Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, September 17, 1914, Night Extra, Page 2, Image 2

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nrmy rests Upon tho Insb of n great
semicircle of hills which lie from tho
northwest Id the southt.ist ncrosi
northeastern France, having rarls a'
the approximate centre Hehlml It lie
flat plalitH stretching to tho Mouse.
LONDON, Sept. 1".
Kvvecplrjff Bff miles north of I'nrls,
a French 'nrmy conunnMed by Oon
cial DVAmade I? striking at tho rear
of tho Herman right wltiK In n.. nt
tempt to cut Genernl von Kluk's nrmy
off from tho main German forces, ac
cording" to reports that reached Lon
don today.
There Is a possibility that tho film
of General D'Anindo's tinny has fit
readv been nccompllthed. A corro
epondent tclcfct nulling from Amiens
"The German light wing is Piuar
cied I wni nblo in Join friendly
Trench Zouaves a little south of Pe
nnine. Near thuro n. French battery
whs In action fibout M yards on our
Peron.ic Is G2 miles southwest of
Jlaubeug ami IB miles vest-northwest
of Pt. Quonlln. If Maubeugo It
uncaptured, as the Trench Govern
ment Insists, a sortie of ' gnirlson
there in co-operation with the attack
of General D'Aniuile's army would put
General von Kink In a perilous posi
tion, from which he might be unable
to extricate himself
A dispatch sent by Geoffrey Young
to the Dully News from Amiens says
It li reported there that General vt
Kluk's army has been surrounded, and
thou continues:
"His right has been overlapped by
an at my nd wincing from liotien and
passing through Amiens, which led to
tho eastward turn from Complegno
and hN evacuation from Amiens.
"If ho Is really lying us supposed
Ills rear Is In tlnmtcT, hut It Is Impos
sible yet to illscuver what Is the Ger
man force that Is facing northwest
against the Amiens ntmy. whether It
Is only bis late Amiens garrison or
new supporter, tit whether Von Kluk
has wheeled his tight noith In a sharp
"Tho Western Trench army has
parsed cast mid southeast of Amiens,
using pontoons over tho liver where
the bridges have been blown up. I
could get near enough only to make
certain that the Trench lines had been
advancing east since yesteulay, press
ing on to St. Quentln.
"Turcos and Zouaves are now pour
ing up tho Amiens-St. Qnentln lino In
great heait and hope. Hut the march
Is fatiguing and tho loads heavier j
after the rains."
BHIILIX, Sept 17.
This official announcement was made
here today:
"Tho attacks of the allied British
and French forces on our front con
tinue without success. Some advan
tages have been gained by our troops,
but they will not press the offensive
until the enemy has exhausted Itself.
"Tho rapidity with which tho Ger
man armies accomplished the Invasion
of France made it necessary that they
should be given a brief respite. This
they are obtaining"
The Gcnetnl Staff today declared the
Trench attack is spent and that tho
Get man positons are well maintained
Meanwhile, all needed supplies are be
ing concentrated at the front.
The olilcial announcement declares
that the Trench are e vol y where again
on tho defensive nnd that at no point
of the lino are the German forces
threatened. The investment of Paris,
it Is stated, while temporarily halted,
will take place when tho present cam
paign is completely worked out.
Ih I o ..... - . V w"
PRESENT GERMAN , ,UW-E ff, ' , ! " . ..n rV ' , , , . "' .
line, ana ' r "' &H2V&&r ' v - p.v:
EXTREME LINE. ' , O WRU&tot v, ', ' , . '
v s i v .tiu- . vi w -i f z
scal& oSiubs :',.'V rr . IfiW ' iV !',:'' i', s i .'"
Paris to uaon ;s-m ,.,',' . ,- ,;, J . "v r 1 , S . ,' .'' 3 ' . V-'i
z J Ky - -" ; . V'-. .. ;w
ALIENS ? . VV , ,r, .iv .-, , :; ,,.,,. t o' I J ;V,
MONTDIDIER Vy?r2 SiliY VVrUOt S ft Wp(5cij yV , m.CK' l - iA !
jwf , mk X T-
Diplomatic Character of Mis
sion Will Preclude Pro
test Against Alleged Ger
man Cruelty at Public
TVASHIXGT'" ". Sept. 17.
