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VOL. I-NO. 3 '
Underwood Drafting Bill
Which Will Require
Stamps On Commercial Instruments.
Republicans in House ana sen
ate to Oppose measure ana
Make it Issue in Congressional
WASHINGTON, Sept. lO.-Chaliman
Underoood. of tho House AVays am.
Means Commuter, .uu.., .-- "-"--Z
Internal revenue "vvn, lnx Mil
euthor.a by the Dcnioca to cave 10
comprlsB a .tamp tax ""-;-
BpinUh-Amerlcannru---.... .-
tn le". wines ana iodimjcu
(00009 annual revenue needed.
,...r.lon of the bill Satuulay was
tonnca by Mr. Underwood. It probably
,m bo favorably reported Monday and
uued, under a special rule severely llm-
... i n--rlni- nmoiulmcnts. by
(Unj ocoaie mi" "-" -
the end of tho week.
Bitter and prolonged Republican oppo
Itlon In both the Houao and Senate, was
certain today. Tho "war tax," nopubll-
ttn leaders declined, is to be made mo
paramount Issue" of tho coming con
gressional elections.
rnniGHT tax abandoned.
Uondonment of tho plan to tax freight
tnrcc per cent, and ralso Income tascs
left the Dcmooiats In pincticauy unani
mous accord today to pass tho icvenuo
The new taxes will go into ertect im-
Bicdlatdy upon passage of U13 bill, which
It Is hoped to enact before October 15.
Protests against tho proposed tax
ichemc began to reacn um o
Means Committee today. Wlno producers,
especially, claim to be hard hit. Bank
ers arc also objecting to tho proposed
"occupation" tax upon their aurplus and
Cmpeior Said to Command Ttoops
Against Invaders.
PARIS, Sept. 16.
Tho Petit Parlslen prints what purports
to be ti dispatch from Berlin sajlng that
Ihnperor William has none Bust to take
supicme command against Russia.
Vessels South of Vhglnia Endan
gered by Disturbances.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 1(5.-Tlic Weathoi
Iluicau, In a storm warning Issued this
morning, announced that disturbances off
cast const of Florida were Increasing In
Intensity and moving northwatd. Con
ditions were declared to ho dangerous for
vessels south of Virginia.
Boer War Strategist Accidentally
Shot Near Johannesburg.
CAPB TOWN", South Afrlrn, Sept. 1(1.
Oncral Do La Hey, who won fame by
his strategy against the Biltlsh In tli
Boer war. was accidentally shot dead
near Johannesbuig on Tiirda. lfe was
03 years old.
Observance of Independence
Day Marked by Announce
ment of American Evacua
tion of Vera Cruz.
MEXICO C1TV, Sept 1C The celebra
tion of tho 104th anniversary of Mexican
Independence was marked today by tho
greaUtt rejoicing thioughout the capital,
following the announcement of General
Can ansa that Pirsidenl Wilson had oi
dcrcd the vvlthdtawal of American troops
fiom Vera Citiz.
In accordance ullh the traditions of
the culfbiutlon or ludtpendeuco day, Gen
eial Cariauzu, at the head of tlic gov
ernment, appeal eu on the balcony of the
National Palace at midnight to address
tho tlironrH qatheied in tho street. He
then announced the iccelpt of a telegram
om Juan Uiquldl, secretary of the Con
stitutionalist Junta In Washington, tell
ing of tho older Issued by the President.
The ciowd wont wild with delight There
.wore fliewoiks throughout the city, the
Cathedi.il and all public buildings woro
Illuminated, while tho entire city gave
Itself over to cccbrntlug.
Stockholders' Meeting Re
frains From Action On
Proposals Looking to Im
provement of Service.
Collection of tlic war tax at iuu
niirre" nf production from manufactur
ers and the direct levy through stamps
upon commercial and legal instrument,
trirmuns. checks, and long distance tole-
.u.. n,' villi lnlil Immediate and
certain revenue, according to tho Demo
crats, inesiailip lll. oil uuuunivnw w-
Bbly will be two cents.
