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th U vJ 111 3
VOL. I NO. 4
Washington Hears Presi
dent's Second Mediation
Offer Has Been Accepted
by Emperor.
Protection of German Territory
' and Commerce Said To Be
Terms For Ending Hostilities.
, WASHINGTON, Sept. 17.-T!icro Is a
persistent report In Administration circles
Out Emperor William luis accepted con-
' dltlonally President Wilson's 'second
proffer of mediation. ,
These conditions nrc said to Insist that
German territory bo preserved and Gcr-
..-. - nfrnn1i.f1 full tirnfpnllnn.
man commune ...n,.- .--
Both the White House nnd State Dc
i partment refused to discuss the report
,' na the German Kmbassy uald It wus
tut off entirely from Berlin.
! Tlu ofllelal newspaper, tho Nord
i Dtutecho Allegemclne Zeltung, says that
! lhe s(orics from hostile sources that Ger
I many Is Inclined to mako peace and Is
tired of the war arc entirely false.
' "Tho Herman peoplo will never lay
1 aown their arms In this war," It says,
"without guarantees necessary to Its fu
i turn In the world of nations."
A military expert has Inquired directly
f il,o Kruiros at Hssex If 42 centimetre
guns (guns of a calibre of 1C.5 Inches)
exist Tho Krupps" reply was that such
pins, transportable over land, have been
manufactured but that they regret they
nrc unable to give details at present.
The referenco Is to tho Immense siege
curs which tho Germans havo been re
ported as using in bombarding tho Bel
gian and French forts, for which they
are said to have to lay tracks along roads
and streets.
BERLIN, via Amsterdam, Sept. 17.
Informal u-prpsontatlona have been
made through diplomatic channels to Kin
jwror William as to whether Germany
would accept another "ITer of mediation
! iho i-nited States. A lcply has n
lent to Washington.
Thoush the contents of tho reply have
not lx;tyi mads public. It Is reported semi
officially that the Emperor pointed fcut
that Germany had not fcought tho war
and th.it it would placo no obstacles In
the wav ii piacc, but under no circum
stance would enter Into negotiation that
tiould threaten tho tcrritoi lalV Integrity
of the IJmpiio or weaken her commercial
Introduction of Measure Today or
Tomorrow Will Follow.
WASHINGTON. Sept. I7.-Democrat3 of
the House Ways and Means Committee,
met today to approvo the tentative draft
wiltten by Chairman Underwood of the
Internal revenuo "war tax" bill. Tho
Itcpubllcans will bo called In later for a
formal, perfunctory meeting, to bo fol
lowed by a favorable report and Intro
duction of the measure lato today or to
Underwood indicated today that some
of tho Spanish war tax Items might not
be Included In tho present bill.
Republican committeemen plan -a
scnthlng minority report, Indicting the
DcmncralH for alleged extravagance In
Difficulty With England
Probable Outcome Pro
visional President Consult
ed No American Official
Before Banishing Diplomat.
"Villa Sorrento Limeade" Displaces
the Grape Juice,
WASHINGTON', Sept. 17.-Sccretary ot
Btate nrynn N Introducing a new "dry"
drink. He rails It "Villa Sorrento
I.lraeailf," being made of limes from
Villa Sonciiti). his Floilda homo. Sec
retary of Wur Garrison suggests that It
he named "Vllla-Carrnnan-Hoputa."
The llnuade Is a substitute for grape-Juice.
Government Wants to Know Why
Clearance Papers Were Refused.
WASHINGTON', Sept. 17.-The United
States today called upon Brazil for an
eiplanatlon of li r refusal to Issue clear
'nce papers to the steamship Robert
Dollar at Rio Do Janeiro.
Ash-laden Vapor Escapes From West
Side, Below Summit Crater.
MINnitU, ral, Sept. 17. Vast quan
tities cf ash-laden steam vapor are es
caping toiUv as a result of a violent
"uptlon Mstrrdny at lessen Peak. Tin.
Jpor ii ifceapiuK from the west sldo of
the mountain below the rim of the Mini
ma emu r The indications are that the
"iter will nil up and that future erup
uonj win icur through tho now fissure.