Aftei almost a week of complete iso
lation from its Government the Ger
mun Embassy today received as its
first dispatch hy wireless from the
Foreign Oillce in Berlin a sweeping
denial of the claims of French and
British victories. The communication
"Reports of the allies, lctorles In
France are untrue. Tho German re-
tical maneuer not affecting the
strategical position
"Trench attempts to break through'
tho centre of the German position
were victoriously repulsed.
"German successes at several points
of a long-extended battlefield have
been conilimed
"The Temps, a Paris newspaper, re
ports that the losses of the British in
th retent fighting amount to 15,000
treat of the western wing was a tac- dead and wounded"
News of the continued advaueo of
tho French and TJngllsh troops toward
the new German lino of defense was
reported to tho Fronch embassy to
day from tho AVar Offlco at Bordeaut
and confirmed earlier reports that tho
battle now begun is at lean 70 mllea
to the north of tho most advanced po
sition by tho German Invaders
The dispatch reads:
"On September It and 15 the rear
of the enemy was forced to encounter
tho advance guard of our nrmy. Other
German troops reinforced the entmy's
rear guard, and they wero compelled
to accept battle along tho entire front.
In many places they were strongly
"Tho Fronch advanco gunrd Is fa
miliar with tho country about Xoyon.
"Tho allies are on the high hills on
the north of VIc-sur-Nalsne, Solisons
and Laon and on the high hills of the
north of France. They are also on a
lino on the north of a place called
Villo-sur-Turve, which Is situated on
tho west of tho Argonne mountains.
"Tho lino continues over tho Argonno
muuntuins from the nortli of Varennes
This latter plauo lias been evacuated
by the onemy, who have reached tho
Blver Meuio clohe to tho forest of
Forges on tho north of Verdun."
BOnDBAUX. Sept. 17.
Tepse anxiety prevails at the War
Offlco today. Minister of War Mil
lewfld went to Paris on a special tram
last night bhortly after a statement
was Issued declaring that the French
had not been forced from any position.
Thai statement was not regarded as
reassuring1 and was taken rather to
Indicate that the German armies, or
part Pt them, had Uken the offensive
Berlin Accuses Czar's Forces of Cruel
ty in Campaign.
BERLIN fby wireless to Sarvllle, I.. I),
6pt. 17
Tba War Ofllce announced today that
f hid received advices from Vienna
howlng that lSr GallcUn traitors had
teen arrested and taken to Grat In
Styrla. where they are now held awaiting
sentence. They are reported to have con
fetsed and to have admitted that they
were paid by Russian agent to signal the
po!tloni of the. Austrian armies
In support of It charge of alleged
cruelties by the Ituslans the War onjee
declare ttt I leutenant Tledeinanif
tee Filth Pruailan culraislcra,
and were pressing heavily upon tho
Tho Midden departure of the Minis,
ter of War was accompanied with con
slderable mystery. Coming so soon
after the statement from the War Of
fico it was taken as significant that
M. Millerand was not completely satis
fied with conditions at the front.
No official news has been received at
the War Office today, and the attaches
say that they had no information re
garding the battle along the Aisne.
The great battle line where the Germans are making a stand and along which a tremendous battle is now raging, runs from Noyon, on the Oise, to near
Verdun, 110 miles almost due east. The Germans have been forced back from their positions on the Aisne to points north of it and their counter-offensive
against the English and French troops has failed, the Allies holding their own and inflicting heavy losses on the German commands, which have been
repulsed all along the line.
One Russian Army Hems
Austrians On San, While
Another Proceeds Through
Poland to Silesia.
PARIS, Sept. 17.
A retrogrnd dispatch to the Matin says
that the Russian army is reported to
hae occupied Przemysl, the Austrian
fortress on the river San.
(If this is the ease the Auatrlans will
be obliged to take a last stand at Cra
ccw). Tho War Ofllce at Petrograd has re
ceived Information that the Austrians are
concentrating at Cracow and that they
will have the assistance there of German
forces that could not be sent foiward
into Eastern fiallcla. It Is stated, how
ever, that no opportunity is to bo given
the Austrians, who have been so badly
defeated, to retire In ordtr from the San
rUor positions. Instead, the Russians are
ciosslng the river in force and planning
a general attack on tho flanks of the re
treating Auttrian armies.
Austrian Armies Effect Junction and
Prepare for Offensive.
BKRLIN, Sept 17.
An official statement Issued by the War
Oillce here today says:
"Tho Russians In the East are falling
bnik at 'ery point and the Germans ar
t iking many prisoners and also some
guns. It Is stated.
