undue hillutine "
A hearing uf tlijl cast ha be, ., t , r
Ili'M e'ltdit) hj Itevisttr uf ill -, . h
Request From President Yuang Shl
Knl Ignored.
President Yuang Shl-Kni, of China, to
make himself moro popular with his baby
but tuibulent Government, started a pa
rade this morning between tho hours of
.1 and fi o'clock, Chinese time, to the
Confucian Temple. He asked all China
men to honor Confucius at approximately
tlio same time.
The locnl Chinatown received tlio Presi
dent's edict, but since tho right timo for
tho tiihuto Is dllllcult to translate Into
ltaco stieot cluonology, Chinatown Is not
paying honor to Confucius or to tlio
Last week Yuang Shl-Kni hinted to his
chief minister that he thought it would
be qulto pioper If the President's natal
day be celebrated. The minister stroke
I the hack of his neck where many a prime
minister nas relt the uend'-tnan axo. He
felt tho same as the Piesldont. Ho agreed
with the execution ft tun the crown of his
Illustilous head clear down to tho honored
giound tho President trod upon, and
straightway sent a manifesto to the Unco
street colony declurlng a holiday on the
birthday anniversary of tho President.
Chirntown rend tho proclamation, sniffed
and leturneil oltiior to its restaurants or
did a two days' Job In ono over tho wnsh
Philadelphia Chinamen are revolution
ists, and they also stato that thev aro
Christians, slnco they met up with the
missions and niKilonury women. To
thorn Yuan Is only an unhorsed division
Under who draws pay for what ho did
some lime ago for the Imperialist party.
, President Yuang has not boon spon pub
licly for a year. Ho ventuiod forth from
the- pulnco thou ami a fow xhtiberunt
C'ltlrainon gieeted him with bombs and
P'stois. Since then he has organised tho
t'nlnese Tim o'l.enrles and Billy J.
Durness, nnd In counting upon them
to see that ho Is not Introduced to any
Celestial cairylns a saw ed-off shotgun up
his cleave.
President Yuang has ordered that Con
fuilanlsm again bo taught in tho public
schools, as tha rising generation seom to
bo forgetting who Confucius was and
what lw represented.
POltDKAI'X. Sept :S-In Its decree
continuing the French moratorium until
November 1, tho Cabinet nulillles e,in
li acts drawn betwvtn Frenchmen nivl
subjects of the em inv slnco tbe beiu-n!n-
tf the war. Contracts drawn pit
vuua to that date may be cirri, d ,n:t
Tit. .mi. ,unl of .un, ut li.mk in,, nini
llmt in. t. It- wilhil'.iwn 1, depot, tm , .
iiiri.isid to uin-ftiuith
Owners of Fram and Som-
mcrstad, Through Counsel,
Move to Save Boats From
Hands of Warring Powers.
A demand to order the unloading of
Hie Norwegian trump steamboats I-'rnm
nhd Somtncrstad, now lying In the Dela
ware Itlver, has been Med with the
United Stales District court today by
Hiilph M. Hullowa, a New Vorlc attorney,
representing tho owners of the vcsolB,
Who do not propose to have thrm selrcd
by warring powtta by carrying supplies
to German men of war off tho Ainctlciii
coast. The court lias lescrved an opinion.
The dictagraph -xposuto of the desti
nations of tho Norwegian Htoamsiilpf,
b'uttn anil Somm!r3t.id, now at an
chor In the linlawnio Itlver, lias
disclosed the system which mado
the Violation of neutrality possi
ble. Owners, agents and others inn
now rushing to cover. The expose wa
duo to tho effotts ot Christian Moo,
Norwegian Consul at this port, nnd
Itnlph M. Httllowa, a New York attorney.
It was In Mr. Ittillowa's olllco the dic
tograph was Installed, prior to a eon
fetence botwoon tho masters of the ves
sels, representatives of. tho Hamburg
American Line and officials of the Inter
Amerlcati Company. Mr. Dullowa de
clares that tho lntcr-Amcrican Com
pnnv had chartered the vessels and then
rechatteied them to the Ilatnlmrg
Amerlcan Company. This Is denied by
Julius P. .Meyer, director of the latter
company, who assorts that his company
hns chartered vessels at various times
to supply ships of tlio line, but never
Ciorman cruisers.
Upon tlio advice of Mr. Moe, Captain
Axclson, of tho Sommerstad, and Cap
tain Grlnhelm, ot tho Fram, consulted
Mr. Hullowa, after notifying their own
ers, the A. P. Klavernoss .fe Co., of
Hnugesend, Norway, and II. M. Wrangell
& Co., of Chrlstlanla, Norway.
Consul Moe's suspicion was first aroused
by Captain Axelsen and C.'iptnln Grlnhelm.
