Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, September 16, 1914, Postscript Edition, Page 12, Image 12

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' '-"-rtfflgw v ie
1 I
If i ij
Was America's Best Posted
Athletic AuthorityDied
Just Before Noon of Com
plication of Diseased,
piilade piua golf
tosmke: t to be
started t0l0rr0w
Invitation Affair Has At
tracted Entry List Well
Over the 200 Mark St.
Martin's Cup Event.
I I'lul n 1 I
i hi
SEW YUP.IC. Sept. 1. lames H. Stlt
llvnn, sccrUtiiylioasiirer of the Amateur
Athletic Cnlon, ami our of the most
widely known sporting authorities I.,
Amcrlcn, died hero hnrtly lief 01 p noon
Sullivan n operated on Mndni 1 vi
nine for a onmpllotitlun of nti-i. ,il und
etomnch trou' 1.., and m v(r .nli. !
.-M1111V1111 attelTlcd tin- 11 uimutl mitii.ni
field nnd trat-U ihiinip.'iusltiti. at lliltl-'
more hist li dn and ttaitnd.i- I'non In 1
leturn to N'nr York t-uhditi he vim
stricken. Plivmctnhs deeded timm 11 11 !
Immediate operation to stive his lite. 1 1 '
was iiihcd to the husplt'il Mot'dti nimn- j
Inn The openitlon a tierfofined Mon
day iVei.lm. nnd even thing pi ,iio doin.
to r-nvo his lite, but ltl ei.nt"tltulloh '
an ll nllr. tin.1 lit I.Oii oflF.M.Itii. nut th. I
troulile that he fn'led to ruth. II Ik con- ' 'r' It.
dltln:. e.uH todiw w.iiittd his friend
1li it ll'u el il UH ll'i II.
.-ul'.ivaii wax tin let known leader in s " i
nmateiir tithhtiii in the world, lie vik
With muly 0 eiililes tin .iniiunl In
VltQtlui golf tmitmimiiit of the riillndel
phlii cricket t'lub for Iho St Mm tins
Cup Mill ln-in nt l Martin iramrinn
The qunlifylnv round will b IS holes nnd
rtfo slktrcn will fitlntlfy for mitih pln
on PrUUiy mul Bat.iidny,
1 1n palling ntt as follow.:
.oit.' . h t 1. i 1 r i. k
K 1 111 'I'll h-a 1 w ,1. Oi
I II I I 1 I I I I HI I I . II
' IIKi4. i' 1 I 1) 1 mil n 1
Mu 1 11
K H.ilturl t'hlliintlpl 1
1 'I I . i; I irn. li 1 in ,1
Ti .in I'hini 1 1 I.
ilien t n inr I ill 1 h 1
'. J'l 'I
I 1 I. III.-
!'. Hi ,11
MO II 111.
I'tliki t i ' i!i
ii h. nt o. il
1 i 1 kpi t iih, nml H
I'l I! I'lliffci 1.
, 1 W 11. n - I II. tin, 1,
II V llnlU'ii 1 ,i!i J, 1 ,1,.,
1 11I1
1. .1. Ill - 1. . I . l,o I Ml 1 1. 1, i
liii; an I In. K l ii , 11 in n,i
" wi a. in ,!. H 1 ,,, p n , 1, , 1 1
1 mi in I .1. V i. 1 11 Nil. iini-
n 111.- l 1 ,.ii 11 hn'ln.i a 1 il
' ' I 1 J. 11 .111 l sir Mi ' 1 .1, I. r. 1 r . ,. I
.r r
I; I1I11 1
1 uMifS-Kiss.'' - 1
-::, . g?v4K- - wmmmmsmm, urasagyy ai i
Committee to go Ahead and
Form New League in Ad
dition to Established One
of Last Year.
1 1
I 'I .1. m i '1 1 1 It ti
nan 11 I'liiMi at. 1 , , ti 1 it
i 1 ... 11 ii 1 1 1 .
for y 1.11 m lu domlnutlim Hbui.. In tit- i- . '. Mi Knio, wiliicniurf 1
Olympic uiimi" nnd tilled supreme in '" m -r. I' Weil, x mirinnt-li, nml M '
Bthlatlc alfnlrs In the fnlted StuteK. He ' '', l,"i'",J'ha,y,",,il1kl5:'rl'hrll ' ''" , , I
b electen .oen-tniv -f the Amateur ? l JU.' rak1rl0r,,l':"- Wl"l,"rh '"' ' !
Athletic Tnlon for the J1it ronsecutlve ,M .1. m. -H. inner, Whlti'intirh. mii.I i: I
".mu. inii.Kii-11 inn irieKoi nun.
; . m - I lininaa K.mni jitenn 11.
timo last winter.
Just before he wns lahen 111, Sullivan
tuis worlilupr with mlKht nnd main to
have the Olvmplc same!1, neheduled
hold In Ileilin in tf'R tninsferred to
Tork. notwithtandlnK the fact that the ' n in. F rii.ipni.in. w li tern ir!i mul
Kiimo'i will not be held In the (lei man ' , ft''""','11, ifhltailrlphlii Cricket riuK
,..i.i !,,.,.. ( ,1. . . ' ' " ii . H H. rfwopH. Mirihnntt lie tin'
capltol because of the war. , c. 11. ali. l'hllmlili hln ni.kei i'lul.
aulllan was born In New oik in No- - n. in 1". Htit.-li.. McMLinti
nn.l V
eiir:ii, i'iiiui:elililu cilik t flub.