The Democratic taxation plan Is biicfl:'
as follons:
FIftv cents a barrel on beer, to raise
Twelve cents a g.illon on dry domestic
wines and 20 tents on sweet wines, to
rale fS.woooo.
Tnornts i gallon on gasoline, to raise
Special "neenpatlnn taxes on bankers.
brokeis, theaties, circuses, concert hall,
pawnbroker, billiard uniL pool tables,
bottling allis, tobacco ninnuf.ictiireis
Olid dealers, vl . to raise $,S0O.0Ort.
htamp t.ict on commercial instiumcnts,
bonds, stock, checks, telegrams, etc., to
raise about J35.00O.CO0.
A'ERA CRUJ5, Sept. 16. Announcement
that tney wcte to evacuate Vera Crur.
c.im na welcome nous to the troopB of
General. Tunston. All are tired of servlco
in tho tioplcs ard greeted tho announce
ment with cheers.
The government will be speedily trans
f ci red from the American military au
thorities to the civil officials to bo ap
pointed by General Carranza.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 16,-Wlthdrawal
of all American troops fiom the Mexican
boundary, except the usual small border
patrol, Is planned soon by the Admlnls
tiatlon, it was stated at the War De
pat tment today. In line with the evacua
tion of Vera Cruz ordcied by President
Usual gairlsons at the Texas, Arizona
and Now Mexico posts wilt be maintained,
but tho great bulk of troops, which have
been mobilized on Mexico's northern
boundary for about two years, will be
redistributed to more northern army
At tho Navy Department It was said
that orders for all largo warships to
leave Mexican waters would be Issued
presently to make complete the return of
ail American armed forces from Mexico.
Secretary Garrison was busy upon for
malities attending the turning over of
Vera Crur. to the Constitutionalists. Gen
eral Carranza. will be asked to appoint
some one formally to receive the port
from General Funston.
Believed Russians and Germans Met
in Sharp Conflict.
liONDON, Sept 18.
Although It Is accepted In official cir
cles that a shaip naval battle has been
fought In the Baltic, no information con
cerning the outcome Is obtainable here.
Dispatches from Petrogiml vague'y refer
to tho presence of the Germans in the
Gulf of Finland, and to their bombard
ment of "unprotected positions," but thej
uic lestilctcd by tho censoi.
Naval experts hero dcclaio Hint they
do not believe the main Russian fleet has
bern In action. They pay whatever right
ing has taken place probably has beon
between the smaller units of tho licet,
because tho main Gcimau fleet would
hardly attempt to fuicu the entrance of
the Gulf o' Finland, which not only has
been mined but Is well piotected fiom
tho land with ciossllre foittesscs. But
this would not pi event small German
ciaft attempting a dah in the hope of
luring out Into the open the Russian
fleet which Is anchored under the pio
lectlon of tho land foitlllcntions.
All of the reports lerelved fiom Scan
dinavian souicea tell of heavy firing In
tho Baltic near tho Alnnd Islands, but
up to tho preHoiit no disabled war ctaft
liAn been leported at any point. The
fact, however, that Berlin officially ad
mits part of Its Baltic fleet lias been
ongeged is considered significant here as
It is now definiLtly known that the
Gorman North Sa fleet Is being held
close to Wllhelmshaveii. Only tho light
cruisers and the destrojer flotillas are In
tho neighborhood of Heligoland. This
adds strength to the leport that the
Baltic fleet ban been nugmciitod by battle
crulsets from tho North Sea sent through
tho Kaiser AVilhelm Canal.
Abandonment Would Cut
Off German Line of Re
treat Fortify Brussels to
Hold With Small Garrison.
Japan nnd Great Britain Make Pro
test to Washington.
MANILA, Sept. 1C.