Inpects Water Works and Declines
to Discuss European War,
S.ltom N'isliot-il.l. Pl,l,.r engineer f llio
f municipal uufr worhs at Toklo, Japan,
ami un. , r ,,,,. ,uobl ImU.(l L.lv enKlneura
w his i,uiiii, is visiting this city, en
route ..ii n tnur nf tlio u-nrl,l fn,. II,
Purpoii- ,,r inapiitlnj,' the nitration plants
WASHINGTON, Sept. 17.-Sir Monel
Carden, tho British Minister to Mexico,
was banlshcdfrom that country by Pro
vlslonal President Carranza. This was
tho surprising statement made today by
a high ofllelal. It wa3 Intimated that be
cause of tho known animus of Sir Lionel
i Carden for the Mexican Constitutional
Government, tho Washington Administra
tion would take no further notlco of tho
diplomat's recent Interview In New York
in which he characterized the withdrawal
of American troops as a "desperate
Cat den i3 now on his way to England,
and from there will go to Brazil where he
has been accredited by hlo Government.
Garden's removal was reported hero to
have been proemptory. Carrans-a, It Is un
derstood, took his stcn without making
any representation to the British Govern
ment to nsk Garden' a withdrawal. For a
long tlmo there has been ill feeling be
tween the Carranzlstas nnd Cnrden. Car
ranza, It Is understood, did not even con
sult any American ofllelal about his
Difficulty with Bnsland Is the probable
outcome of tho Curden incident. At
present, however, with nttontlon turned
to tho European war, tho incident Is
likely to be passed with little or no pro
test, except delay In Urltlsh recognition
of the new Mexican regime.
Garden's published criticism of with
drawal of American troops fiom Mexico
was retarded In administration circles
today as unfair and untrue. No olllclal
confirmation of the widely printed Inter
view war ut hand, government authorities
wero Inclined to vlow It as the outburst
of a diplomat, admittedly personally dls
gruntk-d at tho Carranza ndtnlnlstiatlon
Prompt disclaimer by Ambassador
Spring Rico to Secretary Ilrynn to the ef
fect that ho believed Garden's alleged
statement unofficial and unauthorized was
believed to have saved the situation from
becoming serious. Officials pointed out
today, however, that a similar anti-American
Interview was credited to Carden
lust spring and "repudiated" by Carden,
although generally believed to have been
actually made by him.
Ambassador Spring Rico wns endenvor
Ing today to reach tho steamship Celtic,
on which Carden Is a passenger, fo: con
firmation or denial by Carden of tho au
thenticity of his supposed Interview.
A high diplomat hero stated today that
ho would not bo surprised If France
should withdraw her Ambassador to Mon
Ico, because of tho treatment of nuns and
monks by tho Constitutionalists. In dip
lomatic circles It became mure evident
that serious difficulties In securing com
pletu re.ogtiltlon from foreign Powers
confront the Constitutionalists.
New Draft of Loan Bill In
cludes $500,000 Item for
Preliminary Work on the
The first step townrd the actual con
struction of tho subway und elevated
lines nnd the abolition of exchange tickets
will be taken today when Councils' Fi
nance Committee and Common Council
meet to carry out the agreement mndo
by Couucllmanlc leaders last Tuesday to
reappoitlon thu now Jll.TCW.Ow loanso as
to Include tho Item of $:oo,f00 for pre
liminary woik In the transit program.
Just before tho Subcommittee on Ap
propriations met In City Halt at 1:3
o'clock thcro was a feeling of confidence
among the business men ot Philadelphia
that tho subcommittee would prepare a
new draft ot the loan bill and Include
the nppioprlatlon for transit. This com
mittee Is expected to present tho reappor
tionment to tho general Finance Commit
tee at a meeting to be held Immediately
before the session of Common Council
this afternoon.