0M1 m. I. t'. liiminn Whiiemiirnh unci
to bo I 3, (J rhMi'H. Jr.. rhlln .elplila hike, 1 In
. v. ! ,ui? n- "' ' " frintn.. Mohan k. nn.l ,
) New J. Ki-enan Jr. LnnmloMne
it the . 1" n in. F fh.ipnian. li tcm irb nr
aiimm ' Hilflfnl. Phllaili'lphlii Cricket Club.
Bimaii j ., f, H n. imopK. Minhnnnille tin
if. II. Ilab. l'hllmlili bin filikci i'IuIi
11 "o- 1) -O 11. In f. Iliir.ili,u . Mni.li.mt ,.:
w-mber. 1mi. lie wtux . fluent. d in the . '.'.''.i1 ,.T ,Jf' Ulru r!on'.K1.1,, '.' , '''",' l '.' '
v... - .1. ..1,1 1 , , -..-- , t ' A a I" 1 X- ittlf. 1'nt In rf inunt. .
2ew Voik public "ihooN. In 1, he mart- an 1 M j. .la -k Meriiui.
H.J5. sSCh'l&D.JON'
-C,7" ZF-FBr
mu, "t, m .11, i-iii i i'
This City With Its Facilities
Is Well Equipped to Pro
mote World's Track and
Field Championships.
.-it In work fro flio Pinnk i..m1I. Pnliltal. , II "l u. m - P.
4,.n- Ur. ,L l ... ,!. .l..l. .. I -.-II.. f Jl't.K, KmhKf 'I'll
com. L . """" ..,'" 1 a. 1. U. K Muiih.i. Vlilti-niiir!i .i'i I
Sullh'nn tutu promoted to a position on A f. AbXHiiJer llala.
the editorial stall and took over many nf 1 . l .1 m- v.. M June". l"lil!nl. U tit 1 frlik t
I-eslle's former duties Sulllvnn founded 1 L a J Jt c",'roJk"k"ii.l" Merl 11 ml
the Athletic News, the first paper in the 1 y n'oiinl Smith. Wtnibl,.liia' fri.'kfi
T'nlted Mates devoted to amateur doings. 1 ' S" m. II. P. Pails. I rinkforJ. uiul .
1. i mhzi ii.in: TiD.i.in 1 nuai
I .. ... f II J I ........ .. T1.l I ... nl,.l
tl III "J. II fll VVI HIM II t illllllUlll till II . 1 t 1 .
II. I H.illotvil. clil York K.iul. ,IP !,p' '" Ileilin. nt least i.nt tin'o" tint.
..Tt! Sto. mftiE1 A'"""""" l"h0l,K1 ' n H-nMlli- ,er,m,m.,ei, of
mi., a. in -11. h ! tin, 1 ill", iiuiiiiii'i hi iiif i.uroiienn une. l".i,i. , ,..cmt ,ia
Latet Secret.iri Sull.van bin'iime tuih-
lisher and ouner of the New York Sport
ing Times. He oinanlzed the Amerienr
Nporti I'ubl'" Imr Comtia and seived
ai it prexiib'n: until his death.
Sullivan wan one of the greatest ath
letes, in Amerb'ii Urn Inn h's youth. He
Hon the all-around championship of NV
Tork In 1m and 1M.
lie was a member of all the Olympic
commissions and was the prime mowr
In the Olympic cramt" th.it are to be
naped In nn rrnne eo tuvt year 'n
connection w ith the Kpoitloii. In IW
Sullivan was elee'eo a " Tihir of the
riaysiuui 1 tVmmittee 111 Neil ork.
It Is already p:vtt ki iv t nly umii rst i
that the Olj mplc f.itii's of lObi will not
( zzz
Instead of tcoiiranizlng the Oermnn
town Haskethall LcaRiio this year, a com'
mlttce, consisting of Kdward It. liushncll
Oeorre Crawshaw nnd the club supcrln
tcnilents, was appointed to orBnntio tin
other church leaBbe, whose inemhershli
should lie composed entirely (if German
town chinches. Kitoiid I'resbj terlan lias
jnl'iul thl- Iciirs!", and its soon as It Is
Keneially known 11 iiumbu' of other
emu dies 111c i.,iccted to enter.
An InlLrmcdtatQ leasue, to be composed
of ttnms whose pinners, tue over II years
of ar;e and tinder IS jcniH of age, will
he organized nnd play on Maturdny nftur
nnotis. Teams desiring In enter this
lenmio Iniuld nddieis the 'iiupcrlntendent
of the club.
The .Itinlor Leasee of the Oeimnntown
Uoya' Club will open Its 11th h.-ifoii, Oc
tober a. The following teams will make
up the iliciilt:
Navulni, .Mohawk. Soiipch, Seminole,
I'luiokee, Chelemie. ) kota iilul Iniuols.
All phi.ieri in this ldiKiie must weigh
under ICO pounds. TI10 fecheduled Barnes
will bo plncd between T and ! p. m.
on ."Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
The Junior Germnntown Church Ath
letic League Is bcliifr oisanlzed nnd teams
are promised from AVestslde, last vear's
chamiilons: Wnlcefleld. St. Stephen's nnd
Second Presbyterian. It la also expected
that First Piesbytcrlnn will enter a
AiratiBomeiits have been made with
Northeast Alanuai TiiiIiiIiik Illch Sitiool
, , . 1 1 1 r- ' '" teMln "' I'Mi'tlce mid play all
Varsity Footbal Positions, j ;u'";: '"7 ln "," .w... seemi
J 1 other schools ale negotiating foi the use
in 1110 cage inning the iitteinoon hoiiia.