Ordeis n-ic leixlvea todaj from Wash
ington foi j. full mid immediate Invustl
satlon iliat etscl.i were getting coal
'ere tu supply bplllgeieut n at ships.
It la undi i stood Unit the order amo
ttttr ptlllni authorities of Japan and
Great Uritain had ni.ulo upiobentations
on thn fuliif i dolman warships aio sa!u
jl haw In iii supplied with fuel from
Ohio Strike Produces 12,000,000
Cubic Feet a Day.
CLEVi;r..Nn, sept. xs. What gas men
fjy Is tho laig.it tsas-well hi the State
lias tfeu stunk on the old O'Hilen farm
In West Pari.. It U iluwlng at the into
of L'.OW.OOy cubic feet a day, and tin
owners arc the IJast Ohio Gas fompunv
nd John . Cher. ot Cleveland.
Commission to Ptesent Complaint to
U. S. Officials.
com'',"Va'mVr' S'"t H'-'I'he Belgian
S?0," i',"he'1 lle, Ust nSlt nd
Brv,'a .tll f,u 1,s ca" Soelttao
tfin? u'l,,,,c ''resident, presenting com
faint of alleged Qpiman atrocities.
Massachusetts AfUn Represented On
Ways nnd Means Committee.
eAj0l!'NVTV,N'-, 8,?,t- 10 -Proenta.
UrlhJn n, ,.C' l M b ,he UoU3e t,J mem.
fMimtion , f n he Vacanc- "Wdo by the
of fi w . of RePresentative A. J. Peters
"te VCof V,US-.nWh0 'S "0W AMI, Snt
'wiiiary of tlie Treasury.
.S,?JEU.PAKENTs bodies
llUMnH? , " '. " WWlll
S'tt ,,eJrPT.!.,e,0U1S QU"B '""
Wf. " ."ejr "' shot and killed
Mli WUay a,ul th conimltted
fCkSLf' neighbor entered th
'r PkUadtlphia and vicimtu-
'W tomiilit ti .
j", tituisuuy mcrtatma
Treaty Abolition Causes Grave Dan
ger. John R. Mott Informs President.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 16. Alarm similar
to that felt previous to the Armenian
massacres now grips the entire mission
ary force of Tuikey, according to John
n. Mott, head of the world-wide mis
sionary and T. M, C. A. work
Calling on Ptesident Wilson this after
noon, Mr. Mott declared that the Ameri
can colony Is In grave fear of maosa
cres, although no actual outrages have
thus far been perpetrated. His advices
from Turkey show that country to be
mobilizing a larger army than ever be
fore In her hlstoiy. Mr. Mott expressed
hlmse'lf to newspapermen as favorable
to the dispatch of (several American wai
shlps to Turkish waters.
mer of
tiled his
'"; fresh vQtthtait winds.
&C dtlatli,
etc j)atj& tj.
The stockholders of the Union Ti action
Company, at their annual meeting this
noon, took no action whatever on the
moposod transit agreement between tho
city and tho Philadelphia Rapid Transit
Company, as the ichuU of protests filed
with President Jeremiah J. Sullivan ot
the company by a committee headed by
James C. Balfour and JameB SI. Fogel
sangcr, representing a majority ot the
The meeting was held at the Eighth
and Dauphin streets offices of tho Phila
delphia Itapld Transit Company and pre
ceded tho annual meeting of the latter
After minor routine matters had been
disposed of, and Just before the elec
tion. It was unanimously decided to
transact no other business after tlie re
port of tho tellora had been made. What
little opposition thcro was to this action
was stifled, and the few stockholders
who favoied heeding Director Taylors
threat to push the rapid transit program
on a basis that would ignore tho Union
Traction Company, did not vote.
J. H. Buckman noted as chairman of
the meeting and William J. Shields sec
irtaiy. Tho annual reports were read and
approved, and then amendments were
adopted changing tho provisions for the
tiansfor of stock and the time ror mail
ing public tho annual statements.