'The Austrian armies huve effected n
complete Junction and the Austrian Gen
eral Statf wires from Vienna th.it thoy
are now about to resumo the offensive
Tho Austrlnns navo also decisively de
feated the S-'ervlan armies commanded by
the Crown Pilni'O which essaied to in
vade Austria They have been drlvun
back WTosh tho Suvo lllver with heav
loss In addition the Austrians hdve
capturtd largo quantities of munitions."
Two Actions Brought Against George
Brooks & Son Company.
Tho Central Trust and Savings Com
pany In Court of Common Pleas No. 1,
today Issued a writ of foielgn attachment
against George Hrooka & Son Co., In
which ball was fixed at H2.WT . and tho
Third National Hank nnd the T'nlted
States Fidelity and Guaranty Company,
were summoned aa garnishees.
A similar attachment aUo was Issued
against Ihcokg & Son Co, by A. Ruffer
A Sura In this cofo the ball was fixed
at $32'70, and tho same institutions
were surrmoned as garnishees. The coun
sel In the casa was LHckton, Deitler &
People Clamor for Abandon
ment of Triple Alliance
and Cabinet Is Divided On
ROME, Sept. 17,
Strong forces of troops arc held In
reserve, not alone in Rome, but In nearly
all of the larger Italian cities, to quell
spreading anti-neutrality demonstrations.
There seems to be a general concerted
movement, the source of which remains
hidden, to force the hand of the Govern
ment, make It repudiate its Triple Al
liance treaty obligations and amalgamate
with tho allies against Germany and
Tho Government, up to the present, has
refused to be Impressed with tho agita
tion, nnd has constantly Insisted that the
oilginal proclamation of neutrality Is to
bo rigidly adhered to. However, theio
aro extremely strong rumors that changci
In the cabinet are Impending, and If they
come It Is expected the Government will
be forced to take deflnlto action.
A number of newspaper-) today print
stories declaring the Italian military at
tache at Rerlln has left there after
vigorously objecting to severe criticism of
Italy's attitude by high court officials.
None of these stories Is confirmed by the
Foreign Office.
Marquis El San Glullano, the Italian
Foreign Minister, has tendored his resig
nation, but It has not yet been accepted
He Is one of a very small group of
Italian statesmen who believe that Ital
Is morally bound to support tho Triple
It Is slflnlflcant to note that a feeling
of hostility has sprung up against the
foreign minister. This Is said to be
shared even by other members of tho
Cabinet. Should the foreign minister
withdraw his duties would devolve upon
Prt-mler Salandro, who Is looked upon as
httns In favor of "a government policy
which would be more popular."
Rarnn Macchlo, tho Austrian Ambassa
dor, and II, De FJotow. the German Am
borsador. have exhausted their diplo
matic resources to force Italy to declare
herself openly In favor of Austria and
Crown Prince's Army Forced
Back On Headquarters at
Montfaucon May Move
Up Meuse Valley.
PARIS, Sept. 17.
That the Gcrmnni have been compelled
to raise the siege of Verdun was con
bldercd certain heio today, when otllolal
announcement was received from Uor
deaux that the Crown Prince's army had
a'aln been forced to give ground before
the combined French central armies.
Tho German centre has been shoved
north and east of Varennes, and It Is
stated at General Galllenl s headquarters
that tho lattlo line of the nrmy of the
Kaiser's heir Is now rapidly encroach
ing on his headquarters at Montfaucon.
It Is expected that ho will now bo
compelled to move his headquarters to
the Mcuso River on the direct lino to the
Stenay gap.
At all other points og the lino It Is
Mated tho forces of the allies are holding
fast, although It Is admitted that the
Germans have now been heavily idn
forced and aro making a dctei mined
Belgian King and Servian Prince
Made Chevaliers of St. George.
PETROGRAD, Sept. 17.
Emperor Nicholas has conferred tho
tttlo of ChovnIIers of the Order of St.
George upon King Albert of Belgium and
Piinco Alexander of Servla In recognition
of their military deeds.
Charged With Reselling Tickets Col
lected From Passengers.
Robert Kitchener, of Trenton, N. J., a
conductor employed by tho Pennsylvania
Railroad Company, who is charged with
reselling tickets he collected from passen
gers, today was held In J600 hall for a
further hearing on Saturday before Mag
istrate Morris In his offlco, 2304 Ridge
Following Information furnished by the
railroad company, detectives vvero sent to
watch Kitchener. It is charged he resold
tickets to a well-known "fence" In this
city. A warrant for tho arrest of this
man Is to bo Issued shortly, tho police
sa. Kitchener was arrested today.