Expert Opinion Is That
Yearlings Will Be Success
ful Candidates for Some
These expert gunners are taking
Ti b crap'ierf an' pi inters, lilek, have
otten hoped that jmi'il get h k an' quit
the ol' pastime. To "set" or "-end-' vour
JSr(R.ik. numi, wan Hid- a pktmu puzzle
pame oi oine ol" Hindu tthyme. When
Clnei thought jou no more iue nml set
about to iut uiu loose the thought
thei'd gt then ih. But here on ale
11s blL' .is III. come out fiom 'ne.itn tlu
pi unnr knife a tittle .noro eutfi"h.
You re lust anotli.-t of the bund who
Ike to muke tradition stand by cioppln'
out as star- as soon us 1'incy bosses
th'nk you've gone tntiiely on the hllnk
an' diop the walv.r law. When vou
ctime up fiom Clarksburg's nine In nlne-t-en-i
ght th i -aid you'd shine. An
right nunv ou did. You nrst-biu.d
like a revlat gu an' kept our swatt n
ev'rai.'e bif-h ei.ough foi nn khi rm.iuri i lul
You served a lot o' bosses, too oeiou t n, -
.. .1... i'..io .wileii ai, ii In' 0 1- ' " 11
you -nppeu iiiv -"- - - ; 1.,. in ...,,,. ,-, e
tlie league of Bun. Come oil mi tip u- ,
jr.;7KA ';i: ; r , NEWCOMB NOT IN
or .h,.,n has got BticK H.i.M l .'
oueer ln.-e i ou'W put en i - "' ;
su,v upset tin dope pot. U . k xn ." j
L-u that turn- that trie - ;-ru -
fov l", nv'" 'd '"' A " ' ' I
The death of Secretary Jamts V Su.ll- I
van of the Amnt-ui .www ""' "'
Ameilea. comes as a distinct -W. II.
,.i ., Hiiltimore truck oml lb Id
M?n:!Tv:T ' His Shooting Today Not Up
VnHol , ,,1 1 It 1 . IkMilmliib
ti ton m.-i: It. Putnam. Ir . Ynlinuivln- th" likely futuru co.ldltlou.i thiii i tn
.bw.ul .Jeer,,- I.. I.enls. Phlla U Inlii,. -YUku Uty in i:,-opi. with u,n .Mcpliouo'
crbke"; "ciit-Tiai. ))': .l!"MilV.'t. A'VSrS.11 ' Stw". 'hlch could pos.db.y bold ihi,
tu IV n in. 'A. tt. Kellei, st 1 i.a M', an I meet. And .slneo StociihoiM hud 11. o
to ah a tu.-vr. p.UHarr'on h intinii ion I B'tmes in 1012, nnd Swcjen occupie sueh ' part in the Westy Hogan shoot at At-
iiri-v -inn u. .i.iirrou. .Mri'iinnii lite.
Iv "o . iii O. f. Kluuler. Aiunbnlnk. n'nl
A. M, Ehret. rials
10::. a. ni.-N. H. Mnxrll. Arnnlmirtk. und
V Anderson Hon Alf.
to I" a. m II I.. Ycaraley. HaU.loiIn Cnun
m flub, nnl P. K Oobl M-n nantillle.
W4.1 a m-A. f HlKiluii, Merehumillle,
nnl n. Mel.br. Plillnilti'hl i frli-ket Club.
In o p. in ;. ii suM.uil.. uiorbrook, and
A 'nilliuluot. bawiipe.
In " i. ,n c H. bmett, C of P.. and O.
i. 11' Men. St Dnil.r.
II io a. m - J il. Hallcwell. St. Daild'n. and
J. Leiirl'iK. Halloa fountr.
11 'I." a. in J. l Taul. Bueks iVunti ami
P H Stoklei. Plilliideliihta Crlekvt flub.
11 to 8 m fhannlni. Vai, Vst Cheuicr. I 0 found
.lll'l . . l l J. in.llll, l . in r,
At the end of two das of pieliinlnary
foutball piactice at I'eunsjlvunlii thcie
tue two outJtitidlng features. One is that
I practically the full strength of last veui'n
' rrevhman cloieu will be bidding with
consldeiablc piospcet of success for poal
trnnsf-rrod to Ainuilca.
And nssumln;? that they air to be in Id
in America what city could pru-.lde u bet
ter Held, bettor traiiilus fucllltto and
more intercut than Philadelphia' Look
the United States over fioin one iml to
the other, and a better placo than I'rank
llli Field to stage such a meei could not
This city Is art.i'nly tho losl-
11 1.1 n. in O K MeFUilant. W-ft !,- I eiil Place to hold the frames if thev roine
ter. anl i ". It Major, ul.l Ymk Rwiil. . , ,
11 i a. in. -Il f. TlltltiBhaat. lMrt.lil. an! to America.