A general reapportionment of the loan
probably will bo made. Tho original al
lotments for tho Parkway, for man
damuses nnd for general rcpavlng, it ia
planned, will be cut to provide the JWj.OjO
for transit. Director N'orrls, of the De
partment of Wharves, Docks and Fer
ilcs. has also asked a now allotment ot
the apportionment for the work of his
depaitmcnt. He wants two Items of JC00,-
ujj aim jzyj.wo to 1)0 Incorpoiatcd in a
lump sum of $iiy,0f,o for general pier con
struction, and also wants other changes
made. His request probably will bo
Thcro wns considerable discussion pre
ceding the subcommittee meeting about
a plan accredited to Councllmanlc leaders
to cut the payroll of the Transit Depart
ment. It wus said that Councils planned
to transfer ?fi5.O0O from Director Taylor's
unexpended salary appropriation as part
of the ?27a,() asked by Dr. I Carte for the
completion of work at Hyberry. Ilolmes
burg and for repairs at tho Municipal
The appropriation to the Transit Depart
ment for salaries tl.b year was $210,00,
and on August 1 theru wns a balanco of
$133.3115.87. Tho transit payroll that month
was 511.417. JS. leaving a balance of $121,
029.30. Councils. It was said, llgure that
only $33,000 would bo needed for tho rest
of the year, leaving a balance of approx
imately 63,000.
On the other hand. It has been said that
In view of the universal protest against
the original attitude of Councllmanlc lead
ers, they have been ordered to keep hnnd3
off thu Transit Department for the ptos-cnt.
Organization of Hugo Class Hero a
Preliminary to Campaign.
An nnny of fiom i.0.000 to 10O.C00 men
Is to be organized hero for the study
of tho IJIble as n preliminary prepara
tion for tho campaign "Hilly" Sunday,
tho baseball evangelist, Is to wage hero
next year. Tho Rev. George S. Dowey,
who Insured the success of the Sunday
campaign In Scrnnton last winter, Is
to have clmrgc of organizing tho nnny,
which will bo composed of new lllble
classes In nil parts of the city. The Rev.
Dowey will arrive note on October 21 to
assume his diltlrs us tin? general socro
taiy of the Philadelphia County Sunday
School Association.
Tho la.st Sunday In October 10C0 men
who wero converted In tho baseball cvnil
gellst's tabernacles In Seranton nnd
Wllkcs-Hurre are to come hero In n body
to hold n monster mass meeting. They
will travel on a sperl.il train, and every
man who ildes on It, Including the lire
man nhd engineer, will bo one ot Sun
day's converts.
One Russian Army Hems
Austrians On San, While
Another Proceeds Through
Poland to Silesia.
People Clamor for Abandon
ment of Triple Alliance
and Cabinet Is Divided On
Of tile
Kimt cities of America and Ku
"' r. Nishlued-t vis-lted the water
orhs kp.miii.-nt In City Hall today,
, '" ''- "btaiiied pc-rmlsbion to inspect
ny pan u, u,e departmental machinery
"titi, uskea to duenna the Rurupcau
the ,",',', .t,ui IMrt Jl,l)a" ,s I'lnvlns In
"ecoi,ilut. Mr. Nishiucda lefused to of.
.. I1' U1""iu''- "tying that he was "not
LU1T"a" diplomat or soldier, but a
1cm. . . U -"saged in the better bus
etru "'""S things, lather than de
tUv ' lntln" Ho "ill remain in this
vy fur tt few days.
iiKW v..w
Th,.7." ""t
bept. 17.-T1.0 Weathor
rn ,.. """u"-ii mat mo aouin
lad m, .? '.'tta ,,asca ir'la'l to Georgia
reaii tod announced that the South.
l.. "Ml U Weill,) Inu., It.. It. ,.....,..
"WIU AUuiuuT 0riU'ml U0W" l tUe
for Philadelphia unci vicinity ln
Ze,aT'J cloudinvH3 toniuht followed
"if tnowera in tho enrh, ,,-, ,
una-nj; not much chanye in tern- "
-re; moderate easterly winds.
' Muvt sec last page.
Hurls Shoe Through Barber's Win
dow After Fight With Son.
Lifeless rats and an old shoo caused
a light today In the barber shop of Paul
Mariana, Thirty-third and Market stteets,
which resulted In the nnest of Tom
Ilrenuan, 3210 Sanson street, who tho
police say hurled a .shoe through tho shop
window, when the barber's son refused to
accept his rats.
Hirniuti recently enlisted as an expert
exteimin'itor In the crusade against rod
tints, lio has been seen by many per
sons armed with u rllle und Is known
tu havo sluln quite n number of the pests.
Today with n lllo In one hand and a
pair of dead rats hi the other he up
proache4 luuls. tho seventeen-year-old sou
of barber Mariana and urffed him to ac
cept the corpses.