Only 7J stockholders attended, tho larg
est number In jears.
A committee of Pnlon Traction stock
holder, headed by Balfour and Foiels
.niger, has been seeking protests against
the transit progiam Rlnce June 9. They
presenteil tho protests in pel son to Sit.
Sullivan In his office.
The piotests weie against the Union
Traction directors becoming in any way
a party to the cit rapid transit pro
Kr:ni A letter, presented to Mr. Sulli
van with tho protests, said:
"The accompanying puckagp eontalns
pretests of the Union Tiactlon stookhold
bm against any action by the directors or
any committee thereof officially recognis
ing or othei wise acting upon tlm agtecmeitt
or p'au between the city and the Rapid
Tianslt Company for the- building of new
hiibnayh, elevated or surface lines, or
tor the equipment of tho same that may
b. consti ued as an indoisement by the
Union Ti action Company of such a plan
or agreement, or to she financial sup
port in any way In the development
enurtructloii or eoulpment of such ele
vated or mrface lines, or that maj re
quite fill t her financial support on the
rait of the Union Traction Company, or
tho equipment or extension of the lines
now operated by the Rapid Transit Com
pany." The XTnlon Traction Company, at its
mrctmg, faced a vlitual ultimatum,
laid down ov Director Taylor of the De
paitment of City Transit befoie the
Unltrd Business Men's Association In the
(linghain Hotel last night. Director Tay
lor detlaied that the Union Traction Com
pany must either ratify the plain foi
jmpioved transit facilities or fuce the
piospect of liiqfh-spefd lines, idt -built
und independently operated, competing
nlth existing surface lines.
The Director also accused Balfoui and
FogeUanger. of "inlsreptesenting tacts
In a lettei sent b them to fellow -stockholders
concerning thu proposed agiee
luent bi'tvseen the citv and the P R. T
t'orapani. He served notlee on the ( ulon
Ti action Company that unless the sioek-
holders of that company were willing to
himnco the necesbary extensions to the
iiescnt sii-face system, and appiove th
piopafced lapld tiaus.lt progiam, the cit
would go ahead witli the tianslt pio
giwu, leaving them to pocket all losses
fiun- competition wit'i the high speed
The buslnoss men of the city, at th
meeting last night, unanimously pledged
their support to Director Taylor In his
fight for the Immediate realisation of
rapid transit in Philadelphia. With the
issue of the J500.000 needed for piellin
inoiy work settled by Councils' bosses
at the conference ustcrUio, the Dlrec
toi at the meeting fast night obtained
the eo-operatloii of the United Business
Men's Association In a movement to
force Counella to approve the tianslt
plans, which have been pigeonholed In
Council Transit Committee since last
Dlrtetor Taj lor. after pointing out the
salient features of his traiuit plan, dls
custod the attitude of the Union Traction
e oinpany stockholders.
ine iiiio mu uuefnauvr be
nath J U th piogram be not a 'eited i T ' ' ,-"le ot Bc'Bi" sa' 1 lie v.n i"d tnard had a list o" alm--i i t,
France The Geimans aie refoim
Ing In the territory extending be
tween St. Quentln and the Moselle
river, having thrown up entrench
ments and centralizing five atmles In
the district. The German Clown
Pilnce has retired from Verdun and
Joined Von Buelow'a aimj. Heavy
lighting Is in progress near SL Quen
tln. Fiench War Office announces
that nn Impoitant battle is pending In
which an attempt will be made by the
allies to foice the Invadeis from
French soil. Flench and Indian rein
forcements have appeared on the
firing line.
Belgium Belgian troops have re
tired to the outer lines of the forti
fications at Antwerp. Germans at
tempted to cut communications to tlic
sea, but the flooding of the terrltoiy
west of Antwerp by opening the dykes
Iris halted the tnvadets. Reported that
00,000 additional Geiuuii roldleis ate
being Hi she-J Into the oolintrv.