P.M. dumb.'. IJa a. . , , . I Th" supposition that the game.! will
D.,A5o,rfr7;SIh..:,lief,rbl,.,Uo:,U.,;.lub.8n, J I'-W in At,riea In IBM i .. not
n to t i.i -r c. iini.n. itiiirtun an.l M. i Idle conjecture. If the aar should cou
rt Kuiinii. fpinkfiird. tintie for a year or moiu tho result would
11 t.1 ii, in lKv ,t nalmn, l.uk- ou-;v. that no I'tniiiuniii ei.imrrv r.oi.1.1 !
and n. H. rwnr. IMII'i.lWiblu frl. Ket Cub ,v '"at no uutoptuii country toubl ,
114ii a. m - r'. I" Hall, i.b et ImiIIi. nnuiice the games, but, worse et. there
ami r J. SheWo. Phlladelidila f rb ket flul . would be ery few nuropean athletes to I
xVViimoiirVi.iikf1.?!" ,,U :-,t'oun,' u'l' particlpnte. It cots a lot of money to'
' 11 io a. m -W. U. flt' ... ' erhrnok, ,-jiJ ! stuge a mett of this magnitude. The war j
J. tl Dvnahui. Wliiteniar-n wlll leave nil tin Uuropean countries
I "?'?rh,'p7n'-Vi.i, "l!l,r V Wn' HO "P',t'-,y drnineci of money nnd men.
l"ii m-H l-. WV l .. i -.ml r. n , that none would listen to a propoii:ion to
U'e''er. Jr.. t' nf V hold the gain.'. America would never
f.'ir. m -W H. Httttersi n. I'li'Siie'pina
othet Is that the materia! for tho fresh
man eleven ptoinlses to be the best that
Pennsylvania ever had.
a small au of Europe, most authori-ies ' lantic City. Henderson is the Ken- ' " ' nm"K ims JBa' 3 "cw
concede that the games. W3u ,1 be better ' tucky champion; Richardson, Dela- ,,wn --""'-"l-"-' ot unusual. It
wares tltlehOlder, While Kltte IS an " mm ncany evoy unit ira renoiu
experienced Grand American shooter. to (-oacii loung was the unanimous sc
The Athletic ''ounell of the Gei man
town Hoys' Club held a meeting and dis
cussed pinna ror the bnsketnall season
about to open. The plans about to be
developed ate to oiganlze tlx leagues, as
The Gerinnntown Chinch Athletic
Lengue, which wns so sueeei-nriii in
.-... . ... . - -. -..., .Uhl.
tlons on this .xeat's varsity eleven. The i ','" "' ".'' (-"Utlmnd iilong these line-.
"- "in uo one ciiaiice lit tile riivn t.
Homer is Oklahoma's best shot.
ami f K
Ii u.-l.i'tt . I'a-n-
' la mi 1 I. a.
not nppaiently seriously
irturn to New York 1 waki-r i. and ; Hj y j Standard.
lodai's announcement reclied u. re w..s ,
VniaraVme-rank: , Gerstell Is Star of Westy
tboui-.iniU of mtn voi y -'"'
nlmo'st too sad to bt-lle
So doubt join with me in aum that a
Ei eat friend has oeen
Fr'ends "f Jimmy Pattn-on ntll be
,'.. . bnnw that u tiJi. murned t.,
in. i'd I '"in Jimmy is .;r
111 1IOOV.
Hogan Organization.
tolerat,, the suggestion that the fames I
should bo allowed to go hi default, and
ns soon as It is realized that this cntuitry
has a chance to get them then will V
pleat, of candidates for the honor spiin-;- i
n'g up In evrry hettlon of the countri.
in ioiisldt-1 lug the avallablllt.i of our
ii.Miean cities foi naglng the lOlfl meet
in lotild eliminate nt once three cities
t Louis. San Praneisco and New York,
.-t Louis staged tne met In lttl and
might therofoie, to be ineligible again.
Sin Krnnclsuo will haw had lis shau
athletic attractions in the games to
if i otidiicted there next hummer ln ton
riellnn with the cNpositlnn. New York
nt sn't a tlrsl class nthlntie field and
i dliii,i Tin competition, theiefore, nar
i i vs doitn to Philadelphia, Hostou and
Chicago. If the tnttirnatlon.il Olympic i
i .mi I! asks Amerlia to bold the games
su h i ie.tiest wlli hardly be made until
ev.nt- in I'uropt make their eelebrntloit
tie i. .iboluteli Impos-ible In othei
,1'H tl I-' won't be a. gtent deal of llnif
t.,i i , p nation ufti the tejitest Is niade.
ATI. VNI II CITY. .-ep.. 1' -Pi.-. '
popular wi'il i'U-t title noun rs -! sei m t
" "' i... i,n,ii jiii! be wu iv l iut kkmiiid In, i hi btillar Perfi. i in iti . . f
Willi ill" fciM'.n '. : iii
r.iv.d with open arms 4'ins wo'k In '11,111,1 lituiell, of Oiafton, , i.
tho IntercoPeBlate in VJ11 I w.ll uiiieiu. m UiJ n fvvt ,,,, ,, ,,,
lll.H tile if. ills of IS turgith e.liil, .t
. . t t ..u. l a.,,' 11., U'd ee, ,, -
condition hnrd studylnu p..v.ntlng him
fiom trnlnini-- Moirl. Whfn in hi-..
11m U a wonder over the tenturv dis
tance and for that matter in ''- many
. good boy a stiff run over the SS0
naski ball wi'l come Int.. its own ,n a,
f, W Wieki- US 'he Klvoe... . "ii- ' i-
tlme iri ,iliei,! t jltCin
tb V. t Hopun huot l"la. '1 ' Vn
yiiilan was hardly lecognlieed In the A
i lass l.tfort., the totnl proving anothtr
UipiUe t. te fluid. Itndsis.'jn .t tiled
olt in yr it fashion, Bl'"i"g th. In si '
,bo it tie ttiitt ' wiot i jck in a row. it, niutcu ino i i
ti.- i tin fourth tuu finished fctraliitit m. n
Yesterday's Results.