The boy i of used, and Itrennan incensed,
liuiied the tuts in his face, Louis re
taliated with his frhoe. A fight followed
and Ilrcnnan, his rats and the shoe were
ejected from tho tiaiber shop. Two mln
ut.'S latt-r the shoe clashed through tho
fiont window
Magistrate Harris before whom Ilren
nan was latei arialgned In the Thirty
tcond stieet and Woodland avenue po
sition ulscnarecd lilm when the
man promiseo. to pa yror tne broxen
window tu fnon as he earned suflluciil
usniicy killing more rats.
ItOMIJ, Sept. IT,
Strong forces of troops are held In
reserve, not alone In Home, but In nearly
all of tho larger Italian cities, to quell
spreading anti-neutrality demonstrations.
Thero seems to bo a general concerted
movement, tho sourco of which remains
hidden, to force the hand of the Clovern
nicnt, make It lepudlate Its Triplo Al
Ilanco treaty obligations nnd amalgamate
with tho allies against Germany and
The Government, up to the present, has
refused to bo Impressed with the agita
tion, nnd has constantly Insisted that tho
oilBlnal proclamation of neutrality Is to
bo rigidly adhered, to. However, there
aro extremely strong rumors that changes
In tho cabinet are Impending, und If they
coma It Is expected the Government will
be forced to take definite nctlon.
A number of newspapers today print
stories declaring tho Italian military at
tacho at Ilerlin has left there aftor
lgoroiibly objecting to severe ciitlclsm of
Italy's attitude by high court ollloluls.
None of these stories is confirmed by the
Foreign OIHce.
MaruuU W San Glullano, tho Italian
Foreign MlnUter, has tendoreil his reslg.
nation, but It has not yet been accepted.
Ho Is one of a very iinall group of
Italian statesmen who bellovo that Italy
Is morally bound to support the Triplo
It Is slflnlflcaut to note that it feeling
ot hostility has fprung up against the
foreign minister. This Is said to bo
shared even hy other members of (ho
Cabinet. Should the foreign minister
withdraw his duties would devolve upon
Premier Salandio, who is looked upon us
being In favor of "u government policy
which would be more popular."
ISnrim Mucchio, tho Austrian Ambassa.
dor. and II. Po Flotow, the (lerinan Am
bassador, have exhausted their diplo
matic resources to forco Italy to dcclnio
herself openly in favor of Austria and
PAIUS, Sept. 17.
A Pctrogrnd dispatch to the Matin says
that the Uusslan nrmy Is reported to
have occupied Przomysl, tho Austrian
fortress on the river Sun.
(If this Is tho case the Austrians will
be- obliged to take a last stand at Cra
cow). The War Ollico at PotrograU has re
ceived Information that tho Austrians arc
concentrating at Cracow and that they
will have tho asslstanco them of German
forces that could not bo sent forward'
Into Kastern Gnlicln. It Is stated, how
ever, that no opportunity Is to bo given
the Austrians, who have been so badly
defeated, to retire In order from the San
river positions. Inste.ut, tho llussluna aro
crossing the river In force and planning
a general attack on the flauk3 of the ro
ti eating Austi ian armies.
Austrlnn Armies Effect Junction nnd
Prepare for Offensive.
Ri:itLI.V, Sept. 17.
An omeiHl statement Issued by tho Wur
Otlleo hero today says:
"The Uus.sians In the Kast aro falling
back at every point and the Germans aio
taking many prisoners and also some
guns, it is stated.
"Thu Austrian armlos havo effected a
complete Junction and tho Austrian Gen
eral Staff wires from Vienna that they
aro now about to resume the offensive.
Tho Austrians have also decisively de
feated the Servian tirml. s commanded by
tho Crown Prince which cssaved to In
ndo Austria. They lmvo been driven
back net oss tho Savo Itlver with heav
lo.ss. In adc'itiou the Austrians have
captured large iiuantltles of munitions."
The War Summary
Tho battle of tho Alsno continues. The
allies nro hurling forces again and
ngnln upon the strongly entrenched
llncH of Ocrnmna north of tho river
nnd have been repulsed In each nd
vuncc. Tho position ot the Kaiser's
forces Is ski Id to ho so strong that
attacks arc made only at heavy losses
by the allleH.