Germany Officially announced that
the nimj has tetlted before the
allies, hut War Office announces the
Germans are In n stiongly entrenched
position nnd ready to withstand
further attack. Detailed leports given
by the Government regarding the oarlv
flighting in Kastcm Prussia. Claims
made that the P.tisslans were routed
with a. loss of JOO.'iOO killed, T0.M0 pris
oners and EM field guns
Austria The Russians continue to
be victorious. Tho line fiom Cra
cow to Przemvsl has been seveiod and
the investment of the latter forticss
is In progiess. Heavy flshtlng e'on
tlnue.s along the San Rivet. Giodek
has been taken, the Austrlans aban
doning 400 light field guns and 0
howitzcis. The Russians aie pushing
their campaign with vigor against
England Reported that Indian cav
nlry has reached France via the
Suoi: canal and Is now reinforcing the
British at tho front. No news yet
received of the outcome of the naval
battle reported In the Baltic. The war
cost to Great Britain is J3.S70.000 a day.
Itnly Strong pressure Is being
brought to bear on the Government
to Join the war against Austria, and
Germany, and as a result frequent
Cabinet meetings are being held. Up
to the present thero has been no
change in the original declaration of
Serbia Vishegrad, In Bosnia, lias
been captured by the Servians. Troops
have Joined the Montnegrin forces, and
a march Is being made against Sarajevo.
Allies Hurl Fresh Troops Against Strongly
Intrenched Line of Kaiser's Armies
North of River Aisne, Where Germans
Make Desperate Stand.
Line of Battle Extends Over One Hundred
Miles in Nearly Straight Line From
St. Quentin Through Rethel and North
of Verdun.
The War Summary
Naval Patrol of Leasehold Forced
Back Into Kiao-Chau Bay.
TOKIO. Sept. lo
Official announcement Is made bj the
Japunese War Office that an aviator
sailed over the German fortifications at
Tslng-Tao, In the Gorman leasehold ot
Kiao-Chau. and dropped bombs upon the
barracks of the soldiers. The machine
returned safely to Japanese headquarters.
It Is believed that a number of German
soldleis were killed by the explosion of
the bombs. The aeroplane was shelled,
but the Germans' aim was Ineffective.
The German naval patrol at TMng-Tao
has been driven In by a Japanese fleet
of toipedo boat destroyers.
Reported That Austrians in Bosnia
Shoot Priests as Spies,
A amajevo, Bosnia, dispatch to the
Cologne Gazette says that a number of
Servian leadeis have been airested in
Bosnia, including several piiests, for their
fanatical hatred against the Dual Mon
aichy (Austro-Hungaryi.
Some of them have been shot as spies;
otheis are held in mtlitaiy foitirjse.s
Austrian agents in Servla and Montenegro
repoit that alleged priests led Bosnian
frontiersmen, who are fighting with the
Slavs, against Austrian troopy.
Pilot and Army Officer Reported
Killed by Belgians.
LONDON, sept IS.
A Rotterdam dispatch to the Star states
that a German aeroplane was brought
down bv Belgian bullets near Roehefort
and that the pilot, and a German officer
who was making observations, were
BERLIN (by way of Rome), Sept. 16.
An ofllclal statement Issued hero says
that tho Germans have abandoned
No reason is assigned for the re
ported statement from Berlin by way
of Homo that tho Germans have aban
doned LI ego and there is no confirma
tion from any other source. It has
been reported that tho Germans' lines
of communications had been threat
ened, but In neither tho London nor
the Paris statements has there been
nny intimation of any operations of
any kind in Belgium, excepting those
whlrh ivern hlne fnn,li,r.,A,i K., ,!.
Belgians. 1
It is possible that the troops at Liege
have been sent south for sterner wort;
in France, where, it is stated, the bat
tle has been renewed with the Germans
on the defensive.
It has been stated that the Germans'
only line of retreat lay through the le
gion of Liege.