Atblflli-. 3; New York. I.
Urtrult. !: (ltllland. t.
Iloston, !; MusliliiKtim. 1.
Tomorrow's Games.
VtlilflliN at Detroit.
H-blngton nt St. Iiult.
Iloston nt ( leirlund.
Neil York at t'lilcano.
Club Standing.
IV. I.. T.r . I, l.c.
Alblftlcs.. 8 4l nithliago... r,:t nit .477
nomon 70 n:t .S9s i ixiuis r.n 72 .4.10
Detroit.. . "; in ,1.1.1 'ii Vork Ho 7.1 .444
Mautrngn H '! .AltlClei eland la 01 .3L't
Yesterday's Result.
Philadelphia, 4; New York, 3.
I'ltt-burKh, 9: Cincinnati. II.
iloston. 7: llreoklni, o.
Tomorrow's Games.
VlttkhurRli ill l'hllaililiihlo.
ChleuKii ut I1rmkl)ii,
"t. l.ouls nt llnittnii.
rliiilnnatl nt New York.
Club Standing,
n". I. p c . w . 1. P.c.
Hostou 7.1 .1.1 ,1771,ltlsb eh. I,. IIS 177
Neu York 71 .".! .ir.11 1'hllu Ill 71 .tOS
St. Louis'.. 71 11! I'M TlruoklMi ."-S 7.1 411!
ChluiBo . 71 .ISO Cincinnati ,10 75 .427
Yesterday's Result,
fhlraifii, (I; I'ltl-liurch, 0.
Iliilfnlii, 1 ; St. I. mils. n.
IiidlaiiunnlU, 'J: llrnoLlyn. .
Ilnltlnmre, II; liaium t itj. 5
Tomorrow's Games.
Knna (Itj- at llnltlmnre,
( hlriiKo nt I'ilthburcli.
IndlnniiiinlN nt llrnnl.Un.
M. I illU at ItlirTillo.
Club Standing.
IV t. P f IV I, Tlf
Imilan'oils 74 c .i.-.r. MuiTai.. f.n f.:t .11"
Chicago . 71 .19 .110 "an oiti . ilti 47.1
'"nltlinore r,n ilo ..Tl" St l.oubi. M 74 4sn
Ilronklyn It7 02 S19 Ittsu'fth r.s "C, 400
Yesterday's Results.
Montreal. 7 Toronto. ?,
Iliifralii. .11 lloihitlir. t,
I'rilVlilriire, I) Neu ark, I,
lerM-j I ll-llaltlni.,re
(not xbriliileill
Club Standing,
v. I., p c. j, P r
Km hMlr Sfl 1ST dill '"nriinlo 1,8 (III ..107
I'rilllilie. Ml .IN .107 Vensr).-. 112 70 (
i .. si an .-Mm 'inntrcal. ,17 8,i .4117
ore 72 07 ,111 'er City HI no ."I'M
; lection as an "all scholastic" star for
some position fiom some Important city
or rectlon of tho country. Of coutso a
lot of these men mo boomed In unwar
ranted fashion by their overzealous
friends, but except for their mom jouth-
ful appearance the casual obeivcr on
! Franklin rield couldn't tell which squad
was composed of vatslty and which of
iiesltman candidates.
These new men como from the Now
England States, from New York City and
State, from New Jeisey and rcnusyl
I vanla. Some of them will tindoubtcdly
fall by the waside, but ti good many
ought to turn out well, rive of tho best
looking nun on the Hist jenr squad hail
1 from New England. They Include Iinond
; Lclpstc, who wits an all scholastic full
. back In Boston last cnr, playing on th3
Commercial High School team. Itaymond
j Grant, a qunrterbaik and end from Dean
I Academy; Vincent Welsh, u fullback from
' tho same school, and William Stack, an
1 end. These five men are already on hand,
, while today John Kowall, a 200-pound
tackle from the Powder Point Academj.,
Is expected.
Theie nro half a dozen other men win
in physique comoare favoiald. with the
men already mentioned and who no now
I with tho squad. It should tcniembeii 1.
j too, that the main body -if the f.,nm.Ln
candidates won't report Cor voik until ih&
iuvocntu taking the nlaee of r.i,iu,.
I.utheian. The other tennis In the league
nro Wakefield. Third II. ptlst, St
Stephen's, Westslde, .Market ..pure St
Michael's and Fil.st Presbvterl.in. '
Tho Northwest League will be reorgan
ize.. , fi'"1 a meeting for this purpose
will be held Wcdne.Mlay. September 23,
nt S o'clock. Teams desiring a place In
this league should address Charles W
Balnbrldge, Ji , 2.1 West Penti street,
Gcrmantown, or phono Gcrmantonn 2130.
Sam Lnngford Held to Drnw
BOSTON. Sept. 1C.-A lust finish l t,0
llnal six rounds enoblfd Sam L-mgroid
the Boston Tat Babj. to get on even
terms with Battllrg Jljn Johnon in a
l.'-round light here la,t night. Jolm
Min started tilth a tush, nnd looked like
the winner up until the half-way polnti
but from thcic on Lnngfoid had the
better of the going.
Gibbons to Fight Clabby
Clabby, who made n gieat slioWliig in
the fights he hud in Australia, Is on his
way back to America and Is duo hero In
ten d.ij.3. Immediately upon his arrival
Jimmy Cotfiotii, of Frisco, and Tom
JlcCaicy, of Los Angiles, win make him
an otfer to fight Mlko Gibbons.