General von Kluk's urmy on tho C!or
mun right wing is in danger of be
ing surrounded, J.,ondoii reporting
his forces already hemmed in.
f French Wnr OfTlce, tit Uordcaux, an
nounces that tho Oennuns havo been
compelled to raise tho siege at Ver
dun and tlmt tho Crown Prince's
tinny again has been forced back.
German ofllelal Wnr Olllcc statement
today explains the retreat of tho
Germans In Franco was only to their
prepared positions and to enable tho
troops to recover from their earlier
exertions. It Is announced that the
general battle now In progress Is pro
ceeding favorably to the German
Przomysl, tho strong fortification on
the Sun, near whore tho Austrian
armies nro reported to have effected
a Junction, has been captured by the
Russians, according to a Petrograd
dispatch. The Austrians will be
compelled to take a. final stund at
Cracow, near the meeting point of
Russian, Austrian and German bor
ders. Capture of Cracow would open
the way for the Czar's forces to
march on Urcslau, it Silesia, 190
miles from llcrlln.
Mcnnwhile, another Russian army Is
proceeding west through Poland to-
ward Silesia, and military experts
bollevo thin thqso movements will
fatally expose Rorlln, if the Kaiser
has, as reported, withdrawn eight
army corps (320,000 men) from East
Kaiser's Artillery Mows Down British As
They Force Passage of the Aisne.
German Line Repulses French Infantry
As They Storm Intrenchments.
Flanking Movement to Cut Off Army of
Von Kluk Reported Successful Both
Sides Bring Up Powerful Guns and
Great Duel Is On.
PARIS. Sept. 17.
The battle of the Alsno continues.
Again and again have tho allies at
tacked tho German lines, but except
on the extreme western end they have
failed to break tho German defense.
The allies have suffered the heaviest
losss yet sustained by them.
The allies are still bombarding the
German positions along thu Alsno
River. Tho Germans, despite tho diffi
culties caused by heavy rains of the
past week, have brought up most of
their guns, and tho greatest artillery
duel that the worhihas ever heard of
Is in progress. At least 5000 guns aro
believed to bo engaged.
Tho Germans thus far have repulsed
the efforts of tho British and French
forces to drive them back from the
hills along the Alsno. Tho allies have
been unable to securo a firm foothold
on tho north side of the river, al
though they gained crossings at three
points under a terrific concentrated
flro from the German batteries.
The efforts of the Fifth French
Army and tho First and Second Urlt
lsh Corps are concentrated in an en
deavor to shatter tho German line
by cutting off tho German right wing,
commanded by General von Klult. Tho
French nro driving from tho west,
whilo the British nro striking up from
Prussia and Gullcia, to reinforce tho t)l0 60Uthcast.
S, P. C, A, Wants Motor-Driven Potrol
A committee representing tho Society
for tho Prevention of t'ruclty to Autiiials.
consisting of S. 11. Rutherford, William
Phillips and H I.epper, Jr., called on 1I
rector Porter today and tt-Tiestid that
a motor-driven patrol be given to the
Tacony police btatlou. The committee
pointed out that the dUtrlct. In vhkh are
included IlUitU'ton. Summertou. l'ux
Cl.ave nnd i-awmlulo and nhich comprises
3 Miunre miles. U entirely too luro to
permit tho employment of horses par-
I tl' ularly In view of the hard roads they
nave to t raver so lu anavterlng emergency
Pennsylvania Has Completed Stone
Structure Over Schuylkill
Tho Pennsylvania Railroad hat com
pleted tho work of constructing tho now
live-track stone arch bridge er tho
,Schulkill River at Glrard avenue, and
thu company's workmen are laying tracks
and instilling the Interlocking switch sys
tem, which is tu uso on nil the lines of
tho company.
Within the next two weeks one of theso
tracks will have been completed, und It
Is uxi-ectrd that tho four other trucks
will be laid down nnd In ujo by the first
of the year If present plans do not go
Work on tho bridge was started about
a year uro when tho PcnneyUanla Rail
road found that tho old two-tiwk bridge
was not large enough to rare for all of
tho demands of trallic, both pabsenger
and freight.
Work on lhe brldeo w.ii carried on
under difficulties, none of the Uulns being
interrupted while work n going on,
the new brldso being built beside tho old
one, nnd us work on It neure.l completion
mi one side the tracks weio switched over
temporarily until tho new tracks could bo
laid. The trains which go over this
brldgo are Uinse of tho Chektnut Hill
blanch. New York Division and tho At
lantic City bridge trains.