ANTWERP, Sept. 15.
The Germuns aie rushing fresh troops
into Belgium from Aix-la-Chappelle, but
whether these aie Intended to strengthen
the forces now here or are to be sent
to tho iouth to till the gaps in the
German right wing Is not yet known
The Belgian foices again have rctiied
to the protection of tho outer ring of
the Antwerp fottlflcations, tvheio Ihev
are waiting developments. King Aiaert
and the General Staff held a long confer
ence today, after which troops were
massed along the fortifications that com
mand the River Scheldt.
It is believed a now attempt ay the
Germans to Isolate Antwerp fiom the
sea may be planned, but as the dykes
have been leopencd and the count: y in
that vicinity Is covered with water. It
Is not believed they can hope to carry
such a, movement to a successful con
clusion. It was stated by the general staff to
day that during the last J4 hours the
Germans have sent upward of 60.0M addi
tional troops into Belgium, indlcatlnj a
determination on the pait of the Ger
mans to hold thlr lines of communica
tion through tltlslum at nu cost. Only
skirmishing was in piogiecs In Belgium
German troops are forilfjiug Rnissels
to permit the depaitute ot inoie i en
forcements to Fiance. Rapid-fire guns
have been mounted on the Boulevard du
Jardlu Botanlque and at the uoith and
south stations.
Reports leceived heio today say that
the Geimans anticipate an attack on
Brussels bj a combined Bel0'lan and
British force
At Ktterbeek. near Bi insole, u Is e
ported that fighting took place between
Prussian and Bavarian soldieis, 30 of
whom were killed.
Another great battle is In progress
north of tho River Aisne. At 2
o'clock today the first dispatches
wcro received, announcing the attack
upon the Germans Intrenched to the
north of tho Aisno River. Details
are lackinsr. Earlier In the day, how
ever, tho French "War Office Issued
a statement, giving the position of
the German army and pointing out
that the army of the German Crown
Prince had reired from Verdun. Fu
rious fight in? is taking place near
St. Quentin.
Tho battel is taking place over a 60
mile torritoty extending from St.
Quentin to Longwy, tho allies hurl
ins their troeips against the Germans.
The allies are iclnforced by fresh
troops from Paris and Indian cav
ahy. The German War Office, white
making no mention of the battle, ad
mits the long retreat in France, but
states that the armies are now In a
strongly entrenched position and well
abje to withstand the attack of the
British Jnd French.
The Geiman Crown Prince has with
drawn from the Immediate vicinity
of Vet dun, and is placing his troops
on a line between Laigne and Cra-
onne to suppott the armies of von
Buelow and von Hanson. La Sre,
nheims, Laon in all, 12 cities ha.ve
been evacuated by the Germans. Tho
completo battle line extends from St.
Quentin to the territoiy south of
Russia, continues its success in Gal-
Jcla. Lines of communication be
tween Ctacow and Przemyst have
been tut and the latter fortress in
vested on three sides Every effort
is being mado to push .e campaign
into Germany. Piiiemjsl is the last
obatacde. Germany, however, makes of the allies has been extended lt a
claims that the Russia na have met
PARIS, Sept. 16.
Another gteat battle is on north of
the RlvPi- Aisne. Fighting Is hard all
Alons the front.
The allies arc on the offensive. Tho
battle line is about 120 miles long, ev-
tendlng from a point east of St. Quen
tin to tho Mouse River.
This official announcement was is
sued at S o'clock this afternoon:
A great battle, In which the Gei -mans
have been obliged to keep
on the defensive, has been raging
all along the front since Septem
ber U (Monday).
Tho German rear guaid, isin
foiccd by the main body, has been
flghtinsr on the defensive through
out Monday and Tuesday alontr the
entire line north ot Noyon-Soissons
and Laon to tho north of Rhclms
and then through Vllle Stir and
The Germans began slackening th'-ir
precipitate retreat on Monday.