Coach Brooke Keeps the
Candidates Hustling ,'n
Morning and Afternoon
Practice on Franklin Field.
Seelbnclc. last year's basketball cm
aln and ond on the Pennsylvania fooib-ol
team, has reported. He Is l src(U ,,, !
nnd pounds heavier. Last year he ., .
from a broken shoulder iS h IbT'i?1
out most of tho year, tlarr ,,g ann ',
such accident he will be a strnnr, ."
Unte for the Penn elevct,. 0"S cam11-
Wniy, htm lineman of nst JP.uis fl..,,,
nan team, also made his uppea . ne-- nn a
MAS Ecllt to "lly" oicksoii ii a,,' ?"?
possibility. Ho weighs U0 pounds nnd I.
extremely swlft-rooted. d "
"'lc" Unllou, last 5'enr'n nerni, ..
back, got out Ida togs and nm5e , ffu ,
showing of the season. Jones I ,
among tho day's arrivals, til h h
summer Ing at a Maine camp. 1 oilaytS
a. splendid line plunging game last A0n
llldlUy.M Vn- " '" n llnlf-b"lo.
The Miind was put thrnttuli practloa
milt in the morning and afternoo n
u rvldi nt tint Coach Brooke 1-, no
going to leave u thing tindntie to m.Z
t a winning season Brooko lontimicd
his piactice of tin day befnie. filing t
lincli-i rudlinontm-y practice In lunnin'i
with (he bull, laying paitlculni cniphnsls
on the handling of the pigskin. Anions
the candidates Jones, Mathews, HukIki
and Tlgh gave good promise, "By" Dick
son continued his training of the ends.
It Is evident fiom tho number of incii
assigned to him that his work of fllllne
ln the wings la a hnrd one. Wrny and
Cnrtcr displaced good speed for their
size. Mm dock Is back and after his old
place, lie hoe gained 10 pounds and Ims
Improved In speed. Big Koons Is nlso
In good condition. Urquhart and (Jolt-
'wals did some gieat work In linndllng
fotward pause".
Despite the fact that the freshman call
has not been rounded, the yearlings con
tinue, to appear.
Hayes and Hendrens May Not Play
Football This Season.
Owing to the absence of Coach John
son, only a short football pmctlce was
held by Noitheast High yesterday. Cap
tain Webb set the men to work tacklinc,
wlulu a signal practice was nlso held.
Chiefly kick and forward-pass formations
ensued. A ilfteen-mlnute xcrlmnuiRe was
held between tho Varsity and Scrub',
In which none of the veterans took part.
It was learned that little hope Is en
tettalned that Hayes and Hendrens will
be. able to play for Northeust this sea
ts.n. Hayes, last ear's centre, was
stricken with typhoid and has only an
even change of recovery. There Is no
possibility of his returning to the game.
Hendrens, who plajed fullback last jear,
Is bnclc In his studies.
Jimmy Patterson Back nt Penn
.lltnmie Pattenon, Penn's sterllnl
sprinter and joint holder of the intcnol
leglnto record of 0 1-3 seconds for 100
J. uds, was out on Franklin Field .estei
dny foi the fit st time f-lnco his t-tidiuous-.
trip ubioad this summer, during width
ho had the misfortune to lose nil the
valuable trophies he won on fureUn soil.
Patterson looked to be in tiptop shapa
for this s-eason's tiack campaign.
NHW YOBK, Sept. lfl. Helbourn' In
man, the Kngllsh bllliatd champion, who
Is to play a match at the Astor Hotel on
September 2S with Willlo Hoppe nt IS 1
balk line, nt rived ln New York from
Montreal, Canada, last night.
university opens on Sepwinbe" 2i. If a
similar Influx an Ives at that t'mc we can
I see whero the Varsity "Itv.'i will gut
I sufficient scrimmage practice this full.
, Tho coaches ate naturally elated that
the varsity squad now oi'taln9 ntailv
every member of las' year i fieshnian
eleven. That wus a good team, and those
legularr and hubstltutes from last yeai's
. v.iisity olrien now back v 1)1 liavs i-oiuo
I tough sledding befoie ih i.in lest ns-
suicd that they have tluti posltioiia won.
t, i of lb mil noli T1" id'.' ''" ' tl" fourth tuu finlhed fctrBltfin m. n.
Kasti'tn Hank, tba'l Liatfin and th" Xe j ,,xt tia. Till" Placed Mm well up oi
. r ... . . I, .. .. ii n. rLin '
v.. ill State Leauue tu I'.f a mrun
.iTMiimnt ti very pr ' 'i il movtt It
i . m on awaidn.
iiir.i. . wi.omb, nf Phil idelphm,
' . , ...,.,.,.. hln.llnJ ' OHO" .1' HIHiWUi Ml 9 HO lunit'lilB, .i
ic irtain with all auieinieht DltWliU , , ..'.,. .., ,, . . ....
, - , , ' ., ,.oi .. ,it ' "ri'"1 i' iiu! imus; ilr t"i ou'i
the two, that better spoil "ill r. .-nil j Jm, ,(i th MM ,,., lhrbt fc,
, , T7" i . i u,u.h i "Ut of ut ge. H- trrmmitUul his rouiiu
it Is ngieed with Mr Bdwa.d H Hindi- , ,. ,, ,. ..,.. .,
n that tin. nrouer plate to stage j w t ,. " ;.,,.,"!...' 1
Eleven Big Regattas Were
Held by South Jersey As
sociation Which Kept
Skippers Busy All Summer.