They told him they were to salt under
scaled orders and "things didn't look Just
right." They said that they wero In duty
bound to tho steamship owners to curry
tho cargoes to their destinations, but they
did not believe the owners know anything
about the "hlpment of supplies to Ger
man warships.
A few days later the captains told Mr.
Moe that agents of the Hamburg-American
Line hnd sent them ofTcrs of big
bonuses tor immediate sailings. This wns
during the time the masters ot the steam
ships weio awaiting ndvice from home.
Tho advice came and told them to con
sult an attorney. Then the conference
with tho dictograph as a witness was ar
ranged. Nothing could bo learned of the trans
action at tho olllco of William J. Grand
field and Company, 303 Walnut stret, to
day. They are the local agents fqr the
steamships. They declined to give the
name or names of tho poisons for whom
they were acting and furthor refti'ed to
atnim or deny that they knew the car-
nn ...Am ntnnnf fnr ftormnn cruisers.
"Wo will not discuss the tmnsactlon In
anyway," was all that was said.
The Sommerstad and Pram are two ot
six vessels with similar cargoes on bonrd
clared from this port by Grandtleld
& Co. Tho fiist ono was tho Ileina,
which left on August G ostensibly for La
Gunyra It was reported that ho had
been captured In the act of delivering
hei cargo to a German warship. Tho
Nepos sailed on August 22. tlio John Lud
wig Nowinckel on September 2 and the
Unltu on September S. On their clearance
papers their destinations weio given as
Spanish or Brazilian ports.
Like "carrying coats to Newcastle" was
tho carrying of coffee to Pra7.il by these
steamships. Another suspicious incident
was the largo supply of fresh water
taken on board. Those nroused the Nor
wegian skippers' fears. Thev did not
care to risk Imprisonment In English or
French prisons, but both emphatically
declared they feared most for tho prop
erty of their employers. Difficulty was
experienced In getting crews for these
vessels, despite tho fnct that hundreds
of sailors aro out of employment.
Arrangements are now being made for
the discharge of the cargoes of the Fram
and Sommerstad, and in a few days
$.i),u00 worth of coal and ship supplies
which were scheduled for Gorman war
ships will bo dumped back on ono of the
pu-rs and later delivered to the consignors.
Arrested in Pittsburgh on Charge of
Robbing Employer.
Alexandria Kntni'iskl, brought IraeU
from Pittsburgh as a fugitive on charges
of larceny of lluOn worth of Je.e!ry and
womon's Aearlng apparel fiom the home
of Dt. James c. Higslngon, of Vi4S Codur
avenue, was committed to Jail today by
Clerk, Flaherty, of Quarter Sessions
Tho girl was employed in the Cedar
avenue house as a servant, going theio
from a girls' refotm Bchool.
Rims for Fords
ruminate tli., t nmlv Jnl, of
tir, . h iikIiic ,,, ih.. r.n.l
V 1!',mL !-ili" "N M'HVVAI..
it III.! It liiipn.te Hi,. , ,r a op-
'iCa;..:;:',!',"1 ",j si
I I ''''' ''' OO ETJ-k
nu uiHKii s riutif t '
217 North Broad Street Jf
ll I- i 5 i
el;., 1 r t
il. I . l I ' e
2 3-Jewel
1 6-size
Lifmnnd, Ruby
and Sapphire
Guaranteed 20-year
President of American Fed
eration of Societies Strikes
Keynote at Opening of
IMlriMORB, Sept. 2S.-"Th! Catholics
of the United fitatcn ahoutd take the
Initiative for tho creation (ind fostering
of world peace," said President Chnllett
I. Dcnechnud of the American Federation
of Catholic Societies, at tho opening uf
the thirteenth annual convention of th
Federation her today, with reprcpenla
tlvc: of Catholic organizations through
out tho country In attendance,
"Public sentiment flhould be cjulckened
and CongresH Importuned to cauuu this
nation to make the firt overtures for a
Rerloun, sincere and lnotlnp Agreement
amonpc the peoples of the earth for In
ternational pento," he added
The mllgloufl cerrmonles were begun
yesterday with n flolsmn high ma.H. In
a sermon preached by Bishop Joaph
SchiembP, of Toledo. O., Secretary of
State Prfan was denounced for hla al
leged failure to prevent or stop persecu
tion of Catholics In Mexico.
Cardinal Oibbonf, in crrtetlntf tho dele
Kilt, said ho wan Impressed by Hlshop
Sohremlm' sermon, and that he approved
tho sentiments expresed by the Blu'nop.
"In Mexico," Mishap Sc.hrembs raid,
"thousands of Catholics, men and women,
are belnw outrnfred In their most saertil
rollBlous convictions. Churches have been
cloed and desecrated, prieits and Itlshcps
robbed of their possessions and In many
Instances murdered."