Drives Machine Afrainst Trolley Pole
and Prevents Hitting Tnsicab,
Prlvins his automobllo Into a trolley
pole to cseupo crushing Into a toxical)
Inst ntsht at Sixteenth nnd Chtstntit
streets, John Pos. a chauffeur, narrowly
missed Injuring his omplorer, Jlurton.
Kah!i, and JIUs Oraee Hemingway, tin
hitler's companion.
The right front lee' was torn from,
tho machine with the exception of tho
hub, and the ovcupante were almost
hurled over, the Blnduhield. Kabn occa
sioncd much mystery in connection ultll
tho accident by removlns nil musks of
identification iron tha wrecked machine
and lo.Uir.;; them in a box on the !ack
of the car.
Kahn U connected, with the fint of
Salomon Kahn .v Son, furniture dealers.
313 YVet llliard aomie. Re lives at K!39
North Thiiteenlh street, ami MUs Hem
ingway at li North Nineteenth street.
The chiuilft'ur u complimented by
Mr. Kahn. He vald that had they i truck
the taxlcub they could not huvo ecaped
Tlie accident occurred at 10 SO o'clock
rnd the car was not removed until this
German armies in France.
Advices from Vienna, however, state
that the fighting in Western Gnlicia
Is not ended nnd that the junction
of tho armies of Generals Dankl and
Aufl'enburg will bo followed by
fresh offenslvo tactics between tho
San and Vistula, with tho object of
hooping tho line intact between
Przomysl and. Cracow, thus protect
ing Central Austro-IIungary on one
hand, and Silesia on tho other, from
Russian encroachments.
Gorman forces to tho number of 320,000
are reported from Petrograd to havo
boon withdrawn from tho Kast Prus
sian campaign and rushed to aid tho
Kaii-cr's forces defending their posi
tion along the Alsne. Right corps
comprise the force reported moving.
Belgium dispatches report that Ger
many is rapidly withdrawing her
veteran troops from all tho largo
cities and towns. Thoy are holng
lushed to roinforco the nrmy of Von
Kluk. Now garrisons of tho navnl
reservo and Uindwehr havo arrived
to replace tho vutqrnns.
rsrltlsh Wnr Ollico says tho general
situation continues fnvornblo to the
allies, but makes no statement ro
sni'iline tho bnttlo now in progress
in France.
Turkey has an nnny within Uusslan
borders along tho Bulgaria River,
accordint; to roports in Petrograd
It ia said a German cavalry oiilcor
Is in command.
Servin announces officially that tho
Crown Prlnco's army lias been with
drawn from tho proposed invasion
of Slavonla. Air scouts detected a
trup laid by Austrian forces and tho
nrmy was euveil. Tho invasion of '
Uosniu. liowovfir. continues. i
The fighting at this point on the 120
milo front Is deadly to both sides. Tho
British attack on tho Gorman right
wing centres around to the north of
Solssons. No details have been re
ceived as to the fighting along tho
allies' centre and right Hank.
It Is reported from tho front that
the British army has been successful
in its flank movement and that Von
Kluk's army is practically surrounded.
General von Kluk was reported to
day withdrawing his lines closer to
thoso of General von Buolow. which
were In turn drawing in on tho main
German centre. This movement fol
lowed the attempt of tho allies to
flank tho German right, perilously ox
tended west of Noyau.
The losses of tho allies havo been
far heavier in tho last two days than
at any other period of tho war. Tho
German counter assaults havo boon
determined and havo required frerniont
uso of tho bayonet in checking them.
Hut it lias bcou in tho general as
saults that tho French havo lost
Tho Gorman artillery firo continuos
particularly deadly. Their battorios.
masked in tho hills which for tho mast
part constltuto their new positions,
nro served with the utmost precision,
whilo their rapid tlrers, mounted on
automobiles, simply mow down the
French who attempt to carry tho Ger
man lines by storm.
It is evident that the Germans havo
massed nil their available strength
along tho battle lino to hold back tha
pursuit of tho allies. The buttlu front
Is about tho same us It was yesterday.
It extends from a point near Noyon
across thu plains to the north of Vlc-sur-Alsno,
near Solssons and I.aon, nnd
thenco over tho heights north nnd
northwest ot Rhctms; thenco to tha
north of Vllle-sur-Tourbo und from
theio through Verennes in the northern
part of the Argonno region to Mouse,
north of Verdun.