Tne douth Jersey Yacht Itacing .sso-
elation regutton ate now a matter of IiU-
At Least Three Philadel
phia Boys Are Likely to
Prove Mainstays for the
Allentown Eleven.
Eastern League to Stimulate Interest
In Sport Again This Year.
The Hasten! I.. agile seliedule, ,hieh
will be innnunced within the next thrco ALLKNTUW.V.'Pn., Sept. IU.-.U least
weekH, will uni.li on Noiembei 2 and i threo former Philadelphia High bojs, vet-
close on Murcli 20, when De Nerl traiels rar.s of las-t sear's varsity. s,eem g0Qd
to Beading Them will bo w games for the Mublerberg football team this
plaed by each tam. season, candid itcs for which me now
nf Olimpio .'anwn is "wni mii. in ,, , hlppe.l 7." of hi nllutintnt ut V, ' town, but the U eontests held by ' Groistock If. out fin a winning flv thla being sticnuouily drilled by Coach Mc.
deiplua it M"ay"htfc it would l 1 " " -l"mpl.iii khot in Pnn. , .j,,. ajffertmt clubs nlung tho shores uf eii- and nas to tho joy of the down Caa. Hay am Hayes me ttrong candl.
'rill'i-Iit aehlevwiwrn to land the Uli. I V, in' fowxm V,T1!wn iw iuwy a VUSAt liw m l"n ,'0I,tnr''' slB"',, Su''!-''"-n and dates tor the line, ami, l.iwreuco Caskey
oliiiI". itni fc for this Utv ''r'11' l,r' pi t fic.1 run on t!i at.l' i.ti. I subjuet for discussion among tho jacht-i- ' Pedran, two well-known mtii from the will llkuly oe placed at half-back, a posl-
... b.tlfi phK-j than ,'nJJ J, i .a id f k. :'",! w7" j- !! mn, throughout Iho earning months and -s"'w Vork State League. Manager Ber- tloi, which will also be filled by Pete jrtn.
'ibei-e ' '".'.' , ', ro in i ail i.l K. it. in? ' j..iui it-'brij until the rcopentns of tho season next i "ngor. of th Heading team, lwu signed iilnger, ol Wllllaimipoit. who was so
aootti the lucnim-a (ir i Tl. ij ,, vlb.i . JT'l. Und, T. V. f4i- , Grlinsttud, tho Har centre of the L'tlcn mn.,fi mere last icai
- an.i, ,b-JJijIl,I 'VuJu?k m five fiom NVw York Statu League. n,i 'T "l .i .Mr.J", , i
Rnned Arena N'QteS ' " ' 1&ISE?W?W 5S I" TaUlnis the U meets that wKre held, also Boggle, who w at. considered u good From amontr tho h rty membei-, f n,e
l0Pea rtlUW ;; i .u T. . piFl&.. tou r.mp.Ud In U Ave different floor man In New York las, reason. el'ti.rttlJ'oTtt'nd'ltft
trM, .,rr,t. VeTiW I'v Ui"' "'"' R" iia.'MnlJ Jr WbUh msdo up tho program. Out Qn Tlnnkl.Blvlng-rTa5 November cL& vacated through the deliar'tme'lf
r;'be": Ir'lllt'M? W. IV. '.iT'HSlS.V'.M I'" '" "Cr Ut CrS,U "" bUt I NVriUlo" H'eadlng.rja-s3: lX,0Ono,o?tTarkVe3t:.,iiUu,,1U,?Sb,!
than .'tto lliiniu.. who .Uliiw to l- the ...l.r.i. s iy. . iwJm 13 1 h i 'MsrtlT. flnUhfid. Which Is a great showing. The per will Play at-home, with a team to ' '" ,x 3' Xlur Itoder ck of If ii
cliamplon of the. I- Led tfWU. M.-in ',,.';, ,' .ruV"! 't entered in the three classes of open U deeid.d. On t'hrlstma, day De N.,1 , '". ,btAJcar was aiaimrd a, f'."
Liffue laii-iiiu -. w iMiniui i i.i m iioieiiKi ao . .. . ..i.i ox .ri,u.c .. .. - .. will go io neaoinK. nero iney ivit en- ,
i i i' iw ii.. -r num ibau 11 j ii ---, . - .-,-- .v ...,,B
f ',-irt,u tit
C.i'te'io i I'tMU an otu wit on rcmufK
ear In the 'it round and this b theied
the maiiii" " tbi-ouwb f'e ' iit. Xflther
inn dlspl''d muih science and 't W
a rise of ln- a'-d hold 4 I through
The prel tn'tiar'es weie n'l Iwlter than
the winil- in In thr first one t.'btrlU
1 nr usin" i " 'od b-ft Imiul. saind n,
yu ton. '' "'irtdv Wuirnwr, und In th
oher two I'i- ' Kyou won from Uud
I'.irker and Y .uob VYeinitnt easily de
feated Young Wt'nert The ml-wlad-up
was a ibis") bout In wbkh Xtani
Whelen of th fnltt.4 Stale battltt(lp
Vhhigun ileaiH iutt''it Twmy
ttlei of tl m elty In ever one o! tin
u x c un is VV'heleu 't onid mm h i U-
rt h'i ' '"iK J'U is I i' i I mi' muih
IV i ! I 'I
uouud town,
f tl"
KalUt MtlobU
boat totaled M. There nere 73 cruisers
in the two classes to start Fifty-fom
displacement racers maneuvcied across
tho starting line during the season, while
hydroplanes were at the starting line
Twelve express crulsera chugged on their
W4. To bo sure a majority of the racing
boats repeated at tho different regattas,
but thli did not detract from tho Interest
one tota.