Largest Class In School's History
Enters This Year.
Hahnemann Medical College will wel
come Its students back with a reception
In the college nudltorlum tonight, nnd
open the fi'th annual session of Its career
with what Is said to be the largest num
ber of students In the history of the
Tho nudltorlum In which the nffalr In
to bo held has been gaily decorated. One
of the features of tonight's reception will
be a tag worn on each man's cont and
bearing his name. This will cnnblo all
persons to become acquainted without
a formal Introduction.
Dean W. A. I'lerson, of'P1 college, will
preside, and after a short address by
Charles D. Harney, president of the bonrd
of trustees of the college, speeches will
be mado by Dr. Clarence Bartlett, head
of the medical department, and by mem
bers of the faculty. Dr Bartlett's sub
ject will be "The Opportunity Medicine
Affords the Young Man." The Itev. Dr.
Floyd W. Tomklns will offer prayer.
Some Innovations at Hahnemann are
xchoduled for this vear's work. The In
auguration of a pre-medlcal term makes
the course at the college now six years.
The first car is to be devoted to pre
liminary work, and the last to service
In tho Hahnemann Hospital.
Tho college term of study will bo of
ficially begun tomorrow morning. Num-
Dorea among the post-graduate students
jear aie somo from Continental
Europe, South America and Japan.
New Haven Jurors Sworn In
NEW YOIIK, Sept. 2.-The .special
Grand Jurv, which, In accordance with
President Wilson's suggestion, will make
an inquiry into the criminal aspects of the
Xew York, Xew Haven nnd Hartford
Railroad ease, was sworn In today by
Federal Judge Julius M. Mayer
Urn l( l P P IS
Atlantic Till
M tin Hie rtf lll!'!
(2iutlit-r M 111, .ill
iuo Chestnut St
p 16 n lluanlHitll.
i . ft it
. ii -
I Tt , !
" '"'1 ii i i, ih i m . k
I I'l -- - I . I. V
I- 1 1 i . i't Bllllik- 1! I ,
l. T,l I , ,ltl I If , . , M
i,r l il ft f,.r I ',,.11 ii 1
t il, m w il,L,, tt
thi'w ,t ott...r. eu w.ii
r ii i 'ila f ' aht'.'u'e
Au v. tt h l, Lain ,r. ni ii maw ba ...,..,
i -Aitl ii t. n il,i) una tte will rcfunti th lull
:nii t.M. pri, v n ri.t xti4ae fur
i i tv i no H ioiiilt:r yt,tt rli wh4t
tr. in t-.ni, t.ilue sou are gattliif In ihesti
- pi rl rallru.. I iirl,-, hi $Jt, titi Vt'i ulij
I ,,, lMl.f It thf ttlt tlUM U. 11 AVAV
" ' " ill f i- lj rlf l hi. i i
li E mi ntMi-i-it i, n 1. r II u liiii,rM
"l' i ! ' I fn a -. i - i. ii et II,
iic Mall
I i -J it..,)
, ' J I II I I .1,11
"i I 'I r I
t t '
tl 14 Ii V IMPORTi.ni rll tlAl
II l,l.fll rirn tlitv In III ti liO" CUTTCR3 OI DIAMONDS "'tS
1 'a Hats l-,t ' (
r ' H 'ii f r fl 'm
Doaoimn'o Hat luctery, its s. loth btrcet
- fXlHJCll I'UTt h 111 III
' titHW UT Dllll.liltllH lltoflln !
Ih rUlv cm t tniiimlitt by
i- uf nui lihi i- urinaUtt a u
'" uii'l intuitu usli inornliiu
tl ici)iiiK. ri'tiunl, nun
i ilst U4u uini uuiuli rfull rffi'i't-
1 v I't uiii "554
1 liilinltliliia' Standard limit M,,i..
151S Chestnut Street
t'lioae and Mall Ortlrrn I'mmplli
5.JIH Qrii pPI. irmiati
tvw;i,ui 0 oiiminiiutriy
i In t ibli r I t . (X , .i
e me Plr n ft
' " 'x y riFi; j nizn
Fall Suits
$15, $18, $20
VouMI be surprised nt tho
goodness of tin: doth, the
beauty and diversity of tho
patterns, the thoroughness
of the making; in every one
of these thousands und
thousands of Fall Suits and
Fall Overcoats for $12, $15,
SIS. $20
At Parry's
At Sin, a nobby young
man's Suit, c, soft blend of
soft colors with a broken
pinpoint thread, crescent
shaped coat pockets, little
sleeve guffsa dream! $15
At Perry s
Full Suits and Fall Over
coats made and priced on
the fiftyone-year.od Ferry
policy of "Many sales nnd
small profits" .
At Perry's
Perry & Co., "N.b.t.
16th & Chestnut Sts.