Ran Down Woman and Did Not Stop,
Inspector Testifies.
John Maxwell, of 003 Polst street, Cam
den, held since Inst Sunday on charges
of manslaughter and violating nutomobllo
laws, was this morning lined $150 and
costs by Justice of tho Peace Huyett
Aftrr running down Mrs. Emma Dctnols
btck while driving at tremendous speed
on White Horse nllcc. as trnlliio.i ,,.
Charles Pedigree, motor vehicle Inspector.
Maxwell failed to stop his machine.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 17. -Applications
filed by national banks with tho Comp- I
ti oiler of they Currercy for an Issue of !
emergency currency are gradually de
creasing Tho total amount of this cui- I
rency applied for on Monday was inoio i
than 5,0uO,wW. Yesterday the applications
had decreased to about J1.CO0.000, and It
was estimated that tho total applications
today would not be much over IJ.000,000
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, fpSna!
German recruits lying helpless on the
highway. They had been surprised at a
point In East Prussia the day before by
Cossacks who had In some cases severed
hands at the wrist, in others tho feot
below the knee: and In still others had
cut off ears and noses One Russian of
ficer who wan captured had cut off a
woman s finger with a valuable ring on
it und it was found in his pocket
Tho commander of the 11th German
army corps, the War Offke says, reports
mat Hussians have cut off the nngers
and hands of non-combatants. Officers
of the Herman Landwehr report the find
ing of 20 persons killed. Including one
woman, whose breasts bad been slashed
oft with a sabre
The War Offlco says that reports re
ceived by it show that the commander of
the first French army published regrets
because French troops plundered the town
of lUmbervhUers on the Mortagne. It
miles northeast of F.plnat.
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WASHINGTON, Sept. 17.-The Belgian
vuiiirmssion wmcn came here to present
iv, xjciucni vviiBon oviaenco of alleged
German atrocities In Belgium today went
to Mount Vernon nnd placed wreaths on
the tomb of Washington. No public nit
Inns will bo attended by ny of the com.
missioned, nor in nny other way win
thoy depart, whllo In this country, from
their diplomats character, It was an
nounccd. They will return to New Vutk
by way of Philadelphia preliminary (0
Bunmg ior ueigium next week.
"Wo nro grateful to President Wilson "
said Counsellor of State Paul lfvm .1
day, "for the kind reception given us
and we aro deeply appreciative of tho
manner In which our visit hai been re
colved by tho American people. We go
today to lay a tribute of flowers nt thi
tomb of Washington, chief vt tho founders
of your ncpubllc, on behalf of tho Belgian '.
"Wo shall not address any meetings In
this country. Tho chief mission win,
which wo were entrusted has been pci
formed and within n few days wo slu
sail from New York for home. We shall
Btop first at Philadelphia and shall prob
ably remain In New York several dajs
prior to sailing.
"How long tho war will last or what
will bo Its results for Belgium we cannot
predict. Belgium has suffered much and
all becauso through tho violation of its
neutrality by one "of tho very powers
that guaranteed Its neutrality, it has
been forced into this war."
Pilot Admits Story of German Loss,
was Fnke.
NEW YORK, Sept. 17.-After giving out
a story to tho effect that officers of the
British cruiser Lancaster had told him
the English warship had sunk tho Ger
man liner Kronprlnz Wllhelm, nuxlllaiy
cruiser in the German navy, Edward P.
Nichols, a pilot, admitted a few hours
later that his talo had been only a
COLON, Sept. 17. Reports of a sup- ;
posed "naval battle off this place j ester
day between German and English war
ships aroje from tho fact that the big
guns on Toro Point, Margarita Island,
woro being fired for testing purposes, It
developed hero today. The fortifications
at Toro Point form tho chief part of the
Colon end of the canal defenses.
Charged with cruelty to animals, Henry
Strand, a Negro, 25 years old, of 3u22 Ken
sington avenue, wns fined $10 nnd costj
this morning by Magistrate Borle, of the
Frankford police station. Strand was
nrrcsted by policeman Baker upon a com
plaint made by a citizen who said that
Strand was driving a team on Frankford
avenue, near Solly street, when tho horsa
fell nnd cut Its leg, whereupon the driver
began to beat the animal.
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