In the first four regattas the bydro
nluncui were not In competition, but tho
illtMF lluf ttf I ..... ..nl.-.r CA..U,, ..IAA.U i. .-.. rill..l ...l.l-
J M 1U.I.U Ji J II V.,1 l.-f'W V .""?""" """. ""- "." "Willi
l't. i m- R ll i.rmui vi w b im i spirited contests neiween the high-
"T .'," '., ,u j ! K Zin,'l r its I i uiwered epeed lwts The express
iUVi,"," il'V ii,r"iu j"', .' .'.' 1'"U' .""'"' started In but five meets whIU
I i k i , i., i, i i ,, ii ihi displai eitiriita raiers contested In 1')
Hoi ' j m , i vmi Tin1 .ruiiers and open boats wro
. Hi ) 7 K I Mi il hell. Li i M Itlfl.l
Mil ! M l.uklu, TH l
. , '. I '. funBliiulikm T" It ' Hroii
I'i .1 'Hni.' li l M Pall, rou S',
w II .liium 7u M" Hml rill T' V t
V i it i . in ' im It ill I I" ll-IKIib. l
'. I'rjlle IS K K H.u. U U' II
. iiru. 71 It tirmuu. II K. l. Miller,
A U lUnu. tt. in. v 11 JJ CUireu VI
ll 11. ( k '.' : ir A I. We 141 " deor-ia
PoP U' V Ullrm I I. lev Vt I, I Featber
M. m- U'l tt.,1.. rl illr .vi ll" d. UotinelH
ir, i' VV WIIov Hi Vlbirt HelfTl. C
i-jtouii. i. t:.iiri A.iaiu. V. q. 1.
III. Jai flailc Jr .
4t 1) it-kl II E I. ttilon 70. B. M
I M.n T" H 11. Wllllu
tu.it i. ii u vviu h. -u-r oi
ri a tu v ii I ii mu ii :,' M
". '. llilTl Cullvrwl IE! Mtalti
liar Hur
ra. Ilirrtx u
... ....... 1... rilttn,. Illlll ll.a ....... L .. ... .
gage In a double-header Trenton will " , irm.nhiir.ii m,ii .i,, . ." ;
fnve,., .be lal, of the Oreytock rtve or ' ?" f.""nV!' " t 'V '"i J.0?
Miuie ill me eve- , .. . n,.nl,.n coo,,.., .,, ...
I'Ul-iv, io '- - --..""vr. rfin oj
thofco men have bad experience of onu or
two seasons, uiiu iney are uuring the&e
cs i i.al
H' it
ttarf-rs in all meeu.
Chriutmas afternoon
nln i UrHtock will be pitted
Camden ut the latter's hall
The referees who huve been signed up
are BaeUel and Weaver from last jear
staff nf the Eastern League and Hreimaii
and O'llrlen from the New York State
dnva of hard training forming the h.-it-.
bono of Muhlenberg's promising football
The schedule follows' September 26,
Hloomsburg at Allentown; October 3,
State College at State. October 10. Sus
quehanna in rtiiemuwn, wctohcr 17. Hut'
Retains Salary Limit
NEW YORK, Sept. IS -At a meeting ger at New Ilruiiswlck, October 21 I e
of the T'w York State Baseball Leasue high at South Hethlebem: October 31
held In Syracuse aionda night. It wa ' Hucknell at Allentown November 7
unanimously voted to retain the J2500 iafayette nt Kaston November ll villa
salary limit. A report that the Albany . Nova at Philadelphia. November "t t.i,
and Troy franchUea would be ehlfted to I anon Valle) at Allentown. ISW-mber ..
Soh'nH. Faeaildtn'ta by the P"sldim' ffi"'"18 Yh A,br'Shl Co,te at
. Year 3l,ppU .Detroit
Howard E. Coffin Saves
,000 Needless Pounds
The HUDSON Six-40 for 1915 weighs 2,890
pound: a seven-passenger car.
Built by old standards, such a car would weigh
around 4,000 pounds.
Cars are all being built lighter, still no other
maker has attained this lightness yet. So some
will argue that sturdy cars can't be as light as this.
But thousands of these cars went out last year.
In thousands of hands, on all sorts of roads, not
a single shortcoming developed. Never has a car
proved stauncher.
The difference is simply this:
Aluminum takes the place of cast iron. Drop
forgings take the place of castings. Better design
ing combines strength with lightness in a thousand
details. One, for instance, is a tubular propeller
No More Over -Tax
Needless weight was a heavy over-tax on tires.
HUDSON engineers have stopped it. In addition,
their new-type motor cuts fuel cost 30 per cent.
Expense excess is out-of-date. The day of
modest size and power and price has come. This
new-model HUDSON typifies the car of the future.
It is one of the handsomest cars ever built. It
has many attractions found in no other car
y Howard E. Coffin
j this car. Come and
s of new thin1" '-eirv
beauties, comfort'
48 engine,
have devoted
see the adv.v
Touring C.t
Gomery-Schwartz Motor
nr Co.
253 North Broad Street, Philadelphia.
Phone Filbert 2164 Caioloir on licquut