Throughout that day tho xeav guard
of tha aerais,ns and tho advance guard
of the allies were constantly engaged.
On Tuesday larzer bodies of troops
were rushed to the filing line, and to
day the great battle is in full swing,
with the main armies of the Germans
and the Anglo-French forces opposing
each other.
It is probable that the allies and
Germans have- at least 500,000 reinforce
ments, making a total of l',300,000 sol
diers engaged in thrs terrific conflict.
The Germans picked the battle
ground, fallinr back acroi? tho Sfarno
ana tne Aisne until tney reacnea a
line of hills which sve them an ad
vantage. Tienches which had been utilised by
the French and English on their lethe
ment south were seined.
The position of the German army all
alone the line throuch Craonne and tho
forest of IAiyle, eastward across the
hijrh ground north of Rheims, is more
satisfactory to the invaders than the
Six German armies ajo oelleved to
be engaged in this conflict, the main
purpose of which is to check, in. aj
vanco ot the French and British In
older to give th G-erroans -n opportu
nity to lesume the offensive The line
with seveir reverses In Eastern Prus-
areat semrlcucle. On the other hand.
sia, that Poland Is being Invaded and the battle front of th Germans la
that it will be necessary for Rursla near, a ,lra t nr a,cordinr , lh
to withdiaw tioops to withstand the I
German Invasion of Russia. The , latest dispau'hes from the front. It
fact, however, that tho Kalsei la re- I Uam et to W4,t
polled to no Hastening to tne Bus-
Belgian Ruler Determined Never to
Bow to Germany.
huii Albert, of Belgium, received a
nunibei of newspaper conespondents to-
I'inst, lUe can u-epi lfl, da and told Ihein that they would rljht
n n ihs progiojn The otner a te-- JS'1"151 Uerman to the blttei end
i iu-i U'e upon the Held of. battle that)
Concluded on fui "i ' bv (llt Uerujans,
State Pardon Board Has Three Dozen
Applications to Consider.
HARRISBURU. Pa. Sept. IS.-ppro!-mately
thiee dozen convicts In the East
ern Peniteutiarv. who uie liglbio to
parole, had their applications laid before
tho State Board of Pardons today by the
Board of Inspectors of the penltentiaij.
It was late In the afternoon before the
board took up these application for con
sideration. According to its uaual custom, the board
disposed of all cases on the argument
list before looldng over tae parole applk-a-
sian frontier and that optimism pre
vails in Petiograd somewhat offsets
the German claims of Russian re
verses Servia is vigoiously pushing the cam
paign. Vishegrad, 40 miles south of
Sarajevo, has fallen the troops have
Joined the Montenegrins and a
march against the Bosnian capital
is in progress.
Iu Belgium the campaign presents
comparatively no new developments.
Tho Belgians aie lepoited to hav
vtithdiavvn to the outer line of forti
fications at Antwerp, but no heavy
fighting Is reported.
The most important diplomatic de
velopment of the day in the vntual
announcement that Italy will join
the allies Paris and London diplo
matic, circles make the announce
ment. Probable participation of the
countr.v in the war has been hast
ened b the announcement that 15.000
Austio-Italian soldiers were killed in
tlmia and i1arT ln.ul ..t,. . i ... .
name, until aon had &,", akV 1 I Japm "ptt8 rrT"S " ' "rht
against Germany
u Unto
r convicted
an a not o aini-i-t i u it kiM1 , .. .
erertaga belrg thvse of pmou- j A..'atci3 ravo desfoj
rtctcd of homicide. 1 suoii at Tslns-lao
iu K ao-cbau
ed the tvirt'ess
The new battle line as levealed by
the official statement issued Is aiy
J00 miles longeu Starting at Xoyon,
it runs Jo miles southeast to ?oibsons,
then runs "0 mile? northwest to Laon
and then directly southeast to Vllle,
on the Tourbe, a distance of approxi
mately 55 miles. The centre of this line
Is exactly nurlli of Rheims, about half
way bettveeu that city and Rethel,
where Ihe British weie badly beaten
in the origin! Geiman invasion of
Fiance toward Paris.