Tho position held by tho Germans
around Laon Is particularly strong.
They have heavy artillery and troops
massed on a. hill which rises nbove a
big area of marshy ground. Tho allies
aro compelled to cross this marsh land
boforo they can attempt to dislodge tho
Germans by storm.
General Galllonl, the Military Gov
ernor of Par.,, declared that dis
patches to the military authorities
hero from tho front show that the al
lies have been gaining ground sinco
tho fight opensd, although slowly.
"The Germans havo been compelled
to yield under the pressure ot tho
French and Rrltlsh, despite their ra
lnforcemonts," said General GaUIen
"We fool sure that the Germans will
again be In rapid retiremi. it beforo
tho end of tho present week. Th,' in
vaders fell back to a good position,
but their strength and the power oC
their big guns will be as naught be
fore the glorious bravery and dash
of our men. Tho artillery duel which
is going on is ono of the mightiest
known to warfare, with guns of tre
mendous power used on both sides.
Wo have been fortunato in silencing
n number of German batteries that
commanded fordablo points on tha
Tho great battlo front is admitted by
the French military authorities to glva
tho Germans nn advantage, if they
havo a sufllcient supply of ammunition
and their men nro not too exhausted
to hold it. The line of tho Gorman
army rests upon tho last of u grcut
semicircle of hills which lio from tho
northwest to tho southeast nerosi
northeastern France, having rnris as
tho npproxtmato centre. Behind ic lio
flat plains stretching to tho .Mcuho.
In order to approach the German po
sitlon near Solssons the French niu
British had to cross territory which
had been blasted by shell fire. Tho
Germau artillerymen had bombarded
tho roadways with their heaviest guns
in order to tear them up and litter them
with wreckage to hinder tho ndvanco
of tho pursuer. Most of the roads.
wero lined with poplar trees und tho
mighty trunks of these were torn and
hhattered by the shrapnel and thrown
across the highways.
j' imti'Ti1 .
Sweeping W
LONDON. Pept. 17.
miles north of Paris,
Italy clamors for war against Aus
trla and Germany. Soldiers liave a French army commanded by Gen
been called, ready to ntiell rlotins. I ral O'Amado U strHstns at tho rear
-r !
street demonstrations already hnv-
bus reached almost
Nearly dOO Persons in Mnpayunk
Plants Made Idle.
Nearly W persons wero thrown out of
KorU today by tho closing of several
Mun;i unk mills on account ot the lack
of water in the canal. I'nless rain comes
to their relief none of the manufacturers
will be able to operate for at least several
Thue most seriously affected are yam
and plukh manufacture, who say that
ihU is their busy reason The water Is
ttn Inches below nornul In Flat Itock
Dan, and unlesi It sm.ii rls- It is '- I
lirv.d tna. m"r mills iWI b-ive to il-&e I S
of the derroun right wing In an at
tempt to cut General von Kluk's army
off from the mala German forces, ae
carding to reports that reached Lon
don today.
There is a possibility that th aim
of aeneral ri'AmauVs army has al
ready been accornpUslifid. A corr.
spondent telegraphing from, Amiens
"The German right wing ts enjeir
etai. I wss gble. to Join frtemjly
French oua.Yaa a. little south of P-ronne-
Star tlwre jt Ireeh battery
was in action about m yards on our
is 52 miles southwest of
Maubeug and 15 miles west.north.
west of St. gucntin. If Maubrjge is
uticaptureU, as the Fren.h Govern
ment inbists, a sortie of the guirlsun
thero in co-operation with the attack
of General IVAmayVa army would put
General von Uluk In a, perilous i
tion, from which be might be unable
to extricate htmsfif
A dispatch vent by Oeoffr.-y Young
tu tha paily News from Amien sajs
it Is reported there that (iem-ml wi
Kluk's army has been surround, d, and
then continues:
"Ilia right has been overlapped by
an army advancing from Rouen and
passing through A miens, which ted to
tha eastward turn from Compuguu
ami his evacuation from Amiens.
"If he is really lying as uiposd,
his rear w In danger, but it Is lmpo.,
bible jet to discover what Is th Ot-r-man
force that is facins norihuest
i 1
if f MM