Myron T. Heuitk, the United States
Ambassador, received a telephone call
Just befoie noon asking that automo
biles be rushed to Meaux. U was 6id
that a tialn bearing wounded French
and English soldiers from the Aisne
Valley had been reached there.
Accordirs to information coma'-el
U omcial ws omco autwatata u
sued heie and at Bordeauv., the Ger
man line of retirement seems to hav
switched slightly towaid the southeast.
Upon their retteat the Gfimans havs
been compelled to slvc up a number
of towns, tho most importnnt of which
are La Fete, Crepy. Laon. Braisne.
Vltry-les-Rhelms, Attigny, Baaan
couit. Sllleiy. FNmes. St. Quentin,
Rheims and Stc. Jlenhould. the former
headquarteis or the German Crown
As no ofllclal word has been received
heie to suppoit the rumors that Gen
eral von Kluh, commander of the ex
treme western wine; of the German
army, has been captured along- with a
heavj- section of his men, It is now
assumed that the leport was falie.
Today the Get mans hole! strongly In
tienched positions in the low hills to
the north of the Aisne River. Th
armies of General von Kluk and Gen
eral von Buelow aie reported to be
practically combined in intrenched po
sitions well north of the Aisne. The
army of tho Grand Duke of W'urttem-,
neiff holds the lino front tlio River'"
Aisne at Craonne, north of Rheims to
the new positions In the Aiconnes.
where the armies of the Crown Prince
Frederick Wllhelm and of the Crown
Prince of Bavaiia are in complete
strength with headquarters still main
tained at Montfaucon.
The Get mans hold the lines of the
Metisa and have straightened out their
lines so they are now in touch with
the strong fortress of Mrtz and the
German reserve lines in Lorraine.
The British-French columns on the
extreme left of the French lines are
believed to plan a general enveloping
movement. It is now evident that the
Crown Prince, by abandoning his posi
tion between the AlMie and Aire at Ste.
Slenehould. checkmated an attempt to
bieal: his lines and Isolate the major
poition of his army.
It Is admitted by the uilitary e..
pens that the new positions taken by
the Germans nte the strongest they
have yet held in Fiance. Tho condi
tions are ideal from the defensive point
ot vierw, it Is stated, but confldonce. H
expressed that the admittsd numerical
superiority or the French and British
forces will enable them to force the
Germans back when the new battle
Tho German fiom tian narrowed and
this will opeiate to the benefit of th
alliey. New from the allies left u
anNlausly awaited hare Theje Uie
British and Finea. who have, fcn
heavily lelnfoiced, ar attempting op
erations that n-ay result in etill further
ctumpllng up of tho Geiman light
Tho relief of Fort Tie. on is likely to
hae- an impoitant hearing on the fat
of the Get man army. The Gtrman
wei investing Fort Trojou and tb
f.eishborlns forts between Tpu! and
Verdun, with the object of openmr a
way of letreat on their lef
The failure of this plan mean tjiat
the rrencli are masters of tfe VlJ?y
from Toul to Verdun. Thwefore, the
armies of the Crown Prince Frederick
William and the Duko of Wurttemher
will be unable to crass tUa Meuse and
will have to go farther north and at
tempt to pass by the Steiiay Gup
On the left wing of the allies the en
tire. Anglo-French torn li lu cwUtt
with the r tiling invadata n the freni
from the heights north of tins Rivet
Aisne eastward to . jwlnt nerth of
The foiwjid mo errci.e of uie allies
between ihe forest of Argon na and tl
Meuse eantt'i'j The press ue of ir
si! s has I-ad ii cfe ot s ratji le
ins tha battla frc-t unUl H la now ti
3 mm.
n ,